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Kamba Ramayanam -Yudha Kandam 13

Yudha Kandam (contd)

31.Vel Yetha  Padalam

Chapter on  hit by the spear.

(Lakshmana   was killed by Ravana’s spear    which was  aimed at Vibheeshana because he wanted to save him, who has sought his protection. Hanuman goes again and brings the   medicine   for giving life to him and he gets up. Rama  comes there and thanks Hanuman for giving life back to Lakshmana.)

9531.None of the great monkey commanders deserted the  army   and the warriors  ,
Who had gone away thinking that  there was no one to stop  them if   they go away,
If they  wanted to live   and for washing of their bad name   , they were prepared,
To go to heaven   and came back  and  like a sea coming back  , the monkey army returned.

9532 Ravana  got in to a chariot  thousand wheels  drawn  by thousand    horses with manes  ,
Which was shining  like   the sun in  its orbit   and which could travel with very great speed,
Holding the bow that destroyed the Devas  , With a quiver full of   vicious   arrows and with valour.

9533.Then  With Ravana who resembled a seething male lion  , hundred crores chariots,
Two  hundred crores of horses   which can run with  very great speed  ,
Ten crores  of huge   elephants whose    water  of rut   was  flowing like  river,
And   twenty six crores of lion  like    foot soldiers    came accompanying   him.

9534.The sound of  huge drums played by    all  the Rakshasa   warriors  belonging,
To the three  worlds as well as other  worlds also  , which seems to say ,
‘welcome, please   come,  and the sound of conches played   by them  ,
Which had a sound that startled   and    the  Asani instruments producing  ,
Great   thunder  like sounds , were   heard in all   the fourteen worlds.

9535.  They then saw  that Ravana who was a Rakshasa   of Rakshasas, who used  ,
To trouble Devas   and cause them great sorrow  ,  due to their very bad fate ,
Who was like the matchless fire which burns the hearts  ,
Of Warriors    who think about him , who was   like an incomparable ocean,
Which had crossed his  boundary   and who had a colour like  that of   the sea.

9536.After seeing Ravana  , having decided   that it would  be better  ,
To fight   with Ravana  , after   forming an army formation  ,
Carrying  Stones which were like thunder  and which cause sorrow to the  enemy,
After slapping their  own shoulders   they made huge noise  ,
Which made many corners   of the world   lose their  peace.

9537.The army of Ravana   and that  of the monkeys   who were  ,
Standing prepared to lose  their life  in war , started   fighting with each other  ,
By  clasping each others  hand  and  due to this fire  erupted  in between them,
And their blood  flowed   like     the molten copper  in  to the ocean.

9538.Due to the cut head   going up from the headless  body,
And attaching   itself to the top , they shined like sun in the sky,
And the blood from them  got attached to cloud  ,
And this   resulted in a rain of blood  and  the entire   world  .
Looked as if it is a  a huge   field   of war.

9539.Due to Lakshmana joining  the sea of the battle   the elephants  , threw their  ,
Face mask  so that   the male bees   along with the  pretty  female bees   got away,
And became greatly worn out  and got drowned in   the blood let out  ,
Due to the wonderful arrows  and due to  excess of arrows  ,
Their intestines   came out   and they started floating  in the blood.

9540.Thinking about   the incidents   of love making with their husbands ,
The sound  of wail  of the ladies which was like a song  together with the sound  of anklets  ,
Was sounding like shivering  and those chaste  ladies,
Who sacrifices  their life, after  seeing the smile   with open eyes of the face of their husbands 
Which would   merge   with the soul   of their dead husbands.

9541. Ravana looking at  the  cruelty   which causes the death of enemies in the  battle field ,
Which was like the fourteen worlds    getting dislodged   at the end of final deluge,
Thought   that  his army which did  not have  humility  would lose their pride and  said.

9542.”On the  one side where  learned   and strong Hanuman  is fighting ,
Where  only be  the trees and mountains thrown by   which he  has   ,
The strength   to destroy swords  , bows , axes  ,  spears and similar ,
Sharp weapons  and  break  the heads  of my asuras,
And because  of that  my army got  destroyed.”

9543, “Just like the   weaving pipe   and the   thread following  it properly,
Hanuman   and that Lakshmana followed  one another  in fighting war  ,
The   ornaments worn elephants with angry eyes  would be cut in to pieces,
The   collection of different valorous warriors   would lose their souls  .
The  lustrous chariots would also rotate   and the blood  ,
From their  dead bodies ,  would flow and reach the ocean.”

9544.”Lakshmana    who wanders in the battle  field proves that  ,
The God of death also has a bow   and  he whose job  is killing only  ,
Just like God of death  reduces  the number of Rakshasas ,
By killing  them and in this state,  the  Hanuman is the   strong lion ,
As well as thunder   who can win over  the Rakshasa army with his teeth ,
And  nails  but The Rakshasa  army  do not have   the power to kill the monkey army.”

9545.”I can spend some time  looking at the war being fought   by Lakshmana and Hanuman,
But  the God of death   would take away the souls of Rakshasas   and  would and go away  .
But  In the   close battle   , within a second   I can  kill   the monkeys,
Make their bodies in to a heap return “Said Ravana   and boiled all over .

9546. Ravana went on sending harsh arrows   which can go with speed of wind,
Which can destroy like thunder, which can go  inside the   worlds and split it  ,
Which can drill in the sky , which can measure   the directions,
Which are like the stable emissaries   of the God of death

9547.Ravana looked like  a  lion in the battle field  because when you are  opposing  the monkeys,
What is the use of being like a dog?.Ravana was like  Goddess Kali  in pitch darkness ,
To those angry monkeys   who were fighting  war  like a cat flower located in another place.

9548.Lakshmana stopped the monkey army that   was  being defeated  and said to them,
“Oh monkeys  , do not get scared, do not fear”, and climbed the shoulders  ,
Of Hanuman who was like a rotating chariot  and went before,
And opposed   Ravana who was having a  burning   cruel anger.

9549.As soon as Lakshmana went there  , Ravana   using his bow sent,
Hundred crores   of burning  arrows at him   and Lakshmana  ,
Using suitable arrows    removed them   and they vanished,
Like the cotton flakes    that   cannot withstand a heavy wind.

9550.When Lakshmana removed those  arrows like that , Ravana sent ten arrows ,
Aimed at the chest and shoulders  of Lakshmana    so that his strength is reduced,
And when those   arrows went in side his body  , not bothering very much about it,
Lakshmana   with an angry mind     gave pain to Ravana    with his own arrows.

