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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 12

Yudha Kandam (contd)

28.Ravanan Soka Padalam

Chapter on Ravana ’s sorrow

9186.  The  emissaries from the battle field    for  informing the news to  father ,
Of Indrajit , after crossing the ocean of sorrow , after crossing   the flow  of blood,
Which was covering the entire battle field  , ran  in to the  entrance  ,
Which was like a   belly   of a huge  mountain.

9187.Those messengers   with the Rakshasis   crying   like the black  female  Andril bird  ,
Crowding  everywhere    were  wailing ‘Today the   city of Lanka has been destroyed “,
Reached    the father   of Indrajit who held    the shining   trident.

9188.They whose teeth , mouth , mind   and legs   were shivering  ,
Out  of the fear for their life , who   were  greatly upset ,
Due  fear surrounding them informed  Ravana  , “your son is not there today.”

9189.When the   emissaries told like this , the devas  with great penance  ,
Ladies with narrow waist who were    given to art of dancing ,
Sobbed  and wailed , “this world will end today” and  ran away and hid themselves  .

9190. That Ravana with lustrous burning   fire and smoke coming   out of his eyes,
Took his sword from its sheath  and started   throwing it   aimed at the neck,
Of those emissaries    who brought the bad news and fell with  all his twenty hands getting tired.

9191. The fire   of  great hatred  that was born in the mouth   of Ravana  ,
Which grew up in his breath, shown out   from his eyes   as flames  ,
Made the people of the world say  “This fire which covers the  world was born today.”

9192, Making  Adisesha with his hood   and   the earth which was being carried by him,
Getting transferred   to right and left  and makng it suffer  , Ravana got down from  his  seat,
Lay down on the earth  , with a suffering body like the  suffering sea which produced poison.

9193. Due   to  the outburst  of cruel   anger   which was like  ,
As well as    the sorrow due to love for the son appearing alternatively  ,
The twenty eyes of Ravana    which were  like fire  ,
Shed tears  of sorrow  like water  poured  out of a pot.

9194.The   row of teeth of Ravana  gnashed   at each other making  mountains break,
And producing sound   like cloud during  thunder  ,  he beat   with his palm ,
Making it appear that a huge mountain has burst and the  ocean has overflowed.

9195.Ravana who  had attained cruel sorrow like a spear   introduced in a burn would,
Would say “Oh darling son” and then “Oh great son” , “Oh my father “ “oh my soul”.
And  would say , “I who ought    to die before you , alas, am still alive.”

9196.He  would say  further  “Has not enmity ended    for that  Indra?”,
“Did   the Devas who suffered  due to us  , shout    with joy?”
“Did Lord Shiva who wears Karanthai flowers   and  Lord Vishnu,
Who hides himself  in ocean of milk , forever got rid of their enemies?”

9197. “Earlier that Lord Shiva   who applies  sacred ash on himself   and ,
Lord Vishnu who holds the  divine wheel  ,  were hiding  in ,
The mountain and the ocean    and did not come before   you,
And now  with no sorrow they will roam on  the  bull and Garuda respectively  .”

9198.”Till now the  great crowd of Devas and the aeroplane they travelled,
Were hiding themselves  in all sort of places and never went back  to their homes,
Did they again come out and join . taking the help of the victory of these  men.”

9199.He would say  “As per the words  of these  cruel   emissaries ,
Being killed by a sorrowing man  , my darling    son has   entered death,”
Then he would again and again call “Oh son, Oh son” ,
And seeing him not responding    would start    sorrowing.

9200.Due to great sorrow Ravana   would get up , then sit  on the floor ,
Would breath   with effort  , would   cry pitiably , prattle some things by his  mouth,
Would become famished , would develop sweat , would walk   and then fall,
Would blink , would close  his eyes, would  rub the earth   by his body , would roll , again get up.

9201.His one head would call “oh sir”, another would say “would I continue to rule?”,
 And yet another head would say  “ would the useless me   ,  who  paved the way,
For  your death  , continue to live   in this  world?”

9202.Ravana ‘s one head    would say  , “Would  you not hug me   by  using  ,
Your   steel like shoulders decorated by sandal paste? And another would  say,
“Oh great  one who holds the bow, would  a male   be eaten by a soul of female deer.”

9203.”Another   head would say  “Did you not show   your  victorious roar   to these men ,
Done after   you showed your shield  and prevented   all the weapons  sent by,
 The  blue necked one and the God who holds   the wheel.”

9204.”Have you really died? I have lost you who was a help to me”
“Is the news of your death a deceit  ?”Would you not come   before me?”
With heart  telling these  and paining  , he  lay down,
For a long time alone   and was babbling     several things.

9205.”Would I be forced to see   your   freshly opened garland of Vagai flowers  ,
Which was   marked and given to you   by  matchless    sages of great penance  ,
When I saw you winning Devendra   with his crown , being pecked by crows  in the battle field?”

9206. Another of his heads told  , “Oh valorous one  , would  the  wives of Devas ,
Endowed with fish like eyes  , shiver on hearing the twang sound   of your bow,
Leave out their habit of feeling    their Mangalya  , whenever they hear   your name?”

9207.Another head asked ”Oh son,  who has matchless  prowess, I thought   that the God of death ,
 Does  not posses, sufficient strength to come before you and take away   your life  and so,
You would not be dead and I do not know now  to which world have you gone ?

9208. Ravana who   was   calling Indrajit and wailing like this  stood up,
And   entered   the  battle field  which was red like the golden colour red sky    at deluge  ,
Which can  be  easily reached as soon as one wants  , to search for   the body of his son.

9209. Devas and other   servants   went along with Ravana
Wondering     within themselves  what would happen,
To the state   of all the three   worlds due to anger of Ravana?

9210. The ghosts  and birds like hawks    which were    eating the corpses,
In the battle field   saw  Ravana and some  of them   started crying,
And some saluted  him out of love , some slept and some others  ,
Removed the corpses of elephants   so that   a way can be made  and hid themselves.

9211.Ravana who was searching for the body of his son  went on rolling ,
The bodies of crores of crore    horses  , the bodies of strong  victorious Asuras,
The corpses of elephants    with masks   and chariots ,
And searched for the body of his son for an entire day.

9212,With tears flowing from all his twenty eyes  on his   ten heads  ,
That Ravana who had a heart  burning like fire in which ghee   has been poured,
Saw the  hand holding   the bow  of Indrajit   by his own eyes.

9213.Seeing the hand of Indrajit   with  shoulder  armlet , quiver  ,
Armlets   and  arrows  and which was  shining like a  snake with cruel eyes  ,
Ravana  took it with his red hands   and kept it on his   head.

9214.Ravana who was   breathing long,  like the breath on day of death,
Hugged that   hand on  his mountain like   chest  , put it like   a garland,
Over his neck  , decorated his head with it  ,patted   his eyes with it  ,
And he would smell it with his nose   and   would melt away.

9215.Ravana who found the hand of Indrajit  , then saw   his body,
Which was like a black sea .,. With   his eyes shedding   tears,
Like waves of a stream   which  were capable   of ,
Covering the   oceans with  high sound making tides  ,
Crying    he fell on the    body   of his son.

9216.He   put the   chest of  Indrajit hurt by rain of arrows,
On his own chest   made wet by rain of his tears   and then hug it  ,
He would babble with his mouth  .No one in this    world,
Had attained as much  sorrow as that  Ravana did.

9217.He would   take out  the arrows from chest of Indrajit  ,
He would cut them several times  ,he would faint  ,
Then he would smell  the   chest of Indrajit  ,
Hug it   and get   angry thinking that     ,
He  would chew  all the seven worlds and the Sun that day.

9218.That  Ravana who stood   without equaling  the Devas  , Sages ,
As well as all great ones  started felling   that “along with the trinity,
It would be better    to  destroy this    world also.” With intense anger.

9219.Ravana not able to   find the head   of Indrajit  , became greatly upset,
And  being informed that it was taken away   by that man  ,
Became one who was struggling with greatly wounded heart  ,
Sobbed and sobbed and opened his mouth and started  babbling.

9220.”Was it easy for me to uproot   the elephants   standing  in the stable directions,
And also the mountain of the God with eye  on his forehead ?When   those who  ,
Took away   the soul and head of my faultless    son   are  alive  ,
It looks like , I who am a base person  is carrying my own soul.

9221.I burnt   the ancient city of Alakapuri  owned by Khubera   and I   also,
Put in fire that  Amaravathi which is the home of Indra   and made  ,
All the worlds   which was common to all  as my property, but
Having seen  the body of my son who wears   honey dripping ,
Flower garlands frequented by bees    being eaten by foxes  ,
The  food of dog which eats its own vomit is better   than mine.

9222.”All those who were  dressed for war   and went  along with my son  ,
Died  and  did not return back  but those   two men along ,
With the monkey  which is with them have   not died,,
And in the battle field  none of them have died,
Is there    any more of that   valorous  life of Ravana?”

9223.”When your wives  who are more  pretty than Goddess Lakshmi ,
Who were the daughters of Gandharwas , Sidhas , Deva and Asuras ,
Whose  voice is sweeter than the songs with Raga “Sindhu”  come ,
And ask me , “Please show us our  husbands  “   and fall at my sides  ,
What  shall I mumble? Or Should I also mumble along with them?”

9224”.I who stood with great anger   and   after attaining full victory  ,
Made all his wealth as mine  and was capable to attain anything that  I want,
And due to a lady called   Sita who were  suitable ornaments   , lost  that status  ,
And with great sorrow reached a stage to do   death rites to you  ,
Instead of you performing the   same to me  . Is there ,
Any person in this world      who is  inferior    to me?”

9225. After he told several such things , after calling his  son very loudly  .
Becoming pitiable and sorrowing , due to love  carrying the body  of his son,
He  entered the city of Lanka  making   all Rakshasis    crying and falling down.
The loud wail from those   who saw it , filled all  the ten directions.

9226.  Among  the number of ladies unable to bear   that great   sorrow  ,
Some picked out their eyes  , some   cut their neck , some split their chests  ,
And were taking out their liver  , some were  uprooting their toungue  ,
Which used to sing music   and some taking  away their life  , and  they were all innumerable.

9227.Ravana carrying the body   of his son   without  the head   wearing   the crown,
Who had huge shoulders   and had  conquered  all their directions  ,
Entered the city   and those   who saw it  , with their   eyes
Filled with ocean like  water, shed tears   of love   and that went and joined the black sea.

9228. His wives who were Rakshasis and other ladies   who were  loving Indrajit,
More than their soul   surrounded him  , folded their tender hands above their heads ,
And fell on the ground like well made up   dolls   and rolled  ,
And that  Ravana   from whose eyes blood like tears were coming out  ,
Quickly   entered   the palace    which was meant   for the queens.

9229.Mandodhari the daughter of Maya   with her opened  hair tresses ,
Touching her legs  , went on beating her breasts  which like  young coconuts  ,
Being beaten by lotus flower  ,  making   people surprised    to know that,
She also  had a narrow waist  apart from her hips to   lift   the   rare  ornaments ,
She was wearing and came there  with   a greatly upset mind.

9230.Mandodhari was keeping her hands on her head  , walking  as if ,
She was walking on fire  on the floor   with   trembling feet,
Due to the sorrow filled heart   caused by the great love  for her son ,
Fell on her son  like a peacock which was killed  by a murderous hunter,
By sharp arrows falling dead   on the mountain.

9231.She was not showing   any sign of life , nor  showing any sense reactions,
And  with no movement in her  body , leading to doubt that   she has lost her life,
And then she sobbed  but  did not talk anything , she did not sweat ,
And after  lying  like that for a long time  slowly she got back her senses  ,
And started   wailing   softly   with an open mouth.

9232.”In  your  youth  when  you were   daily growing like   the crescent  of the moon,
Due to my great penance   I was lucky enough to see you defeat Indra   with your bow,
What penance   did I do to see   you as corpse   without head? Alas.
Should I  who  do not have   proper sensations  , continue to live this unstable  life?”

9233.”Oh  Son, Oh handsome one  , Oh my  darling who was like  ,  difficult ,
To get nectar , you   were  strong like the God of death , who had   won over,
Lord Vishnu holding the divine wheel   and Lord Shiva with an axe  ,
Oh one among all the  three  worlds  , Oh best one  , Without seeing  ,
Your lotus like face , would I  continue    to live?”

9234” ,In the age   when anklets   with bells  used to  make     great sound,
In the  young age   when   you were   crawling and  playing ,
You caught   two lions and  brought   it to the   mansions courtyard ,
And you  made  them  angry   by making them fight  with each other,
And you ran away    and  escaped from them ,and would ,
I who has bad fate    ever  be able to see that  play again.”

