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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 11

Yudha Kandam (contd)

26.Nikumbalai   Yaga Padalam

Chapter  on fire sacrifice in Nikumbila

(The army lead by Lakshmana reaches Nikumbila     and destroys the Rakshasa army. A great battle  ensues and Indrajit when he is getting defeated  vanishes from there goes and  requests Ravana to release   Sita  .Ravana shouts at him andstarts  for war himself.Indrajit takes leave from him and again goes to war.)

8934.The valorous Rama   after   his doubt was erased   hugged   Vibheeshana to his body ,
As his desire and soul had become one   and said, “Oh Vibheeshana  ,What a great job,
 You did by removing  my  sorrow  and you and God are   there  to help me  ,
And Hanuman is   there to support me  and our  penance  and Vedas also support us.”

8935. As soon as   Rama told this   Vibheeshana said  , “If   the fire sacrifice  ,
Is completed by him, no body would   be able to win him    and victory,
Would go to the side  of Rakshasas and so give us  leave  so that  ,
I would go along with  Lakshmana   , would   take away soul of Indrajit,
And  also destroy     the fire sacrifice being done  by him  ,
Rama said , “please do it” and started    giving some advices.

8936.Rama hugged   his brother  Lakshmana   and told him “brother  ,
If he  sends the  arrow   of Lord  Brahma  who sits   on the lotus flower  ,
Oh valorous one  , then only   just to prevent that  arrow    from coming to you,
You should use your Brahmastra  but if you send it otherwise  ,
Not only he , but the world of devas   as well as earth would get destroyed,
And so avoid      using it   like that.”

8937.”Oh brother   with great  fame  , there  is a possibility that   that  he would send,
The arrow of the three   eyed Lord Shiva   or   the  arrow of Lord Narayana  with the wheel.
Of his  own  accord   and if he   does that   send the same arrows ,
And make   his arrows powerless  and by  using the power of your ,
Return back after   taking   away   his   soul.”

8938.”Oh brother  who is like God of death  , after examining   deeply  Dharma  ,
Follow its path   and even  before Indrajit   starts    doing his acts  of illusion,
And destroy them completely   and seeing    for a proper opportunity  ,
When Indrajit is weak  , kill   him  who is God of death of Devas.”

8939.’Oh brother who  had not forgotten the science   of archery, if that Indrajit,
Becoming greatly   worried and angry  and sends  at you several types of arrows,
Just   like rain, you also do similarly     and remove all   his arrows,
But if he sends them   tired and with great sorrow   from his   very powerful bow,
Then   spot his weakness   and send an arrow piercing his chest    and kill him.

8940.  “Oh brother who never   gets worried, even before  Indrajit   sends his arrows,
You sent arrows   and in every stage of the  war  , prevent his   weapons  ,
And finding out the mood of the enemy   by his   face  sent arrows ,
With proper speed  and  in the correct direction  , with speed like   wind.”

8941. After telling all these tricks   to Lakshmana   and seeing   that  ,
He has accepted   his   teachings  , Rama looked at him and said  ,
“”Oh brother, this is the  big   bow    that   is used  by Lord Vishnu ,
Who became the   three worlds   himself , who does  not know  his greatness,
 And    who is the matchless leader . Please receive  it in your hand and  get victory,”

8942. “Have you not heard  the words  of Tamil   sage Agasthya about,
The nature  of this great bow   and have  you not firmly kept in your mind?
This bow   which was being held  by Lord Vishnu  with  thousand heads ,
Was one desired   and got by Lord Brahma   in the fire sacrifice  ,
And take   this   from me   and along with that  he gave his armour also.

8943.Rama  who  was  one having the divine   wheel    and was ,
Like the   axle pin  of this world gave him his  quiver  ,
Which he ties on his back  and   told him several   words of encouragement,
And hugged Lakshmana    who was  looking   like  Lord Shiva,
And later   when he gave  to Lakshmana  , the devas ,
Of the sky   thinking that  sorrow has been destroyed  , became happy.

8944. With Devas blessing  auspiciousness    and greeting them,
With devas maidens wishing him long life  and  wishing him,
Faultless   greetings  and also   sang songs ,
The  Lakshmana  who was going to war  had the look  of Lord Shiva,
Who was wearing  the crescent when he flew  in to rage  to destroy  the three cities.

8945.  When  Rama gave him leave to go   along  with monkey chiefs  ,
Lead by Hanuman  and told him  “Oh valorous one  , you   go the   war ,”
Lakshmana   kept the lotus like  of his elder  brother   his head  ,
And That  one who had Dharma as  his wealth  went to Nikumbila.

8946.  Rama who had a body like a pretty cloud sobbed   and the  flowing tears,
From his eyes  flowed  on the  earth  and his younger   brother  ,
Went round him  and saluted him  and holding his   strong bow  ,
And with anger   on the evil minded   Indrajit   and ,
Went ahead    saying  , I would bring back his head.

8947.Seeing his younger brother  whose  parting he can not   tolerate,
Going speedily like his  own soul going   away  from the body   and vanish,
Rama was looking like his father  Dasaratha  who saw him  go away ,
To protect   the   fire sacrifice as   per the request  of sage  Viswamithra.

8948.He was assisted    by people  like  the commander in chief  Nila  ,
Carrying   with them   with long  fire woods   which were burning brightly  ,
And  after   several forests and mountains reached   the  temple at Nikumbila.

8949.  There  was a banyan tree  there whose leaf was  once used  ,
By the matchless Lord Vishnu who   had all   the world in his belly  ,
And there   was a Rakshasas   army   which was like a black sea  ,
Standing there and  it looked as if the entire sky was  only a part of it.

8950. The monkey warriors saw   that the sacrificial     fire of Indrajit ,
Was  guarded   by the   Rakshasa    army which was standing  ,
In an army formation similar to the wheel   and   was like  ,
The huge sea    which contained    the   very hot northern fire.

8951. The angry  elephants which were like  black clouds  , chariots  ,
Horses  , foot  soldiers   were all there  in that army   ,
With strength of thousand crores   soldiers   and they   were  ,
Like a sea stopped by another   sea  and spread over thousand Yojanas.

8952.Golden chariots  , horses    , elephants   and foot soldiers  whose job was  fighting ,
Was so much large    that it was   difficult   to count and estimate  it and  ,
The divisions of   that army   were  looking as if   the entire people of the world,
 Were  surrounding it in several thousand    rows.

8953.Due to the   waving of red hair which touches  the clouds in the sky  ,
Of  the black body  of the Asuras being burnt by   the    fire arrows  ,
Sent by   the black coloured   Rama   that Nikumbila,
Was   like the black sea   with white foam and was seen by the monkeys.

8954. The  strings of the bows   in the hands of Rakshasas did not,
Raise the twang sound   and were like  an old  rain bow   in between the clouds,
And their musical instruments also did not raise sound as  if they were  in the sea,
And the    suitable huge   drums also   were like clouds   that do not thunder.

8955.  Those  monkey warriors who never   got tired at any time  ,
Due to the order  of the    very strong Rama  , seeing   ,
The very silent army   of Rakshasas,
Shouted    so loudly   as if to break    the   top of the sky.

8956. When the monkey  clan shouted   the Asura clan also shouted,
The garlanded    drums were beaten  by stick and made to roar by them,
And  the monkey warriors    filled the Asura warriors with stones,
And they sent   streams of arrows   which were like rain from a black cloud.

8957.The lustrous weapons  thrown by   the cruel  Rakshasa army ,
Which resembled   the  swans continuously  settling down,
On a water body with many ghats  went    and,
Hit the monkey army    which was praise worthy.

8958. Due to the   stones and trees    thrown   by the monkeys   hitting them,
The bows, axes   and iron rod   and  their  teeth   head and bodies,
Of the very strong Rakshasas   broke and went inside  the earth.

8959.Due to   the Rakshasas   throwing weapons like    staff  , axes  , Spears , tridents ,
Maces , arrows   and rings on the monkeys   their   tail  , legs,
Hands   , bodies  , stomachs  got cut and fell down  on the  Earth.

8960.  Vibheeshana   looked    at   the victorious    archer  Lakshmana and told,
“Time is proper   for you to delay destroying   the fire sacrifice   of Indrajit.
If you are   going to leave this fire sacrifice   that   is well  protected ,
Without destroying it  , when shall win over this sea of Rakshasa   army.?

8961.Devas  , Asuras  , Brahma    who had heads  looking at four directions,
The Lord Shiva who never ages  , Indra  the king of all    the three   worlds,
And  all the devas had come there, and there were none who had not come.

8962. Several types of armies   and the chariot army   driven by several soldiers  stood there ,
The horse army   which was   standing   in several rows stood   there,
The army of the Rakshasa   foot soldiers   who had white bent teeth stood there,
And several types of Elephant army with several instruments being played   stood there.

8963, At that  time Lakshmana entered   in side   the Rakshasa army  ,
And went on raining  large number   of arrows   with  very  sharp point ,
And those Rakshasas   whose bodies were    crushed ,
Left the earth  and went towards south to land of God  of death.

8964.The chariots, horses  and  incurable    elephants in rut  ,were killed,
And the number of those killed reached   hundred thousand crores  ,
And they were all heaped  and in the   slush  created  by ocean of blood,
They   formed   island like  structures  and  they all lost their souls.

8965,     The heads  of the Rakshasas who were wearing garland  and  who had ,
Red hairs like  the flames lit in the deep holes made   by the  hoofs of elephants  ,
Were innumerable  and were like the flames  of fire of the fire sacrifice pit.

8966. The big  killer elephants   which  were angry   and  had pride due to rut  ,
Being   wounded and broken here and there   by the   arrows  from bow of Lakshmana,
Were    lying without losing their soul     in the dark  pond of    the blood,
 And were    similar to huge   mountains   and the ponds   within them.

8967.Being hit  by several arrows   which went   from the  bow of Lakshmana ,
Which bit   like the huge   teeth of bears   on the crowned   heads lying there,
They looked like   huge ant hills   which were covered  by fire flies.

