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Kamba Ramayanam -Yudha Kandam 1

Yudha  Kandam
(Book of war)

(Unlike Valmiki Ramayana where   the book of war   is one fourth of the entire text, in Kamba Ramayana   is almost half  of the entire text. It starts with assembly  of the monkey army  along with Rama and Lakshmana  and ends with bidding farewell   to the monkeys and Rakshasas after the Coronation of Rama.)

Kadavul Vaazhthu

Prayer   to God

6059.If we say “one” it  means one, if  we say “many” it means many,
If we say “It is not like that”, it would not   be like that,
If we say  “no”,  it means   it is not there  ,
If we say  “it is there”, it will be  there ,
This nature   of God is really huge  and how   will we ,
Who have little   wisdom  , understand   this God and get salvation?

1.Kadal kaan  Padalam

Chapter   on seeing of the   ocean.

(The army of Rama reach the shore of the ocean in the southern India.Rama and others think about how to cross   the ocean. Ravana learns about their arrival, Valmiki’s Yudha Kanda begins with  arrival of Rama, non the banks of southern sea  , his consultations with monkey chiefs as to   how to cross the sea,.)

6060.Making  the Meru mountain which is  not destroyed at deluge  ,
And the ocean  and earth which never dries up   to sink down,
And making the mountains  and earth  of the  southern part  sink,
That  seventy vellam of monkey army   reached   the southern sea full of fish.

6061.Surrounded   on all sides    by that very huge army  , Lord Rama  ,
Who has   eyes  which had not closed   even at night  ,  when  the group  ,
Of honey filled   lotus  flowers   were also sleeping  due   to the paring with,
Lady   Sita   who wore   the  bangles  of conches, saw  the Southern ocean.

6062.The huge expanse of the ocean with tides   under the impression,
That enchanter   who has gone away from them has come in search of his bed ,
And is likely to sleep  , made   the breeze   sweep away the pure  , white foam,
And scattered   the pearls  on its surface  , so that  it appeared   as his bed.

6063.The pretty  golden shoulders of Rama which were aimed by  the bad name ,
Caused  by sorrowing of Sita  who was immersed  in the sea of tears,
And  the flower arrows   of the God of love  , was made wet by   those droplets,
Of  that tumultuous ocean  with   very huge tides,    brought up by the Breeze.

6064.In spite of seeing the   depressed Rama   whose looks were   different   from ,
How he looked  one day before  , the hard hearted  breeze  without   any mercy,
Which came  toddling on the  ocean , which was wailing    with great sorrow,
Would definitely apply  the paste of the   small flowers  of punnai tree  which rains honey.

6065. The   creeper of corals   which had spread on the banks of    that ocean 
Was similar to the pretty mouth   of   the very chaste   Sita  ,
Whose chastity was praised by  all  the seven worlds  , standing before  Rama,
With famished shoulders   looking like mountain  and was like   ,
The god of death standing before him to     drink    away his soul.

6066. “Oh pearl, The place   where  the peacock lady is there  is not far off,”
Thought Rama , who was a great archer  with valorous bow having great   respect,
And whose body was   daily   becoming   thinner    further thought  ,”Oh pearl,
Showing may the nature of the teeth    of lady Sita ,  are you  trying to kill my respect,.
What is your relationship with those Asuras  who do not like anybody?”

6067. The  ocean  , with folding tides, knowing  that Sita with the crescent like  forehead  ,
Was suffering   due to limitless sorrow and the pearl like tears   that Rama   has shed ,
Thinking  “Is it proper for that   lady born out of penance   getting depressed .
And living   alone among   those Asuras?” Comes out with tides looking,
Like spread hands and unable to wipe way his tears   falls    at his feet.

6068. That pretty  ocean  , for cooling down the body of Rama,  boiling  due to parting with Sita,
Taking the world carried by  the serpent   on which Lord Vishnu sleeps   as the stone for grinding,
Sprinkling  and rotating  the pure water   produces    using sandal wood,  ,
The white foam    of the sandal paste   by  grinding  with  her tide like hands .

6069. That pretty ocean  seeing  the very angry Rama  the king of the kosala country   with ganges,
Standing holding a quiver and   a fierce bow  , which created   scare    to all his enemies.
For the sake of removing the sorrow of  Sita  who is like a koel with breasts  
And to solve the  problems   of the Devas , became very happy    and,
Using its hands   which were the tides  was welcoming   Rama.

6070. Lord Rama after   reaching such a huge black ocean  , felt as if,
His own respect  , sorrow and love    where   seven times    larger than the ocean,
And thought about   the nature   of the future   actions    that he need to perform,
And stayed on the banks of the ocean   and wewill now talk   about  ,
The happenings in Lanka   after Hanuman visited  it and  the uses of that  visit.

2.Ravanana  Mandira Padalam

Chapter  on the council meeting of Ravana,

(Ravana holds a council meeting. He is advised by most of his misters as well as Indrajit , to attack the enemy , wherever they are  .Vibheeshana  , the brother of Ravana tells him that  it would be foolish to attack Rama as he is incarnation of Lord Vishnu and due to the fact  Ravana    can be killed by men . Ravana laughs at him. In Vamiki Ramayana there  is a scholastic introduction given by Ravana  about the need for consultation, which is missing in Kamba Ramayana. ) 

6071,When Ravana   ordered Lord Brahma    who was born on a flower,
To repair the  pretty city of Lanka in such a way  that it is  prettiest in the three worlds,
And as per the orders of Lord Brahma  , Viswakarma  , the architect of the Devas  ,
Within a very short time remodeled it in such a way   that even Devas were fascinated.

6072.That Ravana who was wearing the heroic anklet   looked  at  his great city,
 Made by gold and gems and also the city   of   the devas  and ,
Realizing  that it was  looking prettier than earlier  , became happy and lost his anger.

6073.That primeval and matchless  Lord Brahma   who was  born earlier to the world,
Instructed Viswakarma   on the rules of beauty   and made   that city   very pretty,
And for Brahma   who destroys and creates all    the fourteen worlds   several times,
Is there   any action   that   is impossible to him?

6074. After inspecting thoroughly   that great   pretty   divine city  ,
Ravana who wore heroic anklets  , after   respecting Brahma   as per  rules,
And after gifting   several rare things to that   architect  of Devas ,
Told both of them, “you  both may now go back to your places.”

6075.After that   in the   council hall   made using thousands  of thousand of,
Manikhya gems   of very great  luster , Which was very pretty  ,
Ravana   occupied joyfully a throne supported    by lions.

6076.That Ravana wearing  a waving garland and   fanned    by the deva  maidens  ,
Using cowries, sat there  with numberless  relatives ,
Elder   and wise  ministers   who were    experts in counseling ,
And   the commanders    of his   ocean like    army.

6077.He first ordered   the sages  , the devas   and all others  who are not Asuras ,
To go away from the council hall and also ordered  ladies  with decorated braids,
 And   youngsters   who  had not matured   in wisdom   to go away from there,
And he who  could   do any action   that he desired , sat along with others.

6078. That  Ravana who  had the   victorious   wheel of kingship,
Even avoided   the presence of bee and wind    in that   hall,
And   invited   only  learned people  , old friends , close relatives,
Very cultured people  , great  counselors    who were   very close to him,
And   surrounded   by all of them sat  in the great council hall.

6079.Even among his relatives    who were  very helpful to him,
Though they were very learned  , though   they were  suitable,
To participate   in masculine acts  , he sent away  ,
All of them except   people like his    sons and brothers.

6080. Though  the people  of all the world  join together  ,
To prevent them  , he    made valorous people  to stand as security  ,
And due to that  even the birds  and animals  with speed ,
Were scared    to move even a little   and,
How else can we  describe the valour of those who stand guard.

6081.Ravana told them, “If my great    city is destroyed by a mere  monkey,
What  else can bring  my respect down? My rule  ,
And my strength   appears to be ridiculously bad “
Said  Ravana    addressing   his   councilors.

6082.”One  monkey started burning it   and this great city   with flags,
Was completely    destroyed, many relatives and friends   died,
Insult spread everywhere and my body was helpless  on this throne.”

6083.”In the wells of the city  blood was oozing out   instead of water,
The fire set in the city by Hanuman has  still not been put out,
The hairs of ladies of Lanka   usually having perfume of Sandal and Akil  ,
Is giving out bad smell and we  are   all   experiencing it.

6084.”Even if we have  not done anything , we are  not able to hear that,
The monkey which came here for war  has  been killed,
And those though we are born,  but only  got said,
That  we are  not really born and have been drowned  ,
In the ocean of bad name, What shall we do now?”

6085.When Ravana told like this  , the commander of the army Prahastha,
Who had a  heart full of deceit  stood up and saluted  Ravana  and said,
“I have to tell you some thing. Please   hear it  completely from me.”

6086.”Oh Lord whose mind realizes  the good as well as bad ,
I have already told you that, after deceiving those men,
 And abducting Sita with lustrous forehead   and ,
Tender feet applied with red colour , is an act   that ,
Was done by those   who are scared   of them,
But you did not realize that it was acceptable.”

6087.”Those thieves who killed valorous persons like Khara,
And who  cut of the nose of your sister    with  spread out hair,
Were the people who insulted you  should have been killed then itself,
Having not done that  possibly now you are repenting for it.”

6088.”Those thieves who wore  flower garlands   frequented by bees,
Who were fit to be punished, would not be tolerated ,
By kings ruling the earth and would  such kings ,
Who had strength to  destroy their    prowess  ,
Live   saluting   such   enemies ?”

6089.”Please tell  me whether   you  became the matchless  leader of the three worlds,
By destroying   victory , valour  and prowess  of those  angry  devas  as well as Asuras ,
By  waging war against those enemies or by tolerating  them peacefully?”

6090.”Oh king who was born for  making our clan as great  ,
If we are  only sitting in the city   of Lanka and enjoy the  sweet life without ,
Killing those enemies   by approaching   them   and make them never return,
Would it stop with hands of monkeys, even mosquitoes would come fight with us,
And   then would we wage a war   against them and get victory?”

6091.”Let us   pursue that  monkey which destroyed  Lanka and destroy ,
Those men who sent it here and remove the bad name  which came to us.
But instead if we show only hatred in words and  thought ,
Then our strength   will progressively   reduce” said he in very clear words.

6092.After   the army commander   told like this  , one minister  called Mahodara ,
Who had  mountain like shoulders  and who had   eyes  like raging fire,
Stood up  and said , “after hearing    the words of the commander ,
After  proper research  , please  also hear what I have to say.”

6093.”Oh very strong one, even devas were  scared of you  and have submitted to you,
The Yakshas have lost their power, the faultless Asuras  have lost their pride ,
And the trinity whom the world salutes, unable to face you are avoiding you.”

6094.”The God of death   who can alter the souls of any strong being,
Who realizes  your natural strength   has been defeated by   you  ,
And is obeying your orders   in all seriousness .What other greatness can be there?”

6095.”Oh Lord   who shouted victoriously after    lifting the silver mountain,
Along with Lord Shiva  who rides   on the bull , so that it touches the sky,
You are comparing the strength  of your shoulders ,
AS well of that of ours   to a  monkey who lives on the  twigs of a forest.”

6096.”Oh Lord  , Who has been able to see   those   who were not seen by you,
In the earth, heaven  and  in all other worlds of the universe? And among ,
Those who have seen , who has   got the strength   to approach you  ,
Can those   who did not bother  about  you but were killed by you   be counted?”

