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Kamba Ramayanam-Sundara Kandam Padalam 3-4

5.Sundara  Kandam(contd)
(Book of the beautiful one)

3.Kakshi Padalam 
Chapter   on seeing Sita.

(Hanuman     enters at last   that garden and sees Sita there and hides  on a tree .AT that time Trijata was  consoling Sita who was  crying and telling her about her    dreams which indicated the coming an emissary from  Rama, Her  getting freedom    and Vibheeshana becoming the king  .At that  time Ravana   accompanied  by a bevy  of ladies    comes  three. He requests Sita to be merciful and accept  his love. She shouts at him   and assures   him that Rama will kill him . Ravana gets angry   and wants to kill her  but  later decides not to.  He gives Sita   a time of two months   and entrusts the Rakshasis to threaten her. Trijata consoles Sita.
     In Valmiki Ramayana Trijata   tells about her dream to the Rakshasis who were threatening Sita.  A  lady who is   the wife of Ravana dissuades him from killing her.)

5069.  “If I reach that garden  in which pretty    flowers    stand erect and search for Lady Sita,
My sorrow will vanish   and if   I am not  able to see her there  then,
I would destroy the city of Lanka   and then I would die  ,
And I do not think there   is any other   thing left for me to do”  Thought Hanuman.

5070. And afterwards   the emissary of Rama   went inside   that garden ,
And at that time   the devas  showered   flowers   on him   and became happy.
Thinking  now  “Hanuman would tell    the present condition of  Sita
Who has hair like darkness who   has   been imprisoned   by Ravana  who holds   the sword .”

5071.Like   the medicinal  herb which grew near a rock   and has not even seen a drop of water ,
Sita    who has been tortured by the  cruel, Rakshasis   with thick hips  ,
Had lost both  her mental and physical health   and looked    greatly faded,
And all her body was     thin like   her   thin waist  and  was   there in that  garden.

5072. That   Sita   who had   stopped   shutting   eyes   for sleep   and opening eyes,
When she is awake  was like a lamp   placed before the Sun  and  had lost her luster,
And   she who had the  look of peacock , had  voice of Koel ,  was like a young female   deer,
Caught   in the   cruel  assembly of tigers  ,  who all had    sharp teeth.

5073.Falling on the ground  , sobbing  ,  getting heat on her body  , getting scared ,
Getting up  , getting worried , crying  ,  saluting thinking   of Rama  ,
Getting tired , getting trembling sensation, taking   deep  breaths   due to sorrow  ,
And wailing    were the only acts she did  as she did not know anything to do.

5074.That Sita  who had waist thinner   than a strand of thread   was looking as if,
Her long eyes had sunken down  and crossing the    golden colour of love sickness  ,
And her eyes were called    rainy eyes   as she was continuously shedding   stream of tears.

5075.That Lady Sita   who was sick with love   was the   personification   of   the ,
Sorrow   of parting  , for  one whom she  loved as a matter of right  and 
One who has matchless  love for her  and    since  pretty cloud, Kajal,
And black leaves   which had dark   black colour reminded her   of Rama  ,
She shed      tears   which were  coming from her like   the sea  as she was upset.

5076.When she thought of Rama   who had legs and arms  made  like pearl  ,
And who was like the rain bearing cloud  , her long eyes were drenched with tears  ,
And she got in to incurable sorrow  and   painful breaths    and ,
She   was wearing   a  thin  cloth dried due to heat  and was not stable.

5077. She  got scared   thinking that escaping from the prison   or defeating the strength   of fate  ,
Was impossible and due to her confidence that   Rama the lord of the Vedas   would come  ,
To wipe  away the insult  meted out to his sun God clan  , she was  examining  ,
Thoroughly  all  directions   expecting    the arrival of Rama.

5078.  A part   of the heavy hair of  Sita   who had    great patience  ,
Which used   to get  attached   to   both   her pretty cheeks   and fall on the ground  ,
Was   matted  and had become a single bundle   like the sharp teeth of Rahu  ,
Who used to put the    pure   moon in his    mouth and then chew.

5079. Without    having any other cloth which was like   the  pretty  milk  cream ,
Other than what she was wearing  , having  a body not taken bath   in clear   water,
Which was blue  like the feathers  of peacock   , she   was like a  picture ,
Drawn by   the god of love   with nectar  which came  out of the cold ocean,
Which  appeared to have   been swallowed   by smoke.

5080. Thinking  “Perhaps Lakshmana who went   in search  of  Rama was not able to find him?
Perhaps they did not know    that Ravana   who gives sorrow to the  whole world   has    stolen her ?
Even if they   had known  , perhaps    they did not know    the City of Lanka    ,
Was situated   in the middle of the tumultuous   sea ?” like this she became sad  ,
And felt  pain as if the  burning fire has entered   in to a raw wound?
5081.” The  king of Hawks Jatayu   had died and reached the heaven  and who else  ,
Would have been able to tell my present    state   to   Rama, and it   would ,
Be very  difficult    for me to  see Rama and Lakshmana  in this birth”
Thinking like this Sita   became sad  , became disconsolate  and ,
Became   tired   as if burning   fire   entered    her again and again.

5082.  “ Hearing the improper  words uttered  by  me   who has done the sinful act 
Of  not  bothering about Lakshmana, perhaps  Rama   thought  ,
That  I am ignorant   and decided   to leave me ? Has the  old Karma  ,
Decided   to give  me  sorrow  ?”  like this   she went on saying,
Several things in order  , again and again  , got her toungue dried,
Became very emotional  and     would   be sad , due to pain of the  soul.

5083. That lady Sita who would  not rise   and go away from the place    even if   ,
The land she was sitting was attacked by white ants and an anthill rises   there,
Would became sad thinking  “Who will serve Rama the tender dish  ,
Made by   leafy vegetable  , for him to eat? What an amount of sorrow,
Rama  must have felt on seeing guests?”  and  she will sob  ,
And  get greatly worried   and    would get   depressed thinking,
“Is there  any  medicine   for illness which  I myself  has caused   to me  ?”

5084.  That lady  who did   not know any difference   between night  and day,
Thought  that “Perhaps   Rama has  discontinued  searching for   me ,
Thing that   these cruel and cheating  Rakshasas would not have  kept her alive ,
Till now but would   have eaten her. What   can I do now?”  or otherwise  ,
Perhaps he thought   the patience observed    by his clan members  ,
Is a   very   great    burden to him   and became peaceful .”

5085.  She thought  “Perhaps   the mother  who gave him birth    and his younger brother ,
Must have come to the forest again   and must have taken back the victorious Rama  ,
 Back to Ayodhya “    and thought  “Rama would not return  to Ayodhya   from the    forest  ,
As per the word given till fourteen years are over “ and then thinking   ,
That   the sorrow of Rama was indeed great  , become depressed   and greatly sorrowed.

5086.  She  who had witnessed    the fighting   of RAma with Khara  got worried   that, 
These Rakshasas   who like Mura   who fought    in earlier    days   with Lord Vishnu,
Would be experts in getting many boons, in fighting with illusion  ,
And cheating    and the war   with them would be matchless.

5087.She would suffer due to sorrow thinking about how  the daughter of king of Kekaya ,
Told that   the very valorous   and broad   kingdom of  Kosala  belongs to your brother,
And Rama became three  times more lustrous   and   was like a lion who is liked by  all.

5088.She would  remember the face of Rama   which was  like   the  drawing
In the wall of  the fully opened Lotus flower when Dasaratha   asked him,
To assume the kingship   as well as when Kaikeyi  told him  ,
To sacrifice the   kingship and    go away   to the   forest.

5089.  She   became sad in her mind recollecting   the  Shoulders of Rama,
At the time  when she  was worried whether   he would be able to bend the bow  ,
And he   bent  and broke in to two the  Meru mountain  like  bow of  Lord Shiva
Who carried  the ganges  on his head   and who had   reddish eyes.

5090.She   praised    the great bow  of Rama    recollecting  the time,
When he killed fourteen thousand   strong army  , who caused  .
Trouble to the king of heaven Indra within a    short  period,
Of time using that   bow  by bending on two ends  and became sad.

5091.She became sad   recollecting the feeling of Brother hood of Rama,
Who addressing the poor hunter Guha   after he took them across ,
The deep ganges and said, “My younger  brother Lakshmana  ,
Is now your younger   brother ,you are my brother  .
And this   Sita   is your sister  in law.”

5092.She recollected how   when her father   who had   fully realized God,
Wanted to catch Rama’s feet   and extended  his hands , he  prevented   him ,
And how when he was asked to catch her feet and   she tried to move away her feet,
Rama  caught her pretty feet and kept  it on Durba grass  during marriage ceremonies.

5093.She would   become sad   recollecting Bharata   who not wearing  ,
The best of the flowers and the crown that was his on his head,
Came with matted hair   and   became sad for the turn of    fate.

5094. She cried   recollected the  time when the wealth  of his ancestors  ,
Were taken away from him   and his   giving away hoards   of cows,
To Trijata an avaricious  Brahmin  who did not have limit  ,
To the ocean of desires in his mind   which made   Rama smile.

5095.She    suffered   thinking of the greatness   of Rama  who took over,
Lord Parasurama who killed all kings for twenty one generations  using ,
His axe which was bathed in their blood  , along with his penance  ,
Strength   as   well as   his very huge   bow.

5096. She    remembered    and celebrated   the valour of Rama ,
Who by just one arrow attacked the   son of Indra .
In the form of a crow  , and took away    one of his eyes,
And made   all the crows of the world lose  one eye  .

5097.Thinking about how  he  took away the   great sins of Viradha,
Who has done evil acts   and removed    his curse  ,
Which could not be removed   by any one  , She  lost,
The stability  of her mind and soul  and became   famished.

5098.When Sita was like this except   Trijata  a Rakshasi  ,
Who was an expert in telling very sweet words ,  all the  others,
Who were  guarding Sita   slept  as it was  past midnight  ,
And  became  one with     the alcohol    of sleep.

5099.Sita then looked at   Trijata who   was sweeter   than mother  ,
In love   and told ,”You who are pure  , please hear,
You are my friend “and then she started telling  her  ,
Matchless   words   that  would describe her experience .

5100.”Oh Trijata   who had  golden waist  which is like   ,
The hand  held small drum, the right  eye and eye brows  ,
Are not throbbing and does it mean  happiness   is throbbing ,
To reach me  ?Is there more sorrow   that is coming towards  me
Due to cruelty of bad fate  ?  I  am existing without analyzing the future.”

