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Index of Kamba Ramayana in English

                                                             Index of Kamba Ramayana  in English
                                                                     (Verse by Verse Transltion)

Kamba Ramayanam -Yudha Kandam 16

Yudha Kandam (contd)

38.Thirumudi chootu Padalam

Chapter  on crowning   of Rama .

(This chapter   describes  in detail as to how Rama    was crowned as the king of Ayodhya)

10290.Rama  with Bharata and other   brothers   reached   the pretty Nandigrama,
Removed  his scented matted hair  and completed  the  ritual of hair removal,
Took bath in cold water  and  started decorating themselves making the Devas happy.

10291.That Rama armed with spear    that   would take out blood ,
Departed from Nandi Grama which    was in the south west ,
For the sake of reaching city of Ayodhya beautified by  flags  ,
And surrounded by walls  got   in to a golden chariot  decorated by  gems,
Which shined like Sun, was drawn by white horses which are like Vedas.

10292.Riding on the golden chariot   which was so strong  that,
It could  see the end of the Yuga , with Lakshmana  who was like,
An elephant in rut which was   seven hands tall   holding  ,
The white regal umbrella  , another strong brother ,
Fanning with white coloured Cowry  and Bharata  shedding tears of joy,
Which   could mask the world    driving  the horses , Rama went.

10293. The  warrior king Vibheeshana   and the son of the hot Sun God ,
Rode  on mountain like elephants which would lead   to victory in battle,
Near to Rama’s chariot  and Angadha    who was wearing a flower made  crown,
And who had red eyes   going in front  , Hanuman ,
Equal in valour to Adhisesha    went  behind   that chariot.

10294. And other  monkey leaders   classified   according to their rank ,
In the garb of great human beings  ,who were  pretty   and masculine,
Who  had white regal umbrella   held over their heads ,
And Who had chests   decorated by garlands  and juice of red cotton ,
As well as war wounds , and who were   sixty seven crores  in number,
Followed them riding on their own elephants.

10295.They were surrounded  by   the kings from all the   seven worlds ,
Who were  ruling  eighteen   countries  ,Who has  elephants with decorative head gear,
Who had chariots  made of  pure Gold , Who had white  circular umbrellas  ,
Who were being fanned by white Cowries from both sides  and who were wearing Lustrous crowns   which were touching the  sky.

10296.All the monkey ladies changed in to Deva maidens   and  were,
Riding on faultless   she elephants , on horses decorated with garlands ,
And other transports  and  Sita   who was like the swan of MIthila country ,
Went surrounded by them looking like moon surrounded    by stars.

10297.With Devas and sages showering from all directions  like ,
The ceaseless rain  , falling and accumulating in all places  ,
And only flowers could be seen every where  and since nothing else was seen,
This earth could be called Poo(Flower in Tamil/BHooo in Sanskrit  )  appropriately  .
10298.Like the dry clouds   of the summer  , those  tusked elephants,
With seat on top of them which had not    given out rut   for fourteen years,
Due to the Lord returning from   the forest   went on showering rut  which flowed,
And the joy which  they had stifled    in their heart came  out .

10299.All the horses   which were wearing garland with bells  were like,
Dumb people getting back their speech  , like the Clouds   which were shouting,
Neighed and all trees  put out their flowers as if it was flowering season,
And the ladies   who had curved eye brows  which looked as if,
They were  looking angrily at their enemies  and their body,
Was covered   with golden coloured  parting     hue.

10300. At that time  That Lord blessed with wealth   reached  Ayodhya  ,
Saluted his mothers   , reached the temple  of Lord Vishnu  ,
Who is the lord of all   the world  , saluted their clan  God   as well as,
Their  Guru Vasishta  saw   the  red lotus flowers dancing  ,
With joy along     with   the lady earth.

10301.Those numerous  men and ladies of Ayodhya   who never thought,
Of removing their cloths  , due to the joy of seeing Rama  several times,
Lifted their    hanging cloths  by their hands  and due to  their ,
Body getting bloated due to   joy  and due to their jumping.
Again and again    were looking like the cloth less  jain seers.

10302.The  experts in Vedas by mistake  wore  the  Sari worn by the prostitutes,
The Brahmins snatched   the dress  of ornamented ladies   winning in love tiff,
People coming without   applying, scented pastes  and   the ointment made  ,
By grinding scented articles were  due to   the confusion  ,
Were double the number  of those who came  after  applying them.

10303. The ladies   who had crescent like forehead and who were wearing bangles Who during those fourteen years  when  Rama had forsaken the great wealth,
Of ruling the country  due to absence of  joy in their   mind ,
Were not sleeping with their husbands  , covered their bodies,
With ornaments causing great confusion to their   husbands.

10304.WIth the divine scent of those  who live in heaven  , the scent ,
Of the  cool bodies of earthy beings   getting mixed and wafting  ,
The ladies    of the earth  and the   ladies of the heaven ,
Developed hatred   with each other   which ,
Came out as   tortured breath    and they quarreled.

10305. At that time  Lord Rama   looked at Bharata with love  and told him,
“To the pure Vibheeshana  , to the son of Sun God ,
To all the monkey warriors and others   show the specialties  ,of   our leading palace  ,.”

10306.As soon as Rama told like this  BHarata went with   all the friends,
And after crossing   several  multi storey  buildings   and took them  ,
To the chief Palace  which   was inlaid by gold  ,Which was ,
The resting place of Devas  and goddess  Lakshmi  ,
Which was divine and resembles lustrous  Meru mountain.

10307.Those warriors like Vibheeshana who had a  mind devoid  of confusion,
Stood  benumbed   as they were  surrounded by the great luster given by,
The  diamond  , ruby topaz   and other  faultless gems  .
They were astonished   and also mentally  confused.

10308.They saw   the hall which was shining like the Kausthuba  gems,
Which was on the chest of Lord Vishnu and they asked Bharata   about it ,
And he told them that it was a gift   given  by Lord Brahma    with love,
To the Ikshuvaku king who had sugarcane like sweet shoulders  ,
Appreciating   the great penance    done  by him.

10309.”That  matchless Lord Brahma who sits on the lotus flower   gave
This  great hall where goddess Lakshmi lives  to the Ikshuvaku king “
When Bharata told like this  they all told  , “Is this within our ,
Capacity for praising? “ and saluted it by their folded  red hands   ,
And reached  another    Hall.

10310.When they were   appreciating and wondering about  the greatness ,
Of that hall, Sugreeva, the son of Sun God  with great love  , saluted Bharata ,
And asked, “Oh pure one, why are we not knowing about   that auspicious date,
When Lord Rama who is like a cloud  is going to wear the crown?’
And Lord  Bharata   told him.

10311.”It is difficult to   bring  the sacred waters  from the seven oceans  ,
And also from other scared rivers” said Bharata and  Sugreeva the son,
Of Sun god who travels in a  chariot with one  wheel  speedily looked  ,
At Hanuman  and  that son of wind God  ,
Who went away and crossed   the entire distance of earth   surrounded by sea.

10312.Bharata  wanted  to call   the sage Vasishta   and other  astrologers,
And as soon as Sumanthra the expert in driving the chariot  ,
Went and told the sage  , That sage  who   was given birth by Lord Brahma  ,
Came   and all people   rose up  and saluted   his feet.

10313.As soon as throne was placed  , that great sage   looked at Bharata ,
And said ,  The day of crowning of black  Rama   when he would be with  ,
The lady earth   and  the proper Goddess Lakshmi   and receive,
The  wealth that   cannot be destroyed   is tomorrow, which is auspicious.

10314.Vasishta   and several people who were  equivalent to the Guru of Indra  ,
Who were  all experts   in Vedic rituals   examined the auspicious  day and time  ,
For   coronation of Dasaratha  Rama   with moon like shining   regal  umbrella.,
With   the pretty shining crown  and wrote it and send it all over the world.”

10315.When the emissaries   went to all three worlds which are ,
Stacked one over the other   and told  them   about   the ceremony ,
All people came to Ayodhya  and leaving no empty space ,
Stayed  in Ayodhya  and if it is so  , does any poet  including  ,
Lord Brahma    has the ability    to tell   about it?

10316.At that time   along with the sage  , the son of Sun God  ,
And the great  and able king of Rakshasas, Jambavan,
The son of Vali   and other  faultless   warriors with great prowess,
Went and saluted   that faultless Rama  and informed him ,
About   the day fixed   for the crowning ceremony.

10317,Vasishta   who was similar   to Lord Shiva who burnt  ,
The God of love to ashes, who had a long forehead, and,
Who wears only white poolai flower told  “Tomorrow is the auspicious day  ,
Suitable  for you   to wear the crown and so bull like Rama,
You please observe the rituals needed for that  responsibility.”

10318.When the sage who was equal to Lord Brahma   ordered,
The artistic architect   Maya  , who is an expert  in the art of Sculpture ,
As described in the books  , who has great strength to do micro carvings  ,
Who is the  matchless one with the face of the deer,
Who has the mind to salute and listen , measuring  by his scale ,
Erected   a hall which had the   entire world embedded in it  and completed it.

10319.”The   water of the four oceans surrounding the world ,
The seven types  of  water from the oceans which have   deep tide ,
And the waters  of the rivers  be brought  here, “ ordered  Sugreeva  ,
And Hanuman who had earlier brought   Sanjeevi mountain ,
Said “I would do it  like that” and  rose  like a storm  at deluge  ,
And  brought   the waters  of the   seven oceans.

10320.Kings of several countries as per their rank   and position,
In the shade  of    full  moon like white regal umbrellas ,
Brought water from the Sarayu river in several hundreds
Of gem studded  pots , holding them and   sitting on the elephants,
Accompanied by  the sound of Yekkalam which has a hole  ,
 And Sounds of several musical instruments    as well as,
Booming  sound of conches  .

10321,The   seat made of Manikhyas (rubies)     was    got made  ,
With legs made  of diamond  and completely  ,
Surrounded and decorated  by pure gold  and this seat  ,
Was placed in a stage made of crystal  and  over that  ,
Rama with strong shoulders   decorated by   several ornaments  ,
Along   with   Sita   took  his seat in a  pretty manner.

10322,With  singing of auspicious songs accompanied  ,
By the chanting of the Vedas , with big mouthed  conches,
Making a booming sound  , with big and small drums being played,
With several   type of musical instruments making  joyful music,
With Devas raining flowers , Rama   who was our lord ,
Was separately  received   and anointed  in Ayodhya.

10323.Great sages , experts in Vedas  , ministers  and other ,
Elderly learned people  and  those  learned people present there  ,
First poured water over him  and later , the son of Sun God  ,
Other friends   and  Hanuman poured   water  over him.

10324.The water of ganges   which was used by Lord Brahma  ,
To wash the feet of Lord Vishnu  who measured the sky as well as the earth  ,
Was received by Lord Shiva on his matted hair  and “ how  today  ,
The scared water that fell from the pretty head   of Rama  ,
Would be received   by Lord Shiva   and  where will he live” told all learned people.

10325, Those who see  the  spreading beauty of  the emerald mountain 
With  the forest  of red hibiscus  flowers,  which was  made wet
By   the water drops of ganges with lot of  tides ,
Touching   the  ear globes on both ears and  which looked,
Like a peacock   with spear like eyes  , would get rid of disease of birth cycle

10326,When sage Vasishta   told them to do the rituals   suitable,
For anointing   with sacred   waters  , the  experts in Vedic rituals
Indicated the  needed things for those   and  the clear  headed  ,
Sumantra  working with great speed   with other great ministers  ,
Arranged to bring all the needed things  as if it  was needed by Indra.

10327. With Hanuman guarding the  throne , with Angadha  ,
Holding the royal sword, with Bharata holding the white royal umbrella,
With  Lakshmana and Shatrugna    fanning with white  Cowries ,
With Sita with perfumes wafting from her hair  sitting with  joy,
The philanthropist THiruvennai Nallur  Chadayappa  ,
Handing  over   the crown which was handed over to him  by his clan,
 The Sage Vasishta   placed   the crown on head of Rama.

10328. Rama  who had shoulders   hugged by the Goddess Lakshmi of clear,
 Beauty who was   born in the ocean of milk and   the  lady earth who is divine 
On that chosen auspicious day , at the very auspicious time  ,
With all the three   worlds joyously saluting him   with great joy,
As per the rituals  prescribed By Shukra and Bruhaspathi  ,
Wore    the   crown   on his   head.

10329.  Though that  matchless  great   sage Vasishta  who is an expert  
Of  the divine  books that  are in that  town  and  who is being  talked
As one who is likable , was the one who crowned  Lord Rama,
With that   lustrous crown  , if we consider   the amount of happiness  ,
That was got by beings of all the three worlds  ,
They all felt as if the    crown was placed   on their   heads only.

10330.The  big lady called   earth   who got a suitable  husband  ,
After  several years  of penance , and later   had to part with him ,
For some time , , now when all her sorrow has   vanished .
Hugged  Rama to her breast   and   experienced pleasure.

10331As per  The   rituals prescribed by Vasishta   who never  errs,
In observing penance  ,  Rama   crowned all his   three brothers  ,
With crown  studded by Manikhya   and instructed  Bharata  ,
To carry on the rule of the country   on all days   and ,
Got drowned   in    limitless  pleasures.

39.Vidai Kodu Padalam

Chapter   on bidding      farewell .

(The guests of Rama who had    attended the coronation  lived in Ayodhya with him for two months later   Rama bid them farewell   after giving them suitable presents.)

10332. To  the middle of royal hall   which can be considered  as,
The ornament to lady earth  which had pure gold made  pillars ,
And decorated by    great gems  getting in to a palanquin   made  ,
By  fixing strongly great gems shining like  Clouds and lightning ,
The son  of king Dasaratha  along with Sita who sits  on lotus flower   reached.

10333.That king of Ayodhya wearing a garland   just like the lightning appearing 
In the wide sea, wearing a crown  made of gem as if made   by pressing ,
Thousand   shining Sun Gods,  was sitting  on a   throne, which was like  ,
The king of all  clouds  sitting on a   garden of fully flowered hibiscus forest.

10334.Like the light  of moon  shining  on the mountain of emerald  ,
Being fanned using  white cowries by the lotus like  hands of young ladies,
Whose  ear studs touch their spear like long eyes, who are blessed ,
And with youth and youthful breasts , praised by the people of   serpent land,
Holy sages   and Devas  Rama   was sitting on the throne.

10335.Due to the shining forehead of Rama with a Thilaka  spreading  ,
Moon light in all the fourteen worlds , the  white moon coming in the sky ,
Got   sad and was disappearing part by part , with  the white regal umbrella,
Held over the throne  was looking as if  the   fame of Rama,
Who killed all   the   quarrelling Rakshasas   has risen up , He was sitting  on the throne.

