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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 9

Yudha Kandam (contd)

21.Brahmathira Padalam

Chapter    on Brahmastra

(AS requested by Ravana Indrajit comes for war again. In the great war   when Lakshmana wants to kill Indrajit  by using Brahmastra, Rama stops him.  Indrajit decided to use Brahmastra   to kill Lakshmana and others. Vibheeshana goes away to collect food and Rama to worship the weapons. Indrajit requests Ravana    to send a huge army to divert the attention of Lakshmana. Lakshmana and the monkeys complexly destroy that army. Meanwhile  Indrajit does worship to Brahmastra , hides himself in the sky and   sends  that great arrow. All the army  including Lakshmana die. Rama comes   back and wails.)

8441.Hearing about the death of   son of Khara  and the killing of Rakthaksha  by Nala  ,
By stamping on his head   and death of Singan   and the burden of his army  ,
Being reduced  from the world   from the emissaries , Ravana who had moved away ,
From justice   told, “Go and bring    my son    Indrajit with great haste.”

8442,They approached  Indrajit     and told him  , “your  father has summoned   you “,
 And Indrajit   who had      healthy shoulders    like a mountain  asked,
“Have all the Rakshasas who had gone to the war died?”   and they said,
“Among the people sent by Ravana    who else   except you have returned?”
And again told him what  all  had happen and Indrajit came to his father’s place  with haste.

8443.He saluted Ravana and told him,  “Father   do not get sad  that your sons have   died,
You would witness my prowess today  ,  Sita  wearing ear globes   as well as the Devas   would see  ,
The  heaps  of bodies of countless   number   of monkeys   and dead bodies  of the  men .”

8444.Then he went   round his father, saluted him   sat on a long chariot   which  travels,
Through the sky    and which is pulled by one thousand lions   and  had a  golden flag,
 And after beating the war drums    he departed    to the   battle field  and along with him,
Sixty vellams of army wearing   garland of victory    and who were armed   with sword,
Crores of elephants, horses  ,  and    chariots    went in a very big crowd.

8445.The following instruments     were then played- Kumbikai  , thimilai  , chendai
Big drums   Kotti  , Pambai  ,  drums tied by  leather belts  , conches, Panavam,
Kambali , urumai  , thakkai, karadigai   , Thudi, Vei  , kandai  , Ambali ,
Kanuvai  , OOmai     and Chagadai     and they gave rise to big sound.

8446 The sound of  the collection of drums kept on the elephants  , the bells which were  ,
Tied on the wheels of chariots   giving rise to alternate    sound  , The horses,
Wearing the   garland of bells   and  the heroic anklets    and garlands  worn by  respectable ,
Warriors   holding big flags   spread    up to the sky   and were like   tides of sea.

8447. The sound coming out of conches  ,  pipes  , Aakuli  , Kalam with its  high tone,
The sound from the Peeli  ,   the sound of flute  , the roar  of the lions ,
The neighing of  horses  , the   thunder like sound from chariots , the sound ,
From the cloud like elephants   which had huge  trunks  were  unlike the sound of clouds .

8448,  The sweet music   from  the various instruments which reminded   of the sound of musical poems,
Which was  like honey , The music from the strings   of veena    which had  sweet taste  of sugar candy,
The honey like music   from good Yaazh which is  like    the humming of the bee   ,
Were causing  joy , very much like the nectar   eaten by the   Devas  of heaven.

8449.The sound of twang of the string of the bow, the sound of   challenge by warriors,
The high sound of rebuking  heard  like “ol”, the sound  of the  conversation of warriors,
The thunder like sound produced when  they sigh  ,  the   huge sound raised   ,
When they pat their soldiers   which is heard for  a long distance  , the “kal” sound,
Produced   when they walk with speed   masked the great sound produced by the ocean.

8450. When  the four types   of ocean like  army was marching ahead, the dust raised,
From the   wide earth   rose to the sky and   due to its blowing , the deva ladies,
Who had come to see the ocean like army of Indrajit , had dust blown,
In to their lustrous wide   eyes   which was like ocean of milk  and created  ocean  of tears in them.

8451. That Indrajit  who had earlier   made    the   Devas   shiver  , was surrounded ,
By   thousand crores   of chariots   which were  as great and as pretty    as,
The city of Indra  and he himself rode   on a matchless   golden chariot ,
Was looking   like the Sun  which is   circled   by planets   with pure light.

8452. He then reached the battle field   with his huge army   which cannot be counted,
And which does not retreat   and set    the army in a formation  looking like,
Andril bird  which had neck , body  , leg , nail   and tail  and was ready   for the battle,

8453.Then he   took the  right whorled   conch similar   to   God of death,
Which was given to him as tribute    when king  Indra was defeated ,
Which  had the   sound   of the seven oceans  , at the time of final deluge  ,
And blew in to it  making    the devas   scared   and all the directions    shatter.

8454. The great army    of monkeys when they heard   the sound from the conch,
Dispersed like    the animals in the forest when the roar of a lion enters  their ears,
And started   running helter-skelter   and at that   time  Indrajit  ,
Twanged   the string of his bow  which was  like the  bow,
Of Lord Shiva which was    the Meru mountain itself .

8455.The membranes    of the ear  got torn for all the monkeys   due to that sound  ,
Also their chest   was broken . Their   legs which cannot go further   ,
With enthusiasm turned   back  , the trees   and mountains   in their hand  slipped and fell,
They started   shivering, their mouth got dried up   and with  hairs   standing erect  ,
They were  murmuring  “would we not all die   soon?”

8456. That Sugreeva    who is the son of Sun God      with red lustrous rays  .
Hanuman the son of wind God, monkey called Angadha  , Rama,
Lakshmana  and Vibheeshana with  eyes and  crown made   of several gems ,
Were   the only people  who were standing   in the battle field ,
Because  all other monkeys   had run away scared  of their life.

8457. When only the great    money army chiefs   were    standing with stability  ,
The very strong ocean of monkey army , similar    to    the ebbing water  ,
Which breaks its banks  ran away and seeing that   the  Rakshasa army  ,
Joyfully   shouted in a    very loud voice   like the  ocean at final deluge  ,
Became   greatly enthused  , and occupied all directions  ,
Without leaving     any space and Rama and Lakshmana   ,
And the other   monkey chiefs    were  inside the Rakshasa   army.

8458. Rama climbed  on the strong  shoulders of Hanuman wearing ,
Gem and flower garlands    which wave  and Lakshmana   brother  of Rama,
Climbed up the   mountain like shoulders    of  the victorious son of Vali,
And devas  blessed them showering   flowers    without any let off.

8459.Riding on the shoulders  of Hanuman and Angadha   who are  both capable.
To make fall   the Meru mountain  if it is visible to their eyes,
Who were both wearing  shining    flower garlands  and  who were both valorous,
And were holding the bow  ,  were    similar to Lord  and Lord Vishnu  ,
When they ride   on an elephant   and Garuda    respectively.

8460Those valorous monkeys who were    chiefs   of  huge army of monkeys ,
Having Neela as their commander  were   carrying  in their hands  palm trees,
Mountains which were uprooted by them  and when they were   about to attack the Asuras,
Rama   who is the son of Dasaratha  who  is the king   who protected  the earth and heaven,
Thinking  of the     future war that would take place,  stopped those  monkeys and told them.

8461”When the cruel  Indrajit attacks you with divine weapons  , they cannot be stopped,
By mountains and trees   as they do not have    the power   to stop them,
And you also do not have strength to receive them  and bear   them,
And so please    give us the front row so that   we can attack and defend ,
And you  be behind us and please   so our expertise   as long  as this army exists.

8462 AS  per the wishes of Rama   Neela and other chiefs   stood in the second row  ,
And Rama and Lakshmana who has masculinity  kept on sending    arrows at,
The chariots with rolling wheels on the horses  , on the mountain like elephants ,
Which had worn the mask   and the Rakshasas   who were dark as night of deluge.
That rain of arrows   which went like thunder  from their bows ,
Made the devas who do not blink their eyes wonder   whether it was deluge.

8463.What  is there for us to tell  about   the   killing of the Rakshasas
Who came in several vellams to fight with them  within  the time  ,
To close and open the   eye? Is there   any other comparison to  it  ,
Other than     the incident of Shiva with Parvathi  on  his one side  ,
By using the bent arrow of Meru mountain  destroyed the three   cities?

8464.The things that fell on the ground kept on falling  and one can only see ,
The quantity   but seeing that war   it would be difficult    to   say,
Which of them is dead and which of them have not   and this war  ,
Done by both of them   was    being watched   by Indrajit   who  was  ,
The hero among heroes    standing on his   chariot  with his bow kept on it.

8465, Due to  heap of the corpses touching the sky hiding the battlefield,
Indrajit was taken aback   and was worried  “whether   elephants have   died?”
“Whether chariots  have broken”  , He felt sad that   “the great horses ,
Which were   great because of the valour have all died” and also  worried that,
“There  were   no Rakshasa   who was a warrior    with sword left  to remove the bodies.”

8466.”The people who were fighting   the horrific  war were only two  but , if we count,
The number of warriors    destroyed  without any doubt  , it would be sixty vellam,
They are not people  who curse “let  all these people die” but  they were ,
Not  killing   by the power   of their great  bow so that  their strength would be known,
“What   a   great magic is this ?”thought    Indrajit.

8467. Indrajit    would   stare  at   the   torrential rain   of arrows, he would stare ,
At the flowing river   of blood  , he would see the top of   the mountain  ,
Of bodies    that   touched the land of devas  , he would   see heaps  ,
Of pearls ejected    by cutting of tusks of elephants   and then,
He    would   stare     at the pretty shoulders   of Rama and Lakshmana  ,

8468. He would  look  at the mountains   and then he   would   see  similar ,
Mountains of  the cut    heads  of Rakshasas   which had staring eyes  ,
Which touched the heavens   and think about   the  arrow power ,
Of those valorous ones    who    cut those   heads  and then he would stare ,
At the scattered weapons  of  his warriors which were scattered   like fire sparks,
In the battle field and then he would    think of their arrows   which did it ,
And then he would hear     the twang sound  which created   a thunderous sound.