9551.Lakshmana sent   with great speed arrows    which cannot be stopped ,
And Ravana who cut all those arrows and understanding that ,
It is difficult to win over Lakshmana  in the   war were  one kills ,
Stopped   war with arrows   and thought deeply as to what he should do?

9552.”If I sent huge divine arrows, he can win all   those arrows,
And has strength    to tolerate them and he  who examines  ,
The God of death  as well as power like Rama,
Can burn   the entire world and would not get defeated.”

9553. “There is a weapon called Mohana   which was made  by the primeval God,
In the very beginning and it has  a form which cannot be seen by the eye and  ,
Has the power   to destroy even lord Shiva as well as success . I would send ,
This weapon with individuality on him   and  make him,
Lie on the battle field where  the crows     come to eat    the corpses.”

9554.Thinking like that Ravana  thought about that  Mohana     arrow  ,
In his mind   and   sent it against    the great Lakshmana   and Vibheeshana,
Who had love  seeing that  told him to send  the arrow of Lord Vishnu,
Who had   the divine wheel and Lakshmana sent that  Narayanastra.

9555.As per the words of Vibheeshana    he sent that  Narayanasthra  and ,
When Lakshmana  removed   the  Very angry Mohana   which came to benumb him  ,
Ravana became very angry  and thought that  ,due to Vibheeshana  ,
Who was standing near  and advising him and   due to Lakshmana   accepting it,
Bad result came   to me   and became  mentally upset.

9556.Then Ravana took his spear  which was given to him by Maya  ,
Along with his daughter , which was  made  by Lord Brahma in a sacrificial fire  ,
Which   was like the divine wheel    and Vajrayudha  and which  has beaten,
The   final deluge  in giving victory   and sent it   to take   the life,
Of Vibheeshana   who can only   be compared to victory.

9557 .If that is thrown  , it would return only  after  killing the enemy  ,
And if it hits a person,  even if is Lord Brahma   it would kill him,
And after taking this spear and saluting it   he   threw it,
On his younger brother who was not standing far away from him.

9558.When Ravana threw it , Vibheeshana   who knew all about it  ,
Said, “Oh Lord this will kill me   and there is no method to prevent it  ,
And then Lakshmana told him, “I would understand its  power,
And then prevent it.  Do not  get scared” and stood at place of Vibheeshana.

9559.All the arrows sent b and all the weapons sent by Lakshmana  ,
Similar  to the curses of a lowly servant not being effective  ,
Against the  one who is great  in penance  , were not effective 
And the devas got depressed   thinking that “Vibheeshana  ,
Is now  no more   and he would definitely die.”

9560.Thinking that, “If I receive   that spear    and   lose my life  ,
My fame as one who protected those   who surrender would live  long,
Dharma   would follow me , good people    would shout with joy  ,
And what is the point in seeing the one   who surrendered getting killed?
Before   the bad name   which would live for a long time comes  ,
I would receive that   spear in my matchless   chest”, Lakshmana  stood facing that spear.

9561.Vibheeshana  tried to go in front of Lakshmana, Angadha  ,
Would push both of them and try to go on front , Sugreeva the king of monkeys,
Would push him also and try to go in front   and Hanuman will rush in with speed.
 Can we tell   name     that great sorrow    as the particular type of  sorrow?

9562.With all the people  who tried to go in  to front  , standing back .
Lakshmana went with more speed than the wind  saying,
“All of you stop, I would prevent it, “ but saying this  ,
With the devas   wailing  patting their eyes , that spear  ,
Hit him on his chest   and    went   inside and came out of his back.

9563.Vibheshana looking at Ravana   who was trying to  leave the battle field,
Stood up and asked “where are you going?” and with anger  like a male lion.
Killed the   charioteer and horses    of the chariot of Ravana,  beating by,
His long Dandayudha    and   with this the Devas   got  little consoled.

9564,That Ravana who was going far  away on the sky   got    very angry  ,
Sent ten arrows at  Vibheeshana so that   it enters    in to his body,
 And  thousand arrows at Hanuman  and thinking,
That the war has come to an end   went back  to his city of Lanka.

9565.Vibheeshana  asked  “To protect me who   has surrendered  to him,
Lakshmana who owns the   entire world    has faded   away, With  your ,
Deceitful brain  where   are  you running away ? Now   what is   the need ,
For you to run away with your cheating brain . I would  now itself  ,kill you,
And I would also die.” Saying like this  Vibheeshana    showed his great anger .

9566,Ravana thought  “The victory , now is mine and I would get nothing great ,
By killing this cow  like Vibheeshana “ and  without standing there  ,
And leaving out all his great anger , he went in to the pretty L:anka   with walls.

9567.Ravana went back to Lanka and Vibheeshana wailed greatly,
And  fell on the feet of Lakshmana    who was   the personification of mercy,
Due to great love   and shed tears  and  that Monkey army ,
As well  as its leaders   got drowned   in great sorrow.

9568.Vibheeshnaa wailed  ,With Lakshmana who was  wearing  over his shoulders ,
A garland made  of pretty flower buds  dying , what  is the need for me to be alive?
I would die this instant and Rama who  gave me his protection  ,
Also would   not continue to live now.”Jambavan   said  , “stop, stop”,
And told him   one word.

9569.”When Hanuman  is standing by our side  , is  it wise  to sorrow,
For the loss of one life? As soon as he   thinks  , he   would  ,
Assume the  mega form  which occupies   the entire world,
And due to our good fate  , would  get us that  medicine 
And as soon as it it is given  Lakshmana    would get up,
And so do not sorrow even minutely “  and Vibheeshana   and others lost their sorrow.

9570.That   darling son of wind God  , thought   he has been hit by    several arrows,
As soon as it was told  “ Would you  not  go and bring the  medicine ?
Can Rama tolerate   to see  his younger brother like this?”by Jambavan,
Thinking about that idea  , Hanuman went away   crossing all the worlds.

9571.Hanuman rose up   and  speedily travelled towards north   by jumping 
So that   he can cross   all the worlds  and he who had gone earlier  ,
And  brought   the medicine along with the mountain  ,
After   recognizing   the specifications    without  any problem  to bring it.