10336.With auspicious songs being sung , with Brahmins   telling,
Words of blessing , with  conches  raising sound , with   drums  being played,
With several   faultless   musical instruments  raising   musical sound,
And with  ladies with  black eyes like Kayal fishes, red mouth ,
And  lotus flower like faces   dancing like peacock, Rama was sitting on the throne.

10337.With the rows  crowns embedded   with great gems of    the kings,
Which would put    even the Sun   who appears  on the   ocean ashamed  ,
Spreading endless luster everywhere , daily  in front of  ,
The mountain like  palace  saluting  his feet making them red,
Rama was   sitting  on the throne.

10338.With the elderly  members of the royal council   surrounding him  ,
With Brahmins praising him by  reciting prayers, With commanders of army,
Praising him , With his younger brothers surrounding him , with  ladies ,
Who had coral like red mouth wishing him  many more years,
The Lord Rama was sitting on the throne like Indra sitting on his throne.

 10339-10340.Maindha  , Madhumindha  , Kumbha,   Angadha  , Hanuman ,
The ever victorious Thamraksha  , Sathavali , Kumuda ,
The very diplomatic Dadhimukha m  Kosamukha   who made enemies surprised,
Along with  Sixty seven crore   people   who had   accompanied  Sugreeva
And  seventy vellam of the monkey army, the son  of Sun God  ,
Came and saluted Rama   and Vibheeshana  wearing fresh flower  garland,
Frequented by bees  along with   very famous and cruel Rakshasas,
Also Saluted the feet   of Rama   and were waiting there.

10341.Guha  Who is the lord of the boats in the  Ganges ,  whose flow of water ,
Lashes   on its   bank   , who had tied  his waist with the tail of the cruel spotted Tiger  , who had a rolling eyes, who had round shoulders   like  stone,
 Who is like a   very strong lion, along with  his army with a  victorious flag,
Stood   saluting   Rama.

10342,Rama   showed through his lotus face   that  , how  the very great love ,
Of those friends   had tied   his mind  in a tight manner, became joyous ,
He had hugged them heartily  , saw   them sweetly  with merciful look,
And told, “Oh people  whose strength    is    faultless ,
Please stay    here  only with great   sweetness.”

10343.Wise men   who travel in the proper path  , experts  in four Vedas ,
Several experts   in knowledge    of   different aspects  ,
Great people who have risen up   by their   faultless poetic skill,
Experts   who have obtained    deep knowledge   in several  Sastras,
People who were store house of good conduct   ,  as per their rank,
Surrounded   and stood around that  king of kings Rama.

10344.All the kings and others  of   the earth surrounded by ocean  ,
Praying and  saluting   that Lord Ranganatha  who used  to sleep on Adhi Seha  ,
Who had come to the   ancient city of Ayodhya with its honey dripping gardens ,
Were   staying there    with great joy and another two months  went by.

10345.We started relating to you  , how all the devas  joined together  ,
Stood  in between the ocean of milk and prayed  Lord Vishnu  ,
And he for removing their sorrows   reached   Ayodhya quickly,
Exterminated all the Rakshasas completely   and now we will tell you,
What  that Rama with a strong bow  and with Goddess Lakshmi  ,
On his chest    did    after  wards  (poet.)

10346.Rama    gave lot of fertile land to the Brahmins   along with  ,
Gems as well as gold   in large measure   and to those who demanded a particular  item, gave that  in plenty   so that their demand was fulfilled  , and afterwards,
He welcomed  all the kings    wearing  heroic anklets by saying “Come, come.”

10347.Rama  after looking at all those kings with joy   and grace   and after,
Giving them earth  , palanquins  , gem studded crowns , golden staff  , 
Decorated horses  , strong chariots  , elephants and apparels  ,
In large quantities  , permitted them all to go back   to their kingdoms.

10348.That Rama who took incarnation in Ayodhya  leaving his ocean of milk  ,
Gave  Sugreeva the son  of Sun God   the  shining gem studded  shield
That was presented  by the chief of Indra to Dasaratha   who killed Sambara,
Who was his enemy  at the time of  his own birth  , elephants ,
Chariots  , crowds of horses and  silk cloths .

10349.That Rama who had achieved   faultless victory   , possibly  ,
To make the name of Angadha sparkle in the world   in a pretty manner  ,
Gave him   the  amulet(angadham)   which was given  by Lord Brahma  ,
To the king Ikshuvaku .In this earth   who can understand  the greatness of that amulet?

10350. That Rama also gave Angadha    very costly pearl  garland ,
The  well established light silk cloths  , horses, elephants  and told him,
“ No one in the world can be told   in comparison to you  ,
Oh great one  , Go and live   united    with the   son of Sun God.”

10351. Rama   then  looked at Hanuman with joy and sweetness  and told,
“Oh  hanuman who has battle ready shoulders and who carries a rod  ,
Apart from you  who are   suitable   to help me  and for   the help  ,
That you did in that great war  , I do not have any thing to compensate you.
Please   hug me tightly as apart from that there  is no compensation.”

10352.When   that  Rama who was extremely famous told  like this,
Hanuman  saluted him , became shy, closed  his mouth by his palm ,
And stood catching the tip of his own apparel  and Rama ,
Looked at him properly  gave him  a golden staff , pearl necklace  ,
Thin silk cloth ,  strong elephants   and   horses.

10353.When Rama   with grace saw   Sita   who left her seat of lotus  ,
And got born   in the Miltila city with golden walls   and who was ,
Having honey like voice  , she gave  a pearl necklace  presented to her,
By Goddess Saraswathi   to Hanuman  who helped  her,
In the Asoka Vana    after understanding   her deep distress.

10354.Rama the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who  gave the   worlds,
Through Lord Brahma   gave Jambavan the   king of bears  ,
A pearl necklace which could be compared to moon light,
And which won over collection of stars and  which was,
Suitable to be won by king Indra, elephants which could ,
Break the post they are tied, horses  , silk cloths and ornaments.

10355.To the monkey commander in chief Nila   who was the son of fire God,
Who was a great friend of wind God , he gave necklace made of nine type of gems, pearl garlands , well bred horses , matchless  golden staff  and several other things as well as   very angry    mountain like elephants.

10356.Rama who gave Lord Brahma to the world,  gave to the  monkey chief,
Called Sathavali  silks, horses   which was decorated by anklets   and necklaces,
Big  elephants  in rut  who had very thick tusks ,
And all other things     for which there   were no problem in giving.

10357. That Rama who had   pretty shoulders   gave to Kesari,
Gem studded ornaments   whose cost   cannot  be  estimated  ,
By any one  and there  was no material   which can be  compared to them,
And silks  as well as elephants  in rut which were    three  times,
Stronger than the northern fire   that  spreads   throughout  the world.

10358 , That Rama the king of Kosala country  full of rice fields,
With protective fences made of flowers  gave  Kumudha  , THara  ,Panasa ,
And others    innumerable other presents   which made  them all very happy.

10359. Rama   after similarly   presenting the sixty seven crores ,
Monkey kings    all sort of materials  , after telling them likable words ,
And also gave  them blessing by the corner   of his eyes  ,
So that the seventy Vellam army of monkeys  ,
Would prosper  in this world,  like the sea water   which never dries up .

10360.Then he looked at   with love  the king of wise people Vibheeshana  ,
Who had red eyes   and who was wearing a crown resembling  lightning ,
And said, “Oh sir  , in this world of moving and not moving beings,
There are none who are comparable  to you except yourself and ,
When I say this   it is like saying  “one day the steel   would become like,
Gold but it cannot become equal to  you.”

10361,That Rama who was born leaving   his sleep on the serpent ,
After praising Vibheeshana like this   along with the gem studded,
Shield given to him by Devas  gave elephants , chariots ,
Golden gem studded staff, silk with golden border,
Scented  ointments   as well  as new soft  thilakas,

10362.Then he looked   at the king Guha  of  Srunga bera , which is ,
A prosperous   city , “What is there for me to tell you,
Who is my faultless   help?” and gave  him black elephants  , horses .
Gold   and silk and then gave him permission to depart.

10363 That Rama who was   the ocean of mercy  looked   at,
Hanuman,   Angadha  , Jambavan   and Sugreeva   and told them,
“I am not able to imagine how I can bare to all of you  ,
To  depart to your places and as of now,
Your countries   also belong to me   and so  ,
I am ordering you to go back and protect those parts  of  my country.”

10364 After similar    sweet words   to the king of Lanka, Rama,
Who was wearing flower garlands  and  holding a   spear,
Gave them leave to go and at that time   and they   who had ,
True feelings to do good  , with a  mind which is consoled,
Without getting agitated  decided to depart  thinking,
That  “it is their duty     to do well the entrusted  job.”

10365.They who are   eligible   for  always   determined   salvation ,
Went round the junior king Bharata , Shatrugna  , the well  cultured ,
Lakshmana with great penance  and the three  mothers  praised them,
Took their  leave   to depart   saluted  them and reached back to their countries.

10366.The Great garlanded  Vibheeshana whose heart was full of love  ,
Took all the Rakshasas   with sharp teeth in the Pushpaka Vimana ,
Left Guha in his town   and  left Sugreeva the son of Sun God  ,
Who on his chariot goes round the Meru mountain ,
In his town of Kishkinda  , and reached  Lanka  on the same   day.

10367, After sending them Lord Rama   along with his brothers ,
On whom his grace was there  in full, as per just law,
Ruled    the entire earth   and Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Without any sorrow   removed the burden of earth and protected it.

10368. That Great God   who    woke up from sleep on the ocean of milk  ,
Took incarnation of Rama  in Ayodhya  and  helped  and blessed many  ,
And right from Devas  to ordinary people   who live in the fourteen worlds ,
Prayed to him  and saluted  him, calling him “Our Lord”,
And along   with his brothers who served him ,
Along with the   God of Dharma     he protected   the entire world.

                Thus ends  “Ramvatharam” written  by
          Kamban,  the emperor among  poets in Tamil.


Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 15

Yudha Kandam (contd)

37.Meekshi Padalam

Chapter  on  Returning

(This chapter describes events after crowning of Vibheeshana till Rama reached  back to his  city of Ayodhya.   Rama first requests Lakshmana to crown Vibheeshana as king of Lanka. Then he requests Vibheeshana to bring Sita after dressing her well before him.  When she came Rama  ordered her to prove her chastity. She jumps in fire and the fire God attests to her chastity.  Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva tell Rama who he is . King Dasaratha comes and blesses   his sons and Sita and goes back, Rama  and all monkeys and Rakshasas start towards Ayodhya  in Pushpaka Vimana. As per request of Sita they also take the ladies of Kishkinda with them.  They reach the hermitage of sage Bharadwaja who offers a feast to them. Hanuman goes and informs about safety and impending arrival of Rama to Bharata who   was about to jump in fire  .Rama after meeting Guha arrives the next day morning. After   a joyous meeting in the banks of Ganges  , they all proceed     to  Ayodhya.)

9952.  To Vibheeshana who came and reached   Rama by  his greatly blessed actions,
Rama told,  “Oh  intelligent Vibheeshana  , who has great  heard knowledge   of  justice  ,
And the   rules  of Manu,   Do not feel sad  “  and then he   told  Lakshmana,
Who had great wealth of penance  , the   following.

9953.”Oh Lakshmana , please go along with  Sugreeva   the son of Sun God,
Hanuman the son of wind God   and other  monkey warriors   and,
As per the rules of Veda  crown Vibheeshana the one   who never swerves ,
From Dharma   as the  king of  Lanka.”

9954.After   telling like this , when  he gave  leave for  Lakshmana  ,
And others ,   to go  , the Devas   who were   near by  ,
Along with guardians of eight   directions   went along,
And provided  necessary help in conducting  crowning  ceremony.

9955.Those  devas   who had achieved   victory   without any faults,
Brought   waters from the  seven oceans   surrounding the world  ,
And also waters    from the sacred  rivers  , the ornaments  ,
Suitable for a great king   as well  as throne supported  by lions.

9956.As per the orders   of Lord Brahma  , Maya the  Asura architect  ,
Who had a deer like   face  constructed   a greatly lustrous  hall  .
Made of gems   making  Lord Shiva who carries  ,
River ganges on his head and  other Devas  greatly   wonder.

9957. The Devas   who live in heaven   as per the rituals told by Vedas ,
Which have truth embedded in them  ,  anointed  Vibheeshana  properly  ,
With the sacred    waters   in a very proper   manner  and Lakshmana ,
With his lion like hands   made Vibheeshana wear   the crown,

9958.That Vibheeshana  who   was   filled   with great victory  ,
Looked like  A black mountain   wearing   the  Sun on his  head  ,
And sitting on a seat made   by matchless  and faultless gems  ,
And with his relations greeting him  loudly with joy  , sat on  the throne.

9959.  While the Devas    rained   flowers   on him, Sidhas and others,
With great love  threw  greatly scented flowers   and Sages  along with ,
Those trinity who did  not have  any difference   among themselves ,
Gave him the flower of blessings   told    by their toungue.

9960.That chief of Rakshasas   who got crowned   fell at   feet of Lakshmana,
And saluted him   and treated   that one who had  great love with   hospitality,
And   with a voice like thunder   told  Anala   the following words.

9961.”OH anala  , whose   shoulders   are placed   densely  , till I return ,
To this city from Ayodhya to Lanka   , look after   all beings ,
Without   allowing them to suffer and  then reached ,
The divine feet of Rama   who wore    flower garlands.

9962.When along   with Vibheeshana   the king of Rakshasas,
Hanuman  , Sugreeva    and Angadha    saluted his feet 
That Rama Speedily   hugged that  Vibheeshana  ,
Who had surrendered to him   and  told him these rules of justice.

9963.That  Rama who had   given the  Vedas    to this world  said,
“Oh limitless   follower of Dharma , you please   rule   this Lanka,
Which would give   you   blessings in this world and heaven,
So that   all the beings of the   three worlds  respect   and salute you  ,
Without erring from path  formulated  by the Devas  as  Dharma .”

9964.That Lord Rama who   always remembered   the words of his mother ,
Said several  advices   about justice and Dharma again and again  , and said,
“Oh very famous Vibheeshana  ,Please  lead a   stable life with members of your clan,”,
And then looked at   the son of wind God to tell him some thing.

9965.When these  events were happening Rama   thinking  ,
About the future things to do   in his mind  , called Hanuman,
And said, “Go to Sita who has  a mouth  more red than coral,
And tell her   all the events    that   happened   here.”

9966.That Hanuman who did not have death  , saluted Rama ,
Took leave from him   and went to   the  forest where  ,
Sita , the goddess   who sits  on the lotus flower   is being kept,
And to her who was   suffering from love sickness  ,
Told   the following news   which was  like water  ,
That would    bring back life    to the dried branch of a tree.

