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Kamba Ramayanam-Yudha Kandam 5

Yudha Kandam (contd)

15.  Kumbhakarunan Vadhai  Padalam

Chapter  on killing  of Kumbhakarna.

(When Ravana is distressed, Mahodhara advises him to wake up Kumbhakarna and send him to fight thwe war.After great difficulty Kumbhakarna is woken up , he advises  Ravana ro  give freedom to Sita.When Ravana gets angry  , he goes to the battle.Rama sends Vibheeshana to meet him to request him   to join the side of Dharma. He refuses and ensuing war  he is killed by Rama.)

7272.Along with the chest on which  elephants of directions have  pierced ,
With the shoulders that picked up the  Kailasa  mountain   , with the toungue ,
Using which he   chanted  Sama Veda  with expertise  making   sage  Narada   say,
“Great  , great “, with   the   ten garlanded   crowns that  he wore,
And with sword given by  Lord Shiva and without   the culture  of valour  ,
Which he put in the battle field  ,  he returned  back   with  bare hands.

7273. That  Ravana  who won over Devas  fighting against whom   great experts  ,
Had  been defeated  and who was like Vishnu  guarding all the three   worlds,
Along with a very bad name   that  never  gets destroyed bu always follows him,
Along with the  hanging twenty hands , which did not help him against the  enemy,
And with great   shame   went back to his   city and the sun also set.

 7274.Ravana   who was returning   after  getting defeated and with great shame  ,
Not looking at the directions which he had won , not looking at  the fertile city  ,
Not looking at those   who love him  , not looking at   the  sea like army  ,
And though ladies who had decorated their broad  hairs with flowers ,
Did see   him individually  , he was not looking  at them ,
But only  at the lady called earth  , entered  the courtyard of his palace  .

7275.On the day when  Ravana who had imprisoned all the  nine planets,
Returned back defeated ,  the  sword eyes of all ladies  who were  having faces
 Which were like  just opened Lotus flowers in the day time  gave  pain like  the sword
The  words  spoken by people   also caused lot of sorrow, just like  the arrows of Rama,
This was due to the  reason of the sight  of goddess of victory  , who had soft breasts,
Which  were falling on him till now  , was now not  falling on him.

7276.His  friends  who were his council members, wives with lustrous moon like  foreheads,
His friends   who were  commanding his army  and  his own relations , as if the machine like ,
Ravana  has stopped  functioning , did not follow him  and  alone, just like ,
A  male elephant coated  all over  with  sindhoora  , Ravana  went inside  the palace.

7277.After  entering  the palace he sat  on a matchless golden seat  and after his sorrows,
And pain has reduced , he became  thoughtful about the  future  course  of action,
Looked  at his  personal guards and ordered  them, “get me my emissaries to this place”,
And that  job was done immediately by his guard  and he brought  four emissaries.

7278.Looking at  those emissaries  who knew how  to properly  perform the  job,
Entrusted  to them whose names were Speed of mind, speed of wind , Marutha ,
And Mamegha and all other  thousands  of emissaries, Ravana  ordered,
“Go beyond all directions  and arrange to speedily  bring all the Rakshasa  army  wearing heroic anklets.”

7279.”Without delay bring all  Rakshasas in the seven big islands  surrounded by seven seas,
The numerous pretty   and strong  mountains, , the Patala  which is  below the earth,
And the mountain called  horizon, “ordered  Ravana  and rushed away  taking the orders on their head.

7280.All those   who work  as  per their allotment  in all the three  worlds,
Without knowing the intention   in the  mind of Ravana  , due to  the sharp spear,
Entering their body  sobbed and cried and asked  , “What is the use  of ,
This elephant   with  trunks inside  the elephant shed ?’ and Ravana,
Went and reached   the flowery  bed full of flowers.

7281.In the  heart that  was fully occupied by  Sita  who had a  coral  like red  mouth
Which  is like sweet music and who was wearing bangles  made  of pure  Gold,
Due to the shame  of the defeat completely  occupying it  , Ravana  did not sleep at all ,
And he was surrounded by sorrow and anger  and as if wanting to empty  the shame ,
In his mind   which was  earlier  occupied  by Sita  , started   giving  out hot big breaths.

7282.Ravana  with diamond like  hard shoulders   did not feel ashamed because he thought,
That the devas  whom he defeated  would laugh at him , the people  of earth  would laugh at him,
The laughable enemies   whom he defeated   would laugh at him  but  was ashamed at the thought ,
Of Sita who had a long eyes  which defeated the spear, who had a red mouth ,
Who had a very soft body  and who came from Mithila   would laugh at him and faded due to shame.

7783.And at that  time one who is specially called  Malyavan , who had  a bent body,
Which was like a bent  bow due   to old age  , who was  the grandfather  of Ravana,
And who was wearing  pretty heroic anklets  came near the bed of Ravana ,
Who was wearing a heroic anklets  and took his seat  on a golden cushion seat.

7784. He who sat on that  cushion seat , stared  at the present state of Ravana ,
And thought that  perhaps he was  defeated in the war that took place  earlier,
And told, “Oh sir , whose power  of penance and strength never  fades ,’
You are mentally upset and your shoulders which never get defeated have faded,
Please tell me    what  has  happened .”

7785.That  Ravana whose  mind was full of sorrow, whose  eyes  were  burning like fire,
Whose  nose  was giving  out hot breath like   ten  bellows  , whose  toungues,
Were  so dried that  unless  he eats faultless  jaggery syrup and not even nectar ,
By licking it , he would not be able   to find out the taste, started  telling like this.

7786.”Did not the devas  come to see the war  between me   and  victorious Rama,
Who had come with a monkey army and dressed  in the sages  garb  , when it took place ,
And in the battle field  reddened due  to blood  and which was    surrounded by hawks,
A defeat which is  not  proper to the clan of Asuras  took place,
And along with it a bad name which cannot  be erased  has come  to our clan.”  Said Ravana.

7287.”oh chief of our clan , even if all the  people  of the  three  worlds
Who keep on growing , lead by Lord Shiva who wears  the crescent on his head,
Were  to come and assist me completely  , my  very huge army, who can send,
Arrows from strong and bent bows   so that  it can hit   the aim without fail,
We would not be able to face , the prowess  of Lakshmana , who is  the younger brother.”