8968.Due the arrows which were   resembling heavy rain fall   ,
Entering their bodies  , the blood    the came out   resembled  the rivers,
And went and joined  the sea   and   the  tall flags   that were  falling  ,
From the Rakshasa army   were  like the   clouds   fallen on deep sea.

8969. The full white umbrellas   of the   enemy Rakshasas being cut  ,
By the lustrous     arrows   of Lakshmana  fell down,
And due to their pressing   the sea of blood   of the   Rakshasas,
Were similar to    the moon which was swallowed by   the red coloured snake.

8970,.Due   to their long trunk    and legs    getting cut ,  the cruel elephants,
Were   moving in the    blood     that   had flown there and due to their  ,
Not having the power   to attack the enemies   they got  drowned  in it  ,
And they appeared   like the Idangar   crocodile   of the oceans.

8971. The black foxes   which entered   the battle field   where   these elephants ,
Were there stayed   there as they liked their food   and due to the fleeing ,
Rakshasas leaving their drums there  , they were like dead cavities  of bodies.

8972.Due to groups of arrows   with   fire and cruel poison hitting them,
The angry elephants   got their neck and parts    above it get burnt,
And were looking like    the burning  bamboos  of the mountain.

8973.  The Rakshasas    who were  like  the   tide like ocean  were attacked  ,
By the bears in the monkey army who plucked their hair by their long nails,
And  looked    similar   to their digging the  anthills  and pushing them down.

8974. Due to the famous arrows   of arrows  coming  like   rain  ,
The greatly valorous Rakshasas   who were  capable of winning lions in war  ,
And  those were   ruling animals like horses and elephants ,
Fell dead   with   black bees hovering   round flowers  decorating their head.

8975,Due  the bodies of defeated    army chiefs   being   torn here and there  ,
The blood shot up from them and a pretty eagle   flying  there  ,
Got  completely bathed   all over its body with that blood .

8976. Like his father    Dasaratha in olden times    riding on  one chariot  ,
Opposed  and killed  several  Rakshasas  in their chariots ,
Who were   crowding him   Lakshmana   all alone   destroyed ,
That entire   Rakshasa    army   by his rain of arrows.

8977.  Similar to  the huge and powerful storm blowing   destroying  ,
And making fall   mountains    clouds     and stars  The  flying  ,
And blowing arrows of Lakshmana   cut the heads   and bodies ,
Were cut   and they well in the  fire pit of fire sacrifice.

8978.Due to  that Lakshmana who was  like an elephant   cutting off  ,
The heads   of Asuras decorated by flower fell from the sky  ,
And broke    the pot of water   sanctified by   chanting of Vedas,
And was   kept   in the   the  hall of fire sacrifice.

8979.The  blood oozing out of the red wounds   which were flowing  .
Like a river with tall   tides carrying   bodies of rut elephants  ,
Injured by the goad  , rolled   the   heads of Asuras  ,
With red eyes  like red  lotus flowers  and ,
Put out the fire   in the fire pit of the fire sacrifice.

8980.Due to    the   chosen arrows   sent by  Lakshmana   the huge hands ,
Tied by    red hairs and which were wearing heroic anklets   with the  sword,
That they were   holding were cut off   and while   falling on the ground  ,
They cut the heads  of sacrificial  buffaloes and goats    that were  kept ready .

8981.Those  Rakshasa  warriors  whose cheeks   are   cut by  arrows of Lakshmana,
From where   the blood flows and wets   their  body  , but who were still alive  ,
And whose  pretty strong body has been cut but not destroyed  ,
Scared   of the arrows coming out of Lakshmana ‘s bow  ,
Hid   themselves  in the ocean of blood   which was spread everywhere.

8982,With legs being cut   along with the earth   and  fallen down  ,
Being hit by the hot arrows   that were sent by Lakshmana again and again ,
Became confused  and   with shivering body  , with  their intestines,
Coming and hanging  out of their belly  , Using  their  ,
 Spear as    their walking support  they    walked further .

8983.Some Rakshasas whose intestines have come out of their back,
Pushed them inside their body   were trying to again go back to  the battle field.
And there  seeing the cut bodies of their sons who had fought  ,
And  not able to leave them there , with the sons body hanging on their shoulder,
And   catching for support their brothers who were fighting the war, reached near   for fighting.

8984.Like the closed  pots with ghee   and honey getting broken  
And the puffed rice being thrown out  , the head less    bodies,
Danced in  the battle field   in several groups  of crores.

8985.Lakshmana entered    that huge   army several times   and killed ,
By cutting the spear holding Rakshasa    army  like wind, like cruel poison,
Like the thread spun  by  the weavers , like the disease   which reduces the body,
And like    the starter   in the  pot of milk.

8986.In the    broad     earth   surrounded by ocean with turning tides  ,
That huge army  like a garden    which is shattered   by   huge storm,
Was completely shattered   and  Indrajit     saw    all that.

8987.He was   not able to see   in that battle field  any thing except   
The dead bodies of cruel elephants in rut   in a heap touching the heavens,
Several horses, the shattered   body  and  heads of  the warriors ,
The  ocean of blood with advancing tides and nothing else.

8988.Indrajit    was not seeing any body   among his   hundred hundred  thousand crores,
Of  warriors who wore heroic anklets   and  who were  unchangingly valorous  ,
Except heaps of their bodies    cut in to pieces  and the river of the  blood,
By Lakshmana   fighting alone with very sharp arrows and did not see any full body.

8989. Some of those  Rakshasas  who were  more cruel    than strong  poison,
 Scared   to stand before Lakshmana   with a dried toungue   and trembling  ,
Reached  Indrajit  and   the  very angry among them  who could not come  back,
Died   with an upset mid as   there was no one  to support   them,

8990. Seeing that fire   in the fire pit  of fire sacrifice   has  been put out ,
With materials needed   to do the sacrifice  such as the plough 
As well as  the pretty   and luxuriant  Durba   grass getting destroyed,
And also all  materials needed  as well  getting  destroyed,
Indrajit forgot the  chants    that he had   to recite  ,
And got  dispirited  like the fire    that   was being put o out,

8991 At that time all  those  Rakshasas who had not died
Due  to the rain of arrows  of Lakshmana  stood surrounding Indrajit  ,
And the monkey army   who had the job of fighting approached them.

8992.The greatness  of Lakshmana    who killed the huge  Asura army  of thousand Padma * army  ,
Who killed   all of them by the time one tells “A”  and his great prowess   in archery  ,
And his sorrow as he was not able    to complete the fire sacrifice,
Created great sense of anger and mental worry in Indrajit.
*A huge nmber

8993.Indrajit also with his use   the shaking of hands   by sages who saw the battle field,
The job of killing  by Lakshmana   which made   the goddess of earth scared and shiver,
And the complete destruction of the clan of Asuras   whose job was fighting.

8994,Indarjit   watching    that his greatness   was being destroyed and also,
The destruction of pious  climate   during the carrying out of fire sacrifice,
As well as  the complete destruction of    the effect of his chants during the Yagna.
Told the following    words  .

 8995.”In the hugely spread twenty five   Vellam  of my army , what is remaining,
Is only ten Akroni army and trying not to go from here   and trying  ,
To complete    the fire sacrifice by staying here is childishness,
AS that fire sacrifice started has been completely   destroyed.”

8996,”Is not the fact that the glowing fire  with smoke   of the   fire sacrifice,
Is  not throwing up its flames but  has been completely put out sufficient?
This is  a  bad sign indicating   that  in this great war ,
That is taking place here, there is  no victory further for me.”

8997. Let me neglect  the fact that   the fire sacrifice  has been destroyed,
But  thinking that I am of reduced  prowess compared to this man,
Is simplifying the issue and I would not think  about  my reduction of strength,
In this place  but has   the power of my shoulders to  fight now  has also been destroyed?”

8998,”My silly nature in getting worried    about destruction of   the yagna,
Which   is  carried  out with chanting of manthras  would make   the devas in the sky,
Laughh at me saying   that “This  Indrajit is capable of fighting against Indra  only    and not against men.”

8999.When he was telling like   this within himself   the  monkeys   with great strength,
Threw  mountains  , trees  , collection of corpses  and  dead elephants   on the Rakshasas,
And because of this the army which accompanied Indrajit was   scattered.

9000. Those Rakshasas  moved away  avoid those   things falling on them ,
Hid one behind the other and    started   shivering greatly with fear  ,
And due to the arrows of Lakshmana  their  bodies split open and intestines came out,
And they all lost    their anger similar    to the elephants with dried   rut,

9001.When the cruel arrows sent by Lakshmana  along with  the black mountains,
Fell on the ocean of   the army of Rakshasas , it was similar    to ,
The   black rainy clouds  throwing out  black clouds  as well as rains, falling on black sea.

9002, Angry  Hanuman who  made   the Rakshasa army  , who were like a  huge sea,
With tides  scattered   ,   confused   by beating them    by   trees,
Went   near that   Rakshasa  Indrajit  and started   telling,
The words   that  would   make    that Rakshasa  angry.

9003,” There was a huge army   which was like   a huge ocean with tides  ,
Standing   here in the formation of a wheel  , Did you happen to see it?
We have not even heard the twang sound produced by their bow strings.
When did you all come back after   reaching Ayodhya , cut Bharata  ,
And his relations in to pieces and returned back here?
Did  the Yagna    that you performed   end properly? Did you get what you wanted?”

9004.”Did you go and see  that Bharata  who has a more stronger  shoulders,
Than Adhi sesha   who  carries  the heavens as well as  carrying everything ,
And who is the faultless  king and show him the great prowess of your ,
Archery.  That too yiu came  along with your life? Is t not  strange?”

9005.” Did you see Shatrugna  , who was born to  the matchless Dasaratha   who killed ,
Asura called Shambara   who  was an expert in use   of bow  and helped the Devas,
After the first three   sons   and made    them as   four brothers.?”

9006”.Would not your war of illusion , after being hit  by fire like arrows,
Which  go  deep inside  causing red blood   to flow  on  your ears ,
Mouth as well as    eyes   and after    going  inside Lanka  ,
Be fought again  spreading    evil every where  ?”

