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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 10

Yudha Kandam (contd)

23,Maruthu malai  Padalam

Chapter   on medicine mountain

(Vibheeshana comes back  and notices that Lakshmana    has died  and Rama was lying by his side. He finds our Hanuman and together   they ;locate Jambavan. Jambavan tells  Hanuman to go north beyond Meru and bring the   medicine mountain, Hanuman immediately leaves  and brings    the Medicine mountain. By that time Rama was prepared to die and Jambavan gives him hope  about Hanuman’s coming. Hanuman comes  and all monkeys as well Lakshmana gets up alive  .They shout with joy. Hanuman goes back to   keep the mountain in its place,)

8703.Sita went back, and Vibheeshana who had been ordered   to bring food by Rama  ,
 Who is the Lord of the devas , collected the necessary food and returned and   made them
Reach   the war tents and he later    reached    the broad   battle field.”

8704.He there   saw with his own eyes   that all the   monkey warriors were lying dead ,
Hit by Brhamastra as if by a curse of Lord Brahma   who created all these   worlds initially,
And he lost his consciousness   as if   he has himself swallowed the poison  .

8705.Vibheeshana who could not follow what has   happened  became   completely shocked  ,
As well as greatly worried and looking like one     who has lost his lfe,
Walked among the corpses   driving away   the ghosts,  dogs and foxes,
And saw   Rama  lying on the floor along with  his younger brother  Lakshmana.

8706. What is called as bones   and what is called as body  were born,
Before   the feeling of love  and though these sequence    of the   souls being born,
Even before the love , if thought of properly , the  love   decreases  or increases
 The chance of body and soul  moving from each other and this was not  even known to Devas.

8707.But  since Vibheeshana knew with certainty that there is no destruction  ,
For Rama and Lakshmana , his soul did not go away from him   and he did  not wail also,
And with ebbing sorrow and with mind   burning like    fire , with great fear,
He examined  clearly the bodies on the earth  and  lost his fear ,
Knowing well that, “The body of the lord did not bear    any scar  .

8708. He understood that  these were due to the   divine arrow   of Brahma  ,
Which was   sent by Indrajit  and Rama was  lying there    sorrowing ,
For his    younger brother and started thinking    about various  methods,
And   ideas   to get out      of this major problem.”

8709.Vibheeshana   who told within himself  ,”  did not Rama  loose  his consciousness,
Due to the great sorrow   within his mind  ?once he regains consciousness ,
I know   how his thought process  would be   and the generous  Rama,
Would not like to live after   death  of his younger   brother and,
Indrajit   the cheater   who is an expert in illusion would be the victor”
And he sorrowed very greatly and his eyes were  filled with tears.

8710.Then again Vibheeshana thought  ,” Like the Naga Pasa   getting destroyed ,
The  arrow of Brahma   would be destroyed now itself  and there is  ,
No death   for Rama and Lakshmana   and   the monkey army  ,
Lying dead in the battle field   where weapons are thrown would also get up,
Because how can a cruel Asura   achieve   victory”  and  he stood there  with stability.

8711,Vibheeshana thought  , “before  Lord Rama rises up   I would search   again and again,
And find out   whether anybody who can provide  help  at this  stage are  alive in the battle field ,”
And took a burning fire wood in his hand and started walking alone in that  ocean of blood.

8712. Folding his mouth tightly   and also folding both his hands , with fire ,
Coming out of   his red eyes   due to enmity, with his   shoulders  ,
Which were  like Meru mountain touching the clouds  Hanuman who crossed the sea    was lying ,
On a bed of the bodies   of  thousand crores  elephants ,
And he had   great anger    to kill  enemies and Vibheeshana  located him.

8713.After   seeing him and understanding his state  , with  tears flowing like rain from his eyes,
Deciding that  Hanuman is alive  , he removed the arrows that  had struck  on his wounds,
One by one , brought water   from the clouds and  cooled the face  of Hanuman.

8714.After he started breathing  , with  his hairs standing erect , with   water  of sweat,
Falling Hanuman opened his eyes , slowly his body started moving , saliva was produced,
And he started  producing hiccups   and  even in that   state  , he shouted,
“Long live the   name of Rama “ and hearing that    the devas    shouted   with joy.

8715.Vibheehana  who attained sorrow together   with joy   with great  desire,
Embraced   Hanuman   and Hanuman also hugged him with    great love,
And asked  “Oh suitable one  , Is the generous Rama   alive without damage”,
Vibheeshana said , “yes with health”  and Hanuman then saluted,
Rama  the pure one , praised   by people of all three worlds.

8716.”Due to his great affection towards his brother  , loosing,
His consciousness   Rama is   having a sleep with great sorrow,
After he rises up , I do not know what will happen  “  said Vibheeshana,
Hanuman then asked him  “Where is Jambavan who is as   old as he is great?”

8717.”I did not see that Jambavan anywhere   and   so I do not know,
Anything about him   and I have come without knowing  if  he is dead or alive.”
Said  that king of Rakshasas who wore garland  made of dense fresh   flowers,
And then son of wind God said  , “He  will never attain death and so let us  search.”

8718.”Oh king of all Rakshasas,  If we are able to see   that  Jambavan , then,
He  is the expert who can tell us about a trick     to keep us aive  .This is certain.”
Said Hanuman,  and Vibheeshana said, “Sir , let us hurry” and they proceeded,
In darkness    for some distance   and then they saw that Jambavan due to fate.

8719. Due to sorrow of old age   and due to   the  pain caused by the arrows,
And due to great sorrow  which made his heart bleed  , with breath becoming  less ,
Without clarity  , with befuddled mind  , That Jambavan with diamond like shoulders,
Understood by foot falls that ,  two warriors    were approaching him.

8720.He thought , are they  Rakshasas” Is it Hanuman? Is it Vibheeshana  or is it,
My Lord Rama himself  or is it   the merciful devas   who want cure me of my pain?
Is it sages? Since the enemies have gone after   victory, in this dark  night  ,
They would not come back and so  the one   who are coming are coming to save me.”
Thought Jambavan.

8721.He consoled them   who came and stood near him   and shed    tears,
Like a stream falling from a mountain   and who were    suffering due to sorrow,
And said,  “Oh  person with endless good qualities, who are you?”
And heard  which Vibheeshana    shouting  “”we will live, we will live.”

8722.Jambavan recognized  Vibheeshana by his tone and asked   who was   the one,
Standing near him  and Hanuman said , “Oh king  , Hanumam is standing “,
And then Jambavan got up saying  “Of dears   all those    who are   dead ,
Would come out alive now” and with joy  in his heart  became  fresh  and strong.

8723.”Though it is Brahmastra  , I know that it will not hurt Rama,
Who is like the Veda   of the Vedas    as I know    his great strength.
Please tell me what that  lord did  “ asked Jambavan   and Hanuman replied  ,
“Oh sir  .Sunk in the sea of sorrow   that lord    is sleeping.”

8724.”Rama and Lakshmana     are the same  divine Gods   and they are   same persons,
Their bodies are only different   and their    soul is the same   and so when he sees the Dead Lakshmana ,
It is only natural that he faints  , Oh Hanuman who has strong shoulders like diamond  ,
There   should be any more time delay to solve this sorrow state  ,
And so by  the time we blink our eyes   go and bring the medicine that   gives life “ said Jambavan.

8725.”Oh strong one , if you bring this  medicine   seventy vellams of monkey army  ,
Rama , Lakshmana  , the entire three  worlds  , the good God of Dharma  ,
And the faultless  Vedas   would again live  and so without delay   go ,
After  My words    tell you    the way that   you have to take.”

8726. “Oh strong Hanuman,   After  crossing the southern sea  ,  as per the words,
Of  those who had seen it , if you travel nine thousand Yojanas more  ,
You would reach a mountain range called   Himalayas   and that  ,
Himalayas   is   two thousand Yojanas broad   and if you go forward  ,
And cross all those  Yojanas  , you would reach the Hemakuta  mountains.

8727.”Oh Hanuman   who has mountain like strong shoulders  ,  nine thousand  Yojanas,
After   the Hema kouta mountains  there is a    red mountain called  Nidatha ,
And if you go nine thousana Yojanas from that Nidatha mountain ,
You would see      the biggest   of all the mountains called   Meru ,
And that mountain    is thirty two thousand   Yojanas   broad.

8728. “If you cross    that  Meru mountain   and travel  another  nine thousand Yojanas,
You would   see before you a mountain range called   blue mountains   and ,
That Blue mountain range is   two thousand Yojanas    broad   and ,
If you travel another four thousand Yojanas from that mountain ,
You would see the   medicine mountain where  all medicines are available,
And as soon as you see   that mountain you would attain   the other shore of this great sorrow.

8729. That Jambavan   who is greatly wise   said  , There  is one medicine   which brings back,
Dead people to life  , one medicine which joins all  cut limbs of the body  ,
Another which throws   out all weapons  inside the body and cures all wounds  ,
And another   medicines which gives you , the original form of the person  .
You go and bring them, “he said along   with their identification.