7288.”When he took away the souls of the numberless vellams of Asuras  , who are  capable ,
Of sending several weapons  and killing him, without leaving a  single one alive ,
Or when he robbed  my respect by sending arrows which hit  failure at  my  back ,
That  Rama who playfully threw mud balls  on the hunchback so that  she,
Could be cured, did  have  only that playful mood  and not great  anger.”

7289.”Though the Asura army  with huge  and sharp teeth , whose  body was no different
From mountains    were one hundred  and two vellums strong , the number of arrows,
That he sent without missing its aim cut off the heads of all  the horse  army,
Elephant army   as well as  foot soldiers  and there was not even one body with head.”

7290.”If the arrows start emerging from the bow of that  Rama, can we say that after  entering
All over the world  in search of  Lanka   , it would  take rest? No. even if it is deluge,
It would burn the fire at deluge also.  It would burn all the directions that  it travels,
It would  burn the  mouth of those  who speak ill of it , It would also burn  their mind.”

7291.  “That  arrow would be full with  capacity  that , if it  is ordered  to break  Meru mountain,
It would do it , if  It is asked to go beyond the sky  it would do  it, If  it is asked  to cross ,
The heavens  or dry an ocean still  it would do it. To contain the  power  of that arrow,
Crores of Meru mountains, skies , earth  as well as oceans   would be needed.”

7292.”If even Devas  who do not blink  will not know when Rama  bends his great bow ,
Ties the strings   to it or  sending  of arrows  from it, who would be able   to understand,
His act  of using his bow   and as soon as he wants to take   away the souls,
Of the angry  Asuras , the entire  world  would  be filled  by his arrows.”

7293.”The arrows that emerge from the  bows  of Rama are like the powerful words ,
That  emerge    suitable    to the context  depending on the context from  ,
The toungues of great poets who have goddess Lakshmi  within them.
And are  like Thodai (a grammar rule)  of their  poems and  crossing that  thodai ,
A measureless sweet music  and have several decorative cultures.”

7294.”I have  seen the coming of  Indra ‘s Vajrayudha, Lord Shiva’s  three leaved  trident  ,
As well as the bent  wheel of Lord Vishnu  in very many battles    
And I who have easily  tolerated those great weapons was not able  to bear,
The arrows sent by Rama  in the garb of the sage and was greatly pained.
Who else  other  than me can tolerate  and withstand  the power of  that arrow.”

7295”.Along with crowd   of  big,  black ghosts   which live in the cremation ground ,
With the eight shoulders of Lord Brahma  , two  shoulders of Indra   and  the ,
One thousand shoulders of Lord Vishnu    who kept the   entire universe  in his belly,
Would not be comparable   to the power of one finger   of Rama.”

7296.”Among   the greatly   famous and valorous   people, even if it is,
Lord Vishnu with the red eyes  , I do not think they are   equal in valour  ,
To that  Karthaveryarjuna   and when further    thinking   even that ,
Karthaveerya   would not be equal to a dust sticking to the  legs ,
Of the younger brother   of the sage like Rama   and when it is so,.
Who can afford to stand before  that Rama.”

7297.”Oh sir  ,  the bow of Lord Shiva which burnt the   three cities,
Does not compare with the wonderful bow of Rama   and to compare ,
With that bow , there   is nothing else   in this world and if ,
The result of chanting Vedas   does not reach the  one who chants  ,
The    arrows   that start from the bow will not miss their aim.”

7298.”When Rama ‘s arrows start  they are similar   to Lord Brahma ,
When they try to reach the enemy they are  like thousand faced  Lord Vishnu,
And when they are killing  that enemy   , they  are like the Samhara murthy of deluge,
And   we are   too small people to talk about the greatness   of that bow.”
It has removed from  me my pride that never deserts me ,
And is there    any need  to have further proof of its  effectiveness.”

7299.”That very strong bow handled    by Rama    the man, is it in the west,
Is it in the east  , is it in corner  of directions  , is it in the North,
Is it in the south   , Is it in this wide    world  , is it in   the sky  ,
Or is it everywhere ? I who fought with him did not know,
And even now   I do not know whether  it is on right   or left  ?”

7300.”He used that monkey as his steed   and it appeared   as if ,
He was riding on wind, or did he    use   the fire as his steed,
Or did he use  God of death as steed? To say that   his  steed,
Does not have any greatness   is   the opinion born out of ignorance ,
And  I do not know   whether Garuda steed of Vishnu   can work like Hanuman.”

7301.”Like  the earth which carries  those  who dig it , Since  that Sita with bamboo  ,
Like shoulders  had already   seen the beauty  of the body of   Rama  and his fire like valour,
Even the God of love   me and all others  , would be suitable  to be called dog by her,
And so where  is there any need   to go and find out her mind.”

7302. “Oh sir   whose chest is adorned  by garland in which bees stay  ,without   bothering
When  period of destruction    came to me from that Indra, Lord Vishnu  , And Lord Brahma  
Who sits on flower  ,andLord Shiva who holds  axe as  a weapon  who are all  not   up to the mark ,
Now I have    got a very great   enemy  ,This is what happened, “Said   Ravana .

7303.”Oh Leader   who wears garland  of victory   and who holds   the  spear,
Who cannot be compared    to fire    the long ray of  lightning of the sky  ,
When I told  you about the prowess of Rama  , you got very   angry with me  ,
You did not bother to hear   the sweet words   with great  meaning  ,
Told by Vibheeshana   who does not hate you , when you are not angry,
Though there was every reason for you to get defeated  ,
You did not bother   to think about it  , but can there be any reply to your  words.” Said Malyavan.

7304. “Though    they give sorrow to the  mind    the real relatives   and those ,
Who analyze   the future happenings  , did tell   you   what  is likely   to happen,
But   you did  not accept them   and you would see  the destruction  of  ,
The  groups of relatives  , victory , friendship   education and wealth  ,
And also      the  Rakshasa army    that cannot  be destroyed.”

7305,When Malyavan told like this  Mahendra   who was an expert in illusion,
And who was nearby   speedily came there  , got angry  making fire rise ,
Against Malyavan and asked   in anger   “why did you tell such inferior things   
To our Lord.?” And later   he told  several promises   which would  not good,
To Ravana     who had  a  greatly   depressed mind , due to the defeat .

