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Kamba Ramayanam-Sundara Kandam Padalam 12-14

5.Sundara  Kandam(contd)

12.Pini Veetu padalam
Chapter on getting rid of the tie .

(Hanuman who could have easily got rid of the ties submitted to it as he wanted to talk to Ravana and also due to his respect for Lord Brahma. Indrajit takes him in front of Ravana   who enquires     with Hanuman , about himself.  He tells that   he is emissary of Angadha   and later says   he is the emissary of Sugreeva. When asked Hanuman  informs Ravana, about Rama. His killing of Vali and message from Sugreeva to immediately   release Sita. Infuriated Ravana orders for killing of Hanuman but under the advice of Vibheeshana decides to disfigure him by  burning his tail    and sending him back,. The asuras tie him well and drag him through all the streets of the city and at last lit fire to his tail. When lady Sita  hears about this, she prays Lord fire to become cool , which he obeys. Hanuman escapes from the tie and sets fire to city of Lanka.
  IN Valmiki Ramayana  Ravana does not ask   questions to Hanuman and on his behalf, Prahastha    his chief minister    asks the question,”

5805. Several  Asuras came to the place   shouting  “ Shoot an arrow   at this monkey,
Cut him with a sword  , Pierce him   with a spear  , Split him with an axe  ,
Take out his intestines , Cut him in to several pieces  , rub him on the earth,
Eat his flesh   and  If this escapes from here  , we will lose  our lives.”

5806. Ladies with kajal applied   big eyes  and males   getting   angry,
Just like a serpent with a hood  “Should we  keep  this silly monkey  ,
Alive for so much time  “   and surrounded  Hanuman from all sides,
And some Asuras     were trying   to kill Hanuman.

5807.”Does this diamond like body    of this monkey   merit,
To be destroyed     using poison coated   weapons?
Push him   in the folding ocean  and press  on his head firmly.
If you are  not able to do that  , put him  in fire and kill him”, They said.

5808. Some others told  , “ Ask him to bring back  My father ,
My younger brother   and elder brother  “ And stopped them,
And many   said, “He has come here    as per   the order ,
Of the Devas of heaven “ and felt that   they would not be able to kill him.

5809.”We have never been separated from our soul like husbands  ,
Who were pretty and were as    strong    as  the mountain ,
But today   they have gone  , Would we not wish for them and sorrow?
We would sit on his head as seat and would   not leave  ,
Unless  he gives back  our Mangalya”, said many crying Asura ladies.

5810. The huge   sound made  by    Asuras  belonging to the victorious city
Of Lanka   who had come to see  Hanuman being taken away,
Was   heard by Asura ladies  , the neck of   whose husbands  have been cut,
Who had a face   wearing ear globes   and were thirsting for their husbands,
And  they became   very happy   and that sound spread all over the world.

5811.Hanuman went along with   them with   happiness    seeing ,
The warriors   holding sharp   fire like  cruel weapons  , as well as,
The houses   of the city  which were   broken to dust  ,
Which resembled mountains broken by   thunder
Due to his throwing  the chariots and horses  on them.

5812. Though they saw   that   the very strong shoulders of Hanuman,
Which were like an old tree   surrounded by ants   suffering  ,
Due to being   tied by the serpent rope  , due   to fear  ,
The innocent  Rakshasis pretended  having not seen it  ,
And started   running away,  feeling   that the  monkey  would  come there too,
And  several asuras whose  lips had    come up due  to, the  shivering  ,
Of their teeth  were wondering , what other   great harm the  monkey would do?

5813.Many asuras   were scared hearing the tumult in the city   and kept quiet,
Some  others   were relating the valorous deeds  of that monkey in that war,
And some others  whenever    they saw Hanuman  , shivered due to fear,
And started  running helter-skelter   outside    the town.

5814.Some said  “ this tie with the serpent   which burns   and hurts  ,
Seems to be like a tie  with a flower garland to this monkey   as his face is full of luster,
And so without wasting much time   after thinking   about getting good results  ,
Do all that needs to be done .It is not proper   to take him now before the  king.”

5815. “The simplicity   of  this monkey  must have made   that lustrous snake ,
Worn out  and so    the thought of this monkey in his  mind could be different  ,”
Thinking like this   some asuras looked   at Hanuman   and entreated   with him,
“Look at us with joyful thought and do not become angry with us” and then they saluted him,

5816.Then fifty thousand KInkaras   who had   endless strength  ,
And were greatly valorous  assembled on one side  of Hanuman,
And catching hold of the serpent rope   they   started  ,
Draging away Hanuman    who was wearing heroic anklets.

5817.” Did the God of death,  for   destroying   the pride of those Asuras ,
Who were very strong  , hid   his form  which cannot be destroyed ,
Took the form of a monkey  and started destroying  us” said many Asuras.

5818. Many Asura  ladies who were wearing many rows   of bangles ,
Crowding    in the  open courtyards   of mansions , on the   top ,
Of  many houses   of Gold   ,  on window sills   and in places ,
Where huge drums were   being played  which gave rise to huge sound.

5819.That God  Shiva holding   the matchless   weapon of axe ,
And living on Kailasa  mountain  , due to the greatness  of Sita,
Who had the looks of a peacock , has possibly taken   the form of monkey,
With sharp teeth  and entered   in to this  pretty city,
Surrounded   by compound walls , “  some Asuras   were saying.

5820.The  Deva ladies  , the creeper like  Vidhyadhara ladies with long hair,
The Naga ladies   whose voice was sweeter than Yaazh music  , The sidha ladies,
Who are sweeter than Sugar cane   and also the Yaksha  ladies ,
Making   very great   sound   assembled  in all places.

5821.Some   Asuras   thought that . “Lord  Vishnu who sleeps  on  the ocean of milk,
And holds a big wheel   and Lord Brahma who wearing a flower    garland ,
And created the world, due to enmity with Asuras, must  have  ,
Changed their form and after becoming one body   and entered this city.”

5822.All  those who were not Rakshasas  or Rakshasis  , did not hide  ,
Their rain like tears and did they shed tears   seeing  the suffering ,
Of Sita    with scented hairs   or was it due to mercy    seeing,
The suffering of Hanuman   or due to the simplicity  of Dharma.

5823.That  Hanuman who did masculine duties   did not want ,
To either return back or win a victory    over them all,
But wanted to proceed   and   meet   the king of  Lanka,
And so thinking like this went along with them.

5824,He thought  “Due to the mercy of my father, the wind God ,
Due to the blessed  deed of meditating on the   divine feet of Rama,
And also   due to boons given by Sita  and other   Devas,
I can easily shake off this cruel arrow but ,
It is better for me to remain with a tired mind,.

5825.Hanuman thought  “  If I reached   Ravana , the Asura with curved teeth  ,
And Inform him along   the  council of senior   advisers  , about,
The likely happenings of future  as per the order  of Rama,
Possibly Ravana may lose   his determination  of the mind,
And may give  back Sita belonging  to the Mithila country to me.”

5826.”Otherwise   I would   be able know   the efficiency of people who are with him,
And also know about their deeper  intentions  and also when I   who am the  emissary of the king,
Regarded  as his face , inform Ravana   as to what   Rama told me  ,
Then from the    words   that he utters  , I can know   about his   strength and mentality.”

5827. “When I inform Ravana   about    the destruction of Vali ,
The danger that happened to Maramara trees  , The  huge ,
Measureless   strength  of   the monkey army  , and   about ,
The strength of Sugreeva  It would    stick  firmly,
To the   mind   of Ravana    of blue colour  “, he thought.

5828.”And so  ,My  meeting  Ravana   and  making  him  understand,
The power   and justice  of Rama   and  by chance  ,
If he  did  not agree  , killing  more   than half   the army  ,
That  is existing  and slowly   going away from here ,
Would be correct strategy”  thought Hanuman and went  along with those Asuras.

5829.Indrajit   who won victory over  Indra  , the king of Devas ,
Along with the ocean like army   surrounding   him  , took,
Hanuman who was like  a  tied bull  to the palace  ,
Of Ravana    who was shining     with his Royal umbrellas.

5830. The emissaries  of Indrajit    ran  and met   Ravana  ,
Who had won over   all  the directions  and told him,
“Oh king  , Your son Indrajit  using   the  arrow of Lord Brahma  ,
Who sits on the lotus flower   and caught  hold of that monkey.”

5831.As soon as he heard that  , Ravana , whose  mind stood   tall,
Due to  great joy   removed   the huge  pearl garland  ,
That he was  wearing  over the chest   which was like a moon less sky,
And which was black due to having swallowed darkness 
And which was    earlier rolling   over   the tusks   of  ,
The elephants of directions   and gave them as   a gift.

5832.  With limitless happiness   and with exuberant   shoulders,
Ravana   who had eyes   like the  fully open red  lily flowers   told them,
“You run quickly  and tell my order  that “Bring that monkey alive” to my son   Indrajit.”

5833.The emissaries   as per the  order of Ravana   went ,
And told those words To Indrajit   who   had  completely  ,
Removed the word ”Enemy”   so that he understands them,
And  this spread everywhere   and we will now tell,
About   the state  of Sita   who heard   this very cruel news.

5834.To Sita   who had heard   earlier   that , “He  destroyed ,
The Sweet scented Asoka Vana  , he killed  limitless  Rakshasas”
And who was   happy  , Trijata   who had a faultless   mind  ,
Told about the  sorrowful  things   that happened   ,
To the greatly valorous Hanuman   and Sita  ,
Hating to live any further  , with great   worry told.