9007.” Now do you  wish to send  , the Naga pasa  or  the famous   arrow of Lord Brahma  ,
Who sits on the lotus flower  or  the weapon of Lord Shiva  ,
Who is the most primeval or   the divine   wheel of  Lord Vishnu  ?
WE would shiver at the  weapon you intend to send  and,
It is sufficient    as  the God of death has  come near us?”

9008” Only after  considering   your  having got   very many boons  ,
And after learning     very many tricks of  illusion  , got divine  weapons,
From   the Devas who have great patience   and also  considering,
The prowess that we have naturally got   would we   decide ,
To cut your head and  kill you  ? would we reply differently to you?”

9009.”Even if   you are defended by  Lord   Shiva who had swallowed  poison,
Lord Brahma , as well as Lord Vishnu   who sleeps on the snake with open hood  ,
Without trembling  , your death is definite. Does  your left side throb?
Please tell us whether    you would    be able to  continue to live?”

9010.”Did not  that great archer Lakshmana earlier take  an  unmatched oath  to you  that ,
 “I would kill you”, come near you and killed all your army   which were near you,
And which defended you  and is challenging you  “Please come with speed  to fight”.
And   did the twang sound  from his  well tied huge bow form a part  of your Yagna?”

9011.”The devas , the sages and   many who are living in different worlds  ,
Have assembled  here   to see the prowess in battle  of Lakshmana  ,
Who is the brother   of Rama    who  removes problems and protects  the  three worlds,
And so why are  you delaying any further ?”said that  protector  of Dharma.

9012.Indrajit breathed   like fire   after hearing these  words  and with  light ,
Scattering   light   from his  golden shoulders  , sunlight coming out from his mouth,
And said “Was it because of your strength    that you  came before me and told  these?
What was the reason for you to tell such base words “  and then further   told.

9013” All of you who have died in all the wars    that were fought   till now  ,
Hit  by my weapons  and using  tricks which are against rules  ,
You had again come alive   and did  you forget    all those tragic incidents,
And then  looking at me  , desiring your death are you   challenging me for war  ?
When all   of them , hit by me died , did you store medicines to make them live again?”

9014.”Let Rama fight with me?Let Lakshmana   fight with me  ?
And let all those  who are equal to them  who have come   here go away?
The devas and sages   Would see  together from the sky,  the death  of monkeys,
In Vellam after Vellam   and to see the sorrow   these   two men will  suffer?”

9015.As  long as the bow that I am holding   and my powerful shoulders are there,
Would  it be possible  for  any being with a body run away  and hide   and live  on seeing me  ?
I would kill these monkeys with a hunchback   as well those men ,
Follow them to the heaven and also kill them, They would not live by any medicine.”

9016.”Oh persons  who are all saying that  “the Yagna   could not be performed today  .
And so we have won, “    and because of it   boasting a lot about your valour,
Please do not tell that  , there is no more delay, my arrows would appear now,
Cutting each of your heads   separately  and also pierce   your bodies completely.”

9017.”I  would not talk about  my other victories  in an apparent manner   like you,
And  sit quiet . Are  you trying to talk of victory   after   being defeated by me twice,
During all times when I got enraged with you and stood up , did you  learn,
To stand firmly in that spot without   fear ?Are you again  going to lie dead?
Or are all of you  going to run away from here with great scare ?”

9018.”Stop there , stay there  “saying that he stared   at them with great anger ,
And wore   his armour which shined like lightning , he tied his quiver on his back,
He wore the finger gloves   which are sign of valour  on his fingers,
He   lifted   his bow which was meant to do war  , He climbed ,
On his diamond chariot which was  shining  like Sun  and twanged   his bow.

9019.He  blew  his conch   and   the Deva maidens of the sky   who wore bangles ,
Due to great scare  patted on their own eyes and the Devas   got worried,
That the Indrajit would in a short while exterminate   the monkey army,
And Lord Shiva of Kailasa  and Brahma   sitting on a lotus said,”a great battle is going to take place.”

9020.The devas   thought  “due to the effect of our penance  Indrajit failed  ,
To complete  the Yagna  but though the Yagna fails, these monkeys ,
Would not be able to live further and they have come here  ,
Due   to their bad fate  and we are  now   going to see  the monkeys  ,
Suffering  due to the arrows”   and became dispirited and sad.

9021.Due to the act of twanging the   bow of the string of his bow  ,
When the sound reached   the monkeys   they forgot their masculine  duties,
With great tiredness  without   throwing  the trees  and mountains  in their hand,
And  fell down   and they thinking   that they would definitely die started  running away.

9022.But the great commanders  of the monkey army stood there  ,
Without getting scared and all those except them started ,
Running helter-skelter  like the water of the oceans  which  is broken,
By the huge wind   at time of deluge, running here and there  ,
But Hanuman who was an expert in war , opposing Indrajit,
Uprooted  a huge  mountain there     and got ready.

9023.Indrajit who was    standing there  like  the death to God of death  himself  ,
Looked at Hanuman told  “Hey fellow stop there  , stop, stop,  are you  talking  ,
Different things and uprooting a mountain   with an  intention of killing  me,
In the battle field  in front of  the Devas  ? Your act seems to be great  ?
Since you are a monkey   this seems to be apt  , Oh masculine one ,
Please come , come    to fight    with me  .”

9024.That warrior of warriors  Indrajit   became angry and suddenly took ,
And stared at Hanuman who had come to throw the mountain at him,
Thought  , Which arrow would be suitable   to   attack Hanuman,
Who  had high shoulders   and who was an expert in wrestling ,
And then  the  Devas praised Hanuman and  his father wind God ,
Started   getting scared    thinking  “what   would happen to him?”

9025. Hanuman   threw that diamond like hard mountain   making fire sparks  ,
Fly in the  sky and  in all directions   on that Rakshasas and it came  on  Indrajit ,
Like thousand thunders   taking one form   and seeing that,
The  world got scared and the   Rakshasa   crowd was thrown pell-mell.

9026,Indrajit  who had  tall shoulders   similar to the  Meru mountain ,
With his ear globes   spreading luster  , laughed loudly  ,
Which made  even the universe   shake    with fear   and saw to it,
That the huge mountain    was made in to powder  and the Devas ,
Who do not blink their eyes   saw the manner  in which he sent the  arrow.

9027.When Hanuman uprooted   another  mountain  and   was rotating   it,
Indrajit rained cruel arrows    some of them dipped  in strong poison ,
And some  due to heat were defeating the fire God   so that  they hit,
The chest  , shoulders  ,legs faster  like wind  ,necks   and eyes and wounded him.

9028.Due  his being near mountain   with high peaks growing bamboos,
Due to the natural luster   of his body which angrily    drove away,
The   darkness   of night ,due to his producing  luster  similar ,
To rays of the sun and due to the flow of blood   from his body ,
Hanuman looked  like the   Sun God who was about to rise ,

9029. When  Hanuman   became very tired, Angadha   and other monkey commanders,
Combined with great  anger   which can burn  and seeing them Indrajit told  ,
You please   stop there , stop  , where  is that Lakshmana  ,
Who has  been defeated   by me twice “ without bothering about those monkeys.

9030. When those Angadha and whose   anger greatly  increased  and neared  ,
Indrajit  to fight  with him  , he asked, “Would a lion instead  of following,
The elephant to fight  , follow a mere  monkey  against its nature?
What is the use of sending arrows at you? Please show  me the younger brother ,
Who can fight with me  for a little  while or would you die   because of your  anger .”

9031.”Did   you not see Hanuman who has become spent up and tired?
Are you all stronger that Hanuman?Is not my bow    strong now?
Did the power of my shoulders  get reduced, than earlier ?
Are  you not the ones who came wanting the  battle?
Have you earned strength before  coming over here ?
Please show me the man   and go back in your own way  ?”

9032. Even after  seeing  his natural  wish   to   fight   with younger Lakshmana,
Those monkey warriors  threw mountains and trees  on him and approached   him,
 And he with rain of arrows which could split  the Meru mountain  ,
In crores or crores of crores   of number and   they   entered  ,
The bodies  of crowd  of monkeys   and they all lost their strengths .

9033.  At that time Vibheeshana  the brother   of the Rakshasa   looked at Lakshmana  ,
And told  , “That black cloud   of that Rakshasa   with capacity   to get victory,
By ceaseless shower of arrows  is destroying   your army  and as  ,
The Yagna has  been destroyed  , you speedily go and fight  with him,”,
And Lakshmana hearing that   went  near Indrajit and started fighting.

9034. At that time  Hanuman with generous nature  without fainting ,
Came with  a  pleasant face and requested, “My father , please speedily ,
Climb on my shoulders, “  that pleased Lakshmana   said, “So be it”,
 And the Devas left out their  depression  and   that Hanuman,
Carrying   that Lakshmana   roamed round the  battle field.

9035.That Indrajit who was black like   thousand   clouds joining together  ,
Came riding on a high chariot   drawn   by one thousand horses,
And both of them faced each other and fought  and that  tall Hanuman  ,
Taking a form like  Lord Trivikrama  roamed in  all directions.

9036.That Lakshmana who had  forsaken sleep   sent several  hot arrows  ,
Which were  like  fire  , like thunder  which can kill enemies,
Which were like ghosts . like hunger  ,and like disease,
Which were like     the bad fate   which  without fail plays tricks,
Which were like mind   ,and   which were like mother of hawk .

9037. Indrajit cut the arrows sent   by Lakshmana by sending similar arrows,
But then Lakshmana   showered arrows like the  rain at final   deluge  ,
Which   destroyed the sky  , all the eight directions  and   the oceans  ,
Making people who witnessed   it say  , who can  at any time  ,
Shower arrows    better than this in the    world at any time.

9038. Indrajit  by sending arrows which were  like crowd of sparrows,
 And completely   removed those arrows and further   , they proceeded.
Like  fire sparks  and the pure Lakshmana   sent several   arrows  ,
And removed them  and  that  cruel  Indrajit   went,
Round and round the  battle   field one thousand times.

