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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 6

Yudha Kandam (contd)

16.Maya  Janaka Padalam

Chapter  on the illusory  Janaka

(While the fighting is going on Mahodhara suggests   to make a Janaka by illusion to   influence Sita. When that Maya Janaka  advices Sita to marry Ravana and save him,  She loses her temper and starts   feel;ing that he is not the real Janaka. At that time the messengers come and inform Ravana about death of Kumbhakarna. Ravana breaks down   and goes away. This incident is not  there  in Valmiki Ramayana.)  

7632.We told  about  the  masculine acts which were done   with great honesty
By Kumbhakarna  In that battle field   so that they  are clearly understood ,
And we are going to tell about   the unfair deeds  of illusion  done by king of Lanka ,
In the city of Lanka   due to great passion   in a separate place.

7633.That  Ravana who had won all the directions due to the power of his shoulders,
Looked at Mahodhara   an expert in illusion   who came   to his council hall,
And asked him “What is   the method of attaing Sita   and   get rid of this mind’s sorrow?
Please tell me now itself here   and give me back  my sweet soul” , said Ravana.

7634.”Today itself by a trick  , I would give  firm results   to you and I would do,
An act of illusion by which  Sita would come of her  own accord and join you.
I would perform a matchless deceit   and transform a   Rakshasa called Marutha  ,
In to Janaka   and if  I show that  Janaka  of illusion, Sita would be forced  to marry you.”

7635.As soon as Mahodhara told this Ravana  got up with joy and  hugged him,
And said, “My dear one  , convert that Marutha  in to Janaka  and come to Asoka Vana,”
And went there to scare Sita   who had won bad fate   just by the strength of her chastity  ,
He went towards  Asoka Vana   which was    filled     with pretty   flowers.

7636.Due to lustrous  row of pots   lighting it up   and spreading  the light  of early sun,
The approaching darkness    ran away from there  , and wearing   garland of lustrous gems  ,
Hanging on his shoulder looking like  the stream falling  from a blue mountain,
Ravana came making  the huge  tamed elephant    feeling shy.

7637.The Deva maidens who had a forehead like    the crescent   of the moon ,
Who were carrying lamps  , who had tied   waist belt   which was like serpent,
And whose waist  was getting tired of   carrying    their heavy breasts,
Walked in front and behind him   and were singing his praise  .

7638.Ravana saw with his twenty eyes   with great passion Sita  , whose speech was made by music,
Whose lips were made with coral   , with all female    organs well made  ,
And   created with measureless   and great   cultural habits  ,
So that   that   Sita would    get greatly worried and confused.

7639. That Ravana who had a small knife like sword tied to his waist  sat ,
On a golden seat which was put there   with shoulders   which had   removed the Devas,
From their homes surrounding him , with one feet  placed above his other thigh,
With round  ornamental regal umbrellas   held over his head ,
With white cowries   fanning  him  from both sides and told the following words.

7640.”When are you going    to show  mercy on this slave  of yours?
When are you   going   to find difference between  me  , Sun as   well as the moon?
When are you going to be affected by the flower   arrows  of the shapeless  God of love?”
And then   he started   telling  all  his sufferings due   to passion for her.

7641.”Oh  lady who    was  born along with nectar  ,I wanted to eat myself  ,
The mixture of poison and nectar  which had the form of a lady   and
Due to that, day by day my heart    started  losing the culture   of honesty,
And I am scared  to give up my life   after stopping thinking about you  ,
I   who am your slave    am   some one that  needs your protection.”

7642.”You defeated  me who has been never  defeated  by any one else ,
You made  moon burn my body,, you made   breeze   after spreading of which,
My body started   sweating , You made  the god of  love with heat  shout with joy  ,
You made me realize what  is sorrow  , you removed the fear of Devas ,
And I do not know what are the other sufferings  which you are  going to give me?”

7643.”  You have made  it such that  , all   the girls that I want is yourself.
The name I wish to call would be only your name  , All my twenty   eyes,
Would be seeing you only  , make the God of love  the one who shoots  ,
Arrows at me  , and make in my body the five types  of wounds  ,
By his five type of arrows   and this  has made  me in to a different person.”

7644.  “I   who have   won all people  right from Lord Shiva  to the ordinary men,
And achieved victory so that  I can rule  over all the three   worlds,
Have not been defeated   so far by any   valorous   person,
And though I was that great  ,  if my disease  of passion towards  a lady,
Has killed my masculinity  , would not my masculinity be  at fault?”

7645.  “My soul which has been fading    all these   days  , even while   suffering,
From the disease of passion   for several days  , became almost  like a soul of a dog?
Those  learned people  who have read and learned   the introduction of a poem,
Are saying that   the sufferings caused by passion   are ten states,
And that  appears   to be a lie since I have  already passed   through thousand states.”

7646.  “Oh lady who is like wealth earned  by following  the  path of Dharma ,
Who is sweeter than nectar  , who has come to make me like one who  is not born,
Due to your great beauty   destroying my  respectability  , I have forgotten   the great deeds,
Which were   done by me  and   due to the medicine  that, “one day   you will take mercy on me “
I am daily dying and then living. Who can know   about this state  of mine  ?”

7647.”Oh lady  , who has nectar  like speech , If we examine    without any bias,
Once upon a time  there   was a lady called Ahalya   and when Indra told about his  love for her,
She gave herself to him  and he got joy, Because of that did she go down in status ?
To cure  my disease of passion   only the nectar   from your lotus like mouth ,
Is the medicine, There  are no other chants and no   other medicine.”

7648.  After    telling several   such things , Ravana got up  with his shoulders  ,
Which cannot be compared    to the   blue mountain which tells twenty  ,
And which were very big   touching   the ground   and kept   all his crowns  ,
In a row  , which were like lightning , just like the   Sun 
Wanted to give  light all over and is kept in a row.”

7649.Sita who had a very soft form  , seeing Ravana   near her, felt as if ,
She was a deer which was seeing     the tiger   near to it  , became confused ,
Started getting shivers all over her body  , sobbed  , wailed  and  thinking,
Even if he has come to kill me  , I would tell him what is in my mind  ,
And   looking at a useless   twig of grass   and started   telling  .

7650. “ You seem  not to have thought   that by what you propose   to do,
  Is only  sin and bad name   would come  due to it  and  the words   that you told,
Should not be told by people like you  . You have  not realized  this.
Doing  such acts which ought not   to be done  and telling  words,
That you ought  not to speak ,your   heart  has not torn to pieces,
And  if you have not got destroyed along with relations   who help you in this evil acts ,
It appears    that the  power  of my chastity   is not big.”

7651”The sky is there.  And to all bodies that  follow the path of Dharma  , there is  a soul,
They   all have good feelings  but they all   do not talk   or behave like you  ,
To tell words   which are not proper to you , you also have ten mouths.
And I am there    to hear all your cruel words and so,
Is there anything which you would not tell and anything   which you would   not do.”

7652.”You seem not to be  bothered  about   the great deeds done by Indra  ,
Brahma who sits on lotus  , Lord Subrahamanya   son of Lord Shiva who holds an axe  ,
And Lord Vishnu who killed   asura called  Kesi but you  keep on telling  ,
That you won over them in battle. Possibly  you did not raise ,
Your  eyes and see   my fruit of love Rama   when you entered  the battle  field.”

7653. “ Protecting   this body   which has thinned   down due to not taking food,  
Without getting the fame of dying   immediately after  parting with my husband  ,
I am shamelessly   standing before you, is it not? I am keeping myself alive  ,
Due to the love   towards Rama who wears the  faultless   culture   as  ornaments,
And who has an auspicious form,   with the hope   that I may be able to see him.”

7654.”When Lakshmana   the younger brother  is standing like  golden  Meru mountain   ,
In the battle field  , to see   you show   your back and run away  , Rama   would  cut off,
All your ten heads , make them fall on earth   and kill the entire clan of Asuras ,
And  with a great wish to   see     his victorious form  , I am stopping  ,
My soul from going away   , when it tries to escape again and again.”

7655.”Oh Ravana who has not set a limit to his bad behavior, do not ever   think,
That  I have   a different soul   except that Rama , whose soul is mercy  only,
Who has  eyes like  lotus  flowers  , who gives happiness  to the minds of all,
And who is like a  water rich cloud    holding a  big bow  .”

7656.When Sita ended her reply  , Ravana    with eyes  from which fire    came out ,
With a   feeling of  disrespect that  he has been killed  , getting angry like God of death,
Laughed   like  burst of thunder  making fun of   Sita   told,
“You would  live so that your soul becomes one   with  Rama  ,
After   he defeats me completely     and   gets you released.”

7657.”Among the Rakshasas  , people of earth   and devas and others  ,
Who have been subject of my anger  , who has    survived so far?
I would kill that  Rama who is the  boy   of Dasaratha  , whom you consider,
AS Lord Vishnu  who wears   the Thulasi garland and are overjoyed,
And later   possibly    you can live    with him.”

7658.”Oh lady  with a very   narrow waist  , the monkeys have besieged  Lanka,
And for that purpose  they   built a bridge    in the ocean  , they made   great sound,
By their mouth   several times ,  and if  they   have become over joyous   because of that ,
Please    do not get surprised , for all those   monkeys which come  before me  ,
Are   like  insects   which come to die falling   in the flame  .”

7659.”I have  sent   a victorious Rakshasa   army   to Ayodhya   with the order,
“Please catch hold of entire clan of the  kings of Ayodhya  or other wise  ,
Bring their  freshly cut heads  ,Do whatever act   is needed to do this  ,”
And I have also   asked victorious and Valorous   Rakshasas  ,
To    bring your father  Janaka, “  said   Ravana.

7660.  As soon as Ravana told like this  Sita thought  “For this Ravana   who has  ,
Carried out tricks of illusion  and kept me in this prison,  nothing is ,
Impossible for him to do”  and due   to this thought    she got scared,
Perplexed  , mentally agitated , left   heavy breath  and like people,
Who again and again swallow fire and spit  it, she became the home of sorrow.

7661.Sita  who did not have banks   to stop the    stream of  tears  ,
That were  flowing from her   eyes  thought  , “These  people,
Who could do such things to me here  , would they not  be ,
Able to  do any thing there? definitely   yes, alas.”    And felt agitated ,
Thinking that   action of lie    those days were like   actions of Dharma.

7662.At that time Mahodhara  arrived at that place   brought  Marutha ,
Who had been made   to look  like Janaka   and who was   wailing  and crying
And who speedily   was   taken before  Ravana   who was like a burning   flame  ,
And Sita was made to see that  illusory   Janaka    saluting Ravana   and she,
Started   suffering like a little kid bird seeing   her mother   fall in the fire.

7663.Sita not knowing   that the person brought    forcibly by  Mahodhara,
Was only an illusory Janaka  , pressed her hands , hit her eyes   with her hands ,
Struggled as if her lotus   like soft feet    had been kept on open fire ,
Where ghee has been poured, and felt she cannot    sit on the earth,
Felt as if her mind   was burning  , with sorrow wailed    greatly  ,
Due  to shivering of body fell down, rolled in earth due to affection ,
And wailed   making    very loud  noise.

7664. She said  “Oh God”  , she said  “has truth been destroyed “ , she thought,
“Shall   I curse   the world for destruction  “ she would see  “Evil is superior   in this world”,
She would say , “Shall I continue to be alive”    and became sad in various ways  
And who can tell definitely whether it was Dharma or Sita   who wailed like this..”

7665. “oh father ,. Oh father  ,due to me you have also got in to this problem,
Is this the way   that you have to suffer  because   you gave birth to me as your daughter ,
Oh father who has helped   all the world like father , who   is like a mother   to all,
Who does good   like performing dharma  , Oh father    who is like penance  “
And then due    to suffering great sorrow  , she well like a  fire wood falling in fire.

7666.”You gave food to   others   and then only took food  , You  observed   Dharma  ,
You burnt  the town of enemies     who opposed you  and you performed,
Several fire sacrifices  and you have been tied on your strong shoulders,
By these   toddy drinkers  who have    the evil habit   of eating men ,
And I am forced to see    this state    of yours by my eyes.”

7667.She went on telling several such words , several times   and due to great sorrow  ,
Fell on the floor   and looked like one who is dead  , losing ability to   stifle sorrows,
Taking  deep tortured breath   and became like an individual lightning 
Falling  on the ground and rolling   and   like a female andril bird   started  crying  with open mouth.

7668.”You are a king who  is one of those,  who never  faltered from the path of Vedas,
You are the one   who never came to  the old  Ayodha and lived there   even for   doing,
The  duties  of the birth-house    to the girls who have crescent  like foreheads,
And have you come    to this prison to see  me suffer   in this prison .”

7669.”Greatly wise people have told   lord Vishnu   who travels on Garuda  ,
With very strong wings exists there to  free   people from this illusory prison   of birth –death cycle 
Except those words , I do not see any one trying to free  me from this   prison,
And who is there in this world,  who will free you   who has been imprisoned   for my sake ?”

7670.You have got an enemy who does   not mix with people of good culture  ,
And it would be good if you go to heroes heaven after   being killed by him,
You had reached    greatness and counted  among the greatest  kings  ,
And you have  also received this bad name   and you did not   search for that  bad name  ,
But got it by having  me as    your daughter  .How many parents can be as great as you?”

7671.”Like the tiny bullock    which is    tied   to the plough by the rope , being also beaten  ,
By a whip after   keeping burden on it  , also  pierced by sharp sticks  ,
Not moving away from the slushy field   but falling there , from the time  ,
I was caught by the enemy  , have  become one who sold   and ate all of you  ,
Is there   any   method   of escape     for me?”

