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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 3

Yudha Kandam (contd)

7.Sethu Bandhana  Padalam

Chapter  on constructing  the bund.

(This chapter describes how the Sethu (Bund/Bridge)  to cross to Lanka was built under   supervision of Nala and how Rama and his great army matches  in to Lanka)

6675.Sugreeva   the king of monkeys   along with Vibheeshana   the brother of Rakshasa king,
Along with several wise ones like Jambhavan, Hanuman and Angadha   thought it over ,
And decided  that to do all that   needs    to be done in a proper way  ,
The best person would be Nala  and summoned     him there.

6676.The  monkey architect Nala came there and   addressing Sugreeva said,
“Oh king , why did you summon me?” and Sugreeva told him,”It is now  our job,
To  build a bund across the ocean with springing waves” and that faultless  one,
Agreed to start    the job of building the bund   immediately.

6677 .”Oh dear son of Surya  “If   the job  is to build a dam   across the ocean,
I would build it in such a way that   , that it would not have any difference with Meru mountain,
And   it would be greatly pretty. Please order   others  to bring materials to build the dam.”

6678.Jambavan summoned  all those except   Rama, his younger brother  Lakshmana,
Vibheeshana , the king of Lanka and Sugreeva   the king of limitless  Monkeys, and told them,
“All of you please come to build a   dam across the  ,
Black   sea which surrounds  Lanka  “   and he called all others.

6679. Then the monkey army   came carrying    the limitless  ,
Number  of black mountains  which were spread   for a very long distance  ,
One each in their two hands , two on their shoulders and one on their  head,
And their coming  appeared   as  if   the other  six  oceans   were coming there.

6680.  Some   were bringing mountains  rolling them by their feet,
Carrying one   mountain in between their hands   and some  ,
Were dragging  by their tail a huge sky touching  mountains,
Over which   black rainy clouds    were   going round and round.

6681.That   faultless     architect called Nala  ,  drove about ,
The monkeys requesting to bring more   mountains  ,
And even if three   crores monkeys    gave them the   mountains  ,
He received   them by a single hand and arranged them,
And Thus    by showing his great strength  made the ocean tremble.

6682.When the  big monkeys brought  tall   mountains , which touched  the clouds ,
 And threw them to him  , Nala   due to his learning caught  hold of them alone,
Like the   The philanthropist Chadayan   of Vennainallur,
Protected      those   people     who surrendered    to him.

6683.When the   victorious chiefs   of the big  monkey army  uprooted,
Mountains on which the moon with stain like   a rabbit moved   around  ,
The  crowds of clouds made    great sound and started flying away,
And the Yakshas and their ladies  on the mountain  went away from it.

6684.Due    the huge mountains  being  uprooted  by the monkey chiefs  ,
Falling over one another , sparks came    out of the water  of the ocean,
And seeing this king Varuna  got startled  by not knowing  who set fire  to water?

6685.One chief of monkeys called   Gavayaksha   brought in his palm  ,
Threw a mountain  destroying  the  forests   at the  ocean,
All the   pearls which were starry white   fell   down in the sea,
And they appeared    similar  to the stars  in the  sky.

6686.Due to monkey warriors throwing  mountains   with   elephants  in them,
Those pearls which have already reached    the sky earlier ,
Attaching themselves to them  they appeared  like the sky  ,
Wearing the clouds as dress   and with big sun in it  .

6687. Due to monkey warriors  throwing   mountain with bamboo  forests ,
In to the ocean   due to the water   drops that   rose up  ,
And made  wet the  wide hips  with hip belts,
Of the ladies of heaven  and they became    extremely shy.

6688.Due to   huge honey dripping mountain    being thrown   ,
At the huge black sea   with lots of ties  , the mountains  ,
That stacked the  water    was splashed   up from the ocean water ,
And fell  in the heavens and it appeared   as if rain was falling in heavens also.

6689. Due to the monkeys throwing mountains encircled  by clouds,
The elephants in rut which  fell in to the sea, when caught   by  Crocodiles,
With cruel mouth   wailed loudly   and were   similar   to the elephant,
Which shouted, “Oh primeval one  ,please save” , when caught by the crocodile.

6690.Due to  the expelled   honey  , Sandalwood,  Akil  and other  perfumed articles,
Spreading  the  good scent all over   the ocean  and increasing greatly ,
That sea which was smelling of meat  , started   giving out sweet smell,
Like the   water in   pot  with mixed  scented   things.

6691.   Due to monkeys throwing   sweet fruits  , eatable   vegetables  ,
Meat with honey  , divine flowers    that are  liked by Gods and ,
Similar things in to the ocean  the   fishes   were  happy and shining.
And  those sky reaching    mountains with  mango and  other good fruit trees 
Fell in the sea   proving that  the well cultured charitable people  ,
Though     they lose  all their wealth would not lose  their charitable nature.

6692. Those  row of huge mountains   which got fixed   in the   soil   at bottom of  the sea,
Attracted the fishes which wanted   to eat  the flowers with honey  , vegetables and fruits  ,
But did not get anything    from there   and thus resembled  ,
The misers   who keep on accumulating   wealth   without parting it from  them.

6693.Those  hoards   of monkeys which were  rotating like kites  , when ,
They uprooted the mountains and threw them at the  very huge ocean ,
The huge pythons that   lived on the top of the mountains ,
Were trying to digest    the elephants   whom they had earlier   swallowed,
Like   the ignorant people  not getting bothered  by any calamity.

6694.The whales  that live  in the sea   and    the elephants   in rut  ,
With teeth which were  shining   like an ornament similar to lightning  ,
Combining their trunks    with holes    with each other  ,
Were seen fighting   before the mountain   like  clouds at deluge.

6695,Due to   the mountains   brought  and stacked   by the monkeys ,
Falling one over the other, fire sparks    were produced and due to that,
Pieces of their peak were   thrown out reached   the heavens  ,
And not able to stand there  with stability  , fell down   like ,
Those who do few blessed deeds   reaching heaven and falling down.

6696.  Attacked by the    big sharks   with very sharp teeth  , lions,
Who were experts in fighting   , the   cruel tigers  and male Yalis  ,
Got killed in the water  proving that  , if we think properly ,
People who leave their place  though they   are strong there  ,
Would definitely get defeated   when they reach strange places .

6697.After drinking the honey from   the   hanging bee hives  ,
From the mountains    thrown by the    monkeys  , all the fishes  of the sea  ,
Jumped   like monkeys  and  this is like   charitable   people,
Consciously    not helping others  but  their   wealth  ,
Becoming   useful to all beings   of the earth.

6698.Due to the speedy   throw of mountains carried   by monkeys on the sea  ,
Similar to  toddy flowing from goblets  , the bamboos from   the mountains ,
Showering cold water  showered pearls   and this along  with,
The pearls     showered by Ippi fishes   from their mouth   and ,
Pearls showered   by  the right whorled   conches   , appeared  as if a  feast has been arranged.

6699.Due to stacking   of  The huge mountains  touching the sky,
 Done with great  pain by the monkey warriors   after uprooting them,
The ocean became  just like land and  due to,
Entering of ocean water   the land around turned in to a sea.

6700.Due to  the   cruel lions, Yaalis   and tigers  and also all the  products,
Of the forest   from the  closely  kept mountains   being in plenty,
Beach   land was looking like   regions   with hills and mountains  .
If the Great  God  who is the lord of all desires would not one become the other?

6701.Due to the mountains being thrown in the sea, the deer on those mountains ,
Felt that  fishes in the sea are  not proper for them to eat  and did not eat  them,
What can the animals from the mountain do but to the fishes in the sea ,
Which normally  eat those animals     did not bother   and ate them.

6702. The animals on the   mountain thinking    that” if some one catches  ,
Those  who brought them up , cultured people    would    not ,
Go away from them  instead of getting out of grace  ,
And so we  would not go away from this place”.
And decided   to stay on the mountain even if it was thrown on the sea.

6703.The  sages without any attachment   thought ,
“This mountain gives    us sweet fruits  ,
Big ripe   vegetables   and is a  place where  We can do  ,
Sweet penance  in a comfortable manner  “
And they    also   thought about  end of the Asuras ,
But became    very angry    on the monkeys who uprooted the mountains.

6704.The cruel Asuras who do sinful acts and who live  on the mountains,
Kept their hands   on their heads  saying , that they have lost the mountain,
And also felt      that they  did not have a stable   place  to live  and reached Lanka.

6705.The crowds of Lions and Yalis   which do not sink in sea water  ,
And which also cannot move  inside that water   were  there  with great density  ,
And were standing in a row   on both sides   of that faultless  bund.

6706. There were  many monkeys   who were   bringing huge mountains  ,
Not knowing   that  once monkeys have put crystal  mountains in the sea  ,
And it was lying there  , and thinking  a need for a mountain to fill up the gap.

6707.When  the powerful  monkeys stacked   the mountains  ,
Giving great pain to the black of Goddess   earth  ,
The   huge snakes came out  from the caves   and were  seen hanging,
Make the one who sees  conclude   that  the mountain  also has roots.

6708.Next  to the red shining  Manikhya gem mountains   some dark mountains,
Which are blue  had been stacked  and it looked like  , Rama who is of the  colour of the cloud,
Thinking that Varuna is bare necked because of his   offering  his Garland ,
To  himself ,  gave a  multi coloured   garland to Varuna.

6709.Like  the experts in Yoga   whose soul leaves   their body   and
Attains   a more   suitable body for them , the pythons,
Jumped in to the sea    when the monkeys   threw   the mountains,
And  searched and found out  their caves   and entered  in to them.

6710.What is the need   to find out some   thing to say in Comparison,
To that great  bridge? By the mountain that  was  thrown ,
By the emissary of Rama   in to the sea   ,
All the fishes   in that sea   attained   the  heavens.

