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Kamba Ramayanam-Sundara Kandam Padalam 9-11

5.Sundara  Kandam(contd)
9. Pancha Senapathikal  vadhai padalam
Chapter on killing  of the  five commanders   of  the army.

(Five commanders   of Ravana    who were very valorous  taking permission of Ravana with a huge army   go to fight with Hanuman. All of them including their huge army is killed   by  Hanuman.
  IN Valmiki Ramayana after    the death of Jambumali  seven sons    of ministers   go to war with Hanuman  and are killed. This   is not  there in the Kamba Ramayanam. Also in Valmiki Ramayana   Ravana advises   his five commanders   to be careful while fighting with Hanuman  and sent by Ravana  but in Kamba Ramayana   they   tell Ravana   that they will go and   fight.)

5601. Those commanders   looked at Ravana   and told  , “Oh very strong one
If you  go to fight a war with  a monkey that   eats  a   spider , then the water of rut,
Which had completely dried from the eight   elephants   of direction,
Similar  to the    the water of the streams  of  the huge mountains   getting dried  
Due to heat of sun  in summer  , by  Seeing   the fire   that   rose   from your eyes  ,
Which weakened them  , would regain   their strength  , is it not?”

5602”.If you go to war    with that    silly monkey   which is like   the extremely angry  ,
Garuda with very pretty wings   and with very great strength    going   to war,
With a crane   due to anger  , and then  the Kailasa   mountain  ,
Which shivers    day and night   thinking about  the power  of your great shoulders,
Wearing  moving garland  , Would  lose   its   great   sorrow.”

5603. “What benefit would you get   by your going   to war with a mere monkey?
They say that those who are about to lose their strength   are those  ,
Who do not  foresee   about   what would happen   and also those  ,
Who do not bother   to hear about it , if told by somebody else.
For the valour  of a person what   other  worse   thing can result?
If you go to war with a monkey  , even the trinity  ,
Who have stopped    opposing you in war  would smile.”

5604. “Oh king  ,  apart from this  , it would seem you do not have  proper assistants.
Earlier   you had send people  who were  not strong   and those who can never get victory?
If you want to see  a  good act now  , You would desire    to send us for the war,”
Saying this  those  commanders     saluted him   and Ravana  agreed to their proposal.

5605. Those   five commanders   who were   similar to   the leaders  of  the three  worlds,
Saluted Ravana  by falling on earth so that   their Tilak   touched the earth  ,
And then they came  out of the palace   and ordered  that  chariots  ,
Which are not easily damaged  , horses, elephants   and  Asura soldiers,
Who  can   fight closely    should    assemble   there   with great speed.

5606. Those who were   announcers who beat the drum     climbed  on the elephant  ,
And beat the   drum   and a huge  Asura army started spreading   like  a sea with foam,
On all directions , and  like the cloud which rains   without  break  , war drums were beaten.
And like   the   rainbow appearing   in the sky  , the weapons for the army  came near.

5607. The   huge white flags   of the Rakshasa army   which had   masts which pierce   the clouds,
And which were   as white as    the  waves of the river   Ganges   in the   sky,
Similar   to the fame of  enemies of Hanuman  , who had reached ,
Heaven due to the great    anger   of    Hanuman  , waved   in the wind.

5608.Those Rakshasa  warriors tied   heroic anklets     made of gold  on their ankles  ,
Tied quivers filled with arrows    on their backs   and also,
Wore    armours    in a proper   manner, The horses   were got ready,
With proper seats, Chariots   were got ready  and elephants   were  decorated.

5609.The water of rut flowing from the elephants   gave rise    to rivers,
The wheels of the chariots   ran  and were   coated with slush of mud,
And that slush   was   turned   in to dust by the  hoofs   of the horses,
And   the foam flowing out the  mouth of those  horses with rein split differently.

5610.The sound produced   by the speeding chariots  , the neighing   sound  ,
Of the horses , the trumpeting   sound   of    cruel elephants ,
The sound produced   by the heroic anklets   and the  sound of musical instruments,
 Were  producing    three   times more sound    than the  tumultuous sea  .

5611.The number of chariots    with wheels     was fifty thousand  ,
The number of elephants     with ornamental masks was also the same  ,
The number   of horses that run like   wind at the time   of final deluge  ,
Was double that   number,  The number of foot soldiers who had big ,
Shoulders   and best weapons   was double  that  of number of horses.

5612.Whenever   the commanders   summoned  and called  , the density,
Of that cruel army   increased   and due to being no place    for them,
To move about   and  when  the weapons  that were sharpened   in the smithy  ,
Which had cruel luster  , rubbed against each other  the sparks  of fire  ,
That was raised    from them  went up  to burn the    collection of clouds.

5613.The   pretty bells that   were hanging on both sides   on the great,
Beautified elephants   raised   huge sound  , similar   to the thunder  ,
Of the clouds  , the crowd of their eye balls   shined like   fire  ,
And the crowd of  cool  ,  gems worn over their cheeks    ,
Were similar   to the  full moon coming  out of the clouds.

5614.The ladies who had black curled hair    and   the  people  ,
Who had worn bangles on their hands  , their mothers,
AS well as relations of those  soldiers   who had assembled there,
Were trying to stop   the soldiers    from going to the   war ,  told
“That no one   who had gone to the war  with that monkey ever returned,
And if you want  to give your souls  to that monkey  , let all of us  go together.”
  And  later   cried   , wailed   and became  sad.

5615.  Those five commanders looking as if   the five elements   have joined together,
Joined  in the middle of the  pretty  ocean of army   that was spread on all sides ,
And they proceeded speedily  in a well  made  pretty chariot  like   Sun God,
And were comparable   to Narasimha    who had   two types of bodies.

5616.They went preceded   by the   sound   of various  musical instruments .
They went   creating sparks  of fire   again and again   and they would  twang  .
Their curved bow   with arrows  making sound  like   thunder  ,
They were   stronger than Devas    and Sages   who taught   the art of war ,
To the suitable  people   and were  like the union  of
Five   sense organs  which were    enemies   to the soul.

5617. The victory giving  Vajrayudha  of Indra, Varuna’s weapon of   rope,
The dandayudha with tip of fire belonging  to Yama , the lord of faultless south,
The matchless    big trident  of  Lord Shiva   and other such great weapons  ,
Would not able to even make a scar  of needle   on their  big shoulders.

5618. They had   tied   a mark of valour on their    foreheads  ,
Which was made   by tying   in frequent  intervals,
 The feather  of peacock  belonging to Lord Subramanya  the killer of Soora Padma.
And the  feather   of swan   which is the steed  of Lord Brahma,  who created  the world.

5619.They wore  pretty ear ornaments cutting   the tusk of  those elephants  of directions  ,
Whose tusks were  broken with  a fight   with Ravana  , whose    shoulders,
Were  decorated    with golden ornaments  and were wearing  mask of victory  ,
Which was made  by the lightning  like masks   worn by  those  ,
Eight elephants of direction  which were    great and proud.

5620.They wore  ornaments  of gold   which was   brought in loads ,
When they attacked  the  long  city of Alakapuri   which belonged  to  Khubera  ,
Who was blessed   with great wealth  , and   stole all his wealth  ,
When Khubera showing his back ran away   thinking  that it is his fate.

5621.When Devendra    was defeated by  Ravana  and having  lost him   when he was going back,
On his very strong   elephant called  Iravatha  with great speed  , they all,
Hung catching hold   of the tail of the elephant   and   told Indra,
“If you are strong enough   go forward  with your elephant” and prevented him from going.

5622.When the  God of death as per  orders  of the first Brahmin(Brahma),
Weighed    the Karma  of beings   and   as per the fate   manage   their life,
And when  he    was  feeling    that city of Lanka came under  his purview  ,
Making the black Ravana   angry  , to  remove   the anger of Ravana,
These   commanders  tied the hands and leg of Yama   and put him in prison.

5623.  They were   having broad chests   which made   fun of the  mountains  ,
They   had long shoulders     which    teased   the    tides of huge ocean,
They were  killers    who were   much greater   than god  of death himself,
Their   eyes spit  red  fire  making fun of the bellows  of black smiths.

5624. When the deluge   comes near   for the sake   of encircling the world ,
When the    fire at time of deluge  which makes    great sound burns,
When   the sound from the  places of the elephant of direction goes up,
When the   wind of deluge    rises   up and blows   or when the   ,
Great oceans   join together   and rises , they would  not bother   due to their strength.