7672.”Being  alive  in this prison at Lanka  , I was not able to  see  that  all my enemies are destroyed,
And became very happy   because of it  .I had not  saluted the holy feet of my Lord  Rama  ,
I have    been sorrowing here for a long time   and I have destroyed you  with your clan,
Alas,   With my mouth   I have eaten away   the greatness   of kings of Ayodhya.”

7673. “In the Panchavati, I gave an enemy to   my husband    by requesting him to kill,
And now   I am seeing that the mountain like   shoulders are tied  by   ropes ,
And because of this I have   caused   sorrow to both my birth- house and marital house  ,
Is this not true ? , Am I  a simple person? As I am not dying take  pity on me.”

7674.  “Once upon a time  my father    did a great fire sacrifice     to get me as his daughter ,
And I have seen now  that his strong shoulders which help his enemies cross the sea  ,
Have been toied by rope   and he  is being made   to roll    on the earth  , Is it that  ,
I would die only after   seeing Rama  who married me according to rituals  ,
And held my hand after   telling the proper chants  , being tied  ,
BY rope by the enemies    and made    to roll   on this earth.”

7675.”Oh my  mothers  , elders  , my dear sisters   who are like my soul,
Did you know about  what happened    to my father earlier to this?
Did you all also suffer    due to similar sorrow  , did you  ,
All  come along with him   and before meeting me  , have you all   died?”

7676. “Even if  you climb to the top of the Meru mountain   and conquer the sky,
The  old city of Lanka   which is surrounded by water   is not  a proper place to reach 
Oh father   I do not know whether you were caught after fighting  or caught by deceit ,’
Do you have  a person like Hanuman with you  , so that  other people can be informed.”

7677.”   Those    who caught and brought this  King Janaka  , without any doubt   would,
Catch hold   of  the very weak  Bharatha who is sitting   in Nandigrama   always facing south  ,
And if Bharatha is caught   Rama who goes   on giving everything    to every body  ,
Would also not live   and Lakshmana also   will not continue to live  .It seems,
Those who follow  Dharma  and observe penance   will meet such a   bad   fate.”

7678.”The great joy which went on increasing   when I heard Monkeys built a bridge,
Over the sea,  then monkeys reached Lanka   and reached   the walls of Lanka  ,
And then    destroyed    the enemy army  , has been destroyed by fate  ,
By performing an alternate  trick “ she repeated      this  several   times.

7679.When   The Sita who was suffering due to sorrow    told like this  , Ravana who had the sword  ,
Which removed the greatness of all Devas , looked at her with love decided that,
That she cannot suffer  more   sorrow     and so by supporting and saving her ,
He can get a place for him in his mind , He started   telling the following.

7680.”oh pretty lady   who has a gait like  a   female swan  , with a great   desire,
To have you  , I have started   giving you unimaginable     sorrow  .
This is wrong  and so please  excuse me   and even now  I am not that   angry  ,
That I want to destroy all people in Mithila and  even when angry, I will not  kill Janaka.  Do not scared.”

7681. “If you consent    and cure t his burden of  the disease of passion ,
Then to this Janaka    who wears the flower garland , I would give   either,
The land of devas or   these seven islands   of earth   or the   wealth of my kingship,
Which is spread  in all the three   worlds fully and live with you  , saluting you.”

7682. “If he wants   I can give him this city    and I  can  live in some other  place ,
I would give   him the treasures Sanga Nidhi and Padma Nidhi   which would be beneficial to him,’
I would also give him  the divine and  pretty Pushpaka Vimana   to him  to enjoy as he likes,
If he wants I will give him the sword   given by Lord Shiva using which I won over the Devas ,
I will not say  “no”   to anything   that he asks.”

7683.”Oh Sita , with you pretty coral like mouth ,  if you tell   the matchless   words of mercy  ,
I will take   the crown of Indra and making Devas   salute him with his head  ,
And make him wear as per rituals with chant of Manthras   and make   the Deva maidens,
Surround him  like all-round    and I would    stand there  obeying his orders.”

7684. “Oh Sita  , if you   consent to   this , Lord Brahma who is the father of sage Pulasthya,
Who is the father of Sage Visravas   and who is my father , who created    all this world ,
Would come personally and give this  Janaka    all the boons that he desires  ,
And also Lord of Death would work like a   slave   and   the Goddess  Lakshmi  ,
 Who   was born in the ocean of  milk along with nectar    would be a servant of yours.”

7685.  “Apart from the Devas, the very strong Nagas   and  the people of this earth,
Would salute the feet of your father  Janaka   and do all the work  that he orders.
Oh lady who is like a picture  , because     you were born to this Janaka  ,
The benefits that   he is going to get or limitless  and would not have any defect  ,
And so you can give him all the three worlds   and also fulfill   the purpose of your birth.”

7686.   “The   wealth that you promised to give to Janaka   would be received   by indra  ,
Lanka and its false     wealth would be   received  by  Vibheeshana   and  the pretty arrows,
In the hand of Rama    the lord of devas   would enter   in to your chest , and the divine feet,
Of that pretty  and  black lord   are suitable     to be kept    on my    head.” Said Sita.

7687.”The very fearful arrows  with thename    of my wonderful lord   would laugh  at you,
And would split your chest and enter in to you   and all those  wounds that  have opened  ,
Are great and do suitable good   and once they leave    the string   of  his bow ,
Would make      even the    huge mountains that fall down on it .”

7688.   “The arrows    that come out of the bow   of the   lotus eyed  Rama  ,
Would come and reach   your chest wearing    garlands    which are greatly pretty.
The crows   would talk sweet words with each other  and would take away   your eyes,
With their beaks   and are going to eat them and after that  Ghosts ,
Which reek  of the smell of flesh   with great   joy    are going   to hug you.”

7689.”When    the steel arrows    of that Valorous Rama   are going   to your heads,
With open mouths with teeth   your life     would come   to an end   and Hanuman,
Who wears  a garland made of  fresh Thulasi leaves and buds  ,
Would come   and tell about    you with great mercy  and I would hear his words  with great desire.”

7690. “Oh    son of a silly person  , Request with me those   favours that can be requested ,
In the ensuing war   the soul of your son   would be    taken away  by Lakshmana  ,
Who came in   this world    to the glory  and benefit  of my mother   Sumithra 
And later     his dead body would be licked    by dogs   and then  , you ,
Would keep on prattling and shouting       that  “My son  is no more  “.

7691  Ravana who was extremely cruel hearing that  ,Angrily stared  like a hot sun,
Grinded     his    twenty  valorous  hands , biting   his teeth hard   in his  open mouth,
Ran towards   Sita to kill her  , Mahodhara   prevented   him   and told him   that “if  her father,
Who wears   hero anklets requests   her,, she may agree  , and so do not get angry with her.”

7692  Then he moved away   and sat on his seat   and that illusory  Janaka ,
Who was lying down on earth  , whom others   thought   is already   dead  ,
Got up and told, “Now you accept    the proposal of Ravana   otherwise ,
You would become a sinner who has murdered  me along with my clan,”
And started    telling    the following words   to the surprised Sita.

7693. “Goddess Lakshmi    who sits on the lotus   flower  gives her wealth  to all,
And not only to Lord Vishnu.Oh sinner   who is my daughter  ,
I have been imprisoned  because   of you , .Is my losing  my soul for your sake good?,
What is wrong in being wife of Ravana   who is the lord of Devas ?
What are you  thinking and thinking in this prison and crying?”

7694.   That illusory Janaka    who was wailing   to make others  believe  that ,
He may lose his life   further said  “after saving my  sweet life and    the life  of  members,
Of my clan  and making me get so much wealth  making me wealthy for a long time,
After  getting yourself released    from prison , make all   people    enjoy life  “
And then afterwards   he fell at the pretty  feet  of Sita and saluted her.

7695.   That lady who heard    those words  , Closed   tightly   both her  ears  by her hands,
Let out    hot breaths  , lost her conscience  and resembled   a dead lady,
And when her anger greatly increased   she got up   and said  ,
“Thinking that leading a life  joy   is special  , my father  Janaka   would not have ,
Told these   words to me    and these are not  proper words also”
And then seething with anger   , she started telling words   that will hurt.

7696.”With Dharma getting spoiled  , with   old  rules of good  behavior   broken,
With   the valour   which is suitable    to the clan of king    being lost  ,
With truth reducing  , with bad name  coming  , with good conduct   breaking down,
With the fame that is protected   with desire of Devas   getting dimmed  ,
You have told   these type of words  ,When I think, I doubt whether   you are Janaka?”

7697. “Even if the path of travel  of a king nears   damage  , even if   his  own life  ,
 Is   getting eroded  and nearing destruction and even if spear comes and  is about,
To enter  his  chest  , the proper method  for  him      would   be to be obey the words  of wise people,
And  and are there   any more  kings like you who go against Dharma  
And live in hiding   and getting    blamed by others ”

7698. “Even if you, your  relatives and the people  in your wide country   are going to die,
In front of my eyes  , Would I live a life    which  destroys  my good character  ?
I would prefer   to be a slave  to Rama   who has diamond like    strong shoulders  ,
Who has one thousand names   and who is  the  incarnation of Lord Vishnu  with divine  wheel.
And I would not like   to  lead a life without shame ,
And would I ever   look at that   Ravana    who is like   a Dog.”

7699.”Oh person who is    worse than a dog  , except the matchless Rama who holds a  very strong bow,
If any other  male   comes near me   they would   be burned like  insects attracted by light  ,
Would I  who am a lioness who has lived with a   lion who is the king   of all  animals 
Live  with a  fox which searches   and eats    the dirt  in my backyard.”

7700. “You who have   told these   evil words are   certainly not my  father,
If you want  praise  the bow Lord Rama who wears   the garland  of victory
And escape from here, if he saves  you, if he is  not able  to save you,
Better die .Without doing anything  you  are telling words that  should,
Not be told   and you have accepted a bad name that  cannot be erased,”  said Sita.

7701.That Ravana who  was a Rakshasa  who  has cruel strength, understanding,
The harsh words  that   were   told by Sita  , said, “Let your decision stay  in your mind,
Let whatever has to happen , happen  ,Possibly you are   thinking   that ,
This person is  not Janaka   and so  I will kill him this instant  “
And he   took   his powerful sword     on his hand.

7702. Sita said, “you cannot kill me   and you cannot kill  this Janaka of illusion,
And  also  , you cannot afford to kill yourself  and you cannot   kill  ,
The people   of this earth   , but I can take away   the sweet soul of mine  ,
And afterwards   you along with   your  relatives would be killed by   arrows of Rama.”

7703. “Oh king who   got the wealth of Indra .this Janaka     has not    done  anything wrong,
Except is begging for favours with Sita   and because   of that   is it important  to kill him?
If we   win over the cruel enemy Rama who has    surrounded Lanka  ,
This Sita would start  obeying you  .If you trouble her father , will not she  become sad?”
Asked  Mahodhara   to Ravana.

7704.When Mahodhara    stopped him like this   and when he has   changed his opinion,
Due to the mountain like  Kumbhakarna    being killed   by Rama  ,  the very strong monkeys  ,
Were  shouting   in a high tone   and that  shout of victory   reached    the sky  ,
And there  it merged with sound made by Devas   and was   heard  by Ravana.

7705.”Those   Devas   who had  lost   their strength  because of me  , the monkey army  ,
That wants to fight   and  the twang being done by Rama and  Lakshmana   in their bow,
Are making sound one beating the other   and I think that   is because  ,
A situation   has arisen when my brother   is alone in the battle field  ,
And due to that   sorrow    has  arisen   in my mind.”     Said   Ravana

7706.The emissaries who came   with great speed    after crossing   the army  ,
That was surrounding Ravana   went near him and   told in his ears .
In a soft tome  said, “Your brother   who was    shattering    the ocean,
Like monkey army   is no  more   and  he was killed by Rama with an arrow.”

7707.  Ravana fell  down on the earth   like a huge Maramara tree   deeply rooted  ,
In the earth falling  completely uprooted  , pushing   in to earth,    his crowns,
Which were shining  like Sun  which   joined with other  planets  ,
And which were decorated    by the garlands made   of Gold.

7708.Since Khumbakarna   was born along with him   and   they never had the sorrow,
Of parting   at any time  , Ravana who was thinking that   they were one soul in two bodies,
Hearing that   in the  battle were people throw weapons at each other   , Khumbakarna  ,
Had died for his sake  , became very sad   and started wailing,
So loud   that it reached the end of the universe and he started  prattling .

7709. “Are you only a brother to me? Oh brother   who was like an elephant in rut,
And was capable of confusing and destroying   the devas    who were like a lotus forest,
Who   was born to the son’s son of    the four faced  Lord Brahma , Oh great male  ,
Who completely cleaned   the good fate  of Indra  which lead to his great fame  ,
I have been fated    to hear   such a news    about you.”

7710.”Oh brother who held a lustrous spear with shape of leaf  , I was not ,
Able to  be  with you and was    not able to see   you while   you  attained death,
I  did not enquire with others   about the   state of affairs  in battle field,
When you were fighting  , I am standing here protecting    my own life  ,
If your  condition is like this, Would not Indra   ride on,
His elephant with ornamental mask   and go back to his own city?”

7711.”Oh brother   who held the spear which even scared    the lightning  ,
If with a stone like heart   , if you go to  the heaven of heroes , who would like ,
To be born with another in the same  mother’s womb? Would not,
The Dhanavas    who were scared   to come before me  ,
Come before me    gently   massaging    their own chest?”

