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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 4

Yudha Kandam (contd)

12.Ani Vakuppu Padalam

Chapter  on  Formation of Army.

(This chapter describes how  the army of monkeys besiege the city of Lanka on the four sides    and also how Angadha was sent as an emissary to  Ravana. Ravana tries to win Angadha to his side and later  tries to kill him and he escapes. The monkey army   fills up the moats    surrounding the city   by putting mountains in them  and force the Rakshasa   army top come out and fight with them. In Valmiki Ramayana Rama    decides on the leaders  of his army  in different gates based on information supplied  by  Vibheeshana’s ministers.)

6946.Ravana who was hit by the    spear called “respectability”   with all his ten heads,
Greatly faded   and looking like a  faded and spoiled   lotus flower  , with bent heads,
Reached his palace   which touches the sky .He did   not  partake any drinks  ,
Did not get joy by  hearing songs   about God , did not go to  the dancing stage and hall,
Did  not   talk with any body  but lay down   on a soft    bed.

6947.  That king of Rakshasas   who was having   sharp teeth   and  due to being depressed ,
By loss of the  matchless gems   was similar to Adhi sesha   who was breathing heavily  .
From several of his  heads   as he was having a broad head   with several  hoods,
And due to his living separately from Lord Vishnu   who  exists   as truth  ,
Who  was   the leader  of all beings  and who sleeps on the flower bed on ocean of milk.

6948. At that time Sardhula   whose   real state   is not known to even  people  ,
Who moved with him more closely than his  mother and who is an expert in illusion,
Came to  the Palace   of Ravana and the door keeper    went and told Ravana ,
Saluted him and told him that “The person whom you had asked to approach
The enemy   and , enquire about their workings  has come.”

6949.Ravana   said, “Call him in”  and Ravana looked at that   very intelligent  spy,
Who saluted  him and asked “please   tell me without mistake   all the spy news  ,
That  you have gathered” he understanding from the face of Ravana,
Who was  a lion imprisoned   in a cave   and  that he was greatly depressed,
With a mind submissive to him  started   telling  in proper order what he  knew.

6950.”Oh valorous one , Hanuman with   seventeen Vellam army has besieged  ,
The west  door of the fort surrounding the  castle wall  . Rama   along ,
With the son of Sun God   with same seventeen Vellam  army ,
Has ordered Sugreeva    to never    go away from him.”

6951.” Also Angadha   the   son of the king along with an army of seventeen Vellam,
Has been appointed   to fight all the war   that is necessary   on the southern gate ,
With  another seventeen Vellam army  of monkeys    as   well as his friends  ,
He who is called as Neela is standing    near the eastern gate  .”

6952,He has chosen two Vellam army    to  search  and bring consumable     fruits and vegetables  ,
For    supplying food      to that army which    would be fighting    with anger, and he has,
Instructed your brother    to find out the situation in all the four gates,
And inform frequently   and he and his brother are standing on northern gate.
This is   the arrangements    that have taken place   in the army of enemy.”

6953.As soon a Sardhula  finished    saying this  the  Ravana with sparks of fire  ,
In his  eyes , with  biting his   teeth  “Tomorrow   when our    chariots  would run  over their bodies,
And from the   blood that   would be flowing from them  ,
I would wipe away the dust that rises       from   the war,
And you would  see the destruction in the battle field,
That   would be comparable  with the destruction,
When the northern fire   rises   during   final deluge.

6954.Like the light   sun light   rising on the  the famous   blue mountain,
That Ravana   whose pretty shoulders  had the mark of blood and flesh stains,
When due   to  the  hitting  of arrows of God of love , whose job was  hitting with arrows ,
His flower    spread   bed got very hot  , reached another room decorated by gems.

6955. He then made   ten crores of ghosts   guard  outside  his home,
Which was Looking like bare earth   but had  homes built by crystal ,
And sent word   to his ministers    who were born  in faultless   clans  ,
For thinking    and deciding about what needs to be done  then.

6956.He looked  at the crowd of  ministers   whose  wisdom cannot be measured,
And asked,” With  proper  look out we have found that   all the entrances of our fort ,
Are  surrounded   by the monkey army  and so a huge war is going to happen,
And war will not go away  from us   and I am worried  ,
What should we think  now and what should we do now?”

6957.Nikumba said,” possibly you   are thinking that  the seventy Vellam Monkeys  ,
Have surrounded   all our walls   and worried  as    to what is to be  done now.  
To destroy  completely  our  enemies who wear   the Uzhinjai  flowers,
Your  city’s ocean like army   is thousand vellam strong   and  wears  the Nochi flowers.”

6958.”When the  Asuras start  fighting    with  prime weapons like  Iron rod, axe  .
Spear  , sword  , the long spear with  leaf like end ,  the devas  would drop their weapons  ,
Salute us   and start   running away , and how can the  monkeys   ,
With bare  hands  fight with us and  attain    great victory.”

6959.NIkumba  an asura of matchless   valour   told  like   this   , after beating the earth ,
And he fell like fire   and laughed  like thunder  and further    said  ,
“Our affairs have become like this now,” and then Mali   who was   maternal uncle  ,
Of Ravana  said,  “the   disease of passion with very great sorrow  ,
Is  uprooting us like    this  and making us fall “ and further   said words of  love.

6960.”Does  Hanuman who entered this city, set fire to it and made it   in to dust,
Have the divine wheel in his hand? Does Sugreeva  who came here   and took,
Away the crown gems   from your ten heads have  Spear , trident  or sword?”

6961.”And so even before  the arrows start from the string   of Rama  , let us give back,
Sita who has a invisible waist and bosom which hurts   her waist and we the Asuras,
Who have several weapons should  speedily surrender   to the monkeys   ,
Who do not have   any such weapons  and there  is no other way,
For us not to be harmed   as we do not not have  any protection.”

6962.  When Mali told like this Ravana stared   at him with fire  coming out of his eyes,
And he who has  bad name done due to acts done earlier “Possibly  You  only,
Want to tell cruel words at me   and as  you do not have any   love towards me,
And are telling words  which are not proper   to our clan “ and hearing that Mali stopped  talking.

6963.  After that Ravana summoned   his commander in chief  and said to him,
“Oh valorous  one   who holds   very sharp  weapons  in your hand  and
Who  used them on Kalakeya   so that the fat and blood came out  ,
Oh Commander of my army , take under your  control   two hundred vellam,
Of Rakshasa army , along with other captains stand   on the east door.”

6964.”Oh  Mahodhara   who   destroyed    the   pride  of God of death   ,
Go in proper   time  along with war mad valorous hero  Maha Parswa “Oh enemy of Indra   ,
And two hundred vellam army   to the southern side belonging to God of death,
And kill all   the monkeys    which have   tail.”

6965. “Oh enemy of Indra  , Oh Indrajit  , what is   the use of telling your greatness ,
You have already seen   the    prowess of Hanuman   the son of wind God ,
On the day that  Lanka    was burnt. Oh valorous one   , With you great army,
Surrounding two hundred vellam of the army   reach,
The western gate    of the city  before    dawn.”

6966.”Oh Virupaksha   , you have been fighting with the devas   for a very long time,
And have only seen their death   and is is improper    for you to fight  ,
With this weak monkeys     who are  in large number  and it would not give   fame to you.
And so   along with the  famous  Moola bala   and along with ministers  ,
Protect this ancient   , great and famous city  .”  Said Ravana.

6967.After   waging war against all worlds   which are   south  of Brahma ‘s land ,
Won over all of them   and   with war  not satiating me   and I would take  ,
Two hundred vellums    of the army   along with elephants in rut  , horses   swords ,
And Army driving the chariot  and protect the northern entrance”
Saying like this Ravana divided his one thousand Vellam army properly.

6968.Is the wide  period of  dark night     which was   reason of   worrying everybody,
Only for Devas   who want to see comfort ? Is it   only for sages   who have ,
Mastered    the four Vedas? Is it only     for the fair pretty Sita?
Is it only for the king of Lanka? But it brought comfort   for all of them together?

6969. Fearing  the tyrant rule of   Ravana   who does not have the culture  of mercy
 But has only interest   in war, Sun thought  that it would be difficult   to come out,
And was hiding   and  when he was suffering like this    with sorrow  ,
Seeing the just king  who destroyed the pride of the tyrant  and who protects  ,
Just like   the emerging of small kings  out of hiding , he  appeared on eastern  sky.”

6970.As soon as as the day broke   with lot of dust   hitting all the directions,
And subdue the   sound   of   the ocean with     flowing water  ,
And the dusts   filled up the    ocean   and the monkey   captains  ,
Who were  not  bothered not to fight   as per the orders  passed  earlier ,
Arrived at their allotted gates    of the city   and surrounded    them.

6971.That  monkey army   reached   the walls of the city   and  jumped  on it  ,
Making the stars of the sky fall on the ground   and tearing the universe  ,
Making tumultuous noise   and Sugreeva   the son of Sun  God with matchless   rays,
And Lakshmana   walked in front  and  Lord Indra saluted and  greeted  them,
And Lord    Rama also    Got up and   walked towards the battle field.

6972, That epic   city  belonging to that debased one  was greatly strong  ,
Which was beyond the understanding of   of those  poets   who had mastered  ocean like books,
And the ocean like    spear holding   Rakshasa   army  , though    it has been already swallowed  ,
Was standing    surrounding  on the sides of the black sea  and   milky  ocean like  ,
Army of the monkeys   standing  opposite  and   made it look like a city.

6973.That  monkey army  surrounded   the huge measureless   army of Rakshasas,
AS if it is a net   and   this    could be compared   to  the cloth like    praise worthy seven oceans 
At the time  of deluge   when the final storm is blowing  ,
Made all the earth    as one entity    which was standing on one side.

13.Angadhan   Dhoothu Padalam

Chapter on  emissaryship   of Angadha.

6974. That very charitable Rama   along with seventy Vellam of monkey army  of estimated valour,
Reached   there speedily   and was   waiting    for the thief   Ravana    to  come ,
Beseigiing the northern gate   and not being able    to see  the coming of Ravana,
He looked at Vibheeshana and said  “Only now I remembered  about a praise worthy act.”

6975.That   Rama in whom the mercy of   all the world stands looked    at Vibheeshana ,
And said, “From here we would send an emissary speedily   to  Ravana  ,
And ask him , whether  ene now   he is willing to release  Lady  Sita  ,
And if he   says “no”  , we will think that   destroying   him is our duty  .
This is what my mind suggests   and it is Dharma   as well as Justice  .”

6976.Vibheeshana who has been crowned as the king of Rakshasas after hearing that,
Said  that it is a good idea   and Sugreeva    the God  of the monkeys   stood up  ,
And said   that   it was suitable for kings  but   the younger   brother  Lakshmana  ,
Angrily  said, “Showing mercy to that Rakshasa  is a mistake  and  we have only  to talk ,
With him using our arrows and there   is no need to talk with him    using words.”

6977.That Ravana cheated us   and kept  Sita , who is the lamp of chastity   in prison,
He has   done wordless crimes against the  Devas, he has created    several problems tio the Brahmins,
He killed   beings with soul and ate them , he is ruling    all  the worlds  ,
Up to the   end of directions, He has stolen the wealth  of Indra ‘s kingdom ,
And altogether he  has the Dharma of doing undharmic acts  .

6978.’Oh Lord who lives a  destruction less life at all times  , He   did innumerable ,
Tricks   , abducted Sita , your consort  from you    and  made you drown in great sorrow 
He also    destroyed the life of your father Jatayu  who took  mercy  on sita ,
And fought     with him all alone , who had life span up to deluge.”