6097.  “There is no sorrow worth reporting  here?.If you permit me   to go for war,
I would uproot the   entire clan of monkeys  , kill  those  men who should be suppressed,
And would complexly  remove  all your   enemies” said  he with determination.

6098.When that leader  Mahodhara   completed   his talk  Vajradandha
Who  had eyes  like sun god which shed    rain of blood , though,
What he intended  to tell was not having any importance   told with speed.

6099. “After   this let us   go and  grind those  men and monkeys  ,
By our hands and kill them and also eat   their   bodies” and asked,
“You should send us and keep quite.  Do you have any suspicion on us  ?”

6100.”I have   been killing completely your enemies   in whichever   world  they are  ,
As per your order and have been working as    your slave . Is it because,
I have failed that  you have not entrusted    this job of war   with me?”

6101.Dunmukha addressing Vajradantha told   “Stop, stop,
Did you salute Ravana  and  told before me   such words,
Like a poor man?  Do you think we would keep quite  ?”
And then he saluted Ravana who is the king  ,
And with great    anger   started   telling   the following words.

6102.”Compared to Ravana, the elephants of directions   lost their strength,
The devas    got defeated  and lost their power,even the Kailasa ,
Mountain where  the three   eyed Lord  Shiva lives lost its strength.
Only men and monkeys  seem to be strong,Funny 
That  the strength of Ravana the Lord of Lanka  is wonderful?”

6103.”Oh matchless Lord who wears    the jingling anklets, the job,
Of the weak people is to think about the future and ,
Do research  about its implications, If the   enemies  ,
Who like our decision are    strong enough  , would we avoid,
Them due to the great love that   we have towards  our soul?”

 6104.”Oh protector  of  the clan of Asuras  , the counseling   that we are doing  now,
 Deals about   the men and monkeys who by nature   wander  about on earth,
And   they   have been created   as food for us  and if,
We are scared   about our food  , who can be more valorous than us?”

6105.” The job of coming  here ,  setting   fire to it  ,
Waging war and killing those   who  oppose it  ,
And later escaping from here  became a monkey job,
And  for us Asuras  , would crossing    the ocean,
By swimming  the ocean become a difficult job?”

6106.  “Those   who   can come to our places  and who can understand,
The security of our town  , our strength  ,  the   breath of our army,
Who can do very cruel battle   are  those who have fought  with us,
And some how  escaped with life and there  are few people in this world like that.”

6107.”After clear thinking of the matching aspects  , those who want to win over  ,
Those things which gave us stability   and who seek  tricks for winning them,
WE have to better go to the places where  our enemies are located,
And destroy all of them till they die  and that  would be the better strategy,”
Said he   in a firm manner  so that  Ravana could understand.

6108.Another Asura called  Mahaparswa who is of matchless strength,
Saluted Dunmukha    in front of Ravana  himself   asking  him to stop,
And said, “Suppose    we hold a council meeting as regards  the acts of a monkey,
What  respect would be left   for us?Is anger    and strength  ,
Only  available in monkeys? Don’t we    have it  “

6109.”Those   who went earlier to the war    got destroyed,
Because they lacked strength   and does that  mean     that strength ,
Of  Asuras ends    with them   and just because  a monkey ,
And lighted fire to the city  , has the valour of Asuras   also got cooked.”

6110.”if some men send a monkey here   and that   monkey  ,
After   reaching this place  set fire to the city   and if the people,
Of the Asura army  think about it and  get sad  , Is there a need,
For me to tell    what is  going to happen in future  over here?”

6111. That Mahaparswa   who had burning eyes  by thinking   of the enemy ,
“I agreed to hear all of you speak one by one about it   and I do not think,
There is any need to think further   but go and kill     the monkey,
Along with those men   and    eat all of them  ,
And I do not think there is a need to think differently  .”

6112,  One  Asura  called  Pisacha   who wore   the heroic  anklet,
Who in form was an Asura   but   had the   nature   of fire  ,
Asked  what the  king is   going to do  , and he became ashamed ,
By the fact  that Lanka was  destroyed by a monkey   and ,
We would go  to different directions    and ,
Some how mange to live in those  places.

6113.Another Asura called Surya Sathru  told  “if our great king,
Is going to discuss   this matter  with all of us  , from this   aspect,
The better  people    would  be only men   and,
We asuras   are  inferior compared to them  “ with sorrow.

6114.One Asura called  Yajna Shatru   said  , “if this meeting,
Has   taken place   because of men  , Is there  a need to talk,
About  the greatness   of  the rules  of asuras    and their strength  “ and felt ashamed .

6115.Besides  these Doomraksha  with a smoky eye said, “Even fighting ,
With Lord Shiva   who is of red colour like our hair  and who is armed with a trident  ,
Would make   the fame of our valour    in to a laughing stock and what   of fighting,
With men who have  crowd of monkeys as   their army? And since    there is no other go,
It is better to fight a war    with them.” And he rose up in very great anger.

6116 Other Asura heroes  whose mind was boiling   like the cobras    that live,
In ant hills  after hearing the words of Dhoomraksha    agreed with what  he said,
And said, “there is no need to  any more think about it”,
And started    talking various   things   as per their   thoughts.

6117. The Asura called Kumbhakarna  after stopping    all those  Rakshasas,
With great strength and anger   and  telling them that they  who were young were   talking,
Without bothering about results, went near   the Lord of the Asura clan and said,
“If you think that   as a younger brother  I would do only good to you ,
I would tell you    that   which is good for you”   and started telling the following.

6113.”Oh elder brother  you   have established yourself as   greatest  ,
In the clan of Lord Brahma   and you have great knowledge  ,
Of thousand , thousand Vedas  and in spite of that    do evil acts  ,
Only with great liking   and do you   think that  , what has been sent by fate  ,
To us   would stop     with this  and would not proceed  any  due to further.”

6114.”The nature of rule   has been destroyed  and you became sad ,
At the destruction  of the  city which was looking  like   a  picture.
Is due to  your act of abducting   the wife of a person not belonging to our clan,
And keeping her   in prison  , a proper act ?Among the sins,
That  can be committed is there  a   greater   sin than this?”

6120. “You became ashamed thinking   that the pretty city was  destroyed,
And  when  your wives    who   were like your own soul     were  looking at  you.
With a sweet smile  , you were falling at the   pretty   feet ,
Of the wife of some one else   , and her saying  “no”  to you is  possibly   an act of fame .

6121.”Oh  lord of the Asura clan  , Without mercy   you  kidnapped    a lady,
Who is the wife of some one else   and who was doing   penance  ,
Which is a cruel act,  not bothering  about   the Veda’s code of conduct  that you have learned,
And from the day you imprisoned her  ,  the fame of Asuras started diminishing ,
Expecting to get fame by performing silly acts  , is not sign of wisdom.”

6122.”We would imprison  a  faultless  wife of some one else   in a pretty prison,
And we would also want to get   faultless fame  . What you talk   with pride  ,
Are words of valour   but in the middle what you desire is passion  ,
And you get scared of men  , and our victory seems to be great.”

6123,”Oh great king  , You have not done   good acts   done by great people ,
And you have brought great insult to   the clan of great sage Pulasthya,
If we now send Sita decorating her hair with honey dripping flowers,
To Rama  , it would be established  that we are    weaklings  , but ,
If we are killed by those   men in war   , bad name would not come to us.

6124. “In the forest dense with trees,  Rama who was  standing alone  ,
By the strength of his bow   destroyed the entire army accompanying Kara ,
Won over Kara  and Rama’s strength  does not end here ,
He will destroy us and our army completely  .Can there be a better thing than that.

6125.”If those men  win over us   or if we do not wage a war   on them,
And go to the place they are without  deviating  , torture   them  ,
Kill them and eat them  , devas   would join with   those enemy men,
And   all the beings  of the seven worlds also would join with them.

6126.”Before   their huge army   of those   enemies enter this place ,
WE have to cross the sea within a day   and completely   uproot,
Those   men as well as monkeys   so that    they are   unable,
To go anywhere     from there, is   the act that   we have to do immediately.”

6127.“oh son  , what you told is good , I also thought    in the same way  ,
And further thinking about is wrong .We would kill all   our enemies,
And return back from there   and so order our armies   with flag,
To start  immediately . “   said  Ravana.

6128.  When Ravana    told like this  , his son Indrajit  ,
Laughed with great anger and said, “Oh king of royal   dynasty,
Are    you the one who is going    with speed   along with army  ,
And fight with those silly men with great anger   and return back?
My valour   is very great  “ and then   he told   the  following.

6129 “There are  many heroes   here   holding    the weapons given with blessing  by Lord Shiva,
The weapons like Pasa and other cruel ones given  by Brahma     sitting    on the  lotus   flower,
And  found fault by the world  and due to that    wandering  with sorrow, I  am also   here .”

6130.”Even  if all the people  three worlds  , blessed with all things  ,
Stand in the battle field   along with all the chiefs   of our enemies ,
If I am not able    to assure the victory only to you,
Then you  have not given birth to me as son  ,
And I am also   not a son   born to you in proper wedlock.”

6131, “Oh Lord who is greatly angry at his enemies ,I would bring like  mountain,
The heads of both of our enemies  , after   killing monkey army completely   and ,
Making the world look like a battle field with headless    monkeys dancing there  ,
After  making those men worried   and after making Sita suffer   due to sorrow,
Making those   who see her   get great mercy on her.”

6132,”You would enjoy  looking at our victory    when  those   blackened monkeys ,
Getting scared  to the  strong arrows  , which go like thunder from my bow
 Which can    even split   huge rocks and  run away to different  corners  showing   their teeth.”

6133. “Our enemies do not have elephants  ,  they do not have any horses,
They do not have chariots  and also no strong army to send at us,
They do not have strength of penance  and with the   support  of,
Small monkeys with hunched back  , would these men able to win over us ?
If so we    asuras     seem to have great masculinity.

6134,I would  invert the five elements  like water  , earth  , the   strongly blowing wind,
And the  wide sky   and all the big worlds    of the universe   within a day,
And without allowing anyone to escape  , completely   uproot ,
The men and monkeys  and if I cannot win, I would not come back.,

6135.After saying this he   fell at the feet of Ravana   and saluted   him  ,
Stood up and  looking at Ravana told him,  “Oh my very strong father  .
Please give me leave to go.”  And when Indrajit was standing like this,
Vibheeshana the younger brother of Ravana   who  knew   the good,
Much more , greater  than the sages who have won over the bad  by their strength,
Bit his lips by his teeth   and getting angry at  Indrajit   told him like this.

6136.”Oh  ignorant young boy    who does not  know   about   time and future happenings,
You are    talking   as if you have learnt several books   and have  very sharp intelligence ,
And  as if you have the ability   to look at the future ,Is it proper for you talk about these?

6137.”Oh son who due to your youth   has not thought  about   the method of ruling,
You are talking like  one who is blind as   well  not having  expertise of art  ,
Taking a painting in hand  and saying  , “I will correct and draw it differently ,
Is it proper for one like   you to sit  in this council , where there are very wise and old people ?”

6138.”When those who are pure  and our forefathers   who have done proper and good deeds,
Are standing as Devas  ,The bad people like the Asuras 
Becoming   devas  by the   good deeds that they do  ,
Is it due to their cheating or their strength.

6139.”If we examine your valour for   victory   over devas after   forsaking Dharma 
Even that appears to be   due to your doing   great penance  without faults,
Leaving your cruel   character    and due to the strength of boons given by those   devas.”