7712.”Oh brother who had very strong shoulders  , is not   the Meru mountain,
Of the north stone used  to rub of your feet while you are bathing?
Oh  best among males  , I am greatly saddened    by the words,
That you have been killed   by an an arrow sent by an ordinary man.”

7713.”The very  famous divine spear of Lord Shiva  , The divine   wheel  of Lord Vishnu,
And Indra’s  Vajrayudha , touched you but returned back not able to do anything to you.
And it seems    that   arrows shot by a man   entered in to you  and came out ,
And  when this was happening the great me was watching my own shoulders.”

7714.With  brothers dying without even a chance for me to see  ,
This Lanka  us easily going to hands of enemies and with my uncle Mareecha dying    ,
My sister  losing her nose  which all   happened     due to    the extreme passion,
That I had to another lady’s breast and I still continue    to live  ,
Would I continue  living    after losing you, my dear brother?”

7715. I have not heard   that   you have killed   Rama , his brother  , his commander in chief Neela,
The king of monkeys Sugreeva  , The son  of Vali Angadha  , Hanuman who is the loving son of wind  ,
And    the chief of the bears  Jambavan, How is it that   you alone met with your death  ?”

7716.”Oh brother who was sleeping on this soft bed    with poor maids  caressing   your feet,
In the pretty bed room   where   the cool  wind    was blowing , did you sleep on bed of dust of earth ,
With the ghosts    who are surrounding    that place  making sound like    the Thunangai drum.”

7717. “ Oh brother  who is like an elephant in rut  , I was   safely living   here  ,
When you after    drinking the red wine and went to various places  and won those places,
And now without  parting from you   soon, I will also come    with you,
If   you delay  a bit so that    you need    not go alone.”

7718. Like this    he was telling various things   and called loudly , so that  ,
It could be heard till    end of solar system so  that  many people   understood,
Why he was given that  name* earlier and Sita with    eyes like Ghendai fish ,
With   her red colour  lips throbbing  ,  got very great  joy in her mind.
   * Ravana   means one who cries./makes others cry

7719.The breasts of Sita    due to joy slightly puffed up  , Her body   which had reduced,
Became normal  , her mind was filled with joy , she was scared earlier got back her soul,
And that divine lady   with faultless   chastity   who could  be a friend,
To Goddess Lasksmi    was filled up with joy, Who can ever describe it?

7720.That  Sita   who has   earlier seen  Rama with great shoulders with prettiness  ,
That cannot be measured   and  Kumbhakarna    and had  got matchlessly scared  ,
Knowing that  the victorious  arrow of Rama which would kill without any doubt  ,
Has killed  Kumbhakarna who had huge strength   and huge form  ,
Hearing those matchless   words  , grew fat   and looked like some one else.

7721.Ravana seething with anger told  , “ I would kill   all the people   in the wide heaven  ,
And cremate the body of my brother   and  keep in prison, those trinity of Gods  ,
Who never die as well   all  the devas   who had taken nectar   earlier to   avoid death.”

7722. That Ravana who had gone  to all   directions and had been victorious   in those places,
Slightly got composed when     the ministers consoled him   and decided,
“Now itself  , I would do water oblations thrice    to my dead brother  ,
Using the  blood   of Rama  and Lakshmana   after killing them “
And with eyes   burning     with anger   left that place  ,

7723. “ Now there  is nothing for us to tell.  Our   Kumbhakarna  lay dead  ,
In the battle field where   eagles fly” and after telling like this  ,
Mahodhara ordered that illusory Janaka    be put in a separate   prison   ,
And went away   in one    direction.

7724.Trijata who loved Sita   who had tied up her    dirty hair  , which was not,
Decorated   by pretty scented flowers   frequented by bees  and had one bunch of hair  ,
Consoled   her  and told    her   the following words.

7725.”That person who came   before you calling himself your father  ,
By changing his form   is  Marutha , who is an expert in illusory   acts  ,
He is  an Asura capable   of  acts   which are  of limitless   evil”
Said Trijata  who is one    with nectar like    good habits  ,
And she told   it in such a way that  Sita was well impressed.

7726. That Sita who always    used   to get consoled   hearing the words of Trijata ,
Removed the sorrows and  doubts   from her mind  and body   and we   will now tell,
What  the angry king of Lanka   who went   to his palace   did.

17.Athikayan vadhai  Padalam

Chapter on killing of Athilkaya

(Ravana was wailing. Athikaya the heroic son of Ravana who was  his son through Dhanyamala   comes and offers to go to war and kill Lakshmana   and avenge the death of  Kumbhakarna.He goes with several Rakshasa  leaders  and very huge army. He is killed by Lakshmana and all the other great monkey leaders are  killed by various monkey chiefs.Valmiki Ramayana mentions about other sons of  Ravana called Trisira and Naranthaka  going to the battle and get killed  and later only Athikaya goes to the battle and get killed.)  .

7727.That Ravana   whose growing anger was like the  rising flames,
At the time   of deluge  looked at his ministers    who were   saluting him,
Standing on both his sides   and  stared at them with great anger  ,
Started shouting in a loud voice  making the clouds  and thunder fall down.

7728.”My cruel army    which had the ability   of deceiving     and your armies  ,
Which were spread like an ocean   were   not able to prevent  ,
The different  mastery of the war with arrows    fought by them  ,
And come back here   and so do not look at me  and go away from here.”

7729.”Of persons   who told , “We would all   go the place of Rama   who came for war with us  ,
And kill all of  them”  and who   had valorous culture  , you had not prevented   ,
The killing of my brother  , you were   not able   prevent evil coming to him,
You had not given   your souls to save him  but you are  in the line of heroes.?”

7730.”From  a very long time back  , my winning over    the three  worlds,
And making them my slaves   was due to my great valour  .
Due to my victory  , you have got great wealth in this birth,
Now you are    supposed   to give your soul   and  repay your debts.”

7731.”If you say that   you are not capable of fighting   with the enemies,
Tell me that. Then I  like the God of death  ,would take   my sharp spear ,
And go  there making   those  enemies lose   their strength   and make them sad 
By   piercing their bodies    with my spear and making it come out by the other side.”

7732.”Apart from this, I want to tell you some other thing  ,
If you feel that  that you would win in the cruel battle   then go ahead,
But if  you feel that    dying is the only thing you can do  , tell me  ,
Your opinion “Said Ravana     with very great anger.

7733.An  Asura  named Athikaya    who had so much valour  that even if fate ,
Were to get angry with him  , it cannot achieve   victory over him,
Due to the great disrespect shown   which would bring even the river water  to boil
Became ashamed     as well  and flew in to great anger   and started   speaking against  ,
Ravana   who had a white regal umbrella which can    win over the moon.

7734.”Let the devas of sky get scared, let people of earth   get scared  ,
Let Lord Vishnu get scared , Let Lord Shiva with five faces   get scared,
But   if you say I am   scared   then you should be ashamed  of yourself,
Is it proper   for you to say  that I had got scared?”

7735.”Had I not  caught and chained    those who  fight  more,
Fiercely than Dhanavas   and have    given them to you?
Had I not  won over the Devas   who fought and made   ,
Even you shiver , cut them with   strong swords  and  achieved victory over them?”

7736.  “Did you think that   I am like   Akshayakumara  who boasted ,
That he had    well sharpened   weapons  and was made in to a paste on earth?
Did you    think that I am like Khumbakarna  who died easily   by a few arrows?
Did you    think I am Vibheeshana who was   deceived  by the fame  of Rama and Lakshmana?”

7737.”If I do not kill the brother of Rama  , who destroyed your brother  ,
And create   a matchless   sorrow to him which will make    him shiver  ,
I would not   a matchless   good son to you  , who is   the best among males.”

7738.  “After   doing fighting    from very  near them  , and destroying   the entire monkey army  ,
Who are  very happy now due to death of Khumbakarna  , after cutting the   heads,
Of the best monkeys    and throwing it on earth   , I would tie   those  ,
Two great archers  , bring them and give them to you.
This is definitely     going     to happen and you will see   it.”

7739-7740.”If you order  me   to go surrounded    by the  ocean of army   or ,
Otherwise desire  me to go alone to the battle  , as per your order  ,
I would   go at this instant ., Tell me whichever you think is suitable ,
Give me leave” he said   and thinking about the words  of his son  ,
That king of Rakshasas  told .” With determination   you have  told,
Good words   and if    you succeed in killing Lakshmana   ,In coming days ,
I  would bring the great   soul  of the person called   Rama,.”

7741. “oh son who wears golden heroic anklets   go with  powerful,
Three thousand   crores    of foot soldiers  , Suitable secure  elephant army ,
Chariot army  , horses    army   would protect you   in the battle field  “
Said Ravana   and sent an army which was much bigger   than  earlier times.

7742.  “The cruel  and very strong Kumbha   who cannot be defeated by Devas ,
Nikumbha   and  Akambha who wears golden heroic anklets  ,
Would provide  protection  to your pretty red chariot shining  like Gold.”

7743.”Oh son   who has cruel strength  Get in to  Chariot drawn  ,
By one thousand very strong   horses  tied by belt  ,
Which   is like   the matchless  place of  Lord Shiva  ,I have given it to you.”

7744.  “And all our chariots drawn by thousand horses   would  accompany ,
To guard that chariot in the front as      well as    in the sides  and apart from them,
Once crore of  killer  elephants   which  are huge  and which are  in rut  ,
And   a similarly    cruel    ocean of   horse  army  would also accompany you.”

7745.When Ravana told him like this and gave him leave    to go,
Athikaya    stood up and saluted him  holding a bow    with a very strong point ,
Wearing  a lustrous    golden  armour  , he stood like a black moon,
And seeing    his great form  Devas   shivered  and became weak.

7746. That Athikaya who had a body that was   bigger   than elephant  ,
Accompanied   by warriors   who were chiding    using cruel words  ,
Took along with him   several types  of armaments  ,
Which shined    much better     than the   harsh   sun.

7747.  The  very black elephants   which wore  ornamental mask  trumpeted   loudly  .
Making the lions staying          in the    caves scared  and  scary sound raised   by string of bow  ,
Made      the water     of the sea greatly turbid   and the huge drums and clouds   made scary sound.

7748.They shouted    so that    the  sky trembled  .They changed   their steps while walking,
Making the lady earth  shift her position  , they filled up the    huge oceans with dust  ,
And seeing those acts the Devas who live in the sky  sweated  all over their body.

7749.Those clouds which were  grazing the white flags  
Which were shining like  lightning ,were like the she elephants 
Which were following  the male   elephants.

7750. Due to water of rut    flowing    from the cheeks of   elephants in rut,
Which had been  wounded several times by the goad  , which was ,
Stagnating in the battle field  , the   horses and  elephants ,
Which  run very fast ,  the entire path was turned slushy.

7751.The chariot  of Athikaya     went  similar  to the rings going  along with,
The sun with red rays along with several other chariots  , the elephants,
With shining gold mask  went like the black clouds    with lightning,
And the   horses which jump   went    without touching the  earth,

 7752.Athikaya   went and reached the battle field  surrounded  by chariots  ,
Which were  like mountains of the size of Meru mountain  going on the sky,
And which were spread all over   and reached   the battle field.

7753. He minutely   examined   that battle field   where  Rama  ,
Who was like a rut elephant   has swallowed souls and played  ,
And seeing that he became  mentally upset ,
And he with very great strength   and  great temper   became sad.

7754.Seeing   the body of Kumbhakarna    which was like a  mountain,
Without  shoulders    legs and head  , he felt as if he saw a black sea,
And imaging    the  things that have   happened    there  ,
Athikaya became sad that he was not  able to see the head of his matchless  father.

7755.Realizing  that it is not a  risen up  hill made by use   of strong arrows,
Not the body of elephants   of direction   nor the matchless   strong  ocean,
  But the body of Kumbhakarna  who can never be defeated in war  ,
Athikaya   left out a very heavy breath   and became  very angry.

7756.”Alas, did I come to hear all this  ,Unless   I am able to  ,
Speedily kill those men with souls   and  travel  ,
In the path towards that aim  , Would I be able,
To come out of this great sorrow   of mine”told Athikaya.

7757.Becoming very angry after    telling this  ,he decided that,
“I would get consoled of  my sorrow after  seeing the sorrow of Rama ,
After   I do a  similar thing to the younger brother  of Rama,
 Who has done this act  “. and started telling it to emissary.

7758.”Oh Maida  , come here   and you   go with great speed,
And meet that Lakshmana   and tell him   that,
I have decided   to make him in to a headless  body  ,
And tell these words after realizing proper justice.”

7759. “You also tell him   that Athikaya   who has great ebbing sorrow  ,
And who is extremely angry  , for the sake of his father   who is  ,
Mentally upset and is sad   due to death of   his younger brother  ,
Who wore a pretty flower garland  , has  come here .Tell him this first,.”

7760.”You tell him    that  I have taken an oath   that I would,
Make the body of Lakshmana without heads   and legs  ,
Roll    in the council hall    of Ravana  , who does not merit to be sad,
But    who   is extremely sad    with a boiling   mind.”

7761.”I would not bother to think   that it is an act  which leads to evil,
For all kings   , always this   is the proper   method   to follow .
See to it that you are not abused   because you are just an emissary  .
And by your able words   you please come back, bringing him along with you.”

