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Kamba Ramayanam -Yudha Kandam 16

Yudha Kandam (contd)

38.Thirumudi chootu Padalam

Chapter  on crowning   of Rama .

(This chapter   describes  in detail as to how Rama    was crowned as the king of Ayodhya)

10290.Rama  with Bharata and other   brothers   reached   the pretty Nandigrama,
Removed  his scented matted hair  and completed  the  ritual of hair removal,
Took bath in cold water  and  started decorating themselves making the Devas happy.

10291.That Rama armed with spear    that   would take out blood ,
Departed from Nandi Grama which    was in the south west ,
For the sake of reaching city of Ayodhya beautified by  flags  ,
And surrounded by walls  got   in to a golden chariot  decorated by  gems,
Which shined like Sun, was drawn by white horses which are like Vedas.

10292.Riding on the golden chariot   which was so strong  that,
It could  see the end of the Yuga , with Lakshmana  who was like,
An elephant in rut which was   seven hands tall   holding  ,
The white regal umbrella  , another strong brother ,
Fanning with white coloured Cowry  and Bharata  shedding tears of joy,
Which   could mask the world    driving  the horses , Rama went.

10293. The  warrior king Vibheeshana   and the son of the hot Sun God ,
Rode  on mountain like elephants which would lead   to victory in battle,
Near to Rama’s chariot  and Angadha    who was wearing a flower made  crown,
And who had red eyes   going in front  , Hanuman ,
Equal in valour to Adhisesha    went  behind   that chariot.

10294. And other  monkey leaders   classified   according to their rank ,
In the garb of great human beings  ,who were  pretty   and masculine,
Who  had white regal umbrella   held over their heads ,
And Who had chests   decorated by garlands  and juice of red cotton ,
As well as war wounds , and who were   sixty seven crores  in number,
Followed them riding on their own elephants.

10295.They were surrounded  by   the kings from all the   seven worlds ,
Who were  ruling  eighteen   countries  ,Who has  elephants with decorative head gear,
Who had chariots  made of  pure Gold , Who had white  circular umbrellas  ,
Who were being fanned by white Cowries from both sides  and who were wearing Lustrous crowns   which were touching the  sky.

10296.All the monkey ladies changed in to Deva maidens   and  were,
Riding on faultless   she elephants , on horses decorated with garlands ,
And other transports  and  Sita   who was like the swan of MIthila country ,
Went surrounded by them looking like moon surrounded    by stars.

10297.With Devas and sages showering from all directions  like ,
The ceaseless rain  , falling and accumulating in all places  ,
And only flowers could be seen every where  and since nothing else was seen,
This earth could be called Poo(Flower in Tamil/BHooo in Sanskrit  )  appropriately  .
10298.Like the dry clouds   of the summer  , those  tusked elephants,
With seat on top of them which had not    given out rut   for fourteen years,
Due to the Lord returning from   the forest   went on showering rut  which flowed,
And the joy which  they had stifled    in their heart came  out .

10299.All the horses   which were wearing garland with bells  were like,
Dumb people getting back their speech  , like the Clouds   which were shouting,
Neighed and all trees  put out their flowers as if it was flowering season,
And the ladies   who had curved eye brows  which looked as if,
They were  looking angrily at their enemies  and their body,
Was covered   with golden coloured  parting     hue.

10300. At that time  That Lord blessed with wealth   reached  Ayodhya  ,
Saluted his mothers   , reached the temple  of Lord Vishnu  ,
Who is the lord of all   the world  , saluted their clan  God   as well as,
Their  Guru Vasishta  saw   the  red lotus flowers dancing  ,
With joy along     with   the lady earth.

10301.Those numerous  men and ladies of Ayodhya   who never thought,
Of removing their cloths  , due to the joy of seeing Rama  several times,
Lifted their    hanging cloths  by their hands  and due to  their ,
Body getting bloated due to   joy  and due to their jumping.
Again and again    were looking like the cloth less  jain seers.

10302.The  experts in Vedas by mistake  wore  the  Sari worn by the prostitutes,
The Brahmins snatched   the dress  of ornamented ladies   winning in love tiff,
People coming without   applying, scented pastes  and   the ointment made  ,
By grinding scented articles were  due to   the confusion  ,
Were double the number  of those who came  after  applying them.