8730. “All these great medicines appeared  when the ocean  of milk   was churned,
Devas thinking about their future use   preserved   them   in that mountain  ,
When Lord Vishnu who  is beyond the  Vedas  measured the   three worlds  in two steps,
I  was playing    the drum of victory  and when I asked about that   medicine ,
Some very ancient sages    told me about their properties.”

8731. “These medicines are being guarded  by innumerable Gods   and they  ,
Do not show mercy on anybody  ,Also the divine wheel   which is applied with ghee,
And which will not allow any one  to go near   would guard them along with those Gods.
Oh Hanuman whose  nature is never to stand any where near a lie  , after   seeing your general nature,
They who stand near your hand   would say , “You please return back,
These medicines   without spoiling tham”   and then they would go and hide themselves.”

8732.”This is   the only job that we have to do now   and if done   , all the people dead,
Would definitely rise up. Go and tell this  to our lord Rama   so that  nothing,
Ill comes to him.” And Hanuman   who was like Vedas  moved away from them,
And started growing up with   and his form reached the top of the sky   ,
And his both shoulders    as per the size grew up  and   ,
He grew up so much as if one   would say  , he has swallowed the sky.”

8733.The nine planets in the sky and   the stars     were looking like  a garland  ,
Made of different gems   on Hanuman   and the distance    from one shoulder ,
To another shoulder   was one thousand  Yojanas  and there was no space  ,
In Lanka   for him to take one step  from the  place   that he was standing,
And when he waved his hands  , the directions were  not  sufficient,
And this was the form Hanuman took   to bring the  Medicine mountain.

8734. That Hanuman who had  victorious shoulders rotating his    tail,
Keeping his hands wide and opening   his mouth little  , forced his  steps,
Of his great  feet on the ground  , tightened his chest  as well as  neck,
With hairs standing on his skin  ,  shattered   that city of Lanka  ,
And like a ship   entered the ocean  and   started   with great speed.

8735.  When Hanuman rose    up   the cloud formations    were torn  , the long  and broad,
Southern ocean   tore in to east and north  , Stars   fell  down from sky  ,
Groups   of trees and mountains     rose along with him  , the planes,
Of  the devas in the sky   were destroyed  and fell down   on the sea  like great thunder,
And due to that  the sea water   crossed its shores and directions were  torn.

8736.  When he jumped   huge mountains    due to the    storm like    wind,
Raised by   his body   tilted  towards   the north   and due   to heat,
That huge form going  with great speed the wind God , the father of Hanuman got  very tired,
The oceans got    very tired , the clouds got burnt   and forests caught fire.

8737.With oceans running   forward  and  his legs    following it   and  he was running ,
With his body slightly bent forward  with his mind telling that  the speed was not enough,
And seeing that form of Hanuman   who was proceeding   said ,”How come   that,
At the time when he was killing the Rakshasas  he did not uproot   ,
This city of Lanka    which is surrounded    by the ocean  ,
And throw it in the  ocean with this form of his and prevented our sorrow?”

8738.Hanuman crossed  the clouds   , went above the path of the sun and moon  ,
And went above the places    where   the stars  shine  , Crossed the world of penance  ,
Occupied by   the sages   who   has crossed   the pleasures given by woman live  ,
And  made  the  world of Brahma who sits  on lotus on the   belly of Lord Vishnu,
  Very near    to his path    and went very high    above the eartrh.

8739. Some people who were   living  in the kingdoms of the sky   said  ,
That   the very strong Garuda    with a   great speed   is going to  the land of  Vishnu,
Others  said that, “Lord Brahma   is leaving his world   and is rising up  ,
To go to some other worlds, “ and some others said  “Except Lord Shiva  ,
Who else can   go    so far above   in this world   and so   ,
This one is definitely  the Lord Shiva    with   three    eyes.”

8740. Some people who were   living    in top most    worlds    told  , this one  ,
Who takes any form he likes and plays  is definitely  Lord Vishnu  .
Who is difficult to be reached   even by the fur Vedas   and some others   told,
“By the time   we blink the eye    he is going away from the limit of   vision,
And please also , his nature   appears  to be not to return back, he would go away.”

8741. The great people  who have realized     the entire world  were not able  to understand ,
The  position of Hanuman   who had earlier crossed the sea and   won over the Rakshasas,
Some said that what was going is  only a form  and some said  it was only a formless object,
That passed through with great luster   and some said   it is the egg,
That stands  outside   the universe   and some said  it is something different.

8742.He  rose up to the land of Lord Brahma   who lives on just opened ,
Scented lotus flower, who was   hiding all   the area of the sky    above  that land,
And  the sound that emanated     when his golden shoulders  ,
Rubbed against the top of the sky  as well  as the booming sound of his rising up,
Scared   the eight guardians of directions  and the  globe called universe shivered.

8743. The day   when Hanuman   increased  his size and    grew up  , reminded ,
The Devas and sages who were   wearing garlands made out of  fresh flowers,
Who were chanting   Vedas and blessing  Hanuman , the day when ,
The Asura king Mahabali   gave away  the land   and consequently ,
The very dwarfish Vamana  grew up and measured    the world.

8744.The Devas, the sages  , the Sidhas  as well as their wives  and all the beings,
Of the three worlds  due to great joy   continuously crowded   the sky  ,
And   the gems  , sandal , scented powders   and flowers   showered ,
Attached themselves   to the body of Hanuman   ,
And he rushed   through   the sky, looking like  wish giving tree  of Devas.

8745.Hanuman reached   the great mountain called Himalayas  and the  Devas,
Who do not blink their eyes, the sages with great patience   and the  great people,
Who never deviated from path of Dharma who were   all there  blessed Hanuman saying,
“Let the job that  you have undertaken get finished with success” and then 
Seeing beyond that  he saw  Kailasa mountain where Lord  Shiva ,
Who keeps    goddess  Parvathi on his left side lives and became greatly happy.

8746.Hanuman saw the  big northern mountain    in which Lord Shiva armed with axe  lives .
Saluted it by folding red lotus flower like arms and  the divine God Shiva saw him with love ,
Showed that   to Goddess  Uma with very thick breasts and said, “Hanuman the son of wind God.”

8747.Goddess Uma  who created   the world asked “Why has he   come by the route of the sky?”  ,
“He who is the  emissary of  the king Rama   has come   here to take back the medicine   and ,
It is definite   that the harm caused    by the cheating asuras  of Southern  Lanka   would .
Get solved. Oh lady with a pretty   forehead, we would also  go   and see that   cruel war.”

8748.That Hanuman who was  going  swiftly   like the divine wheel , travelled ,
To a   distance   of nine thousand Yojanas   and reached HemaKuta   mountain,
And stood on the top of it  and saw the huge crowd   of Devas  who enjoy ,
Limitless passionate pleasure   and who possessed all types of wealth  ,
And later  reached   the top of    the Nidatha  mountain.

8749. That  Hanuman whose speed   cannot be estimated by the wise men ,
Who  had knowledge   which can never be measured   by thought  ,
By using their eye of Jnana   and   also to the    divine   mind  ,
Which can think about everything   reached   the top of Meru mountain,
Which was beyond the limit   of directions   of the earth   and ,
Beyond  the Brahma  loka     where Lord Brahma sitting on a lotus lives.

8750.After  going to the top of the Meru  mountain   whose stability  is not known,
Even  to the Devas who do not   blink their eyes  , he saw    the divine Naval tree ,
Which   is praised   by   people of all the three  worlds , in the Navalam ,
Island   which is  in the   earth  which is surrounded   by   the  cold sea,

8751,That  Hanuman   who was like the Dharma God    saw the town of Lord Brahma ,
Who created all the worlds   on the top of that  Meru mountain   and saw  ,
In the middle of that  town  Lord Brahma sitting majestically   on a golden seat   and saluted him.

8752.He then also saluted  the basis of universe Lord Narayana,  who had decorated   his hair  ,
With the garland of scented   Thulasi leaves   along with  Goddess  Lakshmi  and  Goddess earth,
In a forest  which was full of trees   , being saluted by Devas    standing all over   ,
And by   very great sages by the chanting   of Manthras    from Vedas.

8753.He then saw and Saluted  Lord Shiva with eight   shoulders   who was  having,
Goddess Parvathi decorated with several ornaments  on his left   side  ,
Who was surrounded   by   the flowers   which was   worshipped,
By   all the people   of the very pure three worlds   ,
On the  North eastern part of  that mountain   and
Who was having five  lustrous lotus like  faces
Spreading rays   of light  like the thousand   crores   Sun Gods .

8754.He also  saw with joy and saluted    Indra   sitting  on the throne  ,
With regal white ornamental   umbrellas resembling the  moon over his head,
With pretty damsels holding in their  pretty hands white cowries  and fanning him,
And producing slight   breeze  and the Devas  of Andhara   country  ,
Saluting him and raising great sound by playing    their drums.