7762.”You go before   Rama and Lakshmana   who would   be,
Interested in fighting the war  and say  ‘ those who are  coming for war,
Would be reaching the city of God of death, and so,
All   of you who want    to come  , please do come.”

7763.”Oh sharply  intelligent one  ,  if you bring  Lakshmana,
Before me after   informing him that  Athikaya   has come  ,
So that he can remove   the sorrow    of  his father ,
I would give   you  everything that is great  ,
Which would be very difficult  for you carry back?”

7764.”If that  Lakshmana   who is specially called  “male lion”,
Himself   is going to come to the war    ,
Then I will cut his body in to several pieces  ,
And as compensation  make  you   as a  king.”

7765.”If you bring that Lakshmana    to me , even if you ask me  ,
 I would   give you  Eight thousand  pots of  toddy  served by
Nectar  like  pretty women, who talk pretty words  and
who are   devas   or Vidhyadharas,  who have not been tasted  by any one.”

7766. “I would   give   you  ornaments    with sparkling gems  ,
Which are of the colour    of the red rays   of the Sun,
Which are  heavy  , Which has   been given to us  by Devas as tribute,
And which are given by Khubera , the God of riches as a matter of right.”

7767.”If needed I would give you hundred    thousand   red eyed,
Elephants in great  rut  , whose   flow of   rut has not stopped  ,
Whose front side is frequented  by bees as well as eagles  ,
And which have not got cured for several days from effect of rut.”

7768.”I would give you  strong    chariots made of pure   Gold  and,
Horses, which are not different   from those    which are  in place  of Devas  ,
Which   were wearing garlands made of several gems   and are not available in the  world.”

7769. “ I would  give you one thousand cart loads   of rows of treasures,
Sack full of  shining gems ,  several varieties  of   shining  silk cloths  ,
 Which were shining   the moon light  and also give   you more of them.”

7770.  When he further   said   several ornaments studded   
With  faultless   gems   and all the  things that   you want  ,
And requested  “Oh Mayida who is wearing   heroic anklets ,
Made of pure  gold, go quickly  , That Mayida ,
Who had   strong shoulders to oppose the enemy started departing.

7771.Then the Mayida went alone   and reached  Rama who was before him
The valorous monkey warriors   became angry   and when they   rose,
To catch him  Mayida said, “I have brought   a very happy  news.”

7772.  Rama   who was primeval to those    who search of the truth,
And  who is the special material mentioned   in the Vedas ,
Looked at the monkeys and told , “he is the messenger   of his lord,
And he does  not know any other thing  and he  has,
Come without any weapons   and so he can be an emissary  ,”
And he  made them disperse     and   they dispersed,

7773-7774.Rama then asked”  Please   tell me the reason for your coming  .”
And when  that Mayida with shining white  teeth  Told him,
“ Oh expert in war with arrows  , Oh king  ,the message ,
Sent by my Lord   should be known only   by the one  ,
Who is born after  you “   that Lakshmana  ,
The great archer   who was   the younger brother   of Rama  ,
Said, “Please tell”  , he  started telling him, “Please ,
Stand for fighting  before   the thousand crore ,
Strong army of Athikaya “   and  started   telling further.

7775. “Athikya who has anger with you   m  who   has   gold like body,
Is standing there    like a Meru   mountain expecting you  ,
And if you   have sufficient    strength    to oppose  him,
Please come  along with me”  He said.

7776.”Similar to how your elder    brother    did    With the body,
Of Kumbhakarna  , he wants    to do with you  in similar fashion ,
I have told you and you need  not have   any doubt about it.”

7777.”Leaving out the one who killed  , the reason that he wants to kill you,
Who was   not even knowing about    that act ,
Because he wants your elder brother    Rama to suffer ,
The same amount of sorrow that    his   father.”

7778. “Let the devas of the sky  , those   in the heavens and others hear,
This Athikaya    would    fight     with this Lakshmana  ,
And later    fight    with others     who have come with him.”

7779.As soon as he  who had mouth like burning    axe   told  the cruel words “get up”,
Rama   the incarnation of Lord Vishnu who had a  divine   feet  ,
Which was being saluted  by those    who merit  being saluted  ,
Hugged Lakshmana and told  him,  “ go without any delay.”

7780. That Vibheeshana who travels in path of good Dharma  said,”Let him go,
And fight the war  after  all of us  join him as helpers  , and then told,
To Lord Rama the  news  about Athikaya. We will  now tell  you that.

7781.  “He who has come riding on a chariot   who is greatly angry and is fearless ,
Who does    angry acts  like    the dark black clouds ,  who wears hero anklets ,
Made of leather belts and is like   , very angry and  very cruel male  lion,
And has    come here    consenting   to fight the war with Lakshmana.”

7782.”He is one who has   done very stable and  great penance   and due to,
The boon given by   the faultless  primeval Lord Brahma   has not died.,
In the battle with Asuras   and Devas  and has a strength    that never reduces.”

7783. “Ravana   thinking     that he has   uprooted   the Kailasa  mountain  ,
Along with its forests   and with Lord   Shiva with an eye on his forehead,
Had brought up this Athikaya    so  that  he can uproot   the  northern Meru,
Mountain   which is strong along with all Devas ,  who sit on that.”

7784.”He who does not want   the services of Lord Vishnu  , Mandhara mountain ,
Vasuki the serpent  and   all the great devas   as  helpers  to churn the ocean of milk,
So that the nectar  and poison  can be obtained  but can churn it   with  his one leg.”

7785.”It is a sign of strength   of   the  shoulders   , if one can push  ,
The   very tall elephants of directions  which carry the earth  ,
Which are  not destroyed at deluge   and   which wear thick face masks?
But this Athikaya can push away with his hand even  the  mountain of the horizon.”

7786. “When that Lord Shiva who has    not blinked  his eyes for innumerable years  ,
Who has the Halahala  poison on his neck , threw his spear which was   full of fire  ,
On this Athikaya   and he   caught that   spear with his   hand   and,
He is the one who told   the words  ,  “Is this the long spear sent by you?”

 7787.  “When this Athikaya    started burning several    towns  of  the Devas,
Who showed enmity   to him , Lord Vishnu    who wears   the Vagai garland of victory,
Threw   his cruel   weapon of the   wheel at him   and instructed  ,
“Take     away the life of this useless  soul,He stopped that wheel   by  his expertise in bow.”

7788.  “ When  the very angry Indra   had sent many of his soul like,
Powerful weapons on this Athikaya  ,He is one  with powerful arrows,
Who turned   those weapons in to nice powder   and also hit   ,
The Vajrayudha     Of  Indra.”

7789.”He is the one who has learnt    the books of Vedas  and from Lord Shiva,
And he got from the weapons which were   never used   by Devas   and ,
Which cannot be used by   anyone else   and got this masculine look.”

7790.”He   does not  do anything    except  those acts   with Dharma  ,
He does not wear as ornaments    anything    except weapons  ,
He would not kill  any body   who is weak and who are  matchless souls,
And he knows clearly   that   it is desirable    to have great fame.”

7791.”Even if the time comes   to leave the soul    that is in his body,
Even when many people   who    fight with deceit   fight with him,
Even if all the people   in world get    engaged in a war of cheating,
He    would  never    even consider  using  illusion in war.”

7792.  “Madhu and Kaidaba   where two asuras   who had great deceit  ,
Conquered   the land of Devas    and destroyed it  and once,
Due to  the  great role  played by fate   they  had the   evil in them,
To attack Lord   Vishnu who was sleeping   on the  ocean of milk.”

7793. One day they  got in to the ocean of milk  and looked at ,
The very great Lord Vishnu   and requested him, “Give   us war  .”
That Vishnu    who had divine wheel which is difficult   to defeat ,
Accepted their request   and said, “Get engaged in a cruel war.”

7794.”If the powerful people assume one thousand forms  ,
Those Madhu  and Kaidaba who would laugh  at them ,
By their war technique  and Lord Vishnu ,
Without withdrawing     fought    with them    for one thousand years.”

7795-7796.Those Madhu and Kaidhabha looked at   Lord Vishnu, who does not,
Have any one who   is similar   to him   and had a  body with luster of Gold.
And told “Oh famous one  .people like   us   want to tell you   that 
 There are none     who are  as  powerful as you,” and further    said,
“We  have    the strength to eat    and spit off   all the seven worlds,
And you have  fought all these   days alone with people like us  ,
And so Lord who merits fame  , We would grant you the  boon you like.”

7797-7799.And hen they told   that they are   offering   this ,   so that ,
Good    would come to  Liord Vishnu   and he in turn asked,
“Tell me the  way by which I can win over     you :
And as soon as  Lord Vishnu   like that , Those Madhu and Kaidabha ,
Who  had very good behaviour  and travelled in way of justice  ,
“We can die only on your lap and in no other place  ,
And they asked to make them go on his lap  and that is our order  ,
And that Lord Vishnu who is not  reachable  lengthened ,
His left thigh  so that touched all the   worlds above and below,
And due to their fate Madhu and Kaidabha were   caught  ,
In his lap. This happened in some other   eons.”

7800. “Then Lord Vishnu    who was the matchless  leader   . took a huge mace  ,
In his hand   and when he beat both of them with it  , they both died
And due to fate      from the body of Madhu    spread all over  ,
This  world     got a name  Medhini.”

7801.  “In this eon, the very strong   Madhu   was born as  my elder brother ,
And due to the great  strength   and the Kaidabha   who had the  power,
To burn even the Sun   is this Athikaya   who has this lustrous   spear  ,
I told     you all these  because  I wanted it to impress   it in your mind.”

7802. When the    younger brother   of Ravana   told  like this  , and the matchless  ,
Leader Rama told, “well”  and laughed showing     his white teeth,
Which were like lightning   , stood there and told    the following  .

7803. “You please see for your own eyes  the  great prowess   in using of bow  ,
By Lakshmna, even when  eight thousand   crores  Ravanas  ,
All the Devas  , people in all other   worlds  , the trinity  ,
Whose strength makes it difficult   to approach   them come to war with him.,”

7804.  If my younger  brother Lakshmana    gets angry  , can the devas   stand before him
Can   the people  of  heaven , can Lord Vishnu  , can those    archers,
Who are    much greater  archers    than all others  , Can Lord Shiva and can Lord Indra/”

7805”.As soon as   as Lakshmana keeps his hand   on the bow ,
You will see that   his divine weapons  , anger , strength  ,
Faultless  power got by penance   and all others,
Are   completely destroyed    by Lakshmana.”

7806.”Oh greatly cultured one,  That Ravana   who took  my lady,
By cheating  would have lost his life then itself  , had this Lakshmana  ,
Thinking that he should not go against the    words of Sita  ,
Had remained there.”

7807.”You also go to the  battle field along with   this Lakshmana  ,
And then you would see , that the big head of   Athikaya ,
Who opposes us   falling on the ground , cut by Lakshmana ‘s   arrow,
And you would also see    that head being   eaten  by crow and other  birds.”

7808.”Can some take the help of water    and  stand fighting    the water?
WE have entered   this battle field to fight    with the cruel Asuras  ,
For the sake   of the Devas .Whose help we  took? Have you got bored?”

7809.  “The one    who  is  to kill this   Athikaya could  be Lord Shiva  ,
Or lord Vishnu   the consort of Lakshmi   or  Lord Brahma  ,
Who created   the heaven   and who had great penance 
Or   this Lakshmana   who is  specially strong  ,
Who else    has the  ability   to kill him.”

7810.”When along with Kumbhakarna   one thousand  Vellam  ,
Great soldiers   surrounded us  , do you remember  that ,
The one    who killed   all of them  is this Lakshmana   and no one else.”

7811.”Lakshmana   is the one    who is going    to kill all the cruel  Asuras,
And the one who is going to achieve   is this Lakshmana . He is the one who ,
Fights   like Lord Vishnu    who     kills his enemies   by his power  ,
And so accompany   this matchless  Lakshmana  “ and sent Vibheeshana also.

7812.At that time , Lakshmana went  around    Rama three   times on  the right ,
And accompanied  by the strong Vibheeshana    who has proper sense  of Dharma  ,
And entered  the battle field where  Athikaya    has already entered.

7813.  Similar     to all other   oceans waging a     war against   the southern ocean,
The Asura    army consisting  of sea of elephants  , horses  , chariots and foot soldiers,
Were  joined   the ocean   of the   army  of monkeys accompanying Lakshmana.

7814.  The battle field which became slushy earlier    with fresh blood  ,
Due to rising of   the army with a war cry  , raised   the dust  ,
Which was like the   the pollen grain of  the pretty flower of Kusumbai plant .

7815. The sound   of war drums produced because    they are hit  , the thunder like,
Boom of the conches  , the huge sound of war cry raised by the warriors,
The sound of twang of the strings of bows     which are   protected ,
Made   the sea with  several Makara fishes tightly close its mouth.

7816.As and when the elephant trainer Rakshasas are  killed  , the blood,
From their bodies flowed  like  a red coloured   stream and the leaves,
Of the trees growing densely on the mountains   were falling.
Also the monkeys   which jump and climb the   mountain  ,
Jumped    on the   heads   of the   great elephants.

7817. The crowd   of monkeys threw   long mountains  ,
Crowded with trees which had long branches  ,
On elephants with rut water   that was   dropping like honey.
And  it was looking like a elephant was dashing against eelephant.

7818. The monkey crowd   hit the   horses of the Rakshasa army with their fists,
With anger   they  stifled them , with strength   caught hold of them  , 
With their teeth they bit   them ,so that  joints of head   get separated ,
And due   to this those horses lying in the blood struggled with    showing their feet upward.