10303. The ladies   who had crescent like forehead and who were wearing bangles Who during those fourteen years  when  Rama had forsaken the great wealth,
Of ruling the country  due to absence of  joy in their   mind ,
Were not sleeping with their husbands  , covered their bodies,
With ornaments causing great confusion to their   husbands.

10304.WIth the divine scent of those  who live in heaven  , the scent ,
Of the  cool bodies of earthy beings   getting mixed and wafting  ,
The ladies    of the earth  and the   ladies of the heaven ,
Developed hatred   with each other   which ,
Came out as   tortured breath    and they quarreled.

10305. At that time  Lord Rama   looked at Bharata with love  and told him,
“To the pure Vibheeshana  , to the son of Sun God ,
To all the monkey warriors and others   show the specialties  ,of   our leading palace  ,.”

10306.As soon as Rama told like this  BHarata went with   all the friends,
And after crossing   several  multi storey  buildings   and took them  ,
To the chief Palace  which   was inlaid by gold  ,Which was ,
The resting place of Devas  and goddess  Lakshmi  ,
Which was divine and resembles lustrous  Meru mountain.

10307.Those warriors like Vibheeshana who had a  mind devoid  of confusion,
Stood  benumbed   as they were  surrounded by the great luster given by,
The  diamond  , ruby topaz   and other  faultless gems  .
They were astonished   and also mentally  confused.

10308.They saw   the hall which was shining like the Kausthuba  gems,
Which was on the chest of Lord Vishnu and they asked Bharata   about it ,
And he told them that it was a gift   given  by Lord Brahma    with love,
To the Ikshuvaku king who had sugarcane like sweet shoulders  ,
Appreciating   the great penance    done  by him.

10309.”That  matchless Lord Brahma who sits on the lotus flower   gave
This  great hall where goddess Lakshmi lives  to the Ikshuvaku king “
When Bharata told like this  they all told  , “Is this within our ,
Capacity for praising? “ and saluted it by their folded  red hands   ,
And reached  another    Hall.

10310.When they were   appreciating and wondering about  the greatness ,
Of that hall, Sugreeva, the son of Sun God  with great love  , saluted Bharata ,
And asked, “Oh pure one, why are we not knowing about   that auspicious date,
When Lord Rama who is like a cloud  is going to wear the crown?’
And Lord  Bharata   told him.

10311.”It is difficult to   bring  the sacred waters  from the seven oceans  ,
And also from other scared rivers” said Bharata and  Sugreeva the son,
Of Sun god who travels in a  chariot with one  wheel  speedily looked  ,
At Hanuman  and  that son of wind God  ,
Who went away and crossed   the entire distance of earth   surrounded by sea.

10312.Bharata  wanted  to call   the sage Vasishta   and other  astrologers,
And as soon as Sumanthra the expert in driving the chariot  ,
Went and told the sage  , That sage  who   was given birth by Lord Brahma  ,
Came   and all people   rose up  and saluted   his feet.

10313.As soon as throne was placed  , that great sage   looked at Bharata ,
And said ,  The day of crowning of black  Rama   when he would be with  ,
The lady earth   and  the proper Goddess Lakshmi   and receive,
The  wealth that   cannot be destroyed   is tomorrow, which is auspicious.

10314.Vasishta   and several people who were  equivalent to the Guru of Indra  ,
Who were  all experts   in Vedic rituals   examined the auspicious  day and time  ,
For   coronation of Dasaratha  Rama   with moon like shining   regal  umbrella.,
With   the pretty shining crown  and wrote it and send it all over the world.”

10315.When the emissaries   went to all three worlds which are ,
Stacked one over the other   and told  them   about   the ceremony ,
All people came to Ayodhya  and leaving no empty space ,
Stayed  in Ayodhya  and if it is so  , does any poet  including  ,
Lord Brahma    has the ability    to tell   about it?

10316.At that time   along with the sage  , the son of Sun God  ,
And the great  and able king of Rakshasas, Jambavan,
The son of Vali   and other  faultless   warriors with great prowess,
Went and saluted   that faultless Rama  and informed him ,
About   the day fixed   for the crowning ceremony.