9967.”oh poor one, auspiciousness   to you  , oh lady who wears ornaments,
Long live  , The Great   Rama   who is like   the   masked   elephant  ,
Killed  Ravana the upper most boundary  of evil , auspiciousness   to you.”

9968.That  Hanuman    who had mountain like    shoulders  , singing  ,
The names of Rama   several times jumped to the left and right,
And danced and stood with   both hands held like a garland   over him ,

9969”.The ten heads of Ravana lay on the floor  like   the mountains,
Holding the earth   and his shoulders   were lying there  ,
Like tides of the ocean   again on   earth without any movement.”

 9970.Due to order   of the Lord Rama   and due to the  love ,
Of Vibheeshana who   did not have cruelty   and  followed Dharma  ,
Being there always  , All ladies of Lanka are alive  without a single male.

9971 .Hearing that  good news   that lady , like the moon  ,
After drinking the nectar    on the day   it was churned out from the sea ,
Growing crescent by crescent to   the fully lustrous   form,
Stood   with great glamour and luster  as if those crescents have flowered.

9972.That  Goddess who was   like the cool  moon that  was swallowed,
By Rahu  and later   spit out, due to the   words  of Hanuman  ,
Had a shining face  and  red  mouth   like   the aambal flower  ,
And her  busts expanded  to twice the  size making her  waist further  sorry.

9973 .Which part of the Goddess  was more  prominent  ?  was it,
The  excess of joy in her mind?was it the shoulders  wearing bangles  ,
Which were rising up?or was it her    chariot like hips  ,
Which made her   apparel loosen   or was   it her breasts?

9974.Her  pretty eyelids   and her   curved  breasts   were ,
Covered   with sweat  and that lady who used to  talk,
Sweetly with a lisp  , was thinking  about something,
And was talking about some other thing  and would her ,
Further increased  happiness  make her  look like one  who is drunk?

9975.That Lady who cleaned the stain of a  great  family life  ,,
Who had a honest mind  , became happy   as was described ,
And looked at Hanuman  and simply kept quiet,
Due to emotions making her not know   the  proper words   to respond.

9976.That Hanuman   who  had the power to walk in path of Dharma,
Without slipping away from it  , seeing that Lady was not speaking anything ,
Was not able to understand the reason  and asked  whether  it was   due to ebbing joy,
Or because she thought the news may be a lie  and Sita    replied  as  follows.

9977.”Due  to the flood like joy   , I have become  stupefied ,
And  thinking about the    words to say to  you  ,
Am not able   to reply you  .Would  great luck cause  mental instability?”

9978.”Oh Hanuman, earlier   you told me  that you would get  me ,
Released   from the  prison of Rakshasas and now you have brought  news of joy ,
And  thinking what present  I should give you, I have become speechless.”

9979.”Oh person with great culture  , If I give you all the three   worlds,
As a compensation for what you did , I understood that  it would not be  sufficient,
For those worlds are not  as stable    as the  help you did.
Saluting   you with my head is   the only thing that  I can do.”

9980.”oh Hanuman who is  an emissary   with very great   qualities  similar,
To the  well polished and cleaned   gem with a hole  , because  of these reasons,
I am not able to give you back    anything which is   suitable  .What can I do for you  ?please tell.”

9981.”Oh our  goddess like lady , who is like  a peacock  of great clan,
Is there a boon that  you can give me   which would be greater  than,
Taking you to   great Rama , which  would cause   you a very great joy?”Said Hanuman.

9982. He further said  , “Oh mother , I would  like  to kill  all these Rakshasis ,
Who were   causing scare   to you ,   by burning  all of   them except  ,
Trijata  who has a face which is shining like rays of great gems.”

9983.”I would with my long  nails   tear   the  mountain like  body of those Rakshasis,
Who  scolded you with  unfit  words  , Who fell on you after a  speedy run,
And told you that  they would  swallow you, and make them food for God of death.” Said he.

9984.”I would cut the intestines   of these  Rakshasis  , drink their blood  ,
And cut their body  to pieces and eat them “ AS soon as Hanuman told like this  ,
Those very strong Rakshasis   begged Sita, “Oh mother  , your feet  ,
Is the only real protection to us  .We would not leave   them.”

9985. That Sita who was like a mother   looked at  those Rakshasis  and told,
“Do not get  scared”  and then looked at the   good face  of stable  Hanuman,
“Oh pure one  , these Rakshasis   only told  me   those   words ,
Which were told to them by Ravana.  What other evils have they done to me?”

9986.”Oh Hanuman who has more love towards me    than  your  mother ,
Oh  best among those who are wise  , this sorrow  has come to me  ,
Because of my evil Karma  .Are these   Rakshasis more cruel   than the   hunchback Mandara?
And so do not keep in your mind all  those things   that   happened  ?”

9987.Sita   who had  a face that gave a stain to  Moon and   conquered  him,
Looked at Hanuman  said, “You have   to give  me this boon., Do not ,
Cause sorrow to  the mind of these   cruel Rakshasis , where cruelty stays.”

9988.When Sita told him ike this  Hanuman said ,”what a great mercy ,
Is there   with this matchless  consort   of Lord Rama?” and  ,
When he was standing there   saluting her  , Rama  told Vibheeshana,
“Oh Vibheeshana  , go and bring my queen   in a very gala manner.”

9989.As soon as Rama ordered  to  Vibheeshana whose body was black  ,
And whose ornaments    were shining   , who was looking like  ,
Lightning from a   black cloud  “Go and bring her with speed of thought”
Immediately reached Asoka Vana   and sprinkled  ,
The dust at   the divine   feet of Sita  on his head.

9990.”Oh Goddess  ,Has not what  you wanted been fulfilled  ?
Rama the God of who learned Vedas   desires    to see you  ,
And Devas  also   waiting to see   both  of you  joining   together   and Rama told,
“Make her   wear  speedily the decorations   that are suitable to her ,
After  leaving  out this sorrow caused due to parting  ,
And bring   her here   with great    haste.” , Said Vibheeshana.

9991. “Oh valorous one , It would be great   if  my Lord Rama  , the crowd of Devas,
The sages who are assembled there and  the ladies who maintain chastity  ,
In consonance with the great  clans they belong     see  my  form,
As I stayed   in the prison here  and I think that  it is,
Not proper for me to decorate   myself more  than this and come there.” Said Sita.

9992. When the Goddess  told like that  , then  the king  of the Rakshasas told,
“This is what was ordered  by Rama who has a shoulder  like a blue mountain.”
And hearing that Sita  replied, “  That is great   “ and agreed   for that proposal,
And then  The Thilothama and others  who belonged   to the world  of Devas,
Went towards   Sita   so that  she can be  decorated   in a proper manner.

9993. Menaka  , Rambha   and Urvasi    and  other  ladies of   the Deva land,
Took with them  a faultless combination of Musk , Punugu   and other   scents,
For anointing Sita  And reached  very near that lady  who had not taken any food  in prison.

9994.Ramba  , one among  the   deva maidens  cleaned and straightened the hair of Sita,
Who was the personification of female  nature , who was one adding to the beauty,
Of the great culture called Chastity  , who is goddess  Lakshmi   ,
Who is the definition of beauty    , who rose    from the ocean of milk  ,
Along with the nectar and  Who is the  mother   who nurtures   Dharma  , using her fingers.

9995.Those Deva maidens   cleaned her pearl like teeth , in her coral coloured  mouth,
Which  used to speak    words   which were  sweeter than   sugar syrup  ,
And made it shine like diamond , and applied    scented  ointments on her,
And like washing , cleaning and polishing of gem coated    with mud ,
They gave   her a bath   singing auspicious songs as  told in the Vedas.

9996.They then applied white   unguents all over her body   making it ,
Look like a coral  flag  is covered   with the foam of milk  , Applied,
Saffron paste   and covered   her breats   and  covered her body,
With golden cloth  which was   like the rarely seen  Karuvila flowers  ,
And  made her wear a waist belt called Mekala   over her waist,
Which was   holding her  hips  , which  is play ground of God of  love.

9997.Then they made   her wear    gem studded   golden ornaments   which would be suitable  ,
To the wife of Indra   and which were shining like  the  stars who were  wives of the moon,
And made her eat the scented  Thamboola  and made   her mouth  look like,
The fresh  saffron as well as  corals   along with fresh betel nuts,
Ansd after  waving  with  Aarathi water   and made her wear ,
On her forehead protection against  any possible    evil eye.

9998.Then Lord Vibheeshana  brought Sita   who was  looking like  the deer,
Inside   the   round moon  , made her climb   the Air plane ,
With Deva maidens following her   . With the sphere like monkeys ,
And   the Rakshasas with shining   sword protecting her  ,
And lead   her to Rama, the God of Gods as  per   his order.

9999.In the place   where  Rama was there  ,the ladies  belonging to Devas and sages,
Vidhayadhara ladies    with coral like mouth  and  all the greats belonging to the three worlds,
Without any difference between them  assembled there  entering in to joyful   conversation.

10000.That great  lady who was born in a great clan   who is the  model for chastity  ,
Was approached   by everyone  and they neared  her in such a way  ,
That  there was no place for her to move about in any direction  ,
After   getting down from   the Vimana   and the Rakshasa   security guards,
Waved their batons and drove out the crowd   and  ,
The great sound raised   by the crowd  spread greatly like sound of ocean tide.

10001.At that Rama   with his lustrous face resembling the  just opened  lotus flower,
Stared angrily  and asked ,”What is the reason for    this great sound  ?”
And   the sages   who were   sorrowing told him about the   reason.

10002. Rama even before    the words   of the sages   reached   his ears ,
Laughed like a thunder    with his   lips shivering   and   stared  at Vibheeshana,
And said, “Oh wise person   who has  learnt   all pure books telling  about truth,
Should  you  get performed  the acts   that   are  unsuitable ?”

10003.”Oh Vibheeshana , who is an expert   in books   on various thoughts  ,
The guardians  of directions  , Devas  and others  with the great desire ,
To see   the place where the battle took place have crowded here ,
And who ordered you  to drive away those  who have come near with great joy?”

10004.”oh valorous one , would   Lord Shiva    who carries the   weapon called axe  ,
The Lord Vishnu who is armed with the  divine wheel  and  Lord Brahma,
Who sits  on the lotus flower   come anywhere   without their  queen like wives?
When the  numberless   Devas   , with each of them bringing   their wives ,
Wanted to see the battle ground as well as lady Sita  , would you push them out?
If that  is so , what   would happen to the ordinary people   who have come here?”

10005.”Oh king of Rakshasas ,It is not proper   for you to drive   away  ,
These  ordinary people   who have not got involved   in any mistake.”
And after  this was  said by   that Rama   the lord of   the Vedas    with red eyes  ,
Vibheeshana   who was blessed   with purity  , suffered great sorrow  ,
Breathed heavily   and lost balance of his body and  faultless mind.

10006. That Sita who was as great in chastity  reached  near  the battle field  ,
Where   the eagles  , hawks   and ghosts   were dancing so that  .
Their hunger  get satiated   and she with great love   who with his great capacity  ,
Bent   his bow   creating   newer and newer  food for them ,
And with great joy in her black and wide   eyes  told the  following.

10007.”To that  monkey Hanuman who showed my chastity to my husband   and also made me ,
See   the  battle  ready form   of my lord  , and made  the clans  ,
In which I was born and the clan in which I got married   stand in a stable manner ,
And also  prevented   the destruction   of this world by   Ravana  ,
Would my chastity   give  him a  life   without death at any time?”

10008. “Due to Ravana bringing me and  keeping me in prison  ,
My body lost its purity   and   I have lost my soul  long back.”
And that lady who was telling  this  when she was in prison ,
Did not have   any desire   and who was faultless ,
Saw Rama   with the colour of green leaf, coral like red mouth  ,
 And holding in his hand   the great bow, just before  her.

10009.She came surrounded   by Deva maidens in the plane,
And with her face   indicating that   she was  like the body,
Looking at  its lost soul  trying to get it back got down on the earth.

10010. After   saluting  him who would    come with her  ,
In any birth she takes  and also would accompany her  to the other world,
And thought  that my desire is fulfilled and lost   her great sorrow.

10011.That Lord  also looked at    that  divine lady  with love, who is the queen of chastity,
One who  protects her feminine qualities, who is the real beauty   of  beauty,
One  who made   his fame  in this world permanent  and who does  good,
To   all beings   even though she had parted  from him, who is her lord.

10012.Rama   looked   at  her  who wets  her   breasts with  stain of parting,
With tears   flowing from her eyes  due to great sorrow,
And who was like a peacock saluting him ,
Like an angry snake   with its fully   open hood .

10013.”You stayed in the city of  Rakshasas  for a long time  ,
With a desire to eat many of their food   varieties,
You lived without attaining death  with a damaged   character,
You  were  subservient  to that Rakshasa who forsook justice and Dharma,
And stayed there for a long time, and what for ,
Have   you come back here  without   any fear? ,
Did   you expect   that   Rama   would want you” asked Rama.

10014.”I did  not  build a bridge over the sea , destroy completely,
The  Rakshasa army   who were shining  more   than lightning,
And further fought with them  and wiped off their enmity  ,
For  the sake of freeing you from prison,
But I reached   this Lanka   for correcting myself from the mistake I did.”

10015.”Oh lady who is bereft of emptiness,  did you  not eat  ,
The flesh of animals   which is tastier than the  nectar  of Devas,
Did you not drink Alcohol ? And in spite of all that ,
Are you not managing to stay alive? Are   there  ,
Any items  left of the   suitable food     for  myself also?”

10016.”All those good qualities  in you which were like   gems,
Studded on an ornament are   no more   with you?
You did not behave   yourself   like a  lady born in a great clan?
And you have proved that you were born like a insect on earth with no aim?”

10017.”Your feminine  qualities, greatness  ,  great birth  ,
The truth of your chastity  , have   all  disappeared  ,
Like the fame of a  weak king  , due to your birth.”

10018.”Ladies born in great clans would shut   off   their five senses ,
When they part with their husband  and  being only interested  ,
In protecting  their conduct  would not decorate   their hair  ,
And with great beauty  would undertake great  penance ,
And if a   bad name   comes in the middle ,
They would completely wipe it out   by giving away their life .”

10019.That Rama who lives in the mind of wise people  looked at Sita,
And further said, “what else can I tell?  Your behavior   has cut off,
My sensibilities towards you. Either prove your character  in,
A strong manner  or go away  in a path suitable    to you.”

10020.Hearing these words  , the sages , the devas , the great ladies ,
Who have assembled there , all the Rakshasas, all the monkeys  ,
And all other   beings   wailed    and greatly   cried.