7819.When the monkey army reached    the  battle field , they   destroyed  ,
The strength  of those elephants   which had come    with great aim there ,
And being tossed   by very great wind , just like    the scattering of   crowds of clouds  .
They were destroyed  and their tusks broke    and gems came  out of it  .

7820.  When the monkeys    got up with great speed  due to  knocking  by,
Their legs which were like diamond pillars  , due to knocking by their hands  ,
And due to knocking    by their tails which were like rope of God of death  ,
The  Rakshasas fell   on the earth and rolled   and  due  to the knock,
By the   spear of those Rakshasas

7821.The monkey warriors   rushed   along with trees  , mountains  ,
Stones  , sharp teethed serpents  , elephants  , horses ,
And many other  things  besides    these  and threw them,
Making     the sky which    was above like a strong forest.

7822.  When the huge mountains    that were carried  by the chiefs  of monkey clan,
 Were   being thrown on  the army of the Rakshasas   who had capacity to kill,
 And they    were like  like the huge   dense clouds   which fall on the   wide sea.

7823,  Those monkeys   drowned    those Rakshasas who were  running ,
Here and there , slipped  and fell  along    with their axes  , 
Swords  , spears   and made them go deep inside  ,
And they churned their big bodies   and made them   flow blood.

7824.  Those crowds of very strong monkeys  , swam here  and there ,
In that   collection of blood  , climbed  on the hill like  bodies  of elephants  ,
Which had fallen there   and made    them   reach   the sea  ,
And there     they were  not able to see the shores of the sea.

7825.Being in the stream  of blood which was pulling the legs,
Of the crows of monkeys   which resembled the river  ,
With  waves  which were  pulling the eye like    fishes.
The monkeys were proceeding   like the blind men,
Who were catching a stick but here   they were ,
Proceeding    with one monkey catching the tail  of  preceding monkey.

7826. The soldiers of the ocean   of Rakshasa  army   jumped,
Several times   on the monkey army , churned that  cruel army  .
With great anger   and that huge monkey army  .
Lost its strength   dispersed and ran to a great distance.

7827.At that time Lakshmana    told them, “Do not get scared”
 And also   several words of consolation   took  his bow  .
Which was his help  and for the benefit   of the God of death,
Tied the string and twanged the seven strings   tied to it.

7828. Though all the books of history hide themselves ,
Though the five great elements   join in the primeval cause  ,
Though Brahma  dies , the principle  of time (death?),
Would not vanish   at    the end of deluge  ,
And the sound of the bow  were like the chant of the Vedas at that time.

7829.Lakshmana    sent several cruel arrows and those pierced ,
The bodies of numberless  Asuras emerged out and vanished and the heap,
Of the dead bodies   touched the middle of the sky   and ,
The blood  which came out of those   bodies got mixed with water of the sea.

7830.The arrows sent by Lakshmana   cut off the trunks of elephants  ,
Cut the  heads of the Charioteers who had a highly tied    hair  ,
Cut the row   of the legs of horses and split open,
The bodies     of very strong Rakshasas who had seen great  blood.

7831.   The arrows of Lakshmana     cut off the bows  held by enemy warriors,
Cut off their spears  and completely broke   the   shining armour that   they wore  ,
And also cut off the mountains thrown at him  , killed the horses,
Destroying  the chariots   and killed  like  God of death those  murederous elephants.

7832.The  white and curved  tusks   of the victorious and cruel elephants ,
With the speed of their breaking reached    the  sky  and were  looking like,
Several crescents on the third day  of waxing period of the moon.

7833.The  big heads of Asuras    with eyes spitting out   fire  which were cut  ,
By Lakshmana  were having  two  crescent like ears on which   ,
The ear globes   which were  like stars    were attached  ,
Were looking as if they had     fallen from the orbit of Sun on earth.

7834.The sight of the very huge  mountain like  elephants   with   ,
Two sharp tusks , with cut trunks   which had  fallen  face down,
In the   ocean of blood that was flowing in the battle field  ,
Reminded one   of the boar   incarnation  of Lord Vishnu  ,
Which was    trying to lift   the   earth  with its horns.

7835. Due    to many   wounds  inflicted by  the dead horses ,
Moved away from their   position from the chariots   causing  ,
Chariots to fall upside    down   and this scene  was like  ,
The planes which had fallen on earth      from the sky  ,
For sacrificing     the position that   they were holding.

7836.  Due to the arrows of Lakshmana , many headless  bodies  ,
Were standing up   and dancing   and it was like   the  body parts ,
Dancing with joy   which had won over  good and bad fate  ,
And have reached     the time when the soul was going   from the body.

7837.If  it is true that   one head less  body would dance  if fourteen thousand persons die 
And when we know that  the number of headless bodies   which danced  in the battle  ,
Were more than one crore , who can describe the  greatness of victorious  Lakshmana?

7838.The blood of the elephants  ,  the blood  of  Rakshasas  ,
The blood flow from the speedily  running horses  , Like 
A stream formed by rain in forests   and mountains,
Joining    the ocean, ran and joined the  ocean.

7839.  The strong corpses   of Rakshasas   whose  heads   were cut off,
By the arrows of Lakshmana , had their legs tied     by rope of the  neck of elephants ,
And were  holding   aloft the goad   and were drivers   of Elephants and were numerous.

7840. The headless body   of warriors who were   riding on the  horses ,
Due to being hit by     the killer   arrows   of Lakshmana   had lost  ,
Their tall heads   and were holding     swords in   their hands  ,
And were    dancing as per   the  dance performed by   those  horses.

7841. The arrows of Lakshmana  which    did  not miss   their    aim,
Like the curses  of sages    and  were taking away   the  heads,
And shoulders   and the part   of their bodies  who were riding the  chariots    ,
Which were   sent  by his bows    were  very large  in  number.

7842.  Those     Rakshasas    who were searching for Sita who is their  God of death,
Lost their   father  , elder brother  , younger brothers, Their very dear sons  ,
 Grand sons and nephews   in the  battle field  and pierced   by ,
The storm like arrows   due to  arrow piercing    them also died.

7843.  Due to being   hit again and again by  arrows   which need not have  further instruction,
The cut arms   sprang up  and caressed   the huge heads of Asuras  ,
And since    the heads did not have wings to fly,   they  were like Aandalai birds.

7844.The long arrows spitting fire    which were   coming in thousand crore numbers,
Were able   to enter the bodies  of Rakshasas  with the speed of the mind  ,
And because  of this the    souls of many Rakshasas,
Made the legs of emissaries  very painful and    tired.

7845.Those Rakshasas who were strong    enough to move   the  Meru mountain,
Died  being hit   by the arrows  of Lakshmana  and due to their body,
Which was like  a heavy burden being cut  , they all struggled,
And seeing that  the Devas   shook their   head   and ,
Due to the heavy burden   of the mountain like corpses lady earth moved her back.

7846.  The matchless   Daruka   who had a tall body like  Meru mountain  ,
Who had     anger like    the burning fire  and who was happy to fight the war  ,
Got up in the chariot   , holding a bow  , with fire coming  out of his  eyes , attacked Lakshmana.

7847.Due to the boons    that he had obtained    earlier  Daruka   sent  long  growing arrows,
Which looked like a burning fire  and those arrows   spread everywhere  ,
Making the size of sky small   and Lakshmana  who was   boiling with anger  ,
Made     all those   disappear    using    his own  arrows.

7848. Being  cut by the sharp arrows of the great Lakshmana   , the   broad and long,
Head of  that Daruka was cut  and    speedily his soul   left his    body ,
And rose     up in the sky and made   great sound scaring ,
Even God of death  who came  to   separate his soul and eat it.

7849.Kala , Kulisa  ,Kala sangha , Malu   and  Marutha   who were,
Respectively holding     spear , axe  , Bindipala  , Rope  and trident ,
Came    with great speed    and   surrounded    Lakshmana.

7850  Those difficult to approach weapons shot or thrown , 
 In thousands of numbers  were attacked by   arrows of  Lakshmana ,
And were cut  and  also   their strong and long   heads and then,
He scattered    the great army arranged   in four groups.

7851.  Then the soldiers   of Athikaya  encouraged fifty thousand  .
Elephants     which were  like the mountains in rut  ,
And surrounded  Lakshmana from all his sides  ,
And went    on showering weapons     similar to rain fall.

7852. Those Rakshasas surrounded    the monkey army   , so that,
They would not be able to    escape  and attacked from all directions ,
And they alone drove on the monkey warriors   the  army of elephants  ,
Which   were like  mountains    with hands   and cut in to pieces  ,
That  monkey army  by their weapons, made them fluid and shouted .

7853.    The mountains thrown by monkeys   and the   various weapons  ,
Sent   by   the Rakshasas  ,  neared   each other   and dashed  ,
And a sound like thunder    filled all the    directions   and  because  ,
They all stood    in the sky like clouds   world and directions were  hidden.

7854. That Lakshmana who could    send his arrows in all directions  ,
Cut  and made fall   all the weapons sent by those   Rakshasas,
Cut their very strong hands   and    attacked ,
The elephants     with three   types    of ruts surrounding him.

7855.  Due to the going and cutting by  one arrow of Lakshmana  ,
Not only one   mountain like elephant   but    nine to ten    of them,
Got   their trunks and tusks cut off   and they were lying like cloud  ,
And   they    rained rut   fluid  like a mountain   in rut.

7856.Due to  one thunder like arrow sent by Lakshmana   hitting them,
The  Rakshasas who were  throwing various types of weapons  ,
Fell dead like   mountains   and these   arrows   also cut,
The necks of Elephant soldiers   and   the rope tying   the elephants  ,
And   the   elephants with spots in faces     due to  rain like  rut   died.

7857. Those   angry   elephants      which were  like mountains  ,
Were hit by   sharp arrows   which were   stronger  than thunder  ,
And the rope tying their neck  , the seat  put on their back  ,
Were cut   and their   fatal centre  of their body   destroyed 
And they rolled like  black mountains     in the directions.

7858. Those hot arrows sent by Lakshmana   which could burn,
As well as search   cut off the flags on the top of the   elephants  ,
They cut in to pieces    elephants in rut  , they cut     the heads of trainers ,
Who drove them   and because of that   the ghosts   avoided   hunger.

7859. The   arrows sent with great  strength by Lakshmana   were larger,
In number than the drops of rain   and   because of their hitting  ,
The elephants which were like mountains rolled    by thunder  ,
And the blood let out by them was   seen like    an elephant  ,
Fighting against another   elephant   and   were like ,
Fighting    with the ocean       which was   scary.

7860 Due to the arrows hitting    the drivers   of the elephants  ,
Without any control    those  killer  elephants     which were  like,
The strong Halahala   poison   and thunder  , lost their consciousness,
Due to excess flow of rut  and started     fighting    with each other  facing each other.

7861.  Due to arrows    falling like rain   on the elephants,
Some    got cut their legs, some   got cut their trunks  ,
Some did not have tails which they used  to wave with speed  ,
Some had intestines hanging out due  to their belly being broken ,
And some    were pressed very hard   and suffered greatly.

7862. The arrows of  Lakshmana   which hit    different directions,
Without anything to stop them  cleared completely   the attacking elephants  ,
Which cannot be reached   and    due to his arrows  sent several times,
Hitting them again and again   many elephants with rut  died and
The tusks  left by them      got heaped   on the battle    ground.

7863.  As soon as fifty six thousand elephants    in rut died  , those Rakshasas  ,
Who had eyes  with fire coming out  , who were   never scared  ,
Who did not have    good character   and  who had evil and anger  ,
Again drove  ocean like   elephants    on that Lakshmana.

7864. Those cruel  Rakshasas   showering arrows    easily like rain,
Sent against  that archer Lakshmana   , who has taken up the job,
Of endless killings  , numberless elephants in rut  ,
Which went like    the crowd of darkness telling them, “Kill, Kill”.

7865.When the elephants in rut surrounded    him   that very strong  Lakshmana  ,
Who was hidden similar to black clouds   hiding the    red sun,
Bent his bow similar to that of  rainbow   and immediately  ,
All those   elephants    fell down on the grounds like   rain drops.

7866. Those very angry  elephants   let out their rut fluid,
Through   their big  ears which were   not active  , had a   mountain like body ,
  Black like the sea  , expressing anger    through their eyes  ,
Had huge raised  strong  back   , destroyed faces  and Without cruel   trunks 
But in spite of that    the  ferociousness  due to rut  which was   changing from second to second.

7867. Like the storm at deluge  which bring   out the disciplined.
Water of the ocean   which never crosses it banks  ,
The big and cruel  arrows of Lakshmana   which crossed  its boundaries  ,
Hit   the forehead   of the elephants   decorated   by gold   and due to that ,
Those elephants in rut   which were  like cloud   were   cut ,
And rolled  on the ground making   them equal to being dead.

7868.  Hit by those arrows of Lakshmana     which fly like birds   , faultless ,
And which never  miss their aim   , The Rakshasa army was lying dead ,
Similar    to the mountains whose   wings were  cut by  Vajrayudha,
Which was thrown  due to instant rage   by   the king of Devas.

7869.Elephants hit  by  hot  sun like arrows of   Lakshmana  , which had not left their anger,
And which had   trunks   making matchless   sound making   the   thunder  coming out,
From the fast travelling clouds ashamed  , were beyond the capability of being counted ,
Came out   generating heat  , slipped   and fell because of mountains   ,
And   fell on the   flow of blood   coming out of directions     and reached    the middle of the sea.