6979.   “Oh famous leader  , If Ravana releases Sita you   would  give  ,
The alms of his soul to such a Ravana. What will happen to    the word,
That you gave to Vibheeshana that   as long as   my name    exists  ,
You would be the king of Lanka, who surrendered   to you.,
What would happen to the word on oath given by you   to the    sages?”

6980. With your wisdom   and  nature of mercy  that    explains Dharma  ,
You have completely forgotten    the words you have given to    the sages,
As well as Vibheeshana   as also all the ills  Ravana have done    to you.
After seeing this beautiful     city of Lanka  and its wealth,
With mercy you have decided that it is not proper    for you to destroy it.”

6981  Rama with a    view  to impress    the mind   of Lakshmana    replied,
“I did not forget the    evils done  by Ravana nor forgotten    the words that I gave to,
Sages and Vibheeshana. What is going to take place is indeed war.
Should we not praise and preserve, the rules of  justice  in ruling,
AS  given   by great teachers  ,Is it proper    to go against them?
Even though one has got great strength of shoulders  , it is only  proper for them,
To be patient   and that  only would lead the victory  .That  is what is told books on political justice also “

6982”.If  Hanuman who has gone earlier goes now also   they would think  that,
We do not have  any one else   to be sent   as emissary  .Who else is now a proper one to go?”
After thinking like this Rama decided   the most suitable one is Angadha   and  ,
Even if the enemies  show their valour at him , he   would be  able to come back   safely.

6983. Others agreed to this proposal    by saying “good”   and  Rama called Angadha and told him,
“Oh Angadha of good characteristics,  go and meet the enemy   and tell them ,
The two  messages that I am telling you   and   after   knowing their choice  ,
Return back,.  “ and what can we say about   joy Angadha   who was entrusted   the job by Rama  ,
And who had all the    qualities   needed     for doing it , who had  pretty,
Shoulders    which were taller than the mountains.

6984.Angadha asked “What are those message which I have to convey to Ravana?”
Rama told, “ask him     to decide whether   releasing Sita who wears   great ornaments,
And saving his  life is good or whether   he would like   get all his     ten heads  ,
Broken in to pieces   and lie on the battle ground . Tell this to him  and ask him to choose one of them.”

6985.  Rama further told  ,  “Safely hiding inside the fort   is not  proper   Dharma  ,
It does look good  on a valorous hero. It is also not a courageous    act ,
It cannot be   termed as valorous  ,  If they have strength   to come face to face  ,
Battling with arrows and getting exposed   to our  arrow hitting them  , ask them to come out.”

6986. Angadha   attained   heavenly joy thinking  “If  Hanuman is not   there  I am the  substitute
And I got Rama ‘s certificate  about it  , Now   who can be comparable    to me  “,
Saluted Rama  by falling on the earth   jumped like   a lion through   the sky  ,
And speedily    went like the arrow  of Rama  from his  Kodanda   bow, towards Ravana.

6987,Angadha who was an emissary   who never    went against    the words   of Rama  ,
Who gave up his sleep on the   ocean of milk   and had come to Ayodhya  ,
To cross    the ocean of sins called Asuras   who by their spear    and  heat of their look,
Crossed the  walls of Lanka    which were taller   than the  Meru mountain,
Which even the Sun God    would   find difficult    to cross  ,
Reached  Lanka    and went to the home  of   Ravana.

6988. The Rakshasas  who saw Angadha were  scared   thinking    that he was Hanuman,
Started crying  , saluted him and begged   him not to harm them  and then  Angadha  ,
Saw   who was hearing  and examining   the petitions of valorous   people   of different   departments  ,
With his twenty     ears  on his ten faces   and also inspecting   the army that was going to the  war.

6989.”Since there are   stones as  well as trees   to fill up the sea   and so,
WE crossed   this small ocean” is the   adage    that is proper   to us but ,
Is there    anything in this world    born to kill    this great one?
If he comes to the   battle field holding   lustrous weapons   who can oppose  him?
Only possibility is the   bow   in the hand of Rama” thinking like this  ,
And  appreciating    his prowess   Angadha  stood  there surprised.

6990. “After seeing   this Ravana   with clarity  I feel that  Rama who in a war  .
Won over my father , who has     won of this Ravana  ,  by putting an arrow   on his chest  ,
Has come    to kill this  Ravana  . These things can only be thought of.
Then we see a  possibility  of Rama killing him  , Others cannot do  anything against him”

6991.”If he completely leaves out his passion   on the   Lady   Sita   who  is pretty,
Even without  any ornaments , then in this    earth who would be able to kill him?
Like the   Garuda who snatched  the gem of the  open mouthed serpent ,
My father   has   snatched    the gems of his crown  and he is stronger than all” Thought Angadha.

6992.Angadha    the emissary sent by Rama   who is the store house of good characters,
After thinking like this  went  and stood very near   to  the lion like Ravana   who appeared  to be  ,
A mixture of broad sea  , cruel fire   , poison and God   of death and then  after fixing hands and legs  ,
And then put a   very lustrous crown on  its head   and which was sitting emitting light  .

6993. Ravana seeing Angadha   who was       standing near him   with fire sparks   coming out of his eyes,
Looked at him and asked  “who are you , who is standing  before me? , For what purpose  ,
Have you come? Before the servants  kill and eat  you   , please  answer me in a clear manner”
And Angadha   , the son of  Vali with very great prowess  ,Smiled showing his white teeth.

6994.”The Lord of all five elements   and who is the Lord of  earth surrounded by water  ,
Who is Lord of Sita who sits  on the lotus  ,  who is the Lord of other Gods  also,
Who is the Lord of Vedas that you recite ,and who is the Lord  of all that is going to happen to you,
Has sent me as his emissary   and I have come here   to tell you the message that  he  has sent.”

6995.”Is  your Lord   the Lord Shiva?   Or is  he Lord Vishnu  or  otherwise is he Lord Brahma ?
Having collected all monkeys   , after building  a bund in a  small   pond like sea  ,
Does he consider that   he has done a valorous deed and does he feel that  I would take mercy on him?
Has he sent you to find out about that  ? Is   he  really a man  as he has sent a monkey as emissary?,
Is he  really    the lord   of the world ?”   saying this   that Ravana laughed  loudly.

6996. “ Lord Shiva   who wears the crescent and river Ganges   on his matted head  ,
And Lord Vishnu who holds divine wheel  and conch in    his hands  ,
Would  not dare to enter this city of Lanka . When things are like that ,
Just for a man , you have entered the city  without any fear  ,
And as an emissary   and tell such words .Who are you  “  Said Ravana.

6997.”I am the    son Of Vali    who is the son of Indra   who tied   a person called Ravana,
By his tail  along  with   his pretty shoulders  and went on jumping   from  ,
One mountain where elephants live     to another   mountain   as well as ,
Churned the milky ocean using the Mandhara   mountain  so that  devas can joyfully   eat.”

6998.”Is   not your father   my friend as there is a strong   witness      to this.,
And your coming as an emissary   to that   Rama   is some thing  ,
For  which   there  is no inferior act  . Oh  my dear son  , I am giving  ,
You the Lordship of    the monkeys    immediately 
By your coming     to me without delay you have   done a great act  .”   said  Ravana.

6999. Ravana    who has already near   to his ending days   looked at   Angadha  and said,
“Rama  killed    your father  and you are walking behind him  and saluting him,
 With two hands   held above your  bent  head , making others call you  as an ignorant one ,
Now  if you come to me your bad name    would go away   and  I would get the lady Sita ,
Then I would  consider you as my son  and what other great things I need to get?”

7000.”There is no doubt about the fact that those    men   would   die in a   day  or two,
I have given your kingship to you today    itself   and you please   rule,
Till the end   of   this eon  ,sitting on the golden throne  carried by lions  ,
So that the devas would praise  as well as  salute you  , I   would crown,
You as the king of all monkeys    by my own hands.”

7001. Angadha hearing those words   of   Ravana  , clapped  both   his pretty hands  ,
And laughed  loudly making his   chest and shoulders     shake  , “did not your younger  brother  ,
Go away from you and join us   thinking that  this is the end days  of all the people  of Lanka.

7002.”If    you tell    all type   of nonsense   which comes to your mouth  ,
And try to make me join with you  , how can an emissary become a king?
Has it ever happened? Would I become  king of monkeys  when you offer it to me?
And if we think of another comparison , it would   be like a lion,
Accepting  a kingdom,    when a dog    gives it to him.”

7003.Ravana got up   with a resolution, “I am going to kill him” 
And then thought  “Would I touch my sword   to kill a  insignificant monkey,
Told, “ Oh emissary who has  come here   representing those ,
Whose last days have been determined    by the invisible god of death,,
If you  have decided   that you would also die with them , tell  the purpose of your visit.”

7004 Angadha told , “Rama who is still   merciful towards you   , called me today  ,
And said,  “you go and tell the   sinner    who is going   to get the entire Asura clan killed,
Who is hiding inside the fort   scared   of the war   and tell ”Please  release  ,
Lady Sita immediately    and if you do not want    to do it   oppose me in the battle    field and die”””

7005. He further said  , “That Ravana  who did not come  when I killed   his grand mother,
And made    her  the food    for hawks  , who did not come   when I killed  ,
His sweet uncle   Subahu  , who did not come   when  we were  living in the forest  ,
And cut off th two ears, nose   and breasts   of a lady    who came there  ,
Would he have maleness  left him in him   to come and  fight with us here?’

7006.”Even after  knowing    that his brothers   along  with his relatives  ,
Who were  helping him to kill   all the beings  who cannot  be destroyed ,
Were uprooted   and killed by me   and who made   my brother   separate from me   ,
By deceit  and abducted my lady, where   is the chance of that  Ravana ,
With bent teeth    coming and facing  me in a cruel war?”

7007.”When Hanuman   after meeting lady Sita   , killed  all soldiers   ,
Who opposed him then  .rubbed his own son in to a paste  on the earth,
And burnt   his great city  of Lanka   and crossed  the sea   and  ,
Came back , this Ravana   did not come   and  how can he come now?”

7008.”When his brother  Vibheeshana got the kingship    which makes the need   for  him saluting ,
Others unnecessary   , When Varuna came   and saluted  me  unable to face my arrow,
When     a bund  was constructed     to bridge the ocean  , when I  spared   the life ,
Of the spies   born in Rakshasa clan  and removed     evil from their hearts  ,
He did not come  and where is the suspicion  that he    would come now?”

7009.”When all   the Devas   who imprisoned   him were   seeing  , in front  ,
Of the deva maidens   who were like   the pretty lotus flower   over ,
His mountain like shoulders  ,  yesterday  when the gems  of his crown,
Were snatched away  by Sugreeva    who was like a   tiger with stripes,
He did not come to fight   and where  is the chance of his coming outside?’

7010.He wanted me tell all these   words to you  and wanted   to know  ,
Your opinion  and my Lord Ordered me   to tell all these   which are  ,
Suitable to you, and requested you to think about them  and chose  ,
The alternative that you like and tell me boldly ,
Think properly  about  releasing    Sita with dense hair   on her head   from prison ,
And saluting Rama   or otherwise   along with your relatives,
Come to embrace  your death  by coming along  with me to outside the gate.

7011. “ You have    waged war and made fall    beings   born in water  ,
Those born in encircling fire   , those born in this wide earth  ,
And also   those who were born in the sky and  are now hiding  in  your town,
And if you happen to die there, it would bring a  very  bad name to you,”
Said Angadha   in such way  that it greatly wounded    the mind of Ravana.

7012.AS soon as Ravana  heard    these words    from Angadha , became ,
So angry that   he  looked like one    who will   swallow  all  beings,
And he ordered four people   to catch   Angadha   with speed  ,
And dash him    against     the long , wide  earth.

