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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 8

Yudha Kandam (contd)

20.Padai thalaivar   Vadhai Padalam

Chapter   on killing of Captains   of the army  .

(Ravana decides to punish Dhoomraksha and Mahaparswa   who deserted Indrajit. Then the Rakshasa  warrior chiefs convince him that   he has not done any great wrong.All the Rakshasa chiefs are  killed   in the battle.There isa scene in Valmiki Ramayana where   the monkey army sets fire to Lanka.)

8302. The Rakshasa warriors who heard    the great noise   made  by the monkeys,
Played the drum and very much interested in going to war  , became angry  ,
And looked at Ravana whose chest was   decorated  by flower   garland  ,
And asked him leave to  go and he angrily  looked at them and said.

8303.”Dhoomraksha   and Mahaparswa had met me and asked my,
Permission to  go to the battle  and I saw them sweetly   and asked  them,
To go to the war  and my emissaries who could not tolerate  this  ,
Said, “Oh king , please    hear   what they have done” in a clear manner.

8304.”When our ocean like army   consisting of   horses  , chariots  ,
Elephants and foot soldiers   was completely destroyed   and,
Our Lord Indrajit    was fighting all alone    without bothering about it ,
Saying  in an unintelligible manner “arrows, arrows  of Lakshmana” ,
Those two ran away from the battle field   and possibly,
They have again come    to show you their valour.”

8305.As soon as they told like that  , Ravana    who is used to do evil deeds,
With anger    which was like flames of fire   said to them,
“is this their type of service  ,Catch hold    of them.”

8306.When Ravana  told like this  , his servants  called Kinkaras,
Caught hold of Dhoomraksha    and Mahaparswa   who had run away,
From the battle field   and Ravana    told  , “do not  kill them  but  ,
Keep in your mind what I am going to tell you now.”

8307.”First cut off their rising nose  which they  use to smell,
And take them all over the town playing a    big drum,
By short    sticks   and announce  “These people  ,
Have run away scared of the war.”,
And there   is no  need    for you to do anything else.”

8308.Immediately   those Knkaras     who had  sharp swords  ,
Rushed to obey the order  and went  to cut the nose of those two,
And then a Rakshasa commander called Mali looked at Ravana ,
Told , “Oh Lord who merits great praise, this is not proper”   and prevented the act.

8309.”In the pretty war  those who lose courage    due to fear ,
Later  winning  in fierce   war  or dying without   achieving  victory,
Are   the events that come from old times.
Who are there   in this world  who have   stable  masculinity ?”

8310.”Oh king , were you not knowing incidents    which happened ,
Differently   ? Have not  Devas  and  the  army of Rakshasas ,
Who have come to fight with us  , been defeated?,
Has not   Indra   became scared at us  ?Please think about it.”

8311. “Oh my father,   Varuna shivered   till he got   your grace  ,
And was leaving deep breaths and shivering  and when that   is so  ,
These who have the culture of dark evil   have not  done a big crime?
And if  you think   properly   the punishment that you gave   is not fair.”

8312.”Oh great expert   Our very wide   army of forty Vellams  ,
Have died   in this war  and  only Indrajit  , Dhoomraksha  ,
And Mahaparswa    came back alive  ,
And now who can be more valorous    than these two.”

8313..”Oh best among  males, The Naga pasa lost   its power,
And has been destroyed  and half of our army has   also been destroyed ,
You have gone to  war on first day and returned and would you ,
Cut the long nose of these two who stood  ,
With your    son till    the end?”

8314.’Just by hearing the name    of Lakshmana  , many Rakshasas,
Would    get confused   and go  and close   the door of   the ocean,
 If you are going to cut    all   their noses , would ,
The seven oceans  be sufficient and even if    you  cut  ,
Till the   deluge    all the   noses   cannot be cut.”

8315.  “Getting scared     of a great war , many who were   defeated by him,
Had saluted   Hanuman who came as emissary and  they are  ,
All standing without any harm and more   than,
Half of our Army of Rakshasas   are keeping their nose.”

8316.”Suppose   you do not release   Sita , in the dense war  ,
That will take place  , who would be there   who do not  get scared and run away?
Just because people   do not say that Rama  and Lakshmana who are experts  
In fierce war   have not been killed, would you cut off,
The noses    of all those     who had gone      to the battle.?’

8317.By hearing the words of Mali Ravana got calmed     down,
And knowing that  Those two lost their mental balance,
And knowing well the state  of mind of Ravana  ,
With anger and red eyes, they told  several things,
About their state   of affairs.

8318. “Oh Lord who is like our father , your son  became tired in war  ,
And not only that   , he went speedily  in the sky like lightning,
And did acts    of illusion  and has    reached this town and managed to live.

8319. “ Oh Lord who knows nature  of strength  , either  by today  ,
Or tomorrow and without postponing it to   the third day,
WE would kill the enemies  like butter  poured  in a copper lamp.”