7870. Due to cruel arrows     striking on the eye , the group of elephants  ,
Who were not able to see   became immeasurably angry   , were  roaming  ,
On the plains as if   they  were walking   on the   mountains  , and instead  of,
Not going towards the  enemies  roamed    inside  ,
And slowly    dried   the ocean like      army  of Rakshasas,

7871.He was sending at a    time  one thousand   sharp and cruel arrows ,
Which went like   the thousands of rain drops   sent    by   black  clouds  ,
And because of the piercing by those arrows  two thousand   ,
Elephants   in  trance of rut were   dying ? what is the need to think  further?
 The ability   of That Lakshmana in  arrow war fare  is not even known to Devas.

7872, Unable to cross    the ocean of    blood oozing out  of   the black cloud like  
Cruel elephants which had tusks,   the destroyed  chariots  , the elephants which could destroy  ,
The Rakshasas warriors   who were angry to fight the war   and the   crowd of horses,
Were   all roaming  only in the cruel battle field   as they had  no were  else to go,

7873.  All the hundred    thousand cruel    elephants in rut     were all.
Cut in to pieces   within  about  twenty minutes   and died  .
All the beings of this world  got scared   and got matchlessly confused  ,
And hearing about this   sent all the rest of the elephants with him  ,
Which had not got over trance from rut  , which were  like  mountains  ,
Which were not seen by any one   and   which were    different.

7874.Then the warriors of Athikaya drove  one crore of elephants  ,
Which were different from those   which came earlier and died  ,
Which caused a river of rut near them  and which were in trance of rut  .
Before  Lakshmana   who was like a young lion holding  ,
A   strong and cruel    bow  which could sent thunder  like arrows.

7875.   Those elephants   driven by the Rakshasa   warriors   were standing as if ,
All the mountains    in the world had come to destroy   ,
Whose number  was  impossible to count   and surrounded  Lakshmana  ,
Those elephants   were  like an angry fire    and all those elephants  ,
Due to the matchless  mastery of  archery  lost their heads and tusks.

7876.For a  distance of thirty six Yojanas    distance   in all the  big  directions,
The elephants in trance induced by the rut   were    roaming   and due to ,
More of them coming   , the whole world  seemed to be    filled by elephants  
And every one    was scared   because   of this   and ,
The entire   sky turned in to dust  and world became    a river of rut.

7877.  The crowd of ghosts not able to find   the head as    well as   tails,
Of the dead elephants   , were  seen to be carrying them like mountains  ,
The   ocean of blood thrown by the   tides of the sea  ,
Brought several cruel weapons    producing    fire  streaks  ,
And were    seen to join with    the river   of the water  of rut.

7878.Lakshmana   killed  one elephant , by one  victorious  arrow   which were  like thunder ,
Which burnt like sun light  ,  which   dried the ocean  like the spear of ,
Ugra Veera pandian   and     which had  lustrous open mouth  ,
And the elephants   which were  flowing out   water  of rut  similar to rain,
Which   were  ten thousand in number   and were standing in a row  were all killed by Lakshmana.

7879.Seeing the ability of Lakshmana in    searching and  killing   the elephant army  ,
All the mountains which were shaped like   elephants    were scared,
The black forests were    scared   and apart from this  , the elephants of direction,
Were scared    to stand in their place  , the black colour    easing from sea were scared.
What is the point in telling about others?  The matchless   Lord Ganesa  ,
With five hands  , also got scared   of Lakshmana.

7880.  The  twang sound  from the string  tying both ends  of the  bow of Lakshmana ,
Destroyed  the sharks and  Makara fishes of the  sea   and that sound also appeared in the sky,
And as if the huge thunders   took their residence in the sky,
 The elephants in trance due to rut   fell down as if they were  hit by thunder  ,
And  the arrows from his bow entered    the body and head  of those riding the  elephants.

7881.At this time   those Rakshasas who were  like the  great seven seas holding the spear,
Forced those elephants    to go against   those monkeys, and seeing this carefully,
Hanuman decided    that he would do a heroic act  and came there ,
Similar to the matchless    spear   of Lakshmana   unexpectedly.

7882.   That  Hanuman   who was like an elephant with matured rut  ,
Who was having   the strength of the primeval God  , Lord Narasimha,
Who was wearing a heroic  anklet made of straps   and   who had great fame  ,
Praised     the  divine feet of Rama  , made a huge    war cry , blinked,
With fire coming out of his eyes   and  took in his hand ,
A very huge tree    which was like   the rod held  by God of death.

7883.When  Hanuman held that tree  , like the time   when  the god of death
Who was   an expert in killing   the five great elements  and  the huge cloud of rain 
Joining together  and destroying  at final deluge  , He beat    the elephants  ,
As if a huge thunder had fallen on     the mountain   and due to that  ,
The elephants    which were  like the black long cloud  ,
Which  had long trunks   and were in trance due to rut 
Lost their lives    together  like one telling   the same thing in various ways.

7884.  Hanuman who stood by Dharma  killed  many of the elephants  ,
By stepping on  many othem,  by his speed ,   many of them,
By his strength   , many of them by his knocking     walk , many of them,
By huge sound ,  many of them   by his    feet , many of them,
By the tip of his tail,  many of them   by  knocking with his forehead  , many of them,.
By twisting their fingers,  many of    them by the practiced  jump.

7885.  That Hanuman who was    very angry   , drew  and threw away  ,
The  tusks  of many strong elephants  , split   some of them  ,
Braking like bamboo some of them  , by digging some of them,
By splitting  it in to many pieces ,    some of them he bit with his teeth  ,
Some he   inverted  , some he caught   with his hand   and some  he broke but killed   all of them.

7886.  Hanuman  used to throw   some elephants    in to the   sea , some,
He used to roll on earth  using the tree  , some he will   push on earth  and grind,
Some he will beat   keeping on earth  , Some he will take out their intestines,
Some he threw to the heavens  and  some he  used   to stamp  and ,
Churn   and then he    will kick on the faces   of those elephants.

7887. After   that Hanuman   ,  using his long tail   bend  some elephants,
Like a python   and after bending he would destroy the warriors sitting on then 
Some elephants he would dash against big mountains   and killed them.
Some like  the Lord Shiva who   swallowed   Halahala poison  ,
He would   put in his mouth   and  chew them  . Like a  male lion  ,
Within a    second he killed    thousand elephants.

7888. And also Hanuman  easily and with great speed  , like   a plant,
Being destroyed    by nails  killed   hundred thousand elephants  ,
Which were taller than the mountain , fearless  and in trance due to rut  ,
And made    them shapeless   and made   them in to  paste  ,
And spread    them on the earth  like very slushy mud.

7889. That very strong Hanuman  also fought   with a a crore ,
Of elephants using the above method and killed  ,
Hundred    thousand    of them  , when Hanuman was willingly doing that  ,
The   younger Lakshmana   thinking that   the rest were   his quota ,
And killed  all of them using his terrible   killer   arrows.
Seeing that the guardians of   eight directions  ,
Were   terrified   due to  unnamable  fear  and ran away.

7890. Due to     the corpses   of elephants    dashing at each   other  ,
In all the directions  , those   who were crushed ran helter-skelter ,
Those who were  not crushed   and who were   alive   died,
Due to  pressure of crowd  and since    every where  bodies,
Of elephants were  lying  , those   travelling in chariots ,
Got    down from them  and ran   and in the battle field,
An asura called  Devanthaka  was roaming with rage  .

7891.  With sea of blood   and    the heaps of bodies   of elephant bodies,
Which were  like a big mountains   were    found not in one place  ,
But in    several places   and then Devanthaka   riding on a chariot  ,
Entered   alone   in that battle field    and sent   some cruel arrows  ,
Which were like    the hot rays of the sun   inside body of Hanuman,
 And  made victorious      sound making the  ocean tremble. 

7892.    And then Hanuman  , uprooted a big tree ,  lifted it high rotated it  ,
 And  made great sound  , and saying , “This Asura    will die now  “
 And with a sound of thunder   threw it on Devanthaka  ,
Who  sent several   sharp arrows which   were  giving out heat,
Like a flaming    fire   , and broke    that   tree in to pieces.

7893. That Hanuman   who was the leader    of the  very strong monkey  clan,
 Took    another  mountain in his hand   and even before   he threw  it  ,
That asura sent arrows   and  made it split   in to small   pieces 
And that  very great  Hanuman became angry   flew like an eagle  ,
And snatched     the great bow   which he was holding    from Devanthaka  .

7894. Hanuman who snatched the long bow  ,making many devas  very happy,
Broke that    bow in to several pieces  and the great Devanthaka  , getting angry,
Seeing the great valour of Hanuman  , took a lustrous    weapon called Thomara 
And beat Hanuman on his left shoulder and the Devas got perplexed seeing it.

7895.That Hanuman who had won   over the passion kindled due to pretty ladies,
AS soon as Devanthaka   threw the shining Thomara at him and   shouted greatly  ,
Got angry like fire  , snatched the Thomara from the hand of Devanthaka  ,
And made sound like    huge thunder   and hit Devanthaka with it  ,
And because  of that his   chariot was destroyed and his  charioteer  died,
And the   Devas   became happy   and their faces became bright.

7896.Before batting of the eye , Hanuman neared   Devanthaka   who took the spear,
And started   fighting with him   and that Devanthaka    who was  stronger   than,
Halahala poison  , came before him and fought with him   and Hanuman  ,
Who was like the two eyes of God of death  , hit him on the mortal  place ,
Near to the cheek   and with head getting detached   that Devanthaka   died.

7897.Athikaya    who witnessed     the death of Devanthaka  , boiled like fire ,
Shedding blood from the eye making others   suspect   that  it is a wound  ,
After telling ‘Now itself   I would kill this Hanuman and would not leave him alive”,
Instructed his charioteer    and went   and stood    before   Hanuman.

7898. When the Athikaya was arriving   his retreated   army came forward ,
Those    had left already  again joined back  and that Athikaya ,
Who had the ability to cut    the  Northern Meru mountain  ,
Stood before  Hanuman who was like   a Meru mountain  made of gold and told.

7899.” In the war   you rubbed my matchless     brother   and killed him,
And with your matchless strength   you crossed   the big  black sea   by jumping it ,
And saved yourselves and in this war   you  killed  Devadatha  who  entered ,
This ocean like army to fight  and seeing  that act  , I have come before you  .
Now your end is very near as   you have   come very near me.

7900.”If I kill you today  , for a long time to come I need not fight    with you  ,
Not only you have done one harm but    have done   many harms to me  ,
And so   using  the rain  of my cruel arrows  , which do not return ,
Without victory ,   I would kill the   younger brother of Rama  ,
And yourselves and without that    I would  not return back ,
Understand this clearly” said    that    very cruel  Athikaya.

7901.That Hanuman  who was standing without    getting tired,
Like    the Meru mountain of the north  said, “You are getting  very angry with me,
And that Lakshmana who is like a   lion in a cave  .Please also summon  Trisiras,
So that  we can   kill both   of you by making   you in to a paste”,
And   ground   both his hands   and laughed loudly like    a cloud.

7902  Hearing the words of Hanuman    The Trisiras   said, “yes, yes, yes”
And came there  and attacked Hanuman   and he   who is   the ,
Matchless emissary of Rama   waged a war against him and said,
“Can you who are in the grip of passion      win over    both  of us,
Who have both  got rid   of passion” and     went near that Asura
And making the toungues   of those watching get dried, he walked.

7903.Hanuman    jumped and reached  the chariot of Trisiras   and caught   hold of,
Trisira   who was like a mountain touching the cloud  , lifted him  ,
Pushed him on earth, made him in to a paste and killed him ,
So that he would not get bad name  and then  he thought   ,
The war was severe on the western gate    and went    there.

7904.  Within a time of batting of the eye  Hanuman    who walked   through ,
The battle field reached    the western gate   and the very strong Athikaya  ,
Without knowing a proper thing to do  ,with eyes letting out ,
A stream as   well as fire  , told that “  even Lord Shiva who keeps Goddess,
Parvathi by his side   would not able to  fight   with Hanuman,
When he seethes   with anger    and his hands   started   trembling.

7905.Then he thought, I who have entered   the battle field    with the only aim,
Of killing Lakshmana   , should not spend my time in other   pursuits  as it would be wrong”,
And decided    to know  better  that Lakshmana   who had tied    the quiver  on his pretty  back,
And who is superior     to all like   the pure gold  ,  and instructed his driver   to go near  Lakshmana.

7906,  That Athikaya  who had a chest  wearing a long  garland   and a leg   wearing,
Heroic anklets   accompanied  by his army   , with   the sound  of  chariots ,
Resembling the sound of ocean , with sound of bow resembling   the rain fall ,
And with the sound of drums played there  going even outside   the battle field,
And   stood before  Lakshmana   and Devas shouted  “Victory, victory.”

7907. With great speed Angadha the son of Vali   approached  Lakshmana   ,
And saluted him   and said, “ When that  Athikaya   is riding on a pretty   chariot,
With wheels  , fighting  with standing on the earth is not proper  ,
And I have come here to lift you who is the greatest archer  and so climb. Oh pure one.”

7908. The pure  brother   of Rama agreed with the proposal   and climbed ,
On  the shoulders of Angadha who was wearing a   garland   using   his lotus like feet  ,
And seeing the great strength of Angadha who was lifting  him like Garuda 
The devas   were  greatly pleased   and caused a   rain of flowers  on them and praised them.