5101.When Rama     came to the    city of Mithila    along   with ,
Sage Viswaithra, my faultless   eye brows  , shoulders   and  eye,
Throbbed  to show the arrival of pleasure and even  at this time  ,
They are throbbing like that   without  stopping  ,
Please   think about deeply and tell me the reason.”

5102.I forgot to tell you something   and  so please hear that also,
When my  lord of the soul   left all the earth that   was his  ,
And  gave it to his brother and we came   to the forest  ,
Leaving all that   again my right side throbbed.

5103.”Oh lady who reassures  me with mercy,  on the day  the poison like Ravana  ,
Reached Panchavati   to cheat me   , even then also all my right throbbed,
These throbbing tell me    the truth  and now   my faultless organs  on left are also throbbing,
What   is the good thing that is likely to happen to me.

5104 As  soon as   Sita  told like this, That Trijata    who had a very loving heart  said,
“Let auspicious things happen to you. You would now definitely    rejoin  ,
With your Lord   who is your protector   and besides ,
Please hear    what  I am going to say.” And   she started   telling.

5105.”Oh lady  with a good colour    who has luster , for the sake  ,
Of change of your colour of separation   and for  your life   becoming great,
One bee with a golden colour   slowly came to your side  ,
And sang sweetly into your ears with love  for your betterment.”

5106.  “If we think about it deeply   , that bee  had told you,
That an emissary  of your soul like lord   would   come and meet you.
The coming of bad  things    to the cruel people   is certain ,
And to reassure that  please hear what happened to me” and started telling.

5107. “You never sleep   and   therefore   you are not able to see any dreams,
When I closed my sharp spear like eyes  , I happened to see a dream .
In this country which  starts all evil  , what I saw  where all faultless,
They were  purified by culture   and more   true   than Sun God, Please hear.”

5108.”Oh Lady who has faultless   chastity , Ravana who holds the best of spears,
Applying oil on all his ten   heads  , wearing red cloth   was riding on  ,
An evil big chariot drawn by   donkeys   as well as ghosts,
Without knowing    where  he goes and reached  the southern direction.”

5109. “The sons and relatives of Ravana   and all other Rakshasas  also,
Reached that southern   direction   and did not return back .
I saw this without any confusion  and   please   hear  ,
Other scenes of the dream which   would cause   bad tidings to Ravana.”

5110.”The fire raised   by that masculine   Ravana   did not grow ,
And in that   fireplace   crowds   of  white ants   were generated,
That lustrous old palace   with  lamps having wicks that   need not be  pushed up,
Was broken at dawn  due   to great    thunder falls.”

5111.”The rut water   started flowing for female elephants and the huge  drums,
Without any body beating them gave  rise    to sounds like thunder ,
Without clouds and lightning   the clear sky  started shaking  ,
As if the entire globe is breaking   and all stars started   falling down.”

5112. “ Even without   day time with light , The sun would   shine  ,
Removing all darkness   as if it is day time  , The divine garland ,
Made of Karpaga flowers    worn by  Valorous heroes  ,
With huge shoulders fighting with wrestlers   would give out scent of meat.”

5113. “ The city of Lanka as well as its   walls    spun and  caught  fire,
On all its sides.In all places    the private parts of the ladies would be seen ,
Auspicious  pots would break and the darkness  which would swallow even lamps  would multiply.”

5114. “The pillars    used for decoration of the   city broke  , The elephants,
Wearing the masks  started  shivering  and their long tusks   broke  ,
And The water of Poorna Kumbha installed   by Brahmins knowing Vedas  ,
Ebbed  out of    the   pot like   toddy.”

5115.”The stars in the sky  pierced  the moon   and  went  up,
To th clouds which cover the sky  and  would shower blood from unhealed   wounds,
The staff  , wheel  , sword , bow    and  other    weapons  ,
Would start fighting with each other making the ocean  tumultuous.”

5116.”The auspicious  Mangala Suthra of  the Rakshasis   with out,
Any one cutting them  got   cut themselves   and fell on their chest,
And please also further hear   the surprising events that  ,
Happened     in the city   of Lanka   , in my dream.”

5117. “The  braids  of the  chief queen of Ravana   , who is the daughter of Maya  ,
Loosened   by itself   and fell on the ground  and that hair , due to the fire,
That cannot be approached near   gave out evil smell  ,
And what is the meaning of this ? It only says more   sorrow to Ravana,”

5118. After telling this she told, “Now please  hear about ,
A different dream of mine  . Today  , here at this time  ,
Two strong  lions which support each other  along ,
With a crowd of tigers   had come to Lanka    from the mountain.”

5119.”That forest without restrictions  in which     elephants   in rut live  ,
Was surrounded by    lions with a view   to destroy it   and  waged war  ,
And then  they killed    all those there   and corpses piled up in the forest  ,
And from there   one peacock went out from there    to reach its  town.”

5120.”Oh Lady Sita    who talks softly  , one lady with    red colour ,
Carrying a composite lamp  consisting of one  thousand lamps  ,
Which  threw  light for  a long distance ,  left   the palace of Ravana  ,
And reached   the   temple like   home of Vibheeshana.”

5121.”At that  matchless  time when she    reached  the palace of Vibheeshana,
You woke me up   and so that  dream did not  come    to an end  ,” Sita said,
Oh mother like lady  , you please see the remaining part of the dream,” and  so please sleep again.”

3122. At that time  , Hanuman, the emissary of war sent by lord Rama,
Who was like the very able bull  , examined with difficulty   that garden,
Reached   that place where Sita was there and saw,
The greatly sorrowing    Sita     , sitting and doing penance.

5123,At that time all those Rakshasis who were sleeping  awoke,
From their sleep  and said  , “Alas  The sleep which is not proper  ,
For us in this place   has spoiled us.”  And they all got up on all sides ,
Holding the cruel spear  , axe  , staff  , and trident   and,
With  very cruel hands   approached  Lady Sita.

5124. Those Rakshasis were having mouth in their stomach  , had eyes,
On the forehead that   was bending forward , had cruel looks,
And   in between their teeth  elephants, Yali   and ghosts  ,
Were sleeping and they had a mouth like  a cruel  mountain cave.

5125,Some of them had  ten hands   and one head ,
Some had   twenty heads    and only two hands  ,and
All of them had fearsome looks  , had  funny  looks  ,
And were hanging on them more than two very heavy   breasts.

5126.Their hands   knew how to use  trident , sword  , wheel ,
Goad  , iron pestles and  death like  spears and Kappanas  ,
They had body like poison   and were   trained hands  ,
And had the nature which made  even Lord Shiva with the axe get scared of them.

5127.They   were having faces like elephant  , horses  , tiger  , huge bear  .
Yali  , ghost  , Lion , jackal   and dog according to their innate nature ,
And this was placed on their back, they had three   eyes.
They had   adopted   cruelty   as  per their liking,
And they had a mouth from which smoke came  out.

5128. They were    having  immeasurable strength of mind ,
They had  a   form which cannot   be   measured by the eyes,
They were   wandering all over calling themselves   as ladies,
And making those who see   them shiver   , they got up   from sleep,
And started   going round and round    the Lady Sita,

5129There   Sita   who was the wife of pretty Rama  , not able to speak,
Was looking at the fire like face   of the Rakshasis  and was getting upset,
And  the emissary of  Rama   speedily came   and reached  ,
The top of the tree    below which lady Sita  was  sitting.

5130. Those Rakshasis carrying    spear and other weapons  ,
After   getting up from the sleep and   were standing in a crowd,
And Hanuman   speedily examined   the   reason for that   and  stared  at them.

5131.He saw Lady Sita who was  like a  magnet   drawing out  the spear of parting,
Which had pierced the chest of Rama   who was matchless  , best and lustrous,
Like the cloud and was like the  Lord of the eon    , like a streak  of lightning  ,
Among the black coloured Rakshasis   who were  like a broad   cloud.

5132.In the middle  of the  lake   which had fallen from her    eyes ,
Like a big ocean, She  was like a matchless  swan   who,
Was caught in between those Rakshasis whom she cannot cross,
And that   Sita who was like    a   tender  creeper was  also a female.

5133,Since   her   faultless divine   body had  all the best features ,
She was not different  from the specifications  made by Rama  ,
And so  he concluded that it was Sita and thought  “what a cruel act ,
Has   been done by the cheating and cruel Ravana   by hiding  here,
The  soul   of Rama    who had eyes  like   lotus flower.”

5134.The  cruelty  of putting  Sita   in prison   was an act  of Lord Vishnu,
For stealing the life of Ravana   who made all the three   worlds ,
Err   from   their good nature  . Is it fitting  and proper?
And this  is the  goddess   who came  away   from sleep    on the  ,
Snake   bed of Rama   and she is Goddess Lakshmi   sitting  on lotus flower.”

5135.Hanuman after drinking the honey of   joy exclaimed  , “Dharma  has not died,
I  would not die as I who has been searching for Sita    has found her    out  ,
She definitely is Lady Sita “ and then    sang  and danced,
And    ran , walked and jumped     here   and there.”

5136.Hanuman thought  “Sita  is like a gem covered   with dirt  and she has,
Lost her luster  like   the jaded   moon   which is hidden by  harsh rays of sun,
IN this  lady who had   hair covered with dirt , the chastity    and love ,
Towards   Rama  has not reduced   even a bit, Can Dharma   die?”

5137.Hanuman thought  “Shall I  praise , the  pretty  shoulders of Rama,
Or shall I praise  the greatness of the mind  of  Sita who is the  best among ladies
Or shall I praise   the clan of Janaka who has become great by charity?”

5138.Hanuman further   thought  , “Devas have not  done any mistake,
The Brahmins who are like God have  not done any mistake ,
My work as a slave  has also been faultless   and so Dharma would not die.”

5139.”Even if the mental balance   of that   matchless  lady  is affected even a little,
  I thought   that  the ocean like anger of  Rama who holds the wheel  would rise up and ebb.
And would lead   the end of the eons  , From now on  , let the world forever live with comfort.”

5140.”Is the  mental    penance done by ladies   , who were  born in a good clan,
And who have  attained   greatness in family life  , is very easy  , like we  say?
Where   are   those people    who take bath in five  cruel fires  ,
Who control all their senses  and who have left  off food and water   before these ladies?”

5141.”Due to the   birth  of Sita  , the birth in great clans   had done great penance ,
To  be  respected by others. Like the nature of women   their shyness  ,
Also has done penance and became   great  but in this   city   of Lanka,
Sita   has done great penance of chastity  and that  complete culture   is all due to  that Rama.