9572. Even  before that medicine reached   its   smell  gave rise to good fate  ,
And  when all those who had  met their death    got their life , is it a big thing,
To remove the sorrow of one who has been hit by  the spear as it is a small job,
With  the deva world shout with joy  , within a second Lakshmana   got back his life.

9573.Lakshmana stood up   and hugged Hanuman with both his hands   and said,
“Oh my father like one  ,  does  that Vibheeshana  keep himself alive?”
Hearing which when Vibheeshana with sobbing saluted him  , he told him,
“Our depression and sorrow has come to an end, Ravana   would die now ,
And my sister in law    would get  her freedom “ and became  very happy.

9574. They all thought  about the great act of  Hanuman   who   had
Thought that  as  an act which is called Dharma by wise people  ,
Should be immediately performed   and that  there was nothing ,
That needed to be done to Rama  and also if one were   to examine,
Life here and that  after death  , only   dharma   will win and ,
Sin will be defeated  and then went to meet    Rama.

9575.Along with devas they jumped and crossed   not one   but many,
Mountains of corpses  and  the sound making ocean of blood,
And saluted    the divine feet of Rama and seeing those  victorious ,
Leaders saluting him    Rama asked   them “What happened?”

9576. Hearing that Jambavan   after  thinking told   all incidents  ,
Without leaving any thing  so that he clearly   understands them,
And Rama went and  hugged the    valorous   Hanuman   and   said,
“Oh great one  , I have got you, and what is the  need of getting ,
Anything else  that is great and be one   who  has life  ,
Which would not face problems    at any    time.”

9577.That Lakshmana  whose eyes looked  like clouds  showered    stream like tears,
Who  cried and sobbed  , who had a mind full of joy , who had a form  like  the faded body ,
From  which the soul went away and was standing  outside  and was joyous as  if,
Had gone to the heavens from where   the dead  do not return   and had  seen there,
King Dasaratha    ., who had gone there after  giving farewell  , saluted the divine feet of Rama.

9578.Rama seeing his younger brother   said  , “oh sir   who wears the garland   ,
Made of thulasi leaves, if  you as   per the traditions of our clan   had dared to
Help  one  who surrendered  to us and had done the great act of protecting  his  soul ,
It is not an act   beyond   your stature  but is is it not a job  suitable to you?

9579.”Oh sir, even that  divine  king Sibi the follower of Dharma  , who  for the sake of
The   dove that surrendered  to him  , cut his  sweet  body  and gave his flesh,
Would not be equal  to you. And what is the use   of other   acts  for comparison?
Very generous people if they notice sorrow    coming to their near and dear ones  ,
Would rush  like the mother cow  rushing  towards  its calf.”

9580. Like the blue coloured Sun  , Rama removed   the armour and other heavy loads,
From the  body  of Lakshmana ., and after  giving the bow   and arrows  ,
In the hands of the victorious Hanuman , he made  Lakshmana ,
Take   rest on a   hill which is surrounded    by   clouds.

32,Vanarar kalam kaan Padalam

Chapter   on Monkeys seeing   the battle foield.

(The monkeys are greatly surprised to know that Rama    all alone  killed all the great Asura army.  Vibheeshana takes them round the battle field  )

9581.After that  , when Sugreeva and the measureless   monkey army   came,
And joined ,  praised and saluted him , seeing   the great number  ,
Of Rakshasas   who had been killed  they were surprised   and shivered,
And became shy that   with a mind which was resting   they did not realize anything .

9582.”Oh Lord Rama  , the  crowd of   the  army  that  came to war with you,
Was larger than all the three  worlds and how    did you win over such an army?”
When Sugreeva    the son of sun god with pillar  like shoulders   asked  Rama like this  ,
Rama said, “Along with the king of Rakshasas     you  go and see it for yourself.”

9583. Then all the monkey chiefs saluted Rama  and egged   by their desire  ,
Went  to the   younger brother of Ravana   and asked him, “Please get up”,
And speedily went   and    saw with their eyes that battle    ground  ,
Frequented   by eagles  , hawks , ghosts  and  crowds  of  crows, and were taken aback.

9584. They cried  , they shivered, took long breaths and due   to sorrow of the mind  ,
Became bloated up. They got scared  , with an upset mind   , they sobbed  ,
Slowly they got back their activity , became joyful  and   became very sensitive  ,
Who can  understand and describe    the   state    of their  true feelings .

9585. Like the sinners   who wanted to see   the seven oceans   with great tides  ,
Apart from   seeing all the areas that   they wanted to see  joyfully,
And said , “even if thousand years   are past  , we will not be   able ,
To see the other shore   and so peacefully   tell us about it”
And  Vibheeshana    started   explaining to them in a proper way.”

9586.”Oh  our people  , Please  see   the mountains  of elephants  ,
Which though they were  killed by Rama   by using his crowds  of arrows,
Are spread  like tent erected by crows  in this    reddish battle ground ,
With their bodies sticking to each other , with   their   legs caught,
In the mud made slushy with blood , like  collection of clouds ,
With no  place    for all of them to fall down on the ground.”

9587”.Those  red eyed and cruel Rakshasas   who had earlier  been victorious,
Due to  speedy arrows coming one  after and another and killing them,
Are  now like   lions sleeping on the  elephant mountain. Please   see it.

9588. “Getting the chance of dying   by the arrows  of Rama, 
Who has pretty eyes full of grace , some  of the Rakshasas  ,
Have died with great joy  and this can be seen from their lustrous   faces
And they are like   lotus forests  growing in the  small ponds ,
By the side of sand    dunes  . Oh my persons, please see them.”

9589. “That elephant    with three types of rut which is floating  on the earth,
Are not able to get up   in spite of being alive  and became separated  in the flowing blood.
And please   see them to be similar  to the king of fishes, which  go in ,
And come out   in the spreading   ocean, which has several flowing tides.”

9590 ,”Oh our people  , please   see the chariots   standing   on the flowing blood,
Due  to  horses dying  after being hit by   sharp  tipped arrows , which fell  on them like thunder,
 And standing  with white flags   flying in the sky   looking like   ,
Huge ships     in the   ocean filled with water. Please see them.”

9591.Oh our people , those   ghosts  which were  moving their hands in consonance,
With  standing headless bodies  whose bodies are  like   clouds, after  moving ,
In accordance to the beats  are  like the dance teachers  ,
Who teach   others by   showing the steps  by moving their feet.”

