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Kamba Ramayanam-Sundara Kandam Padalam 5-8

5.Sundara  Kandam(contd)

5.Choodamani padalam
Chapter   on head   brooch.

 (Hanuman tells Sita , that   he would carry   her on his back to the place of Rama. She tells him that it is not   proper   due to several reasons . Hanuman agrees with her reply. Later she tells that   she can keep her soul only for one more month  and requested Hanuman  to tell Rama   to come by that time. Hanuman consoles her  and asks for incidents of identity. She tell about the attack on her   by the son of Indra   and how once Rama suggested   her   to keep the name of Kaikeyi   to her pet bird.   She later  gives Hanuman her hair brooch which Hanuman keeps safely  .With great sorrow  Hanuman takes leave from Sita.
    In Valmiki Ramayana Sita tells   about the incident when day her Thilaka got erased  , how Rama put a Thilaka using laterite stone  and not about the incident of choosing name   to her pet bird.)

5345.Hanuman  thinking that Sita   who was  like Goddess  Lakshmi may commit suicide,
And felt that it is not easy to tell her   that” I am here   who would  protect you  so , do not be scared”.
Thought   that  it would be better   to  carry  the soul like wife  of  Lord Rama  ,
Who is the  root cause of all the world   and move  her from there.

5346.He told her  , “Please   hear  my words  , do not brush it away  ,
If   that Ravana were to kill you, it would be no point in  winning  over him,
And so what   is the point and collecting ideas   as to what we could do,
 I would take you   and show   to Rama   and salute both your feet,
And this   happens to be    the proper   time    to do it.”

5347.”Oh Sita   who is  greatly pretty  and who is like a  golden climbing plant,
If you  sit  on my  shoulders covered   with soft hair  peacefully,
Leaving your sorrow   and get a sweet   sleep  , then I  can carry you  ,
And take you to the hill where  Lord Rama lives,
Within a second  , without   making   any delay on my   way.”

5348.”Oh lady  with  curly hair  , if some Rakshasas come to know,
That  I am taking you away  and if some Rakshasas  chase  me  in  the middle,
I would cool my anger   by shattering those asuras and make  them fall down,
And I who have got the boon  of deathlessness , after   seeing your sorry state,
Would not go back to Rama with empty   hands, without  solving it.”

5349.”Oh mother, even if you  order     me to take you   along with Lanka ,
I would uproot it and carry it on one of my strong hands ,
Destroy all those   who try to stop  me   and place  it before Rama,
Who holds   the cruel bow    and then salute his feet  ,
Where he wears   the heroic anklets and this is not  difficult   for me.”

5350,”Oh Lady who is similar to Arundathi, if I go  near  Lord  Rama   and tell,
 That , “Your nectar like   consort   is living with great sorrow  in  a prison,
By some people who are   great cheaters, without getting her   freedom “,
What is the point   in my doing      service   to him.

5351.”I who have got protection   to my life  , with the shoulders  ,
Which did not have relations with wounds   of war ,
Would reach Rama   and  I  would  describe    about the strength  of  the enemies,
And tell him that I did not have the ability  to see   the lady   and return back,
Or shall I tell a lie  that  I did not have   the luck to bring   her back.”

5352.”If you order me ,  to destroy within the   time of batting of the   eye   and  melt   this city  of Lanka,
Which is surrounded by  walls   and which is  guarded,  and then after  destroying,
The  very different type of Ravana  , also    destroy all the  Rakshasa army  ,
And go speedily    away from this city of Lanka  , I would do it now itself.”

5353, “Oh lady  Sita who has a forehead like moon  That Rama   who is valorous  ,
After getting you   would   lose    all the sorrows   in his mind  , with a clear mind  ,
If he reaches this city of Lanka with you and completely destroy  the  clan of Rakshasa
Then all  the great sorrow   of this    world   would   go away .This is a great  deed.”

5354.”Oh lady who is like a young   creeper   speaking   very pretty words  ,
Now there   is nothing more that needs to be told ,.Please shower   your grace  ,
On this slave and make  me get this  luck according  to my fate   and afterwards ,
Reach Rama   and put out your sorrow  ,Please get up on my shoulders  quickly  ,”
And telling like this he saluted her   divine feet which brings   good luck.

5355.Looking at Hanuman   who told words  that would lead  to good  results,
Which were very appropriate   similar to  a calf  standing before its mother  ,
She told , “What you have told is impossible   for you to   do,”
And afterwards told   pure   and soft words   addressing  Hanuman.

5356.’This is not  impossible    for you  to do   and is suitable for your strength,
You have thought about it properly and you would   also do it,   but  ,
Though  I am feminine  having great ignorance   and with  lesser wisdom ,
I am able   to conclude   that it is not a proper   thing to do as I can understand.”

5357”Oh Hanuman when you are  carrying me  , if  asuras   encircle you ,
In the middle  of  the sea   and attack you with   cruel arrows  ,
From  all directions  , you would totter   fighting   with them,
Who are like poison    and  also take    care of me  ,
Making   you confused   as   well  as one  affected by solitude.”

5358.”Apart from this   there is also another  reason  . By your act,
The  victorious   bow of  Rama   would   get   stained,
What is the benefit  in  that? Like the dogs which cheat  and steal ,
And eat that  food , do you  also want to cheat   and take me ,
From    those  Rakshasas  who took me away  by cheating.”

5359.  “In the battle field    where  my Lord  is fighting  with the bow,
When that  Rakshasa   with sword like  eyes looked at   my body
 In an inappropriate  manner  , Would  I not want    his body  ,
To be eaten by crows   with the Devas  witnessing it all rather than retain my life .”

5360   “When the   archery of   Rama and Lakshmana who hold the bow as well as victory ,.
Matures   and they cut the noses   of Rakshasis    when they still have  Mangalya Suthra,
Would   the shyness   that  I posses   also   become great.”

5361.”If this city  of Lanka   built on the  golden mountain   which is  populated  by
The Rakshasas  who do not follow Dharma   does not become ,
A big mountain of bones , how   would I be able    to tell the world  ,
About my great lineage  , character   as well  as chastity.”

5362.”Would the sorrow of becoming a bone mountain   stop  with Lanka,
Populated by  people   who are  like animals? I could   burn all the worlds,
Which go against Dharma   by my words but I did not attempt to do it,
As I thought that it would  be   a stain to the  strength of bow  of Rama.”

5363.”Oh personification of truth  , there  is one more thing that  needs to be told,
Please hear that for me   it is not proper   to touch  any other body except  that of Rama
Who has growing Valour , because your body  which has   destroyed  ,
The cravings of five senses, would akso  be called  as ‘male’  by this world.”

5364,”if  that Ravana with debased culture   had touched   me  , would,
The soul of Ravana   remain in his   body   for such a long time  ?
I would have destroyed him with in a period of batting   the eye,
For due to his great power he uprooted the hermitage ,
Where  I was living   and    brought   it here.”

5365,”That Ravana has   a curse   given by the primeval Lord Brahma, born out of flower,
That  if he touches  the body of a lady    whose mind  is not attracted  by him,
All his divine heads   would break in to pieces and this  protected   my soul.”

5366.”  The  maiden daughter  of Vibheeshana who has masculinity  ,
And who wears  a shining crown, showed    great   mercy on me,
And had   told me  earlier about the  existence  of this curse  .”

5367.”Due to this curse  being there  , I did not   go backwards ,
In the observance of Dharma  , always thinking  about  ,
The valour   of my Lord    Rama    and also   to prove  ,
My purity   to this world, I  stayed  alive   up to this time ,
Had that  curse been  not true , I would have   died  long back.”

5368.”Oh sir , with your   eyes     which see  the truth  , please see,  the land 
Along with the  long hermitage    built   by the younger brother,
Which was   uprooted  and brought   here   by   Ravana , 
In a stable   condition   and  kept    here.”

5369.”With  the  firm aim of protecting my soul    which  is depressed ,
I would come to this lake which is like   Rama   holding the bow  ,
Which is   full of water   and flowers   at the    day time  without fail.”

5370.”Oh sir   because of that  , your thought  of carrying  me back ,
Is not desirable   and what   you have to do is   to ,
Go back to Rama   who is the lord of Vedas”said   Sita  ,
And  that  Hanuman  who did not have any  fault   replied  like this.

5371.Hanuman  whose  sorrow in heart   with  doubt was   removed,
Thought   that  the  character   got through penance   of the consort of Rama,
 Who was   the lord of the    world   was indeed very great  ,
And becoming   very happy     started  praising her .

5372. “Oh mother  , the world   made  dark  by Ravana   would see  light,
And even if I delay   a little further   it would   be filled with anxiety,
And so   please   tell me   what I have    to convey to Rama  “
Saying this  Hanuman fell   at her feet and saluted her.

5373.”Oh Hanuman who  is just, I would wait   for the coming of  my lord,
For only one more month and if he does not come  , I do not have the ability ,
To   hold  on to my soul.  The  command of that king   depends  on your behavior  ,
And so who are   very wise   please  keep these in your mind.”

5374.”Even though I am not a suitable     wife to Rama  
Whose chest   is decorated   by garlands
And due to that   even if I am not in the   heart of Rama  ,
Though   he does not have mercy on me, please request him,
To desire  his own natural conduct  of protecting the  valour.”

5375.”Please tell this one word    to Lakshmana  who is praised  by all,
And who is victorious  , “as per   the commend   of Lord Rama  ,
You have   the duty to protect me  and so please  free  me  ,
From this cruel prison   where  I have been imprisoned.”

5376.”Since within one   month ,  my great  penance is getting over ,
By that   time  if Lord Rama  does    not arrive   here  ,
Request him to do my  obsequies   by  his red  hand  ,
In the shores   of   river ganges. Please  tell him this.”

5377.”Oh sir,  Please tell the Lord of Dharma  that  , Sita who is going to die  in Lanka  ,
Salutes    with raised hands   her three    great mother  in laws, and please  tell him  .
Not to forget this   though he does  not seem to have    any mercy on me.”

5378.”Please tell  in the divine ears of Rama    that   when he reached  Mithila,,
And  married me  , he had promised , “In this birth   I  would   not even think  ,
Of another  lady by my mind , “ which was   a boon he gave to me.”