5625,Like this when those    five commanders   along with   a rising army.
With great strength   encircled  that   arched gate  and ,
And divided    their army   in to formations standing round   that gate  ,
Hanuman    saw    their preparedness   for battle clearly.

5626.Indra and other devas  suddenly   seeing the great   strength of the five commanders,
The  greatness   of their army  and  Hanuman standing all alone   ,
Felt great mercy on Hanuman   and also sorrow   as well as shivering.

5627.Hanuman   who had   leant several   books  with happiness  and joy,
Thought   that it is certain   that they would all be destroyed  by day time,
And then he saw    with great   attention  the army on all four sides  and also his shoulders.

5628.Those   numerous   Rakshasas   doubted  “Did this monkey
With   dirty head win in the great war and  defeated  ,
Those strong  Rakshasas who have  ,
Completely   destroyed   the  fame   of the Devas.”

5629. At that time   standing on  the arch  brought from
The entrance  of   the town    of the city of Indra ,
To that  Asoka Vana   which was   deep red in colour  .
Hanuman increased   the size of his form and even crossed the sky.

5630. Those Rakshasas  who    were  only  habituated ,
In doing evil deeds  with great surprise saw Hanuman with huge form,
Became greatly angry and started   shooting  arrows    at Hanuman,
Ana at   that time  the conches boomed  and drums produced great sound.

5631.Those valorous soldiers   of that army   shot  numberless   weapons ,
Which were  spitting   out  fire sparks   aiming at  Hanuman,
When they neared  the dense hair of Hanuman   , caressed him,,
So that  his iching vanished and Hanuman with joy  ,
Appeared    to be sleeping     , closing his eyes.

5632. Those  valorous Rakshasas  became   greatly proud   and came near Hanuman,
And   changed   due to great anger   and with speed   threw many weapons  on Hanuman,
With a  view  to kill him   and Hanuman thought “I would destroy  these people,
So that other soldiers come to fight “   and again took the  iron staff in his hand.

5633.  Using the iron rod  Hanuman destroyed all weapons   thrown at him ,
Killed all soldiers   who came to fight with anger  , killed   the horses   which dashed against him,
Broke the  chariots with high flags   which came on his way  ,
And also killed   those cloud like    elephants    which were sent against him.

5634.He  would break   the long tusks   of elephants in rut   and beat   big chariots,
With them, He would take the wheels of chariots   which have come out  , use them,
And make soldiers fall down,  rolling,   and using   the sword,
Of those   fallen  soldiers he would cut   the horses wearing garland of bells.

5635. He would lift   two chariots    by two of his hands   and by hitting,
With them roll the two elephants   and kill them. He would  lift ,
Those two elephants  by his hands   and  shatter  the horses,
Which were   coming   on both     his sides.

5636,Also Hanuman lifted a mountain near by   and using them,
Grind  on the earth  and destroy   the thousand chariots  in the battle field,
And within two Mathras of time , he would  hit  ,
One thousand    elephants    and completely destroy them.

5637,He would kick on the   legs of cruel  elephants  ,which were ,
Sent against   him by his enemies, He would rotate   the chariots,
He would stamp  and destroy big horses, He would rub on earth,
The valorous soldiers who    come against him  and then he   would use,
The big rod and make them in to a paste  ,He   would jump  ,
On the heads  of those soldiers. He would bite them  and also hit them.

5638.Also that Hanuman   would throw chariots with horses   and also,
Elephants   and  fill up  the directions      as well   the broad sky and scatter them,
He would grind with his    big hands   the valorous Asuras   ,
Riding on horses   with rein  and kill them both.

5639.When he was throwing the red eyed  fire emitting   cruel elephants 
By   using his very big hands  on to   the sky , they with good big flags ,
Used to fall on the ocean and were like the sinking  big ships   with masts.

5640. The chariots attached with horses   wearing garland of bells  ,
Thrown by  his very strong hands   by that  matchless  Hanuman   ,
Along with their wheels   in to the sea    appeared ,
Like the sun god riding   on his chariot    in the    sea.

5641, Numerous horses   which were   thrown by Hanuman  ,
Got attached to the sky for a while   and   fell down .
On the surface   of the ocean with big tides,
Were  vomiting  blood   from  their mouth  ,
And appeared  as if they had fire  in the tip of their mouth.

5642. Those  Rakshasa warriors   who were tied   tightly  ,
By the tail of Hanuman   and then thrown to a   long distance  ,
Fell   on the ocean  and were  looking similar to   the spinning,
Mandhara  mountain  , churned   by using a serpent.,

5643.The flow of blood   which was    going with great speed ,
Were  dragging   the elephants   with flowing rut  water  ,
The chariots   and the horses  to the very big cruel sea.

5644. The hill  of corpses    of   those    dead  Rakshasas,
Who had teeth like    the crescent of the moon  ,  cave like   mouth,
And eyes   which spit  out fire as well  as blood stained   water  ,
Which were covered by weapons    removed from the sheath   
Completely    hid the    fish like arch on which Hanuman was sitting.

5645.  There were mountains  which could be used by Hanuman,
Trees were also there , there were several  type of iron rods available  .
There are  also souls    for these   weapons   to take away  and ,
So would any  of them escape from Hanuman without being killed?

5646.Using a matchless   iron pillar    which was   shining  like  the  axe,
Which  was held by Shiva   who is the father  of Lord Subrahamanya.
And who had   an eye on his forehead , Hanuman  killed  , the entire  ,
Rakshasa  army  , who were  all wearing heroic anklets.

5647.The devas  became happy seeing that   the entire   army,
Was completely wiped out, The City of Lanka    surrounded ,
By the ocean became   confused and   the sound of crying ,
Was heard  on all shores of the sea and at that time,
Those five commanders  who had big  shoulders   arrived ,

5648.Due to being pulled   by the  mounds of sand,
In between the    streams of blood  , the wheels ,
Of the chariots  of the five commanders got stuck  ,
But still they proceeded   and covered Hanuman ,
With thousands of arrows  and   that son of Anjana,
Stood  within the     rain of arrows  without being scared.

5649.He   powdered   all those  cruel arrows sent by those commanders,
Just by using his hand   and then destroyed   one strong machine  ,
Which was   fixed  on one of  those   chariots, by making a hole,
And  fixed    on the   centre   part   of that chariot.

5650. Even before that chariot was destroyed, that  Rakshasa ,
Left that chariot and rose  up   and  when the Valorous Hanuman,
Prevented  him   from rising up further, he fought from sky itself.
And Hanuman attacked   him by a long  pillar   made of black gold,
And that Rakshasa  using his  bow prevented that  pillar from reaching him.

5651, But that big bow   of that Rakshasa  got broken   and   he  ,
Threw one of those  broken pieces   of the Bow   at Hanuman,
And then lifted a  mountain  to throw  at Hanuman,
Who understanding his  intention  , using that  ,
Iron pillar itself  killed the   sweet soul of that  Rakshasa.

5652.  The other   four commanders   like   the  fire with great flame,
Which comes out at deluge ,   with very great  anger  ,
And with smoke   in their eyes , Rained arrows at Hanuman 
And  at that time blood started flowing  from the wound of shoulder of  Hanuman,.

5653. Then that Valorous   Hanuman with his mind boiling  ,understanding,
The strength  of those   Rakshasas with deceit  , threw at them ,
A huge stone which was   giving out sparks   of fire but those four,
 Using their arrows    turned    that stone in to dust.

5654.  Again and again   the arrows which were    shot  ,
By those four commanders   hit the   wide chest of Hanuman and went away,
And then Hanuman who was an expert in war fare  ,
Picked up  one of those chiefs with  his chariot and threw on to the sky.

5655. That chariot which was thrown  by Hanuman   with ,
Great speed   crossed the sky   with great speed ,
And later when it was   falling   losing that speed ,
 And before it  fell down on the earth   Hanuman jumped ,
On   the Rakshasa chief    who jumped  on to the earth.

5656.   Hanuman, the greatest hero  among   the valorous  heroes
Of great anger, jumped   on him  ,like a lustrous  male lion ,
On the very  scared  elephant , killed   that  mountain like Asura,
By crushing his    body by stamping    all over him.