5142.”Except   lady Sita who does  only sweet things   , she does not have any support.
Those Rakshasis who have  gone away from proper   way   are those   who get   angry with her.
In this state her solitude   and peaceful nature and the penance of chastity  ,
Perhaps makes   us think that   all the greatness of Dharma were made for women.”

5143.”Was  It protected by Dharma? Was it protected    by   good   fate  ,
And good Karma of Janaka ? Was it protected by chastity  ?It is rare   and great  ,
Who  can do penance like this   as    this penance has matchless   greatness,
And can people   like us     tell some thing about it?”

5144.”Both   at night  and day   Devas  would be doing    service of  slaves.
Their wealth was like this  and cruelty done by the   Rakshasas   was like this 
Is it proper   for any one ?would bad Karma    win over    Dharma  ?
And   from now onwards    where   is sorrow    to this world?”

5145.Hauman   was thinking such thoughts   ,
And entered in to the  big  bush  of  trees which were pretty    , tall  ,
Made of Gold  and well grown  and stood there  hiding himself .
What happened   there was , in the   flower decked   entrance  ,
Of that  Garden  , Ravana  made   his appearance  .

5146,   Just like all prosperous mountains   have joined together   at one place,
Wearing fish like armlets, diamond ear globes shining   near  his strong   shoulders,
Resembling  the sun God reflected   in the ocean   dug out by  Sagaras,
With different type   of crowns   spreading   luster, Ravana came making the night  appear like day.

5147.With Urvasi carrying his sword and following him  , with Menaka  ,
Standing near and  offering him betel leaves , Thilothama   carrying his foot wear,
With deva ladies surrounding him from all directions  ,
With sandal paste   mixed with camphor   and kumkum  spreading  likable scent 
Making  the  tusks  mountain like elephants of direction   resembling his nose Ravana came.

5148  With eight crore   ladies  holding   the lamp of ghee   and musk  in their hands,
And the ornaments worn by those   ladies  with their luster   swallowing all darkness ,
With several type of ladies following him like   the crowd   of white swans  .
Wearing sound making anklets and   waist belts , Ravana   came.

5149.  Indra and  all other devas  who do not blink their eyes  understanding  that,
Evil has entered in to the mind of Ravana  because he had    got up from sleep ,
Due to great anger  and were wondering   “what was the sorrow , that came in Lanka?
And whether   this will be limited  to the cool scented garden  where  Sita  ,
With moon like face    and who is similar  to Lady Arundathi  ?
Or would it  turn to destroy other people   “   thinking like this ,
They all   got greatly scared     and preferred   to keep silent.

5150. With wearing costly    white silk , wearing silk upper  cloth, and looking like  ,
A blue mountain   which is tall having a   white stream    from top to bottom,
With   the great gems  of his golden garland   giving out    great luster.
Which was  like the yellow early sun light   and with the white scared thread  ,
Worn over the chest   moving here   and there  like  ,
The streak of lightning    that divides   the black water   rich clouds , Ravana came.

5151. With the great luster  of the  fish shaped armlets  which are diamond studded ,
Which he wears    on all his shoulders  controlling the   stars   and planets ,
Which  daily move round the sky   which is the vehicle  of sound,
And with the  greatly lustrous heroic anklets     that he wore on all his legs  ,
Going through all the world  , Ravana  who lights    the darkness  , with his smile
On his face  which was like the silvery moon light   came .

5152.With the   golden colour silk dress which was in    contrast   with his black   colour,
Dressed   properly  with proper folds  making him look pretty , being similar   to  ,
The young yellow sun light  on the slopes   of the black mountain .
With wearing  fresh bangles of the colour of lightning  embedded   with  .
Gem stones    with very great luster , Ravana came like  Karpaga    forest.

5153.With  white  pearl garland of victory having a dollar  called Channaveeram ,
Which was  like   the stars and planets   getting attached   to the golden Meru mountain,
Shining  like  streak of lightning among  the other   ornaments  ,
With his  shining ten crowns similar to the    twelve  forms of Sun,
Appearing on the top of the mountain of sun rise  ,
With   two forms    of Sun removing   and  giving    very great   luster  ,  Ravana    arrived.

5154. With  the big elephants   guarding    the directions having immense flow of rut,
Bearing ,great   insult from the world  , due to their two tusks which were at    the of their teeth
Getting broken   , crowding  together   like the Kailasa  mountain,
Having     felt  by   touching  the foot marks of Lord Narasimha  ,with very sharp teeth,
Who came  or   destroying  Hiranya who had    huge powerful shoulders   as   well as the power  ,
Of many great   boons, getting greatly scared    Ravana   came.

5155.With   Yaksha ladies   having pretty black eyes  like the black fishes,
The deva maidens  who never get tired, the Vidhyadhara   maidens,
The maids from the serpent world   and   the Rakshasa   maids  ,
Who were all having very stout breasts   with applied  Kumkum,
With red mouth like kovai fruit   and  with voice which makes  koels sorry,
Walking with him like peacocks which were  following a black mountain   , Ravana came.

5156. With   music with slow tempo  without   ay defect   being played  ,
In the flute with holes   and  the ladies    singing along with it  ,
And the Kinnaras  singing  proper music  with help  of  a musical instrument,
Called Chillari  , with clapping going perfectly   with beat   of drums  ,
With the snake   in the ant hill   showering nectar  along ,
With controlling   the earth and heaven Ravana   came.

5157. With   ladies   wearing unimaginable   quantity   of  ornaments  made of gold,
And gems   , with   cool black  corners of eyes , waist  like lightning  ,red mouth ,
Bud like breasts  , bamboo like shoulders   and  hip like big chariot seat ,
Carrying  flower decked seat  ,  cowries   and peacock feather   fans,
Announcing    the arrival Ravana who was like black cloud  ,
Came like dancing peacocks    and walked  along with him .

5158. With  following laws of music   , in consonance with     the beats  played  ,
Following the Thala   raised  with  instruments called Kuradu . Chillari  and Pandil,
And as per tradition  following in a slow tempo   one type of song called Geetha,
The maids   who were in heaven  singing following  all rules, Ravana   came.

5159. With  the arrows  of God of love   shooting sharp arrows ,
With an aim to wound a person   and create heat and  like spear  entering,
That   wound that has been created , the rays of full moon  spread  in to those wounds 
And also the breeze  was  wafting     and collecting water   from all flowers,
And made the  rain shower   of drops of honey    as well was water   drops ,
Hitting   the body  of Ravana like  melted    copper  , Ravana   came.

5160 . With ladies  with thread like  waist   which made us fear it may break  ,
With two  pretty   erect breasts   which were  on both sides like  containers,
Giving light  , and the upper   cloth    hiding them  , with lotus  like face ,
Wearing    ear globes  , who bent and saw,  with smile, with  mouth ,
Like red lily flowers   and  with  cloud like    eyes,    which had red ends  ,
Fighting on his     chest   as well as  shoulders   Ravana    came.

5162.  The great  city of Lanka   which had    the ocean itself as its moat ,
Built on a mountain  , went down when    Ravana  kept   his  step downwards  ,
While walking  making   the water  and tides in the   ocean  tumultuous,
And used   to jump  and go to all   the directions  made   Adhi sesha ,
Who had poisonous teeth    open mouth, and unapproachable   totter,
 And also   the goddess   earth who wore  the ocean as   her dress,
Had to bent   her back as     well   as   to rotate.

5163,  The  Rakshasa   ladies    who  were two times    stronger   than Thadaga  ,
Who were capable   of carrying  a  well formed   big mountains  by  hands wearing bangles ,
And who were capable   of killing   their enemies     in battle    walked,  carrying  ,
All weapons like Shield  , axe  , pestle  ,   spear  , goad  , iron mace with thorns  ,
Kidugas(A type of shield) ),  golden swords  , trident  s bows  ,   Vajrayudha  , on their heads .

5164.  That   great gardens   were full of trees open new   leaves  , flowers , branches  ,
Leaves  , base   ,  roots  and all other parts   made   by gems as well   as gold 
Were spitting     fire which made    all directions burn   and become black  ,
And with his deep    tortured    breath   spreading    forward,
And though he knew the   direction where  Sita    was sitting  ,
Due to tottering mind   he   was wandering  like  a snake ,
With several heads   which was searching   for matchless   gem , it  had lost .

5165.  The matchless  Hanuman who was      the son of Anjana  saw  ,
Ravana who was the chief   of Rakshasas, who came there  in a matchless   way,
And  after   examining   him thinking  that   he would be able    to find out  ,
The cheating nature  , his  actions and the    future results  of such actions,
And   started telling   the fame   of Rama   who was   wearing hero anklets,
But   continued   to remain   in hiding.

5166.At that place   when   the  group of deva  maidens   and  the  group,
Of all other ladies  moving   separately   and reached   the place ,
Where Sita who was the  lamp among ladies was sitting ,
And there   she got greatly scared  and trembled  like  ,
One who was about to lose  her soul   and was like a female   deer  belonging   to a male deer ,
Seeing   a  very strong   angry  tiger    with lines  and dots   and  eyes with smoke  ,
Which is coming    to eat her   and she    wailed.

5167..  Hanuman saw Lady Sita who was nauseated   and  was  greatly   upset,
And Ravana   who was    destroying his   good conduct   due  to passion,
With his two eyes  as witness  and was upset  and  became  very worried.

5168. “Long  live daughter of Janaka  , Long live Lord Rama,
Long live the four Vedas  , Long live  Brahmins  , Long live  good dharma  .”
Greeted Hanuman   whose fame  becomes  newer  in all   ages.

5169.That Rakshasa   who was desiring   the harsh poison as  nectar  ,
Came there   and reached   that spot   and said to Sita,
“Oh lady who is like a koel and whose  waist  is sorrowing  ,
Please   tell me when you are   going to shower your grace on me.”

5170.  That Ravana who had  a heart   which will not lose  its pride  or strength
Even if   the person who comes  against    him is Lord Shiva 
Due to   his passion   and shyness   became   sad  ,
And becoming very small  told   the following words.

5171.”Oh  very cruel  lady whose  red eyes   touches the ear globes ,
Today is dead   and  many days  are already dead  ,
Does the mercy  that   you are   going to show me  ,
Consist   of joining   me    after   I am dead.”

5172.”Oh best among ladies , Have you seen any fault  in my rule  ,
Which is spread   all over the   three worlds   together ,
Which has limitless   wealth   except  in the war  ,
With God  of love    , only because   of you.”