5379.”In this Lanka, after  I stay with sorrow    and happen to  lose,
My sweet soul  and when I am  born again in this world  .
I should  not  do the evil   act  to hug   the divine  body of Rama  and cause him evil,
Please   tell him that I am requesting  this boon with saluting hands.”

5380.” I am one who is not fated   to see   him occupy  the throne,
And see his moving bell of   rule   nor see  him going   in a procession,
On an elephant    with great   decorations  . So what is the  point,
In talking about it  .I would become sorry thinking about my old fate  .”

5381”Lord   Rama   would only go to   Ayodhya  , for removing the depression,
Of his people who think about only himself  , for   removing sorrow of his mothers ,
For  removing  the burden of ruling  the country being suffered by Bharata ,
And would  not think of me who is unsuitable   and come   to Lanka.”

5382.”Please   inform my   salutations to my father  , mother   and  relatives,
Please   request  the Lord  of  monkeys Sugreeva   to follow  Rama  ,
Who has   very pretty shoulders    to the endlessly pretty Ayodhya,
 And    crown Rama   as the king of   Ayodhya  ,”

5383.When  Lady Sita was   thus painfully  upset  , Hanuman  looking at her  ,
Told  , “Oh lady, you have not still left sorrowing  “ and then told her  ,
Sweet and apt words   which   were logical and reasonable  so that her minds became  clear.

5384.”You would die  here itself , It is  true? Would after    your death  ,
Lord Rama who suffers    due to your parting  continue to live?
He can crown himself only after leaving   the forest  and reaching Ayodhya,
Is it not ?Are  all   these  things   that are   going   to happen?”

5385.”That  Ravana   who has   kept  you, who is the form of   chastity,
In a prison  , it seems   would live with his sweet soul   and Rama ,
Who holds the matchless   bow, slipping    away from his duty  ,
It seems would return from the forest. What event  compares to these?”

5386,”Oh good lady , Without killing those  Rakshasas  who troubled   you,
Would we go back to Ayodhya   carrying our soul   and like us  ,
Should not our Lord Rama who holds the bow,
Like all of   us  , also go to the   city  of Ayodhya.”

5387.Rama  had  removed  our sorrow , when we were all  in the river of   sorrow,
And has   given us  wealth  which can   never get  reduced   and if,
We do not free you   and  give you back to Rama,
Who can be better     than us  , who are inactive and indolent?”

5388. “To Rama who took an oath    before   the sages that  ,
“I would not return to my country  Kosala  unless   I make   devils   eat the liver,
Of those  Rakshasas   , who ate   the   very good people who are sages,”
Is destroying the Rakshasas  and  getting you free   from prison  an impossible act.”

5389.”Suppose   we return back  without saying that  we have released   ,
You from prison where    you were kept by  the   very weak Asuras ,,
Would this be accepted by   citizens of the country  , people of good nature  ,
And by all those  who have read    books which are     good?”

5390.”Suppose we   decide that  Our  Lady Sita who is chaste  ,
Who does not lie   and who cannot be approached  ,
Died before   the   cheating Asuras   touched   her  ,
And wore a garland of fame, and go back ,
Would   not our valour   be blamed  ?”

5391.”If you who happen  to die due to the great sorrow of parting  ,
I am destroyed   and would our  bad fame    go away ,
Even if using cruel arrows   we   burn all   the  matchless seven worlds ?”

5392.”Oh Lady  who is  like a goddess  , earlier  when Rama    who is expert in war,
Came to know about nature of Rakshasas , he wanted   to  destroy all the three   worlds ,
But once he  comes to know    about   you , would he   assume the posture  of peace?”

5393. “The anger of Rama   which does not flare   up without any cause,
Would not stop   with   taking away   the   souls   of those murderous  Asuras,
And not only  that  would not   the earth  and heaven also   get destroyed?
Would   there   be any other  thing near by which would  not get destroyed?”

5394”Oh  mother  , on the day that  he hears   the news about   you  ,
Would not the arrows of Rama    who holds   the wheel  ,
Eat away the seven pot like   oceans   of this   world  ,
Along with the seven oceans of heaven , like the fire at deluge  .”

5395.”Lord Rama   destroyed   the enemies   of Devas,
Stifled   the sinful acts  of the world  , encouraged,
Those who are suitable  , at all times   did good deeds,
Have you not heard these  praises of Rama   sung by the  world.”

5396.” Is it not better   for you to  live with sorrow  ,
In this  prison   for a few more days and   ,
See   the  good times later, especially    when  due to your being ,
In prison  great and  good Dharma  lives further.”

5397.”Whenever  the  ghosts   bathe in the   flowing blood  ,
Of the   Rakshasas   who are like thorns  .,
The devas who see    this    from hiding   would become happy  ,
And would you   not make this   scene of pride to occur?”

5398.”Please   see   the  rivers  of blood from wounds of Rakshasas,
Who are   torn by the   lustrous arrows   which    come,
Like the thunder at   the end of final deluge  ,
Fill up the seven  oceans   and hear   the constant sound from them.”

5399.” You would see   the mountain of Mangala Suthras  , which cannot ,
Be even crossed    by Vali ,  which are cut and thrown away   by Rakshasis ,
With tear drenched eyes after beating their  paunches ,
Which were   similar to the belly   of   pregnant women.”

5400.  “You   would see  that the ghosts which are as long as the sky  ,
Huge   crowd of birds with cruel wings   which   are innumerable ,
Take bath in the blood coming   out of the wounds  of Rakshasas,
And then again    taking bath  in the   flowing river of  Rakshasi tears.”

5401.”You  would see  the monkeys which do masculine jobs  ,  dance  ,
In the stages where   Deva maidens danced    accompanied   by
The   drums played by hands   and   the  stringed instruments played  by hands.”

5402.The Huge collection of  mountain   like corpses   which would be floating,
In the river  of   blood  from that wounds   of  criminal  Rakshasas  who did    silly work,
Would reach the   huge  sea with its shores  and block it. You would be seeing that.”

5403. “You would see   the golden city   of Lanka   melting   in the fire  of bad  fate ,
Created by the coal  of the Rakshasas    who  are  engaged  in cruel acts  ,
Due to matchless   fire   of Sita    being in the middle of that fire  ,
Which is kindled  by the  great wind of arrows sent by hand of Rama.”

5404.” Oh Lady Sita  ,crows    would jump and  sit on the fallen heads  of Ravana ,
In the war waged by his enemies , and  due to good fate would peck his eyes ,
Which had seen   your faultless   divine body by their very sharp beaks ,
Take it away and    eat them, You would also see this.”

5405.”Making,  the  blue  elephants  of directions   which were  shamed,
And   were defeated   by Ravana,  happy  , the    arrows   from the  bow of Rama 
Would cut    all   his heads   and put    them   under   their feet . You will see it.”

5406. When the    arrows   are showered  like rain , the   blue sky 
Once got sweat   and   the pretty flags of Lanka  which are  kept,
In several places close by  waved and produced   air to  cool it,
But  in that Lanka  you would see   the ghosts raising
Making huge  sounds  and dance   there  with great glee.”

5407. “The stream  of blood from the body  of blue coloured  Rakshasas,
Raised   the level of the ocean where   they had reached   ,
And returned   back by the river   and similar   to that  ,
You would see the God of death    who does  not stop killing,
Even  at the destruction of the world at deluge, vomiting,
The Rakshasas     due   to  eating them in excess.”

5408. “ You would    see   the crowd of monkeys   which move about in a row ,
Bathe   in the same pond  which is  situated   in the scented Karpaga garden,
In which the   Rakshasas   used   to take bath   along ,
With ladies    who were   similar    to the ladies  in heaven.”

5409.’What would    result   in telling   many such   examples?,
The divine   arrows of   Rama    would destroy   all the asuras ,
In this world and   go also outside   and would attack the three worlds,
And you would see   the destruction of Rakshasas  living there also.”

5410.”Oh mother you need not live for   one month   sorrowing  ,
In this city of Lanka   because as  soon as I see Rama with great speed  ,
Would he look for a  good time   to start for here? Would he even  ,
Wait    for one more second    to start for   here?”

5411. “Only in the words  “there  is soul  “  the soul is existing ,
In that big forest    by touching  your   soul like  servant(Lord Rama),
There  are no flowers that  have  not burnt  , no leaves are there which are  not burnt  ,
There  are no gardens   that  have not been burnt  and split  , there  are no creepers.”

5412.   “Only if he    recovers    then only   we can say that  his mind is  tired,
Even if the cloud     makes great   sound and make  the thunder  fall on him,
And even if a five  headed snake   comes near   and attacks him ,
Making his   body and shoulders   faded  , would the Lord  ever feel  it?”

5413,” Like the curd churned    by the churner  ,  coming inside  ,
And going   outside  , in between desire   and worries ,
With tottering soul  and with  madness which  makes his five   senses  fall
  Due to parting with you  , how much pain is There  in him ?  Can that  be measured?”

5414.  “ “The truth of my words   can  only be realized  , If you say ,
That in the  present  state   of Rama,   he would  wait   for some time.
Please   bid me farewell   and give  me,  some thing
For identification , please give   me permission to go   ,
And  then  I would  prove all I said,
Like the gooseberry kept  on the palm of  my hands  ,
And then you   will realize  that    a lie   cannot last.”

5415, “Oh divine mother ,  even before the pure Rama  and 
The king of monkeys  Sugreeva   hear about   you and become happy  ,
One huge crowd of monkeys   would make  a hill out  of the ocean,
Cross   the ocean ,  lay siege  of Lanka   and would shout in joy.
Please   hear  that by your ears     and  live with joy.”

5416.”Oh lady ,  when the army whose strength  is beyond   estimation,
Arrives here at a latter date   and reach this    city  , you  will see in its middle  ,
Lord Rama   riding on   my shoulders    looking like  ,
Lord Vishnu    who   with great luster   travels  on Garuda.”

5417.”Lord Lakshmana     would be riding   on the shoulders of Angadha ,
 And look like    the hot sun rising   out of the  rising  mountain   and ,
The monkey army  would come  and   stay here   and   so  please  get out  ,
Of the sorrow as well as  doubt   and you would also  get out of this solitude.”