10021.That Sita who was the incarnation of she   who sits on the lotus,
Hearing this  , shed tears as well as blood from her   eyes  ,
And with sorrow like that was caused  by introducing  an arrow ,
In the existing wound , lost all her mental faculties and took a deep breath.

10022.She fainted  like a deer ,  which was in a desert   with eagles ,
Which was   thirsty and was about to die   and had seen a  water body,
But was prevented   from getting  in to it   and drink water  .

10023.Then Sita   stared   at  the world  properly   and with tears falling,
From her long  eyes with black and red  lines  and said, “Possibly,
The  living   due to my luck has   been sheer   waste   and today  ,
My luck   has  become useless.”  And said this again and again.

10024.”Hanuman came   to Lanka  , oh lord   and told  me  that,
You are going to come to Lanka   and did not   that great Hanuman  ,
Tell my real state   in the prison to you  ,Was he not,
The emissary sent by you to find out   my true   state.”

10025, “Oh  best lord  , since your  mind has not realized  the penance  ,
That I did in the prison , my sorrow and the chastity   that I protected  ,
Have all  become useless   and became like an action of mad  people.”

10026,”I  who have been praised by all the world as most chaste lady  of the world  ,
And one   whose  mind cannot be changed even by Lord Brahma   who created the world,
Being a   simpleton   has been told as one   who was   not a person  like   that  by Rama  ,
Who is the eye   of the world  and how can any other  God  change  his belief?”

10027. “Even if  Lord Brahma  who sits on Lotus   , Lord Shiva  who rides on a bull,
And   Vishnu , the lord of Dharma   who holds a   conch in his hand  ,
Examine clearly like gooseberry in hand  , would they be able to realize   a woman’s state of mind?”

10028.”Oh Lord who is Vedas   when the    nature   of the world   is like this  ,
How can I   now prove   my faultless   penance   to  some other people outside,
And so except dying here    is no better alternative and  ,
That also is your order   and also my   fate .” said   that Sita.

10029.That Sita who  wore sound making bangles in her   forearms summoned Lakshmana ,
And requested   him to create   a fire   and   that   greatly sorrowing one,
Saluted  Rama who was  the  one who removes sorrow of the  entire world  ,
And that Rama  indicated   affirmation    using   his eyes.

10030.Lakshmana   who was sobbing    and was also shedding tears   and,
Was like  a son  who has lost his life  , as per rituals raised a fire there ,
And  that lady of the lotus    walked properly and reached  near the fire.

10031.Sita   who was alone went and reached  near the fire and ,
The Devas unable to see   that horrifying sight   and ,
The God of  Dharma as  well as the Vedas   wailed loudly.

10032.When Sita was going round the fire, the sky  , the earth,
The Patala   as well as all the beings of these   worlds ,
Lost their stability   and    wailed and told  Rama,
“Oh Sir  Does she merit such a great cruelty?”

10033. The wife of Indra   and all other ladies   stood on the sky  ,
And wailed  loudly  and they with their tender hands went ,
On beating their  big pretty eyes    which had   red lines.

10034.Brahma and other great   Gods   shivering   with great fear,
The Adhisesha who lifts   the worlds   folded  its   hood,
And the   world started   suffering  as if its poison spread everywhere,
The sun and moon changed their places   and the  oceans started  crying.

10035.That Sita with hands wearing bangles   and wearing   ornaments over  ,
Her thick breasts   prayed, “Oh fire God   If  I have  become tainted  ,
By my mind or words , become   angry   at me and burn me  “
And then she saluted her  Lord  who was wearing the forest Thulasi.

10036.AS if she wanted to  her residence   which is the lotus flower  ,
Which stands above the  water  where one can swin,
Sita  jumped  in to the   fire  and as soon as    she jumped ,
That fire   which was white like milk got burnt  by the fire of her chastity.

10037.That fire God whose body was burnt by her fire   of chastity  ,
Keeping  the lady Sita who jumped   in to him on his palm  , came up,
And with folded hands saluted Rama   who was the end  of all   Vedas ,
And  became one who was   seeking and shouting   for  protection from him.

10038. “Are you  not seeing   that  even the sweat  on her body,
Due to her anger against her   husband,  has   still   not dried  ?
Is there any  more proof   needed   to prove the greatness  of her chastity?
And the    flowers that   she decorates her hair along with  the bees ,
That hover around them and   the dripping honey   are   feeling cool.”

10039.All those worlds which were   rotating   after   witnessing  ,
Her sorrow became stable   and the souls of all those   who got scared  ,
Lost their fear   and ladies  like Arundathi   after getting   rid of,
Their shyness and patience  were    dancing    with joy.

10040.That Fire God looking   at that blameless   Rama   told,
“You possibly did not think properly   that   the chastity  ,
Of the great lady Sita   is capable of destroying   my strength .
Possibly you were  angry with me   who never  gets   tired.”

10041.When the fire God entreated   like this to Rama  he asked him,
“Who are you? What did you  tell after   emerging out  of the fire?
You have   saved   this lady who has earned a bad name  ,
And who  instructed    you to do it. Please reply.”

10042. “Oh Primeval God   who is witness   of everything  , I am the fire  God,
Unable to bear   the fire of Chastity  of this mother , I came here.
Even after   seeing what happened to me   are you  suspecting me?”

10043.”Oh Rama who   has lustrous  big shoulders , marrying a lady,
Or enquiring   if you had suspicion that   they swerved against   family Dharma ,
And clearing  that suspicion against any person   is done through me  ,
This is the truth    that  is being    told   by the Vedas.”

10044.Oh Lord  , who did not believe in the words  of Hanuman,
Who never goes away from truth , even after   hearing  ,
The truthful words   from me  who removes   suspicions  ,
And show the real state like a  gooseberry in palm,
Would you   not take   back this  Sita.”

10045. “Were not   the  words  “alas”   being told by Devas  and Sages ,
The moving and unmoving   beings of the world   , after,
Hitting their eyes with their hands ,  heard   by you ?
From where  did you who is personification of Dharma 
Learn this word   of   sin?”

10046.”If Sita who has divine chastity   looses  her control and becomes angry,
Would not the earth break   and how can it   carry   things  ? how would ,
Dharma   go in straight  path ?How will the worlds exist?
If she curses  , even Lord Brahma sitting  on lotus flower  would die .”

10047.When   the fire god whose   body was burnt by   the fire of chastity,
Went on telling several such great words    again and again,
Making the entire world sing and dance     along with Devas  ,
Rama  went near Sita who was like a peacock   and started   telling .

10048.That Rama who had a merciful heart   said, “For this world  ,.,
You are the witness that cannot be substituted and so , after  ,
Accepting your  words which does not have   any fault  ,
Mentioning that Sita    is blameless  , She is one  who cannot be left   by me.”

10049.  The Devas  requested  Lord Brahma  “please tell this Rama  ,
Who is   standing there  immersed   in the illusion   created   by his own self ,
Without  realizing that   he himself is the primeval   thing   and  Who is wearing  ,
The garland of the bunch of Thulasi leaves  , without hiding any thing ,
Because the proper    time for that   talk   has arrived” and then,
Lord Brahma who was   born on the lotus flower  on belly of Vishnu   started telling.

10050.”OH Lord Vishnu  , Oh Rama   who stands tall  , please   hear what I have to say to you,
You   took incarnation  in an ancient  clan of kings, please  do not consider yourself as just a man,
The ultimate truth mentioned   at the end of the four Vedas   , which tell about everything  ,
Is no one except you, and nothing gets their existence   apart   from you.”

10051.”There  is a Moola prakruthi( basic  nature )  which is   older than every thing,
And the principles   that originate   from that Moola Prakruthi , and  the Jeevathma,
Which is different from the Moola Prakruthi , which is difficult  to be  differentiated,
And you are that Moola Prakruthi  and the entire world we see  ,
Has been created   by you through  illusion(Maya) .

10052.”Oh Lord   who loves everything ,  that which  the heads of the Vedas  cannot,
Understand   as the beginning and  as end  , which is immeasurable   and whose  nature  ,
Is known only to itself   is the  thing denoted by  the word  Paramathma   and
This only indicates   you and   not Brahma, Rudra  ,,Indra and Devas    who are present here.”

10053.” Those   greatly wise people    who understand the truth   that
 You  are  above me  , Lord Shiva with eight forms  , Indra  , different   sages   and ,
All the beings which have soul   would be able  to  achieve   freedom,
From  the birth cycle   which is    tied   the net of the two  Karmas   and attain salvation.”

10054.”All the  forms   which have me as the root cause(basic nature)   , would  get  immersed ,
In the illusion of the world   and would think that   they are  born from mother and father  ,
And  forget their truthful soul  and the fact that   the soul is only  yourself,
Which ignorance would lead to their fall  and the   sorrows that are caused by it,
And those souls  which could come out of the lies   would realize  ,
That you are their primeval father , which knowledge is the seed of their salvation.”

10055”.After   clearly analyzing the five sets of five principles   and making them as one’s body  ,
And   becoming the soul which makes them act   without any deficiencies, 
And   going above that  is   the twenty sixth principle    which is you  ,
And there  is nothing above you   and  this principle   has been clearly brought out by the Vedas ,
And for this proof   is the world itself which is maintained   by you ,
And there is no need for another witness to prove this witness .”

10056.”Oh Lord Vishnu .  who  selects the Thulasi and wears   them , the peace   which,
Comes out of analysis of rules   and  coming to the conclusion  , “This is true”,
And those  principles which lead to the conclusion , “This is not true”,
Are of no use. The Upanishads   analyze   and find out   you,
Who  is  those principles    themselves   and though  this,
Will not help in seeing you , they would tell    us  that ,
You can be seen by the eyes   of wisdom with definiteness.”

10057. “To those   who do not hold you as their protection  , the five senses ,
Would create road blocks   in their trials to get an understanding of you  .
If one can cross   these road blocks  , they would be caught   by the netof,
The birth-death cycle   and would totter    without  understanding you.
For them to get rid of the sorrow of the   birth-death cycle  ,
There is no other   option but to   completely surrender  to your divine feet.”

10058. “Birth is not one    of your nature and the very strong   core   nature ,
In the form of illusion would only   emerges   out of you,
And from that one by one   the five elements   would  emerge out  ,
And at the final deluge they would disappear one by one  ,
And would get   completely destroyed   but you are one who will never get destroyed.”

10059.”For showing the world  that  just like the sky   showing   the lightning,
Which disappears  immediately   and to substantiate   Dharma in this world  ,
You created  me  different from you   and you also cause  destruction to me ,
And you would never show out   your real nature   which  is the cause  of the world,
And you also are   not hiding  any where. All  these are told by the Vedas.”

10060.”Oh primeval   one  You created   the world    assuming   my form as Brahma,
In the middle you assume   your own form  you enter   the world and protect it ,
And later   you take the form of the  consort  of Goddess Parvathi and destroy the world,
The matchless sun whom you  created   takes the form he wants   ,
Makes day time in the morning  and due to his absence makes   the night.”

10061.”Your real form is known only to those    who knew   the ,meaning of word “Om”,
They would  meditate   on “Om”   , loose   both type of Karmas   and get salvation,
And those who do not know the truth   that  OM is the ultimate   Gpd  ,
Even if they totter thinking that You are   and you are not “Om”,
 Even if the proper   time     to comes will not get salvation.”

10062. That Brahma  who created   the universe as an egg   from the water  ,
And   later   created the different sexes   said to Lord Rama who was incarnation of  Lord Vishnu, ,
“Please  do not   hate that great mother  who gave birth to me  ,
And all the three   worlds , who was  leading house holder’s life with you  ,
And who is   the ultimate power,” and completed his   advice.

10063.As soon as Lord Brahma   made Rama , Lord Shiva who sits on the bull   ,
Told the following truth, “”Oh strong Rama  ,  it looks that you have not even a  little,
Understood about yourself  .You are  that great primeval  God who is first to all  .
The Lady  named Sita   is Goddess  Lakshmi   who lives  on  your chest.”

10064. “Oh Rama  , that  lady with a  great soul,  who has the pretty navel   , which gave  ,
Birth to all the worlds  , is not the one who should   be forsaken by you  .
If she does any mistake , all the beings    in this world    would die  ,
It is better that  you forget about all those things  about her”
Said Lord Shiva   who gives boons to Gods who give boons.

10065. Then thinking   about the jobs that are   to be done by him   , went ,
And saw Dasaratha   who lost his life   due to sorrow of parting  ,
From his great son Rama  in heaven   and told him, “Oh strong one,
Please   clear the mind of your son Rama   and remove his sorrow.”

10066.That  king of kings  who received   the grace  of Lord Shiva as  an order ,
With a thought a desire to see his   son   , entered   in to the earth,
And  then the matchless lord of  Vedas   saluted him by falling at his feet.

10067.Dasaratha lifted his son who saluted him by falling at his   feet ,
Hugged him tightly  by pressing him on his    broad chest ,
Drowned  him in the  tears   that flowed from his eyes  ,
And    came out of the sorrow   of parting  with him ,
And stood before   Rama    and told   the following words.

10068. “The  boons demanded by the  daughter of king of Kekaya  , on that day,
Is  staying in my heart like a sharp spear   till this day and even after  killing me,
Also it did not go away and today when I hugged you tightly,
Your magnetic gem like  well ornamented heart , that spear went away.”

10069.”Oh Rama   with big and pretty shoulders , you have   brought me,
Greatness making those  who   got good sons   and who lived a great life,
Not even equal to the dust below   my feet  and I have  risen up,
To the heavens   which is difficult  to get  and got great fame   by having you as my son.”

10070. “Oh pretty one  , you please see the scene of those devas and sages  ,
Whom I used to salute , salute me  with folded hands  again and again ,
You have  me sit in the matchless seat   at the face   of the universe,
Equal to   Lord Brahma , the primeval one   who sat  on the lotus flower.”

10071.”That Dasaratha who had   shoulders like   mountain , lifted his son,
And after   hugging him   and caressing him well  and approached ,
The place of Sita   and then she    saluted both his feet  ,
And he  hugged her  with his eyes   and that Dasaratha ,
Who had the fame that cannot be described   told  her the following.

10072.”Oh girl, Do not take in to your mind  the  request of Rama to you  ,
To enter the fire so that   your chastity   would be known to the world,
AS it is normal for those   who have suspicion to clear  it through fire,
And because  of that do not start hating your husband who is king of Kosala.”

10073.”It is  only proper to  place  Gold in side fire , to prove the purity  of that gold  ,
And deciding like this in his  mind , this great one , showed   that,
You are  the ”queen of chastity”  to the world , as he thought ,
That  it may not be possible    for him to do it later.”