5173.”Oh golden lady   who has  long hair decorated by flowers,
You have insulted   the fame of  my wealth ,Would not your  soul like husband  ,
Not killed   by me  and  after he crosses  the forests,
And reaches Ayodhya  , gets back that kingdom  ,
Live  like a very ordinary   man there .”

5174.”Oh lady whose breasts   cannot be controlled   by a tied  up cloth,
If we  examine deeply   the benefit    which can be got by ,
Those who do penance  and   those who examine deeply  philosophies ,
It is   accepting  my orders  like   the devas with crown   that  would give joy.”

5175. “Oh lady   who speaks in a lisping tone  making   children  ,
Yaazh   and   Naganavai   birds   dejected , did Lord Brahma  ,
Create  you making   your heart scarce  of  mercy ,
As well as with  a waist   like streak of lightning  .

5176.”In this world   , youth    and life    are  things which do not return,
They have    the property of slowly getting changed   in to a different form,
Would you drown yourself in sorrow     and    worry over ,
If the your  youth which  others    desire   gets   destroyed.”

5177.  “Oh lady who has a face adorned by ear globes,   due to the change  of your mind ,
Even if destruction  comes to me    and my soul  , I would  not be sorry about it  ,
But after my death  who can  ever  be born   in this world   with passion and beauty ,
 Which is permanent   like   me    to suit    you?”

5178.”Oh lady of the   house of Janaka  , feminine quality   , beauty   and  ,
Faultless   strength of mind   are considered   as very great qualities,
Please tell me   when you have   all these   best qualities   in you,
What is the reason that  you do not show   mercy  and the nature  of giving ?”

5179.”Oh lady who is like a   parrot , even after   Mareecha  has killed Rama,
And you have heard his wail ,  are you still waiting    to see  Rama?
When  the result of good Dharma   is trying to  properly establish you,
And  trying to present you great things  , why are   you insulting it?”

5180.”If my great soul is destroyed    by you , my death less  great wealth  ,
Also would be destroyed  . Instead   of  this world    saying that  ,
 “This lanka   has become    greater by the arrival of a matchless   one like you  “
It would say  “Due to Sita Lanka was destroyed”. Would you take this bad name?”

5181.”Oh lady who wears matchless  ornaments, the  lord ship of the three  worlds,
Which is a matchless   position and which would make   devas and deva maidens  ,
Salute your feet  has come to you  . You have rejected it , who can be more ignorant than you?”

5182. Ravana   who was not bothered  about the bad name    coming to him  ,
Said  “ Please accept me who has won over  all the three  worlds  ,
And am ruling all its citizens   and  make    me your slave  “
And  joining in salute his hand over his head  , fell on the ground to salute her feet.

5183.Even before these words  which were  hot like iron bars   heated  in fire  ,
Left  the mouth of Ravana   and reached   Sita  , her    ears   became   extremely hot,
Her  mind went away from mercy, blood started    flowing    in to her eyes ,
Without   bothering for her soul  , she started    replying him   with these  words ,
Which are not feminine and which are   very hot.

5184. “Oh person who is like a twig,  has the mind of lady   which   has  friendship with rock,
Thought   anything   greater   than chastity? Your words   are not suitable   to be told,
To a lady of good birth  because   they are  harsh . Please hear  these words from my mind .”
Said she  and with great anger   and she told   words   which could  change  ,
The mind of Ravana who  had high shoulders   which could defeat wrestlers.

5185. “Oh ignorant one ,  the arrow   of Rama   if it wishes   has the capacity  ,
To put a  hole in Meru mountain  or split the sky   or  even destroy   ,
All  the fourteen worlds   if it desires and  even after knowing this  ,
By talking irrelevant things   would you allow   your ten heads   to fall down?”

5186.”Because   you were   scared of him   that day   when Rama was  tired ,
You sent a deer   which is personification of cheating   and came  ,
Using   a false  illusory  garb. If you want to escape and live, release me now,
Because    at the time of  war would your eye  be able
To see Rama  who is poison to your  entire   clan?’

5187.”At that time did you not  fall   fall down on earth    due to Jatayu?
Is not your ten heads    and twenty shoulders   a picture made  ,
So that   they are suitable   for  carrying out a  play  by Lord Rama?
You do not have    the strength to face   Rama in war”

5188.”At that time  you lost to a bird but  won over him using the sword  ,
Of Lord Shiva  who carries    the  proud    river Ganges   on his head,
If you did not have sword  , you would have been dead on that itself,
The penance you did  , your life span   and the boons    that you got ,
If properly thought can prevent God  of death from coming ,
But would not be able    to the   stop the arrows of heroic Rama.”

5189. “The sword that you got , the strength that   you got by your birth  ,
And all other things that you have   as well  the words   given to you,
By Lord Brahma sitting on the lotus flower  would all be swept away,
As soon as Rama  places his arrow on his bow   , would lose their power .
And would get destroyed. This is true .How can darkness stand  before  light of a lamp?”

5190. “At the time when you  uprooted     the Kailasa  mountain  ,
That Shiva who controlled  you by the pressing of his    thumb,
Had bent the  great Meru mountain in to a    bow and destroyed   the three cities,
And   have you not heard  the sound    of breaking of that bow,
When my husband who is a support    for me  broke  it, which  was not a match to his strength.” 

5191.”You who say that you uprooted    the Kailasa   mountain  and broke,
The determination of    the eight elephants   of directions  ,
Did not come when Lakshmana     was protecting me ,
Are only carrying your heads   only to salute the ladies?”

5192.”Oh ignorant one,  the city   of Lanka    is your place   of hiding  ,
And when my lord Rama knows about it  , sea as  well  as the city,
Would get destroyed   and would it end   at that?
Would he get peace     after    destroying you  ,
And  he would even burn the fire    at deluge?”

5193.”I am afraid that  on that day   whether  he would stop  ,
With killing of   the Rakshasas    who are   greatly angry  ,
Because that  Lord due to your    cheating   may destroy,
The entire faultless   world . The books of Dharma are  the witness to my thought.”

5194. “Oh Cruel person who is living making    the  pretty earth    as well as heaven scared,
Leave this silly pursuit of yours and follow    what   I say  because  , your  arethinking that my Lord Rama 
That he is  as  simple as Lord Vishnu with red eyes,
 Brahma with four heads and Lord Shiva , is due to  your ignorance.”

5195.If you think that     these  Rama and Lakshmana are  after all men,
Then it is   wrong , if Karthaveeryarjuna who is greater  than a forest  ,
And taller   than the mountain got killed   by a mere man Parasurama .
You can guess   about the prowess   and strength    of lord Rama.

5196.”Oh Ravana who is going to lose your  matchless wealth   and then die,
It is not proper for you  to  be  with ill feeling tell that they are  just two  people 
Is not that Lord Shiva   the lord of the deluge  who is   going to destroy the world,
Just one person    and you would realize the truth of this when the time comes.”

5197. “Even when Hiranya   , his brother   and other asuras who   are all warriors,
Who   had    shoulders    like    the strings of bows and other cruel people ,
Forsook the good Dharma   which is praised   by very wise people  ,
 They never    abducted   the wife of others  but  went away  ,
When they saw      the wife   of other people.”

5198.”Oh ignorant one  , if you properly realize  ,  did not    all devas , with Lord Brahma 
AS their chief   and   who  control their five senses  and who did  not go in the wrong path 
 and   all  Asuras   who  are  those who have moved away from bad fate have all the wealth,
But which made  them  your  slaves. If you have wealth   ,
Is it due to sins you did, or due to Dharma you did ?Please think about it.”

5199, “Oh ignorant one , The great  lord Shiva who gave you all this big wealth 
Is always immersed in penance  and is earning    the great spiritual wealth , is it not?
When it is like that you are moving away from Dharma  which     would make,
This  matchless   wealth move away from you  and you along with your ,
Relations would get destroyed .Would you not desire to follow Dharma?”

5200.”Even though  one is greatly strong ,   he  does not go away from valour   and never gets defeated,
He would also die but those   who move away from Dharma   and who do   not show  mercy,
On others  also die .But  only those   who get detached   from desires and lose
The  three  types of enmity are the ones who escape   from the circle  of birth and death ,
Are   there   any one else     who do that  , please tell.”

5201.”Oh king   , All the sages who have moved away from evil  , including Agasthya  ,
Who wrote grammar  of sweet tamil  were not able to manage   with the Rakshasas,
And told us who had entered the forest   that  “ we are not able to do penance  and so in truth  ,
Please destroy all those asuras   and help us.” And I  also heard that.,
And you who do not   know about that   and are  doing evil as per their words.”

5202.”Those sages  told us  your leadership  , your strength , your  great life span,
And the power   of  your great army    and even after knowing that  ,we cut off  ,
The nose of your sister   as well as    cut in to   pieces
The shoulders and legs  of your brothers . Would you not   think about it ?”

5203.”Oh silly fellow   who do  not know  norms of justice   ,  have you not heard  ,
About defeat  of Parasurama   who cut off the diamond shoulders  of,
Karthaveeryarjuna   who with his one thousand hands   caught   your twenty hands ,
Hit you in such a way that  blood came out of your mouths and put you in a great prison.”

5204.”Even the snake which is used to biting   would become  calm by chants,
But there is no one here   who can tell you who is very proud  that.
“This can be done” and “this should not be done” with old examples ,
And pointing out the wisdom to you. The people    in your council,,
Are   those   who honour your opinions   and they are really destroying you,
And when things are like    , what can you expect   except destruction.” Sita said

 5205.When  Sita told    these concepts of Dharma  , Ravana heard    that,
And all his twenty eyes   resembled   the lightning   coming out of the clouds,
And his mouth which gave away heat   shouted as if  mountains can be broken.
How to describe his anger? It was  more than the power  of passion which he  had.

5206.He stood   up with erect legs   and   with his  shoulders he hid   all the directions  ,
And with his eyes   spitting out fire in anger said, “I will  cut this lady and eat her.”
And with   the bursting anger   and  the controlled passion  alternatively,
Fighting with each other  , he started to go but   stood.

5207.At that time  Hanuman  decided   firmly in his enraged mind,
“Before this Ravana , who spoke ill of the  Arundathi  like wife of Rama   ,
Who is having me as her   slave  , touches her  , I would kick him by my legs  ,
Grind him by my hands   and kill him and later  do my good  job.”

5208.He further thought,  “I who am alone would    stand up    , shatter ,
All his ten heads   ,  drown  to the bottom , this    city of Lanka inside    the cool sea 
Carry   the pure lady of great penance   and go away    with great  joy,”
And grinding one palm with another    was awaiting    for the  proper time.