5418.”Oh Sita  who decorates  her hair   with   kurava   flowers,
If Rama does not free   you from this prison    within the time limit,
Indicated by you , then that Rama  would   become Ravana ,
And get  bad name and sin attached   to him, and Ravana  would become Rama.”

5419 . Like   this hearing   these faultless   words  of Hanuman , Lady Sita ,
Got great clarity   and   got   joy as well as love  in her heart,
And decided that  it would  be  proper   to send Hanuman   to Rama,
 And with wisdom   in her mind   , started   telling  the following .

5420.   That Lady Sita who talks sweet words   looked  at Hanuman and  told ,
“”Oh sir, Oh great one , go with speed, win over    every evil,,
I would not tell you anything   now, but I would be saying to you  ,
Some earlier identifying incidents which would be clearly  understood by the Lord.”

5421.”Tell him slowly about  the incident when one day  , below ,
The chithrakoota mountains   which touch the sky  ,  how a crow,
Wounded me with its nail  and how Rama getting angry ,
Took a grass by the side of the stone and sent  it as  Brahmastra.”

5422.”Oh Hanuman who  follows    the  life of truth , when once ,
I asked him , “ Oh king, Whose name shall I keep to my tender  soul like pet bird,”
He said  with love  , “Oh Sita  , Give her the name of my faultless  mother   ,
Who is the daughter   of the King of Kekaya”.Please  tell him these true words.”

5423.After   saying this  she  thought  ,”There  is no other great   incident  ,
Which is sweet   and which you can tell him.”   She decided  ,
To hand over her hair brooch which she had   kept tied in   her pretty apparel,
And which by its   own luster  in this world and heaven  had won over the Sun.

5424.She took it in her   flower  like hands , thought of Rama  and became  anxious,
And seeing that  Hanuman  was astonished thinking “What  is placed in her hand?”
And  that brooch    chased away the darkness  which was sleeping in all the seven worlds.

5425. The Rakshasas with cruel eyes   doubted  due to that light ,”whether   the  Sun which ,
Travels behind the clouds has come to the   city  of Lanka ?”and  thought
“Now he would not be scared” and due to that light   the lotus flower ,
Which  had become low along with Chakravaka birds by closing  opened up,
And the Surya  Kantha    stones   spread   their great luster.

5426.She  showed  Hanuman the lustrous   hair brooch  which was  like the Sun God,
Which is on the  top of  the rainy cloud  which resembled her hair  and which  had the red colour  ,
Resembling the shining  body  of the   tender  Sita  and   which was shining   like the divine  feet of Rama.

5427. That  lady Sita who had  real fame  looked at Hanuman    and told him  ,
“You gave me   back my sweet soul  due to your liking    to me and this brooch,
Is like   my eyeballs   and was kept safely   tied in my apparel .Please  take this,
As the big identity”   and then she   gave the hair   brooch to  Hanuman.

5428.Hanuman  saluted her , took the brooch  and tied   to his cloth,
So that  it will  not go missing again saluted her crying , went   round her,
Three times  and saluted her feet and Sita   who saw that,
Greeted  and praised  him  and he went to the   other side.

6.Pozhil  irutha Padalam
Chapter  on destroying of the garden

(After  taking leave   from Sita, Hanuman felt that if he does not do something more  , it would not be proper.Also he wanted to see   Ravana and talk to him.   With this aim in view he uproots     all  the trees in the garden where   Sita was imprisoned.  The devas of  seasons    who  were guarding the garden  , rushed to tell    about the damage    that is being done by a monkey.
There is no mention of Devas of season guarding   that garden in Valmiki Ramayana , There it is the Rakshasis who are    guarding Sita    who report   about the destruction to Ravana.)

5429.  Hanuman thinking   of the direction   he has to proceed ,
Decided to go north and took his   big form suitable   to it,
And went speedily   through the garden  with flowers swarmed by bees,
Thought that, just seeing Sita    and going back was  much simpler act  for his  strength,
And decided to do some other  job, which is suitable   for him to do.

5430.He thought “ If  I do not  hit  the Asuras   who do base acts  , throw .
This city surrounded by walls in the sea   , which houses   the fishes and
Take   away  the doe eyed lady and keep her   at the feet of Rama and salute him  ,
Even  when I am there    how can I become   a  true assistant   to Rama.”

5431.”I also have not   tied tightly   the Ravana   with ten heads  and twenty  hands ,
And kept him in a cruel prison  , I have  neither   won him in a war  ,
And when it is so  , how is my oath that we will help   each  other  proper?”

5432.”Is there any demerit   for me   to fight   with  Asuras   whom I see ,
Make them distraught   , when the very strong Rakshasa   Ravana  ,
Is witnessing it  and using    my matchless  prowess ,
Catch hold of   the flower decked   hair   of his chief queen,
Mandodhari  And  take her   and imprison her ?”

5433. “I think that   the proper    service  as a servant that  I can do to Rama,
Would be to collect all the asuras and harshly    chase them away and so,
There  is no need  to think any further   about it   and he further  thought,
As to how he can draw   all these   asuras  and get engaged  in a cruel  battle with them?”

5434 ,  “I will   soon   break  this   garden and destroy it  and  if I do so,
As soon as that great sound   reaches    the ears   of the Asuras  ,
They would get very angry with me   and come  to wage a war,
And if they come like that   using my strength  ,
I would kill all of them, and this is definitely   the proper  plan.”

5435. “If all those  people who come to fight with me die,
And are not able to return back  , that Ravana  of cruel strength  ,
Which cannot be opposed   would come to a   war with me.
If he does I would destroy his ten crowned heads and,
Thus removing  the sorrow in my mind  , I would go back happily.

5436. Thinking like this in his mind  Hanuman   whose shoulders,
Were like Sun and moon who go round the  Meru mountain ,
Assumed his mega form  looking like Lord Varaha  ,
Who took the earth in between his teeth   , destroyed  that garden
By kicking and stamping    it  completely.”

5437.Some trees died  , some broke  , some  got bent ,
Some dashed against each other and got powdered and fell,
Some fell upside down , Some broke in to pieces,
Some   flew in to air in the form of flakes , Some got burnt  ,
Some got blackened, Some  got bent and moved away bending,
Some shed all its  flowers    and some fell down,:

5438.”Some  trees  got upturned along with roots , some got burnt,
Some went  near clouds in the sky , some flew in the   wind ,
And fel down on slushy mud of the sea, some along with bees,
Went to the heavens   dashed   , fell down broken.”

5439.”Some of those   trees  rotated  and thrown by Hanuman 
Along with the cloud   became   the leaf food  to elephants of directions,
Some trees whose bottom was caught  and thrown towards  the sky ,
Went  through the sky and destroyed  pretty gardens of heaven.”

5440.Due to the trees   thrown by Hanuman   the tides of the sea wandered,
Here and there, the big mansions of the Asuras  got shattered and fell at all places,
Some thrown by him dashed against the  seven great mountains   and became dust,
The silver flowers of some trees , got mixed with falling stars   and  fell down.

5441.Some trees  with bent roots which were uprooted and thrown   by Hanuman  ,
Went and hung on the tusks   of the elephants of directions   in rut  , who gave them .
To young female elephants  ,  and it appeared as if they were holding the clouds  by their trunks.

5442.  When the scented   flowers of that   garden which belonged   to poison like Ravana  ,
Reached the  land of Vidhyadhras, the mountains    of Yakshas, and the  immortal devas,
Of the heaven   those ladies with feet decorated by red cotton juice crowded and picked   them.

5443. Some trees   which were covered   by gold on all sides  , looked  like,
Streaks of lightning and the   big gem studded   trees were similar to light  of sun.
And when such trees   dashed against each other, broke   in to pieces,
And fell down like the   crowds of stars   falling   at time of deluge.

5444. The   fishes in the sea   with lots of water ,swallowed the birds , bees ,
Scented flowers ,honey   , buds  , fresh leaves, the sweet fruits  which fell there ,
And jumped   with joy   and were crushed  later by falling trees  and  started  trembling.

5445.Due to the scattered   bunches   of flowers,  all the places  ,
Had only  scent of flowers and because of that   the meat smell was subdued,
 And  the sea with tides   where great   devas   take bath along  with their consorts,
Became  like   big ponds    which were   filled   with lotus flowers.

5446. The  gem studded stages which were  uprooted by Hanuman   and ,
Broken kadika trees   went one after   another  and fell in the  sea  ,
And filled up the sea   so that the scented sea   had to cross  them,
And   which made   it appear    that  the sea   can be crossed by walking.

5447.Due to   the  very big trees   which Hanuman threw  on the  lustrous sky  ,
Which was   like the play ground of Sun    in the summer  ,
The mansions of Asuras   broke like they were  hit by thunder   from sky,
And  became powdered like mountains   hit by thunder.

5448.At that time  the numerous trees uprooted  and thrown  by Hanuman ,
Crowded in a dense manner and looked well grown  like a  cool cloud  in the sky,
And that   very angry Hanuman  made  it appear   as if,
The garden of the   very strong Ravana  existed  in the sky also.

5449.With honey dropping down , with  the birds   living there making sound,
When  the  gem studded    trees covered   with flowers  went towards   the sky ,
And  with stars nearing them   , with light in sky  competing with light of the sword,
It looked as if a  lustrous plane   was   travelling   in the sky.

5450. Due  to Hanuman   who was  strong  like a matchless  elephant in war ,
Throwing trees with long branches   full of leaves ,   those  trees which were going up  ,
As well as falling    in to the huge sea  , were similar    to the huge clouds ,
Which comes    down from the  sky and drinking   the water  of the sea.

5451.Like the devas   who do wrong   , being born in this world ,
And returning    after they get   filled with  wisdom  , those  ,
Karpaga trees  in that   garden which are charitable  ,
Being thrown up by Hanuman   travelled through the sky  ,
And  appeared as if they had reached the heavens , where   they were there  earlier.