7306,With an  aim of getting pleasurable result , if you do an act  ,
Let victory which is against defeat come   or let defeat come   which  ,
Would lead to lose our life , in spite of that     the proper act  ,
Of good  people   would be   to be stable in a particular    act.
If  he gets dispirited   and   with draws, it is to that  one,
 Who would get  bad name in this world and  hell  in the  next life,

7307.”Oh king ,  Who    shook     the Kailsa  mountain  making others  scared,
Lord Shiva  who sent a  great  arrow   and made    the three   cities burn,
And Lord Vishnu who   measured  all   the  three  worlds  in one step 
Were   defeated by  you  and when things are  like that  ,
You    are   getting   scared   to fight     the war with these  humans.”

7308.”Oh Lord who is greater   than any praise   that any one can tell,
Those who win  are those who are defeated and those who get defeated ,
Are  those who win  , those who are above all go down and those ,
Who down really  go up , that   is the happening  of the  world  ,
Say those   learned men who have studied the world  .
Is there an  end to the strength  ?   and so how come ,
That you are praising the war   of those   in sages   garb.?”

7309.’If you release   Sita  , would you not lose    the fame got by your strength?
And if    you do not release her  , it is better   that   you lose your life  ,
Can   any other thing happen?   ,why should you lower ,
Your fame    that is destruction less  and so  leave this worry  ,
Which makes  you action less , Oh king come   quickly  “

7310.”If  now you delay    fighting the war   by even a second , this city of Lanka,
Of  the Asuras   would be made like   the fruit trees and the monkey army would win,
Possibly to see this   The sun god can only  drink  a sip of water  from  the cool sea and because of that  ,
Why should you get dejected and why do you sorrow? Leave out this sorrow?”

7311. “Oh my father  , Lord Shiva , Vishnu and  Brahma  who were  the chiefs,
Were   defeated  by you first, after that    you defeated     the devas,
And you won all the three worlds   and made them work for you  ,
You who are   having    the strength   like that , are  considering ,
These  men who are  like the dew on the  blade   of grass as something great ,
And have   made a  very poor estimate   of Kumbhakarna , why I do not know.”

7312. “Oh Lord, , if you call  that Kumbhakarna and order  him to fight  ,would not,
The enemies seeing his mountain like    body go in to hiding , scared by that sight.
If some is not scared   and directly fights    with him  , he would take away  the soul,
Of those dressed   as sages” Said, Mahodhara and Ravana  took these words in to his mind.

7313.”Oh very knowledgeable one , you  would get everything   by your words.
You have understood the best option . Is there any limit for your love towards me,
And what you told would boost my stability”   said Ravana  in praise  of Mahodhara,
And changed his mind. When one nears death   would something in between prevent it.

7314. Deciding   that   sending  Kumbhakarna is a proper strategy  , Ravana  ordered,
His servants,  “You run   and bring here  Kumbhakarna  the  best among   males”
And as soon as he told that  , as if the   emissaries of  God of death   was searching him,
Four people   went   and entered the  victorious  big  palace,
Of  Kumbhakarna       who had    shoulders    taller than mountains.

7315.Those four servants   went to the palace where  the mountain like Kumbhakarna,
Was sleeping  and reached the entrance which toughens the cloud and said,
“Oh king   , get up from your sleep  and with the iron pillars ,
In their   hand  and hit him on his head  as well as    ears and  seeing,
Him with a cruel eyes   still sleeping with great   anger   told.

7316.””Oh Kumbhakarna who is sleeping , the life of illusion   is going down from today,
Please   get up, Please get up , from now on start sleeping   in the   hands of,
The emissaries  of God of death   who are   roaming  like a  kite.”

7317.In spite of waking him up using several techniques  , when he   did not,
Get up   , they went back  to Ravana and said , “Oh lord who wears the scented garland ,
Fully on his chest , we are  not able to wake up  Kumbhakarna    from his great sleep,”
And Ravana ordered them , “Hear what you have to do”  and  further said,
Make thousand horses and Yalis    stamp on him one after   another  and wake him up,”

7318.Then the  army of horses and Yalis sent   by Ravana started   stamping on Kumbhakarna,
Still  he did not move from the place that    he was sleeping and that army returned  ,
And when the servants told about this to Ravana  he sent one thousand wrestlers   and told,
“You are  experts in doing this type of jobs  and so go   with   your army.”

7319.Thousand best warriors   thinking   that  “Do   end the mental worry   of  Ravana ,
Who wears  scented pretty garlands , we would fulfill his wishes today itself”,
Ran and entered   in the victorious palace   of Kumbhakarna   with,
Shoulders    which are higher than  mountains.”

7320Wanting to wake up Kumbhakarna, as soon as    the doors of the  palace  ,
Of the strong Kumbhakarna opened,  entered in and  since his breath  ,
Was  coming out and in fast   with a view to escape from its speed  and wake him up,
They   held each other’s strong hands   due  to their great strength,
Speedily entered in side    through another  side door.

7321. Those warriors from whose    eyes  , fire sparks were   coming out  ,
Due to the wind from the  nasal breath of Kumbhakarna  ,
Who was  sleeping  like the huge expanse of    the sea, saw  that ,
Faultless   huge mountains were being drawn by   the   breath of Kumbhakarna   from the main door,
And without knowing what to do  , started   shivering and were scared to go near him.

7322.Those warriors     whose bodies were shivering having    seen the  huge mouth and nose ,
Of Kumbhakarna  , being scared  to wake him by touching   , thought   about,
Other ways    to wake him up   and  started making blaring sound   of  conch,
Long pipes and drums    and sent it through    his ears.

7323. Experts in use of mountain like   iron rods,  and long spears  joined together ,
They hit  at the jaw bones  , joints of the body  , chest   and head  ,
And still not able to wake him up   they  informed   Ravana  ,
And he asked   them to take series of long horses   in a row and trouble Kumbhakarna.

7324. After getting  orders  from Ravana  , they made   one thousand horses,
With bridles   which can run fast   and made them run  on the chest of Kumbhakarna  ,
In the form of a garland  , and as if they are patting his thigh , he entered in to a deeper sleep.