9235, “In the  very young age   when you called “”Oh uncle moon , please come”,
And fearing  your order  that white moon   came to this world  ,
And you told him, “do not be scared “  , carried him  by both your hands,
And thinking that the stain on the moon was a rabbit and   you were trying to,
Take it out .I want to see that play again  , Oh son who  is like an  big elephant . Would you  not get up”

9236. The deva maidens , Rakshasis  , Vidhyadhara  maidens   who  were ,
Having a  face like the moon without stain   and who were  your wives  ,
Must have   made   lot of passionate   plays with  their  great love  to you,
And possibly being tired   are  you sleeping    on that  flower bed?”

9237.  “Would my son who has fought and won over  the divine  trinity  ,
AS well as the  three worlds  , die being killed   by a mere  man?
And this  is like saying  That  a   dust  went and kicked   ,
The great  Meru mountain    and  broke it. How  strange?”

9238.”All those  Rakshasas who were like an ocean  of soldiers  ,
Were burnt like fire kept on the cotton bag   and  all of  them,
Died but never  returned  alive. Would   the king of Lanka  ,
After taking   the  poison , made  using the nectar like Sita  ,
Also   die tomorrow ?  I am scared, I am scared.”

9239.  When Mandodhari    wailed like this   hearing that  , Ravana ,
The king of Rakshasas  , got angry thinking    that  “All the sorrow  ,
Which came to us   has come because  of Sita who has a hip like Gold.
And I would   kill  that  cheater   who has a    very hard  stone,
Like heart   with my sword”  and he started running  towards   her.

9240. Seeing him running towards    the place where    Sita is there  ,
Fearing that he   is trying  to decorate his head   with a great bad name  ,
Mahodhara   with great courage   fell  at his feet and saluted him,
And said, “Oh king , Your fame has   been destroyed  “  and then started  telling him.

9241. “ You have won all wars     and have attained very great fame   and,
As long as water exists,   fire exists   , the very long earth   exists,
AS long as the   sky exists  , and as long  as the name  of wind,
Is heard in this world, you are going to gain   a bad name by  this act.”

9242. “If your sword that has cut the heads   of Kalakeyas whose   strength,
Is beyond power of estimation , which   has cut the tusks of   the white tusks,
Of the elephants of direction is used against   ladies who have  creeper like,
Waists and red mouth  , that  sword  would due to shame  ,
Lose its power   and  not try   to kill them.”

9243. “If without hesitation   you  kill   a lady   of a great family ,
Who is doing penance  , Lord Shiva who wears ganges, Lord Vishnu,
And Lord Brahma  would say  , “This one   is suitable  only ,
To be a Rakshasa  and   would clap their red hands   ,
And laugh    at you   as the  one who is low.”

9244.”Oh Lord born   in the clan of Pulasthya    and has  undertaken ,
Blessed penances,  Killing a lady   is   not the nature   of the earth,
Nor is it a practice  in heaven    nor is it justice  , nor is it practiced,
 And it  is also  not  permitted   by those elders    who follow Dharma.
And it is not a sign of prowess also  , would you get   upset  ,
After earning    this bad name   which would never   go away?”

9245. “If you cut and kill her today and later   win over Rama   and return back ,
To this ancient city  , would  you at that time  feel  mentally disturbed  for her,
Whom you are going to kill today.”Oh king   are you hesitating to kill  one who killed your son?”

9246.AS  soon as Mahodara told t like this    Ravana   put down the sharp sword on the floor,
And  after   getting away from what he intended    to do  and said,
“I would not come back here   without the head of my son  taken   by his enemies
AS a token of their victory over him and also    the heads of   those enemies,
Please preserve his body in a difficult to approach    flat tub of oil  “

29.Padai Kakshi  Padalam

Chapter on  seeing the army 

9247.His servants did   that job  and at that time  the emissaries  ,
Who had to bring the Rakshasa   army from different places  , came together  ,
Saluted Ravana and said , “In your city   of Lanka there  is no sufficient place  for the army.”

9248.Ravana who got up with joy   asked “From where   has this army come?”
And  those emissaries who were holding their hands in salute   over their head,
Said, “How can we see one place? Like the seven oceans where tides  move about,
Has covered   the entire world at deluge, for that army   , which has come ,
On its own , even the entire world is not sufficient place to camp?”

9249.”Due to dust rising from the earth due    to the marching   of the enemy,
Even the devas who are walked in sky   , walked   on that dust and felt that,
They are walking on earth   and  that army   which is innumerable  like,
The raising clouds at deluge  was looking pretty due    to the dust  ,
And walking towards   the city of Lanka  , have reached   here.”

9250.”The clouds   which cannot shine like the swords  , which that army holds  ,
Are not as black    like its soldiers and   the clouds cannot    raise  sound  of thunder,
Like that army    which   plays on  huge number of drums, and  like that carrying ,
Weapons  sharpened to a luster,    along with horses , elephants and   chariots  ,
When that army did not find place   to walk on earth  , they walked on the sea ,
And because of this   there  is no comparison to them except the clouds.”

9251. “With army which cannot be destroyed   coming more and  more   and surrounding,
It became  like one world   getting hidden in to another    world  ,
And the God of moon light   and stars   got   scared and moved away   from that place,
And even Sun God  , getting scared  left off the way that   he was following  and stood high.”

9252.”Through   the huge open  four doors of the city   which    stood  like Meru mountain,
Touching the sky  that army marched in to the city   of Lanka   and it is looking like,
The God of of death   going to the big black sea   thinking  ,
That the earth   cannot lift the burden and going to another place .”

9253.”Thinking   that too much time is required   to enter the city   through the narrow door,
All of them climbed over the wall   and it  looked like   all the black clouds  of the world,
Came together  , and that army    reached   the   city of Lanka.”

9254. At that time  Ravana   climbed on the   pretty tower   and generally  ,
Started inspecting   that army   and getting desire   like an ignorant  person,
Wanting   speedily    to see   al the seven oceans    together  ,
He though he would look as per a  method   and  see them separately.

9255.Like the water of ocean  going from one direction to another   direction ,
With great speed  , that army was travelling towards  Lanka  ,
And the emissaries told    for the sake  of knowledge of Ravana,
Like those  telling in detail  about nature of God   as told by the Vedas,
The  origin and strength  of people as per   the order of their entry.

9256.”These people  live in the island  of teak wood  and have come out ,
From the fire sacrifice    done by the Rakshasas and  by their illusion,
They had made   Devas  in stupor and they   are best in doing illusion,
They have a tall body   that touches    the clouds  “ said they showing  one row.

9257.”Oh lord who has a long forehead, these   people   are from Durba island,
And they are the  people who increase the power  to Brahma  and  bring  bad name ,
To  the God of death  and it was due to these  people that,
The Devas   who live in the sky   lost their   fame   as well   as wealth.
.They are  the people who stand as personification   of victory.”

9258.”These are  the people   who live in island of silk cotton trees  and they are ,
The one who fought with Indra , the chief of Devas    who do not blink  ,
And destroyed  his   golden city   and they have obtained  boons  from Lord Shiva,
Who holds   the crescent   of the moon    on his   red hair  and they   are short tempered,
Which rises up swiftly like   fire   in a very   dry forest.”

9259.” These are    the people from Andril (Krouncha) islands  and as soon as some body told them that,
The meru mountain  was the place where devas live forever, they   uprooted  that mountain,
And at olden time when they were   about to put it in the sea, the Devas ,
Begged them  with great humility not to do it and  these valorous one   did not do it.”

 9260. “These are the people    who live   on the pearl mountains and when  Shukra,
After losing his character, made passionate love   to a maiden from family of Asura king,
Who had eyes like Kuvalai flowers , these  people    were    born to him ,
And they are  ten crores in  number  and drank and dried  the ocean of milk in a few days.”

9261.”Oh God  these   Rakshasas who have sword like    bent long teeth   are .
The ones who live on Gandhamadhana    mountains which is   beyond  ,
This black sea  and where breeze wafts   and they   are innumerable ,
And are    said to be born from  the milky ocean along with halahala poison.”

9262.”The Podhiya Malai was called    The Malaya   mountain and these people  .
Who were born there  reside on an island in a sea  because Lord  Brahma asked  them,
To live there   because he was  scared that  they would destroy any place   they live,
“Oh people who do not have destruction ., be pleased to stay here.”

9263. “Oh famous one , these are three handed   ones   who carry  tridents   and ,
Along  with Musundi they also carry the wheel and a bow and   are greater ,
Than Indra  and they are lords   of the seven seas where  crocodiles live  ,
And   these  people live in an island called Pushkara.”

9264.”These are    the people from the big islands of Marutha   trees  and  once,
As  per the words of their great mother , they imprisoned  , the God of death,
In the big Chakravala mountains    which is beyond the seven worlds ,
So that his strength would get reduced  and when begged  by Lord Brahma  they released him.”

9265.”Oh Lord  , These people who have hands like Vetala  as per   the words of Brahma,
That, “Since the area of this   great heaven is   not sufficient  area, Please   go and stay,
In the Patala which is one of the seven worlds “  and they have come,
Here from Patala due to their love    towards   you.”

9266.”These people who have the colour   of darkness   are the sons  of Niryathi,
The  lord of the south west   and their clan is equal to yours  ,
And Just like Sun is great among the Devas , they are  great among Asuras,
And If   they do not get sufficient blood to drink they   would drink  ,
All the waters of the seven Seas and they are ,
Each capable of lifting   all the     seven great mountains,”

9267.”Due to Goddess earth seeing with love  The Varaha incarnation  ,
Of Lord Vishnu who hugged her  , these were born  and  ,
They wear   heroic anklets  and to celebrate   their victory  ,
They have located their elephants  whose rut never dries in the eight directions”.

9268.”These valorous and strong  warriors who are standing here  with horror filled eyes,
And great anger   are the people    who live in the Patala ,  under which,
There are no worlds and the Adhi Sesha   with one thousand   heads  with hoods ,
Is remaining   sleepless    only because these  people keep on troubling him.”

9269. “These people   who are coming as a huge crowd   with shining swords ,
And with their sword like shining  teeth    are  people  born ,
Out of the fire of anger  of that Durga when  Lord Shiva    danced   the oordhwa Thandava  ,
To defeat Goddess Durga  and are like good bothers   to the  Ghosts.”

9270.”These people who are appearing in the   north holding  bow in the hand,
Are ancient ones  who were born when the sins were   born , and they have ,
Eyes like caves in which lamps  are burning  which creates great fear,
And   are cruel people   who   would eat even their mother   when they get angry.”

9271.”These   are the people    born out of the fire that came   out of  the eye,
In the forehead   of Lord Shiva     with five heads  and the people   there ,
Were born to a lady  who can be called the lady   God of death  ,
And were born as the   root cause   of cruelty   in the ancient times.”

9272.”These people who are standing before us holding a spear ,
Are the people born out of the blood that came out of the body,
Of God of death when Lord Shiva kicked him  and these  are ,
Great warriors   are   those born before production of Halahala  poison from sea.”

9273.”These are the people   who are born out of the  northern fire,
When the poison spit   by Vasuki    who was used as rope to churn the  sea ,
Was put in it   and these  who are fat    who have red    hair ,
Which touches   the clouds  and    are people  born ,
When the matchless   chariot made by  Brahma  was  driven,
In to the tripuras   and   it was destroyed. They wear   heroic anklets.”

9274.”Oh lord , these are not small insignificant people  who can be ,
Separately pointed out  as possessing some qualities  and to think  ,
And to tell about them   as well as  to tell the boons they got  ,
Their cruelties  and the penance they did to get those   boons ,
Even one thousand   oceans    would be sufficient  .”

9275.”Oh Lord who has  got great wealth which even   the Devas,
Would find difficult to get , even one  person from this army  ,
Can go and kill with their  one hand  that  able monkey   and those  two strong ones,
And come back. What else needs  to be told about them “
Said those emissaries and  hearing that Ravana told.

9276. Ravana asked ,”Please   properly estimate    the  number  of people,
In this army and then tell me.”  And then those  mad emissaries   told  ,
That  the number would be one thousand  Vellam   Army  ,
And said    this number seems to be smaller    for such a big army.

9277.Ravana said to the emissaries  “I would like  to be near to them,
And tell them all the news that had happened here and,
Converse  with them using sweet   words from my mind,
And worship them   according to their  status  and so,
Go and bring all the big commanders    of that army here.”

9278.As soon as the emissaries   informed the army of the order of Ravana,
All the army commanders  who were spread like an ocean  ,
Came marching    from all the directions   and sprinkled   flowers 
On the pretty  feet of Ravana, and with one crown dashing  with another,
One before    another   saluted  Ravana.