5835. That Sita   whose   body was covered with dust.
Looking like a picture   covered  by smoke  and losing its luster,
And was  as tender   and soft as  a flower  , became  like a swan  with tender   feathers,
Which was sorrowing   because its little one was in the hands  of a cruel hunter ,
Told these words   about   Hanuman   and wailed.

5836. “You   went  piercing    in to the   very broad sky ,
And learnt all the arts  from  the sun god  .
And such a person as you  has been imprisoned  ,
By a cheating Rakshasa, Is  this the property of Dharma?”

5837.”You crossed   the ocean and came here   and  destroyed ,
The strength of the body of many thorn like Rakshasas and became victorious,
Oh Sir  , who has stout shoulders   and have defeated  the strength of enemies,
Because you were caught by the  Asuras  , you only increased  my sorrow.”

5838.”You brought   the signet ring of Rama   so that  I can see it  ,
And   saved  my life from destruction   and   for that  I blessed you,
That will never become a lie and it is definite that  it would increase   your life span,
Showing the strength of your mountain like shoulders ,
You earned    a very bad name   which is   difficult to be erased.”

5839. “You who gave me my soul  , as per orders of Rama ,  you saw me and went off,
And went against your word that  “ my lord  Rama would travel   a long distance
And in a very ferocious war    would kill Ravana   and   release  you   from prison.”

5840.Sita who has the fire  of  chastity   which will put off   fire,
After   saying these   words in a suitable manner  ,
Become worn out and fainted   like   the mother   cow ,
When its calf is caught   by  wild animals  , giving great pain to its soul.

5841 The expert in war  Indrajit who had  tied in the war  Hanuman   who was elder 
In wisdom and   in  great qualities reached   the palace   of Ravana  ,
Who was ruling all the three worlds      as its  king,
Due to the power   of the great penance he performed.

5842.Ravana was  sitting with  white royal umbrella made   by pearl  and other gems  ,
Which were giving  luster   to all the three   worlds like   the moon  ,
Which   gave cool shade   and lustrous light   and  Ravana with his,
Very poor shoulders    had  lifted  the pretty   silver  Kailasa  mountain , ,
From the earth   till it touched    the sky..

5843.Ravana was having   the   scars   in his body  made by   Lord Vishnu  ,
Who was having a Garuda flag    using    his divine   wheel, ,
By the Vajrayudha   of Indra  , and by the trident  of three eyed Shiva 
And  having big marks created    by lovely maidens who have soft hair dripping with honey,
With   very  sword like  sharp nails   of their fingers  in hands   folded  like buds.

5844. Ravana  with  his  red lustrous long locks of hairs   falling ,
On all the directions and  from them  rows after rows of  red light flames  ,
Standing erect    and   with his  long breath   giving rise   to huge smoke,
Due to his very great anger  was like the northern fire   to the southern   direction.

5845, Ravana  with the great light of emerald and long light of   red gem stone  ,
Which was  fearlessly  swallowing the  complete darkness     even in the   hell ,
Was sitting spreading   his  ten heads     in all the ten directions  ,
And was  looking like   the thousand headed   king of snakes  ,
Sitting     very happily   on the   royal cot.

5846.Ravana  was with    ornaments   made by collection of  selected  and studded   gems ,
Which were  rubbing   with his upper cloth     giving   out very great light,
Which were   worn on his pretty shoulders   and was seated  like  ,
A  very huge black sea   wearing   the  golden crown  of  the  Meru mountain.

5847. Ravana    was wearing   a red  cloth   over his hips , was wearing  ,
Garlands    made  of  beaded  pearls  and other   ornaments  ,
And was   spreading light   like that  of a full moon   and because  of that ,
Was like darkness  wearing the red sky  , wearing stars as ornaments  ,
And was sitting     under  the shade   the royal umbrella  of full moon.

5848.Ravana   was the matchless   place   of residence  ,
Of wealth  , great Vedas   and  strength greater   than the sky 
And  Whenever  he saw with his   ten faces  in all directions,
The  guardians   of those directions   and   those ,
Who guard   the top and the bottom   were  greatly scared.

5849. Ravana   after  meeting and  looking at  Sita   , who was   the wife,
Of the only  Lord  , felt that   all those ladies   who were resembling the  peacock,
Living  from the Patala   where  serpents live   to   the Sathyaloka  of Brahma  ,
Which was in the big sky   and in all the   intervening world, were males.

5850. Ravana kept away from monkeys  , the Gods   Vishnu  and Lord Shiva  ,
Men who are engaged in silly occupations   who  had berated   by him,
And   some   of those   who kept away from him   but   all others  ,
Along with Asuras   with spears  tainted by flesh surrounded  him.

5851.  Ravana   was  living   with string instruments  like  veena,
Giving  out honey   like music and  the  perfect  instrument   called Kanja Karuvi,
The completely full Chillari instrument   and Kurudau instrument   which keeps beats  ,
Constantly producing music   and deva ladies   singing  music  ,
Which  were like nectar , filling up all his   twenty ears.

 5852.  Ravana   with an approving   smile  looked  at   the Deva Maiden  Menaka  ,
Who  danced with her feet which was  much softer than   flower petals,
With her  eyes and concentrated  mind   which were  concentrated on it  ,
With the     dancing   symbols shown by her hands accompanied   by music,
Along  with  the beat , by the sound of drums   which  were in consonance   with her steps 
Which  on being witnessed  by   sages doing penance  ,
Would make them leave  out  the search for salvation.

5853. Ravana  would drink the   honey from the  face   of those ladies
Who had love tiff with them using   one of his ten faces,,
With  another  face  drank    the alcohol of joy from the face ,
Of the lady who was   loving him  , with another  face drank    ,
The nectar  of sign of love     from those ladies   who were singing
And with another face   drank   the nectar  of beauty   from the face  of a dancing lady.

5854.Ravana   with one face   passed the orders for governing to the   Devas,
With one face engaged   in consultation  with ministers, commanders   and diplomats,
With another   face thinking   about  his thoughts about the   evil deeds done by him,
And another face   fixed on the external beauty   of the parrot like  Sita,
5855 . Another  of  the faces of Ravana   was thinking   about   how to swim  the ocean ,
Of Chastity  of Sita   who had tender fingers like    red Kanthal flowers    and was getting worried,
Another face  was    seeing   his beauty   in the mirrors   held  by ,
The pretty ladies  who had applied    sandal paste     on their  breasts.

5856. Like a bee   which is depressed   because it was   not able to get,
The honey   from flower in a bush as it cannot   enter in to the bush,
Seeing  Ravana’s   mind going after lady Sita  , the ladies   who loved him,
Were   sad , depressed, agitated  and sorrowing  and their  tears ,
From their eyes   which were  like a row of spears  ,
And which were   looking at the   twenty shoulders of Ravana  , fell on their breasts,

5857.The breeze   which drunk the honey mixed   the pollen grains ,
Went through   the slushy sandal paste applied  ,  on the  bud like breasts ,
Of  the ladies of Ravana  and became scented , youthful    and cool  ,
And with the aim of troubling Ravana  , like  the poison  mixed with sorrow ,
Went   through   his body  , increasing    his pain.

5858.Ravana was like Sun God to  his ladies with   crescent  like forehead,
And with a face  full of red lines   resembling the big  lotus flowers ,
Making them happy   and was   like the moon god   to his  enemies,
Who were the devas and  Asuras   who were like unopened lotus flowers.

5859. Hanuman saw  Ravana , the  lord of eight directions sitting like this  ,
And became   angry   like the Garuda who has   seen a big black snake,
And  thought , “I would break   this Brahmastra which  is tying me  ,
And jump and attack    this  poison like Ravana.”

5860. “Earlier I  left him alive because  it is wrong to kill  a sleeping  person,
But now   he is sitting on a throne   made  of gold and gems .
What is the need of thinking   so much about it  ? Now itself, I  will  break his heads,
Shatter them   and release the flower filled creeper like Sita  ,
Who is like  the support to Dharma   and go away  swiftly from here”, thught he  .

5861”.Even  after   seeing that   Sita   the wife  of the valorous  Rama  ,
Is in kept in prison here, the inefficient devas  and Asuras  are keeping quite,
And while they are  seeing clearly  , I would  pluck the ten heads  of the sinner ,
And throw them  and there  is no other   duty to me as  a servant of Rama.”

5862.”Is it a small thing   to be told , that a  monkey who came  in search of Sita,
Making   the ladies who are his and who are  near  him run away in great fear  ,
Rolled his several heads along with his crowns in   different directions  ,
And is shouting  in joy after   achieving great victory  . That  monkey  is indeed cruel.”

5863.”I kept my soul in my body   so that  I can directly see   this Ravana ,
Who has teeth like   the long sword, talk to him few words  and return,
But if I do that  only bad fame would come to me   but if  ,
I  wage a war against him  ,even if I get defeated and killed  ,
And am not able to win over him  , I would get only fame.”

5864 After  thinking like this  , he further   thought  ,”Breaking  this serpent rope  ,
Like a  big lion jumping on the mountain   , in one jump I will reach him,”
But he decided   after  further thought   “this is not a good act  .”

5865.”He is not   one , who   can be killed   easily   by any body  , and observing his army,
It looks   that  it is not possible   for any one to achieve   victory over him,
Only Rama can achieve  victory over this Ravana   who seems   ,
To the   collection of all darkness   from very early times,
Would anybody else be able   to achieve  victory over him?”

5866.”It would be difficult for this Ravana    to win  over me, and before him,
It would be difficult for me to win him due to his  many valorous supporters,
If  I start war with him  , I would have spend a  lot of time in that war ,
And so  is it proper  for me to start   the war   with him?”Hanuman thought.