5452-3. After breaking the verandahs   which are gem studded  , after ,
Breaking in to pieces    the stages   using them to fill up lakes near by,
After   breaking   lustrous   huge walls  , after destroying  ,
Many things of great craftsmanship , after destroying huge  hills,
After  uprooting   vengai and Maramara   trees   , after picking and  throwing ,
The  rows   of champaka trees    growing near   Karpaga    trees  ,
He also   broke branches of  trees full  of mango fruits.

5454.With the spring season which comes before  God of love ,
Becoming  one with a  jaded face  , with the gardens   in the  ,
Sky  became upset and started shivering,
The sandalwood  trees which broke   being hit by  the  feet of Hanuman,
 Started   burning  like firewood and spit  out fire.

5455.With  the joyful bees which sing a Pan called  Kamaram getting jittery
Huge   trees   fell  on the floor of earth     and died,
With the drama stages  breaking and falling    down  ,
Many trees    which were full of flowers  caught fire  and became ash.

5456.  Small branches   which can bend  , flowering creepers  ,
The cool places of  newly formed  leaved which koels  like ,
The entrance  which had soft flowers  ,  scented bushes ,
Golden coloured   rain of honey  , bees and peacocks  were all destroyed.

5457.With several   red creeping plants resembling   corals  ,
Which were thrown out by Hanuman , similar  to streaks of lightning  ,
Appearing  rounded  on the clouds  , circled   round  ,
The mountains which were all around city of Lanka and
The  huge trees with golden branches   which were  thrown on the mountain   
 Made them appear  like the  elephant eating  huge balls of rice  with the golden mask.

5458. At that time   the sound  of the  loud cackling  of birds  ,
The thunder like sound   produced by breaking   of trees  and,
The  joyful shouting  of Hanuman who was  personification of Dharma  ,
Crossed   this globe   of earth   and reached other places.

5459.  The crowd of birds  living happily   along with its kids on trees,
Suffered   greatly   and  the very tall  Kongu trees  , Padiri trees  ,
Along   with pretty and cool bees  which were  singing good songs  ,
Went and fell on   the sea with very many tides.

5460.The Aachaa trees   with the sound of bees   which were  on the pretty road,
Went and fell  in the   river filled   with pretty water and silt   and pressed it ,
And so some other trees which touched the sky   went   and fell  in the sky Ganges river,
Which was formed with the water    that was used by Brahma   to wash feet of Lord Vishnu.

5461.Due  to Hanuman throwing    various kinds   of trees   the big lakes,
Filled with red lotus flowers   looked like red sandal paste  has been mixed in them,
And   the trees of the garden   which fell on  the pretty salty  ocean  ,
Along with  bees which sing Kamaram pan  , made it in to a flowery ocean.

5462.The Karu nochi trees thrown by Hanuman   went to all four directions  ,
And merged with the long  and pretty tides  of the ocean   and also  ,
The sandalwood   trees   which were thrown fell  on and broke ,
The doors  and padlocks   of buildings   and made them   fall down.

5463. The  freshly  opened flowers  of that garden which spread  sweet smell,
Appeared   like the   stars   which were   shining in the sky and the tamarind trees,
Rolled in the sky   and when they fell on the ocean  ,  the  beetles  of conches ,
In that   ocean with tides   threw  out the   pretty pearls and ran away from there.

5464.Those  pretty trees   which had golden branches   and studded   with  ,
Various types of gems  , which were thrown by Hanuman towards   the sky,
Were shining  like rainbow made   at night   and indicated  ,
That Hanuman will destroy Sri  Lanka   immediately.

5465. When the big Hanuman uprooted   the trees  which were crowding  ,
In that garden  then  , due to that , the shed where elephants were tied  , dancing halls  ,
Places of drinking alcohol  , the places   where  the  horses with great  speed were  tied,
Along with   chariots   on which small gems were  tied broke  down.

5466.Those   greatly lustrous   gold flags   which were   thrown so that,
They would fall in the sea  in all directions   were  similar  ,
To the collection of rays of the sun  which were   cut ,
And fell in to the    sea   which  had    storms.

5467 Being thrown by Hanuman, the Very huge trees  and the huge mountains
So that  they will break   made   the very lustrous  gold compound walls  ,
AS   well as  mansions catch fire   and burn  and turn in to ash  ,
And the people  of the city of Lanka   got scared   and ran to all places.

5468.At that   time    the moon  who is the  lord of stars    thinking  that,
If the Asura called   Ravana   sees  him  , he may blame him that  ,
Due to your relation  with the red mouthed   Sita (sister?) you  scalded  me,
And before   the eyes of devas who were  my enemies ,
You were with joy watching a monkey break my garden  ,
Like a very scared  one    he went away from the sky.

5469. Due to  the faultless gems  , gold  , Surya Kantha and Chandra Kantha   stones,
AS well as  the faultless shining  trees of that garden  which is the seat of the  God of love  ,
Due   to being thrown   in different directions   by the two hands  of Hanuman,
Gave   out very great light   and the  entire  world shined in that great darkness.

5470  The various types of animals   who lived   in that   gardens  shouted,
Became mentally upset  , their eyes rose up being wounded,
The several types of birds living there   fell in the  sea and got drowned ,
And greatly   upset  , flew for a whie and not able   to fly further  ,
Fell on the earth  , shaking their wings  and when they became dry , with dejection they died.

5471 That Hanuman who had fat  shoulders  like  mountain  and pretty broad ,
Chest   which was  like    the  Sun,   even  though he was angry   ,
Due to the  power  of touch  , all those  divine trees   growing  densely  ,
In that  garden   and the  birds along with the nests made by their  of their leaves
Went and reached  the  heaven ,Can we tell the  position any one  ,
Will receive    if they   got the grace  and blessings of Hanuman.

5472.In that new pleasant looking garden  in which birds lived and was guarded by Asuras ,
Who  consider  “lie”   as their Dharma  , only that  tree   under which  Sita,
Who was like a  swan  sobbing due to sorrow   , was sitting  ,similar to the Banyan tree ,
Under which  Lord Vishnu    stays  not  getting destroyed   during final deluge  .

5473.Since she had  given away the  hair brooch   which was   a  royal jewel,
AS identifying material   to her   soul like   consort   Rama   ,
And alas ,  she   was sitting without    any ornaments like a poor lady  ,
And  at that time  to the Sita    who had densely grown hair The sun rose up,
AS if he had   the intention   of buying a  new brooch for her   through the rising sea.

5474.   That Hanuman who was standing alone after   destroying  the entire garden ,
Was like Lord   Vishnu   who had  measured the  fourteen worlds   with two steps,
And also   like   the  great and best Mandhara mountain used   to churn ocean of milk,
And also like   like Lord Rudra who was standing   after deluge after destroying everything.

5475.When  that garden was being destroyed  , those  Rakshasis woke up  ,
Got very angry ,but looked at  Hanuman who was   standing like  ,
A golden meru mountain with desire and exclaimed   , “oh mother,
What is  this form we are seeing   and who is this “ with great fear  asked,
Lady Sita,   who had a pretty forehead  , “Hey lady , do you know who he is ?”

5476.She  replied , “ the evil acts done by evil people  could be recognized  ,
By only evil people   like them   and how can good people  like me know  about it  ,
All these   are tricks   which are being played by Asuras  like you , because  ,
When in the forest Mareecha  came  before me in the  form  of a deer,
And Lakshmana told us that  it is  an illusion   created   by Asuras,
But I thought that  it is a true deer   and took a  liking to it.”

5477.When like this  Lady Sita   replied    those  Rakshasis  , they beat,
Their own belly with their own hands  , lost their balance  ,
And then they ran   making   hills  , world and sky tremble,
And Hanuman   who was equal to his father    the   wind God  ,
Saw a  ornamental building  there   and  determining to destroy that ,
Caught hold   of it     using    his very big hands  .

5478.It would be difficult    for anybody to see   that  building   fully with their eyes ,
It was so tall   that even clouds   could not go above it ,
Even the wind could not  imagine to try to hold it  and even at night   darkness could not  cover it ,
And it stood there  making the Meru mountain   which touched   the sky     , felt shy  ,
Seeing its height   and got mentally upset  , Even the earth was finding it difficult   to carry it.

5479.  That  building was perhaps  made by  Lord Brahma  , who sits on a lotus, 
By himself as per the orders   of Ravana    who had twenty pretty hands ,
For the sake of eating away all the  stain of darkness    of the moon  ,
Who had grown for fifteen days  , earning   more and more  light daily,
Who gives   the moon light    which can be compared to the pouring of new milk.

5480.All the pillars   of that building were  made of gems  , and all   the surroundings,
Were made by gold as well as gems  ,its backside  was made by desirable  rows of gems,
And even  Lord Sun   who spreads   the red light   throughout    the sky  ,
Would feel that   it could be worn as  ornament  by him  ,
And so  for people like us   , praising it is an impossible task.

5481-2. That Hanuman  , who had heard  that  Ravana   who does   cruel deeds,
Once has   uprooted the pretty mountain Kailasa   which was made  of silver,
To make that act as smaller , just like carrying  the multi coloured  golden Meru mountain,
Using his  big hands    with sharp nails  , easily  uprooted  that   building from earth,
And threw it on the city  of Lanka   and    due to that   , hit by that ,
Those mansions which were   touching the sky  were  turned   in to powder ,
And due to the falling of fire sparks from it , it   burnt   all sort of materials,
And  many valorous Rakshasas   who never get worried about anything  were killed.
Would  those   who want to do evil for others   , survive    from similar   evil actions?

5483.The Gods   who protect    the big   gardens  in Lanka   which is a part of the earth,
During the six seasons, with a mind that   was occupied by great fear  ,
And due to that  making their cloths wet by  passing    urine ,
With a form   from which   due to fear   blood was   flowing out  ,
With legs intertwined  with each other   preventing   them from    walking properly ,
Who were  wailing similar   to the open mouthed   citizens  ran and reached  Ravana.

5484. They went   and saluted   the feet of Ravana who had   anger  like that of a lion,
And told, “Oh lord whose  rule extends up to   the end of  directions   where,
The elephants  of directions live  , we have lost the  job of protecting   the gardens.
Due to a  monkey who   has shoulders    which make the mountains scared,
Entering inside the garden   , breaking all   trees   and throwing   them out  ,
The gardens, which was looked after well , became like cloth burnt by fire.”