6140.  “Even after winning over the holy trinity and even after   conquering,
And ruling over all the seven worlds  , due to their pride going beyond limit,
They  all get definitely destroyed    and who are those cruel people  ,
Who have   achieved   great victory  over devas and further llived?”

6141.”The sages and devas   leaving  out   criminal  acts,
Earlier as well as latter  , they win over   bad and good Karma  ,
And  attain the great salvation  and can I count the number  iof such ones?
How many of the Asuras   have   attained salvation on the other hand?”

6142. Vibheeshana then looked at Ravana and told him  ,
“If you chide   yout son  Indrajit who is   very strong saying,
“You talked like a child  and proved   that you are ignorant “
And  hear my words without making fun of them  , I would continue to speak.”

6143,”To me  you are my father    as well as mother and my elder brother,
You are also   the God whom I should worship with my penance ,
You are also everything else   to me   and I am talking like this,
Due to  sorrow  due to the fact that   you   are  going to lose  ,
This great kingship    which is equivalent  to that of Indra’s post.”

6144.”Though I do not have   have the greatness  of reading   and understanding great books  ,
Though I do not have the capacity   of great thought   to understand    the proper  meaning,
Though the   conclusions that I draw after  the much talked about  research are wrong ,
Oh very strong one  , even if you   are going to be angry with me , do it after hearing me.”

6145, “ The  complete capital city of our country  and your valorous victory,
Were burnt by the chastity  of the mother   of the world who is called Janaki ,
And is it wise to think that   it was  burnt   by a monkey?”

6146.”If we all think  with a concentrated   mind think,
The growth up to the sky   as well as downfall,
Happened    for the sake   of a lady  or possibly  .
For the sake of land .Can it happen for any other reason?”

6147. “Oh king who wears   flower garland from which honey drips  ,
Has the word that  , Ravana who   was the king  of Lanka,
Surrounded by  ocean full of fishes  , lost his earlier power ,
Got through penance   due to a human  lady,
Which is a curse   has been removed   from today or not?”

6148, “ During those days when you were    doing great penance  ,
BY the order of Lord Btahma who has great quality  of peace ,
You did not get   the boon for getting victory over men  ,
And  now how can you expect   to get victory  over those men?”

6149.”Is it necessary to give other reasons   for being defeated by men,
AS a matchless  leader you  singly won control of all the seven worlds,
But you were defeated   by a human king    with one thousand hands.
Is it necessary for me to give more examples   of being  defeated by men?”

6150,”Oh lord who has got limitless   strength , on the day   you,
Uprooted    the Kailasa  mountain , the God Nandi with four shoulders,
Cursed  you that   you would get   destroyed   by a monkey with huge tail,
And you    , yourself realized   it  in case   of Vali.”

6151.”Do you really  posses   the power    to say “no”  to the curse  of,
That chaste Vedavathi who jumped in to the   fire and killed herself,
That “I would become your sickness : and she is herself Sita,
And also Goddess  Lakshmi    who was born in ocean of milk.”

6152,”A king called  Dasaratha   who was    ruling all over  the world  ,
Killed an Asura king   called Sambara   ,who travelled through the sky,
 And gave trouble   to the devas  by  the power   of his bow ,
By cutting off his head   and saved the Devas   and helped  them,
By  giving   the kingship of the deva world to Indra   and got great fame.”

 6153, “That  king Dasaratha  was the descendent of Parthu,  who  was matchless ,
Made Indra in to a biull    and sat on the back of that  bull , became enemy of Asuras  ,
And fought   and killed    all  those Asuras  with his sword  , conquered all the world,
Made it very fertile   , showered  his grace on all people of the     earth 
And also   the Sagaras who made the ocean , and Bhageeratha ,
Who brought    the river Ganges   in to the earth and was like God.”

6154.Dasaratha was one   who waged war   against the Asura clan  who were,
Living telling lies    and angrily  cause harm to this world and destroyed them,
He then applied ghee to his spear  put it in its case  ,  and with desire,
Encouraged the    growth of Dharma and stood firmly    in the path of Dharma  ,
And he gave two noons to his wife Kaikeyi with kajal   applied    eyes ,
And told the truth   gave them to her   and also  lost his life  ,
And has attained that world  which even Devas   cannot attain.”

6155.  “Oh our grear lord,  The sons of that great  Dasaratha have now become  your enemies,
If you want to know what type of persons they are ,, Rama and Lakshmana  .
Do  not have  any one to match them in this world   and with their rare qualities  ,
The sages as well as the Devas  and the wise people   who have realized   everything,
 And all other life forms  cannot even think about them,
And due to our bad Karma  they have become men and are coming against us.”

6156.  A sage called Kaushika   who said that he  will create   all the words,
Along with Lord Brahma  who sits  on   the cool lotus    flowers,
Who was  the leader of saints   gave with in the time of batting the eye ,
All  the  weapons that he got grom Lord Shiva to Rama  ,
Which weapons can destroy anything and are  with  Rama and Lakshmana.

6157. At the time when Devas   fought    with the   very strong  Asuras,
Who had  matchless power   in their shoulders , Lord Vishnu  ,
Sitting alone on the top of Garuda   with his bow,
Which can destroy  the strong and   very angry Asuras  ,
And  that bow as    well as  the arrows which were    used ,
To burn the three   cities were   given to  Rama  ,
By a sage called  Agasthya   who is the lord of all sages.

6158,”The serpent  like arrows with Rama  are capable of licking the world   with their toungue,
They are   suitable to measure  the directions and  every day   give out cruel poison,
They   have teeth  which spit out  light   and they who are  in the anthill  of the quiver  of their arrows ,
Would  eat only souls of   those sinners  who create problems  to sages  who have realized divine truth.”

6159.”The bows that they hold   are not made   of wood or bamboo   and are they not,
The Mountain Meru which is lifting the world  or all those mountains joined together  ?
Can it  be moved by any one except  Rama   and Lakshmana  ? and their strings also are   strong .
And   though our bows are   larger to look at  , Would they  be weak like  our bows?”

6160. “ By the  arrow sent by Rama  , the chest of Vali who churned    the ocean of milk,
Alone  became motionless  , The maramara   trees    which had grown as it  ,
They covered the world  lost their  power  , , the mountain like heads of  Khara ,
As well as Viradha   were lost  and later devas will see , Asuras fought  and got destroyed ,
Our burden    would only be to  get destroyed   and are there any enemies   who will not get destroyed?”

6161.”Those great saints who have  great  power of boons  who make others   surprised,
Due to their not having any help  to remove their sorrows   have decided that ,
Rama and Lakshmana who  have great strength of boons   and strong shoulders
Were capable of winning   the  entire world   and would kill   all the asuras  ,
And   because of that they established   connection with   those heroes.”

5162,  “Thinking that “These   Rakshasas who has eaten   the cruel poison called Janaki  ,
Would  reach only hell.” Those   devas who did not have any other go except  your protection,
Are now not afraid of us   and these   Asuras  are greatly scared   to inform you this,
And they are   all not able     to sleep day  and night    because of this  fear.”

5163,   The faces of great sages   due to the fact that   they were not knowing,
Which is the protection for them   appeared  for us as simple  , very patient  ,
Not happy  , with stains and without  luster   during   the day time   with Sun shining ,
But the faces of those sages looked like the full moon    at   night.

5164.Those who were scared by us  and went beyond  this world with ebbing sea  up to the end  ,
And  were hiding  and sorrowing greatly there   changing their form   as soon as they  came to know,
That  the divine lady Sita who has  a  moon lake face   was imprisoned  in our city of  Lanka,
Along with God of death and others  , devas  , sages as well as others   became fearless  ,
Saw their homes   in heaven and the sky  and are   returning back happily.

6165.”Innumerable bad omens are   being   seen all over continuously  ,
Our  strong  horses   which cannot be defeated   by enemies  and which have great lineage ,
And our mountain like   elephants   which loudly trumpet making   enemies scared ,
Which have   taken part in the war between Devas and Asuras  ,
Are entering in to our houses   keeping their right   foot first.

6166. “The mouths and teeth of Asuras   have got  dried  and they have lost their luster,
Those   ghosts who live here   and  the fear generating big foxes   are multiplying fast,
If we think differently   our palaces  , city of Lanka ,  hair of young ladies   as  well us,
Our hair   are  giving the smell of burning in fire .Do we have ability to get any    good  omen for us?”

6167. “Oh Lord  ,  if  we know that, Khara and Trisira  who in battle have driven away   all the Devas ,
And Marrecha who appeared as the deer of illusion , Vali the king of Kishkinda  ,
Were are all destroyed   by  Rama and Lakshmana  , Lord Shiva who keeps   deer like Uma on his left side  ,And Lord Vishnu   who is armed    with the weapon of   wheel, would  ,
In  no  way be comparable   to Rama   and Lakshmana.”

6168.”Oh our lord., I would tell you one more thing   and please   hear it  .
Though Rama and Lakshmana   are only two   ,  devas who are our permanent   foes  ,
Are standing close to them in the  form of monkey chiefs  and ,
If we oppose  them we  would not succeed and it is also  ,
Not proper      for us to think    it is definite  that we would fight    with them.

6169. “ Let Us leave  divine  Sita   who has fame , wealth  great lineage  ,
Who does not  have bad name and low status and who  has chastity  ,
Which never   gets weakened  as there is no better   option than this”
Said  Vibheeshana who was    the best among the wise  people.

6170. The very masculine   Ravana    who heard the words of Vibheeshana,
After intertwining his fingers  of different hands  , Making his crescent like teeth,
Of his ten mouths   shedding the   silver light of the moon  , with scars   ,
Of wounds on his  lustrous chest made  by the sword ,
Laughed uproariously    shaking  the garlands  on his shoulders, and said.

6171,”Oh Sir,   you told  that I take   undesirable   decisions,
And talked  like a mad person  and  you also said,
That my great strength  would be won by some silly men,
Did you tell this   because  of fear  or love towards  them.”

6172”You told that I did not get the boon for ability to kill men from Brahma,
And you went on telling bad aspects because of this, Did I get a boon,
To win over  the very strong elephants    which guard   the directions,
Or a boon  to uproot Kailasa mountain along with fire coloured Shiva?”

6173”Without  thinking by your mind  you  told some   meaningless words,
In the battle field  what could the angry and cruel  army of devas do to me?
Not just  for  me but to you also who were   born from the same womb,
Did those  men became   any time stronger   than you?”

6174.”You did  not tell suitable    words  possibly not understanding them,
Though enemies have been defeated  by me many times, they never,
Got the strength   to achieve  victory over me  .  Perhaps you thought  that,  there are
Enemies who   can kill  me  in the battle field and my relatives 
Who are capable  of  uprooting the heaven .

6175.”Oh younger one  , if you say that  my strength   only depends  on  ,
The boons that  I have obtained    from the Devas . please tell me  ,
Using which boon  I won victory over  Lord Shiva who rides on a bull,
And Lord Vishnu    who is capable of  protecting all   the world ,
And who is armed    with the divine   wheel   among the trinity.”

6176.”If you say that  monkeys would kill me  due to the curse  of Nandi,
How many numerous curses   have come and attained   me so far?
What sorrow did they bring to me? Among the devas and Indra
And among   the Sidhas   and Yakshas who does not   ,
Want my destruction? Have they been able to do   anything to me?”