10317,Vasishta   who was similar   to Lord Shiva who burnt  ,
The God of love to ashes, who had a long forehead, and,
Who wears only white poolai flower told  “Tomorrow is the auspicious day  ,
Suitable  for you   to wear the crown and so bull like Rama,
You please observe the rituals needed for that  responsibility.”

10318.When the sage who was equal to Lord Brahma   ordered,
The artistic architect   Maya  , who is an expert  in the art of Sculpture ,
As described in the books  , who has great strength to do micro carvings  ,
Who is the  matchless one with the face of the deer,
Who has the mind to salute and listen , measuring  by his scale ,
Erected   a hall which had the   entire world embedded in it  and completed it.

10319.”The   water of the four oceans surrounding the world ,
The seven types  of  water from the oceans which have   deep tide ,
And the waters  of the rivers  be brought  here, “ ordered  Sugreeva  ,
And Hanuman who had earlier brought   Sanjeevi mountain ,
Said “I would do it  like that” and  rose  like a storm  at deluge  ,
And  brought   the waters  of the   seven oceans.

10320.Kings of several countries as per their rank   and position,
In the shade  of    full  moon like white regal umbrellas ,
Brought water from the Sarayu river in several hundreds
Of gem studded  pots , holding them and   sitting on the elephants,
Accompanied by  the sound of Yekkalam which has a hole  ,
 And Sounds of several musical instruments    as well as,
Booming  sound of conches  .

10321,The   seat made of Manikhyas (rubies)     was    got made  ,
With legs made  of diamond  and completely  ,
Surrounded and decorated  by pure gold  and this seat  ,
Was placed in a stage made of crystal  and  over that  ,
Rama with strong shoulders   decorated by   several ornaments  ,
Along   with   Sita   took  his seat in a  pretty manner.

10322,With  singing of auspicious songs accompanied  ,
By the chanting of the Vedas , with big mouthed  conches,
Making a booming sound  , with big and small drums being played,
With several   type of musical instruments making  joyful music,
With Devas raining flowers , Rama   who was our lord ,
Was separately  received   and anointed  in Ayodhya.

10323.Great sages , experts in Vedas  , ministers  and other ,
Elderly learned people  and  those  learned people present there  ,
First poured water over him  and later , the son of Sun God  ,
Other friends   and  Hanuman poured   water  over him.

10324.The water of ganges   which was used by Lord Brahma  ,
To wash the feet of Lord Vishnu  who measured the sky as well as the earth  ,
Was received by Lord Shiva on his matted hair  and “ how  today  ,
The scared water that fell from the pretty head   of Rama  ,
Would be received   by Lord Shiva   and  where will he live” told all learned people.

10325, Those who see  the  spreading beauty of  the emerald mountain 
With  the forest  of red hibiscus  flowers,  which was  made wet
By   the water drops of ganges with lot of  tides ,
Touching   the  ear globes on both ears and  which looked,
Like a peacock   with spear like eyes  , would get rid of disease of birth cycle

10326,When sage Vasishta   told them to do the rituals   suitable,
For anointing   with sacred   waters  , the  experts in Vedic rituals
Indicated the  needed things for those   and  the clear  headed  ,
Sumantra  working with great speed   with other great ministers  ,
Arranged to bring all the needed things  as if it  was needed by Indra.

10327. With Hanuman guarding the  throne , with Angadha  ,
Holding the royal sword, with Bharata holding the white royal umbrella,
With  Lakshmana and Shatrugna    fanning with white  Cowries ,
With Sita with perfumes wafting from her hair  sitting with  joy,
The philanthropist THiruvennai Nallur  Chadayappa  ,
Handing  over   the crown which was handed over to him  by his clan,
 The Sage Vasishta   placed   the crown on head of Rama.

10328. Rama  who had shoulders   hugged by the Goddess Lakshmi of clear,
 Beauty who was   born in the ocean of milk and   the  lady earth who is divine 
On that chosen auspicious day , at the very auspicious time  ,
With all the three   worlds joyously saluting him   with great joy,
As per the rituals  prescribed By Shukra and Bruhaspathi  ,
Wore    the   crown   on his   head.