5867.”It is my penance  that to  cut and   roll on earth  ,
The big shoulders   and strong ten heads   so that,
All the seven worlds   above   would become happy ,
But there  is an oath    taken by Lord Rama   also.”

5868.”If I spend my time   fighting    in the cruel rising war ,
I have to live in  in this city of Lanka for one month  ,
And it is definite   that Sita   who took an oath on Rama ,
With very pretty eyes   that she  would live in Lanka  only ,
For one  more month  , would definitely give up her life.”

5869.”Due to the above   reasons, it is not pretty  for me,
To fight a war   and taking the role  of very good emissary  ,
Would only lead to   good results.” Thinking like this   that Hanuman,
Who was doing matchless  help to Rama , the Lord of all Vedas ,
Neared  the place   where the enemy Ravana  was sitting with  a victorious sword.

5870.That Indrajit   who drove away the Devas who had eaten the nectar  from the sea,
Showed   Hanuman   to the king   Ravana    who was sitting  ,
In the middle  of the crowd of pretty wives  having eyes  like a sharp sword.

5871.Reaching that Ravana   who has won victory in war   , in all the worlds that exist,
Indrajit  stood before him and told him   that  “ the masculine monkey  is   a valorous hero,
Who fought  like Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva , “And saluted  Ravana   with folded hands.

5872,The sparks of fire that went  towards Hanuman from the angry eyes of Ravana  ,
Burnt  and made black the hairs  on the body of that Hanuman  ,
And smoke from there  went along   the deep breaths  of Ravana    that hit Hanuman,
And tied Ravana   like the   serpent rope   that had tied  Hanuman.

5873. That Ravana   who was as cruel as God of death  , with great anger ,
Making  the surrounding Devas and others  who were  his enemies , greatly scared,
Looked at Hanuman  asked him , “Who are  you? Why have you come here ?,
And also asked  Hanuman about    his present state.”

5874.”Are you Lord Vishnu with the wheel ? Are you Indra   with Vajrayudha?
Are you Lord Shiva with a long spear?   Are you Brahma sitting on the lotus flower?,
Are  you  the fearless Adhi sesha   with many heads    who is one among those who  carries the earth   ?
Have   you come hiding your real form   to  fight the war and destroy Lanka??”

5875. “Are the black God of death   who stands and ties and takes away  the souls by his rope?
Are   you the victorious  Lord Subrahmanya  , who drove  his spear  in to Krouncha  mountain?
Are  you Yama   the guardian of southern direction ? Who are   you,
Among all   the  other   guardians    of all other   directions?” Ravana asked .

5876.”Are  you a cruel ghost   who was created   by the  Yaga of Brahmins  ,
And ordered   by them   to come over   to this place  ?
Are   you a Deva , who is  newly created  by Lord Brahma   who sits on lotus ,
Who has   been sent with an order  “Destroy the city of Lanka  “?

5877.That Ravana     who had completely   consumed   the fame of devas ,
Looking at Hanuman further told  , “Who are   you?,
Why have   you come here? Who had    sent you?.
Please tell  all this     as per my order , so that I can understand it.”

5878.Hanuman replied  “I am not any one  of those mentioned by you,
I have come here  bearing orders of powerless  people  and I have  ,
Come to Lanka  as  an emissary  of a  matchless   expert  ,
In Archery who has  eyes like the petals of pretty lotus flower.”

5879.”If you want to know who that is  , He is the one  born,
To do a great job   which is beyond imagination  for the sake of ,
Sages, Devas  , the trinity ,all those   who are all  like them,
  And all the    things in the world   who  are  mere things.”

5880. “He is the  one who has decided to destroy with  his one arrow,
The   strengths   that you have earned, The strength  of penances done by you  earlier,
The army  that you have assembled  , the  good boons  given to you by Devas ,
The  greatness that  you posses, the  fames that  you  have written on pillars of victory  ,
The  modified   royal life   that you are  leading  and all that  are connected with you.”

5881.”He is neither a Deva   nor  Asura  , He is not one of the  elephants of direction,.
He is not a guard  of direction, He is not   the  pretty Kailasa mountain of  Lord Shiva,
He is not the trinity  , He  is not other saints   but   he is the son of a great king,
Who  ruled   over  all the earth   spreading up to its boundaries.”

5882.”The real wisdom,   the  teachings about that, faultless  good activities,
And the  permanent boons that are  obtained   by   great and true  penance  ,
Give him the results   that are   desired by him, and that expert   archer  ,
Is the ultimate  God  , the true God  of Dharma   as   told by the  Vedas.”

5883.”If you ask me  , why   that God   has been   born as   a prince  ,
He is the one  who cannot be described   by   Vedas and Upanishads ,
He is the ultimate  God   who is the properties  of everything known,
He is the one  who came running   to  protect the  elephant  ,
When it was attacked   by the crocodile  , when it shouted “Oh primeval God” ,
 And he has    come to this   world   now    to protect  the Devas.”

5884.”It is that  primeval God   who  does not have  beginning, end  or middle  ,
Who is above past , present and future   and the numbers   told by books,
Who is the cause  of every thing , who has  left off   his spear  ,
Wheel, Conch  and water pot  but carrying   a  bow  ,
And who has left   his old living places of banyan leaf  , lotus flower ,
As well as Kailasa  mountain   who  was born as  Rama in the city of Ayodhya.”

5885. “That divine God   who  removes   the  diseases of birth -death cycle,
Of those    who pray   his  pretty   divine feet , For establishing Dharma,
For making people know and follow   the path of Dharma  as told by the Vedas ,
For making   them follow the path of good  , for destroying  the  evil people,
For removing sorrows  of good people    and make them,
Attain salvation   ,  has taken the  incarnation in Ayodhya.

5886.”I am only a slave   to that great one   and my name  is Hanuman.
Among the  monkey army   which was sent to search   for Sita,
With the good forehead to  all the four directions  , the  army,
That came to the South was   commanded   By   Angadha,
And I have   come here as   his emissary”, Hanuman told.

5887. When Hanuman told like this  , Ravana   laughed   with his teeth,
Shining  like lightning   between the clouds  told,
“Oh emissary who was   sent by the son of Vali  , Does ,
The very strong  Vali live happily   along   with his strength?,
Does  his rule of his kingdom going on well?” and when he asked  like this,
Hanuman who was   the emissary of Rama who is the  lord of everything laughed.

5888.”Oh Asura  , do not get scared, Vali  who is of great anger ,
Has reached   the heavens and would not return,  His tail was  ,
Also  destroyed on that day. He died with great sorrow  ,
Due to an arrow of Rama   with black body   by his,
One arrow that can destroy his enemies   and our present king,
Is Sugreeva  ,  who is son of Sun God”  , Hanuman told .

5889.  “How   did that Rama  , by getting which strength  killed,
That Vali  by  an arrow    which   had a very long tip?.
Where is that  Rama now? Please tell me , under  what circumstances,
 Is Angadha    searching for wife of Rama?” asked   Ravana  ,
And Hanuman  , the   son of wind God replied as follows.

5890.”To Rama with red eyes   who came   searching   for Sita,
Our Lord Sugreeva   became a  soul like friend   and  when Sugreeva
Requested Rama   to  remove  the great sorrow  that  was caused by Vali  ,
That  pretty Rama   who  was beyond the    ability  of artists  ,
To draw his picture gave   word to him   that   he would help him  ,
Get back his wife Rama  and also get    the kingdom of monkeys , and killed  Vali.”

5891.  After living  in that   mountain of Sugreeva    for four months  ,
Sitting in  the middle of the very huge monkey army   that had assembled there,
That  greatly valorous Rama  ordered  “You all go and   search for Sita”,
And we have come in search of her  and  this is all that happened.”
Said Hanuman   the emissary sent by Rama   and hearing that  Ravana   said.

5892.  “If you have   agreed to become a slave   to that  Rama  , who killed,
The matchless  king of the monkey clan   and who had  greatness ,
By using his arrow  , Where   would your fame    go and end.
If the world says  that the fame   will   merge with you,
Then the world made  prosperous  by the clouds  is indeed , feminine.”

5893.”What   news has   your lord Sugreeva   who made  Rama kill his  own brother  ,
And   is showing love   towards  him , who killed his brother , sent?
What did   you want to tell me? Why did you who came  as an emissary to me,
Wage war   against me  ? We would not kill you   who  has come   as an emissary,
So   without having any     fear in your mind , tell the truth clearly”, Said Ravana.

5894. Hanuman who was  having good nature  , much more than we think,
After thinking about the words of Ravana  , who was wearing a  garland of fire bunches,
Thought  that he would tell common words of justice  suitable for all , and said.

5895.” I have come here    as    the emissary of Sugreeva, the  son of Sun God,
What ever I tell you  are   very reasonable  and blessed with justice  ,
They are meant for your good     and are  completely faultless,
If you think   they are good, I will tell them to you.”

5896. “You are unnecessarily    spoiling    your life with all wealth,
And did not bother to see   the never dying   rules of  Dharma,
Your sins have increased a lot    and  your end is very near  ,
So if you listen to what  I say and follow them  ,
You can still protect    your  life for a very long time.”

5897.”Since you caused   sorrow to Lady Sita   who observes,
The dharma of chastity   which never can be destroyed  ,
And   whose anger   can never be prevented   and 
Who is   purer than fire  , you have  lost  the result of your great penance  ,
Which can never be adequately   described  and   got ,
As a  result   of controlling   all your five senses.”

5898.”Due to the pride   that   you got   because  you won over,
The wise devas  , The greatness  of life has gone from you long back.
And whatever was    remaining  has almost been destroyed  today  ,
And whatever  little which is remaining  would  ,
Be destroyed either today or tomorrow . Would it remain stable?.”