9279.Then all those commanders as  per custom   saluted the feet of Ravana ,
And  with great humility stood there  Ravana    invited  them,
 By saying  “Let your arrival be   an auspicious one” and asked them,
“Do  your wife  and children  keep good health?”

9280.Those commanders to understand    the   intention of Ravana ,
Looked at him and told  ,”You are a great leader    with very   big shoulders ,
And the boons that  we have    obtained are   really great ,
Is it difficult for us to complete   all the   acts    that are  needed?,
WE have defeated the devas and made   them run away,,
What is  there    for us to do here ?”

9281.” There is not a single one among  , the ladies  on your side,
Who are  not upset and you also seem to be   greatly   sorrowing .
What   is the reason for this ?Please tell “ asked those commanders 
And  Ravana then told  them all the events  that happened ,
Because   of his    great love    towards  Sita.”

9282. “Oh Lord , are those people    who won using their arrows ,
Kumbhakarna, Indrajit   and   all the great   asuras born in our clan,
Small men? Does their army  consist of monkeys ?
Our strength seems to be great , great” saying this they all laughed.

9283.”You have called us here  , not to remove   the earth  ,
From   the head of Adhisesha  , not for   brining   here the seven  ,
Matchless heritage mountains   with their root   nor for   ,
Taking   the water by hand drinking the sea water   and emptying it ?
Do you want us to go and fight   with monkeys which eat flowers and leaves?”

9284.After saying this , they clapped their hands   and laughed  like thunder ,
And Ravana signing those Rakshasas   who has    shining silver like teeth,
Not  to laugh  like that  , Vanni the king of  Pushkara  complaint  ,
Asked “Who are those men?  What type of strength    do they have ?”

9285.  As soon as Malyavan heard    the  words of Vanni  , he came forward,
And told  “I am capable   of  telling in detail  all that has happened    here  ,
The strength of that men  , the greatness   of  victorious monkey leaders   who have ,
Come along with those men  . So please   hear.”

9286.” By one arrow of Rama , the Viradha with huge shoulders   ,
As well as Mareecha died. Khara who had a body like a  black mountain  ,
Dhooshana  , Trisiras who uses the lustrous spear   and their,
Armies which were like a huge sea   with tides   within a Nazhigai  period.”

9287.  “You who are spread like an ocean   know about  Vali  ,
Who used to cross  all oceans  like a storm   and  that Vali,
Who could lift    all the seven heritage mountains  ,
Was killed by breaking his chest by  one arrow of Rama .”

 9288.”What  did you enquire after   coming over to here?
Did not   the ocean with tides get baked  with the fire arrow of that Rama?
 Did you know at least a little about it?  When that   Rama broke  ,
The bow of Lord Shiva who keeps the Ganges    on his head  ,
Did not that great sound of breaking the   bow enter your ears?”

9289.”In the border of this Lanka   thousand Vellam  of the army,
Of Rakshasas   who were more cruel than the fire   was destroyed,
Possibly it has filled up the    city of God   of death , All this   was done,
By two people wearing  sacred thread   using    two arrows only.”

9290.”Kumbhakarna  who held   the cruel bow   for getting victory  ,
The son of our king Ravana  , great   warriors like Prahastha   ,
And other warriors died   along    with Indrajit   and ,
Till today only me and Ravana    have   not died.”

9291.”There is an army called Moola (root/basic )  army   and that is  ,
Very wide and has a strength   of three hundred    vallam,
And you have come   to help that   army   which is going to fight  today,
And now  I will tell you   the  proper nature  of monkey  army leaders  ,
And their acts  and also about    that   monkey army.”

9292.”One monkey   came and set fire to Lanka   which made  great trouble  ,
Rubbed on earth  Akshaya Kumara   who had great   anger  ,
Told its message as emissary and after   making the Rakshasis wail  ,
Crossed the respectable  sea of army as    well  as the big sea   and went back.”

9293.”For  the  sake of fighting   the war closely   they built   a bridge  using,
Mountains   and did you  not see on your way    the bridge built by the monkeys?
The enemies have seventy Vallam monkeys  with great prowess and one of them,
Within a second jumped  to a place away   from Meru mountain  and brought   the  medicine.”

9294. “This is the nature of   the enemy army  . This enmity    was due   to,
A matchless lady  called Sita , who has done   great penance   and is  ,
Wife with uncommon sense   of chastity  . Fate created  it ,
And let  not those archers  win but you yourselves win  “
Saying that he completed  the talk ,
 BY saying  that he has  been telling  about   the talk  of  old people.

9295. Then Vanni looked at  the king and asked , “What is the reason for you,
Not fighting the war in spite of death   of all these  people?” and Ravana replied,
“I did not fight  because  of the possible shame in fighting with monkeys and men”,
And then Vanni said , “If that is   so , fighting    with them would be our s duty.”

9296. “ The   effort of this old man   was to tell to free   Sita  and   joining ,
With those  men, But that  is the act   that should have been done in the beginning ,
And   after seeing  the death of Indrajit  whom you love ,
If   you now do it  , it will  only destroy your   fame.”

9297.”Even if   we release that lady  , we would not  wish for a cruel battle,
And get back all the dead    warriors and what   you are likely to get is bad name.
Except attacking the enemies  and completely destroying them  ,
Doing activities to bring peace   would only lead    to sorrow  ,
And so   our duty as of now   is    to enter    in to the war.”

9298. After   telling this those Rakshasa commanders   looked at Ravana,
 Got up and said  “You be  here , we would ourselves go and return   ,
After drinking the blood   from the bodies    of those small  men,
If we   get ashamed   and retreat , we would become a clan ,
Of people   who do minor activities, ”saying this they went away.

30.Moola Bala  Vadhai  padalam

Chapter  on the  killing of Moola   army.

9299. Ravana    who had  cut  the elephant like Dhanavas  , looked at the commanders,
And said,”I would go in one direction  and  cut the bodies of the    huge monkey army ,
And drink their soul and you all go together  leave out   the   monkeys,
And attack those   two men Rama   and Lakshmana.”

9300.When Ravana   ordered like this  they started , got in to their   chariots  ,
And those Rakshasa commanders merged   with their ocean like army,
And seeing them  Ravana  ordered, “Now, nothing remains to be done .
Please ask The  moola bala army  to proceed fast   in front of these.”

9301.After sending that huge Moola Bala army   to attack and destroy Rama,
That Ravana who had  destroyed the real fame   of the Devas ,
With a desire to participate in war got in to a chariot with    wheels,
Making   the people of the three worlds  whom he  ruled ,
As well as   the sages  mentally upset, for fighting   with the army ,
Which came with Rama  of the colour of a flower  went in a different direction,

9302. The  announcers who never   make any mistake in their duty,
Beating the   pretty drums kept on the elephants  ,
Announced ,”Oh army get up “ and then    that Moola Bala army,
Which is spread all over the world  which touches   the  sky ,
As well as directions  speedily    got assembled   there.

9303.The oceans would exist within the limits of the universe  and like that   big mountains,
And all the beings of this world   would    also be within the limit of the universe ,
And Similar to that  , in the  Vamana  form of Lord Vishnu, everything   would  get limited,
And unlike that   would    the huge forms   of  Rakshasas  of this army  be   get limnited?

9304.Unlike those eating   only Dharma   and drinking    mercy along with it  ,
They   are son in laws   who  practice war     to which the smell of  sin would be  added,
They have a  black heart , black like the clouds   , have anger  like ire to fire  ,
Indicating which they have   red hair and they are  praised even by  God of death.

9305,They using their long legs  would push   of the   water of the ocean  ,
And  swallow  the amount of fish that went along   with Makara   fishes,
They would hang on their ears    the great thunders created  by the clouds,
And   tear  the  huge clouds  and get dressed  with them  and they are very rough people.

9306.They in their mountain like legs   were wearing    clouds filled with mountain ranges,
Tied by huge snakes as anklets  made of  pure gold  , had speed   like the wind,
Raised   by  wings of Garuda    which  flies up to the   other end of the sky  ,
And have a gait  like   tied   mountain like elephants   with  dropping and waving tusks.

9307.If they do not get sufficient flesh   at  proper time ,  they have  that much hunger,
That   they would put in their mouth huge elephants    walking on the    earth.
If they do not get cool water    at the  proper time   when they are   thirsty  ,
They would rub the sky with their big hands  and catch hold  of cloud collections,
 And would    extract  water from them  and pour  them directly in to their mouth.

9308.They would find out the sharpness  of their spear   by hitting  mountains,
Like Mandhara   and sending it inside   those mountains , They would cure,
The itching of their body  by catching hold of the moon and scratching   their body,
And they would practice  the fight by  maces by  lifting   mountains which they can get,
Spinning and hitting with them   and   would  make    sound like   thunder.

9309. Even if the spear is lifted   in hand  , or hit by  the  lustrous axe,
Or even if  the shining sword, pretty cruel bow   or victorious spear were  held  ,
Or even if  they are   hit by a big mace  , they would   defeat  ,
The God of death, Lord Vishnu  , Lord Shiva and lord  Subrahmanya,

9310. If one needs to win one world , just one of those   asuras   had  the strength to do it,
And if there   is a need to win over seven worlds  , two  of those  Asuras   would be sufficient,
If  they keep on roaming    this   world also would rotate    with them  ,
And if they come straight   all the oceans would join  and   follow behind them.

9311.There were big elephants  which were    equal to the number   of  all  clouds,
The number of chariots    equal to the number   of elephants, There  were,
As many horses as   the number  of grains of paddy    that has been produced  so far,’
And the foot soldiers   were   equal in number   to    the  number of beings on earth.

9312.If the bodies   of the elephants  , horses   and chariots   with   these properties,
Is properly examined  , the specialty seat    for sitting on the horses  and elephants ,
Ass well various  other  parts did not have any recognizing    symbol,
Except   that of gold   and very  costly gems,

9313. When this great army was   proceeding to the battle ground making ,
Great joyous   sound  , the ocean   with ebbing waves and  raising   waves,
Got completely covered up by the dust which was like powdered coral,
Raised by the marching army   and it lost   its natural  black colour  ,
And due to the flowing of rut water   from the elephants , the sea also lost its salty taste.

9314.The doors of the city which allowed   the Moola bala army    to go out ,
Were similar to the divine mouth of  the great  Lord Vishnu   who swallowed  .Mountains  , oceans  
And all the worlds   without damaging them   and  later   spit them out.

9315. Unable   to lift the heavy  burden  of  the male elephants from   whose cheeks
The rut water was   flowing  without stop  , Chariots  , horses  , the dense   formation of foot soldiers  ,
Adhi Sesha with one thousand   heads  struggled and like the devas  who ran away,
Not even able to see   the Alahala poison   when the  ocean of milk  is cuurned,
The monkeys unable   stand in that place   ran and  stayed  in the  northern end.

9316. The   place of  seven seas surrounded  by the big mountains in the  horizon ,
Is the place   to spread the net , the Rakshasa  were   the crowd of beasts  ,
The God  of death   as well as  Lord Brahma   and the cruel fate  ,
Were  the  warriors who hunt  , the huge   city of  Lanka   was the arena  ,
And    with  all this   the game of  war hunting   which is bewitching was continued.

9317.Was it  the sound raised by the warriors? Or was it the   sound made,
By the wheels of moving and shaking chariots ? or was it the sound,
Of  trumpeting   of the huge  , strong and black elephants  ,
Or as it sound raised by the horses? Or was it sound  raised by  ,
The musical instruments which has all these sounds. Thy all    came near ,
And made   the sweating   universe    break.

9318.The  ocean of the army   which was spread in all places    had ,
The weapons which would be sent to kill   the enemies   as fishes,
The trumpeting elephants were  its whales, it had the horses ,
Which dash and break on the shore   as its tides, It had ,
Sound   raised by the war drums  and had  the   fearless   big Rakshasas,
Were  its cruel , angry   and mentally upset    sharks.

9319. That army of the Rakshasas who had    shoulders  like large  pots ,
Due to their walking over  the cold land   covered by green grass ,
Which had been made slushy  and slippery due to the flow   of rut water   from the elephants   the land ,
All things got  buried there  and  people  of the army   avoided  it ,
And travelled  through the sky  and due to  that  ,
The three peaked   mountain of Lanka did not get   buried.

9320.The devas   saw the heavens  and then they saw    the ocean
And then saw the top of the sky which was   spread   every where ,
They also so all the   long directions  and they could  not see  ,
Any empty space   except this army  and  saw only  the densely moving flags,
And  then they were   greatly scared  , sweated all over  and became upset.

9321.They doubted, “ have all the beings of the world except us taken,
The shape  Rakshasas and  holding innumerable weapons and are coming  to fight the war?
If it is not so , have all the seven oceans with spreading tides ,
As per fate  taken innumerable  forms?”