9039. That  chariot of  the  destroying  tempest  , of the   very strong  Indrajit  ,
With very  strong wheels   and   the legs of the very angry Hanuman ,
Without  bothering  whether  it was stone   or mountains   or  various  types of trees,
Or grass or   small climbers   went without    any problems  .

9040.They sprayed   so much arrows   at each other   , the other warriors ,
Were not able to recognize who is whom   and  fought   with each other ,
Like an ocean with tides  dashing  against  another  ocean  and  seeing that,
The devas appreciated by saying “In this world no one   is like them.”

9041.The eyes of the Devas as well as their mind were not  able to find out,
Whether the arrows  sent by them was going  through the sky or not ,
And if it was possible for us to count them,  the known numbers were not sufficient ,
And the powerful wind God found  it difficult to penetrate   them,
And those arrows  were capable of  making wounds on others body ,
And were   not knowing  how to tell their power  in proceeding against the enemy.

9042. The twang sound generated   by the tall bows were like sound of thunder ,
And powdered   everything on their way   and spread   everywhere,
And due  to their power to burn , when they were   spreading  in the sky  ,
All directions were burnt   and went up  and since more smoke covered ,
The world than the fire   , all the    stars  in the sky   were completely burnt.

9043.The twang sound of the strings   of the bows  blasted  in all directions,
And similar   to the fall of thunder  created   very great noise and   those hot  arrows ,
Met each other ‘ s tips   and were capable  of biting each other  ,
And due to their speed  of travelling  in the sky ,
They were giving rise  to hot sparks  of fire and this was witnessed  by the Devas.

9044.Due to their arrows    the oceans dried, mountains broke down,
The  body of the  Sun   caught   fire and started   burning ,
The blood  in the bodies of warriors dried  and bad smell  started coming out ,
And the   pit of the ocean got  filled up and became an arrow hill,
And the world   unable to be stable started rotating fast  .

9045. Those   sharp and hot   arrows started   burning    with flame and made ,
The armies  of both sides  get  upset  as well as scared and started running  in different directions
And due to them the elephants  died, the horses  lost their looks ,
The  monkeys  got scattered   and died and the red coloured  blood  ,
Started flowing out like sea and  both   soldiers   got killed.

9046.Some  of those  arrows sent by the   brother of Rama   who was like ,
A black  and huge lion  travelled in curves, some travelled  burning  producing  smoke,
Some travelled after getting burnt , some went  towards left and some towards   right,
Some went  separately , some  together and some sloping over directions.

9047.Some of the arrows    sent by that Rakshasa  Indrajit who merged in the battle  ,
And who was all powerful  were like mountains, some like   clouds going up the sky,
Some were  like thunder, some were like sea, some were  like  chariot of Sun God ,
Some were  like the laugh of Lord Shiva who sits at the  top and some were   like root of the world.

9048.Those arrows sent by both of them like   the  edge  of the eyes ,
Of   well bred ladies and were capable of piercing  and pierced  ,
On the chest of both of them  protected  by   their wide armour ,
Some  pierced   on their pretty shoulders, some on their faces,
Some on their diamond like thighs and   both the feet.

9049. Like   the  crescent of the moon which   were   two in number   earlier  ,
Joining together   and shining as one, both of them  bent    their arrows ,
With golden tips together   and   the  Devas praised   them saying,
“Did at any time  which  of the Devas   or which of the  Asuras   did  fighting with each other like them .”

9050,The arrows   sent by them  , proceeded    with great speed   and  due to them,
The worlds started burning , the lights like sun and moon burnt  and the Devas,
Got  faded and got  a doubt  feeling that  it was the destroying storm of deluge
And with the twang sound going to their ears,  the elephant  of directions  swallowed.

9051. Due  to  arrows   from both of them hitting , the  long sky shed stars,
The sun shed   the sun light  , the silver moon  shed   the deer on its face ,
The sky shed the clouds  , due to clusters of  mountain becoming powder  ,
It shed its peaks   and all the beings in all the world shed their beauty  .

9052. Indrajit the son of Ravana who had   won over all faultless   directions,
At that time sent  twenty five   very sharp arrows so that they will pierce   the body of Lakshmana,
And that  Lakshmana who was like a young lion  bending the bow in his hands   sent
Some cruel burning arrows   so that  they would pierce  the armour and later  the chest of Indrajit.

9053.That very strong Rakshasa    Indrajit searched for   some burning hot arrows  ,
Which  made the very angry elephant of Indra  run away  and also made  ,
The Devas run away   due to them carrying fire , fixed them on his bow,
And sent them so they would hit tall    shoulders   of Hanuman.

9054.That Lakshmana who was like a youthful lion   and the   youthful sun,
In the east  , saw blood flowing out of Hanuman whose good characters cannot be measured,
And making those who witness the war feel that he has won over  Indrajit,
In that instant send a rain of arrows  on  the enemy  and powdered ,
His chariot so that   it could  not  be taken    anywhere else from there.

9055.Seeing the destruction of that chariot devas   shouted joyfully and  the trinity,
Became happy and Indrajit  becoming angry like thunder,  jumped    from  there,
And reached in to another    big chariot  and sent ten arrows aimed at head of Lakshmana,
And due to those arrows hitting him   , he  became greatly worried,.

9056.That worried Lakshmana   regained stability   to his body   and sent ,
Few sharp arrows with a mouth on Indrajit and even before   he could prevent it  ,
Similar  to  the very pure Lord Shiva riding on a bull  kicking  the proud god of death,
 Sent a matchless   arrows   and sent it aimed   at the chest  of Indrajit.

9057.That  arrow   sent by Lakshmana  pierced   the armour and chest of Indrajit ,
And went out from his body  , making him loose   his conscience and helpless   ,
Seeing which the Devas shouted    with joy and Lakshmana   using  ,
A hot arrow which   was like   the Sun appearing in the day time ,
Cut of Indrajit ’s flag and also pierced   his shoulders.

9058. Due to the arrow of Lakshmana   , the blood inside   the body of Indrajit  ,
Flowed like burning fire and he  tottered like   the stable  northern Meru mountain,
And became very weak  but   tolerated them   and sent  nine hundred   cruel   battle arrows,
On Lakshmana   and they reached   their aim, but were  not able  ,
To pierce   the unbreakable    armour  of Lakshmana   and Indrajit became very angry.

9059.That Indrajit who was riding on a chariot pulled   by thousand horses , again took,
Another thousand hot arrows  and sent them aiming at the    chest of Lakshmana  ,
And Lakshmana the  younger  brother of the matchless  Rama  ,sent arrows,
Aimed at them and shattered   them  and then Indrajit   selected   several ,
Golden arrows   and making the  string of his bow almost break  sent them aiming at body of Lakshmana.

9060.Indrajit   had doubt whether    the bow held by Lakshmana   is the  one held,
By  The tall lord Vishnu   or Lord Shiva or of the Gods revered by the   Devas.
He also knew that the arrows of Lakshmana were   piercing him and were not damaged,
And also understood that  he does   not have the capacity   to win over Lakshmana  ,
And due to these   , he became    greatly   depressed.

9061.Vibheshana his younger father understanding    that Indrajit was  tired,
Went near Lakshmana   he was  detached   from all affection   and told  him,
“Please  hear a word  .If we look at the way Indrajit   who    has won over  all the devas,
By his prowess   is fighting , it looks like that mad fellow  ,
Has become greatly     depressed   and so  would not live.”

9062.  That Indrajit   who had bent teeth and who held the sword which can kill,
Flared in to anger   like the God of death  , twanged the   string of his bow,
So that it can be heard in all   the seven worlds  and chose the most powerful arrow,
And sent  the  arrow of wind God on Lakshmana saying  “prevent if you can”
And Lakshmana    stopped it using   his own arrow of wind God.

9063.He  then sent the arrow of fire God and Lakshmana stopped   it using ,
His own arrow of fire God , and then Indrajit sent the   arrow of God Varuna  ,
Lakshmana prevented  it by the same arrow, Indrajit with a black mind ,
Sent the  heat producing   arrow of Sun God  and the very efficient  ,
And angry Lakshmana who was like a young lion destroyed it  by same arrow.

9064.Indrajit looked at Lakshmana and asked”Can you prevent it   and sent ,
Ishika(sacred pen) arrow  and knowing only that arrow can prevent it ,
He sent it and prevented it and Indrajit deciding that   he would sent
An arrow that never fails to kill told “now you are dead” and ,
Sent the famous Brahmastra   of the four faced one at him.

9065.The gods who stand with stability  in the sky   like  Lord Shiva with an axe ,
Brahma who sits on the flower  , sages , other Devas  , others  who do penance,
 And Indra  lord of Dharma started shivering in their mind  and said  ,
“Let not any harm  come to   the prince  Lakshmana.”

9066.That Lakshmana who was the   younger brother  of Rama who holds   the wheel,
Looked at  that Brahmastra   which was spreading big fire flames  coming  ,
Like the weapon   which destroys everything     at the time of final deluge  .
With the   northern fire in the middle of the sea  not even equal to its one flame  ,
Coming towards   him   and   understood  by   its nature  , that it  is Brahmastra.

9067.He thought  , “Indrajit might have thought  “when I first   sent against him Brahmastra 
Lakshmana  did not receive it   by using his strength   and did not   prevent it ,
From coming towards him  ,and   so   now also  he cannot face  it “ and have   sent,
Against me  and if I do not show my prowess  , it would not be a proper act   and so,
I would send against him   the Brahmastra   of Lord Brahma   who  sits on lotus flower,”
And started   preparations to send   it.

9068.After telling ,”Let this do good to the world “ and after   chanting   the manthra ,
Of Lord Brahma  and with a determination not to sent  it  to kill Indrajit  , who never retreats  ,
He prayed “Let it destroy that   arrow   sent by him “  and  sent  it ,
And the devas   thinking   about his great generosity   , were   surprised .

