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Kama Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 7

Yudha Kandam (contd)

18.Naga Pasa   Padalam

(Chapter on tying by serpents)

(When Ravana becomes miserable   Indrajit comes  to the war to console his father.A huge war ensues. After it becomes dark, Indrajit hides himself in the clouds  and hits Lakshmana and others using Naga Pasa . Rama becomes miserable .Lord Garuda comes there. All people wake  up. There is a story that  before  Kamban  presented   first time his work, the scholars wanted him to get a certificate from the  three  thousand Brahmins of Chidambara, When the Brahmins refuse to give  such a certificate , one of their children is bit by snake  and dies.Poet Kamban reads  this Nage  Pasa Padalam  and  the boy wakes up.The certificate  is given by Brahmins,)

8002.The Rakshasis  who had eyes like  the  killer swords  joined together ,
Let off   their hair to hang, Hugging together and sitting in a crowd  ,
Beating    their chests  and were crying , and getting a doubt  ,
Why all this   was happening and  Indrajit  who was like
The matchless   thunder of clouds    got up and came.

8003.”Ravana who had won over all the   prople in all the eight directions,
Must have   got defeated like yesterday   and must have lost his greatness,
Or otherwise   he must have died in the battle field  or that  Hanuman,
Who burnt this city  , must have joined this city  with the ocean,
.Possibly one of this must be the reason  for the 
Rakshasa ladies to wail” Thought Indrajit.

8004.Indrajit asked “What has happened here?”  and all people    were scared  ,
And were not able to tell the answer and also forgot what to tell    as answer.
Then Indrajit got in to a  chariot drawn by lions   which does  not need a driver,
And within a second   and went and saw his father   who had shown him rare feats.

8005Indrajit looked at Ravana  , with a slightly less    sorrowful  mind ,
Saluted   him by folding his hands   and asked him the     reason  ,
For the sorrow there  and Ravana seeing Indrajit replied,
“Oh valorous one, your younger brothers   has been taken away  by God of death Kumbha, Nikumbha also died along with   Athikaya  also reached the heaven”, he said.

8006.”If we compare   the archers , the one among the best   Indrajit  ,
Even before Ravana informed him of    the death of his brothers  ,
Had eyes    which could    burn even   fire  , bit his lips with his teeth,
And looked at the sky and sorrowed thinking “Has all  of them died?”

8007.Indrajit asked Ravana  “Who killed them?”  and that  Ravana  , who had ,
Uprooted   the mountain of Lord Shiva   who   wore  Garland of Ixora flowers,
 Said , “The one killed  Athikaya   was the  victorious Lakshmana,
And   the others  Like Kumbha and Nikhumba    were killed,
By Hanuman who burnt our city   and others “ And told him everything.

8008.Then Indrajit asked, “Oh king  , though you knew about  the strength ,
Of those men who were having a  very strong monkey army  ,
What is the reason why   you did not    send me to fight    the war?
.The people who killed them were   not they  as you had sent them,
Asking the enemies    to kill them   and because  of their death  ,
Our strength has reduced” and with anger  breathing fire   he stood there.

8009.  “When I brought Hanuman who rubbed   and killed Akshaya   Kumara  ,
You told that he is an emissary equal to saliva  , who only conveys,
The words    told by the enemy     and released him   without thinking ,
That by releasing  him he would tell our news to the enemy.
You who lost your wisdom then  have now lost  ,
The support    of the people    which    has  destroyed your life.”

8010.”What is  the point   in thinking it over  and telling about your faults?
I  would not come back  without separating the soul     from the body of,
Lakshmana  who has killed  my younger brother who carried weapons,
For killing, to this  stable city  .Without doing it  , I would not live either .”

8011. “I would kill    the army of monkeys who have     cruel eyes  ,
In several    batches    and  I would also kill  Lakshmana who killed  ,
My younger brother., If I do not do it  , let   the devas  ,
Who consider  Lord Vishnu who was scared   to show his chest to me,
And who was   not able   to  disobey me   as God, laugh at me.”

8012”If I am not able to kill that Lakshmana     who killed   my brother who  ,
Cannot be killed , and  make the lady earth    eat his spring like  oozing blood,
Then  though  the valorous  Indra was defeated   by me and did jobs for me  ,.
Let it be told     that   He has defeated   me four  times.”

8013. “If    the arrow in the shape of a snake , The pasupatha   arrow,
Given by Lord Shiva  who wears the crescent of moon on his head ,
And the  divine sword  , which I have protecting and roaming    about ,
Are not of any use for me to now , I would become   lazy  ,
And I would   not  like to eat rice and  live.”

8014.  “If I am not giving as  feast Lakshmana     , who killed   my  brother  ,
Who was like a deathless    medicine  ,  The group of  Devas ,
Who had earlier fought with us   would laugh  at me teasingly  ,
And If  at that   time I simply stood   on  earth,
I am not the son of Ravana  ,”    Said Indrajit.

8015.Ravana said, “then you go  and doing this , remove my sorrow,
Is there anything  impossible to  you to as    you are like our father?
During this bad time for me  , if you bend     your   very strong bow,
To fight against my enemies  , I thought that   it will lead to my stability.”

8016. Indrajit who has won over the Devas    saluted    Ravana    who told like this,
Wore an  armour   which cannot be cut or pierced by anything  .  wore .
A lustrous sharp sword on his   waist  , wore large quivers  ,
Which was shining  like  Gold   and which had lot of depth and space  ,
On the   back  of his shoulders  and took  a bow   which had two ends.

8017 . The  bow held   in the hand of Indrajit  is the best and cruel one ,
Which was  got made by Lord Brahma   using a diamond mountain  and ,
Given to Indra so that   no harm comes to him   and was   snatched  by Indrajit  ,
When he  caused sorrow to Indra by  defeating him  . This is the story of the bow.

8018. The arrows   and quiver tied   on his shoulder   by Indrajit 
Who was   as strong as Yalis   and  were  those taken ,
By him  from Indra   whom he had imprisoned  him  and even if ,
Due to drying of all the oceans , there   is no ocean  still,
It would have arrows   and is like a   nest giving corpses as food,
To Ghosts with cruel eyes as well as  the cruel God of death.

8019.Indrajit thoughtfully selected    several  crores  weapons  ,
Among which were those given by devas   when they were defeated in battle field ,
Those given by Lord Shiva who had  Meru mountain as     his bow  and by Lord Brahma.

8020.The  big divine chariot in which  Indrajit rode   were drawn  by,
One thousand male lions, each   of which had a strength   of,
Hundred thousand Yalis   and was  like another Lanka,
And was   something    which    even the Devas  had not seen.

8021. That  chariot was    golden in colour   and could not  be compared ,
To Garuda the matchless bird  , to the bull   which is the steed  of Lord Shiva ,
Who holds an axe  which  reaches faster   than lightning   and in ancient days,
It  had only chased   them when they were defeated 

8022.That Chariot  with a huge flag  in which was the  ghosts with loud  voice ,
Used to say ,”The valorous hero   who   tied   Indra  . The one   who showed,
His matchless valour    in war but   whose power   was destroyed .
By ropes  on his broad shoulders   has arrived  , has arrived.”

8023. The chariot had huge wheels   which rode over  the  big Asuras,
Who fought with it and destroyed them   , It has  a part called bud ,
Which created  a scar  on the back of Indra   who fought ,
Exhibiting  the great prowess   of his shoulders   and having said  that,
Suppose   if we mention   that it drove off    ,
The elephants     of the directions , is it going to add to its greatness?

8024. That  strong Indrajit who was defeated   and driven way   all the devas,
Has not seen their faces but has seen only their backs due to that,
Got in to that chariot   , and with thousand similar    chariots  ,
Coming along with him to protect him   came to the battle  field.,
As if  in his mind   he was  greatly    mad about war.

8025.Though it is difficult for me    to tell the exact  measure  of army  ,
That went  with Indrajit  , the  Great   sage Valmiki  , who is ,
Praised by all   and   who is a sage    who has learnt all the    Vedas  ,
Had said that the army was forty Vellam  and who else   can be there,
Who knew     about    the measure    of that great army?

8026. Dhoomraksha  , the Mahaparswa   who had never   been,
Defeated by anyone else   were protecting   the wheels  of the chariot,
Of Indrajit  , with regal white umbrellas   being held  ,
With  big  conches blaring forth , with ocean like   musical instruments  ,
Which make one scared   raising a noise  greater than sound of   four oceans.

8027.That Indrajit who never gets tired due to war  with thousand ,
Thousand crores  of chariots  surrounding him to look after    him,
Double that number of elephants    coming   in  the periphery  ,
With   the garlanded   horse army which was  like a sea  coming,
Behind him   and  an ocen of foot soldiers  in his front, went.

8028.Lakshmana   did not move away    from the battle    field.
Thinking   that Athikaya  , the son of Ravana  is no more  and ,
So either  the very angry Ravana   or  Indrajit    who won over  ,
The king of devas  would come to fight  and was waiting.

8029.Lakshmana who   did valorous cruel fight asked,
“Who is it that is coming?  Please   tell me,”
And Vibheshana  replied “Oh best among males  ,
The one who is coming Is Indrajit   who had  ,
Defeated king of devas   , who is an expert in war ,
Without deceit   and fighting     directly    with him,
So today’s   war would    be  very hard.”

8030.”Oh our lord  , I have to tell you about one of my thoughts,
It is better for you to go to the war   along with  the army chiefs ,
Who would protect you  ,Please deeply think about my suggestion.”

8031.”Oh faultless one   who wears    fame as an ornament  ,
Let  Hanuman  , Jambavan  , The king of monkeys  , son of Tara,
Neela and others   like them   go along    with  you,
So that  you can fight a  long and harsh war.”

8032.”Oh Lord who have pretty and great shoulders  , Indra ,
Who opposed him along with several ten thousand Devas  ,
And with a measureless   army , due to his having eaten Nectar  ,
Did not die in spite of his being defeated speedily    and escaped.”

8033.”Would the several scars on the shoulders  of Indra ,
Due to his being tied by illusionary rope  by him , ever fade?
And not only that   he tied even Hanuman by  the arrow of Brahma ,
And do you think   that  any body can stop   his mastery  in arrows?”

8034.Saying like this Vibheeshana saluted Lakshmana   and the young lord ,
Saud “well”   and at that   time  the strong Hanuman   who thought    that ,
The son of king of Lanka   is going with   war with Lakshmana , went near him.”

8035.Seeing the Son of Ravana who had    already collected  
 The needed   weapons of war  , his form  as well as his courage  ,
Hanuman making the god of  death scared  left    the west gate  ,
And like a whirl wind approached   near  Lakshmana.

8036.  Already Angadha had arrived   at the place of Lakshmana  ,
And all   the monkeys with greatly   strong shoulders  ,
Stood round him to protect him   and when Lakshmana  ,
Was thus surrounded  by the monkey army  like  the ocean with conches,
Sugreeva    the son of Sun God with red rays went to fight before Lakshmana .

8037.With an enraged mind   those two armies stood facing each other ,
With a  liking for the job of war   and they rose  making very great sound ,
And  it looked as if two different  oceans   was rising from two directions.

8038.Thinking that   if they carefully think that   day m they would,
Receive the benefits got by the mind and eye  , Devas   with  their wives,
Left    their homes and assembled in the battle field , making their world empty.

8039.When the    two armies neared each other to fight   and 
When all the valorous warriors raised the battle cry  ,
Apart from sound of conches   and the   sound of drums ,
Which made the heads  of Indra and  other Devas shiver  ,
They due to fear    closed their ears    by their hands.

8040.The  big sound  of shouts like  “hit them”,  “Catch them”,
“Send weapons” raised    as per the need     at  a particular time,
   The great noise made by  the strings of bows  were three   times ,
More intense   than the   sound of thunder at final deluge  .

8041.  Due to hit by the stones  , due to hit  by spears resembling  Yama ,
Due to hit     by arrows from the bow  Several    warriors fell dead ,
And due to  their night like bodies hitting   when the armies fought  ,
Unable    to  bear their fierce   speed   the earth     was split.

8042.Due to being hit my monkeys with trees which resemble iron pillars  ,
The Rakshasas   lost their life  , their great heads broke   in to pieces,
And  the bodies    of Rakshasas which were pressed  ,
Were with neck and without head   and they danced in  the battle field.