6177 “Without knowing that I got strong boons out of love from Lord Shiva,
Who dances   on the stage  , when I was depressed and standing after ,
The battle with Vali   as my strength   went to him  , I was defeated by him,
And because of this how  can  you assume that  all monkeys can win over me?”

6178.”Even if    the blue necked  Shiva  and the Lord Vishnu holding divine wheel,
Fight face to face     with Vali  , even their strength will go and merge with Vali,
And only thinking  about that, that Rama avoided going in front of him,
And killed    that Vali   by sending an arrow after  hiding himself.”

6179.”After  breaking  a dilapidated   bow  , sending an arrow through  ,
A Maramara tree    with a hole  , loosing kingship   due to trick   of the hunchback,
Reaching the forest full of tall trees  , losing his wife    due to my act,
Rama is roaming carrying his sweet soul. The strength of that type of weakling  ,
Would not  be appreciated   by any body      except you.”

6180. After  finding fault with the good advices of  Vibheeshana   and after  calling,
Him as an ignorant person   addressing the Rakshasas  standing there  Ravana told,
“Good , let us go,  Let us go to the war “ and then Vibheeshana  , Who loved Ravana,
And   who was wearing a flower garland    went near   him  ,
“Please hear one more strong thing   that I have to tell you.” And started   telling.

6181.  “ That matchless  God Vishnu   who does not have anything greater  than him,
As per the     words  Devas    who told him    that   we are   evil people  ,
Has taken the incarnation of Rama   for    fighting     with us , even after,
Knowing this  would you    go to the war.”   Saying   this,
Vibheeshana fell at the feet of Ravana    . saluted  and begged  him.”

6182. Hearing that Ravana told him, “You told that  Rama   is the incarnation of,
Lord Vishnu who is armed   with the wheel. If it is so   has not the Vishnu  get defeated ,
In many wars   and when I continued    to  do only what  I wanted  .
He had been inactive all these   years”  and Ravana get   angry at  Vibheeshana.”

6183’Even I had kept Indra the lord of Devas  , Indra in a  very   big jail,
Or when I broke in to pieces   the tusk of  Iravatha    the elephant of devas.
I have defeated     that Lord Vishnu   even before that   in all   the wars,
And made  him   run after defeating him   and  also made   the devas ,
Scatter   and  run away   and at that  time possibly  Vishnu   was a small boy.”

6184.  “Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma with four faces   and Lord Vishnu  who is consort of  Lakshmi,
And all other Devas   are  submitting themselves    to me  when I  am ruling the three worlds  ,
And please tell me   whether  he had submitted   because   he , who is matchless ,
In all the three    worlds were absent   or  because  he was not able to stand before my strength?”

6185. “ Did Lord Vishnu with    thousand  big shoulders    and equal   number of heads  ,
Who has a  hige form which can keep all the worlds   in one of his steps  .
Possibly thought that    this form is evil   and he who according to you   is great  ,
Has taken    the form of a man which is    insignificant    according to us.”

6186.”The mad  Lord Shiva  and Lord Vishnu   as soon as they hear my name ,
Would become depressed due to  very great fear  ,
Because   the arrows that I have sent pierced  the bull of  Lord Shiva,
And the Garuda   of  Lord Vishnu   on their back  causing lot of scars, wherever they go,”” 

6187. “You   need not come along with   us to participate in the war  ,
Which gives  rise to great anger   as   this great city has plenty of place ,
And you can comfortably stay here, and so do not be scared,”
And that   Ravana who is crueler that the cruel  , looked at ,
The face of ministers, clapped his hands  and laughed like thunder 

6188.   After   hearing what Ravana told   Vibheeshana    told him,
“Oh chief , many great people   who are not like you    got destroyed,
Along   with their relatives   due to the anger of  Lord Vishnu earlier,
.There is one thing that  I have   to tell you  . I would   tell you  about ,
HIranya   as it happened. Please hear it”   and started   telling about Hiranya.

3.Hiranyan Vadhai Padalam

The chapter   of killing   of Hiranya  .

(This is the story of Hiranya Kasipu and Prahladha related in very great detail. Some people call this an epic within another epic. This  is not there  in Valmiki Ramayanam)
6189. “Hiranya was   taught    all the Vedas   and their meaning by Lord Brahma himself,
And  he due to great wisdom   , got all the boons    that   he wanted, and he  became ,
Strong like Lord Shiva with   eye in the forehead    who can destroy all beings  ,
And  like Lord Brahma     sitting on a lotus and the   five    great elements.

6190. He lived not only in this   single   world   created by Lord Vishnu
Who is the God   who always lives without   destruction,
Lord Brahma  the lord of creation   and Lord Shiva   who had   pretty matted hair,
But also   in all other innumerable  worlds , where only his name was praised.

6191.He would take    two of those   very powerful   elephants   of directions,
Which   had big   and thick trunks  with a internal hole  , in which they carried   the earth 
And dash them against each other  and  making the    very deep  and broad   seven oceans ,
Shallow  , and  walk inside them   wetting only his   two feet.

6192. He will go near    the waters in the river  with clear   water and sand  ,
Thinking   that it is too small .He will not take bath   in the rain water,
From the clouds   saying    that   it is not cold    enough,
He will not take bath   in sea water with clear tides   saying it is salty,
But he would    dig a hole   in the universe   and take a bath in the sea there.

6193.After taking bath in the divine sea    in the morning  , he  would eat  ,
Sweet food with damsels  in serpent world  , spend entire day time ,
In the world  of Indra    who is praised by all   and  he will,
Sit ceremoniously in the land  of Brahma    at night.

6194.He would sit on the plane of lord moon   and  rule like   him,
He would sit  on the chariot   of  Sun God   and carry out rule like Sun,
He would do the job of the   guardians   of eight    directions  ,
Who do not move about sitting in one place   and ,
He would sit  as a great king  on the top of Meru mountain.

6195.He would become   as earth, water  , hot fire   and wind , which are ,
Spread all over in this globe   and would change  the leaders of those elements,
And along with the wind   become other Gods himself   and  become the world,
Carry out its jobs   and  change   the jobs of these guardians as well as job of Varuna.

6196.He made   all   the beings in   all the worlds    chant   his own name  ,
And not that   of   Lord Vishnu   who has broad eyes  like the lotus flower,
And would eat away all   the offerings meant for   Devas  .
Offered in the   Yagna fire  offered by Brahmins   as well as sages.

6197.Lord Brahma, Shiva and Lord Vishnu   who were doing   creation,
Destruction and protection   were made  not able to those   jobs  .
And imagine about the  fate   of other Devas  entrusted   with different jobs,
Even Yogis lost their roles   and even devas would not worship  any thing but his feet.

6198.Lord Brahma who sits on the   scented   lotus   flower  ,  the five headed Lord Shiva  ,
Along with Bruhaspathi the teacher of Devas  were only learning his  victorious exploits,
And said  that  God who was   remaining in the unabridged   four Vedas  ,
From the earliest    times   was only  Hiranya  himself.

6199.After examining   the Mandhara mountain which was  used  by,
Devas and Asuras to churn the  ocean of milk  which had huge tides ,
And which was huge and strong he thought   that  it would be,
The suitable  Vajrayudha    to his victorious shoulders  , he left it, considering it as silly.

6200.The  twin mountains used   by Sun god who protects    the beings   of heaven by his rays ,
For rising and setting  and which cannot    be even thought    about  by mind to touch  ,
Became the ear globes   of Hiranya   who had  gold like    eyes  ,
And what else  need to be told    about the extreme valour of that Asura.

6201. If that Hiranya   who never gets  tired   by anything  , keeps his   steps,
On the earth , Adhi sesha with thousand  hoods would get shocked ,
Due to the great weight   and if that  Hiranya    stands up  ,
The roof of the  universe   would hit his head   and if he moves ,
From his place  , he would uproot all the   five big elements.

6202. Due the power  of the boons received   by him, he could not be killed either by  ,
Females, or males or by eunuchs  or  beings  of other  world  ,
Which have soul and which do not have soul  , by those which can be seen,
And hich can be thought about   and he will not die   on earth  ,nor in the sky.

6203. That Hiranya   would not lose his life  by   all the devas  ,
All the  Yakshas and the trinity   who can be meditated   and prayed by others,
Like Lord  Vishnu  , Lord Brahma   and  Lord Shiva with Parvathi on his  left side .

6204.He will not die  in water  nor  in fire   not in the    erect wind  ,
Nor in anything   which is available   on earth   and the curses,
Given by sages    and the knowledgeable Devas   would not affect him.

6205.He will not die inside the house   nor   outside   , none of the divine  weapons ,
Which can never be destroyed   , can destroy him. He will not die  at nihght,
Nor in day time,He will not die because of Yama stealing his soul ,
And who was     there    who was    capable   of killing him?

6206.He would not die by anything containing    the five elements,
Nor with materials having the five tastes nor by materials ,
Mentioned in Vedas and if his own father   tries to kill him  ,
 He would not die and this being   the state  of Hiranya,
He   became God for all the three   worlds.

6207.That Hiranya had a very great  son , who is the wisest among the wise ,
Who is purest among  the pure , purer   than the Vedas  , lord of all beings.
Matchless  wise person , Lord  of all good Dharma and  he had love,
To all  beings  which is greater    than  the love of mother  and he was greatly suitable.

6208. That Hiranya   who had life span extending beyond   the final deluge ,
And who was  ruling  all  the fourteen worlds   in such way   that they joined,
And came together at his feet  , became  very happy   seeing  his son Prahladha,
Who had the  good fortune of good life   and with a melting mind  said,
“You who are going  to take up the kingship after me, learn the Vedas.”

6209After saying this Hiranya  deputed   a Vedic Pundit of matchless  knowledge  ,
And told him, “You please teach him Vedas.and Prahladha went along with him  ,
And reaching his place that Brahmin started   teaching  him all knowledge  including Vedas.

6210. That  Guru who was teaching Prahladha  looked at him and told ,
“Chant  Hiranyaya nama”  and he closed   both his ears  and told,
“Oh elder one , blessed with great wisdom  , This  is not good penance”,
And requested   him to teach him Upanishads     which are   the end of Vedas,
And started   chanting   the name of the great God  who is ultimate truth.

6211-12.That Prahladha who was the leader   of wisdom   chanted  , “Om Namo Narayanaya”,
With emotions melting his mind  ,sitting quietly and saluting with hands  held over his head,
And started shedding tears    from his lotus like eyes   and sat there  with hairs standing erect.
And   seeing that  Brahmin   started   shivering  and said  “Oh bad brained one, by your words , 
You have spoiled myself and yourself .Oh sinner   you have   made us both hug  the death.
How come your brain thought   of that name which even Devas   are scared   to tell  .
How dare    you   do such   an act?”

6213”I saved myself , I saved my father   and  also saved you   and I am going  ,
To save the world   and for that purpose  I told the divine name  of Lord Vishnu,
Which has been praised  by all the Vedas   and what  is  wrong it, please tell.”

6214. That Vedic  Pundit told  , “ Your father  is greater   than the trinity   as well  as,
All  the great Devas  .and only because  I am here as a Brahmin for chanting  your father’s name,
Do you think that you know more than me? Do not tell   the name,
That   you just now told    and spoil my  future.”

6215. When  that teacher   who was knowledgeable in  Vedas told like this,
That pure one told him,  “Except the name   of the first  leader of all the world,
I do not know any other name   and also I need not learn any other  name,
And there is nothing   in this world   that is beyond my understanding  .

