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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 2

Yudha Kandam (contd)
Book of war

4,Veedanan  adaikkala  Padalam

Chapter on surrender  of Vibheeshana.

(Ravana tells Vibheeshana to get out and Vibheeshana with four of his  other supporters reach  in the midst of monkey army. They suspect his intention.  He is taken before Rama .Later Rama discusses   with monkey chiefs .Except Hanuman every one   wants not to accept Vibheeshana. Rama decided to give protection and crowns  Vibheeshana   as the king of Lanka)

6365. After hearing all the advice that  was told by  Vibheeshana  , Ravana,
Who was having a dishonest mind did not bother   to think and understand that advice,
Thought that   what Vibheeshana told    would not lead to his stability  ,
And became angry like   a  flaming fire  and like flames rose up.

6366.”Oh strong one who changed   the meaning   of the word “death”,
That Asura called Hiranya   was  much stronger   than people  like me,
And if you think that the one who killed   him would  protect us,
You are definitely  are one who  live for Lord Vishnu   whom Prahladha,
Referred  .” Said Ravana with anger.

6367.”The Prahladha about whom you told   is the   one who happily watched  ,
The  Lord Vishnu who does illusion    breaking open the  body of   his own father ,
And   you   who has close   friendship    with Rama   who is our enemy   are equal  to him, ,
Would there be any body else    who would  be equal to you?’

6368.”Like the  character and conduct   of the son of    the very strong Hiranya ,
You  want to complete   your trick  and after  I get defeated   to those  men,
You who are  ignorant now   want to get the   wealth of Lanka ,
And become its king . Is this your idea? Would that ever  happen?”

6369.”Even before this   you had love    towards    those men   and ,
Even now you are  having love towards  them,  who are our great enemies,
Making even your bones melt  ,  you are always   thinking about them ,
And also praising them .If they are your support, need  I tell you any further ?”

6370.”You are friendly with those men who are   coming to fight a war with us  ,
And you seem to have decided   what you    want to do about it,
You want to win me in war   with a desire for kingship of Lanka  ,
Your  actions     are   bad and strong . Is there a  need for other enemies?’

6371.”You have been scarred of  those men and so you are  not suitable ,
To fight with them and you want to have protection from  those men  ,
You have mind full of deceit  and changed  from the habit of our clan,
And   would anything  good happen   when we are keeping   strong poison?”

6372.That Ravana searching for his own destruction  , having lost his good sense ,
Understanding the bad name to him  said, “I would not kill you   and stop,
Giving such good  advices to me and go away from here quickly,
For if you stand there  before my eyes ,  I would be forced to kill you.”

6373.When Ravana told like this, Vibheeshana got up    and rose in to the sky,
And along with his ministers started   thinking about future course  of action,
And even after  that went on telling several advices  of just Dharma
To Ravana who possibly may  get benefit from it.

6374.”long live , oh elder brother  , please hear what I say  ,
For improving your  life day by day  . You  are not bothered ,
To think about your life span which would extend up to end of deluge  ,
Are you  hearing the words of evil people   and   attain a bad fate?
Would a good life be there   who   do not live   according to Dharma?”

6375. “Your sons , your elders  , your teachers  , your   relations ,
Your friends, The people who live under    your protection  ,
Those who have failed in life   and   the very strong valorous   heroes ,
Would be tortured by   the  cruel  arrows of Rama, is it  just for you to see it?”

6376.”I have told you   just advices of  all existing types   so that ,
Your life would be strong and stable   but  you did not understand them,
Oh My father  , please pardon    any of the mistakes I might have done  “
After saying this   that very god   Vibheeshana  with good  character  ,
Left     that city   and went away    from there.”

6377. Anala  , Anila  Ara   and Sampathi  who were  four  good people,
Speedily came  near  Vibheeshana   and they were  wearing hero’s  anklets,
And did any action  only  after  deep thought   and they joined with Vibheeshana.

6378.That Vibheeshana who was  born in the clan of   Asuraa and his four ministers  ,
Knowing   that  Rama and Lakshmana have   arrived already    with the monkrey army,
On the banks of the sea, decided   that  they would    go there.

6379.Then Vibheeshana crossed   the ocean   and reached  its northern shore  ,
And after  understanding what has  happened  , noticing that  the banks of the   sea,
Was lit by the light  of the  lamps   making it appear as if the  lotus  has flowered ,
In the   ocean of milk  and saw   the huge monkey army  preparing to go to battle field.

6380.He  thought that  if all other beings   of the   world   were ,
Made to stand and counted   the  monkey army   would be bigger than   them,
And that Vibheeshana    with faultless mind   addressing his ministers,
Having spears  with scent of meat , and told the following.

6381”I have   developed   closeness   with   Rama who  is great in observing Dharma ,
And without   good fame  ,I would never  like    to live   and because ,
My elder brother  told that I am not observing that   which would do him good  .
I left him  and now please tell me what I should do”said  Vibheeshana to those four .

6382.  And  those ministers  who were wise and experts  in proper counseling  ,
Told    their well thought out decision  like this  , “It is now our only duty to meet  Rama,
Who is  the follower of Dharma   , who  only gives  wisdom that elevates   us .”

6383.”You have  told what is good  , if we do any otherthing ,
Except meeting Rama  , we would be having   Asura habits.
We would go and submit   ourselves at the feet of Rama  ,
Who has all  the good qualities   and  by  joining   with him,
We would    get rid  of   the   sickness   of  birth and death cycle  .”

6384.”I have not seen that Lord Rama earlier to this,
And nor have  I heard   any thing about him earlier,
And  I am not able to understand    the  reason
For my friendship with that Lord  , I am feeling cool  ,
My mind melts  thinking  about him  because  that Lord  ,
Can  change my life  and  an enemy of birth cycle.”

6385,” From the   days when I did   penance   addressed to Lord Brahma   ,
Who sits   on the lotus  , I had always great love  towards that Lord Vishnu  ,
Who is    first  divine lord of the world   and   I  wanted  From Lord Brahma,
Stability   in the life  of Dharma  , love  without distinction   to all beings,
The grace   of wise people  who were  expert in Vedas  and got them as boon.”

6386. “That boon of Lord Brahma   has become a good period giving good things,
And what you all have thought and told   is the pure decision  and so  ,
WE would reach  the  flower like feet of Rama   who is the Lord of all ancient beings
 And do what is agreeable to our mind.”Said Vibheeshana    with sweetness.

6387. The knowledgeable  Vibheeshana and others   who knew that   their reaching that
Place at  night  especially  because  they were  “new”, is not proper   hid themselves ,
IN a dark garden  , without coming to to the notice of others   and 
The Sun God who travels in a chariot   of one wheel  climbed   to the top of sun rise mountain.

6388. At that  time Rama   arrived there  thinking how to cross   that  ,
Southern sea with great tide  and reach the other shore   and also,
Thinking about   lady Sita who had eyes  like Kuvalai flowers   ,
And red mouth like coral  and getting depressed  ,
And reached    the   northern bank of   that great ocean.

6389.Rama with great  liking   started   seeing the gardens in the beach,
The salt  making fields  , sand  ,the pandanus bushes  , Kuvalai flowers,
The punnai trees spread all over  , the swans crowding on those  Punnai trees,
The female swans   and the  bewitching   flower   gardens  .

6390.Rama with great liking saw   the pearls  and corals brought by the ocean tide ,
The Collected   heaps of various gems  , the land with dust of gold ,
Thin gardens   which make people scared, Sand dunes  and huge   tides.

6391.The fisher women with pretty sweet smile   were   drawing  return  patterns*,
In the beach  making their lightning like pretty fingers   getting hurt and ,
The tears  with depression   falling from their eyes   rubbing   out the patterns they drew  ,
Made visible   these patterns here and there  in the beach   and Rama,
After seeing those  also went and saw   the  Punnai tree   gardens.
  *they draw patters closing their eyes and if the ends,
    Of the pattern meets then their lover   would come back.

6392.Rama  seeing   that due to the wafting cool breeze carrying    water  particles   due   to,
The beating white tides  on the white curved  Pandanus trees  ,
Under which the male swans  hugging their partners    and sleeping, Took a deep breath.

6393. Rama mercifully looked at the   young white   female crane  ,
Anxiously waiting   for the male crane   which due to the  great love ,
It had to its partner had  gone away    from  the branches  of the tree,
To bring  tasty fishes   to quench its mate’s  hunger.

6394.Rama   with great anger   and with upward  bent eyes  saw ,
Two very strong male cranes   fighting , with great anger  and with,
Fire sparks   coming out from their   eyes   were not moving  ,
But staring at  a female   crane    which was   standing  alone.

6395.Seeing  the male swan  which surrendered  to the female swan ,
Due to   the love tiff in her mind   and later   had a   love making with her  ,
And achieving victory   sobbed softly   showing his pearl  like teeth,
Hidden   by his  cool coral like  pretty lips   of his mouth.

6396. Then reached this  sorrowing state  , the Sugreeva, Hanuman and other experts  ,
Consoled Rama and he   got rid   of his great depression  ,
And   just  like mad people getting conscience  , he moved  from that place to another.

6397.Rama reached   the war tent where   he lived   along   with friends,
Like  the well read  Sugreeva   and   to that place Vibheeshana with the ringing anklets  
Came  without any    doubt   in his mind   and joined with monkeys   there.

6398.The soldiers     who saw Vibheeshana     who had arrived there  ,
Were startled and joined together   saying Asuras have    come in to their army,
And shouted , “catch them , hit them   and throw   weapons    at them”
In a voice that resembled thunder   and surrounded Vibheeshana  and others.

6399.They said, “Only God of Dharma has    brought   them to us,
And  he is a lord who did many evil deeds   and  has been scared,
And some thought  that  “He was the  king of Lanka   Ravana  himself,
And so our    wish to win the  king of Lanka has been fulfilled “

6400. “They say   that  evil person   has  twenty hands   and ten heads  ,
Have they all been crushed and destroyed ? and if he  is an expert in warfare ,
Let him fight with us  ” and saying like  that,   they all started  opposing them with anger.

6401.”We would catch them and put them in prison   and Inform Rama  ,
The  king of all the worlds  “ they said , “why are  people  ,
Waiting   without  beating and killing them  ?” and they went near  and saw.

6402. “If  before we blink our eye   , if they rise  in to the sky ,
What  other  thing can we do? Are they   not Rakshasas?,
The only thing that   we can do now   is to kill  them,
As there   is no other  option” and they further    said ,
“It is better to kill them  making them not  recognizable.”

6403.When the monkey soldiers  were  telling  whatever   came oin to their  mind,
AS per   the instruction  of Hanuman  Mainda and  Dvividha   who knew grammar called  Indhram,
Who were  greatly honest  and who knew   the   rules  of justice came    there.

6404. They  who were  experts in Vedas  , rules of law   and  the grammar of human beings,
Asked  the  monkey soldiers    to move away    and  went near  Vibheeshana  and   others,
And understanding that  they did not have   activities involving cheating  ,
They went near them   and saw the signs  of wisdom and Dhama   on them.

6405.Mainda  looking at  Vibheeshana and others   asked ,   “who are you all?,
And “why have you come here?”  .”did you come    to fight    the war?”
Or “Did you come  with some other intention?”. You who are  ,
Standing      along with the  mokey army, please  tell  what is in your mind?”
“Tell it to us and tell only    the truth”

6406.Asa reply  Anala the senior minister   of Vibheeshana   who had ,
A  very competent mind   and   who had justice  replied ,
“Vibheeshana  Who  has justice tinged    with Dharma  ,
Who is  follower of truth and who is the son of the grandson of  Lord  Brahma  ,
Wants   to seek protection   With Lord   Rama  , Who is born in clan of Sun God ,
Who is the lord of all the worlds   and has come   to reach,
The divine    feet of that lord   so that   he would make  progress.”