7325,When they were  not able to wake him up   by driving horses on him,
They approached Ravana with heroes anklet and  whose  legs were decorated ,
By  just harvested   flowers  , saluted him   and told,” thinking that   we can win the war ,
If we wake  Kumbhakarna   , we tried all the tricks we  know to wake him up,
And we lost all  our strength  and the horses   running  on his chest  ,
Have become weakened  , Is there some other method to wake him up  ,
And if you  know , be kind enough    to tell us that,”

7326 , Ravana said, “Try to wake up  Kumbhakarna   who never leaves   me at  any time,
Who never bothers  by his mind or body , even if  chariots    with  joined wheels ,
Decorated   by gems as well as huge army   are coming   to hurt him
And   who   without   break keeps on sleeping  , using  spears which never leave  ,
By axes , by tridents which  never leave contact   by either throwing them on him,
Or hitting   and once he wakes up bring him here.”

7327.When Ravana told like this  , they saluted his feet   and went near  ,
The king who was sleeping , due to their    strength and expertise ,
Beat him on his cheeks by very long pestles   and he  just like  ,
A dead  person waking up   moved from place he was sleeping and got up.

7328.. That valorous one got up with ease   making   the three   worlds  shiver,
Making the  thick handed  elephants of direction   which are  opposed ,
To each other   changing their position  , making Lord Sun shiver ,
And with devas   who  think that Lord Brahma   who sits on flower,
Lord Vishnu who sleeps on the sea and  Lord Shiva  who lives on silvery mountain,
AS     their primary Gods  , becoming startled and get worried.

7329.Kumbhakarna born after Ravana   whose   strength  was beyond thought  ,
And who is the king of Lanka  , had a body that    hides    the sky  ,
Two eyes   which can be described as bigger than the ocean  ,
Woke up and was   like Trivikrama    who measured  the worlds.

7330. He then completely lost his sleep  but not able to get  fried meat to eat   ,
And several pots   of toddy to drink  , became one with a waded  face  ,
And  Started  licking    the bottom of his   mouth.

7331.Kumbhakarna   with a face that was angry   and   the red eyes,
Which further increases   the angry look  took six hundred cartloads   of rice  ,
Several hundred  pots filled with toddy  , with great haste   and
Because   of that    his great   hunger   further   increased.

7332.Without any trouble    he  ate  one thousand two hundred 
Buffaloes   and his tiredness slightly got reduced  ,
As he was one   who has capable of grinding   thunder  ,
And    blow it off  like   a fire spark.

7333.He had  a forehead   with  eye brows   like the  tides  of a big ocean  ,
Looking like a curve  , who sleeps  with the blood of the food that he ate ,
Coming out through his mouth   and  he had a  tall body,
That when he was sitting, he was as tall as Ravana   who was standing.

7334. He is the one  who  picks up food in arm full  ,making ,
The meat and the bones   falling down on earth  .
Who had   a thick hand   holding a  lustrous sword  ,
And wears diamond studded heroic anklets on his feet.

7335.  He had teeth which puts to shame the iron and steel,
And  he ate elephants which come to him   as a  medicine   to his huge  hunger  ,
And he also has a great desire  to drink toddy which makes you faint.

7336.He is one who keeps the matchless    spear well sharpened on his shoulder  ,
He is of the   colour of the black cloud   which    is water  rich,
He has so much pride   that he  goes to the  war like the God of death,
He was   wearing heroic anklets on his legs and has  red  hair growing straight up.

7337. Kumbhakarna   was one   who made   the teeth of Indra  shatter,
By making him   dash   against    the wall of his  own place  .
Who  is the one who   uses the spear with  his hand  .
And who  has a broad  mouth due   to eating of meat   of lion.

7338.Even while lying down he would make    the intestines,
Of Devas  shatter, He is a  very strong one  and he is the one ,
With standing red hair which  is similar ,
To the flaming northern fire standing  on the  still sea.

7339.When Ravana who has won victory over all directions   ,
Gets   angry and shouts   , the  sun and the fire  become subdued ,
Before  that  anger and  wanted to hide and Kumbhakarna  has   suitable ,
Eyes  like  caves of Meru mountain  to hide,  with folded skin ,
And which eyes    show that   he is sleepy.

7340.He had a nose    which likes  the cave  of   a big mountain ,
Where bamboo grows well  which helps   the elephants with holed trunks  ,
To  eat them and survive  ,  and he  had broad  long ears
Which can be used     by serpents    for sleeping.

7341.When they told that he has be summoned by his    elder brother  ,
Kumbhakarna   who had a look like a mountain   and  strength of belief  ,
In principles  went    to the Ravana’s palace     which had  ,
Entrances touching  the moon  making the people of Lanka make  a happy sound.

7342.Kumbhakana  who held a spear    which had  learnt killing  , saluted ,
Ravana who was   the king of Lanka    which is surrounded by ocean,
Which had long walls and towers     which had very many    spires,
BY falling  on the floor and looked as if a mountain was  lying there.

7343.When   his strong help   and famous younger brother  ,
Fell on the ground and saluted him  , like a motionless  ,
Mountain  with long legs  hugging another  mountain
Which had come to meet  him  , Ravana hugged,
Kumbhakarna  with his   very strong    shoulders.

7344.Ravana made Kumbhakarna sit  with him  , made him drink,
Several rows of quality toddy   and made him eat meat ,
Tied on him   white silk cloth which was like    foam of the sea  ,
And made him wear   gem studded ornaments which produced sound.

7345.When Indra lost his great power   and was  running away  ,
Riding on his elephant steed Iravatha  , Ravana took the   very lustrous,
Mask of the elephant with gems and tied it on forehead of Kumbhakarna.
Calling it the heroes    forehead  plate.

7346.With several   ornaments   on him giving   great light  like lightning,
Making Kumbhakarna  like a huge  elephant anointed    with red sandal paste .
He applied   on his ocean like body   divine and  natural paste of red sandal.

7347.On the   chest of Kumbhakarna   who stood as if touching the sky,
And stood  tall like a  poison , he tied the armour   given to him  .
By lord Shiva   with eight shoulders  who rides  on a bull.

7348.Kumbhakarna    who had   the form ,  colour and eye brows   like lightning,
Who had shoulders which touch the sky   and whose  left side was throbbing  ,
Asked Ravana why these  preparations      for war   is being made.