8469.He would   understand and stare   at the speed of the arrows    of those   two,
Which cut  off   thousands of chariots , thousands of victorious elephants   and thousands of the heads of the Rakshasas    and still went further  and then   he   would think  ,
About the great area    of the battle field  and the arrows that  did transverse that area.

8470.He would think about   the various weapons thrown and sent by bow.
By the sixty vellam asuras   had   only became ashes  like a forest burnt by   fire,
And were   not able to reach anywhere   near  enemy    or hit them.

8471. He saw   the Rakshasa  ladies  hearing the death of their husband  ,
Rushing to the battle field   falling   on the bodies   of their husband  ,
And becoming dejected   like  koels falling   on the ground   and muttering.
And showing  the affection   and    mercy  on their  faces,
He would see the bodies which had  heads   which shouted like    thunder  ,
Dancing  all over the battle field  and also saw  birds   ,
Trying to peck at the corpses keeping away scared   of those bodies.

8472. He will tell that   there are endless   crores  of Angadhhas  , and to this Hanuman,
There  would   be no place  left in all the worlds, he   will say.  Not able   to understand,
The speed of war  of the  lion  like Rama and Lakshmana   , he thought,
Have  only these   two people   filled    up every where ?

8473. He would   see   the Devas   who shout with joy   and then   he would,
See   them showering flowers   on  Rama and Lakshmana  , he would then see ,
His throbbing left shoulder   and he would also see   the large number ,
Of Bodies of Asuras    in whichever    direction he saw  and also see ,
The bodies of elephants     being dragged   in the river of blood.

8474. Those monkey  army which had  speedily run away    earlier  ,
In spite of seeing thousand crores   chariots  and Asuras getting destroyed,
And also  personally  seeing  the destruction  of other armies  ,
Due to their fear   to  Indrajit riding   the golden chariot   did  not come back.

8475. The son of  Anjana Hanuman   seeing the   sixty vellam    army  ,
Which could stand in the   battle ground   getting destroyed   and seeing ,
The act of Rama and Lakshmana   opposing in war one thousand   crores  of Asuras,
Standing on their immeasurable   chariots , patted   his  immeasurable shoulders 
And   made great sound .

8476.  Hearing  the thuder like shouts of Hanuman   in that   very dense,
Battle  field  , some of the asuras who rode     in chariots  lost their life ,
There itself and some others   threw the weapons in their hands ,
Were trying to run away and  in the city   of Lanka   enclosed  in golden walls ,
And those  who were still  alive vomited    blood.

8477.Indrajit who had a body which was  blacker  than  the clouds   said  “those  who got,
Disturbed    by this   simple shout  and got scared   because  it can go back now  ,
How    can  those  who are   scared   lot  continue      this hot war for along  ,
With the dead soldiers you too have lost your souls” and he angrily stared at them ,
And came for with    Rama and Lakshmana    all alone.

8478. As soon as Indrajit   angrily told like this, then   those thousand crores chariots  ,
Made great sound    and   entered   the battle field  making   the elephants  ,
Of the eight directions got scared  , with the stars   in the sky getting powdered ,
And the devas   getting greatly scared, due to   the depth in which  their wheels were going in.”

8479.Lakshmana the younger brother   holding the bent bow  in his reddish hand  ,
And who was  like a male lion   saluted   Rama   and told him “The world would ,
Find fault with me for getting tied by the Naga Pasa , thinking  that , I have been defeated   in war .”

8480.”It has been established   that  I do not have  power to save my friends,
Could not remove the tie of Naga Pasa    done using illusion , does  not know,
How to achieve victory fighting with enemies and did not   know how to give up his life.”

8481.”Oh Lord , who can make others live  , if I do not cut the    head ,
By my arrows    the head of Indrajit    who has won  over Indra
Then I would prefer to become feast of God of death  ,
Rather than be termed as    the last among    valorous   heroes.”

8482,”Oh  Lord   who wears the   golden heroic anklets   and ,
Have the pretty shoulders wearing other gold ornaments ,
If I am able to cut the head of Indrajit   who  does not follow  Dharma ,
And make it fall  , my  assistantship with you would become  praiseworthy.”

8483. “Oh Lord   who rules   with great speed  , even while    the world,
Is witnessing  , if my strong arrow does not cut off   his head,
I would tell you finally , let the result of my assistantship to you go away.”

8484.When Lakshmana    who is an expert in usage of words   told these,
The monkeys shouted in joy, “we will now get rid of our  problems .
And all the beings   of the limitless worlds also shouted in joy,
The God of good dharma     also shouted   and the god of death danced.

8485. Rama with eyes  resembling lotus flower  , hearing that ,
With a lustrous  smiling   face  said ,”Oh  wise brother  ,
You have decided   that   you would kill the enemy  and   due to that ,
The gods who look after  and destroy would lose their job and have to keep quiet,
And   in this world  , what can   ever happen against your   words?”

8486.Hearing that  Lakshmana saluted    the feet of Rama   and said  ,
“Please see me destroying  all the chariots   and   the Rakshasas,
Who are  surrounding this place  now itself. Please see that.”
And  with grat joy Lakshmana      rose up to fight    the war.

8487.Angadha    shouted   similar   to thunder  and due to that  ,
The clouds in  the sky shivered  , the lions drawing   ,
The chariot of   Indrajit became   scared, the  sound of the sea ,
Went back  and the conch of the consort of Lakshmi   boomed .

8488. The Rakshasas threw  Yezhus, axes  , wheels  , spears  , iron rods  ,
Maces with great power  , tridents, spears   with three leaf structure  ,
Sharp kappanas  , slingshots   and Kannagas    with a speed,
Which was twice     that of the torrential rain from sky.

8489. All those weapon   which came as  if they    will hide  ,
The earth  as well as the sky , due to the power   of arrows of Lakshmna,
Who was   looking like God of love who  belonged   to the summer,
And like the stars     from the sky  falling  down together,
Were cut in to pieces  and powdered.

8490.By the arrows    sent  one time by Lakshmana    thousand  chariots,
Fell down breaking their axles and the jumping  horses died,
Their charioteers     died and removing fear the big head ,
Of those who travel on the chariot would be cut  , fire would,
Rise from spots hit by those arrows and the smoke ,
Rising from there  would rise up and the world will burn.

8491.  Due to  his arrows, the bottom of the chariots    would get damaged .,
The  rod connecting   the huge wheels of chariots  would fall down,
Huge bows would break  , the chest wearing armour  of the warriors ,
Would  split  , the flags    would get cut , the umbrellas would get cut  ,
The heads of victorious would get cut  , the drums of victory would be torn,
And like   this without  leaving out anything , everything  were damaged.

8492.  Due to things being cut and scattered  mixed all  over  the battle field  ,
It was not possible to identify  the cut body parts    or identify   the type of ,
Chariots and horses , or identify this one was king  , these   were  warriors  ,
And these   were   the others in the battle field  .

8493.The heads   that were   cut by  his arrows rose   up along with the arrow  ,
And the  big heads of sons fell on the chariots of their father  ,
And heads of the fathers fell on     the chariot  of sons and broke them.

8494  .  The big hands of the Rakshasas   wearing the pretty garland of Thumbai flowers ,
Were cut while they were taking    the arrows from   their  quiver  along with their bow,
And  were like the red eyed fish along with horns   wandering in the red  water of blood.

8495.Due to  being cut by the  arrows whose  nature was cutting and removing ,
 The   flags  , umbrellas and others    which had    fallen down   were ,
Near  the huge    scary heaps of corpses  and  the birds,
Which  crowded    to eat them was   of varying    types.

8496.With  THavisu  , arrows  chariots   huge bent bow and other weapons  ,
And flags which were thrown on   the elephant   were seen as firewood ,
To the eyes of those who are dead   and  the fire of anger   .
Being spit out by their eyes   burnt their bodies    with those  ,
And the ghosts      ate their cooked     flesh with great relish.

8497.Some wheels of the chariots  broke in the middle and scattered,
Some chariots which were caught   by each other   due to   their,
Ropes being cut   overturned  , the horses   tied to certain chariots  ,
Fell down and rolled   on earth    and other chariots   with the driver ,
And warriors getting slain were   moving    emptily.

8498.Some   chariots      decorated    with several  lustrous   gems   which throw ,
Rays of light   due to their getting drowned in blood   had   a  red light  m,
Bathing all over them   and resembled    the mansions   of Sri Lanka  ,
Which were drowned in fire   making    the Rakshasas upset and sad.

8499.At that time Rama who was riding on Hanuman asked    him to go  ,
In the front   and rained   sharp arrows like a torrential rain  and due to  ,
That  all the chariots of Rakshasas fell upside down like  ,
Planes travelling in the sky   and the son of Ravana became alone with his  chariot.

8500.  Seeing  several animals    along with horses   which were   drawing   the chariots  ,
Lying dead along with   the mountain like    heaps    of Rakshasa   bodies  ,
The  son of Ravana  , became greatly    angry at Rama and Lakshmana ,
Who destroyed them with their arrows   and  without  retreating told.

8501. “Are   both of you together   fighting against me   or do you want to  ,
Give your souls one by one   or do you want  to fight     along    with your,
Monkey army   and die   and please chose  one proper  option and tell me  .
I would give you whatever you want”   said  Indrajit with very great anger .

8502.”With sword   or strong arrows   or by   wrestling   or  by   use of  ,
By any of     the   weapons of battle    that are used  ,
Along with  my strength in fighting  , I would fight    against you  ,
With a view to take away your soul  . This is my oath  ,
And it is definite   , Said Lakshmana    looking at Indrajit.

8503. “ Going against the order of things  , without killing   your elder   brother,
First  I would kill you and kill him    later to that  , thus killing   younger brother ,
Before the elder brother  ,If I do not do that  , what is the use  ,
Of my being   born to Ravana  “ Said Indrajit  looking at Lakshmana.

8504.”Making the meaning of your name Lakshmana    as proper ,
I would make you the Lakshya(aim)    of my   strong arrows and  even if  ,
The God of death who rides on Buffalo interferes in the middle of the battle  ,
I would remove his valour   and this would be seen by your elder brother   Rama.”

8505.  “With you both archers    who killed   the  sixty vellam   army   of Rakshasa,
Pitying   and in front of you  , I would kill   the seventy Vellam army  ,
Of monkeys who brought me bad name  within a second  ,
By one arrow    and make    this word    bare   without monkeys.”