8320.”After sending us for war   you  would    either hear that,
They died after   fighting cruel war   or they  got destroyed  the enemies,
But would not hear   that   we have been defeated”
And like this they took an oath   of sacrificing their life.”

8321.”Along with them Ravana sent   lustrous    weapons   and also,
Ten vellam of the army  of Rakshasas  and he also sent  ,
Elephant army  , chariot army and foot soldiers  to suit that number.”

8322-8323..Along with Yagna Shatru   who is enemy of fire sacrifices ,
Suryashatru   the enemy of Sun who comes on the sky  ,
Mali  who wears anklets  , the   cruel Pisacha ,
The Vajrajit     who has teeth harder    than diamond,
Mahaparswa    and dhoomralochana   went   to the war and
As per    the  orders of Ravana    who had won the seven worlds  ,
Elephants in  rut induced trance  , chariots   and  horses  followed,
And they went like   mountains  marching towards   war.

 8324. When the march  along with the army   the dust rose and hid the sky  ,
And also covered eyes of Devas  and    due to that they were not able to see,
The end of the army   and no one knew  properly  the constitution of that army.

8325. With the chariots  speedily   moving like wind,
With  Elephants  which were  like  mountains    with legs  ,
Along with flags    flying above  resembling    the white tides  ,
With swords   waving like fishes , that army looked like a sea.

8326. The drums made sound   resembling   the sound,
Made by the huge     sea surrounding the world  ,
The elephants were trumpeting    , possibly competing ,
With    the clouds   and   the sound of horses resembled the rain.

8327, The killer elephants   instead of  walking   in the footsteps  ,
Of the marching   army  , stood  in the same place  ,
Without  obeying    the trainers   and  moved  one ,
After another like mountains wearing    a mask.

8328.The huge elephants in rut which are   surrounded by crows,
Due to the   rut induced trance    extended   their  long trunk  ,
Towards   the sky  ,  sipped the excess    water in the clouds  ,
And prevented    water    from going    to the clouds.

8329.The   shine   of several weapons   which were rising up  ,
The shine of the new  ornaments worn by the warriors  ,
The  light from decorations done to chariot  , horses   and elephants  ,
And the light  of golden garlands ,   due   to being   too much,
The   darkness   of the all   the eight directions were  removed.

8330.Rama seeing  that the enemy army that  was marching towards them  ,
Became  very angry and asked Vibheeshana  “ Is the one    coming here  ,
The one who  won  by using illusion.? Please tell me .”
Vibheeshana who knew clearly as to   who was coming told  .

8331, “The one  who is like  the lion living in a cave   who comes  ,
Desiring   a cruel war  , who has  curved teeth  like the split moon  ,
Who makes sound which would powder   the    collection of   sound of thunders,
Who has    several arrows    which spit fire ,quiver  tied on his back,
Holding a bow and coming  on a chariot
Making sound  like thunder is Mahaparswa.”

8332. “ The one   who has red hair like fire , who has eyes   capable of destroying,
Who  is of red colour  , who is capable   of drinking   the soul  of his enemies ,
Who has a big smiling   mouth  , who is licking    the bottom of his mouth  ,
And who comes     riding   on a golden chariot   is  Dhoomraksha.”

8333.”The one    who talks like a mad person ,  who holds   the trident  ,
Who  has a very strong chariot  ,   who has a body like a mountain  ,
And who seems to say “this head of mine is yours”   is Vajrajit.”

8334,” The one who is having   matchless   horse with white   flowing mane,
Which has   more    speed   than the mind    as well as wind,
Who bites his lips  ,  who shouts like ocean  and who has ,
A spear   that can get victory   over the Devas  is Pisacha.”

8335.  “Oh Lord  ,  He who has a  lustrous    chariot   who has  a voice ,
Louder than the  boom of the sea   and  who is  more angry than fire  ,
Is Suryashatru  and  he who has  eyes which give out  
Blood and fire  is the Yagnasathru.”

8336.The  one   who has   a well maintained     horse   army ,
Which is like the spike   of red paddy , who  is short tempered  by nature,
Who has advanced in penance  and who comes   on a chariot,
Is the  one called Mali , “ said Vibheeshana after   saluting    feet of Rama.

8337.After    greeting Rama who is greatly pure ,   the sea   of the monkey army  ,
Making huge sound   went before the  Rakshasa  enemy   and  later  ,
Both armies  got engaged   in a war   and seeing that   the Devas ,
Unable   to go away from there  , with a shivering body   ,
And depressed mind  , sweated   all over their body   and were  nervous.

8338.The monkey army    threw stones   like the   cloud   with thunder  ,
At   the time of deluge   and the    bows of   the Asuras    sprayed  arrows,
 And   they like like the  thunder falling   from the clouds   on the mountain,
Broke the teeth of the monkeys  and their heads   also were   shattered.

8339. With the elephants    in rut dying    with   the horses with stirrups   dying  ,
With the chariots   with broad wheels     which are being pulled    breaking  ,
The  body  of Asura army  was  also   being destroyed  , making  ,
People assume that   hood of Adhisesha    would also be destroyed,
By the  rain of    stone     by the   monkeys.