5657. The remaining three   with very great anger   , hating Hanuman,
Drove their chariots   and started   shooting arrows at Hanuman,
And they   also started   to fight further  by varying techniques ,
Asked Hanuman,” Now where  will you escape?” and continued fighting   with him,

5658.  That  Anjaneya who had   very fat   tall shoulders   , making ,
Even the devas  who were living  in the protected   heaven scared,
Picked up two chariots  out  of three    that  were,
Opposing him   and   rose    up in the   sky.

5659.When he did that the horses of the chariots  hung in the sky ,
The charioteer   was killed   and  those  two commanders ,
Having fat shoulders  , escaped  and speedily travelled in the sky,
And seeing that  , before they could escape  ,
That  Hanuman of huge    size   approached   near them.

5660.  Hanuman using his two hands   broke   their bow   with two ends  ,
Destroyed completely their quiver   and those Rakshasas,
Who did not have   any other weapon   started  ,
To do wrestling    with Hanuman   from the   sky itself.

5661. Those   two Rakshasas  who had white teeth  , black tall body,
And open   cave like  mouth  were looking similar   to ,
The serpents Rahu and Kethu   which were coming near .
And  the very valorous Hanuman   looked  like Sun God.

5662. Hanuman tied   the legs and tall shoulders   of those   two Rakshasas,
Who were fighting  without getting tired  ,  by his    tail,
Similar to being tied   by  a thick rope   and   broke them.
And  they  who were    removed   like  the serpents  Rahu and Kethu,
Fell down on earth  and died and that Hanuman   without any problem,
Stood like    the Sun God who was   the enemy of lily  flowers.

5663. The  one commander who was remaining   stood   opposing,
And Hanuman who saw him  jumped   on his very big head  ,
Like a lion jumping   on the hill  and That Rakshasa ,
Died   and along with the chariot and  was  pressed in to the earth.

5664. Those   five   commanders   who liked cheating and robbing,
Who were wandering in sinful ways and not   ways of Dharma  ,
Who were  more cruel than poison  , whose only job was causing,
Trouble to others  , who were very angry and defeated  by Hanuman,
Were  like the five sense organs and  Hanuman who killed  them,
Was like the   great wisdom which controlled the five senses.

  5665.None of  Rakshasas  holding in their hands  the ghee coated  spears,
Were  alive and returned back  and those    who did not fight  but preferred,
To hide themselves  ,  seeing personally   the killing  of the five  commanders,
Whom even God of death would be scared creating huge sound ran to Ravana.

5666. Ravana who was  seeing with aversion those women    ,
Who were standing around him feeling that  , the monkey,
Would kill  all of them  with a confused  and scared mind  ,
And was shouting at them    using very harsh    words ,
Making    the fire at deluge  burn  was told about  ,
The death of the  five commanders  making  his two ears get burnt.

5667.”The  army was completely destroyed , the five commanders   have died,
And only we      who had   gone for the war   have returned back  and that too,
Because     we were  not able to fight   the war and that monkey   speedily,
Killed those five commanders who had   earlier achieved  victory over heaven,
And  is now standing there  without doing any thing as there  is no war.

10.Akka kumaran  Vadhai padalam
Chapter   on killing of  Aksha  Kumara.

( Aksha Kumara , the second son of Ravana and Mandodhari goes to fight   with Hanuman   and in a very gruesome    fight   he is killed   along with his army.)

5668.  When  that Ravana   who had  reddish eyes  like that of lac ,
Heard   about the death of the five commanders ,  he became   very angry,
Left out  long  hot breath like fire which   made  his garland  of fresh petals,
Burn out   giving  out unpleasant smell stood   ready to go for war  ,
But  his son Aksha Kumara  saluted   at both his    feet,
Prevented  him from going  to the war   and requested him, “Please give me a chance.”

5669.”My  father  , Since  you   are  not fighting   with the steed of  three eyed Shiva,
Or the steed  of Lord Vishnu    who measured   all the worlds  in two steps Which is,
Garuda   which flies in a great manner  or the serpent  on which he sleeps,
Or one of those   eight   elephants  of directions  , possibly  ,
You are going  to fight     with this silly monkey  .
Please give  this duty to me   and   sweetly  remain here.”

5670.”When I who am your slave  is prepared to obey your   order  ,
You ordered  my elder brother   to go and bring the  king of Devas ,
And made  him do that job  .and due to that  I have a slight complex in the mind.
But if you tell me  to catch that silly monkey   and bring it here,
My want would be slightly compensated,. So you  , who have ,
Already won over   all the eight directions, please   send me for that job.”

5671, “That Lord Shiva   who has three eyes   which he does not blink  ,
Possibly wanting to  cause a slight insult   to this Lanka  , must have taken,
That form of that  silly monkey  which eats  slowly the harvested new  leaves.
In spite of that  I  would go easily  and within no time catch and bring him here.”

5672. Whether  it is the Narasimha which came out of the pillar which can catch  anything ,
Whether  it is   the huge  Lord Varaha   which carried   the earth  like a small piece of dust,
They are  not suitable    to fight   with me   and even if there is a need to go from  ,
This globe to another, If I do not catch and bring it to you, please punish me for that.

5673.After telling these   words  , he said, “please   give me leave to go” ,
Saluted him   and Ravana after   seeing that  Aksha kumara  ,
Who had big shoulders and was wearing heroic anklets  with joy,
Said, “Go in a chariot drawn  by horses   which run with great speed”.
And that Lad  who was wearing a garland of pretty flowers ,
Got dressed  for  war    and   went.”

5674. He climbed  in a chariot   left by Indra   when he was defeated,
Which was   speedy  drawn by    two hundred   horses and  all Asuras,
Blessed him  . The cloud like drums   blared   forth   and he was ,
Followed endlessly by  a very powerful army  ,
Which was like     the ebbing ocean    at the  time  of deluge.

5675. If we can count  the  sharks in the ocean with  tides lashing about ,
Then we can count the number   of elephants   that accompanied that lad.
If we can count the  number of fish    that wander about  in that ocean,
Then we would  be able  to count   the golden chariots that followed him,
If we could count   the sand  on its bank  which is kept classified ,
Then we  would  be able   to  count the strong  foot soldiers in that army ,
If we are able to count   the tides  that come one after   other ,
In that ocean , we can count the jumping horses in that army.

5676,Twelve thousand sons  of the kings   of the  victorious  Rakshasa clan ,
Who were like  sparks of fire   of the   shining  and burning fire ,
Which rose up    to destroy    everything     at the time of deluge , and,
Who  were  friends who did not have  a soul separate     from Aksha kumara,
Got in to their chariots  and    surrounded  that Aksha kumara.

5677. The sons  of the members  of Ravana’s council  , The sons,
Of his  very intelligent ministers , the sons of the commanders  of his army,
The sons born to  Ravana   with the divine ladies of heaven,
Numbering about four lakhs  riding on ,
Their machine    driven chariots     also accompanied him.

5678.-5679.  Iron rods  , pestles,  spears  , tridents  ,lustrous axes  , Vajrayudhas, goads,
Strong bows   with attached   arrows  , Vel  . arrows  ,  throw spears   , swords  ,
Huge trees  , throw   ropes  , Vajrayudhas  made of diamonds which  rise  against   enemies ,
Pretty round rods , maces    with thorns, Wheel which can kill without fail,
And such weapons for attack   coming close   were resembling ,
Several lightning  joining   together   and were  giving   rise,
Light like  sun light  and moon light   and seeing many drops  ,
Joining together  in the sky   the world  of devas  ,
Whose   end  cannot be predicted looked  like the earth.

5680.  Crows, hawks  , ghosts, god of death , the sin   that they ,
Have done for several years , followed    that lad’s army  ,
The mind  of the  peacock  like Asura ladies who  had words sweeter  than sugar syrup,
Who has   red mouth  , spear  like  eyes and  shoulders like   thick bamboos,
AS well   as several  crowds   of bees  also followed them and  went round them.

5681. Due to, the crying sound of  doe eyed   asura ladies   who were  the wives,
Of these  asuras , who were  calling their consorts  ,  the sound  of the ocean.
The sound   produced   due   the army marching in groups,
The sound produced  my many musical   instruments ,
And sound of  thunder  by the   clouds  ,   what  a person  spoke,
Was not understood    by another  person who was near  by.