10074.”Oh  girl,  who is an ornament   for great ladies  like Arundathi,
Who have reached the pinnacle of fame  , your birth place is this earth,
And you came from heaven to took   your incarnation here,
And from now on for your character  which is recognized,
By this world  , would not   suffer   with any problem.”

10075.After telling this  Dasaratha   understood  that there was  no hatred ,
In   the divine mind of the pretty lady   and became happy  ,
And then  drawn by love towards  his younger son  , hugged him,
As if he is hugging himself   with   tears   flowing from his eyes.

10076. The stream of tears that  flowed from the eyes of Dasaratha ,
Came down and made wet the mud like matted    hair of Lakshmana  ,
And Dasaratha said, “Oh son  , following your brother  , you went to the forest,
And due to that  you removed the countless  sickness  of the birth cycle  ,
And also removed the  remaining   wound that    was in my mind.”

10077.”Oh son,  , The devas are telling all over the world   about  the strength,
Of your  broad shoulders by which   you defeated Indrajit  , the enemy of Indra  ,
And you have removed the  sorrowful  and cruel enemies of the world and established Dharma.”

10078.After praising Lakshmana  like this   he looked at Rama  and said,
“Oh  Rama of great character  , You please tell me one thing   that,
You would like to receive   from me” and for that  Rama told,
“I was thinking that only after   going to heaven , I would be able,
To see you but today I was able to see you. What else  would I want?’

10079.Dasaratha then told, in spite of that ask some thing   suitable to you.”
And  the pretty one said, “Please give me a boon that  the goddess  ,
And her son whom you disowned  become my brother   and son.”
And saluted him  and hearing that all the beings  saluted Rama,
And opening their mouth  made    sound of their joy.

10080.”Oh Rama  , please hear” said Dasaratha  and replied him,
“Let the faultless Bharata become my son  and also your brother.
But  my anger on that  sinner  lady who snatched your crown ,
And gave you this bark of wood to wear   is stable in me  “
And  took away his hands    that were hugging   Rama.

10081.Rama said  , “I only did mistake   by  wishing to rule  over  ,
All the beings   , which would involve  preventing  all mistakes  ,
Which  is primal cause   for all crimes   and how did my  mother,
Commit any crime? “ and this  made  Dasaratha get rid of his anger against her.

10082.When Rama who was beyond the boons    from everybody   told like that,
Devas with a melting heart told, “The boons given to Kaikeyi   who sent   Rama,
To the forest full of enemies   with great boons were   two in number  ,
And the boons given to Rama who acted   according to those boons are also two.”

10083.That Dasaratha  who gave his life for the   “Truth” which is spread ,
Among the Devas and men and  earned great fame  , after  giving two boons  to Rama,
Got in to his great plane   and went to the heaven after   leaving on earth ,
Rama ,. Lakshmana   and Sita   who sits  on the lotus  flower.,

10084-10085.Those devas again looked at Rama who had a bent as well as long bow,
And told him , “Please ask any boons that you want.”  He asked them,
“Let all those monkeys who died in the great fight with Rakshasas get back their soul.
And also another boon that   “Let all the places where the monkeys  ,
Of this ocean like army  move  , which would be like forests  ,
Huge mountain ranges   and others   be  filled with   fruits and roots ,
Honey ,good sweet drinking   water.Please give me these.”  Said Rama.

10086. The boon   giving Lord Brahma  , Lord Shiva  , sages, Devas   and,
Indra and others   separately praised   Rama there   itself   and said,”
Oh Lord who removes the sorrow giving birth cycle  , due to your mecy,
Let   the monkey clan get all that you asked for  “ , with great joy.”

10087.When all the monkeys who died from the   first day   till that time,
Got up alive   they joined together   and shouted with great  joy ,
With eyes and mind becoming happy  , came  near Rama and saluted him.

10088.When the monkeys who died along with   Kumbhakarna , Indrajit  ,
And Ravana  who seethed in the battle with great anger  ,
Got up alive and shouted   with joy  , all the devas told  Rama.

10089.-10090.”Oh Rama .You came here  on the eighth  day of the waxing period of the moon  ,
And stayed on the Suvela mountains in Lanka   and made your   army ,
Besiege   the city of Lanka surrounded   by high walls   and as per the desire,
Of your army   killed all the  members of the Rakshasa  clan,
And on this new moon day killed   Ravana also  and made ,
This world free   of evil persons   with your pretty hands  ,
Which are like the   freshly opened lotus flowers  .
Oh Lord who does not go against the    words  of your mother ,
The fourteen year period is already over   and today is the fifth lunar day.”

10091. “Oh victorious warrior  , if you do not go today itself   and meet,
Bharata  , he would burn himself to death   and so without delay go to Ayodhya.”
And after saying this the Devas   went back and Rama decided to depart.

10092.Rama said, “If the fourteen years were   to come to an end today  ,
And if Bharata  chooses death today itself , my  clan of the Sun God  ,
Also would come to an end ,Is there any vehicle here which can take  ,
Me back to Ayodhya with great speed  “   and Vibheeshana said,
“Yes , we have a  Vimana   which would take you today itself to Ayodhya.”

10093.”Oh Rama  This Vimana was usurped  along with all  his wealth,
From Khubera  by Ravana , This can rise high and go with great speed,
Even if seventy vellam of  monkey army   climbs  in to it,
It will not get weakened  and all the people here can travel by it.
And if you travel in it   today itself you would sweetly reach Ayodhya.”

10094.That Vibheeshana who is bereft of   any  illusion of ignorance,
Said, “This was given by Lord Brahma earlier   to Lord Khubera,
Who is the king of  Yakshas  in earlier days   and  is pure ,
Like the mind of faultless   sages ,travels  on sky,
Making even the Devas    wonder .”Rama  told him to bring it.

10095.The Lord of the Rakshasas within a second   brought   that Vimana,
Which was like innumerable globes joined together  and which was making ,
Sound like crores of bells which were tingling together  like rain  .

10096.When such a Pushpaka Vimana landed  on earth , Rama of good thoughts ,
With great joy thinking that  the job of saving the life of  Bharata  has been achieved,
Got in to the plane and the devas   greeted him   and ,
By throwing  flowers which are  used for decorating , raised   sound of joy.

10097.Sita   who  did not have anyone matching her for   the best chastity  ,
Was saluted by  Trijata with a bent and thin waist     and Sita told her,
“Be without any sorrow and be like a lady God to this city.”
And  went near Rama who was  in that Vimana  and then ,
The young lion like Lakshmana   who holds the spear with smell of flesh climbed in to it.

10098. That  Lord who was black like a cloud  and who got  in to that Pushpaka Vimana,
Which was like the  gem studded belly of lord Vishnu who swallowed the world  ,
Which could travel with  the speed of mind which made   the speed ,
Of the wind at deluge look less   and which could travel in the sky  ,
Looked at his friends  and after   thinking well told the  following words.

10099. That pure one   looked at Vibheeshana with love  and said  ,
“Oh Lord who has a  head wearing dense   garland of flower petals  ,
I need to tell you some thing .Give only  pleasure   to those  ,
Who have stood by you   and please  rule happily over this country,
So that  all the people   in your country   only praise  you.”

10100, That Rama who recited   all the four Vedas  further said,
“Oh Lord who would make the world which watches  your rule say,
This is the path of justice . who was  born in the clan of  Lord Brahma ,
You now please go  in to the big city of Lanka,
So that even your enemies would salute   you with great fear.”

10101,Rama who has endless fame   told , “Oh Sugreeva  ,You,
Who have killed by the power  of your shoulders , Ravana,
With ten heads  please go back with your countless  monkey army ,
Which have become tired due to cruel weapons to Kishkinda  ,
So that   the tiredness of your army  would go away “.

10102.He then looked at son of Vali, Jambavan  , Panasa,
The expert  Neela who were the commanders of   the army  ,
And Hanuman  with long legs who jumped and crossed the sea ,
And   was a warrior similar to mercy   and told other similar words.

10103. When Rama   told these words  , his  friends who were shivering,
With  their body and soul tottering , with eyes   filled with tears ,
Saluted  Rama with his lotus like feet touching their head ,
And told, “Once we part with you, we would not live”  and  told further.

10104.They  who were tied to Rama with love   said, “Till  reaching Ayodhya,
The city surrounded by big walls   and till   tirelessly seeing you being crowned ,
By   the big  shining and pretty crown made of pure gold and gems,
And getting filled with happiness  , Permit us to accompany  you.”

10105. That great Rama   hearing their words spoken with great love  ,
And also watching their shiver due to their    great sorrow  told them,
“Do not get upset ,I also wanted to take all of you to Ayodhya ,
And I told these   to know the  wishes  of your mind.”

10106.As  soon as they all heard the words   of the lord , Sugreeva the king of monkeys,
Vibheeshana the king of Lanka   and others  saluted the  flower like feet,
Of Rama   who was the lord of the world   and became as happy,
As the persons who went to the heaven along with their body.

10107.Rama  then requested Sugreeva  the king of monkeys along with his army,
Hanuman , the son of wind God and other similar  monkey chiefs  ,
And the king of Lanka   who had   a big heroic anklet tied to his  feet  .
“Please get in this  Vimana   with comfort   “

10108.Even before Rama completed his request , Sugreeva the son of Sun God,
The establish heroes and the seventy vellam monkey army  , the  sea  like Rakshasa army ,
Along with  the king of the city of Lanka that has never been conquered
Occupied a   small corner  of that  Pushpaka  Vimana  .

10109.In that plane even if all the beings   of the fourteen worlds  stacked over,
One another  can  get in , there would be  large   vacant   area   and ,
The greatness   can only be described by  only those   wise men,
Who have attained salvation  and in this earth no body can do it.

10110,That Rama who is the store house of all good  qualities surrounded by  ,
All the people of the seventy vellam monkey  army , Sugreeva  ,
And  Vibheeshana who is   faultless  in his capacity for thinking ,
And praised by  the famous Lakshmana   and Sita  , shined inside the plane.

10111. The Pushpaka Vimana was like the globe of the earth   and just like  ,
The divine light like god , who does not have any characteristics   beyond thought,
Who does not have birth death   and growth   and who  cannot be even seen ,
By the Vedas  sitting on the world  , the lotus like  eyed Rama  occupied that Vimana.

10112.Due   to power of   the  talk of Rama  , the  Son of Sun God  , who was wearing,
Flower crown  frequented by bees , the king of Lanka whose moat  ,
Is the fish filled   ocean itself  , the victorious army  and  other army chiefs  ,
Assumed human form after   giving up their monkey and Rakshasa   forms.

10113.That Vimana  travelling from south to north   as if  the Sun God,
Who sets in the west   comes through  the east  changed his direction of travel,
Without  even a very small  problem,  was travelling in the sky  and,
At that time The lord started telling the following  to Sita  ,
Whose   eyes were looking like the spear and the sword.

10114.On the Pushpaka Vimana brought by the   victorious  Vibheeshana  ,
Sita who was sitting very close to him   and with  the great victorious army ,
Rama  who reached very fast ,   with Devas and others   watching him  ,
   Started explaining to Sita   the   scenes starting from that  Lanka of the south.

10115.Even before he thought “Go round Lanka”   that Vimana   came before,
The victorious eastern gate of Lanka , and Rama told  Sita  , “Prahstha,
The commander in chief of Ravana was killed   by monkey commander Neela in this place only”,
The plane travelled  to the southern gate of God of death  ,
Rama told her “please see,   the   great Suparswa   was killed   only here.”

10116. When that Vimana reached   the western gate   Rama told her,
“Indrajit  who was like a cruel poison who   won over  Indra ,
Who cuts the  wings of mountains  was killed by  Lakshmana here .”
And before he completed the Vimana reached the northern gate  ,
And Rama told , “Ravana lost his big body as well as his ten heads  here,”
And then he started   telling other  news ,

10117.”Oh Sita with a pretty forehead , know that ,This is the bridge   built  by ,
The monkey chiefs ,after a long time after I parted with you  ,When,
The king of monkeys  Sugreeva   became my  best friend ,
And after Hanuman came as an emissary   and freed  you ,
From  your confusion  and  told me   about  the  nature of your living.”

10118.”Oh Sita who wears  golden bangles  , the purity  of this bridge  ,
Cannot be gauged   by even the  Brahma    who sits  on the lotus.
What shall I tell ,Please hear.One who  has done   wrong  with,
The  father and mother who gave birth to them and brought them up  ,
And to their teacher   and who  spoiled  those   relatives ,
Who helped him  , if he comes  to this bridge, he would become Deva on seeing it.”

10119.”Oh Sita   who wears pretty bangles  , t he Gandhamadana mountain,
With caves which hid itself being scared of  Indra   which  removes  all bad Karma is here,
Please see it .Due to this mountain the   bridge became   sanctified.”

10120.  “Unless one dips in sacred   rivers like  Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari and Narmadha ,
The persons  sins would not be destroyed but   those   who see this bridge  ,
Which has been built  in the ocean filled with tides  and conches   would  lose their sins.”

10121.”Oh Sita who was born out  of the lotus flower  , even  the river Ganges  ,
Who stays on the matted hair of Lord Shiva who  wears   the  sacred ash,
And has a fire spitting eye on the forehead  , is doing   great penance  ,
Because she feels sad that   she has not become  Sethu(bridge),
What  other  matter can I tell to prove the sanctity of this bridge.”

10122. When that Rama who holds a bow that destroys   the enemies ,
Was telling about the greatness  of Sethu , Sita  who has long black eyes  ,
Which fought with potent poison  , red mouth  , and  the  waist,
Which goes on reducing and troubling her  , he showed one place  ,
And said, This is were  God Varuna ran and sought  my protection ,
Unable to bear   the power of my cruel arrow. Please see it.”

10123. “What   you see in front of you is the mountain  on which Tamil saint,
Agasthya  did penance , what you see in front is the mountain ,
Which has the garden with sweet smell where Lord Vishnu stays,
And in the middle of it  where   exists is the Thiru Venkata  mountain,”
When Rama was telling like this Sita asked him  “In which place  ,
Did Hanuman meet you” , Rama showed  rishya mooka mountain and said , “it is here.”

10124.”This is the place called Kishkinda   where   Vali with extremely great prowess  ,
And strength   who could cross the   great oceans teeming with sharks by jumping,
Was killed and Sugreeva   who  understands   the laws of justice   in  books on Dharma,
And rules his kingdom according to that  and who is also   the son of Sun God.”

10125.”Oh Lord  , if this  is the city of Kishkinda  , kindly hear   my words  ,
If I reach Ayodhya in this plane without lady friends  surrounding me  ,
But only by   a battle army which scares   even the Devas , my feminineness .,
Would become dimmed  and so it would be good    if we can  take with us,
The ladies of Kishkinda who decorate their hairs with bunches   of flowers  full of  honey.” Said Sita.