6216. “That divine one   who has realized   the end   of all that is told,
In the old   four Vedas   has liked and entered my mind  ,
And so I do not need   any  other greater life   and if you happen,
To know    anything    which I do not know  , please teach me   according to rules.”

6217.”The name of that one    who is praised  by the   great Vedas  of Brahmins,
That which is repeated  by very wise elders   who have learnt    everything  ,
.Is the meaning of all Upanishads   and is there  a need,
To tell any other   name  which is apart    from that name?”

6218.”Learning Vedas  and understanding them  , by performance   ,
Of Yagnas   which do good to the world  , by realizing   the  truth  ,
And understanding the true wisdom   and by using   the knowledge  beyond it,
And attaining    the state  of salvation    attained  by great people  ,
 Were   all   realized by   me     just  by chanting   that  divine name of God.
Can there   be anything greater    that can be   taught  me which is greater than this.”

6219.”I have already achieved   the  great wealth    which is greater   than,
The achievement of those   who live in the forest, who sit on a  big mountain,
Who cover themselves with hide  of deer , who shave off their hair  ,
Who grow long matted hair   and attained heaven by proper behavior  .
What else   need I achieve   by punishing  my body?”

6220.”Those who became   slaves  to that Lord Vishnu  who by his feet   made the worlds his own,
Though  they have not gained wisdom   by hearing   several great books by their ears,
Would be   capable of understanding the outer  meanings of all  the four Vedas ,
Which tell about chants    which  help us to make offerings   to the Devas,
And also would have    the ability   to find out   the true  meaning of objects.”

6221.”Oh Vedic Pundit  , to me    and  to Lord Brahma   with four faces  ,  Lord Vishnu,
Who appears   greater than everybody and  who is the matchless   single leader ,
Has  our  mind as   his temple  and because of that wisdom came easily to me ,
And without that   there is no other    way   for every one .

6222. That Brahmin who was a teacher  , hearing all that was told by Prahladha ,
Did not reply him   and with a very disturbed mind   and thinking   “What progress  ,
Is   going to come to me now? The time of  destruction for me has  arrived?”
 And he who did not have strength of mind   ran and reached  Hiranya  ,
And started   talking like one  who has seen the future happenings  like a dream.

6223.He saluted Hiranya   and said  “Oh Lord who is like my father  , your son,
Has said something undesirable to tell  in this birth and in the next birth  ,
And told “ Even from the very beginning I  know    about Vedas  ,
And also told  “He did not recite   the Vedas   that I had taught   him”,

6224.After hearing all that was told by that Brahmin  Hiranya asked him,
“Oh Brahmin , What is that which cannot  be heard by Brahmins  ,
And which   has not been told   by any body earlier  ,
Which was told by him   and which came  out  of his inner mind, Please tell.”

6225.When the king Hiranya told like that  , the Brahmin got scared,
Saluted  Hiranya with folded hands  and said,  “If I tell those words  ,
Which would  make   you  feel as if a snake   has entered  your ears  ,
Oh very strong one  , I would  reach hell   and my toungue  will rot.”

6226.That cruel one   ordered that  his son should be brought  there quickly  ,
And the assistants of that  Hiranya  who  did not have  any good feeling in his heart,
Speedily went   and within a  second   reached  Prahladha,
And told him   that it is the order   of  the king , and that  Prahladha  ,
Who considered   that matchless  Lord Vishnu   as his  only help,
Came   near   his father   and saluted    him.

6227.Hiranya   hugged   with great  love , the son who saluted him   on his lustrous chest  ,
So that  the scented powder  applied there   touches  the   body  of Prahladha   ,
Examined him from head to feet    and asked “Oh son  ,What was told by   you,
That   made your teacher angry  ?Please    tell me that.”

6228.Prahladha  told  , “ The name of Lord Vishnu , who   talked at the time of starting of Vedas  ,
Who is matchless  , who is lord  of all beings Should be  realized  , meditated    and heard,
AS well repeated     without break   through out the day    and this would  help ,
A person   to get up from the ocean of sorrow and  there is no other thing which does good to us.”

6229.When that Prahladha   who had   good   conduct like   the Devas  told like that,
That Hiranya who was   cruel by nature  decided  that   that faultless Brahmin teacher ,
Is suitable   to teach only  what is proper  and what ever is fated  , let  that happen,
And thought  “ WE know The word   that he tells would not do us good  “
Asked his son, “What is the word that  you have in your mind?”

6230.”Please  hear the name of that matchless   one , “Om namo Narayana”
Which fulfills   all our desires   and after crossing   this life   gives us the salvation,
Which  is the state   that never gets over  and which leads   us,
To the great positions got out of performing yagna in  burning red flames.”

6231.”Starting from this    earth up  to the world of Lord Brahma  ,  in all the innumerable  beings  ,
Who live there which comprise  of  moving and not moving  beings  , the sensation of life 
And  the   sense  of truth  completely    fills their heart   and  what  they all  ,
Meditate and praise   is   this eight  lettered chant  and there  is nothing else.”

6232.”The Lord Shiva with three eyes   , The four headed   Lord Brahma   and all others,
To  the people who  live on this     earth , if they happened   to forget   the eight lettered chant,
Can easily forget   the things they want to achieve and   to understand  it properly ,
And to tell  its deep inner  meaning   is   some thing which can not be done  ,
And  except all those  great ones  who see everything   generally always   and ,
Those   realized   and greatly wise  people  who follow   them , others cannot  understand its greatness.”

6233” It is a ship   that takes souls   to the banks  from   the whirlpools of old Karma,
In the huge deep ocean   of the birth cycle  , It is an ornament which can be   worn by all,
It is the auspicious   word which gives pleasure   to every body ,
It is  the truth  which is the  bank of Vedas   for    great   sages,
And   for  making people live  a reformed  life  there is nothing greater than this.”

6234.Prahladha the purest among the wise  further said,  “I have told   after research,
In my mind that  his name   is the only thing that   provides stability to my soul  , your soul  ,
And all other  souls  “ and hearing that   Hiranya   who held ,
A shining lustrous  spear  , due to great anger  , spit out fire   through his eyes.

6235”Till today   from the day  I assumed the kingship  , my order  used,
To burn the   mind    that told   this name . Who told you    this name?.
From whom did you learn  it ?Reply quickly” Said he  with great anger.

6236.”The three chiefs of Devas  , the devas  and others and  all the beings,
That live in this world always meditate   and praise  only my two feet.
They daily chant only my name   and even those three   as well as Devas,
Would get scared   to tell this name to you. Oh son, from where did you learn it?”

6237.”The Vishnu whom you told about   came   to offer a valorous fight  ,
With me several times and   he speedily vanished  after getting defeated ,
On the white Garuda   which rolls and flies and after   entering   the milky ocean,
With greatly ebbing tides  , without moving from there  he would sleep.
And who told you that the  name of that  sleeping Vishnu would  give stability?”

6238.”Oh  bad brained one  , Our ancestors who are  of more innumerable than the sands   of the beach,
Were killed   by that Lord Vishnu    and their number   got very much reduced and  if a rat,
Peacefully chants   the name of  the serpent who is  its enemy ,
What benefit would that   rat get, “Telling this Hiranya    seethed with anger,

6239.”My brother  Hiranyaksha   who could keep all the fourteen worlds in his stomach,
And  who had doubtless   strength  , was killed by him as a boar  ,
By piercing him with   his tusks  and was it for chanting his  name,
That I begot you as my son  “Said    he    with   great  anger.

6240.”Oh boy without auspicious look  , I   who am matchless   am the first one  ,
To all the beings in this world  and I am the one who is  most suitable  ,
To do the creation , upkeep and  destruction   of beings   of this world,
This is what you see directly  and based   on what  aspect  of the Vedas ,
Did you   conclude  that this which can be understood by wisdom is false ?”

6241. “In this very big world  , what has   been told   from the beginning to end ,
 In the Vedas , is nothing but this, and those   who do faultless  good deeds,
Following the procedures laid out in Vedas  would  rise up in life,
And those  who   do not do it  would go down in life,
If we examine  it properly   this is   the only truth .”

6242. “Due to my great penance remaining  , when after penance  ,
I became   the Lord of this earth  , Lord Shiva, Vishnu    and Brahma  ,
Lost the  high positions that they were  holding   and thinking  that  ,
That  it is impossible for them to do penance   for regaining  their positions,
AS it would  get destroyed in my  rule  , they all  submitted to my rule  .”

6243,  “I prevented people   from doing  divine Yagnas   prevented them from doing blessed acts  ,
And I also prevented  people from learning     from great   books  and  because  ,
Acts like Yagnas   reducing the ebbing enmity   among people  ,
I saw to it that   acts like  penance   are  not carried out   and so,
What type of good like was being led by   Brahma   and others  ,
And in what way can they get support    from  others and live?”

6244.”You are an innocent boy  who has not become wise  and So  I pardon your mistake,
And once more   do not tell those   words    which  praise  my enemy   and thinking  that,
What your teacher  teaches   are words   which will do you  good, go along with him,
And start learning “Said Hiranya    who was the Lord   of all the   worlds.

6245.  Prahladha the son  told ,  “Oh Lord who wears scented   flower   garland  , I have  to tell,
You something  .If you are prepared   to understand  it , I will tell it to you and started  ,
Telling about that   which is the end of  knowledge of Vedas   and   result of Yagnas ,
And which is like the starter curd  , to the milk of education   and other   things.

6246.”Oh king , There is nothing which yields   without a seed   and if   you ,
Are prepared  to understand without illusion I would tell  in more  great detail,
How to understand the  ultimate truth  ,If You   concentrated   your mind ,
On that ultimate   truth   without any break ,  they,
Would be able to see   it like a gooseberry  on the palm.”

6247.”That matchless God  making it appear  that   all the world  is within himself,
Exists  keeping them  within him   but would  also be within every being ,
He is one  who  does not have   any one after him  , he never movesaway from principles,
And Is is it possible    for any one to tell how   ancient   he is?”

6248.”The wisdom coming out of search  and that state  which makes wisdom as   experience  ,
Are   two different paths   and would make it appear   that all the things  in the  world are  different,
And  except for those   who knows this  , would it be possible to know   the greatness of that primeval one?”

6249.”He  exists as the divine principle, to those   who realize    the   ultimate truth,
Which is    in the end   of all Vedas  and   this is  known  only to wise people who know themselves,
And those  lunatic people   who see   everything  as existing   differently,
Are   those who do not attain salvation   attained   by Yogis  and very wise ones.”

6250.”Those rules which can help us   measure everything  cannot  help us ,
IN measuring   the divine one  and the Upanishads   help us   in knowing  ,
That knowledge  of Vedas  which cannot be understood by using great thought,
And  he cannot be described by words  and  other materials,
And who are there   who know illusion  because  no one has seen the true state.

6251’.He  alone pervades    all the three   worlds , becomes  each and every  thing,
Of this world   and also appears   in innumerably different looking forms,
Though he is only one  with a stable state and would    the acts  of his,
Become   small   so that the sages and   Devas   know    about it?”

6252.”Karma   and the results happening because of that  and that primeval being,
Which gives those results   which we like  , the soul which is the doer of the Karma  .
Are all  only that God and  those who  can tell  clearly about  his greatness,
Would be able    to   cross  the ocean of life here and in heaven?”