5682.The gems on the ornaments    that were   shining  like  sun light  ,
Were  stifling   the  light of the sun which was pervading  all over the world,
The luster which was   coming  out of the cruel spears  stifled   the light  of those  gems,
And in the light created   by the crescent like teeth   of the Asuras
Stifled   the  light   from those weapons   and due  to it  being  like this,
To the newer   and newer   beings   that   were  being produced ,
It neither    appeared      to be either    night   or   day.

5683.  At that time   the horses    with forelocks , which were   tied  ,
To huge chariots   got tired and were sleeping  ,  the shoulders ,
And eyes  on the left side  of those   asuras  were throbbing  , the clouds  ,
Which were water bearing   gave rise    to the rain of blood  ,
The famished   crows  became happy   and shouted with joy  ,
And the sky which   was not dark   was producing sound like thunder.

5684.   That  lad came   surrounded by one Vellam of  cruel army making,
Devas   scared   and confused ., The God of death  seeing that ,
Became very sad   worrying about  the  possible result?
And the ghosts   became  possessed with rotating    eyes  ,
Filled   with joy  and patting their  soldiers  produced  harsh sound  ,
And with all this  , the son of wind God   observed,
The clearly visible arrival  of  that lad with  honey dripping  garland.

5685. Seeing that  lad coming  , The angry Hanuman    who was like a  lion,
Among all monkeys  thought “Is this   the Indrajit? Or is that  ,
Ravana   whom I am expecting  who has  come   the war?
Has  my wish borne fruit?”    and then looked    at his  ,
Pretty shoulders   , greeted them  , saluted Rama by his mind and told to himself.

5686.”If the one   who is coming  is Indrajit  or Ravana   , then it  must be,
The result  of good deeds   done  by me in previous births and my Lord .
Sugreeva   might  have also get   the effect of penance. I am standing  ,
Ready to kill him  and  God of death   also is  standing   near by,
And I would be  able   to complete  my job by to night .”

5687.”Though  he is like  a big  blue mountain and  he had faultless form,
He is not Ravana   who has ten heads and he is not  Indrajit either  ,
Who  has won over    the thousand eyed  Indra and if  thought properly,
He seems to be better   than both of them ,He is also not  God Subrahmanya  ,
Who excels in fighting war  , Who is   this faultless  lad?’

5688.   When after   doubting like this  , becoming   happy, Hanuman ,
Who was  a  faultless    and sincere   follower  of Dharma,
Sat on the arched  entrance which was  like  a  multi coloured   rainbow,
That Asura lad   who is engaged  in cruel duties saw   him  and told,
“Did this small  monkey   kill the crowd  of all asuras  ?”
And   then he laughed showing his lustrous teeth  in an insulting manner,

5689.   The charioteer who heard   such disparaging   words from the lad,      
Said , “Sir, please hear   what I have to say, Can we ever tell   with boldness  ,
About  how   some event will happen in this   world? Please do not find fault  because it is a monkey,
Vali who came   and  fought  with our king   was  also only  a monkey  .
Is there   any need   to    talk about   this subject  any more?
Please keep this firmly in mind   and proceed  to gain victory” and made him understand  it.

5690.As soon as  he heard  these  words  , that lad who  appeared as personification of poison,
Looked at the charioteer and told,  “I would not leave  my anger   till I  kill this  monkey,
Who has come to our own place  and did these  cruel acts, Later I would go   and search,
For monkeys  throughout  world  for monkeys  , including   those   in the wombs  ,
And destroy  all of them ,This is my oath.”

5691. That Rakshasa  army  departed  making tumultuous sound  , surrounded ,
That mountain like  son of  Anjana   and shot   weapons    at him like monsoon rain,
And seeing that   the guardians of eight   directions, sweated due to fear  ,
The  earth and heaven trembled   due to that war   and the valorous Hanuman  ,
Wearing a garland , with loneliness  as his only aid  , went and  fought  with them.

5692.All the weapons sent by  the Rakshasas  not able  to enter  inside,
Broke and fell down  , the elephants   which dashed   against him died  ,
The chariots as well as   the crowds   of horses    got destroyed ,
Making that city of Lanka  changing its nature , the limitless  number  of Asuras died.

5693. There was  no end to the Rakshasas  who were being killed  by ,
Hanuman the son  of wind god  who was like a  raging fire  ,
Burning   the dried grass  almost    within no time   and definitely  ,
The souls  of those asuras who went to that  far  ,  has to go to ,
The southern world of Yama , but    does   he have,
One thousand crores   emissaries    to take   these  souls  to his world.

5694.When those   Asura heroes    who were  already there  in the battle field  ,
Those who were coming   and those   who were planning to come  ,
Were engaged    in doing   the cruel war  , that  valorous Hanuman  ,
With his fighting   ability   increasing   three folds  , went like  fire towards  the enemies,
And became   similar to Sun God at deluge    who burnt out   everything  ,
And all those  Asuras   with strong shoulders  became like bone less  insects.

5695.That Hanuman who had won over his five senses  , making one feel,
That all the beings of Lanka , protected   by the ocean with large number of sharks,
Were caught  by God of death in a   great robbery,  fought   with that army.
The elephants wearing regal masks , the pretty   chariots   , as well as   the horses,
Fell down upturned and were   crushed and the blood that   was coming   of them all,
Flowed  like a river  , making the earth slushy and thus  Hanuman did not allow  anyone to escape.

5696.When those Asuras  who came  before   Hanuman were   destroyed,
Some of those who were alive  and struggling told  “Only chariots were destroyed.”
Some others   told, “Only foot soldiers  with red faces and strong shoulders were killed”,
Some  others said  “Majority  of those killed    were  horses “and some  others said,
“Only the  cloud like   elephants    with mask    were being killed   speedily.”

5697.Those very strong Asuras    who were  in the tumultuous  ocean   of  that army  ,
Suffered like  the curd   made  from the milk boiled  and curdled   by the  cow herd ladies,
In a wide mouthed vessel , which was   being churned but Hanuman ,
Who was like the  matchless   churner . The Asura lads    with throw spears,
Were looking as if all the beings of the   seven worlds has joined   together ,
Like the water   that   ebbs  out at   the time of deluge and Hanuman  ,
Who was   as strong as the wind God   was like the fire at deluge  , drying up that water.

5698.Hanuman killed    all the Asuras    who were   coming to fight   the war  with him  ,
Some Asura heroes died   , some others    with  shivering bodies   retreated ,
Huge rivers  of blood started   flowing  and all those   who were   standing near,
Akshakumara  , unable    to stand there   went away   and he who was alone ,
In his  chariot  with matchless  wheels   went in front  of Hanuman  ,
And with his   eyes looking like  burning fire   sent very powerful sharp arrows at Hanuman.

5699. That younger  brother of Indrajit   thus   arrived   in front   of   Hanuman and ,
Hanuman who was practiced   with killing  several lakhs   of valorous souls  in a single day,
Stood  opposite  to him and seeing   that  the Devas  , with a mind   filled   with mercy,
With worry thought, “What will now happen to Hanuman?”  and due to that ,
They had   the great state    in which their    eyes  never  blinked.

5700.That lad sent    fourteen arrows    which spit  out fire    at Hanuman   and he  ,
Using a pretty iron rod   made them fall   on earth    and they  become  useless,
And then he   sent many cruel arrows at Hanuman so that  iron rod  is turned in to dust,
And the  valorous  Hanuman   due   to his not having   any other   weapon with him,
Used    his bare  big   hands as his weapon and climbed 
Into  that chariot  having rolling  wheels of  that lad.

5701.Hanuman   stood on that chariot  and  killed the charioteer  holding  the whip,
And when he pressed    firmly with his   hand  ,  that matchless strong  chariot  ,
That chariot  broke in to pieces and  all the horses  died,
And then the  lad rained   arrows    from the strong bow and ,
Some of   them  struck   the chest of Hanuman   and some others,
Pierced   his gold like shoulders and  that  wise   Hanuman  ,
Snatched   his strong curved bow   and   stood    before him.

5702.When Hanuman snatched   his very strong   bow   from that lad   by one hand,
And even before   that very strong Aksha kumara   started pulling   the bow with both his hands ,
That bow broke   and  that lad using  his sword tried  to pierce  the golden  shoulder of Hanuman,
He  who was the emissary  of Rama   who brought  word to Sita  snatched  that sword,
By his hand which he uses for war   snatched it   and making  fire sparks  fly,
Made   it fall as    dust   on that   way.