8043.The monkeys    whose heads were cut by the Rakshasas ,
And due to cutting of the nerves   their blood was splashing out  ,
Of the strong   bodies of the monkeys   and looked like the logs of wood,
Burning   when a h big tall wide     forests   catches fire.

8044.The monkeys caught the Rakshasas, they pulled   their  huge shoulders,
 And broke them  , kicked  them with great speed   and pushed them,
Bit them and removed their necks  and lifted them  and beat  them on floor.

8045. The Rakshasas using swords cut off  the legs of monkeys,
Who were wearing anklets made of hide , cut off their heads ,
Cut off their shoulders   and cut their bodies   in to pieces and they rose in anger.

8046 The Gods of death roaming     about with the name  of monkeys,
Using trees  shattered    the heads of Rakshasas who were standing like  Mountains  , broke their bodies   and by knocking broke   their hands and legs.

8047.Some monkeys  with eyes  which gave   out  fire sparks with light  ,
Took huge trees  and    went near the Asuras to hit them  but fell  ,
With their hands and legs     being cut   and  got spears  struck in their bodies,
But they also bit their necks  and both of them fell  dead together.

8048. The army of bears   went to war , continuously like    the thunder   ,
That destroys    the mountains  , split open  the foreheads  which were,
Raining rut  water , ate their sweet brains  and got  rid of their hunger.

8049. The monkeys which were larger   than mountains   jumped  on,
The  killing elephants which had three type of ruts  , on horses,
On the strong chariots where   bells have been tied  ,
On swords , on tip of bows and on Heads  of Rakshasas and destroyed them,

8050.Due to the beating of Rakshasa  warriors using mace  , the bodies,
Of monkeys which  are likely to fall   were cut      by their swords,
Like pieces   of sandalwood   and they were strewn in various places ,
And the blood that flowed  like a river with waves   from   ,
Their heaped body  , filled up the ocean  with tides.

8051. Among the things that were rubbed in to a paste  by Hanuman,
With his strong mountain like hands  , the flags   which in whiteness,
Won over the snow  , The horses   which had large amount  of mane hairs  ,
Bows, arrows  , maces  , matchless spears  The angry elephants in rut,
With anger and victory  and the  chariots could not be recognized.

8052.  They say that among  the four section army made in to slush  
 And destroyed,  by Angaha    with a tree,  the huge chariots   , horses  , elephants  And  The Rakshasas wearing  heroic anklets   who fought the war  were taken by,
The God of death without differentiating them and  hugged
And thinking whether   any more beings are  left anywhere  ,
He was seen digging   using     his two hands on the battle field.

8053. When the monkey army   in all the directions   that  they were fighting,
Joining    together  in trance   were killing and heaping   ,
The elephants  , chariots and horses which fought with   them,
Seeing that war  the sages  after comparing it with  war between,
Devas and Asuras said  , that war  is inferior to this    war.

8054.  When the  Rakshasa army   started   winning  , unable to face it,
The crowd   of monkeys started   running away  and in that state  ,
The  monkey chiefs   separately  fought and stopped  ,
The front army of Rakshasas   and they made them fall and killed them ,
When the ocean of Rakshasas   were   thus destroyed ,
The Rakshasas    who could never imagine   about their destruction  ,
Attacked    again   and the monkey chiefs  protected  their army.

8055.Neela similar  to God Shiva   who as one of the trinity  ,
Used to destroy   all beings of the world   with spear ,
As well as   axe in his hand  , showing all  his eight shoulders,
Stood stable   and due to him   the one called  God of death  ,
Along with his servants   took his weapon called Pasa(rope),
Unable to move any where    stood    there itself.

8056.  The  Kumudha with great anger  destroyed the enemy army ,
Making the God of death   say, “I have  lost the pride of my job”,
And started shivering  with fear   and thought  “He is not wind,
He is not water  , he is  not fire   and he is fighting   ,
With his   two bare hands   and  in spite of it,
He is fighting  like this, What words can I use to praise him.”

8057.What has been left   without uprooting  among the trees by that monkey.
 Rishabha   who liked to   throw and beat   were  only  the big  Maramaras ,
In this  earth which   is surrounded by the sea    with tides ,
Through  which Rama    had shot an arrow   and among  the mountains,
That   he did not pick was only the clan mountain of Rama.

8058. Devas thought  “The Rakshasa  warriors  who have jumping horses,
Elephants in rut  and chariots with horses who are more cruel than serpents  ,
And who had shining teeth  would   die in large numbers   and so  ,
We have no fear  from them , is it not? Due to Jambavan  taking    trees,
In a row and beating  and killing   them , bleeding   like the water fall
Near the barrage  , and all the Rakshasas    would  die.”

8059. Completely mixing up  the waves   of warring  crowd of  horses  ,
 the boat like pretty chariots  ,the shark like   elephants with great trance of rut  ,
And     various weapons    which were like   the variety   of fishes  ,
The Mandhara   mountain like Panasa   entered  there.

8060.Mainda   and Dvividha , the brothers   tearing   the crowd of   clouds  ,
Like the   Hawk king brothers   rose    up in the sky  . Gavaya   ,
A monkey warrior  looked like a male valorous  elephant  which  dips  in the pond,
Churns and plays there  . A monkey warrior  called  Kesari  , without  ,
Standing in the same place   and not going back   fought a huge   war.

8061.When  all the   great monkey leaders  without retreating  and not,
Getting tired   went on fighting in the war   and  made ,
Limitless heaps of  corpses of Rakshasas   were    fighting  ,
The    monkeys who had ran away defeated became courageous  ,
And joined with them and again started    fighting   and at that time,
The Rakshasa army got greatly depressed and weak   and seeing that  ,
Indrajit   stood alone and started    attacking    the monkey army  .

8062.That very strong Indrajit   with his  mountain like ornamented shoulders,
Becoming  grown  up  , with  his fingers  which were like strong iron pillars
Started  doing a   valorous deed   which leads to scars  by  ,
Twanging the     string of his bow   , the sound of which   went  ,
To large distances    crossing directions, mountains  ,
And     that sound    row by row   spread and made   ,
The entire world surrounded   by  ocean   shiver with fear.

8063.That Indrajit who was like a male lion  , after  shouting like  the ocean,
And  told his charioteer to go  to a long distance inside enemy army,
And made Angadha   and other monkeys sad  , With   devas feeling scared  ,
And making the thunder get ashamed   by seeing the cruelty of his arrows,
And with his  lustrous teeth   spitting   out   the fire   like poison  ,
Like    the Adhisesha in great rage  , the big Sankha pala   and other  ,
Cruel serpents , he shot very many     cruel arrows.

8064.Due   to the cruel arrows     sent by Indrajit  hitting  again and again,
The lustrous stone mountains   and huge trees  thrown by the   monkeys,
Who were surrounding him   were broken and turned  in to dust.
The cut heads of monkeys    that rose up  ,like    birds   rose up,
To a great height in the    sky   and  came down and fell  in various places,
And those which broke in to pieces  and went inside the soil  were numerous.

8065. Some monkey warriors who got weak because   of the cruel arrows  ,
Of Indrajit hitting them  And due to their anger at him  , hid themselves,
Behind the mountains that    they intended   to throw , by making ,
Their bodies light   so that   their weakness would go  , but ,
Being drawn to the front by their  anger  and as they were going very near   ,
To him  , several arrows    pierced the mountain as well   ,
Their chest    and    went outside    their  bodies.

8066. Within less than one hour   more   than one Vellam  monkeys  ,
Were killed and some had  neck, some had    hands  , some had,
Long legs  , and some had    tails   and  directly seeing   them,
Being   cut in to  several  pieces  ,using   his broad  ,
Steel pillar like shoulders  , he jumped on the sky  for throwing  ,
And smashing   but   being pushed    by the arrows of Indrajit  ,
With   several cut heads   coming at that monkey  but   ,
He went on throwing mountains with    bamboos ,
But the heads   as well as pieces    fell out together.

8067.Those cruel  and sharp  arrows  with great speed    of Indrajit  ,
Went on cutting the fresh head of monkeys   and they  like the sun light  ,
Which can go in even in small openings  and like  the cruel serpents  ,
Reaching their ant hills   they went deep and    reached land of serpents.
The red blood  flowing like water  , in the absence of  ,
Ups and downs   and planes which can travel fast   in open spaces  ,
Was similar   the ocean with its  tides , rises and falls.

8068When the strong arrows of Indrajit    entered the bodies of the monkeys,
Who had bodies  who were equal in size and strength    to all the mountains,
The arrows struck on their eyes if they open  them, on the chest  ,
If they  face them, On the back if they run away, on the body  ,
If they try to escape  on their  long legs if they try to jump and escape,
On their  stretched hands if they swing them  , on their toungues,
If they chide them with mouth and on the mind if they think about them.

8069.The devas  seeing  the strong rain of arrows by Indrajit could not see,
Anything properly. When he was shooting the arrows except the  twang,
Sound made by the string   they could   not hear    by their   ears ,
Most of the  monkey crowd with bodies had died and hearing ,
The sound of sobbing  of the running monkeys   with raised hand, they were upset.

8070-8071.Seeing that several crores of monkeys    were cut   in to pieces,
That Indrajit who was as cruel as the thorn stopped    sending arrows,
As there were  no one to fight  and seeing a lull  in the coming of arrows,
The son of Sun God   who was standing far away  , with a desire  ,
To fight with Indrajit  , Breaking the clouds   in the   sky ,
He uprooted a tall lustrous Maramara  and  rotating it  ,
With very great  matchless anger like Vali   who churned   the ocean of milk  ,
And got the   pure nectar   seeing  the victorious    war done by  Indrajit ,
In which   the monkey army   lost their power  and lost their lives,
Went near  Indrajit who had    stopped   the war  and for the sake of
Fighting so that no body can approach him  he threw   that Maramara  ,
Making the  nearing Rakshasa army   completely  upset and they got scared.

8072. Seeing the victory  of Sugreeva who with a  Maramara   was ,
Making the Rakshasa army surrounding him run away  , Indrajit,
Became surprised    and said “good, good”  , chose cruel arrows  ,
And sent two arrows aimed at Sugreeva ‘s forehead    and  ,
Five arrows aimed   at his chest  as if it was poison   and also  ,
Tore in to small pieces   the Maramara   that was brought ,
By Sugreeva , made in to dust and sprinkled it.

8073.At that time Hanuman  Became matchlessly angry like Halahala  poison,
And entered the battle field  and making all the worlds shiver  ,
Patted on his  own shoulders  and after  making a   sound like thunder ,
Making those  who watch say , “now itself  Indrajit would   die”,
Took a huge mountain   and threw   it on Indrajit   and ,
Being hit  by the arrows of Indrajit   it became  in to small pieces.

8074,That Indrajit who was an expert in war  looking at Hanuman told,
“Hey stop there  , thinking about you  only,  I came to the battle field  ,
You are   not battling with your bow   and keep on     telling .
About your  own masculinity  , keep alive and are playing with me .
Do you think   that those stone and tall trees     are   going to stifle me,
Who has come to the battlefield  .Please tell,” said he in a teasing manner.

8075.”Oh weak one  , even in our side there are warriors who  can take a bow ,
And fight   and I am also there who fight    by picking a   stone   and you can see it,
Within a day  ,Indra and other devas    who hold lustrous weapons  ,
Have been defeated by you   and  have managed    to keep their life ,.
We are not people who would get defeated   and pick the grass by our mouth  ,
And we have come before you to fight with you with   some other weapons.”

8076.”Would you care to fight with me ? If not   would   you fight,
With our Lord    whose name is Lakshmana  ? or would you fight   with  ,
Rama   the son of  matchlessly charitable king  who has been  born
To cut off the heads    of your father ? we would deny  what you want.”
Said Hanuman  whose shoulders can be compared   to ,
Nothing except    the golden mountain   of Meru.”

8077.”Where does    that ignorant  man  named  Lakshmana   who killed ,
My younger brother Athikaya who was  like a lion , stand in this battle field?
He is one who is keeping his soul so that  , he can be killed    by me   and I have ,
Come  only to kill him   in the same place where he killed   my brother  ,
And   cool down my anger and not only that, If I send   my cruel arrows,
Which are   capable    of killing all the worlds  ,
Would your so called valour    be able    to control them?”