6253,” Those chants which help us   meditate   on that   great  god   and ,
The great  penance   done using those chants  and the acts   emerging out of that,
And the results   emerging out of those acts   are all systematized by that faultlees God,
And he also is the faultless offering that    we offer to the Devas   in Yagnas told by the four Vedas.”

  6254.  ‘That divine one  would  make one undergo   the result of the karmas  before hand,
And to those   devotees who depend on him   he would  modify those  results of Karmas,
After  their depending on him  and there   are no Karmas  where  he appears  ,
To stand afterwards   and  helps  those   to undergo  the results  , which he does not know ,
Most of the people are not able to realize   this due to his wonderful illusion.”

6255.”Those bad and good Karmas   which are done by people are due to their actions  ,
And among them   one Karma can without  giving  one result   , can give what is  wanted,
By the devotees   and is there  a need for a proof that ultimate  God   can give everything?”

6256. “Those who perform Yagnas at the    end of it  , if they offer   the sacrificial ,
Offering   to that pure one who does his wisdom sleep on    the snake bed,
Then that offering would reach   all the moving and not  moving   beings of the world  ,”
Is the   teaching   of the Vedas and so   that offering   is the use  of the Yagna.”

6257.”The  causal word was created  from the primeval nature   by that divine God,
And  the principles   which emanated    from the world  due to sensations  ,
Are not limited within   what has been taught   to us   by very wise  people  ,
And the birth   which takes place   to the   activities  of that divine principle,
Is not something that   could be understood   by those  who have innate intelligence.”

6258.”From the lotus flower   which had a  stalk which looks like a picture  ,
Several great petals   and great perfume   which appeared  on the belly of Lord Vishnu  ,
Gave rise to the four headed Brahma   and innumerable   variety  of beings  ,
And they all   exist in   one side   of this  universe   which should be praised.”

6259.”That God hides   within our eyes   also  in the heart those wise people  ,
Who can understand philosophical truths   and  teach them to others ,
 AS the  feeling  of true knowledge   it  spreads all over the earth  ,
Is as tall as the sky   and is filled as properties of wind , fire   and water  ,
Proving to us that    the God who is taller  than our thought   exists in innumerable forms.”

6260.”That good is in the words that we speak   and in  the acts that   we perform,
And if we think about his nature of spreading everywhere  , we can see ,
That   he originated  as one letter   with three  joints   (om),
And also the chant got by joining    four words. (OM Namo Narayanan aya  )

6261.”The name of that divine God   which removes bad   possessions like  passion and anger,
And all the  bad  thoughts   that enter  in to our mind   and  has   the greatness ,
Of safely   guarding   souls with stability   and can his grace be described by others?”

6262,”Like a big banyan tree and its seed   he  has the great masculinity  ,
Of keeping all the  world within himself   and he  would enjoy   the results,
Got by properly   arranging the time , equipment    and arena   of action ,
And he is also the good conduct and the wealth that  is attained  by that good conduct.”

6263.”Though he  is  like   the sweet musical sound   that is recognized  by  the musical feelings  ,
Which are  in the minds   those who are   experts  in music, similar   to the notes ,
Coming   out of Yaazh    which gives   out    very clear music  ,  is  within,
The inside   and outside  of all beings , he is one  in whom the   nature of the beings  do not merge  ,
And eves the Vedas    which cannot be neglected would be perplexed  to tell about his nature.”

6264,”That Lord who is the soul which is inside   the letter “Om”,
Is wisdom of wisdom   and  he  is  completely occupying  ,
All the three   worlds, he is of a form  like the smoke   and the flame  of fire.”

6265.”Due to  the  trouble in the mind of religious zealots   who are   like the different flowers  ,
Of a garland   tied densely   with flowers    which open as   soon as they  are produced,
And who keep on arguing   about the differences  , those wise  men who know him well,
He is  not different   like the sea and the tides   which rise up  and folds back,.”

 6266.” I have been praising   the  name of the divine one  about whom I was telling,
Scared   that    you after   abusing   this god , with such great properties  ,
Would lose   the wealth and other great   benefits    that you attained due to penance  ,
AS well lose   your good name   and soon  lose   the soul which is stable in you.”

6267.  When Prahladha told   about all this in detail standing before him,
All the world were   scared   about what is going to happen , the cruel  matured anger,
Built up in the mind  of Hiranya  similar to   the poison rising out   of the ocean  ,
And the sun and the sky started   rotating  , the entire   broad  earth started  shivering 
The eyes of Hiranya started   spitting out blood  ,  there was fire and  smoke  in his angry eyes.

6268.He  ordered  “Except him I do not need any more enemies which give me sorrow,
For he came out from within me   getting soaked   and  burned  in my bad fate .
There  is nothing more that need to be known about him now , for ,
He has told   that   he is the dear slave of Lord Vishnu , who has endless enmity   with me,
And so  kill him now  “ and immediately   those   who were  greater  experts,
In killing   more than the  God of death  went and caught Prahladha.

6269. Among those  valorous heroes  , some were  shouting, we will eat him alive,
With a sound equal to that  of thunder   and  they all were  like a pride  of lions  ,
Which have   come and caught   an angry elephant calf   and were all boiling  with anger.
And they took him outside that   mountain like  pretty palace   and threw at Prahladha,
Axes and spears   in thousands  like   a torrential shower  of rain.

6270.When  Those   valorous heroes who did not have   the strength  of penance ,
Threw  with in a second on Prahladha ,   who   loved  all beings like their mother  ,
The  arrows  , spears and axes   and other weapons   several times  ,
They did not do any harm to Prahladha ,    whose  only support   was  the  purest  Lord Vishnu
Like    the   bad words  and names   which were   told   by the enemies.

6271.Those spears which were thrown at him  , the arrows    sent from their bows,
The  cutting swords and the piercing spears   and  the    sharp axes   were all,
Destroyed and became like  powder   and they could not do any harm,
To the divine   body of that   Prahladha    who had won over anger  ,
Who was standing completely immersed   in God and never forgot,
The soft red  feet of lord Vishnu  and neither he  forgot his name.

6272.”Oh very strong  one   all our measureless and   best weapons   have become in to powder
 And no harm has   come   to the body of your son   and what shall   we do now”,
Like this those  valorous ones asked  Hiranya  , he said, “ speedily set up a fire  ,
And push him in it  “ and those valorous ones started     doing   it  .

6273. In a  big pit    they went on stacking fire  wood like   a mountain and poured on it,
Pots and pots   of oil and ghee   and set fire to it  and flame     from that fire  .
Rose up  very high almost   touching the sky  and making many   of those  ,
Who were   watching it cry   they put that   extremely wise  Prahladha  in to it  ,
And   he meditating    on the divine feet of lord Vishnu , said “Hari”  ,
And stood up   and that    fire   which was   hot was  cold to Prahladha.

6274.That pretty   gem like body of Prahladha  , as soon as the fire   started ,
Burning like the    fire at deluge  , similar to the fire   becoming cool,
Due to the  words  of  chaste lady Sita  becoming cool    to the  fire ,
Lit on the   tail of Hanuman  by the Rakshasa    warriors 
Which was covered   with cloth and ghee   was  cool till his bones to Prahladha.

6275.”Your son   was pushed in to   the pit of raging fire   which had huge flames  ,
But he was not burnt by it   and so please   tell us what we    should do  “,
Said those valorous ones     who had very great enmity  and   the  Hiranya,
With eyes burning like fire    after hearing that   said, “Tie  that   Prahladha ,
Who did not   obey my  orders and put him in to a prison  and bring  ,
Eight serpents and put them along with him so   that they   will eat him,.”

6276. Anantha and other great   serpents   came immediately  there   and asking  ,
“Why have you summoned us here?”   and as per the orders  of Hiranya ,
With their    fire  spitting mouth   with great speed   started   biting  ,
With their sharp teeth    in to the pretty   body of Prahladha  ,
Again and again with great anger   but that boy  ,
Who  never forgot the name   of Lord Vishnu    did not  suffer or shiver.

6277. Those    serpents   stood near Prahladha   and being scared  to go against Hiranya  ,
With  fresh  blood which was   black like   the cloud   dripping     from their mouth  ,
Making even Garuda with differing type of feathers   scared   bit  Prahladha   and ,
Similar   to the small crescent of a moon entering   the    red coloured clouds  .
They lost their power   and all their teeth fell down   and  ,
From the big holes   of their teeth  , Nectar   started    flowing.

6278.Those valorous heroes   who saw the serpents , which were surrounding Prahladha,
Getting tired   and also losing   all their teeth   and also noticing    their inability  ,
To harm the body of Prahladha   told about   it to their lord Hiranya,
Who ordered them to put the boy before  an elephant in rut and without  senses.

6279.Many of those soldiers    who did not have   any mercy in their  mind,
Went towards the east to bring  the elephant   from Indra  and brought it,
And  that elephant  Airavatha  had  big tusks   and was greatly angry.”

6280.”They tied   the hands  , legs and chest of Prahladha   with divine rope,
And kept him before   that angry elephant not in proper senses  and.
Then Prahladha   who does not have falsehood started   telling.”

6281.”My father  who  is the primeval lord  who   once upon a time  ,
Came and  saved an elephant  king   when a crocodile caught   it 
And the lord who belongs to your lineage   is in my heart.”

6282.Even before Prahladha  completed  saying these words  ,
That big elephant Iravatha   saluted Prahladha  , with ite face mask,
Touching the ground   and  becoming scared  withdrew from there,
And those enemy soldiers   went and informed   about this to Hiranya.

6283.With a boiling mind   after hearing  the news told by the soldiers  ,
“Respecting that one who sleeps   without doing anything on the sea ,
This elephant   has  destroyed my valour  , and oh powerful ones,
Go and search for that lonely elephant   and kill him, told Hiranya.

6284.As soon as the soldiers   approached    to kill him   , that elephant,
With its  lustrous tusks  which was eating sunlight , which could win the lightning,
It came to kill   the famous prince without falsehood  ,
Who was shining   much more than the Gold  .

6285.When  that elephant   pressed its    white tusks   on the  powerful chest,
Of the truly valorous Prahladha  , just like  the banana plant,
Whose   bunches   have come out  with wet pseudo  stem ,
All the tusks   of the elephant   broke  in to pieces.

6286.Those enemy soldiers    who saw the breaking   in to pieces  ,
Of  the tusks of the great elephant , within a time of batting of an eye,
Speedily approached  Hiranya   and told him, “It is not easy  ,
To  take the life of Prahladha “ and hearing  that  Hiranya  ,
Became extremely angry   and resemble the hot sun of mid summer .

6287. Hiranya who got very angry looked    at those soldiers and told,
“Tie him to a big mountain   making other laugh teasingly at him,
And   push him   along with the mountain in a bank less ocean.

6288. Then taking an oath to kill Prahladha   , and realizing that  he was escaping  ,
And that Hiranya    got up with anger   without leaving the idea  of  killing his son,
 His soldiers   speedily went   and tied  Prahladha    to  a big stone  ,
And travelling  with speed of  wind put him   in the middle of the ocean.

6289.But Prahladha  did not leave meditating    on the  name   of  the  Lord  ,
Who would be in the middle of all souls    ebbing with great mercy   and so,
That ocean became like a pond  and   the mountain to which he was   tied  ,
Not only floated    in that ocean but also became a  boat    to him.