9592.”Oh our people  ,  in between the  huge teeth  of the sharp mouth of an axe  ,
With    a crowd of victorious  warriors   hugging them like a machine    similar,
To the beginning of the nerves  being pushed   by the devils  with deceit  , please see them.”

9593.”On the   lustrous forehead     which shines due   to the golden mask  ,
The   elephants    with red dots   due to arrows hitting them being cut  ,
And the front and back of the elephants  got   changed and joined  and due to this,
It can be told that  a new animal with head   in back and front  has been  created,
Please   see   many    of them.”

9594.” In that   very fearsome    huge war  , there were several open mouths .
Due to    the  huge laughter   due to great anger   which were  like  ,
Spreading ocean   with old water   and these  matchless  open mouths,
Were like the fire place    of  Yajna where   harsh fire   was burning  ,
You can see   many such  mouths    here.”

9595”.Please see  the  white  cowries  at   the bottom of the   ears   of ,
The strong elephants which are  victorious in war   which had  ,
Shining    forehead shield    and which keep  on moving ,
For they which are  placed on the face of the warriors  ,
And are like   lotus flowers on water   bodies  placed   on ,
The face    of   lightly sleeping    swans.”

9596. “ Oh our people  , please see the white tusks   of those  the tall  elephants  
 Which reached   the not well guarded, battle field  wading,
In the   sea of blood   which are  not filled by the warriors,
Which   are like the silvery moon   hidden by   the crowd of clouds .”

9597.”The  fire of anger from the dying warriors    went   and burnt  ,
Flags  , bows  , spears  . the   stacked chariots  and later  ,
Reached   the  royal seat tied by tapes on the back    of the  elephant  ,
With drum like feet   and   the ghosts   with dancing   ate   their cooked flesh  ,. Please see that.”

9598.” Oh our people   , Du to the blood flowing    from the battle field   ,
Getting mixed   with water   in the sea  , which was dug by   the  Sagara  princes ,
The elephants which saw    the crocodiles    standing along with them,
Became scared  , thinking that   they are  mountain like elephants ,
And  some crocodiles    with great shyness    went back,
To the ocean where    they live , please see   that.”

9599. Due the mountain like bodies of those   who died  on the sky  ,
Being hit by arrows of  Rama falling on those   who live on the earth,
And killing  them  and you would see them unable to remove  ,
Those corpses ,  hiding   somewhere  but are  sobbing . Please see them.”

9600.Due to   the blood that flowed from horses   and elephants  that were pulling ,
Huge chariots  as well as from the bodies of Rakshasas   who came to the battle  ,
The sun has reached the mid sky   is  red like rising sun ,Please see that.

9601.” When the black coloured Rakshasas are  being cut  , the blood   from them,
Flowing in the sky, which makes people wonder   whether it is a river,
Makes    the white moon standing there   separately as red ,
And please see that   it looks like a different type of orbit of sun.”

9602.”Please see   that  this blood wets  sky, wets   earth  and wets the ocean with crocodiles,
And  the birds   which rise in the sky bearing   on this body  this new rain sprinkled on it,
The star like flowers  , the scented new buds   and  the bees with black wings  assume ,
A different colour making the forests and nice  scented gardens ,
Put out    red new growth     which shines.”

9603.With tides carrying  the broken tusks of elephants   which fought   with the mountains,
And  the    lustrous   pears  and gems  which were formed in side  those tusks,
And heaping them on both sides , with birds with wings    rolling  ,
Strong and thick trees   and shout   with joy , please see   this huge  river of blood,
Which carries within itself   white  umbrellas , cowries   making it look like foams  ,
Knocking against the huge banks built by   corpses , speedily going towards the ocean.

9604.The banks made  of mountain like  bodies  of elephants   with tusks,
The  dense steps   made of the shoulders   of Rakshasa bodies ,
THe forest of dead horses forming   the waves  ,   the altered,
Tusks of elephants    being crocodiles, the  faces shining  like,
The forests  of lotus flowers  , the  falling intestines as  algae,
And   the fat   acting as slushy mud, with   the blood flowing,
From the bodies   of Asuras   forming the pond  are beyond count. Please  see them.

9605.Due to having  fat like slushy mud being ploughed by plough like sword,
Having  blood filled like water bodies,  having large area  pressed using  the elephants,
Having   warriors   from clans spreading everywhere, having  huge beds with heads ,
Decorated  by sweet smelling lotus flowers  having huge fields of warriors,
Is this  huge cultivable  tract  which is kl like a well   perfumed field, Please see it.

9606.With the   bodies of very strong  Asuras   which were like  mountains ,
Without  any empty spaces   falling down , due to    the  complete and lengthy twang from the   bow,
Which was pulled   up to his ears  by Rama   making   several thunders   weak and fall down  ,
Please   see  the very speedy   flow   of huge  river streams  pulling with them ,
The elephants    going to the serpent world by the path made by arrows   of Rama.”

9607”.Except telling that arrows of Rama  after cutting   the tusks, legs  , huge  necks  ,
Long shoulders     and chest , without getting slowed down  tore the huge lands in ,
The directions  and got down in to Patala , we cannot say that his arrows  ,
Pierced and stayed  on the sea of the  bodies of elephants with rut , victorious  horses
And foot soldiers  for we are   not able to see   those arrows any where  , please  see.”

9608.”The elephants   which have   flow of rut with the scent of lotus flower,
Which are as cruel as God of death  , which are  lying dead along with their tamers  ,
Which have    the action of black pig   which bent forward  , came ,
Along with the nectar  in the ocean of milk and were in ten crore in  numbers.”

9609.”Even if the falling rain   and  oceans with moving    tides  ,
Were to completely dry up , those   elephants which pour out  ,
Black liquid of rut   like rivers   came from Lord Brahma’s fire sacrifice in twelve crore numbers.”

9610.”Fourteen crores  of elephants were   born in the clan of Iravatha ,,
Which  belonged to Indra the lord of clouds   and which had great   battle valour in the east,
And now their soul has departed  , their   blood has dried  ,
And though   their trance  due to rut has gone their pride has not departed.”

9611”.These  elephants   which came from the  Sarva Bhowma clan  , which  are,
Like a  northern  mountain in rut  , which have a face   producing rut  ,
Which when ordered by Brahma to carry the earth  , did not carry   the long directions  ,
And they like Devas    do not blink    and are   in a huge number called  Padmam.”

9612. “These which have been given  by Indra  as tribute  to Ravana ,
Are in thousand crore numbers, The tribute given by   the lord of  Dhanavas,
Belong   to another clan   and their number is beyond  estimation.”