5703.That lad who started   fighting with the sword  , even before   that sword was broken,
And reach the earth  ,came forward   to  fight with his   very strong shoulders  ,
And when he was trying to catch hold  of Hanuman who came there  ,
The hairs of Hanuman which were   like spear   went   in to   his body,
And Hanuman tied    him with his long pretty tail so that he   could not get  out,
Pushed    him down on to the earth  and sat   on him.

5704.That Hanuman who caught  that lad by his tail  slapped   him with his very broad palm,
Uprooting  and shattering   his    teeth which were   sharp like the sword ,
Punched  him  with  his strong fists , which were   like a   victorious hill,
And like the sparks of lightning    falling from   the  cloud   , made fall  the gems,
Studded   on his ear globes  and other ornaments fall down   and scatter  ,
And also brought out his intestines  which were hanging like a serpent in a cave.

5705.  Using   the blood flowing like river   , as the water  needed  for grinding,
With the battle ground  as the mortar  , with the flesh pieces   which fell from his body  ,
On the earth   looking like rice spread over everywhere , using a part  of the asura’s body  as mortar ,
Before the soul departed   from the lad  ,  Hanuman with his   two lustrous big hands,
With the  people    of heaven and earth watching it  , grinded   that lad,
And made him in to a  paste   so that  his own fame    ,
Would exist   even if    all the seven worlds   cease to exist.

5706.Some of those asuras who were alive   hid below the blood flowing out of the wounds ,
Some hid their body in the hill like corpses   collected  by the ghosts  by covering themselves,
Some others   pushed   by great fear  died on the spot  , some not knowing  the directions,
Wandered  here and there , became   greatly   upset    and died ,
Some others  lost their strength   to go anywhere  m, some dropped their weapons  ,
And   remaining started   running  helter-skelter  without bothering about directions.

5707.Some  Asuras  assumed the form of fish and joined   the ocean  ,
Some others     assumed    the form of cows    and started grazing  all around ,
Some assumed the form  of flesh eating  birds like  hawks, crow  etc ,
Some others  took the forms  of  Brahmins  who had  learned  the Vedas,
Some others assumed   the  form of doe eyed   young ladies, Who had  left  their hair in the front,
Some   said, “Sir we surrender to you”  and repeated  name of Lord Vishnu.

5708. Some asuras   when their relations or wife saw them  with joy and wanted to hug them,
Would say to them ”We are  not your relations .We are Devas and  we have  come here.
To witness   the war “  and then went elsewhere. Some others    shouted  ,
“We are men and not  Asuras”  and some others took the form of a  bee  ,
And wandered in the garden of Mandhara trees, some others  not knowing anything  fainted,
Some other Asuras   broke their crescent like teeth   and  made their red hair  in to black.”

5709.  The Asura ladies   of Lanka   with faces wearing ear globes   on their ears  ,
Who had  breasts on which Kumkum paste   has been applied ,
With  raised untied  hairs   which   made    the bees wander  falling on their feet,
Wailed opening and closing their  scented  mouths   which were  red like the lotus flower .
And their wailing sound    was   even heard   up to the  heavens.

5710. The  young ladies   who were wearing   pretty garlands  over their  red hairs,
Completely worn out   by crying  and  stood up   and saluted   by falling at their feet,
Their dead husbands   who had   faces   which were red like   rising sun,
It was not possible  to distinguish them  from   the blood that flowing in the city.

5711. When the very pretty Asura ladies    resembling  very pretty dolls,
Were falling on the bodies   of the valorous Asuras in that  faultless , cruel   battle field,
They were    breathing heavily     and had closed   their  bow like   eyes and this  was,
Perhaps because   they and their husbands   had one soul with two bodies.

5712. Those   very innocent  Asura  ladies ran searching for   their husbands  ,
Like the  bodies running   in search of their  soul and they who  were running,
Due to the greatness  of their chastity  , left their   soul and died.
They searched for the body   of their husbands in the  heaps of corpses,
And joined   with their faultless  husbands   and  because of that ,
Those deva ladies who   had hugged their  husbands  , did not like them.

5713.One Asura lady who resembled  Goddess Lakshmi  , who had   eyes like  ,
Sharpened    sword , took a body without head   which seems to have stopped dancing  ,
Hugged it tightly  and said  “Please point out   to me   my matchless  ,
Friend of my soul,  “   and saluted  it    wailing all the time.

5714. The daughter  of one Asura   who  was as pretty   as   the flower branch,
Whose picture   can never  be drawn  , holding the head  of her dead husband,
Seeing that    his body which stands and dances  has been damaged, said,
“Oh king  , You have become thin by too much of dancing ,
So please stop this dance  “   and then with   hands  , were as  soft  ,
As a new leaf and flower   hugged   him tightly.

5715.Mandodhari   who was the daughter of Maya with her  kayal fish like,
Eyes shedding copious tears, with her   cloud like hair  rolling in dust,
Fell at the feet of  Ravana who was   the son of the  son of Lord Brahma,
Beat her  belly   , cried    and wailed  loudly.

5716. All the  ladies of the  pretty city of Lanka   also fell   at the feet,
Of Ravana and cried with great mercy and the devas   who were,
Forced  to protect the town also fell at  his feet  ,
And pretended    as if sad  , though they were   happy.

11.Pasa  Padalam
Chapter    on the rope.
(Indrajit , the elder brother of Aksha comes   and after a great battle ties Hanuman with Brahmastra  drags him  through the city.
In Kamba Ramayana   it says that Hanuman  submitted to Brahmastra   due to respect and since he wanted to see Ravana went along with Indrajit.  In Valmiki Ramayana it is said that  the Asuras tie  Hanuman with a rope and because of that  Hanuman is immediately freed   from the tie.)

5717. When that   very masculine Megha natha  who got great fame by getting  ,
Great victory  over  Indra   and destroyed  his strength , heard about this,  his   cruel eyes ,
Started shedding   sparks   of fire    and   he  got enraged ,
Sufficiently   to make all worlds sorry   and later  destroy them.

5718. That matchless  Indrajit  due to the news   that  his younger brother,
Who had the lustrous sharpened spear   has been killed ,
Felt as if his mind   was burning  , and breathing as if his soul was afire,
Started for the war  similar  to Lord Shiva  who burnt the   three cities,
By bending  The Meru mountain as a bow   and had   divine  luster.

5719.He , who by his  valour  touched   the boundary  of the  sky,
Got  in to a big wheeled chariot drawn by  one thousand two hundred  ghosts.
And the words of valour that  he uttered   , coming continuously   from him,
Made cracks  in    all the great directions   and broke  the universe.

5720. The heroic anklets   and garlands    that he wore   as well  as,
The sound of drums accompanying him   made   even the   thunder scared,
And hearing that sound the king of Devas shivered for his life  ,
And his body was   covered with sweat  and he suffered   due to great fear and
The trinity   who were   the God of gods   deciding that war has neared  its peak,
And stopped   the works   that were  being done by them.

5721.That Indrajit whose   eyes  got filled up   as and when he thought  ,
Of the death of his younger brother, with tears running  like a stream,
Looked at his very strong  bow , folded his lips and laughed   with great anger.
He thought “Did a monkey which roams   on tree branches  ,
And does not have  a stable life  , kill my brother   who has  valour ,
That will not bent? Due to that  the fame of my father  has gone down,”

5722. We do not have  capacity   to count   the number of spear soldiers,
Who can split the  mountain in to two nor those archers   who came  in dense formation,
Nor those soldiers   who were    armed   with swords  . The number  of  small eyed elephants,
With rut water flowing on both sides   which made   the earth slushy   was twelve thousand.
The number  of chariots   in that  army formation was also the same  number.

5723, Similarly the cavalry   of the same size assembled   there and ,
When they joined, the Asura kings   who held the swords  of valour  ,
Also came and joined them and Indrajit  who  had enmity  ,
Flowing like a stream  , immediately came   and got in to his chariot  ,
And went inside the palace  of Ravana   having a pretty entrance .

5724.He fell on the feet of Ravana   and wailed    for the death  ,
Of  his younger brother  , and   the very fearless  Ravana  ,
Held both  shoulders of Indrajit    and hugged   him  ,
And cried and became weak   and the ladies  of Asura clan,
Who had  long eyes like two swords  , beat  themselves on their belly,
Wailed   and swooned and Indrajit who  was as strong as a lion  ,
Separated   them  and looked    at  his father  and talked.