9069.”If that arrow   sent by  Lakshmana  is Brahmastra   would  it ever retreat,
Before the arrow of the enemy? It has not destroyed heaven and earth as per his wish,
And so if he   had intended to kill Indrajit , the   body of that Valorous hero would have been cut  ,
But he has   sent it with a wish that   it should only   destroy the   arrow of Brahma  ,
Who sits in the lotus flower   and that faultless one never has  left his valour  “
Devas appreciated  the act of Lakshmana with joy.

9070.Like   the fire being sent oppose    when a huge thunder   falls   near us,
For the sake of destroying   the Brahmastra  , the  Brahmastra  sent by Lakshmana  ,
The brother of Rama     who is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu   stood  spread   all over the  sky  .
 Like   the fire at deluge   which cannot be approached and
Which was capable  of burning   the seven worlds  .

9071.That Brahmastra sent   by Lakshmana who was born in the clan of Sun  ,
Prevented it from spreading all over the sky  as it was sent   only to  reduce ,
The power of another arrow which was sent at him   and prayed to it ,
“You go near it”   and sent another arrow which was spraying   fire in between,
And  like  one poison curing another poison  , the power of Brahmastra got reduced.

9072.The devas seeing this act of Lakshmana  told  ‘To these    very powerful,
Valorous   warriors Rama and Lakshmana  , is there   anything impossible for them to do?”
And after  consoling themselves  of their worries   became   happy   and Lord Shiva  ,
Saw them with the corner of   his eyes   and said, “is it impossible for them to do?”
And told them, “You told these words without proper thought   and,
Please   hear    about the great   prowess of these two” and started   telling.

9073.”These are two are  Nara and Narayana   and  they are   the  root   cause,
And primeval beings   and have  come out without being affected   by fate  ,
And they hide themselves   in the huge illusion   which cannot  be understood  ,
By any one   and they are   far beyond   the four Vedas   which are chanted  ,
And they    are   extremely   efficient beings  .”

9074.They   who cannot be approached even by wisdom are   far above from it,
And considering the path  of the Dharma  is getting damaged   and  for the sake,
Of protecting it , without going away  from   those worlds  , were born as Rama  and Lakshmana.
And due to the greatness  of Dharma , travelling  after thinking about  it,
Without others knowing about them   , for the sake of completely uprooting  ,
And destroying  the Evil Asuras   they have  arrived in this city of Lanka.”

9075.”This Lakshmana   is the matchless   first who is  part of all living beings,
And has the property of God   which is beyond doubt   and Rama   is spread all over the world  ,
Like a starter mixed  in milk    and is the chief of all   beings  ,
And so please realize   that he is the primeval being   who is beyond recognition,
And   has come in a form which can be recognized by the  eyes.”

9076.These two  are those   who are    under deep sleep   of wisdom    in the  ocean of milk  ,
And in earlier days   due to your earnest request   when you all met him directly  ,
For the sake of completely  uprooting the clan of Asuras  , they  decided to help you,
 As well as establish Dharma  “  And all these news     were   told to the Devas,
By   Lord Shiva with tied matted hair   who wore the garland of Adappa   flowers.

9077. They replied  ,” Oh Lord who  angrily destroys   the bad fate of  those ,
Who approach him  , though we    were knowing all this  ,
Being caught in his    devious plan we forgot about all that   and ,
Completely having faith  in your   words  of grace  , all our doubts ,
Have  been cleared  , as we have  come out of the illusion in our mind.
WE have  got destroyed all our enemies   and  come out of our problems.”

9078.That Indrajit with bent long teeth  who was  holding   the weapon of  Lord Vishnu,
Looked at Lakshmana and told  “if  you are able to   stop  it , who can ever oppose you?
But this will not miss   and you would loose   your life and reach the  heavens  “
And sent  that   weapon   on the pure   Lakshmana   making the worlds tremble  .

9079.The  Devas protected   themselves   by raising their hands  above their heads ,
And saluted   so that they can   protect themselves  and   this same action,
 Was undertaken by all the sages  and all others   who were there  ,
And that weapon which  can   fulfill the wishes without problems,
Without attacking   those who salute it   went   nearer to earth,
And seeing this Lakshmana  , realizing that he himself  ,
Is that Lord Vishnu  holding the matchless   wheel  walked against that   arrow.

9080.He thought   that the weapon was   going as if capable  of burning  the several worlds  ,
And also  realized  that he was himself Lord Vishnu   who cannot  be destroyed by any one  ,
And in that state   that weapon without attacking Lakshmana  , went round him,
And rose and went  above the sky   and its fire was put out and smoke ceased.

9081,Seeing that the Devas  praised  and danced and   the crowd  of monkeys also danced,
The deva maidens sang   and also danced and the great sages   with happiness told,
“You have become   one who saved  the world  “ and danced with great joy,
And The Lord who rose from the Lotus and one who uses axe as weapon appreciated Lakshmana.

9082. Indrajit saw that   the arrow of Lord Vishnu has gone waste  , got a doubt ,
About who is this Lakshmana  and was astonished thinking    that   he is Lord Vishnu  ,
Who held that  weapon from ancient times.” And further thought  ,
“Whoever he  may be  , let my war come to a good end  and I would not think,
About anything else and decided to   sent Lord Shiva’s great arrow and kill him.

9083.He   decided that   he would sent the arrow of Shiva which   could destroy,
All the worlds  created by Lord Brahma in a very short time  and knowing that,
The crowd of Devas standing  on  the sky  got scared  and trembled,
And all the worlds were distressed thinking   that Lakshmana would die in an instant.

9084”This weapon was  received by him   after   doing several years  of very  hard,
Penance and that God himself had told him , that   it was not available  with anybody else,
And when sent in the olden times  if it is sent   no one could stand against it,
And so there  is absolutely no doubt that it would steal the   soul of  Lakshmana.”

9085.He mentally offered     to that arrow  , flowers  , water , sandal  ,
Good nectar   as well as   smoke  of incense   and stood up   requesting  ,
That arrow “go   and steal the life of that  Lakshmana and come back”,
And with great anger   pulled the string of the tall bow   up to his shoulders  ,
And sent   that arrow of Lord Shiva  which cannot be deterred  by  anything.

9086.Then   spears , axes  , hot arrows  , glowing fire  , poisons,
Serpents, series of thunder   strikes, the forms of God of death  ,
Black ghosts , huge   crowds   of devils   rose everywhere  in the world.

9087.The fire at deluge  followed that   arrow   on one side   and cause suffering,
The   rotating  huge and cruel cyclone   also followed     that  arrow,
And the ocean which was beyond the seven oceans    which had  huge tides,
Came down   and   the darkness which was in that sea , completely covered the   world.

9088. The  great   and famous   devas seeing that arrow    ran away  , the people ,
From groups of sages   said that  this arrow will not miss its aim and decided that,
Lakshmana would die because   of that arrow and became greatly sad,
And due to attaining sorrow   due to being crowded    the monkeys  ,
Thinking that  sorrow would go for a long time   went  and  roamed  ,
All  round the three worlds lighted by the Sun  and moon.

9089.The Great person Vibheeshana   seeing the power   of that arrow  ,
Breathed deeply  due to great fear   and with his body covered   by sweat,
Told Lakshmana  “ Oh best among those who are   valorous .
Oh pure one , Is there a trick   to  prevent   this   great weapon?”
And seeing   the fear of Vibheeshana , the  young lion like Lakshmana  ,
Laughed with sarcasm and  all the monkeys wearing   the war  garland ,
Sought  protection    in the shade of his divine feet.

9090.Seeing with grace  all those   who were  requesting   “protection, “  “Protection  “,
Lakshmana  said, “Do not fear    as I have given you protection “ and raised his hand ,
And further said “I have realized the fear   of earth as well as  heaven ,
And I would never  move away from my duty ,” and decided     to send ,
The arrow of Lord Shiva     with five faces and got  ready,

9091.After mentally  worshipping   that  golden arrow of Lord Shiva  , Lakshamana said.
“Please destroy that   arrow and please do nothing else “, along with the  Arrow of Lord Shiva  ,
He also added another equally powerful arrow and sent them   and they went  ,
And swallowed   all those powerful weapons   in almost   no time.

9092. Seeing that the devas shouted with joy , the  people of earth did likewise,
The people of the upper world played   their drums  , the clouds made great sound,
The oceans roared , the mind of those   who have read  works of art was gladdened,
The Vedas  roared, the lady who said “victory” roared and the sound   raised by all others was huge.

9093.The very able Indrajit   had   sent the powerful arrow of   Lord shiva  ,
Who completely destroys    the earth at deluge and Lakshmana  ,  was capable ,
Of receiving it   and seeing that Indrajit who was   more cruel than the God of death,
Was mentally perplexed and the  strong monkeys whose  legs   did not move,
Realized the truth that  Lakshmana   is himself lord Vishnu.

9094.Indrajit thought, “The divine arrow sent  by me was destroyed   by that Lakshmana  ,
And  thinking about it and  thought “getting mentally dejected  is  a crime to my   valour,
And I have the capacity to send more and more arrows and that  mastery will never fail me.”
And later by the power of his hand he sprayed    several  arrows  and  those   arrows,
Went and struck the forehead   and    strong   shoulders of Lakshmana.

9095.That Indrajit then showered   hundred crores   of arrows   on Sugreeva , the son of hot Sun,
And other valorous ones who without their hands getting worn out were raining  mountains on him,
Thinking that   the   Rakshasa  army would not survive that on slaught ,
And later got very angry at  Vibheeshana the brother of his father who was standing near  Lakshmana.

9096. “You who are holding a  a big and powerful Dandayudha , just like those   who have moved away  ,
From the  rules of the caste , praising those men  and like ignorant slaves saluting and following them,
 And like   a drum being played by a small stick    repeatedly    saying the same   thing ,
Would be killed by me today and  I would roll   your head on floor   and get that  bad name.”

9097.”Even if he were   to  get a status   that  would make the   best of Gods who make ,
The worlds function  fall at   his  feet due to great fear   and get kingship of all the three worlds,
The valorous ones   who can make their armies  never   retreat on defeat  , would never  ,
Wish to lead the life of a slave  , which would give them only bad name  .”