9613.”The horses that are to be seen here  rose   with great tumult,
From the ocean of  milk , when it was churned and they are  ,
Thousand -thousand in number . but the battle  ground  horses,
Have a contrary look and are   those who won Lord Varuna in the western sea.”

9614. “Those horses   which are difficult to get , it seems  ran defeated,
In the war of Khubera   with Ravana   and they are   thousand - thousand,
In number and the horses conquered   from the great Vidhyadhara  king ,
Who was an  enemy  who was greatly angry   are of a number Padma.”

9615.Then   the monkey leaders said, “even if we keep on seeing   ,
And you keep on describing these  scenes of the battle    ground ,
It is not possible to complete it   and  it is   not possible to completely see ,
The Himalaya mountains   and so we will see it afterwards ,
And    let   us go and see    the place where Rama is.”

9616.They went and saluted that   great Rama  ,  stood their breathing long ,
Thinking   the nature of the great war   that   was fought   by Rama  ,
And now we will   start telling about other things that happened  meanwhile.

33.Ravanan  Kalam Kaan Padalam

Chapter on Ravana   seeing   the battle field.

(Ravana is arranging a big feast    to celebrate his killing of Lakshmana and impending victory over Rama.  His emissaries come and tell him all that happened. When he refuses to believe it  , Malyavan says that  it was true. Ravana starts   for the final battle with Rama.)

9617-9618.Ravana in the golden palace of his   , with a wish   to arrange  for a great feast ,
For those who fought for him and suffered   and those  ,
Who came to the battle because    of their love for those warriors  ,
By arranging suitable eatables and  ordered   the devas   to come there ,
Along with   all their people   and  told them  “please cook ,
The great food of the place  of Devas  .If you do not do it properly , you   will die.”

 9619. Immediately   faultless toddy  ,  meat and other  food items  as well as,
Cloths  , sandal paste  , flowers for  decorating self  , the   scented  water,
Mixed  with musk and similar materials  ,  the bed for their lying down,
Came  and filled up inside    and outside of that   great palace.

9620.And   the Deva ladies   arrived   for  massaging   with ghee ,
Giving bath  with scented water   so that all dirt would go away  ,
For giving  nectar  like rice along with water for drinking  ,
And also    for spreading  all those   beds.

9621.Then came  a crowd of ladies who   would sing  , who would dance well,
With   acting , who would embrace   lying on the beds   to give joy,
And make them feel like one  who got everything from first to last    with searching.

9622,The Rakshasas with mountain like   body right    from the kings  ,
To the slaves   had come there with   a desire to enjoy pleasures like Indra,
 And   reeked   in limitless    joy    and pleasure.

9623.At that time the emissaries came  and  saluted  the king of Rakshasas ,
Who was enjoying the pleasures  like  this   and told him in   his ears,
About how  the great Moola bala   army  had completely perished in the battle field.

9624,With voice tottering   as if someone was  drawing out  the words,
From their mouth  , with   the entire body shivering  , with toungue dried,
With   destroyed mind  , with eyes made small and with anxiety they told.

9625”Oh king  who got  victory given by Devas  , when the thousand vellam,
Army which went as per your order was standing on one side  ,
Rama with a bow   in his divine hand   in a period of six Nazhigais  ,
Destroyed the entire army  .Who are partaking in feast here?”  they asked.

9626,” If you had wanted   out of joy to give  the Rakshasas,
The pleasure that you have created   by ordering   the Devas,
To do their duty , it would be  more proper to have given this  ,
As the  Bali for the departed as  in the entire world  ,
Surrounded by ocean, there is no one who belongs    to your clan
And all those   who are in this city are only dead persons.”

9627.That Ravana who was greatly happy in the thought  that,
He had killed Lakshmana  , as soon as he heard these  words,
With great anger  mixed with shivering and loss  ,
With  his red eyes that  had lost their honour   spitting fire,
With heavy breathing  , with a greatly confused mind  ,
Stood there   like a  pretty statue.

9628.”The  warriors of the Moola Bala army  are   stronger than me  ,
And are people who cannot be destroyed at any time and anywhere.
They are people who cannot be even killed in thought  ,
Their number ig greater than number of sand dusts y the  ocean,
And  when you say   that they all died with no one to see  ,
What you are saying must be a lie” said Ravana  .

9629.Hearing   what he told to his  suspecting words  ,Malyavan,
Who was near by told, “is  it proper for you   to ask like this?
Would the emissaries we have deputed  tell a lie to us?
Would not the entire    world be destroyed in a second?
At the final deluge would not Rudra just by thought destroy the world?”

9630. “ Creating and destroying  all the worlds which cannot be measured  ,
Is done by one person    by his greatness  , say the Vedas which only tell the truth,
Have we not heard this ? That  Vishnu with great power who was   sleeping ,
On Adhisesha is now born as   Rama  , said  Vibheeshana .Would it become a lie.”

9631.”If to those beings of the world who eat   If  suitable food is offered,
If food that   is not  suitable to soul  is offered to them, we see  fire ,
That completely eats them  and we also see  the very powerful  wind,
Which can destroy mountain  , trees  , grass and so many other beings.
Is there  any limit    to the strength?”

9632.”Oh sir  , It is true that Moola Bala army has been destroyed and it  is also true,
That the wealth of Indra has already left you and  nothing more   remains to be done  ,
All your relations have died only because of you   and so perform good things  “
Said Malyavan   and hearing   that    Ravana became greatly angry.

9633.’By throwing the spear at Lakshmana  , I have given him    to the  God of death,
And all the monkey   commanders   are completely drowned   in the sorrow  ,
Caused by his death,.If Rama   sees the death   of Lakshmana  , he would get dread,
And without any desire to live   Rama would die  ,.Let the sorrow   that ,
Happened  to me be true  but  victory is mine  ,”  said Ravana,=.

9634. The emissaries who were standing there    seeing all this   said,
“Oh lord as soon as the medicine brought   by Hanuman touched,
The body of Lakshmana   without any delay he got back his life,
And that Lakshmana with red eyes   is  surrounded by all,
And they are  hugging him ,You can go and see   that.”

9635.Ravana was not   convinced that   what the  emissaries  ,
Said were true and so to  get    rid of his great confusion ,
Climbed up a tower  made   of gold   and  with  his  eyes he clearly   saw,
That truth  of   the destruction of the huge vellam of that army  ,
Causing   great     sorrow    to his  proud mind.