7349.Ravana said, “Two men   with a big army of monkeys  ,
Has besieged  our city   and have also attained a  victory,
Which no one has yet got, You please go and complete  ,
The job    of eating  their  sweet    souls.”

7350 “Oh has the great war started? Has not the  sorrow  without comparison,
Of the very chaste  Janaki   ended?. Has your great fame    grown ,
In the earth and heaven   been destroyed? Has the time  destruction come to you,” asked Kumbhakarna.

7351, “Has the battle  come   very near? Is it for the sake ,
Of the  very pretty Sita ? Have you not released  that darling of chastity,
Who is like a very cruel poison  , as per my advice given to you earlier?
If you had not done it , this is  the very cruel act of fate.”

7352.”Sir, we can uproot the entire world , and not only that,
WE can build the fence to that   entire    world  but you cannot win ,
Over the great   prowess of the shoulders of that great Rama,
Nor can you  dream   of hugging     the body  of Sita.”

7353.”Due to your act   the nature of clan  which did not move away,
From the path of Dharma   which came to us  from sage Pulasthya  ,
Has been destroyed and that is the reason for losing   victory.
So how can you win , The nature of   this faultless  land  .
Is like the nature   of water and this has been accepted.”

7354.” By doing this, you have given Indra  the world and his kingship ,
You have spoiled   the Rakshasas   who are your great relatives  ,
You also destroyed yourself   and you have been forced to free,
Several types of Devas    from prison  .There  is no escape route.”

7355.”Seeing your act,  Dharma   got scared  of you and is in hiding,
Earlier since   you sincerely followed Dharma  , it gave   you,
Strength and wealth   and  when you have left it   and are  ,
Getting destroyed  , Who would be able to  save you?”

7356. The  heart , acts   and talk   of those  men ,  their nature  ,
Of giving protection  to others  and   doing deeds   according to Dharma  ,
Is telling the truth    and unlike that   deceit in the mind  , sin in acts  ,
And lie in our talk   are    done  by us who are   powerful Asuras,
Would  we be able to save ourselves, would there be and reduction in their Dharma?”

7357.”They have powerful monkeys   who crossed the black ocean himself   and
Who are able to travel like wind, Sita has not  gone away from prison  ,
Our enemies have arrows    that split  open the    chest   of Vali  ,
And we are there  to bear them on us, So we have many problems?”

7358.”Oh chief  , I have  one more thing  to explain   using several  ,
Such words  .Please  understand it clearly   and if you accept it  ,
It would be good , If you do not like  it and are   not  ,
Willing  to accept it , assume that travelling on wrong path , you would die.”

7359. The only way for us    to escape    with our life , is releasing  Sita,
Saluting the feet of Rama   and  becoming    friend with Vibheeshana,
Who is beyond suspicion, If you think that   it is a good idea   to that  
There  is one more thing that  needs to be done ,Please hear  it clearly.

7360.  “Your  being here  and sendpng groups   after groups,
Of the army  and noticing their death  , and getting sad,
Is not a proper thing to do, It would proper to  ,
Send our entire army on the enemies is proper act”,
Said Kumbhakarna  clearly so that Ravana would understand.

7361.”I did not call you here  to know   about what   is  going to happen,
Go to the war and kill  those men with very less   ability, to advice me,
You are  not my wise minister  . You are scared  of going to the battle ,
Your valour is worthless “Ravana said like this   and further   told.

7362.”Being very unsuitable to fight a war in battle field  where valour is needed,
You only  need lot of meat    to eat and several pots of toddy to drink,
Closing  your eyes   with holes   you would sleep   through day and night “
Said Ravana    so that the mind of Kumbhakarna   would become sad..

7363.”Living a life of  saluting   those   two men   and that hunchback monkey   ,
Is perhaps all right   to my youngest brother    who only     wants to live.
And also all right to you  . I would not do the  act. Get up to go” , said Ravana.

7364.Ravana shouted , “Give me my chariot  , bring all my weapons   and chariot  ,
Go and tell my order   to everybody  .Let the people  of earth  , sky and  ,
All others come  and fight with me along  with the kids with two hands.
let them do a cruel battle  “ saying this  he started instructing his assistants  ,
To make all preparations    to go to the  battle.”

7365.His brother Kumbhakarna seeing that   act of   Ravana  told him,
“ Excuse what I told  “  and then he saluted  the golden feet of Ravana  ,
Kept   the huge spear of his   ready for the battle  on his   right  shoulder  .
Said to Ravana, “there  is something    that I need to tell you.”

7366. “Oh chief, I am not in a position to tell you  that  , I would come back
Here after winning. The fate  that  does not allow me  to win,
Is pushing me out by my neck and so I would die   in this war.
If I die like that  , thinking of your own good  please release ,
Sita     who has pretty shoulders. Only that  would  do good to you.”

7367.”It is definite that  Indrajit would die because     of the   divine  arrows,
That are  with Lakshmana and the  other army of Rakshasas ,
Would become ash before    the wind of their battle  , After hearing all this ,
Knowing the bad results   that would come  , do what   you think is  suitable.”

7368.”Oh  guard of  city  of Lanka  , if those two enemies achieve victory   over me ,
It is definite    that    they   would   win over you also, and so  ,
It is not a proper act    to think about  methods to win over  them ,
But giving back that lady  would give you result of great penance  .”

7369. “Oh king  ,If there is a mistake which I have   done from the  first day,
Till now , you kindly pardon my  mistakes. From now on I would not be able ,
To see you   and  so I am taking leave    from you  “  and then he departed.

7370.Then   along  with tears flowing   from all his   twenty   eyes  ,
He stopped   blood from flowing out   and all other relations  ,
Became very sad and anxious   and   when this was happening,
That Kumbhakarna    reached    the gate    of the city.

7371.Due to the order  of Ravana that  along with younger brother  ,
A great army should accompany, a huge army reached  there  ,
Playing with the short stick, making dust rise   which covered ,
The flower decorated heads of devas  on which bees   surrounded.

7372. The   flags   that were tied on the chariots  , the  flags  held high,
On the elephants  , the flags held  by foot  soldiers  marching first  ,
And all other such flags   were making a dense formation  and  the dust,
That was raised   from the battle field went and spoiled the heavens  ,
And the waving   flags looked as if they  were cleaning  by wiping

7373.  With well recognized     weapons rubbing and hitting with each other ,
Fire sparks emerged    and fire sparks came out of the eyes  of commanders  ,
And they mixed with each   other   and because  of it  all clouds got burnt and fell down.