6711.Due to the  long mountain put by Neela , the son of fire God  ,
Touching   the bottom most part   of the earth  , the   replaced water,
Crossed   its boundaries   and the ocean with the small bank  ,
Roared   and    the water   that arose spread  all over the world.

6712.Due to one  monkey warrior   throwing one  mountain one thousand Yojanas high  ,
Which was black and had streams   in to the ocean  and then    roaring  ,
The clear sea water   entered in to the streets of Lanka   with homes with flags touching   the sky.

6713.Due to the huge mountain   that   was thrown by the monkey chief  Mainda,
The  sea water which rose from the ocean went   and touched  the sky and fell  down,
Went and hit   at    the end of directions   and   the   direction elephants  ,
Which are   stable in the  direction moved   and wailed    due to great  fear.

6714.With a mountain   which cannot be moved    even by arrow  of Lakshmana  ,
Angadha  , the son of Vali   who churned   the ocean of milk   to get nectar  ,
Churned   the sea there  , making   it suffer  pain.

6715.Jambhavan the chief of the  huge  army of bears  uprooted  ,
A mountain  which  was as large as the pretty shoulders  of Hanuman,
And threw  it in to the sea   due   to the  speed  ,
Sea  water   rose   up and fell   at the  head of all Devas.

6716.  Due to the   huge mountain  thrown by Kumuda   a , monkey chief,
Which went on jumping and shaking   like  the people  who dance  ,
The water   from the ocean which was  spinning   spraying ,
Went in to the city of devas  , who were  overjoyed ,
With a desire   that  it was nectar   that   was coming by churning of the sea.

6717.Unable   to bear    the huge black mountains     thrown by Panasa  , with great anger  ,
After shouting like thunder  , Adhi Sesha who had great anger  in his mind 
Left the job   of carrying his   huge burden   and ,
Started   not  taking food so that  he would die .

6718 . Due to the  number of mountains  put   by  innumerable   crowd of bears,
Sinking down in to the sea and hitting with each other ,
Similar  to there being no use with acts   not getting blessings  ,
They all    became   powder like   dust.

6719. The whales  in   the sea existing   to a depth  of thousand Yojanas,
And  spread everywhere, due to the falling of big  mountains on them ,
Started   shivering  and shaking making the mountains,
Put on them and the sea   water   displacing   one another.

6720.Nala who thought over  the methods    to make the   bund  properly  ,
Broke the stones   and joined them properly  , arranged   the mountains  ,
To suit each other, filled up the   joints    with sand  and ,
With his large   hands rubbed on them   so that the peaks were   equal.

6721.The cluster  of mountains brought   by the thousand crore monkeys,  
Who carried them in their hands  , were received by Nala  in his pillar like hands,
And if some of them broke down, he would   stop them by his legs  and  take it.

6722.Those monkeys who were carrying   the mountains    to build that   bund  ,
Due to no space     to go due to the crowd  , stood carrying   the mountains,
And the  mountains   on the heads of those monkeys  appeared like a bund.

6723.Due to many members   of  the monkey army  standing there  ,
Carrying the big black  mountains in their hand , there was no place to go,
And they carried those mountains on their heads and swam to  that place.

6724,Those monkeys    which carried    and brought   the mountains  ,
With great  difficulty  , after examining the distance   to be covered  ,
With their legs paining   and getting tired  ,  with great hunger  ,
Placed    the mountains down , ate   the honey in that mountain ,
And forgot the job that   they have   to do and started   sleeping.

6725.Among the monkey warriors    who had spread all over  the place,
There were   some who were taking the mountain   and some who were ,
Going in search of a mountain  and some asked, how far   the bund is completed,
And as a   reply to that question some   told  . “Half of it is over.”

6726.Due to the mountains  carried   by the monkey warriors  getting dipped,
In to the ocean , in all parts   of the ocean  limitless  kumkum  ,
The honey that flows from the caves    of the mountains  and ,
Several types  of heaps of   scented   flowers  were   to be seen,
And that  fearsome ocean of salt looked like a  long sea filled with honey.

6727.Like the  people   born in good families   who protect   their family ,
Without   getting depressed  by the coming   of large number of sorrows ,
The  huge sea which was giving out   tumultuous sound   did not get worried,
When several huge mountains  came   near    to it.

6728.Those  mountains    thrown in such a way that  they  pressed ,
The coral reefs   and broke    several coral gems  , which gave out,
Light  like a rain bow  and   were seen from everywhere.

6729.Due to the monkey warriors   uprooting   completely the  Banyan trees,
To build the bund  , the   crowd of birds    which were   living there   wailed
Like a family which had lost its  only bread winner   who used to support it.

6730.  When all the trees   which had   assured the bees   that  they can 
Provide   them all the flowers    that they need  and protecting their life,
Were  uprooted and fell in the sea  , all those bees   who lived  eating,
The honey from their flowers  became  like   the beggars ,
Who depended on the wealth of the   dead philanthropist  .

6731. The fishes   that   moved away the water drops   going and running away  ,
Seeing   theplace in the sea   where they were  living has been filled up,
Looking very subdued     went in search   of other oceans    to continue to live.

6732 The teemed  crowd of bees   as if they were   liking the elephants ,
That let out the three    types of ruts  , went  behind them dancing,
And went along  the  elephants but   when they went   in to the ocean,
Along    with the mountains   they returned   back like the  prostitutes.

6733.Due to the monkeys    uprooting   the   trees which were fixed on the earth,
The climbing plants  twining around those trees , though they were   suffering greatly  ,
Like  the virtuous ladies  of  noble families did not leave the tree and fell in to the ocean.

6734.Due   the monkeys     throwing huge  mountains in to the   strong  ocean 
The   splashing water drops   went and fell in other oceans  and they lost their taste.
And the  hot thunderous   clouds also got  cooled  down  ,
And even the rain   water    from those   clouds had a salty    taste.

6735.Due to the  monkeys throwing huge well matured mountains in the sea,
The   water of the sea opposed them making  great   booming sound  ,
And went permanently to the top   and due to that   the hot rays of the sun,
Became as   cool as the   rays   of    the  moon.

6736.When the mountains with great incense   were uprooted ,
And thrown in the sea  , the golden dust   that fell out,
On the splashed water  , was covered   with them and went up  ,
And since they were  mixed with coral  plants  ,
The sky  looked    as if    it was producing  lightning.

6737.Like the speedily    travelling emissaries  , the monkeys 
Went one before  the other   to the forests   as well as kingdoms,
Searched     for trees as  well as   stones and   bringing them  ,
They  set them   in the lands   near the sea shore and due to,
That all over the world  not even a grass   shook

6738Due to the large number of monkeys   similar   to bringing
The forest and mountain lands  and stacked them in beach lands  ,
They brought   and spread   the mountains    in the sea   to become famous,
And because of that the sea   water   occupied  al the beaches.

6739.The   bund  reached   within three   days   the city of Lanka,
On the   Trikoota mountains    and  as soon as   it was completed ,
Due to the joyous shouting  of the monkeys  , even the sky split in to two 
And possibly the sky that we see now was newly made after  that.

6740. “Rama who was the lord of all beings   , for the sake of wiping away,
The tears of Lady Sita who decorates  her hair with flower  petals  ,
Should  not get worried when I am here   and let him,
Walk fast on my back  “That bund   which was shining ,
High on the sea ,  seemed to say   to Lord  Rama.

6741.The  lady Lanka with soft habits   who had the wealth of truth,
Unable to bear  the load of evil  collected by Ravana the personification of lie ,
Perhaps looked at the  monkey   army   and was  inviting them,
Extending both her  arms  , Rama the personification of truth,
And this     was  being shown by   that bund.

6742. This bund  looked as if saying  that , “Because  the  monkey army,
Of that Lord of wisdom   walks across  this  broad black sea  ,
In which very many   forest rivers  merge  , who can claim,
To be as great and just as me  “   and it looked like  The Akasa Ganga  in the earth.

6743.  Due to the light    given by various   gems   that were there,
On the mountains   which were brought by the  monkeys ,
That  bund which was built  by the valorous monkeys  .
After the sun set   looked like rain bow on sea at night.

6744.Due to their love   the Monkey warriors    completed   the construction,
Of the   bund   to  go to Lanka and Sugreeva the chief of all those  monkeys  ,
And Vibheeshana the king of Lanka   who held a great spear in his  hand,
And other leaders   went   and met  Lord   Rama.

6745.After reaching  there the saluted  
The feet of the divine lord of the world,
And informed him that a  Bund
which is hundred  Yojanas long and
Ten Yojanas  broad had been built.

8,Otthu Kelvi Padalam

Chapter on hearing words of spies of Ravana.

(Sukha and Charana  , two spies sent by Ravana reach   the army camp of Rama in the form of monkeys. They are recognized by Vibheeshana. Rama pardons them and releases them.  Meanwhile Ravana  is holding another war council meeting. His grandfather  Malyavan tries his best to dissuade  Ravana from going to war. The spies   come back and report to Ravana.)

6746.  Rama   who was the  personification of maleness .
Hugged  with springs of  nectar  like love   flowing from his  heart,
All   those who told him   the news  and with a desire ,
To see  the  craft that went in making the bund  ,
Told all of them, “Come let us go with speed to see it.”

6747. Rama who is the   first among all the   worlds  went  amidst ,
The sea of the army of monkeys like a cloud   towards  ,
His own old home   and after   nearing the bund ,
Became filled with love as if he has seen  his  matchless darling wife.

6748.Rama  then thought deeply   and told  that, “This job,
Of filling up the ocean with mountains   and constructing a bund ,
Even  if the construction had been started   by  the first Brahmin of the world ,
Would not be   this easily    completed.”

6749. That  Rama who is the first after deluge was  filled   with joy and surprise,
And Said with joy  ‘Is it possible to measure the depth of this sea? Apart  from  its depth  ,
The city of Lanka surrounded by it   is very big   and even if it had been beyond seven seas,
These monkeys   would have crossed   all those   seven seas and made  this bund.”