8506. “I am not like Kumbhakarna  whom you killed in battle   or ,
One like   my younger brothers   and if I am the son of Ravana  ,
I am having matchless   ability   to kill you   and  I ,
Would do oblations   to my younger brothers   and  to my  father’s brother ,
 With the    blood taken out    from both   of you.”

8507.”For doing oblations    to all of you   who go by the name of Rakshasas,
And make you all get a good life in heaven  , Vibheeshana has   joined us,
The rituals of death     that you are supposed   to perform  ,
To your father Ravana   would be done  by him to you after   great sorrow  “ said Lakshmana.

8508. When Lakshmana told like this  , That Indrajit who had very sharp teeth  ,
Became greatly agitated and sent  arrows with lustrous    tips  ,
Which are capable  of   drinking the  milk ocean of   souls of monkeys,
Making   the sky the earth    and different directions    not visible ,
With two    times    the speed    of   torrential   rain.

8509. That son of Ravana   sent one thousand arrows on Angadha   and two thousand,
Arrows   on  Hanuman who had   hot eyes   and   countless    arrows  on,
The other warriors who resembled   the lion   and filled up,
The entire    battle ground only        with his arrows.

8510.Indrajit the son  of Ravana    went on showering  like rain   hot arrows  ,
Aimed at the bodies of Lakshmana and Rama  , the  monkey warriors  ,
Who were experts in war    so that  they will pierce them and give o pain to them,
And the   very strong bow   of  Indrajit   was like   the  bent crescent of  moon  in the sky,
 And he    went on showering these   arrows  for one nazhigai time.

8511.When Indrajit who was wearing tight lower cloth   sent   arrows aimed at  ,
The face , the top   and on   both sides of   Rama   and Lakshmana  ,
Like the hot rays  of Sun   at the noon time  , fearing to see   awesome ,
Result   of the arrows   emanating    from the    hands of Indrajit  ,
 The Devas   closed   both their eyes     with   their hands.

8512. The lion like Lakshmana     who was    the younger brother   of Rams,
Speedily   entered the battle   and prevented  and destroyed    the arrows ,
Which had hit him  and which had  not  hit him   and sent   suitable number,
Of arrows   and destroyed   all    the   divine   arrows  sent by Indrajit  ,
Like the lies      which have been told   by an ignorant   person.

8513.   Rama who was generous   thinking   that it is not proper  Dharma ,
To interfere   in the one to one war between Lakshmana and Indrajit,
Did not  send any arrows but did not part     from Lakshmana  ,
And stood    behind him     doing  nothing  and  in the war  ,
No one saw  both of them winning over   each other  ,
As the arrows   send by both of them got   burnt like firewood   in the sky.

8514. Since both     their arrows   were spreading fire   on both sides ,
And going   , the forests  caught   fire  and burnt  ,
Huge fat mountains started   burning , the   golden  homes of the city burnt  ,
The inside of the  clouds got burnt and world   burned like   deluge.

8515,Lakshmana , who is Adhi Sesha   who left  his bed  and was  born as  the brother  of Rama,
Destroyed the poison which was   coming   more than water   by his arrows,
And killed all the lions   which pull the   chariot of Indrajit ,
Through    the river of blood    with  male crocodiles.

8516.When the chariot was destroyed   Indrajit who did  not have ,An alternative chariot  ,
Was looking like   the Sun when the planets    surrounding him are destroyed  ,
With an aim of destroying  all   monkeys on earth   with great enmity  ,
Sent  several powerful arrows similar to   the  spear which destroyed   Soorapadma.

8517. Standing   on the damaged   chariot   he sent  countless  powerful arrows,
Aimed at piercing   the    shoulders   of Lakshmana   and also   hurting  ,
The victorious    Angadha     who was wearing     floral    garlands  ,
And later   boomed his matchless   conch making the  entire  world tremble.

8518.  That Lakshmana  who is like a male lion   sent ten  speedy and hot arroes  ,
Which went like thunder   at the matchless   son of Ravana who made  ,
Sound with the   conch   so that     his armour    gets   broken ,
And also twanged     the string   of  his bow   and produced  great sound.

8519. That  Rama of the colour of black cloud  , shedding tears   of joy  ,
From his lotus   like eyes   with smile break   in his face  like the moon light  ,
 From the moon of the waxing  period  , said  using his mouth  
which swallowed  the universe “Raise    your voice joyously”,
And the monkey warriors   shouted   making  ,
People of the world shiver   that this universe  has broken,

8520. Then before they could blink their eyes   Indrajit   went ,
And disappeared   in the sky  and the very learned  Lakshmana   ,
Not able to find the location of Indrajit  and thinking   that,
If Indrajit escapes from there  , he would destroy the   entire monkey army  ,
Decided   that there was no option except   use  of Brahmastra,
And explained it to Rama    who is lord  Vishnu   with   the wheel.

8521. When Lakshmana full of good nature    told like this  , Rama  ,
Who is the witness  of everything  looked    at his brother  and reminded,
“Oh Lakshmana who never slips    away from Dharma  , If , as you told,
Send  the  Brahmastra   , it would not   only kill that  Indrajit  ,
But it would    also destroy   the three    worlds  “   and his good natured brother  ,
 Desisted    from doing   the act  of using Brahmastra.

8522. That evil one who had disappeared   in the sky   understanding   their mind,
Made necessary  acts to send the divine  Brahmastra   on them and decided,
To  go away from there   and went away    from there   and   the devas ,
Not understanding   the intention of  Indrajit clapped their hands  and made fun of him.

8523.When the red arrows   of Lakshmana   went towards   the red clouds  ,
Indrajit who was like a  black cloud   disappeared    from there  ,
And the monkeys thinking    that Indrajit has ran away   scared to fight  ,
Being ones who were angry   , due to the  joy of victory   made great joyous sound.

8524. The  Monkey army which had retreated  , just like    the water  of the ocean,
Which is expelled due to tide   joins back  , with great  joy  , shouting and dancing  ,
Joined back   the monkey army and Indrajit who was defeated   , without   being,
Visible to anybody  , just like  the churned  ocean went back to city of Lanka.

8525.Indrajit thought that  before Lakshmana sends   the Brahmastra   on him,
He  would send it on him   and towards that  , started   doing   fire sacrifice  ,
As per Vedas   with great stability   of mind  and  this was  not realized ,
By   Rama and Lakshmana   who had very powerful shoulders   and they forgot about it.

8526.Rama and Lakshmana   got down from shoulders  of Hanuman and Angadha ,
And removed   their bow, the quiver with cruel arrows  , their    chest armour  ,
And  the comfortable    gloves     for their big hands   and  got out of war readiness,
And at that   time the devas    greeted   them with showering of cool  flowers.

8527.When the sound   of the joyous shout of monkeys   reaching the sky  ,
And stirring it  , the sun in his    chariot which was  pulled by  horses,
Speedily went from there, looking as if   it was telling  ,
“I would not see the evil act of Indrajit   in sending Brahmastra   ,
On   the pure Lakshmana   and I would    set before that “ and set.

8528.Rama then  told  Vibheeshana “our   strong army   after fighting  ,
The day and the night   has become weak and there seems  a delay ,
In the food coming  and Oh Vibheeshana  , I desire   you to go  and bring it.”

8529.That Vibheeshana who was wearing a   crown of gold  said that,
He would do it with haste  and saluted Rama   and along with his  people departed,
And   like the matchless   wind  , he crossed   the sea  and ,
At that time   Rama    told   Lakshmana    as follows.

8530.”For our great divine weapons  I have to worship  , as it is laid down ,
As it is proper to worship    them   and then only send them  , And oh brother ,
Till I come back after   the proper worship  , please  look after  ,
Our Army    which is standing  in a proper order.”
Saying this Rama left the battle field to perform the worship.

8531.Indrajit went and saw his father  and all about all  that happened,
In the in the battle  field   including the  plan of Lakshmana    to attack  him,
With Brahmastra  in such a way that  his father understood it clearly .
Hearing that   Ravana was   taken aback  and son .,”My son,
What could be done    by us now  , please  tell. ”and Indrajit  replied

8532.The wise people have told that , “ suppose somebody decides to kill us,
If   we are in a position to kill such people  , try to kill them even before  they try to kill us.”
And I think  it is proper to follow    that strategy   and after   hiding    from those men  ,
Shoot the  Brahmastra   which is a  weapon giving victory at   them. I think this is proper.”

8533.”If that army knows that  I am going to send  Brahmastra   then  they would,
Shoot the same Brahmastra  and stop my arrow   and they who have done  ,
Great penance are capable of killing me , if they see me and because of this,
No sorrow is going to come   ,I would perform A yaga    which does me good,
And within a second kill them all “ said he    with great certainty.

8534.”If you go on sending   endlessly armies   to attack them ,
So that they tend to forget me , I would  perform what needs to be done “
And then he  gave an  order   to Mahodhara   who was standing in front of Ravana.

8535,”Oh valorous one  , who possesses hundred    vellam  very angry  army    ,
You go speedily along with Akamba and others   who  posses,
Sharp leaf like    spears   who number   is beyond    counting ,
And go near   those men  and   do great battle   to kill them both.

8536.Ravana  further told,  “you  who can take recourse   to  the trick of illusion,
And can cover all the three   worlds with pitch darkness  , you go from here,
With a great  army   and  provide help to Indrajit   to drink  the souls of our enemies.”

8537. As soon as this was told  that Rakshasa   who was armed   with sword,
And who was eagerly waiting for the king’s   order   to participate in war,
Became very happy   and  went and sat  on his chariot and  Rakshasas,
Who   were  like elephants in rut surrounding   a mountain   surrounded him.

8538.Crore of crores hundred thousand  thousand   victorious  ,
Elephants      were   there in  every row   and speedy chariots  ,
Came in countless   crore numbers   and  faultless,
Horses   which can  jump and fight    were  also ready.

8539. Due to the weapons,. Ornaments    with big gems   and the,
Lustrous   crescent teeth   from inside their open mouth ,
The  light similar to moon light and sun light    was getting spread,
Alternatively   and the foot soldiers  who were  like powerful  bulls also neared.