5209. At that time  the cruel Ravana   With his mature anger   which was burning,
Like at the fire at deluge  urging him  to destroy the entire world,
Being doused   by the   flood  of passion , decided  not to kill Sita ,
And with his   matchless   passion for   her   started   talking like    this.

5210.”In great anger  I told I will kill you  but   I will not kill    you.
I want to reply   to each of    the criticisms   made   on me  , there  are sufficient words,
This is something   which I am capable of doing   but    are there   anything  that  is,
Not within my power    which would make me say  I cannot do it.
In previous times     winning   and losing    happened   as if it was a play.”

5211.”Please  hear one  word from me  .Had I killed   Rama  , who was  like your soul  .
And who belonged to you and  then brought  you here  , suppose   you  leave your life,
Then  my  precious soul also would    go away . After   examining this truth carefully  ,
I carried   out this cheating  , Are  there   anybody  equal   to me.”

5212. “Oh lady   who speaks sweet words  which are sweeter    than honey  ,
Those men  who had gone  behind   that  Rakshasa thinking it is a deer  ,
If they come to know  that I have abducted   you  , would not come to Lanka.
If you  think that   they would come    it is ignorance   because  , even if they are   devas,
Once they understand that I have done it  , they  would become  dejected and would not come  here.

5213. “Oh lady  with thin shoulders , when there   are  people  like Vali who have won over me,
And there   the  trinity   who are   above everyone   and devas   who are supposed to have no death,
Since long time  Indra is acting as my slave  and I am ruling over  all three worlds  together  ,
And  I am the only matchless one  ,Is it necessary to tell   any other  reason ?’

5214.”Oh  lady who is like a doll  who speaks   sweet words.I would not kill those  men,
Who are like cows  and of great penance ,  so that  I would   get a bad name because of you   by making ,
The  complete  victory that I had by making    the trinity  as well as devas  weak.
I would call   them here   and employ them to do  my work. You please see that.”

5215. “Oh lady who does not have  any fault  , I would  not get fully matured   anger  ,
With  valour  , on men  who have less culture  , less strength   and   do   lowly    jobs.
In spite of that   this day   at this time  I can catch both of them ,
And  bring them here. You can now witness    my very great   strength  .

5216.”Oh lady   who wears  newly  made bangles, though they are  men who are  like grass,
Thinking of the help done by them of   giving   you to me  , they   are not fit to be killed , but,
You desire   that   they should be destroyed and if you  consent    to my trick,
And if  killing is a better deed, I would   carry out    that job immediately.”

5217.”Oh lady with a lesser  life span  , I am capable of reaching  Ayodhya   surrounded by moat  ,
Kill all those who are   there  including Bharata   and from there travel like   a fire at deluge,
Kill all those people  living in Mithila   with great prosperity  and easily   return back,
And kill you also here  . Perhaps   you have not understood  me properly.

5218.After Ravana   told these words  he became   greatly furious   and looking  at ,
The sword  in his hand  told  her, “This sword   would  destroy your soul.
Only two months is left    in the time given to you by me earlier,
Till then you   suffer  this sorrow  “  Then keeping   that lady  who had  .
Eyes like the bees   in the lotus flower in his mind  , he chided her  and went away.

5219.  While   going    he instructed   the Rakshasis    who have a   smile less  face  ,
Great   anger and open mouth ,” to  make  Sita who was    more tender  ,
Than a Vanchi climber  scared   by some trick or by some other trick  ,
Make her  very wise   but confused  mind , clear  and  make her ,
Get attracted   to him.” He told   them to come and meet him afterwards,
And if they do not do it he told  , “I would be like   poison to you .”

5220.After   Ravana returned back  , those   Rakshasis    who were   expert in doing evil,
Surrounded   peacock like Sita  who was like   the clear moon   spit   by Rahu after   swallowing him 
Shouted her  , insulted her   , chastised her  and did all  that they wanted and started  speaking fiercely.

5221.Some Rakshasis who were standing in front of Sita  , with fire coming out of   their eyes,
Speedily approached her   , lifted their shining    spear and sword .
Above their heads shouted “Kill her, kill her.  Make   her in to pieces  ,
And eat   those as much as you like   and fill up your belly.” Shouted they.

5222.Some other  Rakshasis    looked at Sita   and told,” Ravana who wins in his acts  ,
Is   the son of sage Pulasthya     who is the   son of Lord    Brahma  who created the world  ,
He is a matchless leader. He knows   one thousand Vedas and he is very wise .
His keeping   true  love   towards   you, in what   way is he  insulting you?”

5223. Some other Rakshasis told , “Oh bad one among ladies, by your cruel words ,
Similar to introducing arrows in a wound   you  caused   the evil Rama and Lakshmana,
And  created   the  disease   by which  , they  and their relations have   died.
Do not see   everyone in an equal manner   but   observe  the truth.”

5224.Some other  Rakshasis   told  “Oh lady without feeling   You have   sown burning fire  ,
To the clan of the family of yoyr husband   as well as the clan of    your father ,
And have  come here. You are already destroyed   and  all  ,
The crowd of your own people   would  not be  able    to live further. we have told  firmly.”

5225. That Sita   who never gets depressed  by   any sorrow  , saw    the  nature of Rakshasis,
Who were approaching   to kill her   , Others saying , our Lord    would definitely win  ,
So  let us eat her  and thought   in mind their extremely fat  body  ,
Their cruel words   and    the orders  of the cruel Ravana  ,
And with her   both eyes     full of tears     started   laughing.

5226.When  such misfortunes occurred    to Sita  , Trijata   who  was ,
In between the Rakshasis and Sita ,   addressing Sita   told  ,
“Oh mother   , I have already told you    about   the end of my dream.
In spite of it suppose you get dejected  , that   is a crime.” She said.
Then Sita said, “Oh mother     what you   told is right  “ and then,
She got consoled and composed    and this made Rakshasis  calmed town.

5227. Trijata   who was like   those   who knew about past , present  and future,
Those words   and those  Rakshasis  who never left Sita   anywhere ,
And those Rakshassis  who never left     the side of Ravana, brought an end their anger ,
And  stayed calm and that lady   who was innocent and had   curled  black hair   ,
Kept quiet   and was successful  in  keeping her  composure.

4.Urukattu  padalam,
Chapter on showing  of his form.

(Hanuman makes the Rakshasis sleep by his magical chant. Sita decided to commit suicide. Hanuman  introduces himself   tells her the   incidents of identification and also gives her    the Signet ring of Rama. Sita becomes happy and asks him  to tell about happenings to Rama after she left him. Hanuman  tells   her, these  incidents. Later  as per her request  he tells describes the look of Rama. She asks him being so small , how he crossed the ocean. Hanuman shows her   his mega form  . He reduces it as per her request  and tells about   the strength of the army of Sugreeva.
       In Valmiki Ramayana, Hanuman hiding in the tree   tells the entire story of Rama till then so that   she is convinced. He does not   use chants to  make the Rakshasis sleep. On seeing him Sita thinks he is a bad omen. When he tries to go near her, Sita   is greatly scared. Hanuman not only describes  Rama to her but  also describes Lakshmana. The way he describes   them is very much different)

5228.Hanuman thought , “This  is the proper   time   to see Sita , but she is being guarded,
By  those whose mind   is inclined to  saddening security and they are   all not asleep,
And just because I wish, they would not sleep .”  and then he chanted a mantra  ,
Which  made all of them sleep as if they were   dead.

5229.That Sita who have been suffering   for many days observing that   the Rakshasis,
Who normally do not sleep were sleeping , unable to bear her sorrow ,
Unable   to find any way to escape , becoming depressed   and scared,
Told without diminishing love   these words to herself and became sorrowful.

5230.”Oh strength which   is with the strong Rama , would Rama   who is like,
The black cloud   and huge sea   give my soul to me who am alone ?
Would the thunder like sound of the string of his bow    come to Lanka?’

5231.”Oh moon   who has not learnt  , Oh moon which has   light like Sun,
Oh night   which is not getting over, Oh darkness   which is not diminishing  ,
All of you get angry with me    who is alone but never ,
Get angry with   Rama who holds the bow and who does not think about me.”

5232.”Oh cruel ones  , you are hugging   the hot winds   which spreads fire  ,
And hurting  me  .Do you not know the state   of my   soul.
You have moved   with  Rama   who is  lustrous  like the sea,
For very many days  . Did you not talk to  him about  me.”

5233.”He would never be at peace   without coming   here and I am ,
Not  getting  tired due to the sorrow caused  by his great mercy  ,
Which keeps on increasing . Oh heroic  one who is  like Lord Vishnu  ,
Oh matchless   leader, one day you please  cure my great pain.”

5234.”You told me, “Oh Sita    who wants    to reach the forest with dense trees ,
Leave out that thought. I would return soon and till then be in this city.”,
But is your mercy like this in not coming here?  Are  you eating away  ,
My soul  which is living    here   without   any support?”

5235.”Oh wisdom that is   being protected by me  , Oh my soul,
For several days without any shame you   get   sad along with me  .
You would nt go away from me till I  meet with Lord Rama ,
And just because   you do not move away , Shall I live with this bad name?”

5236.” Do you need    to be happy  that , the deathless   crowned king Dasaratha ,
Died   and  great sorrow spread   on all the seven worlds   and not getting  sorry for this  ,
Rama came in this endless path to this forest   and that cruel   one  would come and see you?’

5237.  After thinking like this   Sita   who had waist like lightning  and  was  wearing shining  ,
Ornaments  took deep breath became   very sad  and determined and decided,
“If this soul which is with me   is one   with sorrow  ,  at the  time ,
Of me sacrificing it  , great   fame    would   come to me.”

5238. “Due to the desire   to see Lord    Rama wearing sound giving  heroic anklets,
I waited   with patience   and also protected   my own soul but,
Would that pure Rama   touch me  because   for   large ,
Number of days   I was  imprisoned   here.”

5239.”Even after  knowing   that  an outsider  has thought about me,
I continued  without attaining death    and protected   my soul,
In spite the   bad and harsh words  of those outsiders  remaining in my ears,
I continued    to protect   my soul   and lived in this prison  ,
Where do the different type of  Rakshasis who are  like me live?”

5240.”I would bear the words that accuse  me and sleep, My great lineage ,
And wealth   are still good. Are there   any  well known chaste   women  ,
Who continue to live   after   they are  made    to part with their husband , except me.”