6750. With  Vibheeshana the  Lord of Asuras walking in front  , with Hanuman  ,
Who had learned and mastered all   great books known walking   at its back,
With  his younger brother  whose  only ornament is victory  just following him,
The valorous  Rama who had   broad arms and was like a male black elephant went.

6751.That huge   army of monkeys   walked knocking precious   gems,
And sandalwood  , with the tides on both their sides  looking like gardens  ,
Walked by that bund  which was looking like Cauvery river,
Which was going and joining    the black sea , together and in dense formation.

6752. Since they were  carrying all the food articles    of the  Kurinji ,
And other land classification   without   leaving any thing there,
And were   also going towards   the sea , that army could be called river Cauvery.

6753.Due to   the crowding monkey army  not finding place   to keep one foot ahead,
Some of them not having space  , for the sake   of going speedily  went   on the   tides of the sea,
And those   monkeys    as and when the  tide rises   went   jumping ,
Like   the horses  in war    jumping   towards   the sky.

6754.With the bodies of monkeys completely crowding the bund  ,
And since there   was no way to proceed   and with no  place  to fall,
On both sides some of them fell in to the ocean and some   cultured  monkeys ,
Extended their hands  and asked them to proceed on them ,
And to the number of such monkeys who reached the  other shore   there  is no  end.

6755. Protecting   the  Hot rays of the Sun which were like sawing of the nine gems ,
From hurting   the cloud like black body of Rama  , the monkeys  held,
Shade giving cut sandal wood trees   and tall  Bamboo plants   and surrounded  him.

6756.T o prevent the  pretty body of the sons  of the king  who are   the personification   of truth  , Mentioned   in The Vedas     taught by  Brahmins who live in disciplined  penance  ,
 The commander of armies   themselves   broke flowering branches  ,
Made   a cowrie   out  of  those flowers   and fanned   them.

6757.Rama thinking about  parting with   Sita   who had removed her   rare bangles,
And who had   well grown breasts  which makes her  thin  waist scared  of being broken,
And which made him tired along with the  monkey army which was  marching,
As if they win over all the world  , crossed the   sea by that bund   and reached  the other shore .

6758.  Along with his younger brother  who was born due to the great boons given by Devas ,
After doing great penances   who gave    him  comforts   like nectar  , with  his powerful friends,
Rama reached  the town Where   Sita    who was as chaste   as Arundathi   and who was,
Like Vanchi creeper talking   sweet words is imprisoned  and stayed  near  a  hill.

6759.Rama who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu    holding the divine wheel,
Looked sweetly at Neela who was the commander  in chief  and ordered ,
“You please  arrange for erecting tents   quickly   for the army  ,
Which has come along with us “ and he   saluted the divine  feet of the Lord  ,
And told Nala   who   had constructed bund in the sea using mountains  ,
AS per  rules laid down in books  , and told that job would be done  within a second.

6760.Nala   divided the space so that   good effect would result  , created four squares,
And constructed the tents in such a way   , that  such and such people cannot stay in this tent ,
And also constructed   tents to Sugreeva and other   commanders,   special tents  ,
Built with gold and gems  as per rules laid by Lord Brahma   in a very short time  easily.
And seeing that his father Visvakarma felt ashamed that  he lacked that great capacity.

6761. With a desire   to build a home to Rama    who holds   the Kodanda  bow,
He picked rough stones from mountains  , polished them smooth  ,
Made  legs by bamboos called Kazhai  , tied it with Durba grass  ,
And  made the roof with well scented flowers  and completed it.

6762.All the persons there  praised  Rama   who greatly  loved all the beings,
Like a mother by using their mind and mouth  , bowed and  saluted his   feet,
And went towards their  dwellings  spread  in all the eight   directions,
And Rama   sweetly entered   the dwelling  made   for him.

6763.When the  monkey warriors who had the nature  of spreading   threw  ,
Mountains in to the sea  , due to his   coral like pure rays   turned black,
Due   to the salt water   that were splashed at him  , for getting back,
His usual bright light  , as if to take bath in the sea  , the Sun reached the setting mountain.

6764.In the western sky   during the tipsy evening period  , the  white crescent moon,
Which is like milk   came   to give light  to the period of night   and showered,
His  arrow like rays on  Rama who had lotus like eyes   and appeared like,
The bow of God of love  which is bent  by  pressing by the feet.

6765.Using   the application of scented pollen from   a lotus   flower with hundred petals  on the  body,
Using the  breeze   which is lightly scented by rose water  , Using   the   fire called   evening  ,
Using  the  arrow of god of love which was like   God of  death ,
The  moon  left   its usual cold nature   and started  having burning heat.

6766.The scene of the rays of the pure    white moon  passing over  shoulders of Rama
After parting   with the lady with divine face   who is pretty even when angry,
Who had completely lost all pleasures   due to sorrow  ,
On the top of  the emerald  mountain  , due to parting with a peacock and was like
The  white faced   little snake   which was   breathing like fire.

6767.Rama   who   had  hands   which are like   strong diamonds   and red in colour,
As and when he neared    the city of Lanka  , due to  parting of his  wife sweated  all over the body,
And became greatly sorrowful  proving that  approaching Sita  who had coral like red mouth   
Which  can burn a person from a distance, will definitely not quench  the pain.

6768. When things were like that   due to the  order  of  the king  of Lanka,
Some spies  came there   and after seeing the size of the monkey army  ,
And when they  put on the   form of  monkeys and started wandering among  them singing,
Due   to the penance done by  him for several days  with great patience  , Vibheeshana,
Who had come and surrendered   to   Rama’s feet  ,  found them and caught them.

6769.With a very searching mind  , inside     the ocean   of that great army   of monkeys,
Vibheeshana could recognize    those spies   and  he became   a swan  ,
Which can remove the water drops which had     got mixed   in the milk of ocean of milk.

6770.The  nature   of being  big and small together  is difficult    to understand  ,
And because  of that  they have   ability   to make  them   and their form  not visible  ,
As per   the   teachings contained   in the    Vedas   and Agamas ,
Similar   to the   peculiar nature of the soul  living   inside the body ,
But Vibheeshana   as a great yogi   had    the ability   to see them separately.

6771.After being hit repeatedly by the clenched    fists    of   the monkeys ,
Making   those who witness  it merciful  and  afterwards  tying their hands   ,
With a creeper of Manai  tightly  and also made their mouths  bleed  ,
Vibheeshana showed them as  “They are   thieves “ and “they are cheats “
And this was    seen by  the pretty     Rama    who was the  ocean of mercy.

6772.  That Lord Rama    who is merciful and has a bed of  a serpent ,
Did not recognize them as enemies   and thought  that they might  have  committed,
Some mistake   hurting the mind of others  , and becoming merciful   thinking that,
“They are after all monkeys and even if they   have committed mistake  ,
It is only  proper to show mercy on those   who surrender   to us  ,
And it is not proper to punish them for their   mistakes  “ said , “free them.”

6773.Vibheeshana who had crying face seeing   the very charitable   Rama,
Who was merciful in and out ,  said, “they are not monkeys   who  live,
In the forests with mountains but the spies sent by Ravana ,
Who does not have   good culture. This one is Shukha   and the other Sarana”
And explained   in a way   that  made  Rama understand the situation.

6774.When Vibheeshana who was great  in education told like this  those spies,
With a dark mind, addressing Rama told, “Oh valorous one     who  holds a    very strong bow  ,
This Vibheeshana   has come here  understanding the strength   of this monkey army  ,
Knowing that  Ravana  cannot win over them   and has come   here ,
To kill all the monkeys by trick  . Please understand that  we  are    really    only monkeys.”

6775.Vibheeshana hearing this  said, “Thieves” and chanted a  manthra in his mind  ,
Which can show clearly the true    form   of those spies   who were Asuras  ,
And change their  form as   monkeys and they  both  started   having their   real asura forms,
Like  the  copper pot  painted like silver  becoming copper  when drop of mercury touches  them.

6776.That Rama who removes sorrow of those who are   sorrowing   and  ,
Who was   an expert in protecting others  looked at those   evil people  ,
With shining teeth   who were standing like a mountain greatly scared  ,
Smiled  showing his pretty teeth   said, “do not get scared ,
Why have   you come here, Please tell me  now.”

6777. Those two spies who  were experts in locating the entrances   and  understanding ,
Things   without others   knowing it  saluted Rama and told,  “Oh valorous  one ,
We came here obeying the words of Ravana   who  has imprisoned  ,
The goddess   who is the mother   of all beings and one   who protects  all,
Without understanding  after great thought  that   she is his nemesis ,
And we had come here   to cheat  and spy on you   and tell him about everything.”

6778.Rama said, “Oh experts in the job that you do ,  go and tell   Ravana   the news,
That  I have given the limitless   wealth of   this city  of Lanka to  the brother  Vibheeshana,
And also tell him the great act of the monkeys  in filling   up the ocean  with mountains  ,
And building a bridge   and tell him those two great archers 
Who were waiting all this while have arrived.”

 6779.”This city of Lanka in which Ravana with many heads lives and which is  protected,
By the mountains   happens to be located in a corner   of the very wide sea  ,
And since our mind did not  know that  , Ravana  and his relatives  
Were kept alive  till now, please tell him this.”

6780. “Please  also tell him   that I would cut in to pieces   that Ravana  ,
Who does not follow Dharma  , even if  Lord  Shiva wearing a crescent   travelling ,
On A bull  and Lord Vishnu   who  wears  Thulasi  on his   crown  ,
And travels on the speedy Garuda   and all the beings    that live  ,
In this  very old universe  came   as help   to protect    him.”