6407.This Vibheeshana   has attained  by  doing great penance for a long time,
The  habit of never going away from path of Dharma  ,great devotion to Lord Vishnu  .
Attachment    to truth   and  love towards   scholars    who have learnt Vedas.
These qualities   were got by him by addressing   his penance   to Lord Brahma  .

6408.This Vibheeshana looking at Ravana   told  , “Oh   Ravana who has an evil mind ,
Like  the  fire packed   inside the cloth  , Have you not imprisoned   the lady of Rama,
And if you release her  from her prison now  ,  you will escape and ,
If you do not leave her   you will die” and also advised him in various ways.

6409.”That Ravana  who has   mind always thinking  of sinful deeds ,
And who has lost    good wisdom  looked at  Vibheeshana  and told,
“You are now alive because  you are   born after me  and now itself,
Go away    from here  , for  if you stand here   you will die.” And hearing that ,
This Vibheeshana has come away from Ravana  “ sain Anala in great detail.

6410.Then the monkey warrior called Mainda   carrying   all that  was told,
By Anala   in his mind  said, “I will tell what all you told  to my Lord Rama,”
And requested his brother   and the monkey army   that would not retreat,
To   guard   them without getting tired   and be alert and went to Rama.

6411, He went and met Rama  who was sitting in the temple of mercy  ,
 Whose fences are  Dharma , wisdom and penance  ,
With   the difficult to attain greatness   and  patience   as the two doors  ,
And got his graceful attention   and   saluted   his  divine feet.

6412. “Oh Lord who would  not get destroyed   even at   the end of deluge ,
I  , who am your slave   needs to tell you  some thing important.” Said Mainda,
And Rama   who had a body similar to the pond with   fully open lotus flowers,
Shook   his round matted hair   and said, “ Oh truthful one  , please tell,
Whatever    you have  seen and also   whatever  you heard.”

6413.”We do not know   what is going  to happen in the future  ,
Vibheeshana   with  cool flower like hands   along with his four ministers,
Who is  the younger brother of Ravana , the king  of Lanka ,
Who has  as tendency to cheat and steal , has reached  the middle of the  monkey army.”

6414. The huge  monkey army which wanted   to catch him as  well as,
Kill him   started attacking them   and knowing  about it  , I requested   them to  stop it,
And asked them, Who are you   and what is   your state  of affairs?”
And  then one emissary of Vibheeshana  told like this

6415.  “Ravana  the elder brother   who does   evil deeds   which are against Dharma,
Went on behaving    as he wanted   and seeing that  Vibheeshana  ,
Felt that  he does not have  any protection   and  has come to surrender to,
Rama who is the ocean  of mercy  “ said he    to me.

6416.”That Vibheeshana    is a  follower of Dharma   and had   devotion,
To Lord Vishnu   who is the primeval God   and stands firmly  on truth  ,
Due to the boon of Lord Brahma   who is  the Lord  of all Brahmins  ,
Who are  experts in Vedas  , given after great penance   and  so,
He is pure  in mind   , language  as well as acts  “ Said   he

6417.”Also Vibheeshana had told  Ravana  that “  if Sita, the queen of  chastity  ,
Is prevented    from joining with Rama  , Our clan of Rakshasas   would all be destroyed ,
And only bones and mountain will remain in that city. Oh ignorant one  .
All your ten heads   wearing crown would be cut off   and roll   in the dust  “
Which was  for the good of Ravana ,”  said he.

6418.”Then the very pretty Ravana   , hearing   these words of Vibheeshana  ,
Told him,”If you who have spoken these    words    stand before me  ,
You would merit  to die and so go away from here  ,” and because ,
Of that  Vibheeshana     has come here to surrender to you.” Said Mainda to Rama.

6419.  Then lord Rama   looked   at  Sugreeva  and other who were   his friends,
Who were sitting near by  and said, :you have heard  the words  of Mainda and do you feel,
That  this Vibheeshana   should be taken to our side?T hink about it clearly  and  tell me your opinion..”

6420.That king of Kishkinda    who knew about his responsibility   and who wore,
The long crown  and was the kjing of monkeys , Saluted Rama who had  broad lotus like eyes,
By holding his hands above his head  thinking, “This is the  place where Vibheeshana has come,
This in the   time  in which he has come  “ started    telling to Rama.

6421.”Oh Lord who is  fate of fate and also above it  , What is the reason for you,
Who have great knowledge  of the  great primeval Vedas   as well as the famous  book by Manu  
Has asked this    to people  like us  , I want to ask this and know from you?”

6422.  “Oh Lord who is    the ocean of mercy, because  you had asked,
 I would tell you  and because  you have ordered which is proper to my wisdom,
Which are not pure  according to your thoughts   and which are  not the final decision.
If we    think about the future  results  , I would tell you   what I think.”

6423.”The reason for this  Vibheeshana to leave    Ravana  is not because ,
They had a big fight  and not also because Ravana wanted   to kill him,
Due to another  bad  name . Is it proper according to Dharma  ,
That this Vibheeshana has left his brother  without any suitable reason?
Among the   Rakshasas   who do not have culture , who are good and who are bad?”

6424.”The act  of leaving his suitable elder   brother   or  father and mother  ,
Or  great  elderly wise people  or  the king who rules   the world   and making  them enemies,
Is an act which should   be jeered   at   for is it a desirable act?”

6425.”When there was need for the help of the brother ,  sweetly talking to him,
And when he wages a war  , getting scared   and without entering  ,
The battle field and die along   with elder brother  , this  Vibheeshana  ,
Has come to join us  and this is not an act of males  and is like a nail to the world.”

6426.”Oh Lord  , When his mind wanted to only     travel in the path of Dharma ,
After leaving his people who     are    following acts  which are against Dharma,
Instead   of going somewhere else   his coming  and joining   the enemies  is bad and laughable,
And would lead to all others blaming him .How can this Vibheeshana get out of this bad  name”

6427.”Oh Lord who is the ocean of mercy  , After enjoying   the wealth,
Of his brother   who wears   the golden anklets   till he  lived with him,
When the army  got angry and was getting ready to attack him,
Instead   of helping out in the war , coming   to join,
Us who are    the enemies   of his brother  , would make ,
Vibheeshana     without  any relatives   and friends?”

6428.“Having seen the elderly one    took the form of the deer  made  of gold  ,
Leaving   away the penance and Vedic   conduct   ,when his nephew  ,
Approached   him with evil intent  , should   we accept this Vibheeshana  because of his penance .”

6429.’Even if the beings all the world   join together   with god of death,
And wage a war  against us  , we have decided   that we will win.
Would  the brother  of enemy  help us to get   defeated,
Or   would he become a  help for   us   to get victory.”

6430.”If we  who are feeling great for  having  come here    to kill all the Asuras ,
 And  protect  good Dharma,  take the  help of  the same Asuras  who are not merciful,
And wage   the war  , does it not appear    that   there is some problem for our strength.”

6431.”These  Rakshasas    who have    surrendered   to us  , would  behave ,
IN a certain way when they are parting with us   and in another way when they say us,
When they accept the things   in our hand  , they would behave  in a certain way,
 And when they partake    food with us  , they would  be in certain other way  .”

6432.”Oh  Lord who is black like Kajal  , he has   come here  only  to cheat us ,
And he has   not come here   to request    for his protection  ,
Is it proper to accept   this Rakshasa   who is more cruel than poison.,”
Said Sugreeva   with an intention    to know   about Rama’s opinion.

6433,  As soon as   Sugreeva completed telling   his opinion  , Rama  looked at,
Jambavan  Who did not have  any one to match     in his wisdom   and asked ,
“What is your  opinion?” and Rama after  thinking   deeply about  ,
All the old rules  of procedure    started   talking  .

6434.”Even though they are greatly learned , if they  are from the enemies  ,
Who should not be believed , those who join them   would get destroyed ,
If we think about   the rule of Dharma of Vibheeshana,
Would the world accept  that  the Asuras   have an aim  to follow  Dharma.”

6435.”If we  join people like Vibheeshana    we may achieve   victory  ,
He may tell the ideas that  we need  , they may even help  to achieve our aim,
They   may   remove if there  are  shortcomings and make it complete  ,
But   from the very beginning   Rakshasas   have enmity    with us  ,
And apart from that  is it proper to join with such inferior people?”

6436.  “If those   cruel people   who have prevented Vedas and Yagnas  ,
Caused  misery to Brahmins  and  caused  problems to all devas  continuously ,
Would they not do harm to us, would they ever do good to us?”

6438.”If now  we Join Vibheeshana    to our   side  , shall I tell about  the ills,
That may  come   due to it  . The coming of this Vibheeshana,
Is similar to the coming of golden deer when you  were with Sita in the forest.” said he.

6439. Rama then asked Neela   who knew  about conclusions  of many great books,
Who had learned about many great books from those   who have learned it well  ,
And who was the commander   of monkey army   for his opinion  and then Neela  told.

6440.”Oh Lord   who has learned  innumerable  books , hearing it from others,
There are many reasons why the    help of an enemy  is accepted,
And I would   tell you all of them  .Please  hear them with desire,
Without thinking    that  they are  after all told by a monkey.”

6441. “My idea  is that   we have to give  protection and accept help  ,
In a war  which is    carried out to avenge  those who killed our relatives  ,
And to those   who have come as simple  people not able   to do anything,
And to those   who have become enemies   due to  the ability of ladies,
And  to those    who have lost great wealth  to their enemies.”

6442.Those   who have   great attachment   to country, language and clan,
And to those who get   defeated in war  and retreated   from there  in ignomy,
And to those   who lost their wealth due to  direct  close  clan members,
And to those   who have killed   the  close relatives of  others , protection can be given.”

6443.If those who   are friends of those imprisoned by the order 
Of  neighboring king and  the  sons our daughters   who have  ,
Joined    along with the enemies  ,  come to join us   ,
They can be accepted   for protection and joined  with us.”

6444.”Those who are  not simple  and come and join us  ,
With their own free   will and Those who  are   so strong ,
That  they scare others  would later  cause trouble to us  ,
And so  let us   examine what category  Vibheeshana  belongs  to.”

6445.”If we examine the time at which  Vibheeshana  has come to join us  ,
Or if we examine this   based on the books that   we have learned ,
Is it possible to take a decision based only   on his good conduct  ,
Of   this one who has quarreled with his    brother  and has come here” Said that  commander.

6446. The other councilors   in the monkey army , because  they were ,
Observing truth  ,who had  faultless   knowledge    of   books,
 And who had    great love   towards Rama  , gave a  faultless ,
And  unified   opinion that it was wrong   to join Vibheeshana  with them,
After thinking   and said that  it was their  final opinion.

6447.That Rama   who was greater knowledge   than knowledge said,
To Hanuman  “All people   are of same opinion regarding  the ,
Non acceptance  of  Vibheeshana  And Of Hanuman who has wealth of knowledge  ,
Please   tell me your opinion regarding this,” And looked  specially at Hanuman  ,
Who is firmly established  in good conduct   and  had  matchless  knowledge,

6448.  “Even if  those who surrender to us are  ignorant  , if you properly  think,
It is only  proper   for people like you to treat them well” started  Hanuman,
Who had  hidden his mouth   by his hand and who has pointed and vast intelligence.