5899.””Sin is not  strong enough  to destroy  good Dharma,”
Is the truth told by elders   but you  removed   that saying from your mind,
Without proper thought  , due   to the disease  of passion  ,
That you have towards   Sita   who is purely chaste  ,
You are   destroying your purity , got out of great penance .”

5900 .”Due to the pride of illegal   passion  ,  those who  have forgotten the good path,
Are people   who are proud of their wisdom     and they would   by dying,
Being insulted   which  would come    in an alternate   manner  ,
And those who have  gone away from Dharma   would not be in a good position.”

5901.” Those   innumerable males  who wear   flower garlands   frequented by bees,
Who   behave outside the limit   due to their passion    for young ladies    
In this  earth surrounded   by the  fearful   ocean on all sides,
Would  lose   all their fame in the fire of  the cremation ground.”

5902. “Those   great people     who   follow    the  rules of Dharma,
Would  avoid desire on wealth   and desire for passionate  acts,
Would not think    there is any other darkness  in this world ,
And  would  not think   there  is any other   good wisdom,
Except giving charity to poor  ,  showing mercy on everyone  ,
And completely   remove attachment  to passionate love.”

5903.  “Would this masculinity   which due    to passion,
Makes  one desire  another’s wife   , leading   to others,
Laugh   disparagingly    at us  , which makes us  shameless,
And result  in criticism    be considered as  good character.”

5904.  “Among the kings this world surrounded  by   ocean with tides 
Who have ruled it and later died   , who are   there   who have  ,
AS much wisdom     as well as justice like you ?
Would you , who have desire   to rule    this earth   as per ,
The rules of justice told  in the Vedas , like to cross the limit  set by the Vedas.”

5905. “If one  desires   a lady   who hates  us and  rejects  our proposal of love  ,
If we continue to live   then on  , after being shamed     by her  ,
It would be  like  one cutting away   our pretty nose  , in the middle of our face  ,
And our   claiming    that   our face   is still pretty.”

5906”.Though   you  have several  pretty  hands that can destroy the world,
And have  one   thousand heads  , Would they  be able to protect you ?
For  they would all  be destroyed  like   hundreds  of apparels,
Caught   in the   cruel   fire    which  would  destroy the world  , by Rama’s arrows.”

5907” Lord Shiva   who due to his anger   burnt the three   cities ,
Gave you  boons  appreciating  the songs you sung accompanied by    the strumming
Of strings  but   they may some   times fail   but   do not think    that the arrow,
Of Rama   who follows the Vedic percepts   would    ever fail.”

5908.  “You who are  liked by many   who are   experts   in doing acts  ,
That lead    to  other   people   laughing at them  ,  destroying   the shame ,
That should be preserved  , destroying    your wealth   as the king,
Possessing very base habits   , would you   travel in the   evil path.”

5909.Among the  people   who have been born in good  clans   and  those ,
Great people     who have   attained    the birth less    state ,
And   all those  who   greater  than even the Devas   and others except you,
There is no one    who have forgotten Rama . This is the great truth.

5910.”And so   to protect   your great  wealth   which cannot be earned by others,
Your   very   famous  and great   relations   and also your own life  ,
Give back Sita   to  Rama  “  was the message sent to you  by Sugreeva ,
Of great luster who is  the son of Sun God “  Said  Hanuman looking at Ravana.

5911.  When Hanuman told like this  , Ravana   who knew nothing except victory ,
Said , “It looks like that this message was   told  to me by a monkey,
A  silly monkey   who wanders  around    the  mountains  .
This seems to be great, great”   and then laughed   uproariously  .

5912.” Let us   not deal with the  message    sent by Sugreeva  ,
And the victory of the human beings, Rama   and Lakshmana  .
How is it that   you who are messenger    after   entering Lanka 
Have  killed    the  Rakshasas, Please  tell me the reason  “He asked Hanuman.

5913.Hanuman said  ,”  Because   there was no one to show    you to me,
I destroyed   your security garden. Then I killed   those  who came to kill me,
And even after   that  my coming to you with   great simplicity  ,
I came   here    to see   you and tell you the news.”

5914. When Hanuman told like this    without fear  , that Ravana,
Who had lustrous teeth like the sword  which spread    fire   to a long distance  ,
Became   very angry   and ordered , “Kill  this monkey  “
And when the hangmen reached    the palace  ,  Vibheeshana,
Who walked  in path of  justice told  “Stop” and prevented the hangmen.

5915. Then Vibheeshana stood up in the   council   and saluted  ,
With his long hands  his elder brother   who is an Asura   and said.
“Oh king who never slips away from justice , this great anger  is not justified.”
And with great peace   he told true words   which are  liked  by all.

5916. “Oh king  who is qualified,  Oh  expert in Vedas , you are the great  king,
Who knew the path of penance   to Lord Brahma   who   created  the three worlds ,
Who had the capacity   to conquer the rule  of three worlds by defeating Indra,
And would you kill one who says, “I have come here  as an emissary to pass on a message?”

5917.”In this this expanse of earth   and among all the globes, inside and outside,
Where the rule  of Vedas  which are  not false   is being implemented,
Among the kings of various kingdoms ,  there were people   who killed ladies,
But  among the just there   is no one who has killed   the emissary.” Vibheeshana told.

5918.”By killing the emissaries   who reach    the place of  the enemy  without fear  ,
Tell the message  conveyed to them by those  who have sent them in a true manner ,
Who control   the great anger of the enemy  by their power   of   conversation,
And who have made , telling truth as their penance  , you would make 
The great ones  of great wisdom and character   laugh   at you,
And not only  that  it would be a crime   committed by  our clan.”  Said Vibheeshana.

5919.”Oh king   who rules the entire earth  surrounded   by lashing tides  of ocean,
Killing this one who has been sent by our enemies    would be a crime and not only that,
This would make   Lord Shiva with a trident  , Lord Vishnu  who killed  Mura,
Lord Brahma   and other devas   who are  in the sky,
Who are  jealous of our growth  , laugh at our   folly.”

5920.”The valorous   Rama and Lakshmana   who were experts in true justice  ,
Did not  kill our sister  but disfigured her by chopping  her two ears and nose,
And sent her  alive to tell you about it  and when it is like   that ,
If you take   away the soul of this  emissary “He would not be  in a position,
To tell our enemies  about the news here.” Said Vibheeshana convincingly.

5921.”Oh younger brother, What you said   is correct but this monkey has  ,
Definitely committed a  crime. Killing him   would be a crime “ saying this,
Ravana  looked at Hanuman and told, “Go back with speed  and  bring them here,
For a war with speed.” And then he  looked at    the Asuras   there  and  ordered them,
“Please destroy  by burning the troublesome tail  of this monkey ,
Drag him all over the city and drive him  from the boundary of  our city.”
And    the Asuras    who were standing near by  started from  there making great sound.

5922. When these things happened   Indrajit   who had   won over the devas in war,
Told, “When the monkey   has been tied by Brahmastra   it should not be burnt ,
And so  bring the best of ropes and tie its shoulders  properly “ and then,
Removed the tie of  divine Brahmastra , which had the form  of the serpent,
And  within an extremely short time , they tied   Hanuman with ,
Ropes intertwined   with each other    and started  pulling him.

5923.Because of that   the swings at home lost their  long ropes,
The chariots lost the ropes used   to tie them  , the well tied   horses,
Lost the  ropes  used to tie and control them,   the  elephants,
Which were   experts in war fare  lost the rope   tying their legs and necks,
And that entire city did not have   anything which could  be called as rope.

5924. The Asuras   brought   the different types of ropes   from heaven,
The ropes they had plundered   from devas  by showing their strength,
The divine ropes   got as  boons  , the numerous ropes   which were ,
Usurped from all   others   by waging war   and  all the  strong ropes  ,
That they saw anywhere  and tied   Hanuman,  Only  the Mangalya  ,
Rope tied  in the neck of their wives   remained   intact.

5925.That faultless  Hanuman thought  ‘The enemies   themselves  ,
Have freed me from the tie of  the divine Brahmastra  ,
Which I could not cut off    due to principles    of Dharma,
And so I have   achieved the victory achieved  by them for so long.
The order   of Ravana to burn my tail,  appears to  be a permission given to me,
To burn this city.” And he remained    in the middle  of the asuras ,
With happiness  waiting for opportune   moment.

5926.After  the strong ropes   tied his body   acting as if  he did not have  ,
Sufficient strength  , Hanuman who was surrounded   by cruel Rakshasas,
Though  he knew how to get out of the tie, did not show  any urgency to do it,
Which was similar to  a yogi   who had knowledge of Brahman   but  ,
Showing outside   that he thought   ignorance   is great knowledge,
Hanuman went    along those   Asuras    who were pulling him.

5927. Thus the Asuras  tied Hanuman   and  with him , they crossed  ,
The  gates of the palace of Ravana  , reached   an open space ,
And those   impatient Asuras   surrounded Hanuman from all sides ,
And raised huge sound of joy  , and tied the long tail  of that monkey  ,
Completely   with different types   of cloths , dipped  it in oil and ghee  ,
And lighted  it with cruel fire   and shouted loudly making the world aghast.

5928.Then the  hundred thousand   Rakshasas   caught  on both sides,
That strong rope which cannot be destroyed, which tied the  body of Hanuman,
And these Asuras were surrounded  by Samudra(A very huge number)  of    security   guards,
Who were surrounded  by number  of  Asuras    who touched the directions.
Beyond that   stood   several Asuras  to watch the fun and their  number was beyond counting.