10329.  Though that  matchless  great   sage Vasishta  who is an expert  
Of  the divine  books that  are in that  town  and  who is being  talked
As one who is likable , was the one who crowned  Lord Rama,
With that   lustrous crown  , if we consider   the amount of happiness  ,
That was got by beings of all the three worlds  ,
They all felt as if the    crown was placed   on their   heads only.

10330.The  big lady called   earth   who got a suitable  husband  ,
After  several years  of penance , and later   had to part with him ,
For some time , , now when all her sorrow has   vanished .
Hugged  Rama to her breast   and   experienced pleasure.

10331As per  The   rituals prescribed by Vasishta   who never  errs,
In observing penance  ,  Rama   crowned all his   three brothers  ,
With crown  studded by Manikhya   and instructed  Bharata  ,
To carry on the rule of the country   on all days   and ,
Got drowned   in    limitless  pleasures.

39.Vidai Kodu Padalam

Chapter   on bidding      farewell .

(The guests of Rama who had    attended the coronation  lived in Ayodhya with him for two months later   Rama bid them farewell   after giving them suitable presents.)

10332. To  the middle of royal hall   which can be considered  as,
The ornament to lady earth  which had pure gold made  pillars ,
And decorated by    great gems  getting in to a palanquin   made  ,
By  fixing strongly great gems shining like  Clouds and lightning ,
The son  of king Dasaratha  along with Sita who sits  on lotus flower   reached.

10333.That king of Ayodhya wearing a garland   just like the lightning appearing 
In the wide sea, wearing a crown  made of gem as if made   by pressing ,
Thousand   shining Sun Gods,  was sitting  on a   throne, which was like  ,
The king of all  clouds  sitting on a   garden of fully flowered hibiscus forest.

10334.Like the light  of moon  shining  on the mountain of emerald  ,
Being fanned using  white cowries by the lotus like  hands of young ladies,
Whose  ear studs touch their spear like long eyes, who are blessed ,
And with youth and youthful breasts , praised by the people of   serpent land,
Holy sages   and Devas  Rama   was sitting on the throne.

10335.Due to the shining forehead of Rama with a Thilaka  spreading  ,
Moon light in all the fourteen worlds , the  white moon coming in the sky ,
Got   sad and was disappearing part by part , with  the white regal umbrella,
Held over the throne  was looking as if  the   fame of Rama,
Who killed all   the   quarrelling Rakshasas   has risen up , He was sitting  on the throne.

10336.With auspicious songs being sung , with Brahmins   telling,
Words of blessing , with  conches  raising sound , with   drums  being played,
With several   faultless   musical instruments  raising   musical sound,
And with  ladies with  black eyes like Kayal fishes, red mouth ,
And  lotus flower like faces   dancing like peacock, Rama was sitting on the throne.

10337.With the rows  crowns embedded   with great gems of    the kings,
Which would put    even the Sun   who appears  on the   ocean ashamed  ,
Spreading endless luster everywhere , daily  in front of  ,
The mountain like  palace  saluting  his feet making them red,
Rama was   sitting  on the throne.

10338.With the elderly  members of the royal council   surrounding him  ,
With Brahmins praising him by  reciting prayers, With commanders of army,
Praising him , With his younger brothers surrounding him , with  ladies ,
Who had coral like red mouth wishing him  many more years,
The Lord Rama was sitting on the throne like Indra sitting on his throne.

 10339-10340.Maindha  , Madhumindha  , Kumbha,   Angadha  , Hanuman ,
The ever victorious Thamraksha  , Sathavali , Kumuda ,
The very diplomatic Dadhimukha m  Kosamukha   who made enemies surprised,
Along with  Sixty seven crore   people   who had   accompanied  Sugreeva
And  seventy vellam of the monkey army, the son  of Sun God  ,
Came and saluted Rama   and Vibheeshana  wearing fresh flower  garland,
Frequented by bees  along with   very famous and cruel Rakshasas,
Also Saluted the feet   of Rama   and were waiting there.

10341.Guha  Who is the lord of the boats in the  Ganges ,  whose flow of water ,
Lashes   on its   bank   , who had tied  his waist with the tail of the cruel spotted Tiger  , who had a rolling eyes, who had round shoulders   like  stone,
 Who is like a   very strong lion, along with  his army with a  victorious flag,
Stood   saluting   Rama.