7013.  When those   four people     came to catch him, Angadha ,
Caught hold of them and jumped   up in the   sky  , made   them hang  ,
In the atmosphere, plucked their heads   and  shouted  loudly  ,
Threw their head    so that   it fell   on the   entrance   of the palace  ,
Kicked    them    and told     the following  to   the soldiers    there.

7014.”The arrows of Rama  which spit   smoke and  are like,
The hot  lightning   which will burn    would   fall  on you,
And so you   who  are all weak    , go and  hide in safe places”
Saying like this   Angadha     returned back to Rama.

7015. Becoming   of the colour of red sandalwood  due   to the,
Blood that he has shed, rose   in the sky   creating huge sound  ,
And  as if he descended    from the  moon to earth  ,
Descended     and saluted   the divine feet of Rama.

7016.When Angadha reached there  , the valorous hero Rama  ,
Asked Angadha    to tell him about all   the intentions of Ravana  ,
And then Angadha   told him, “What  is the point  to tell them,
In detail  , That cruel ignorant one   would not get his desires,
Fulfilled unless   all his ten heads are cut and roll on earth.

14.  Mudal  por puri   Padalam

Chapter   on    first day’s    war.

(This chapter describes the war  on the first day.Prahastha, the commander  in chief  of Rakshasa army is killed.Ravana and Hanuman beat each other  , Ravana attacks Lakshmana with  the spear given by Brahma and Lakshmana falls down,Hanuman saves him. Rama destroys the   chariots of Ravana and throws his crowns in to the sea. Rama asks him to go back  and come the next day.)

7017.Rama ordered ‘ There  is nothing except war now and   so  in all directions  ,
Beat the drum   to tell  all the warriors   in the tents   to march   and stand,
In the respective    fort  entrances    allotted     to them.

7018.”Also with  already experienced hands  let the valorous heroes  ,
Bring all the hills that    are   standing  everywhere, the number  ,
Being   three  times than the number put In the ocean ,
And fill up the   moat around the city    which is guarded.

7019.  Put uprooted trees   on all streets  so that  Rakshasas,
Canno easily move about  , In a loud voice    challenge   them for battle ,
And now itself   conquer   the  top of the walls  ,
Which   cannot be straight away    crossed   by   the Sun.

7020. That   army of monkeys    who were brave like a lion  ,
Carried huge mountains and trees   started the work ,
Making    the   animals in the water   run away   ,
And the water   in the moat ebb out  and closed    the moat.

7021. When the Seventy Vellam monkeys which were   spread out,
Like the eighth   ocean  were filling up   the moat    with trees  and mountains,
 The    pure water   of the moat  , as if it is helping the city  ,
Entered    in to the city   through the doors and encircled   it.

7022. The  bottom stems   of   the well grown lotus plants   in the moat ,
Which    were till then only  increasing  the  true  fame of   Ravana,
Were   uprooted      by the very strong hands   of those  monkeys.

7023.The flow of honey    , from the tall  blue   Karuvilai   flowers,
Which were   like the eyes    of the moat   appeared as if  ,
The moat was    crying that   the strength    and fame   of Ravana  ,
Who  has  evil nature   would come    to an end today itself.

7024,When the  moat was  being filled up       due   to uprooting  ,
Of fresh lotus plants  ,  the bees which had    broad wings  ,
Started   running away breaking   the music and  ,
The crowds of swans   took their eggs  by their mouth and   started running.

7025.Along with the bees  that   were singing  music   with long notes  ,
The pollen  dropped  from leaf sheaths of palms   in the huge    fields  ,
Where   The monkeys   made way to the swans living on lotus    flowers  ,
By jumping   and because   of that   the  Valai fishes    also jumped.

7026. The huge trees  like drizzles   along  with mountains and dusts,
Due to their going  near     the   water of the moat  ,
The  water  ebbed   out    of the moat  and like rivers  flowed to the   sea.

7027.   The stones       thrown by the monkeys    to fill the moat  ,
When they  were being thrown   pressed    ripples in the water  ,
And   the  lotus flowers     that had   flowing honey  ,
Got drowned   in the water   with tides  ,
And    were  like the faces of women    which were  raising up.

7028.That ten headed  Ravana   who was the head  of the pride of   ego,
Knew    about   the covering up of the moat by the monkeys,
Proving the fact    that   there is no limits to poverty riches   and   strength.

7029.  The monkeys    which covered    up the  moat   , uprooted   the Maramaras,
And destroyed    the big bridges   built for communication ,
And just  liked  melted and newly made   reached   the  top of the wall,
And shouted   in such a way   that   the ocean and black clouds   were also   scared.

7030.Climbing on that  tall walls   which were  like   the  round Meru  mountain,
The monkeys   which   stood   touching  the sky ,
Were  like   the white flags    that were  hung on the top  of those walls.

7031. Due to the monkeys    who were   more  in weight    than    the Meru mountain,
With countless    gems   pressing that wall  , unable    to bear their weight  .
That  compound wall    of the city    was pressed down  and there was no need to break it  .

7032.In Lanka     the huge war drums were    beaten   , with the big  flags  ,
Which were flying on the     elephants   the long sky    was hidden  ,
With dust  accumulating   the     distance for directions came down,
And the sound of the  Asuras starting  to the  battle   went  and fused   in the sky.

7033.  Conches boomed , the ornaments worn by   Asuras  made tingling sound,
The  belled garlands   of the horses   which were   dancing  made sound  ,
The big bells tied   to the huge   pretty chariots   also made sound,
And the elephants   in rut due to the joy of the war   trumpeted.

7034.Making the ancient clan of the Rakshasas   completely uprooted ,
And making    the human and other   beings live a life  of peace   and prosperity  ,
The time which has embedded   the   reason shown by fate made  ,
The monkey army and Asura army  with great pride fought with each other.

7035.That ocean like   monkey army  using their teeth  , using huge trees ,
Using huge stones   went to fight   and the ocean of Rakshasa   army  ,
Fought using bows  , long spears   and very many other lustrous weapons.

7036.The arrows  sent  by Asuras  powdered   the hills   thrown  by the monkeys,
And all    those  arrows   were broken by the monkeys  using huge trees with branches ,
And due to   the lustrous spears   going inside  which made   red dots,
The huge   scented   trees    got destroyed   and fell down.

7037.The   stones thrown   by those  monkey warriors   with long hands   in the war  ,
Broke   the heads   of those cheating Rakshasas    and their   brains  ,
Came  out  of their  ears  , mouths and noses where serpents live.

7038.Since the arrows     of those Asuras   whose black would scare  ,
The darkness   of night  , which came with great speed hit them  ,
With blood flowing out of the wounds   along wit falling teeth,
Those monkeys   along with stone they brought to throw   rolled on the earth.

7039.The Stones that were speedily  thrown by the monkeys    standing   on the walls,
Which were    as tall as the Meru mountain  , just like series  of thunder  
Falling on the  mountain   took   away    the souls of  that evil  Rakshasas.

7040.By   the  long lustrous spears  which are   of the shape   of leaf  thrown,
By the angry Asuras  with lustrous eyes , those  monkeys   which fought with them  ,
Lost their hands   died and fell  on the earth  outside    those    city walls.

7041.The monkeys  became   very angry , bit  them    with their teeth ,
Hit   them with their hands  , pressed the necks  of the asuras ,
And separated   them  by using  their sharp nails ,
Hit with their knees  and  kicked     with their legs,
And killed   innumerable   and countless Asuras.

7042.Those   Asuras    who had very   cruel eyes  by throwing weapons ,
And shooting arrows  , by beating with iron rods similar to bamboo sticks,
And Pressing very cruel   spears   in side their bodies  ,
Killed    the monkeys whose population came down considerably.

7043.The blood   soaked red golden mountain   looked as if,
The surrounding mountain   was made    of corals  ,
And the flow of the blood  was dragging    the crowds of corpses,
Which had fallen head    first     in to the   saline sea.

7044. That   city of Lanka which was difficult    to be conquered  by Indra,
Due to   the large number of birds  assembling  in the sky to eat the corpses,
Was  looking like   a   huge Pandal    that was erected   at that place.

7045.The cruel  and hot   blood   that  was rising up  and flowing ,
From   the   hill like  corpses  and   the headless  bodies of the Asuras  ,
Which appeared   as if the night has come   before    the sky at dusk,
Were   lifting their hands   and danced    here and there .

7046.Due to blood dropping from the wings  of the birds   that dipped in,
That greatly    fearful red    blood  , the flags    of different   colours  ,
All turned     their colours    and became   red.

7047.The Monkeys  losing their strength   , left    the huge wall ,
Which was bathed  by    their   blood which was  like the fresh spring water 
Like the huge sea   which got down on one    side   from the  Meru mountain.

7048.The  crowd of the Rakshasas who had cruel eyes  which  ,
Can cause    sorrow   entered   and filled up   on the platforms  of the wall ,
In the corners  from where   arrows can be shot, from the  fort entrances,
Which can make     the enemies   depressed and stages built  on the walls.

7049.Those monkeys who were    trying to escape  when Rakshasas neared them,
Were trying to swim the swiftly going  ocean of blood   and some monkeys  ,
Due to arrows hitting   them  became greatly tired   and  fell down  ,Others ran  away.

7050. Like the huge sound made at the time of deluge     when everything is destroyed   ,
By the huge sea which is the cause for such destruction  ,When  the  sea like army of monkeys ,
Who were  hugging  the huge wall   lost their power   , The  sea  like Rakshasa army,
Who were using very cruel weapons  ,    made  sound of victory like huge sea.

7051.  The  sounds from   the huge drums   the weapon called Musudu  ,  the  conches that booms,
The famous Yekkalam  ,  the small drum called   Akuli  and many other   instruments  ,
Merged with the sound of   arrows being shot  from the bow ,
And made  the ocean making  tumultuous  sound   with tides worried.

7052. At that  time  , similar to starting from   the four  mouths  of  Lord Brahma  ,
Who had created  all the   worlds  . the  sea like army   which was    within city of Lanka,
Emerged out of the    four gates   which were   touching    the   sky  .

7053. Completely covering the    entire  long  eight kadham distance  ,
Elephants   with three   types of rut  rushed out  of  the fort entrances ,
With steps   along with flags on them as well  as flags on other elephants  ,
So closely     and came out  breaking  the staffs   holding   the flags.

7054.The  long chariots  made  of Gold  due  to rut   water flowing out  ,
Of the masked  elephants , like     the storm    at   the final deluge  ,
Ran swiftly   and broke in several ways   the   very strong earth.

7055,  The monkeys which had  conquered   the city   of Lanka ,
Using their large pretty shoulders   broke    the huge and tall walls,
And  due to the  well dressed lady Lanka   drinking   the sea water ,
That  which entered inside her  ,  the jumping horses  
Were like  those    which were vomited  by the jumping tides.

7056.  In the world     where   there is no comparison ,  the very dark   nights  ,
Which from very old times followed the day  , scared  of great light of Lanka 
Were  imprisoned on one side   and they   as if   they were,
Coming out of the prison  , the Rakshasa    foot soldiers   came out.

7057. The great dust which rose up due    to the march out  of,
The four branches of the army  , reduced   the burden   of Adhi Sesha,
Who had huge heads  , and encircled     the entire    sky  ,
And got themselves pasted   in the    walls  of universe as well  as directions.

7058. Due to the Rakshasas   crowding and coming nearing    them,
The  huge armies of crowds   of monkeys   were  greatly  harried  ,
And  approached   the place   where  son of Sun God  
Who was   proudly standing  with a wish   to fight the war  was standing.

7059.Seeing the tiredness   of the weak    army   of monkeys  ,
And the greatness   of the Rakshasa army   which was coming with great anger ,
That Sugreeva   who had a boiling heart   and with eyes spitting out fire  ,
He   took in his hand a    very huge    tree   as weapon.