9636.The Rakshasa maidens  sorrowing   on seeing the heads  of husbands  cut  by the enemy,
Due to their sword like long eyes similar Kuvalai and  neithal flowers   becoming red due to crying  ,
Hitting their heads with their hands   and the    sound of their crying   was louder   than,
 The  sound of raising   of all the oceans   and this was heard   by Ravana.

9637.Many ghosts   were carrying the big corpses   of Elephants   which had  lost,
Their power of thinking and dug the ground     till they found new spring of water
Uprooted long mountains  and took   dip in the  speedily flowing   river of blood,
Thinking that   it is the flow of tears  ,
And  without changing their  form merged  in the black sea  and  Ravana saw this.

9638.That Ravana   with eyes    from which  tears   that  form bubbles ,
 And blood that gives  out  anger like fire, as per   the Dharma of  Tamil,
Saw  those dead ones   killed by the matchless    arrows    drowning  ,
In the   place where  the river of blood joins the sea,
And it was like the water   which was kept in the mouth was being spit out,
And Ravana   saw the sea water   mixed with blood  lashing  on the  battle  field.

9639. He saw the  crowd of Rakshasis   seeing the ghosts   eating away the desirable  parts ,
Of the wounds of the body of their husbands   with strong shoulders  ,
Who have reached the heavens , chasing those ghosts  , catching them in the sky  ,
And picking away the big eyes of those ghosts  by their big nails

9640.He saw   the large increase   of   the monkeys   who were shouting loudly  ,
Which was capable  of breaking the sky   and he saw   the  dancing headless  bodies,
Which was breaking the earth   and making it sink and he  also saw  the joy of Devas,
Who were   opening their eyes wide,  and were staring    at the battle field.,
And that Ravana   who had  sorrowing mind which was giving pain  ,
Like the breaking of wounds  of the body, then got down from that   tower.

9641.That  one who had  a mouth   indicating   very great  anger  ,
With toungue licking the  bottom of the mouth  , with fire sparks  ,
Coming out of his eyes   , with a heart   which indicated   great pride  ,
With anger   greatly   increasing   and talking   greatly angry words  ,
Reached   the palace    from which he ruled.

34.Ravanan ther   yeru padalam

Chapter   on Ravana climbing  in to   the  chariot

(Along with the rest of the army Ravana  gets in to his great chariot   after worshipping it. He says that    the result would make Sita or Mandodhari sad,)

9642.As per rule  he looked  at Mahodara  who had mountain like   body,
 And who had black eye brows similar    to smoke    said ,
“Which army is still alive? Wake up all the armies   which   are inside Lanka  ,
And announce  this on an elephant back   with playing of drums.”

9643.With   the playing of the drum   an  army of  fourteen   hundred   crores,
Victorious  Rakshasa  got  assembled and the city of Lanka became poor  ,
Like a completely dried up  ocean and  chariots with flags  , elephants ,
With  holed hands which waves  , horse and all other types of army  assembled.

9644.After  performing worship suitable   to life in this and other  world,
Of Lord Shiva   who has  all types of wealth  and  had   three  eyes,
After performing   charity  as per the Vedas without limit  ,
After giving away  all the things people wished without fault  ,
Ravana    became suitable  for the untiring war.

9645.He then wore the  golden  armour  produced by  Lord Brahma in an  Yagna  ,
And which was   given to him  by Indra  and appeared  like  ,
One thousand suns with different forms   appearing  on the  ,
Black mountain      with several   water bearing streams.

9646.After tying   the hand sword   on his right side  , after   tying the golden ,
Waist belt similar to the serpent Vasuki  tying   the Mandhara   mountain,
And   the planets  going round him assembled there,
After wearing    the Kati Suthra made  of  gems   which  does not  ,
Go away    thinking  It would happen and  which was round like Kimpuri.

9647.Taking the Kousika   which  was spread  like the Vedas   and spread wings of  ,
The Great Garuda    who was near by   and tying it in the   tightly    in between ,
The white silk apparel   on the waist  and after tying    the   snake  ,
With white teeth   which was   like   the crescent of   the moon,

9648.After tying   the sword ,   the dress and the gems  which were like ,
All the   thunders which are in the crowd  of clouds   were collected and  he was  tying them  ,
After tying anklets   which were like    the golden flower   and the light of lightning  ,
And which was   making sound like    the roar  of huge lions   sleeping in the cave,

9649.  After wearing   the golden anklets   which makes sound making  ,
The trembling of serpents as as a result  of a thunder   being felt,
In the heavens   , earth    and all other  worlds  , After  increasing his ,
Prettiness   by its light    reflect on the  dress   which was slanting  ,

9650.After wearing on those   twenty hands  the long  and pretty  Shoulder tie  ,
Which was like the  stain lying   in the neck of   Adhi Sesha with huge head
After  wearing   covers over the fingers  and wearing    the bangles,
Which was like  snake   with   a long toungue.

9651.With shining   battle  rings over his very strong shoulders   which were like  ,
The serpent Vasuki    tying   the Mandhara  mountain which churned the sea  ,
Wearing   ear globes   which were  shin ing   like the  fallen golden rays  ,
When the body of the    Sun god was    sharpened

9652. Like the rays of the sun that appear   from the top of the sun rise mountain,
With shoulders densely applied with kumkum  , with ear globes   which are enemy to darkness,
Which were near his shoulders , like Sun God , unlike moon and stars with stain with  pearls shining.

9653.Making people think that   all the Suns   had  been   made  to  come near the sea,
He came with  a pearl  royal umbrella   which was   sending its luster   in  all directions,
And this was also as if  the moon had taken different shapes   on becoming full.

9654.In the  cave like  open , mouth   on the   processed   fertile hill , the crowd ,
Of bent teeth  in the end part of the mouth  appeared   as if  ,
In the clouded blue sky  , the plants have started growing in pot of germination.

9655.They were shining in a matching manner and were  giving out the luster of pearls,
His forehead shining with the heroic label  was looking like the special ornamented mask,
Of the elephants   with flow of lot of rut  and due to this his ten foreheads   were greatly pretty.

9656. Without   saluting  the loving damsels   who remove   their feet with  pretty anklets,
Which make jingling sound  and  those   who   think they are  the leaders  ,
Were  his gem studded   crowns , which would light up the world,
And were   making  the Sun God  run  so that there  is no darkness  in the world.