5725. “You are not deeply  thinking about anything that does  good to us,
You experience whatever happens   and then    become   sad because of it.
Though you knew about the   great strength   of that   cruel monkey,
You went on sending rows and rows of   Rakshasas    asking them,
To fight with that  monkey  and I think  you have  killed them all.”

5726.”Oh my father  , KImkaras, Jambumali , the faultless five commanders ,
Who  were all   asuras wearing  heroic anklets  along   with a part of our army  ,
Were all killed   and not even one was   able to   return , Is it really a monkey?
For I feel    that  is the same as the trinity  of Lord Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva  .”

5727. “You have  won over the prowess   of the   eight elephants  of direction,
You have won over the Kailasa mountain of Lord Shiva  who  burnt the three  cities,
You have  won over  the three  worlds and you are  now  simply seeing that monkey,
Which had killed  Aksha kumara. Even after all this   destruction  ,
If we say that   we will go to the battle field and win over   it  ,
That would be idle prattling. Would it be a  wise   decision?”

5728.”Inspite of that   sir, I would easily   catch   that  monkey  who does acts of valour  ,
In a very short time   and so from now on you  need  not suffer   any sorrow for that ,
You would  live long,” saying like this   that Indrajit   who imprisoned  ,
Lord Indra  , the king of devas  along  with his   fame , went to the battle  field.

5729.He went along with    chariots    which went in a row  , surrounded,
By Umbrellas made  of corals  , with palanquins made   of pearls  ,
Surrounded   by cloud  like black chariots   made of black wood,
With  cruel  elephants in rut  looking like  black rainy clouds  ,
And   with white cowries   which went like jumping  horses.

5730. With conches booming , with big drums giving sound like  thunder,
With trees shaking   due to cruel sound generated  by Thilai   and Kaduvai,
The crowd of garlands   and   the dust   making sky invisible  .
The umbrellas    shiningly visible    here   and there  like moon,
And making the elephants  of directions  shiver with fear  , he   came.

5731.When the valorous heroes ,  who  fixing several types  of  pipes like fire  ,
And were   blowing them   , did not find way to proceed   further  ,
Seeing this  Hanuman   who was the emissary   of Rama  ,
The lord of Dharma ,went  to  do penance  leading life of sages
Saw this  by his mind as well as eye and smiled  thinking
About the  war which was coming towards   him.

5732.Indrajit  came with  the crowd  of  red umbrellas   and garlands  ,
By the side   of  his chariot made  of Gold , with  ladies  ,
Who had  fist like waist , similar   to the  branch of  Karpaga trees of heaven and,
Who had reddish mouth   and who had  hair decorated  by scented  flowers
Fanning with  shaking cowries  , and with  instruments  like horn  ,
Making  great   sound  stealing  the intestines  of those hear them,

5733.They say  that   the number   of the collection of garlands  was hundred thousand,
The sun shades  made of   peacock feathers   and the faultless  conches   was  ten thousand,
And he came   surrounded   by Umbrellas of the colour  of red  , white  , blue and green
Several lustrous  multi coloured flags   and crores  of Indras and  Sun Gods.

5734.With those   Rakshasas   who liked  wars blowing very many    horns made of    gold  ,
Purified in the  fire   all together   at the  same   time   , keeping them on their mouth  .
And hearing that huge sound the people    earth and heaven  were startled  and became  tired  ,
And talking among themselves that the Rakshasas have become enthusiastic  and
The time of  final destruction has come near   , came with   desire  to see the war.

5735.The division  armed  with well sharpened  arrows  , the division   with,
Fire spitting   spears  and the number  of archers   who can shoot the arrows well,
And the  ocean of Asuras  armed with similar   weapons  ,and having  musical instruments ,
Like horn  , conch   and others joining   together  , the earth  unable   to bear the burden,
Bent her  back a little  and Indrajit who was responsible   ,
For giving    this pain to the world  came   to the war   said  the golden symbols.

5736.  The  long shields  made  of  tiger’s hide  like the ocean of horses which  were fighting  ,
Went up  to the Devas    making even the god of death  scared  .
And   they got ready    their big bows   and the rain of arrows,
Which emanated   from  there. Similar to the ocean on full moon days,
Neared   the arch built  in world of Devas   as if they  touched   them,

5737.Due to the playing of drums like  Thadavai  maram,  Chagadai parat,
And thimilai parai   all the   stars fell down similar to flowers  falling from the tree,
And  the great sound made  by those heroes who were like   the killer  tigers,
Along with  the sound  of long bells tied on the neck of the elephant  filled up the world.

5738. They  readied  the arrows    which   has  known wounds    earlier,
In their eighty thousand crores   of bows  and started     sending   them,
And not only that  that arch which was  touching the   sky vanished,
And Hanuman who was praised by the worlds became one   who lived  in that great war.

5739. The  army   that was   coming to fight   with  very  valorous  Hanuman 
Consisted   of twenty Vellam of    sword bearing army  ,  the   army  ,
That fought   with   the Vel  numbered to twelve  crores,
And those   who fought   with spear   were  one vellam  .

5740.Horses  jumping   and flying  like a ball , Chariots in dense formation,
Going faster  than the mind  , and elephants with black colour  like  night  ,
Were    coming in such a way   that dust raided by them  hid the world of the moon.

5741,   The  sound of instruments like conch  , flat drums  , chachari and chinnam,
Were  heard  everywhere  , The big drums  raised a noise like thunder  ,
The  cruel sound of Stones   filled   up the sky   and,
The Asuras   came   with   great speed , seething with anger.

5742.  All places   of horses which were  visible were   crowding,
In all directions   collections of chariots were crowding ,
In all places there were  only black     cloud  like elephants,
And in all places those who were  shouting were   the asuras.

5743.The horses    which were   attached to the chariot were two hundred crores,
The asuras   without guard   who were  included were as if another  eon has arrived,
And besides  those asuras  who were  helping other soldiers were  ten Vellams.

5744.Those asuras who were surrounding that Cheating  Indrajit   were ,
One hundred vellums of bow holding archers, the number of soldiers,
Who hold the bow and capable of jumping and  rushing  was beyond counting,
And similar was the case of elephants   with a hole in their trunk.

5745.That monkey chief   whose   valour   could make  enemies faint ,
Seeing  such a large  army   of   that Indrajit,
Turned to the north and saluted   Lord   Rama and stood there,
With very good    happiness visible in his face.

5746.Seeing that   ocean of Asuras  who seem to say,
There   is no place   in all the seven worlds   for them to occupy,
And who  stood in a dense  formation   and were coming towards him,
Hanuman   called   them   as if a cock is calling them.

5747.When Hanuman with great  joy was  calling them  ,
Understanding what  that intelligent monkey meant    
Te Asuras    who had a body of black colour  ,
Sent   arrows at him, many of which fell in the ocean.

5748.Since the form of  the lion like  Indrajit   was completely covered   by the dust 
Not able to see him , Hanuman  , examined everywhere   found him out  ,
And addressing him    started   telling the  following    words.

5749. That Hanuman  who was an expert in the  endless knowledge  ,
Which he had heard  , looking at the huge   crowd of  elephants   surrounding Indrajit,
To protect him  , also saw the white royal umbrella   that usually  preceded  Indra,
Became happy  knowing that Indrajit was there   only   and stood smiling.

5750.Hanuman becoming joyous   at seeing  Indrajit  departing  ,
With great anger called , “Oh Indrajit  who is cruel and strong  ,
Please do come to the war with great   speed.”,
And one of them told him that, “This is Indrajit.”

5751.Hearing  that  , Hanuman with shoulders like   the mountain,
Said, “Good, that  is Good” and wanted  to fight    the war  ,
And  at this time   the army of Indrajit  reached   that arch.

5752. The entire   army of Asuras   who were capable  of sinking the earth,
Making one feel that  there is no more space   in  all the seven worlds,
Started like the   raising  ocean at the time of deluge  and Hanuman called  them for war.

5753.  When the army approached   from all directions  making ,
The sun, moon and stars , fall down like flowers  and seeing them,
Hanuman thought ,”If the biggest   strength  of them  is this Asura army,
Which is marching towards me  , they can not only win  Indra but  all the seven worlds.”