7060 Like a separate    Sugreeva standing before    each of  the Asura  ,
Warriors  ,riding  on elephants, horses as well   as chariots  ,
Sugreeva    stood in front   of the ornamental gate  ,
And looked   like matchless   Hanuman   who fought    earlier with them.

7061.   Braking     the legs of elephants  , horses   and   Rakshasas    soldiers  ,
And making them fall  , making the huge   gem studded  lustrous  chariots over turn ,
Making  the warm   blood flowing like    a river  , with great  heat in his mind  ,
He did  all this    only     with the very strong Maramara   only  .

7062.At that time   the valorous ones  of the   monkey clan   lead   by their king  ,
Sugreeva   went and joined     the   war that they were  doing ,
With Rakshasas  , in which they were    suffering   and started fighting.

7063, Due   to the falling   of    thrown stones  in the battle field,
The   life  of the very evil Rakshasas      were destroyed  ,
The  number of    them   who were killed   was  innumerable .
And the number   of monkeys who were  killed  by the cruel arrows,
 Which were     sent   by the bows  of those  Rakshasas were also numerous.

7064.In   the great fierce    war that took place  , the monkeys,
Fought with great valour    by throwing stones   and  the Rakshasas,
Who after  losing their pride  almost reached    end of southern direction.

7065.  The crowds of ghosts   started   singing  ,  the headless   bodies,
Started   dancing in various ways   and started   running towards   the  deep sea,
Chaste women started   entering   battlefield and  were searching  the bodies  of their husbands.

7066.All the rivers   of blood that started   flowing from   the elephants,
That were  killed by the monkeys   went and merged    with the ocean.
The   torrential    rain   got defeated   by the rain of  arrows  of   Asuras ,
The countless   monkey army   died and only    red blood    could be seen everywhere.

7067. The  red  blood of the   Rakshasas  whose   life   was shortened   by the  hands,
Of the  ferocious  monkey warriors     flowed   like water  , and spoiled the  battle field,
And    the power    of the ocean   of the Rakshasa   army got reduced.

7068.When the  prowess of the Rakshasa    army was reduced  , one  cruel  Rakshasa ,
Called Vajramushti   with fire sparks coming out of his eyes  came,
In a chariot  coming with great speed  and he was followed   by crowd  of eagles ,
He came like ship     travelling   in the sea and started  attacking them directly.

7069. When that Vajramushti   came speedily in a chariot  and   showered,
Very sharp arrows   and started destroying    the monkeys  ,
Indra and other devas    started   getting worried   and  Sugreeva,
The   son of Sun God  with a pained mind saw that    scene.

7070.  Seeing that situation  stood up and  jumped   on the speedy chariot  ,
Of that Evil Vajramushti, cut off the quiver that  he had tied on his back ,
AS well as his bow   and also destroyed his body   and went from there.

7071. Due to Vajramushti falling like a mountain losing its balance  ,
The Rakshasas   got terribly scared and returned to the raised   city of Lanka,
And The monkeys  made victory sound like    rising of the tide.

7072.The Rakshasas   with cruel red eyes like   the Veezhi   fruit  ,
Rose   and came through  the eastern gate  like    the raising ocean at time of deluge  ,
And the monkey soldiers   who were surrounding the gate  neared and attacked them.

7073.  Those Rakshasas   who were   like   cruel poison  , rained   weapons,
Like spear  , sword   axe, iron rods   wheel     and throw spears  and opposed ,
And  due to that  the legs  and tails of many monkeys    were  cut off.

7074. Those   monkeys    who aimed   at victory   with great force ,
Threw trees and mountains   and they   fell on the asuras like cruel  god of death,
And the Asuras got scattered and their horses   and elephants   were killed.

7075. The very angry Rakshasas   became aggressive   and rose  against monkeys,
Attacking them with  mace  , sword  , spear   , wheel   and arrows  and monkeys ,
With blood splattering from the wounds  made by these   ran helter skelter.

7076. Then Neela the son of fire God   uprooted   a huge Maramara   tree,
Whose roots had gone deep in to the earth   and threw it  ,
Like the fire of deluge  , to  powder   the cruel army of Rakshasas.

7077. That Maramara   killed   and made   fall on the pretty  earth  chariot and its drivers,
The horses  attached to them  , the   red faced elephants  , Yalis and lions,
And from their fresh wounds   the blood flowed   and  filled up the sea.

7078. When the army  of  scared Rakshasas started    running   away  ,
Spoiling the battle field   , the cruel commanders   neared   them,’
And a commander called Kumbhanu   came   there
Shot arrows which can travel to a  long distance   and cut the monkey army.

7079-80..Idumba the bear   hero   who was respected  in all directions,
Who was   seeing this  ,  took hold of a  mountain in its hand  ,
And like a storm   and jumped  before that commander  Kumbhanu,
And before the arrows   sent by Khumbanu   surrounded  him,
Raised    the mountain   in his hand  and  threw at Khumbanu,
Which broke   his  bow , chariots , horses   and flags with great speed.

7081.That Kumbanu   who in an earlier   war had  made the Devas  run away,
With his chariot being destroyed, with  his   bow  getting broken,
Became angry like the  thunder falling  from the cloud,
Jumped  at Idumba, breaking the earth.

7082. Idumba   who  was hit   on the chest  strong   big  hands  ,
Of Khumbanu  , hit back  , made   his head bent   down,
By holding and pressing  his very huge shoulders.

7083.Then Neela pressed the two legs  of Khumbanu   below his hip  ,
And by hands pressed    his shoulders   , Bit  his head   by his mouth,
And   made   his brain burst out and killed Khumbanu.

7084.Prahastha the son of Sumali who   saw that   the commander  ,
Who was   under him being killed  ,  who was  looking like a cloud  ,
Bent   his   very   strong bow to shoot arroews.

7085. That   Prahastha whose  limbs with exuberating bent his  long bow,
Made sound with the string     which made   the  monkeys greatly upsert,
And went on shooting  greatly lustrous arrows   continuously.

7086-7087.,  Speedily hundred and thousands of arrows     of varying types  ,
Hit   the innumerable   army of the monkey clan,
And with  great sorrow    they scattered   in all directions,
And    the valorous Hero called Neela   became greatly angry,
PIcked up a huge mountain which was   nearby   and like,
A God of death   started    destroying   the army of Prahastha  ,
And that  Rakshasas sent  rain like   arrows   and ,
Powdered    the huge mountain in to hundreds of pieces.

7088.  Neela again picked up a huge Maramara   tree   along with its roots,
And   threw that tree just like the thunder falling   from the sky,
Which   made in to small pieces   the bow, flag  ,
AS well as chariot drawn  by huge horses  in to pieces.

7089.Due to his losing the bow as well as the chariot  , that Prahastha  ,
Became as angry as    the thunder   that left   the cloud  ,
And with a thick iron rod   ran towards Neela,
Like the lustrous Sun God     who has lost his  chariot.

7090. When he  folded his mouth   and with fire sparks coming out of his eye,
Went and hit Neela  , Neela became greatly agitated   jumped and went  ,
Near Prahastha   and picked up Prahastha with his weapon and threw them  on the sky.

7091.When after   throwing Prahastha   , he was making great sound  ,
That Prahastha   reached the earth   and making    the minds of devas ,
Greatly shiver  , He attacked Neela the son of  fire God  ,
With     a huge mace   and made  him shed  blood.

7092.Even after  being hit  like that , Neela without bothering  for it  ,
Snatched   the mace held by Prahastha  threw it away   and with determination ,
That he will  put an end to that enemy   and hit Prahastha  ,
With his   hand  and made   him vomit  blood  as if it was drunk earlier.

7093.With blood flowing from his mouth  ,Prahastha  , hit,
On the long strong chest of Neela   before  he realized,
And the war   that they were  fighting   with hatred ,
To each other   , cannot be easily described by words.

7094.Neela than tied   by his tail and pressed  him and with his fist  ,
Hit him   by his very long hands   on his shoulders , chest   and forehead  ,
Then Prahastha  fell on the ground like an uprooted   big mountain.

7095.  Devas  knowing Prahastha   has fallen dead   , made great noise,
Due to joy and the monkey soldiers   with  reddish hair and   white teeth,
Became dispirited  and went back   to their old places.

7096.The Rakshasas who went to war in the   southern entrance  ,
Fought with Angadha   who had strong shoulders   with great prowess,
Seeing that their leader   Suparswa    was  killed by him  ,
Unable to stand before  Angadha    they  ran away.

7097.,. In the very strong   entrance   of the west  , the asura army,
One hundred and two vellam strong   and  Dunmukha   ,
Who was wearing  very big heroic   anklets   rose  with great energy  ,
And were killed by the hand like god of death   of  the great  son of wind god  .

7098. And then   the emissaries who have seen the progress of war ,
In all the four gates starting from east   went  with great speed ,
Reached Ravana   who bent his head  to hear   what they   were about to say,
And  they  addressed him as “Oh king”    and  told it in his ears.

7099.They   said, “Vajramushti    in the northern gate  ,
 Dunmukha  in the western gate   who was like a mountain 
Fifty Vellam army who cannot be defeated .
Were all  destroyed and our army   was crushed.”

7100. “Before   Rakshasas   with victorious spears     reached ,
The southern gate  Suparswa   was killed  ,
And all those   who went with him    are  not traceable  “ they  said.

7101.”In the eastern gate  , your great commander   who has  ,
Achieved victory  even at    the time   of deluge  ,
Who went   with exuberant Rakshasa  army  ,
Was made in to a dust     and reached    the heavens.”

7102. When the words told   by the emissaries   reached his mind  ,
And burnt it like    the ghee  poured     in fire , the  fire called anger,
Came out of the eyes  of Ravana  and  he took a very  deep breath.

7103.Ravana   again looked at the emissaries   and asked ,
“Who took away    the life   of Prahastha? Please answer.”
And they said  , he was killed by Neela   whose   fame,
Has been established in all directions   and he destroyed  ,
Our   very big army  and came   to fight with Prahastha.”

7104.”When Neela came    to fight the war  with  Prahastha  , both of them,
Exhibited   the war techniques   they have learnt  and when Neela   hit  ,
On the forehead of Prahastha    using his long hands, he fell down dead” They told.

7105.”Oh Lord  , among the  valorous Asuras   who went to war with Prahastha,
We are the only people   who have returned to pretty Lanka,”
Said they and then bit all  his ten mouths by the teeth and   all directions  caught fire.

7106.After   staring at  the  Asuras    who were standing near him  by his,
Cruel eyes  he said to himself ,  “Prahastha    who had great weapons,
Was killed   by a monkey who was holding   wooden sticks.”

7107.  “This Prahastha   is the one who uprooted    the  life of Indra,
And  now he has  been   destroyed   by a monkey and so,
The  fire like   cruel words told by these  messengers,
Completely burned   by  it   and  it also burnt my mind.”

7108. “Prahastha    who is  like the Meru mountain    circled by Sun,
Has died by   a monkey which is like a rat  , indicating   that.
That  it is not just to enmity as well as fire as  silly.”

 7109.  The eyes of Ravana who thought   like this   were filled,
With  tears  and he said, “Let it be like that   , please march ,
With   a huge army   and  fight the war, without   getting defeated  “
And ordered   that   bow bearing cruel army   to go to battle field.

7110.Ravana who had uprooted the Kailasa  mountain  after clearly examining  ,
Mentally  all   the   rules   of conducting a war , with red eyes,
Which looked  like   split wounds   became extremely angry  ,
And   climbed   a huge chariot   which was of great  strength.