8078. With  none of my army warriors    coming to assist me ,
And going  away from here  , I with my   strong bow  ,
Would stand on a chariot , would be able to cut off,
All your heads   and this is definitely going     to happen.
You can call all the devas in the sky and all the   beings on earth,
To help you  and fight   with me  and within today’s day time  ,
I  would win over all of you and without that  I would not leave.

8079.Afy=ter saying this Indrajit   sent nine hundred   cruel arrows  ,
Using his cruel bow   and they all  as a crowd  went and hit the body of   Hanuman 
Who   was standing there looking like a mountain   and   ,
When went on hitting him  That Hanuman bit his lustrous   teeth,
And with great anger   took   aa mountain which he was keeping as reserve ,
And    went before  that  Indrajit   and told    the following simple words.

8080.”Even if all the animals called    elephants in the world  join together,
Would they be able   to stand easily and win   the    strength  of a lion,
Which has    the habit  of jumping? Without  having patience  to wait  for,
The younger  brother of Rama  who is the best among men  , and  who is our lord ,
You would fight with me and hurt me   but this  mountain would  ,
Eat away your soul  before you send the arrow. Please   save yourselves,
By your masculinity   and your expertise  in   archery .”
After saying this Hanuman threw    that mountain at him.

8081.That mountain which was   thrown by Hanuman, who  was used to war,
And who had   long hands like Yali   hit the chest of the    son of Ravana ,
Who had the tusks of the   elephants of   directions   on his chest,
But   it broke in to pieces   and went away in all directions asif,
It had   hit a   mountain made   of diamonds   and it looked as if,
The hammer breaking in to pieces    when hitting   the well heated iron .

8082. AS soon as the  mountain which was l thrown by  mountain like,
Hanuman , hit his mountain like chest and broke in to pieces  ,
With his great anger    further increasing  , that  Indrajit,
Who has  the culture of cheating  , with heightened pride ,
Sent one thousand arrows   aiming at the garland bedecked   chest ,
And shoulders  of Hanuman who was capable   of uprooting,
This  huge and strong   world   as well  as the Meru mountain.

8083.When all those arrows   sent by Indrajit   went inside his chest  ,
Just like the Meru mountain hit by  wind  go up  , get shaken ,
And klose its energy , With huge blood flow from    his body with scent ,
Which was    flowing like an ocean  Hanuman became tired  ,
And when he was thinking  “What needs to be done?”
Neela  with cruel eyes   and who was   capable of killing  ,
Went before  Indrajit  ,  and started   bothering him.

8084.Neela uprooted a long blue mountain    which was near him,
By using his long hands  , and rose up in the sky   , producing a heat,
Like fire was travelling in the sky   and threw that   mountain,
Straight on Indrajit   and that Indrajit   who holds a huge bow  ,
Using his arrows destroyed that mountain which was ,
Coming at him like    the spear   of God   of death  ,
Making one forget    that   there    was   any time lapse .

  8085.Making   all beings with soul   and monkeys   run away  helter-skelter ,
Producing a sense   of awe in the heart of    Devas , he made a cruel stream of blood   flow out of the   holes like sieve  pierced    by him on Neela,
Who was three  times more    strong    than the  Meru mountain,
And   when those arrows with a tip   that can scare   even fire  ,
Which were  laughing at serpents  with cruel eyes  were  ,
Seen rushing at him  , That Neela   who had uprooted ,
A  mountain  and threw at him    started    shivering.

8086. The dear son  of Vali  who uprooted   several  tall mountains,
Which some said were  Meru Mountain and some others said ,
”Not Meru mountain”   and threw them  on the high    shoulders  ,
Of Indrajit  and when Indrajit held the bow  , will they ever hit him?.
Would they be able to go in front of him at least   and even if,
They speedily go against him   would his arrows      ever miss them”
Indrajit by his cruel arrows   cut in to pieces and broke all those mountains.

8087.Due to  the  speedy arrows of Indrajit , which produced   smoke  ,
Went like  serpents entering the ant hills and hit  Angadha  ,
On his  forehead , tall shoulders , broad    chests , and long legs  ,
He tottered, bit his   sparkling teth  , grinded    both his  hands ,
And with fire sparks    coming out of his eyes  due to the ,
Ocean of blood that was coming out of him fainted   and  fell on earth.

8088.He also shot arrows   on the chest , on the   high shoulders  ,
Just  like torrential rain on all  other Monkeys   also  and  those ,
Victorious cruel arrows hurt them  and since  those arrows ,
Stood on their body  , they all started    shivering  and due to that ,
Majority of the   huge army of  foot soldiers    of the monkeys died.
Those who were  left alive ran away and seeing that   the young lord  ,With lustrous eyes expelling fire sparks     spoke   the following.

8089.  Lakshmana  said, “Oh Vibheeshana  , our    idea  has   failed  ,
All our great   army leaders  are  sorrowing drowned   in  blood  water,
Countless number of our soldiers     have also died, I should have  ,
Challenged  Indrajit for war   and taken away his soul  ,
Was it not wrong to permit  our monkey warriors and leaders to fight with him.”

8090.Vibheeshana replied “Sir  , what you said is true ,Once upon a time  ,
Several crores of Devas came to fight with him   and not only,
All of them lost their power and run away   but  they also,
Were   not able to do anything to this Indrajit, Unless you ,
Remove   the sorrow caused by him to the world  ,there is ,
No method     to   save the beings of the   world.”

8091.After hearing these words of Vibheeshana  , Lakshmana  ,
Who was  like a golden cloud   came  along with the bow of Indra,
Who was very strong   was seen by  Indrajit  in front of him,
Asked  his spy, “Is he not the younger   brother of Bharata   and ,
Younger brother   of Rama?”     and he replied “yes.”

8092.  That cruel one , even before Lakshmana reached him to fight   asked ,
His Rakshasa chiefs  “you go.”   And all the Rakshasa chiefs  ,
Sent   the   entire army without leaving any one   to the fight.
And they said  “Oh killer of Athikaya who is  the son of our Lord  ,
You have come very near us  and how    are   you going to escape alive  “
And stared  at him like fire and started     fighting.

8093. Those huge crowd of hundred crore   of Rakshasas came  ,
In  huge chariots with flags   and driving  victorious     huge elephants ,
And horses  , shouted greatly and surrounded  Lakshmana 
Seeing them Lakshmana   the brother of Bharata   who kept,
The sandals of Rama on his head , hit all of   them,
In a systematic manner  and wore the garland of victory.

8094. The entire seven worlds  were startled   by  the arrows   sent  ,
By Lakshmana  ., the fire sparks created by thunder   flew everywhere ,
And due to that mountains and land split open  .  The heads of,
The soldiers     who had died  fell down  like  the  mountain .
The blood flowed   densely  .  The hands of Devas   shivered,
And like this hugely fierce war took place  .

8095.Lakshmana    went on sending arrows    without reduced speed,
And they hit  the chest of Rakshasa  warriors   and spread throughout the world,
The burnt   series of flags and destroyed them, they cut  the horse army ,
They killed elephants     with hands like  the  palm tree  ,
And    those limitless arrows     worked   like God of death.

8096.The Devas    who came   to count the  great number   of Rakshasas,
Who died by arrows of Lakshmana  ,  got their eyes greatly fuddled  ,
And were not able to count till the end  . Seeing that rain of arrow   of Lakshmana,
Which could not be stopped by others  and the effect that ,
It was making in the  battle field,  the seven clouds  learnt,
How to shower rain without stopping   .Was it ,
Modeled on the basis    of    the bow of Lakshmana, said  devas in surprise  .

8097.  Due to the row of lustrous arrows   hitting and pushing them,
Each elephant   had  one tip of arrow on them   and   ,
Fell on the land died  and were lying like   mountain in the   field.
The warriors who had    strength  like lion  ,  fallen due to the arrows ,
Sent  by Lakshmana   which were   cruel  were  like  ,
The number of sand particles  of the ocean with   sound.

8098.  The devas seeing   the arrows of Lakshmana    which had huge shape,
Even in the beginning  and were like the birds with wings ,
Which were roaming here and there    after   eating the flesh  ,
Were startled and later composed themselves    convincing   themselves,
That    they were   only arrows   as    they saw   the number of birds   which flock,
To eat the flesh of the corpses    were much less   than  the arrows..
Which were    found pierced    on the bodies of the Rakshasas.

8099 Thirty five vellam   of  strong monkey soldiers had died      due   to the  ,
Fighting the war of Indrajit wearing  tied heroic anklets  , with great   anger,
And Since afterwards , the battle field     was later covered by the   corpses,
Of the   evil minded Rakshasas , many of the bodies   of monkeys,
Were drawn in the stream of blood    and merged    in the ocean.

8100 Among   the Asuras, some  got their  legs cut , some   got hands cut,
Some  got necks cut  , some got their  armours cut , some got bodies cut,
Some lost their speed  due to livers being cut    and hanging  ,
Some lost their calling power due to loss of strength  , some lost  ,
Their garlanded elephants   in trance of rut  , chariots    and horses,
And many lost many   things   but were keeping their soul   safe ,
Some ran helter-skelter    to save    their lives.

8101. Like a mountain in the centre of dried   up the   ocean  , Indrajit,
The son of   the ten headed Ravana  , without any one surrounding him,
Was standing   and he  got greatly  agitated  and having    curved ,
Eyebrows in great anger   , and got in to his    chariot  ,
Which was going like his  mind   and reached near  Lakshmana,
And at that time    Hanuman also reached   near  Lakshmana.

8102. Hanuman who neared  Lakshmana told him  “Lord  ,
Please climb on my shoulders  “ and saluted  his feet  ,
And that Lakshmana    who was  as  valorous    as a lion ,
Accepted that   and climbed    on his shoulders ,
And the devas   shouted happily   and  like a cloud ,
Coming to fight   a war with another     cloud 
Sent arrows  at each other  which   were  like the    instrument   of death,
Of God of death  who is  as  black as Kali  .

8103. The   stings of their   bows  made sound like thunder  ,
All the  directions were confused, mountains  broke  and got shattered,
The heavens broke  and the    world was filled by  large  number of sparks of fire ,
The arrow sent    by each of them caught the arrows of the other.

8104.  When one arrow hit    another , each of them cut   the other,
And those   arrows which were   not cut  , with cruel fire sparks flying  ,
From them   and fell  on the sky   completely   burnt.. The devas seeing that  Got confused   and became depressed, and the entire earth   shivered,
And the globe  of the world   floated  like ship in the ocean  and shivered.

8105.The Chariot of Indrajit drawn by lions   and Lakshmana ‘s Hanuman,
Going round  each other in various ways  , the city of Lanka  also rotated,
And due to  the crowd  of arrows sent by each    other covering them,
Even Devas    could not find   whether they were there   and all beings,
In all  directions lost their hearing   and split.

8106.The devas who had decorated    their head   with golden  Karpaga garland ,
Due to the speed of happenings     could not   know fully the   happenings there,
And with great surprise    asked , “What did they do?  What did they do?”
Who has ever done this type   of act    earlier? None before   and  ,
None afterwards  “  and the directions   where  the  valorous ones,
 Who wore   the    scare    creating   garlands     was not known to them.

8107. “The greatness of the knowledge of  use  of bow by their   hands,  
Is of one type.   There is no limit for the    strength of their bodies  and ,
The greatness of the fight   between them would be taller than the sky “
Thinking like that  , wanting to witness    their war  The Devas   said,
“The acts   of both of them is great”  and due to this,
The proof   by witnessing and seeing   it ,  got  a suspicion.

8108.That Indrajit who was a Rakshasa   with sharp teeth   sent ,
Thousand crores  of an arrow type   called Pallam and Lakshmana  ,
Cut them off sending another thousand crores  Pallam arrows,
Then that Rakshasa Indrajit   sent thousand    crores of  serpent arrows,
And Lakshmana   cut them off using thousand crore    serpent arrows.

 8109.That Rakshasa   sent crore of crores   of arrows    with a tip  ,
That would cause   great sorrow and Lakshmana  who was like a cloud,
Sent similar crore of crores  arrows   which would cause  sorrow  ,
And cut  them off and the very angry Rakshasa again sent ,
One crore of arrows and Lakshmana stopped them by   another crore arrows.

8110.Then that Rakshasa sent one crore of arrows    with wings  of hawks ,
With his great speed of hand  and the younger brother   send   another ,
Crore of similar     arrows   and protected   himself from those arrows.
Then Lakshmana   sent one crore    of crescent shaped     arrows  ,
And the Rakshasa cut  them off by a crore  of crescent shape arrows.