5241.”Possibly Rama    who is the lord of my soul    has   left me away  ,
Because  it is not a virtuous act   to  love a girl who has  reached  another house.
In the outside   world to protect from bad name  and  he  would  ,
Continue  do acts against    householder’s culture   and spend his time  ,
And  how can I who am alone continue to live   without any support.”

5242. “As soon as    I got this   very bid bad fame  , I should have left my soul,
And I who follow the culture of ancestors   am  not bothered    about,
The  bad   words  being  told by others   and  am  living ,
With lost fame .Is it   for attaining   heaven?”

5243.”Even if  that Rama and Lakshmana who have a heart with nothing but love  ,
Bear   this very bad name of my death  , I would not get worried and I who am  born in a clan,
Which is famous  even in heaven  of  destroying   the sorrow of others,
Have   only myself to    remove the bad name that I have  as there is no one else to do it.”

5244. “After   sending my Lord Rama behind   the deer of illusion,
I sent my son Lakshmana   to search    for Rama   after  telling  bad words at him,
And I who  am a lady  have  reached the home   of this poison like    Ravana .
Would my being   remaining  alive be accepted   by the world?”

  5245”Let those very great  natured Rama and Lakshmana  , get rid of   the bad name,
Of my death  and also  win in the war if they could  or otherwise   let them also attain death,
And after living  not following the Dharma of  housewife , would  the bad  names that   I deserve ,
Told   by the world, go and surround   Rama   and Lakshmana?”

5246.”Would I who am ignorant  continue to live   before   great and famous  ladies ,
Who are  like the musk deer    which has not seen sorrow and who have done great penance,
Continue to live after  parting with Rama who is like a black cloud with a bad name that
I have   lived  in  this     thief’s world of   Lanka  ?”

5247.” When that   wonderful person called Rama , after  completely destroying  ,
The clan of Rakshasas using his bow  , releases   me   from this cruel prison,
If he says   to me  , “You do not have   the right to enter  my home”
How would   I be able to prove my chastity    to  him.”

5248.”And so  , my dying now    is the only path shown in Dharma “
Deciding firmly like this   and seeing that “ those   who  could  prevent my  death ,
Are sleeping due to my  penance   and no other   time is more suitable  “,
She reached a garden of  Madhavi trees   which was fully covered   by flowers.

5249.At that time Hanuman looked   at Sita   and   after examining her state,
He was taken aback and being scared    to touch  her body  saying ,
“I am the emissary of Rama   who is the Lord of all devas”
Saluted   the peacock like lady with reddish mouth    and came out from his place of hiding.

5250.”Oh lady  the poor me has    reached   to this place by the   order of Rama .
Numberless people  have been searching thoroughly  for you   in all the worlds,
And I due to my great luck and penance  have come   and seen your divine   feet.”

5251.”Rama does not know   that   you are here and suffering in great sorrow,
I have to tell you the reason for that. It is because   all the Rakshasa   crowds  ,
Have not still died. Is there   any other alternative reason?”

5252.”Oh lady who is like a lamp filled with ghee, Do not suspect me,
I have identification material   and also I know   the words  of Rama,
Which were told in private. Do  not consider  me as an outsider  ,
Like    the gooseberry kept on the open palms.”

5253.When Hanuman told this and was standing there saluting her. Sita  looked at him,
Along with mercy as well as anger and thought,  he who is   standing in front of me is not a Rakshasa,
He is a sage who  is stable on good nature   and has controlled    his five sense organs,
And if he is not a sage, he could be a Deva, He talked   with wisdom  ,
He is pure   and   he is faultless.” And after  knowing this,

5254.”Let him be a Rakshasa or different from a Rakshasa  but a matchless Deva,
Or let him be one belonging to monkey clan, let his character   be cruel,
Let it be merciful   but he  has come inside the prison  and told  name of Rama,
And made   me sentimental  , He gave me life .Can there  be a help greater  than this ?’

5255.After thinking like that she examined him carefully  , she decided ,
“He would melt my mind . He is not one who tells words  of deceit  ,
Being told by the cheaters  who have deceiving thoughts in his mind.
He  is  sadly talking with sorrow with his tears   falling on earth,
And he seems to be one   with whom I can talk : and after  this,
She asked him, “Oh valorous one  , who are you?”

5256,  Accepting those words, that Hanuman with very pretty hands said,
“Oh mother  , I am the friend of the pure Rama   . got  by him after   separating from you,
There is a  monkey called Sugreeva   who keeps himself  away from crimes  .
Who is the son of Sun God and a  lord of all monkeys.”

5257. “That Sugreeva  had an elder brother called Vali who tied  Ravana  ,
In his tail and made him lose his strength   and jumped    ,
To all the  eight   directions   and one who as per the request of Devas,
He  has very strong shoulders and churned   the milky ocean with Mandhara  mountain,
Tied by  Vasuki the serpent, so that nectar could   come up to the surface.”

5258.”Your lord Rama   using one arrow killed   that very strong Vali  ,
Gave the kingship to his younger brother Sugreeva   and  took  his  help,
To search you  , I am a slave   to our king the great Sugreeva and am,
Also  in his council  and I am the son of wind God     who appeared,
From the sky   and I am being called as Hanuman.”

5259.”There  are   seventy Vellam monkeys  who are  prepared to do faultlessly  ,
All that   is thought   by your Lord Rama . They   are capable of  standing  ,
In all the worlds   and capable of crossing the oceans individually  ,
And they   are  spread    all over like   the sky.”

5260.”After they have searched    all the seven worlds   surrounded  ,
By the seven   oceans, the country of    the serpents ,
From the heaven to earth  and all over   this planet ,
And did not find   you, they would go beyond this  universe to search you.”

5261. “Recognizing   the  ornaments   packed in a cloth   and put  on our mountain ,
By you, when  you   were being abducted by the  Ravana of silly acts,
That Rama   who is the personification of victory  , took me aside ,
And told me    some incidents  of recognition  and told  me,
“you go  to the left side”. Will   grace be ever damaged?”.

5262.”Oh mother when we showed   those  ornaments   of yours to Rama  ,
It is not  easy for you to understand his reaction   by the way that  I say.
Are   there  any other except ornaments to indicate   the sign of life?
Those ornaments which you   put there   on that   day there ,
Are those    which have   protected   your Mangalys suthra   till today.”

5263.”Things were like that with Rama   and  in the southern direction  ,
Angadha  the son of Vali   who was sent by Sugreeva    along with,
Two Vellam of army   spread every where   after   searching every where.
Sent me to this city of Lanka   which is  surrounded   by tides  “
Said Hanuman   who   had won over the sense organs which are  berated.

5264. When Hanuman who was the emissary   told about love of Rama,
Sita  whose eyes were   full of  tears  of joy became extremely happy  ,
With the joy crossing the banks   and her body which was made ,
Thin by sorrow   slightly puffed up   and looked good and told,
“So escaping with life    has  come to me”  and asked Hanuman,
“Please tell me    the   how you have understood   the features of Rama?”

5265 . “ Oh lady with waist like hand held drum  , It  is not easy   to describe  ,
The body of Rama with suitable similes. For every   comparison that has to  be told,
There is a limit . So please do not bother    about the comparisons  ,
But follow the sequence   of   specifications   and understand   them.”
After saying this Hanuman started   to describe Rama from his  feet to the head.

5266.”The people at a distance who have not seen his feet  told,
It was like a lotus flower with red petals, His feet is not as simple as that of a  lotus flower,
If  we think of his feet and start telling comparisons , it would be like  ,
The  corals in the  broad sea with tides   having the property  of  black Kuvalai  flowers.”

 5267.”Oh lady  who has several ornaments  , the bud  of karpaga tree,
With petals  , the young coral creeper   in the   shores of cool sea ,
And the corals they yield   are  not  suitable comparison,
To the fingers  of the  lord   but possibly the    rays of  the sun,
When it  is just raising     would  be a better   comparison.”

5268.”For comparison of the nails of his   fingers   of  his feet  ,
The moon in its small and big forms without   its taint   is not a sufficient comparison,
The shining diamonds    are  not  good either    and I am not able  ,
To think of any other  thing   that would be a  suitable  one.”

5269.”Though his feet did not touch the earth   in Ayodhya  , they  suffered,
After   coming to the forest    and they were  very pretty as  per  ,
Books  detailing   the best  look of body   and those  ,
Were the feet   which made   all the   worlds   stand together ,
Is it possible    to search for comparison   for them.”

5270. “Oh mother   to the ankle of Rama   who sleeps  on the well made  ,
Serpent  holding the conch  which are  found on the shores   that stop water,
And the wheel   and who had   the colour of the water rich cloud  .
How can one compare   the quiver    which holds   the arrows?”

5271. “His thighs can be compared    to  the mane  of the  pretty and victorious king of birds,
Which  look like  the  Dharma and  which is rising up    with  pretty movements,
And  the   valour drenching  trunk of the  elephant  in rut  ,
Who felt shy when compared to his thighs   and is it possible   to get ,
Any comparable thing   to his thighs   in this earth.”

5272.”His pretty belly  button   which was formed   by  pushing out  the lotus  flower,
And the earth, if it is compared  to  the whirl pool of the Ganges with a right side whorl,
It would not be proper   and when it is like   that how can  magizham    flower,
Be compared to it .Where   are other   comparable   things?”

5273,”Oh Goddess  , if goddess Lakshmi did great penance  for  living ,
Without parting   on  broad high   chest    of her lord ,
Which scared   the extremely  pretty  mountain of emeralds .
Who  in the world   has   got greater  luck than her.”

5274. “His long arms which touch his  upper part of the legs ,
Which are always frequented by honey bees   thinking  ,
That  they are  the fully opened lotus flowers  ,
Can possibly   be compared to the long  trunk of Iravatha  elephant,
Which is in between its tusks  and all other comparisons   would not be sufficient.”

5275”.Like the sun god seeing   lotus flowers   with fresh green leaves  ,
The enraptured   hands of the god  split open   the diamond like  body of Hiranya,
That cruel act    did take place   but if it   has not taken place  ,
That doubt would be cleared  by   his bud   like nails.”

5276. “The mountains    did not increase in size nor    they got  luster ,
They do not have   any support from Goddess  Lakshmi  ,.
When  the  bow like   the  very strong Meru mountain   broke,
The huge string did not complain   and it did not get fame  .
 So there  in nothing very similar   to another    thing   and how can,
Mountains   be compared   to the shoulders  of Rama.”

5277.” When the conch  is being held by God Vishnu   who is sleeping ,
On the serpent   is there for comparison  , thinking  of conch of the sea  ,
And young betel nut tree   to his neck  can only be done ,
By ignorant people    and   wise people   cannot agree  to that.”