5929 .The servants of Ravana   shouted ,” Come, come    to see  that monkey ,
Which destroyed   Asoka Vana   which had great security, killed  great Asuras,
Including Aksha kumara  , which spoke privately with Sita and told her,
About the strength of silly human beings   and which is now in a  pitiable state .”
In such a way   that people of all the streets  and homes  knew about it.

5930. They   shouted   this news so loudly  as if they wanted it to reach ,
Beyond this universe and pulled   Hanuman hither   and thither  .
They also raised huge sound by beating   huge drums.
Some shouted at Hanuman , some saw round  him   and some ,
Ran  to Sita   and informed   about   what happened  to Hanuman,
Hearing which that lady Sita    became extremely agitated.

5931. Sita meditated   on the fire  God and told him, “Oh fire  God,
If you  happen to see  Hanuman who is   soul like friend  of my Lord Rama  ,
Who helps others  like mother,   being  ill treated   by the  cruel Asuras
Who   do not have any good qualities   and  are as base   as a dog,
Would you not take  mercy on him. You are the matchless witness  of the world,
And you know   about my state  of chastity and if it is true   that  ,
I am pure  in my chastity, do not burn that Hanuman ,
I salute   you humbly and beg you for this.”

5932.When that great lady  who had soft   white   teeth told like this  ,
The fire God who has great light was greatly scared and the   hair,
On   the body of Hanuman    had a pleasant feeling  of coolness.
And   the great tail  of Hanuman became   cool up to its bone.

5933. The northern fire  in side the ocean  , the fire  of earth which is very hot,
Apart from that    the fire of heavens  , the fire   protected    by the sages,
And  the fire   in the  third eye of Lord Shiva  which burnt the three   cities,
Became cool   and what further  needs to be told now.

5934.The fire   in the hands  of Brahma    who is beyond this universe also  became cool,
The fire places  of Yagnas  also became cool  , the thunder  in between the clouds   became cool,
The Solar  system   which has victorious    and very hot rays   and which swallows  the darkness,
Also became cool  And    fire of hell  which never changes     from its nature  also became cool.

5935.Hanuman   who had  mind full of devotion towards Sita  and Rama,
Seeing that though the fire was  burning   all over his body which was like mountain,
It was not burning him but was cool  , thought   about  the possible reason,
And decided   it was  due to the chastity of Sita , the daughter of Janaka.

5936.Though that Hanuman   who came  in search of the divine lady  , had searched ,
All over the city  in the previous night  and understood it by his wisdom,
Saw it again in a very clear manner    as those   foolish Asuras showed it to him,
And like the wisdom   which  goes hidden  behind   all things, saw  everything well.

5937.After examining   the entire town minutely   and reaching to its end  ,
Hanuman thought   that  it was proper  time to escape , tucked  the two side ropes ,
In his arm pits   and rose up in the sky  making the two lakhs  hands,
Holding it hang on it like  a  pillar   and all those Asuras   fell down on earth.

5938.Those  hundred thousand asuras   who fell down singly  , broke  ,
Their shoulders    and fell down dead and Lord Hanuman    along with the ropes,
Which had   tied his body tightly   was seen floating on the sky  ,
And was   similar   to Garuda   which had caught  a crowd of serpents.

5939.Making  the primeval  Lord Shiva   wjo completely   burnt the city   of Tripura  ,
And  all those  things which were said to have helped him feel ashamed ,
Hanuman  decided   that  ,  he would  burn the city  of Lanka populated   by the sinful Asuras ,
After   first   praying to Rama  by lighting it up  by the   burning   fire,
He introduced   his golden tail   in to   the golden city   of  Lanka.

5940. The ability  in war   of that   great Hanuman   who burnt  the big city of Lanka,
Which extended up to  water  filled ocean   from all sides   , within no time  ,
Was similar  To Lord Shiva   who had coral like red body ,bent  ,
The bow   of the mountain of Meru and sent an arrow to burn   the Tripuras.

5941. He went on jumping   and setting fire  in a row   to the mansions
Built  with great ability by the great architect  Visvakarma   due  to his  great ability  of hands  ,
Using   silver  . gold  and several types   of shining   gems , putting  in very great   effort ,
Similar   to the burning  thunders   at deluge   which     falls  on all  mountains.

5942. Due to the fact   that the  black Asuras has prevented   Yagas  being  performed,
By offering the ghee , The fire   God who was    very hungry at that time ,
Caught hold of the tail   of Hanuman as his support  , and being fed by  ,
Lord Shiva  who swallowed the poison   burnt   the city  of Lanka,
With great speed   like  the world being burnt  at time of deluge.

13.Ilankai eriyuttu padalam
Chapter  on burning Lanka and feeding it to fire.

(This chapter     describes how the     entire city of Lanka was burnt by Hanuman. He hears the Vidhyadharas     talking about safety of Sita, goes there   and take leave from her.

5943.The cruel fire placed  by hanuman   on all huge  mansions with great  security  ,
Burnt catching hold of flags  , burning the roofs  ,  surrounding huge pillars  ,
And surrounding  all the walls   and destroyed  them completely.

5944. The fire kept by Hanuman at the gates   of mansions m
Surrounded    that pretty building   and covered it with fire  ,
And due to   the fire burning it completely  , the  harried  citizens,
Were wandering like swing   not  knowing where   to go  ,
And great   sorrow  , wailed   in a very big voice.

5945. Those mansions   had the light due to luster of gems,
And with  fire burning it with red colour ,  the ladies wearing  pretty bangles,
Were  not able to know which  area   was burning    and which   was not  ,
And due to that  they   became very confused   and were not knowing what to do,

5946. Due to falling  of different   type of flowers  , which store honey in them,
Ladies   who resembled peacocks   which used   play in the forest as  they like 
 Seeing the smoke   hiding the sky   for a long   distance  ,  cried loudly,
Not knowing  the direction by which their husbands    went.

5947. The Rakshasas   and Rakshasis   greatly shouted   after seeing  the fire,
And went on pouring water   on those    surrounding them   and due to,
Fire and their red   hair resembling each other   they were  not able to ,
Differentiate  between hair with fire   and areas  without fire.

5948.Similar   to the great people  who  want to remove the mixture  of  illusion,
And attain their   normal exalted state , The fire that were  in the homes of Asuras,
Assumed     their usual ferocious form, as if they have been  freed from control of Ravana.

5949 Similar    to Lord Vishnu   going to Mahabali   and after   his giving the land ,
For the sake of measuring the three worlds  by his steps  grew  tall  with a black body
And like him  that hot smoke  went up   and spread   every where.

5950.All those   elephants which were black, due to fire   falling and burning them,
Had their skin removed and became similar   to  the white Iravatha   elephant ,
Which  was with great rage   and belonged   to Lord Indra   of the east.

5951.That cruel smoke which appeared    to be covered    by snow ,
When surrounded by   lustrous   and auspicious fire,
 Scared   the cloud  like  buffaloes    making them fall on ponds with water  ,
Which is liked by them  , and making    the girls   who were playing there  ,
Run  away  from there,    like very young swans.

5952. When the  big sparks   which rose    from the fire  got scattered
 And fell on all  places like a collection of thunder  ,  the ocean,
Which produces   sound like  a  bomb       got boiled  ,
The fish  living  there  unable to bear the heat  , became exhausted and died.

5953. The fire which drinks away everything  spreading and   surrounding 
Started burning the  golden mansions   by going inside them,
The gold got melted    and started  flowing   and when they entered  the sea,
They became   concentrated  long bars   of gold.

5954. Due to the fire’s capacity to burn  the world, faster  than hot words  of the wise  ,
The row of mountain like mansions   made by gems   along with the  long  and tall gardens,
Continued to burn   and  the earth being golden  , it also melted.

5955.Due to the collection of smoke   which  were  stronger than stones ,
Spreading everywhere, the golden  heavens  which have  Karpaga  climbers  ,
Became dark  and all the chariots   which have been decorated  by gems,
Along with wheels  melted   and became  in to one single mass.

5956. The burning fire   entering  in to roads   with drinking materials ,
Drank the alcohol   left there     after   drinking  by  many Asuras ,
Proving the fact that  when pure  people reach  ,the place  ,
With impure people   would make them those who do impure acts.

5957. The  fire  which was  making booming sound around Lanka,
Because it was jumping and spreading  , the  water  of the faultless   sea,
Around that city   started  boiling   greatly and due to more   and more,
Of the light of the fire spreading  , even the clouds  of the sky,
Having very cool water   started   boiling.

5958.Those Rakshasis   wer suffering due to being burnt    all over their body,
And   those who  were   trying  escape   by running through the sky   seeing below,
That  it was river  in the forest and   when they jumped  in to it,
They felt  in to the hot water   running  like a ghost’s chariot.

5959. Due to fire catching   in the gardens blessed   with lot of honey,
The bees which were  attached   to the flowers looking like clouds ,
Seeing the flames that   entered that   garden and also went beyond  ,
Thought that  it is a black forest  of lotus flowers , jumped in to it and died.

5960. Some Rakshasi ladies with  forehead resembling  bent bows ,
Thought  “Our soul like    husbands died because a  monkey killed them,
And   because of that   we lost our life and we cannot   go outside our homes”
And with   determination took a decision   and fell on that fire and died.

5961.  Due to the burning , the  flowers  became black  , the new leaves got burnt  ,
The leaves  and their mid ribs got burnt   and became   in to charcoal,
Branches  got burnt  and became ash   and the trees   branches  ,
And also the roots got burnt in to coal ,and the garden became a heap of coals.