8111That Rakshasa   then using his bow sent one crore  of cruel   arrows,
With the  tip of Korai grass and Lakshmana   sent one crore   of arrows,
With grass tip and protected  himself and then Lakshmana sent ,
Another   crore of arrows  with tip like  the  tip of Parai fishes,
And Indrajit     sending a crore  of  arrows  of similar   type,
And made  all those   arrows  suffer.

8112.That son of the ten headed one  sent one Padmam of  arrows,
Which had tip like lotus bud   from his bow and  made   great sound,
And the Lotus eyed  Lakshmana  also sent one Padmam,
Of  Lotus tipped    arrows    and prevented  them.

8113,That Rakshasa with the bent teeth   sent   crores of Vajra  arrows
With several heads and the faultless Lakshmana   sent another  crore,
 Vajra arrows with several heads  and destroyed them and,
Then Lakshmana   sent a crore of  arrows with three  tips 
With great  speed   and that strong Indrajit   sent  another,
Crore of arrows with three   tips  and   stopped them.

8114.That Rakshasa who is an expert in war   send five    crore arrows,
With the shape of saluting hands  and Lakshmana   sent  ,
Another five crores  of similar arrows and destroyed them,
And then Lakshmana    sent one crore arrows in the shape  ,
Of elephant   ears   and Indrajit   sent  ,
One crore  of similar    arrows   and cut   them.

8115. And  due to both of them sending arrows and  cutting them ,
With similar arrows   the entire world   became like a forest ,
Of crowds  of arrows   and the ocean    making great sounds  ,
 Grew up    due to the arrow crowds    sent   and though like   this
The  anger of those young bull like warriors  furiously ,
Burnt   both of them did   not get   tired at all.

8116. Indrajit   then sent thousand arrows  on the  iron pillar like shoulders,
Of  Hanuman  , tore his body   and made it red like the  Veezhi fruit,
And sent another thousand four hundred  which   were  ,
Like the fire at deluge   aimed at    the armour of  Lakshmana.

8117. Then the Devas   thought that  the Rakshasa Indrajit    has taken,
The first step and  turned back   their faces which were like lotus flowers  ,
And seeing the blood flow  , on the huge shoulders of Hanuman,
Who was carrying  Lakshmana on his shoulders  , which was like  ,
The huge stream flowing   from the  mountain with stones  ,
All the sages   got scared and said, “Among the  archers,
This Rakshasa   Indrajit   is the best.”

8118. And Lakshmana   who was   an expert in the science  of  war,
Drowned with great anger  , took hundreds of arrows  and send them,
Cut in to pieces   the lions with curved  manes  ,
Broke his   victorious     flag   and    sent   six hundred   arrows ,
So that they will enter   the golden armour of Indrajit   and press them.

8119.All round that armour which was like   light of Sun around the black cloud,
On the shoulders and chest   Of Indrajit  , just like   long coral  creeper,
Ocean of  blood   appeared     from all the wounds made by the  bow.

8120. When  the lions that were attached     to his big golden chariot ,
Fell down , rolled and died  and when his lustrous flag   ,
As well as the   charioteer   and when the arrows  that,
Cannot be prevented   neared his chest  , that Indrajit  ,
Not able to understand    what was happening  said  the following.

8121. “He is   a man but  if he is not   , he is equal to Lord Vishnu,
And if he  is not that  , in truth he would be  Lord Shiva or Lord  Brahma,
And among those who hold the strong bow   nobody   in this earth  ,
Are   comparable     to  him” Thus Indrajit praised  Lakshmana.

8122.That Indrajit who would  never rest in war , even if he dies  ,
With fire coming out of his mouth   and with    anger   that was flaming up,
Like the ghee poured in fire   speedily   within  half a second  ,
Got in to a   chariot   with wheels ,drawn by thousand horses.

8123.  When Indrajit send arrows   in all directions   and the cruel   sound ,
Of war spread everywhere  making Lord    Shiva    shiver,,
He further sent  thousand crores  arrows ,
And   made    the entire    sky    without any empty space .

8124.Then the sinless  Lakshmana   making   every one surprised ,
Sent rows and rows     thousand arrows ,
And also sent    one thousand    arrows   on son of Ravana.

8125.As soon as the thousand arrows    hit   Indrajit  ,
Like ghee falling   on the very greatly heated   fire  ,
He rose up like flames   and sent   hundred  cruel arrows  ,
On the forehead   of the pure and great hero Lakshmana.

8126.Though   one hundred long arrows    entering his forehead  ,
Lakshmana   did not show   any sorrow  , he sent    hundred arrows ,
Aimed    at the chest of Indrajit   so that they   went in there.

8127.That Indrajit who had been never    defeated   in any war,
Due to the long  cruel  arrows    entering in to his chest  ,
With flowing blood  and with a tired mind  , relaxed  ,
Keeping his  bow   on the floor of  the chariot  .

8128. That Hanuman who can be considered   as another  God of death ,
In the business   of killing   kicked    at the chariot   of Indrajit  ,
With their golden wheels coming  out of axle   and ,
Killing all the thousand jumping horses    that draw the chariot.

8129.Then within a second got in to   another  gem studded chariot  ,
Drawn by one thousand ghosts   and    sent fifty  lustrous arrows  ,
Aimed on the two shining shoulders   of     the pure   Hanuman.

8130.That cruel Indrajit   did not do any other war   except,
Getting down and climbing on a new chariot  ,
Because  of Lakshmana      destroying    the chariots    that he rode ,
And   that valorous Lakshmana   using   six crores   arrows,
Within A Nqazhigai(24minutes) destroyed thousand   chariots of Indrajit.

8131.Seeing Lakshmana    was destrying all   the Chariots  of Indrajit  ,
Devas shouted with joy  and blessed Lakshmana     and showered  ,
Chosen flowers   on Lakshmana   and also    saluted him .
They got rid of their  mental confusion   and threw ,
Their upper cloth as well lower cloth   and by these   acts,
They proved       that   they were   interested in good character.

8132,At that time   ten lakhs  Rakshasas with cruel eyes  who were ,
Similar to Indrajit came and assembled there  ,
For destroying  Lakshmana   in the battle field.

8133.Among them  there were  warriors    riding on Chariots,
Selected warriors   who ride   on the   horses  , Warriors ,
Riding  on cloud like  black  elephants with red dots 
Those who   chide  , those   who wear  Kandai garland  ,
Those whose fame has  spread    in this earth     and in the sky,
And those   who make   booming   sound  like    the drums.

8134. The sound made by them    resembling  the  sound of thunder ,
Coming from   the sky which is covered by clouds  in all places ,
And the sound   created   due to sending of bows ,
AS well as other weapons  , completely    covered    the sky.

8135.The chariots   of these Rakshasas   were drawn by Yalis  ,
Or  drawn by lustrous lions   or drawn by    ghosts  ,
Or drawn by elephants   and they did not raise ,
Dust in the battle field   as the corpses   were lying densely everywhere.

8136.That Indrajit  who had     won over  Indra   got  in to Chariot,
Drawn by jumping  lions   which came near  him  ,
And then went on causing arrow rain in   all directions  ,
And Lakshmana who had   the red colour  of dusk,
Removed  all of them  using    his arrows.

8137. All the weapons   thrown  by those Rakshasas,
Who   continuously    surrounded  Lakshmana    from all  sides  ,
Were  cut  and became dust and dropped down  and ,
Their thousand  big heads  were   cut  by,
One arrow sent by Lakshmana    and fell   down on earth.

8138.In  the  battle field which was spread  like ocean  , livers  ,
Were lying  like snakes  The killer elephants were lying like mountains,
The  collection of chariots were lying shattered   and  several warriors,
Holding different types of weapons , were lying with sorrow, wounded  by arrows.

8139. Due   to  the blowing  of cruel  storm  ,  the ear globes,
Worn by Rakshasas, their pearl necklaces , other  gem garlands  ,
The  gandasaras(chains worn around neck)  , heroic anklets   and chest armours  ,
Were strewn everywhere like stars falling down from the sky.

8140.That gentleman   using his arrows completely ,
Hid the form of  Indrajit   and made even God of death take   mercy and retreat  ,
On seeing the state   of other   warriors   and   made a mountain,
Of the cut heads of the cheating  Asuras who came   to attack   him.

8141.At that time  that victorious archer  Lakshmana   who was moving on  ,
Hanuman  and he who was like   the God of death  , strangled some   asuras,
By his tail  , he would step on  some  , he would kick some  by his legs,
He would throw some in the sky  , He would    dash against some  ,
He would kick some of them by his legs and see  their great   anger  .

8142.At  that time Hanuman on whom Lakshmana    was riding  ,
Who was  like an elephant   looked at Asuras  causing them fear ,
Would angrily shout at them  , would throw   elephants  ,
And fill up the  sea  , Would slap on his own shoulders   and shout  ,
Would catch thousand chariots and  pull them with his pretty hands.

8143. That  lion like Hanuman who was chosen by   the valorous one ,
For riding   would spray    elephants like water   and tender  leaves  ,
He would make them in to paste  by hands and grind them by his legs.

8144.That horse like Hanuman  who was liked and used  for rising ,
By Lakshmana who blesses  , without making any mistake  ,
Would dash and destroy thousand chariots  , with wheels,
And which were   dragged    by serpents , by the time one says “A”.

8145,When Hanuman was destroying the    Rakshasa army  ,
The  strong monkey warriors    who had fallen as if   they   had consumed,
Fire like poison   and getting cured by the best of the medicines ,
Who were experts in destroying the enemy   got up  relieved of tiresomeness.

8146.   Those Monkeys who got up from the trance   seethed ,
With fire sparks    coming out of their eyes   and surrounded  ,
The  younger brother Lakshmana  and   brought  hundreds,
And thousands  of trees and mountains  and killed their enemies.

8147.When different types   of trees   and mountain collections,
Were thrown by   the monkeys , the chariots    which were decorated,
By tying of bells  were damaged   and looked like  half made chariots,
Made by   the   best   carpenters  who do    faultless   work.

8148. The son of Vali uprooted   a big mountain   looked   at,
Indrajit who was coming like wind   and said, “This would,
Eat away your soul and so protect it  “  and jumped up,
And threw it hard at him making fire sparks come out .

8149. With all those   people appreciating    that  ,
“Here is the one  who destroyed the   greatness of penance  ,
Of Ravana “ , The chariot  of Indrajit   who had   very strong shoulders  ,
Who had destroyed    the world of Devas   was destroyed ,
Which was done   by Angadha  within a second.

8150.At that time   Indra  , the father  of the father  of Angadha  ,
Thinking that  ., all th insults heaped on me earlier  ,
Has been removed  by my child  “  and due to this happiness ,
All the devas    who were elated  made joyful sound and danced.

8151.  Immediately   Indrajit got down from the destroyed chariot  ,
Went and got up in another chariot    and getting angry like    fire,
And said  to Angadha, “Stop , do not  go from there ,”  and ,
Started raining     arrows  at him from the bow in his hand.

8152.  He looked  at  the son of son of  Indra    and said to him,
“You go after  giving your sweet   soul    as food to me   “
And  all the monkey warriors   surrounded Indrajit   row after row.”

8153. Those  monkeys   threw  trees  , mountains  , the heads  ,
Of Dead monkeys  , chariots  , horses  , the hands of  ,
Big elephants   and   lions   on that cruel Indrajit  ,
So that   the    speed   of his   arrows   went back.

8154.That Lakshmana    who has left    his     wife  , luxurious living,
And sleep  , Killed thousand thousands  of   cruel Rakshasas,
Who were experts in war fare  and who had cruel eyes ,
As soon the    Devas    thought   about it.

8155.That Indrajit   who had sense  of respectability   and cruel eyes ,
Worried about   the destruction of big chariots   and   killing  ,
Of  Asura soldiers who were  like soul to him  ,
As well as their sufferings   and without  realizing victory rose like fire.

8156.He saw   the ocean  of blood which almost touched the sky  .
Carrying his Asura army    who were shouting     with very loud voice .
And also saw   two people holding his pretty chariot  to save themselves.

8157.Due   to corpses    being stacked in that battle field  ,
The big clouds could not cross it  and  the chariot  of Sun,
Who removes the darkness   also could not cross   it  ,
And not only  that, no being which is used   to travel in the sky ,
Also  could cross it   and because  of this  those two were standing there.