5485.They further  told, “It is not easy to tell for  that monkey using  its legs,
Hands    and teeth  powdered those   trees and made   them without a coating of dust,
 And also   uprooted  easily  the   golden building  of Yagna  and by throwing it,
Has destroyed   the  entire  divine   city   of   Lanka    except    for   small portions.”

5486.Hearing this  Ravana told “has just one monkey  destroyed    completely  ,
The entire garden with golden trees   by  powdering it  and also destroyed ,
That great and rare  building  like of which cannot be easily seen,
And which is guarded   by Rakshasas and also    destroyed the city of  Lanka?
The valour of the Rakshasas   appears to be great!. Such    words  ,
Would not be uttered  by ignorant   people”  and then   he   smiled.

5487.When Ravana berated those   Gods of the season  ,  they looked at Ravana ,
And told, “Oh king ,  If the  earth has  the strength      to carry,
The body of that  monkey , we have   to appreciate    that earth.
It would be very  great crime   to say  that  monkey is  one of the  trinity of Gods,
Oh Lord    you   would   see  it just now.”

5488. Hanuman  shouted   the war cry making  the water in the ocean,
Going back through  the holes  on the earth , with the   eight elephants ,
Carrying the earth and eight   protectors of earth   running   away in fear  ,
With  the  Rakshasis   with red mouth   like kovvai fruit  ,
Suffering abortions   and getting famished and making ,
The globe of the earth  blowing up and breaking.

7.Kinkarar vadhai padalam
Chapter on killing  of Kinkaras

( Ravana     sends an army of Kinkaras to catch   and bring Hanuman. By uprooting a huge   tree  Hanuman killed all of them . The Rakshasas who were  alive and told Ravana who becomes upset.
   Valmiki Ramayana   tells that  Hanuman killed tem all by an iron rod. It also says they were   eighty thousand of them) )

5489. That sound   which was  like the thunder  going and striking   the mountain cave ,
Like the  fearful sound   of sea at time of deluge, and like   the sound  produced ,
When Rama broke the  bow of Shiva  and which sound has spread   everywhere,
Went in to the twenty ears   of Ravana   who was wearing   lustrous  gem studded  ,
Crowns over his   head    , blessed    with lots   of  hair.

5490.Ravana   with a slight smile   , with jealousy raising  its head in him,
Send  innumerable   kinkaras   who had   measureless  strength   and told them,
“Please  block the way through the sky  so that , the monkey cannot escape  ,
Catch it  easily without killing it   and  bring it before   me.”

5491.Those Rakshasas   who had   a poison like   black body   armed with  ,
Weapons like spear  , sword,  trident   , javelin  , staff  and mace with thorns,
Speedily   departed   from there  like  the huge   sea  rising up at  deluge,
Which would   destroy the   entire earth  .

5492.They   whose  mind would be sweetened  by honey  , when they hear,
That   a war would happen in  any place , were   wider    than the forest  ,
And their body    was greater   than   huge  mountains.

5493. They  who   were famous   for fighting  with enemies like   
The short tempered  devas and asuras, and were capable  of destroying   their defenses,
By engaging themselves   in competitive war  became sad thinking that  ,
Achieving   a victory fighting with a   small monkey subsisting  ,
On fruits   and roots     was    a very  Great  shame  to them.

5494. They were  people who had tied the weapon of sword on their waists,
Who  were    wearing an armour as well as  heroic   anklets  ,
Who had shoulders     which   touched     the end of all directions  ,
Who had long   hands which could caress  the clouds   in the sky  ,
Who had heads that touched the sky  , who were  capable  , of throwing mountains by their feet  And Who   had a voice like  several drums  played together   or the thunder from the clouds.

5495. They had scars  on their shoulders   made by divine weapons  ,
Thrown on them by the devas  or created  by other   asuras  in war fare  ,
They  had a cave like mouth , which could swallow male and female   elephants  by taking them ,
And putting them in their mouth  , they had curved teeth    which were   like  ,
The newly appeared   white  crescent   of the  moon  , and had an eye boiling with anger.

5496.They were armed with weapons like  Wheels  , Pestles  , Swords   with sharp tips,
Iron staff  , conches  , Maces  with thorns , Throw spears  , spears  , tridents  ,
Thorn sticks  , golden Vajrayudhas, weapons of the    shape of  ropes  , shining axes,
Pretty spears   which go up  , bows  , big   arrows  , spears   which can be thrown  ,
And   iron staffs with very sharp pointed     ends.

5497.They were   wearing , pretty  divine ornaments  , had mountain like shoulders ,
Had lustrous weapons  and eyes  , had bodies  spreading  light  like Sun,
And  they asked those  in front why  their progress is hindered,
Without knowing that   they were not able  to move due to rush,
And they    would heat the  back of the people standing  before them by  their hot breath,
And move  shouting  “Why, Why”,  trying to go with great speed.

5498.Those Rakshasas   with folded  lips   who   possessed the cruel weapon of lightning
Possessing  bows  , possessing blowing breaths  , having   a black   body like  clouds in the sky,
Spreading themselves   on to the sides and    possessed    the greatness  ,
Of being compared to   the  clouds of deluge  getting prepared  to great rains.

5499. “If  a monkey which is alone   has destroyed the cool garden   and also,
Uprooted     the huge Chaithya building there , What of our great strength?
Can there be a greater disrespect   that can occur    to the clan of asuras?”
Shouting like  this with great anger  , they started   going there  with great  speed.”

5500.The sound  of beating of the drums  , the  twang of the string of the bow,
The  jingling sound of heroic anklets , the booming sound of  conches and
The  sound of chiding   in a big tone   , all joined together  one by one  ,
And became a huge sound   and  became capable of stifling  ,
The  torrential    sound   of very big waves of the sea  at deluge.

5501. They were those who travelled by the sky feeling there is no space  in the sky,
Those  who were producing smoke due to fire of anger  bending their eye brows and bows,
And breathing heavily . those   who get angry with other  for going ,
In front   of each other  by mistake ,those   who could not get their way ,
Thinking    that city   of Lanka    was not broad enough  for them 
And those   who were having a perplexed look not knowing what to do.

5502. There were   those who take their sword   from its sheath   and waving it,
Those who fold their  lips  , Those    who pat  their own shoulders,
Those  while walking make the stones   on the way in  to powder,
Those not finding  space to lift  their legs   and keep the next step,
And those  who bite their big curved   teeth and  seethe like   fire.

5503. All  those  soldiers  of Ravana   were standing  like a mountain,
Were well trained   in the use   of various    weapons  ,
They were  all  best experts   in warfare  , They   had great strength by  boons,
They wore  ornaments   which sparkled like Vajrayudha  ,
They had all won over devas   in war, They were people  who killed Asuras and ate them,
And they     all  walked towards  the place of Hanuman    shaking the earth.

5504.Due  to  making Nagas   who wore  heroic anklets   which was sparkling like lightning,
And Nivatha Kavachas   run away   showing their backs. 
When the    war  with them  was reaching the zenith,
These  Kinkaras   broke in to a smile   when thinking about    their  lack  of valour ,
And they were   those  who destroyed  the Alakapuri of Khubera and destroyed  his fame  ,
And    they were  wandering all over  the world in search of war  as ,
Without   fighting with any   one they    were   having great discomfort  of their shoulders.

5505.If ordered  to  Knock off the  mountain   or  drink all water  of ocean with tides ,
Or  Push the sun so that it falls down  , or  extract water   from  clouds in the sky,
Or Crush  Adhisesha , the king of serpents    on the earth  or  uproot this earth .
Only  one group of people    could do it   and not only that ,
 Their valour  could not be contained  with only   this.

5506. They came  towards   Hanuman, like the  cruel crowd of devils  who travel ,
On the raising dust   to make   the devas  blind    , like  the crowd of tigers   ,
Which walk speedily with their powerful legs  , like  the crowd of lions  .
Who were rushing through the sky  and  like  The Halahala   poison ,
Which rose from the  ocean , fearlessly with the speed of arrows,
Like the huge clouds     which were   rushing towards   the mountains.

5507.Apart from their long breaths  , fire sparks   were coming out from their eyes and
Smoke   was coming out of their mouth   and they  were  coming like   the spark of the spear,
Making sound like thunder   and were   rushing    speedily towards  the  eight directions.
Creating huge winds   which  made   the stars in the sky fall down  and they  came,
And surrounded the Asoka forest which was like   a cloudless   sky.

5508.Hanuman  who was standing outside   like the Kailasa  mountain touching the sky  ,
Making even the sun god  giving out  heat   getting scared  of him and move away,
Hearing  the sound of curved horns  , the  booming of conches  , the  sound of drums,
Which  was like the sound from rainy season clouds  , the sound  of  shivering,
Of many animals running away  and sound  of the impending war approaching  ,
Saw   those   Rakshasas   coming   towards him  by his own eyes.

5509. That Hanuman who was better than all  ,  understood  clearly  that his   destroying  ,
In the beginning   was a good act    and due to his clear understanding   of the matter  ,
He  felt that  , there   would not have been better  strategy   than that as  ,by the act
Destroying that garden   in that war  he could make defeat them and make them run away.

5510. Those Army of Rakshasas   who were  moving   with a speed   of the wind,
Came near him making the day time   in to night   and  they stood there  saying,
“This fellow, this fellow, this fellow”  and said “This is that monkey”,
And started    making   the earth , the mountain  , sky   as well as  ,
The matchless sky shiver   by   their unified    war cry  , and threw at  Hanuman,
Various lustrous   weapons   which were as cruel as Halahala poison.

5511, Those Rakshasas who  started   throwing those great wapons,
Destroying the pride of   clouds that  thunder    and  the oceans that fold with tides,
Beat   their drums  , opened their cave  like mouths  , became greatly angry ,
Making smoke  coming out of their mouths , walked making  ,
The faultless hoods   and shoulders   pressed down   and  surrounded ,
That place   like    the fire surrounds  the forest   of bamboos.