6449.’Oh  very knowledgeable  one  , All those people  here  who can talk after   great   thought,
Are of the uniform  opinion   that   we  should  not accept him  ,
And they  who are sterling character  have   told this after    great thought ,
Is there   any need    for me also to tell   about my   opinion?”

6450.”Oh Lord who is   the incarnation  of Lord Vishnu with a wheel,
Because these people with pure  mind have told it boldly , it should be good,
And their opinion should be faultless    as well  as pure , but I will tell,
A different opinion ,I would never consider  Vibheeshana  who has come here as an evil one,
And for that   I have   to tell here  , some  of the reasons.”

6451.”Oh Lord who  wears the flower garland   frequented   by bees  , the  shining face  ,
Of a cheat   can be  well recognized   immediately , as soon as we    see it  ,
If they have evil within them   could they be able to hide it?
Would enemies   like to be  demeaned by asking for our protection?”

6452. “Even before a person talks   about what is in his mind  , their faces ,
Would  slowly    tell about  it   for   the result  of evil in a person ,
Is  like the pit   of darkness   of ignorance   and not face shining   with wisdom.”

6453.”Hearing   about  the death of Vali  , Sugreeva getting the kingship,
Your great ability in use   of the bent bow and its greatness and power 
This Vibheeshana    wants to attain  salvation  with clear wisdom,
With your help  and he has come    here   for that.”

6453.”Knowing that  the  ruling of kingdom by   Rakshasas who wear   great anklets ,
Which was not according   to the tenets   as told by great people ,
Would not be stable   and hearing about your mercy  and truth,
Which made you give  the earth surrounded by the sea to your brother,
Vibheeshana   developed  a great liking  to   your observation  of  truth .”

6454.”If they say that   the   time of his arrival here  is not proper  ,
Having known that your  power    is greater than enmity of Vali  ,
And having realized that    the same  thing will happen to kings of Lanka  ,
He concluded that  the time for their destruction has come  ,
He decided   to come away from Ravana  and Kumbhakarna  who were  his support.”

6455.”The Rakshasas  who are sinners are  experts in  doing acts  of illusion,
And  if people like Vibheeshana   who know   about it   and who  are great  ,
Join on our side  , then we can achieve   the  praiseworthy  victory.”

6457.” Thinking that  It is very difficult to know    the evil  in their  minds ,
And thinking   they would    destroy   all of us  and talking about   it  ,
Does not  appear to be act of wisdom   as they are  not thinking wisely,
Is it proper    to think like  this about people  who came   to seek our  protection?”

6458.”When I was  standing before the council of  Ravana   and he said,
“Kill him” , it was he who told him   that  it was silly to kill messengers  ,
And  due to that they  would get bad name   and also,
We  would not be  able   to win in the future war and stopped him from killing me.”

6459. He  said,  “Though the act   of killing  helpless  women,
And killing non valorous ignorant people   would  bring our  destruction,
Were done by us , killing  of messengers is not   clean act”,
And he also told several reasons why it should not be done.

6460.”Oh Lord   who has  the power to rule  , when I   went to the palace ,
Of Vibheeshana at night   , when I was   wandering  all over  Lanka  ,
I  could    only see   more of good  omens  and besides ,
I also came    to know   of many other   aspects.”

6461. “ I did not see  in the home of Vibheeshana   the serving  of alcohol,
Which  is found fault   by  great people  and   that of meat  products  ,
Which has  been got by evil acts  and it was looking like  homes  of Brahmins  ,
Where  charity  , salutations   and other acts  which are according to Dharma  ,
AS well as worship of Gods   and  acts of good  behavior  were being done  .”

6462.”Trijata   who is the matchless   daughter  of this  Vibheeshana  sweetly told  ,
My goddess   lady  Sita   that “Oh lady with crescent like forehead   this Ravana,
Has got a curse    from Lord Brahma sitting  on the  lotus flower that  ,
“If that evil  Ravana    touches you   then the God of   death,
Would   come in search of him  “ and consoled   her.

6463.  “Thinking   that  the great boons that  Ravana has got  , the evil qualities  born with him,
And others like wealth and kingship   would be soon destroyed by   the  arrows  ,
Which are sent from your great bow  , Vibheeshana has   come speedily to get   your protection.
If we examine the great boons that he has got  , the cuture of mercy which he desired and got,
And his   wisdom  ,there is no greater Rakshasas than him who is an expert in   war with swords.
Are   there any body else   who has    the good culture  that he has any where   else?”

6464.”Oh victorious king  , You  have   earlier    stood   by the devas, Asuras  ,
The trinity   who are greater    than the devas   for completing the tasks,
Which were  impossible for them to complete  and completed   it with success .
Being such a person  is it proper for you  to  ask Vibheeshana  , who has,
Sought   your protection   in   time  of danger , because  others suspect him,
And would it not be like the  huge ocean refusing to entertain small amount of well water .”

6465.”If we do not accept this Vibheeshana   thinking that   these people  ,
Who belong to our enemies    may not be   useful to us  ,and if this,
Comes under the attention of wise   people   would they not laugh?
Due to affection towards   the people of our clan and  father , mother,
And siblings   who are    suitable to our faith  would become  our enemies,
If   they desire   to get a thing   which  would cause   them progress>”

6466Then Hanuman   who  had learned all the arts   which cannot be  ,
Estimated even by Brahma who likes arts ,  from Sun God standing before him,
Who has crossed   the ocean with   cool water  , who has achieved  ,
Victory over the enemy   Rakshasa and who saved  the world  ,
Looked at Rama  said, “So I think that  the coming of Vibheeshana,
Is   good for us  but I do not know   the intentions   of your mind,
Which are  like   the  books   of Vedas   to me.”

6467.  Rama after hearing the nectar like words of Hanuman  enjoyed its sweetness,
And said, “Oh very wise one    good, good  ,The words spoken by Hanuman  ,
Are   much greater than those suggested by others   and you would understand it later.”
And then Lord Rama   started telling   and others   heard what he told  .

6468.”If we think properly the time at which Vibheeshana came  is very proper,
And the big attachment he has   is towards    his country . There is no limit  ,
To his wisdom   and he does not fall short   of doing   great penance  ,
And these are proved   by his desire  to join with us .”

6469.”What else  needs to be told now? The council given  by Hanuman  ,
After  proper thought  is the most proper one. If we have to protect  Vibheeshana,
AS what  Hanuman told is right   , whether   we win or get defeated  and lose everything,
 Is there   any option to us   other than accepting  one who surrenders to us.?”

6470.”Once  a man comes saying I”I surrender “  how can we say no?
Even if   he had come after  killing my mother   and father ,can we say no,
And though   he who comes near to us   and  shows   that he loves us  ,
Can we think   that  , he is likely to change and not accept him ?
When we accept him we will get fame and not bad name?”

6471.”Is there a single day when people have forgotten   the greatness,
Of Emperor Sibi   who went and sat in the  balance for sake   of a dove?
Much more than the days following the day when  I do not accept  the surrender  of a person,
The days   when I happen to die  , if I accept his surrender,
And he happens to deceive and kill me   would be   great and be remembered.”

6472.”Have you not heard of Lord Shiva   who came saying  ‘I am giving my protection,
When the devas  , who churned   the ocean of milk with tides  , got scared   and moved away  ,
When the  poison appeared there  , by eating it away.?If   we do not help those  ,
Who are greatly suffering by  disappointment  , if we are not giving ,
Whatever   we have to those  who come asking for   it and if   we  do not ,
Show mercy on those    who come seeking protection  ,
What is the use of  Dharma? What is the use  of our masculinity?”

6473.”The fact  mentioned in the Vedas   that when a  silly hunter   had already caught ,
The female bird and was hunting for its mate  , that  male bird   provided him heat  ,
By lighting the fire in that cool winter   and later   noticing his   great hunger,
It fell in that fire and offered his own body as food to him   and attained  salvation .
Is it not    greater   than that Vedas   itself?”

6474.”When one elephant   was caught by an angry crocodile   in the lotus pond  ,
And when in the fight between them  the elephant got tired and   waile,
“Oh primeval God  , I have   surrendered   to you “   and  on that day,
Lord Vishnu , whose  end could not be   even seen by the Vedas ,
Came   to the elephant , killed the crocodile   and  destroyed  ,
The sorrow of the elephant  . Can this be forgotten even by,
The Devotees     whose   memory     happens   to be poor.”

6475.”When the primeval God Vishnu   who created all the beings of all the worlds .
And is looking after   them   and though he himself  is all the Dharma   and results of the Dharma,
Protects sweetly  all those  who surrender  to him  and also grants them salvation.
Is there   any other  proof needed , for the necessity of protecting , those who surrender to us?”

6476.”To protect the devas  from the poison that  came out  , Lord Shiva  , who holds,
The lustrous axe in his hand  swallowed that poison and retained  it on his throat ,
And when  the Brahmin Markandeya who was about to die, surrendered to him 
He killed   the very angry God of death    who came to take away his   soul  .
And made that  boy  always   sixteen years old , Is there anything greater than this?”

6477.”When Sita cried  “who will protect me from this Asura?”  Jatayu  said
“I would be your  protection oh lady who is like Vanchi creeper”  and he was later  killed  ,
BY Ravana with a complicated mind by being cut by his sword,
When he  tried to go close   to that Asura and fight   and attained   divine   death  .
Would this   be improper    only      for me to do?”

6478.”Those base persons  who do  not consider   the soul of a person , who   comes and tells them,
That for getting himself saved  , he has surrendered to him    , as his own  and protects him,
Those   who without any interest   forgets   the help rendered by a  person to him  ,
And one who considers as false   the  following  of  true dharma based  on Vedic knowledge  ,
Would all fall in the    cruel hell from which they can never   return.”

6479.”The  penance that I have taken to kill the ignorant  Ravana   who ill treated the Devas,
Which I have taken of my own accord   is not limited only   to free   Sita?
When the  Brahmins came and surrendered to me  , I had given  my word,
To do that  and  how can I go against    the   word given by me  ?”

6480.“It does not matter whether  the  task that we have undertaken is complete,
Or incomplete but , if we examine properly   the proper   duties   of those who show mercy,
There  is nothing greater  for me to do   than protecting   one who has    surrendered to me  .
In this world there   are very many kings   who have sacrificed their life   to protect the people.”

6481.”As  he  has said  “I surrender “   , our duty   is to offer   him our  protection  ,
But due to your affection to me    you told me that   there is no necessity for that,
.There   is nothing more to think about it  . Oh Sugreeva  , the son of  Sun God,
You yourselves go and    bring that faultless  Vibheeshana   to me.”

6482.  Sugreeva after  all his doubts have been removed  , got a clear  mind  ,
Similar   to   the mind of Rama  , the lord   of all the Gods   and said  ,
“If Vibheeshana agrees to join with us ,   I would bring him here with great speed,”
 And went with great haste   to the place of Vibheeshana   who was,
The personification    of all that   is true.”

6483.Dhayitha  the brother od Dwivitha  seeing the coming   of Sugreeva, the monkey king ,
Told Vibheeshana that ,  “Rama has requested that   you should   be brought  before him,
And   for that purpose  , Sugreeva, who is the son of Sun God   and   who has ,
Two mountain like  shoulders   is coming here.” And Vibheeshana  , who was not sure  ,
Whether Rama would accept him  , went before   Sugreeva    and met him.”