5754.  That army of black coloured   Asuras  , similar   to ,  the great darkness ,
Which was defeated   by Sun God  doing great penance   and assuming  ,
Many black forms   who   won   the  rays of Sun God   from him 
And wore them as ornaments,  as a sign of their victory ,
 Along with   shining ornaments    that they were wearing  ,
And  holding  swords which had   gone deep in to the bodies of enemies,
And thereby getting a stain of flesh , which were   also shining  ,
And were   capable of giving   victory in war , possibly   feeling
That the earth   is not sufficient for them   joined   the army of Indrajit.

5755. The  pretty  chariots   with wheels  , horses, foot soldiers ,
Angry elephants   with red eyes and wearing ornamental masks,
And the entire Asura army that have assembled there , like  ,
The rising sea  at the time of deluge  accompanied Indrajit ,
And he whose  valour   cannot be divided   among others,
Shined separately   standing in the  middle of the huge army  ,
And    was similar  to the matchless  , very big Meru mountain.

5756. Indrajit   who went to   the war like this  , though he had fame
Of winning over the eight directions and the three   worlds ,
Because  he was a great hero firmly established in his valour,
Seeing  that Hanuman who was  looking like an ocean ,
And who had done great valorous act , appreciated  him,
Saying, “His valour is indeed great” and became happy.
All those who saw it felt scared   , thinking about what would happen.

5757. That Indrajit wearing ornaments    of the shape of leaf  , saw that  great battle field,
And thought  that it was  like a different world ,  with very many  cruel weapons,
Floating  in the rivers of blood   from the   big corpses  of those  Asura who died there,
And along with immeasurable number   of mountains , oceans,
Rivers  and forests   was looking like  another  world   which is wide  .

5758. He felt slight    sorrow in his   mind which had never   suffered from sorrow ,
And thought  that  “All the Asura warriors  , who were  like a   completely full ocean,
Who had measureless   greatness   and who were  matchless   in their valour ,
Had died  here.. There   is only one  monkey   that   is seen to be here,
And if Rama   comes and wages a war at us     along with similar monkeys,
With which army   can we fight with him    and win over him?”

5759.Those who were as dear as his  eyes , those   who were  like  his soul,
Who with the weapons selected   by   them  were capable  of protecting their people,
Who  had greatness   which is beyond imagination  , have   all died due to Hanuman,
And seeing several Asura warriors   who were lying there on the battle  field  ,
Indrajit  got angry, folded his lips   and  felt    that   his mind was boiling  ,
Like introducing a stick in to  the never   healing    wound.

5760.Indra jit said  , “If the insult that   was meted   to my aunt  in the forest ,
Killing of Khara   and the  sorrow due to killing  of my younger  brother  Aksha kumara ,
And other insults   have  been caused   by just two men and a monkey ,
The valour within me   is not pretty  , What a great surprise?”

5761.With a greatly suffering soul, with   the   colour of fire , when Indrajit was going  ,
Through  the path  full of mountains   of corpses   which were  impeding his progress,
And which cannot  be pulled   out  saw   the dead body  of   his younger brother,
Who was rubbed out   by Hanuman , with his angry   red  eyes,
Which was shining  like copper  greatly heated in fire, with a very  angry mind.

5762. Seeing  the body of his brother   whose   form  has been altered  ,
Lying   in the blood flow     similar   to Dharukasura  and similar  , to the body  Of Hiranya,
Which was made in to a paste by  the matchless  Lord  Narasimha   by his sharp nails  ,
His chariot shook and became unstable  , he let fall the valorous bow    that he was holding ,
And  blood and tears   from    his red eyes showing enmity  which was also spitting  fire ,
And  That Indrajit stood there  letting out hot tortured  breath,

5763,”Oh my dear , Even the god  of death getting scared   of  the great anger ,
 Of your father   who holds   a cruel and sharp  spear  , cannot take away your soul,
Also   all those    who live   in different worlds  would be scared   to hide you,
How is it that  you easily left us and which world   have you gone to?” Wailed  Indrajit.

5764. That Indrajit unable bear   the sorrow  due to the death of his sibling,
Became jaded , weak   and sad due to the love  he had towards   his younger   brother,
But what    was most prominent was   his anger   which had   the property of   ebbing out,
And like  hitting a nail over another nail already pushed in , pushes   that nail further,
His anger   pushed inside    the great sorrow  that he had  in his mind, what a surprise?”

5765. When these   things were   happening there , the very masculine  Hanuman ,
Wearing a heroic anklet who was like Lord Shiva   who burnt    the   three cities ,
With great anger saw Indrajit the    son  Of Ravana  , who was coming towards him,
Who was riding    on chariot similar to Lord Sun riding   on a chariot.

5766.”is it not true that I have won over some Asuras  earlier? This person,
Has been summoned here speedily   by   either   by my defeat   or victory,
And one of them will definitely happen here. This one is surely Indrajit.” Hanuman thought.

5767. ”If this Indrajit   wearing a well scented flower garland  who  is like a bull,
Mad with valour   is killed by me  , that   would cause   the death of Ravana also,”
Thinking like this   further,  Ravana     thinking that  he would   surely die  ,
Would take   the faultless   and chaste   Sita   and give her to Rama ,
And not only that   all these Asuras would lose their pride and lose  their cruelty.”

5768.”If I can possibly kill this lustrous  Indrajit  , there   would   be more than,
One benefit out of that  “Indra would not be sad  any more  ,
There   would not be any  security to this Lanka    of Asuras ,
And I would also win over  Ravana   and uproot him.”

5769. When Hanuman was thinking like  that and standing there,
The army of Asuras  , elephants, chariots   and horses  ,
Came before Indrajit   who had won the three   worlds , three times  ,
And entered  Lanka as a   victorious Hero  ,  and created a huge sound,
That  very big Hanuman   becoming angry ,
Uprooted a  huge tree  and assumed a  huge form.

5770.  Some of those  elephants   in that Asura army   were kicked by Hanuman,
Some  elephants rolled , some  of them were stamped by the feet of Hanuman,
Some   elephants  fell down  , Some elephants fell  on each other   and got buried,
Some  elephants  became upside  down  , some were  killed in the war  ,
And some  elephants  fell down with their feet  upwards.

5771. Some   chariot collections    were   completely destroyed ,
In case of some  , many parts    were broken , some lost  their strength ,
And got   destroyed  , some chariots fell  down  with their joints broken,
Some of them got their axles broken and fell down  , some became dust  ,
Some   were crushed   and fell down  and some  fell down on earth.

5772.The heads   of the horses   got crushed  , some lost their eye balls  ,
Some got their strong  legs broken , some fell down with a broken back,
Some  wearing garland of bells   got their chest crushed  ,
Some vomited blood  , some had their hoofs wearing  shiny,
Golden anklets   broken    and in some   their bent necks got broken.

5773.The  Asura soldiers  became those    who were  caught  by Hanuman,
Who had their bodies broken,   who had   their big shoulders scattered,
Who had their heads broken  , who had  been bitten all over their body,
Who lost their  necks  , who were slapped   and who were  greatly scared.

5774.  The arrows from the well bent   cruel bows   and  many  ,
Of the very cruel weapons were   sent by the Asuras ,
And had   fallen on that  very  Valorous Hanuman    ,
Like   the steel rod well heated  in fire not burning the stone of black smith ,
All   those which hit Hanuman did not cause   any harm and went away with sparks.

5775.The  burning arrows that    were sent by Indrajit   on Hanuman ,
Who had   rising great anger , and   those arrows produced   flame and smoke  ,
But  did not cause   any harm to the body of Hanuman   and   went away,
Seeing which Indrajit laughed with anger   and devas    who saw it  ,
Were  worried as to what will happen      and  their eyes   became sad.

5776.When   the chariots , horses  and Asuras got   scattered  ,
And fell   on the ground  ,  the valorous Indrajit with fat shoulders,
Who was standing  all alone among the dead Asuras  ,
With increasing smile and anger   went to war ,
With Hanuman   who was calling everybody, “Please  come, Please come.”

5777. The Asura Indrajit   twanged   the string of his bow   with his fingers ,
Which increased  the shivering of the head of Indra, with   the collection of ,
Huge thunders   in the widely dispersed    clouds of the sky  shivering  ,
Due to fear  and making the thousand headed   Adhi sesha,
Who is a long serpent who always carries    the world  , shiver.