8755.He   also clearly saw the    eight   guardians of the directions of  all  the three  worlds,
Which were   contradictory   who were  standing  guarding them ,
On the peaks  of the  Meru mountain which is    the dwelling of the Devas  ,
Which was spreading all over   the sky  like the Karpaga trees  surrounded  by flowers.

8756. Hanuman moved away from the great Meru mountain   and reached ,
The land of passion   called Uthara Guru and there  seeing the Sun spreading   ,
His rays and removing all  darkness Hanuman thought  “The morning has dawned,
And   my speed   has not been of any use  “  and sorrowed.

8757.That matchless Hanuman  who wanted   to   reach  Lanka   before  ,
Lord Rama wakes up from his faint   and remove  his sorrow  in the middle of night  itself  ,
Became sad thinking  “The Sun God with his great light    has arisen   ,
And  I  am unable to think   what should   be , the proper thing for me to do.”

8758.That  Hanuman of great penance  going   with more speed than the wind ,
And   reducing the distance to the end of direction   thought,
“Sun God who has    the wealth of Sun rays  does   not rise   up in the west,
And this is not the dawn  and those learned in Vedas   have told  that,
To the places   north of Mount Meru  Sun would   be seen in the west.” And consoled himself.

8759.Then with his eyes saw that  Uthara Guru country   Which was like ,
The red lotus flower in which   Goddess Lakshmi lives ,   where  ,
People are  born as males and females  who became united    with soul and body  ,
Enjoy matchless  pleasures    and do only  blessed   deeds and have endless life , only live.

8760.Hanuman  Enjoyed seeing    that Uthara Guru  Country   which was  very much like,
The  Chozha  country  which   is ruled   by  Lord Shiva wearing   Vanni leaves   and having ,
A golden crown, by Brahma who sits  on the lotus flower  and by Lord Vishnu  ,
Who keeps on his   chest Goddess  Lakshmi   who is always  a  virgin,
And by   king Thyaga Maa Vinoda   who  wears on his head a fresh flower garland,
And  through which country   the divine   Cauvery   flows.

8761.Hanuman    whose form was so   big that   with his speed  , he could break ,
The  huge Meru mountain  , who was   going to get    the  title of Lord Brahma later,
Who has got rid of sorrow of birth cycle   and who had a monkey form,
Saw the huge blue   mountain which was   having   the colour ,
Of  the mega form of Lord Vishnu   when he measured the world.

8762.After  crossing   the lustrous mountain whose black colour  was more .
Darker than the colour  of night ,  Hanuman who had shoulders like ,
The golden mountain ,   with eyes  located the medicine mountain  ,
Described by the   wise Jambavan   and due to it shining  like sun
And  lighting  all the upper worlds understood    it as the mountain having   the divine medicines.

8763.Hanuman jumped on that mountain   and that mountain   tilted towards Patala,
And all the demi gods guarding it   became dejected and  came speedily  with anger,
And asked him , “Who are you?, what are   your real intentions?, please tell.”
And  the thoughtful Hanuman  told those  Gods his    real intention.

8764.Hearing  that , those demi gods  told Hanuman , “Sir , please take it,
And after your purpose is over   return it without spoiling   these medicines”
And they blessed Hanuman and disappeared and later    the  divine wheel,
With sharp edges of Lord Vishnu   who had eyes  like red lotus  flower,
Appeared there   and also disappeared and afterwards, Hanuman,
Using   his diamond like shoulders   uprooted   that  medicine mountain.

8765.Hanuman   who understood , that  if he stops there   and searches  ,
For the individual medicines  , there would   be time   delay  ,
Lifted that mountain with its roots   on  his pretty hands  ,
And started   travelling back through   that broadly   spread sky.

8766. That Hanuman whose    fame had spread   over all the worlds  ,
By the time one can say “A”, carried   that   mountain which was,
One thousand  Yojanas   broad  , one thousand Yojanas   tall,
And with one thousand Yojanas  root , and jumped away .

8767.When Hanuman was    doing these things    there , in the battlefield,
Vibheeshana and Jambavan   speedily reached  Lord Rama  ,
And  started   caressing his divine feet  ,
And we will now tell    what   happened    at that place  to that Rama.

8768.Rama’s    divine   eyes   were like a bee  possessed   the bottom of the heart of ladies,
Which were filled    with mercy   towards    all beings  ,
Which were capable of giving boons   and were like Dharma,
And which was  like a  fully open pretty  lotus    flower.

8769.That Rama who had   such eyes   saw  Jambavan, the king of bears,
And the  very famous Vibheeshana   with   crying    eyes ,
Bent head   and saluting hands   and who were  ,
Greatly sad     and were   showing great mercy on him.

8770.”Oh Vibheeshana  , did you complete   the job  of bringing food,
As entrusted by me and because of that  possibly   you did not suffer   the pain,”
After   asking like this to Vibheeshana   , he looked at Jambavan with faultless  fame  ,
And asked  “Did you get back your soul?.

8771.”Oh sirs  , this is a destruction    that came    to us   and there seem to be ,
Nothing that    we can do against it, Those who are   dead will never get back their souls,
And If   you think any thing more     that needs to be done  ,
Oh people with   great wisdom and  mind that does not lie, please tell.”

8772.”How shall I put  in words   the very low state   attained by me,
Due to the sorrow that   was caused   by a lady called Sita.
I have shown with very bad name  ,  this story of mine,
That   does not match with  my behavior to the world.”

8773.”Oh people   who love me  , when my brother  told  that,
“That this is a deer of illusion” in pure  , strong and stable words,
I did not listen to them  and without   giving back,
A negative reply to the lady  , went behind   that   deer.”
And due to that   all these death were caused.

8774.”I saw Ravana   with my own eyes and  I also fought with him,
With great strength, but due to  the culture caused   by,
My bad old     fate , I did not kill him at    that time ,
Which has   now caused   the death of all those   whom I love.”

8775.When my brother got prepared   to shoot the Brahmastra  ,
And said to me “we will see the death of this evil one”,
Due to the cruelty of fate    which wanted to destroy me  ,
I did not agree with  him to take    that suitable action.”

 8776.”I did not stay with my brother    in the battle field , and wanted to  do,
Proper worship to the weapons that   we throw in the battle field ,
All our people are now dead and even my brother ,
Had died  due to bad fate  without winning  over   Indrajit.”

8777.”It is  not desirable to show   this silly behavior  ,
Of telling   all these   things in this   battle field   but it is,
Only proper   to die and join the very valorous Lakshmana ,
And other   friends   in the  heaven of heroes., There  is no other option.”

8778.”I who have lost my younger brother   and other   friends  ,
In the war of vengeance  with a  wounded mind   would ,
Completely annihilate all asuras  and later  kill Ravana by my arrow,.
What other help can I     do to the   Devas?”

8779.”After the death of my brother , who is   needed   by me?
What is the need of limitless  fame? What is   the need   of Dharma?
What  is need of Masculinity?, What is the need  of relations ,
Who hug me   or kingship  or   friend?.Why should ,
I   think of future  and what is  the need  of Truth?”

8780.”After destruction of the culture of mercy  , having seen ,
The death of my  brother , If I exhibit my   great valour  ,
By killing all those   Rakshasas, I am a thief  with evil,
Having  an wooden eye which is  incapable  of shedding tears ,
Even with an arrow. Is there any other   duty for me,
Except completely   hiding myself       from the   world.”

8781.”If after  losing my father   and father  like Jatayu  ,
After losing all my dear friends   , after  losing   my faultless brother ,
Who was protecting me day and night,  if I stay alive,
People would say  “He is alive  because   he wants  Sita  “
And so this  Rama is a man  who does not have principles.”

8782.”After winning over the Rakshasas   and after completely  ,
Destroying all of them  , if I reach Ayodhya , with out,
My highly cultured  younger brother   who is my sweet friend  ,
Would I  live ? great  ! Should I  rule!  Great.”

8783.  “Because   things are  like this    without  bothering,
About future implications  , I would    die  now itself”
When Rama   told like this  Jambavan saluted  his  divine feet  ,
“Oh Lord with  a divine wheel, there  is something    that I need to tell you.”

8784.”You who cannot be understood by anyone    are not understanding yourselves
I who am your slave know about    you even before,
It is not proper to tell that  because  , it would  damage ,
The thoughts of the  Devas  . You would understand   about it later.”

8785.”Oh our greatest leader  ,  I know that  in the hot battle field,
The arrow which had  deeply gone in to your brother   and made  him fall,
And which was sent by Indrajit  is the holy    arrow  of the God Brahma  ,
With pretty hands  , who sits on the lotus    . This is true.”

8786.”That  arrow of Brahma   , if used has the capacity   to kill,
Devas   , Asuras as well as  well as  well as all others . Oh Lord who is above all things,
AS it did not cause you  any harm   , is there  any need,
To seek  similarities    and metaphors     for that further?”