8340. The   speedily   thrown arrows    of the shape    of the wheel,
Along with  the monkeys  who never get tired   of killing   who had  ,
Long arms and where   were  carrying    the mountain , Along with,
Long legs     which were  standing with stability  ,along with  long,
Straight   tails indicating amger  and with mountains   and trees,
Kept ready for hurling  went    further.

8341. The thomaras  thrown by the hands    of those   who ride  ,
In the horse army , were able to cross directions   and jump  like mind,
Tore the bodies   of the chiefs   of the monkey armies   who had,
Great  masculinity   and fell   on the ground  and made   them split.

8342.  The mountains thrown   by the crowds   of the monkeys  ,
Making sound “kal”  , crushed  the flags    tied   on the pretty chariots,
With wheels  ,  broke the teeth and cut the head of charioteers  ,
And also   broke the bows   and neck of evil asuras  and  also  kill elephants.

8343. The Spear with a  leaf shape  thrown by Rakshasas   riding  on horses .,
On the monkeys  went inside    the bodies of the tall  monkeys  ,
Who were  walking in front   of the army like the snakes  whose  ,
Eyes are  their ears   entering   in to mountain caves which were  like water pots.

8344. The elephants    in the trance  induced by rut  would catch ,
Monkeys    by their tail and beat them  and  those  monkeys  ,
Which escape would catch    the legs of elephants    and pull them,
And those fearful monkeys would catch  the shields thrown  by Asuras ,
Hit the Asuras with them  and   the asuras    with cruel eyes  ,
Would      throw the      spear    and kill those  monkeys.

8345. The crowd of monkeys which   were   coming in the front 
Threw  with great speed   mountains and being hit by them  ,
The black sea   of Asura army  fell down in the field  and  ,
The arrows    sent    by those   evil asuras    struck the monkeys
 Making their heads showing teeth    being cut  ,
And this way    the   ocean of  army    soldiers   got destroyed.

8346.  Due to the breaking of the axles   of golden chariots , the strong horses,
Found it impossible     to pull those chariots similar   to poverty  ,
Which makes them thin reaching   one family   , makes them,
Not able to give   something to others   and later eat ,
And makes   them caught   in the domestic life which stops their breath.

8347.The cruel elephants because   of death of people    sitting over them,
Without getting tired   started   roaming in the red    water  of blood  ,
And this was similar to a boat roaming about   in the sea ,
After   all the sailors   and servants  riding in it are killed.

8348.Many horses   due to their riders along with their   weapons  ,
Getting destroyed   were caught in the sea of blood and were struggling
And they were  also   slipping down and falling once in a while,
Getting pushed down  , and with  mouth with flowing blood  ,
Looked like  the   northern fire at deluge  , which spits fire.

8349.Due to   the mountains thrown by    the monkey army   falling  on,
Asuras , their big heads  with  teeth   went down in to their belly ,
Making   their   wives who have    closely moved with them for a long time,
Found it   difficult to approach their husbands  to know more  of them.

8350.Dhoomraksha and Hanuman started fighting   one against  ,
The  other and Angadha who was wearing the garland   stopped Mahaparswa  ,
In war and Mali  who brought huge bow    for protection   and Neela  ,
Fought   with great anger and Pisacha   who was capable ,
Of fighting a  big  and fearful war    fought   with Panasa.

8351. The Surya satru    fought   directly    with the son of Sun god,
And  the fire spitting Yagna satru   fought   with Lakshmana  ,
The younger    brother  of Rama  and  Rishabha fought with Vajrajit .

8352.   The Rakshasas    who had cruel eyes   and white teeth   fought ,
With the   leaders among valorous lion like leaders   of the monkey clan ,
Fought    with each other  with anger  and fierce manner  ,
Making the devas   who had     come to witness  the  war greatly scared.

8353.When these   events were  happening , out of the   ten vellam  ,
Asuras   who had lustrous    white teeth   , monkey warriors
Killed six vellam of them  in the battle field   and ,
The remaining    four vellam soldiers    were  killed   by Lakshmana.

8354. The flow of blood which reached    the salty water of the sea,
Did not appear to have mixed with that and because of that ,
The entire sea making great noise   appeared  like molten copper  ,
And the   pearls in that sea   looked like    red seeds  on them,
And   the fishes roaming  there without food appeard like corals  .

8355. When the sea   with the noisy water   was  looking like blood  ,
The gems of various types  and of various colours   found in the sea ,
All appeared  red  and the pearls    that were rolling  out of the tusks ,
Of mountain like elephants in rut   as well as conches  and pearls  ,
All became red    and it was    difficult to know   them separately.

8356.   When   that   earth shaking cruel    war    was progressing  ,
The Sun   with its red rays   which appeared to be like healthy and pretty  hands,
  Destroyed    the elephant of huge darkness  ,  appeared to have seven times,
Taken  bath  in that blood water     and had     risen   up.