7909.The  son of Vali who churned    the milky ocean and    brought   out fire  from it .
Went to all directions that the  thunder like chariot  drawn by   thousand horses went,
And roamed  like a kite. When chariot rises up ,  he would also rise up  ,
When it went down he also went down  and if it travels  on sky , he would also rise  up on to the sky.

7910 Seeing that   the monkey chiefs   shouted   with joy   and devas   told ,
Among themselves , “Even  Garuda would  not be able to do it like Angadha”
And  shook  their hands  , and all the arrows    of the young Lakshmana  ,
Which  were falling like a strong rain  went and hit the elephants and horses.

7911. The Drums made sound., Elephants trumpeted  ,  the  very strong chariots ,
Made great sound  , The  horses which have   habit  of clearing their throats    neighed,
The white   conches boomed  , the bows made  great sound , The garlands    and anklets ,
Made sound   and the commands and shouting of the warriors   was thrice that of the  clouds.

7912.In that battle field elephants    died  , the foot soldiers   died  ,
The horses  wearing striups  which moved like  wind died  ,
And the God of death seeing these   deaths    got more scared  .
The   golden chariots got burnt   and due to death  ,   the  space ,
In the battle field increased   and all the   army got destroyed   ,
And the shower of arrows of Lakshmana looked greater then torrential rain.

7913,That younger brother   of Rama  looked at   that  son of Ravana  ,
And asked him, “What is your desire? Do you want to fight after ,
All the army    in the battle field is disturbed  or killed  ?
Or would you come out    of the army and do a separate  battle?
Please tell me  about your wish and preference?”

7914.That Athikaya who was more cruel than the God of death  said,
“All people    would not fight and with all   the devas here  witnessing,
Those who are going to fight    are   you and me only  and even ,
If those who want you to guard you wish, they can do it  .
I sent word separately to you  so that I can  fight  alone with you and  win over you?”

7915.”Let you elder brother Rama protect you or   Let Lord   Shiva who keeps  ,
Goddess  Parvathi on his left protect you   or let all the    devas    together   protect you  ,
Or let all the beings of the seven worlds   protect you  , but your life  ,
Would come to an end today  “saying  like this  he boomed his conch ,
And summoned the bamboo like God   of death   by twanging   the string of his bow.

7916.Hearing that  Lakshmana   smiled showing his jasmine bud like   teeth,
And said, ”None of the people you mentioned    would come to help me  ,
And suppose  I am one to be defeated   and you win me in this war,
You would have over all those whom you mentioned,” and then,
Taking   an arrow which was  shining more than lightning  ,
Kept it on the    bow and sent it   towards   Athikaya.

7917.  That Athikaya  who had shoulders which could destroy even mountains by its heat,
Using  a matchless  arrow which can burn in the sky cut the cruel arrow   of Lakshmana ,
And saying, “Oh Lakshmana prevent them”  and sent      sixteen arrows  ,
Which were like serpents with poison in their eyes   and shouted   loudly.

7918.  All the arrows sent by   Athikaya after    great shouting  , were cut by  ,
The younger brother of Rama   and he sent  several arrows which in anger ,
Had the strength  split the  Meru mountain, And Athikaya who had won over Khubera,
Cut in to pieces    all those arrows   and sent several  sharp arrows.

7919. That  great archer Lakshmana   cut and removed of all those   arrows sent at him,
With arrows having fire in their    face   and getting enraged   at Athikaya   who was shouting  ,
Sent several   arrows    which were divine   and those   arrows which   never miss their aim,
And which were cruel   easily   split the armour of Athikaya   and entered inside.

7920. When those hundred arrows split his armour and entered   in side  ,
Becoming sad   Athikaya   kept his divine bow   on the chariot and rested  ,
Till he recovered  and by that time Lakshmana   by sending more   than ,
One crore arrows    cut in to pieces   all Athikaya ‘s army    and destroyed them.

7921. Athikaya     who recovered from the trance   saw the way in which,
Those who stood by his side were destroyed and rolled    over the floor  ,
And also saw      that   the sharp arrows   of Lakshmana   all around   him,
Were   beyond  possibility of counting   and becoming greatly angry,
And took his bow and sent a rain of arrows which was ,
Three times    more   severe   than the torrential rain.

7922. That Athikaya     who was greatly angry   went on sending arrows  so that,
The sky was   full of arrows  , The limit of   sky was full of arrows  ,
The heaven was full of arrows , The mountain tops were full of arrows,
The body of those  who supported   Athikaya    was full of arrows,,
Arrows on those who opposed him and arrows   on all fishes   in the sea,.

7923.   Due to his arrows all     directions disappeared  , the three  lights of the Devas,
Viz sun, moon and fire were dim resembling mind of devas  , The arrows went ,
And hit each other , the world of devas   started   shaking , the   sky also shook,
The sparks of fire filled  up every where   and flames of fire   became larger.

7924. “ Would not the monkey army  get   destroyed today ?
Would Rama’s brother   be able  to achieve     the  victory?
Did Athikaya  learn the art of killing from God  of death?
Where did this matchless   one learn  to fight with  the bow?”
Saying like     this the   Devas    started    getting   scared.

7925. At that time    Athikaya   sent  several arrows     which hit   the forehead of Angadha  ,
His shoulders  , and inside his chest   and went inside and were  not visible  ,
He also sent  three cruel arrows at Lakshmana , Sounded his  conch,
Which made     sounds like cloud  , which sound made    the Devas     tremble.

7926.Lakshmana noticed   rain like  blood      flow which was  like a     red stream   ,
From the   body of Angadha   which resembled a huge  broad mountain
Immediately  he sent thousand arrows and cut of the heads   ,
Of all the horses of Athikaya ‘s chariot  and also cut head of  his charioteer,
And cut  off the   bow   of  Athikaya and made it fall.

7927.When the strong  Athikaya got in to another chariot and took another bow   ,
And was    coming   to fight with him  , that  Lakshmana ,
Sent a very powerful   arrow  which belonged    to the   fire God  ,
And that Athikaya   to stop it  sent a arrow of  Sun  God with him.

 7928. Those two arrows    fought with each other   and when they were doing so,
The  fire arrows which were more    cruel   than thunder    sent by Lakshmana  ,
Pierced    the chest of Athikaya   but  seeing   that he did not    sorrow for it  ,
Though the pain did not   reduce , Lakshmana   rained   three times  ,
More arrows, with a   chiding voice   and rained them like cloud.

7929. Those arrows  which were  lustrous   and very strong   dug  ,
Holes   in the entire body of Athikaya so that   people standing  ,
Behind him looked like standing before him   and even in that state  ,
The strength of Athikaya     did not reduce   and he did not die  
And he became one    who sent sharp   golden arrows,
Like     the shower of rain    with his   bow.

7930.When  that bull like Lakshmana picked as bunches  arrows and  was ,
Keeping them on the string of his      bent bow   so that their ends touched ,
On Athikaya  , The wind god came and stood    before him showing his face  ,
And said,  “Oh Lakshmana with desirable    qualities,  this  Athikaya  ,
Would   not die by any other except   the arrow   of Lord  Brahma.”

7931.Lakshmana with joy told “good”  and took the arrow   of four faced one  ,
And sent it through his bow  that arrow   looked like    lightning  ,
And that arrow   cut off  and took the head   of Athikaya    who had  ,
Shoulders higher than mountains   and went  through the sky,
And all the Devas     who had assembled    there   clearly  saw it.

7932, Those Devas  made a rain of flowers fall   and said  that their  ,
Great   sorrow has been removed  and calling    each others ,
By their names   and pushing each other they ran here and there.
The monkey army   got clarity when a great   problem facing them was solved ,
And prince Lakshmana , the expert   archer jumped from  the  shoulder of Angadha.

7933. Seeing the power of  great strength  of Lakshmana, Vibheeshana  ,
Became one with a heart filled with wonder  and heard   the   sound ,
Of Sidhas   walking  on  the sky  and then   he thought  and told  like this,
“If the power of archery  of Lord Lakshmana which was  like,
The power of   chants , then definitely   Indrajit   would die”  

7934.  A Rakshasa called Naranthaka   holding a shining sword  ,
Came there    driving his chariot   said to Lakshmana    “Thinking that  .
Athikaya with a pretty chest   who is my elder  one has been killed  ,
You do not merit to go    with    sandal paste    applied   wide chest  ,
And looking at your own bow  , So do  not go, do not go”

7935.  Naranthaka with fire coming out of his eyes  , in great rage  ,
 Riding    on a chariot  , tearing   the world  ,  carrying a shield  similar
To Sun God   being  in between planets   in the day time  ,
Carrying a sword  and like the lightning  in between black clouds.

7936.   The trees  , stones   and mountains   thrown  by the monkeys,
Were cut  in to pieces    using his sword   by Naranthaka  ,
And  the army in the front as well as  on both sides  m,
And the huge army in the centre  rolled  like  the rope on water ,
And gave way to him   and Angadha    saw him coming.

7937.  Angadha took one tree   speedily  ,  folded his lips  and with great anger  ,
Similar to one arrow    of Lord Rama  , and attacked   Naranthaka  ,
And he   made the   rotating tree   in the hands   of Angadha   invisible  ,
By using extremely sharpened    diamond sword    and cutting it in to thousand pieces.

7938.  When Angadha    was standing with bare  hands  , thought   that going back,
Is not masculine  in nature  , even before a second was over  ,
Seethed like     cruel poison  , made the sword   thrown by  Naranthaka  ,
Miss its aim   , and proceeded like thunder   and hugged him with his sword.

7939. The Devas  who saw the valorous deed of Angadha   clapped   ,
And made great sound   and  said, “ This valorous act  ,
Can only be done by him   and not even   by Lord Shiva   .”
Angadha  stopped hitting Naranthaka  and snatched   the sword,
IN the hand of Narathaka   by using his long hands   which had   sharp nails,
Broke that   sword in to two  and shouted which even made   Devas scared.

7940. A Rakshasa called  Yudhonamatha   who had shoulders  taller than,
The Mandhara mountain used as a churner  , keeping it on a tortoise,
For    getting the nectar   to the Devas  . who can eat even thunder  ,
And who had consumed    lot of  alcohol  which induces faint    ,
With trance induced by eating of Datura fruit  came,
There riding on an elephant   with   forehead   with dots.

7941.If  the   elephant in rut induced trance    of  Yudhonmatha 
 If it  is not wind , how can it get    such a speed , if it not sea   how can get this sound,
If it is not god of death   how can it kill , if it is not thunder  how can it do evil act  ,
If it does not have  an angry form  , how can it express its anger well  ,
And if it   cannot  be  compared to a mountain  , how can it be explained.

7942.To that elephant   the  speedily thrown collection of  mountains  ,
Were  not even   as good as the  mud balls sent to hit them ,
By the bows   of their  trainers  , The huge  trees thrown by them  ,
Were like the fly driver   stick used to      drive the  bees sitting on the rut  ,
Or other    wise they felt    that it resembled    sugarcane  .

7943. The monkey army  caught    below the feet of the elephants  ,
Or   caught by their tusks or   their tails  which was  like God of death  ,
Or caught   in their cruel tusks   underwent   the sufferings  ,
Undergone by Ravana’ s   four section army  and   died.

7944.  Neela the   sun of  fire God   who is the lord    who has love in his mind  ,
Seeing the     sufferings  undergone   by his army , took a Maramara,
In his hand  , followed by his army  , went forward    rotating the tree  ,
Like  lord Vishnu ‘s   wheel  , causing great damage     to the large army.

7945.  When Neela came as described above  , the very strong Yudonmatha  ,
 Riding on elephant sent straight   twelve  arrows   and   cut and made fall    that Maramara tree  ,
And then he threw a huge hill  and the one who drives   the elephant  ,
Cut  it in the sky itself    using hundred  cruel  arrows   and powdered   it .

7946.After that   when Neela was trying to go in search of    a big  mountain,
He was prevented by   the very angry elephant   which extended its    trunk  .
And caught   hold of the son of   the  fire  God like  the golden mountain of Mandhara  ,
Was  tied by   the serpent Vasuki which had dots   and lines   in its body , scaring the Devas,

7947.When under the impression that   Neela  has lost his strength   of mind,
Which came to him by his strength  , the elephant of the   Asura  ,
Tried to pierce him by its tusks  , Neela  detached its head and long tusk,
And went up in the air   seeing which the Asuras trembled  and
Devas said “good, good”    and started   laughing,

7948.As soon as Neela  got down on earth  , from the blood   that was flowing out,
Of the head of the elephant  , the elephant  without head which was    like a hill fell in to it  ,
Then Yudhonmatha who was     sitting on it  rose   in to the sky   and ,
With his hand went on sending   several powerful  crescent like arrows.

7949,Neela then uprooted the  diamond like strong tusk from the head of elephant  ,
That he killed   and with great speed threw it on that Asura   and he immediately  ,
Cut them with one arrow   and sent another  ,
So that   it would  struck deep in the   chest of Neela who was like a mountain.,

7950.When he was shooting that arrow, as if his    earlier elephant    did not die  ,
He got up another elephant which was like a mountain     with hands ,
And came with the speed of wind and the angry Neela lifted,
That  Yudhonmatha  along with his bow from the elephant  ,
And put him before that elephant with three   types of rut  ,
In the    battle field  where   warriors were fighting densely,

7951.  Even before that Yudhonmatha    got up from there  ,
His elephant excited by rut   using its decorated    tusks  ,
Made him fall on the ground  and started    throwing him,
Here and there  and he who was lying   , killed    his own elephant.