6484.Though   two people move vey closely for a long time  ,  if their mind  is not clean,
They would  not join together but the pure ones   as soon  as they meet would become united,
And those two were speedily coming    to meet each other,  like day and night of the same day,
They hugged    each other  with their  pillar  like   shoulders.”

6485 After   hugging  when they both    were standing  , Sugreeva   told  Vibheeshana  ,
“Lord Rama   with lotus like   eyes   , as per  the practice  of the great   clan of Sun God,
With   great joy in his  mind , has offered you limitless   protection   and so ,
Speedily come     and salute the divine   feet of that  Lord.”.

6486.Even before the words   told by Sugreeva   who was  like a  male  lion ,
Reached his ears  ,  the eyes of Vibheeshana who   was of the colour  of darkness at night  ,
Started   shedding tears   like a  rain fall   and like his mind , his  body also cooled   down,
And   due to the ebbing joy radiating from his mind , his  hairs  stood    erect.

6487. Has Rama   really welcomed  me who is the brother  of the cruel one and cheat  Ravana  
Who made  Sita  whose   tender feet  became red when her friends  told  her that   her  feet should be painted red, separated   from him?  Has   he agreed to   to provide  protection to me.
I who am like a  dog due to the grace  of my lord   has been become   great,
Like the   poison    swallowed by Shiva with a low matted hair  becoming famous?”

6488.”Ravana   whose mind is filled with passion , did not  agree   to my words,
And now will not the Sun God who travels in a chariot with  one wheel go above  Lanka?
If this is the stable thought that   has come out from the   mind of Rama  ,
If this is the mercy that   he  is showing me , Would the Asuras stay alive? I am crushed.”

6489.”The great people   of mercy   who have a very pure mind , even if,
Others  do to them great acts of misery  ,would they change   from   their own goodness?
Like the ocean   when  it was churned   by using a  huge black mountain 
Making fire sparks to come out of it   giving nectar     to the Devas.

6490.” Rama who is the helper   of the sages   who have adopted penance as their  Dharma,
Considering me   as some one related to him   , has given me refuge and support ,
And due to that  though I belong to the Asura clan   which is not wise   and  ,
Does not do any act of Dharma  , have not become belonging to a elevated higher birth,
And due to that  I have also escaped from going   to hell.”

6491.Sugreeva   , the son of Sun God whose attitude has been changed   by   the words of Rama,
Looked at  Vibheeshana   and told, “Does not Rama   who is   an expert  in differentiating between,
Good and bad   , treat those    who surrender  to him   better   than his   own soul?
 And that  faultless  lord has great  wish to see   you
And so  scholar , we will  go  there without wasting   any more time    with great speed.

6492.Similar to a mountain touching the clouds and the Mery mountain    going ,
Followed by various   other  mountains   going with very great speed  , those two ,
Who has done great luck to surrender   at the feet of Rama   reached  the place of Rama,
Who with one arrow has burnt   seven trees  which were  standing in a circle.

6493.Surrounded   by the monkey heroes  , with his younger brother   guarding   him  ,
The  son of   the Lord of all the land surrounded   by four oceans  , Rama was standing  ,
Similar   To Lord Vishnu   who is surrounded   by ocean of milk   ,
With Meru mountain by his side  , like a black ocean full of lotus    flowers.

6494. In the  middle of the monkey army   who were capable   of picking up   the world ,
By their hands and tossing it up   Rama was  looking like  Lord Vishnu  , who was resting ,
In the ocean of milk with very cool tides  which was all over nothing but white ,
Surrounded   by the   saluting Devas , who had got up after   sleep.”

6495. He saluted Rama    who   was like   the eye balls of lady  Sita with a lustrous forehead,
Sitting  in the sandy place   which was    curved  like the pretty   eye brows of lady  Sita
And which   was  like   spread out pretty pearls    which were suitable for wearing   
 And which was   white and long   showing  his own black colour.

6496.He saluted Rama   who did not wear   a garland of pearls   which  was looking like,
The   coming of  water  rich clouds   of the rainy season   with its rainbow removed,
And who had pretty    shoulders from which   the gem studded  armlets   have been removed,
Looking like   the Mandhara mountain which was used   to churn the ocean
From which Vasuki  which has   been used as rope    has been removed.

6497, He saluted   Rama who   had  a  face  like the full   moon  with all its crescents,
Which was   showering   rays   of mercy   similar   to the moon light from moon,
And who had matted hair   which was  kept as per the orders  of his step mother ,
After  he had given  the gem studded crown given by  his  father to his  younger brother.

6498.Vibheeshana   after seeing the greatly valorous hero  Rama  , with hair,
Standing erect all over his body  , With tears   flowing freely from his eyes,
And with his  mind melting in emotion  thought  “This one  is with pretty   eyes,
Looking like  a black mountain and that  is not so   he looks  like,
The black cloud   bearing lotus flowers   and even if that is  not right  ,
Is he  lord Vishnu   who  is fully dripping with grace  ,
Or is he  that  god of Dharma   , who happens to be black.” Said he with wonder.

6499.He became   extremely happy thinking  that  his elder brother Ravana   helped  him,
Fall   at the divine feet   of Rama who is the father  of Lord  Brahma  ,and who is the elder brother ,
Of Bharata   who had the greatest wealth of   wearing   the sandals of this great one 
 Not bothered to wear the   gem studded   crown  , so that   he can get  himself,
Completely rid of    the disease  of birth death cycle   which appears like a fire fly..

6500.”That Rama   who  cures   the incurable   disease  of the birth cycle   even  among,
The very great people who have  done great penance   was ready   to kill all the asuras ,
By sending very sharp pointed arrows    at them . What can be  told about his readiness?
And all those Asuras    who were to be killed  by Rama  had done great penance “ thought he.

6501, Vibheeshana  thinking like   that , lifted both his hands  above his head   wearing ,
A lustrous crown   at  Rama   who looks with love and mercy  on others,
Melting   even the  stones and trees and whenever he looked  at him with kindness ,
Fell on the earth and saluted   him and again  fell at the divine feet,
Of that Rama   who is like the ocean   in giving all boons to his devotees.

6502. With his  face showing  the conviction   that  his Asura  birth   is over  ,
With tears  flowing  from his eyes , Vibheeshana   fell on the earth to salute  Rama,
And  that Rama saw him with his eyes full of mercy  and said, “Get up
And please sit  down”  and offered  him a seat by his flower like hands.

6503.Rama who had the  wheel of rule  looked at  Vibheeshana   and grace  ,
Ebbing  out from his mind  ,and told, “As long as the fourteen worlds   and  ,
My name exists  , the   wealth of kingship   of Lanka    which is in the  middle of the sea,
Where   Asuras   with shining teeth live   would be yours. I have given it to you.”

6504.AS soon as Rama   told these   words   all the movable  and non movable,
Beings of the worlds  separately  shouted   that they have  got good life  ,
And we do not know  whether they did it seeing the divine   grace of Rama  ,
Or  because they thought of the Dharma of Vibheeshana who surrendered  to Rama.

6505,When  Vibheeshana said  , I have been saved”   and  due to his good fate   saluted  Rama  ,
The very pretty Rama  looked with grace at Vibheeshana with a  very black body  and said,
“Oh Lakshmana who never sleeps  , please crown   this Vibheeshana   who has surrendered  to us,
And became  our great friend   and also one who has  faultless  fame.”

6506.Vibheeshana   who had the ability to know     good things that are to happen  ,
Looked at Rama and said, “Oh Lord , You have given me the  very famous wealth   ,
Which never  gets destroyed  but since I was born as a brother  of the evil Ravana ,
Please  make me wear  your feet  as the crown, by which    you had,
Already crowned  Bharata   so that  ,my duty due to birth is cut off.”

6507.”Along with Guha we became   five brothers  earlier   and after that  ,
Along with Sugreeva who was the son of Sun God  who goes  round Meru,
Mountain, we became six .Oh Vibheeshana who came here  ,
With heart full of love   to us  , along with you  now we are seven brothers,
My father giving the life in a forest where others  cannot enter 
Has become  your father too  and is shining with his sons.”

6508.”Oh Lord  , What is there  for me to tell  in the middle  , I who has,
Been born like a  dog  , along with your brothers   you have made me your brother too,
And I have become the best   of your slaves’ saying this  ,
With doubt and fear removed from him   he wore the crown,
Which was touched    by the divine   feet of Rama, on his head.”

6509.After wearing the sandals of Rama on his head   he stood like a mountain  ,
Which had red coloured  Sun at his top  and he was the king of all Rakshasa clan 
Rama and Lakshmana were overjoyed by seeing him   and all people there were happy,
And all the matchless Devas   greeted  him and showered   flowers on him.

6510.The seven oceans  , earth and heaven  made tumultuous   sound ,
The drums tide by hide  gave  out   an auspicious  and divine sound,
The devas   rained gold coins, the  soft scented  powders covered the sky,
And great sound of tumultuousness arose   at that place.  

6511.Lord Brahma  who was  sitting on the well grown lotus flower thought that,
Due to Sita who spoke nectar like words  my  clan had gone down by slipping out of Dharma,
And today it has again risen up  and became  happy  and  the God of Dharma,
Created great sound by telling “From today the evil wealth of Ravana has come to an end.”

6512.When things were happening  like this ,Rama  looked at Lakshmana   and told,
“Oh stable prince  , go along with Vibheeshana   and   walk around   the army camp,
Of the  monkey army so   that Vibheeshana understands  the extent of wealth he has got.”

6513,Lakshmana then made Vibheeshana   of endless   good qualities   along   with  ,
The crown of sandals on his head   on a plane made   by sandal wood  and made  ,
The monkey warriors carry that plane   telling  “Vibheeshana has   today got,
Wealth equal to Indra   and Lakshmana and Vibheeshana  ,
Who were heroes    with broad shoulders went round   the army camp.

6514.Lord Brahma   who searched   for the divine   feet of Rama   which  is difficult  to see,
Even for the sages   seeing them  when Lord Vishnu assumed the form of Trivikrama  ,
Gave a ceremonial anointing   of those   feet   with pure water  so that,
Those who dip in it lose   their five types   of sins   and became   devas of heaven,
Who can tell about the greatness  of those who carry the divine feet on  their head?

6515.All the great ones   of the world seeing  the greatness  of Vibheeshana  ,
Consisting of Sages,  devas  , greatly wise people , Those   who live with devotion,
Those who completed  Yagnas   and    all those   of very great   penance  , till to day say,
“Who else  have got the great luck of  Vibheeshana   who had lustrous  white  teeth?”and became surprised.

5.Ilangai kelvi Padalam

Chapter  on questioning about city of Lanka.

(Rama   when alone starts sorrowing over the fate  of Sita. His monkey fiends console him.Rama calls  Vibheeshana   and  enquires from him  the  military   strength of Lanka. Vibheeshana gives detailed  information IN Valmiki Ramayana  Ravana tries to influence Vibheeshana by   sending spies. This is not there in Kamba Ramayanam. Vibheeshana does not give this detailed  info on Lanka in Valmiki Ramayana. Vibheeshana also informs in detail about exploit  of Hanuman in Lanka in Kamba Ramayanam. This is not there  in Valmiki Ramayanam.)

6516, After  Vibheeshana went round   the army camp     and came back,
And saluted the divine feet of Rama  , he was   provided    with a  limit less,
Place   to stay in that  camp   and sent back  and after that,
The Sun God thinking    that its   rays are  hot , reduced its rays  and set.

6517.After doing his salutations to the dawn, Rama   became   greatly depressed  and,
Breathed heavily   and the God of love  with his arrows of flower   ,
Started  staying there   and the dusk  with the colour  of fire  ,
Came   and   the sky   became     very dark  .