8357.When Rama the Sun drove away    the Rakshasa   called   darkness  ,
The sun with his hot rays   to remove the darkness   appearing outside ,
And it appeared as if there   were two suns   which  brought  ,
Light    to the world   so that   the world could  be clearly seen.

8358, When the darkness which appeared   stable went away  ,
The  mountains   and oceans which were   spread  ,
On the limitless    earth   were   clearly seen   and was  similar,
To   the sea of blood with blood as waves   with  ,
Several mountain like    reddish  elephant mountains   floating on it.

8359.In the morning after sun rise  ,   the face   of   those dead  in the ,
Bloody water which does not go from earth  , in the slushy mud created by fat,
The  arrows which were like   insects with dots and stripes appeared,
Like lotus flowers    which had been opened   by  the sun and  appeared pretty .

8360.Chariots    elephants    as well as horses   were lying   mixed,
Everywhere   in the battle field   and they were   lying there as if ,
The world of Devas, planes  , clouds  , other worlds  and mountains,
Due   to torrential winds have fallen down there    during  the time of deluge.

8361. The Rakshasis   who had face  like the moon    that goes round ,
During  the  night , Inner  lips   even more red than fire   and who had,
Tied  Alli(flower)   garlands   over their hairs   reached   the battle field  ,
And saw   their  husbands    who had been hugged  by them   lying there,
After   leaving their life   and they fell  on them like the creepers ,
And were lying  on their husbands  like a creeper  hugging a  tree.

8362.The Rakshasis with   tender bent waist  , pretty breasts  ,
Red long hair , with  white teeth  which have the nature  of being sad,
Reached the battle field   and instead   of giving  the heads of their,
Loving   husbands   for eating   to the ghosts  , tore the mouth of those  ghosts.

8363. One lady who was wearing   a shoulder   bangle  which is lustrous,
Who went in search of her husband    and   seeing    his body  parts there ,
Collected   and heaped   them in one place   and when small fox 
Took away liver , intestine  and the eyes   and since she    did not have ,
Strength to follow  it  , took deep breaths    and   died.

8364. The ladies   with long sword like  eyes   seeing that the big shoulders  ,
Of their husband  were being   dragged away by foxes   and when  they
Saluted  them   and asked     with friendliness   and chased them,
The    collection of weapons lying there    cut their   legs   ,
And    their  small feet painted  by red cotton juice  pained  and they stood there.

8365. Those Rakshasa  ladies   who had decorated   their   hairs with garlands  ,
And   who had heart that wanted   the welfare   of their husbands  ,
Stood on the tall hill   of dead  bodies searching   their  supporting husbands  ,
Were similar   to the pretty peahen  which  had been  deserted  the peacocks  ,
Who were their   loving friends, searching for them on mountains.

8366.  Some  other  Rakshasis   seeing   that   their great    husbands   had ,
Given up their life in the battle   folding   their   mouth due to great   anger,
In the  battle field , thought that  the other   women had left her teeth mark  ,
On them   during the  love play   and they were   hiding these  ,
By   the  tight lips and   motion less   white teeth  ,
And thought   they will  look in to it     and    became    very angry.

8367. Due  to their husbands losing    their heads    which did many crimes  ,
Though they went near   them  , the Rakshasi  maidens     were  not,
Able to recognize them   and getting bored   they opened their armour  ,
And after seeing their big nail mark   which  was like a flag  ,
On their shoulders  , they     died leaving their souls.

8368. Those Rakshasis who had  eyes which  shed    tears  like   rain earlier ,
Were searching for the  diamond like   bodies  of their   husbands  ,
And entered    the battle    field   and   died getting drowned  ,
In the river of blood   that was flowing from   the big mountain of corpses.

8369.   The tall and great Hanuman   who had pretty    well grown legs,
And Dhoomraksha   with smoke filled      eyes   were fighting ,
And both with spitting fire ,  neither   going forward ,
Or going    backward   were  fighting without achieving   victory.

8370. That  Dhoomraksha   who  was more cruel    than fire  ,
Was like an   angry black cloud   using  his pretty bow  ,
Sent five arrows     which were  like fire,
Aiming  them at   the body of Hanuman ,  the son of Anjana.

8371.As soon as    those arrows    struck  so that they  can,
Be taken out on his strong shoulders   and blood   started ,
Oozing  out like   Veezhi fruit  , that Hanuman   who was ,
As strong as the clouds   wandering at time of deluge  ,
Became very   angry   and destroyed    the chariot of Dhoomraksha.

8372. Due to the destruction of    the big chariot    with wheels,
Dhoomraksha    speedily rose in the sky beautified by the sun,
Along  with a bow   and that   was cut  by the cruel arrow  of Lakshmana ,
And Hanuman   who was directly fighting    with him  ,
Caught hold of him , hugged him and  put him on the earth.