10126. When Rama told her words to Sugreeva  , he looked at the  truthful Hanuman,
“Oh valorous Hanuman   you go with haste   and bring the ladies  of our town,
With black hair according to their rank in a proper manner,
And that Hanuman who had a  very clear mind    brought them as per the order.

10127.Hanuman   went and saw the limitless   crowd   of women,
And without  making mistake in their ranks   brought them within a second .
Those ladies  who had hair which was sweet smelling  saluted  their king,
Sugreeva first   and  the lady   with best feminine qualities ,
Along with Lord   Rama   afterwards .

10128. Those women brought with them the   mixture  of auspicious  materials,
AS per tradition   to the plane  and sat surrounding lady Sita ,
Who became happy because of that   and said, “there  is no other sorrow”,
And that Pushpaka Vimana rose up in the sky  and went  with  the speed of mind.

10129.When that  Pushpaka Vimana which rose in the sky started  moving,
Rama looked at Sita who had breasts similar to the machine for gambling and said,
“Oh innocent one  , what you see   next is Godavari, and the nearby  tall hill ,
Which made you part with me     and made us both suffer due to sickness of parting.”

10130.”oh lady   whose  good scented hair   attracts bees   which make sound,
This  is that  Dandakaranya   where   there are sages  who do penance ,
Of very high order   and  fire sacrifice live  and what is seen there   is  ,
The Chithrakoota mountains which is saluted even by honourable  Indrra,
And this is the hermitage   of sage Bharadwaja “ said   Rama.

10131.  When Rama looking  at Sita     was telling this   the  matchless  great sage,
Bharadwaja   who was in the  hermitage   thought  ,”My Lord who rules over  me  ,
And is the divine  God has come “ and came out   surrounded   by sages  ,
Was waiting   for receiving   Rama   in a  proper manner.

10132.Rama saw  sage Bharadwaja   who was  interested in justice ,
Filled with philosophical approach  and who was looking like  a personification
Of penance  holding  the umbrella and the water pot together   in his hand  ,
And the  sages  hand rest , in another   coming towards   him.

10133,That  valorous Rama    who  was looking like a  lion living ,
In the cave of  the Meru mountain   and   who killed  the Rakshasas ,
Who did not even  a small grain like   friendship and grace in the mind ,
Thought   in his mind , let the Vimana get down here.

10134.When just like   as soon as one wishes  , the land of devas  which  carries,
The earth   coming down to earth  , that Pushpaka Vimana  landed on earth,
 Rama   went   with great speed   towards   the sage  , who was telling without stop,
“ The Lord   who rules over me   has come”   and saluted  the feet of that expert in Vedas.

10135. As soon as Rama fell at his feet  , the sage  lifted him up  ,
And hugged him  with good  blessings  , smelled the top of  his head ,
And went on shedding tears   so  that   the dust on the  matted hair  ,
Of Rama  was removed , by collecting the tears in a pot of love  and giving him a bath.

10136. Along with   Sita having black  long hair , Lakshmana walked ,
Near him with folded hands   and Bharadwaja   greeted them all  ,
With stream of   tears that would melt the mind  ,
Felt as joyous   as     eating    the nectar  of the Devas.

10137. When  the king of monkeys  , the king Vibheeshana  and other warriors  ,
Saluted  him, he blessed them , along  with the crowd of sages who were with him,
And who were chanting the Vedas, he took  the lord of wisdom
 With auspiciousness  to his hermitage.

10138.After he took them all , his chamber   of penance , that great   sage ,
Who was an expert in penance   treated them   hospitably,
As per tradition mentioned in Sastras and looked at the king of Sun clan,Rama  ,
Several times with eye   full of tears   and told    these  words.

10139”Oh Lord who used   his curved great bow to kill  all the Rakshasas who were,
Causing sorrow   to sages, Devas   and beings of the three   worlds ,
And who had cruel mind as well as actions   and made ghosts dance ,
In the battle field , What   is there   for me to tell you after  great thought.?”

10140.”You killed   with  your  sharpened  arrows    Viradha, Kara  , Mareecha the deer  ,
And the very strong Kabandha, put a hole through maramara   trees ,
Pierced the  chest of Vali, wanted to dry the water  of the ocean,
And also   destroyed the strength   of Ravana and the  rise  of Khumbakarna.”

10141That Bharadwaja   who had seen the    end of the Vedas  looked at Rama,
And told, “Oh expert, I have not forgotten you   even for a moment  ,
After you went from Chithrakoota and killed the   Rakshasa of the mouth ,
Till you reached the north and entered my house today  ,
Please accept  my hospitality take  food and stay here,”

10142.”Oh generous one  , who bent your great  bow  and pulled the string,
And removed the suffering of the truthful devas, who protects the world ,
Who has a body like emerald  and red eyes, I would tell you  ,
The present state  of Bharata    who never slipped away from justice.”

10143.”He is the one with body full of sweat  ,  who sheds  tears  like rain,
Who has a mind  which does not like three types of fate,
Who gets   dejected by   sorrow   of the mind , who even if  he looks ,
With suspicion  does not look at   any other direction except   south,
And who has a form  which is full   of   great  worry   and sorrow.”

10144.”He controls his senses  , only eats  big fruits and vegetables  ,
Who sleeps on grass   which are   normally grazed by the horses,
Who did not go to old Ayodhya but stayed   in Nandi grama  ,
And   was   day and night   remembering your name and nothing else.”

10145.After  telling this  Sage Bharadwaja  said, “Oh   valorous one  .
 Who cut  Ravana ’s blue mountain like twenty shoulders  , his ten heads ,
Wearing crowns   which can be compared  to the eight  great mountains,
Have I at any time    got  separated   from you?”

10146.”Oh sage   whom  Lord Shiva  the consort of  lightning  like Uma  ,
And Brahma who was born out  of the scented lotus grown from the belly ,
Always   praise as one drowned in justice and    great penance  ,
I have  became great   by serving  you  and by getting  your mind’s mercy ,
And due to that  I got the fame  that no one is a good son like me .” said Rama

10147-10148.That philosopher Bharadwaja     after hearing     these   words of Rama  ,
Looked at Rama with grace  “Oh Rama who holds a well sharpened   spear,
Kindly hear what I tell you. I would give you any boon that   you want.
Please tell.”  And Rama replied  “Please bless the monkeys  ,
That wherever   they go they would attain all   victory.
Please give  me a boon that   whichever place   the monkeys go,
Plenty of fruits and roots be available   to them like  monsoon season”
And sage Bharadwaja who had done great penance   told, “Let it be like that.”

10149 The great saint told , “Oh Rama  , I am going to offer a feast  ,
For all these    cruel army people    who have come with you”,
And in the fire of the fire sacrifice  pit , made offerings  ,
After   chanting Manthras   and  immediately   the  heaven,
Which is full of pleasures   came    down and stayed there.”

10150,After seeing the  people from king  to an ordinary servant,
Enjoying countless  pleasures  ,When Bharadwaja   was preparing,
And offering suitable food with six tastes    to Rama ,
That Rama  who had eyes  like the scented lotus ,
Summoned   Hanuman    and told him the   following.

10151.That great  one told “Oh Hanuman  even before all  of us reach Ayodhya,
 You go speedily there    and tell Bharata   that nothing bad has happened to all  of us,
And save him from entering in to the fire  and  tell him that I would be reaching there   soon.
Hanuman said “Yes”   , took the signet ring of Rama  ,
As the identifying material  and started    towards    Ayodhya.

10152,He went with the speed   of his father   the wind God, the speed ,
Of the arrow  sent from  his matchless  bow by his Lord Rama ,
And with such a speed   that  his mind    was following him.
He told Guha on the way that the great   Rama is on his way to Ayodhya ,
And went   through   the sky towards   Ayodhya.

10153.We so far  related   all the happenings relating  to the famous Rama .
On the southern part  and now we will relate  ,
The happenings   of the very great   town  of Ayodhya.

10154.In the Nandigrama   daily apart from dawn , dusk and noon,
Bharata   used to worship all the times of the day   the sandals ,
Of Rama who wears row of heroic anklets  ,
And used    to live controlling all his sense organs.

10155.Due to the sorrow caused by parting with his brother  ,
Surrounding  and melting him ,  he became   the personification .
Of love  which could melt the bones  that cannot be melted by anything
And which  does not appear in its own full form anywhere.

10156.His eyes used to get filled up with tears as  soon as he thought  of Rama,
And though he was   living  in his  own country surrounded   by many gardens,
He used to eat only  roots and fruits, which were   available in the forest ,
And lead a life where he did not taste   any other things.

10157If he looks , he would  not see  any other direction except south ,
Worrying and worrying always  , thinking that   , The great one of Sun’s clan,
 Who never a tells a lie   would return  and would return,
Was   Bharata   who was stifling the sorrow   that could cause death.

10158.Not able to    find a limit to   the water anointing     the crown of that  Rama ,
Who had the fame to be considered as the soul   for the water   we drink and ,
All the lives which grow due to it ,  the tears   ,
From the eyes  of Bharata   did not achieve   any limit at any time.

10159.  That Bharata on that day  when he wanted to  worship  
His brother’s sandals decorated them    by flower garland  ,
And remembered  about    the day when Rama had promised to return back.

10160.Bharata who was wondering when   Rama would return back,
Summoned the honourable learned man of astrology  ,
And they   came and told him that “Today is the   time for the coming back of Rama.”

10161. AS soon as the astrologers told like this ,   the wise and valorous Bharata  ,
Who forsook   the wealth of the king   shivered  and  fell down as he remembered ,
What Rama told him in the forest  and fell down as  if  his breath has stopped.

10162. He then again got up   and shed tears in his eyes   which were prettier,
Than a crowd of red lotus flowers   and due to being mentally upset  ,
He got drowned    in great   sorrow    and lost his balance  .

10163.”Without bothering about  the day that he had promised to come  ,
My sorrow   and the sorrow  of Kausalya   who gave birth to him ,  he would not stay   in the forest ,
And possibly there is a great  enmity caused   by bad fate   which is preventing  him,
From coming “ thinking like this he started   sobbing in his mind.

10164. He also got a doubt  ,”Even if  they are  the three different trinity of Gods
They would not be able  to oppose  and stand   in the earth, heaven and other places,”
And   so he left the thought   that  there   are  enemies preventing him.”

10165.”Did he think that   Bharata   must be liking to rule further,
And so let him continue to be the king “ possibly thinking like this,
That  Rama would  have  decided   to continue to live in the forest “ thought Bharata.

10166.”Let the reason be any one of these .Let him stay in the forest,
Or come back to the country. I would not  worry about it  in many ways,
And get drowned  in sorrow  .I would remove my mind’s sorrow ,
By taking away    my life.” Thought  Bharata.

10167.Saying like this several times  he told the messengers,
“Please ask my younger   brother to come and meet me.”
And they went  and told Shatrugna  “Your brother called you.”
And even before they completed it , he who was  ,
Born after the three  of them  went and met Bharata.

10168.Bharata  hugged his younger brother  who stood saluting him,
On his chest which was made wet by his own tears  , cried and told,
“Oh brother I have a   request to you  and oh faultless ,
Speaker of truth    , please    grant that   boon to me.

10169.”If you are going to ask   me   what is that boon,
I have to tell you that  Rama did not return on the appointed day  ,
And I have decided   to jump in the fire and give  up my life,
And so you without saying no to me, become king of Ayodhya.”

10170.Shatrugna who heard these words  of Bharata  ,closed,
The holes of his ears by his hands which had   risen up  ,
Became upset like one who has eaten the poison given by others ,
And stood there with his eyes   and mind   shivering.”

10171.He fell down and after  sobbing   a lot  , gave out a deep breath,
And said, “oh brother who is  drowned in sorrow  , what wrong ,
Have I done to you  ?” and after prattling like   this  ,
He became very angry which was like a rising flame.

10172.”One brother  went to protect   the one who  deserted   the lady earth ,
And went to the forest  and another brother  saying that
The appointed   day for his return has come wants to sacrifice   his life   that is not stable  ,
And I who am born with them  without shame  it seems would rule this earth,
What type of   ruling over   the earth   this is?,It seems to be sweet” said Shatrugna.

10173.”Fearing for the bad name  that   after the king Rama went to the forest  ,
He entered in to the city of Ayodhya  to rule it,  you started  doing  great penance,
Outside   the city of Ayodhya, is it not? Even if you   think about me who am like your slave ,
That I would rule after  you give up your life in fire, Is it not the same thing for me  ,
To rule  after  your death  or for me to snatch  the rule even when you  are alive?”

10174.When Shatrugna   who had  the colour of silver  and was like a pearl  ,
Taking a shape  and had eye like a lotus flower   told these  type of words  ,
Bharata who heard them   said, “Does  Rama make delay  for coming to the country,
Because of my ruling i? He would not leave the   world to sorrow after   me.”

10175. The words that were told by Bharata at that time  reached the town of Ayodhya ,
And queen Kausalya , who had given birth to Lord Vishnu  , Who was of  matchless chastity  ,
And who had a very   feeble body   after hearing it  , beat    her   belly with her   hands  and said,
Oh son  , if your body is burnt and destroyed   in fire,
The whole world would get burnt  “ and to  stop him     from   doing that  she started running fast.

10176..  Surrounded   by ministers  , commanders of army, the citizens of the country  ,
As  well as  Brahmins   and with all ladies  beating their   head with their  hands,
With a merciful heart   following her, With  Indra, Devas    and sages  ,
Reciting  prayers   to God  ,   and with Deva maidens    saluting   her  ,
She    reached Bharata   crying and wailing   all   the way.

10177,With  her  untied , spreading    long hair   moving and curling  on her back ,
With her body tottering  Kausalya  with eyes shedding  tears like rain ,
Possibly   to quench   the fire before  her loving son   reaches  ,
The cremation ground with fire   and Bharata   whose good  mind was full of love,
After greatly shivering  fell at    her feet and saluted her And Kausalya  ,
Went near him and tightly     caught   hold of him.”

10178.She said  , The death of Dasaratha   and going of Rama to the forest  ,
Are  due to bad fate   which was caused by   by bad karmas  carried out earlier,
And Rama’s  not coming back at the appointed time   is also due to fate  ,
Oh my son  , What   have you dared to do?”

10179.”Oh Bharata  If you decide   to  take out your life   by falling in fire,
All the people of this country   would also jump in fire. All kings
As well as all soldiers also would do the same   and this would not stop,
With  your mothers  but the matchless Dharma  would,
Also fall in that fire   and the world would lose its balance   and rotate.”

10180.”Oh Bharata  , your actions are a  result of Dharma and justice  ,
And we with our own eyes have   not seen it  in any other   way,,
You have not  understood your greatness ,
And your  fame would  last   till the final deluge .”