10342,Rama   showed through his lotus face   that  , how  the very great love ,
Of those friends   had tied   his mind  in a tight manner, became joyous ,
He had hugged them heartily  , saw   them sweetly  with merciful look,
And told, “Oh people  whose strength    is    faultless ,
Please stay    here  only with great   sweetness.”

10343.Wise men   who travel in the proper path  , experts  in four Vedas ,
Several experts   in knowledge    of   different aspects  ,
Great people who have risen up   by their   faultless poetic skill,
Experts   who have obtained    deep knowledge   in several  Sastras,
People who were store house of good conduct   ,  as per their rank,
Surrounded   and stood around that  king of kings Rama.

10344.All the kings and others  of   the earth surrounded by ocean  ,
Praying and  saluting   that Lord Ranganatha  who used  to sleep on Adhi Seha  ,
Who had come to the   ancient city of Ayodhya with its honey dripping gardens ,
Were   staying there    with great joy and another two months  went by.

10345.We started relating to you  , how all the devas  joined together  ,
Stood  in between the ocean of milk and prayed  Lord Vishnu  ,
And he for removing their sorrows   reached   Ayodhya quickly,
Exterminated all the Rakshasas completely   and now we will tell you,
What  that Rama with a strong bow  and with Goddess Lakshmi  ,
On his chest    did    after  wards  (poet.)

10346.Rama    gave lot of fertile land to the Brahmins   along with  ,
Gems as well as gold   in large measure   and to those who demanded a particular  item, gave that  in plenty   so that their demand was fulfilled  , and afterwards,
He welcomed  all the kings    wearing  heroic anklets by saying “Come, come.”

10347.Rama  after looking at all those kings with joy   and grace   and after,
Giving them earth  , palanquins  , gem studded crowns , golden staff  , 
Decorated horses  , strong chariots  , elephants and apparels  ,
In large quantities  , permitted them all to go back   to their kingdoms.

10348.That Rama who took incarnation in Ayodhya  leaving his ocean of milk  ,
Gave  Sugreeva the son  of Sun God   the  shining gem studded  shield
That was presented  by the chief of Indra to Dasaratha   who killed Sambara,
Who was his enemy  at the time of  his own birth  , elephants ,
Chariots  , crowds of horses and  silk cloths .

10349.That Rama who had achieved   faultless victory   , possibly  ,
To make the name of Angadha sparkle in the world   in a pretty manner  ,
Gave him   the  amulet(angadham)   which was given  by Lord Brahma  ,
To the king Ikshuvaku .In this earth   who can understand  the greatness of that amulet?

10350. That Rama also gave Angadha    very costly pearl  garland ,
The  well established light silk cloths  , horses, elephants  and told him,
“ No one in the world can be told   in comparison to you  ,
Oh great one  , Go and live   united    with the   son of Sun God.”

10351. Rama   then  looked at Hanuman with joy and sweetness  and told,
“Oh  hanuman who has battle ready shoulders and who carries a rod  ,
Apart from you  who are   suitable   to help me  and for   the help  ,
That you did in that great war  , I do not have any thing to compensate you.
Please   hug me tightly as apart from that there  is no compensation.”

10352.When   that  Rama who was extremely famous told  like this,
Hanuman  saluted him , became shy, closed  his mouth by his palm ,
And stood catching the tip of his own apparel  and Rama ,
Looked at him properly  gave him  a golden staff , pearl necklace  ,
Thin silk cloth ,  strong elephants   and   horses.

10353.When Rama   with grace saw   Sita   who left her seat of lotus  ,
And got born   in the Miltila city with golden walls   and who was ,
Having honey like voice  , she gave  a pearl necklace  presented to her,
By Goddess Saraswathi   to Hanuman  who helped  her,
In the Asoka Vana    after understanding   her deep distress.

10354.Rama the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who  gave the   worlds,
Through Lord Brahma   gave Jambavan the   king of bears  ,
A pearl necklace which could be compared to moon light,
And which won over collection of stars and  which was,
Suitable to be won by king Indra, elephants which could ,
Break the post they are tied, horses  , silk cloths and ornaments.

