Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Last but one step of translation of Kamba Ramayanam-Sundara Kandam

  Kamba Ramayanam   consists  of 6  Kandas , like any other Ramayana.  But   The Yudha Kanda  in KambaRamayanam consists   of more that 4000  verses , while  the five other  Kandas  consist   of abput 6000  verses.
 Out of these 6 Kandas  , I have  completed   the English translation of Sundara  Kandam   or the “Book of the Beautiful one”   Unlike other kandas   where Rama appears   in every page  of the book, in SLast  but one step  of  translation of  Kamba  Ramayanam-Sundara  Kandamundara Kandam, he appears very briefly in the  13th  Padalam, that  too briefly.  The  hero of Sundara Kandam is definitely Hanuman .The book starts with  the Jumping and crossing the ocean by Hanuman  and ends with the monkey army led by Rama   reaching  the banks of the southern sea. There is a general belief by reading Sundara Kandam regularly   a person can achieve    any thing he desires. ,  The Sundara Kandam translation   can be read  in my blog as follows:-

       From October first  I would be starting my translation   of Yudha Kandam of Kamba Ramayanam,   Since it contains more than 4000  verses, I am hoping to complete it by first week of  January 2015. Please pray  for me  

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