10181,”Even if countless crores   of Rama   join together  ,  they,
Cannot be reach  near   your greatness  and be  compared  with you  ?
If you the  form of blessed deeds die, sky , earth  and all beings also would die.”

10182.”If Rama does not come today  , he would come by tomorrow   and ,
Do not think that he will go back on his words and  if he does not come here,
Or if he does not reach   then there is a danger  that he would have been destroyed.”

10183,” Oh person of great character   about whom it can be said that  ,the Dharma
Which is being talked about in Vedas is nothing but you, if you think  that Rama has met his death,
And take away your life , all the  beings who could live   for a long time  in this world,
Would also be exterminated , Are   you aiming to do this.”

10184. That Kausalya who has a  pure heart   said  ,” Oh son,
Thinking  that some people going away from the world   and  due to,
Attachment getting born again   are   the nature  of the world ,
And   forgetting   the attachment due   to   affection  ,
Is the mental strength  ,Please know this  ,Giving up is also that.”

10185.Bharata    said ,”mother, do not think that   your son  ,
Did not bother about your words, I do not want to live  ,
To  witness destruction of truth of my father   and ,
The glorious conduct of my clan and so  ,
I would   complete   the oath  that  I took in Chitrakoota.”

10186.”I am also   the son of Dasaratha  who attained heaven    for truth,
Is this right   only that   of Rama   and do I not have   it   and ,
To persons like me who are   the  sons of Dasaratha ,
Is not  protection of truth   a faultless    right?”

10187.”To  obey  the mother    and obey the father    and completely,
Remove the   love due to affection are the practice   of Rama  only ,
I would not   do that   and I am faultless and tell this to all by my death.”

10188.After telling this , when   he neared   the fire   and then along,
With people who were greatly shouting   and crying   when  he was,
Worshipping fire god before falling in to it  , before that   dear Bharata  ,
Hanuman with   a form which was as big  as mountain arrived there.

10189.”The Lord has come  ,  the  great one has come  ,
Would   that Rama continue to live if  you   who are like  ,
The body of truth   die” saying like this   he entered  inside  ,
And by rubbing with this hand  , he put off the fire and made  in to coal.”

10190. After  putting out that fire   and after saluting   the  pretty,
Flower like   feet of Bharatai with his  well bent head hitting it ,
Closing his mouth  with his   hand  , he  said, “You have  ,
To analyze    and accept      one of my words.”

10191”Oh lord  ,  the time promised  by Rama on the day when he agreed to meet you  ,
Would be over   only after  another   forty  Nazhigais  , If you prove,
That  it is false   I  who is inferior   even to a dog, would jump in the fire  and die before you,.”

10192.”Oh Lord who does not lie  , there is only one thing  ,
That  I need to tell you ,As per  the words of this slave  ,
Till the round shaped Sun rises   on the   sun rise mountain,
Please delay what you want to do.I take an oath  ,
That  if Rama does not come by that time  you and  the world would get destroyed.”

10193.”Due to   the sage Bharadwaja   wearing a lotus garland  ,
Requesting  our lord   that he would   give him    good food ,
He stayed in the hermitage    there and he is not delaying himself.
 And you also please   hear  a   news   that is good.”

10194.”Oh Lord with a faultless  mind , the lord  of the universe   has given me  ,
A very great identity   and  I have brought  it for you  , please see it”,
Saying this he showed  Bharata    the signet ring   of Rama.

10195. AS soon as they all saw the ring shown by   Hanuman,
All the people assembled there   and also Bharata   felt as if,
They have been given proper medicine  received     at the  time ,
When the great poison causing  burning has become intolerable  .

10196.All those   who were crying till then shouted with joy,
All the eyes that   were   shedding tears   became dry  ,
All the heads bent as if they were ploughing   became   straight  ,
And all the   hands   there   saluted the son of wind God.

10197. That jumping  Bharata   saluted several times  that emissary,
Who brought the ring and got that    ring and embraced his face with it ,
And the body of his  which had gone down   due  to parting with Rama  ,
Became bloated  making others say  “Is this the   body   of Bharata?”

10198. Due to suffering only great sorrow  , absence of happiness ,
And not eating good food   after parting from Rama ,
Bharata has a thin body  which would fly away if   air is blown at it,
But that disappeared making people suspect whether it was Bharata himself,
And his    strong   shoulders  grew  up to the directions.

10199.He would cry and then he would laugh, he would salute,
Hanuman with  his hand holding the ring, he   would get up ,
Due to the joy moving   him he would spring   from there,
He would fall down tired, he would   go up became elated,
He   would sit ,dance with joyful crowd and clap his  long hands.

10200.”Dance, dance”, “Run towards the Lord ,  Run”.
“Sing great songs, sing””Oh sinners  ,
“Salute the feet, salute the  feet of the emissary.” Shouted Bharata

10201.He would slap his shoulders saying , “That bad Kaikeyi ,
Who cheated Rama, would now die”, with his bent feet,
Encircling, like a  black mountain  he would   dance and sing.

10202.He would salute the Brahmins, He would salute the kings ,
He would salute   the servant maids, He   would salute  himself,
He would not feel anything, He would stand,
And the love to his brother appeared like   the toddy.

10203. That great man who had these characters   looked at Hanuman,
And asked, “What type of person are you, please    tell us.
You look like one of the trinity but your form appears   to be different.”

10204.”You have come  near us in the garb of a Brahmin  but I think,
That you are  one of those Gods. What is your history, please tell me quickly  ,
And that Hanuman who wears   sounding anklets started telling in detail.

10205.”oh king, Due to the wind God I was  born to a monkey lad,
Who was doing penance and to your brother I am the most unfit,
Slave who obeys him ,I have altered my form for I am a monkey.

10206.”Please see with your own eyes    which is like  ,
The scented fully open  lotus flower ,the lowly form,
Of a monkey who does   the job of a slave” and he altered ,
The garb of a Brahmin  and started growing  up ,
So that   he  would   be visible to the Devas.”

10207, Those  Bharata and Shatrugna who were   holding the cruel bow,
And Vasishta , the son of Brahma  felt an  unlimited surprise  on seeing him,
Though  they had not died   the army of Ayodhya were ,
Startled   and scared to see   the great   form of the   son of Anjana.

10208.Bharata  requested , “The words that   we are telling from here,
Are not reaching your big ears   where  you are wearing ear  globes
 And so please   change your form to one  which is compressed.”

10209.Bharata then saluted   Hanuman who  reduced  his form ,
Who is the student of Surya , looked at him with love  and asked him,
“Please   quickly tell me   the   happenings   in the forest,
So that   My mind can understand   it.”

10210. That emissary who was an expert in war made up his mind,
To tell  all incidents after   Bharata Rama left Rama   at Chitrakoota,
Including the war with Ravana with ten heads,
And how he happened    to come   to   Ayodhya.

10211.”After Rama who  had a mountain like bow , left Chitrakoota,
Of  South  , he killed   the strong Viradha   and   ,
Went and stayed in Dandakaranya   where  lot of sages stay closely.”

10212. “ The  saints who were living there   said to him  , “Oh Rama  ,
Who follows justice, we are not able to bear the sorrow   caused by Rakshasas,”
Then Rama said to them, “Oh sages, leave out the sorrow in your mind.,
I  am taking an oath that  I would destroy all those who trouble you.”

10213.”After staying there  for ten  years  ,  as per the orders  of  those,
Who had destruction less penance  , he reached   the forest ,
Where  the matchless  Tamil saint Agasthya    was living,
And he was received   by   the sorrow less  Agasthya.”

10214,”That  Agasthya who made the ocean like a mustard  on his palm,
Welcomed  the broad eyed Rama   and after hugging him   gave him  a bow,
And arrows with great speed , quiver , armour  and a strong sword.”

10215.”After that   they met the king of hawks  and   with ,
Lady Sita with the coral like mouth  , Rama and his,
World famous brother  went further   and stayed ,
In   a  place   called Panchavati  with dense black gardens.”

10216.After several days  stay there, the cruel Soorpanakha   came there ,
And got angry with Sita with a soft waist and when she scared her  ,
The young warrior   after consoling the worried Sita , cut off  ,
The ears, nose and breasts  of that Soorpanakha   ,
And she went back and complained   to Khara.”

10217.Khara , Trisira and Dhooshana    who were  like  mountains,
Burning like flame  along with cruel and huge    Rakshasa army,
Came and  fought with Rama  and even before   Rama could look  his bow  ,
They vanished like cotton catching fire  and Soorpanakha   returned to Lanka.”

10218.When she reported all this to the twenty armed    Ravana  ,
He started   with   anger making all the ten direction get scared,
And sent a golden deer  and   under the garb of a sage  ,
Who is an expert in philosophical thought   and  Carried away,
Sita along with the earth she was  sitting and entered southern city of Lanka.

10219”When that Ravana was going to Lanka , he killed  Jatayu  ,
Who fought with him, and kept in cruel prison    that lady  ,
Who had a boiling heart  and afterwards   Rama killed  ,
That cheating deer   who was Mareecha  and came along ,
With Lakshmana      and saw   that king Jatayu  with love.”

10220. “After  completing the funeral rites   to Jatayu   as per proper procedure,
They went searching for Sita in the southern direction   and Rama  there,
Killed Khabandha and removed his curse and also accepted   ,
The  worship   of the old lady Sabari who  never forgot him.”

10221.There as  per the words of Sabari  , they approached Sugreeva,
Who was the son  of  the Sun God .and after   striking friendship with him,
Told him that he would remove the sorrow called Vali   and sent arrows,
Which went through the   seven Maramara  trees and also the chest of Vali .
And with  his mercy gave Sugreeva , the wealth   and kingdom.

10222.”After   the rainy season  Anagada , the son of famous Vali  , Gavaya  ,
Rishabha  Neela , the great Mainda  , Jambhavan   Sathavali and   Panasa,
And the army of monkeys with tail  surrounding him  ,
Our king Sugreeva    went   and met    Rama.”

10223”.And the seventy Vellam monkey army seethed with anger  stood up
Like  the wide  ocean filled with water  , The son of Sun God   commanded them  ,
To search and find out Sita  in all   the four directions  each along,
With two vellam monkeys   and send  them.”

10224.”Angadha   with two Vellam   army   along   with strong Jambavan,
And the jumping monkeys  sent  me   and I saw Sita  , after   entering Lanka,
In between the  Trikoota mountains   and after I reported it  ,
The huge army of monkeys reached   the sea shore  and stayed there.

10225. “Vibheeshana   who was the great among wise people   who was  ,
The younger brother of the flower garland decked twenty armed   Ravana,
Pleaded with Ravana to  release Sita   for otherwise he would lose his life ,
And  after hearing that when Ravana tried to kill him  , he  departed ,
From Lanka   and   surrendered   to the  feet of your brother.”

10226.”Rama then gave  Vibheeshana protection  and crowned  him,
As the king of Lanka  , and did penance in a soft manner  ,
And when he called Lord Varuna  , and when he   did not  show inclination to come,
Rama waited for some time  and with great anger in his lotus like eyes,
Made   the seven oceans and the   body of Varuna burn.”

10227.”When that Varuna   surrendered before his lotus like  feet ,
And saluted them   the victorious  monkey warriors  got up  ,
And properly   built a dam  over the ocean using huge mountains  ,
Went and entered   the lustrous Lanka   , besieged it and raised ,
A war cry   and due to this    the Devas  lost their fear.”

10228.”Then Rama   fell the   shoulders that lifted   the mountain,
The chest which fought   with elephants of directions   and ten heads  of Ravana  ,
Cut off    the shoulders   and feet of his younger  brother  Khumbakarna,
And made fall the Rakshasas  whose job was to kill  by sending arrows ,
And completely removed    the   sorrow of all the Devas.”

10229.”By one arrow of Lakshmana   Indrajit who had  strength   which cannot be opposed,
His  brothers as well as his relatives   were killed  and the devas  who were ,
Wandering due to trouble by these   Rakshasas    made  a   rain of flowers  ,
And  shouted joyfully. They saw  headless bodies of  Rakshasas   dancing,
Among the collection of the   dead Rakshasas in the battle   field.”

10230.”When Devas, Sidhas  , sages  , wise people   and the  beings ,
Of the three worlds   came near Rama  That Rama who has a body,
Like a black flower  , Advised  Vibheeshana   about  all the needed knowledge  ,
And requested him to do  after death  rites to all the departed.”

10231.”Oh Bharata    who holds the spear  smelling of the flesh of enemies,
After  Lord Brahma, Lord Shiva  , Maya and other Devas  praised him  ,
That Rama wearing  flower garland dripping  with honey 
Got angry with the goddess  of gods  Sita   and when,
The Fire God   told him the truth   he lost his    anger  ,”

10232.  Then Dasaratha who gave up his life for truth   came  in a Vimana  ,
From heaven  , Rama, Lakshmana   and Sita saluted him by falling at his feet,
Dasaratha after caressing them with his hands  and hugging them  ,
Gave them bath with his tears   and said , ask for a boon you want,
And Rama the   consort   of Sita   asked    for the following boon.

10233.  “He asked Dasaratha,  “Kaikeyi who brought me  up with mercy  and Bharata  ,
Should become my mother  and brother   and when  Dasaratha  ,
Gave the boon and departed  , for making life   comfortable   for the monkeys,
 The Devas   granted   very many   boons to Rama.”

10234. “Then Vibheeshana   the faultless  king of Lanka   making  ,
The seventy Vellam army  , sixty seven crores of great warriors  ,
And Sugreeva    the son of Sun God with one wheeled   chariot  happy ,
Gave  the Pushpaka Vimana so that  they can  all accompany Rama to Ayodhya,.”

10235. “That great Rama  with great love   accompanied by   Sugreeva who had ,
Great love for him  , all his old friends  , King of Lanka and a very huge army ,
AS well   as the queen of ladies Sita   got in to that Pushpaka  Vimana  ,
Reached    the hermitage   of the saint   Bharadwaja.”

10236.”Due to great love towards me  , he gave me his signet ring,
And asked me to go and meet you and remove   all your sorrows   ,
And asked  me to go with great speed  “Like this Hanuman  ,
Who gave Lanka as food to the   fire God   reported  all the  events,
Compiling all that happened  before    and  after.

10237.When that son of wind gOd     told like this  , Bharata   shed tears  ,
And said, “When that Rama who is like a blue cloud wanted to hunt  ,
 In the Lanka with   water as a fence and surrounded by very big  walls  ,
Lakshmana accompanied him, and I have to only sorrow from here.
And I am fated to hear  this story and the slavery that I did to Rama is famous.”