6781.”Similar   to Parasurama    who used   the sharpened axe as his weapon  ,
Who exterminated   the entire clan   of the king    who killed   his father  ,
I would exterminate   all the Asura clan  and all those   who are on his side  ,
Take away his life  , for avenging    the death of  my father  Jatayu  ,
And I would   offer his   slain body as sacrificial offering to the devas  .
“Please tell him this    and make   him understand   it.”

6782.”Tell him that  I would  keep him  , who   has  kept   Sita  who has been doing,
Faultless  penance  , in the lonely prison   and made   her wilt and fade  ,
And thus has    done unimaginable cruelty  along with   his relations,
In the hell  with burning fire  , from where   there is no escape  ,
And also give all his   wealth   to  the  Brother  Vibheeshana.”

6783.”You have   entered in all places   where the army is there   and seen every one,
And if there is no more job  to be done by you here, since  I have said, “do not fear”,
You can go safely from here” said Rama   and told Sugreeva    and others  ,
To see to it that they are not pained in the body and mind and ,
Send them to Lanka   and those  people happy that they are  alive went back.

6784.When things were happening like this  , the king   of the people of Lanka,
Saw in his mind   the scare  experienced by Varuna  , the God of the ocean,
The strength by which a bund was built   over the sea,
And the coming of the army by that bund, when he was alone  for thinking.

6785.That Ravana went along    with people of wisdom   in  to the  long council hall,
Where even light breeze would not enter   unless  summoned ,
After sending away ladies  with shining chest tied by a cloth  and other men .

6786.That hall was surrounded by servants   who cannot feel by their mind,
Who cannot talk  , Who cannot hear   what one says  , who do not have other limbs,
And  the hunchbacks   and Dwarfs   who were holding good lamps with multi flames.

6787.That Ravana  who had pretty feet lit by   the  gems  inlaid,
On the crowns    who were  saluting his feet   said “The  men who are ,
Our enemies have arrived and what   are   the actions  ,
That we should boldly   perform “ looking at  his council members.

6788.Malyavan said  “WE have heard   that the king of the ocean ,
Got scared   by the fire  which  appears  in the sea   at deluge  ,
And burnt by the arrows of Rama   , went and saluted him,
Presented a nine gem lustrous garland  and  ,
This news    has   wounded  my mind just like a   spear.”

6789.”The news  that Varuna   who got a  matchless bad name that  ,
The ocean was split in to two  and is the   end of his prowess, with great fear,
AS per the request of Rama   gave him path to build a  bund , is hurting my mind.”

6790. “ Completely   uprooting  the mountains created   by the God,
Those monkey soldiers   who   have  made no mountains exist  in this world,
Are  slapping their   shoulders with great joy  and they brought those mountains,
And blocked    the ocean in such a way    tha it would not move  ,
And  these   acts   of theirs   has  completely blocked my mind .”

6791.”Oh king  ,Numerous  monkeys who were  more angry than fire,
Went on giving mountains as per    their capacity   continuously  ,
And one person received   all those   by the matchless  fingers  of his hand   
And put them in the sea and this saddens me as if  it is is put on my chest.”

6792.”After seeing Hanuman    burning   our   very  old city  by our eyes,
After seeing a bund being made   in side the sea   and closing it  ,
After seeking  Khara and others of indestructible   valour  being killed,
And after seeing that   those people who have done this have  come here ,
Is it necessary    for us to hold discussion in this council hall?”

6793.When the maternal  grand father   of Ravana   told him like this,
Ravana bit his lips with his teeth due to great anger  and with  fire sparks ,
Coming out of his eye   said, “good, good, our   council proceedings,
Are going  on properly  “and told Malyavan   “go along with,
My younger    brother Vibheeshana   and live happily with him.”

6794.When Ravana told   this with anger  , Malyavan  who was greatly   experienced,
Felt “Would telling what is Good  is also sin?”  and kept silent  ,
And then  the commander in chief    of Ravana told the   following.

6795.”Oh Lord Malyavan   , Except   their show of strength   
In crossing   the ocean before our eyes ,
Perhaps    you did not know     the truth 
That even   the  protectors of eight directions  ,
Are  doing menial jobs to our king .

6796.”You have become scared   of the monkeys ,
And   you are telling that they threw  mountains in to the sea,
Don’t   you remember    that our lord had uprooted the Kailasa mountain,
Along   with Lord Shiva sitting on its top with his consort?”

6797.”What is the need for us to fear    when we hear  that,
Our enemies have completely   blocked the sea   by throwing mountains?
They are ignorant people   and have entered  in our city  ,
To fight the war   and it  is definitely   an act,
That  is pushing   them to great destruction..”

6798.At that  time   one person who had covered his body with a shirt  ,
Who   had    fire sparks coming out of his eyes   due to great anger,
Who was holding a stick   and who was the security guard   came in,
And told Ravana  “The spies    have    come back  ”

6799. When the security guards     saluted and told like    this , the chief of Asuras,
Ravana  who had eyes which was like flaming fire    and great    strength  ,
Told them, “Make them enter here “and as permitted  the spies  entered.

6800.Those   spies  who had shivering mind   when they think about  ,
The army of monkeys    who were like pieces  of palm tree  ,
And who were vomiting blood  whenever they wanted to speak,
Entered   the palace and saluted   the feet    of their king Ravana.

6801. That Ravana   who was biting his mouth    wanting  to take away souls,
“Please tell me   the condition of that   lazy Vibheeshana who is scared of war ,
The army of monkeys    which is   like   the wide sea   ,
And the efficiency of those   two who are wandering  in garb of sages.”

6802.  When Ravana told like   this  those  spies told how  they crossed the sea,
Within one Nazhiga  and how   they wandered around the war tents of the monkey army  ,
By taking the form of monkeys   and how   they   reached   inside  the army.

6803.”We your slaves   due to interest    started   examining  ,
The very long   monkey army   and like the Garuda with speed,
Which had vision in all directions  and
Which failed  to find the boundaries    of the old sea  , we also  failed to find its end.”

6804”Is there  not  a need    for us to find out     the strength   and capabilities ,
Of the enemy army   and to  report to you about it ?  Those monkey warriors,
Not able to find the other shore   of sea of anxiety   became very sad  ,
And reached   the sea   and  the drops  of sea water   which fell  in this city,
Due to their  throwing mountains  in to the sea , would have told you  about their valour.”

6805.”When Rama came   to the edge of the sea    and was doing penance  ,
The God of the sea    did not come and help   and thinking  about it  Rama  the man,
Looked at his  own mountain like shoulders , saw the arrows and saw his bow  ,
And immediately   the   ocean started  burning.”

6806.”Oh king on whose chest   the garlands   shakes  , till the   date  up to which,
The  Sun God travels on his chariot   and as long   his great name “Rama”,
Exists in the world , all the  great wealth of Lanka   which is surrounded ,
By the ocean   would    be given to your  brother Vibheeshana by Rama.”

6807.”When we know   about the    several   reasons to praise  ,
The power of the shoulders  of Hanuman who came here  as an emissary,
The fact   that  Rama has  got built a   bund over   the ocean,
By the help of several monkeys  , is the new proof  of their  strength.”

6808.”Like the fact that   the Sun God   showed the very strong  lord Vishnu  ,
The Asuras    who were   hiding   within them  ,
In the evening     when the   Devas   were   eating   the nectar  ,
Your brother Vibheeshana   became  very angry  ,
And showed   us  who were in form of monkeys   to the other  monkeys.”

6809.”With the help   of   the monkey soldiers   we were  caught  ,
By their  palm like hands , rotated   till our long shoulders broke  ,
Pulled and spun   and shown to   the victorious   Rama,
Who was   shining like Sun God  , Vibheeshana told him who we were?”

6810.  “Then that king  said, “With    the arrows    that  I have  ,
I would destroy all boons  got by Ravana earlier “ and also,
After knowing that    we are not monkeys ,
Rama in great mercy   allowed us   to escape  ,
And this is the only   news    that we   have brought.”

6811.  Then they also   told all other news   as well as   the message  ,
Sent by Rama who was the God of truth   without forgetting
And greeted him, ”Let all   evil deeds   which are   wrong  ,
Go away from today  .Let you attain growth in life.”

6812”. Like the curse   of elders   which can kill without  any doubt  ,
The men who hold the bow   easily reached  the sea with Makara  fishes,
Along with a  valorous army  and   have reached    the city of Lanka  ,
And so  at this time we cannot think anything    else   , except,
Starting for the war  or are    there   any other alternative ?”
Asked Ravana  and the guard  of the army started replying.

6813.”Even if you release Sita , the  enemy   devas    would berate   you saying that,
The king of Lanka got scared   and did it  and   we can also   end the war  ,
By signing a treaty of peace  and even if the enemies agree    for this  ,
Your younger brother  Vibheeshana    would not agree   to it ,
And so when the war is so near  , you only have to order us as what is to be done.”

6814. Earlier    we had decided   that  we would go to the place   of the enemies,
And after   killing the two men and monkey army    return back to our place  ,
But   today the enemies themselves have reached here. Is there   any stable news in that ?
If we get   what we wanted   , is it not better than the victory that   we are going to achieve?”

6815.”Oh Lord ,  even if our thousand vellam army    of asuras   is going to be destroyed,
It can  take   one hundred   full  periods between the deluge  and so  ,
What is the need    for us to feel inferior? If you   get angry and go to the war  ,
The monkeys would disperse   like a group  of dogs  ,
Seeing a group of lions   as they    are  not capable of opposing us?”

6816.”Please see  me and our army doing    great war   and drive away  ,
Those men and their army   so that they all fall  in great ocean and   die,
Please give me leave”  said  the commander   in chief  Prahastha ,
Which was suitable to Ravana    who had driven out Indra  in a great war.