7374 . The  chariots  were going in front , followed by elephants  , and crowding them ,
Red faced   elephants    were going  , which was followed   by more chariots  ,
Horses travelling  like wind  and  like this  the  front army was marching ahead,
And   the rear army  followed immediately without giving much space  and  ,
In the middle  the middle army   thinking that  it is difficult  ,
To march on earth   chose     to swiftly travel by  the sky.

7375.Kumbhakarna     got in to   a huge  lustrous gem studded  chariot  ,
Drawn by  thousand  lions  , thousand   elephants   with rut,
 And   thousand ghosts which are   capable   of carrying the  big earth.,

7376. The army   that   were following Kumbhakarna   carried  alternate ,
Emergency weapons   like Thomara  , wheels  , spear  , arrows  , axe,
The enemy scaring spears  , pestles  , sword   , plough  , iron rods  ,
Huge bent bows  , throw spears   and huge dandayudhas.

7377. Several Asuras  keeping in their hands   food items  ,
That   has to be  offered speedily   in a sequence   were following  ,
Kumbhakarna with bent long teeth   along    with pots of toddy  ,
Well   cooked meat  which   were  filled in  thousand  big carts   .

7378. When   again and again   several types  of meat and toddy were offered  ,
By Asuras  , Kumbhakarna   extended   his very strong hands   and swallowed as  if,
They are put in a cave from where   they would not come out  ,
Eating   in excess making every one   greatly surprised  and entered the battle field.

7379.This job of eating of Kumbhakarna   would not stop   with the  crowd of monkeys,
Would the beings of all the world be sufficient   for his need of fatty flesh ?
Everywhere in the battle field  corpses   were stacked and this   was  realized,
By the God of death  and devas  not knowing where to go , ran away from there.

7380.The very pretty Rama   saw  Kumbhakarna   riding on a  golden chariot ,
Who was  like  the huge Meru mountain , the king of all mountains,
Falling from the head  of Adhi Sesha   along with the earth.

7381”.If one thinks that  his  flag which touches   the sky has  Veena,,
Drawn on it  , the answer is no. If he is seen as a victorious lion ,
Which is rushing with great speed  , above his leg  , he has  a huge form,
Which is difficult to look at  and also he  was wearing ornaments on his  chest. Who can he be?”

7382.If we start looking  from his one   shoulder to   another shoulder continuously ,
Several days    would be past ,Is he the huge Meru mountain with legs,
Walking in the  middle of the world , It is hard   to believe   that he is a valorous  person,
Who has come in search of war  .Who  can it be?”

7383.” Due to his very huge body the light  of the sun on the rising mountain is  hidden,
And darkness    has spread   everywhere and our big army is sweating  out of fear,
Seeing him  they  are  running away and oh Vibheeshana  ,
Who has a mind    that   does not cry  , tell me as to who he is?”

7384.”Is this the form of illusion assumed  by   Ravana , who left his usual form,
So   that    the monkey army would   get scared, I am not able to understand?
And so please tell me who he  is , so that   I can understand  .”

7385.When Rama asked like this,   Vibheeshana saluted   both his    feet and said,
“Oh Lord  He is the son born after Ravana    who is blessed with many boons,
He is my elder  brother .He is Kumbhakarna who is black like God of death  ,
And wears hero’s  anklets and he holds the weapon spear  in his arms” And he further continued.

7386.  “Oh Lord , When that God Vishnu    who is meditated   by Brahmins learned in Vedas,
Lord Shiva   who  meditates   to know him,   and also by Lord Brahma who ,
Meditates on him sitting on the lotus flower, opens his eyes from sleep,
All the Asuras    would die   and when this  Kumbhakarna opens his eyes, the devas would die,.” 

7387.  “Oh Lord who is  incarnation of  Lord Vishnu who sleeps on the  sea ,
He  is the matchless  brother   of my elder brother of  Ravana   who does not live for Dharma  ,
Nor leads an ordinary life  .His mind does not have inferiority   and ,
He sleeps   for a complete    period   of deluge.”

7388.He is like  death for the God of death himself  ,
He   travels by his legs   with more speed than the wind  ,
Using his spear   by defeating Indra , he   wore the garland of victory.”

7389.”When the greatly scared   king of devas   , without falling  , was hanging,
He lifted the  white  elephant called Iravatha   with its  four tusks and four legs 
And standing alone   rotated   it   in the battle field  .”

7390.”He is one capable of squeezing fire as well as wind and take juice out of it,
He can enter   in to the   sea   and capable of drinking all its water  ,
So that   all the water   living creatures like fish   die.”

7391.Due to his body     being extremely    strong ,
He has  very great    strength  of the mind also  and  ,
By the great penance    that he has undertaken ,
He has obtained  boons   as tall as the   sky,.”

7392.When this Kumbhakarna   who  wears garlands that   hangs
Rotates in various   ways    during the great  battle  ,
He is neither like   the kite   or the property of any other thing ,
And due to his sleeping till  today  , the world was   saved.

7393.”Oh Lord who has   swallowed all the world , he has ,
A spear given by Lord   Shiva who swallowed the poison from the sea,
And that   weapon of spear  is capable of eating away ,
The life span of all warriors and he carries  that weapon in his  hand.”

7394.  “if the devas    who have   the luster  of lightning  ,
Start   a huge battle    standing  before   us  ,
This Kumbhakarna    has never   seen,
Anything   except their   back sides.”

7395. He is the  one who told more than oe time  ,
The   Ravana who as cruel as    the thunder  that,
“ This act   is one that   does not follow Dharma  ,
And  so   this can only lead    us to death.”

7396.”Due to his liking for truth , he has berated his elder brother  ,
Who has    refused    to release the lady  and has told him,
The results    that are   likely to come  , in various ways,
And now having decided  that  death is the truth,
He has   appeared    before   you.”

7397.He had told Ravana  that the act of his is not good  ,
Whis is suitable word of Dharma  and due to his  not listening to it  ,
He has appeared   before the God of death “Said Vibheeshana  after saluting him.