5512.Hanuman who was the personification  of Dharma  understanding ,
That the Rakshasas had come near and were   throwing  weapons at him,
Took in his hands  a  properly shaped   great   tree   that   would  help him,
To kill with sweetness  those Asuras who were    crowding   on his side,
Thinking that “it was like  a help liked  by his  mind to do his  job,
And like a   churner   which could be used to churn the ocean of milk ,
Grew up greatly     in the middle of Rakshasas    surrounding him.

5513. He hit those   Asuras with that tree  making a sound   which is higher than  ,
The sound of  huge  thunder   which are capable  of powdering the mountain   
Because  of that  similar  to  the  cool mountains  giving rise  to  rivers  and long canals  ,
From  the strong shoulders of Asuras   gave   out  blood which was  like rivers,
And they  died catching each other   and  their  tall  broken heads rolled on the earth .

5514. Those asuras   stood in a line and threw   their weapons   on Hanuman,
And due  to being hit by Hanuman   some of them lost their eyes   which were like drums  made of hide,
Some of  them fell lengthwise   on the floor  , some lost   their teeth   ,
Which were like     the crescent of the moon  , some had their rear neck and   head broken ,
Some were  destroyed   by stamping  and  losing the remnant   of their   souls  ,
Some spit out   their intestines   along with blood and died,
Some   died because   their evil smelling   body was  broken.

5515,The hair of some asuras who speedily got up to fight   in the war   was burnt  ,
Due to the fire that arose  giving out sparks  of fire,
Some got their thighs   and back  hurt  due to the beating by Hanuman  ,
Some got their thighs  and    neck broken   and spit blood which caused whirl pools  ,
Some   got the weapons in the hand broken   and   their shoulders ,
Getting  separated   from their body  , some got their  bellies  broken,
And those who ran scared  fell in different part of the  battle field.

5516. Those who fought well with iron staff  and  those   who had   bows that rained  arrows,
Were  kicked  by  Hanuman  , got their chests   broken  , and vomited  blood with shivering.
Some  Rakshasa  heroes   who had a body   with colour of darkness   who were there  ,
Were  buried     under  the  dust in that place   ,rolled   for quite a distance and  ,
With soul as small as the seeds   with a  body without soul   fell there,
 And some others  lost their heroic   voice  as well as   their eyes.

5517.Hanuman  lifted them and dashed them   on the near by  mountains ,
And because of that   some reached  the city  of Alakapuri  with great  enmity  ,
Towards  them and wanting to kill them, some others   spread   on the sky  ,
So that  it could not be seen  and some others were seen filling   the heavens,
Some ran  with their bodies   crushed   and he  threw  speedily some  others 
Towards   the sky   and  they reached  the heavens along with their body.

5518. Hanuman caught some Asuras pulled out their legs  and shoulders  and threw them,
And they  who had lost their legs   and shoulders   were  lying   on earth,
Like    the  mountains  which have lost their   wings and  he caught
Some  cruel Asuras by his victorious tail   and  threw  them making them to  spin like a  top.

5519.Due to Hanuman    swords of some asuras broke  , Some strong bows broke,
The  diamond like shoulders of some   got cut off , the lustrous  spears  and axes broke,
Some broke their legs   , Some  had their teeth  falling to   the   earth  ,
Like the shining   stars . and some got their arms holding  weapons  cut off.

5520. The big   heads   of  some them got broken  and fell down ,
The very lustrous   armour  broke and    got scattered,
The heroic anklets   made   of pure   gold   broke  and  got scattered,
The golden necklaces  along with bells   fell with great  sound,
The Gems studded  in  ornaments came out ,
Their   victorious    crowns which   were  honour   given to them broke  ,
Their golden air rings   got cut off  . Their eye  balls   got broken.

5521. Their   collection of teeth  scattered, their skin as well as bones ,
Got scattered, Their hammer like    weapon   lay scattered,
The  mace with thorns   broke and lay scattered  ,
The weapon called wheel  lay scattered  , their  body broke and souls departed,
The weapon called Kappanam lay scattered, the best crowns  made of gem  lay scattered.

5522.Many   died  by the   legs of Hanuman  , many by his   long hands  ,
Many by his  dashing   shoulders  , many by the fire  from his lustrous eyes,
Many due to him catching them , many   hit   by his   fists ,
Many by their own swords    and many due to throwing of trees died.

5523.Some Rakshasas   died because  Hanuman pulled   them ,
Some died due to being hit by his fist  , some died because  he threw them,
Some  died because   Hanuman caught them  , some died being tied by him,
Some  died because   they were slapped, some died  because he looked at them angrily  ,
And some    others died because   they were  greatly scared  by Hanuman.

5524. That Hanuman who was moving like a kite   ran to places where ,
The Rakshasas were   there  and killed them  , some he killed  by going near   them,
Some he killed by hitting  with a tree  tied with creepers  and ,
He killed  some who were   hiding  in the hill of  corpses by searching for them.

5525Hanuman  who was like a mountain  , knocked those   who knocked him,
Neared those Asuras who came   one after  other   and killed them,
Killed those who were  like mountain and who wanted to tie him,  by tying them,
Killed  those by slapping    those    who slapped   his body.

5526. Hanuman killed them   even when they were    tired  or in high spirits,
He would kill them even if  they fly in the sky   or walk on earth,
Hanuman would catch   those   weapons emitting  fire   thrown   at him,
By  Asuras who had hands like lightning , who were black and wore heroic anklets ,
Standing    all over      the way  , grind them by his hands   and break them.

5527.With   the brain and fat of those  Asuras  being getting collecting   like   slushy mud ,
And also silt , With   the long  dust filled  streets   inside the city getting filled with water,
And the blood   of those Asuras  which was  approaching   him like   a river ,
Being pushed here and there  by him , the city appeared   to spit,
Endlessly    blood through   several   of its   mouths.

5528,The Hanuman who was like Vedas , tied several asuras   by,
His hand, legs and tails and dashed    them against the    trees,
Those Asuras    got crushed   like   sugarcane   in a pressing factory  ,
And blood that was flowing from that body flowed,
 To the ocean like vessel of  juice     of the  Sugarcane.

5529.When Hanuman lifted those  Asuras   and flung them,
Due their bodies hitting , huge mansions with flags  broke   in to pieces,
The stages became misshapen   and   got destroyed  ,
Male elephants    with huge   trunks   died,
Crowd of huge female    elephants as  well as big horses got destroyed.

5530.Due to Hanuman  tying them by his very big hands  and flinging them,
Some asuras    went and hit their own homes   and broke them  with their own body,
Some asuras destroyed their wives   by their   legs ,
And some Asuras   killed their own children with their weapons.

5531. That Hanuman who was like a  big male  elephant capable  of killing  its  enemies,
Seeing the sorrow suffered by Rakshasis  , took mercy   on them , did  not  kill them,
And requested   them to go back   to their homes  and left some asuras  ,
Who were   like soul  to the just married   to young Rakshasis   without killing,
And  took mercy on those ladies with love tiff  and send back   their husbands.

5532. All the trees were having bodies  of Rakshasas, all Verandas   were having their bodies,
All road intersections had their bodies , the sea was filled    with their bodies,
The central places   of the city were filled with their bodies, Sky was   full of bodies,
The streets   where  they lived was filled   with their bodies and Lanka was filled  by their  bodies.

5533. Hanuman was not one   who  did not kill  those Asuras  who came before him,
And because of that , The god  of death who was supposed    to take back their souls,
Became tired  and was not able to his job  and due   to no one to take their souls  ,
The souls were wandering here and there  and the place   of stars  ,
AS well as the place of clouds and all places  in between were  filled up by their souls.

5534. When the war was   going on like   this  ,  some asuras  lost their wisdom,
Became more and more angry  and occupied all the   sky and all the directions  ,
And were  looking like black clouds   and Hanuman looked   like the Sun God.

5535. Due the shouting   of those   strong Asuras  they made  Hanuman to wander about  ,
And to those   who witnessed  saw the  huge asuras   with their sides becoming   thick and tall,
And   with excessive black colour , and due to their  strong  spears  looking   like fish,
 And felt that they  were like a tumultuous   ocean   and Hanuman looked like  Mandhara  mountain.

5536.The  black  kinkaras   were killed by  Hanuman   by his hands  , legs   and catching  by tail,
And  to  their shattered heads falling   on the earth   were  looking like the snakes ,
Who were following Garuda   who emerged  with pot of nectar   making devas scared,
And   that Hanuman was  looking    similar    to that   Garuda.

5537.Those  Rakshasas due to enmity   born out of their pride with anger  surrounded  Hanuman,
And  were completely occupying   that  Lanka , which is surrounded   by the ocean full of fishes,
And  though killed   in very large numbers  they appeared   to be  in large number,
Like the elephant and Hanuman   was looking like    a lion killing   those elephants.

5538.Due    to those  Rakshasas  sending arrows  which hurt,  due to thrown arrows,
Which pulled   , showered  pierced  , pressed , made hole  , broke  ,
Snatched  , surrounded  , caught  and irritated  on the  huge   shoulders,
Of  the great  Hanuman  , the wounds    of war were   extremely numerous.

5539.Devas  heard the sound created  by  the crowds  of Rakshasas,
Engaged   in a horrific war   making   huge black oceans .
AS well  the  clouds   that give rise    to rain retreat
And  praised    that   great Hanuman  and shouted ,
Words of encouragement   whose sound was more   in that war.

5540.Those    cruel Rakshasas who had come    to fight the war   , with great anger  ,
Several times  sent   various   weapons   by  triggered  by mechanical devices  ,
In  several billions   and the wounds   that were   made   by them ,
As well as the  flowers that    were showered  by   the devas , their consorts,
As well sages settled on the   shoulders  of Hanuman  and it was  difficult to make them out.

5541.Because that  Valorous and great  Hanuman who was   the follower   of Dharma  ,
Ran round and round   speedily   like a kite    and moved    in  all eight   directions,
And also   went high  in to the   sky     as well as   in to the earth,
All Rakshasas   got worn out    and died  but   that hanuman  ,
Did not sweat    in  his body   nor did he take heavy  breath.