  8373.Hanuman  put the body of that Rakshasa   which was ,
Bigger than the mountain on earth    and with his feet ,
Which was used to jump over   the ocean , he kicked him,
 And  turned and plucked   his head which used ,
To spit   cruel fire   and threw   it in the sea.

8374.Both Mahaparswa and Angadha    who were   fighting  ,
With each other   had  red eyes burning   like a lamp  ,
And were   greatly angry  , letting out deep breath  like smoke,
And with an intention of killing each other , they  were fighting  ferociously.

8375 That Mahaparswa   who came near and was   fighting   shouted ,
In the grip of alcohol   and like an elephant  tied on a strong staff,
Sent  fifty one    cruel arrows resembling speedily throwing  of a mud ball,
So that  it would go and pierce   the wide   chest   of Angadha.

8376-8377That Angadha   who was like the black coloured  angry Rahu and Kethu,
Which creep and go near    the Sun God   picked up by  his strong hands  ,
Mahaparswa   along with his chariot  and   when he   threw them,
On the earth  , that Mahaparswa  threw away his bow  , got down,
From his chariot which was   shining like the sun   and sent a spear ,
Which never    fails to act   like  the curses  of sages,
Aimed at the chest of Angadha made  pretty   by the art of wrestling  .

8378. That  Rama who is the form of all the worlds   thinking ,
That spear   which was not coming   was not a simple one  ,
But the   rope of God of death  , sent an arrow   dipped in poison ,
Which was matchless   so that   the name of the spear is destroyed.

8379,Seeing that Angadha   told that “ the strength   of Rama,
Who measured all the fourteen worlds by two steps was great  “,
And   even before thinking  caught hold  of Mahaparswa   who rose ,
In the sky     and   tore   him in to two pieces.

8380.  The great Mali  and Neela  fought  similar   to the fight ,
Between Narasimha  , the lord of the devas   and Hiranya ,
The king of the Rakshasas and devas showered flowers   and praised them,

8381.When  Neela threw a big stone   he   could break   the bow,
Of Mali   in to two pieces   and Mali took a   lustrous sword ,
Got up in to his chariot   and told Neela “stop”  ,
And went   near   Neela   and started   fighting  .

8382.  When this act was   happening    at that place  then,
The victorious Kumuda     who was   in another   place ,
Took a mountain in his hand  and   threw it on Mali,
Breaking the chariot of Mali  and powdering it.

8383.When Mali   who was fighting with great strength  ,
Who cut off the huge tree   uprooted   by Angadha   and ,
Thrown at    him   , The younger brother of Rama  ,
Who could  remove  difficult to destroy bad Karma   sent arrows ,
For cutting  of his   shoulder   junction    of that  Mali.

8384When Mali saw that   his shoulder holding  the lightning  like ,
Sword was cut off  , he continued    to fight   and Lakshmana  ,who,
Thinking  that a war   fought with   equals is only good,
And this   war  was   not proper   went away   from there.

8385. Those  monkey warriors   who were   standing before  Rama  ,
Who was the   colour   of the water   of the sea  , seeing the act,
Of Lakshmana   who was   famous and holding a bow    told  ,
“who can do such great    acts  “ became happy and further praised.

8386 Lakshmana with very strong shoulders   who was fighting with Yajnasathru  ,
With great anger   in a fierce way and   with a   lustrous    arrow,
He split open the chest    of the Rakshasa killing him ,
Possibly   informing    him that  your life span is only this much.

8387.Lakshmana with a stong broad  chest   with his   sharp arrows,
Broke   the   bow of the enemy of the fire sacrifice which has lustrous fire
Which was rising up, and  along with that  the neck, , legs,
As well his chariot which used   to rise up in the sky was destroyed.

8388.The ruler   of the clan of monkeys Sugreeva, Killed  Surya Shatru,
Who once up on a time stopped   and won over his father,
Who had   a mountain like body and who had been always victorious.

8389.A monkey chief called Rishabha  threw a   mountain    at Vajrajit,
Who had neared him to do a matchless battle  ,  who was fighting with him.
Who   had poison like  eyes   and teeth  , so that   his Huge chariot   ,
Driven with great speed   along with its driver and horses   was destroyed.

8390. Due to his strong  chariot being destroyed  , Vajrajit left his bow  ,
And armed    with a huge   iron rod   which was matchless  , he got down,
And making even the Lord  Shiva with eight shoulders   scared  ,
Beat  Rishabha leading to a doubt   whether   he  was alive or not.

8391.When that Rishabha who  was beaten  suffered very greatly , sorrowed,
And like the peaks of mountain   destroyed due    to thunder, was about to  ,
Get destroyed, Hanuman who can take    any form from dwarf to tall  appeared there.

8392 Vajrajit   who was famous and was wearing   a heroic anklet      seeing,
Hanuman   who appeared before him  , who had   a very tall   body  ,
Touching the sky   and   who was an expert   in warfare  ,
Beat him  on the chest   so that   his wide chest would get   shattered.