6817.Malyavan   whose   wisdom is acknowledged   by everyone  thinking that ,
“some good truths   have been told   for general betterment   and adopting them  ,
To suit our circumstance   is the path of Dharma  “ started    telling Ravana  ,
That  Prahastha and others   who want to oppose    the enemies ,
Were doing as per   their fate   and were travelling in the path of destruction..

6818.He   then told   that, “The  God of Gods    who is the acme   of   the faultlessness   ,
And  pure   flow of light  was  born as the   son of Dasaratha   who was ,
Looking   after the earth with ocean as boundary   without any rest,
And   has now come to fight    the war with us  , This is what people are talking.”

6819.Lakshmana     who is the brother  of Rama   , the son of Dasaratha  , who  stands ,
Separately   from    the great   state  of Para(divine)     which is defined    by the  Vedas,
Takes     various forms   and is in side    all the faultless    beings  ,
Leaving out his divine state   but   has   never   altered  from his purity,
And all people say he  is Adhi Sesha the bed of Vishnu  . I do not know why?”

6820.They also say   that “The arrows    of that  Rama and Lakshmana   were made ,
By Lord Brahma himself after    separating the strength   of   great mountains  ,
And the string    that is tied to the bow is  Adhi Sesha himself and  ,
The sharp tip of those well chosen   arrows  which  attacks  ,
Has    the property   of calculating  life span in the wheel of time.”

6821. “They say   that  the son of Vali who has   come to battle  is Lord Indra himself ,
Who is the lord of  all Devas  , Neela   is the son of  Fire  which eats way the   world  ,
At time  of deluge  , The emissary Hanuman     who is like the God of death  ,
Is the son   of wind God and they also in the  next birth he would become Lord Brahma.,”

6822.  “ All people say ,that  the Lord Rama who has given him the  position of Lord Brahma  ,
Has   reached   this city of Lanka    to exterminate     the Rakshasa  tribe, Are they simply,
Telling it for fun or are    they telling    the truth  ? And they also say  ,
That each of the monkeys     who have    come here   are  sons  of different devas,
What is the point    in telling   all these   to you at   this time?”

6823.  “Are they telling these after research  ? Or are   they  telling these due to fear?
Or are   they telling  it after understanding  it by wisdom? Whatever  it may be  ,
That pure Sita   is the Goddess  Lakshmi   who came out when ocean  was churned,
And she is the mother of the entire world, who cannot  be seen by bare   eyes,
She is the   the  great Goddess   who lives in the great heavens  ,
And they say do not    call her   as a     weakling.”

6824,   “They also told  that   the way that   Rama came to the forest  ,
Is because   of  the request of Devas, The    Greatest    God  ,
Who is the  Lord of Dharma   has come in the    form of    Rama  ,
Considering   the great boons    got by   Ravana , the king of Lanka  ,
Built on Trikona mountains   and has   the  sea with its fishes as moat.”

6825. “They said that to this city of Lanka , thousands and thousands of ill omens have  occurred ,
They said    the Goddess  of security  of Lanka who was hit by  Hanuman  ,
Who was the emissary   of  the very suitable Rama   who was asked  ,
To find out   the good Sita   who loves    all the beings   more than their mother
And had left Lanka  , They said war   entered in to the city in the form of Hanuman.”

6826. “ Vibheeshana who by his body  belongs    to our  clan of Asuras,
Who  does not tell a lie  , who is greater  by arms length than Bruhaspathi  , the Guru of Devas,
And who  is wise brother  told you that  , all the asuras    with  you their king ,
Would   be killed by the arrows of Rama   and went out. They properly  said.”

6827.”I came to know all these   as told by others and due to the reason   that,
My clan of Asuras   has always been destroyed by Lord Vishnu  and due to the fact,
That I have great love towards  you , A great sorrow   ebbed   in my mind,
Due to which  I told you these . If you now release  Sita, all your sorrows  would end.”Said Malyavan.

6828. Ravana replied ”let all these rest. You told now the nature  of men, monkeys   and Devas ,
Who were defeated by me   and besides   that   told, “I would get defeated”,
Your learned knowledge seems to be great,” and also told the following.

6829.”Along with the ignorant men  , not only     the monkeys    , let  all other beings,
Join together   with  them. Let the people   of serpent   world join with   those on earth  ,
And let the heavens also join  with them  and come desiring for a great war with me  ,
With  a bubbling mind . Even if all these enemies come for   the sake of Sita,
Would I     retreat from waging   a war and fighting with them.”

6830”.Would not   the very many arrows with me  which are    in my hand ,
Which have won all over   the world  , which are  more powerful   than one’s Karma,
Which pierced the back of Devas   who  wanted to fight with  me,
And went beyond them in the battle field  ,become ineffective against these  monkeys?”

6831.”If  Lord Shiva   who is famous for holding the trident  in his broad hands,
Appear before me as a monkey   and fight with me in war  , he would retreat  ,
And what else can he do? The sharp arrows    that are  in my hand  ,
Are  not the poison that  appeared  in the ocean , so that he can swallow them.”

6832. “Oh sir  , even if Lord Vishnu holding    the divine wheel  who   ran away,
Scared   from war with me  comes  before me and attacks me ,
The arrows in my hand  would  emit fire  burn sun, moon and fire themselves,
And are they Kaisthubha gems   which reached his   chest  when the ocean was churned?
Possibly    you may    not be aware    of that.”

6833.”If that Indra who holds the  sword  of victory    has taken the form  of monkey,
Are  my mountain  like shoulders  , the small hills   , whose   wings   he cut them off  ,
Long time ago   using   his sharp Vajrayudha  , which fell down and could not rise up?”

6834.With mind going as emissary  , with the  mind of ladies which has gone astray ,
Who were going to the place of their lovers becoming sad  ,
With CHakravake birds   losing their anxiety  , the water   of darkness ,
Which was engulfing   Meru  mountain  where   lot  of devas lived  ,
Started   flowing out   and the darkness   that was  covering the world went away.

6835. The Sun god who used to normally    going outside   the Golden wall of Lanka,
Greatly scared    tp peep in to the city   to get an idea   of the city  , thinking that,
The king of kings    Rama had come agreeing for a war   and so I am stronger now,
Appeared   on the eastern sky  as if to see   that great city of Lanka.

9.Ilangai kaan   Padalam

Chapter  on  seeing   city of Lanka.

(Rama  along with  other friends cmibs on Suvela mountain to inspect city of Lanka. He gives a picturesque description of the city to his brother Lakshmana,) 

6836-6837.Rama  perhaps   thinking that   Sita his wife who was like   Arundathi in chastity,
Was   in Lanka   and perhaps    egged    due to the great love for her   started    to climb,
To the top of Suvela mountains with a view    to see   that great and pretty   city  ,
Surrounded   by his great companions  on both sides   and followed by his  younger brother,
Further   accompanied by all soldiers   wanting to fight   the battle,
And his two  lotus   like hands were  held by  two kings and it looked   as if,
One  great lion with ability   to fight  surrounded by    tigers and elephants  ,
And climbed   like a king lion   climbing   on a matchless  mountain.

 6838.Like   the very angry   sea   making    tumultuous    and great sound  ,
Which surrounds the world  the darkness   that   was pressed on the  city of the Asuras  ,
And on its beauty  , Indicated    its future    destruction  and  the black sun rose     up on a mountain,
In the north instead   of the mountain of sun rise   in the east. 

6839. That  Rama   who  was holding a huge bow      from which     the rain of arrows,
 Used    to drop down creating a huge sound   reached    on the top of the mountain,
And was like a huge black cloud   with  hands  , legs  , face and eyes ,
Which were  pure  and which resembled a  forest of lotus.

6840.Among the mountain like    monkey soldiers   who arranged   stone mountains,
To a   sky touching height    and crossed    the ocean in which water    flows,
The standing Rama   who was born in Manu clan whose members had ,
Mountain  peak  like soldiers was looking like an emerald mountain  in the middle of golden  mountains.

6841After  parting with the sweet Sita who had eyes   like a doe  , Rama whose mind,
Was   suffering like the   male Andril bird which had   parted    from its sweetheart  ,
Became slightly composed   on seeing    the long bud    built across the sea,
And   with his two long lotus like eyes   , looked   at the   great city of Lanka.

6842,Rama   looked at Lakshmana and told  , All the great poets  who can compose poems,
After  having  found all the good  of all the cities   of the world  and  when they started praising
Would compare them with  Indra’s city    but   never   compared   them with this Lanka  ,
For possibly those poets    were   not able   to understand the differences   between those cities.

6843,”In the faultlessly    shining   floor made   of red gold  , making even the   Sun ashamed,
The palaces   made of greatly lustrous gems   and which cannot   be drawn  by even by an expert,
In that city  showed great craftsmanship   and because  ,
They were   dazzling the eye  , it was    not    clear    to the eyes.”

6844.With the   very greatly shining gems  , spreading their  rays of light    widely,
The light    appears even to touch the sky   and due to the victorious  Hanuman,
Who had the ability    to destroy enemies  burnt it with the fire   in his tail,
That city surrounded    by flags   had the appearance   of burning even now .Please see it.”

6845. The  multistory  buildings having golden roof   which has    been built ,
With  best and well spread out emeralds  , surrounded   by the shining   rays of the sun,
And   the faultlessly built  well spread out  homes     using silver  were shining like swans,
Appeared   like    the  pond with spreading green leaves  ,
Having very large     number   of fully open lotus flowers .Please    see it.”

6846”.Due to those lustrous buildings with pillars  inlaid with red gems  , making it resemble,
The flame of fire, built in a dense manner   sending out     sheaths   of light  ,
The black clouds spread over the top of the city    were not appearing black  ,
And are  resembling    red hot   iron bars  of the city, when Hanuman set fire   to them.”