5278”Lord Rama’s face is like a lotus flower but   what shall  I tell ,
As comparison  to his eyes? His face cannot be compared   ,
To the cool full moon , because  in the declining   cycle,
One day   the moon does   disappear.”

5279.The red mouth of Rama   who has   broad shoulders  applied with,
Sandal and Akil paste, if compared to the red lotus flower  ,
Which has grown up by taking water, it would become   shy.
Can  the coral  which  does not smile, does not get wet , does not drip  nectar  ,
And does not speak sweet words  be a good comparison.”

5280.”The   comparison  to the teeth of Lord Rama   could be    pearls,
Or  pieces  of the full moon   or drops   of the   wealth of nectar
Or  properly arranged and stitched    silver or  the  shoots   of  ,
Different type of Dharma   from their seed  or ,
The bunch of flowers   that appeared    from truth  ,
I am not able to  tell which of them is a better comparison.”

5281. “Does the tip of the Indra Neela   stone   which   was formed  in this faultless earth,
And the   cluster of light reflected   from the  undivided  gem of emerald ,
Have    the beauty desired   by those who love him?
Can  his divine nose   be compared   to the   chameleon  like lips,
Hiding the shining teeth which are   like Indra Kopa   beetles or any other thing?”

5282. “The headless crowded  bodies of  Kara and others which make one shiver ,
In the forest, different types   of ghosts , the bow in the hands   of Rama  ,
Can possibly be compared   to his bent eye brows   which make   the devas  ,
Groups of saints  and matchless  Dharma  jump with glee   saying   that,
The clan of Rakshasas   is now  completely eliminated, Please decide  which of them is better?”

5283.The moon on the eighth   day  would be clearly visible    in the growth cycle ,
The  stain which is separate   , the growth as well as decline   would  one day,
Be swallowed by a snake and when that great sorrow  , the disappearance as well as appearance
Goes away on one day   , then in the moving darkness  below a pretty shade  ,
If it remains   for long time   then it would be like forehead of Rama.

5284. “long , curled  , shining  , black  , densely grown, blue coloured,
Going up and down  , with curled ends  , having divine fragrance even without  ,
Flowers   and scented   smokes  his  hair  had become   matted in the forest  ,
And because   of that comparing   it with cloud , would  not be proper.”

5285.” With goddess  Lakshmi and Goddess    earth   hugging  and standing near him,
And due to that   his  great  wealth   crossing    the limits   of  all the seven worlds  ,
But living   bereft  of  that    wealth   in the sorrowful forest , without getting tired  ,
He  was  walking  without tiresomeness   and if that   walk  is compared    to ,
The less wealthy   walk of a bull , would not an elephant   in rut get   sad?”

5286.When he   described like this   that lady Sita   melted like   the wax ,
Put in the fire and   without   her  knowledge   was getting  greatly sad ,
And the wise Hanuman   saluted her    falling   on the earth  and said,
“Oh lady  who walks like a peacock , I have    the golden  recognizing  symbol  ,
Given by Rama  and also  the golden words  of  recognition  .
Please    hear them “   and then he    started   telling about them.

5287. ”Walking   in the forest path is not possible    for you and the time  ,
That I am going to spend in the forest is less and till then  , perfom,
Assistance   to my mothers   and live in Ayodhya”  As soon as  I told like this ,
She stood by my side dressed   in a tree hide and soul churned  by sorrow,
And also with great anger prepared   for the journey. Please tell it to her.”

5288.”Oh Hanuman  , please  tell her   that  when I  after obeying the  order  of the king,
With  great wealth,     I   was leaving   the kingship   and   at the time  of my  going away ,
Before I crossed   the gate   with walls  of Ayodhya   which was ruled by  my ancestors,
Lady  Sita  asked me  “where  is the forest?” . please remind it to her .”

5289.”When Sumanthra who was  driving the   very great chariot   looked at Sita ,
And asked her  “Please tell me some thing   for the way of   Rama”
And you who forgot your sorrow   with  a nature of a child   told,
“Please   tell my sister to look after  parrot as well as  Naganavai  birds.  Tell her about it.”

5290.He told me  ., “there  is no need for me to tell anything    further  ,”
And gave  me his divine ring on which his name was written ,
And made   with  impossible to do artistic work., saying  that,
“It is my signet ring “  and saying this   Hanuman     with his  long arms,
Showed     that  matchless     ring    to the lady Sita, who had  ,
A crescent like    forehead   and she    saw  it.

5291.For comparison     of  the act   of this lady with   pretty forehead
Shall I say   that it was  like those dead  who   attained   the aim   of being born,
Or those   who have forgotten themselves, understanding   themselves  ,
As well as   their Lord  and   attain   great  sensational feeling  ,
Or shall I say that   the soul which left   the body came   back at correct time,
How will I be able    to understand the reaction of  Lady Sita.

5292. Sita  who saw the  ring   was like a serpent   who found the gem it lost,
Was like the poor man    who again got   the  lost old wealth,
Was like  the barren women     who gave birth to a   child  .
And was also  like  the matchless   body which got back its eyes.

5293. Sita took the    ring  and kept it   on her breasts  , she kept it on her  head,
She  caressed her eye with it as if was a flower  , She felt great joy on her shoulders,
She became thin  , she became cool , she with great heat   got   worried,
She breathed heavily   and how  can her sensation be   described.

5294, She smelled that ring  , she  kept it on her breast and  hugged  it  ,
She wiped away the  tears of joy that filled    her eyes  and sawthe long cage of birds,
She wanted to tell about  her thoughts on seeing the cage  ,
Without able to tell anything   she sobbed  and tried to stifle  it.

5295. “The body of sita   who had long eyes   and pretty ornaments ,
Lost their  lightning like love-lorn colour   and  assumed a  golden   colour,
This is true   and does it mean the ring of that great male   Rama,
Had  the magical  property turning everything it   touched in to gold.

5296. That gem studded ring   due to hunger  had become   for  those  ,
Who were in their home   and were   suffering due to sorrow  ,
The food to eat  , it was like a guest who reached  home of  a householder,
And it was also like a medicine  which gave back life ,
To those who are about to die. Let it   live    forever.

5297. With her soul getting overjoyed  that Sita    with teeth   like shining  pearls
Became  like  this and with her tears of joy     falling on  the top of her breasts  ,
And  get reflected from there  , with her baby    voice    faltering   she said,
 The following words.“Oh great one , You gave me back my soul  .”

5298.  “Can I do any small help  to   Lord Brahma who created    all the three worlds  ,
And  to  you  who has  come as emissary of Rama    and    gave me back my soul  ?
Oh my God    who is my father   as well as mother , Oh  life  of mercy  ,
You have given the  life in the heaven in this   birth itself.” Said Sita.

5299. “Oh valorous   one who has  shoulders   like   thick Bamboos,
Oh charitable one , who removed my sorrow   when I had no one to help,
Oh great one , you live long . I am one with a mind without  impurity ,
You would live  as you live today ,  as long as the fourteen worlds   which consider one eon as one day  ,
Exist and till the final deluge    when everything   would be destroyed.” Said she.

5300.When Hanuman started   talking again  , she   said, Oh Hanuman who has .
The best of characters , Where does  Rama   live    along with Lakshmana  ?
Where did he meet you?From whom did Rama know   about my present state .
And ask you?”  and   Hanuman with  wide  shoulders like huge pillar  , started telling about happenings?”

5301. “As per the orders of Ravana  ,a Rakshasa   of illusion  who was black like  a rich cloud,
Who was called Mareecha  , took the   form of a deer of illusion   ,
Which is evil personified   and came   before  you  in the forest,
And Rama   who had an ornamented chest  killed him by an arrow  ,
And when he was falling  , he wailed for help    and that   deceived   you.”

5302.  “That God   wished that  the wail should not be heard by Lakshmana  ,
And  made a  sound with the string of his bow, In spite   of that   sound  ,
The desire   of fate   was implemented. Due to the false   wail which was heard,
Rama was expecting something bad will   happen   that day  and  that Rama,
Holding    the very powerful bow   saw  Lakshmana   coming towards  him.”

5303. “After seeing him   understanding    the thoughts  of Lakshmana from his face ,
That Rama with a lotus flower like face   heard   what Lakshmana had to say  ,
Reached the   hermitage frequented by bees   and not able to see your pretty form there ,
Lived   further with painful breath as his   only food.Is this  the only reason to be sad?”

5304. “I came in search of you   and have been    able to see you  in front of me  ,
My Lord Rama   does not have  evil in him   and you are  the real  heart of  Rama  which he wears,
 After   the false soul has gone out  ,  you are   in the heart   of Rama  who  is the best among males 
 And so how can he   be destroyed because   when you , his soul is here  , how can he leave  it there.”

5305.”Oh mother , Rama who attained   that stage   from that  hermitage  ,
Searched   for you  closely    in nearby  big forests  , rivers and  mountains ,
Moving like   a robot   without soul and reached   near Jatayu  ,
Who had sacrificed   his soul   for   the sake   of  fame  .”

5306.”Oh lady who has   got beauty   of character  , seeing    the war wound  ,
In the body  of  Jatayu   , got drowned    in ocean of sorrow   and said,
“Oh my father  , Please  tell me the   reason for   your  sorrow  , please tell”,
And when he told about the deceit done by Ravana  , the king of  Lanka  ,
One by one  , the fire  of anger   of Rama   increased ,
Step  by step  , making one feel that   the entire world  had   been burnt.”

5307.’With great anger   he said that   with his bow  , he would destroy ,
All the three worlds   and when he looked at his bow  , the father Jatayu,
Looking at Rama   said, “Because  one silly fellow    did   a mistake  ,
Are   you    getting   angry   with the entire world ?This is not proper.
Get peace in your mind  “ and due to those words  , he got  calmed  down.”

5308. “Oh best  and great lady  , Rama  asked  , “which way did Ravana   go?,
Where  is he at present  ? Where does  he live?  Please tell”, and before,
Jatayu the king of Hawks    started    to reply  , due   to the very cruel fate ,
Jatayu died and Rama  and Lakshmana   who had the big bow ,
AS well as arrows   in  their red hands, were drowned  in sorrow.”

5309.  “Those   very depressed   Rama  and Lakshmana    with great  difficulty,
Consoled     themselves and did all the obsequies   to that  father   who did masculine work,
Making even the devas   wonder   and jaded. They decided   that they would  ,
Search for Ravana    who is an expert in evil work   and    crossed  ,
Several forests and   mountains     with  peaks  touching   the clouds.”