8540. The huge flags    which rose up with their ends  waving     by the winds ,
Touching   the sky   disturbed and scattered  the huge clouds with thunder  ,
And when they were keeping their foot firmly on the ground ,
The dust that   rose from all places   gathered together ,
And even   closed the eyes of Lord Brahma   who is the creator.

8541. The sky rivers of rut falling from the mountain like   elephants,
Mixed with the foam water coming  out     from the mouth   of the horses,
Flowed    with great speed   dragging the stones and trees of the forest ,
And    with a speed  that cannot be slowed down  went and joined the    sea.

8542. When the Rakshasas   who had sword like teeth    with great   anger,
Were   seen with folded   mouth   , were shaking and shaking ,
The weapons   that they held   on their right   hand , fire sparks  ,
Were produced   and they   went up and  ,
Were looking like    the lightning and stars   in the sky.

8543. That    huge army whose strength was told as   hundred vellums  ,
And which was  under the command of Ravana  , when being let out ,
By the main door  of the city of Lanka  , looked as if the water of the sea,
Along with its fishes   which were   drunk by   ,
The tamil sage Agasthya    was being let out  through the doors.

8544. The   sound produced by the conches  , drum , yelkkalas   and thala ,
The huge  lion like roar   of the commanders   of the army ,
The sound produced by the strings   of the bows  , the angry trumpeting ,
Of the elephants  ,  the neighing sound of the horses,
And the sound created by the wheels    of the   golden chariots  ,
Were swallowing     the entire earth   like  Lord Vishnu.

8545. That Rakshasa army for the sake  of fighting a great  war   entered ,
In to the   battle field  and the tall    monkey army also crowded   there,
And that monkey army   stopped the rain of  weapons being sent,
By the large Rakshasa  army   and roared like thunder,
Punished the asuras, chided  that army and  became angry.,

8546. Those monkey warriors  capable of achieving victory  took,
Crore and  crores    of mountains   and started   throwing them   and ,
For every mountain thrown    four    or five  Rakshasas were killed,
Ant the war efficient elephants and golden chariots  of those  Rakshasas got destroyed.

8547.The axes  , spears  Valaya  ,  nanjil swords , kanaya trees  ,
Spears  , goads  , seven pointed iron rods, of the Rakshasas ,
Along with the spear held   in their hands ,
Were used to kill several  groups of Rakshasas   and they rolled on the earth.

8548.The   thorny maces  , Musundi   , iron rods  , bamboo sticks  ,
Wheels  .Pindipalas  Kappanas , bends  , slingshots   of the Rakshasas,
Powdered    the mountains thrown by the monkeys   and killed them.

8549. Due to    throwing again and again the lustrous   weapon  groups  ,
In proper order  , the monkey   groups were  not able to walk before  the Rakshasas,
And due to mountains   of dead bodies due  to shock   getting built up   and ,
Due to   the blood streams flowing  from their wounded   bodies  ,
In all directions  , the Rakshasas   were   not able to go further  in that  battle field.

8550.Due to the fact that  each of those monkeys    were only devas,
Who had taken the monkey form and come there   when they died  ,
They left their monkey body   and started   roaming in heaven,
And those heavenly maidens who were sorrowing  ,
Due to their parting   and were   suffering due to love  ,
Hugged them as if they   were their soul and   got rid  of their sorrow.

8551.Is there   anything more pure   than that arrows  of Lakshmana  , which purified,
And made   Asuras   who only do cheating,   who do evil deeds   and who are cruel,
And who do not have  good characters like mercy   in to   Devas?

8552.Lakshmana   then took the big arrow  of God of death  , chanted  its mantras,
Went on rotating in all directions   in the  battle field     and sent arrows   and killed,
Rakshasas with shining   white teeth   which was like crescent   and elephants,
And also destroyed   chariots   and filled the heavens so   that there was no space   for them there.

8553. Hanuman the son of wind god   took hold   of  a  Dandayudha   with pretty bells ,
Which was   left there  by Khumbakarna  , which let out hot rays  like a diamond mountain,
And which was used to drive away and kill the   monkey army earlier and which made  the earth crawl.

8554. That Hanuman who stood there  with enmity   towards  the Asuras ,
Due to his establishing   himself in  the business  of killing , making the Devas,
Feel  that it was neither   wind nor fire , took a form , which was  like angry god of death,
Which made him impossible to be recognized , went to the  battle field  and killed the asuras.

8555. That Hanuman who had   mastered    several   forms of arts   went on roaming,
And looked as if   he  was  on the mountain like elephant    with eyes filled with anger  ,
On the  horses   which jump fast , on the   chariots driven by warriors  and
On the bodies   of all the soldiers    who were crowding there 
Which made people who saw him suspect   the he was Lord Vishnu worshipped by four Vedas,

8556.Hanuman  with anger  looked with  fire sparks   coming out of his eyes ,
Tore all those   who came against him and all those   who angrily rose   against him,
 And  made all the beings shapeless   in that wide battle field   and   the Devas ,
Who realized the huge mega form of his   thought  that,
Perhaps   he was   the  same who measured   the  three  worlds earlier.

8557.That Hanuman    who had a   cloud like form that touched   the heavens   and whose full form,
Was like the pearls that split and spread   when the forehead   of elephants in rut is broken,
  Was like    the golden coloured Meru  mountain   surrounded   by rays of sun  ,
When the final deluge   that destroys   everything occurs  ,
When the   huge    wind    takes out  the stars  put them on it.

8558.That Hanuman stood erect   touching the sky as   if   he has  dashed,
The sky with the earth   and held firmly  that  golden Dandayudha ,
And powdered    the ocean like army of Rakshasas and beat   the elephants  in rut,
Chariots as well as the horses   and made   them in to liquid ,
And by drinking    their souls  , he seemed to put an end to his enmity.

8559.That Hanuman within a  Nazhigai(24 minutes)  grinded  hundred  thousand,
Elephants  in the   blood that was flowing like river  and made them in to slushy paste ,
And  knocked by his feet the   Rakshasas who rose  like thousand  lions ,
And wandered all around  like   the  killer   elephant of direction arisen from  rut induced trance.

8560. The Rakshasa  warriors  who rode  on chariots, and  horses   ,
AS well as foot soldiers  and those who rode on cloud like angry elephants  ,
Who were   showering arrows  like rain   and who had all   famous as  experts in warfare  ,
Entered   the battle field  and surrounded   Hanuman   and Hanuman  ,
Waved all round his Vajrayudha   and  send them  to heaven  by strangling them.

8561.The king of monkey clan Sugreeva  , Neela  , Angadha , Kumudha  ,
Jambavan   and Panasa    who was very strong   who were   the leaders ,
Along with their armies, altered    due to the anger    to fight   the war  ,
Entered    the battle   field   separately   and without  seeing each other ,
Became alone in the great   ocean of   the Rakshasa army.

8562,That Hanuman who was going   in the huge ocean of Rakshasa army
 Just like Lord Narasimha who killed    the  vellams Asura army  by picking and throwing them,
And by using his    claws only   killed    them , used his Dhandayudha  ,
And ground them  by using his hands  and  came across  Akampana.

8563.That Akampana   came drawn in his chariot by thousand mountain like  Donkeys ,
Which chariot   was going speedier  than the mind   was an Avuna,
Whose name  is Dharuka   who   after   being killed  by Subramanya  ,
Who was   expert in use of bow    for killing  ,
Has been born as   Akampana    the Rakshasa.

8564.Would I at least be  one among Indra who killed a   Rakshasa called Paka  ,
Lord Vishnu   who holds the wheel  with which he can destroy all his enemies 
Or  would  Lord Shiva   who burnt   the three   cities  long time ago ,
Be able to fight   individually    with this  monkey?
And so the  stealing of souls by God of death  is of less power.” Said Akampana.

8565.He further thought, “  If I do not stop this monkey  , what would  happen,
To this universe   surrounded by seven oceans as the Devas  would not prevent it  ,
And this monkey would take  out   the name of “Rakshasas” from this world.”
And then he started   raining the arrows   which cannot be stopped  ,
By beings with a body of flesh   and with great anger  went near Hanuman and ,
Hanuman who had  high   shoulders   that touch the stars   rushed   towards him,

8566. When that Akampana  wearing  a golden heroic anklets   tied by tapes,
With   chariots, elephants, horses   and  Rakshasas crowding round him  ,
Came like the cloud ,   fire   and the wind of the  final deluge  ,
Hanuman with diamond like strong shoulders   used the cruel Dandayudha at him.

8567.The  weapons thrown sent   and flung   at  Hanuman   surrounded  him,
And he methodically   powdered all those weapons by his rotating Dandayudha,
Making the Devas   very happy   and Hanuman    who has never seen earlier,
The dandayudha   used  this way, learned to use it  in the war with Akampana.

8568.The  Hanuman who was like the Meru mountain  which  cannot ,
Be even jolted by   the storm at  final deluge  ,in the  presence of Akampana ,
Killed ten crores  of elephants  , flying  horses with harness tied in face  ,
Rakshasas with very sharp teeth   and  powdered   huge chariots  and heaped them.

8569.That Akampana    after deciding that, “I  would send   this Hanuman to heaven ,
And make  the king of Lanka armed    with sword as victorious  , make  the men 
Left with  nothing  and create great sorrow to all the Devas  “ went near Hanuman,
And Hanuman said, Good, you are welcome”   and went  near him.

8570.Akampana   looking at the   wide battle field  , opening his mouth  ,
With   hot flames   of fire coming out  of his very angry  and cruel eyes  ,
Came on a chariot with flag   and send a fire spitting   rain of arrows ,
Which was three times  more faster   than  ordinary rain,
And shouted   in a loud voice  like  thunder    of the clouds,
And hit    that  Hanuman   who was like a mountain.

8571. . The rain of Akampana ’s arrows  which spread  fire sparks like thunder ,
On all the directions  , which had been tied  , with feather  of  eagles  ,
Which had earlier cut   the chest   of  Devas , and which had decorated  tips,
Made  of Gold  went and hurt the   shoulders   and chest of Hanuman.

8572.Hanuman who became   tired due to continuous   bleeding ,
From the holes    caused   by the arrows on his chest  and shoulders ,
Even before he recovered  using  his victorious  Dandayudha struck,
So that  the mules   tied on both  sides   as well as   the axle  ,
Were destroyed   and  killed the charioteer who fell on the ground .