7952. Seeing the anger of Yudhonmatha    who   killed  his own elephant ,
Who had white teeth which made one think that   even lightning is black  ,
Neela  with fire coming out of his eyes   which made  even the gold black ,
Twisted    the arm of Yudhonmatha and hit with   his fist on his chest and killed him,

7953. Seeing the   dead mountain like   elephant   with rut and seeing the powerful hit,
On the chest of Yudhonmatha  , due to his  innate nature    as   well as,
Due to decision  taken based   on his bad fate Mathadheesa (Maha Parswa?)    ,
 Came    with  very great   speed to that   battle field.

7954.That Mathadheesa    who was wearing the heroic anklet  had a  body,
Which was bigger than  his cheating  , who had mountain like    shoulders  ,
Who is sufficiently strong so that   he can be termed  as cruel,
Who is an expert in archery  and with    the army shouting a  welcome  ,
He with white teeth  came on a pretty chariot    with thousand wheels.

7955,He was one who shouts loudly  , who made   all beings shiver  ,
Who made even the thunders scared , who was stronger than the dead  ,
Who fills the battle field with arrows ,  who could make the monkey army run away,
And seeing his courage and feeling that  there was no be to fight   with him,
Rishabha   , the monkey chief came     to fight with that Mathadheesa.

 7956. Mathadheesa   teasingly laughed at  Rishabha  who   was coming   towards him,
And said, “You are a small one  and victory over you is useless  and I do call,
For war small people like you and the one who is   like Lord Brahma  .
Only after   killing he who killed   Athikaya   I  would fight  the monkeys with anger.”

7957.That Monkey chief Rishabha    without any tiredness   told him,
“ Oh mad one   who With the strength which can be told about by the mouth  ,
Which eats   the food that is given by others   has   come along with devils to fight  ,
You cannot  praise  yourself  , as you are sick and do not know  , how to make,
Medicines    to cure it, you  can see that you are soon going to lose all your strength .”

7958.That Mathadheesa    who had teeth which are   as sharp as spear  said,
“When I said run away  , if you do not go away then   I would now   itself play   with you.”,
And then he took his pretty  and strong bow  which was like  Meru mountain ,
Bent  it and also bending his brows and sent  ten arrows aiming at Rishabha ‘s chest.

7959.That Rishbha    who was bleeding like   the rise of water   in  the spring,
Lifted that chariot with   spire  with his strong hand  and then ,
All the devils with rotating eyes   pulling that chariot  , flew to the sea  ,
And that  Mathadeesa   had a hanging body like   the clouds   going on the sly.

7960. He then   fell along with the chariot    in to the ocean  , got drowned in sea water ,
But    with great   anger  that Mathadheesa   was trying to jump on earth  ,
And before that  , Rishabha  saying , “Oh sinner  , where would   you go,
To escape      from me”,  and then making great sound he travelled on the sky.

7961.Similar  to the    day hugging the night   that Rishbha   caught hold of
Mathadeesa   , hugged him and started   pressing him   and  then ,
That  Rakshasa started   throwing out blood    from his mouth,
Which was like a cave with teeth   and his soul went   to the  other worlds,
And he fell on the floor   like a   cloud    holding a bow.

7962.Sugreeva the king of monkeys    and a victorious  Rakshasa chief called Kumbha  ,
 Entered    in to a great   fight , which made   the battle field pretty,
,And they went round each other from left to right   and right to left  .
Thousand times   and   fought with each other looking like   two mighty mountains
Seeing that   the devas were scared and   their head as well as  hands shivered.

7963. Those   two   who were like lions  neared   each other ,
Tore the body of each other , took  and rubbed  the blood oozing   out ,
Shed fire    from their eyes  , moved here   and there  along with,
Their garlands and  heroic anklets , beat and fought with    other.

7964. That  Kumbha an Asura who was   expert in war  , took an iron rod ,
And   rotated it   and making others feel that   the world has broken,
And producing a huge sound and beat   Sugreeva   with great force ,’
But he holding a huge tree  prevented   the attack but,
That tree was broken in to pieces   and   That king  of monkeys got very angry.

7965. That Sugreeva   who was not able to tolerate   it   said ,
“I would fight till you die  “ and was preparing    to  unmatched fighting,
And   was thinking about   the weapon he should fight with ,
And standing there  , Neela brought   a mountain like iron rod and gave him.

7966. Then Sugreeva started fighting    with that rod given by Neela,
Became  angry making   the world as well as heavens   shiver  ,
And broke open the shoulders and chest   of that  one who was mad for war  ,
And seeing that   all Rakshasas were    startled     and started   shivering.

7967.That Asura    who was hit   as if a mountain was   hit,
By a thunder with fire  fell down and even before concluding that he was dead,
Got up with great  anger and saying , “your shoulder would break now” started figting.

7968. That son of Sun god who was   suffering due      the hit on his shoulders  ,
Without letting    off in his effort   , rushed speedily  like an arrow  
And neared that Kumbha, and slapped in the chest of Kumbha  ,
Who was   having great valour   like    the Yali.

7969. Then they hit each other    more   than thousand times  ,
With iron rods   and devas  were knowing whose end has  come near  ,
And the rods   knocked with each other  and became  powder ,
And then they neared    each other   and started wrestling.

7970.They fought    with each other like   the elephants in trance   and rut,
And  due to that sound   in all the ten directions   nothing   else was heard,
They  caught each other  several times   by jumping at    each other  ,
They also pushed and punched    with their    strong shoulders  ,
And also challenged     each other     to hit on their chest.

7971. When they were fighting with each other like that  due to the strong arm,
Of the son of Sun God  punching by the fist,  the chest of that  Rakshasa ,
Which was like the  iron plate    with the black smith   , split open,
AS if it was hit by  the hammer   of an experienced smith   who knew his work.

7972. Even in that   state   that Kumbha told  , “continue   with fighting”,
With a laugh  and the Lord Sugreeva  , similar to a five headed  sepent,
Entering the cave  , pushed his hand    in to the mouth  of Kumbha,
And to make him vomit his soul  , plucked away   his toungue.

7973. At that time  The Rakshasa  called Nikumbha  who had eyes   which spit fire,
Saying “Where   are you going to hide now”   came   and stood before Sugreeva  ,
And Angadha     who was standing before him became     angry  ,
And they both started a fight  , the like of which has   never happened before.

7974.That Angadha who was  like a golden mountain    standing   ,
On a blue mountain and who was more cruel than poison  ,
Carried  a palm tree   as weapon   and stopped ,
Nikumbha   who was    armed with spear   as the weapon.

7975. As soon as Nikumbha started     to throw   that great spear  ,
Guessing    that Angadha, the expert in war   would be destroyed ,
Hanuman who was an expert in killing   entered,
In between them   like the  fire which gives out  many sparks.

7976. He stopped    in the middle that Nikumbha   who with ,
Evil intention of killing   Angadha   was    about to throw ,
That spear   which cannot be prevented and with his hands
Which were like  an opened flower hit and killed,
That Nikumbha  and Hanuman who was an expert in war went away.

7977. The Rakshasa who had not retreated   till that time  , due to,
Absence of leaders    who can prevent the monkey army  ,
Became confused   and showing their back   retreated,
And the monkey warriors who threw at them trees  ,
With a big base   killed a huge army   and
The strength of Rakshasa army became  thin,

7978. Due   to the dense crowd   at the  entrance  of the town,
Many people lost their life   and they were   more than,
One crore in number   and many of those   with wounded bodies,
Due to the hit by monkeys    died   after  reaching their war tents.

7979. Those who asked, “Please give me water”  , ran to the place of water ,
And since their toungues   getting completely dried  entered the world of death,
Those who were   shedding tears    and crying for their lives  ,
Due to land becoming wet due to   flow of tears through their legs  speedily died.

7980. Some of them  ran  for a long distance    on the sky and then died,
Some of them were lying dead like     huge mountains   lying   on earth,
And the number of people    whose livers had come out and ,
Whose body was wounded   and who ran   towards directions were innumerable.

7981. The  people who knew another one  and   requested them ,
To  take out the arrow   and when they took it out  ,
And died immediately were   innumerable   and those  ,
Of them who reached  their home lost their mind   and sunk there.

7982.Due   to horses    falling dead   some people tottered  ,
And were agitated , Due to elephants  dying,  falling   and rolling ,
Some people ran away speedily with their feet   and many Asuras,
Were standing in between chariots   looking as if  .
They had   come     from a mountain     which caught   fire.

7983.Some Rakshasas  were lying on earth with a heavy body due to wounds  ,
And some entered there    with the body of the monkeys and others,
Thinking that people of monkey army  had mixed with them,
And fought with them     and destroyed them.

7984.Some of them on opening their eyes saw some people,
Who loved them  amd who were showing mercy on them   and ,
Requested them, “Please  help me by giving water”   and  ,
Even before they brought it they died, some while drinking  ,
The water died and only   very few    died   after drinking the water.

7985.Some fathers    who were   carrying    their   wounded   sons,
Due to them breathing their last on the way  , ran away  ,
To save them selves  , vomited blood due to great exertion ,
And due to their eye balls   coming out  , not knowing,
Their way back , walked feeling by their legs   and died on the way.

7986.The  Rakshasas who attained such a sorry state   , completely broken,
Reached    the pretty city of Lanka  and   emissaries who had seen the war  ,
Ran to tell what happened there  with tears    flowing from   their eyes  ,
And saluted the feet   of   the king of all Rakshasas  who was wearing well made heroic anklets.

7987.Seing them   when the king of Lanka  asked them   to tell about ,
The happenings  , they said, “WE cannot    even say    that the army ,
Which had come back to the   city is  small as it is less than that,
All the princes who were  lead by Athikaya  have given up their life.

7988. Hearing about the death of the princes  , Ravana     shed  ,
Stream like tears   and the sobbing due to extreme sorrow,
The disrespect , the self pity  , anger   and  sorrow  ,
Came to him one after another   like the waves   of the sea,
Touching the    banks and    returning   back.

7989.Ravana would stare at the directions, stare   at devas   who were serving him,
Stare at the bad name got by him  , stare     at his victorious    sword  ,
Would grind his hand by the other hand  , Let out hot breath burning his moustache,
Would cry   like one losing senses   by   too much of desire and  also feel shy.

7990.Ravana would think of catching the heaven  , Would think of breaking the sky  ,
Would like to destroy all    the beings on the earth which have been counted,
Within a second, Would think of breaking    everything that has nae of :”female”,
And thinking like that  feeling insulted   would suffer like fire entering  the wound.

7991.When all the people of Ravana   were not talking anything by their mouth,
Not even breathing  and were depressed    as well as greatly    scared ,
And were crying  Dhanyamala     came in front of Ravana   wailing ,
And wailing  ,  and endlessly making huge    sound of crying  .

7992. As if thunder    has fallen on the top of the mountain  , making   sound,
Both with her garlands and bangles  , keeping her hand on her  ,
Mountain like breasts  , with  mouth    open like a cave  ,
With her untied   red hair resembling the red mountain of sun set falling down,
With   tears resembling blood   which was like a molten copper  she came.

7993. That Dhanyamala who had not seen any body else    crying  and feeling sorrow,
With her thin shoulders touching    the earth  , fell at the    feet of   that Rakshasa,
And with an mouth she rolled on earth   like a python  , with mind full of ebbing sorrow ,
And struggling saying, “You did ill to me “, started wailing , having fallen in sea of sorrow.

7994.  “Would you not put an end to the     strength   of those who killed our  son,
Have you got back your valour ? Have you lost    the strength of your    shoulders?
Do you not understand my feelings “ Would I care to listen to what   I say?
Would I not show me my darling son who is like my eye ball?” she wailed.

7995.” Me who has been praised   by the devas who live on the sky,
As  the mother of a son   who is not even defeated    by Indra,
Has  become pitiable   and has given in sacrifice   my   son,
Who has shoulders  like Mandhara  mountain  ,
To the arrow   of a man who is not  equal to him in strength.”

7996.”Earlier     the son Akshayakumara died   and now Athikaya is no more  ,
All the  very strong and valorous   warriors have all died,
Among the sons who is remaining    is the son of Mandodhari  ,
Would you not   win over    every   direction and then come  back?”

7997. Seeing that Ravana    was  keeping silent she asked ”Lord,
What are   you thinking about  ?Would you not call back ,
All those dead Rakshasas   who were    wearing garland ,
And carrying the spears? Would you who lost your senses  ,
To passion  , Continue to live?  Would more sorrow   come due to Sita?”

7998.”Without hearing the words of your wise    younger brother  ,
Without thinking about the goodness   of advice   given to you,
By Malyavan  , the best among males, You also    got,
Kumbhakarna killed   and sacrificed my son to an arrow  ,
“Oh Lord this is this  the way that    you ruled?”

7999. After telling several things several   times , like the cow,
Which had lost its calf   that Dhanyamala was wailing and crying  ,
And Oorvasi   and Menaka   went near her   and took her  ,
Back to her mountain like     Palace.

8000. Hearing   about the defeat   of their country’s    army  ,
All Rakshasas   assembled together   and all  those,
Who have lost their sons in the battle    wailed ,
And even Deva maids  felt pity   and    wailed,
What can we say about the ladies of Rakshasa    clan?

8001. That huge city of Lanka   Suffered the  same amount of sorrow,
As the whole world when  The son of Dasaratha  , the lord wearing the garland,
Left    his matchless   palace    and started   to the forest .
The sound of crying that   was heard  from all parts of the city ,
Which was mixed with sorrow   was similar to the sound of the sea.

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