8393.Hanuman caught hold of that  Asura who tried   to break his chest,
By his left hand  , snatched  the iron rod     from the hands  of Vajrajit,
And using his fists which gave   him victory  killed him   by hitting him.

8394.   Pisacha    to protect himself  from Panasa   a monkey warrior  ,
Who was  having swiftness of hand  , who was like a male   tiger  ,
And  who was attempting to throw    a huge tree on him,
Sent   one big weapon called Thomara      aimed at   his chest,
So that  he would fall and roll   and huge amount of blood   would flow from him,

8395. That Pisacha    who was  an expert in war  and  who had a  machine  ,
Of horse   called Vasi making one   perplexed as to  whether he was on the cloud?
Whether   he was on the sea?  Whether he was standing   on earth,
Whether  he was   on the sun   or where    was he  ?

8396.The six thousand devas   thought   there   were hundred  thousand horses ,
Or were not   and got perplexed   as  with knowledge   this could  not be judged,
Due   to the   matchless   jumping horse  wandering  and standing,
In   the battle  ground   where    the hawks     fly all around  ?

8397. That powerful horse of Pisacha     which    does  not wander  ,
On   earth   would run faster than eye   sight  , go faster  than mind  ,
Would go faster   than wind which blows in the sky  ,
Would go with great speed   and stand  in the battle field  ,
And also outside     the battle    field.

8398.Since the land of the devas   was  hurt   by the rare   spear  ,
Which was tied on the big hawk like horse  which walked   speedily  ,
AS well as round and round  , the huge  monkey crowd  ,
Lost their souls   and their bodies    were  heaped.

8399.The Devas who had weakened    were startled to see ,
Him destroying   within a second   hundreds  and thousands,
Of monkeys   by using   his very sharp  spear  and were scared.

8400. Knowing that that the form of  Pisacha   which was  being seen,
In several places  and which was   performing the job  of god of death,
Was only one  , Lakshmana    who had had great masculine power,
In sending arrows from his bow   using the arrow  of wind God killed him.

8401. That Pisacha   who was sitting with stability  on  horses,
Dancing   to musical beat, even after   his lustrous   head was  cut off ,
Holding   a spear  making   the monkeys run greatly scared  ,
Did not reduce the  number   of  killings   and did not   fall on the  ground.


20.Makara Kannan   Vadhai padalam

Chapter   on killing of Makaraksha.

(Makaraksha the son of  Khara with an aim at avenging the death of his father  goes to the   war and  is killed by Rama.)

8402.  The bees went and sang   before  Sita with sweet smile   thinking,
They will get compensation that day  , the emissaries   of God of death  ,
Took the souls of    dead people   and     went   to their place ,
The   emissaries of the evil  Ravana  went to their   city,
And    went and told him about    the death of his army chiefs.

8403. The emissaries   went to their town   and   went to the palace ,
Of their matchless king  , saluted him  with great sorrow    as,
They did  not have joyful news to convey and   with  sorrow,
 Nd told about the death of the army chiefs   who were   experts in war.

8404.  After their telling  , hearing that   news  , Ravana  ,
Who was the king of sorrowing citizens   hissed  like a cruel snake ,
And sobbed  and seeing that Makaraksha   went near him and told.

8405.”Oh father , For taking away     the sweet   soul of my  father ,
In a very closed by war  , why did you not send me earlier  itself?
Did you not realize my power? how can you who is matchless  become sad?”

8406. When I   heard that the Rama had come   here  , I myself  ,
Wanted to go and fight    with him   but thinking , when you  ,
Who is my lord is there  , it is not proper   for me take a  decision  ,
I kept quiet, Oh king, Oh Lord  , is there any thing in the  heaven,
And in earth     which  is capable   of winning over me?”
    (He is son of Khara.A lady is not supposed to  remove her Mangala Suthra 
     Without the funeral rites of her husband was over.)

8407.  “My mother   with crying eyes   has been drowned  in ocean of sorrow,
She who   cannot even now remove   her Mangala Suthra   has told 
That she would  do   the rites  of her husband   in the  black pot  made of ,
The head of Rama   who had  killed    her husband  . Oh Lord   who does ,
Sweet deeds  , who feeds   the eagles    with his   spear  . you should,
Help me   complete the ritual  of my father and so,
Please   shower   your grace on me and  order me to go war.”

 8408. AS soon as Makaraksha told like this   Ravana  looked at him and told,
“Son,  What you said  is correct.  So please go   and   avenge your old enmity  “
And then Makaraksha took leave   of Ravana  and he who had shining shoulders ,
Due to the boon   he had obtained, who had   evil war culture ,
Got up  on his chariot and   went to the  battle    field.

8409. He came   along with    five vellums of his own army   and this was,
Joined by another five Vellam   of Ravana’s army   and they went behind  .
Makaraksha   making sound like clouds   and the  ocean with great sound,
And due to the army marching   the dust which  hid ,
The top most peak  of the Golden Meru mountain  .