6847.”Oh Lakshmana  , who always has the scars  made by hanging    bows ,
On your broad shoulders   , though   the elephants   which have eyes,
Sparkling with great anger   are normally black in colour  like the darkness,
Due to their  digging   the golden floor of the city with their nails  of their strong  legs,
And threw it to the top by    their trunks   and they appeared  ,
Like golden mountains   moving on the streets  of the city, please see.”

6848.”Oh lad  who carries the bow to fight the war   , all the waving  pretty  flags ,
Due to wind, which are  hung  on the gem studded pillars   with faultless   beauty,
Appear  cleaning   the dirt   of clouds which have spread    all over the sky,
And   thus   making    the sky      extremely    clean. Please  see them.”

6849. “This ancient city of Lanka , has been built  straight   in a row by using rope,
Has drawing carefully  painted   on them again in a perfect row  ,
And all the perfectly pretty houses    have   been  connected  like gems ,
With the  palace    of Ravana the king of asuras in the middle  ,
Shining like a serpent stone  and looks like   the garland   of gems ,
Worn by  Lord   Varuna     who is the king   of huge   oceans.”

6850.”Oh wise one who knows the conduct of Dharma  , in the middle   ,
Of the very well known long streets , all the horses   which proceed  ,
With the light   of  multistory buildings   decorated    with various  types of gems,
Falling on them   are    making them  not showing   their natural colours  ,
And not showing any particular colour   , but of a strange colour  , Please  see them.”

6851.”Oh valorous one  , Those mansions   built by soft     crystal stones  ,
Which would make even the God of love    faint , are visible  if some other light,
Falls on them and not visible  to the eye in the absence    of such light  ,
Making us feel that they have been built    with water  ,
And please see    the  way that   they reflect the images.”

6852”Oh lad with red palms with arrows  and  lustrous bent    bows,
Since the rays of  light    spread by the cool and white moon  ,
Have the habit of  lighting  with breaks in between , the collection of   emeralds,
Kept under    the roof of white  Pandal is resembling  ,
Lord Vishnu sleeping     on the    white    ocean of milk.”

6853.”Oh Prince  who is like a  male lion   which wants    to win over,
Those    who oppose   it  , on the top of the terraces  which shine as   if,
It wants to resemble    the stars  , please see a   lady of the serpent world,
Taking out a round mirror   from a black long bag , which resembles ,
The full moon     which is swallowed and spit   by two serpents.”

6854.”Oh valorous one   who has a great bow    which only    carries   victory,
Those long necked Camels    reaching  the terraces   of homes  ,
Which appear   like the hills    surrounded   by flags  , seeing   the luster  of light,
Given out   by the   embedded gems  there , mistake it for young leaves,
And    are   straightening   up to and    take them away by their mouth.”

6855.”Oh valorous one who holds in his hand the cruel bow   which   only carries victory,
Due   to the scented  Akil smoke   lit by ladies   to dry their flower    decorated    hair  ,
Surrounding   everywhere  makes    the pretty mansion   built by    corals  ,
Look like    Lord Shiva  covering his entire body by    the huge   elephant hide  .”

6856.”Oh  son of Dasaratha who is like a elephant holding bow  ,  You would see,
Several artificial hills made by    the very knowledgeable   Viswakarma using blue gems,
Which is    like the hills of sins by the Asuras who d not  know   what is charity.”

6857.” With  the  pretty  look   of great joy    getting spoiled   due to   being imprisoned  ,
By the Rakshasas, with a mind    that was struggling like   the waist   after  parting ,
With their darling husbands   and with a  hip which can be suspected as serpent’s hood,
The   Deva ladies  are  looking at us   similar   to peacocks looking for ,
The onset   of the   rainy season, Please   also see   that.”

6858.Oh Lakshmana who  wears garlands of   freshly   opened   flowers  ,
To see our prowess The deva ladies   who speak like Yaazh and Devas  ,
Are climbing on the terraces   and see their nature  which is like ,
People running away from the   city saying  “good time has   come for us,
And let     this city of   Lanka    go to Dogs.””

6859.Like this when Lord Rama was showing the city  of Lanka   to Lakshmana,
And   explaining him without repetition , newer and newer sights of Lanka,
Ravana     who was the king of that    great city  , to observe  the greatness ,
Of the monkey army  reached   the top of a golden spire   which touched the sky.

10Ravanan   Vanara   thanai kaan Padalam

Chapter   on Ravana seeing   the monkey army.

(Ravana climbs on a tall tower    to survey the monkey army.His spies explain to him about who is who in the monkey army. In Valmiki Ramayana   there is a chapter of Ravana sending another spy called Sardula  to survey the monkey army. There is also a seen in which  Ravana shows Sita  by illusion a cut head of Rama))

6860.That Ravana  who  hits and attacks   breaking   the rope tying him  ,
And who was like a male elephant  , due to his passion towards Lady Sita,
Had a matchless  shoulder wounded by arrows  of God of love ,
And he climbed  on a spire   which was like a mountain with several peaks.

6861.That  shoulders of Ravana who was losing his strength   by the beauty of Sita  ,
Who had become thin   due to parting with Rama  became more taller  ,
AS soon as it was known that “War has   come”   and he became so strong ,
That he was capable of waging a war himself  against the Northern Meru mountain,

6862.On that   spire there kalasa   made of pure gold  was shining  like peaks of Meru,
And the spire   itself   was shining   like    the  golden Meru  mountain  ,
Ravana stood on the top of the spire  like the serpent Vasuki,
Standing on the Meru mountain  , to win over    the wind god.

6863.On  the five elements  intertwined     with the ten directions  ,
And on  all the worlds that   were   surrounding this world  ,
He was spreading the shade    of his kingship  ,
And his regal umbrella shed light on him making  everyone  surprised.

6864.On the top of     tall  lustrous long   black mountain ,
Ravana ’s upper cloth  which was similar to  the  falling stream,
In the wing generated by    the Cowries  slightly moved here and there.

6865.The  Urvasi belonging to heaven  , the Thilothama   who was   like Goddess  Lakshmi,
 Who lives  In the scented   lotus flower  , The Menaka with the red mouth  ,
Rambha belonging  to a great family, as well as   all the deva maidens,
For giving more prettiness to Sita     stood  very  near to Ravana.

6866.Ravana   went  systematically accompanied   by  fourteen thousand ladies,
Who were  born when the ocean of milk was churned  and who all had ,
Cheeks like the Veezhi(red coloured) fruit   and  shoulders  like bamboo.

6867.He   had bent long teeth  like    the crescent of moon    seen from a cave,
On both sides  of his lips which gave light luster   on his ornaments  ,
And he was like a  mountain with  cloud   which wore ear globes  ,
And was wearing   a garland of blue  gems  on his     shoulders.

6868.Sage Narada    with his Veena which can raise    sweet music was playing ,
The nectar   of Sama Veda  , and with   very knowledgable   people   were  reading  ,
Great books  , but these   though entered   in to his ears  ,  did not reach his mind  ,
But came out   of his     ear itself and his  mind was chanting  “Sita, Sita”,
And his      soul   was getting     eroded with great  passion    for her.

6869. At that   spot there were  one hundred   crore Asuras    who  had cruel hands,
Who carried sword, spear as well as bow   and whose    strength  ,
Would not get reduced     even if   they happened to fight  with Lord Shiva  ,
And those Asuras   were having red eyes due to rising anger   and  stood on both sides.

6870. There were   hundred crores of Asuras    ,
who  with their pretty hands  uproot   the worlds,
Who have   been  primary citizens    of the city of Lanka     since it was founded  ,
And who never do    any harm to   their king   
Walking on both sides of Ravana   carrying      shining    bows.

6871.There were among them    people who work on earth  , people ,
Who travel on the sky  and    they were  playing  Beri . Murudu   with pretty eyes,
Small drum  and all   the instruments    that people like   , which were  ,
Like the sound of   Rakshasas  moving about among water rich clouds.

6872.The maids of the serpent world   who had eyes which scare  even poison  ,
The very shy  Vidhyadhara ladies whose waist made  even  the vanchi climber  scared,
And the deva  maidens   who talk  pretty words   with sweet taste       ,
Sang the  sweet  Panchama  Tune   and danced   to that tune.

6873.  He was surrounded by the fearsome   shirt wearing   security   guards,
Who had eyes that spit poison  , who were    holding the weapon called mace   in their hands  ,
Who had words   which made  even clouds    get  scared   and fall on the ground,
And who had    red mouth    of the colour    of Murukka   flowers.

6874.The  broad  shoulders   of Ravana  cannot be   compared   to the eight mountains  ,
 Proving there is nothing comparable      to them   and the scented   pastes   applied there  ,
With  their   perfume mixed   in air used to come and tell    about his coming in advance just like spies.

6875. There   were ten thousand people     who were  there,   who were   holding a staff,
Who had eyes   that looks at others with fire sparks  , Who keep on walking  without rest,
And who knew the tricks of guarding   the palace     and were guarding   Ravana.

6876.   On the spire    of the gem studded   decorated   door way of the    fort  ,
Ravana  stood   like  a black cloud pregnant    with water   and he saw  with his pride filled eyes,
The personification of four  Vedas  and lord  of those  Vedas  , Lord Vishnu,
 And who is Lord Rama      who is    causal being searched   by   those Vedas.

6877. Ravana seeing Rama with anger bit his lips  and  flew in to great rage  ,
And  small fire sparks came  out of his eyes   and at that time   due to his great anger  ,
A sound like thunder emanated from all   directions , his mind burnt,
Along with his all   his  very strong  ten shoulders  twitched.

6878. Ravana seeing Lord  Rama thus became mentally upset  and Seethed  ,
Like  the very fast Rahu   who goes  near    and fights  with,
The  very lustrous sun in the sky who was    blood  red in colour  .

6879.”The very different looking one is definitely Rama as his body itself tells  about it,
And so leaving out telling about him  , please tell   the valour  ,
Of the other commanders  “asked    Ravana    and then Charana   told.