8787. “The very strong  Hanuman has now got back his conscience  ,
And he is the one with measureless   capability   to  wipe  away,
This great sorrow     from us and   I ordered him  “Go and bring   ,
The medicine  within the batting of an eye  “ and ,
He has    gone towards     the north to    bring    that medicine.

8788.”Now Hanuman   has crossed   the Himalaya   mountains  ,
After passing through   the sides  of Meru   , which is  king of all mountains,
And has reached   the Medicine mountain . He would come back within a second .
Oh ancient one  , please leave this great sorrow   which causes you  depression.”

8789.”Oh Rama  ,  who is as pretty    as  God of love during spring season,
Me  or my father Brahma who created the world   or Lord   Shiva,
Or Lord Vishnu    with divine wheel   and    any other people  ,
Are  not capable    to properly and truly  know those medicines.

8790.” They appeared    in the ocean of milk when it was   churned   for nectar  ,
And they are   protected by the   divine wheel of Lord Vishnu    of the colour of cloud  ,
And they   are  available in a place north of Meru mountain   and  beyond,
The Uthara Guru country   and are protected   so that  nobody can approach them.”

8791.”From the day they appeared in the ocean of milk   , they have not been touched  by any one,
And Oh Lord with  widely spread fame  , please   hear about  the power of those medicines,
They  are capable   of giving life  even to  Lord Brahma  who created   the three  worlds , if he dies.”

8792.”Oh very ancient one,   one of those  medicine  removes arrows from the body ,
One rejoins    cut joints, and one  gives back soul to the dead, ,
And another    gives  back the original colour   to the  skin.”

8793.”Please   do not worry, the medicines    would definitely come  , Hanuman,
Would be shown the way back by God   of Dharma    and would bring it with delay,
It is not difficult for him.”  Saying this   he   saluted   his   feet   and ,
Rama   who removes   the karmas and gives sweet Moksha    became joyous.

8794. As soon as Rama told that, “the medicine    which can  be obtained ,
By going over Meru mountain    and going beyond the land of pleasure  ,
Would definitely help  and Hanuman would    help in that  and ,
There is no difference of opinion to the   words told by you.”
 Then there re   on the great sky a very huge sound     was heard.

8795. Due   to the tempestuous storm   that   was  formed in the north,
The   ocean rose  up and crossed   to the shore  ,
Mountains  were uprooted    , broken and   climbed    up the sky  ,
And there    was  a   great   confusion in the north.

8796. Due to the great storm heralding    the arrival of Hanuman,
The   star groups   started  trembling   and    started falling down,
The   area  around the sun  got  upset and hugged   the  moon,
The deer inside the moon got    scared   and crowd of clouds  ,
Like the disturbed   honey bees  got near  and went scared.

8797.  The bushes    along with their  roots ,  mountains  and trees,
Filled up the sea like the    time    when they    built  a   bridge,
And Hanuman the    son of Wind God   shouted  with joy,
So that   the   sorrow  of Jambavan and others  is  destroyed early.

8798.The great shout of joy   of Hanuman who had anger  like tiger  ,
And was similar    to all the things    which make   sound on earth and sky  ,
Like   the sea  , the clouds   and  all other things which make sound like them,
Had  all joined together    and raised    great sound at the same time.

8799.On    the day when the Devas and Rakshasas    joined together ,
To churn   holy sea   of milk,  and said, please   bring    the  lustrous Mandhara mountain,
Making people think that   it  is   a hollow empty thing Garuda  ,
Brought it and kept on the    sky   and Hanuman looked like that   Garuda.

8800.That Hanuman   who does not  have any   one similar to him,
Was like    the wind God   who   attained   victory    ,
After fighting with Adhi   Sesha     in earth , who had strength to fight  ,
 And who uprooted   the Trikoota mountain   from   the ,
Left side   of Lanka   and    reached    the southern direction.

8801.Jambavan who  heard that victory sound   said, “He has come”,
But before he finished telling  Hanuman   landed on his feet  on earth  ,
Since that  medicine mountain was   not willing   to  come down,
On the     country of the cheating Asuras   it remained   on the sky  ,
And  only Hanuman   landed   on the earth.

8802.  The wind from the medicine mountain staying   on     the sky ,
Wafted  and touched    the   dead bodies   and making a  great feast ,,
To the  Devas  all the  blessed  monkeys   rose  up with great strength  ,
And beauty  , and having won over God of death  , looked like their former selves.

8803,Except   the bodies   of the Rakshasas   which were thrown    deep in the sea,
And which had  been destroyed   ,  All the visible  things   which included  ,
Things with one soul like trees   got their soul back   and started living ,
Is it necessary to  mention that   all the clan of monkeys   got back their  life.

8804. All the    long arrows which had entered   their bodies came  out  ,
The   wounds that   were   made  by them were   healed, all the painful limbs  ,
Got rid of their  pain and weakness ,  the angry red eyes   started   rotating  ,
All the worlds saluted    them  and Lakshmana  who   had pretty curly hair woke up.

8805,All   the monkeys   got back their soul and got   up   and  their faultless  ,
Sound of joy which resemble         the     sound raised      by the seven  oceans  ,
When it fell   it in to the ears   of Lakshmana    and also when he  heard  ,
The greeting   of the devas  , like   Lord Vishnu   who had red eyes ,
Waking up from his yogic sleep  , Lakshmana    awoke   from his sleep  and stood up.

8806.Rama with his shoulders raised    up with joy     hugged    his brother  ,
Who woke up due     to his soul reentering  his body   and lost his sorrow  ,
And  all the things in the world  moved   without stopping ,
And Devas also lost their worry    and depression.

8807. The celestial maidens   danced   and the world   was filled  ,,
By the sound   of  nectar like music   raised   from the String instruments  ,
Played    by the Kinnaras   and the world celebrated  it all over  ,
By taking bath in ghee   and   the sages   sang     the Vedas.

8808.Vedas stood up and shouted    with joy   , The  wisdom of  Brahmins who are ,
Learned   in Vedas  . shouted with jpy  , their   fame also shouted        with joy  ,
And the thoughts   of  Devas  became cool like  sea and   shouted with joy.

8809.  After  all    the people got back their souls   the   arrow  of Lord  Brahma ,,
Went round the great archer   Rama   a, stood  before him    and told  ,
“You always    gave me stable truth   and that  is your greatness”  and then went  back.

8810.  At that time the matchless  Lord Rama  , due  do fear and  great sorrow,
  Going away  , with eyes   filled with tears  of pure love  , hugged  ,
Hanuman . who had mother like love   , making    the Devas   shout    with great joy.

8811.When that Rama     whose chest was  ploughed by the two erect  elephant   tusk,
Like breasts   of  Sita    decorated    with Kumkum , hugged    him   like that,
Hanuman bowed    down and saluted  his feet  and Rama   told  to him like this.

8812.”We who never    went away from the path   of truth chalked  out by  our ancestors  ,
Were born to   the late   king Dasaratha earlier , before   the sorrw for me had  come,
And then  we died   and oh Hanuman who travels in good conduct  ,
We are now again reborn   because  of you.”

8813.”When we consider    the help that you did   at a time   when everyone ,
Had been destroyed, would the indebtedness   be complete   in this life?
After preventing bad name coming to us  , after protecting   the world by our strong enemies,
You    also protected    our clan  and our  culture of Vedas   from destruction.”

8814.” If    this great depression of mine   had not been removed  by you for some time,
Due   to the great love I had towards   my brother  who should  live,
I would have    destroyed   all the   seven worlds    that are above us  ,
And you who were going to see   the last days of deluge  , helped those  worlds also.”

8815.”You  prevented    the death of all of us  and made   them live   with us,
For a long time to come  and   may   you  live   happily ,
Without being troubled    by   sorrowful disease of my   orders.”

8816. “All those   who got back their souls    due to the prowess of Hanuman  ,
With great love surrounded him   , saluted him and praised him,
And Hanuman also  told  how  he brought the medicine mountain, in an understandable way “

8817. “Oh Hanuman of matchless   prowess due to the help of medicine  ,
That was brought   by you , the lying Rakshasas   would get back their lives  ,
And so  you please   take back this mountain   and keep in its original place.”

8818,When Jambavan told like this Hanuman replied “It is good”,
And further said, I would return in one Nazhigai ‘  and then,
Hanuman went    carrying that    divine  medicine mountain.

24.Kaliyattu Padalam

Chapter on playful dance 

(Ravana is celebrating with drinking ,music and dancing,Suddenly he hears     the joyous shout of    the monkeys.He stops the celebration,)

8819.When  events like   this were  happening   in the army   of Rama ,
Ravana became greatly enthused   thinking   that enmity has been destroyed  ,
And with joy which was much more  than him  , made Kinnaras  sing ,
Properly developed music , made youthful maids  who looked like peacocks  ,
And who had  eyes like kendai fishes dance  and   witnessed that  dance of joy,

8820.Deva maidens  , Vidhyadhara  maidens  , Rakshasa  ladies  , Naga ladies  ,
With breasts like    tender   coconuts  , Asura ladies  , Sidha ladies  ,
Who talked  sweetly like  the cleaned sugarcane  came in ,
Limitless    crowds   , making even peacocks   becoming   bewildered.