9322. The devas   due to fear trembled   and started   running    and reached  ,
Lord Shiva  whose throat is covered with poison  and asked   him,
“Oh Lord  , we do not know any place to hide after  escaping   from these Rakshasas,
If we  don’t hide  and disappear , they would take away  all our lives and eat us away?
Who earlier knew  the strength     of these Rakshasas? Our strength has been destroyed.”

9323.”Even to kill one of these Asuras , even  if one thousand Ramas come   and  fight,
For twenty four years   without showing his back and standing stable  ,
Nothing would still happen. Killing of an Asura   is  possible   only   after,
You get a place in the battle field   and  after becoming able to stand with stability there.
He is not going to get  place and he cannot  stand with stability and fight also,
Fighting can only be done  , if he is still alive after seeing this   great army.”

9324. When they devas appealed like this  , Lord Shiva who had a neck   of the colour,
Of blue sapphire said, “Your getting scared is sufficient till now  and now   do not get scared,
That Victorious Rama   would   win over all these Rakshasas  and kill them.,
All these    Rakshasas  have been brought  there   by the matchless   fate,”

9325.Seeing  them emerging like   huge crowd of snakes , with great anxiety,
The monkeys said , “”Today our strength has been destroyed”  and like  ,
Speedily  running  crowd of rats  and the sea of crowd   of monkeys  ,
Greatly scared, without even thinking that   Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Who were victorious was on their side, started   trembling and running away.

9326. Some of those monkeys   who were   running   away escaped,
Through the bridge that they had built, some others started swimming and ,
Some others searched for boat and some  others with their    friends  ,
Got drowned in the ocean and some others   hid  on tree branches,
And many of them entered  the  mountain caves.

9327. Due to  being greatly  scared   , those monkeys told  ,”This bridge  ,
Which we built is now giving us life . WE would destroy it and depart  so that ,
They cannot come following us .They may even kill us by coming,
Through the sky  and kill us  as they are spread     in all the directions created  by Lord Brahma.”

9328. Sugreeva  the king of monkeys  , Hanuman,  Angadha and others  ,
Unable to part with Lord Rama   stood there   without running away,
And all the rest of the members of the monkey army start running  away,
They even crossed   the ocean with tides and this  was  seen by the Valorous Rama.

9329.Rama asked  , “where does this   cruel army live?  Please tell me, “
And Vibheeshana  who was truly valorous   one started  telling in detail,
“These sea of Asuras   live   in all directions  and in all the seven islands  ,
And have come  to Lanka as   summoned   by the Rakshasas of Lanka.”

9330”.They have come climbing up from the seven worlds   below ,
And  they are similar to the ocean  which surrounds the world at deluge  ,
And that which comes  in front of them is the Moola Bala army  ,
Of Ravana   and they are    cruel Rakshasas armed    with swords  ,
And there    are no one who are like them anywhere else.”

9331.That  Vibheeshana   then saluted the divine feet of Lord  Rama,
“All the Rakshasas who live   all over this universe  ,
Being pushed by their bad karma  , have   assembled   here.
My brain tells me that    all this Rakshasa  army    would die today.
I feel that strong fate   is making   them  come here to die.”   He said.

9332.Hearing this Rama   with a  smile as     well as great anger  said,
“Now I will show   what   is my valour and you   would see  ,
That   this entire army would be destroyed   in a second.”
And then addressing  Angadha   he said , “Oh  strong and  valorous one  ,
Go and bring back all those scared   monkeys    who have run away,”
 And Angadha     went with great speed to do that     task.

9333.AS per the words of Rama , Angadha   reached   the monkey army which   was running away,
And told them, “Oh monkey warriors who are running   helter-skelter,
Please hear what I have to say and still if you like running away    do it,”
And then he neared them and those monkeys     told Angadha  ,
“We will   not hear anything “ but   due to his words  ,
Only the leaders    who  command the army   came back.

9334. Those   commanders   who came near    mountain near the  northern end ,
Of the ocean  and Angadha asked   them, “Thinking   about what  did you run away?””
And negating the words    they said, “Oh Lord who rules  over us , it looks like ,
That you have not seen those   Rakshasas   properly.?  What do we  ,
Achieve by giving  away   our  lives unnecessarily  ?”

9335.”Oh king   have you forgotten all the sorrow and pain,
We had to suffer   when the  Rakshasa called Indrajit was alive ?
If we examine our present state  , other matchless   Rakshasas,
Are  not inferior in their strength   and they would fight with any body.
If all these  Rakshasas   are going to fight   with us  and
How can  only   those two holding   the bow   stop all of them with arrows. “

9336.”Lord Shiva who burnt    the three cities  and other    devas  ,
Who were supposed to protect the   world, by giving  boons   to these Asuras,
Did not do protection of the world  . Are these two people   with a monkey  army  ,
Going to fight war    with them  and win over them? It seems impossible.”

9337.”For the past thousand crore deluge times   Lord Rudra who destroys,
Lord Vishnu    with  wheel , Lord Brahma and  Lord Indra  ,
Went on going  round and round these   Asuras   and if they have power to  kill,
At least  kill one of these Asuras   by the power of their shoulders,
This victory would be greater   than   all their victories so far.”

9338.”Oh Angadha   who is like our father  ,  does these seventy vellam army  ,
Be sufficient food   for one  of   these Asuras?.  Are   we who   are   smaller  ,
By form and strength   ,having more  strength   than the Devas  ,
Who have great power? Even if  Lord Brahma   who created  the worlds  ,
Carefully calculates , would  our entire  monkey army be anywhere  sufficient?”

9339. “The chief  of these asuras has ten   heads   and he has   twenty hands  ,
Thinking  of which itself   our  mind goes in to a deep depression.
He is the  only one with ten heads and twenty hands    but   ,
To each of those Rakshasas    who have come today  ,
There are thousand heads   and double that  number of hands ,
And their number is more than the number  of sand  in the shore of sea with tides.”

9340.”Oh lord, There  was one Rakshasa  who came   here called  Kumbhakarna   and we did ,
Not have strength to bear   the arrows  which were sent by his hands  ,.
You know well the cruelty of the war   that he fought . Are there  anybody,
Except the Devas   who believe  what  we do is good?
And you also came here    without realizing    that you are  alone .”
9341.The   strength of Hanuman    and that  our king Sugreeva  ,
The great prowess   in arrow of those   two  , is not sufficient  to save our lives?
There   are fruits  and vegetables to eat  ,  there are caves    to hide ourselves,
What does  it matter for  us  if a man rules this earth or a   Rakshasa  ?’

9342.  “Oh chief , only those who are  alive  can live   with  fame ,
As well as wealth . Only if we are alive  , our relatives  can be there,
Oh  Lord  , who prtotects   us , you who should   tell us ,
“ You can go from here” and bid  us farewell , telling us  that,
“You all please    die   by the Rakshasas”   is not  proper .
They    said with a  very depressed   mind?

9343.Then   the son of Vali  looked    at the    face   of Jambavan   and said  ,
“Oh Sir who is  comparable to Hanuman, who  learned Grammar   from Sun ,
Who is the enemies    of the lily flowers  , , Oh very wise   person,
Are you not the one  who told us  very early   that  this Rama ,
Is really  Lord Vishnu    who sleeps on    the bed of snake ,
So that   we would become    greatly  joyous.”

9344,”You would normally console people   after understanding the circumstances,
And  by your clear words  you  would  clarify things  to those who do  not have clear wisdom,
And  you a person like that , have now not able to tolerate   the power of the  enemies ,
Have you also became scared? If you are not bothered about valour and aim ,
But  only bothered about your life  , What   will happen to your great fame  ?
If   those  who are the chiefs   are caught   in the mouth   of God of death  ,
Would they also     get reduced   in their valour?”

 9345.” We have now become scared and so we have also   embraced bad name  ,
Wherever we go in this earth  , can we live   without   dying?
If the day of death appears   before us , is not poison put in the mouth become nectar?
Would not  that Rama and Lakshmana    who have  become dependent on us ,
Die   if we do not    stand   in their   support.?”

9346.”Oh great one , how did you,  forget that  the great Vali who  churned
The ocean of milk when Lord Vishnu    and the Devas    could not   do it  ,
Was killed by just one arrow of Rama? Though you have seen personally  ,
The sufferings undergone by the ocean in which fishes live  ,
Possibly    you still did not realize   the   greatness  of Rama?”

9347.”Though against   us several   Rakshasas   have come ,  does Dharma,
Stand on their side  ? Have you  in experience  seen Dharma being defeated  by sin,
Your moving away   with them like a mad person  ,
Is not suitable    to  your personality ,”  Said  Angadha   and,
Jambavan who heard all that   told   the following words.

  9348.For some time Jambavan got upset    due to shame  and then looked at Angadha  and said,
“Oh hero with pillar like   round shoulders,  to see    the  large number of  the very large   bodied ,
Fearsome    Rakshasas  and   after seeing to courageously stand there  is an impossible job,
Even to   the Lord Shiva    with a blue neck? Have the monkeys   who live   a simple life,
By eating flowers  and   by nature   stand bent   committed  any crime   in that?”

9349.”When the Devas and Rakshasas fought with each other   in earlier   times ,
Was there any one  whom I have not seen? Are there   such    cruel people ,
Among all the beings   that exist   in all the   three   worlds , are there  people ,
With this much great prowess   and cruelty? Is there any thing   wrong  ,
In   getting scared  of Death    as well as  Lord of Death?”

9350.”I had seen Mali   and also Malyavan    of those   ancient times,
I had  seen Kalanemi  and I have also seen Hiranya ,I have seen the Halahala poison,
I have seen Madhu and his brother Kaidaba   churn   the ocean ,
Did any of those Rakshasas   have the strength    of these  Rakshasas?”

9351. “They are people who have obtained boons from Devas and apart  ,
From great strength  they are also experts   in illusion.  Their number  ,
Is much greater than the number of sand dust   near the roaring  ocean.
If we examine  their mind, they are  much more cruel that  Kali age ,
They have  hands  which are   experts in handling weapons and
When Devas themselves   are scared to see them  , for us ,
Is there   any other option except falling with great tiredness?”

9352.” Oh Sir, Though our action  has become like this  , our not embracing death,
For the sake of those   who have come seeking our help   would give bad name to us,
It would push us in hell and so  to escape   from those , we would again  return,
To the battle field  , I have to tell you one more thing “How are we going to face ,
Lord Rama   after   entering the battle   field?”

9353, From the olden times it is practice    for those   who lead a valorous life  ,
To get  victory or defeat when facing enemies, stand firmly against their onslaught,
And killing those   who oppose us  .That   is only very proper  .When things are ,
Like that , my mind wants to tell you another news, which would cause surprise to you.”

9354.”Oh sir  , You need not get scared   even a little ,Even if all of us    go together,
And oppose  those   Rakshasas, we would not be able to destroy  them,
Unless Rama who is lord Vishnu holding the divine wheel    fights with them,
And  destroys them, we will never get  victory, If he does   not get victory,
We will also die with that Rama “said Jambavan  , who also told,
That it would not bring them fame    by going away from the battle field.

9355.”When that dense   army is standing  , why are we standing away  .By coming away ,
We have come with extremely bad name   .This is sufficient  and we would go back,”
Deciding like this  all the monkey chiefs returned back   along with Angadha ,
And Rama seeing   that  cruel   Rakshasa army which    came to oppose   them,
Started    telling his    brother  Lakshmana   as follows .

9356,”Oh brother  , though these are Rakshasas, regardless   of their number,
As soon as I take my bow   they would have  the   nature  of getting defeated   ,
And destroyed   like cotton falling in fire  . Do you not know this :
No thought arises in my mind that    anything  ,
Can create   road blocks    for winning   against my fighting  prowess.”

9357.”The warriors  in the monkey army  , worrying  that  there  is no one  ,
To protect them  , without any  other place to go  may go back to their own places ,
Till I completely destroy by cutting    their heads   and return back  ,
Please see to it that  the Rakshasas  do not  go near the monkeys,  by destroying   the Rakshasas.”

9358. “Oh valiant one   , After ordering  this cruel  army to come here   that cruel  Ravana,
Who knows proper tricks , would go to the other side   where monkey army is there,
And try to kill  all of them   and among the archers   who else   is suitable   to prevent him?
Thinking of this  state   I am getting mentally upset.”

9359. “Along with Hanuman and Sugreeva , the king of monkeys  you   speedily  ,
Depart from here  .If you delay thinking that I would be alone  ,
We would get   defeated   in this great battle  “said Rama   and Lakshmana  ,
Who heard all that    started    replying .,”

9360.Lakshmana said,” Lord  , that is the proper   action    to be done and not only that,
Because the Rakshas army is like this  , Like the Devas  , keeping our hand in our head,
Avoiding  watching    your prowess in using the golden bow of yours  ,  from outside
What great   help can we   all do to you?”