10238.When that Bharata    after telling like this   became sad and crying  ,
And shed tears  like stream   and held   the strong  hand of Hanuman with his right hand  ,
And walked in the darkness   and before the Sun  who  goes round  ,
The Meru mountain   rises  reached the banks of Ganges filled   with water.

10239. The  Sun then appeared   on the east  which looked as if  the guardian of east Indra,
Was holding   a well made  golden crown  crowned with a top gem   , so that ,
It can be worn  by our  Lord Rama  who has returned    from Lanka  ,
After hunting for Ravana   making  the lady earth  and the  ,
Goddess Lakshmi   who sits on the   lotus flower  elated  with joy.

10240.Bharatha after  it became morning   as per his practice  worshipped  .
The  long feet   Of Rama    who had   eyes like the lotus flower   and looked at Hanuman,
And told,  “Oh Hanuman who is an expert  on  all the Sastras  , are there  any words,
Which can be told against yours but  if we examines from head   to foot,
It appears   that there  is a mistake   in your words.”

10341.”Oh valorous Hanuman  , when the   seventy Vellam  of army of monkeys  ,
And the innumerable army surrounding   have come together and have reached nearer ,
Would there   not be sound   which is like the one going round the huge ocean?
Since no such sound is heard , your words that Our lord  has come near  seems doubtful.”

10342.”Oh Hanuman ,The hermitage   of the sage Bharadwaja is only about,
Two Yojanas from here and if it is so  . how can the seventy vellam army  which can,
Be considered like a broad ocean with tides which is in that garden amidst the forest ,
Be peaceful and not make any sound that   does not reach our ear?
What you told till now seems good ,but please tell me   where is our Lord Rama?”

10243-10244. AS soon Bharata finished his talk like this, Hanuman saluted him  and said,
“Oh lord  who has undergone several great mortifications and have   become ,
Great  by your great penance , the  sage Bharadwaja   who can give boons,
After worshipping the Devas and made  an offering in fire  and due to
The  greatness   of that boon , the entire army  have partaken,
Lot of flowers and honey and are sleeping   deeply, and ,
OH Bharata who is equal to my father , due to the power of the boon of Vedas ,
That forest became blessed   with honey frequented  by bees, fruits   and roots,
And other eatables  and the monkey crowd after eating them ,
Are sleeping without opening   their   eyes, Do not be sad.

10245 . “Within another second you would yourself see  through your ,
Eyes covered by shedding tears , the great scene  of Rama coming over here .”
Said Hanuman. On the other side , we would now say  the happenings,
In  the hermitage of sage  Bharadwaja  where  that Rama   with eyes looking
 Like lotus flower as well as bent bows and his activities .

10246.After Bharadwaja offered the food with six different tastes,
And when Rama along with Sita   and his companions   during sorrow,
Sugreeva and Vibheeshana  were partaking the feast extremely well,
Guha the king of hunters  came there along with,
His ocean like   army of hunters, starting    from his capital city.

10247.He saluted them and his mind  and    eyes tottered and he ran round Rama,
Crying , fell on the lotus flower like divine feet of   Rama and Rama  ,
Hugged him tightly  on his chest   like his own brother  and asked,
“Do your citizens as well as your family keep good  health  and are keeping safe?”

10248.’The dog like me has got your grace and my citizens  and family   would not,
Become great concern for me and how can my life be tasty as I was not ,
Able to follow you like valorous Lakshmana  who with great  attachment   ,
Did   great service to you  and so my mind was jaded.”

10249.Looking at Guha who was telling such words    several   times  and ,
Also crying  Rama told him  “Oh Guha , Should     you tell such words   ?
Are you not same as  Bharata to me ?, Go and live happily.”
And when he sent him   the king of the hunters  , saluted  with liking,
The feet of Lakshmana   and then   saluted the feet of Sita   which was sweet smelling.

10250.That Rama   who was great in wisdom he had heard, looked at Guha who stood  ,
Saluting him   and also  looked at   his other friends   and told, “He is the king   of both,
Shores of Ganges   which is full of water and for all being  he is better than their mother,
He is the faultless   king of  hunters and a great human being called   Guha.”

10251.AS soon as Rama   introduced Guha like that to the others  , the king of monkeys ,
And all others   and  all  other friends of Rama with sweetness hugged Guha by their mind and body,
And  socialized with him   and at that time  , as if his intention was to  make the world dark,
The Sun God    went   behind   the pretty and big Meru mountain   and set.

10252.Rama wearing the pretty   waving garland   after   doing the rituals ,
Of the evening   slept with the peacock like Sita wearing gold ornament in her ears,
And with the ocean like   army surrounding him , Guha  and Lakshmana ,
Without even sleeping a little stood    guard over them  and the Sun rose  up.

10253. AS soon as   the sun rose  , Rama with  feet wearing sound making heroic anklet,
Finished the rituals of the morning   and along with his   younger brother  ,
Went and saw that sage Bharadwaja    praised and saluted   him,
And got in to the Pushpaka Vimana earlier given by Lord Brahma   ,
Along with Sita   and with the divine grace  heightened by his valour  ,
Went   followed by the mind  of sage Bharadwaja due to great love.

10254.The  Vimana rose up   , flew on the sky and when it was proceeding,
Without any problem  , they saw   the    ramparts of the town of Ayodhya  ,
Which was like a sweet maid   with great beauty of a matured woman ,
And was looking as if a picture has   come to life   and appeared  better than
The  great town of   the king of Devas    as  came in to their view.

10255. That town of Ayodhya    encircled    by a golden wall  appeared,
And  as soon as Rama  who was like form of wisdom   which has seen very many wise  men,
Told that   the great city of Ayodhya which cannot be described ,
By any one  has appeared  and all people   saluted it  by raising their hands .

10256.At that time  , that  matchless Pushpaka Vimana  made pretty  by gold  ,
Looking like  one thousand  suns   appeared   in the sky  and Rama,
Who  was the king of kings   became    visible    to Hanuman.

10257.”Oh Lord  , Rama with eyes  which are just like   freshly opened ,
Lotus flower  , the ocean of monkeys , Sita   who is  the ornament  ,
For very chaste   women  , and  bow holding Lakshmana   who was ,
Born after    you   are coming   towards  us. Please    see them.”

10258-10259. “Rama  is visible   in that  Pushpaka  Vimana  , which would have ,
Empty space   even if all the fourteen worlds     get in to it,
Which is matchless   and which is   surrounded   by great light”
When Hanuman was   telling like this to Bharata    ,
Rama became visible   like  a black cloud with lightning   entering ,
In to a cave  of the Golden Meru mountain   and ,
The entire city of Ayodhya  raised    a very great sound,
Which was even heard in the southern city of Lanka which belonged to Ravana.

10260.That  Bharata   saw  Rama who had eyes like lotus  flower  ,
Who had gone to forest   and   who is like    his own soul  ,
Just  like he saw the return of   his father   who left his   body,
And went    to heaven  desiring for  truth  .

10261.That great  Bharata just like  the  sorrow that once he suffered,
Going away   like when you get back a thing which was lost earlier  ,
Lost his disease   of sorrow   and with an intention,
Of Saluting Rama left his grasp of the hand of Hanuman.

10262.At that  Hanuman   left from there   and reached  that   Vimana ,
Which had spread in all directions  , with a chest made wet  by shed tears,
Met Rama and  stood there   saluting him.

10263.”Oh Lord who carries   Goddess Lakshmi on his chest ,  I reached,
That Bharata    with  mountain like shoulders   who was about to fall in the fire,
And told about your arrival   and because of that   the world  got life and started living.”

10264.”Oh personification of truth  , Oh  Hanuman who loves  me more than a mother,
 When we do several evil acts  , those would not move away and keep on giving bad results,
And you completely remove   those evils   and this  is the result  of  good  deeds done by us .”

10265,After saying like this to Hanuman , Rama who had shoulders which looked  ,
Like two mountains  , hugged Hanuman tightly   and said  ,” How can I express ,
My gratitude to you , my father , my sweet companion who is my brother  ,
To my father wedded to truth    and to my mother .”

10266.That    great and famous Bharata  carrying the sandals  of Rama ,
Which were a companion equal to him , and with saluting hands ,
And with a very thin body making others think that   ,
There  is no soul inside   it     came   before   Rama.”

10267.Hanuman who was    the witness    to the ancient  Dharma  ,
Saluted Bharata    who came there  and  told Rama  ,”Please see  ,
Your younger brother , the king who ruled   according to the  tradition,
Of the sun clan  and who   considered    his mother as his   enemy.”

10268.Though Hanuman just showed , if we are   to tell   the reaction ,
Of Rama   who wore a garland of flowers   on seeing Bharata with his eyes ,
In the Vimana he  became    like his soul like great   father ,
And adopted  the nature of his father     whom he   saw in Lanka.

10269.At that time that  great  Pushpaka Vimana  was like   the  city of Devas,
From which Indra was getting down  and with flowers  ,
Showered   by the Devas  went and reached   the earth.

10270.Rama   to his mothers    was like the calf  who had   come back,
To  the wise men   who had lost all  ignorance  due to Maya  .
He appeared like the Divine Brahma   where  their mind  wanted to merge,
To his brothers who have thinned   down , he was like the  eyeballs ,
In their eye   and to all others   he was like soul  ,
Reentering the   completely dried body due to great illness.

10271.To all the simple people , he  became as if they got their mother,
To all the people with loving mind, he became as if they got the  rare nectar of devas,
To the world  he was like the coming of light   which removed all darkness,
And to the ladies   with attractive eyes, he   was like   the clarity of honey ,
Given by   the  unclear   state  of   great attraction.

10272.Since   to the city Ayodhya    there was no soul   without Rama  ,
When he  went away , the Kosala country having   fields   with Kuvalai flowers,
The city of Ayodhya  , the   worried maidens with eyes  like tender mangoes  and men,
AS soon as he came back  , rose up as if the picture   got   back its soul,
And they all   got back their wisdom   and got the welfare  they had lost.

10273.The scented powders  , sandal paste  , ghee  , the pearls,
Produced by curved conches, flowers  , oil  , the foam in the mouth,
Of  saddled horses , the coloured rut   flowing from several   elephants ,
And the water flowing from bodies of ladies   taking bath  after  applying musk,
All joined   together   flowed     and even crossed  the ocean.

10274.When all people were  filled with happiness  like that  , when  the Vimana  reached
And The three mothers   who gave birth to the ocean of mercy Rama , Bharata,
And Shatrugna  , Vasishta the Brahmin wearing sacred   thread ,
Climbed  on the   Vimana made   of gold , but Rama  ,
Who wore the heroic anklets  took the lead and fell at  the feet of the great sage Vasishta.

10275.That  Sage   lifted Rama   who saluted him and  blessed  him ,
So that sorrow  of parting would vanish  and hugged   him,
And after he released him  Lakshmana fell at  the   feet   of that sage ,
And he who was an expert in Vedas  blessed him like earlier  .

10276.First Rama   saluted the feet of the daughter    of  king of Kekaya,
And then  saluted the feet  of  Kousalya and Sumithra   who had   dense hair ,
And they all hugged that lad with red eyes  with great love   and ,
Also bathed him by the tears   that   flowed   from their own red eyes.

10277.Sita also saluted them in the   same order as  Rama  and ,Lakshmana ,
Whose   victory had  none to compare   saluted  by falling at  the feet of the mothers,
And those mothers  hugged him and blessed him, “You only be the  younger brother of Rama.”

10278,Bharatha deposited the sandals as well as his great love   under  the feet ,
Of Rama who was standing , who seeing him saluting him  , sobbed and sobbed,
And not able to  find any words  that  he should tell  ,wailed,
And hugged him making their body and soul    becoming  one.

10279.When Rama hugged Bharata  like this  ,  the stream of tears  ,
That flowed   from his flower like eyes   washed   the  not clean,
Matted hair   which was masking   the  youth of Bharata  ,
And then he smelled his head  and became like ,
A cow which was milking   seeing its    calf.

10280. At that time Lakshmana    who had won over  Indrajit   wearing heroic anklets,
And killed him ,Saluted Bharata     so that his golden matted   hair touched the feet,
Of Bharata  who had given  horses , elephants  , chariots   and others to ,
The  leather  coloured   sandals   of Rama , which had scent of flowers.

10281.Bharata  hugged  with his  hands touching his knee  with   the tears  
Flowing from his lotus  like eyes getting scattered in all the four directions .
And the world  seeing them together wondered whether Lakshmana ,
Who  instead of parting with Rama  went  and suffered   along with him in the forest,
Or whether Bharata   who suffered the pangs of parting,
Which went on increasing  and living without sleep or food, suffered most?”

10282.The brother youngest to the three with  hands held above his head ,
Saluted divine feet of Rama  and  the feet of Lakshmana   tied with anklets,
After   showering flowers on them and they lifted   and then hugged him ,
And later  he fell at the feet of Sita , who was like a swan living  in a pond.

10283.Then Rama  lifted his brother who was equal to Bharata   by his long hands,
And hugged him drowning him in between his   two huge shoulders   and ,
To both his brothers   introduced  his soul like  friends  Vibheeshana  and Sugreeva,
And they who had come   for the betterment of the  beings of the world,
Saluted    the feet of Bharata   and Shatrugna.

10284That Bharata   who was wearing  scented flower   garland spoke,
Hospitable   words   to Sugreeva , the king of monkeys , Angadha ,
Kumuda ,Jambavan  , Neela the commander   and  the king of the Rakshasas.

10285,At that time  The victorious Sumantra   who had  broad shoulders,
Along with the great men in the king’s council  ,
With commanders of the army  and with other  relatives,
As well as kings   who were similar to male  elephants appeared there.

10286.When he   with  emotions of sorrow and joy competing with each other,
To  increase,  stood  sobbed   and saluted   Rama, who hugged him,
And similarly Lakshmana also hugged him  and Sumantra said,
“From now on  this lady earth  would not feel any sorrow.”

10287.That valorous lord Rama who did not have   any one else ,
Equal to him in valour,  ordered all  army to get in to the Vimana ,
And the entire   army which had come , like the  ocean,
Slowly  merging in to the cloud got  in to the Vimana ,
And saluted the   feet   of the  young hero Lakshmana.

10288. The devas   said   that   the Pushpaka Vimana  ,
Which was decorated   by flower garlands  , they would not find
The pretty belly of  Lord Vishnu equal to it   , nor the hand ,
Of Sage Agasthya   who knew the   shore less   Vedas  is its equal,
And showered   flowers  on it  and shouted   with joy.

10289.But  the sound of the beating of drums  played with great speed,
Sound of chanting of Vedas , sound of conches, sound of songs ,
And sound of prayers   went up , spread on  all four directions ,
And masked the  tumultuous  sound of joy by the Devas.