6518. The strong darkness   which had hidden itself  during the day time  ,
Scared of the sun    occupied    the entire   world   just like   the black ocean
And just like  freshly opened    flowers    crowding   all over   the lake  ,
The   stars   started   crowding     the   sky.

6519.Rama the expert archer  who was  becoming sad thinking   about ,
Sita   who made her hair up in various ways  , as soon as he saw night  ,
Thought   that the sky with its stars was like  a  jasmine   garden.

6520.That moon then came up  holding  the light which was  its sword,
Saying   that today I will   win over the  husband   of Sita  ,
Who by her matchless   face  , made me go down and became victorious .

6521.That moon   threw   the net called   the white coloured moon light
 Throughout   the  world  ,    telling  that,
Even if she  hides herself without being visible to  his eyes
And if her colour   is somewhere   I would catch her  now itself.

6522.The black  ocean coming   with tumultuousness   . waving  its big tides,
Which were looking  like its hands   said, “This Rama    has stolen my black colour
And with the help of the monkeys  wants to build   a bund  over me   ,
But now he has   coming within my reach”  and came up.

6523. The  very old ocean , which produces very huge sound  ,whose  body has aged  
Over several eons   was looking as if Its outer   skin has been removed  and 
The moon light spread   in between the sand dunes   as if milk is being poured.

6524.With teeth like the   scented   jasmine   buds  , with its body,
Having black lines made by the bees  , with   red eye which   was like honey,
The breeze called tiger  which likes   to wander  ,
Came out of the mountain cave   breathing   heavily  .

6525.On the chest of Rama   who using his arrows pierced the chest of Vali,
Who had earlier churned the ocean of milk by his bare hand as well as pierce,
The seven tall and curved   trees   was hit by   the arrows of God of love ,
And it was  also hit by the   swords called  moon light.

6526.Rama saw his own body , thought of her who was  like his sweet soul,
Thought about sufferings she has undergone   and could not  think about any other thing,
He saw the ocean which was in front of him , saw the island on which Ravana  ,
Who abducted her lived   and then saw   the bow that was in his hand.

6527.Rama  then   thought about  the great culture of Sita who over   hips,
Wore  pretty ornaments with great workmanship  and due to increase ,
Of his love  sickness  he had a mind   which was affected  by lunacy,
And could he forget   the divine mouth  of Sita  filled with beauty ,
Which  was made   of the red beads   as well as  pearls?

6528.At that  time  , Sugreeva the son of Sun God  looked at  Rama  and told,
“What is the need of this   thought as well as depression , for you are  one,
Who can think about   the jobs that need to be done and who can complete  it.
Why are you not  thinking along with Vibheeshana    who has   come seeking us  ,
And plan about  our future   acts    which would do good   to us  ?”

6529.Then Rama regained his balance   and after   consoling himself,
Said to the monkey soldiers  , “Please   bring the good and wise  Vibheeshana   here,”
And they reached Vibheeshana  and requested him to come and meet Rama ,
And he who has  left evil acts   and does only good acts  , came to the place of Rama.,

6530.”Oh person with good   character  , please tell me about    the security  of Lanka,
Which is surrounded by the ocean , about   the hero Rakshasas   who wear  heroic anklets there,
And  about   the  size of the Lanka army   wearing garland of victory.” asked Rama to Vibheeshana.

  6531.Vibheeshana stood up to answer   those questions   and Rama   asked  ,
That very wise one    to take his seat   and he started   answering  ,
The many faultless   questions that   were  asked by Rama  ,
With great culture   and with  hands held in salutation   above his head,
So that these  matters  could be understood by   Rama clearly.

6532.”The father of Hanuman, the   wind God   thinking  of completely disturbing,
The very stable northern Meru mountain  which was golden  , broke  ,
Three of its peaks   and put   them in the ocean that  was full of water.

6533.”Of Rama who has good life ahead of him  , the compound wall  ,
Built around city  of  Lanka is seven hundred Yojanas    broad  ,
And hundred Yojanas   deep   and looks like   something  ,
Which surrounds    the entire world  and  is so tall  ,
That  it  is not reachable    to the Sun and the moon.”

6534.”If we start  thinking  about   the  treacherous works  on that  wall  ,
The greatness  of its machines  , the  great wall with its great security ,
Our  life span may not be sufficient    to do it. What is   the point  ,
In telling many  things? The black  sea  round it , is its moat,
Which can be verified   by you yourself.”

6535. “In the lustrous  northern gate  of the city  , those   who guard it ,
Are all  of great strength   and would not retreat   for any thing   and they,
Are fourteen crore  people, they say.How can we say   that they are  ,
Similar to the god of death at deluge? They are all  as great  as Lord Shiva travelling on a bull.

6536” Those cruel people who guard  its western gate  have some greatnesses,
They are  two crore   more  than the number of people in the northern gate  ,
And if they  see  with  their eyes  slightly folded   They would  even,
Eat away    the God of death    along with his blood and soul.”

6537. “The bad people who guard the     southern gate   are  od sixteen crores,
They all have huge bodies like  the mountain, how can I describe their cruel   acts?
For they are capable of defeating   the God of death and changing his rule.”

6538. “Those  debased people who guard the eastern gate   are also sixteen crores,
In number  and have  the strength   to lift   the mountain like  Elephants  of directions,
Which  have huge tusks , catching their legs and dashing them against  the wild land  , and killing them.”

6539.”Those cruel people   do not sleep and guard the city  thinking that ,
The Devas  may attack them  and their size is said to be thirty two crores,
And they also hide their real forms   and wander  about in a different form.”

6540. Behind and the front of that  long compound wall   which is clearly visible,
There  are other soldiers   who never sleep   and   since they eat  only wind,
They rotate  like a kite   in search  of that wind and they say  they are hundred crores in number.”

6541. There   are three   such compound walls which are guarded  like this,
Is it necessary  to tell about   the matchless    greatness   of those walls.
And that true   and great  city of Lanka   is guarded  by,
Ninety   crores  of ruthless   and evil  people.

6542.”The people who were  honoured by Ravana   and who have got  great  wealth by him,
And those who are  against Dharma , those who have limitless strength ,
And those  who would  not disobey Ravana ’s  orders ,
If  enemies come to fight   with him would number   to sixteen crores.”

6543. “There are   security staff   there   with very angry eyes  , seeing which,
We would say, “This is not poison but eyes”, who believe  that  blinking  their eyes,
Is not their job , who stand   at the door  of the Palace   of Ravana  ,
Which   are  like the Meru mountain of the  north   who  walk ,
Around it clock wise and  anti clock wise   and they are  sixty four crores  in number.”

6544. “Apart from  this   in that very broad   palace  of Ravana  , in the   courtyard,
Where the bell for complaint has been tied   there are large number  of security   staff.
If their nature has to be described   they are  capable of  lifting all the worlds  .
By using their arms    and are having  more power   than a mountain.,
And such people    would number   a crore  of crores.

6545.”The  number  of chariots in the army of Ravana   is   ten thousand padmams  ,
The number black  mountain like elephants   with red dot in their face   are double that,
The horses   with very strong legs   which carry people   are double of even that,
The camel army   is   double  that of the horse  army wearing garlands.”

6546. “Oh Lord who has    the wheel of ruling , what is the point in repeatedly,
Telling about all these   by a ghost like me  ? If we start destroying   huge army that  Ravana,
Has assembled in the world  , it would continue till   the end of the world ,
And still  his army will be remaining  ,.Its number  is one thousand Vellam.”

6547.”This is the security of Lanka  and this is number  of their army .
The   sword   that Ravana takes   on his right hand   belongs to Ravana
Who had pretty shoulders   wearing garland  of victory    and has been given,
To  him by lord Shiva and  his  brothers   have  indestructible   strength  ,
And have obtained    several type of boons   due to the  penance that they did.”

6548.”He has an Asura chief called Akambha   who has   done great penance for    several  eons,
Who does not have any other pleasure   except  going for war  , who had received great boons,
Who owns a   huge army  , who is like Lord Narasimha without nails and teeth  ,
And he  is capable    of drinking the entire water  of the ocean  with tides.

6549.”He has another  Asura  chief   called Nikumbha   who has a nine crore army  ,
Consisting   of  horses, elephants, and chariots    which can go over the mountains  ,
And  an  angry army who are experts in bow   and he drives on the sky    ,
And has achieved    great victory   over     the fire God who came travelling on a fierce goat .”

6550.”There  is also Kumba   who has  an army  numbering ten crore    consisting,
Of chariots, horses , elephants , who  won in war Sidhas     who live in the golden heaven  ,
And imprisoned them   and who is  more cruel that Sun at deluge.

6551. “There is also   a valorous   soldier called  Mahendra , who is capable of cheating illusion,
Who is capable  of making his own mother   worried  , who has chariot   army of  ten crores  ,
Drawn by ghosts , Yalis  , Elephants   as   well  as   donkeys.”

6552. “There  is a cruel Asura called Yajna Shatru   who is the chief of   twenty crores  ,
Of Asuras living on the mountain  , who is an expert in eating    away people by his teeth,
Making the saying, those  who live today    may not be there  today”, true ,
And who has won over Devas in battle    several times.”

6553,”There  is another Asura wearing an anklet called   Surya Shatru   who can eat away,
All the people   in the earth   as we’ll as in the  heaven   within a day  ,
Who had  an army  greatly  lustrous    weapons  which numbers  to eight crores,
And who had  fearsome eyes     which were  burning  like  fire  .”

6554.There is another  Asura called Maha Paksha   who is chief of a  powerful army  ,
Of fourteen crores of  Asuras  , who is  stronger than the mountain, and whom devas  ,
Able sages  , Brahma and the other trinity  are scared   to talk face to face  and only talk from the sides .

6555. “There   is also an Asura called  Vajradantha  who is an enemy   who can   even face  ,
The God  of death , Who chas the strength to win over  Lord  Shiva who has a trident  ,
Who has   a burning face with anger resembling     the sun above us ,
And who is the chief of an army     consisting of eight crore  Asuras.”

6556. “There is an Asura called  Pisascha   who has an army of ten crores  soldiers ,
Who  never tremble before their enemies, Who has   never  been defeated in war,
Who has the strength   which except him no one possesses and who in a cruel battle,
Fought   according  to his wish   crushed   and uprooted an an army  of Yakshas,
Ground them by his hand and smelled  them and who is mad to fight  in battle.

6557.”There is an Asura caller Dunmukha   who has a big  army   of   fourteen crores,
Consisting of chariots with wheels  , elephants  , horsers   , archers and foot soldiers,
Who can dig the earth and churn it  , who talks  with fire  sparks   emit  from his mouth,
And who has  completely left off  doing    acts  of Dharma.”

6558. “There is an Asura  called  Virupaksha   who is   the king of the ten crore 
Army of garlanded  spear army   which live in islands   in the middle  of the ocean,
 Who waged a war with  Vinjayars   who were experts in war   with swords  ,
And made their   fame  get reduced   and who  blinks giving out  fire sparks.”

6559.”There is another Asura  called Dhoomraksha  , who has won over  the devas  ,
And drove  them out  , who is chief of one Padma  army  with garlanded   flags  ,
Who if some one tells it is a corpse of a soldier and another tells   that,
It is time to take   it to burial ground  , prevents them  from doing it but eats it.”