9361.When telling like this Lakshmana    started going    towards   the monkey army  ,
Hanuman looked at Rama   said, “Oh Lord, without neglecting me   thinking ,
That  I am after all  a monkey with less power , if you enter  the battle field  ,
Climbing on my shoulders, I think it    would   do you good and even  if you do not do it  ,
Me who is like a dog    would stand   besides you   and ,
Would not part from you and do service   to your   divine   feet.”

9362.Rama said, “oh Sir, Is there  anything that   you cannot do? If Ravana comes to  ,
The side of the monkey army  and start   fighting   with Lakshmana  ,
Who fights with arrows , In that  great fiend , if  Lakshmana does not get your help ,
Oh strong one , is there a  possibility to Lakshmana to achieve   victory ,
And also would    not our monkey army get destroyed?”

9363.”During   the earlier days when we were fighting   with Indrajit who had a pretty tuft,
My sending Lakshmana to the battle with him is because of you?
Did he not achieve    great victory because   of you , Oh  hero of heroes.,
I am definite   that Lakshmana   will win only if he does not part from you.”

9364.”Please  protect the monkey army  and protect  Lakshmana who is like  ,
A young elephant who has followed me from that city  of Lanka  ,
And   expand  the heaven which is beyond this mind   and this earth  ,
Along with the culture of Vedas.” Said Rama   and  Hanuman,
Not able to reply him , Hanuman  got up  and followed  Lord Lakshmana.

9365.”Oh Vibheeshana , you also go along with my younger brother  ,
And clearly   inform him of the acts of illusion being    done  by those   cruel ones,
And protect our army   so that we achieve victory and if  you do not do this,
Bad results   would emerge “ and hearing  that Vibheeshana also went.

9366.Sugreeva   who  had the nature   of thinking   as per   the words of Rama ,
Even before Rama told him followed   Lakshmana and  all people   who saw it,
Thought that it was a  proper action  and   went  and stood protecting ,
The ocean like   army of monkeys and Rama   stood alone   to fight,
With Moola Bala army and we will now tell    about valorous deeds  of Rama.

9367.Though    the heart of Rama   was as strong as  the Meru mountain  ,
It was also a sea mercy and  on that lustrous chest, Rama wore  ,
An unbreakable armour  , and  wore a quiver  which does not get   empty ,
Like the Vedas   which were not been made by any one, on his back,
And Rama   bent his    bow and  tied   the string.

9368.That  great  Rakshasa army   which had a circular  dense formation  was   hundred  Yojanas  ,
Broad  came and surrounded  Rama   and sent arrows and threw weapons ,
Making the Devas   jaded and the dust that rose  due to that war  filled up the entire sky and shook     it.

9369. All those Devas   joined together and prayed “Oh our darling ,
Who is like our eye , who is like an armour to us   lowly people,
Who has the colour of the ocean, , who is the  life of Dharma ,
Who is the strength   of all Brahmins, Can anyone   else  other than you,
Stand and fight with  this Rakshasa army. Please complete  .,
The aim of your incarnation .”

9370. The sages and all those    who stand in the  justice   Of Dharma ,
Seeing the loneliness  of Rama   and the size   of the Rakshasa   army  ,
Were not able to tolerate it  and with    tear filled eyes  ,
Sobbing and with   a shivering  heart   blessed him  , “let all those  ,
On the part of sin die  and let    that  Lord  Rama   win.”

9371 Seeing that  the  entire army  without leaving any one left   in battle field  ,
Gone from there  with   Rama   standing   there  with stability ,
Without  getting scared   on seeing the huge  Rakshasa   army,
But  busy in searching and sending  cruel arrows   to kill the Rakshasa  army ,
Without going away from rules of heroism and firmly standing for the battle,
And  due to this   his victories   would become   greater  and greater ,
They wondered , ‘How can what   was said by Malyavan  become a lie”.

9372. “The  Lord Shiva    who burnt the three   cities   had a chariot,
All   the great Devas  also posses   steeds to travel and  ,
Lord Vishnu     who long time ago   completely   eradicated our clan,
Came with speed  on  Garuda but this one    who is alone  ,
And  is coming  by walk     and standing   before  us.”

9373.Along with  Chariots , Horses , elephants, lions , Yalis   and others,
  Those Rakshasas    with body as huge as  Meru mountain  ,
And were  standing spread   much broader than   the seven seas  ,
And in spite of that  how   will  save our lives   and how will,
We escape   from this man who calls  “Please  come for war.”

9374-9375. When those Rakshasas after    shouting greatly    and  were ,
Getting prepared   to attack him,  the lord of Vedas Rama  , who was like a male lion  ,
Which was surrounded    by several mountains  , with  ,
The crowd of Rakshasas   going on increasing , took his  bow  ,
Which was like seven worlds   and seven mountains   ,
And which is suited for victory   and when he tied,
Its ends   with a    string  , the anger   in the mind of elephants,
Of the   Rakshasas completely dried off   and their rut    water  also dried,
And   the mouth of those warriors   who  did not run away  ,
And  stood there   also dried, the horses  lost their speed  ,
The prowess and speed  of those sword bearing warriors also decreased  ,
And after  this  it it necessary    further to tell about prowess of Rama.

9376. With the scared and confused horses running away with animals ,
Like lions  , ghosts    , the well built chariots with wheels  termed as Chilli  ,
Got broken  and went further and the elephants whose trunk  ,
Was hanging   in front of them  ran away from their trainers  ,
Nearing them along with goads  and trumpeted  indicating great sorrow.

9377.,At that   time that army faced   several ill omens   like  ,
The throbbing on the left side  and seeing this    ,
The devas   jumped   with joy  and when it occurred  ,
The Lord  of the Vedas   Rama  sent arrows  which looked like ,
The lighting  in the sky  which have been straightened and made the  Rakshasas sad.

9378. Rama   went on showering arrows   on the lions   which came ,
Along with that army  , on the foot soldiers  , on the elephants  ,
On the   rocking horses  , on the ghosts  , on  the warriors,
On the   chariots driven by those warriors,  on the cruel  arrows,
Sent by those warriors   and on their bows, making   the  mountain of dust  ,
Increase   more and more   on that   battle field.

9379. The  great  elephants      fell down like the fall   of the mountain,
The jumping horses   fell like  the red tuft   of the Rakshasa  warriors,
The huge flags fell like   the arrows whose   base has been cut off ,
The tusks of the elephants and bent teeth of Rakshasas fell like crescents of moon.

9380.  Due to the  arrows of Rama which were like the hot shower  from the Clouds,
Of summer when the warm wind blows    from all directions   , increasing greatly  ,
The elephants with masks , the victorious   horses, the chariots lead by warriors,
And all the foot soldiers   met their death  and seeing streams of blood  ,
Flowing from all directions, there was nothing pleasant to see for the eyes.

9381.When Rama sent arrows putting    the clouds to shame , the open eyes  ,
The bows  , The spears  ,  the swords  and other weapons,
Their mouths  which were spread all over the sky  , the legs  ,
Which helped them walk out of the battle field  , their shoulders  ,
Were destroyed  in the place where they were standing  ,
But   the weapons  and arrows sent by those Rakshasas   towards   Rama,
Did not do any harm whatsoever     to Rama.

9382. The  arrows which were connected   to the bow   , even before they left  ,
The bow they were made in to pieces, Even before the Rakshasas took a sword  to cut,
Their hands holding the swords were cut along with the sword, their speedily moving legs,  
Were  cut with immediate effect  and  when the arrows   of Rama were  doing like this ,
How can the Rakshasa   warriors  prevent those  arrows  and do any  attack on their own?

9383. When Rama decided   a particular   thing as his    aim to his arrows,
The arrows went there   in hundreds again and again and  made them fall,
And  horses carrying  those valorous  Rakshasas   who had   decided   to fight  with Rama,
Due to the power of their boons fell down with their hoofs broken , with their eyes damaged ,
The seat   on their back being cut   , their  chests being crushed  ,
And except falling down dead , would those   horses be able to run?

9384.If the    chariots of the enemy Rakshasas  decided to at least go slow,
They  were prevented from proceeding further   by the corpses ,
That   had piled   up   in to a very tall heap   and if they ,
Did not bother  about it and went further  , due   to ,
The thousand   arrows    sent by Rama , they break in to hundred pieces,
And by this they only got depressed  and what  can,
Those   sinner   chariots    do against Rama.

9385.Just like  any strong one   engaged  in war  with the elephants 
 Which guard the   directions  cannot go back with their  life ,
The elephants of the  Asuras who were   standing  with fame  ,
With   a cruel vision   could attack their enemies   , but fell down dead
As soon as    the arrows of Rama   rubbed   against them,
Just like already    dead ones ,What can they do against  Lord Rama?

9386. If that Rama who had eyes  like the lotus flowers   in the pond ,
Sends one arrow, the arrows it generates   could kill  ,
One hundred crore souls, calculated Lord Brahma ,  who  was born in a flower,
And is the Lord of the Devas   and he would get perplexed   by that counting,
Would   the God of death who had    come to that battle field  ,
To collect dead souls , have   the same speed   as Rama ‘s arrows.

9387.Due to sharp arrows    with their tips    going and hitting,
The   heads  of those valorous Asuras    were damaged     in crores  of crores,
And they  after making   fall the heads , without their speed getting reduced  ,
 Went  and fell  on chariots   horses   as well as great number of flags  ,
And  the battle field  like a forest hit   by thunders   in the summer   started burning.

9388. Those damaged   spears a, swords  and similar   weapons   went up  ,
And due to great  speed  , went   to the ocean with plenty of water  ,
Got dipped  , but due to their   being hot they dried  the water  of the sea,
And tasted    that water   and due to this all the water got dried   and  all fishes   died.

9389.That Rama who  controls his enemies   in the   battle field  ,  sent great  arrows,
Which were  like   the arrows of Lord Shiva  which burnt   the three  cities,
And went shining   similar to water   getting  burnt   and burst in to flames,
And   the  chariots burnt  in such a way    that   the heads   of those   warriors  burst  in to pieces.

9390. With swords and spears   held   in  their hand  which were like big snakes ,
The  shoulders of the Rakshasas   throbbed   and the   huge heads  ,
With folded mouth of those warriors    who  were starting   war,
Sitting on the elephants  , rolled  like huge mountain   systems  ,
Which were   hit by the lightning   and had   broken.

9391.   That  Lord Rama who rules    with love  , who rules the world,
Who  rules the weight of sword called  Nandhaka  and ,
Who rules Valour   sent one arrow and     because of it ,
The fearsome Yalis  , lions  , huge ghosts and wolves  ,
And along with it   the warriors and hundred crores of chariots would be destroyed.

9392. In the    blood that flowed like the sea of deluge, in that battle field  which was  ,
Full of dust , the chariots    with wheels    would get    drowned ,
The foot soldiers    would get   drowned  , The  elephants with masks,
With   their trainer   on their  top riding on them also  got drowned, horses also got drowned.

9393.Those big heads  which got cut    from the body and rose up  ,
Made the Devas  move away under  the impression   that ,
They would stick on them  and the    head collections  which were falling in all places
Just like the specially mentioned  rains of stone ,
And the people of the world   thinking that  they will be hurt  , sorrowed.

9394. Just like the rain at deluge    which destroys all  the  worlds   due to,
The row of arrows that    were sent by  Rama , the bodies  of the lying Rakshasas,
Who lived densely in the sky   reached the   earth  just like  the water  filled clouds  ,
And   just like aero planes flying   in the sky by storm like winds.

9395. Some of the Rakshasa  warriors   would send weapons  got   from Gods,
And among them some others would send  arrows which give out heat on the bow,
And some others would throw   whatever they get  and still others  ,
Would lift several mountains and would try to attack   with them,
And they would also rotate    those mountains   keeping them in their hand,
And then throw them, some others   would catch those mountains ,
And reach the place of origin  of the mountains  and  some others ,
Who do not have any weapon  would shout insults at Rama ,,
Some  others would chide   and some   wander about in the battle field.

9396.Like the black cloud  of the rainy season  surrounding the  unfathomable sun,
Many  from that fast moving army of Rakshasas   would  make  war cries  ,
They would go near the enemies and fight   and  others would fill up with weapons  ,
Many would throw tridents , many would hide themselves  ,
Many would see   with their burning eyes and many   would uproot mountains.