8821.Menak a, Thilothama with eyes  similar   to the   victorious sword , Ramba,
And Urvasi who had a sweet lisping   voice   which made  fun of   honey,
Along with other pretty ladies   of heaven   came with drums  ,
Conches and Kurudu drum playing   and with the  gems ,
On the anklets   that they were   wearing    also making sound.

8822.Wearing the  golden roll    which   had the texture of palm  sheath   in their ears,
Wearing dropping ear globes  , decorating their curly hair     with a  golden flower ,
Putting on Thilaka , showing pearl like teeth in their red mouth  similar ,
To the flowers  of silk cotton tree , with red eyes similar to red  lotus flowers  ,
With thorn   when the ladies   entered  ,  the white  moon  with stain  fearing competition  got angry 

8823.The   smile of the ladies  with lustrous rays  , the white  coloured moon,
The bright light   emanating from the ornaments   they wear   like   early sun light  ,
And   their bodies    which were  like    the lustrous Gold   throwing light  like a lamp,
Made the huge darkness   of night which was  encircling the world  ,
Destroyed  like    the wisdom of  males   seeing   those ladies.

8824.Due to the great wealth of  knowledge  following    the faultless    ways,
And practicing   the advice of   wise ones   who had realized   the   necessity   of  ,
That  path of Dharma   and  attaining  maturity in that path  and  when aiming   to realize 
 The   use of those advices  , like  the evil     act   towards   that innocent one ,
Is spreading in their mind  , the  speed of that alcohol   spread among   the crowd of ladies.

8825. Those drunk ladies were   laughing   in various type  of ways ,  sweat drops,
Appeared   on their body, their  red  silk cotton flower   like lips    trembled  ,
Their pearl like   teeth spread light   like   moon  , their eyes which were ,
Like spears and were experts in causing misery to males   reddened in  the edges,
And their eye brows which   were like   the  vicious bows  ,
Arched   on the their forehead  and their   red  mouth   became white.

8826.When their pretty burden of dense    curly hair   which was   like  ,
An ornamental cloud   , came  down crossed   their chariot   like hips  ,
Their waist belt which was competing with their flowery dress,
Which was making great sound, got  loose   and ,
When it reached     their feet , those women lost their consciousness,

8827.The lower people of the court of Ravana   only did    base acts ,
And those at the top    did only good acts    being done by good people  ,
Possibly  proving this   the gem   studded    waist belt  loosened,
And the cloth tied there    fell down and reached their thighs ,
But   to hide   that scene,  their  huge hairs fell down  and  hid their organs.

8828.Like the arrows kept   by God of love in his quiver  without using  it  ,
On the people   of the world  those    ladies who  do not do cruel  acts  ,
Going away   from the style of music  , against   the rules   of strumming ,
The strings  , in their own way   sang songs   which were  improper.

8829. Due to getting fainted      those  ladies   who had mouth which lisps  ,
Which  keeps within itself the    song of the flute  , going against  ,
The practice  of the faultless   songsters   sang in a harsh   voice  ,
Which was like mixing   the  tasty  nectar  with the sour  alcoholic drink.

8830.Those ladies    whose acting was  like high quality   magic .
Who were experts in    showing  by mimicry   all other beings.
And who were  actors  in Drama , called   ladies with  doe like eyes ,
And men and by sign after indicating     that they are  going to imitate them,
After forgetting that  again   by sign    indicating  that they  are,
Going   to imitate   an elephant , they  imitated a chariot.

8831.Due to alcohol   they would cry and   suddenly laugh and then  as per their wish,
Dance while singing and then they would salute    someone sitting  nearby,
Then they would suddenly sleep, then they would suddenly jump and get tired,
Then they would freely allow to flow out their honey like saliva, then  they would  get tired,
And  fall on each other ,Then they  would   close their blood   red shining eyes and yawn.

8832.”Please clearly  understand that   within our mind is wish to make love  “
This would be   made understood by the acts of those ladies and ,
When that sign came out as  playful dance   , the sages   who were devoid of passion  ,
Who were divine   and who   had great knowledge   of Vedas  started,
Giving out of their every hair pore   the   water of passion.

8833.The lustrous long  blue lotus like eyes   of the  drunk ladies  looking  at others,
Like a   wandering bee attained a  colour devoid of red   and their   mouth,
Which were    red like Chenkazhuneer   flowers   became white  ,
Possibly indicating  to those Rakshasas who not depending on Dharma,
But were   depending only on weapons   in their hand  ,
The destruction that they are   going   to face soon   and
All the flowers    also lost their  natural colours and looked strange.

8834, Those  ladies   with  long eyes   which cannot be compared   to  Kendai fish,
The spear  of god of death who is coming   to kill   and the   arrow of God  of love  ,
On   their comparable    breasts which were soft   started wearing  Golden thread ,
Waist belt and apparels   on  their   stormy hair   which was looking like a  cloud.

8835.When Ravana  with great   interest was  looking   those ladies    with  pearl like teeth ,
And  pretty smile   who were  behaving like this under the influence  of alcohol,
The joyful loud   noise  made by the monkeys    who had woken up,
Due to the  medicine brought by Hanuman   entered  all the ears of Ravana,
Who was in trance induced by passion   and made him dispirited.

8836.The   dances of those ladies with coral like mouths  , their songs  sweeter  than nectar ,
The  divine sound of the drums which were  in tune with  that music ,
The joyful shouts of people who were witnessing them  , 
The love tiff shown by those ladies , their slant eyed    look   and their lisping ,
Sweet talk   which increased the passion of those   who were hearing them,
All   faded  like a flower as soon as the huge joyful shouting  of the monkeys were   heard.

8837.At that  time the great sound of the twang of the strings of the  divine  bows  ,
Of Rama and Lakshmana , wearing heroic anklets , was   heard   which made   the good elephants  ,
Which had the power of rut,  which could    even break   the staff they were tied,
Shiver   and sorrowful in the place they were sleeping   , making the horses ,
With dense mane hair startled   and tired  , which made   the foot soldiers   scared ,
 Which was like   the sound of churning   the ocean of milk   in earlier times.

8838, The crowd of  playful dancers   who were piercing with their spear like eyes  ,
Who were laughing showing their pearl like teeth    and showing   their pretty face ,
Then were looking hateful   like the crowd of monkeys   to Ravana,
Whose mind churned like   the ocean that    was churned   by  the Mandhara mountain,
And his ten moon like   lustrous faces   were  looking as if they were moons of day time.

8839. When this was happening the spies entered there    taking the form of bees,
Climbed on the   garlands of Ravana  and told all the  news,
That happened   in the battle  filed   in his ears privately  ,
 And the startled Ravana  knowing that enemies have   woken up from death ,
Left the garden where   the divine flowers  like Karpaga   where there  and reached   the council hall.

25.Maya  Sithai Padalam

Chapter    on Sita    of illusion.

   (Indrajit is summoned .He plans to conduct a fire sacrifice at Nikumbila.  And them defeat the enemies. He  makes an illusory figure of Sita and kills him before Hanuman and leaves   saying that   he was going to Ayodhya. Rama and others get upset. Vibheeshana taking a form of a bee and visits Asoka Vana. Then he tells Rama about the plan of Indrajit.)

8840.Indrajit , all the  relatives of Ravana  , army commanders   like Mahodhara ,
The elderly wise men   ,  those whose   advice was valuable    and could be accepted,
And all others  reached   the council hall  and then Ravana clearly told   all those,
Who had come to the council hall   all that happened   till then in a clear manner

8841.Malyavan hearing that   looked at Ravana and  told, “”Had you not with great evil thought  ,
Not  put our army in the ocean,  there was chance  that all our army   would have been alive,
Due to  the Brahmastra  which is of the Lord  who sits on a lotus   and which cannot be taken back  ,
Having  gone waste  , no one can prevent    the death of   anyone who is here.”

8842.”If we examine   using   the knowledge    that we have  got  from ancient books ,
That Hanuman   who travelled from Lanka    to   a place   beyond the Meru mountain  ,
Within a second   and  has brought   the medicines along with the   mountain,
On which they grow  , who has huge shoulders    decorated   by flower garlands ,
Should    be   without any confusion    the God to the entire world.”

8843. “If he uproots   this Lanka standing on a  mountain  from the   big ocean,
That is surrounding it   and throws it on this land   , who among us can keep ourselves alive ?
If Hanuman  does like that    where will we    fight   the war  ?  If that  Hanuman who has gone back,
Brings with him the golden mountain of Meru, can we prevent   it  ?”