5962.  The flame of the fire which rose up   and   drowned the   clouds ,
Went up   and burnt the  golden  city of Indra   and due to that,
The melting gold fell down like    rain   continuously   and  ,
The entire heaven looked like the hanging roots of   dense trees.

5963. The greatly ebbing and rising    flame   of that fire  ,
Reached the moon    with pleasant    and white rays ,
Made it  greatly melt   and due  to nectar  falling down from there ,
 Some   of the dead   Rakshasas  became   alive.

5964. Due   the heat of the fire reaching    the  Sun  , all the black clouds,
Which were floating in the sky   became burnt and became black,
And looked like   a heap of charcoal  and through them,
The Sun   with light appeared  like a melting   gold bar.

5965. The fire   which burnt the rope tying the  legs  of horses,
Jumped up  burnt its neck rope and the poll to which it was tied ,
And it also burnt   the hairs that   were hanging on the faces of horses,
They who had curved hoofs   and pretty colour   became faded  and died.

5966. Those  Rakshasas    who had the strength  to even swallow  an elephant,
To escape from the fire rose up   and when they were  trying  to enter the heaven,
Which was golden,   due to their being surrounded  by  swirling smoke  ,
Becoming  not able to breath   and having  breathed   in that smoke  ,
Fainted like   those who have drowned in water  ,
And fell in to that       great raging fire   and died.

5967. Those Rakshasa  ladies  who were wearing  golden ornaments  and ,
Had an ocean like    wide   hips  , when  the    fire caught   their silk,
Apparel Kosikam  (tied on hips)   and spread up to their upper cloth   and,
Later   spread to their scented black hair  and   they fainted.

 5968. Those   Rakshasas   who had seen the ultimate   edge of love tiff,
With the Rakshasa  ladies who had white teeth making one feel,
That  even on the leaf   of Ilva tree  pearls can be produced,
And   when their  moon light like   white dress was burnt by the fire
Which made   them not able     to  see the other shore 
Of joy of love making, they all fell in the  sea to quench their heat.

5969.When their pet birds  of green colour   was   burnt along with the cage  ,
And they were greatly suffering  , the ladies    whose tears    from the eyes with Kajal ,
Fell   on their breasts like steams  , they with anxiety to embrace   their elephant like husbands  ,
Entered     in to the smoke following them like a  lightning entering   the cloud.

5970.When the fire caught   the elephant like   mansions  , The Rakshasis  ,
Who lived there  , with their faultless   gold ornaments shining  ,
Went and climbed in to the sky  and were  hidden by the limitless  smoke there ,
And because of that  they looked  like pretty    dolls  ,
Which were  behind the  thin curtains made  in Kalinga(Orissa).

5971.During the deluge mentioned   in the  books  , the  very cruel  deathly fire ,
Would   sip and make    dry   the oceans where   sharks live  and the  faultless,
Good scent   of Akil  tree  and sandalwood tree    which   blew    and covered  ,
The whole world   from the gardens of Lanka  , which were  destroyed by that fire.

5972. The   very  ample   flame   of the fire   which  spreads  like lightning  ,
Spread    in to  the entire world   and widened   and reached  all the end of directions,
And  it was   difficult   to differentiate   the burning    gardens   with Karpaga trees ,
From those karpaga   gardens   which had   not caught   fire on its braches.
    (Karpaga gardens where  self luminous.)

5973.  Since that  smoke of the fire   made   the   clan of fishes   becoming,
Non existent   in the water   of the ocean   and due to it   drinking away,
All the surrounding water , The clouds    could not absorb any water  ,
And  when without knowing this dashed    against the mountain,
They  were   scattered   everywhere  like the flower  of silk cotton tree.

5974. Due   to very large    smoke    covering    everywhere  , the silver coloured,
Kailasa  mountain    also became black like all other  mountains,
The white swans became  black like crows, the  white  milky ocean,
Became black   like all other oceans  and there   was no difference  ,
Between the white elephants of directions  and the black  elephants.

5975. When the cruel fire  burnt the body of Rakshasas and made it scalded,
They whose   skin were   peeled off  , went and hid   themselves  in the ocean,
So that   the heat would come down and due to their  spread hair  ,
Which was red   spreading all over the ocean  ,
Even the sea   with blowing tides   appeared  to be burning   due to fire.

5976.With one baby on their waist   holding another small baby by hand,
Followed by another crying baby following them , the Rakshasa ladies,
Along with their relatives   went  away from their  places ,
But when their curly   hair caught fire   they wailed and jumped in to the sea.

5977.With   the  wooden portion of  the bows, spears   and throw spears    of   the armory
Becoming in to fire wood  , other  iron weapons    which were   shining like Sun,
Melting in that fire   , they all became in to one  big round sphere  of iron,
As if  they searched for salvation   and attained  the state of no difference.

5978.When the fire caught and started burning among elephants with mask,
They broke   the strong   heavy  chains   tying  their neck as  well  as   feet,
 Easily uprooted the big  pillars to which they were tied , lifted up  their big ears,
 Lifted their tails tying  it to their  back side  , lifted their trunks  , wailed and ran.

5979. Like those seeking  protection from the cheats   who do not have  any mercy  and grace 
The birds  being scared to enter   the  cruel  smoke and cross   to the other  side 
Fell   in to  the black and cruel sea   and unable  rise up from there,
Became food to the fishes   which is their normal food.

5980.That fire which was rising up  after emptying  the ocean, lakes and ponds,
Spread over the long  land and after  destroying them   , scalded  the mountains,
And made them look like ember  and like   the fire at deluge   which  burns,
The Meru mountain   destroyed the city of Lanka   and entered  the home of Ravana.

5981. The deva maidens living in the palace of Ravana and other   divine maidens,
Were flustered and without knowing  which direction they took  , dispersed  from there.
Those   who did not run away   roamed here and there   and   were  suffering ,
Like the day when Ravana the  king of Lanka conquered  the city of the devas.

5982,The  musk kept in the palace  of Ravana  , the scented  saffron flowers ,
And other    food additives , the flowers  which opened on the Karpaga    trees,
Sandalwood  , akil pieces  which are   all scented  perfume materials  ,
Got burnt  turned in to smoke   and appeared like  the big divine   clouds  ,
Which rains    scented   honey  which merged   with the natural perfume  ,
Of the hairs of    the   Divine maidens who protect   the eight   directions.

5983.Due  to the flame of the fires spreading   everywhere  , the palace ,
Of  Valorous  Ravana   who cannot  be approached  by any one ,
Due  to his  ocean like anger , which  is long and tall   and had seven stories 
Was completely destroyed    by the fire   which was like fire at deluge.

5984.The  palace  of Ravana  which was tall like   a mountain  ,
Which had long and wide   and huge stories ,and due to it,
Being  made using  faultless gold  , when it was attacked ,
By the fire  which spread over it   and  melted   it  ,
And it looked as if there  is a Meru mountain in the south.

5985.When the palace of Ravana was burning like this   , Ravana,
And the  crowd of ladies belonging to him  , got  in to  the,
Pushpaka Vimana   which was made of gems  and went up.
All those  remaining Rakshasas   who did not die ,
With   the speed of thought   went away from there.
Since the city of Lanka   was situated on a mountain  it    did not have  
Such  power of thought  and  it got    destroyed.

5986.That greatly valorous Ravana   who had   the kingship,
And who was  expert in chariot   looked at the Asuras   who came with him,
With fire like anger  asked , “Has the final deluge   which burns  the seven worlds,
Which are one before the other    started  burning them ?
What is the reason for this big fire   which burnt the city of Lanka?”

5987.When Ravana asked like this, those   strong Asuras who had lost   ,
Their  relations, wealth   and valour   and were   sorrowing for it,
Saluting Ravana with folded hands  told him,  “Oh God like king,
Due  to the fire we kept on the tail  which was  larger  than ocean with tides,
That monkey has burnt the   city  .” and this made  Ravana boil with anger.

5988.”Today   due to the strength of that silly monkey  ,  the city of Lanka ,
Got burnt and turned to ashes and it like fire swallowed  the city  and burped,
Seeing this the Devas will laugh at us  .Our ability   in was   seems to be great!,”
 Said Ravana    and due to great ebbing   anger  laughed.

5989.That Ravana who had won over the Devas ordered,
“Whoever sees the fire God, Catch him and bring him here.”

5990.That   very angry Ravana  ordered , “Go and catch that  monkey,
Before it goes away and bring him here.”

5991. The charioteers who were  near  Ravana  went,
With great speed telling , “We would do that.”

5992. Innumerable valorous heroes    and ,
People    with various responsibilities ,
Followed    those  Charioteers.

5993.The greatest seven among them  who were matchless ,
Rose up like a Sea   full of water, wore  the garland   for war,
And made ready   the army    that has  been prepared well.

5994.They ran and surrounded the sky   , as well as Lanka,
Which was   in the rim of the sea  , searched   for the great Hanuman,
And saw   him  by their own eyes  on one side .

5995.They said, “Catch him, Catch him”,
They said  “Hit him, Hit him”   and  ,
Surrounded him completely   and Hanuman,
Who was read   looked    at them.

5996. Those cheating Asuras who had agreed  to catch Hanuman,
Surrounded him like clouds   and opposed him , using,
Their legs, their hands   and their spears   and Hanuman ,
Surrounded them all by using   his burning    tail.

5997.That  Hanuman   who had enclosed   all the directions,
By his tail  , uprooted a tree   and beat the Asuras   with that ,
And due to that , the Asuras  who had come  there with great anger ,
Lost   all their weapons as  well as   their souls .

5998. When Hanuman beat them, they became sorrowing,
And blood which flowed    from their wounds   made  slush  ,
And flowed   like a river for putting out   that   red fire.