6560. “Oh lord with greatness  , the matha   who was an expert  in warfare,
And another Matha  who can churn an army    were both famous as ,
The Mandara mountain   put by the devas  in ocean of milk  and have ,
A very huge  navy and there are  none who are as powerful as they are  ,
And due  to them   all the worlds  that exist in this world would get confused.”

6561. “These very efficient ones    stand  greatly in support of Ravana   and ,
Are great experts  in war fare  and   now I would tell you how many thousands they are.
There is Prahastha   who is mad after war   who has double the army of   all those,
Whom I  have described  earlier and he only thinks after  he starts  action.”

6562.”This Prahastha  is the guard of  Ravana ‘s   army   and he is the one  who ,
Sent several times hot arrows  like rain, making  Indra’s elephant in rut   on which Sindhoora,
Is applied  totter   and cross  the seven seas in fear   and made   all the devas ,
Leave their homes   , run away and wander   all over the place.”

6563.”There  is then Kumbhakarna  , who is the brother of Ravana   who had ,
Earlier destroyed   the Devas completely  , who by his two hands  , took away,
The four tusks of Iravatha   which were looking like   four crescents of moon 
And wandered   all over Similar to the red golden Meru mountain getting rut.”

6564.”Then there  is Indrajit the son of Ravana who had imprisoned   the great planets,
Sun and mon   in a cruel prison  , who has anger   like   raging fire  , and after he  tied,
Indra  and put him in prison,  those scars   are there on his hands and legs   even today on Indra.”

6565. “Then there is  Athikaya   who is the brother  of Indrajit   who did not get  that name,
Because there  was no Indra  to be again put in prison,  who is one who destroys,
The God of Dharma who kills those ,who go against Dharma  , who does sinful acts,
Without bothering about it in his mind  and has a completely strong bow.”

6566.”There are also other   great sons of  the great Ravana called  Devanthaka  , Naranthaka ,
And Trisiras   Whom the world thinks   that  fighting   with  them  trinity  of Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma  ,
Who are the greatest gods   would get defeated  and also  lose   their greatness .”

6567. “This is the strength   of the  assistants , brother  and sons   of  Ravana,
And now I would tell you about   the ability of Ravana , as much as  I know  ,
He is the son of sage Visravas   who is the son of Lord   Brahma   and ,
Has become great    due to  the boons given  by Brahma   and the three  eyed Shiva.”

6568”.Lord Shiva who wears   a hide of tiger   with dots   , who has with him.
All the five elements which no one tells as  insignificant  and things ,
Which came  to being by their interaction  along with Goddess  Uma,
Were staying  on the top of a  silvery Kailas  mountain  ,
And Ravana uprooted that  mountain and lifted it so that  it touches the sky.”

6569”.He   is  so strong that  on his very wide shoulders   he pressed ,
The eight elephants   which  lift    the broad earth   on the eight directions  ,
And broke their   tusks   with which they wanted to pierce   his chest  ,
And made  three crores   thirty three  devas  run away trembling.”

6570.”Ravana destroyed the asuras  called Kalakeya   along with their clan,
And broke their  head   with gem studded crown  and after that ,
AS soon as some one tells  “king of Lanka  “   the  foetus   inside,
Pregnant  Asura ladies, would  get startled as if they heard  a  thunder.”

6571”.Lord  Khubera   who was   hiding   in his town Alakapuri  , which had,
Ponds  in  which cranes used to play , lost  his great wealth   along with Goddess Lakshmi,
To Ravana and lost his respect , his  plane   and his great city  ,
And ran away like a herd of deer   seeing a lion and was shattered.”

6572.”Yama the lord of south thinking   that  the ten faced death causing Ravana ,
Would come   to take away his soul also  ran away showing his  back  thinking ,
That he would be wounded on his back   escaped, lost his post,
And  is  spending    his days   thinking   about   his last days.”

6573. “ Let alone   the  Lord Surya who rises  in the east so that  the darkness  goes away,
But even Aruna who sits as charioteer in front of him   has not seen the city of Lanka,
And  though Varuna   was  able in the use  of his rope  , in the war with Ravana  ,
His rope was not snatched away from him and  with fear  he saved himself,
By hiding    in the ocean  with large   number   of   sharks.”

6874.”Though the  mountain called   Ravana  is destroyed  , I would definitely say  ,
The valour  of that great one  cannot  be destroyed by dashing against him,
And whether Ravana dies today   or dies    after  a few more days  ,
He would never   attain his   death except   through your hands.”

6875.”Many large  number of people lost their strength   by the iron rod of Hanuman ,
Out side  the arched    gate  of Asoka Vana   and  they were more in number,
Than the uncountable   sand particles near the sea  and the old city  of Lanka,
Was completely destroyed by the fire   started   by  Hanuman and ,
Due to his strength    the people  of Lanka   suffered  like herd of goats   chased  by a tiger,”

6576.Eighty thousand people   belonging    to my clan, and their chiefs  the Kinkaras  ,
Who were  looking like huge mountains   rose  up to fight   with Hanuman  ,
And he   using  his strong hands  , legs as  well as tail   tied  and killed them,
Like the Asuras   of the Tripuras, who were  killed   by   Lord  Shiva.”

6577.”Oh Lord ,  A captain called  Jambumali came  along with his  ocean like army,
To fight with him   in great anger   and he sent thousand thousands arrows at Hanuman,
And Hanuman pressed him with   his hand  and  tied him with his   own bow  ,
And like God   of death   sent   him to the heavens  occupied by Devas.”

6578.”There were five commander in chiefs  of Ravana who  had breached,
The security   of land of Devas   and had insulted  them  and  they came  ,
With their army which was like a black sea  and along with their relatives  ,
And   they   were   speedily   destroyed like  the  white ant coming under  leg of an elephant.”

6579.”As soon as   they made  Hanuman angry   the  blood which flowed from their bodies,
The skin of their  body    accumulated   like  the sand dunes   at the bank of the black sea,
And Akshaya   came like a raging  fire   and after  snatching his mountain like boe  ,
Hanuman made him in to a   paste  by his leg and  that   has not still  dried.”

6580. “Who can understand and tell you   that   the number of Asuras    whose body,
Was torn in to pieces   and lying in side   the huge walls mentioned earlier is  beyond count,
Are there  any more valorous soldiers  in Lanka? And the huge fire set  ,
By this Hanuman to the city of Lanks was put out by the flow  of blood from their bodies.”

6581.” If we say that  Ravana  who has a shining sword and who was the king of Lanka,
Along with the garlands he wore  , with sandal paste   that   he had applied  ,
Had to stay on the sky for    seven days  , is there  a need to tell more,
About  the burning   of Trikuta  mountain   , separately?”

6582.”I told you about   the   story of Lanka   belonging to Ravana  who had great valour ,
AS well as about   the walls surrounding it   and also the greatness   of Ravana ,
I also told you about    what happened  there   due to the   coming of Hanuman,
And Lord Brahma who lives  on the lotus flower    again constructed   the city.”

6583.”Oh Rama   with great fame  , My coming and surrendering   to you here  ,
Is not because  I heard  about  the killing of Kara  and his soldiers  ,
As well as Vali by your  flaming  arrows but due to my seeing   the ,
Destruction of Lanka  by Hanuman  singly because  he got your grace  ,
And also seeing  how he killed   all the Asuras  of Lanka and went back.”

6584.After hearing all that was  told by Vibheeshana   who had become his friend,
Rama  whose shoulders  have become   thin due to the parting  for several days   with Sita,
Who had an eye like a sword   and like a peacock whose luck has matured
Looked at his emissary Hanuman   and told   the following  words.

6585.”Oh valorous one  , You alone have   finished off   more than  half  the army,
That had been collected  by Ravana  in Lanka  , you   set fire    to the city of Lanka  ,
Is there   anything left there   for me to do? From   the news told by Vibheeshana  ,
I understand that   you did not get her  freed   and bring her  with you ,
Possibly   with an intention that I should show my prowess with bow there.”

6586.”Oh Hanuman who has shoulders which appear to have been made   by gold,
All the place  are filed    with the prowess shown by your shoulders  .
WE would reach Lanka   , fight   some wars   showing the prowess of our shoulders,
But   will that war   done along   with a huge  and capable army  ,
Be considered as great as the war   that  you did alone  ,What  a great job,
Would we do , and what   great fame would  we earn?”

6587.”Oh Hanuman who is personification  of blessed  deeds, Along with my own strength,
Added with the strength   of  Ravana has made  by you as yours and I have given you  ,
The   great status of Lord Brahma  who created  all the three   worlds  ,Receive  it and become great.”

6588.As soon as Rama  told this    , Hanuman Got up and saluted  Rama  by falling down on earth,
Did not talk anything to shyness   due to the  great praise   of  Rama and that  Hanuman,
Saluted him again . And all those   monkeys who were standing there along  with Sugreeva,
Felt     the great joy equal to getting salvation   , when they heard about  Hanuman ‘s  victory.

6.Varunanai   vazhi vendu padalam

Chapter  on  requesting God Varuna or the way.

(On advice of Vibheeshana does seven days penance   to seek help  of Lord Varuna. He does  not come.Rama   gets angry. Sets fire  to the ocean .Then he takes Brahmastra    and was about to send it.Varuna comes apologizes     and requests Rama to build a bridge.He also  Requests Rama to kill a group of troublesome Asuras   by the Brahmastra,. IN Valmiki Ramayana  Lakshmana requests   Rama not to use Brahmastra. There Brahastra converts the Maru desert in to a fertile plane)

6589.  Rama asked Vibheeshana, “Oh  very learned person , if this sea comes   under our control,
Suppressing these three worlds and destroying   it   would not be difficult   for our shoulders.
Please think about    some method   so that our great  exuberant   army ,
Can  cross this blue  cruel  sea    that  is spread before us .”

6590.Vibheeshana replied  , “this ocean   has been dug   by your forefathers   and has spread  ,
And that God of the ocean knows   that   you have left the form of God   and   has taken form of man,
And so with kindness    it will give us boons   and  so find out   how  we can cross it  ,
You   surrender  to this ocean with   big waves   and    ask the way from it  itself.”

6591Rama said  , “The words of the king of Lanka are  great  “  and  agreed to the  proposal,
And then  with his   very close friends  walking on both sides  , that   very strong Rama  ,
Reached  the beach  and by that   that time the  horses   drawing the chariot of the sun god,
Dragged   his chariot up from the   rising mountain    and took it up in the sky .

6593.Praying  for  a way through the sea   so that   young lady Sita  ,
Who had been imprisoned   by Ravana   could be freed  , as per the  advice of the Vedas,
The ocean of mercy  Rama spread Durbha grass on the sea shore  ,
And was lying   on it facing the ocean   after saluting as per   rule God Varuna,
He    was   meditating   on the  Varuna  Manthra.

6594.All the dust   of the beach settled  on Rama   and his pretty face was caressed  by the rays of the Sun, which were  hot and faultless   and Rama was lying    down there   with closed eyes,
And  spending one day was like spending an eon   and seven days  passed by .
But  Varuna the king of  the ocean with ebbing    tides  did not come.

6595.Thinking  that”  we did not hear   from the king of the   sea who was   very proud  ,
Either   yes or no  ,” like fire appearing in the   flowing water  , due to great anger,
The  lotus  like eyes  of Rama   became   red    due to great rage.

6596.Becoming extremely sad   thinking , “When I who am   greatly sad   due  to losing my wife 
Requested humbly   Lord Varuna     to give me a way  , does  Varuna  hide   from me,
To show his unwillingness “ With a breath   that was like fire with long light ,
Bent   his healthy high brows   like a bow   which is   tied by a string.