8158.  Then  Indrajit looked    at the lustrous faces of Rakshasas  
Standing near his chariot  and told them,  “ That  matchless ,
Warrior Lakshmana has killed    all our forty vellam army  ,It is great.”

8159.Those   two warriors  , “Oh Lord , you also fought  ,
In the battle field   and    rained cruel    arrows ,
At them and destroyed    forty vellam of their army  ,
And  the fighting   of both of    you matches    well.”

8160.  And   Indrajit and Lakshmana      starting  fighting   with each other  ,
Lakshmana    with a red colour   of the sky riding   on Hanuman  ,
Sent several thousand arrows   and Indrajit who had won over Devas,
As and when he sent the arrows  , kept on cutting    them.

8161.Sending six , seven, sixty   , fifty  ,  hundred, and thousand arrows  .
He  made  those who stood before    him to faint,
And killed    those  who fainted earlier    but rose up and came .

8162.  Those monkey   warriors  led  by the son of  Sun God  ,
Due    to the blood    that flowed from their body  .
Became weakened    and went away   and then  ,
Lakshmana  sent harsh arrows   which resembled,
The Fire  in the Bamboo forest   so that,
The son of Ravana    becomes    tired.

8163.The son of    Ravana and became weakened   and those  two,
Who stood by his    chariot   became mentally upset .,
And   when they    rose for war ,  the younger   brother of Rama,
Sent several killer arrows    so that   the countless   Asura army  is destroyed.

8164.When Lakshmana  showered like rain   chosen    arrows ,
Chariots  , elephants    with shaking hands    and horses  ,
Immediately  were seen  as dead  and   only those    two  .
Remained in the   battle field   and all those   with,
Name of Rakshasas  were not standing there,
As all    those who were  still having soul  had run away.

8165.  Those   Rakshasas   who saved     their life    and ran away  .
Were having dried   toungue  , were searching   for water   drink,
And they lifted their arms   smelled clouds   and drank water  from it,
Some died   and others not getting water   , due to    ,
Blood  flowing like river from fresh wounds    fell and died.

8166. Some  Rakshasas whose body has been spit by   cruel arrows,
Went speedily   and hugged tightly their wives  making   their  ,
Red braid  loosen in falling down   and  along    with their soul,
Left     their souls also  and  attained the pretty bed of Hero’s heaven.

8167.  Some Rakshasas in whose chest the cruel   arrows    ,
From which the fire sparks have    entered  , went   away from the battle field,
To their  residences   and with love   saw    their children who  were  ,
Playing like deer  and  told  their other relatives  “Please look after them”,
And with anger saw the God of death who came to take their soul  ,
And struggled  to leave out their     very dear souls.

8168.Some Rakshasas   told   their relatives , “If the nature  of fighting ,
Of the brother of the lotus  eyed one  is like this  ,it is definite,
That city of Lanka   would    be destroyed   in half a second  ,
And so even before Indrajit  dies , you go    and hide yourselves  ,
In the forests  and hills   which have   huge trees  ,
And go speedily”  and after this   they   left their   body.

8169. That  lord’s arrows  entered the chest of  mountain like Asuras  ,
And tore their flesh   and   some of them who   carried that arrow,
Thinking that they will die if it  is  taken away from there  ,and
Like the  splitting   of milk added with curd   got their  mind .
Split and confused  and  not expressing bad words   which should  ,
Not be told by others , went on    taking deep breath   and were sad.

8170.The Rakshasas    without riding on a chariot  , without riding on,
Great horses, without riding   on red eyed elephants resembling  clouds,
Without running like wind on their legs  being ashamed,
Without returning  to Lanka which was guarded ,
Due to their love for their soul  did not go to battle field  ,
And not escaping from there also   stood shivering  in one place.

8171. That Lakshmana who was like rain falling   in places,
Where    it had fallen earlier  , speedily went and neared Indrajit  ,
And seeing him not depressed, wanting    to kill him,
With grey   anger  , like a   changed    God of death  ,
Using his arrows  cut off the armour   of Indrajit.

8172.When he cut his armour with nothing with him to protect him,
That valorous one who fainted   and before he    rose from his trance ,
Dhoomraksha   and Mahaparswa   riding  speedily on a huge tree,
With heroic flag saying, “we wil finish the war today’.
With great anger    reached    and stood before Lakshmana.

8173.Those two sent  red fire like arrows  on  Hanuman as well as,
The chest of Lakshmana   and the very strong Lakshmana  ,
Stole  their bow giving victory   and the soul of their charioteers ,
And also the soul of their horses  drawing their chariots.

8174. Those who lost their bows   carrying   a iron rod   with rising tips,
Went like thunder   and within a second neared  Hanuman  ,
And hit him making fire sparks fly   and as soon as they did that,
The very strong Hanuman   with his big hands snatched those  rods.

8175.Those two Rakshasas  who never get scared   seeing   their   rods,
Being snatched away   and not knowing    what  else to do  ,
Being scared that Hanuman would kill them  by beating with those rods,
Without bothering to indebtedness    to Ravana  ,
For the sake of helping their souls to survive    ran away.

8176.All the monkeys   due to breeze   slowly wafting by ,
Thinking it is not time for them to die   and not seeing any sign,
Of God of death    coming and taking away their lives,
Came out of their trance as  well as their sorrow  ,
Became    clear   and felt   strong and exuberant.

8177.Angadha, Kumudha  , Neela  , Jambhavan  Sugreeva  the son of Sun God,
The faultless Mainda , his younger brother  , Sathabali  and Panasa,
Who were lion like  monkey warriors  , with devas greeting them  ,
Carrying mountains   came forward making sound like  clouds.

8178. All those   monkey warriors took those countless  mountains.
Which were like thunder   and threw together making fire sparks  come out.
And Indrajit who had surprisingly great   mastery   over archery,
Smiled thinking    that their capacity to fight   is only   this much ,
And using    his arrows   powdered   all those mountains.

8179.The monkey army   neared him   throwing mountains, trees ,
And stones like rain   and  without any fear or confusion  ,
Indrajit   stood there  taking help only  the help of his   arrows and bow,
  And seeing his loneliness   Sun , as  if  he felt a pity on him  ,
Went   behind the sun set mountain in the    west.

8180.And all   the directions became dark  like   the mind of the ignorant  ,
Who did not know  that all the four Vedas, books starting from Manu Neethi ,
Fire sacrifices  , truth   and the great desire  of the Brahmins who were,
Worshipping and praising   God,  were all  only forms  of pretty form of  Narayana,
With lotus like hands  holding the divine wheel who is the primeval thing.

8181.”Oh  strong one , who  is as strong as the   elephant , if you make use,
Of this quarter Nazhigai as the time of killing   , this Indrajit would die  ,
If you are not able to do   that  , to those     speedy  and cruel Rakshasas,
The night which is  the  time of illusion would set in   and  if this Indrajit  ,
Who is a cheater   goes in to the sky   taking recourse to illusion ,
He would easily win “ said Vibheeshana    the brother of Ravana.

8182.  With a desire    to kill Indrajit with surprising   mastery over archery,
Who sent  crores of arrows   on all the monkey    warriors,
And the masculine Hanuman   which were like rain  ,
Lakshmana using his divine arrows   broke   in to pieces,
The very picturesque  chariot    of   Indrajit.

8183.  Even   before that  destroyed chariot fell on the ground  ,
Indrajit thinking that  “If I am able to toe these  people,
With Naga pasa(serpent rope)   they would not have   any option,
Other than   sorrowing and giving up their life  when tied by the bow.,
And they would not be able to go thinking    we have won in the war  ,
And  even before   one could blink   he went  in to sky with his bow .

8184. That Lakshmana with a body like gold  got scared thinking  ,
“Why    this  valorous one     who had lustrous heroes anklets   ,
Who was till then fighting with him  , changed his mind,
And speedily went in to the sky  “  and devas scattered from the sky.

8185.That Indrajit    who  was  having the bow  in his   hands  , who had  ,
Quiver tied to his back , who had    ebbing great   anger  burning within him,
Who used to breath deeply  , who is an evil one  , who is    the greatest among,
Those who do  damage   and whose   only wealth is   illusion  ,
Hid himself in that pitch darkness   and went above   clouds on sky.

8186.That Indrajit   who was black like    a blue gem   due   to ,
The faultless   penance that he did earlier   and due  to dharma,
Practiced by him earlier   , due to the boons  that he got  ,
From Brahma who could remove attachments  ,
Due to his birth  , Due to the  power of chants he had learnt ,
Took the form   which was    as small as an atom.

8187. Even though it is Brahma who came from the    belly button of  Lord Vishnu,
Or that Lord Shiva   who carried  Akaasa  Ganga on his   tufted hair,
Or that Lord Vishnu who takes care of the world   and holds the divine wheel,
The great serpent arrow  would tie their    big shoulders   and,
Then only return   and which had great luster   was thought of,
By Indrajit   and he took that matchless arrow and  chanted its chants.

8188. At that time  the people like monkeys     thinking that  Indarjit,
Had gone scared to fight   and had disappeared  , shouted with joy  .
And Lakshmana    the younger brother of Lord Rama  ,
Thought   similarly and laughed   and they without  knowing,
The illusory   power of  Indrajit , did not fight and simply stood there.

8189. At that   time  Lakshmana     without realizing    any thing  ,
That is going to happen , got down  from the shoulders  of Hanuman,
And gave   his cruel and powerful bow  to Angadha   and 
AS per procedure  took out all the arrows which had  entered,
Through the chest and reached the back of all   enemy soldiers  ,
And started    taking rest   for  getting out of tiredness   due to fighting.

8190. At that time   That Rakshasa Indrajit    sent   the cruel serpent arrow  ,
And as soon as it was   sent , it made all ten directions darken further  ,
 Made the enemies run helter-skelter   and tied  the younger brother  of Rama,
On his mountain like lustrous   shoulders   and made   him    suffer, they told

8191.  That  Lakshmana   who never   bothered even if   all beings on earth,
Opposed him   and who did   not have sorrow caused  by want in his mind,
As soon as the serpent arrow  of Indrajit tied him tightly  ,
Not understanding that  it was illusion  , without  knowing what to do  ,
Lost his strength  , saw  the battle   field   with body parts   and then the sky.

8192. The  serpents with lustrous teeth that  emerged    from that  Naga pasa ,
Went tied  and strangled  all     the monkey    warriors   and made them wail that  ,
Their mountain like diamond shoulders    which are huge have been broken ,
And all of them  who were strong and   had a clear   mind  ,
Lay there   without knowing    what has  to be done.

8193 When that son of wind god  was thinking that he    would catch  ,
This thief of illusion within a second  by   jumping to the heavens  ,
And was getting angry  , one Serpent arrow   which    could hit  ,
Tied the strong shoulders  of Hanuman ,   just like Vali,
Tied the strong shoulders   of Hanuman   byhis tail.

8194.Those   monkey warriors   who were tied would    stand up  ,
Like mountains and  then fall down, they would roll on earth ,
Would  lift their head   and stare at the sky   with sparks coming out of their eyes,
With their tails  which could be raised and waved   they would beat the   earth,
They would bite their lips   and would get upset and angry  ,
On Lakshmana the brother of Rama who held a masculine   bow.

8195.Also those warriors    would look at the face   of  Vibheeshana,
And ask him whether    there is any solution for this state and they ,
Would get angry on darkness which was responsible   for their state  ,
They would look at the   golden shoulder of Lakshmana  and would become sad,
That before their eyes    these shoulders had lost power  ,
And then they would laugh , fall on earth but   never get scared.

8196. Then those monkey warriors   thought  about    who would be ,
Able   to remove this   sorrow of  theirs  and decided that  ,
If the son of Anjana  , lord Hanuman   is still alive , then he would do it.
Then with a depressed mind   they saw the tied up Lakshmana  ,
And sobbed, “Is this what   happened?”   and said  , “If Lord Rama,
Sees   the present state of his brother   with heroic anklets ,
Whether   he would be able    to bear it at  all?’

8197. What is the point in narrating in detail    what happened earlier?
That very strong Indrajit  , like lightning on the sky  and
Like series of thunders falling down , sent arrows    with tips ,
That were made by   black gold and they came dpown,
Spitting   smoke and fire  and   those they hit the chest ,
Went up  to back and those that hit the back went to the chest.