9098.”As long as you live  , all those Rakshasas like   the fishes that  manage to live,
Would fight   as long as their root exists   and  would die along with  king Ravana.
Oh Sir , Only the town called Lanka would be remaining   and only you  ,
Holding to your life would be there   to live in it . For you to become the king ,
Which member   of the Asura clan    would   be there?”

9099.”Does my father   ,who in war made  Lord Vishnu     the father  of Lord Brahma  ,
Who in olden day created all the worlds , get tired   and  pushed him down  ,
Who  lifted  Lord Shiva, the father  of Lord Subrahamanya   along   with ,
The Kailasa  mountain  , rule this world   with the help of  the strength of these men?”

9100.”You who would   be the leader   of all those Brahmin clans   whose   head,
Is Lord Brahma   who sits on the cool lotus flower  would be saluted by the Devas  ,
And you as a slave to men would rule   the wealth of Ravana ,
Where  is respectability   to you  , because   that ceased to exist with us.”

9101.”Who was it who made  others  tell  bad words and they themselves called bad names,
And cut   the  nose  of your sister  ? You would make   your elder  brother Ravana ,
Who has lustrous weapons   along with his relations   get defeated  ,
And make the friends of these agents of death   win  and would live ,
A life of great prosperity  ?Is not a life of a poor   one much better  than that  life.”

9102.”Oh one with victorious shoulders  , On that day when Ravana who has picturesque   ,
Strong shoulders  Rolls on the  dusty earth  after   being hit   by the arrows   of Rama,
As his younger brother  would you also cry and roll on that dust and  fall on his body?
Or Are you going to shout with great joy? Are you going to praise   and salute   that Rama,
For taking away the  life of your brother?  What have    you decided   to do?”

9103.”Are these men in spite of their soul becoming separated    from their body  ,
And got it back by medicinal herbs , capable   of killing   the king of Lanka ?
Would you become   suitable to enjoy   the wealth earned   by that  Ravana?
If   I forget that killing you would cause bad name  , would you not reach heaven by my arrows?”

9104.Hearing all that was said by Indrajit   , that Vibheeshana , after  shaking well,
His head decorated   by flowers , showing   a gentle smile  said, “Sir  ,
Sin is cruel    and Dharma  is always better. Please hear what I have to say.”
And he   started   telling these    words.

9105.”Dharma would   not only assist us but help   us   cross that hell.
And I would  not take the help of sin   and live with inerasable bad name ,
Except going away from lies which came in between , I never deserted   the truth,
And  as soon as the Ravana   the king of Lanka   did a crime , I ceased to be his  younger brother.”

   9106.”I have never taken alcohol, I have never told a lie and I  have never  ,
Taken by force anything from others , I I have never   even imagined  ,
The acts of cheating others    by illusion  and no one has seen me doing a crime.
Do not all of you know   me well ?Have I done any crime   at any time ?
Does going away   from those  who misbehaved with chaste women a  crime?”

9107.”It is a sin to make    the wife  of lord Vishnu,   who is   the leader  ,
Praised   by all the  three worlds   and who is the eldest  God of Gods    ,
And who is  greatly chaste  , sad   and  depressed” When I said this ,
Lord Ravana  with great anger told me to get out ?
Would I again enter   in to that hell once   more?”

9108.”Let that  pleasure which can be sacrificed become only   yours  ,
Who due to cruelty   forsook  Dharma , who desire only that which they desire,
And let  bad name and sorrow   of hell  become   ours , who follow Dharma  ,
Practicing  great culture   which is as per the good conduct  of great people.”

9109.”After knowing the truth as   told by  learned ones    that  “sins can,
Never win over Dharma”  I came and surrendered to that  Rama  ,
Thinking that “it would suit to greatness   of wisdom” and  I am not bothered,
Whether I get fame   or bad names , I get greatness in wisdom  or not”,
Said  that Vibheeshana     who had completely    forsaken anger  .

9110.That Indrajit   who is as hot as thunder  looked at Vibheeshana   and told  ,
“All the greatness    you want to earn  would come to an end with  one of my arrows,
With a crescent tip and where would you proceed    from there  ?”
And chose   an arrow which has feathers like Garuda  and sent it ,
Aiming   at the neck of Vibheeshana who was wearing red gold ornaments.

9111.That  arrow   came like thunder  , like fire  , like the trident  of Lord Shiva  ,
Who swallowed poison   and seeing its speed   the Devas started telling,
Among themselves    that  “Vibheeshana    would die now itself”,
And the generous  Lakshmana   with an arrow in his hand , cut that  arrow.

9112.As soon as the arrow aimed at Vibheeshana was cut off , Indrajit   the death,
To the God  of death  , took a spear   and sent it against  Vibheeshana  ,
And when it  was  coming as if the Sun was falling   and making ,
All the three   worlds tremble  , That Lakshmana who had a bow ,
Built as per science of archery   , made that   spear   in to dust.

9113.Vibheeshana whose anger increased thinking  that , “Indrajit   tried to kill me,
Using a spear”, moving with his feet like wind  he reached  Indrajit ,
And with the  Golden Dandayudha in his hand   killed  the charioteer,
Who was having a threaded   stick in his hand   as well as all horses   drawing the chariot.

9114.And  that Indrajit   who was standing on the   chariot  sent  thousand crores,
Arrows   and wounded the shoulder of Vibheeshana ,the shoulder  of Lakshmana  ,
The chests    of al the monkey warriors and seeing that   that a huge flood  ,
Of blood was    running out of them  , shouted , making  ,,
The universe  losing its boundaries   and  lose its stability.

9115.He who shouted thinking that   unless he  gets a    chariot which cannot be destroyed,
It would not be possible to   fight   further  , before people who were looking at him,
Close and open their eyes, disappeared on the sky , stopping   his words,
In the battle field   and reached   near   Ravana.

27. Indirachithu vadhai padalam

Chapter   on killing of Indrajit.

(After a very great fight Indrajit is killed by Lakshmana first cutting  the axle of his chariot and then the hand holding the bow. Angadha accompanied by Lakshmana reaches   Carrying the head of Indrajit . The Gods give life to all   the dead monkeys.)

9116S,With some one saying that  Indrajit vanished  in the sky  ,  and some others,
Saying  that he would do an act of cheating , making the monkeys stare  at the sky  .
With great sorrow , Indrajit  bleeding from the   wounds of his   body,
Entered the home  of Ravana   and seeing  his great son Ravana told.

9117,”The   arrow on your shoulders  have already   told   me that you did not,
Successfully complete your fire sacrifice , and your body , which cannot be destroyed,
 Is shivering like  that of an old man  and you are like   a serpent  ,
That has been approached   by Garuda , Please tell what happened.”

9118.”Due to my trick and illusion  becoming useless   because  of  your brother,
Vibheeshana informing them the truth  because   Lakshmana with his army  ,
Destroyed the Yagna  and when he was standing with   anger and zest  ,
I also started to fight with him with    all my strength   and send on him,
The three   divine  arrows of the trinity   and he  stopped   them.”

9119.”The long arrow of Lord Vishnu which  I sent   spread all over the earth,
And  went round Lakshmana who was   standing before  me and went away.
Have  we in our possession a more powerful arrow than that?
Due to sin committed by the clan of  Rakshasas  you have earned a terrible enemy?
If that Lakshmana    gets angry  , he alone can completely destroy the three  worlds.”

9120. “”In the dense battle   earlier he did not send the Brahmastra  ,
Because he was scared that the entire world would be destroyed,
And so I sent Brahmastra on him   and won over him and returned.
And even in this battle he did not send   the Brahmastra  on me  ,
He only prevented the Brahmastra  sent by me  and   due to his  ,
Well tied bow ,, he is standing there  with a desire for more war  ,
And has  emboldened  with a  decision to kill me.”

9121.”Because their strength  is great like this , please  leave   your passion,
Towards Sita and by that  their anger would go away  and without fighting with us  ,
They would go away ,They may even pardon the cruel deeds   done by us,
I told you all this due to the great love  that  I have for you  and please ,
Do not think that I am telling this due to fear  towards   them.”
Said Indrajit   who in earlier wars had  made all the worlds upside down.

9122.As soon as he told  like this  , Ravana   the king of Lanka , laughed showing,
Moon light out of his protruding teeth   and shaking all his twenty   shoulders.
“Oh son, it appears  you are not going to war and are avoiding it,
Oh son who is  mentally upset  , do not get scared of men   and become sad.
Today itself using my one bow  , I would win over the  men and come back.”

9123.”I earned this great   enmity   not because  I thought   that all  those,
Who went to the war   early would complete it  or with a thought  ,
That all those    who were alive and could fight the war   would  defeat the enemies,
And return back nor because I thought that “You  are suitable to win over them”,
But  I earned it  because  of the confidence  that    I had in my own prowess.

9124.”Oh son  , you told  unwise words. Upsetting all the worlds   and with my fame ,
Stay with the story  without destruction  and making   all the Devas witness it  ,
Either I would leave this life which is like a water bubble   or  fight  when I have ,
These twenty strong shoulders    where is the question of  my leaving Sita.”

9125 .”Even if I do not win this war  , as long as the name  of Rama,
Who will win exists ,  my name also would be there and I also,
Would  survive   as  long as the   Vedas  survives , is it not?,
Can death be permanently avoided  and is  it not common to all   beings .
People who exist today  will not be there tomorrow but is it true  of one’s fame.”

9126.”As  soon as I release Sita  , Devas   would come near  me and tie me  ,
And do you think that would get scared that  I am Ravana  ? I,  who have  ,
Thrown weapons and waged war  with people  of all the ten directions  ,
Would not die  in a simple  manner   but kill so many and then only die.”

9127.”What is the point in telling so many things? You reach your palace ,
Remove all the arrows struck on your shoulders  , get rid of the sorrow ,
Caused by war   and spend the entire night  “ saying this Ravana  got up,
And like a  very angry tiger   with an open mouth   looked at ,
His charioteer    and ordered    him.