9397.All  those weapons  thrown , sent   and   held in hand  were broken  due to Rama ‘s arrows,
The chariots which went round  ,  strong elephants   and horses reached the end of their  life,
The heads of Asuras with well grown tufts   rolled   down  and like   the Sun god ,
Moving away from the surrounding darkness ,   Lord Rama  moved away  from the Asura.

9398.The  long arrows sent by Rama who belonged   to the Kosala country  where  the farmers,
Harvest lotus flowers   along with paddy  , would break  the armours worn by those Asuras ,
Who  keep on speaking praise  of themselves without end  and also  cut their bodies.
It will cut their bow, cut their heads  , cut their strength  , cut their job of killing ,
Powder the  big stones continuously   thrown by them , cut the trees they hold ,
Cut the hands holding them   and if his   arrows do this, who can stand before Rama to fight?

9399. The great Devas  talked  about   only  elephants   losing their legs  , tails, trunks  , neck  , the seats ,
On their top   and their trunks and dying  but did not  tell  how    the mountain like elephants,
Lost their anger  and  lost the rut water  which was flowing like rain ,
And  did not talk   anything  about   the acts   they lost.

9400.Hundred   crores   spears   were sent  by the Rakshasas  and  the   arrows  which flew,
In to the sky were   hundred crores .The elephants   which were  like mountains,
And which can kill  were  hundred  crores , the chariots with wheels    drawn by horses,
Were hundred crores and   the person  who destroys these  hundred crores is but  one.

9401. Those innumerable  Rakshasas   who had the ability to fight against the    seven worlds  ,
And who were   all holding huge bows  sent arrows  similar to huge rain on Rama,
Who was alone and holding a bow  and since Rama also    caused   a rain of arrows  ,
Which can powder  the arrows sent by   those  Rakshasas   holding a bow ,
Their heads   were  cut off   and their big mountain like  body perished.

9402.Those Rakshasas   who have been told to have the strength of one lakh  elephants,
As soon as they were hit by one arrow of Rama  , had a change  in their valour  ,
And their mountain like body folded  and also thousand streams of blood was created ,
And the blood flowing in the   battle field got mixed  in those   streams  and ,
The angry elephants with rut  unable to climb out  from those streams reached   the sea.

9403.  One faultless   and cruel arrow   sent  to a particular    target   would make,
Axes  fall out  , the  mountains thrown by them getting  powdered,
The weapons called    Valai  scatter and fall down  ,
The weapons called Ezhu   break and fall down  , the spears    break  ,
The leaf portion of the raising  trident damaged, the cruel elephants  ,
With flowing rut  break their bones , horses destroyed  and chariots  broken.

9404.The  Kala  (minister of god of death) and his emissaries  who  had come to take away ,
 The soul  of all beings of the earth as well as Naman(god of death), were  ,
Wandering all over the battle field   on their two legs and became greatly tired,
And after taking thousands of souls   they did not   go by their usual path ,
Forgetting    their job.

9405.The series of elephants which were destroyed , horses  which were destroyed ,
And the chariots which were   destroyed   , getting connected   with each other  ,
Went   through the sky   and became in to a very tall heap and even though,
They were   heaped  as corpses ,  due to  the crowd of headless strong bodies  ,
Started jumping and dancing , it appeared   as if the corpses  have become alive.

9406. Due to the Blood that   flowed from the bodies   of Dead   Rakshasas,
Touching his divine body  Rama   who was   a great   archer   ,
And who was like the   black sun   was appearing   pretty like the Sun,
Eating away    all the  worlds  and Who appears   on the last day of  deluge ,
He was also like  Lord Parasurama    who had taken dip in   the blood of  his enemies.

9407.Due to Lord Rama sending arrows    which were  like fire and the wind,
When the Rakshasas   dies with their head being cut  , others,
In spite of realizing this  , without any diminishing    in their valour  ,
Faced the arrows   eating away their souls through   their wounds  ,
With ebbing mental joy   and the crowd  of those   Rakshasas,
Were similar  to  honey bees  and Rama   looked  like a bee hive.

9408.Within a second   the pierced   bodies of Rakshasas , who were surrounding him,
Hit  by arrows  from his   bow and they whose   body was pierced looked like ,
Thorny fruit called Kazrchikkai   and he   with arrows which never  miss their aim,
Made the chariots   as well as    speedy   elephants   of his  hateful enemies  ,
And made them bleed all over     and buried   them in the battle field.

9409.Many of them left away from their groups  , many ran away,
Many suffered great pain , among them many continued fighting ,
Many got     their body broken  , many rolled  , many  got their  body burnt,
Many  who fell down on the battle field    got up again   and many  among them,
Fell down again  , Many  got their liver outside their body, many  lost their heads,
And  all those who waged   war against Rama    had downfall  like this.

9410.The bodies of those  who wear  gem studded globes  , armlets worn,
On  their shoulders  and  Ear ornaments resembling   Makara fishes  which were,
Shining like  lightning amidst    clouds   as   well  as lustrous   crowns ,
Pretty Kandigai , armour  , Thilakas and others   were   all destroyed.

9411. The cruel   Rakshasas saying   he is in front, he is in back,
He is in the  front of  the row  , he in inside  the army formation,
He is on  its sides  , he is over our head , saw him everywhere ,
And wondered , “What is the greatness   of his speed  “
And like   this  Rama wandered  all over in the   battle arena.

9412.Though that lion like Rama   who was holding strongly built bow  , which was  like gold,
Stood in the middle ocean like   battle formation of the enemies  ,
All  enemy Asuras thought  that he was in front of him  ,
And he was like    the shadow   of his enemies  who were like darkness.

9413. In the pit   of the great seven oceans  , in the    seven worlds  ,
Though the   crowd   of the army of enemies   were several,
Rama understanding   many of their cheating  , many of their falsehoods  ,
Of those born as Rakshasas   who   by illusion can hide   their bodies,
Stood   making one believe   that he was not only  within their mind,
But also outside their bodies.

9414.Without indicating   the different kinds   of  wandering   big armies,
When Rama   went in side   the Rakshasa army  , not understanding it  ,
By their knowledge  , forgetting all     his previous activities  ,
The devas  doubted   whether  that Rama had realized that  he was   the divine God,
 And after  realizing it  , he has merged    with the   entire world  ,
And has   left  away the responsibilities   of his   incarnation .

9415,With  people thinking   that   he  is the God who measured   ,
All the universe      , Lord  Rama stood straight   reached  ,
Various corners   of  the battle field  entering in the middle of  the ,
Very fast   tempest like   cruel Rakshasas and  broke them ,
And they fell like   pieces  of mountain falling on the earth  ,
Or like huge trees   and  he speedily   roamed  showering   arrows.

9416.Rama , who slept   on the sea crossed ,   walked  in between
The     cool mountains   of corpses   of elephants   in rut  , tall chariots  ,
The  crowd of horses   running   with great speed  , The Yalis  ,
Who had clear perception  , the lions   which differed    from each other  ,
And  the several   angry warriors  , covering  the sky without  any space.

9417, The cloth of flags touching  sky  , the elephants with ornamental seat  ,
Due to being pressed  by   the arrows    sent   by Rama  drowned ,
In the ocean of blood   , just like they were    great   ships,.

9418.With hands wearing   armlets ,  the shields    with the job of destruction  ,
Were  broken and   were   lying all over   and  the heads  decorated by Thumbai flowers  ,
 Were lying all over   the battle field   which had its own defects .

9419.Due  to the   sharp   arrow from the quiver   of Rama    which was like,
A  serpent from the ant hill   hitting  the ASuras  , along with  those who died   with  their  head
Up to shoulders  being cut   in the   battle field   , their anger   which gave beauty to them  also died.

9420.The mountain like heads of those Rakshasas who had deceit   in their  mind,
Due to being hit by the heat  , rose up separately   and then came down,
It looked as if   the goddess of war   was playing , juggling  balls in the sky (ammanai) .

9421. Teeth of  the black Rakshasas   who were wearing  anklets tied   by rope ,
On their legs ,were  cut    by the arrows of Rama  and disappeared  ,
In the stomach of elephants   and it looked as if moon was entering ,
Inside    the clouds   on the   sky.

9422.The bud like teeth of the  victorious Rakshasas, and the tusk ,
Of the elephants   whose  water of rut has not dried ,
Were looking like   the collection of young crescents   which are scattered.

9423.Due  to the  constant flowing out of the  blood from   bodies  of Rakshasas,
Which spread  in all  over the world surrounded   by sea  , those who live ,
Happily   in the islands   , climbed   on to the top of the  mountains.

9424,The souls within the body  filled up   the land  of heavens,
And the oceans were  filled with the blood flowing out of wounds  of Asuras,
And the earth was filled by the big bodies   of the Asuras,
And seeing the  mastery of arrow, the eyes of Devas got filled up.

9425.The huge weapons held by the    very angry warriors  ,
Got scattered  and due to blood which was   carrying them,
Entering within them   entered in to the  ocean   and cut ,
All water living beings  and many of them died.

9426.Vanni the Rakshasa   chief   told  , “Will a  man standing alone ,
Have this much strength ?Can he destroy the  army  standing in formation alone?
Should we who are  standing like mountains , with out any chance of victory,
Simply gnash our    white teeth   and stand   without   doing anything?”

9427.”Even   before   the arrows  of this Rama falls upon us  and press us,
If  all of us together   fall on him   he  would  surely die,
Oh  Rakshasas who look like descended clouds , possibly  ,
You  all  are not knowing what to do  are pressed  in stupor.”

9428.” The thousand Vellam army which came   to help our lord Ravana,
Being ground   is approaching   full destruction  ,After reaching that state  ,
What   can we be able to do? So join together and jump  on Rama “ said he.

9429.That huge vellam of army which rose   with great anger  ,
Went and reached Rama , surrounded him completely ,
And looked like all the clouds surrounding a lonely  mountain  ,
And sprayed on Rama several types   of armaments.

9430.Rama then rained  on them arrows   and cut off  all the weapons,
Thrown on him with proper aim   and cut  the chariots  and elephants  ,
Making them fall   on the earth  , cut the  horses  which jumped   from the side  ,
And completely destroyed the   huge    Rakshasa army.

9431.The bodies of  dead warriors   from which blood   flows   due to being  hit  ,
When they invited death   by   multi faced arrows  which fly making sound   from its tips  ,
Made the  ghosts    dance with joy   and was like  light houses  calling by  flame of fire.

9432.At that   time the lady   earth   was seen wearing red  cloths   made   ,
By the huge ocean   of fat  mixed blood  , along   with application  ,
Of red paste   all over her body   thus assuming   the auspicious form,
Of being with her husband  and was loking  very pretty.

9433.Those seven oceans of salt  , honey  , toddy  , curd  ,milk  , cane juice,
And water  , now by the use   of the matchless   bow of Rama  ,
Had   become   completely surrounded    by water  of blood  ,
And so the   talk of the seven oceans became   an old news.

9434,The fixing of the arrow  was only once   and  just by that one time,
Crores of arrows   flew towards   their target in that  one time,
And that   bow of Rama that day   became like the crescent of that   day,
And when would  all those  Rakshasas  who fought die completely?

9435.Those who took the weapons  , those  who made   sound ,
Those   who threw weapons towards  Rama, those who came together  ,
Those who prevented   with valour, those  who tried    to stop the coming arrows,
Those who came impatient  with a feeling that  the war has  not  been finished,
Those who fell on the earth , those   who had come away    from their siblings,
Those   who speedily came  like elephants  coming  alone ,
Those who were proud, those who were angry  , those who were  seething ,
Those  who came  near and sent arrows at Rama all   were cut,
And were   lying   row by row    on the battle field.

9436.The number of  lustrous arrows sent  in rows   by Rama were  thousand  ,
And they  were sent  to  destroy   the target   and they did not simply destroy .
Thousand strong enemies   but   they  killed  ten  thousand people  .
The speed with which they were sent  the determination of Rama  in sending them,
And due to eyes  or the mind does not have any training , those  Rakshasas,
Took their spears  only meant for dying. Is there  any  other  option for them.

9437. Rama   tied the front army, the back army and army marching by sides ,
In to one unit , prevented even dust from   entering in side it   ,
And went on sending arrows like   torrential rain  and those arrows,
Not only   took away the souls of those   Asuras   but  reach the  directions ,
Searched  there  for  those Asuras who were beyond  the  limit,
Of directions in which the arrows   were sent   and they  did not have  any option,
But coming before God Rama and give up their life  ,
Which would completely destroy   enmity    and then lead one to victory?”

9438.Those sharp arrows were   similar   to the fire  at the time of final deluge ,
And the Rakshasa   warriors were  similar   to the   dried up forest  ,
The  mad elephants raining rut     were   similar  to the mountains  ,
The strong arrows sent by Rama of Manu clan   were similar to nets thrown in the sea,
And the Rakshasas who were  as wide as  the ocean   and dying together  as a clan,
Were similar   to the fishes  in the sea full of conches.