5542. Those Rakshasas  fighting the great war with Hanuman  were   those ordered by Ravana 
 And sent   there  and  were like   those who had swallowed poison   and we do not  know,
How many of them died but know    that all of them were killed   and ,
There   were no survivors   who were  not valorous   and got defeated  by that  ,
And so   there are  no other  soldiers   , like those   Rakshasas.

5543.The KInkaras   who came   to fight   with Hanuman   died in two mathra  time ,
And then the chiefs of the garden  went speedily   and with shivering hands and legs  ,
With fear  pushing their neck  fell on thousands of hills of bodies and became   sad.

5544.They speedily went  and stood  in front of Ravana  and with sobbing  ,
Not able to tell  anything by their  mouth  , showed all that  happened there ,
By the signs made   by their hands  and not able   to stand there,
Looked at  all the four   directions and shivered and  the king ,
Understood the great defeat    by  their  great sorrow.

5545.That   Ravana  who showed his chest due to great pride   and  who was ,
Spitting fire of anger     from all his ten mouths   asked  them,
“Did all the  Kinkaras sent by me for war    meet their death ,
And sacrificed their souls or  did they go against my order ,
And ran away from war? Or did they    due   to great defeat  in war,
Forgot me  due   the great insult ? Please  tell me why you  have  come?”

5546. Then those   guards   who came there  told  , “the very Kinkaras,
Did not become sad   and run away , they did not get   scared  ,
And leave   the battle field   and like   those clan of  silly   people  ,,
Who bear false witnesses  , they were   destroyed   by the monkey.”

5547. That Ravana   who  due to his anger appeared like one  ,
Who is prepared to swallow   all the three   worlds  ,
Feeling great shame looked   at the   divine guards  of the eight directions,
Who were guarding him  and   shouted  ,
At the guardians of seasons  , Possibly you do not know   what happened?”

5548.Those lords of the forests    did not reply   and were   shivering due to fear  ,
And That   Ravana  who was wearing garland made    of several types of flowers,
As well as petals  ,again asked them , “Did the cruel word that,
The monkey has killed was  it seen by you or only heard by you  “ 

5549.They said  , We hid ourselves in one corner     and saw it, that monkey,
Travelling    in all directions   by rotating himself   hit  with a tree ,
And killed   all the Rakshasa   army   belonging to  the  great army ,
Surrounding him   like the ocean of the south   and still,
It has not gone    away    from   that place  .”

8,Jambu mali vadhai padalam
Chapter   on killing   of Jambumali.

(Jambumali and his big army who came  to fight  with Hanuman are killed  by him
According to Valmiki Ramayana,  Jambumali  was the son of Prahastha  the chief minister    of Ravana. This is not mentioned in Kamba Ramayana.)

5550. Ravana    then looked at  a Rakshasa   called  Jambumali   who was  standing near him,
With folded    hands in salutation  and who had  mountain like    strong shoulders  ,
Who  was  not scared  like a serpent  and told him, “you , please   go ,
Along with  a horse army which flashes   in circles  , encircle that monkey,
Stifle its strength  , tie it with a rope   and bring him to me,
And bring down the  great anger  that I have in my mind.”

5551. That  Jambumali saluted   Ravana  and said to him, “Sir  ,
In the   measureless   crowd  of  great Rakshasas , after  thinking,
You  ordered  me  “as per my words   , please     do this job”
And  I have got great fame    due to that  and who else   ,
Can be greater than me  “and went away  looking as if,
He was the anger  of the king of Lanka  participating in  war.”

5552,That  Jambumali who   got the chance   to fight   a big war,
Along   with his army  and with army   of the king   which was  ordered to come ,
By the ten headed   Ravana   and with   with army holding the sword,
Given  to him by his father Prahastha   and along    with the armies  ,
Sent by his    friends   which came to guard  ,  departed.

5553.  Accompanied   by the proud   mountain like  elephants  having sound like thunder ,
Red eyes and white tusks     and  the  head covered   with ornamental mask  ,
And with  huge chariots  with white flags  , resembling   the crowds  ,
Created  by Lord Brahma   sitting  on the lotus and decorated  by,
Wheels   and    very pretty   pearl necklaces .

5554. He was also followed  by crowds  of horses  of great lineage,
On which  valorous heroes   who were  like God of death rode  ,
And which looked as if   they were created by   catching hold  of winds from all directions,
And putting    four legs    to those  , He was also followed by  ,
Mentally happy   foot soldiers   who were  looking like various types of male tigers 
Which have  left   their  mountain caves  and have assembled   in the battle field  .

5555. They all came armed   with huge iron staff  , pestle  , sharp   swords,
Shining axe  ,  maces with thorns  , goad  , spears    which were  sharpened,
Wheels with flame  of fire  , bow  , pretty  iron staff  , iron rollers  ,
Shining  iron maces , the rope   of the God of death  , huge   trees,
Rings  , cruel arrows   and   other   weapons.

5556. They were  also armed with   the throw spears   and   iron rods 
And   the pretty crowd of flags  which were   similar   to the  ,
The matchless  rain water   coming down from the  very black clouds  ,
In the sky    got  out of piercing them  and which were crowding from all sides.

5557. That army marched   with the sound created  by many musical instruments,
With pretty conches   booming,  with sounds  produced    by the speedy  ,
Rolling of wheels   of chariots  , With horses  neighing like  lauging  ,
With bows and  belled chains   standing firmly  ,
With elephants    trumpeting    loudly   and with sound in the sky,
Masking the conversations    of devas     with each other .

5558. Due to the marching of the army  of Jambumali   that  golden city,
Surrounded   by sea  appeared full and broken   and the dust it raised  ,
The   ordinary   shining   mountains   were resembling   the Meru mountain,
With great luster  and the old city   of Lanka   and other   cities,
Looked like    the golden city    of heaven.

5559.In the army of the cruel Jambumali   which surrounded   his   chariot  ,
There were  ten thousand  chariots with pretty wheels  , double that  number ,
Of  elephants  , four times that number of   speedily  running  horses,
And the foot soldiers    were the double      the number of those horses.

5560.Those heroes   riding  on the speedy chariots   were expert  in science of archery,
They were experts  in arts   of illusion  , great due    to the boons received  by them,
They had eyes   showing great   valour , they were having    strong shoulders  m
Which had  matchless  power  , they were  born in families   with great valour,
They had tied the quiver on their backs   and they    were    wearing golden armour  ,
Which masked their   chests which were   like  big mountains.   

5561. Those soldiers   who were   driving the male    elephant   in rut  .
Were as pretty  as the pure Indra  who rides  on Iravatha  , the elephant  of the east  ,
Which has   the habit  of fighting  , Were experts   in warfare    with swords ,
And managing the elephants    with goad , were born in the  clan of Niruthi,
The female   guardian of  south east , were  with eyes which sheds fire again and again,
And were   people   with lustrous   bodies    like    the Sun.

5562.The valorous  riders of horses knew    about the pretty directions   to go,
And knew the eighteen types  of steps   of the horses , knew   about the nature  ,
Of  army suitable for a war   and  in the battle field , they went by the   side  of
Chariot and elephant   borne soldiers   and    rode   ,
On horses   with garlands with bells   and went    as  per   their   mind.

5563,That Jambumali   who had the lustrous    curved    teeth  proceeded,
Accompanied by   such type of army, making the Devas   scared,
With his   big eyes  lighten up due to great anger , With a shining armour  on his chest,
And   with anger   which was like   the fire in the mountain  proceeded in big golden chariot.  

5564.Hanuman who was the emissary of Lord Rama  and  stood   alone in that garden of luxury.
Thinking that  more Rakshasas   had not come    to fight    with him  ,
Looking   at the path they are  likely   to come   and climbed  up,
On the ornamental  arched gate   which   similar     to a rain bow  ,
Which was    surrounded by    Chandra   and other planets  and  the stars in the sky.

5565.  With   the well coloured  big gems as well as    gold   removing  the darkness,
In the  sky  , That Hanuman who  stood   on that arched gate  which was  shining  ,
With  rays    from gems  and gold  , making  that light   shine surrounding him,
Was  similar   the Sun god with great light   in   the middle  of an ocean.

5566.That greatly  valorous  Hanuman   shouted     the   great war cry,
Which was   similar    the twang sound    made by Rama  on  his bow 
Making   clouds  fall down   with thunder  , making    the  sea  ,
Producing great sound calm down ,  the serpents    in the mountain holes,
Spit out their soul along with poison , with fear   enter  and stay  in the minds of
Rakshasas who   are habituated     for killing others    and making the devas   shiver .

5567.Then Hanuman slapped his shoulders    which made   the  elephants of directions,
Lose the joy   of rut , Which made  God of death    ruling    the south   taken aback,
And loose his poise  , made  the undamaged stars  in the sky   
Fall  down like flowers   and   made    earth and mountains   split  .

5568. At that time all the Rakshasas   who had   come to fight the war ,
Shouted    like the tumultuous ocean   with great   tides  ,
And due to being prevented from going further  by mountain of corpses.
And due to the hot  flowing blood which was hot  coming near and ebbing out ,
And being knocked down by the corpses   of their own relation  and falling,
Were not able to go by straight path  , got perplexed   as to what path   they should take.

5569. Jambumali   from there   divided   in to various   groups   and ordered  them,
To approach Hanuman from his two sides  and also in his   frontin a proper formation,
And then he drove his big chariot and went further  and then Hanuman  who  was sitting on the gate  ,
Seeing that   whatever  he wanted   came before him  and had joyus feeling  on his victorious  shoulders.

5570. That chief  Hanuman   making  his   forehead  having the “Namam”    symbol,
Of  Lord Vishnu  ,  who held the  divine wheel   and which was  shining like flame of lamp,
AS his  front army , With the   hairs   growing erect all over   his body as  his soldiers,
With   his strong  hands   with  sword like sharp nails    as his army on both sides  ,
With his divine tail    as his   back side army   and he himself  as the full army  marched ahead.

5571. Those  sword  holding asuras   who had   enmity    with him, feeling great ,
Because   of their   anger  ,  with  their horns and  conches  made  huge sounds ,
With their strong  bows  making  twang sound   , With Rakshasas  ,
Who are experts in illusion   becoming joyous   and shouting   roar of victory,
With very many musical instruments  playing  , took their weapons by their hands  ,
And speedily  threw   them at valorous  Hanuman, so that  all directions   would break.