8573.That Rakshasa Akampana whose body seems to have been ,
Made by darkness   and who shouts    like the great roar of ocean,
Thinking that  it was difficult   to win over Hanuman  with arrows,
Took in his hand a Dandayudha with cruel tip  , which was  made,
By the architect of the   Devas , thinking that  he will win him using  his prowess.

8574. They both   attacked   each other   by hitting, turned left and right  ,
Extended   their arms  and made sound  like   the final deluge ,
And patted   their shoulders  , neared  each other  , carried the other,
And rotated  on the floor  , stood up  and prevented the other ,
From getting victory, again neared each other. Ebbed and pushed   each other.

8575,They patted their shoulders , tightly   embraced   each other  ,
Jumped   on the sky , neared on the earth  , swung up and down,
Hit the other  , hugged each other  , saved themselves  of that hugging  ,
And without being able to foresee   the death of the other  ,
They told oaths against each other, dashed against each other  ,
Rotated   from left   to right   and ran straight.

8576.Different from and being the truth  that Hanuman entered and  hit,
Strongly on the  mighty chest   Of Akampana    who was blacker than Kajal,
That Akampana   who was cruel    stopped it by using his  Vajrayudha  ,
  And that Vajrayudha along    with his broken arm fell  on the  battle   ground.

8577.When the Dandayudha  fell down along with his    right   arm,
That hot Akampana got   upset like   the sea hit by   huge storm,
Raised his strong left arm  and hit  Hanuman on his victorious chest ,
And that sound of that  hit sounded like a thunder falling on a diamond mountain.

8578.Hanuman looked at the one who beat him , thinking that Akampana ,
Was not having any weapon with him   and using a weapon against him is wrong  ,
Without hitting  him with his Dandayudha  , folded his lips   and  hit ,
The chest of Akampana with his folded   left hand and he vomited   blood ,
As if he    has drunk    blood     and was spitting it  again.

8579.And again when Hanuman   with the   same extended left hand  , hit Akampana,
On his cheeks   and then he  sent   his soul to the Devas   and the  ,
Crowd of Asuras    surrounding him   similar   to beasts of forest  ,
Seeing a lion   ran away   to all directions   and scattered  everywhere.

8580.That Hanuman who was having fighting  victorious shoulders   which were like mountain,
Did  not hear the loud joyous shout of monkeys  , he    did not also  hear the great twang sound,
Raised   by  Lakshmana   on his    great bow  , he did not realize   what bad things ,
Happened    to different warriors  and there were none   who would  know them,
And tell them to him   and at that time he attained   a matchless   great sorrow.

8581. Angadha   went seven Yojanas   inside  in the  ocean of the  scattered ,
Sea  of the  army of Raksasas in the south west direction, , Sugreeva the king of monkeys 
Went in the same direction , double that distance  and  ,
The  younger  brother   of Rama the God  went in twenty Yojanas  inside  .

8582.Other monkey leaders   each   went either   four or  five Yojanas ,
Fighting inside the  Rakshasa army   and after that  the   army   that was surrounding ,
Would   spread like algae   in water   and the victorious   Hanuman  ,
Reached    the place   where  Lakshmana   was standing in two or  three Kadham distance .

8583.Due to the sorrow at   not being able     to see Lakshmana   egging him,
With a determination that  he would reach that place soon  , that fast moving Hanuman,
Saw the  signs   of the very great battle   fought  by Lakshmana   so that  his sorrow would diminish.

8584.He saw the  tusks of elephants  , the  feathers  of peacock, garlands ,
Various  type of  famous gems  and  great quantity of gold and gems,
The fish like  swords   and the rivers of blood  carrying white umbrellas  looking like foam.

8585.  Hanuman saw   that   the arrows   sent by Lakshmana   cutting   the heads,
Of Rakshasas    who were    fighting   in all directions   and  they reached the sky,
And then  started falling on earth   and turned in to powder   and  ,
Was like the torrential rain of stones   at the  time  of final deluge .

8586.When the Rakshasas    who held the famous spear   sent weapons like rain,
Lakshmana who was greatly valorous   made them all  fall on the    ground  ,
Which was  like group of stars   falling on the ground   and removed   darkness ,
And Hanuman saw   many things which heated   up like   the big fires of forest.

8587 .  The arrows  sent by the merciful  lord  Lakshmana , spread on the sky themselves,
Were spreading   light everywhere   so that the warriors  get rid of darkness and Hanuman saw  them,
Like the curly hair  of the eight   shouldered Lord Shiva  ,
Who used to dance   in the cremation    ground  ,  in front   of all the devas.

8588. Hanuman saw   the Lord   with blood coming out    from wounds all over the body,
Who was  standing tall  and resembling the fire burnt   by pouring   ghee ,
And recognized him as Lord Lakshmana   and also many headless   bodies,
Dancing  , which was looking like  a lamp   is being held at   the darkness of night.

8589.The  deserted  chariots  , elephants   and the victorious   horses  ,
There were  beyond the ability to count, even if one wants to do  it ,
And they  were   wandering all over   without   their lords,
And were  like  the wandering  citizens of a country which was ruled  by a tyrant king.

8590.Hanuman saw   that due   to the powerful rain of the arrows   of Lakshmana ,
Who wears  the garland of open flowers , which   was  thrice  more strong  ,
Than a torrential rain  ,  the bodies of Asuras    who had lost their life  ,
The river  of blood   , the shining weapons  were like the ocean , huge forests and mountains.

8591.Like  the speedy whirl wind which blows   at the   end of deluge, that   great Hanuman,
Who was going in search of Lakshmana  , jumped and crossed   the surrounding ocean of blood,
And  heard  the thunderous sound of the twang of the bow  of Lakshmana ,
Which was like   something which tears    this universe   which is alone ,
And shouted with joy  with double the sound  of  ocean at the  time of all destroying deluge.

8592.Hearing the joyful    great sound of Hanuman   and becoming happy    that he can get,
The news of  everybody from him  , that   very charitable  Lakshmana   turned and looked,
And even before that  Hanuman reached that  place   and saluted him   and that young warrior,
Hugged Hanuman who fell in love with damsel of victory  and told   as follows.

8593.”Oh sir  , where   are the warriors of the monkey clan and how did the son of Sun god,
Got  separated   from you? Where did Angadha  go? I was not aware   of anything  ,
That happened   in the very big army in this sea of darkness  ,Please tell  “
Asked Lakshmana and Hanuman holding his hands in salutation  over his head told.

8594, Hanuman who had crossed   the sea as well as ocean of sense organs   said,
“Oh sir,  Except seeing them going  to war against   their enemies,
I am not aware  of anything   that happened    to them during   the war.
Only  after they who have joined the war  , come back , we will  know news about them.”

8595.”Oh lord, there is a  method   to get back   in to  proper consciousness ,
You please think about  it  and then   if it is something that can be done  ,
Please   do it. Since this state  of trance has been induced   by  the divine  arrows,
It should be removed by similar   divine arrows  and  as of now  ,
None of your servants the   monkey warriors  have the power to come here.”

8596.That Lakshmana who had the rich knowledge   of   the  science of archery,
Said, “I wil do it” and then after saluting and praising    Rama with thousand names,
Chose the proper arrow and after   connecting  the arrow  of Lord Shiva,
Who used Meru mountain as bow on his  bow  and sent  ,
It aimed at  the Rakshasas who   were having lightning like teeth.

8597. AS soon as Lakshmana sent that   arrow    of the three    eyed  God  ,
Like the  bamboo forest   which has caught   fire  ,
The   entire army of Rakshasas    leaving no one alive caught fire  and died,
And  darkness disappeared   from the land surrounded  by the sea,
And even the   devas   who were in stupor  also woke up.

8598.Mahodhara   who was riding on a  big chariot   understood  that Lakshmana,
By sending a divine   arrow as he was witnessing all that happened   ,
And seeing that  illusion sent by him  has disappeared , went away from there .
And all the monkey chiefs   who were separated   from each other  ,
Joyously shouted beating the clouds   and surrounded Lakshmana  ,
And all of them started     dancing    with great joy.

8599.Lakshmana who was the brother   of the god of Gods   Rama, became very happy,
Seeing  that none of the warriors   of his army    had been troubled  ,
And got rid of his doubt   and with    the ocean like army   which was  guarding him,
Surrounding him  stood there with devas    raining flowers   on him  ,
And the emissaries     went to Ravana    to inform  him about the news.

8600.  They reached    the king of Lanka   and   told him all news of battle field,
And Ravana asked them, “Did you come  scared   from there? How can   ,
Some  one using one bow kill hundred   vellam army   with huge   collection of elephants.”
And the  mesaengers replied that it was done by   the arrow of  Shiva , wearing kondrai garland .”
And hearing that agreed    that ,” if that is a so, it could have happened.”

8601. Indrajit  , the son of Ravana   thinking that  the time is proper   to use  Brahmastra,
Quickly reached the bottom of a  huge banyan tree   and by that time  ,
The Rakshasa priests   who followed the proper ritual   ,
Reached    there   bringing along   with them, all that is needed for a sacrifice.

8602. He then arranged the twigs of the fire   sacrifice   using his arrow  ,
And offered the best of flowers  in to that fire, put black til seeds on it,
And then offered   the horns and teeth of a white goat  as well   as the blood,
That flowed   from it on the fire and also the flesh of the goat    which can be cooked,
Along with the   ghee obtained by milling  Til.

8603, When  the smoke from the fire sacrifice  turned    right  and went up  ,
And showed   great omens which forecasted all that is good,
That Indrajit who is the reason of all evils  in the Asura clan.
Taking recourse   to  those , went up  in the sky to win victory over   the earth.

8604. That expert on illusion  Indrajit  , when the  long planets  joined together ,
Indicating victory  , went up in the sky   and went above the  heavens,
Where   the eyes and mind of the   devas cannot reach  ,
And merged with a micro form   in the sky   with bubbles,
And even sages    did not know the place that he was hiding .

8606When Indrajit was there   with that form  Mahodhara   who came to know of it,
Wanting to   do an evil trick , took the form of  Indra  riding on the elephant Iravatha ,
And started    waging   a war   against the   devas   as well as the sages.