8198.Like the black clouds on the mountain top    dashing    against each other ,
Due   to the return blowing of    hot winds   and falling down on earth,
Due to those capable of cutting the heads  coming and hitting them,
Those monkey warriors    with mountain like    shoulders ,
Were not able to stand at one place   and with   sorrow  ,
Fell down    and     the rivers of blood   spread everywhere.

8199.That lion like son of Anjana    who had   fire spitting eyes   due to,
The loss of respect , though  more than thousand crores arrows entered
In to his chest  did not become sad for that   but    his mind trembled,
When he thought about  sorrow that had befallen the brother of Rama.

8200.All other monkey warriors   due to hundreds and thousands  of arrows  ,
Which were harsher than  thunder entering their bodies  fell on the earth,
Where the blood was running   like river   but  the great Angadha   ,
Though countless    arrows had hit him also  , did not get tired.

8201. Sugreeva    the dear son of Sun God   due to   arrows hitting him ,
In opposite directions   was having a body like    young Datura fruit,
  Was with eyes burning like fire due to anger,  with mind  ,
Like a burning  huge forest  of bamboos    was like his father  Sun,
Who had appeared   in the cruel     red sea  of blood.

8202. The matchless brother of Rama   being tied   by the cruel serpent arrow,
With a body which is pierced by  cruel arrows though knowing how to get rid of it,
Was only sorrowing like a sage who knew   that he was an expert  ,
In cutting  the   attachment of illusion , when the   attachment attacked him ,
Did not care to use his knowledge  and was one whose knowledge is destroyed.

8203.   With   the arrows  sticking on his  body looking like rays of sun,
The   blood that  was coming out of his chest   looking like sun light ,
And  with the great luster   added by   the hissing serpents  ,
He looked   more like      Sun God attacked by serpents who had fallen down.

8204.   Lakshmana who is the younger brother  lay in a  swoon  ,
And all others have also embraced      the earth   and that strong Indrajit   ,
Who    hid all their bodies by   his arrows   and who had extreme prowess,
Was    sorrowing because of the arrows of Lakshmana   ,
Which had pierced him   and was standing spitting blood.

8205.”I have completed    what  I had assured   and  now ,
I will take rest and get  my tiredness    of the body  ,
And finish of remaining    things    tomorrow  “thought he  ,
That man’s life  is finished ,all monkey army   has been destroyed ,
And  with auspicious sounds    raised    on both sides  ,
He reached    and entered      the palace    of  Ravana.

8206. After destroying   Lakshmana who was  like a cloud having good nature,
By raining on him arrows with wings   and not   having    retired    from the war,
Entered with  the  eye like arrows of ladies    who had tied  their breasts,
With     cloth   , who have pretty smile and whose black eyes are   their weapons.

8207. Holding   the pretty lamp made  of five crores  of pure Gold,
IN their pretty hands   and the faultless maidens of devas and other lands  ,
Who had a hip like  open head of serpents   singing long live  ,
And their own   asura maidens  sprinkling flowers   and greet, he reached there.

8208. Indrajit  went and met his father    and told   him all the news,
About happenings  in that battle field for that day  ,
So that he clearly understands it  and said, “stop    worrying father,
I have   undergone   sufferings for my body   and would  ,
Come back speedily after   taking   rest  and tell   you,
All that needs to be done  “ and went   to his palace ,
So that   he can remove   all his   sorrows.

8209.At this side  Vibheeshana who became sad   and not knowing  ,
What to do  , like the curd churned by churner  got confused  ,
And said , “That  cruel  Indrajit did not kill me   and so I am pitiable  .
I am not dead   and am standing with all strength “
And fell    on the banks   of the ocean of sorrow.

8210.Lord Rama seeing   the suffering   being undergone by his brother,
Due to being tied  by Naga Pasa   said, “all those   who love him have  died.
I am the  only one who is alive  and standing alone  ,
What would  the people   of the world think of  me ? “ But  Vibheeshana  ,
Who was wearing a scented fading garland  started  loudly crying.

8211. He thought , “Would people think That   I was with Lakshmana  ,
And made   Indrajit kill him  ? would they think that   I took Lakshmana  ,
To my son and made my son win? Would they   think that  I like a seed   had joined ,
Rama in the beginning   and am responsible for all these   sad events,.
The people  who love Rama   would  within their limitations  ,
Say various bad things  about me  .” and like his eyes, his mind also cried.

8212.”When the Indrajit was fighting , I did not   show my valour  ,
By breaking the chariot   of Indrajit    using  my matchless   iron rod.
I did not also die   by his hand.  I  became tired in my mind and body,
And   due to simple  nature I have  now completely drowned   in sorrow .
To whom should   I become a   friend or relative?” Thought Vibheeshana.

8213.  “ I did not  accompany   the monkey warriors   and trouble the enemies  ,
And  if a time comes when    those warriors would die  , I did not die   with them,
And if there is method to escape ,I did not escape after helping  them to escape ,
I did not show   them   what is in my mind clearly  like gooseberry in hand ,
I did not die   and  I have become unwanted    by  side of Ravana,
And after surrendering here  , I have become unwanted    for them also,
And I am like a spear     with two separate    branches.

8214,  Then Anala told him, who was   keeping on repeating such words  ,
Several times  . “There   are several curative acts we can do.,
And instead of doing them    would I get depressed    and be sorrowful,
And so leave   out   this depression  “ and consoled him  ,
And then he    did the  following   acts.

8215.  “You be here,  I will tell this news to Rama  “  saying this  .
Anala went to Rama   , saluted the divine feet    of that ,
Auspicious one   and   told  him about all the news   and stood there.
Rama who had one   thousand names  got   drowned in ocean of sorrow.

8216.Rama    who heard the news lost his self perception   and  fainted  ,
As if his soul had gone out of his body  and without telling any thing  ,
And without shedding any tears   And without seeing   any thing   with his eyes  ,
And not becoming angry  and destroying the world   and
Possibly to indicate that  he was   still alive  , was sobbing and crying.

8217. He sobbed ,He breathed hard   and that   valorous one ,
With great  anxiety   thought that  there   was no point ,
In sobbing like this and speedily   went and reached ,
The battle field  which was  red because   of blood.

8218.The blanket   of  greatly  ebbing darkness  , would   completely  ,
Extract  together the black clouds which rise and go up  , The  ocean  ,
With tides   and other like it   and also    all things    that are blue,
And It was as if  it   was trying     that extract   and  give out  excessive   darkness  .

8219.  When the world was covered    with such type of darkness , the lord,
Who has thousand names , selected an arrow of fire and    sent it  ,
So that the darkness is destroyed, the  enemy darkness  disappeared ,
And the battle field  looked as if the  Sun was in the middle   of the sky.

8220.Due to the   corpses     killed by weapons stacked    like   a mountain,
With   the water  like blood flowing in different fashions here    and there,
Raising  like a ocean with   jumping tides  , the  battle   field seen by Rama ,
Resembled  the  world destroyed by the oceans at deluge ,
When Lord Shiva holding   ta part of the skull was   eating away all the souls.

8221.In that battle field   with smell of flesh which would be   found suitable  ,
To  continue her family life   by Goddess Durga   within   half a second  ,
Rama searched   for his brother   in between mountains of corpses ,
In between  the  great flow of blood  , in between slushy mud created,
By fall of fat from the bodies   and   in between the   scattered   weapons .

8222.The chief Rama    then fell on the body of  Lakshmana  , hugged  him,
Tightly    on his chest   and  making people believe that  , he would not get up alive  Left out heavy breaths   , with huge drops of tears    coming   out of his eyes,
In two rows   and was looking   like the  blue cloud in the sky with the Sun.

8223. Though Rama   who was  truly born in the world but    not born there,
Became sad, let  out heavy breaths  , got his soul tortured ,
Would lose his wisdom and become tired  and after   deciding what to do,
Call “Oh Lakshmana” several times  , would keep his hand ,
Below nose of Lakshmana to test whether    he   is breathing  ,
Would become very sad   and say “Oh brother would you get up alive?”

8224.  Also Rama with his lotus   like hands would caress the leg of Lakshmana,
Would pat his thighs , would open his lotus like eyes  and peer in to it  ,
Would become happy to see palpitations on his chest, would see the sky  ,
Would take    him and hug against his chest and would ask,
“Has   that thief who made him lay  on the   earth    escape?”

8225. That Rama  who has shoulders which like   praise from  those,
Who have similar shoulders  would    see his bow, would see ,
The ties of Naga Pasa  , would see   the night does   not end,
Would see   Devas of the sky  , would say  “I will uproot  ,
The world of Devas”, would bite his  coral like  lips  ,
Would think   about the words of learned people .

8226. He who is beyond any measure   would  see the   monkey warriors,
Who died for him , Would    think about his bad fate  ,
Would see his valorous bow  , would see   unused arrows in his quiver  ,
And  say  “In this earth  which simple person like me had attained  ,
Such great sorrow . My sorrow    is very    great.”

8227.  That Rama   who never gets destroyed at any time   told Vibheeshana,
“You did not tell me that the war has started between the son of the
King of Lanka  and the young prince Lakshmana   and did not call me speedily,
And because of that   you  spoiled me from   cutting  off,
The hands  of Indrajit which sent  the Naga Pasa   as well as his head.”

8228.Hearing those words  , the brother   of Ravana who was  crying  said,
“We were not knowing that Indrajit would come to this field to fight  ,
And even when he fought  I thought   that Indrajit following the  evil ways,
Would be defeated    and was   standing    in the  battle field   with expectation,
And   That is why I did not call you    and this great   act of illusion ,
Happened    because   of the divine    and very strong  Naga Pasa.”

8229.”That valorous Lakshmana   was the one who achieved   victory  ,
Over Athikaya    by cutting his  body and  made his head nonexistent  .
And thinking that  Indrajit who earlier conquered  Lanka from Khubera  ,
Would come to the battle  , he did  not move away from the battle field  ,.
And Indrajit  the son of Ravana came   there with forty Vellam army.”

8230.That Indrajit who had a   chariot drawn by thousand lions  ,
In the great war that took place  killed forty vellam of our army,
Which went near him  and then   the commanders  of monkey arm,
Got very tired, Indrajit rained arrows and killed    the army  ,
And Lakshmana   with his masculine spirit  joined the battle .”

8231. That Lakshmana who fought the war climbing on the shoulders of,
 Hanuman  destroyed    thousand     chariots   of Indrajit from where he fought  ,
By his mastery in archery  and destroyed   the forty vellam    Rakshasa army,
Just like    the snow facing the sun  ,  and   spoiled the strength of Indrajit,
And sent countless arrows   on the chest of Indrajit  ,
Making others   who were watching  the war say,”Now Indrajit would be killed.”

8232,  Indrajit who was bleeding in all those places   where the body,
Has been split by arrows of Lakshmana, with his entire army  ,
Getting destroyed    by arrows  of Lakshmana  was sorrowing ,
And then I told Lakshmana  , who has fame that spreads,
“Oh lord , now if he escapes he would start doing acts of illusion”
And at the time the sun set  and the night came.

8233. The entire surrounding  sea   became completely dark  ,
And the evil natured  Indrajit  , using illusion went to the sky  ,
And using the boons of    evil he has got ,   disappeared ,
And kept  the Nagapasa  bow   which is made  of lie ,
On his bow and loosened   it  “ Saying   this Vibheeshana ,
With a tear  filled    eye  , fell on earth saluting    Rama.

8234.He again stood  up   again saluted   and told, “Oh my lord.
All these people have not still died for if the  Nagapasa  ,
Which binds them goes away  , they would    get up alive..
Are these people    so weak that they would fall for  ,
Arrows which are not sharp and so do not wail  and become sad,
Never    can  a sin achieve     victory over Dharma.”

8235,Then Rama asked him, Who gave this  Nagapasa to Indrajit? What is
Its nature? By what method   can this be repelled? Please   tell,
All that you know about it” and Lord Vibheeshana  said ,
“Oh faultless  one , very good” and    then  he clearly   told ,
All the   news about     nature of that Nagapasa.

8236.  “oh Lord who holds the divine wheel  , in  olden  days ,
This was made  by Lord Brahma who created the world,
During a fire sacrifice  and was   given to Lord    shiva  ,
As per his desire it was given to Indrajit due to his penance 
This   is like  the thuder  at the time of final deluge and has great strength.”