9128. Indrajit looking   at Ravana    who stood up to go to the war,
Saluted both his   feet   and said, “my father  , please  leave out this anger  ,
Please pardon all the decisive words that  I told   you  and ,
Without  getting angry at me  , please excuse  me  If you hear   that,
I went to the war and died  , you would see my words as  good advice “
And got in to his divine chariot deciding  himself to die.

9129.”After putting in his chariot   the secret  knowledge   he had of  sending the weapons,
The several types of weapons needed for the war  and  very many weapons   given by ,
Lord Shiva  to him as mortgage  and after giving in charity    all that he had ,
To those who needed them  , and after glancing several times ,
The cruel Ravana and   getting tears   in both his eyes  Indrajit  went.”

9130”All the Rakshasas of Lanka   speedily came and reached   his chariot ,
And said, “Oh lord who has mountain like   shoulders , we would not go away from you.
If we   are to die, we would   die with you  and when then they  went round him,
Indrajit told them, “Please protect the king, protect the  king , do not get worried,
I would now itself go   and achieve  victory over that  men.”

9131.He was greeted  and saluted by  ladies with dense  hair after coming near him ,
And they after seeing the form of Indrajit  had their mind melted  , their mouth  became dry ,
Some left deep breath and those   who were scared , tried to make him sad by  ,
Their  side long  glances  which was like spear  and Indrajit crossed   that and went for war.

9132.When  Indrajit who went away   from battle field was like this  , Lakshmana  ,
Holding his bow in his hand   was looking all over the wide sky   said,
“Oh Vibheeshana  , the evil  Indrajit must have gone out   as he has not done  anything.”
And when he    was telling like this  , he heard the great   booming sound   of ,
The arrival of a chariot drawn by   one thousand  horses.”

9133.That  matchless  chariot which has wandered over  the three  worlds, powdered  ,
All the hills on the way   in to powder   and looked like the Meru mountain  ,
With several golden flags    was rolling  ,When  it was growing with speed  .,
It was producing  the booming sound of a great thunder  , was scattering light,
Due to the gems    that were used to decorate   it   and it was moving   like the northern fire  ,
Which was drinking away the water   of  the ocean    and coming out.

9134.That  chariot  of the  enemy   was coming making that darkness   in to light  ,
Making the   insides of the  opposing  monkeys churn like churning  of the ocean,
Making the  world sad  , making   the elephants  of all directions  scared   and run away,
With the eight noble  mountains   shake   and making   holes  on the earth.
And the dust raising from its path rising and reaching    the   sky ,
And  making  people who  believe   there is darkness   due to the poison,
Vomited   by the powerful Adhisesha  who was rising  up and came  before Lakshmana.

9135.The Rakshasa army raised a huge shout of joy   and the devas got scared,
The monkey army   due to fear as well as sadness   sweated   all over,
And that Indrajit whose job was killing   sent several   arrows    from his  bow,
And that pure  Lakshmana   went speedily before Indrajit , made joyful shout ,
Making   all the directions tremble   and when he started  participating in that battle  .
The  huge fire   with large   quantity of smoke   filled up everywhere.

9136.Vibheeshana looked at   that pure Lakshmana   saluted him and said, “if that   victorious  ,
And very powerful Indrajit is not killed in this battle   and  if he escapes  like earlier,
You  would not be able to wear the   densely  made garland of victory  made  by Vagai flowers.”
And that pretty Lakshmana   took his huge and  powerful bow   and started   sending ,
Thunder like powerful arrows   one after another , making  the entire world   sorrow  ,
The  huge  mountains to break   and Adhisesha underneath the earth   getting  scared.

9137.At that time Indrajit sent   killer arrows which had fire on its tips   ,
And Lakshmana sent arrows   against them  , But since the fire was burning greatly  ,
Was killing  , the monkeys  got  scattered   and the Rakshasas   were not able to bear  ,
And in all directions there were  people rolling on the earth  who were  numerous  ,
And the arrows   showered by the greatly valorous  Indrajit as well as Lakshmana  ,
Like clouds   and they started sending arrows at   each other ,.

9138.The killer arrows   sent by Indrajit who had fire like eyes   were cut by Lakshmana,
And   fell down as pieces  here and there   and  the arrows  speedily sent by Lakshmana
Who was like a  victorious huge lion went and hit the Rakshasas and  drinking his blood stayed there ,
And the long arrows sent  by Indrajit  hit  the lustrous   armour of  Lakshmana  ,
But  did not   enter  his body   or did not cause him any sorrow, but,
They easily entered the  body of Hanuman  like snakes    entering anthills ,
But that Hanuman who was    carrying Lakshmana was  not aware of them.

9139.When Indrajit   sent arrows aimed at Hanuman  , the  younger brother  Lakshmana  ,
For destroying   the armour being worn  by the poison like  Indrajit   sent several sharp arrows.
And since these arrows made   big holes  on his body  , that Rakshasa   emitting fire from  his eyes ,
Sent several arrows with burning   fire   and they never fell at places    to which he aimed  ,
And here and there were taking rest  and knowing this  Devas    shouted    with joy.

9140.Indrajit thinking that   it would be difficult   to defeat Lakshmana with  arrows,
Took a spear   which was spitting  very hot fire  which was hotter than sun,
And send it ordering it to go with great speed  and that very powerful spear ,
It seems was given to him by son of  Lord Brahma  and Lakshmana    seeing it coming ,
With more light than the day time   took   a very  great arrow   which was more  powerful,
Than the curse  of great saints  , cut  the spear in to two and shouted  with joy.

9141. Due  to thousand arrows sent by Lakshmana entering the body of  Indrajit  like nail,
The  blood from those wounds fell on the ground and  his blood started drying   and,
When the very strong hands   of Indrajit went towards  his quiver  to take arrows,
That Lakshmana of the clan of Sun God  ,using thunder like arrows  .
Cut off   that quiver   which contained    the killer   arrows of Indrajit.

9142.That Lakshmana who clearly understood that   unless   the chariot  is destroyed,
Indrajit cannot be killed , using his great battle ready arrows   tried to destroy it ,
But unable to do it   tried  to  kill the horses   that draw that chariot and not able to do it,
Tried to  cut of the joints  of the chariot   and  was not able   to it and understood,
That  the chariot was very special   and using a hot   killing arrow  ,
Cut off the huge head of the charioteer  and made  him lose his balance.

9143.Due to   the  matchless charioteer  being killed  , that pretty   golden chariot ,
Like  the wisdom  of a person  who   wore the garb of a saint  and found that 
The five  sense were   organs troubling him   and also like   the  perennial chastity  ,
Of prostitutes  , who  sell pleasure of love   as only a   function of the body.

9144, That Indrajit   was seen  as driving those   horses  which jump   and  fly  ,
And using  his own chest as his quiver  by catching the arrows sent   at him ,
And throwing them on Lakshmana    and  Hanuman and  on all those having ,
Shoulders of a wreslter  and shouting after   those arrows  hurt the enemy.

9145.”He is the  most valorous among the valorous   warriors   who stands  ,
First among them  and  this is  the nature   of the one   who establishes  ,
A very great name in valour   and those who  are   great heroes  ,
Would not    get tired  in their valorous nature, “ said the devas ,
And showered  Indrajit with   divine   and golden karpaga flowers.

9146.Lakshmana also thought , “He is throwing back   at me   all the arrows ,
That I have    sent  on him , his hands are  not trembling   and his body ,
As well as soul are not still not confused  , In spite of   crores and crores,
Of powerful arrows sticking to his body  , he does not get even little tired,
And along with him   the  great masculine   capability   would die.”

9147.”He may even drive the chariot and go on the sky   or  stop doing this direct war,
And take recourse   to war of illusion  or he may go to to the sky and merge   ,
With that cloud there and do acts of deceit , Oh valorous  one  ,
This cruel Indrajit    would die   only in the day time  and not at night”

9148.When this was told to Lakshmana by  the younger brother of  the king of Lanka,
He told  , “Except his dying now ,  there is no possibility   of his having a second chance,
Would not the killer arrows of mine  go the place   where    he is?
He has lost his strength   and   I would win over him now .Please see.”

9149.Due to   the red coloured blood   going    very near   the eastern direction,
And   the   thousands of arrows    resembling the    several rays of Sun God,
And also due to  the specialty both   riding on a hot  golden chariot  ,
The Sun rose  in the east  , like Indrajit with his body going to the sky.

9150.The  day had dawned  destroying   the darkness   as well as the  Rakshasas,
And Sun had established himself   as a lamp  giving out rays of light,
And  Indrajit  lost  his strength , along with  his  anger and acts of illusion,
And devas    shouted  all over    the sky , “ That  is already   the one who has   died.”

9151.Vibheshana who  knew what is going  to happen , looked at  Lakshmana,
And told “Oh valorous  one who has pretty shoulders which  is the reason for your perennial fame,
Lord Shiva a Brahmin  who has  the ever sharp   trident  has  given an order  that,
AS long as the chariot   and the   bow in the hand of Indrajit  , which were given by him,
Are  destroyed   , this   cruel one cannot   be killed   in war.”

9152.That Lakshmana who was the leader of the knowledge   of  archery thinking,
“ The cruel green horses drawing his chariot  would not die ,
The wheels of the chariot , which  have  several specialties are strong  and cannot be destroyed,”,
And due to  his command on his  bow  , he removed   the axle pin  of the chariot,
And this made    the wheels of the chariot come out  of its wheels separately.”

9153. Due to destruction of its build   when the   gem studded  chariot  ,
Became  topsy-turvy  , all  the pretty   and great horses   got scattered like the birds ,
On a  huge strong tree   being cut by an axe which was as sharp as   the divine wheel,
Getting   scattered   after   the   tree’s tall thick   stem getting separated  , and became sad.

9154. Indrajit   standing on the platform of the destroyed   chariot , carried from there ,
All the weapons which were there   and rained   them on Lakshmana   but when  Lakshmana ,
Destroyed all of them by  his arrows  , even before  another   word  could be spoken,
Indrajit rose in to the sky   and shouted as if   to  break all the three worlds ,
But no one was able to see   him but  only   heard   his voice  .