6290.Prahlaha   keeping   both his hands above his head   did not ,
Stop from meditating   that lord Vishnu   and was only chanting his name.
And when  he was caught  by a banyan tree    with very small leaves  ,
He appeared very similar to Lord Vishnu  as a baby floating on a banyan leaf.

6291.Prahladha   who speedily had mastery of Vedas  without reading them,
Disd not sink in that  ocean with very big tides  ans was floating
On the stone  to which he was tied and started ,chanting  ,
The one thousand divine lames of the primeval Lord  Vishnu.

6292. “Oh  cruel  one to evil persons  , one who does not have any properties ,Oh Lord who cannot be ,
Classified  , Oh tall one  , would you appear before  this  slave  , am I one having   the great power,
So that those who trouble me , who is your slave  of slaves  and who loves you  , cannot win.”Said Prahladha.

6293.”Oh lord who is like the nectar  of   the ocean of milk  , you  , who would not be visible,
To those  involved  falsehood , is there anything which  cannot  be seen by your mind  ?
The five organs   which without   stability   are jumping here and there  ,
Are only   the tests being done   by you due to   the fate  ?”

6294. “The devas   like Brahma who  came from the lotus  on your belly  ,
Were  ones  according to best   tenets   from the best   of  the Vedas  ,
And even  they   could not see  you   after   a search extending  for the life time ,
But how can  I who am innocent   within a day  think and praise you.

6295.”There are no bad acts  which have  not  been done by me   who am your slave  ,
And they truly   came to me   and add to my bad  Karma  , Oh lord ,
Have you forgotten to shower    your mercy on me   ,
So that    the results  of bad karma   are  removed   from me.”

6296.”Thinking  that the good culture that    we follow    after   very great thought  ,
Are visible only to us,  the innumerable  deva  chiefs   seeing that it is beyond   their comprehension,
Become  ones    who are  not able    to think about you   and ,
After    entering in to the   net of your illusion  , became greatly attracted by it.”

6297. “Thinking that   they are  matchless   leaders  the people   of olden days  were ,
Thinking that   they could   complete  any job without failing ,
Said that      they themselves    were    the   very great   divine  thing  ,
And  were they who told like this   able   to   complete any job?
Except you who are  there    who can be termed as   the great divine thing?”

6298,”If one book tells it is primeval   thing of divinity ,  some other books tell.
That it is not the divine thing at all and the big books who hold this   contrary  view are  many,
 And you who brings out   the differences  , are not prepared   to go away from there,
Oh Lord  who is talked about by the Vedas as divine  , are   you playing after seeing contrary things?”

6299.”Even Lord Brahma   who sits on the lotus   and even   lord Shiva  ,
Do not know anything  about you but then how  people like  me ,
Can think about   you in various ways   about you?
Along with the branches   of a tree  are   leaves  , flower and fruit .
And telling all of then   are   same as the tree   is  nothing new.

6300. “The world   differing from you   is stable  and exists  in various forms,
And  though it is like that  , does   it  have an existence  separate from you?
Though    the ornaments made  of gold are of different forms  ,
They never  become   different from Gold , from which they are   made.”

6301.”Oh Lord  who gave me pain  , the  mother who gave birth to us ,
And our  father   are given by you   to all souls  , so that ,
They may be worshipped   and I have a  mind in which you live  ,
And so please tell me your decision.”  Like that  ,
Prahladha prayed     to that Lord   telling very many truths.

6302. Hiranya  of very great strength , knowing that    his son was    still alive  ,
Told , “Bring him and produce him before me  “ and his   soldiers  ,
Brought  Prahladha   and seeing him  Hiranya said with great anger,
“This boy is mad   and   so  let us  kill him    with cruel poison.”

6303.Those soldiers gave Prahladha , very cruel and strong  poison ,
And he who  meditated  on God  took it from them and ate it,
And  remained without  any tiresomeness   and seeing   that,
The merciless and cruel Hiranya   asked them to attack him,
With a weapon called CHammatti and  they all threw it at him.

6304, When those cruel Asuras   who were  innumerable  in number,
Threw that   weapon at him  ,people   who saw it told  ,
That Prahladha would not escape   , he knowing that,
The God in his mind had thousand hands meditated on hium.

6305.” Due to his magical   capability , he  is preventing  his soul,
Being taken away from his body and so I will   eat him away “
Said Hiranya  in great rage   and came near  Prahladha,
Making   the sky as   well as all the seven worlds tremble.

6306.Prahaladha   saluted his father  who came   near him  and said,
“Oh my father  , if you want to take away my soul which is stable,
Understand that   this soul does  not belong to you   and  can be taken,
Only by Lord Vishnu   who has given all   the worlds   to us.”

6307.Though the anger was ebbing out in   Hiranya  , did not kill him,
Wanting to see   the one who gave the world , if Prahladha can show him,
And asked, “Who has created  this world? It is  definitely  not  the trinity ,
Is it the sages   or is it the Devas   who were completely defeated  by me ,
And which other person” Please  tell me so that  I can understand.”

6308.Prahladha looked at his father  and told  “Oh father , he who has,
Created all these   worlds  is also the one who created   all  the beings ,
And  who exists   in those destruction less  souls  and fills them up  .
He is the scent of flowers  , the oil in gingelly seed   and one,
Who has immeasurable   things   within himself   and he is,
Lord Vishnu   who without any doubt exists   everywhere and also  please hear further.”

6309.”Oh my father, If I tell   this out of my love towards you , you would not ,
Agree    to that in your mind. Do you think that  the Lord Vishnu   with a lotus eyes.
Who killed  your brother HIranyaksha   is so inferior that you can see   him.,
And please understand  that the divine  one is everywhere  , so that I can see him.”

6310.”The  three types of behavior, sathva, Rajasa and Thamas   are  his charecterstics,
Creation  , upkeep and distruction are    all his activities, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva,
Are  his forms  The lustrous sun ,moon and fire    are  all his eyes.
The earth , heaven and Patala are his worlds  and that divine one  is the witness ,
For   birth, living and death  ,This is the conclusion of Vedas  and they are truth.”

6311. When Prahladha told in various  ways    the nature   of the divine God  ,
The Asura king Hiranya , laughed  showing out his bud like teeth   and told,
You said that   he who is single exists    with all things    which are of different types,
Let us first see it   and then we   will take   actions   accordingly  “ and then bad one ,
Pointed out a pillar   and said, “You said he is in here  and make him appear   before me out of that.”

6312.”He would be in things which are  of hand breath  , He would be ,
In the hundredth part  of the atom which cannot be split  , he   would be in big Meru mountain,
And he would be also in this pillar   and you would see  soon,
The property of that God      that he    would  be every where.”
Said Prahladha   and  Hiranya   laughed    at him with aversion.

6313.”You show me that  Lord Vishnu , who according  to you and the Devas ,
Is spread all over the world   in this pillar  and if you fail to show,
Like  a lion killing    an elephant   in rut  , I would immediately kill you  ,
And drink your blood which is   coopery red   and then eat your body.”

6314. The best among the wise Prahladha   said, “My soul is not simple,
That it can be killed by you  and  if that Lord Vishnu whom I had told earlier  ,
Does not come out   in all places that you touched, I would give my life,
Because  if I want to live further I would not be a  good servant  of that lord.”

6315,With ebbing desire to see  that God  saying “good, good” and laughing  ,
With sarcasm, like the falling of a thunder   and with great speed  ,
Hiranya hit on that  pillar with his hand which was  victorious,
And then from that Pillar , the man lion form of Lord Vishnu   came out  .
And uproariously laughed    splitting the directions and tearing the  globe.

6316. That very wise Prahladha who told   that he  would himself search the divine one,
And show him to Hiranya , started dancing with joy  when that  Lord Vishnu  ,
Who could not be found out by Brahma   and devas  in spite of searching al day,
And who was far , far away laughed  ,  and he also cried and prattled  ,
Kept his hands   above his head   and saluted him   and started jumping all over the world.

6317.That  Hiranya   who with his famous legs  used to walk making the earth  ,
Get uprooted  said,”who are you who are laughing? Are you the Hari   told by this boy?
After  hiding in the ocean due   to your fear of me   , did you  search  ,
For this big pillar   to hide?If you  want to fight with me   come with great speed.”

6318, When Hiranya challenged Lord Vishnu    for war, that pillar   split in to two,
And the man-lion appeared and immediately started growing up   measuring  ,
All the directions and all the universes   and went on growing  and who ,
Can properly describe the nature of his growth   and,
The globe of earth got pierced  at the   top as   well as at the bottom.

6319.That lord Vishnu    wore the garland  of scented  Thulasi   as a man-lion,
Went on growing   beyond the sky and I cannot describe it properly.
His red soft feet was stable  on earth  and when he was standing ,
It appeared as if the Lord Brahma  in his world was   on his belly.

6320.If we  want to tell  about how many hands he has  , are there  ,
Any experts in counting   who can count and tell us? And the ,
Huge army of that Hiranya   which was five hundred vellam strong,
Was picked by  each and every hand of the God completely.

6321.”The army of Asuras which was  one thousand vellam strong
Who all had   sharp spear  like teeth, and to each of them   ,
They saw one face  of the God, twice  the number of shoulders  ,
Red eyes which   which were  burning like fire  , three times  more head  ,
And that  divine man –lion  had in his mouth   ,
The  Seven oceans and  seven  mountains   and several other things.”

6322.Its  bent and pure hairs   on its neck   were capable  of  eating away,
All the universe   completely   , would destroy   the fire at deluge ,
Capable of destroying everything   and the breath of that man –lion,
Who was   like the  God of death    would win over  the  wind at deluge  .
And all these   were spread in side and outside  of its fully open mouth.

6323.All the souls which came out of the Belly   of Lord Vishnu   after deluge  ,
And which have been living  in this world with stability , at the time when,
This egg like universe    created by the divine one   which does not give out babies  ,
Breaks  , enter in to  the huge mouth with nectar dripping teeth  ,
And search and settle in a place   which   is safe    for them.

6324.”Would some thing evil happen   to those   who keep on doing good deeds?
Lord Brahma and others  who have been observing good conduct  and who are great,
And also   all other people who were  not the evil Asuras ,
Were being kept within his belly  band protected  like a mother  by that man-lion.

6325 That man lion   would  hammer  and  make   ineffective all those  who are,
Called Rakshasas   , using its crescent like teeth   , it would   rub some  on  the  ,
Earth which is stable   , Some it would  throw   towards   the universe  ,
It would catch some and dash   them against Mount Meru  . It would grind some  ,
Using  only  its fingers , Some it will kill by drowning them in the sea  , making,
Bubbles in water  and some It would put in raging    fire    and burn.

6326.It would  open   the body of some and tear it  , It would catch some and forcibly  ,
Open their mouth  , IT would catch some and tear of their  skins  ,
It would take out the eye balls of some asuras which used to give out fire  ,
It would cut off the  the livers   of some and take it  out ,
It would grind the bodies   in to a paste    and those   who were caught ,
Between its   nails    it would   break them    by its other nails.

6327.It would   eat  the  body  of elephants, chariots and horses   of Hiranya ’s army  ,
After  killing them and later  it would drink the  water of the entire  ocean,
With great tides   along with   fishes  living   in that ocean, It would swallow ,
All the clouds in the sky along with its thunder  and dur to its ,
Anger not getting  satiated   even the   God   of Dharma  got bored.

6328. It would throw some on the mountain of horizon and kill them,
Some it would rub on the wall   below the universe and kill them,
Some it would throw on the motionless seven mountains and kill ,
And It would carry some by its big hands   and throw them,
In the    dark   corners    at the end of directions  .