8410.Ravana ordered that   Sonithaksha  and Singa should go along,
Near the wheel   of  the huge chariot guarding it   and this was  ,
Seconded as great   by Makaraksha   and he   went along  with  his friends,
And followed   by foot soldiers   and other   sections of the army  ,
Like the planets   and stars   accompanying    the moon.

8411. The very many huge flags     held  by   the army of Rakshasas,
Were    like a roof    and prevented    the heat of the sun  and its rays,
AS  they provided   shade   and  the tusks of   elephants   ,
Who had old anger  using their pretty tusks   sprayed  ,
Water from   their mouth   and they reduced ,
The pain felt    by the monkey  army   coming against them.

8412.The elephants trumpeted  , the horses   neighed  ,
The collection of drums made    sound, the warriors shouted  and ,
The sound  raised   by an  instrument called  Padalai  ,
Was heard    by  the entire    universe   and since   there  was  no place,
For air to move about  , all beings    sweated   a lot.

8413. That   army   which reached speedily  , without leaving the culture  of war,
Fought   a very cruel war   and each head   went and attacked with pride  ,
The head of the other    army and  armies killed many people   of the other army,
And  the marching army of the supporting army fought with  other supporting army,
The stones and arrows with the armies were    thrown and sent respectively  ,
And   the    blood that     flowed there   dragged   the dead elephants.

8414. The mountains that were thrown by the  monkey warriors  ,
Were caught   by   the Rakshasas  and thrown back at the  monkeys  ,
Like the shower by the clouds   and    due to the mountains  ,
Hitting  them  , the monkeys were destroyed like   thunder fallen forest  ,
And the   ghosts which were  eating those    dead monkeys  ,
Made     very great sound   with   a filled   up mouth.

8415.Those monkey warriors   snatched    the strong sword   that were ,
Being   held by the  black coloured    Rakshasas threw them,
On chest  of those Rakshasas  and  killed them   and the strong  ones among the Rakshasa   warriors  snatched the mountains and trees    held ,
By the monkeys   and threw them on their chest and kill them.

8416.  The Rakshasa Makaraksha with eyes like a crocodile   , wearing ,
Flower garlands frequented by bees   and who has strength like thunder ,
Went on killing the   monkey army     drove his   victorious  chariot  ,
With  pretty   big wheels  towards  Rama      who had   the colour of cloud ,
Who had the KOsala country   surrounded  by ganges,
Having  crop lands     that had   large   number   of gardens.

8417.Seeing him coming towards them,  the monkey army  thinking  that,
He is Indrajit became greatly scared and got   scattered  here and there,
And the monkey commanders    who fought   him where   made to roll ,
By the Instrument thrown by that Rakshasa and they   reached  Rama ,
And looking at him started telling   the following words.

8418.That Makaraksha  who wore a  pretty garland  which is eaten by  Bees,
Said to Rama  ,” The great enmity   that  I had with you  is   because 
 You destroyed the sweet life of my father   is  not  with ,
The trinity    but only   with you   and today  ,
I  would   remove    that  enmity   and   stand up,”

8419.  Rama whose power of shoulders   is equal to his    fame  ,
Hearing the words of Makraksha     very clearly   told him,
“Are you the son of Khara? Have you come  to avenge old enmity?
To those born as a son  and brought up in a family  ,
What you said is eminently suitable .”

8420.The twang  of the string of the  bow   of Makaraksha  sounded  like thunder,
“I   would complete   the war    due   to my father   and also finish my anger,”
And started    raining arrows  like   the rain from water   rich clouds ,
Showering water    on the top of the mountain  in the monsoon season.”

8421.Rama by sending  hot and lustrous arrows   removed   all the arrows,
On him   by Makaraksha  and after  search   chose a proper arrow  and sent it,
So that it will pierce  the flower garland     chest of Makaraksha  ,
And that arrow   went   and struck and stood  ,
On the chest of Makaraksha , who had raised bent eye  brow due to rage.

8422.That Makaraksha  , who had   eyes  like lotus flower  opened by sun,
After shivering   due to the   arrow of Rama   which hit him  ,
Spitting fire from his mouth  , from where   smoke came  out earlier
Sent one thousand arrows    which had earlier   dipped in the flesh of enemies,
Aiming at striking  at the pretty armour of Rama who had   divine   fame and shouted.  

8423.  Seeing that the Devas   were greatly surprised and   Rama ,
Who had the kingship    smiled   and sent six     sharp arrows,
And cut off the hoofs of horses    that were drawing Makaraksha ‘s,
Chariot  , cut the head of his driver  and made it fall on the floor  
And also    cut   his bow in the middle.

8424.  That  Makaraksha    who had bleeding  red  from ,
The   mouth  of those  arrows within a second   was seen in the sky,
 And due   to the  power of his penance   created  thunder  , fire,
And water from the clouds which was  uprooting   the world like deluge .