5999. Those  remaining soldiers   who were valorous like male lions,
Opposed  Hanuman  and that   son of wind god  , who had learnt all arts ,
Killed   them in numbers   that were three times more than God of death.

6000.Among those Asuras who had black body like   the cloud  .
Who had huge  shoulders as well as great ability  ,
Fifty thousand of them were killed and all  other people ,
Went and jumped in to the ocean which was  full of water.

6001.Hanuman dipped his tail in the ocean  , and,
Due to it the sea water  boiled and many more Asuras died,
Those   who did not die thinking  that
 it will bring bad name   to them, further fought   with Hanuman.

6002.Those heroes riding on a chariot   who surrounded,
Hanuman  , fought   with him   showing their   valour,
That  cannot be defeated  , but Hanuman attacked  them,
And apart from those  who were trying  to get,
From that  fiend    also were  killed.

6003.Those Vidhyadharas   who went up in the sky   ,
Were telling that the fire   from the tail of Hanuman,
Did not even make hot  the  periphery of the   garden,
Where   the Goddess  Sita with round breasts   was staying.

6004. Hearing    what was  being told by the Vidhyadharas,
The Hanuman who was greatly masculine   became happy ,
And also surprised  and satisfied  that escaped from getting bad name ,
Rose to the sky from there   went and saluted   at the divine feet,
Of Sita    who was wearing  good   gold bangles.

6005. AS soon as Sita saw Hanuman who was saluting her  ,
Her body which was boiling  with worry about Hanuman, cooled down,
And asked him “Is there anything that  I need to tell you?”
And that  Hanuman who was an expert in warfare ,
Said to her  :My salutations to you”   and took leave from her .

6006.”The very clear headed   Hanuman went   from there,
Thinking , “Those criminal Asuras   if they see me  ,
Would shout at me  , catch me  and take them with me”,
And   The fire God   who was scared  , went and hid himself.

14,Thiruvadi  thozhutha  Padalam
Chapter  on   saluting the divine feet.

(Hanuman crosses the sea, rests in Mainaka mountain and meets  Angadha and the army of monkeys. He told them in brief about what happened in Lanka.   Though he did not  tell them about the war,  the monkeys could make a good guess about it. They   request Hanuman to proceed    with speed and Meet Rama. Hanuman meets    Rama   and salutes the Southern side   where  lady Sita is there. Then he narrates her pitiable condition and also gives her brooch to Rama.  They all start towards  Lanka and reach the southern sea.
  In Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman does not rest in Mainaka .Angadha feels that  they should fight with Ravana. Jambavan dissuades  him. All the monkeys go together to meet Rama. In the middle they   destroy the Madhu vana of Sugreeva . Hanuman does not salute the southern direction first but tells    in great detail about condition    of Sita.)

6007  . With a determination that   he would leave  Lanka with great speed,
He who was like Sun God,  reached a peak of a mountain  near   Lanka  ,
Assumed a mega form like   Lord Vishnu who swallowed everything  ,
And after  saluting in his mind   the divine feet  of Rama ,
Who is a valorous hero from Raghu clan   and went speedily through  the sky.

6008.That Hanuman who was like an elephant   with a trunk  , reached,
The mountain called Mainaka  , informed all news about  Lanka  ,
And with in a very short time   jumped on the  hill    where  ,
For a long time Angadha and  others   were anxiously waiting    for his arrival,
Who were   valorous like the  serpent with raised hood  ,and where,
The honey dripping  punnai flowers which could  be picked easily were there,  were  waiting for him.

6009. Those   victorious  monkey warriors who were wailing  , understood ,
That  the job for which Hanuman went was accomplished and became extremely happy,
And like the  kids of  birds in the  cage   becoming happy  on seeing   their mother  bird,
Became  happy    and assumed   a  vey happy looks.

6010.Some of those monkeys cried on seeing Hanuman  , some of them,
Stood before him and shouted   with joy , some came near and saluted him,
Some jumped  and danced, some surrounded him as if   they are going to swallow him,
Some of them hugged him  and some others lifted him and danced   carrying him.

6011.Some monkeys addressing Hanuman told  ,”Oh great one  ,
Your exuberant and happy face  shows us   that   you have ,
Brought  good news and  so even earlier we have collected tasty,
Honey as well as root for you. Please eat  them and get rid  of your tiredness,”
And then they brought all   the leafy food   which  they eat   with desire.

6012. Those monkey warriors  saw   very large number of wounds   on Hanuman’s,
Feet, chest  , shoulders   and head   caused  by the enemy Rakshasas, using  ,
Their sword  , spears , rain of arrows   by splitting his body  m, which were beyond counting,
And again and again seeing those wounds   in proper order   they left  deep breath as if they are dying.

6013Hanuman   saluted Angadha    the son of Vali   , saluted Jambavan, the king of bears,
And later   doing proper respect   to all others   as per   their merit  , sat in a nearby place,
And told them, “I am informing all of you  who are here  ,
The blessings of the consort  of the clan chief   Rama wishing you   well.”

6014 When Hanuman told like this   they all stood up    and   with saluting hands m
And with a low bow  , with a desire to stand erect   they said looking at Hanuman,
“Oh very strong one  , “Please tell  . all events from the    time that  you started   from here,
And till you came back and hearing that Hanuman started    telling.

6015, That Hanuman blessed with masculinity   told   them clearly  ,
In words they can understand    the penance of chastity  of Lady Sita,
Told how he got the brooch     that she was wearing   as her identity,
And feeling shy did not talk about his own valour and his fight  ,
With those Asuras   who had long swords  and  about,
His burning   the entire   city  of Lanka.

6016. Those monkey warriors told him, “Even without    your telling ,
The wounds in your body  does tell us   about your fighting the war there,
And your look  also told us about the victory that you achieved    there.
The huge smoke    told us about    your  setting fire to Lanka,
And we understood the power and prowess    of the enemies  there,
By   the fact that Lady Sita  did not return   with you “ and they ,
Asked “What should    be done  by us at this juncture?”

6017.  They all unanimously  decided  that  “ there  is no need to think any further,
And  what they should immediately do   was to speedily   go and inform,
Rama  about seeing of his divine wife and   remove   the great  sorrow,
Which was difficult to remove from his mind “ and    so,
They decided the proper  thing   would be to go from there ,
And immediately     got up and  departed.

6018.Those monkeys  told Hanuman, “Oh great hero   who saved all of us  ,
Who merit affection from you , The    number of days set   to search,
Lady Sita has been exceeded and the army   which   waiting here ,
For your arrival became greatly sad and are not capable to travel with speed,
And so to remove the   sorrow , you alone    go with great speed  ?”,
Hanuman agreed   to  that  and speedily   travelled to the place  Rama was there.

6019.That very intelligent emissary  , after completing a job, which would  be ,
Difficult even for   Lord Shiva with a trident to do,  was returning  ,
And we have   told all that happened in Lanka to our best of  ability,
And from now on   we will tell happenings to Rama  in Kishkinda.

6020.Whenever   Lord Rama with red eyes   fainted  due to sorrow,
Of Parting with Sita  , Sugreeva  , the son of  Sun God who was in the  mountains with clouds .
Would   tell   appropriate  words  to console  him   and Lord Rama ,
Like a man with many souls   again was   seen like one who got back life.

6021. Those   who  jumped  and went to three directions     without any blockages   
 Came back with a firm news   that  they could  not see  Lady Sita  making 
Rama  who felt  that being alive   he was feeling sorry   but  he kept himself alive ,
Putting all the hopes   on the very strong  Hanuman  .

6022.The  gentleman Rama  who was drowning   in the ocean of sorrow,
Looked at Sugreeva  , the son of Sun God  said, “ our efforts   have not borne fruits,
And has ended   with  never ending bad name   to us”. And said the following.

6023.”Oh Sugreeva   with good character, Hanuman and other   monkeys,
Who have gone to southern direction in search   of  Sita   with scented  black hairs,
In spite of the time fixed   by us   is past  , have not returned so far,
What could have happened  ro those valorous ones     who have  gone   to search? Have they died?”

6024,”Thinking  that she  has died and feeling  that  instead of telling ,
The news of her to death to Rama , they might have  preferred to die.
Have  Hanuman  and others    dead already? Or are they ,
Still spending their   time  in searching in further places?”

6025.”Did   they find  out Ravana  and others  and  due to increasing anger  ,
Started   a  huge war  with them   and were killed   by their illusion  ?
Or   have they been   put in a prison where   there is no release?”

6026.”Did they think   that we have exceeded the time limit   fixed for us,
And have not  reached back the  place of Rama, and  being scared  ,
Of reaching  here back , sacrificing the feelings of joy and sorrow  ,
Are  they doing difficult penance ?  what other thing happened to them? Please tell.”  Said Rama.

6027.When Rama was  asking Sugreeva like this  , Hanuman   was seen by them,
As  if the Sun God   has arisen in the south   and  the matchless Rama  ,
With pretty and big hands  , with a  pleased  mind looked   properly.”

6028. Hanuman reached that place  and without saluting the Divine feet of Rama,
Who was wearing  the heroic anklets  , He saluted   the goddess Sita  ,
Who left living on a  lotus flower    and has been born in this earth,
Towards   the  southern side    where  she was there  , by falling on earth,
With his   head and hands touching the earth and praised Sita lying there.

6029. The intelligent Rama   who could easily understand the truth  by body language  ,
After   seeing    the  actions  of Hanuman with great care   and after  understanding them,
Knew   that Sita on whose hair bees live  is in a god condition  and with determination,
And that Hanuman has    seen her personally and her chastity is well preserved.