8844.”Hanuman  would ,  using his great strength  would   do  whatever    we imagine,
If we    act against him without Dharma  but there are no dearth of good qualities in him,
Why is it that    the  faultless Vedas   are telling about trinity   of Gods?
If we   think  , it is thought  of people   who cannot analyze  ,
For the Hanuman who wears the jingling heroic anklets along with trinity  is the fourth God.”

8845.”Let all those    who died in the war   remain dead but we who remain without dying ,
Have gone   to a different height   and we have taken a new birth,
WE had forgotten till now about possibility of staying alive, but  at least now  Oh king,
WE would   return back Sita as  per procedure   and surrender,
To that  Rama and Lakshmana      who always   follow the path of Dharma.”

8846. Oh Lord with victorious  shoulders who lifted Lord Shiva    with the   trident ,
Along with   the Kailasa  mountain  ,  can Rama who has   sent   to heaven Vali  ,
Using just one arrow  , Who built a    bridge over the sea   filled with water ,
And who killed  Kumbhakarna  , be destroyed like bubbles   by  the mortal asuras?

8847.”All those   Rakshasas     who were capable of drinking    the entire   water,
Of all the oceans  , who could uproot the   sky together   with earth  ,
And who   had several weapons  that can be thrown   are no longer  alive?
In this city of Lanka , except you and your boy Indrajit who else  is there?
All others have died and so our possibility  of victory   is an empty dream ,”
Said  Malyavan who could guess  the future  of things to come.

8848.Hearing those   firm words of Malyavan, emitting fire sparks from his   eye,
Due to great anger  , Ravana looked at Malyavan with great rage and said,
“Even if all the Rakshasas have died   and even if  all our weapons have been destroyed,
Do you think , I caught the parrot like   Sita , just to release her thinking of my life?”

8849.” Be it my son  or be it others   who   are all scared   and want  to  continue to live,
Please go away and live, Tomorrow  Rising like the  cruel  Vadavagni   , which appears,
During final deluge  I would kill those men along     with the monkey Hanuman   ,
Who have destroyed my army  “ Said  the king of Rakshasas ,
Who had   evil capabilities   and hearing that Indrajit started   talking.

8850.”If you are  prepared   to understand  , I have a matter   to tell you  .
I had sent  the   arrow of Lord Brahma   who sits   on the  lotus flower  ,
After  worshipping it  and that   became extremely powerful.
Though  I had sent   to kill Rama also  , without of any use ,
Without even touching his body it returned. This is  very strange  .”

8851.”Oh king who wears flower garland from which honey drips  , it is clear,
That   Rama is not a man  and he also does not  belong to ancient monkey clan,
He is not a    very great sage  and he  is the  matchless    divine entity  ,
Who does not think of himself  or his ego  as told  by Vibheeshana,
This   has   been proved   to us   without any doubt.”

8852.”Let that   truth remain on one side   and hesitating    to tell such truth ,
Is not  a  fit to  great masculinity , Let    us fight and people  who die , let them die,
If  Iam able   to    reach   the temple  at Nikumbila   and start   and complete  ,
The fire sacrifice   aimed    at ending all our sorrow  ,  your sorrow will end.”

8853.’Ravana   said, That is indeed good  , You do the fire sacrifice at  Nikumbila”,
And hearing that   his good son Indrajit   told,  “Hearing    from your younger  brother  ,
About this secret  , our enemies   would reach Nikumbila   and  may do  war with me ,
 And would not allow   me to complete    the fire  sacrifice  “ but Ravana asked,
”How can we  definitely  prevent    our enemies    from doing that.”

8854.”If we create   the form of   Sita by illusion   and go before  Hanuman,
Who  has    seen that   Sita in the past   and kill her by cutting   with the sword,
And then say  , now I am going  to fight    with  Ayodhya   and act as if he is going  ,
In that direction , without knowing  he  will start     sorrowing.”

8855.Rama and Lakshmana  would say . “Sita has been killed    here  and there  is
No point in fighting the war here. And due to Indrajit  our  brothers,
Mothers  , neat  relations as well the citizens of the town  would die.”
And   would drown themselves   in great sorrow  and due  to such ,
Sorrow    growing , They along   with their   army would go there.”

8856. “ Even if   they do not go to Ayodhya  , they would at least   send,
Hanuman there and  try to know   what  happened there  ,
Otherwise they would not be able     to bear this great sorrow and I ,
Meanwhile would complete the    fire sacrifice   come speedily here  ,
And kill   them with cruel weapons   and give you victory.”

8857.Ravana  said ,”this idea is good and for forming   the form of Sita   with  soft wards,
By illusion” and  Indrajit went away  and while    this was happening  , Sugreeva,
The son of Sun God told Rama  “We would speedily    burn this ancient city  of Lanka.”

8858.Rama thought  “ Doing that job is good,.”   And agreed   to do it  ,
And then Sugreeva jumped    and reached the top of the   tower   of Lanka  .
And seventy vellam    ocean like   monkey army  followed him  ,
And with all the worlds seeing  , each of them took one  burning fire wood.

8859. That Seventy   Vellam strong    army of that   countless   crores ,
Of monkeys   through   the pretty guarded   walls   of Lanka ,
Entered  like  the lightning and   white coloured   clouds ,
And   went very near   that    ancient  city of Lanka making it shy.

8860, That faultless   vellam of   that  monkey army   carried  ,
Burning firewood   to all directions   and to prove  that,
That  city also can be destroyed threw   those ,
Burning   firewood   which looked like    the fall of stars on the sky.

8861.  With the security of the huge fort   becoming  confused,
Due to the red  burning flame of fire      going near it,
Lanka looked like the black sea   when Rama ,
Attacked it with his long arrows making it burn.

8862.The Elephant like   burning fire wood    that were thrown,
By monkeys   on Lanka where   the evil Rakshasa lived,
Kept on going there   like the red burning,
Arrows that   were sent  by the black Rama when he became angry.

8863. All the asuras   of   city of Lanka    rose up greatly wailing,
Like when  the  ancient   forest with dense   stones  ,
Caught   fire and the   birds which were  living  there ,
In dense formations rose up from their cages greatly  wailing.

8864. Due to  Rama  who is  the great archer   who was  liked,
By the beings of the three worlds and trinity of Gods,
Sending   arrows    which were like lamps ,
The tower of Lanka   broke and fell on a hill.

8865.When things were happening   like this   in Lanka , the tall Hanuman,
Carried the huge medicine mountain in his hand.
Went  with the speed of wind and placed  it,
Beyond  the Meru mountain and returned   back.

8866.That Hanuman who was wearing the jingling heroic anklets,
Shouted loudly with great joy  and  that town which heard it,
Became similar   to the crowd   of serpents ,
Which heard   the shout off Garuda   with   wings.

8867.That  Indrajit  who had great strength  in making   illusions,
Which cannot be changed and who had won   even the  God of death ,
And conducted march  of victory came near  that son of Wind God ,
Who had cruel eyes and who had reached   the western gate.

8868Indrajit  holding a  lady who looked  like Sita   made by illusion ,
In one hand and holding a shining meat coated    sword  ,
In his another hand  with great  anger  wanting to  fulfill,
His intention started    telling    the following words.

8869.”You have been fighting the war  because of this lady,
Now my father   says he does not want her and,
So I am going to kill her “said he    ferociously ,
And Hanuman  who never dies  was greatly scared.

8870.Then Hanuman realized that  she was the same lady,
Whom he has    earlier seen in Asoka     forest  ,
He became very dejected   thinking , “Our life has been destroyed”,
And not knowing any method to  free her from hands  of Indrajit,
Became  like one who is suspected to be dead  by others and his mouth dried.

8871.Thinking that “There  is nothing more to be done”   and  .
“What  justice says  is  only right option  ” Hanuman said  ,
Io Indrajit ”Born in a faultless  clan  , you    are great  in good nature,
Is not killing a lady   which is  an act   which would bring bad fame   to you.”

8872.”You are born in the fourth generation    to Lord Brahma  ,
You have clearly understood  all the great  ideas   in books,
Is not  the act  of killing a lady  , after losing your   wisdom,
The greatest    among all the bad deeds   one can commit.”

8873.”The earth is shaking  , the   heavens   are shivering   and  you are ,
Seeing them all with your own eyes.You have left  away the culture  of mercy,
And  my thoughts are also shivering  , Is not the killing of Lady,
That which   brings   very bad  name to  you?”

8874.”If you give Sita to me   and go away   the entire   world,
Would be under your control  .You are not realizing  ,
The greatness   of your clan  ,Please do not start this sinful act  .
If you do   it would lead    to destruction of your fame  .”

8875.”I would kill her   with my sword so that   my  father  as well as ,
Those who live  in my city get a good  life   and also  to scare  the Devas,
So that they run away  “ said  Indrajit  with great anger   and also further told.