6880.Charana pointing to Lakshmana    told  , “He is Lakshmana  ,
Who when informed   by Soorpanakha    that    she is your sister  ,
Took a sword  in his pretty hands  and cut off  ,
Her breasts  , nose     as well   as     ears.”

6881.”That  Lakshmana  does not look    at any law which is not Dharmic,
He  is like  the mountain at the horizon   which has   the  black sea in it  ,
And  he flies in great rage   which can be called  the sleep that cannot be removed.’

6882.:Oh Lord  ,He is so blessed that  Rama with his  hand held   his hand in love  ,
And is Sugreeva  , the son of Sun God    who fought    With Vali,
Making this entire   world tremble  and is famous  for his prowess in war.”

6883.”The   one near  to Sugreeva is Angadha   and is as  strong as his father  Vali,
Who is the one   who with his  pretty big strong   shoulders   churned  ,
Using Mandhara  mountain   and using Vasugi as  rope ,
And helped    the Devas    get  nectar   from the ocean of milk.”

6884,”The one who is walking   nearby   is the one who followed  the Sun God,
And is similar to Lord Varaha  who picked the world by his bent teeth  ,
Who had crossed   the ocean and came to Lanka   and you have   already   seen him.”

6885.”This Neela who is standing there   is the son    of the God    of fire  ,
Though it is clearly known   he does  not have   the strong trident   and the rope  ,
In destroying others  , he is termed as the strong Shiva  
Who swallowed the  poison   and also God of death.

6886.”The one who stands there   alone in Nala who is like a mountain,
And even before    the fire of anger cooled    down in the mind of Rama  ,
Because Varuna     did not    give him the way  , He built   the bund across    the wide sea.”

6867.”There stands the king of all bears  Jambavan   who can tell   past , present and future,
By his wisdom and he was existing  from the time    when Devas churned the sea   and got the poison,
And in spite   living    for so many years  , he is capable  of uprooting the seven worlds.”

6888.”Near the  commander in chief   who is like a dark mountain, stand ,
Two people who are like  two stable golden mountain , are   as strong as  ,
Rama and Lakshmana     in that entire Army  and are the sons of Doctors  of Devas.”

6889.”That One in the centre   is known as Kumudha. One who stands,
Next to him is Kumudaksha,The one   on the other side  , Gavaksha.
The other one is  the famous  Kesari who is the father   of  the great wealth Hanuman,
Who is said to be Lord   Shiva and also Lord Brahma. He is of   great prowess.”

6890.That one is Murabha  who has lustrous   shoulders   who has nails , teeth  and hands ,
Like  the Lord Narasimha  and   who sheds light like lightning    and that is Sarabha  ,
Who wears   many great garlands   and  if he  desires he  can uproot anything  ,
And here    is the  great one called Sathabali.”

6891.There stands Panasa   who though he does not have three eyes,
Is like Lord Shiva who burnt the three   cities, The   one who stands,
First in the first row  of the army  is Vrushabha and the one  ,
Who is opposite to him   is Sushena   who possesses great knowledge.

  6892.Dadhimukha   who is standing left of Sugreeva  , the son of Sun God ,
Is the one who reduced   the burden of the  back of the earth   ,
By uprooting many hills with bamboo forests  and who is fiercer  that fire when angry,
And the one there   Shankha    who is like     a lion.”

6893. “Oh great one   please   hear .Does that army of monkeys ,
Has any comparison or limitation in number even if   we count,
The number of stars in the sky   or fishes in the sea,
Or   the sand in the beach , it is not possible to count them.”

6894. The very strong  Ravana then   got angry   and smiled, looked at that spy,
And said,  “It looks that you are   praising    the monkeys who wander  about,
In small gardens What can  the herds of deer  who wander   about  in different  ,
Forests   do to a Lion  “ Said he teasingly.

11,Maguda Banga Padalam

Chapter of  breaking of the    crown.

(Sugreeva jumps to the tower  on which Ravana was standing has a big fight with hi.At the end he snatches the crown of Ravana   jumps back and keeps that crown on the feet of Rama.)

6895.When Ravana was talking like this to the spy  , Rama   looked at Brother of Ravana,
And asked  , “Please tell me   about those  Rakshasas   who have come to see  our strength  ,
And are standing on the indestructible   compound walls which are very tall,
Who have completely hidden the sky   , in the   proper  sequence.”

6896.”The  Ravana oif evil activities   is the one who has climbed   on the spire  ,
Who is in between   the  famous  deva   maidens like   Thilothama  ,
Who is bent upon transplanting   all  his relatives   and clan members  ,
Who are the seedlings   in the hell   and  has already prepared   the hell for it.”

6897.Even before Vibheeshana could think anything further   and tell  ,
Some other thing  , With sparks of fire    coming out his eyes due to anger  ,
Sugreeva  ,  the son of Sun God , just like Hanuman    who is  like the Vedas ,
Who when his mother   told that his food is the    red fruit  , jumped ,
On the Sun thinking   that he  is the red fruit, jumped on Ravana.

6898.He  left the top of Suvela mountain  which   touched   the stars  in the sky,
Breaking all his greatr abilities   and jumped    at   Ravana the mountain  ,
Just like his father   who spreads    his red rays of light    everywhere ,
Jumping from the    mountain of sun rise    to mountain of sun set.

6899.Like water   flowing     to the place   lower down  , the Trikoota mountain,
Bent on the  earth   and got dejected  , Sugreeva reached   on the spire of Ravana  ,
And thinking   of Sita who was    shedding tears  like flood from her eyes  ,
Went with the speed of the mind  and was comparable to Jatayu  ,
The  king of hawks    who jumped   and attacked    Ravana.

6900. Those heavenly maidens who had   big eyes   were seeing Rama   who was of the colour  
Of  the black cloud   and who was  a pretty mercy   of ocean, and who were greatly happy  ,
And also other maidens  felt as if a huge thunder fell    on their mountain,
And ran to all directions  like the sacred    crowd of peacocks.

6901.The son of  Sun who removes black darkness  Sugreeva  , when he    saw  ,
The Very powerful Ravana   went before him   and like  Lord Shiva  ,
Who stood   against    the Halahala poison   when the sea was churned,
And stood there  like a  golden mountain standing before a  blue mountain.

6902.When Ravana   asked   him,  “why have you come in this direction?”,
Sugreeva without replying him jumped on him  and hit    at the chest  of Ravana,
Who had  twenty  broad shoulders due to winning over the eight directions ,
Making him shiver   , using   his   two hands   with great lot of force.

6903.Then Ravana with unjustified anger   and with     great enmity  looked at him,
With eyes giving out   fire sparks   by   his twenty hands   which were on all his sides,
Like a  forest with trees   and  beat him and that  sound echoed  in all ten directions.

6904.From the body that   was hit by Ravana  blood started coming out drop by drop,
And Sugreeva with great anger   went in front of Ravana  , joined his body with him,
Rose up with very great speed   and kicked at the    ten heads of Ravana,
Over which he was wearing   a crown and kicked on his face also.

6905.Ravana   within a second caught hold   of the two legs   of Sugreeva  ,
And making him suffer greatly  , using several  powerful techniques   of wrestling 
Made Sugreeva faint  like a lion attacking  an elephant in rut  ,
Put him on the white washed   floor and rubbed him with   his powerful legs.

6906.Sugreeva   caught  tightly held of  body of Ravana   who rubbed   him on the floor  ,
With great strength  with smoke coming out   and pressed   him on the ground ,
And made blood come out   of the mouth guarded by  teeth  of the shape crescents,
Which gushed out like    blood coming out of the cave  , And Sugreeva drank it.

6907.Ravana  who is black like Kajal , picked up   the body of Sugreeva  ,
Who was like a  Meru mountain    and   who drank his blood,
Caught   hold of him like a cruel poisonous snake by his various hands,
And started rotating him  dashing him on all    eight mountains  producing fire.

6908.Sugreeva   who was like  Lord Shiva    who burnt   the walls  of Tripura  in an instant ,
Hit  hard with his fists   on chest of Ravana    who rotated  him  , making nail marks there  ,
And nearing Ravana   with   his thick and long hands  caught hold of his waist  ,
And rotated him   and  Ravana fainted  and Sugreeva threw   him in side    the moat.

6909. Ravana    who climbed swiftly from the moat so that   he can  prevent ,
Sugreeva , who pushed   him in the moat    from running    way  ,
And pushed  speedily  Sugreeva   in that same moat   that he fell  inside 
And Sugreeva came up to  fight with him    and neared   Ravana  ,
And both of them rolling     fell in to   another   moat.

6910.  They who fell in the moat   became angry   rotated to right as well as left,
They pressed  as well as not pressed themselves on each other’s  bodies 
They neared each other  , did not go near    but   rose up  .
Without getting up opposed   and though   for little time   , it appeared,
AS if the war    has stopped, it would not stop and without  knowing ,
Anything happening outside they went on   fighting with   each other.

6911. That Sugreeva who was the son of Sun God    travelling in the sky  ,
Making the moat in to ocean of milk  ,and churned    with his pretty hands,
That merciless Asura who was spinning as if he was caught  in a whirlpool,
Similar to the   Mandhara   mountain  and Sugreeva was  like Vali who churned.

6912. The Blood from the wounded   body    flowed like two rivers ,
Whose banks  have been broken and the Sugreeva   and Ravana ,
Who were   fighting in the moat   were fighting  like hawk and eagle  ,
And   rose   up in the sky   and the people seeing  it got scared   and ran away.

6913.Sugreeva     the son of Sun God   who was fighting   at a distance in the sky,
Hugging several  flower   decked shoulders    the   greatly enraged    Ravana  
Who   was of colour  of cloud   and who was as strong as  Meru mountain 
And he appeared  like his father the Sun with the planets   going round it.