5572. That Hanuman who was sitting on the curved gate   using  only his hands  ,
And hitting and breaking    the weapons   thrown by   the Rakshasas   with black anklets  ,
And  made   them fall in the   huge  ocean   so that  they would become useless.
Due to the   crowds  of bees (weapons) spread everywhere  He  was affected  with great   anger,
Which was Burning like fire , and   chose  and took hold of an iron staff   which had   fallen there.

5573. That Hanuman who was sitting on the gate   got  down   stood erect   and  ,
Using   the iron staff,   killed   in that battle   field  , Those who did not  know him properly  .
Those    who had spread, those   who were staying together  ,
And those    who were    standing     in that  battle   field.

5574.  He  using his left   hand  pushed aside   all   the weapons
Which had come near him   and  those that were thrown at him by the Rakshasas
And started    fighting   with his right hand   and due to which  ,
The elephants   which   had strength    to kill    died there ,
Many great chariots broke in to pieces   and ,
The crowd     of  horses  fell down on earth and died.

5575.By  the hit of   that Hanuman,  elephants   in rut  lost the flags,
That   were   held over them , they lost    their big   tusks  ,
They lost their big    trunks , they lost their big legs,
They lost their ability   to shout  , The flowing  of rut stopped,
And they also  lost    their very great anger.

5576.The outer rims   of the chariots broke  , their huge axils broke  ,
The places where horses are tied broke   , their  wheels   broke,
The upper  plates   broke   in to pieces, The  best of garlands  were  damaged ,
The best of the horses   which were    tied to chariot  were destroyed ,
And to sum up  everything   up, those huge chariots were   destroyed.

5677. Some  horses  got their body broken and rolled  on earth,
And died , some of them suffered  ,some of them  who  were hit  ,
Caught fire   and  broke down   and became   like   dust.,
Some horses which rose up  .got their feet    folded  ,
While trying to get up   and they   broke  ,  and like this 
Many horses fell down like   the mountains whose  wings   were cut by Indra.

5678. Some of those   soldiers     seeing the prowess   of Hanuman,
Got scared   and wondering about him fell down  ,
Some of those   who fell got up   and   being scared ,
Lost their senses  and fell down dead   and   those   who did not die ,
Rolled   became tired   ,  and with their organs  ,
Going    round and round   on the earth    ran away.

5679.Hanuman killed   Elephants  by dashing them with other  elephants ,
In that   battle ground  , He hit horses    with other   horses,
Made them  fall on the ground   and destroyed   them,
He   threw some heroes     with very strong bow   and killed them,
He destroyed the row   of chariots    using  other chariots.

5680.   The   brains and blood of  the Rakshasas became  like  a boiling   fluid, 
And  became a fearful slush   and   the  elephants    which fell in that  slush,
Were swallowed by  it  leading to their death   and Hanuman  by stamping with his feet,
On the Rakshasas   who were  like a long   big  mountain  destroyed  them .
Along with the shoulders   and   the swords   that they were   holding.

5681. He  stamped and killed  those asuras who  were fighting   doing wrestling ,
And who   were  valorous ones with  mountain like shoulders   along  with  ,
The curved   teeth in their mouth  , long  big hands  , the  bow they were  holding,
The spears  , their valour , their  loud shouts   and  souls  .

5682. That Hanuman   who could go   in to all places   where   the fire  with smoke ,
Can enter , approached all chariots   which were giving  light from their top.
He   went round  all places  where the   great big elephants  and horses  were there.
He went  near  the army which made fun of him as  only a monkey   and ,
Walked over the heads  of all their soldiers    and killed them all.

5683.Hanuman jumped  over  like thunder  of deluge,  on  the back of   victory giving horses,
On the chests wearing  scented garland  of the enemy soldiers   who were valorous,
On the shoulders decorated  by gems   one after another ,on the huge elephants  ,
Which were raining water  of rut  ,  and destroyed   all of them.

5684. At that time he was wandering and killing   like  a  kite  ,like  the scepter  ,
Which is stable  and matchless  , like the   wisdom of elders   who have  got over,
The  fate of blessed deeds and sins   and like the minds  of prostitutes  ,
Who gave their growing breasts  to all  without bothering   who they were  
Deciding   based only  on the money they gave  according  to the amount they gave.

5585. That great Hanuman   making people  understand faultlessly   that  ,
The devotees of Lord Vishnu   would attain     all  his greatness  ,
Was visible   to the eye   and merged   with the  minds  of Rakshasas,
Who were   fighting with strength  on the earth  , sky  , sides   and all directions.

5586.Using his big hands   he hit and grinded  on the earth,  crowds  of horses,
Along   with huge chariots    having  flags   and caught  the huge mountain like  elephants,
With tusks   which were   blaring out   due to his    great anger  ,
By his other hand   and crushed    and   killed them.

5587.Hanuman bit   like  Lord Rudra  all those  Rakshasas who were coming,
With a mind full of rage  , those having  bent and protruding long teeth  ,
Those having rope as a weapon  ,Those with enmity   stare   like fire  ,
Those having  the power of a pointed army   and those   who were  ,
Having enmity , were coming like gods of death   and ,
Were   shouting a loud voice  , kicked them with his feet and killed  them.

5588.Due to being rotated  by the   huge tides  of blood gushing  out ,
From those Rakshasas, the wheels  , huge iron rods  , pestles  , maces  , spears ,
Became extra   and got mixed along with   chariots , horses, umbrellas    and flags 
As well as   elephants with   huge trunks and    entered   in to that  sea.

5589.Due   the throwing of a weapon of iron pillar (yezhu)   by Hanuman   hitting them,
The  heads   of the Rakshasas  rose up from their bodies   and some went  and hit  the mountains,
Which touch   the sky  , Some travelled    towards end of directions ,
And some   joined with each other   and  along with   the heads  ,
That have fallen earlier   , were scattered  all around like household materials.

5590 That Jambumali  who was   cruel like god of death  , was standing alone  ,
Like   the  fainted   elephant   as the  other elephants   have   been killed  ,
By an angry lion   and have   reached the heaven , with honey  like,
Red eyes     giving out sparks of fire   and became   very angry.

5591.Those Rakshasas   who were riding , on horses   with reins  moving like  air ,
Had   died on the battle field and due to his  wheels of chariot   going deep,
And got caught    by the slushy mud  created by the blood   and fat of those Asuras,
And was not able to move out from that place  but   he,
Who was  pitiable   was   trying    to with speed.

5592.That Hanuman  who was wounded   all over his body   looked  like,
A tree full of flowers  told him, “You have only one weapon  , you have only,
One chariot  and you did not have    strength   to protect   those  ,
Who came   to war along with you   and you are   standing alone.
If you fight with me now   you will surely die and so,
What are you going  to do b now? It is not just to kill  the poor people  ,
And so   you can go back  “said Hanuman with sense   of mercy.

5593.Jambumali looked at Hanuman and told, “you mercy seems to be good,”
And  he laughed uproariously   making fire come out    and further  told,
“You possibly   thought   that  I am one   who would   easily  die  in this   war .”
And   using his  very strong bow as hard as diamond   started   sending ,
Arrows with great luster   in numbers, one  , ten ,  hundred , hundred thousand and so on.

5594. That Hanuman  told him, “Just because   you take a bow in your hand  ,
Do you think it is easy to kill    those who wander    without   weapons?”
And   then smiled showing out his white teeth   and destroyed  and scattered  ,
All the arrows that   were coming towards  him using the weapon  called “Yezhu(iron pillar) ”
Like   the rain drops being destroyed   by wind  , in all directions.

5595. That Rakshasa   called Jambumali  becoming    extremely    enraged ,
Observing that    the arrows  sent by him in front and back   were not hurting Hanuman,
And were   falling down broken , tried    to reach near Hanuman in his chariot ,
And not able to do it  , cut off the   victorious weapon “Yezhu(iron pillar) ”  ,
Of  Hanuman  , by his arrow    which had    a tip like an axe.

5596. Hanuman due to loss of  “Yezhu(iron pillar)”   was disturbed   and started   breaking ,
All the arrows sent by him   by his hands  and  Devas   who wore  long garlands  ,
Seeing this  made tumultuous  sound , and Hanuman   jumped  in to the chariot ,
Of Jambumali  ,  easily caught  hold of his bow    which was making sound  by his hand,
Folded his mouth   and pulled   the mountain like   head of that  Asura  ,
By the bow and made   it fall   on the earth.

5597.Then Hanuman jumped out of that chariot   and   crushed   in to pulp,
His chariot , his charioteer    and   the horses  that   were   drawing it  ,
Again climbed up on the tall arch   and   those  Gods of seasons,
Whose body had   dried up   , getting scared   witnessing   the death of ,
The very huge army  , fearing  to tell it to Ravana,
Ran from the battle field  towards   the  palace of Ravana  with great speed.

5598.That  broad , very big river of blood  , took    the corpses    to  each of their homes ,
Sio that   their wives can realize that  their husbands    have  all died,
The city of Lanka was    greatly shattered and in all places,
Only sound of wailing    due to sorrow    was being heard ,
And the  God of Dharma became   joyous thinking   that ,
“Due  to this monkey the strength  of Asuras  living in Lanka   has diminished.”

5599. Those Gods of seasons   entered   the matchless  palace   of   Ravana  ,
Who was wearing  garland of Gold  ,  stood there   without   telling anything,
With numbed faces    as they were all scared and shivering   to tell the news,
And seeing that Ravana   laughed   and  told   them , “Do not shiver”  and then they said,
“Sir  , All the Asuras   who were ours   have died and Jambumali  is also o more ,
Though   there   was  just one monkey there   to fight    with all of them.”

5600.AS soon as   they told this  That Ravana who had   anger like raging fire  ,
Thought   about   the death  of Jambumali  and his eyes   spit out blood  ,
And got up saying that , “  I would myself    go   and catch that  monkey,
And bring him  here” and hearing  that  his five  commanders   told.

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