8876.”Hey monkey  , do you  think my work   would be over by  just killing her,
If it  is possible for    you go and reach   Ayodhya   because  ,
That city is going to burn in fire   today ,I would do that,
And immediately    return   back to this place  .”

8877.”The brothers and mothers   and other relations of Rama  ,
Would not be alive now  , even if Devas   come  and try to stop,
For they would all be dead   by the  fire spitting   arrows of  mine.”

8878.”I am going    to enter   this Pushpaka   Vimana   and,
Would now itself    go there  with great speed  and if ,
My countless hot arrows    are   going to hit  them,
Would it be possible for any of them to be alive?”

8879.Inspite  of the wail of Sita, “Oh king   who rules over me,
Take mercy on me, show mercy on me  “   he did not show any mercy  ,
And cut and made her fall   with his sword   and with his army,
Which was sounding like the roar of the ocean  ,
He got    in to the Pushpaka Vimana   and flew.

8880.Indrajit riding   the Pushpaka Vimana, which was ,
Shining like gold went from the south to northern direction,
And seeing that Hanuman  lost all  all his senses .,
And fell  like a  tall mountain   which was defeated by him.

8881.Showing that he    was going to Ayodhya , Indrajit  ,
Changed   his route in the middle   and  entered the  temple of Nikumbila,
The pure Hanuman who did not realize  the evil cheating ,
Fell down , his heart became weak  , his body dried  ,
And wanting  to tell what he had in mind, he  told  like this.

8882.That Hanuman who lost his prowess told  , “Oh swan like    lady,
Oh Lady who is the ornament of all ladies, Oh my mother,
Is there   no God anywhere   to stop   this evil,
And even after  seeing you cut   in to pieces,
My heart  and body has   not split open.”

8883.He  woul think, “shall I get up and jump on that Indrajit?”
Thinking that   he had been pushed in to   great sorrow  ,
He would leave out hot breath  and his face   would blot up.
After getting away from that state , he   would become greatly weak  ,
And breath flames of fire , his body would shiver  , he would rub,
The earth by his own head   and  he started  telling these type of words.

8884.”Our  desire is over.  Thinking that dawn would come to all the three   worlds,
I was   relaxing  and now again  the sorrow of darkness   has covered    every where .
That sinner Indrajit has cut Sita    who is  the incarnation of Goddess  Lakshmi,
Dharma has been destroyed., Alas.”

8885.”That lady who was greatly guarded   by her own chastity  , was killed,
In front of my eyes and I like a bird who had lost   its wings  ,
Simply kept quiet   and am now    drowned   in the  prison of sorrow  ,
After releasing the  consort of  Lord Rama from the  prison, What a pretty sight.”

8886.”Oh  son of the evil one  who touched  , abducted and   kept in prison,
She who has divine chastity and was doing penance  , She   who was innocent  ,
She who was faultless   and was born in a    great clan, Sita,  the incarnation of Lakshmi,
Your act was more merciful than mine   when I witnessed you  kill her  .”

8887.”I had come here   as an emissary of Rama   whose fame   was beyond,
The wisdom  of learning  to tell you the words he told   so that you can be saved,
And now I have come here   to win over   these Rakshasas   who have  come as a crowd.
I had come free you earlier and  now I have been the cause   of your death  ,
And have   earned for  myself   an evil and bad   fame.”

8888. “Without  bring able to see   any where   that  Sita who was   like a Vanchi climber  ,
When Rama  the great archer  was searching for like his lost soul , to make his mind clear,
I  told him, “Sita with pretty speech   was in Lanka.”, which made him happy  ,
And  now I have to tell him  that ”I saw   that Rakshasa Indrajit  kill   Sita ,
And she died”, The purpose of my birth   has become like this.

8889.”After crossing the very difficult to    cross ocean , after setting,
Fire to this city  , after helping to build   a bridge over the ocean  ,
After crossing the Meru mountain   and bringing the matchless  ,
Mountain of medicine   and after  hearing others   say about me,
“Among the monkeys there  is no body like you and now  ,
My slavishness   has become useless , like a seed rubbed  and mixed in the sea.”

8890.”I  showed hesitation in killing the Rakshasa   who killed you  ,
And witnessed your being killed  ,Without being prepared   ,for,
My body break and my  tiny  soul  go out of it  and for being  still alive,
So that   I can eat the white rice  from this pot,  I simply  kept  quiet,
Am  I really a weakling   or one   who is matchless?”

8891.Hanuman said “I will rise towards Ayodhya “  thinking that  ,
There is indication that that the thief has gone there  and then though,
“If I follow him  Rama may not realize   what  happened here  ,
And may not also know what is going to happen “
Saddened by this thought   he regained   his composure  .

8892.”I would tell this to Rama   and if  he gives up his life  ,
I would also die along with that Lord   , if not  then, after ,
Understanding his opinion  , I would axt   as he tells me .
I would  not  do any other thing”  Thinking like this ,
After regaining   his courage   that Hanuman with huge,
Golden shoulders   went in search of divine feet of  Rama.

8893.Hanuman who neared   the divine feet wearing  heroic anklet  of Rama,
 With mind,  body as well as eyes   shivering   due to great sorrow  ,
The cry  that was ebbing out of his  mind    came out as long breaths  ,
And with tears coming  out of his eyes  like stream, he  fell like a mountain at his feet.

8894.That Rama lifted  Hanuman who had fallen at his feet   by  catching,
His two big hands  , he  refusing to   get up   said  ,  “That Rakshasa  Indrajit  ,
Using his sharp sword  had  cut off Sita   who was in  great and deep sorrow”
And saying this , he rolled on the ground and wailed.

8895.  Hearing that  Rama did  not  shiver  , did not  let out long breath,
Did not  close his eyes  , Did  not shed tears    from those eyes  ,
Did not talk anything , his heart  did not break  , due to great sorrow,
Did  not produce sweat and  even Devas could not  ,
Understand   the deep    sorrow  that   was within him.

8896. As soon as Hanuman told  this, with a  confused mind  ,With great depression ,
Just like trees   lashed by heavy storm like    wind , all the monkeys fell on ,
The divine feet of Rama  who was   wearing heroic anklets,
And   who was having a charitable nature   like divine Karpaga tree .
 Similar to a crowd    of mountains    falling at his feet.

8897. That valorous  Rama   who was like picture had lost all    sensations
Did not see at the faces of his friends  , did not  reply to questions of Lakshmana ,
Due to the  weapon of  sense   of honour  which even hurts mad people ,
Entering   his   heart    fell  like a dead   person on the earth,

8898.Seeing the   state of  the lord, seeing the shape   befalling on them,
The  events that had succeeded  reaching again the state  of  failure  ,
With mouth  , mind    eyes as well   as   body becoming faded,
Lakshmana like a calf which has lost  his mother cow  fell on the floor.

8899.Vibheeshana who was wise  and could understand the  nature of people  ,
Due to the great pressure   of  matchless  sorrow was not able to understand  anything ,
Got a suspicion   that  Thinking   ‘Victory is difficult   and destruction   came because of her “,
Indrajit might have murdered  Sita  “

8900.Vibheeshana   sprinkled    cold water    on  the face of   Rama , touched,
The divine body of the Lord   and did similar   acts  to bring back,
His consciousness  and then we caressed    his pretty flower like   feet  ,
Hands as  well as the body  , Rama   whose innate generosity,
Cannot be even seen by the Vedas  , opened    both his eyes.

8901.Lakshmana   shedding stream like tears  , with a dilapidated  mind  ,
Thinking about what happened to him   was sorrowing inconsolably  ,
But in spite   of that  thinking that  Rama would not kill  his enemies  ,
And due to feelings   of respectability  give up his  life  ,
Wanting to console him     told    the following.

8902.”Only low people drown in    the ocean of sorrow  if   his day  of death arrives,
And  for you    drowning in sorrow   would only  bring only  bad name  ,
If our   clan   gets  a great stain  , without   bothering about Dharma  ,
Would you not destroy this world    which was    witnessing it  ,
Instead   of   getting depressed   like people  of no strength.?”

8903.”If that evil one   has killed   a weak lady  , who is doing penance ,
Who is like the goddess  of Dharma of chastity   and your wife by touching her,
Is your act of not destroying Dharma along with the entire clan of Rakshasas,
Is it because you want to live   or due    to  your mercy?
Is  it possible for us  to maintain good relation with Dharma  ?”

8904. “If those who  destroy dharma   are going to be great   and  those who   follow   Dharma,
Are going   to be destroyed ,  then without bothering   whether   they are  ,
Asuras, Devas  , Brahmins  ,teachers   , sages   and  principles of Vedas ,
We should  set fire    to all the three   worlds. ,
Without doing    that   what is the use   of our   sorrowing about it?”

8905.” After   that Rakshasa killed Sita, still should we allow   , the seven worlds,
To function with normalcy ? Should the Devas  be allowed to continue to live?
Should we imagine that  there is something called Dharma   and keep on saluting it?,
Should we allow  cloud  to cause rain? Should we keep on watching all this,
Fall down dispirited   and crying ? Our  capacity    to fight with bow seems to be great?”