7398.When Vibheeshana told like this  , the son of Sun God Sugreeva   said,
There is no use   in killing him here today, if he is willing to join us.
And if he  agrees   we would do the job accordingly and that ,
Would also remove the sorrow  of Vibheeshana , the king of  Rakshasas,
And I thought      that  it  is a wise decision  ,
And Rama then told   that what is proposed is  suitable  for royal justice.

7399,When Rama  asked about who is the best person to go to Kumbhakarna,
The king of Vibheeshana    said  “if it is so  I , myself would go   and ,
By the power of my knowledge  , I would wipe of any doubt that  he has,
And if he is willing to come to us, make  him come here” and ,
The cloud like Rama    agreed to it  and also bade him farewell.

7400.Vibheeshana then crossed the big ocean of the monkey army  ,
And reached his own big Rakshasa   army and the Rakshasa  soldiers,
Informed  Kumbhakarna    who is greatly strong  “”Oh lord  ,
Vibheeshana is coming   with great speed   to meet you.”
And hearing that , Kumbhakarna became limitlessly joyful  ,
And Vibheeshana fell at   the feet of Kumbhakarna who was wearing  heroic anklets.

7401.That Kumbhakarna shedding tears like rain   smelled the head  of Vibheeshana,
Who saluted him , hugged  him tightly  and said, “at least you went away  .
And have risen up  and thinking about this   I am extremely happy  ,
But  for what reason did you come again , like those  ,
Confused   about Dharma   , shattering     all my thoughts?”

7402.”Oh Vibheeshana who is  more intelligent   than the poets ,I have heard from spies,
About your   surrendering to Rama  and your getting excellence   in this and other worlds,
Which is difficult for even Devas  and became  overjoyed within my mind.
Why did such a person like    come in search of us who are   sitting in the mouth of death,
And made us commit   a wrong ?Should you who are   eating nectar,
Which makes you live come to eat this  poison that   would kill you.”

7403”Oh lad, Oh king, though   , the greatness  of the Pulasthya clan has been destroyed ,
Due to keeping in prison  the sage like  lady who was the   wife  of someone   else,
And due to you that clan has got  divine blessings   which can never   be destroyed
Thinking like this  I see my victorious shoulders  and am becoming joyous,
But  you  have come back making   my mouth dry and seeing that,
Oh lad  my mind   is greatly sorrowing, alas.”

7404.You  have surrendered to Rama   the great worshipper of Dharma  ,
And so he  would not leave   you , even if he has to sacrifice his life  ,
And because    you have surrendered to Rama  , you have crossed “death”,
And you who keep on chanting name  of Rama, doe not have  sorrow of any more  births  ,
And when things are  like   that, what made you   come back here.

7405.”Oh  dear lad  , having become a  slave   to Rama , the personification of Dharma,
Due to his great charitable disposition   have completely left  desire, anger  and ignorance  ,
Which are the causes of  sin   and also have lost   all evil conduct   in this birth itself ,
You would not consider us  who abducts other’s wives, as your   relative  .”

7406.”Oh  lad  who has good  culture  , doing great penance   addressed  ,
To the primeval God   you got just behavior   and  concentration on  Dharma  ,
And  by the boon  of Brahma, lord of  Brahmins   you got a life without death,
And when   things are like   that   perhaps    you have still not left evil called caste .”

7407.”Oh  Vibheeshana   , The Lord of all Rama    is waiting   with string led bow  ,
By his side is standing his  greatly  valorous    brother   who cannot be moved,
And there   are  other valorous  monkey warriors  and  the God  of death,
Is also waiting    to kill all of us   and our fate  is also aiding that  ,
How come you came here to get defeated and  lose the power  of your penance  and Dharma.”

7408. “Oh Vibheeshana  , If you become pledged    to Rama the king of Ayodhya ,
You would continue  to live   and because of that  when  we who are all Asuras,
Are killed by the rain of arrows of Rama  , you would be   there  to give us all,
Sacred water   with gingelly   for us who are dead .Please do this.”

7409.”The time for you to come   this great epic city  of Lanka would come  ,
When all the  Asura crowd  who do evil acts  are destroyed   and you would ,
Enter with Rama who has  Goddess  Lakshmi on his chest   and you would get  ,
The ever living matchless   wealth of the city of Lanka   as   well as,
The wealth of  the world   and  so to enjoy them, you please  go back now.”
Said , Kumbhakarna  and for that  Vibheeshana told him ,
“I have to tell you something”   and Kumbhakarna replied ”Please tell”  and  he told.

7410.”The valorous Rama   who gave protection to me,  who was filled  as well as  ,
With sweet grace  , will   also give you his grace   if you surrender   to him   and not only that,
He  would protect  you by preventing all sorrows and he would become  medicine  ,
For  your sickness  of the birth cycle  and  he would remove this   domestic life  ,
Which  is like the running wheel   and also grant    you   salvation. Is it not?”

7411,”Oh great and pure one  , I would give   you , the wealth of Lanka,
And its kingship ,and all others  which Rama gave   to me    to you,
And afterwards  I would obey your commands    and work,
There is no greater assurance  than that I can give you  , Please  remove ,
The sorrow in the mind  of younger brother   and also take care of the culture of our clan.

7412.”Oh brother   who   stands   on the side  of justice and Dharma 
It is difficult to escape from war   and even you   escape   , there may not be,
A place  where you get protection  but it is  death would come with speed,
And so   what is the point in losing    the soul that   you have?
You have to follow   good conduct     as has been told  in the Vedas.”

7413.If those who  think Dharma has specially to be protected, do an evil deed,
Would  others think  that you are a great friend  , relation who was born with them  ,
Mother  , father  and others? I know    that you know about   this? What  is the need ,
For me to tell you? When you dare to do good deeds, would bad name   come out of it?

7414.Those who are  brave in decision making  , would   give up  , their children,
Elder relatives  , wives  , other relatives  , soul like   friends   and  those who helped them ,
If they think    that  they would cause sorrow because  such giving up  leads to their salvation.

7415.”Oh sir, when a  person does evil deeds , for that purpose, does ,
Giving up their life   for their sake   by people who do not do evil , an act leading to greatness?
Are you not having the   capacity for great thought? Was it not for   the sake of Dharma  ,
Parasurama who had done great penance   killed  his mother for doing   evil deeds?”