7111. The Chariot of Ravana was drawn by one   thousand  horses and  ,
It was  like  a huge sea    with a   booming sound   which had  ,
Gone and returned  from all the worlds of devas and had been,
Given    by Indra    when his    strength   was weakened.

7112.After meditating and mentally   worshipping   the God  ,
He took   his killer   bow by his left  hand   and  made the  ,
Bow to talk by twanging  its string  and ,
This was  asif    he had  taken the   soul of  God of death.

7113.After  that he  took in his hand   great weapons   which would not break,
Even   if it enters the chest of devas   and   whose measure was beyond imagination,
Wore   armour on his broad    chest and   wore a garland of  Tumbe flowers.

7114. Ravana  who was standing   in between white cowries   which were ,
Like the sea water and its foam  was standing  below a  pearl umbrella,
And was looking like   a cloud below which the   full moon was shining .

7115. The Padaka    a drum made of leather    was  beaten  , the sea with  ,
Great  conches shattered  , the devas   of the heaven wilted,
The globes    started breaking , the conches boomed, drums were played.

7116.Ravana   Surrounded by chariots  , horses   , foot soldiers,   
And a very powerful army   was looking like   the  huge  ,
Meru mountain   that was surrounded by   seven seas at final deluge.

7117.Though Veena   which  can play the seven notes   has   been engraved,
On the ancient  flag of Ravana which wafts  in the wind  over all surrounding directions,
But  it  was more like   the toungue  of God of death  , which swallows everything in earth.

7118.The Devas   who  had got a boat   called Rama   to cross  ,
The ocean  like  Asuras who are  like huge mountains   with Bamboos,
And who had come to see  that boat   cross  the  epic city  of Lanka 
Became upset   and got scattered    on the very high sky.

7119.Due the red fire in the eyes  of Ravana  , cruel smoke spread  ,
And the asuras of black colour   who had red   coloured hair  ,
Turned  in to white  and their relatives ,
Who came to send them  off had a doubt as to who they were.

7120. The flags that were   tied   in the tall chariots   with wheels,
The flags   that   were held by   other valorous soldiers ,
The horses   that the elephants carried  together sipped  ,
And   the Akasa Ganga as well as the   clouds got dry.

7121.Thousand  crore   ghosts   carrying weapons in the hand,
And two  thousand  replacement chariots   on which ,
Lustrous   red   gems were tied,
Followed Ravana   as per   his order.

7122. That Ravana   who collected    victories   who had   conquered ,
All the three worlds  one after   another   without any opposition,
Appeared in the battle field causing great  distress   to ,
The huge  monkey army    and making the Rakshasa  army ,
That followed  him with great    joy.

7123.  The monkey emissaries    went and  told  their   Lord Rama  that,
“The Ravana   who had am army similar    to the huge tumultuous ocean,
Who   does only evil acts  that causes    bad results, with   great anger  ,
Has entered    the   great battle field  “.

7124. As   soon as they told that   Ravana   has come to the   battle field,
Due to his conviction that   he has already recovered   Lady Sita,
The valorous   shoulders   of Rama , which had thinned  down,
Due to the sorrow of parting with Sita  , again became      fat.

7125.Lord Rama   who is the person  whom    those  who had,
Practiced Karma Yoga   and  passed   on to the next stage of Jnana Yoga  ,
Can  only see  , wore    the wooden bark   on his   waist  ,
And over that he  tied   the   diamond sword .

7126. When one of   the two feet of Lord  Vamana which were   similar ,
Measured the earth and reached    the heavens  , The vedic Lord Brahma,
Went above all the worlds   washed them   and Lord  Vamana kept his step flatly  ,
And similarly Rama   tied the lustrous    heroic    anklets on his feet.

7127.Then he    wore  the well made armour    on which flowers   were fixed,
Making it look like     the sky  and tied it strongly   thinking   that since ,
Lady Sita was not living  on Srivathsa gem  on his chest  ,
She would not feel any pain by    tying the armour   tightly.

7128. The  scene of Rama wearing the pretty hand gloves on his  ,
Lotus like   red hands   in a proper way   was like ,
The black serpent  twining  over the  branches of the Karpaga tree.

7129.Having the nature  of opening  in the darkness of the night   which hides    everything 
And  even  when     the very lustrous sun god   destroys   the darkness and day time comes,
Are  the  red   lotus flowers   and the bees would be sitting   on each of its petals,
And the   leather   caps that   were   put on the fingers resembled    this.

7130. HE   wore the  quiver with inexhaustible   arrows   which were like   ,
The inexhaustible     flow of words coming from the  poets with great       culture,
Who   have   gained expertise in several languages    of the world,
Who have     seen the other shore   of  innumerable  books.

7131.  He tied the  red decorative plate   on his   forehead   which looked    like  ,
The lustrous  lightning   on the   newly    forming    crowd of  clouds  ,
And he also   wore   round garlands   made   of Tumbe flowers  ,
Along with  the Aathi garland   which has  leaves broken in to two.

7132.  When the worlds with fane  , the beings there   and  the things  Page   678.
That support them   are all  the personification of Rama  , what   else is different   from him?
Though  we are   thinking like that, he took in his hand  his great bow.Would it be greater  than him?

7133.As if the  Lord Vishnu   who is the colour   of the black sea  came along ,
With   the milky ocean in which he sleeps  , All the  people of the world  ,
Surrounded by the ocean  and the  Devas of heaven  went  on,
Filing up this earth with just open flowers  
And he along with the cruel   monkey army    appeared  there.

7134.Rama   who would take   the form  of Rudra   to destroy the worlds,
By fire  at deluge   reached  Lakshmana who was   his brother.
And who was   holding at great bow   and who stood  in front of monkey army.

7135, When Rama as    well Ravana appeared  in the battle field thus  ,
The God of death of the southern side    got subdued  thinking,
That his  duty of causing death is inferior   and
The Rakshasas who were like   the seven oceans  And  the
Vellams of army of monkeys     who had white teeth  started battling.

7136,Heads were cut off  , Intestines came out  ,   parts of chariots   broke,
The horses   and foot soldiers    were cut   and the   earth carrying  ,
The crowd of corpses   became raised land  and blood flowed like water,

7137, When the cruel  monkeys   hit with both their hands  , horses ,
With strong legs   and  bent hoofs   were cut in to  pieces,
And  just like water    flowing from a dam  , blood    started flowing.

7138.The corpses   were strewn everywhere  making  it difficult  ,
To recognize    the south and north   , the  huge number  of monkey corpses ,
Were lying like   a silver mountain made   of gold and the  Rakshasa corpses ,
Were  like a huge heap of black stones   and was  also like black clouds.

7139.At that   time  Ravana  , making the Devas   scared, with fire   coming out,
Of   his very cruel eyes   twanged the string of his bow   in a proper manner  ,
By his  leather   capped fingers   and the scared  monkeys ran in all   directions.

7140.Just like the serpents   hiding when they hear sound of thunder ,
The monkeys   ran away  , some monkeys died   , some   were greatly scared ,
Some sobbed   and some fell on the battle field   rolled  and ran off.

7141,By  the sound of the string   which made    even the  dark blue skies    split.
By   the merciless   Ravana  urging   to  fight  , even his  own clan  of Rakshasas,
Got scared   and   what  should we tell    about    the crowd of monkeys?

7142.The matchless Vibheeshana  , the young hero Lakshmana   and  Sugreeva,
The chief of monkeys who wander   among tree branches   stood  there,
Due to the  principle of valour   and  all others fled  to four directions and hid themselves.

7143, The sound   raised  by  Ravana   who could easily   uproot the entire world ,
If he so desires, they say only made  the  beings of the earth tremble  .
Can we say he did good to the heavens   because the very powerful Devas  ,
Hearing the sound which resembled  the destruction  caused  by deluge   also trembled.

7144,  Then Sugreeva    the king of monkeys  took  a  huge mountain peak ,
Which was like  a fierce  thunder   and  sent it like Vajraydha  of Indra  ,
And that peak  went against Ravana   strewing   fire  like water ,
And the  king of Asuras , Ravana  by  one arrow made it in to powder.

7145. Seeing that  by the arrow   sent  by the  cruel leader   of Asuras , the mountain peak,
Fell down in to  dust   strewing   in all directions  , the king of the monkeys  ,
With his eyes  spitting fire   uprooted  a huge tree  , tearing  the  belly of the earth.

7146. Ravana   by sending very large number of arrows cut it in to pieces ,
Appearing as if there are thousand pieces and then Sugreeva  .
Threw   a much bigger  mountain than earlier   which produced   fire sparks.

7147.Ravana cut that mountain also    using one of his arrows   and bent that bow,
Which had driven valorous    heroes in battles  and sent  one cruel and strong arrow ,
And hit the chest   of Sugreeva which entered and  exited from his body.

7148. When that burning arrow hit   Sugreeva  , he became greatly weak,
And even before that , as if he has known it all, Hanuman came from western gate ,
Within the time of batting of the eye came to northern entrance and stood  before Sugreeva.

7149,Hanuman   shouted at  Ravana  , “Oh very strong   Asuras  , before,
The son of Sun God recovers   , do you intend to  do different types of war with me?”
And he   uprooted a huge mountain   and threw  it  using his Veda  like shoulders at Ravana  ,
Who was so angry that   smoke   was coming out of his eyes who said to him  “If you want , do come.”

7150. That Ravana who had caused   great suffering   to  the Devas  , noticing  that,
The mountain had risen up   , shattering the crowds like burning charcoal  ,
And was travelling through   the sly   , sent some ten boiling arrows  ,
With great speed   and cut   that mountain in to thousand pieces.

7151.Hanuman took another  mountain   and threw it using  the swing,
His very   thick shoulders  ,and the mountain   came speedier    than a  thunder  ,
From the sky  and went against the arrow sent by that Asura  using   his bent bow,
And went and hit the victorious shoulders  of Ravana  and powdered  his shoulder  bangles.

7152. Ravana with cruel eyes    was upset   and  getting up ferociously  .
With boiling body   , bent his strong bow   and sent   ten arrows   ,
Aimed at   the hands, chest   and shoulders  of Hanuman , who was trying,
To uproot another   big black mountain  ,but Hanuman stood there   tolerating them.

7153.Seeing this   , the devas praised  Hanuman  by saying “who else can do this great act?”
Hanuman uprooted a big maramara    tree  along with its roots    swung it and threw  it,
At Ravana and that tree   cut off the head of  Ravana ’s charioteer   and also killed some Rakshasas.

7154.After another charioteer climbed the chariot  , Ravana    who had heroic anklets  ,
And who was angry like     the ferocious sea where    tides   beat   the shore again and again,
Sent hundred   divine arrows   easily and   those hundred  arrows  ,
Pierced the body of Hanuman   and  blood flowed from his body like river   and he suffered  greatly.

7155.Ravana said, “Prattle as you wish   and  you all  with stones  , trees,
Your silly hair covered shoulders  and with your white teeth  with heightened emotions  .
Thinking of the bad name I would get   if I fight   with weapons with you  ,
I was hesitant till now  .Would you monkeys   achieve   victory and go from here?”

7156.After saying this   he laughed like thunder  with fire coming out of his mouth,
With white  , and long bent teeth  and sent thousand crores of arrows  ,
One after   another   and the  monkey army was scattered like the  storm  hitting the sea.”

7157.Seeing properly   the  expertise in bow  of Ravana , the sorrow attained by monkeys,
And the nature  of fighting  by   the monkey commanders , Lakshmana,
Thinking that   Ravana would become aim  to his own arrows    and that  ,
He would be immediately able   to stop him  came,
To the battle field  like the huge Meru mountain which was   carrying a bow.