8906.”Instead of  within a second, after powdering   and destroying   this Lanka  ,
After burning the way by which that   Rakshasa proceeded, after destroying,
All the worlds   of Devas,  if we  keep crying   holding our  hanging  head   by our hands ,
And continue   always to be sad   would not others   think poorly of us ?”

8907.”Even     though we lost   our kingdom   and reached the forest  ,
Even after    that evil  one abducted    the lady   we    lived ,
Without  crossing   the limits    set by Dharma  and if   we continue   to do so,
Even after this   great sorrow has   befallen us  , seeing our simplicity,
Would not our enemies chain us in a strong tether  and make us their slaves?”

8908.”If we give up our life now  , the world will say   about  us that  ,
“When   that lady  with a scented hair was brought   before them,
And was killed   by the sword of The Rakshasas, having  no  strength  ,
To kill them  , they   died due to existence  of  great shame”,
And   examining with balance   such type of suffering is  improper for us,
And  so why should you sorrow   like an ignorant   person?”

8909.Sugreeva    who  was lying  low , hearing such words  of Lakshmana ,
Suddenly  got up as if he has seen a dream  and said,  “what is the need for  further analysis?,
Come let us jump on the chest of Ravana who is like an insect falling  in the flame  .”

8910.”Let us uproot   the city of Lanka    and  annihilate   the Rakshasas,
With evil eyes   , along with their   wives wearing golden ear globes  ,
Their children who are drinking milk   along    with their   complete   clan,
And if the Devas   get angry at us and prevent  us  ,
Then let us    destroy the land of Devas   and make it fall on this earth.”

8911.”If we take a bold decision that    we would act   destroying Dharma  ,
Then sir,   what   is the need for this  sorrowing  ? Within a short time  ,
Let us   spin the three worlds like a kite   and throw away   the clan of Devas “
Saying like this, the valorous Sugreeva   who had diamond like shoulders,
Made  preparations to jump   on the    city of Lanka.

8912.Even before their king   all  the monkey warriors   saying ,
“We will pick up   the Rakshasas  along with their homes  and dash and kill them”,
And started  moving   and when they did like that  Hanuman  ,
Wanting to tell them all one thing  , told them about how,
That evil Indrajit  had a cruel idea   of marching towards Ayodhya.

8913,AS soon as the word  that Indrajit   has gone towards Ayodhya  ,
Where his brothers   and mothers   were observing penance  ,
Entered the ears of Rama  , just the pain of   beating  ,
Getting masked   by pain of burning  , he got rid  of sorrow  over slaying of Sita,

8914.Just like waking up from sleep on the deep   sea   of milk  , Rama  ,
Got away from the ocean of sorrow   along  with  anger  ,
Which was like unquenchable fire   and with   a shivering mind     
Even before time  taken for a black gram to roll  ,
Speedily    acted   with great  mental churning.

8915.”This evil  does not seem   to get over  with the  killing of Sita,
And it  is seems to completely annihilate our    entire   clan  ,
I do not know to whom else it is going to  spread
.Is there   any method to prevent it ? Are my brothers still alive ?”

8916That Indrajit who has gone there    in Pushpaka Vimana  ,
Which can travel faster   than thought  , is capable  of completing his job,
Within a second   and return back  ,Due to my very bad fate  ,
My home is destroyed there  and here   my wife   has been killed  ,
I do not know how many more  such sorrows are going to follow me  ?
And I am not able    to see  death coming     for me.”

8917. The bad fate  of mine only     after  causing   death of my father  ,,
The father like Jatayu   and   Sita who was alone is going   to further spread,
And cause   the death to my innocent mother who gave  birth to me  ,
My innocent brothers     who love me , to my city  and Kosala country,”

8918.”They who  are not aware of happenings here  , if attacked   suddenly by Indrajit  ,
Would be destroyed. Even if they fight with him  with anger considering him   as an enemy     
That Indrajit would send  cruel  Naga  Pasa at them  and would kill them  ,
And Garuda   who is the enemy   of serpents would  not   go there  ,
And Hanuman to give them by bringing medicine  mountain is also not   there,
And so there  is no  one to help them  stay  alive.”

8919. “Oh Vibheeshana who has diamond like strong shoulders   , please tell me,
If there is some method   to reach Ayodhya through the Maaga    sky   route .
Let whatever  is remaining get  destroyed , let the war of  Lanka  also get  stooped,
After the crow eats   the eyes of Indrajit , I would    come here and complete   them.”

8920.Lakshmana said , “Sir ,  Not only that  Indrajit     who has gone   there  to tie,
Bharata   by sending   the Naga Pasa , but even if all   the three worlds  ,
Were  to march and stand as enemies    to him  , they would all be destroyed  by him,
So do not swim   in this    cruel ocean   of sorrow.”

8921.”Bharata   is not me   to fall dying   if that  Indrajit full  of evil,
Sends   his Naga Pasa   as soon as it touches   him    and you yourselves ,
Are going to see    that Indrajit killed struck by arrows of Bharata ,
Along with his clan and fall on the ground” Said Lakshmana  who was agitated.

8922At That   time Hanuman who was standing there   requested them ,
“oh Lord  , either climb on my shoulders  or my palms   and making  ,
The speed of wind much less   I would reach the ancient city  of Ayodhya,
And if there  is a need I would take you to all   the   directions,
And  if you wish  I would myself kill   that   enemy.”

8923,”I advised Indrajit    who came   here   to kill Sita  and pointed out ,
All aspects of Dharma , I also told   him soft words  and   when,
He did not bother about them and  killed   Lady  Sita ,
Due to sorrow   winning over me , I fell on the floor  ,
And lost conscience   and  That Indrajit speedily went way,
Had I not been like that , would that evil one    be still alive.”

8924.”I would travel in the same  route that   the Pushpaka  Vimana   has travelled  ,
With more speed than thought   and make   that Vimana behind me  ,
And we want stand there  waiting it  . Oh Lords wearing Thulasi garland  ,
Why waste   few more seconds, please  climb on my shoulders ,
So that   we would reach Ayodhya   even before Pushpaka Vimana .”

8925.When Hanuman rose   up requesting  , “Please   climb  “, Vibheeshana saluted Rama,
And said, “I have to tell you some thing . Due to great   sorrow affecting you  ,
I stood completely sorrowing and greatly confused as it was difficult to get  consoled,
But  now  I have come out of that  sorrow ,I have   doubt that  act of Indrajit is an illusion.”

8926. “Had the very chaste   Sita been touched   and then killed by Indrajit,
Even while he was doing it , all the three  world would have  got burnt and turned  in to  ash,
And even if that   incident has happened, the news    that  ,
He has gone towards   Ayodhya   is greatly surprising and truth will  be known soon.”

8927.”Within a second  I would go and reach the place  Where Sita is there ,
And after   clearly examining  , understanding what    really   happened,
And will tell you   and afterwards    you can decide as to What is  to be done”
Said Vibheeshana   and Rama said, “It is proper” and Vibheeshana,
Went to Asoka   Vana    through   the sky  .

8928.Assuming the   form of a bee , going  with the speed  of mind of Rama ,
He reached  the place of Sita in   Asoka Vana   , he saw Sita, with his own eyes,
Who was  like a picture  about which  one can doubt whether  it was alive  .

8929.She who had decided that   her sorrow would   go only with her life,
Had decided   to  die   but  had left   her sorrow  due to  the words of Trijata ,
Who can    talk  in a perfect manner     and   console the  mind .
And when the monkeys   shouted like   clouds   at the end of deluge  ,
She felt it was  like nectar   to her  and kept her   great soul.

8930.Understanding that the  killing of Sita   was a sight created by illusion ,
With a very happy mind , leaving out     the worries in his mind ,
Came to know that  Indrajit who  acted as if going   to Ayodhya ,
Had gone to Nikumbila  and doing    fire sacrifice   there  ,
By watching    the Rakshasa army in great number going there.

8931.He also saw   the Devas getting upset   seeing the   firewood  , ghee ,
And   other  materials   being transported   feeling that   it would  ,
Make them  lead an inferior  life  , decided that   this   was the trick,
Intended to be done by Indrajit   and went  ,
And saluted   the lotus   like feet of Rama  by   falling  at his feet.

8932. He said  “That   goddess like lady was there   and I saw her with my eyes,
How can Sita     who has chastity   Like Arundathi face   destruction ?
Indrajit has created an illusion  which saddened   us ,
He has   entered the temple of Nikumbila   , so that he  can,
Conduct a fire ritual there   and then completely   destroy us all.”

8933.As soon as Vibheeshana   told , The crowd of monkeys  shouted  together,
Making the devas   have a doubt that    the seven seas surrounding,
The seven    great islands  were  making sound together   and ,
They also danced  and jumped  making   even the  mountains break


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