9439.Rama became  one like the storm that  blows  at the end of final deluge ,
And those Rakshasas who were  fighting with him  were like the  breaking ,
Mountains which had   turned   in to   the dust and Rama   was  like the ocean,
Of deluge,  which  reaches  to  all the seven worlds and  destroy all the beings .
And those   Rakshasas    who torment all beings   were like the beings at   deluge.

9440 Rama  who is the primeval reason for everything   , was not only the beginning.,
But the middle and end   and  that Rama who brought  everything  to an end  ,
Was one   who is principle of time  but those Rakshasas were the  limitless moving ,
And not moving things   who are   destroyed      at the time of final deluge.
Rama was like the Halahala poison that  appeared   from the  ocean with sound  ,
And those   Rakshasas  became   the  fishes   of that  ocean.

9441.Those Rakshasas  were similar   to those  who do dishonest  acts  ,
Stealing   the  property of  a great court    and then tell false witness,
And  became  like the clan   of those  who had sinful mind   but Rama ,
Who was equal to  Dharma     and became like  an ocean full of poison,
And the Rakshasas  became those   who reached that  poisonous ocean,
And lick it like those  poor people   during   the  time of famine  ,

9442.At the time when that hundred   Vellam  of army was being destroyed ,
The ocean surrounding   the Lanka   and the city of Lanka  , due to spread ,
Of blood everywhere  , became one where a pit or a hill cannot be distinguished.
And not being  able  to understand   which was the  inner and outer wall  of the city  ,
The Rakshasa  ladies  who had eyes like an evil   deer  , became greatly upset  ,
And their legs  started unstable   and they ran wailing.

9443.The Rakshasas  who went away avoiding Rama    again went near him and were destroyed ,
Just like   the long broken mountain , the   huge corpses    were stacked  touching the sky,
The blood that  was flowing   from their bodies  developed a flow  like a big ocean,
And reached all directions   and   the  ten thousand crores   of  army commanders  ,
Joined together   and being  unable to stop  him   they started fighting  with him.

9444. Chariots, elephants in rut , Yalis   which live on the mountain  , the   strong lion,
Were used to   climb and move forward    and  the Rakshasa   who were in  them   along with  Weapons ,
Which were like clouds, thunders  and huge fires    went on raining   arrows with great  speed,
Which  were sent properly aimed   and  thus they continued   their fierce   attack.

9445.Rama  told them, “please come   .Come before me    and give me your great souls ,
And all  other things” and after   that  he sent   cruel arrows which cannot be stopped like,
Fierce lightning   and  like  the  ocean  and Rama   separately fought   with each of  those Asuras,
 Who were   undergoing the    effects   of their cruel bad fate.

9446.  All those Rakshasas with enmity towards Rama   neared   him ,
And at that time destroyed   all the    arrows   that were sent by Rama  ,
They surrounded  him and hid him   and  showered  more arrows than rain ,
And so to say built a dam   and due to masculine pride   neared him,
Seeing this the Devas   went and met Lord Shiva, saluted him  and told him like this.

9447.”Oh lustrous God , all those commanders having a form thrice bigger  than Ravana  ,
Have neared  Lord Rama and there  is no numeric limit    for them.
They have surrounded Rama  , rose up   , covered   all the worlds  ,
And chiding they have   started   destroying   the worlds .While Rama is alone ,
And those  Rakshasas   are wiping away the victory that  we wished for ,
Please  tell us   what is going to happen now”   said they  with  a disturbed mind.

9448”.While the arrows sent by  Rama are getting broken, on the way ,
The arrows sent against Rama  are like a huge cloud  and they have  ,
Surrounded him on all his sides and have marched ahead and conquered.
Unless they are killed by a curse, those soldiers   cannot be killed ,
By victorious weapons or by the foot soldiers    carrying   flags ,
And neither lord Vishnu  who follows Dharma   and you yourselves ,
Do not have the power to win over them” saying this  they were  perplexed.

9449.”Do not get scared  and lose hope . Whatever may   be the number  of those Rakshasas,
They will all die like a  cotton catching fire. This story has been continuing from ancient times ,
Even if poison wins over  nectar, though Karma gets  victory over   the Good Dharma followed,
Though   evil acts  win,  these   evil people   can never  win over  Rama.” Said, Lord Shiva.

9450.”Except for that Vibheeshana , only very few  Rakshasas would  be alive in future,
If a thing  called “ mercy” exists ,  due to that Good  Dharma   would grow tall.
And from now on you need not  become sad and search for caves    to hide yourselves  ,
Today in the day time   that Rama who is a tiger whose  aim never misses and ,
Who has  Sugreeva   the king of monkeys as his slave  would kill all these  Rakshasas.”

9451.When Lord Shiva told like this   and Lord Brahma   agreed  to that , the devas,
Lost their sorrow and became normal  and Rama   sent  arrows   which were  like divine wheel,
Which lead to victory   and which were  long   just like  torrential rain,
With very great speed   and  speedily killed  all   those  Asuras ,
And arranged their mountain like heads   as a very  mega mountain.

9452.   Those  strong criminal Asuras   surrounded   Rama  just like the ocean,
Full of Makara   fishes    but all of them died  with their  mountain like bodies,
Getting split   and joined the heaven of heroes and ,
The town of Devas   did not have  any more space   to accommodate their  crowd.

9453,With their vey strong legs    getting  in to pieces  like the lamp,
And with their strong heads also got cut  , the bodies of valorous  leaders ,
Fell on the    dust of earth   and their souls went to land of Devas  ,
So   that they can hug the chest of pretty  ladies there   and got pleased ,
And the horses  on which they came got cut  their heads and roll   on the earth.

9454.In the oceans in which the tides return back , the empty land   and the forests ,
And the destruction less land of the Devas , there  was no place   for  the souls of
The Rakshasas,  their heads as well as headless  bodies , and flowing rivers of  blood
And there  were no place   for any movement  there.

9455-9457.When the war was going on like this  , all the evil Rakshasa  leaders ,
Who were fighting  the war were  completely destroyed and  their army became weak,
And due   to the  hurt  by  buds from the rain of flowers   by the devas  coming  with great speed,
The Rakshasa army started   running away   and their leaders   with huge eyes ,
Which were spitting out fire  stopped them   saying “get back, get back”,
With a hoarse    commanding voice   and when  they again drove   ,
Along with the lions , elephants   and horses  towards  Rama ,
Making  the world deaf ,  splitting and making clouds fall down  .
Destabilizing  measureless   and tall  mountains    ,
Making the world of Devas   tremble   and sent  lustrous  weapons  ,
Which went along   like   lightning and with  sound of thunder,
And   with great   sound  blocked  the way   of Rama.

9458-9459. Rama  the pretty one  said, “pretty, pretty”    and  just like new guests,
Being  received with joy    with hospitality   and love ,
Showered  heavy rain of arrows   which burnt like flames   and made  the enemies  tremble ,
Which went broadly   and when the Devas   caused a rain of flower on him,
And   the flags which almost touch the sun   reached   the end of directions  ,
The angry fighting   horses   reached  the enemy  went near them,
The chariots   with  shining gems embedded  on them  went speedily  ,
To fight    with the great   and faultless  Rama   and were like the golden Meru mountain.

9460-9462. Eagles  , hawks with very big wings  being hit by    some of the arrows   ,
Which were being  hit   by  the shattered  the chariots  and     followed different paths ,
The appearance of  the shining sun became  confused all the mountains of the world   
Turned in to a slush  and  due to Rama  ,
Who is like a very strong elephant with two hands   wandering all over  ,
The seven oceans which were far away came near   and also wandered there  ,
Many great mountains  were greatly shattered , the  melting hot planets  in the sky  ,
Changed their position  , all the worlds   shifted   their position  ,
Like the potter’ s   wheel , making   the crowd of ghosts , god of death  ,  the strong bow ,
And the God of Dharma  dance with joy   and Lord Shiva  , Lord Brahma  , the lord of Devas,
Who uses the divine wheel   , all the members of Deva clan   along with   the sages,
Danced   and performed somersaults.

9463-9464.Who among the Devas   and all those beings who live in the three   worlds  ,
Know about the result of this great battle? When   the   heads of trinity  ,
Who are the cause  of everything and who are   the  form of wisdom,
Started shaking  ,  and the Vedas   according to tradition praised,
 “Oh Lord of Dharma  , Oh Lord who is of the colour of blue  lotus  “
The single  arrow which was  sent by Rama  aimed at the seven oceans,
Made  the cruel elephants  , horses  and foot soldiers   fall down,
And just like    the hands of devas   who knew about it  , the legs of Asuras started spinning.

9465.The arrows which were   sent by Lord Rama   as if counting   speedily  ,
The marks   of the wounds   among the elephants , chariots,  the horses,
Which were near them  and the foot soldiers   in the  battalion of the army  ,
Without  a possibility   of  ending    went   inside    that  army.

9466.The   strength of the Rakshasa army got reduced   and due to,
The reduction in number  , with an intention of going and hiding ,
When the  Rakshasas were moving away   Rama  built a huge wall with his arrows.

9467. Those Rakshasas   who were   those   who had won over all the world  ,
 And were like  the great giants Mali , Malyavan   and Kaidabha   who was like ,
A huge mountain  and others   and who were   wearing strong armour  ,
Could not cross   the  wall  of arrows  made  by Rama.

9468. The dead people  were finally dead and departed    and all those   who were alive  ,
Became    extremely less in number    and joined together in one direction,
Like   the seven oceans drying up   due to  the northern   fire ,
At the time of final deluge   and  becoming a small water body in some place.

9469. “Lord Shiva who burnt the three cities and Lord Vishnu who travels  on Garuda,
And Indra   the king of Devas   who holds   the  well sharpened   Vajrayudha  ,
Were not able to reduce our strength   , but this solitary man here  ,
Is destroying the power of boons that   we got from Gods, and also destroying our life span.”

9470.The Rakshasa  army is of one thousand Vellam strength  and each one of them,
Have the capacity to stop and fight a war   even if the   entire world opposes  them,
But the entire  big army which came   to this battle ground  and  Rama killed ,
All of them using  only one arrow , that  too before  , one tells “A”.

9471.”Even  he army of devas   in the battle ground  would   suffer untold sufferings ,
Due o this  our  army  and would  go round from the right side   and go away,
But in spite of  that this Rakshasa army in crores  of numbers  was  destroyed ,
Just by one arrow   of Rama and so we have decided to be not born  as Rakshasas.”

9472.”Along with Brahma who created the world  , lord Shiva   who sits on the hill,
And others re  assembled here  but  among the  Devas who made joyous   shouts ,
WE were  not able to see  Lord Vishnu, may be this Rama is him  who is capable of illusions.”

9473.”Rama has killed  more   than one crore crore   Rakshasas and
It may be also Padmam   and  it is now standing as   one Vellam,
Just  by being keeping quite   and thinking  what can be achieved ,
There  is only one thing to do and think ” Said the Rakshasa  commander  Vanni

9474.”If we are scared  , would we able to  go and see  the face  of  Ravana again?
Should we go on blaming ourselves?  For attaining fame   and  to go near ,
A  method by which we will not be born again  , let us decide to leave this body.”

9475.,”Suppose we think   about the ways  of getting rid of this  problem,
We are not in a position  to cross   this wall   made   of sharp  arrows,
And so we all would join together   and sacrifice  our life” said he with certainity.

9476.Just like  all the rivers   join   together  for  pulling down stable,
Mountains in to the ocean and just like   insects   rushing to fall  on ,
The flame of the lamp , being pushed by their fate  pushing them ,
Those Rakshasas  having mountain like body,
Made  loud war cries    and surrounded    Rama.

9477,Axe  , raising mace  , bow  , plough  , sword , kanayam  ,  sharp spears  ,
And all other such weapons  were thrown by    them on  the  body of Rama,
Who was  like a tiger    which   was   confined to a stable.

9478,The king of kings  Rama took a great  divine   arrow called   khandarpa,
And send it with great speed   and that   battle  arrow which was  like fire ,
Similar to adhisesha    the king of serpents ,
And Garuda   the king of birds   proceeded  and created   great scare.

9479. And due to that arrow  , arrows with   the form of Shiva  ,
Who burnt the  three cities , some with three eyes , some with five faces ,
Some with form like   flaming fire    and  some dipped in water,
With  all of them and rising  up to the sky , rose like a  huge rain of arrows.

9480.   Ten crores of Rakshasa  kings  and very strong Raksha   warriors  ,
Were completely destroyed   making people   say that  within a second,
The Moola Bala army of Ravana with great  penance  was completely destroyed.