6597.”If a person does not request any thing from any body  , if  such a  one goes   ,
And requests some thing from others, that one   would not move away,
From inferior status, Today when I  requested  Lord Varuna,
For a way to go to Lanka      he   has refused, good, good,”
 Said Rama with great   anger with a laugh anger   and laughed,
An angry loud   laugh   producing      great   fumes.

6598.”Possibly   that Varuna   who is the king of the ocean  thought   that,
I am  holder of an inferior bow   and due   to my being one    whose  wife,
Has been abducted  from me , he thought perhaps   that  I  am a  man,
Without  proper valour  and developing a bad opinion about me  ,
Became  one without    any mercy   on me  ,”  Rama  told.

6599.”If we want to get a  thing   from another  person, one method  ,
Would  be    to protect him and get it    from him   and the  other one,
Would be to wage a   war , become victorious ,  drive him away  ,
And then get   it from him , and this has been a practice   from olden times .
In spite of that I wanted to request Varuna and get it from him ,
Which is not suitable to my nature and so stealing the    way would be better’
There  is  no  point in talking further  “Said Rama.

6600.  “Let the devas  see  the my inferiority  in standing here   alone  with a bow,
And without an army    and the greatness   of the  ocean with fishes  ,
Who  considered me as useless  because  I left my home  , lived  in the forest  ,
And   became flabby    by eating only vegetables and fruits  ,
And developed    a huge body   and unnecessary    flesh.”

6601,”Because of my begging Varuna   being scared   of evil , he thought that I am simple  ,
And has not come  and so  I   would make   by using me arrow    powder    the  seven oceans  ,
Make the five elements   come    and salute me   and cry   so that they can live  ,
And my monkey atmy  without any fear   would enter  the sea  and walk  in the sea.’

6602,”The really wise people  who has enjoyed   the joy of salvation  , if this  come to this world,
And if those people   had some specialties some one likesbut they would not like  to,
Find out who they are   and appreciate them  due to their small form    and even though small people  ,
Possessed fire like valour  they would  not get scared    of them because,
People who see an inferior     form , would not try to understand  their  greatness.”

6603. When Lord Rama  with slightly less control over his mind, looking  like,
The angry Sun at time of deluge   and who had face  losing its normal luster,
Asked several times   to  his younger brother  Lakshmana  ,”Please give me the bow”,
Several times, Lakshmana also tortured by anger with eyes  ,
Giving out flames   of fire , Gave   the bow   to Lord Rama.

6604.After  taking the cruel bow given by Lakshmana  , Rama   tied  the quiver ,
Full of arrows on  the right side  of his mountain like    shoulders ,
Wore  the covering to his fingers , drew the string of the bow  ,
And the sound that  was produced  , brought to an end  ,
The love tiff   that Uma the consort of Lord Shiva , with her lord.

6605.After  selecting arrows   which were sharp and considered as best  ,
Which were more  numerous than the   rain drops   and were the  best  ,
And which were like   the rays of sun at deluge which would  drink away,
All the sea water  , Rama   sendt those  hort arrows towards   the ocean.

6606.Bending his very strong bow    which was greater   than   the seven mountains,
Of Lord Vishnu , like the crescent of moon during   waxing period  , sent arrows ,
Which were  three times more  powerful   than the fire at  deluge which burns away ,
All the movable and immovable beings  , aimed   at the ocean.

6607.Making the fish  , serpent and sky touching mountains  as   fire wood,
And due to the burning of the trees  by the  fire on the sea   , making ,
The water  with foam of the sea  as ghee , which was lit  by fire like arrows  of Rama  ,
It appeared    as if the   pit called   the Ocean has become an altar  where  fire is burning.

6608.The Arrows   which were sent by that cruel   bow of Rama  , after filling,
All the seven oceans with smoke  and appeared   like the flame of fire  ,
Which is seen as deluge  and further   travelled   with great anger  ,
And put out  the darkness which was there  beyond the horizon.

6609.Due   to the  arrows sent by Rama hitting the  soul point of the whales,
They  all fainted  and these   arrows also burnt     the Karpaga  trees in the   sky,
And similar to fire   and thunder falling   the  water of the sea   went towards heaven,

6610.Due   the fire with  hot sparks   which was   burning    greatly  ,  burnt 
The moving   clouds in the sky   and  being fried,  those clouds   became a dust,
And started falling down and the sea water   also went up    and rose   above,
The limits  of the sea  and  the smoke rising from that   went up ,
And  dried   the hair of  the dancing girls  of heaven who were dancing.

6611Because  those straight arrows without any bent   were hitting   every chest
The sharks   bled and   died and the pieces   from them were scattered everywhere,
And hit by those    arrows   the whales were  also cut and their pieces  spread everywhere.

6612 Due to hundred, thousand and crores   of arrows    entering   the sea ,
The fire rose up throwing ash   and burnt   all the mountains   and because ,
Those arrows   went down and reached Patala   and the bed of the sea ,
Became slushy   , rose  up and the  the thousand heads of Adi Sesha were baked.

6613.Due   to war efficient arrows  of Rama   burning    with great flame,
Like the  clan of one telling  false witness   getting completely destroyed,
The fishes   started    getting destroyed   along with  their clans  and,
The   row of palm fishes started   wandering with arrow  in their body.,
And   were looking   like long wooden ships   travelling in the sea.

6614. The blood that flowed from the bodies   of fishes  hit by the arrows,
Mixing with the fire  was looking like the sky at sun set   and that measureless,
Sea  due to the long arrows piercing it row by row   burnt   the fishes  in to coal.

6615,Due  to the  sharp arrows sent by Rama who was    the king of the world .
Drinking away water  , the water  in the sea dried  leaving very little water  there,
And   that black sea with all its sides    surrounded   by fire  ,
Which was difficult to be put out  , the sea was  like frying pan  ,
In which the fishes    were getting fried    in the ghee.

6616, Due to countless   cruel arrows    going through   their blood stained mouth  ,
And due to that   their   drinking  measureless  amount of sea water  ,
The huge heaps of  lustrous  gems    that were lying   in the sea bed   
Were lying there   unquenchable    fire embers   producing great heat  ,
And was    heating boiling the entire    sea.

6617.Due to arrows   drying   away all water    and the entire sea becoming dry,
The dead   fishes  , conches  , vegetables    and roots   were seen lying  ,
Here and there   with their entire   body being cooked well  ,
And those    which were lying on the slushy mud   looked ,
As if they were   fried deeply due   to entire water  becoming   steam.

6618. Those   hot shaking arrows    hitting    each other   , fire was produced ,
And it started  burning  like  a big bamboo forest   and all the wishes  got well cooked,
And all the other beings that   were  living in the ocean  were hit by the arrows,
Shed  lot of blood which mixed    with the  tides of ocean and lashed  on the banks.

6619. Due to the cruel arrows sent by Rama   piercing them  , the boiling   water of the sea,
Which rose up  , the  tall  trees which were stable in the   earth   and also the mountains  ,
Started   burning  as if they were   anointed   by oil.

6620.The arrows chosen  by Rama who was the  lord of all gods   went faster than mind  ,
Saying ‘This is the curse  given by Lord Brahma  “    and without deviating from its aim,
 And due to that   the very huge fire with   burning  flames    rose up   that sea,
Was having  look of a pond with scented waters   and fully opened red  lotus flowers.

6621. “If we say properly   would the angry outburst  of great   people   not  turn,
In to an event causing good?. WE have seen it personally now  . Due to too much  ,
Of salt in the  water   which does not reduce  , we call it a   salty ocean  ,
But now that   bad name has been removed by Rama   and it would be called Arrow ocean.”

6622, After  swallowing all big universe globes   which are stacked   one over   the other  ,
During the deluge, Lord Vishnu protects them   and to him    is it a great  deed,
To dry   the water    of the ocean? The earth   is eaten by   the water  ,
Which spreads   everywhere   and fire   has the ability  to eat   away that water ,
And he had establish      this fact as truth    by his act  .

6623. The great sages who were doing auspicious  penance   normally,
Live day and night in that   ocean   but their  body was not scalded  ,
BY these   hot arrows   because they always   meditate   on the divine feet,
Of the lord   they were easily going about  in the raging fire  as if it is a stream of water .

6624.Due to huge smoke surrounding    all the four directions  ,
The horses   which were   drawing    the chariot   of  Sun God ,
Lost their green colour and assumed black colour  , lost theitr way,
And being perplexed    were   not able to proceed   any further  .

6625”.Though Rama knew about    the pain of separation   , behaving like  ,
One who does not know   and his arrows  have searched   ,
And killed our lady birds”, saying this all male birds jumped in fire and died.

6626. That black sea  which keeps  on moving impatiently  , due to fire,
Spreading in all   directions   due to the arrows sent by Rama,
Was looking like a  burning   bamboo forest  , is there a need to tell this?
And due to  heavy   smoke surrounding  , the Devas who never blink their eyes  ,
Started   blinking   and also they had    sweat    on their    bodies.

6627.All those swans   which got bad name  as their gait was not comparable  ,
To that of Sita  who cannot even walk on the flower  , due to there being,
No path   without fire ,  flew on the  sky in all directions   and just like,
The fame of  the sea god getting destroyed  , they also were  destroyed.

6628.All those water fowls     which were living in the ocean  ,
Which was spread everywhere  , started   going on the sky ,
But fell on the raging fire  and   got burnt  ,
And the   clouds    which were   not able   to   travel on the sky  .
Were burnt by     the fire all over   became powdery  and fell down.

66 29.  Since    the burning   fire surrounded   everywhere , those who died,
Falling on the fire died  and   those which did not die  , not able to find,
Their eggs as  the fire was everywhere   went to some other safe  place  ,
And whenever    they saw     white pearls   , they mistook them for their eggs.

6630.”Oh sinners  , we thought   that the great  one called    Rama was but a man,
And lacked the capacity    to know his great prowess  “ said   some monkeys  ,
Living in water , Showing their white teeth  , and instead  ,
Of  surrounding the sea  , they started   jumping   on the sky.

6631.The Avunas    who had spear    coated with blood and flesh  ,
Who were habituated   to do great evil  and who were  living  ,
Hidden under the long   sea  lost   their life due to heat  of Rama’s arrows ,
And they were  floating in the ocean like   the  mountains.

6632.Due to the   fire emanating from arrows of Rama    all those  golden planes,
Flying in the sky    melted   and dropped down   and they were  looking,
Like the water  pouring when the water pot breaks  and ,
The rivers of the sky became completely dried up   ,
And even the   fishes of the sky(stars ) got baked.

6633.The arrows of Rama which had  drunk   all the water  of the ocean,
Like  Sage Agasthya   were great , were able to grow fire  ,
Were those who only go according to Dharma  , Were having great penance  ,
And because   they were greatly enraged    had several forms.

6634.Due to the fiercely burning  in the tumultuous   ocean with great tides,
The entire earth surrounded by ocean along   with gardens started burning  ,
Even the    huge compound wall    of Lanka was burnt   and the Rakshasas there ,
Were telling “That emissary of Rama has again come to Lanka to torch it”   and were jolted.

6635.The trikoota mountain which was as lustrous as the Sun  , due to the fire,
Started  melting like lac  and due to blood also mixing   with it  ,
It was looking red like  Murukka  flowers   and all   the coral reefs,
Of the sea were also completely  burnt  and  were similar  to heap of charcoal.

6636. The big fishes   which can be called   the famous great mountains  ,
Try to stay in one place and save their  lives and became unfit to live   and
Travelling in between hot waters  , they thought   the fire would be better  ,
And   with very   shaking and shivering body they  jumped to the land.