6030. Realizing  that  the actions of Hanuman there, is the suitable   measure  ,
To understand   the  welfare   of Lady Sita , Rama   with his great wisdom
Clearly understood it  and with joy his shoulders  increased in size,
His lotus like eyes    shed tears  of joy  , his great sorrow   deserted him,
And the love    that he had towards   Sita also increased.

6031,Hanuman looked at Hanuman    and said  in summarized  form to him  , “Oh chief of devas ,
In Lanka    which is the city  of south    which is    surrounded  by ocean,
Which had clear    and curling tides, I saw  by my eyes  Lady Sita  ,
Who is an ornament to chastity and so please  remove from your mind ,
That doubt  whether   she would have retained her chastity,
And also remove    all   the sorrow     from your mind”  and again started   telling in detail.

6032”Oh Lord  , my great Goddess   who is your consort  is perfectly   suitable,
To  the position of your great wife  , The daughter in law  of Dasaratha  ,
Who was your father    and being the dear daughter of Janaka  , the king of Mithila,
Be pleased to hear    what I have to say   further.”

6033.”Anything which  is similar to Gold    is gold itself and nothing else ,
And similarly she is who is like herself is herself and not any one else,
She  stands great in patience   and has given you the fame that  ,
Except you who is her husband   , there  is no one similar to you,
And also gave me  who am simple, That there is no one except me who is like me.”

6034.”Sita who is   my mother   has made   your clan to be known by your name,
And   the clan of Janaka in which    she is born alone   to be known by her name,
And would  give the clan of the cruel Rakshasa    Ravana   to God of death,
And made  the clan of devas to live happily  and made my clan known by my name  ,
What other great act    can that    divine lady do anything  more?”

6035.Oh valorous one with great shoulders who holds   the great bow  , in the city of Lanka  ,
Which is on a top of a mountain and is surrounded by ocean with ebbing water  ,
I did not see   that   lady Sita  living   and   doing    the very  great penance   of chastity.
But what I saw was   her  birth in great lineage  , the character of great patience  ,
And the  great quality   of chastity   which were   dancing together there.

6036.”You are  in the eyes  of that  lady at all times and always  and also in her mind,
You are   there  in each and every   word that    she utters  and you   are  in
The incurable wounds created above her breasts   by   the great   and cruel God of love ,
Who  without stopping sends    his flower   arrows at her  and ,
Would it be  proper   to say that    she is separated    from her.”

6037.”Oh Lord  That lady who is the form of penance   which did penance   is living  ,
In the hermitage   made by  your younger brother  which  is placed,
In one side  of the city of Lanka  , in the garden with  golden  Karpaga trees  ,
Where there  is no difference   between the day and night .”

6038. “People say that “The Lord Brahma who was born  on the  lotus flower  
On  the belly of Lord Vishnu  ,
Has cursed him that  if he touches   a lady  forcefully against her   desire  ,
He would die with his  body   divided in to several pieces  in an unimaginable way,”
And due to being scared to touch    the  pure and holy body   of your chaste    wife  ,
He had   carried  her  away along with the hermitage   without touching her.”

6039.”Please realize the truth that he has  not touched   her   by observing,
That the  world created   by Lord  Brahma    has not broken down  ,
The hood   along with the heads  of Adhi Sesha has not been torn  ,
the ocean  raising up has not entered   the earth  , Sun  , moon,
And other shining  stars  have not fallen down and got destroyed  ,
And Vedas  and the life recommended  
By the Vedas   have not been destroyed  Which are   all     true  .

6040.”Due  to greatness of the chastity    of Sita who   is sad ,
Having been forced to part with you , she  has attained  the greatness,
Which makes her suitable   to be saluted   by all including.
The wives of Devas  and Goddess Uma who resides  in half of Shiva,
Became eligible to  occupy   the head of  that lord    and  Goddess Lakshmi,
Who sits  on the lotus flower  is now not suitable to occupy his chest,
But became eligible to occupy on his thousand heads.”

6041.”I searched all over Lanka  , reached   the palace of Ravana   and generally,
Saw all ladies wearing golden ear globes   and  later entered  in that moving  cool garden,
And I saw there the Goddess  like  Lady Sita   and saw  her,
Through my white   eyes  which were  filled with tide   of tears.

6042.”Innumerable Rakshasis   as well as   fearful crowd   of ghosts ,
Were guarding her so that    she did not have a chance  to escape  ,
And that lady Sita   who drove away her fear due   to her love towards you,
Was alone   and  it looked   as if “mercy” has taken
 The form of  a  lady and sitting there in that   cruel prison .”

6043.”When I was waiting for an opportune  moment   to salute her  ,
That  Ravana  who was wearing a garland    and holding a bow,
Came there   and begged    her   in very many ways   and saluted her.
Lady Sita   did not stand up   and replied  to  him with very harsh words ,
And hearing that  , Ravana   became angry and wanted   to kill Sita.”

6044.”Oh lord,  then the strength of her chastity   , the greatness  of your grace ,
And Dharma   with its   greatness   protected   the   soul of Lady Sita  ,
And That Ravana  ordering the Rakshasis   to advice her in general  ,
Went to his place   and  due to my reciting a powerful chant  all those Rakshasis slept.”

6045. “At that   time   that Sita  deciding  to give up her  great life  ,
Took hold of a creeper   and tied   it on a branch of a tree  ,
And before she could  put that noose on her   neck ,
The poor me  ,  for stopping that went  and saluted her feet,
And went  on chanting your name.”

6046.”That  Sita who had   rain like tears   from her cool eyes   on her pretty and tender breasts  ,
Hearing me chant your name  suspected    that  it was done  by deceitful  Rakshasas,
And said to me  with joy “You have great mercy on me   and by repeating  the name,
Of the black coloured Rama  , you are giving me   happiness  in the other world.”

6047.”Oh Lord  , I then told in   a clear manner the identifying   incidents  ,
That were told by you  and after  verifying them  , she understood    that,
There  is no lie in my mind  and when I showed her your   signet ring  ,
She  thought  that  it was like a medicine  preventing death at time of death.”

6048. “Oh Lord who has all types   of wealth  , within a   very short span of time,
I saw two very contradictory events   and they were  , That Lady Sita,
Kept the signet ring given by me  on her great breasts   and  ,
Due to the heat  caused by parting with you, that   ring got melted,
And due to the joy in understanding what I told, it became solid   again.”

6049,”That Sita after   getting   the ring from me , thinking   that it has lost its purity ,
By coming   to the country of cruel cheaters  , using  rain like tears   from her eyes,
Washed it  just like it was  with thousand pots  of divine water, became sad  ,
And  kept quiet not  being able  to  telling me anything  . Her thin body,
Became puffed up   and due to surprise    she did not close   her eyes and left out a deep breath.”

6050.”Oh Lord then  I who am your slave   told all your news after   she parted with you,
In a very clear manner   and told her, “Oh peacock like lady  , since Rama   did not know,
Where you were  , it became so long  “ and also told her   how sorrowing ,
You were after  parting from her   and  hearing that  , she left out a painful breath.”

6051. “After hearing   the state of affairs   here    as    they unfolded  ,
She clearly   told me  ,  about  all the happenings that happened there  ,
And told , “I would  keep my life for one month only   and  if my lord,
Does not want to save me by that time  I would destroy my life”
And acted as if she    was saluting   your divine   feet.”

6052.That Hanuman   who would remain famous as  long as  Vedas , Sastras  ,
Good books and count of time remains  , after   saluting the feet of Sita from there,
Took the Brooch of Sita  which was  greater   than any gem in the world  ,
Which he had tied to his cloth   and said, “She took this and gave me  in my hand,
With happiness”,   and Said, “Oh very able   one  , please see this  ,
So that your lotus  like eyes   would be filled with joy”   and gave it to Rama.

6053.That brooch which entered  in to the hands of  Rama and to him,
It looked like the pretty hand of Sita   which was held  by him,
At the time of marriage  in front of the fire   and due to that  ,
The love that was generated in his body   slowly grew  ,
His body became   hot   and his   depression   vanished.

6054. His hairs  vibrated, eyes   shed copious tears  , chest and shoulder shook with joy,
His body was covered with sweat ,  the pretty  lips    folded   inside  ,
With his   soul coming in his  body became    slightly fat,
And who is there   who can understand that   state of Rama?

6055.  Then the son of Sun God Sugreeva  looked at Rama and told him,
“Oh lord as soon as we know   that Lady Sita   is in a  suitable  position ,
To be brought here  “ and Rama told him”  It looks    you are  ,
Unnecessarily wasting time  “ and as  soon as he told that  ,
Sugreeva    who had pillar   like  shoulders  got up and started  ordering.

6056.Sugreva told, By the time I say “A” ,   let all the   terrible armies  ,
Should start from here.”   And those   who play the   drums of victory,
Played on huge drums in all places    where   the army was camped ,
And those seventy Vellam of monkey army   spread  like  ,
The ocean with fast moving tides  towards   the southern direction.

6057.All those monkey warriors    who speedily departed  with Hanuman,
Wearing the long heroic anklet   telling them about  the victorious Rakshasas,
Who were  cruel    and were  guarding    day and night     the city of Lanka,
Which was on  top of the mountain called   Trikuta and,
About the fort   and security structures   around    that great city  ,
And they   covered    the long way   to that place easily.

6058. Due    their way being long , along with  the  king of the monkeys  ,
Rama and Lakshmana   who  were following    good path, went ahead,
 And  Those   willing army of monkeys   which accompanied them,
After spending the day time   in long sweet gardens on the mountains,
Saw the ocean on the south   on the twelfth   day.

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