9481.-9482.They  loved Ravana  and    used to protect  the seven big islands,
All  the  directions  , the Patala where  the snakes live   and different mountains ,
Which  all needed   to be protected   and all   other places  , for  his sake.
They were people who used to like     to bead  in thread the sun and the moon 
 Which  go round the very big Meru mountain  and wear  them as garlands  ,
And ones who have   received   the firm boons from Lord Brahma   who sits on a flower,
And   all these   people   came there   to help Ravana.

9483. They asked the  leader  Vanni  “If that Rama can achieve   victory over one of us,
Properly,    then in the  terrible war   he   would also     win over   Ravana  ,
Should we join and go together   or   go separately  , shall we do a great war?”

9484.Vanni said , “we will all go  together  surround him  with great speed,
And due to  our strength ability in war  , unless   we fight   ,
Surrounding him  , we may not be able to win over   him  , we will not  win,”
And all those very strong warriors said that   what  the ancient warrior  ,
Suggested   was good  and   started    to obey his idea.

9485.  Those  Rakshasas    who dared to do this way , made a loud battle cry,
Just like the  unified sound of the seven oceans and booming   the conch in a fearsome manner,
Making people say that the sky with lightning would fall down today ,
Slapping on their shoulders  , they all came   to fight in the battle,
What would happen to earth   heaven and all the directions?

9486. Those Rakshasas made great sound  and at that instant   Rama ,
Who had destroyed  their valour   twanged  his   great bow  ,
And the sound that was raised   was similar   to the blowing  of the conch ,
By Lord Vishnu who by his golden feet   measured  all the worlds.

9487.Those  top rated Rakshasas   were several thousand   crores in number  ,
And were experts in using various  types  of weapons  and would be able  to use ,
Their weapons efficiently   and they were also  greatest expert   archers.

9488.Those Rakshasa armies    who did not like  the  worlds as the Devas,
Had only won victories   in  their life   and  were like the God of death   who did not know defeat,
And  were seen eating all beings and they went   opposite to Rama.

9489.They who had  twisted   the  elephants in rut   and tied them in a  stable,
They came separately and shouted like a huge  thunder  and  instead of doing ,
One type of war , they engaged   in several types   of war   and seeing that Devas got worried.

9490. Those cruel weapons sent to drive out the enemies   from the battle field,
Burnt   similar   to the  the fire with high flames   and   fire that was spit out from the eyes  ,And rose up together    and  all the seven worlds  due to entry of that fire  burnt.

9491. The   great sound of running  chariots  , the sound of chiding  by  warriors,
The sound made   by   belled garlands   the sound  raised by knocking of  heroic anklets,
The   sound of the twang  of the bow    got ready   for the battle  ,
And   the trumpeting sound of elephants joined together  and was heard.

9492Each of them who came  before him were   equal    to  Ravana,
And  there   were no worlds  over which  they have not one  ,
And  they were strong  and knowing all  this Rama  went opposite to them.

9493. On those Rakshasas who were  like   the fire at final deluge  ,
Rama sent strong   lustrous arrows   which were  similar 
To the terrible rain at final deluge and destroyed
 The wheels and  arrows   which were    sent by them.

9494.The     lustrous   arrows of Rama   cut off  the chests wearing garlands
Of those Rakshasas   who came    spreading  great    evil and  ,
And like the Sun falling along   with  the places   surrounding him,
 Those Rakshasas    were destroyed along with chariots   they were  riding.

9495. Due to those lustrous  killer arrows,  along with the fat coated teeth  of God of death,  179
Continuously   hitting,  the strong hands of the Rakshasas fell along with  the bow,
They were holding similar to  the cluds appearing with thunder and lightning falling down.

9496. Those  cut hands which fell along  with arrow they were holding,
Which were falling in the   ocean of  blood ,
Were similar to the   clan of  angry serpents falling along with erect  tree  branches

9497. Like the clouds along with lightning   which fell,
In the ocean which was encircling   the ancient worlds,
The elephants with decorations on their forehead ,
Entered   in to the stream of forward flowing  blood.

9498. The lustrous swords which fell along with  the  previously victorious,
Rakshasas   along with their right hand  in the scented ocean of blood ,
Were   like  tuna fishes  and   due  to the crowd of horses  rising,
From it with trembling  , it was like  prawn fish.

9499.The shields which protect the warriors 
 Due to falling  in the spreading blood,
Cut by greatly lustrous   arrows  ,
Were like the crowd of  all  the tortoise  clans.

9500.The cloud like   elephants which were   carrying the flags   with posts,
Settled  in the sea of   the spreading   blood  , just like  ,
The masts   of the ship damaged   in the  war by the heat.

9501. In the ebbing flow   of blood,  the  pieces   of   fallen cut flesh,
From mainly    the hands    as well as legs  , were like the  ,
The spun  lotus stems as well as   the big  rough flesh like   the tuna fish.

9502.Those chariots  which had wheels  like the shining crystals,
Got destroyed and broke up   and the   falling    wheels,
In the ocean of blood  full of arrows were like ,
The moon    which  was greatly   shining.

9503. Because   Rama wanted to directly   fight and kill  Rakshasas
Who have unstable victory , whenever the bow   of Rama bends ,
More than one crore   of the heads  of    Rakshasas    would fall.

9504.When the   arrows entered the armour  worn over striong chest ,
With their   winged ends   seen outside   the armour making us wonder,
Whether ther is any more space  left, it looked as   if the  pretty honey bees 
Which had eating mouth  reached the bee hive  and were   sticking   to it.

9505.In  that  battle field over which eagles    were   flying ,
To kill   within a quarter of the day the enemies  ,
Who were occupying hundred    Yojanas    of space  ,
Rama  who was alone went on roaming  with great speed.

9506.  Due to Rama standing firmly again those   who stand before him,
And by going and standing before   those who   were   going to sides and killing them,
The   Rakshasas   felt   that he was L reallyWith Rama constord Narasimha ,
Who killed    the father of the boy who was extremely wise.

9507. Since Rama was speedily roaming about  in the battle field,
He seemed  to  be every where and because of that  the Rakshasa thought,
“He was here, he is here  , he definitely is here” and sending arrows ,
From the bow which they use   when they are greatly angry,
They later found out that he was not there  and go elsewhere.

9508.They would tell within themselves  ,  this is not night  but   day time  ,
And without feeling that  only one person was fighting    with all of them  ,
They would say “This is not a war of deceit , how can there   be so many Ramas,
That their number   is greater   than the number of sand particles  lying by the sea.”

9509.Each member of the Rakshasa   army was as   tall as the  mountain  ,
And the army   of that one Ravana was only  one thousand Vellam,
And except one Rakshasa killing another   one  in that battle field,
Did any one  one of them succeed in killing that one   Rama.

9510-9511 .”Rama is on the chariot , Apart   from the horse ,
He was on the  elephant with red eyes  , He is  on the big ocean,
He  is  on the earth   and he is also spread   on the sky ,
And  he is in this battle field attacking us “ Making them tell like this  ,
That   son of the king   was everywhere    , he would go near them,
He would  go away  , he would wander about  , he would not  ,
Go away from our back, sides   and near our body and
due to this the Rakshasas   were upset.

9512.As and when   the bells  tied to the great bow of Rama  ,
 Gave  rise to  hard sound  like “Gana, Gana, Gana
Te elephant with flowing rut   and  the horses  were  destroyed,
The huge   chariots over which snow well   were also destroyed,
The   arrows sent by Rama   split all the directions ,
THwe wide ocean was filled with slushy mud  and ,
The eyes of the ladies  of those   tiger like Rakshasas shed  streams  of tears.

9513.When thousand elephants , ten thousand  chariots  , one  crore,
Of killer horses   and thousand commanders   fall down  ,
One headless   body  would stand up and dance   and if one  thousand,
Such headless bodies dance, one bell tied to Rama ‘s bow will make sound,
And on that day that bell constantly  made sound for seven and half Nazhigai.

9514,That Rama who was like a matchless  lion  king along with his bent  bow  ,
Jumped and rotated   whenever   the Rakshasas   who hold the weapons came before him,
And made   the chariots of Rakshasas who went to heaven  and  the chariots  of those  ,
Fighting with him   like the  land which was the chariot he was riding.

9515.Though the bow that was fighting with the enemy was only one  and  though  ,
The quiver was only one,  the number of drops of  rain of arrows  was spread everywhere ,
And  exceeding that number  Rama’s   faultless hands   did the work of one thousand hands  ,
And all those   thousand hands   together   became his just   two hands.

9516.The Rakshasas said, “What we see him as   having only one face is a lie,
We  now realize the real truth.. how can he with one face know all the acts,
Of Warriors numbering thousand vellam. It is  also not true that ,
He has one thousand faces  for there is no limit to his  number of faces.

9517.If Lord Shiva   with eyes  on his forehead  , Lord Brahma   with  four heads,
Decided to count the number   of arrows   being sent by Rama   but ,
Since they were not able to count arrows     which were going group by groups,
Became ones with  taller shoulders with joy and told  “Can it be  counted at all?”

9518. Other devas    were saying , “the army of Rakshasas   is thousand vellam,
 And suppose   we consider  Rama sends   only equal number  of arrows.
If we keep an account like this , it  cannot be true because  ,In the battle field,
The  arrows required  to cut one body in to hundreds of pieces   is many .
Is is it possible for the victorious Rama   to send so many arrows” said they with surprise.

9519. The sages   who were  standing at  some distance told,  “where  is that,
Person of intelligence   who  can count arrows   which came to each umbrella  , each flag,
The  people who were   holding them , to the elephants , chariots and
Horses   and which were sent by Rama  and definitely say , “this is the number of arrows.”

9520.The arrows   which followed the   Rakshasas   who were  marching   and hit  ,
Them on their neck  , on upper body , on lower body   and on the skull,,
And looked like Lord Brahma   took all the fetuses   of his creations and churned them.

9521.Those remaining ten crores   of warriors   who were   alive and armed ,
Made great sound and ran away to one side and thought “What is the need of  ,
Getting defeated by him and losing our life? We would completely  cover and mask,
Rama with  weapons  which we got from the devas and  then they all rose up.”

9522.They joined together   weapons like Narayanastra  , and Agneyastra  ,
And started   against Rama with great speed..The crows of Devas shivered  by fear,
The universes  shook up and down , Rama seeing thes reactions   smiled  ,
And prevented those  divine arrows    by sending  the same   arrow.

9523. That generous Rama who knew that if he himself  sends such arrows,
Those cannot be stopped  by any one and  the world will get baked,
In  a fire similar to the fire at deluge and like earlier by sending ,
Countless crores of arrows, similar   to his killing of Rakshasas   earlier,
He   made fall all their heads   as if  a mountain  falls down as hit  by thunder.

9524, The thousand  vellam trong  Rakshasas  fel down dead  on the battle field oitself,
And the generous  mother earth  , with her   cruel burden  getting removed  ,
Went from ocean making great sound  , rose   up to  one crore Yojanas  distance.

9525.The  devas ended   their worry   feeling we   have done  the job as per our thought  ,
And Indra   felt that  he had achieved victory and wore Vagai garland  anf became happy.
And the Vedas   which had  not been composed  by any body got back life and rose up.

9526.All  those who have mouth saw   Rama , who have gave   all his   wealth,
To his brother   as per   the words of his mother , went to the forest   with bamboos,
Due to penance done  by devas  and using the   expertise  in war ,
Removed  the sorrows of  all people  , praised him and also saluted him.

9527.That  lOrd Rama who stood there  , who has completely   destroyed ,
The Rakshasas   who had red  eyes like fire  and who had flower like   hands,
Being praised   by the Devas   and was like  the Lord Shiva   who had stain on his neck,
And who stood  in the cremation ground   full of ghosts m, foxes  and large number of corpses.

9528. With this universe as arena  , with  the fallen Rakshasas    as crowds  of beings,
He was looking like another matchless   form of his  , which he takes  on the day of final deluge  ,
When for showing that  he can create  again  he   swallowed all  the beings of the world.

9529.With the sorrow and pain caused   by the war being relieved   by the shower,
Of faultless   flowers  showered   by the Devas   who had got rid of their sorrow ,
As well as the sandal pastes,  the generous Rama who did get  killings  ,
Went away from the battle field   and went to the place   ,where,
His brother Lakshmana    was being   opposed   by Ravana.

9530.Like this  we told   all the happenings  in the place   where Rama ,
Fought with the Moola Bala army   and now we will start telling about  ,
The victorious acts   of the   monkey army which ran away at first ,
The acts of Ravana the king of Rakshasas who engages himself in cruel acts  ,
And the act of fighting   by the faultless  younger brother Lakshmana

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