8607.Mahodhara   with his power of illusion   created   an illusion ,
That all the beings except men and monkeys  ,
Which were wandering   on earth  , had come  to support  the Rakshasas  in war,
And seeing that   that huge monkey army got disturbed   and scared and went back.

8608.Those monkeys    who were fighting   were taken aback  that  ,
Thinking that Indra riding on the four tusked elephant   ,
Along with his devas    as well as   the sages who were devotees of god  ,
Were   coming with great anger   to fight    with them.

8609.That Lakshmana    who was the   brother of   the lotus eyed   Rama  ,
Who holds the divine wheel on the right hand  looked at shining face of Hanuman,
And asked “Please tell me the reason why   sages and Devas ,
Are coming   to fight   with us with great anger? Please  think,
And tell me about     any crime  that  we have done.”

8610.When Lakshmana was asking like this    to Hanuman ,  Indrajit  shot at the body of  Lakshmana,
The very ancient  arrow of Lord Brahma   within a second  and  like  ,
A crowd of sparrows  landing on the  golden mountain  ,
Those    arrows   which had the power  to kill entered the   body of Lakshmana.

8611. The fire emitting arrow groups in numbers   crore hundred thousand crores ,
Entered in to the body of Lakshmana   and completely   covered   him  ,
And at the time unable to think as to what he should    do , with his senses,
Getting  buried in himself  , like a huge elephant    sleeping ,
On the place    that it stood  , He   also seemed     to sleep there itself.

8612.Hanuman thought  “The one who has come is Indra   and it is  not clear ,
Why he has   come for war with us? As he has come as  our enemy  ,
The only option   is to throw him out along with    his elephant “
And rose up and at that time   due to  thousand crore  hot arrows ,
Hitting  him  , he lost his conscience   and fell on   the ground.

8613.Sugreeva the son  of the great  God  due to the hot arrows entering him  ,
With wounds   like the red murukku  forest  flowering on the  golden mountain,
Which were  like   the red eyes similar to molten copper   fell down on earth.

8614.When ten thousand arrows entered    the body of Angadha  , like  a male lion,
Hit by  thunder he fell on the ground   and due   to arrows piercing  ,
His prominent chest   and shoulders   Jambavan the great and famous warrior fell on the   ground.

8615.  With thousand arrows entering his   chest  Neela   saw the face of  God of death  ,
Rishabha reached the heavens  , Panasa by an arrow like halahala poison  fainted ,
And  Kumudha died due to the arrow in the form of God   of death.

8616,Nala who built the bridge   fell dead  by   thousand  arrows ,Mainda 
Who was as strong as Vali   and  Duminda his    brother died  together  ,
Gavaya   who had the cruel job like  God of death   reached   the heavens,
Kesari due to mountain like    arrows hitting him  fell on earth and died.

8617.Kanaka died because   one thousand arrows   entered   him,
The formless Sankha   as soon as the arrows  hit him died,
Sathavali     died because of the sharpened    arrows  ,
Dhambha  due to the ornamental arrow sent on him died
And  rolled on the floor like a huge mountain.

8618.Sathavali who had shoulders like Vindhya  mountain  , Suseshana  , Vinatha,
Gandhamadhana  , Idumba   and  the very strong Dadhimukha  ,
Who were all great  monkey warriors    rose up  to fight  ,
And due to  the crores of arrows   sent by Indrajit entering  their body,
Lost their consciousness   and    fell    down on the earth.

8619.Like the dashing  of the red blood ocean making sound    hitting   against,
The black ocean , The Brahmastra   which had  killed  thousands of monkey chiefs ,
Grew   in to thousand  thousands  and  each of those arrows  rolled thousand monkeys each  ,
On the ground   and all    the  monkeys died due to    the  rain of    arrows.

8620.The great arrow   of the   four faced one  pushed the monkeys  and tied them,
And they were not knowing   a safe place    to go to escape from its attack,
And due to arrows    sent all around   like thunder  , the monkeys ,
Were tightly    fixed    on the earth   and all the monkeys   died.

8621. The monkey warriors lay dead on earth   making    the Deva  maidens  ,
With blue lotus  like eyes greatly    worried    and   sorrowing  ,
And since the blood that oozed out   of the white bodies of monkeys,
Was collecting all around them  that ocean of  the  monkey army  ,
Looked like  forest of  coral reefs   in the   ocean of milk  .

8622.The great  ocean of  army   of monkey clan  after  death and reached  the heaven,
And devas who saw  them   treated   them as  guests   and with   great love  ,
And with a joy filled mind   conversed with them joyfully  ,
And  forcefully requested    them to go back   to the earth   immediately  .

8623. They told them that  “To those who are the slaves   of the slaves   of  the feet of Rama,
And to those  who call out his name   would escape from the   hot fate  and reach salvation,
You who are   serving Rama   cannot die before your time    and you have  come here ,
After doing the needed   worship  by giving away your soul  to the arrow  of Lord Brahma .”

8624.”You have    gone to earth and have been born there  to do our job,
And your soul is but our soul   and you have   obtained a different body,
And you have lost your life   in  acruel battle field for sake  of Rama,
And you    are all indeed   our Gods .”   told those  Devas.

8625, “ Along with  crowd of monkeys    with angry eyes  , Lakshmana    has died.
And his elder brother had gone away when  I sent the arrow   of Lord Brahma,”
Said Indrajit with sarcasm    and then  boomed    his conch   and then,
He speedily reached    his father   and told him  in detail,
All that   happened in that   raising  battle field.

8626.After  hearing that Ravana  looked at his son asked , Has not Rama died?” ,
And for that  he replied , “That Rama   has gone away   from the battle field  ,
And had he not gone away  ,  that arrow   which had killed   all his great friends  ,
Killed all his army   and also his brother would have  killed him  “

8627.Ravana   accepted    that   and said, “Only that   should have happened  “,
And the son Indrajit reached   his  great palace   and Mahodhara   who had gone,
To the war at the request of Ravana   also returned back. Rama the God  ,
Who has made me his slave    was staying in another part for worshipping divine weapons.

8628. That  valorous Lord Rama   making his palms which  were like  just opened  lotus flowers,
Further red   adopting     proper rituals   worshipped all his   pure as well as divine   weapons,
Decided   that he would go back to   the battle field   of strong ones  and   started to go.

8629.He took in his hand   the arrow of fire which was shining  like burning wood,
And removed all the darkness   as if that   arrow    had swallowed   all of it,
And making his lotus  like    feet tired , walked  and reached,
The cruel  battle field  and with great surprise    stared at it.

8630.Rama  who was staring at the battle field like that   , examined all  places  ,
Again and again   and seeing the sorrowful scenes there, with difficulty moved further ,
And  showed up blood   on   his pretty face   which was like  lotus flower,
And entered   the wide battle field   filled with flesh and blood  ,
And saw one by one  the great monkey chiefs   who were protecting the battle field.

8631, He saw  Sugreeva   who was lying dead   with tears   flowing out   from his lotus like eyes,
And  breathed heavily   and   told within his mind “Is it proper    for you to lie  like this?”
And became depressed   and saw Hanuman who was  lying  by side of Sugreeva.

8632,”Were  your crossing the sea   and  churning the Asuras  along with their foetus,
And made me cross the sorrow   and kept me alive , for this purpose ?
Did the powerful arrows  suitable for war  sent  by the Rakshasa  ,
Pierce your body and went out  ?”  wailing like this   Rama   cried.

8633.”Oh hanuman with great fame , the bad fate  of mine due to my bad acts  ,
Have perhaps  made   the boons given to you by devas  , the  blessings of sages,
And the word given to you by daughter  of Janaka , ineffective  in protecting you,
And who else is there   who is alive like me   , who is the cause  of all this?” wailed  Rama.

8634.”By my ordinary act  of sacrificing the kingship   , what did I get  “
I had killed my father, I caused   the   death of Jatayu   and  today,
I have caused   the death of these   very many   monkey warriors  ,
And I only  keep myself alive. Is there a limit to my evil acts?”

8635.” By killing the elder   brother  and by giving the  kingship of monkeys,
To the younger brother, though I thought  I am doing good, I caused ,
The death  of the entire monkey clan  and  by observing patience  ,
I have caused  so much sorrow to all of you  and I have born  in this world,
To bear the weight  of my body  which is the burden to this earth “Wailed Rama.

8636.Like finding a matchless   place   in the  middle of the bulls  , the elephant  like Angadha  ,
And this was   seen with   great anger  and fire sparks coming out of his   eyes by Rama,
And he cried saying “I who am carrying   this load  of weapons  ,
Was not even been able to  protect him whose  safe keeping was entrusted to me.”

8637.Rama then saw his younger brother  who was lying there   as if he was sleeping ,
With very many lustrous  arrows piercing   his body   and was looking as if,
A snake   was lying   on the blood which was shining   and giving out light  ,
And felt that he was like himself lying   on the Adhi sesha on the  ocean of milk.

8638.He was mentally upset  and sobbed and with rising anger was looking as if,
He was surrounded by smoke   and his  blue gem like body  shivered just like  his mind,
He  fell on the ground making the God of Dharma  taking mercy on him and patting his eyes,
And it was as if a very huge tree   fell down on the earth  , struck by  a mango tree.

8639.That Rama   who has taken this incarnation due   to his mercy  on all souls,
Did not breath for One nazhigai time  , he did not feel anything  ,
His body did not sweat , both his eyes did not open , both his pretty   hands and legs,
Were  not shaken by him   but he did not lose his soul   though  devas got scared about it.

8640. There   were no one there   to support Rama  and there   were none ,
To take away his hand  using which he was   hugging his brother ,
There were no one to console   for all those close to him had   died.
Though   his sorrow was very great   , being  alone  there  were none to support him.

8641. Except   the headless  bodies  , ghosts , crowds  of  ladies who had  lost their   husbands,
Red eyed    due to crying, the devils happy with food received ,  the row of jackals,
Which were seen everywhere, in that battle   ground   there  were no one else  who was alive  .

8642. Seeing the sorrow of Rama  , the ladies   of the world of Devas  , beat their belly,
With their own hands   and shed   tears  from their cloud like eyes , like an unceasing rain.
Devas also became depressed  and became sad   and since   all the things  that  we see,
Are   the forms of that  lord  of wisdom  , all moving and stable things shivered and cried.