9155.That Indrajit   who had shoulders used to wrestling   and had the colour  of  black cloud ,
After   staying in the cloud caused a   rain of stones   using the boon that  he obtained earlier  ,
And at that time   the monkeys who were   not able to know how  to escape  ,
Fell down     on the earth     with their  heads  and body  getting damaged.

9156 The  young warrior Lakshmana   due to Indrajit  going and   hiding in the clouds,
Without either seeing the   rain of stones or Indrajit  , Just like  Lord Trivikrama ,
Covering all   the sky by   his huge  form . went on shooting   very powerful arrows .”

9157.Due  to those arrows  sent to   all the directions   were  masked   but  unlike him,
Indrajit got his  prowess reduced  and  stood like a red cloud shedding blood,
In between  the dark collection of clouds   and  Lakshmana   who was ,
Covering the entire space   and  thought   like this.

9158. “Though the bow of Indrajit   is divine   and cannot be  cut by my arrows,
The strong  mountain like shoulders   of Indrajit can definitely be cut  “
Thinking  like this  , he bent his strong   bow   and with an arrow  ,
Which has tip like  moon’s crescent  he  cut   and made the shoulders   fall on earth,
The  hand of Indrajit  decorated  with invaluable gems and the bow he was holding.

9159.As soon    as the arrow which was like the moon’s crescent in the   sky ,
With a cruel mouth   and   with nature of burning   hit that  Indrajit ,
Just like   the very speedy storm at final deluge   breaking  the clouds  ,
As well as rain bow and making them fall,  made fall the huge hand  ,
Of Indrajit   which was decorated    by great gems from the  sky.

9160.Just like   the Adhisesha who carries   the   earth   biting   the crescent,
Which is part  of the moon  , along   with the cruel bow held  tightly ,
By his  pretty fingers  , the  very pretty shoulder   of Indrajit  ,
Fell on the earth  ,  where  stones and  trees as well  as dead  monkeys  were lying.

9161. The Devas   who were standing on the sky watching   the battle  , thought,
“When the sun fell down   and moon did not fall down  and  when  the huge Meru mountain,
Was standing   without breaking , if the   shoulder  of Indrajit got cut and fell,
It goes to prove the useless   nature  of some people    considering the life,
 Which keeps on   changing like   the wheels of the  chariot   as stable.”

9162.Due to the arrow of Lakshmana   who was   as strong as the  God of Dharma,
The son of Ravana   who does not think that  telling a lie is a great crime  ,
But a simple action  and whose mind was  so black, that  the Kajal  thought  ,
That   his mind was more black than it   lost his diamond like    hand ,
And seeing that the Rakshasas    sorrowed as if their head has  been cut off.

9163.When the Rakshasas   got upset on seeing   the cut hand  of Indrajit fall down,
The monkey army rose and made   joyous sound  ansd using   their nail that  can kill  ,
Their teeth, trees   and huge mountains   killed  all  the Asuras    with bent teeth,
Without leaving  from any one , just like  new  houses were constructed in the golden land.

9164.Indrajit who was as black    as the water  rich black clouds  , carrying the   trident,
He got with the  blessing of Lord Shiva    with red body and a neck blackened by poison,
With a desire to throw it on Lakshmana   appeared  and said , “I would not die  ,
Unless  I kill you   whose real form cannot  be guessed   by your exterior form.”

9165Indrajit came   there  similar to the storm at the  final deluge  ,
Similar to thunder  ,Similar to the northern fire   similar   to ,
The coming near  of God of death    along with his    spear  ,
And this was seen by Lakshmana   the younger  brother of Rama ,
And  he decided that the time has  come to cut off his head.

9166.Saying ”If the one who is explained   by the Vedas   , one who is fit   to be,
Saluted by Brahmins   is  Rama   the   real form of  Dharma  is true  ,
Please kill this Indrajit who has    teeth like the crescent of the moon  “,
Lakshmana   took a crescent tipped arrow , kept it on his bow,
And released   it with all   his strength and because   of that  ,
He   stopped the    destruction of the   entire world by Rakshasas.

9167.That God like arrow   sent by Lakshmana   went putting to shame  ,
The divine  wheel of Lord Vishnu  , The  Vajrayudha   of Indra  ,
The fearsome  trident of Lord Shiva who has fire like eyes ,
And   the great Brahmastra  , with fire    burning    at its tip,
And cut off   the head of Indrajit   and Devas made a rain of flower.

9168.Even before   that cut head   went and hit the sky and   reached  the  floor,
Like the  moving cloud  hit by   the storm  falling   down  with lightning and thunder ,
The body  of that  thief  Indrajit holding a trident and  struck by several arrows  fell down.

9169.Making one think that   Sun itself has fallen with two crescents of the sky  .
With two lustrous   ear globes   with a collection   of red curly  tuft hair like   red hot rays ,
On our earth  , the head  of Indrajit with two  bent teeth , two ear globes  ,
And   with    reddish   tuft   of  hair   fell on this    earth.

9170. Like the inner feelings   and faultless   sense organs   as well as mind ,
Getting destroyed  as  soon as the soul going out  of the  body .
All the Rakshasas  with sharp teeth  , unable to do anything further  ,
Left all   the weapons they had there and ran towards Lanka with compound wall .

9171. Due to the death of Indrajit   who is the best among   warrior archers,
The Devas   became happy thinking  “that kingship   of Ravana would not function”,
Removed  their cloths   and waved them in the sky  and shouted with joy,
And they looked   like   the Gods of that religion who  has taken the penance of not killing(jains)  .

9172.The  first God Vishnu   who grants boons  , the generous Lord Shiva holding a  deer,
Indra , and the Devas  who consider them as their leaders  and knew all the four Vedas ,
Came to earth  and stood there showing themselves  and because   ,
Their heart was filled with generosity ,    they did not hide their forms,
And all the monkeys    were   able to see them by their own eyes.

9173,The saying of wise people that , “those who follow Dharma  cannot be destroyed “,
Is really great and all those monkeys  whose heads were shattered   by the arrows  ,
And who were killed by the evil Indrajit in the battle   field ,
Due to the blessings   of those gods   got back their life and got up,.

9174.Angadha the son of Vali   carried the head of Indrajit which was cut off from  his body 
In his hand   and walked  with very great joy  first  and the crowd of Devas  ,
Who had assembled in the  sky   went on showering flowers   and ,
Lakshmana  who was being carried by Hanuman walked  in the shade of those  flowers.

9175.Seeing that scene Indra with  thicker shoulders  with reduced   bad name ,
With hair which was  straight up  , with    face  shining like   moon,
With  the sorrow in his mind completely removed  , with increasing   fame ,
And with   heightened  joy started    telling.

9176.” I who was lamenting    that like the stain   on the  moon shining at night  ,
The bad name that  I have earned would never go away from me  ,
Now due to the generosity of an archer  , has been cleaned   of that scar  ,
And  also got rid of my emptiness   which  was with me   till now  .
Is  there any problem for me to get back my royal wealth ?Is there any more insult?”

9177.Seeing that Angadha   who is the  boy who got the grace  of Rama,
Who was born in the clan of Sagaras     who dug the ocean   carrying ,
The head of  evil  Indrajit who won  over me in a victorious war  ,
Making the head of Asuras  bend  , My head started looking up  ,
And now I will also take up my royal      white umbrella.

9178.The Rama   who could give boons with a very troubled mind  thinking that,
“Lakshmana    aided by Dharma   would definitely win over   that  Indrajit,
Aided by illusion   and return”   was observing penance   ,
And was holding on his soul like  his other  brother  Bharata  ,
And was anxiously     waiting  for the arrival back of his brother.”

9179. Were the tears that   he was  shedding from his eyes , expecting  eagerly,
The arrival of his younger brother  from the battle field with victory,
Due to his love ?or  due to  crying because of sorrow?  Or due   to great joy?
Or   due  to his mercy that  will melt even bones?  Who can say?

9180.Then  Angadha   kept before the divine feet of Rama   who was,
Shedding tears  incessantly out of his eyes   with joy and happiness ,
That   head with shining    , red fire like   and  red sky like  hair  ,
Which was glittering  in sun light  and with  the  open  mouth,
Which had been tightly folded, pressing  his lips    with  his teeth as a tribute.

9181.Rama who  became joyous  remained silent    and looked at the Head ,
Of Indrajit kept before him  and then the  pretty  mountain like shoulders of his brother ,
Which had been hugged by goddess  of victory  and then the great  strength  of Hanuman,
The great strength of the bow in hand of Lakshmana  , the devas  shouting with joy ,
And then he    would see   the greatness   of the killing made by Lakshmana  .

9182.That Rama who had  nothing separately to himself  hugged his  brother  ,
Who  saluted   his divine feet  ,  getting   the red blood flowing  out  ,
Of the chest and shoulders   of Lakshmana   and looked like  the black clouds  ,
Intermingling with the red sky   and like   early morning light spread on a black hill.

9183.He then said, “ Oh Lakshmana   due  to your winning over Indrajit  , I felt  happy ,,
Feeling that  Sita who is like a flowering creeper  and who is the daughter  of Janaka  , guarded ,
By   the  elephants with rut   which playfully move and shake  , has come nearer to me,
And you have  made true   the saying    in this  world    created   by Lord Brahma  ,
Who has   the scented  lotus flower   as his home  that,
“Any one who possesses a  younger brother  , would not be afraid of war.”

9184.He then removed the quiver that was hanging on  the  shoulder of Lakshmana  
Untied the rope tying  the armour    which was    covering his chest  and tied to his shoulders  ,
And then after   speedily removing that armour   and cured    the wounds  ,
Created   by the enemy by softly rubbing them and hugging them , so that no scar could be seen.

9185. That Rama who was wearing garland of fully open flowers  looked at  Lakshmana ,
And told the truth  that  ,” Oh best among males  , this victory    is not because of you , nor  is it,
Due  the very strong cultured Hanuman   and not because  of other  Gods ,
AS it is ‘a  victory given by Vibheeshana” and after praising like this  he  joyfully stayed there.


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