6914. When they were   both greatly enraged   and fighting on the sky  ,
Ravana  was hiding the luster rising from body of Sugreeva   by  tightly ,
Holding him with his twenty hands   and was like   the cloud,
Which hides   The Sun who had     very hot   rays  .

6915, That Sugreeva   who was like  Lord Vishnu with his upper part resembling lion 
And who was    the    son of the  very hot    Sun God   jumped separately,
Breaking the huge   spire   and making   the ladies with anklet   wail  ,
And the entire city of the enemy   becoming scared  and upset.

6916.Running after    the thunder   which fell without breaking  , with teeth  like lightning  ,
Falling like a cloud   and getting  progressively  enraged  Thinking “I will eat him”.,
That big Asura   came after Sugreeva   and caught  his two hands   with his two hands.

6917.The Sugreeva who was standing  with great strength     fought with Ravana    who came,
Making even the God of death scared,He rubbed him on the earth  and then Ravana ,
Picked up Sugreeva as if he was a  machine  and threw him   with greay  speed,
And like a ball   coming back, Sugreeva  came back and again fought    with him.

6918.Both of them   fell on the ground   and fought    spreading in  various directions ,
Like the   fire which spreads    everywhere, they   both flew in to great rage,
With  one hitting with fist the other, the   walls broke , The   very tall  ,
Mountains   got powdered and   the compound  walls of the city broke.

6919.Rotating like a wind fan  it was not clear    where their bodies were ,
It was not possible to know    whether    the separated ones  joined   again,
And alo who threw whom , who neared   whom , to those Asuras standing there,
Even the   Gods in the sky watching the fight   became  depressed.

6920.When such a great matchless    event    was happening , Rama  of the colour of the cloud,
Not able to see his friend who was like the deathless soul   or his  coming back, thought,
“All that I wanted to do   along with you   have   been destroyed”
And with great   confusion , with depressed mind  became tired and fell down.

6921.”Oh friend , since my sensibilities and yours are same  , your soul has merged with mine  ,
Without you  , if I continue to be alive, no work  could be completed by me and also by your act,
You have pushed all the Devas   in great sorrow and have given  great joy to the  Asuras,
And by your great anger  has  thus done   great harm to me  .”

6922.”Oh helper   , who gave me hope that  I would be able to recover  Lady Sita,
You have been caught by Ravana   who had cruel weapons given by god  ,
And also power of illusion  ,How can you escape from his    clutches?
Even if you   give me all the seven worlds , can I hope   to live ?”

6923,” If you are   killed by  that evil  natured   Ravana  , the act   that  I undertook,
Would end up in a different way and Now I would not    continue    to live,
I cannot afford    to hear that  you are  not there and the bad  name,
Of not being able to save you from enemy   would also  come to me  ,
And so    you are going to be    the one who killed me in the battle field.”

6924.”Even if you happen to die  , I would keep myself alive   and uproot,
All   the clans of Asuras    from this world   and then would die  but then,
People would tell that  that Rama   having forgotten    his soul like friend,
Is participating   in war  , What  a     hard mind he has? And  so I will not kill the Asuras also.”

6925.”Oh sir  , to me who is in pitiable state  , you did an act that   will destroy me  ,
And  having parted from you   who has done a help  that can never  go away ,
From my mind  I would not live. Unless I return back to Ayodhya   ,
With this complete army of seventy Vellams , would this sorrow  go away from me?’

6926.When Rama was  pitying like this  , Ravana and Sugreeva    who were  unable ,
To win or get defeated   were fighting with each other, Sugreeva taking ,
Away   using his    strength  all the gems   in the crown of  Ravana  
Making Ravana feeling ashamed that, “It is better   for me to die  “, came back .”

6927.Sugreeva   kept the heap of gems   taken away    from the crowns,
In which the best of the gems have been studded  , at the feet   of Rama,
Who was crying and depressed  due to his absence and saluted him  ,
And feeling shy   stood near by and then   the seventy vellam  army,
Along with Rama   and Lakshmana    again got their  souls back.

6928.Rama hugged his great friend Sugreeva   and cleaned   him  by bathing him,
In  his tears  that were flowing from his lotus like  big eyes of the   act of touching  ,
The ignorant Ravana who was bleeding  from his  bone deep    wounds  .

6929. That Rama   who was shedding   stream like     clear tears    from his own eyes,
Looked at his friend said, ”Your act of  going away   split my heart    in to two,
And my soul  started  moving in and out   of my body   and  my body also stopped moving.
You being one who   takes actions after  deep thought    had done this suddenly” and also told.

6930.”Oh Sugreeva who has shoulders   bigger than the mountain , if you had ,
Been killed by that Ravana who is bereft of mercy  , I who had not given up my soul,
Even If I manage  to win and destroy Ravana along with his relatives,
By doing a cruel war   aimed at victory by rain of arrows , Still I would have lost,.”

6931. “When one concentrates the mind and sees  , does not  the greatness  and valour  ,
The very pretty  heroic culture  , all originate    from patience ?
You   seem to have forgotten our great need for you   and bad name that  may come to us,
And for spoiling  the present life and life after   death , What did you do without thinking?”

6932.”In this state  , without returning   back here speedily  , if you go on delaying  ,
I would think that some evil has occurred to you   and I would also have died.
And following me   all the beings on earth would  also have died,
What is the use of Sita with a pretty forehead? What is the  use of this world?
And what is the use  of our coming here   to fight  ?, Oh great male  ,
By your playful nature    you have   done an erroneous    act  .”

6933.When Rama told like this  Sugreeva told , “ I do not have   the prowess  ,
Like the king of Hawks   to   do valorous   deeds   in the mid of the forest,
I would not show desire  to go hospitable  deeds like Guha in the city,
Inspite of seeing Sita with a parrot like voice   being abducted  by Ravana  ,
I did not get her back to you  .Also I have  not brought  ,
The ten heads of Ravana   back to you and have come bare handed.”

6934,”To you   who has killed  my enemy Vali and gave me my life  and kingdom,
I have left   Ravana   without killing  so that   you can kill him yourself ,
And  I am leading a life of sorrow    without doing proper   help ,
To the proper people   and so   when your great enemy    is still alive  ,
Just  like  a monkey   I was interested   in doing some thing against your enemy  ,
And possibly    I have done harm to  your praiseworthy deeds.”

6935. “Did not my weak shoulders   become inferior   to   the   elephants of directions,
Who have eyes more red than the copper   which  jumped on him with great anger  ?
Saying that I would go even before your arrows reach  and destroy your enemy,
With a    upset mind  ,  I have returned    safely without any problems.”

6936. “Your great emissary  Hanuman   who can by the power  of his speech,
The greatness     of the books that   he has   learned  , in a greatly contested war,
Showed the power of his tail   those   who came to show the power of their spear  ,
And those    who came to show   the power of their bow  in this great city of Lanka,
And I went in side the same city   and showed them the power   of my legs
Is there any limit     to the prowess  of your   hands. .”

6937..When  the king of monkeys   with a bent head in salutations   and with great shame,
Told several such words   before  the king of kings    Rama  , Vibheeshana  ,
Who was   wearing several ornaments   which were shining like lightning in the sea 
Looked at Sugreeva as well as the pretty Rama   and told the following.

6938.”The gems that you had brought back   were shining   on the crown  ,
Placed on the head of Ravana   and is there anything greater   than,
What is placed   at the top of his head, for he considers   them,
Even greater   than  his   soul  and by bringing them  here,
You have completely uprooted all his fame and brought   them here.”

6939.Just like one desiring   to   separate and bring   the   serpent gems   from the hoods,
Of Adhi Sesha   is the job of standing before Ravana    who can remove any one ,
Using his feet   wearing heroic anklets  and take away these matchless   gems  ,
From his garlanded     crowns and would be   difficult   for even,
Lord Shiva riding    on the bull . Is there  a more  valorous act than this?”

6940. “Oh  Sugreeva with shoulder   decorated   by gems  , even if it  is  the  white crescent  ,
With stains , on the head of  Lord Shiva   or the Kausthubha gem on the chest ,
Of Lord Vishnu which  is like big blue gem  , they can be brought  ,
But    bringing the gem   from the ten headed  Ravana   is more difficult and greater  victory.

6941.”Oh Lord of the monkeys who has shining gem studded  armlets  on his shoulders,
Have you  not snatched the head jewels Ravana   who got  the  Chandrahasa ,
Which was studded with selected gems   and diamonds     from Lord Shiva  ?
You have  put the foundation gem    of   the victory that Rama  is  going to attain?
Is there    any  other words of praise   for the acts   that you have done?”

6942.Rama who was happy  on hearing the praise of Sugreeva by  Vibheeshana  ,
Said,” I did not feel   that your act is not victorious  nor an act   which does not merit ,
Praise  on the valiant  heroes. Who else except  lord Vishnu who carried ,
The earth on his tusk can do this   so quickly  ?”  said he  again   and again.

6943.  The  Sun God   saw  that his matchless  son   snatched  several glittering gems  ,
From the crown of   the victorious    Ravana    from the world he   is in  .
Thinking that   something undesirable may happen ,
Like one who got scared  and wanted to hide , prepared   to go behind  the mountain of sun set.

6944. As soon as the night fell , with gems   of the crown of Ravana  giving ,
Sufficient light like a lamp  , thinking in his mind of the    great victory,
Achieved  by Sugreeva    the son Sun God with red rays  , Rama ,
With  a rising shoulders  got down from the Suvela  mountain  and went in to his tent.

6945.Ravana    who has never experienced any time   such a    sorry state of affairs,
Thinking that  the distressing incident caused  by Sugreeva was seen by the  Devas  of the sky,
And feeling greatly  ashamed, feeling as if the look of   all ladies surrounding him,
Was like that of males  , Dying without   really dying ,

Similar to his fame going down, got   down    from that tall spire. 

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