8425.  Due to the power of the penance  of Makaraksha   the thunders ,
Fell in a row in an endless    crores   of numbers    , the   wind roared  ,
With double the speed of winds at deluge  , all  things lost  their  balance ,
And fell down  , the black  clouds gave rise to rain   of stones,
And the monkeys  lost their sense in war and started  running away.

8426.All the directions   to which the monkeys     ran were covered,
By fire and smoke   and the clouds gave  rise to huge rain   of fire  ,
Damaging   everything   and because  of it   thousand crores  ,
Of monkeys died   and Rama asked  Vibheeshana ,
Whether  it happened due  to illusion or power of his boons  ,
And Vibheeshana   saluted   Rama and started   telling him.

8427.”Seeing   the strength of penance of Makaraksha    Wind god  ,
As well as Rain god   , were unable  to deny the boon asked by him  ,
And gave him divine boons   and    this happened due to those  boons,”
Said  Vibheeshana   and Rama   who had eyes like hundred  petal eyes,
Said “Within a second   I would drive    these   away.”

8428.  The Great Rama   using his strong and pretty bow   sent cruel arrows,
Of the God of wind and God of ocean , which burnt   the   rain and wind,
Which were sent by Makraksha  and they went and fell  in the sea  and got destroyed.

8429.Then that Makaraksha noticing that the wind and rain has been destroyed,
Filled up the entire    sky with his form using     his power   of illusion  ,
But hid himself without    revealing  the place and  spread   spears ,
In crores and crores  and    seeing that  the great expert Rama,
Wondered “What tricks are being played  by one person” and told.

8430.  “By using illusion he has filled every where    with his form,
And is hiding so that   it is not possible    to locate  him ,
And  the form of this one who is hiding   cannot be guessed,
“What   action can be taken against this evil one  who is more cruel than fire?”

8431.Thinking that,” Hit by my arrow and  blood coming  out  ,
Like a river from there  he has hidden his body   brought up ,
Without grace  in the sky  and is making it appear   in various ways,
And he is hiding   in one of them “Rama   the lord of Devas ,
Looking for a spot where   blood was oozing out  , deciding that ,
He must be hiding there  send an arrow   which cut the Asura’s head.

8432.When the sharp arrows    of Rama   which go like thunder  ,
The body of that Rakshasa  rained like cloud raining water   and  ,
Fell down on the earth and   at that time   the illusion  created by him,
Vanished like   the Sun driving away darkness, and   that illusion,
Which was like a dream one sees  became a lie and vanished.

8433.A Rakshasa called Rakthaksha   who had  a  huge chariot   with pretty flag,
And who had the colour   fresh cloud   which appears    during summer  ,
Came speedily there   sending arrows that   spit fire continuously  ,
Like a wind  so that he can fight with Nala    the architect of the sea  bridge,
Who was very angry  , capable   of killing   and    cruel.

8434 That  Rakthaksha then   pulled the fearsome    string of his bow  ,
Till   his  garland decked  shoulders   and rained arrows  like fire at deluge,
And Nala who was fighting with him  using a very tall tree ,
Beat back all those arrows and went like a lion facing   crowd of elephants.

8435.Looking at Rakthaksha who cut of    the tree that he was   rotating  ,
In to pieces by his arrows  , Nala who was  match only to himself  ,
Bent deep down on the earth   , jumped    on Rakthaksha’s head  ,
And seeing that  the Devas  shouted in joy making all directions tremble.

8436.Like the rain bow appearing  on the cruel  mountain with fire on top,
The Very pretty Nala was standing on the    head of  Rakthaksha  ,kicked him
So that blood was flowing out   from  the big eyes  , nose  and ears of Rakthaksha ,
And  crushed    brain was coming out and  Nala pushed him on earth.

8437.As soon as Rakthaksha died  Singa  with fire flowing   out   of his eyes,
Who  had  cruel bow   and   arrows and who was   riding on a chariot .
Over which small bells    had been tied looked at Nala and asked   him.
“Where   are you going? “ and   Panasa    who had the strength ,
Of the faultless  Meru mountain jumped    in between them.

8438.Singa   then sent  well cultured   and well chosen  ten arrows  ,
Aimed at the chest and shoulders   of  Panasa . which came like thunder ,
So that  they may hit  Panasa. But  that  Panasa  became very angry,
And boiled  like fire in which ghee   has been  poured ,
And lifted up  Singha   along with the   chariot  he was riding.

8439.When Panasa  lifted him like that Singa    who was   like ,
The Meru mountain jumped out of that chariot and Panasa ,
Threw that chariot on his head  and  as soon as that Rakshasa   ,
Hit by that   fell on the ground and when he wa heavily bleeding  ,
Panasa   who had hard shoulders  like diamond  stepped on him and killed him.

8440. Due to the  arrows    sent by the sons of king Dasaratha, and due to,
Monkeys throwing Maramara , mountain and other things   on then,
The ten Vellam army   which went    surrounding    Makaraksha  ,
 Were   all killed and  those emissaries of Ravana,
Who remained alive and who were not carrying  ,
Any weapon went to the city  to inform the news to Ravana.

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