7158.The younger son of Dasaratha, the king of all   countries  twanged ,
The string of his bow  and how can we describe   the   state  of Asuras,
Who are engaged in doing evil deeds? The world of Asuras   got scared,
Thinking   that it the sound of thunder   at the end of final deluge.
And all his enemies became like elephants which heard the roar of a lion.

7159.The very strong Ravana  noticing  the mind broken nature  of those,
Valiant asuras  surrounding him   and also hearing   the huge sound produced ,
By  the bow of Lakshmana which was like  eye  brows  of God   of death  ,
Thought  “Oh great  , what a man he is? And pushed  his crown to the top,

7160. Like  the rain  drops  crashing and shattering, not  in one place ,
But spreading in various  places, the arrows of Lakshmana  hit  ,
The  well made   chariots  , on big elephants   under influence of rut,
On horses   which leave the place they  are and jump to other places,
And on  Rakashasas    with white teeth  and the ocean of blood spread everywhere.

7161.The Arrows of Lakshmana  which pierced and went in the faces   of elephants ,
Larger than mountains   which had the scented rut   water flowing  like a river,
Came out of their back   and pierced the chest of Valorous Rakshasas,
And coming out  pierced    the axle of chariots   and ,
Without stop started travelling as if they will reach the end of eons.

7162.Those arrows   killed heaps of  elephants    and horses  driven by  the Rakshasas,
And the ten crore   who were   standing   threw on him   several great weapons  ,
And surrounded  Lakshmana , the brother of Rama   who looked like,
All the fortune of   the world  rolled in to one   and started  attacking him.

7163-7164.  Those Rakshasas   who were throwing the weapons  thinking   that ,
A man who has great enmity  against our king  is capable of going near him,
Became greatly enthused   attacked  Lakshmana  ,  like many poor ones ,
Going to one,  who  is not in the habit of Saying “no” to those   who beg 
Lakshmana created a rain of arrows   and cut off all   the weapons ,
Sent by each and every asura   and  accepted on his body those  which he could not cut.,
And even God of death  greatly satiated    did not want to eat  more   souls.
In the battle field corpses   started accumulating like hill   and  ,
Also completely blocked    several paths and they ,
Also stopped    the blood that was flowing from reaching  the sea.

7165. The heads of Rakshasas    fell down cut off   by the arrows of Lakshmana,
All their legs were cut  completely   and they fell, the chest wearing  ,
Gem studded garlands fell down  , their    teeth fell down  ,
The leaf like ends of the spears were cut off and fell down separately,
The spears which gave them victory earlier also fell down,
And  due to the  prowess of Lakshmana   all their ability in war  vanished.

7166. Their  chariots    were broken , the ability of horses   were  cut  ,
The cloud like elephants  with deep red eyes   became in to pieces,
The heroic anklets of those soldiers   were   broken  , the garlands,
They were wearing on the necks    were cut   into pieces  ,
The bows they were holding in their  hands    were cut off ,
All their ability in war was broken   and their fame  also was cut off.

7167.When the foot soldiers  who were fearlessly    opposing,
Seething like    serpents    fell down on the  battle fields  ,
The horses   fell on those soldiers and elephants   fell on those horses ,
And chariots    fell on those  elephants   and on those   rows of chariots  ,
Long series  of heads    were lying down  and in that  blood flowing  ,
Battle field   there was no space    for any other thing to fall.

7168.Due to the speed   of sending arrows   by Lakshmana   , none  of the devas saw .
Him  touching the arrow   by the hand  , sending them by bow   and
It went on hitting its mark and all that the devas    saw   ,
Was the spread of hills   of corpses   which were  felled   down by those  arrows.

7169. The  victorious   swords   which shined  making even god of death scared  ,
The murderous spears and arrows  , the bent  bows and the tridents
Which were   used by those  Asuras   with evil acts   which had,
Given only victory for them   were cut in to hundreds of pieces ,
And   no weapon which was  not broken was seen anywhere.

7170.The  limitless   number   of  hill like  Elephants which came to the war ,
The horses   with great pride  , the chariots  with flags  , the very strong and,
Very angry Yalis and lions   and all other beings which came to the battle  ,
With in a short   time   all of them which were   standing   and  moving  ,
Fell  down on the earth   without life  or  were struggling to die.

7171.The  retreating  Rakshasa  army fell down by   being knocked down,
By the heads   of their relatives   and lost their strength   and  ,
Whatever    army   that was remaining  lost their life and fell down,
And the powerful bow of Lakshmana   the younger brother   ,
Immediately became   victorious   and the mind  of that  king of Lanka  ,
Became  like   the red  fire at deluge   and  started  boiling.

7172.The king of Lanka   speedily driving   his chariot  which was drawn,
By horses  which fly like    wind , came face to face with Lakshmana and opposed him,
The brother of Rama stared at him with fire coming out of his eyes,
Just like the God of death   went to the army side  of Ravana   and killed them,
And he stood there   firmly   and did not move his feet at all .

7173.”Oh thief   who  by deceit removed   the  powerful security 
Provided   by me to Lady Sita  , it would be   difficult   for you  ,
To escape  from me today  “ said Lakshmana   with great  anger,
And let out a very hot breath   and   took out arrows  suitable for the bow,
Which can be pulled up to the head  , which were  like fire  ,
And which are capable of killing and sent them.

7174.Preventing those   arrows which were sent by Lakshmana ,
From hitting him and as if he had cursed ,”let them die in the middle”,
Ravana cut them off    with very sharp arrows   and
That Lakshmana who had forsaken sleep  ,said  “because ,
They were small arrows   you cut them off  , let me see  you  ,
Cutting them again   and  like the cloud  at final deluge,
Rained   limitless   arrows    at Ravana.

7175.Ravana who had  gone against Dharma prevented   all the  sharp arrows   sent by,
Lakshmana    who was like a strong   elephant  ,  which resembled  the rain of the autumn  ,
And also prevented   the shining   brother  of Rama  who was taking arrows ,
From the quiver   which was    hanging on his  back    by  cutting it off.

7176.At that time Hanuman who recovered from his tiresomeness  , opened his fire like eyes  ,
And told himself , now you need not do    any more   war which are  lies”,
Entered   in between the war   and came to the front like elephant with hands  ,
And stood before the chariot of Rama which was   going with sped and said,
“Avoid this war  , there  are   several more  wars   that  need to be fought  ,
And please    hear all that  I say”  and started   telling.

7177. “With untiring    great prowess   you have  won over all the three worlds.
Went to all directions   and turned  the tusks   of the elephants in rut of the directions,
You swallowed   by your  victory   the fame of Indra wearing heroic anklets  ,
And inspite  of all that  , your end will come soon “  saying this  ,
He went and stood before  Ravana  and stood like the God who measured   the world.

7178.Hanuman then lifted   his right hand   broadly   and became  like one,
Who spread all over the world   and like   The  Lord  Vishnu, who  came as Vamana  ,
And became  the God who measured    the world   by enlarging  his form,
And told Ravana  who was all the poison of all  the world and told him  “Now  see me.”

7179. “ You   with great strength  have  learnt the use   of bows and other great weapons  ,
Which are   cruel weapons of war  ,, you   have twenty shoulders  ,
You have great expertise     in war  , Oh great expert  in war  ,
Stand before me   to continue  the war “ saying this   he left out a  breath  like fire.

7180.Hanuman looked at  Ravana   and told,  “with great valour   you  stood  before  me,
What  is great about it  ? Your   great expertise   in  sword  ,your strength  by which,
You can destroy all the seven worlds   all  at a time  , your efforts,
Your unmatchable  and great prowess   along     with your great fame  ,
Can be  easily   destroyed by    me  with one  hit of my fist .”

7181What   is the use of telling all this  in detail  ?Oh Ravana  who has ,
Several powerful shoulders   who never   bothered   about  the very wide  ,
Kailasa  mountain   or the eight   elephant of directions   with eyes ,
From which  fire sparks fly  , Oh Rakshasa  whose strength  has not reduced  ,
Do you have sufficient  strength to bear  one hit by the fist of this monkey?”

7182.”Oh Rakshasa who has  mountain like   shoulders , if I lift   my hand,
And hit you with my fist and  if   you still manage     to be alive  ,
Then you hit me with your fist   with  all   strength  and  if still,
Keep myself alive  ,  then after that  I would not fight with you  .”

7183.When Hanuman told like   this that  Ravana   who is blacker   than the  blackest cloud ,
After greatly praising Hanuman  told,  ‘Oh very strong one  , you have told the  proper  words ,
Except you , from now onwards   , who can afford to stand before me  ,
The limit of your fame    is the limit of the world . Is there a need for more  comparison”. He told.

7184. “You do not personally carry  any weapon  of war   with you  and inspite of that,
Just by your hand you have killed many of my relations. Who can be compared  to you ,
Who is standing   against me armed  with a cruel bent bow, with a powerful army ,
And riding  on a huge chariot , with only your prowess  to help you?”

7185,”In this entire world    except   those   who are   mad among the Devas ,
Including the holy trinity , who can dare   to stand  before me and fight in a war,
Which Asuras   and which Devas   are   equal to me in valour and fight with me?
When things are like that , without moving from your place ,
You are standing before me saying “Hit on my chest?”
And this very great brave act cannot be  described by my toungue.”

7186.”For fighting in war I have twenty hands  and I have  great fame as hero  in this world,
The Elephants of directions   who came to oppose me , got their tuslks  broken and retreated,
Having known all this , Oh person with two hands , you are  coming bravely in front  of me,
You are also making valorous speech and so after this  what victory  can I give you,
And also  it is not proper    for me  to fight   with you?”

7187.”You destroyed my fame   of winning   over all the three   worlds  , by bringing  ,
A bad name to me  , when there   is no other bad name  from any other cause.
You  rubbed on earth my son whom  I was bringing up like my soul after  upsetting him,
And  the blood    due to that  has not still dried and  you are matchless and   are telling these now.

7188.The evil Ravana  said  that “ the time for me   to get bad name has come as,
You have told these   words of challenge   against me. It is only natural  ,
For  the world  to   tease those   who have already   a bad name ,
The time is now getting over and what is the point in my talking further  ,
Due to the bad name I am not bending my head due     to shame  ,
And so come fast  and when all the world  is watching hit me with your fist.”

7189. Thinking  that”This   valorous thought is indeed great’ Hanuman after  .,
Making great joyous sound , jumped in and sat on chariot  of Ravana  ,
And with fire coming out of his eyes  , with his   very strong diamond like hands  ,
He hit him with his fist with great speed breaking  in to powder th armour and garlands of Ravana,.”

7190. Due to the hit of Hanuman  , fire sparks like big   dust of sand   fell from the eyes ,
Of Ravana  , his brain  war cuddled   like curd  , his heads started   shaking on his neck .
The   life span of the   Asura clan   started   deteriorating  , the great monkeys ,
Started spitting  teeth as well as hair   and clouds    fell from the sky.

7191. The  string of the bows in the hands of valorous soldiers  got cut and fell down,
The tall banks of the  broad ocean   were destroyed, Stone   started   falling from mountains,
The Sun and moon shed  their rays  , the elephants  in rut lost their tusks,
All the people there  put down the weapons they were holding and
The pretty chest of the powerful Ravana  gave out  light as well as  fire.

7192.AS soon as the  Hit by fist of Hanuman fell   on the chest of Ravana  ,
Who was the chief   of all the asuras and who was    wearing  heroic anklets
This  broad , diamond like  powerful ,chest  which was shining  ,
In deep black colour   and which was pretty  , the  huge tusks  of the ,
Elephants in rut   of the eight   directions  which were broken in war ,
And were embedded  on his chest , like his fame  , came outside.