9657.He wore the victory garland that he wore   before the   Devas,
After conquering the land of devas, land of Brahma     as well as the earth,
And also a garland of  thumbai flowers  along with   the bees by its side,
Making the eyes  of the  young  peacock like ladies   following him.

 9658.What is the need to compare   sea , time  , the  number of sand particles  ,
The fishes that live in the sea  and  knowledge   as similar  .
Though  the stable beings   which are faultless  are  destroyed .
He tied   his quiver which is the fame that never dies , on his back.

9659 ,.Even if   all the people  of earth, heaven    and  serpent world  ,
Get in to  the chariot of Ravana together, it would consider ,
It like a load of a single flower   and  even if   there   are no horses,
It would go as per   the thought  of Ravana   and ,
As soon as he told, “come chariot” that   chariot   came.

9660.Thousand horses   which came along with the nectar  ,
And which had come in the clan of the Sun god   and
Which were born to  the Vadamukagni spread   all over the water ,
By   the cruel  wind god    were tied    to that chariot.

9661. That chariot  can travel on the sky like it travels on the earth, it could ,
Travel on the wide   water, it could  go inside the fire  ,
It could go in a matchless manner   inside the battle  ,
It could go on the golden sky as well as land of Brahma,
And within a second it could reach   any world.

9662.The instrument called Gandai   which    makes    sound like ,
The bells tied on the neck of elephants   of the eight   directions  .
Thousand crores  of this instrument were played. The universe ,
Which was looking like  the suns are   stacked  over the Meru mountain,
The    huge collection of gems   completely decorated it.

9663.  The cruel   weapons   given by Sages , Devas and others 
Who are   the greatest in this world or forcibly taken  ,
In numbers   of sand particles   were    carried by that chariot.

9664. Its great strength cannot be destroyed  even if wheel of Lord Vishnu  ,
The axe weapon of Lord Shiva    and the   sacred water pot of  Lord Brahma  are destroyed,
It is bigger than the truth which cannot be understood   even by Devas
It is the store house of victory .

9665.After worshipping such a great chariot   as per religious rules ,
And after giving measureless gifts   to innumerable   Brahmins ,
And giving   away  great wealth  in unimaginable  charities,
He completed   all the duties   that he   had to do,

9666,Ravana saluted that chariot and got in to it and Indra and other Devas ,
With a  loss od f conscience became greatly perplexed  and ,
Since there was nothing else to be done , even the sages ,
Who have controlled all  their five senses ,
Became  scared   as the  entire world was sad.

9667.  Ravana said , “Either the Sita with  sweet smelling  hair    would ,
Hurt her belly with her flower like hands   and drown in deep sorrow,
Or  the daughter of Maya   would attain that.
If  I go to the   battle field I would make one of them happen.”

9668.Ravana grew up like the one   who measured  the world ,
Making  the devas as well as  the people of earth   surrounded by the sea,
With   very many people the heads  over their neck were   with crown,
Several shoulders   could not be measured  and hiding with very many weapons.

9669.Ravana slapped    his own shoulders   and made   very great sound  .
Making the sky split in to two  , making mountains break  like  fresh wounds ,
Becoming further deep, Making the sun    rotate  in its own position like a fresh pot,
And making the moon  shed  its nectar   and becoming    greatly sad.

9670.Ravana   due to the great joy  that   a  very great one has come very near,
Making a huge mountain   break  and become dust , twanged the string of his bow ,
And  the  ladies of the clan of Devas and Dhanavas  who wore  ,
Pretty bent ear  globes  became greatly scared  and  felt for their Mangalya Sutra.

9671. Ravana   assumed    a matchless   form making , the sun and moon  ,
Who rotate  in the sky   made   the water  in the sea   rotate and whirl,
All the beings   which shout with joy   started shivering   and started  losing their balance  ,
And   the thousand headed   Anantha  , unable to carry  the  world  ,opened  its hoods,
Decorated   by the lustrous   continuously   shining gems   and stood up.

9672.He   got interested  in the war   which would destroy    along with Devas,
And Asuras   all the  beings   of the three   worlds   and  make all life get destroyed ,
And vomiting blood   and became one   with   eyes   blow fire ,
Which    was twice harsher   than  the  northern fire  .

9673, Seeing the confusion  that  came in this world   and seeing  the sorrow of devas,
The rotation   of the mountains  , sky    and the earth   and  the tiresomeness  ,
Shown by   the scared oceans with great tides  was seen  by  ,
The head of the monkey army   and   those   who had inestimable    strength.

9674.Rama got up   to know   why   there was a  tottering   as if the world has been torn,
, A peculiar type of loud noise   being heard   from near by   making  an upset  ,
Happening   when  many things   are  improving  and things   are looking up.

9675.With  oceans   becoming similar   to stony mountains , clouds  ,
As well as the strong Meru mountain   travelling   the sky  , he  understood  that,
The very powerful   Rakshasa army  and that  Ravana  travelling in the chariot,
  Were  coming and making     huge sound  like a big ocean.

9676.Vibheeshana who came   told , “Oh heroic  king ,   Ravana   is coming here,
With his very huge army and the  advanced army of theirs has reached here.
Making our army shiver with  fear and the Devas  became   scared fell down and dispersed.,”

35.Raman   ther yerum Padalam

Chapter on Rama climbing   in to chariot.

(Rama gets ready for the battle. As per instruction of Lord Shiva, Indra     sends his chariot to his use. After   verifying it is genuine, Rama gets in to it.)

9677.The monkeys with hands held in salutation , with stuttering voice   due to fear ,
With a shivering body  , fell on the ground and got up and  started shouting  ,
And Rama who heard    that  ,  similar  to his telling   the devas “do not get scared,
When  the  Devas started   crying bitterly   and when he was sleeping on the ocean of  milkm,
Told them ”Do not  get scared “  and to remove   their fear   , he got up.

9678.That Rama   who was like a male   elephant in rut , took his  sword ,
Which was like   the matchless  poisonous   rope   of the God of death,
And tied it on his   right   side   and   said  ,”Today is the end   of sorrow,
Of Sita who is like a  young    creeper   and   the devas who  live  in the long heaven.”

9679 For  tying up  Rama     who had all    the worlds   within himself   and  .
There   is nothing   else in the world  which is different  from him ,
Shall we say , there  is only truth   and the armour of Rama which ,
Can be  tied   his body     as it is known that  he is  the God himself.