8643,Lord Brahma who lives on the lotus  flower  which did not come    from a bud,
But the belly of Lord Vishnu   and  the Lord Shiva    who had   three   eyes  ,
Due to feeling of mercy  seeing the sorrow of Rama  , had a faded  face without joy..
What is  the point  in describing the sorrow of the devas    who were of limited number?
And even the God of sin   which was seeing him with enmity , cried  shedding blood as  tears.

8644.The great Rama    regained consciousness   , started   breathing and opened his eyes,
And carefully examined his younger brother and deciding that he is dead   ,
And has reached the heavens and would not come back  ,
With a sorrowing mind felt the pain like  the    fire   falling on open wounds,
And started     telling the following  along with crying out of sorrow  .

8645.”I did not die in spite of hearing the news  of my father’s death   and,
I gave the entire earth to Bharata     and as per my order   and wish,
Made   him to rule this world   and through him I was still ruling it.
Since  you were with me as support  I never    felt that  I was alone,
But today I am not hearing your words   and so  I  would not wish to live,
“Oh brother  ,  I have already come  , Oh brother   I have come.”

8646.”You are both mother   and father   to me  ., you are also my penance  ,
You are my son, my younger brother    as well as   my wealth   and you,
Without bothering about fame   have  left me alone and gone away  .
Is it proper for you to go? And if   thought  properly  ,
I am much hard hearted   than you   as you have given your life to me.”

8647. “I am not able   notice   the symptoms of living in your wounded body,
And   carrying this soul and consoling myself   I am greatly sorrowing ,
Oh  Brother , who is like a male lion  , Me   who is  sorrowing greatly,
In spite of knowing your death   am still  keeping myself alive  ,
Without my mind     splitting in to two pieces.”

8648.During the fourteen years period   during which   we were living in the wide forest,
You  used to search suitable food for me to eat   but you yourself did not eat at all,
You did not bother about harsh sun light  , getting tired   and famished  ,but were protecting me,
And are   you now sleeping  ? Would you not wake   up from this sleep.?”

8649.”When it   is not true    that the   alert and clear   mind as   well as   soul ,
Is one among them  , would there   be feeling of mercy towards me who is the sinner  ?
Even after  losing you who is faultless  , Oh brother  , I am moving about  ,
And from now  is our relationship    based   on myself or on my soul?”

8650.”After going to the sacrifice   of Janaka and after   breaking Shiva’s bow there  ,
I  thought   that Sita who is like a poison  to us ,   would  make us   both     live  ,
And I brought   her before me  and I burnt and destroyed all my relations .
And even after     bringing on me  all this evil  , did I retreat, no.”

8651.”Due to  my desire   to  rule the earth  I  caused   very great sorrow  ,
Which is like keeping fire   on live wounds  to my mother and others.
Due to the love   that I had towards a lady  , I got all these  bad  results.,
Though I kept on increasing   my fame step by step, Am I a weak poor man?”

8652.”You have now died and I would not continue to live without you  ,
And   without me Bharata     would not rule this earth  and all those ,
Who have been chained   by love , unable to bear   the sorrow of parting would die,
And If scared of Dharma   , I become weak in destroying
The enemy  and made you chose an  undesirable   act.

8653. “Oh brother who was born to  provide me help  , who had sacrificed   ,
Dharma, mother , father   , relations and all other things for my sake,
Who unable to part with me    came   along with me to this forest ,
Who never is able to forget me  , today    you have given up your   soul,
And in spite of seeing you dead like  that I am still alive, have I become weak?”

8654.”If  the lady  appreciated by learned people  is put in a prison by a perfect Rakshasa,
And  learned people say that   there is a god of dharma   who can defeat  cruel people ,
But  bows down before the cruelty  of such a Rakshasa and if  the world ,
Which exists in three types   is not getting destroyed    at the same time  ,
Would not  the valorous act   which exhibits the prowess of my bow be not occur?’

8655.”It is pitiable that  my valour got exhausted  by building the bridge    over  the ocean,
Bykilling Viradha , By  taking the life of Kabandha  who cannot walk ,
By killing a  Rakshasa   called Khara  , By putting a hole   in the  seven Maramara trees,
And   by killing   that Vali  , and  it is   very pitiable., alas ”

8656.”Without any sorrow I told you, “You yourself would  win over Indrajit”,
And  I was not mentally bothered about it   and if  even in this  state  ,,
I do not die  , would I get strength   to kill Asuras   such as Indrajit?
I am not fit to say that “I have been born with you “ also  ,
And I  do not have sufficient strength  to carry the burden  of birth which is a lie.”

8657.”My father , our father  , relatives  , citizens of our country   and the priests  ,
Would have become  worried   about us thinking  “What happened to them?”
And I was   waiting to wipe away   their tears  , Oh lord , please come alive,
For   the sake of crowning me with  a   crown made  of Gold.”

8658.When the Naga Pasa tied you completely   and even when the enemy ,
Destroyed   our army , I had been standing   beside you  but never went away.
I have done all that  I should   do   but I am standing without getting tired,
Would not the world   know   about my welfare   and victory?”

8659.”To Vibheeshana who surrendered   himself to me , I gave him ,
The wealth of the kingship  of Lanka  and  made    him rule over his people ,
I am  now going to die without  fulfilling that promise .
Have I learnt to tell a lie?And due to that I have brought   bad name to our clan ,
Have I who has lost sense of feeling and  destroyed   my own fame  .”

8660.Like this Rama   wailed and sorrowed greatly , he would sob within his mind,
He would stifle his long breaths   in between  with   all his senses getting   spoiled,
He would hug   his brother tightly    and say , “Let us die together  “,
And then without being able to talk anything   he would fall asleep.

8661.Seeing the great sorrow of Rama    and started hitting their own eyes ,
And shedding tears   and started feeling  a   mood of matchless  sorrow,
They started shivering thinking , “What else would happen?”  and told him,
“Oh Lord who is the  universe , Oh our lord  , Would you have  this much sorrow?
And you are bearing all this sorrow only     for  our sake”
And   with great love towards   him thy told him the following.

8662.”Oh Lord who does not have sorrow or joy  , WE do not have  ,
The capability   of knowing   about   how your state   is?
Nor are   we capable   of thinking about you who is spread everywhere.
We know what is the  end and   we do not  know the  beginning  ,
We do not  know the middle also and  except worshipping  you,
And following the path that has been chalked out by you  ,
What   else    can we who are    slaves capable  of doing?”

8663.”Please    completely destroy with their roots   the  Rakshasas,
Who are completely devoid of mercy   and completely eradicate  our  sorrow ,
When we   requested  with our problems  , due to great   mercy on us  ,
You assumed the form of man which is   not suitable to you ,
And for the sake of eradicating evil which is the burden of Dharma ,
You were born in  a royal family and you   who have come   like that,
Are you hiding yourself  and  showing  your great property of illusion   to us. Is that proper?”

8664.” Oh Lord  who was born in a royal family   for the sake  of removing,
Our sorrow as you had created us   and   we are living thinking that,
You who were born like   that would completely eradicate   the sorrow of all the three   worlds,
And  in  spite  of this firm belief    hearing your wails   , we forgot that  you are Lord Vishnu,
And started thinking that  you are only a man, This   has not happened due to illusion  .
Oh Lord  to whom we are slaves  ,  have you also started   telling lies.”

8665.”Oh greatest absolute spirit You have created several universes  ,
And kept them inside as well as outside  you, You have completely ,
Kept all the worlds in side you   and later   you have spit  out all of them,
You have measured   them, broken them   and are   inside  ,
And outside   of everything   and have  completely occupied them,
And like   the spider building a web    out of the thread   produced  by it ,
And living there  , you have also  built all of them and living with them.”

8666.” The playful action that   you are engaged   is an act  leading to sorrow,
But since that  sorrow does  not follow you as you are God  ,
It is only a joy filled   play for you , but as we are   not conversant with   your moods,
It gave   us great sorrow and by what you did  love , grace,
AS well as wisdom would fill up  our mind and unless   you end it , they will not end .

8667.”Oh lord who have promised to come   but not coming , when we  were,
Sure that you have come as Rama  , we were not scared  of the enemies ,
And when you  are sorrowing   we have become depressed and sad,
Oh Lord who is our support   please   keep on protecting us  ,
If you are not getting rid of  your sorrow,  do we have the capability to remove  your illusion.”

8668.”Oh Lord  ,  you gave your blessing to king Ambaresha   and also blessed,
Rudra Moorthi , the son of Lord Brahma   and you also blessed  us  , as,
WE had sought   your protection   and since you  are sorrowing   and depressed ,
Without finding our way forward  we have become depressed and   sorrowing  ,
Oh support to your brother  , get rid of sorrow  and give us   good feeling.”

8669. Like this the devas who   do not blink the eye got pained and sorrowed,
The God Rama   who was doing the normal reaction of men  ,
Due to the  incarnation   that he had undertaken   and due  to the,
Great love  he had towards  Lakshmana got  his soul going down in himself,
And seeing that  the big messengers  of the Rakshasa whose  job was   to cause sorrow,
Went away from the  battle field   and reached the palace  of Ravana.

8670.The king of Rakshasas asked   them, “why have  you come here ? and they replied,
Due to the cruel  Brahmastra which   was   sent by your son   , Rama 
Seeing that   all his friends  have died    and also his brother Lakshmana ,
Who was born after him has died  , felt sorry for   his mistakes  ,
And with great sorrow  , he has also died and so  your enmity has ended.”

.22. Seethai Kalam Kan padalam

Chapter on Sita    seeing the   battle field.

(Eama is lying unconscious near Lakshmana. The emissaries think that   he is also dead. They go and inform that all people have been killed. Ravana     starts  victory celebration. He instructs Marutha to throw al dead bodies of Rakshasas in to the ocean. Then the Rakshasis    show Sita the battle field. Seeing Rama and Lakshmana dead  Siita wails and wants to take away her own life.Trijata   consoles her saying   that  Rama did not have any arrow in his body   and that  the face of Lakshmana was shining as if it has life.Sita decides to wait one mor e night.)