5310.    “When they were not able to find you  in  those places   they  were depressed ,
After   consoling themselves, their  reddish eyes due to   crying  making their way slushy,
And   that Rama   like   the  wax being  destroyed  by  fire   became with a thin body  ,
Telling these    words  , he lost    his wisdom    and got  mentally   upset.”

5311. “ Rama who has shoulders   on which Goddess   Lakshmi   lived, 
Without understanding himself, due to increased  love towards   you  ,
With all his five sense organs confused and like   Lord Shiva   who wears ,
Good Datura flowers and serpent  , became  like a person who is mad,
In this    world   , which person has  been able to win over dictates of fate?”

5312.”The cloud like Rama   seeing river  Godavari asked , “is it a lie,
That at dawn , Sita who is like a coral garland , took bath in your cool waters,
Please search for  her  and give her to me. If you do   not,
You would turn in to fire.”  And became very angry with her.”

5313.”Oh mountain, run  quickly   and show me   my lady  ,
Who is like a flower  branch. If you do not show me  , I would break,
You and your crowd  of mountains  and all that in you  , today itself,
Burn and make it a charcoal . For that  one arrow of mine is sufficient :” Rama said.

5314 .”Did not my deer like Sita   got abducted  because   , that  Rakshasa ,
Did some illusion in the form of a deer and    she is  suffering now because of that,”
After telling like this to the deer   which did   not cause  any trouble    to others,
With anger   he told, “With my murderous  bow which rules   by its arrows,
I  would destroy     even  your name”   saying this he stood seething with anger.

5315, “”When that Rama who had a  different type of attitude  told many such things ,
And became sad  , due to the  faultless  medicine like   words   of consolation  of his younger brother ,
Who was  like his soul and who had  a consoled mind  , became little more clear ,
Became stronger   and started   searching   for doing   suitable acts.”

5316.”That Rama   along with his younger brother   came to the Rishymooka   mountain,
On which the lord of our clan Sugreeva , who is the son   of   the   faultless   sun God,
Who  sits    on the great  chariot in the sky   and   That Rama   who has  lotus like eyes ,
And Sugreeva who had  affection like a soul   towards him  ,
Became friends, so that the devas would   continue    to live.”

5317.”That Lord Rama   who cannot be seen  even by the great wisdom of the Vedas,
Told him   about his misfortune   and why he came there and when he   was
Getting greatly upset   as if his entire heart was wounded, we showed him,
The ornaments thrown by you with great   sorrow  and he saw them.”

5318. “When that Rama armed with the spear    who has   taken up killing of his enemies,
Saw those ornaments    which were like your eye, got  so much sick  that,
Even if nectar is sprinkled    on him , he would not    get cured, That sickness
Was earlier there   and was not something   which can be cured  by thought,
And   by the lowly words   of ours , it had the nature  of following us.”

5319.” Rama    who   was very depressed  and worn out   was consoled   with great difficulty,
Near   that  mountain  , on a golden mountain   lived   Vali    who was himself  ,
Looking like   a mountain  , who   caused   great sorrow   to Ravana, by tying him on his tail,
And while he was hanging there jumped     over very many mountains and  oceans.”

5320. “Rama killed    that Vali just by one     of his arrows and Rama  gave the kingship,
To that Sugreeva who was pure with love  and sent him to collect a huge roving army ,
And till he came  , for the   past four months   was living   on a mountain.”

5321.”Oh Lady with a forehead  like a bow  , he ordered   that army  which came late  ,
To all the    big directions   to search for you  , he sent me  speedily   to the southern direction,”
Said Hanuman, who knew past , present and future ,about all the  events that  happened   till then.

5322.When that   Hanuman  a personification of love    told her   these  words,
Sita became happy on hearing the sorrow of Rama   due to her , realizing his love towards  her,
And that  Lady  also became greatly sad  making   , even her bones   melt,
Thinking about    the sorrow of Rama who has powerful patience.

5323. That Sita    who had a greatly sorrowing mind   with her   body rotating ,
In between   the whirlpool   of the tears    that   she shed,. Asked Hanuman,
“Oh sir , please tell me how you managed   to cross   this   measureless sea.”

5324.Hanaman said, “oh mother  with thin    waist, like  the realized  people ,
With great wisdom   , who have merged themselves   on the pure   feet of the matchless lord,
Crossing easily      the ocean of illusion , I crossed this black sea   by  my feet.”

5325.That  Lady Sita  who was well known for   her smile  which  was more pretty,
Than pearls as   well  as the  moon light  looked at Hanuman and asked him,
“How   did you with such a small  and weak body   cross the sea  and came here?
Was this made possible by your penance ? or is it due  to occult power?”

5326.That Hanuman  with saluting hands, became    one with huge shoulders,
Became tall   reaching above the sky   and  grew up  to  other globes ,
Which are  unapproachable  and considering that his head   will hit  ,
The other worlds  , had a bent head, showed his mega    form to Sita.

5327. Does the talked about   greatness  of   proper   way to the  great form of Hanuman   
Depend on the   five elements   as shown by God   or does   the greatness  ,
Of those five elements    depend on the form of Hanuman  ,
It is necessary to think about   , where it is?

5328,Like the fire flies crowding   around   all the   trees,  
Of the tall golden  mountain Meru,
The  stars   were   crowding around  the   roots of hair,
Of Hanuman  who had taken the   very huge form.

5329,  The two  greatly lustrous ear   globes of Hanuman,
Were having a   view that   was beyond   the sight of the eyes,
And were in between the nine  planets  ,
And appeared   to be   the sun and moon  amidst those planets.

5330. Lord Vishnu   who    had measured   all the   worlds  ,
Thought that   this a   feeble    and a useless   monkey  ,
But when he saw  Hanuman who was  like an axle of a chariot  ,
Touching   the sky , would think that he is peculiar   and   would fell ashamed.

5331. In all the edge   of the eight directions   and in all worlds  ,
All the beings     which cannot move about  by themselves,
Saw Hanuman  and Hanuman also saw   by his lotus like eyes  ,
All the inhabitants  of   the heaven in a straight manner.

5332.Due the pressure exerted    by the feet of Hanuman,
Who was    growing     further and further tall,
The city of Lanka got drowned    in that deep sea ,
And the white foam of the sea   spread on earth,
And all the fishes in water  were lying on the  earth.

5333.That Sita who had waist like Vanchi creeper   who has faultless   chastity ,
Did not see the divine  lotus like feet of Hanuman   and  with the thought  ,
That  Rakshasas   would die because   of him and became happy ,
And requested    him to reduce   that huge    form of his.

5334.That Sita who was    the one who ,
Had hugged    the  shoulders of Rama,
Which were prettier   than the Kanaya tree, 
with a very happy   frame of mind  ,
Told Hanuman, “This mature world  are   
Not capable   of seeing your huge form and so reduce   it 

5335.That great Hanuman who had grown taller than,
The sky   said , “As  per  your wish , great lady”,
And then became  small form which    was simple   to  see,
And That Sita who was like a lamp   , where  there is no need,
To lengthen the wick, told   these   words.”

5336. “Oh Hanuman who has   more speed    than even the   wind,
You uprooted   the earth with its   mountains, lifted the sky,
With one hand you  picked up Adhi Sesha   who  carries this world,
And in spite of that   you did not get  proper recognition for these acts,
You walked in between the ocean and   you crossed   the huge ocean,
That put you  in to shame. What benefit would you get   because of it?”

5337.”oh valorous one    who has   long thick shoulders  , along with   ,
The Grace of Rama   the best among men who holds   the wheel in his hand,
You  who are matchless is  the only  one with fame    and live    for eons   without destruction,
To suit your mega form  , this Lanka which is the enemy   of the world,
Happened to be after  one ocean and not after seven oceans ,I think it  lowering   your   greatness.”

5338.”This is   your wisdom   and this is your strength.
This   is your control   over five   senses and this is your act,
This is your clarity and way to attain that   clarity ,
This is your thought   and this   is your justice  ,
And when this is so  Brahma    and  other Devas,
Do seem to    have   nothing    with them.”

5339. “I who had seen the  strong Rakshasas with lightning like teeth  ,
Thought that Rama does not have  any one to assist him   other than ,
Lakshmana    who was born after   him  and was worried about Rama  ,
And  became  mind broken and now my doubts    are cleared ,
My life   has become meaningful  for when you who is the form of greatness,
Is going to assist Rama  , I am sure   the Rakshasas   would undergo great  suffering.”

5340.That Sita who was   like the wealth   in the face  of Goddess Lakshmi,
Looked at Hanuman  “Today itself I am looking like  one  who is released,
From the  prison of illusion   and I feel like   I have  become the destroyer  of    the  Rakshasas,
Who had tortured   me here   along with all their relatives, I have become  ,One who carried the divine feet of Rama with heroic anklets. Now except   fame , I would not even touch  bad name  ,
Even if I die now  , my soul    will not    have any problem”  saying this    she became happy.

5341. That  great Hanuman   saluted the divine feet of Sita and started   ,
Telling her   about    the   greatness   of the monkey army .” Oh Lady who is like Arundathi,
Numberless   monkey chiefs  are  the   servants    of Rama  . Those  in number 
Would exceed    the   sand   which is lying   on the banks   of  the ocean , I came here,
Saying that  I am a servant   in that  vast crowd of great heroes,
I would perform orders     given as    well as orders   told.”

5342. “The army of Rama    has the strength   of seventy vellam  and they   are ,
Capable   of drinking this ocean as   if it is a handful    of water, It is because this location
Of  Lanka guarded  by the deceitful    Rakshasas is not   known to Rama   and is away from his sight  ,
It is existing  and when he knows   it, can it continue    to exist?”

5343-5344. “Sugreeva the younger brother   of Vali ,  his son Angadha  ,
Kumudha, Neela , Kumudaksha  , Panasa, Sarabha    of victorious nature  ,
The Jambavan   with  very long life  , Dunma, Khamba  , Gavayaksha   who resemble god of death,
And Nala  , Sankha, Vindha  , Dumintha    and Madhana who are  well known in this world,
Monkey  called  Dhooma  and is greatly famous, Dadhi mukha  ,and Sathavali  ,
Who are capable of carrying not  only this world  but also other worlds,
Several commander in chiefs who are   capable of helping Rama  like his arrows,
Are all there   and their number   is beyond the possibility   of counting  .
Oh Lady who wears   a cloth over her breasts  , when we see them,
 These  Rakshasas  are no where  near them, “


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