9680.Then on his pretty hands   which  can be told as   the burning   stow  ,
Of the God of death, he wore gloves as well as metallic finger    gloves,
So that the entire hand is hidden  and took  his quiver  ,
Which looked   as if it can contain everything   in the world   ,
But had innumerable arrows and tied it tightly on his back.

9681.”Oh Devas  , this  battle which has started   now would get over by today,
And victory   now  belongs to the very masculine   Rama only ,This is the truth,
And  now you have  got rid of your fear .Please send  the divine golden   chariot  ,
Which is drawn by strong  horses for the use of Lord Rama with great speed. ”said Lord Shiva  .

9682The devas after listening to Lord Shiva said  that it is a proper thing to be done,
 And said it  to Indra ad Indra    who obeys the commands   of Lord Shiva,
Who accepted   it  and said, “I would make my  great chariot  , which is the best in the three  worlds,
Which can go round   the three   worlds in a second, As a suitable   temple   for Rama.
Go and bring my matchless   chariot “Said he to his charioteer   Mathali.

9683.Mathali then brought his golden chariot which appeared   to work  ,
As if  it   is the entire earth surrounded by ocean and stood as if,
The cool  system of the moon  and other  things above it , are just its  strong foot ,
And it spread   due to its   height    all over   the sky.

9684. It had the strength  of the seven heritage   mountains and it had a machine,
Called Kodinju which maintains  its stability .  the great strength   of  the wavering  earth,
And    the axils     fitted    to its wheels   and  on it     the very angry eight   serpents,
Were tied making in to a dense formation   and that   chariot   touched   the sky.

9685.On the   chariot floor was written   the past and   next year  apart from day ,
Season   and month   and being  decorated   by the garland made   of gem like stars,
It came like a mountain    and took its place  in the battle field  .

9686.It has been made    with all the directions    made   as its  pretty  walls,
It has been made  faultlessly  and it made     all the   clouds  ,
Into its     flags and made    them waft  in the  air and it   had  ,
The strength of the undying five elements and stood pretty.

9687.   After   taking the trees and medicines   of the world  ,
It was made in to a flag and this chariot    was bearing that flag,
And  the huge sound when the   ocean was rising up with huge tides 
Which comes strongly   was   the sound  made by that  chariot.

9688. That Chariot   having a   part called Bud , which was like the bud ,
Of Lotus  of ancient times  from where  Lord Brahma   was born,
And it was equal in breadth to the serpent bed of Lord Vishnu  ,
Who keeps all the beings in his belly   and lets them out at time of creation,

9689-9690. That   golden chariot   was drawn by   four Vedas  , the completed Yagnas  ,
The separate   seven oceans, the seven heritage  mountains  ,  the seven worlds,
The seven elements  , three   types of fire , the offerings made   to Devas  ,
The great penances    done without lie , the five sense organs , the   five fires ,
The four directions  , three walls    which work together  and  the long day time  ,
Turning themselves   in to horses   which  were  well yoked to it.

9691.The Devas saluted   that chariot which came  like that   and looked at Mathali  ,
And told, “oh great one , you have  come because  our father  Indra    has sent you  ,
You are one who has   the power   to help us and so  help us to get victory”
And they showered   on him the cool flowers and ,
He driving    the chariot   with great  speed departed .

9692. That great chariot  with a speed of fate   which is the enemy   of the soul,
Went through the sky and then assuming    the  well known speed of mind,
And being saluted   by the earth as   well as the   world of devas ,
Reached   that pure one and   stood very high , making even thoughts  lose.

9693.Rama thought  “This is not the   chariot of Sun God   with  one   wheel,
This is not the one with that great  light  that appears    at the final deluge ,
This is not   the stable  Meru mountain  but this is   very tall .Is it ,
The Chariot  of the matchless  gods called  Trinty?”

9694.”How did this chariot reach me and why?, “ thinking like that   the son ,
Of the  king of kings looked ar Mathali and who asked “Who brought  ,
This chariot which is glittering like Gold here and  under whose orders?”
And he also replied  to the question asked by  Rama.

9695.  “My father  This   chariot was made   on the   first day of creation  ,
By the one who burnt the three cities   and   the four faced one  ,
And by its luster   it is comparable    to one thousand suns ,
And it does not get destroyed at deluge and belongs to Indra.’

9696.”Oh lotus like Rama,   this can   stack several universes  inside it,
And  do work and when needed  it can be shortened   or lengthened  ,
And if a comparison is needed  , it can be   compared   to the belly of Lord Vishnu,
Who swallowed    all the universes and it will travel    as speedily as your arrow.”

9697.  “If it sees  eye , mind and speedy wind  , it would go faster than them,
And would go  even more forward than wisdom  .It does not differentiate  ,
Between the sky and the earth    or differences between water   and fire.”

9698.”Oh Lord who created the world  Are  there not seven worlds?
Or there  not double that number of   worlds which are standing above it  ?
Those oceans and the worlds may sometime change its stature  ,
But are there   any other chariots like   this one which  does not change its nature?”

9699.”Oh Lord The devas  , the chiefs of sages, Lord Shiva  , Lord Brahma  ,
Who created  the world at olden times   came and     ordered  and obeying them,
The king of the  Devas   has given this  chariot to you. “Said Matali  ,
Who   can drive the chariot according    to the mind  of the horses.

9700 Rama after   hearing what  Matali told    had a doubt   whether  ,
It was a trick of illusion created by his enemies  and to clear his doubt  ,
And make him feel that  Matali has told the truth   the   horses,
With manes tied    to the chariot   started   chanting the ancient Vedas.

9701.Rama then decided that there  was no further     doubt  and looking,
At the good natured Matali asked him, “Please tell me your name?”
He said, Me who has been driving this   big chariot is known as Matali.”
 And   he Saluted Rama   and told these fully from his mind.

9702.,Then Rama   looked at Hanuman    and Lakshmana    who was ,
Like a young lion  and told them , “Please   tell your opinion.”
And Lord Rama   stood there   and they   whose doubts have been cleared   told,
“Oh Lord  , there is no doubt . This chariot   does  belong to Devendra,”

9703.With the bad fate   which  had started rolling on earth fading,’
And the worshipful good fate   jumping with joy , with  the devas  ,
And Brahmins who had drowned in sorrow lifting their hands  ,
Above their heads    Rama got in to that chariot sent by Indra.

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