6637. After  the arrows sent by Rama destroyed   the   curly   ocean tides  ,
Which ate them   there was no water left  in the   sea  for  the fire to eat,
And so those arrows   started    going   all round the earth   ,
With a luster   similar to Sun and went   even to ,
The land of serpents   so that darkness  is removed from there.

6638. They went along with   ocean whose    top is of black colour and  the earth,
Also goes along like molten steel   and  got in to them   and also ,
Proceeded beyond    the horizon and mountain of setting   and ,
Went to other   universes  and the huge after   sea after   that.

6639. All the raised land in the midst   of the ocean were  broken  ,
And the collection  of gems that were   dropping from there,
Appeared similar to the splitting of a big body  and flow of blood from there
And because  Rama ‘s arrows split   the entire ocean  there was no water in it ,
And huge  water snakes  were lying  at the bottom similar to intestines.

6640.With  water completely  drying out in the sea  , that ocean,
Looked like  a  box in which precious gems    were stored
And  since the sound  producing conches which got out of there  ,
Had arrows in the front side holes  m, they looked like  ladles .

6641.Since Rama had sent  one hundred   thousand arrows  , the  number,
Of hills inside the sea became , one lakh   crores in number,
And  each gem hitting one gem made  in to one hundred gems,
But if noble people get  angry  , would those  ,
Who get   subjected   to that anger  , would not get  reduced.

6642.When  that  Rama the lord of all beings   who became     hot due to great anger  ,
Killed  beings with stable lives   they got the destruction less    salvation  ,
And like the fire   spreading  in  the forest   filled with large  number   of bamboo bushes ,
The fire from those    arrows    spread  on all sides  and reached  the ocean.

6643.Due to the arrows   which were like death    spreading  all over  the sea,
The  huge world who is our mother earth  , after taking away ,
Her dress which was like the blue sky   and dressed   herself  ,
Red dress with flowers   on it   and was looking very pretty.

6644,  The arrows of  Rama   who cannot be reached    by the knowledge    
Of the wise  people  after drinking all the sea water  ,left that sea,
And the northern fire    in the middle of the sea   got stronger  ,
And got up   and started   running      to reach  another   sea.

6645.Due to that fire  completely    surrounding    the entire earth  ,
And standing     touching the sky  , the   light   from that  great fire  ,
Was visible all over   the world   and  on that day   appeared   as if,
It wanted     to eat away the entire world, like the   time   of deluge.

6646. Due   to the fire   leaving the sea  and   standing erect   spreading its heat,
All the Devas  who stayed  on the sky, went up further   to the heavens  ,
And from there   went to the  land of Lord Brahma  and started living there,
And is it necessary for us    to tell  what the people living  on earth did?

6647.  Rama thinking “ What is   the point   in thinking  about  the sorrows .
That are likely to come ?I would make Varuna come  here with great speed”
With   great ebbing anger   which could not be  opposed  by anybody  ,
And started shooting  The Brahmastra   and   devas   were greatly  disturbed.

6648.All the clouds   started   shouting  , Varuna  with his mouth dried  wailed,
All the rivers   in the world got dried up and all this happened due to the fear,
That who can escape  the   power of Brahmastra  and all directions got powdered.

6649.The great sea which  was beyond   the   universes  started boiling  ,
And what is the need to tell about     seven oceans of the world ?
The lady who was sitting on the head  of Lord Shiva  for a long  time was startled,
And the water in the water pot of Lord Brahma  started  boiling making  KULUKULU   sound.

6650.All   the wise men and Devas   became    very miserable    thinking  “The lord,
Who  created the world when he was merciful   and    who can hide it when needed ,
Is known to us   but it looks as if we   have not understood him  .
This Varuna who is delaying arrival in spite   of seeing    the great anger of Rama  ,
Is possibly a greater    enemy   to Rama  than the asuras who are his enemies.

6651.He  who was all alone ad created   all   the worlds from himself  ,
Started   getting very angry .All the elements   scared  as to how  ,
They can escape   from this   anger  as   though they have  ,
Not any mistake  , they also may be punished and  ,
They started   berating Varuna   , the God of the sea.

6652. Due to the spreading fire   and   the  smoke that engulfed every where  ,
Unable to find  his way out  , Varuna , with eyes  which had lost  its prettiness ,
Due to constant crying , with a  heart that was  melting    due to love for Rama,
Scared   and lifting his hands up in salutation  , telling words  of praise of Rama ,
Came   speedily    and then appeared  before Lord Rama.

6653.”Oh Lord , I who was at the very end of these oceans did not know  ,
That you have thought about me “ saying this   as if to remove suspicion from Rama 
That king of the ocean  came walking in between the tides   of that black sea,
Which was surrounded   by fire .

6654.That Varuna the king  ocean   with tides   came   with words falling from his mouth,
With his head burnt   by fire  , with a mind greatly rattled  , with a disfigured  body,
Due to it catchinfg fire  , like one who  lost his   eyesight due to great   smoke  ,
With great fear   and being sad    due to sorrow and with great  pain.

6655.”Oh lord    who is the chief   of all these   faultless   worlds  , if you   , yourself,
Lose your temper   with me  , except your divine feet what other  armour can I have  ,
Except  which I have seen nothing,. Is it not strange   for you to burn the ocean?
To me who am living   because   of your strength  ,. Is there   any other strength?
I surrender to you”, like    this he went on babbling   again and again.
6656.”Oh Lord who lives   as personification of Vedas, You are  this sea water   and,
You are the fire that burnt it   and you are also all other   elements ,
You are    the final deluge that   burns this world   and you  are   all the beings  ,
That  live in those worlds .Oh Lord who lives forever, how can I   forget   you?
Due to the burning fire surrounding me   I was almost   destroyed,
And so please    save me   and also give me protection?”

6657.You would create all the world   and after   creating you  would protect them,
And at the end   of final deluge   you would burn them with red  fire and destroy them,
You are   the one who keeps all the  worlds in your belly   and to you   who can do anything,
 Is any action impossible? By using  a sharpened   arrow   you would destroy all the worlds  ,
If we think  , was there  a necessity  of this much anger  against the dog like me?”

6658.’Oh Lord   who as light remains in the middle  of Sun   who   by the cruel  sword ,
Of rays  of sun light   cuts off the forest called   Darkness , Oh Lord who is the life of Vedas ,
Oh Lord   who lives in the lotus like   heart  right   from the ancient Brahma  to ,
All beings who stand  , I praise   you  , I salute   you.”

6659.”Oh merciful lord   , you saved the   entire  world by keeping it in your belly  ,
Without any one knowing about it, Oh  Lord  who is the first  among all beings,
Who  took his   form from the basic portion   of Vedas   which cannot be found fault with,
Oh primeval one   who appeared when the elephant called you to protect  him,
Riding on a Garuda   and killed   the crocodile and saving the elephant, I praise you, I salute you?”

6660.”You are  my mother  , you are  my father  , You are also   everything ,
You are the beginning  , you are the end  , you are my luck, my loss,
And when I think like this  , how is it proper   to say  I abused you,
When you    who are the God who can do everything  , does not know yourself,
How can I who am your slave   claim to know your greatness.”

6661.He then kept  as offering   on the earth   one lustrous garland  ,
Which even made Sun God   who removes darkness   from every where  inferior  ,
And told, “If  small people do mistake out  of ignorance  ,
The big people  should  pardon that, Oh God   with thousand names  ,
I am surrendering to you  “saying like this  he fell at feet of Rama.

6662.When the  God of the sea   showed his form which was  as lustrous   as,
A mountain burning in fire   properly and said, “I surrender to you”,
Rama cooled down by   leaving out his anger   , just  like  the milk ,
Coming out  due to exposure  of great fire  goes down by  sprinkling  of water.

6663.”Do not  get scared .I am giving you protection , With love   I am offering endless,
Salutations to you  and request you tell why you did not come when I begged  you to come  ,
And came   and stood before me  when  I became angry  ,
Please tell me  in a way that I can understand,”  said Rama   ,
And Varuna    offered salutations    to Rama   and told.

6664.  “I came to know only through your words    the things that happened ,
To Lady Sita   who is a more patient wife   than the earth   as I had  not come from Devas,
“Oh pure one , I am telling as oath on you  , I had gone   to the seventh   sea   with  heavy tides,
To end the war due to enmity    among   the fishes   there   and as,
I did not know   anything which happened    in between any where.”

6665.When Varuna  told like  Rama  became merciful on him  and said to him,
“Let this remain like this , but please tell me an aim to this  arrow which is kept  on my bow,”
And Varuna said, “Good  , Oh Lord who has mountain like    shoulders  ,
I will tell you an aim that   would remove  the sorrows of this world.”

6666.”Oh king , In an island called Marugandhara   which is an island in between the oceans,
There are   more one hundred crores  Asuras  who keep on eating  all beings ,
And due to that several parts of the earth have been destroyed and  ,
Those people also do lot of harm to me   and so send   this arrow,
More lustrous  than lightning  on those   cruel ones and kill them.”

6667. Lord Rama who is beyond the reach  of the wisdom of greatly  wise people,
Who have collected   great books of wisdom  , learned  and thought about them,
Send the arrow   telling it , “Go speedily and kill those Asuras  along with their clans,
Who are more  than one hundred   crores  in number “ and within a second  ,
That godlike arrow   destroyed all those   Asuras   and  came  back.

6668 . Would   those who do only good deeds after  great thought  ,
Only good   events happen   and  they would never be    destroyed?
And did not that anger of Rama  without doing  any harm to Varuna,
But changed its direction  towards   the  Asuras  of Marugandhasa,
 And did  it not  do very great   harm to them?”

6669.That arrow of Rama   went  speedily to several Kadham distance  ,
And killed those Asuras   who were   Asuras  who were doing only evil,
By making smoke surround the  Marugandhara   Island  by lighting it with fire,
And in this it was like the curse   of great  sages who knew all of   the Vedas  ,
And who were   like light   which can remove     the inner darkness of people.

6670. That Rama who gives what they want to all those   who want   looked at Varuna,
And told,  “You told  “I surrender  to you”   and due to that  I killed all the anger in me  ,
Towards you  . Please   give me a   way   to go to Lanka  because   those evil people  ,
Who reside there  has made it to a moat to the evil country and are  dancing there,
So that   I would get the bad man   who did  not have strength to protect my  wife”

6671. “Oh Lord with great penance  , it is impossible    even to me   who   is the king of sea,
To measure the depth and width   of this ocean   and even   to the seven worlds,
Which are stacked  , if sea is not there  , no border   exists  .Oh Lord   who always lives  greatly,
If you  decide to completely dry the ocean,   there would    be great delay  ,
And all the members   of huge monkey army would  become restless and tired.” Said Lord of the sea.

6672.”Oh lord who is my father  , if I make   the water  of the sea    as  hard  as the stone  ,
All the innumerable    beings that  live in the sea    would quickly     cease   to live  ,
And  I would be holding   in my hand all that   is placed   on me   and so  ,
Please construct a   bund over   my head    and cross me using that   bund.”

6673.Rama said, “well we will do that  . If we build a bund over the sea,
Then the greatess    of this cool sea   would get destroyed by our doing  it  ,
And all    the other four elements would become favourable to us  ,
So bring hils , stack them on the sea   and build a bund over   it  “
Ordered Rama to the monkeys  and started to go to his place  .
Varuna   who had mercy of Rama    in him also   left.

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