8671. That Ravana who had never travelled in the path of goodness , because  ,
He was sure that his emissaries would  not tell lies  , had his  heart,
Filled with joy  , gave those  emissaries  the great wealth of ornaments  ,
That he was wearing on his body,  ordered the drums to be kept on elephants  ,
And  to announce   the great victory that  he got in the  battle field  ,
And that he would be taking   bath after   applying ghee   all over his body.

8672.When that job was being done   by his servants , Ravana   summoned Marutha,
And said,  You go first  and put all the bodies   of dead Rakshasas   in the sea ,
And if this is news   is known to any one except your mind  ,
I would    cut off your head   and also destroy   all your boons  “
And that  Marutha   went and put all   the bodies    in side the sea.

8673. Then Ravana called the Rakshasis who were    guarding Sita   and said,
“You take Sita in the divine Pushpaka Vimana   and show ,
Her clearly    all that happened    to those men  as unless,
She sees that with her own eyes, she would not get rid of her suspicion,”
And as  soon as  he told like this  , the Rakshasis    shouted joyously 
And took Sita who had  lost the   willingness to live   over  the long battle field.

8674. Sita who saw the form of her husband   could not   see   anything else,
Except   her husband   and then like  one who has    swallowed poison,
She became weak in her body , sensations   and   activity  ,
And  was like the cold lotus flower    that had fallen in the fire  .That   intolerable ,
Sorrow  that was experienced   was greater than everything in the world.

8675. When that Sita cried the   deva maidens who looked like  peacocks  ,
Also cried   , The goddess  Parvathy who sat    on the left side   of Lord Shiva ,
Who rode on a young bull   and who was like  Koel also    cried.
The  goddess Lakshmi who stays on red lotus    flower cried,
The Goddess Ganga cried , The Goddess  Saraswathi who sat,
On the toungue   of Lord Brahma  cried and even ,
The hard hearted     Rakshasis    lost their strength  and cried.

8676.The earth   who is a  lady   and who gave birth to  Sita   
Who should have been wearing the ornament of golden   globe in her ears   cried,
The Vedas   and Dharma   which are very stable   in their  thoughts,
With a  sorrowing body  sorrowed  and cried ,
And when even the  great  sins   which  does  not get sorrow  ,
Earlier but gets  it afterwards   cried, What to talk of actions of others?
And all those who were standing here and there   cried standing  there it self,
And at that time   Sita lost her consciousness  and her activities.

8677. That  Sita who had fainted  and had   lost her consciousness  ,
Was  woken up by the crowd  of Rakshasis by spraying   water for a long time,
And Sita who got back her  consciousness by their help   and she  sorrowed a lot,
And she saw  Rama of the colour of the cloud  was lying  there as before,
And she   beat her eyes with her hand  like beating the fish with lotus flowers.

8678. That Sita who had a  voice like nightingale   beat  herself  on her breasts,
She beat herself on her belly  ,  She cried  ,   She saluted  her husband  ,
And like   the creeper falling on a fire    she twirled, her mind fumed  ,
She shivered   and again lost her   consciousness  just like  a lightning ,
Coming and going  out instantly  , Her mind whirled  , she jumped
 And she drank the sorrow of losing her husband along   with her soul.

8679. She fell down, she rolled , she developed sweat all over her body ,
She left deep breath  , she  was mentally   suffering  , She got up,
She   sat down,  She   grinded her hands  , She laughed   thinking about her state  ,
She called loudly “Brother in law”    seeing Lakshmana   and then seeing Rama  ,
She shouted  “Oh king of Ayodhya  “ and called . “Oh king whose feet   is suitable,
To be saluted    by people  of all the worlds   and started prattling thinking about him.

8680.”Oh  Dharma  , did you not merge    with my  husband  , who had great love to you,
And who never did any sinful act   which were   against   your tenets?
Have you gone to the side of the Rakshasas who only   like sin?, Ofh cruel one, is it proper?”

8681.”Oh Fate  who has lost  its  veracity , are you continuing to see ,
The sorry state  of  Rama who never  vitiated from tenets of Veda  as taught by the wise ,
And who did not have any attachment   other than that?
 Or are you playing cruel games with me? Whichever way I would not respect you.”

8682.”I who am evil  have seen this  pitiable   state, Oh God of death,
Why  have you  who have taken  my soul  and my  magnificent lord  ,
Not completed your job by taking me also and why have   you thrown me,
In this endless  night of sorrow? Is it proper  , is it proper?”

8683.”Oh Lord  who is the soul  of  people of earth  who is strength of devas,
Oh my eye , Oh my nectar , Oh doer  of mercy, Was I living in the trance of love ,
Without thinking about my problems  , only to embrace your wounded  body?”

8684.”Oh Lord who is like nectar to Goddess    who lives in the red lotus flower,
Oh clear meaning of Vedas , Oh God , Did you hold  my hand   ,
Over the sacrificial fire  in Mithila, only  for the purpose  of bringing harm to your soul?”

8685.”Oh Lord who is like male elephant, after hearing  about this,
Your mother Kausalya would not continue to live   and the your ,
Other younger brothers would also not live ,
Was this the real intention of   the    cruel Kaikeyi?”

8686.”When you told me to continue   to live in great city of Ayodhya,
I who am without mercy followed you without   parting   from you  ,
In to the   smoke filled forest and  for the sake of a deer,
Created  enemies    for you   , who have killed    you now ?”

8687.”At the time when I told you   that   if you do not catch the deer,
I would embrace   death   and  requested you to catch it  ,
And stood alone there   without you ,  Did I have an evil thought,
 Of getting you   killed   in this long  cruel battle  ?”

8688.”In your coronation   you would   have conducted the  rare  fire sacrifice,
Where you would have  poured  large amount of Ghee in the    fire ,
And later   ruled   the  rich  Kosala country   with rich fields ,
And  plenty of water resources, without slipping away   from justice,
But due to the crime of touching me, the true words of your father,
That he wanted    only to crown you as a king was also lost.”

8689.”Oh wise one, Oh younger brother,  due to play of fate  , on the day,
That you were starting to the  lonely forest along with us   your mother told you,
“You die before your elder brother” and did  you truthfully follow the words of your mother.”

8690.”Oh Lakshmana    who chose  not to sleep when Rama ,
Was sleeping on the  bed of tender flowers and cool new leaves ,
Are you willingly sleeping on this   cool bed of cruel arrows  of the Rakshasas?”

8691.”I have mind  that cannot be broken  by an axe or a sword  and so ,
In spite of seeing   my husband  dead,  I have not left my  life  but am only crying.
And now  for getting solace from this great sorrow,
I would fall on my lord and die  “ and when she said this,
Trijata     stopped  her from getting up and told her  .

8692.Trijata  who was like the result of the penance    did earlier by Sita,
For  removing   her worries, after making  the Rakshasis with  cruel bent teeth ,
Who were  guarding her  move away from her , hugged Sita who wanted to die,
Went   extremely near    Sita and told her in her ears.

8693.”Oh swan like mother , Think about how the illusory deer appeared before you,
How an Janaka who is an illusion was created  and how   the Naga pasa  .
Binding Rama and Lakshmana  went away. You do not know   the illusions,
That are created by these Rakshasas who are evil.  Are you thinking of embracing death?”

8694.”Should you forget  the dream that you have seen, the good omens that happened,
The strength  of your chastity  , the sinful acts   of Rakshasas carrying the    sword ,
And Dandayudha  and the valour  of Rama and Lakshmana    who follow Dharma  ?
The destruction would come  to these  low born Asuras,
And not to Rama who is incarnation of  Lord Vishnu with lotus flower  on his belly.”

8695.”Oh lady  who appeared from earth  , are you with a soft  mind not seeing  ,
That  no arrow   has pierced    the body of Rama   who is the Lord of the divine wheel?
Though arrows have struck Lakshmana  , his face   is shining like the Sun at   deluge ,
And so those two who have   a very long life span are not dead. Do not be deceived  and get scared.”

  8696.”If Rama has died   both the seven under worlds and seven upper worlds ,
Would have got burnt  .Do you think that   Sun will wander in the sky after   that  ?
What is use  of God who is fate and all lives including Lord  Brahma  would have died?
If all of them are there  then Dharma  is all there and so mother do not get scared.”

8697.”Oh lady  , due to the boon   that you gave  , how can Hanuman lose  his life?
If Hanuman  has died , does it mean   that  your chastity   has also been destroyed?
This    state of losing  consciousness all the night   is not something  that cannot be cured?
This is the result of Brahmastra and soon its effect would be lifted,
Has the thought   and wishes    of the devas   ever erred.”

8698.”I looked at the Devas  and they were looking at both of them as  if ,
They were looking at the trinity and are saluting them lifting  ,
Their  red hands decorated    with gold ornaments   over   their   head,
And they do not appear    to be sorrowing  and so mother ,
Do not get  scared  and do not think that sea would enter the well,
And that well   will   steal   the   sea.”

8699. “Oh lady, this divine plane   does not carry  widows who lost their Mangala Suthra,
Or  the dead bodies. Think of all that I have told and realize   that  Rama is not dead,
And cross   the ocean of  misery” said Trijata   and Sita who had  ,
Thought that  Rama and Lakshmana have died  started  bearing her soul.

8700.Sita  who had left the lotus  flower and was   born as the daughter  of Janaka.
Said, “Oh mother, whatever   you have told till now are   faultless   and ,
Considering you as God  I  did not take away my life till now and  believing ,
In your words  I would keep my life    for this night   also  ,
Death is a decision that  I have taken long back , is it not?”

8701.”I have forsaken   the ornaments worn by chaste ladies   who are  family women,
And  I was keeping my soul safe with the hope   that I would   be able to see ,
My husband who is ornaments    for me   and who resembles the clouds ,
And holds   arrows and swords   for fighting  a war. It is easy for me to leave my life  ,
As I am very weak   as I had not been taking   my food .”

8702.That Lady whose spear like  broad  eyes  which  hit the body of Rama  ,
Was caught hold of tightly   by the Rakshasis who were   driving the Pushpaka Vimana ,
Who  changed the fate that  the real soul belongs   to the world  ,
And who were like the emissaries   of the God of death  ,
Who were taking through the   sky  , the   body which was a lie.

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