8237.”It is due to this Naga Pasa   that the shoulders   of  the thousand eyed one,
Were tied which made    him run away? It is with the power of Naga Pasa,
That the shoulders Oh Hanuman who went in search of Sita  were tied.
And it is due to this Naga Pasa  that  the devas gave away   the   wealth,
Of ruling over Deva Loka What is the point in thinking any further ?”

8238.”Oh Lord who     wears  the  THulasi  garland from which   ,
Honey drips  .This matchless  Naga Pasa    would leave    any one,
Only  due of its own accord and even If Brahma and other devas  ,
Try to release it  ,it would never leave and so what can the people of earth
Do to it? This would go only when the body is destroyed and soul   goes away.”
And   this is the information about   Naga Pasa.”  Said Vibheeshana.

8239.That Rama who was born to remove the sorrow of the devas,
Looked at Vibheeshana and said, “Should I go for a war    against,
The Devas who gave this Naga Pasa? Should I  burn the entire world  ,
Then destroy it and then die myself? or Should   I destroy ,
This city of Lanka  jump on   if and kill  the asuras  and their relatives?
Accept these ideas with culture    and tell me what   is most suitable?”

8240.””if that Lord Shiva who gave the boon of Naga Pasa  to Indrajit ,
Comes personally  takes mercy on us  , showers his grace  ,
Then without  abusing him, I would accept  and if that does   not happen,
I would weaken all the three   worlds  and   like Shiva    with his matchless    arrow,
Burnt the three   cities , Within one Nazhigai   burn all the three worlds.”

8241.”Oh Vibheeshana who is the brother of king of Lanka  , if my own,
Brother   is going to  die, what other praise worthy act needs to be done?
Where are words bringing bad name?What need to be  thought  ,
That is related to Dharma  ? If we recollect the help that was done by them,
Devas and al beings   would they be all greater   than these friends who helped me?”

8242.  “That Rama who greatly loved his brother who   was helping  him,
And the friends who were helping him,  due to someone doing an evil act to him,
Decides   to destroy the world  , it is not correct  “ thinking and telling this .
He started sobbing  , thought  about it again    , breathed deeply   and sorrowed.

8243.That Rama who was like an elephant in trance    , standing there ,
Controlled by the  Goad called Vedas   again returned   and stared,
Several times at the serpent   that had tied the victorious shoulders,
Which were   mountain like of Lakshmana  and thought  , “If this  Pasa(rope),
Is going    to kill  Lakshmana   and then I would also   die.”

8244.When Rama was   sorrowing  like this  , the devas crowding the sky  ,
Were  worried  as to  what path this present state   of Rama would lead to  ,
And were trembling with   their mind  , and seeing  that  ,
Garuda who used to stand by the side of Rama  ,
Due to his great love    for Rama  became greatly worried,
And started  slowly appearing   out of   that   darkness,

8245. Seeing that the mind of Rama which is never   scared  of any thing  ,
Getting scared  after  seeing    the Naga Pasa 
And his   sorrow less   mind    sorrowing,
And  seeing that the grace of Rama being absent   from  Ravana ,
Who was   not living in a proper  way, That Garuda    came ,
With his speed shaking the  northern mountain  of Meru ,
Lighting up   the entire world by  the luster   of his body,
Making   the elephants of direction  which do not wink  the eye close  them,
And with   waving wings   creating     very huge wind.

8246.  Garuda came after seeing ,the  mental sorrow  caused   by sorrowful deeds,
Making Rama  weak ,    with his eyes   which can see   and recognize  ,
Things    from one crore Kadha distance  , with enthusiasm  for  destroying  ,
The Naga Pasa  , waving  his two  huge wings which   made   the tides of sea cool,
Made the darkness   of the world break up and fly away  ,
And   created  a sound resembling    the chanting    of the   Vedas  ,
And removing all    the sins from this world  and making the  serpents weak.

8247.Garuda came   spreading destruction less  light  in all directions  ,
Which are widely spread , Making the darkness   there cringe  ,
Making sun light    spread   everywhere  and the light emanating    from his body  ,
Spreading like moon light , making day time appear  ,
And the light above his head   having    three times    greater luster ,
Than  the light of the Sun    on the top of the Meru mountain.

8248.Garuda came  with garland around his neck   having crores of gems,
With flower   garlands which spread cold  , with garland   made of gold,
And due to his great speed of flying    these  waving ornaments   ,
Hitting and not hitting his chest   and like   a mountain which was made  ,
Of lightning  and like the Sun   rising in the south ,
And slowly rising up in to the sky in the North.

8249. With ornaments   which were made  of crores of Serpent gem stones ,
Shining like lightning  , With   the forehead  lustrous  mask made of pure gold  
Contributing to the light  , With garlands made    of forest flowers ,
Waving over the chest ,and with long sorrow of parting   getting over  ,
He saluted     the divine body    of his  Lord Rama.

8250.With his hands held  over his head    saluting   and not falling ,
At the divine feet of Rama   who had blue colour   of the water rich cloud,
Sorrowing on seeing   the sad  form of Rama   without having  ,
The greatness  of standing on flag of Vishnu which earlier  ,
Made the beings of all the fourteen worlds    salute    him,
He speedily came    to the place on earth where   Rama was coming ,
And  saluted   him several times    thinking of auspicious qualities of Rama.

8251”You have come here   hiding your real form, Oh Lord  ,
Who was the cause   of Lord Brahma who sits   on the lotus flower,
And sorrowing due to your absence  , Oh Lord    who lives with in  everything,
Oh  matchless Lord who took birth in this world and are    playing    the game  ,
Oh Lord who removes    the sorrows of those    who surrender   before you,
What is this act of your sorrowing?. My lord do not    sorrow   further,
Oh Lord  who has everything   in the world as    his body, do not sorrow”
Like this  Garuda told several words several times.

8252.  “Oh Lord   whose divine name  is  chanted and praised   by all Gods 
And Devas   competing with each other , Who is the primeval one who does not ,
Ever age and    rules    over all the fourteen worlds , Oh lord   to those   who Surrender  to you after giving   divine  the divine joys  which cannot be attained   
By all others   in the end   you show them   the land of salvation  ,
And  would such a person as you  destroy yourself    by sorrow,
Who can ever    properly understand     the acts   of your illusion?”

8253.”You appear in the ocean   of milk    as   primeval   creator .
The one who causes  destruction  and in the middle cause of  ,
Looking after   them. You   are inside    every being .
Oh God who has the strength to  give   boons without fail  to all people,   
Who   worship you, and in spite of this power  is hiding   as man  in the form ,
Which does not have continuity  .You   would salute devas who salute you,
You would receive all the boons from them that you need  ,
You would cry because  of sorrow   and like that  ,
It seems you are there   and who knows your other acts of illusion.”

8354,”You  have merged your activity with Lord Shiva and Lord   Brahma,
But you never tell  about your    status to them   and  ,
You are    the first among them  and you are  pervading inside   all things ,
In this world  , If you decide to   destroy this universe  ,
You would yourself    would always be there without destruction,
When any one   thinks about  the greatness   of these acts ,
You would stand   without answering them   and  ,
That is why your acts are not understood  , Who can know   ,
Your great    acts   which are   full of  illusion?”

8355.”Oh Lord who has the form of Vedas    , you decide and give    to all beings  ,
The days to live   and you   stand  without faltering from Dharma   and without death  and since you do not have  any desire , you do not want anything  , but,
Without failing you give whatsoever     your   devotee wants  ,
You would become food  , the soul of the   souls  , the form of a woman,
Who is  wanted by senses  , you are man   and you are  also a Eunuch.
  Who can understand    these acts  of   your illusion?”

8356. “ The four Vedas    do not know the truth, One says you do not have an end,
But have several forms   and another Veda  says you have  only   one form.,
Another  Veda  says  you   are   the  perennial  light of wisdom   and ,
Another  Veda says  that  you exist as a lustrous sky   which  is not  ,
Visible to the  outer eye   and like this the four Vedas  not knowing the    ,
Truth about your form   say that you   are full of divine   joy  ,
Which is  not known by words   and  touch   and get  confused.
And so   who would be able to understand your great illusion.”

8367.”The Upanishads   which   is the end of the Vedas  which  ,
Do not  move away from truth   assume that   you are the ultimate truth ,
After   analyzing  the true wisdom  and when things are   like that ,
When some one tells  that he has seen God by his eyes  ,
It is something  that  no one    has heard   and has been told  ,
By reasons unknown   and if   some on says    that in realty   God is not there ,
It is told by ignorant atheists   and they  without  changing their opinion,
And without   following the Sastras   and without showing devotion to you,
Would get destroyed  but you   are  living as a servant to those  who love you ,
You rule the kingdom  and who can know    your great act of illusion.”

8258.”They say  that you are   the form of matchless sound,
You become the    meaning   of the words   and you are beyond pure  Vedas,
You are   holding a bow  and  also are holding matchless   arrows for use.
In your pretty hands you hold a lustrous conch  , You  are enemy of bad people,
And order   that they should be killed , you  as an enemy are lying there  killed,
Oh God with  many contradictions  I am not able   to understand ,
Your acts  of illusion  You are standing like night  . Who can know you?”

8259.”Oh great one   who was never born,   you look as   if you  do not,
Remember    your real form  and no one in this world    is able to understand  ,
Your this act of illusion  . You look you do not have    any attachment  ,
But   due to hugging your brother  and crying  ,  you look as    if you ,
Are having attachment   and from this it is not  possible  to say you are stable,
You look as  if you are  born  and  you look as if   you are never born also,
Since it is difficult   to establish Dharma    in this world  you are born as a man ,
Who would be able to understand   your great act of  illusion.”

8260.”Taking in to consideration   the sins and blessed   deeds  of souls ,
You give different type of bodies after getting in to that body  ,
To those who  always remember you , you fulfill  all their desires ,
But stand without  they knowing you  .  As  mind   you are   suitable  .
To sages   and also to Devas   and even to completely   ignorant  ,
And others also   you are suitable .Who can understand  your great act?”

8261.”Oh great one  , those who throw the weapon and those 
  Who are wounded by it  and those   who   get pity    on seeing that ,
And among those   who live  here  , your being completely  mixed up,
Is known to you .Along    with the wisdom removed    by the ignorant  ,
From their mind joy  are  also going away  but in spite of that  ,
You still remain inside them  without getting separated ,
And    you are   explaining to them   the truth   which has been,
Realized   by philosophers  ,Who will realize this great illusion?”

8262,”Oh Lord with  one thousand names  , You   stand mixed with ,
All things that    are created  .Oh lord who never gets destroyed  ,
In various of your  incarnations  , you look different from your real form,
And in all those    incarnations   those things consider you as their clan,
And like that    you  do not make it clear    about your original form,
Oh Lord who carried in his hand the     divine wheel as   your weapon,
You become one form combining   various forms   and properly thinking,
Like the white Kandhal root  which is skinned   you become one  ,
Without   form   and who would    realize   this great  illusion?”

8263. That Garuda   praised    the Lord using such types of words  ,
Several times   and due  to the  coming of   destroyer   Garuda  ,
The light from his body   removed the darkness  and seeing  ,
The red light which was like Gold    spreading   everywhere  ,
Rama who deserves   praise , thought deeply about  ,
Who that bird was  and at that time  , that Garuda ,
With wings that   could cover    the entire    world ,
Went straight      and even before thinking   reached Rama .

8264.The NagaPasa   sent by the  evil Indrajit   , making  one suspect  ,
That they are clouds    disappeared like the hunger of lustrous  Brahmins   and ,
Poets who use proper words  and their relations who live near Thiruvennainallore,
Which belonged   to philanthropist Chadayappa   who had great   strength,
In giving charity  and it iis but proper    to say about    those serpents that  ,
They became like the thin thread   inside   the stalk  of  Lotus flower.

8265.The   air that spread  by   the flapping of the wings which had   ,
Several thousand feathers  , the darkness    which had   spread  ,
In the battle ground    difficult to travel  ,  the arrows  in the body ,
Of all warriors including Lakshmana  came out and  got scattered,
And the scars in their body created   by those arrows disappeared ,
Like the sins that  appeared   with wise people   who  consciously  ,
Perform    only acts   of Dharma  With great strength of mind.