7193.The  lustrous   gems  which were like stars     from his armour,
Which came  out due to it being shaken   were expelled and fell in the directions,
And  that Ravana who caused  sorrow   to Dharma  , looked a Hanuman,
With fire sparks coming out of his eyes and tottered  like the Meru mountain ,
Due to it being   staruch by the slowly wafting   wind after  it became a cyclone.

7194.Seeing that     the devas who live   on the sky     shouted   in great joy  ,
And then they showered scented   soft and full flowers   on Hanuman,
They   also praised   as well as blessed him  , the Rakshasas  ,
Sweated due to great fear  , the monkey army   were greatly surprised ,
The hair from their body stood erect because  they felt,
That   Hanuman has completely destroyed    the possibility of victory of Ravana.

7195. The yogis   who have knowledge   of the  state  of fire and also the air we breath 
BY their learning , due to their ability to get in to the body of others, enter in to another body  ,
And when the soul there   does acts  not normal to its previous body , would go back  ,
To the body whose habits   are familiar   to it   and similar    to that  ,
Ravana   got up from his stupor   and felt as if he entered   his old body.

7196.He who had lost his sensations  , who breathed   a very heavy breath ,
And who opened his eyes from which fire was coming out  told Hanuman,
“Oh Hanuman who did a matchless fight ,  come near me , this  is my turn,”
 And later he went opposite Hanuman  who had   huge  filled up shoulders,
 And started    telling him    the following words..

7197.”Oh valorous one, The prowess   that is there   is concentrated within you,
You have filled up   the seven worlds   with your fame and  made  all other,
Valorous heroes look like Eunuchs ,Even If Brahma Deva comes   before me ,
And tells me, “Get dispirited  “   I would not get dispirited  and only today,
 I realized  what is tiredness   because if you  ., Oh powerful one  ,
Now    you have    won over me.,”

7198.” Now I need to tell you some thing, When I am hitting you on your chest,
Just like thunder at time of deluge  , if you   are standing in the same state,
Would there be anyone  who can stand with stability , Are there  any one,
Who are as stable  as you  .You would be there today and in future  also,
You would be there  without destruction, No one can exist who is enemy to you.”

7199.That Hanuman who has    great ability   in destroying   his enemies  ,
Stood before Ravana    who talked like this  and told, “You are still alive,
And talking  and so you have won over me.well , your position is great.”
And walked in front of Ravana  and as if his   shoulders    were mountains,
Showed   his chest to Rama and told, “Take back your loan.”

7200.Ravana then folded  his big mouth  , tightened  his shining teeth,
And with  all his   eyes shedding fire sparks , folded   tightly  his fingers  ,
And after taking out his fist beyond his long shoulders  and hit in a row  ,
On the chest of Hanuman who was   standing alone  in front of him,
Shattering all      the different  directions  .

7201.That very strong  charitable  Hanuman   who does not get rattled   even at the time  ,
When  the wide  earth surrounded   by the deep sea   gets  uprooted,
And   who was as strong as the big flood   and stronger than the  all strong people,
When the cruel  Ravana who had a dirty mind due to cheating  and tingling heroic anklets 
Hit him with  his fist   , he tottered   like a tired  silvery Kailasa  mountain.

7202.When Hanuman got tired due to the   hit of Ravana  , all the people  of the world,
Got depressed, Dharma got weakened  , truth   got   weakened  ,
Good culture got weakened     and apart from   this   the famous Vedas  got weakened,
Justice   got depressed  and  mercy   and penance  also got weakened.

7203. When Hanuman got tired like this   all  the  monkey leaders   who  were there,
Whoever they may be   deciding that   this is what has   to be done by them,
Uprooted and carried a mountain each   and even before Ravana could think  ,
Making no place    in the broad sky  , threw them at  Ravana.

7204. All of them with extended  hands , just like the clouds   that rise ,
At the final deluge  , filled up the entire   sky  and  threw those  ,
Peaks   which were  more than thousand crore in number  ,
So that    it would hit Ravana and then they all  dispersed.

7205.When with pride   those monkey soldiers    threw   the mountains,
Due to there  being no place in the sky , those mountains  touching each other ,
And  since there was no place to go up they stood still , The sun was hidden,
The earth was  swallowed by darkness  and thinking   that ,
All   Asuras   were  burnt and died  , The Devas again assembled    in the sky.

7206, Due to the mountains dashing at each other   they started   breaking ,
Created sound like thunder   and   giving rise to fire sparks   when they  dashed,
And like  lightning neared each other in the sky   and   the shadows ,
Of different  type of lights   emerging from them opened like a rainbow,
And because  they were   moving as well as dashing   ,
They  resembled    the clouds    that    rained   stones.

7207.Due to the mountains thrown by the monkeys , the Rakshasa   army,
Started running away  , the stars   as well as planes in the sky  ,
Broke   and started  falling in to pieces   and  due to the hot fire sparks,
That  emerged  , the oceans got  dried   and  what  is the need of further description,
The eyes of the Rakshasas   due to great light lost  their eye sight.

7208.The words that “The world has come to an end today”   boomed   ,
From everywhere  and  Ravana with a very angry mind   saw ,
Many mountains coming towards him   and bent  the  famous bow   that destroyed,
The fame of all the Devas  sent thousand crore arrows  and destroyed all mountains.

7209.Due to the cruel  arrows sent by Ravana , all the bamboos in the mountains were cut in to pieces,
Elephants were cut in to pieces, all snakes died  , Yalis and tigers    were destroyed,
The huge crowds   of  big  trees    got burnt  , even small  pieces became dust  ,
And all the mountains of the  monkeys    turned   in to ashes.

7210. The devas started    shivering saying , “In what way did Ravana attack?
In what way was a mountain cut  in to thousands  of pieces,
In what way did the mountains dashed with each other and turned to dust?
In what way has this cruel one   mastered   the science of archery?”

7211.The mountains thrown by the monkey warriors with   an intention ,
Of   destroying Ravana ‘s strength  were destroyed by   arrows of Ravana ,
And the pieces   of those mountains completely filled    up the oceans  ,
And spread  in all directions, the dust   that was raised from,
The battle field , cleaned the sweat and blood  of the warriors ,
And that    huge dust also    cleaned   up   the earth.

7212. Ravana with a determination that    he would immediately kill ,
All the monkeys  and also  achieve victory over those   two men,
With ebbing anger   , took ten strong and long arrows   in his ten   left hands,
And went on showering arrows  like rain without    stopping.

7213.Sending one thousand arrows  from the ten bows   held ,
By his ten hands  continuously  , the sky which is away from the beings,
The huge land area  , the   very powerful sea  and directions were  filled with only arrows.

7214.  Due to flow of blood the  battle field looked like red sky of the dusk,
The ocean and directions got filled up   and due to the arrows sent  by Ravana  ,
The crowd of monkeys   died in rows   and riows and  on the,
Mountain  head of the bodies of  dead monkeys   clouds  came and stayed.

7215.Neela the commander of the monkey army was  not able to walk,
Due to arrows hitting him , Anila  a monkey warrior was not able to stand ,
Gavaya who was hit by the arrow did not reach the God of death ,
Angadha was lying tired by    the hit of a  poison like   arrow  ,
Jambavan hit by a spear like arrow   was  lying motionless.

7216.Due to   arrows piercing   on  their  organs which cause death   other  warriors,
Lost their valour leading to victory     as well as  the greatness of  their being masculine  .
The  sea of army of monkeys    was destroyed  and all those   who were alive started running  away,
And seeing this sorry state   Lakshmana  with great  anger got up.

7217.All the arrows sent by the Rakshasas numbering hundred crores   amd hundred lakh crores  ,
Which were sent separately by the   different Asuras  , were removed by his own arrows,
By the very valorous Lakshmana   and he cut   the ten bows which were  held by Ravana.

7218.Seeing that Devas   shouted    with great joy   and the Rakshasas,
Sweated by thier body   and   became mentally upset and   the sages,
Who have won over bad and good fate   threw   just opened   flowers,
And filled up the battle field  , the monkey army joyously danced  ,
And Ravana   stood   there greatly appreciating   the prowess of Lakshmana.

7219.” Your expertise in war is great anf the valour    that you exhibit ,
In fighting the war   is still great  ,Your valorous look is great ,
Your speed of the hand and knowledge is great ,
Your stability of mind   and beauty   of fighting is indeed  great”
Said Ravana  and with surprise   inverted   his hand   and ,
Whole heartedly praised   the valour of Lakshmana.

7220.”Except  that black Rama    who   some time back   in the forest  , who killed,
Khara and his army  , my son Indrajit  who won over  Indra ,
Who has    the matchless  bow in the heavens   and I  who am,
Holding this strong bow  , No one else can stand  before you in war”, said Ravana.

7221.Deciding that  it was not possible   to win over  Lakshmana ,
Fighting with a bow   and that  the proper day  for killing   him,
Was this day , Ravana bit his lips   with his teeth  and took in his big hand,
The matchless  spear given to him   by Lord Brahma   and threw it  on Lakshmana.

7222.  That spear  which was as   cruel as the  God of death   and which was   thrown,
At Lakshmana  , which burnt   by becoming fire all the arrows sent by Lakshmana,
And made them all fall down  , speedily rose up  and pierced   at the ,
Centre of the  chest  of Lakshmana  and recognizing it,
Lakshmana fell down exhausted  in the broad battle field.

7223. As soon as they knew that  Lakshmana was exhausted   the huge   monkey army,
Started running away   and Devas  became    sad at it  , the sages became mentally upset,
And made great sound of anguish which was double   the sound  of the ocean,
With very big tides , the earth started rotating like wheel   and the sun’s light dimmed.

7224.Ravana who knew that  the spear of Lord Brahma   did not scare  and faint  Lakshmana  ,
Nor has he left his soul   but only has  become tired , decided   boldly
That he would carry   away  the  painful body of Lakshmana  in to the  city  of Lanka ,
And he who had a poison like  heart  , started  walking on earth towards Lakshmans.

7225.Thinking like this   he  went with speed through blood flow from cruel corpses ,
Using  his twenty pretty hands by which he had   taken  the silver mountain of Shiva,
As if he was slightly ashamed   for the old act    ,  to remove that shame  ,
Started taking   Lakshmana who was like the faultless Golden mountain of Meru.

7226.That younger brother  of Rama   who realized  that he   Was lord Vishnu     ,
Wearing the golden yellow colour silk  , he did not lose his consciousness  ,
And he made himself  impossible to move by Ravana  , who lifted  ,
Along with the silver  mountain lord Shiva    with eight   different forms.

7227.That Ravana  who is the lord with ten heads appeared like a very stable  ,
Great ocean  and seen near by , his  wide  hands appeared   like   tides  of the sea,
And the  younger brother of Rama with the lustrous shoulders  ,
Was looking like   the Sun which appears   in the ocean.

7228.Ravana   though he tried to lift Lakshmana  , not being able to do that,
Let out a hot and heavy breath   and at this time , Hanuman who was in some corner ,
Entered there   and lifted  the golden body  of Lakshmana  ,
And with the unstoppable great speed rushed  to some other place.

7229.That Hanuman who was wised than  all people  in the assembly of wise people  ,
Though Lakshmana was Lord Vishnu himself  , due to  the help provided by love,
And  luxuriously growing devotion  ,lifted Lakshmana   like a child  ,
And was looking like   the mother monkey carrying  its  kid to the tree.

7230.”The  red coloured Lakshmana   who was like a lion king  who had fallen,
Unconscious  by the spear   thrown by Ravana    whose mind was  bewitched,
Regained his conscience in a  short time   and  then  Hanuman  reached ,
The place where Rama   whose hands , feet and eyes   were like lotus flowers.