6329.Many of those Asuras thrown by  it      fell on the mountains  and it would,
Pinch the heads   of those   asuras by   the tip of its nails  ,
It would lift some asuras   and put them in fire  and would   kill those Asuras  ,
According to the job of murder they   were   engaged   in  , it would lift  ,
And drink their souls and dropping their  body down  ,
Some  it will throw up in the sky and some in  to the ocean.

6330. After  searching all the three worlds   and  without allowing to escape  .
Capturing all Asuras   and killing them  ,after destroying pregnancies  of Asura ladies,
After killing Asuras and ensuring that  none of them survive in the universe,
The Hands  of the man- lion started   searching Asuras  in other universes.

6331.When he stood after killing  all the Asuras   except  Hiranya, and his  faultless son,
Prahladha who   was    the protection of all the Devas ,  that man lion   which had large eyes,
Killed all types of Asuras   with a speed of thought   and the Hiranya   wearing pretty anklets ,
Seeing    the coming of that God who was  the man-lion stood with great safety.

6332.Hiranya   seeing the coming of the man lion form of the God  , took out,
His   diamond studded   sword from his sheath   and holding it in his hand,
And  also holding a shield which is capable   of hiding even the sky in the other  hand,
Making the mind of Devas burn  , making the seven oceans with banks of   soft sand  ,
And the  mountains shiver  , made tumultuous war cry   and stood there ,
Like the  Meru mountain which has come alive  ,with very great anger folding his mouth.

6333.   “Even after  seeing the  powerful form of the Lord,
It looks  as if you have still   not understood  His power  .
Please salute   this  Lord Vishnu ,
Who   uses the wheel as weapon  and who is greatly valorous, If you bow and salute him,
He would excuse the crimes that   you did without proper realization  “
Said Prahladha   who stood there  praised   by all the   world.

6334.”Hear what I have to  say to you  , I would cut off   the matchless   shoulders,
And legs   of this   angry lion which has appeared here  , while you are  seeing.
And later I would cut you with my sword  and later  I would salute my sword  ,
Saluting him and submitting to him   only existed during love  tiff with ladies  “
And after saying  this  he laughed uproariously  making the world shiver.

6335. After  laughing   with smoke coming out of his sword  , mouth  , hands  ,
And legs   , with his eyes  emitting fire   sparks , he went to fight.
With the man-lion of the God   and that God   who destroys  ,
All those  who do evil deeds  , using his  innumerable shoulders  .
Ad with his  hands  tightly    surrounded   that Hiranya.

6336.They both  tightly caught   hold of each other  to fight with each other  ,
And went   up above all the worlds    so that no body can see them  ,
And if comparison has to be told   ,  That Hiranya  had  a form,
Which would make others scared   and had  anger and fearlessness,
And that Lord Narsimha   appeared   like all other ,
Mountains  except  Meru mountain   and the oceans.

6337. Due to the sound of the fight which also echoed  and the Lord  ,
Who had innumerable arms   with  very sharp white nails  ,
Looked like  the rising  with foam of the ocean of milk  ,
With several type   of tides reaching   to the land  ,
Of Lord Brahma    who was sitting on a lotus flower  ,
And the Hiranya looked like Mount Meru surrounded by ocean of milk.

6338. Hiranya  with sword   held in his hand  , shoulders  , hands  and crown  ,
Was rubbed on the wall below    the globe of universe created by  Lord Brahma  ,.
And That Lord Narasimha   with  hands   wearing many   gem studded ornaments,
Similar  to the rotation of   sun and its planets  , with his long hand,
Caught hold of the two legs   of  Hiranya   and started rotating him.

6339.When Lord Narasimha was    rotating   Hiranya   like that , the ear globes,
Worn by  Hiranya   loosened from his ears   and fell on the  east and west.
And the east where  Lord Sun who was   radiating heat   rises ,
As well as  on the west  , the light from those  ear globes  ,
Were giving   and spreading  light    in the day as well  as the night.

6340.  Can any one  say    that the appearance  of the   lord is like this ,
Or say a particular    thing was  like  this and the white  sharp  nails  of that,
Lord  and that  philanthropist  who gives the  life  of Vaikunta    to his devotees 
Went inside   the very powerful and strong    chest   of that Hiranya  ,
The blood that oozed out from there   spread   all over the world.

6341.The Hiranya was taken to the   entry door of his palace  ,made to lie ,
On his  pretty  lap by   Lord Narasimha in the evening  , and using his sharp lustrous  tip of his nail,
Making the blood flow up from his stomach , tore   in to it
The lustrous chest of Hiranya   making   fire to come out of it  ,
And killed him and put an end    to the sufferings   of the DEvas.

6342. Lord Shiva with three   eyes, Lord Brahma   with eight   eyes  ,
Devendra with thousand lotus  like eyes  , devas   as well as sages  ,
Who were  hiding   and wandering   scared  of Hiranya, here and there,
Hearing that  the Lord has  killed  Hiranya   came and assembled there and ,
Were wondering    which eye    they will use to see  the Lord who killed  Hiranya.

6343.  Those    devas and sages   who came near   saw before   them,
The   form of Lord Vishnu   with   face  and hands ,
Which are suitable to see    and saw separately    his body and the legs  ,
Which was filing  everywhere , making  him not  possible  to describe by words ,
And difficult to ne thought   by mind , not possible to understand by wisdom ,
And   having a   very huge form of man-lion and got scared.

6344.The distance between one teeth   and another teeth   of the Lord was  thousand Yojanas,
And his  divine face   was of a  measure  of one  crore multiplied  by  another crore  ,
And he had  a limitless   very  huge form   and seeing him  ,.
Lord Brahma who sits  on the lotus   with  lovely petals   started  praising that lord.

6345. The saying that   God  has  the  nature   of creating  himself  ,
You have  created   yourself as Lord  Narasimha   and this shows  ,
To the world your greatness  and the fact that    you created ,
The worlds from yourself   and   to create   the  beings  ,
Of the world  , you created me   and  this is a o praise  of your great ability.

6346. Several thousand universes    arise   from you like   the water bubbles
From the cool ocean   and all the forms in this world is yourself  only ,
And if you have speedily created this form of the  man-lion,
Would  not   your ability of creation   have the form of limitlessness.

6347.  Having a system of    giving a  matchless   single  thing  great names like  
Vishnu, Shiva as well as Brahma   , You exist  a  matchless  single   form,
And since except you no one is there  and so apart from you  , who else can be created?
Who can be protected    and who can be    destroyed , Oh God   we do not know  your great state.

6348. You made me   appear from within yourself  and by  the help of your grace,
From  within  me   I   created  living  beings and non living    things,
There  is separate   cause and action within me  , and Oh lord  ,
Who   is our father  , born from you I am like an ornament   coming out from Gold.

6349.When that Brahma    who had non blinking eight eyes,   praised him like this,
In various    ways  ,  Lord Shiva armed with an axe  and who is engaged  in war  ,
 And all other  Devas  saluted   Lord  Narasimha   and stood on both his  sides  ,
And that Lord with the divine wheel   Suppressed his great anger within himself.

6350. Looking at the Devas    who were   greatly  scared    thinking  that,
Due to the great anger  of Lord Narasimha   would destroy  all the worlds .
Lord Narasimha told  “Do not be scared  “  and looked at them  with his merciful   glance  ,
Using his   hands which were   prettier than lotus flower  , showed symbol of protection.

6351.   Lord Brahma sent  Goddess  Lakshmi who sits on lotus flower ,
Who is like the pretty ornament  , who is the goddess who grants wealth to all,
Who grants    salvation  , who is the partner of Vishnu   who never parts with him,
Who   was born in the ocean of milk   where nectar   was born,
And who is the mother of all devas , near the angry Narasimha  to pacify him.

6352.That Lord who does not have any one comparable   to himself,
Saw with eyes full of mercy   that Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Who with great joy sits on the red lotus flower ,
Who is like the scented new leaf with stalk   and ,
Who  gives this world   and its  souls step by step.

6353.That God with love saw  her   , who  for avoiding  problems to all souls,
Gave and helped   this world   and seeing this the crowd  of sages  repeated,
The fame of our Lord and praised   them  and that great  divine light  .
Looked at the dear  Prahladha   who never had any sorrow in loosing  his father.

6354.The Lord looked at Prahladha and said  , Oh Prahladha who stands   firmly in Dharma ,
And never got  sad   even though  I killed your father  before you   and
Pierced   his body by my sharp nails  , you  have placed endless  love towards me.
Oh boy who deserves my protection  , what compensation can I give to your great love?”

6355.What compensation I can give you  , who saw me  pierce  the body of your father ,
In  thousandth of a   second  , got angry with him  , and  scratched all over his body,
AS if I am searching for his soul, but never felt inimical   towards me   and had only great love?”

6356” .From now on though  I come to know   that they did  endless crimes,
If they belong to your clan, I will not kill them  and I would  be good to you,
In all your births   and if  I can do anything to you , please tell me without being shy.”

6357.”Oh Lord , I who am your slave  have received so much from you,
That there is no end to it and Is there   anything that  I need  to get from you?
And if it is a must  even if I am born as a worm without bones ,
Please   give me  the boon of your love    even then.” , he asked.

6358.The God looked at  Prahladha   and with a mind  dripping   with   grace      
Said, “My boy is a strong one” and  then that Lord became   extremely happy ,
And said  “Even if the elements like   earth   which were   created by me get destroyed,
Your life span would not get over and you    would be always like me.”

6359.”Oh boy   who has a lustrous body   which is like  the  saved  lightning  ,
Which appears and then vanishes   in an instant , The three worlds   should ,
Belong to you for the    great service that you did to me earlier,
All the benefits that   people would receive    by saluting and praying to me ,
Would be also got by them  by saluting and praying   to you  ..”

6360.”oh great one who got knowledge  of the old Vedas without learning them,
All the people who are my devotees  would  love you and also would become your devotees.
You would be the king of Asura clan  and not only that  you would be  God  of devas also,
And it would not be easy for any one   except you   who can get the great life that you lead”

6361.”Oh boy  who has got a greatly lustrous  body , always good dharma , truth  ,
The four Vedas that do good  , the divine grace  , the limitless  divine knowledge  ,
All things   which never get destroyed   and  the ancient eight   good characters 
Would obey your words  and you would continuously  attain a very great life.”

6362.After giving these  boons   to Prahladha  , he instructed   the Devas  who were there,
To  consent and  crown Prahladha   in that courtyard itself ,  as the   king of all the three  worlds  ,
So that   he would be saluted   by all beings of the world  , accompanied by  playing  ,
Of auspicious instruments  and do     that   job in a   very great manner.

6363.That Prahladha  who  became an expert in the knowledge of the  famous four Vedas ,
Without   learning them   and without being instructed   by any teacher  ,
Was crowned   , with Indra   the king of Devas   doing al necessary work to the coronation,
With Lord Brahma who had four heads  looking at the four directions  doing  the Yagna ,
With  Lord Narasimha    who had all the worlds    crowning him  ,
AS the emperor of the three   worlds  and   started   ruling  over them.

6364.That Vibheeshana   who was the greatest   among all people with wisdom,
Said, “This is the story of Hiranya which happened earlier   and whatever,
I have told is aimed at causing you good  and without  understanding it,
It f you are   going to find fault with me  , evil would  definitely  come to you.”

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