5778.Hanuman who was   the emissary  of the God    who rules over all beings,
Reacting to that sound   slapped    his big shoulders    and shouted a   war cry,
Which  could be told as    splitting   the universe , which powdered   the mountains,.
Which split the long earth  , which split     the directions  and,
Which broke the string tied    to the bow of Indrajit.

5779.  Indrajit  berating him and exhibiting   his own valour    told Hanuman,
“You are  very able   , there is none  in the world equal to you,
In the great strength    you are different from others  and stronger than them,
But today will soon  become  the    last   and final day   of your life.”

5780.Hanuman in return said, “Oh cruel Asura, I have come here with a trick,
To put an end to your lives  , to put an   end to your policy,
Of troubling people  , to put an end   to the sinful act of yours,
To put an end     to your weapons like sword   and because  of that,
The power of my shoulders    would never get reduced.”

5781.Hearing that  Indrajit  thinking that  ‘I will put an end   to your wish”
Sent very  big and sharp arrows   which were  more  powerful than Vajrayudha and they ,
Hit Hanuman on his chest and head   ,made new    blood flow    from them, making Devas scared.

5782. That  Hanuman became greatly enraged  ,  further  increased his body ,
Not thinking that  the height of sky was not sufficient and assumed a super form,
Which was  like the fame of Rama   who  obeying   the words  of his   step mother ,
And  gave away all the   world  which was surrounded by  the ocean,
With folding high waves   to his   younger brother   and stood firmly in Dharma.

5783That Indrajit   with very powerful shoulders   who   imprisoned   , tied and Dragged   Indra  ,
The lord  of limitless worlds   including   the ten directions   looked at Hanuman ,
But  was   able to see  a small part of his    form   and unable   to  see his full form,
Became   perplexed  , confused  , startled   and surprised.

5784. That Hanuman who had assumed that   huge super form  ., extended ,
His huge hands in his front side , prevented the arrows sent  by Indrajit  ,
From striking him   caught them and threw it back   on Indrajit  ,
And slapped the ghosts pulling  his chariot as well as his charioteer and killed   them,

5785.At this stage  , with the charioteer   brought   another chariot  ,
Which travels  with the speed of great   wind at deluge  , that Indrajit,
Jumped and got in to that chariot   , using   arrows    which were  equal,
To several divine wheels   covered with arrows the entire body   of Hanuman  ,
Who had a long    life span   and had  great strength   in warfare.

 5786.That victorious  Hanuman   shook  his body and made   fall on the ground  ,
All the arrows sent by Indrajit    which had   hit his chest  , jumped on his chariot,
Caught the huge  bow  he had used  in winning  all the world several times,
Snatched   it from him  , brought it out    and broke  it  .

5787.Even before    the sound of the breaking    of the bow ceased  ,Indrajit  ,
For continuing the war   used   a sword called Vajrayudha   which was  ,
Used by the    angry Devendra to cut the wings of big mountains,
And which was given to him as tribute  and took it in his    hand.

5788.That   Indrajit , the son of Ravana   who had  matchless  great  anger,
Send at a single strike,   hundred hundreds   of   arrows   which were the best in the war 
Speedily   by bending   his great bow  , and that  great hero Hanuman,
Who was  emissary of Rama , getting  several wounds  in his body   got little tired.

5789. Those   devas who were   shouting with joy    earlier  , seeing Hanuman getting tired,
Became sad   and lost their wisdom and Hanuman who saw   this speedily becoming all right  ,
Took a huge  tree   in his pretty hands  and broke   in to pieces  , all the arrows  being ,
Rained at him by  Indrajit  , rotated   that  tree   and beat   strongly   Indrajit  ,
Who was wearing   a great    crown that  was made   by gold  and gems.

5790.That Indrajit who had    earlier achieved   victory   over  Devas ,
AS soon as  that huge  tree   hit has head       wearing    the crown,
Bled copiously  from  his head which washed   his crown  ,
And made    the shining rays    from it  properly visible  ,
And he became greatly tired   and his body    shivered.

5791. That Indrajit who was standing there with tiresomeness  ,
As soon as he started  properly thinking  , bit his teeth  ,
Which were like the crescent  of the moon,
Send  one thousand    arrows   which were   similar  on Hanuman,
Making the Devas  and Sages   worried and making Hanuman  shivering.

5792. Those   cruel arrows   sent by Indrajit thus   went and pressed  ,
The chest   and   hands of Hanuman , who with anger    as well as hatred ,
Went with greater speed  than the  arrows sent by Rama , who is an expert,
Using his great bow   and picked up   Indrajit  along with his chariot ,
And    threw it    and made    greatly  tumultuous sound.

5793. That Indrajit   who  is a very strong enemy   beyond thought  ,
Due to being thrown out by Hanuman   fell at the edge  of    chariot path of the  sky,
And came out   with blood flowing on him with    the scent   of the flesh,
Coming and collecting     below the  lower eyelid  and   fell on the floor .

5794. Even before that Indrajit      who had  teeth which resemble  lightning  ,
Fell on the floor  , he rose  up   from there   and reached   the sky  ,
And in the meanwhile    Hanuman with a long form  ,
Within a time  it takes for a black gram to roll   kicked ,
And destroyed   all the   gem studded   crowd of   chariots ,
Of the army   of Indrajit    and destroyed   all of them.

5795. Thart Indrajit who did  not have another   chariot    to ride  ,
And  also did not have   the  power to stand   before Hanuman,
Changing himself due    to his  fire like great    anger  ,
Travelled on the sky   and since  he did not have any other  option,
Took the courage    to the evil deed   of sending  the matchless ,
Weapon of Lord Brahma   called  Brahmastra.

5796. After  using faultless   forms of worships    using    flowers  ,
And offering flower coloured   offerings  , lamps  and incense  ,
He performed  flower offering to Brahmastra  , took  that Brahmastra  ,
Of Lord Brahma   who  created   all gods and  all the worlds  ,
And was   living  in the  place    of Lord   Vishnu   and took it in his hand.

5797. After taking    like that   Brahmastra    in his hand  , he kept it,
On the string   of   big and cruel  bow  , aimed   at the shoulder  of Hanuman,
And sent it   making the earth  tremble  , with directions shiver  with fear  ,
With   moon in the sky getting scared  and also  making Meru mountain shiver.

5798.   That  great arrow   which cannot   be controlled by any one ,
Taking the form of king of   cruel serpents     who spit   out fire ,
And making even Garuda   who wanted     to cut him scared  ,
Securely tied   the very huge    shoulders   of Hanuman.

5799.When the   weapon of Lord Brahma    tied    the   very    strong body  of Hanuman  ,
That great  Hanuman  , similar  to the cool moon along with  the serpent   falling  at time of deluge,
From the sky  along with    the tears of God  of  Dharma who was   following him and the arch  fell down.

5800. That Hanuman who had fallen down   understanding   that Brahmastra had hit him,,
Feeling it is not proper  to insult   it and move away  , closed his eyes  ,
And acted     as if   he was under its control  and Indrajit   thinking ,
That  his strength   is finished    and came   near   Hanuman.

5801. When Indrajit came  near Hanuman like this  , those Asuras,     Page 704.
Who were earlier scared to fight with him   and saved their life by running   away,
To all the four directions  , who were waiting  to see   him  getting exhausted ,
And who had shining teeth   surrounded Hanuman  from all the four sides ,
Pulled that Brahmastra which had attached to his body  like a serpent in a hole ,
Shouted   with a very  loud voice   and   chided  Lord Hanuman.

5802.That big city of Lanka   thinking  that the strength  of the monkey has been destroyed.
Which was shouting  in a loud voice   was similar   to the ocean   with  beating tides,
From all sides that Brahmastra    was looking like   the serpent Vasuki  ,
The Asuras were  looking like Devas  and Hanuman looked like Mandara mountain.

5803.That very angry  serpent like arrow  , tied the  golden body of Hanuman tightly ,
And that Hanuman who was the only protector of God  of Dharma in that city,
Was looking  like  the Meru mountain , which was   tied   by  Adhi Sesha
,At a time   when the huge wind was   blowing , when he was shining.

5804.  Males and females   of the city   came   and shouted   with loud voice,
And   went on shouting   in the surroundings, sky  and  in all the four directions,
And there   was limit to the  their joy at that time  , which was  like the time,
When the city   celebrated Indrajit tying  Indra and bringing him there.


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