10355.To the monkey commander in chief Nila   who was the son of fire God,
Who was a great friend of wind God , he gave necklace made of nine type of gems, pearl garlands , well bred horses , matchless  golden staff  and several other things as well as   very angry    mountain like elephants.

10356.Rama who gave Lord Brahma to the world,  gave to the  monkey chief,
Called Sathavali  silks, horses   which was decorated by anklets   and necklaces,
Big  elephants  in rut  who had very thick tusks ,
And all other things     for which there   were no problem in giving.

10357. That Rama who had   pretty shoulders   gave to Kesari,
Gem studded ornaments   whose cost   cannot  be  estimated  ,
By any one  and there  was no material   which can be  compared to them,
And silks  as well as elephants  in rut which were    three  times,
Stronger than the northern fire   that  spreads   throughout  the world.

10358 , That Rama the king of Kosala country  full of rice fields,
With protective fences made of flowers  gave  Kumudha  , THara  ,Panasa ,
And others    innumerable other presents   which made  them all very happy.

10359. Rama   after similarly   presenting the sixty seven crores ,
Monkey kings    all sort of materials  , after telling them likable words ,
And also gave  them blessing by the corner   of his eyes  ,
So that the seventy Vellam army of monkeys  ,
Would prosper  in this world,  like the sea water   which never dries up .

10360.Then he looked at   with love  the king of wise people Vibheeshana  ,
Who had red eyes   and who was wearing a crown resembling  lightning ,
And said, “Oh sir  , in this world of moving and not moving beings,
There are none who are comparable  to you except yourself and ,
When I say this   it is like saying  “one day the steel   would become like,
Gold but it cannot become equal to  you.”

10361,That Rama who was born leaving   his sleep on the serpent ,
After praising Vibheeshana like this   along with the gem studded,
Shield given to him by Devas  gave elephants , chariots ,
Golden gem studded staff, silk with golden border,
Scented  ointments   as well  as new soft  thilakas,

10362.Then he looked   at the king Guha  of  Srunga bera , which is ,
A prosperous   city , “What is there for me to tell you,
Who is my faultless   help?” and gave  him black elephants  , horses .
Gold   and silk and then gave him permission to depart.

10363 That Rama who was   the ocean of mercy  looked   at,
Hanuman,   Angadha  , Jambavan   and Sugreeva   and told them,
“I am not able to imagine how I can bare to all of you  ,
To  depart to your places and as of now,
Your countries   also belong to me   and so  ,
I am ordering you to go back and protect those parts  of  my country.”

10364 After similar    sweet words   to the king of Lanka, Rama,
Who was wearing flower garlands  and  holding a   spear,
Gave them leave to go and at that time   and they   who had ,
True feelings to do good  , with a  mind which is consoled,
Without getting agitated  decided to depart  thinking,
That  “it is their duty     to do well the entrusted  job.”

10365.They who are   eligible   for  always   determined   salvation ,
Went round the junior king Bharata , Shatrugna  , the well  cultured ,
Lakshmana with great penance  and the three  mothers  praised them,
Took their  leave   to depart   saluted  them and reached back to their countries.

10366.The Great garlanded  Vibheeshana whose heart was full of love  ,
Took all the Rakshasas   with sharp teeth in the Pushpaka Vimana ,
Left Guha in his town   and  left Sugreeva the son of Sun God  ,
Who on his chariot goes round the Meru mountain ,
In his town of Kishkinda  , and reached  Lanka  on the same   day.

10367, After sending them Lord Rama   along with his brothers ,
On whom his grace was there  in full, as per just law,
Ruled    the entire earth   and Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Without any sorrow   removed the burden of earth and protected it.

10368. That Great God   who    woke up from sleep on the ocean of milk  ,
Took incarnation of Rama  in Ayodhya  and  helped  and blessed many  ,
And right from Devas  to ordinary people   who live in the fourteen worlds ,
Prayed to him  and saluted  him, calling him “Our Lord”,
And along   with his brothers who served him ,
Along with the   God of Dharma     he protected   the entire world.

                Thus ends  “Ramvatharam” written  by
          Kamban,  the emperor among  poets in Tamil.


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