8266.  But the Asuras who had never   walked in the path of Dharma  ,
Who had   thunder like cruel eyes   and who only did evil acts  and cheated ,
Did not get up alive  but  the  vellums  of  monkeys
 Who were like the beings created by Brahma  , who sits on lotus flower  ,
After the deluge   who were engaged   in removing   sinful acts   in this world,
Due to the  eternal wish of God   got up and stood    firmly in the battle field.

8267.Rama   who stood by Dharma  seeing his brother   who had got up  ,
And was saluting    him  due   to very great love  hugged    tightly  .On his chest with flower garlands and said  with surprise  “The God which caused a sorrow ,
Which should not come to them   had come in the   form of Garuda”
And also   hugged  his   relative like friendly   monkeys  ,
Making their soul one with his own   and came before  ,
Garuda   with  crescent   like nails    and  told him as    follows.

8268.Rama whose form could   not be recognized     even by the Devas  said,
“Sir  , who are you?you have reached  here as a result  of our great penance ,
You have given life back to those    who have died due to Naga  Pasa  ,
You do not appear as one who can be given offerings   by people  like us,
And so I do not  find any way   to   compensate you    for your great help.”

8269.”Oh sir  ,Oh Lord who has   done an act    which  is impossible  
If this life    is    for   getting jaded    abd for sorrowing  , If you ,
Can    give us a boon  , is there anything which is not possible    to get for us?
If we are   clear about our intellect  , there  us nothing    for   us to give you?”

8270.”Oh sir who helped us  to get back the life of Lakshmana   which  was,
In a condition of yes and no  , we never had any   friendship before  ,
And also you have not seen us before, you have   not taken    anything  from us,
And your only principle     is to    help us, Please tell us what we can do to you ?”

8271.That pure Garuda    who   is the protector of clan of birds  , looked at Rama,
And told  “Oh Lord  who is the enemy of birth –death cycle  , who cuts  off,
The illusory birth  , I would tell you     about   the old relationship we   had,
After    the war    with this Asura  gets  over”  and then he told,
“Please give me leave    to go “   and then he     went off.

8272. Rama   saw Garuda who was going away and told,
“After giving back our life  , he has gone   without taking ,
Any compensation . This  possibly is the nature   of people with grace  ,
 Those    who  are generous  would not think , they will get  anything,
In return for what they do .Can we ever  compensate   the help of rain  “

8273. Hanuman looking at Rama  told, “Oh Lord    who has mind full of Dharma,
Lady Sita would be   getting    sad   thinking   that Lakshmana is no more  ,
If we    now give rise   to great sound  , then our enemies   ,
Who are sleeping without any worries   , who have the culture of evil,
Would conclude that we have again risen up  and become scared.
And   so we would all join together  and raise great sound of joy.

8274.When   the Lord said , this is proper   and then all the monkeys ,
Joined   together  and started   shouting with joy  making the ocean scared ,
Making the globe resting on the   head   of Adhi Sesha    go up,
Making all the beings of earth upset  , making the clouds   scatter  ,
Making    the mountains    break  .

8275.Ravana    who is armed   with sword  , due to his mind spreading ,
On the pretty body of Sita  , was not opening   his eyes   and his body,
Was greatly suffering due to  non fulfillment of passion  and his  chest,
Which cannot be pieced    by  the spear of Lord Shiva  ,
Was easily pierced     by   the arrows   of God of love  ,
And he was   breathing deeply and not sleeping  and heard   this great sound.

8276.Sita who was   becoming   sad    thinking of Rama   who   had ,
Come to the forest obeying the words   of his father ,
Who  had come to establish Dharma   and  who removes    the sorrow,
Of people who think about him  and Ravana  who was   the ignorant one  ,
Who was thinking of her only   and did not understand that  ,
Sita at no time would love him   were   the  only two people  ,
Of Lanka who did not    sleep  that night in Lanka.

8277.That   Ravana  who was like a male lion  , hearing the   thunder like  ,
Great sound of the monkeys  , thought   that  the very angry   monkey army  ,
Has again come for war   and got up quickly   but he felt   that the  words,
Of Indrajit    that  in the war   the army of enemies   has been destroyed,
Were strong   and then clapping one palm with another  palm,
Laughed uproariously   with greatly shaking    his shoulders.

8278.Then he thought “ The   bow of Rama  is  sounding like   thunder ,
And giving out great sound,  The string of the bow  of his  brother  is,
Splitting the globe  with its sound  , The   great shout of Hanuman  ,
Is piercing my ears   and the   great sound of the son of Sun God  ,
Is spreading    all over the world and is echoing.”

8279.”That Angadha is also making great sound  , and Neela,
With great temper   is sounding so that it is heard in the sky,
And other  monkey leaders   are also individually  making sound,
And this sound arising out of their joy   is  spreading ,
Within this universe   and beyond   and possibly because  ,
Of the help of Dharma  , without any doubt  ,
They have all got released   from the tie  of Naga  Pasa.”

8280.  Telling so many such things to himself  , Ravana  got down,
From his bed  , took his sword in his hand   and with nine   crores,
Of Asuras    surrounding him  , with crores  of ladies    wearing .
Pretty  Ear globes shining on them  , holding lamps   made of  Gold,
Coming with him  left his palace   and   reached    the palace of his son.

8281  The ladies who beat the flowering climbers by the size   of their waists,
Carrying their cloth in their hand , with loosened hair slowly   falling down,
With  long breaths which comes   out after stopping ,
Who had  thick  breasts     which has swallowed sky due    to lack of space  ,
Who had   sleepy eyes due to being suddenly woken up  ,
Who were tottering   and were in sleep induced trance.

8282. The Deva maidens   with drinks  , sleep  , their dreams   and  sweet songs  ,
 Surrounding and pushing them   with more pride  about their   lustrous   eyes,
 Than   deceitful  fishes, which were being opened and closed  ,
Went along with Ravana    with their  anklets making      sound.

8283.Several ladies who had not completely woken up   with red mouth,
Black eyes   and long hair which  looked as if clouds    were made blue  ,
Scented by Akil Smoke, curled    , decorated  by  placing soft    flowers  ,
Here and there  , without bothering    that it may hurt their  ,
Thread like waists   which has  been made   by fate due to its fall,
 Were   surrounding    Ravana   from all   his sides .

8284.Ladies   created by  Lord Brahma    who lives  in  his world ,
With sweet speech   by begging sweetness     from honey  , sugarcane  ,
Milk  and Nectar of Devas   and with pretty eyes   by joining  ,
The pretty parts  of deer  , Kayal fishes  , sword   and  flowers 
And made all   their parts  similarly pretty  , walked by his   side.

8285. The great sound made   continuously made   by the monkey army,
When they entered the ears   of the  very strong Asuras  ,
Who were like   a big male crocodile  , they  looked like   huge elephants,
Which had heard   the roar of the lion   and  the Asura ladies  ,
Were like   the  snakes  in ant hills which have heard the thunder.

8286.That Rakshasa Ravana   went speedily  inside the golden palace  ,
Where his son lived  and saw   Indrajit   who was bleeding from the wounds
Made  by arrows of Lakshmana ,the pain of which he was   not able to bear  
And was like a male  elephant   which had   lost its strength   due  to,
A male  lion   and which was   like a   black rain rich cloud.

8287.Indrajit unable to get up and salute   the feet of his father  ,
With great effort lifted both   his hands above his head   and
Saluted    Ravana  and he  with    a mind  which was   shivering,
Asked him several times   “Son   what bad thing came to you    “
And “What is the   reason   for these   wounds  ,
Which are   causing    great   sorrow     to you” and he started  replying.

8288.”Father  , the very powerful arrows of Lakshmana    entered  ,
All over my chest   and  in my body which never   diminishes,
And get destroyed  , they dried  my blood completely ,
My armour was broken   and because of this , I am worn out  ,
Has not my eyes  gone inside ?.Had I not hidden ,
Using my power of illusion,   by this time , I would be dead.”

8289.”Oh lord   who has shoulders like   Mandara   mountain  , I had  not ,
Suffered so much in war with Indra  , Lord Shiva who rides on a bull  ,
The pretty lord  Vishnu who rides on the very powerful Garuda 
And With Lord Sun and other people like them  and I had never ,
Told you these   type of words  for  the strength  ,
Of Lakshmana      who is a man    has no limits.

8290.”Oh Lord   who wears garland  of just opened    flowers  , this,
Is the nature   of the strength  of the younger Lakshmana   and,
If we think of the strength of Rama  , it is beyond limits  of our thought  .
And so from now  onwards we have  only  to wait and see   what would happen,
You are thinking   victory would be ours   and that  thought   is wrong,”
Said he  who did not know that  Lakshmana  and others   have got up.

8291.”My act of killing   of those monkey warriors   along with  ,
The victorious Lakshmana   by using the Naga Pasa   was due  ,
To my using illusion   but    Rama still   stands   alive  ,
And let whatever happens happen”   said Indrajit,
And Ravana    who heard    these  words  to him.

8292.”Oh son, Oh Indrajit who wears   long anklets , possibly  ,
You do not know about the hearing  of the big sound made ,
By the  strong bow of Lakshmana   or the great sound  ,
Produced    by the monkeys   which is   splitting    the sky  ,
Which is more loud than the   sound of thunder from the clouds,
And which makes   the ocean shiver.”

8293. “Oh  father , Both the Lakshmana and the   monkey   army ,
Were tied by the cruel Naga  Pasa  and with  cruel arrows ,
Which  were showered  like thunder on them  their bodies had been split.
Is it true  that they who were in that state   have survived?,
If we think of an  arrow that can destroy the power  ,
Of Naga Pasa, the God    who gave it to me  would feel insulted.”

8294.When they were  talking like this   , the emissaries  ,
Who had been sent to find out what   had happened    there  ,
Speedily came back   to the place  where   Ravana was standing  ,
And saluted him   and he asked   them , “What had   happened  ,
In the battle field? And those   extremely well learned   emissaries  told.

8295.”Oh Lord who wears on his chest a scented   flower    garland  ,
Rama the son of king Dasaratha   seeing those    who were affected ,
By Naga Pasa  and had fainted there   at the mid night   initially,
Cried and later   became angry   and said   he would   burn,
All the worlds  and at  that time Garuda  living on the sky came there.

8296.”As soon   his coming was seen   the  Naga Pasa   with sharp teeth,
Became in to pieces  and were scattered and   because   of that,
The monkeys and Lakshmana   got up  with their   wounds healed  ,
And without tiresomeness and became   more strong than earlier,
And they came  and surrounded the battle field. This is what happened.”
They said and Ravana  the Rakshasa  told like this.

8297”It seems Garuda   with the wind  by his  wings  has   destroyed,
The Nagapasa    sent by my son  who has power of broad   shoulders ,
Which is beyond praise   .and please see this wonder of wonders  ,
If this is so  , the valorous life lead by Ravana this far seems great ,
It seems   all the efforts    that I did   has become old ideas.”

8298. “That Lord Vishnu   who once kept   all the fourteen worlds   ,
Within himself   and later released them   and who is   strong  ,
When he fought with me  , became dispirited  and ,
Wandered all over the world and  at that time   and also  ,
At the time when he hid  himself  in the sea , That Garuda  ,
Has  perhaps    not seen  me with his eye .”

8299.”That Vishnu of  black colour   had in his   hands   the divine wheel,
And the conch   and when I   went and was about  to destroy the cities,
By going to war    and which he was protecting  and when   arrows  ,
Were going   in large number of arrows   from my bow   hit  Garuda ’s   back ,
Front   and shoulders   and the feathers    that  he was using as blanket  ,
And when  they were still   remaining  on him  , how did he,
Who is the   younger brother of Aruna came to help  my enemies.?”

8300.  Let that be there and let whatever has to happen, happen,
But would we not wish the death   of all those    who escaped the Naga Pasa?
Oh masculine one  , you  yourself go    and    do further    great  warfare ,
And seeing that  you are destroying them   that Garuda    would  ,
Feel ashamed  “ said Ravana   and his   then told his   ideas.

8301.”Let   me not fight today   and  get removed  the great  pain,
Caused by the war  and tomorrow   wthin a second  , I would go ,
To the  battle   field   and use    the divine    arrow of Lord V Brahma  ,
Kill all the enemies   and remove al the sorrows of your mind ,.”
Ravana     agreed for that  and went back to his flower  decorated palace.

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