7231.When   Hanuman went there , Rama who was like the lion king  who had,
The capacity  to go to war riding on an elephant  , desirous  of war  ,
Reached  the place  Ravana was there and the   devas ,
Who had assembled  on the   sky   made   a great joyous sound
And showered flowers and Ravana with a spear  ,smelling of flesh,
 Brought    his chariot   to the place of Rama.

7232.When Ravana who  was fighting the war   came  on a chariot   , looking at Rama  ,
Who did not have a chariot   and was walking alone on the earth  ,
And appeared poor  , Hanuman who loved him   who had  a  sandal  made of fibre  ,
Feeling that   this battle   would not be equal   and so speedily  reached place  of Rama.

7233.He said to Rama, “When that  Asura who can  fight a  matchless   war  ,
Is fighting riding on a speedy chariot  pulled   by one thousand   horses,
And when you are fighting standing alone on the earth  ,
There is some  matchless emptiness   there   and so  please,
Climb on my shoulders    though   they are   soft.”

7234.Lord Rama  said, “Well, let it be so” and climbed and sat on shoulders of Hanuman,
And Devas   greeted him  saying that ”He was like a  king of lions   which had,
Climbed on the top of a famous mountain”  and Hanuman  became,
Extremely happy   like  the cow supporting  its calf.

7235.  Hanuman  who  knew  his form   when the lord , for the sake,
Oh Mahabali   took the form of Vamana and  measured the world  in two steps,
Became greatly astonished and Garuda who had   the luck of carrying  the God earlier  ,
Felt shy   and Adhi Sesha  who also carries the God started   shivering.

7236.Hanuman became like ocean of milk and   the God who used to sleep on it 
  Became Lord Rama  , but this Lord   Rama sitting on Hanuman was not sleeping.
Hanuman became like the four Vedas   and Rama  became Vedantha , the head  of Vedas,
 And there can never be a better  comparison for this.

7237,The victorious Hanuman who was  standing like a  suitable vehicle ,
And how can we    describe   the greatness  of this peculiarity,
If we see it in another manner  ,  Hanuman was   like   the
Root branch of Vedas   which helps the wise people  , and Rama  ,
Was like the salvation    which was  above even   that  root branch.

7238.That  great Rama   who during the previous deluge   kept  all the powerful worlds  .
In his belly  felt that the pretty  shoulders  of Hanuman   wearing a garland . which moved 
Through different directions  and to the left as well as to the right   in the battle field ,
Were  like the peaks  of Meru  mountain bu this comparison was still inadequate.

7239.  Sages who had done great penance   gave  words  of blessing  ,
The God called Dharma   danced lifting up his  pretty long hands  ,
And Devas  like Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma  ,
Came  and spread themselves  to witness   the war.

7240. The great  Rama with the  black colour  willing to fight in the war,
Twanged the strings   to his bow which had   greatness  beyond imagination,
And the great  sound from it   was like the sound  of God Rudra  ,
Who puts , earth  , sky and others  in his mouth at time  of deluge.

7241,Though the  Rakshasas and Yakshas who heard   that sound did not die,
And they were not able to firmly stand wherever they are , had their toungue dried  ,
Were displaced , Started shivering , started getting mentally upset ,
And  all the universe  that  in a row started shaking   and  the stable,
Lord Shiva  as well as Lord Brahma   had their  head shaking.

7242. Then  Ravana  sent on Rama   seven very cruel   arrows  , which were ,
Like the huge  fire  which appears   at deluge  , which had the colour of coral,
Which can drink the entire sea water , which can measure  all  the directions,
Which if it falls down bore  in to  earth and  sky   if it goes up  .

7243.Rama by his arrows  cut off the seven arrows  in to forty nine pieces  ,
And with one touch   kept five cruel arrows on his   bow   and sent them,
Making the   fire at deluge   ashamed , spitting out  fire sparks .

7244,That strong  Ravana who was like Yali  cut off  the five arrows sent By Rama,
By sending five arrows and send  ten arrows   by  keeping and bending   the string on his shoulders
and Rama cut them all by sending  another   ten arrows of his own.

7245. After   cutting  the arrows sent by the Rakshasa, he   cut off   the various,
Innumerable weapons sent by   the Rakshasas   who were near Ravana,
By using his  arrows and   powdered   the very many mountains thrown by them  ,
And made   several   mountains made  of the heads of Asuras  there.

7246. The several weapons stained  by flesh which were   sent  by the Rakshasas,
Who were   like the  black sea which  had fishes in it  and those weapons ,
Of Ravana  were prevented from hitting   the ocean of  monkey  army.
By using his arrows and by using his other arrows.,He hit the mountain of their heads,

7247Hanuman  could   move with  Rama on his shoulders faster  than an arrow 
 He could go faster than mind   and   within a   second , if we think  ,
That he is on the earth, the next second he would be on the sky,
He would appear before the  ten headed one and the next second,
Before  the eyes of all  those  boiling    and very much evil Asuras.

7248.Headless bodies  started  dancing in the battle field   and the ghosts  also  ,
Danced along with them   and they also started singing. Blood flow that does not dry,
Took  the Elephants   whose tusks which were  near their palm like   hands  becoming absent.
And the horses     and were flowing    towards     the sea.

7249.All the chariots which came to the battle field  had their wheels broken,
Had their axles broken  , had dead  decorated horses   with  manes,
And the  black mountain like elephants were rolling in the  battle field,
Being killed  by just one  arrow   and  horses  that roam were  lying in pieces.

7250.Asuras lost their chariots  , lost the bow that they were holding  ,
Lost  the cloud like elephants with red cruel eyes, lost the legs of  horses  having,
Cruel bridles , lost their valour , lost their  huge armours  , lost their strength ,
Lost their garlands  and at the end lost their heads  also.

7251.The Rakshasis who have waist which moves in curves  like the snakes,
Not able to find out the difference between the   heads of their husbands,
And heads   of horses and elephants  , fixed those   heads,
On the bodies of their husbands , hugged them tightly  and gave up their lives.

7252,The   sounds of drums became mute  , the tumultuous  noise,
Raised by Asuras   were not heard  , all eyes  with fire  coming out of them,
Were  not having sight  , the hands stopped  raining several weapons  ,
And the crowd of dust were not  covering   the world.

7253.The arrows of Rama   which were like God of death  , cut off  the  heads,
And made  them roll  of one lakh Asura soldiers and not stopping with that  ,
It destroyed several crores of Asura warriors   and leaving out Ravana alone , it killed all.

7254, Ravana who holds  a very strong and cruel bow  being caught in the dense crowd,
Of  destroyed chariots  , killed   elephants , horses  and Asuras, which did not,,
Give  him  even place   to move   and saw   heaps  of corpses ,
Which were touching   the clouds    as well as   the sky and he hissed like a serpent.

7255.Drawing the string   till  it touches his shoulders ,of his pretty bow 
Which was  Personification of all strength   with in a second  bending it  ,
He took two selected strong arrows  and sent it aiming   on the ,
Shoulders of Rama, which were  like   mountain peaks, so  that it will pierce them.

7256.Rama who had lotus like eyes,  with face    decorated   with a pretty smile  ,
Took a faultless    very sharp   arrow  , bent his bow   sent it and cut  off  ,
The bow of Ravana   which looked as  if the Mandhara  mountain,
Getting cut off     by the huge wind that  blows at final deluge.

7257.Ravana then bent  another cruel bow  and  even before  he tied  ,
A long string to it  , Rama sent a bow   and cut it  off   and also cut off  .
The huge chariot with gems studded   on it , which can move fast  ,
And the heads  of  the horses   with cropped manes  that drew those chariots.

7258.Again Ravana took another cruel weapon  and even before he threw it,
Rama sent a burning arrow   which completely    smashed  it in   the middle.,
He   then cut of the royal   umbrellas    as well as flags   of Ravana  and ,
He   also broke the lustrous armour which was being worn by Ravana.

7259.There alternative chariots kept on coming  and Rama   went on,
Sending  lustrous harsh arrows and cut each of them to pieces,
In the battle  field where the slushy mud was made   of blood  ,
The angry god of death with  red eyes ,  put his   hands up  ,
And started dancing  and unable   bear this Ravana   was boiling.

7260-7261.Then Rama sent an arrow   aimed   at his shining   crown ,
Embedded with several   gems   and that arrow   , as if it was  the valorous Hanuman,
Jumping at  the sun with hot rays  , the victorious and valorous   arrow of Rama,
 Went  with  matchless  speed and hit  this great  golden crown with several gems.
And made it fall  in the sea   and then   several garnet stones  on the crown ,
Went and spread in all directions   and spread light  and when this  ,
Was  lashed by the wind   , the crown of Asura looked as   if the peak,
Of the Meru mountain, Which broke  , got folded   and fell in  to the sea.

7262.That killer   bow of the  master of the  universe  shot   a great arrow,
Which further pushed it  and sunk it in the sea   and it appeared   as  if,
The circular sun   which has  hot   and lustrous  rays  , along with planet Kethu,
Which came   to swallow  it   fell in the sea which makes sound.

7263. That great  Ravana who whenever  he fought   has been victorious,
And never been defeated  ,  lost his crown by the time one   word is spoken,
And he was looking like   the night and day  which had lost the lustrous sun and moon.

7264.That Ravana  who had   lost the crown embedded with matchless big gems,
Though he was considered   great in all the worlds   was like a great and ,
Knowledgeable poet   who when he  recited   a poem called “Angadha”,
Lost   all the  appreciation of   getting    the fame   of  going for war.

7265.Having lost all  his  pride along  with his crown  , he was  with a bent head ,
Looking down with a  lusterless face  ,with a hanging hands  due to loss of weapons,
Had a  body like a banyan tree with its hanging roots   and when   all the world  shouted,
“All acts of evil minded persons who go against Dharma , ends only like this”,
He lost his colour and was drawing on the floor   by his   feet.

7266.Seeing the pitiable state   of Ravana who was digging the earth   with his leg,
Rama  of great culture  , thinking in his mind that  Ravana was    standing  ,
Weaponless and with bare  hands  , not having an idea  of killing him  ,
Said, “Possibly the evil in you has died with today  “ which were  ,
Suitable words   for   the occasion  .

7267. Rama looked at Ravana  and told , “Except by Dharma    and not by sinful deeds  ,
Can even Devas  ever   win  in  a war “  Please   understand this very clearly  ,
Oh doer of sinful deeds , you are hastening to go in to  a big city  ,
Along  with your  relations  because   you will die  now   but  ,
Seeing  your pitiable  state  of standing without weapons  ,
I am not    thinking    of killing    of  you now.”

7268.”Oh  person  of low standing   who does   deplorable    acts , along with your clan,
And relatives  , with   the weapons  which may be of use to you   
,The army that you have kept in various places along with  ,
Many things    which you might  have  kept  in different places in the city,
Get prepared for a war  if you have   the powr to fight  ,
Otherwise   go and hide    yourselves   in side the fort.”

7269.”If   you free Lady Sita    who has been imprisoned by you  and 
Keep your younger brother   in the  position of   devas  of earth,
Make him the king of Rakshasas and if you  keep on doing work for him,
Not only now but also   in future  , I would not cut your head and make it fall on earth.”

7270”If you do not want to follow this suggestion, and if you are   capable of ,
Fighting a great war  , using all your ability   and say to me,  “Oppose me now”,
And    fight   directly  with me and be completely destroyed and if  you do that,
You  would become a good man but  do not think  that you can fight   the war and live.”

7271.”Oh Sir, who rules   over the Asuras ,  you saw  that the entire army   that came  ,
To support you   have been crushed   like  silk cotton flowers  in a great wind,
So return back today   and come   tomorrow    to fight   the war “  said  he  ,
  Who was the king of fertile  Kosala country   where  the Valai fishes,
Would jump on the young areca nut tree , after  mercifully letting him go 

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