7416.”oh sir who has the spear   which has the smell of flesh   from the  wounds of enemies,
When Lord Brahma who was born out of a lotus flower    did an evil deed , Lord Shiva,
Cut off   one of his heads , and did not Brahma    agree    for that? Would wise people  ,
Find fault   with present life  and fall in the  hell in the next life?’

7417.”Oh brother   whose chest is covered with petals of flowers  , the people of the world,
Cut off the boil that appears on the body, expel   the bad blood that   is in it  ,
Burn it with fire   and    tie it with a medicine    to cure   that wound  and
It is not proper and useless  for wise people   to rub scented  things   in the   sea.”

7418.”If we have to protect your brother Ravana , there is no method  to do it  ,
And even if we live with him and do acts of Dharma, even that is not possible  ,
WE can sacrifice our life in the cruel battle   making our enemies like  Devas laugh,
And then we would enter hell  .Except this , is there any proper method?”

7419.”Oh sir,  . till today , wasting your youth   you have been sleeping   and waking,
Every six months   and except this  , though you are a valorous hero,
You have not partaken     in great wars and   you have to attain a low state  in this world,
Is there   any good that  you got  so far? By sacrificing your life  ,
And   destroying Dharma   ,  what are   you expecting to get?”

7420.”oh sir,  if Rama who is   the incarnation of  Lord Vishnu   who has  Srivathsa ,
On his chest  takes   mercy on you  , your curse  of sleep can be lifted ,
You would get all types of wealth and have   also  get a deathless  life.
You would also  rule in a matchless  manner  and the  right is yours,
There is no fault in this   and the time has   come   for that.”

7421.”That  divine entity  who is the chief of all the divine trinity .
For the sake of  fully  protecting  Dharma  , has taken a  form,
And has entered  this world as the member of Kakustha   clan,
And if you get  the kingdom of Lanka from   that  God of gods  ,
You would not become inferior   and who can then oppose  you?”

7422.”If you do not adopt the Dharma of  Asuras   with inferior mind  ,
But   adopt the Dharma   of wise people  , your sons , as well as,
My sons   and those sons  of Ravana   who destroys this clan  of Asuras,
Would not get    their heads cut off   by the arrow of Rama,.”

7423.  “Oh sir, if you join with Rama  , the sages   who have enmity with you ,
Would have  mercy on you  and you will not have any enemy  ,
In all the three   worlds and you need not worry    about death,
And the devas   who hate us will become our friends,
Is it proper to harvest   the flowers during the fruiting   season?”

7424,  “Oh sir,  Rama who is praised   by the Vedas  , due to the mercy on you,
Had asked me to  bring you to him and that is because   of his grace  ,
Due to his great  love towards me   and that  is the desirable act  ,
So  without  going away from Dharma, please   come to see  Rama “
 And then he kept the  two hot   feet of Kumbhakarna   on his  head.

7425. Kumbhakarna   took  his brother Vibheeshana  who fell on the ground   with his,
Lustrous hair decorated  by  flower garlands  frequented by the bees  falling on earth,
Ans catching   his brother’s feet decorated by  heroic anklets   and wailing ,
Hugged him   and let out blood through his valorous eyes and  started telling.

7426.:”Oh son    who wears the pretty garland of flowers   on  your chest  , I would not,
Leave my brother Ravana   who brought me up for long years  , dressed me for war ,
By his own hands   and requested me   to  go for war  and not sacrifice my life  .
But go in search of life of wealth   which is like a drawing  done on water,
If you want to remove my sorrow  , leave me quickly and join  the black cloud  like Rama.”

7427.”Due to the faultless  boon   of the charitable   Brahma   who sits  on lotus flower  ,
You have adopted to follow the Dharma that never perishes and you are  going to live,
As long as this world  lives , You are   the leader  of all the world   and so,
It is proper   for you to join with Lord Rama   and embracing  ,
The evil death   would bring  me   great fame  .”

7428.”If our leader   who does not want to follow  advice   wants to do an evil act  ,
One  can stop him and correct him  and if it is not possible to correct him,
Is there anything  one hopes to achieve  by going against    him,
To a person who   grew up  eating another person’s food ,
The proper thing to do is to fight   before that leader and then embrace   death.”

7429.Is is proper for our brother   who ruled   all the three worlds  making  Devas and others,
Salute him  , be killed   by   the arrows of Rama who wears bee frequented   flower garland  ,
Along with his  fading , and angry Army  and all his other  relatives  ,
Without a   brother   to sacrifice  his life   before him, and lie   dead on earth?”

7430”.Is  it proper  to see  that   Ravana   who uprooted the Kailasa  Mountain  ,
Which  belonged  to Lord Shiva   who keeps Goddess Uma with doe eyes by his side  ,
Using   his powerful and great shoulders  , be tied  by the rope of God of death  ,
And being  laughed at by others  who were  once  scared seeing his victories ,
And his going with that  God of death whom he had   defeated   earlier  ,
All alone without   having a   brother   to keep him company  .”

7431.””Oh  brother,  I who have even won over the   God of death, would never think   ,
That  the  wealth of kingship of Lanka   which is surrounded  by walls ,
Made  of molten copper   is permanent  and start   praising    the enemy  Rama  ,
Who is taking the life of our brother   decorated by flower  garlands ,
And salute and live   with a   heart that  is pierced  by his arrows.”

7432. “You would see me winning  over Hanuman, Angadha son of Vali,
Sugreeva the son of Sun God , those Rama and Lakshmana with the golden bow,
Neela who is of different type  , Jambavan   and the ocean of  monkey army,
Which goes behind fruits   by fighting them without any deceit  ,
Remove the  fog covering the world   and roam  like Sun God.”

7433. “You   would see   me roaming   in the  battle field like a kite  making,
The monkey  army   run like   the Devas   who ran on seeing Halahala  pison,
Holding   an ocean like spear  in my hand  and making an impression  ,
Of an ocean chasing another  ocean   and making  the blue ocean,
Shifting from its place to another  place  , making  wind and fire  ,
Run   and making the world run towards  its destruction .”

7434.”In this battle field   are there   any one    who dare   to stand before me,
Except  Rama and Lakshmana   who are like    the black and golden mountain  ?
I would not allow  any of them    to run in their world  carrying  their souls.” said he.

7435.  “Oh brother   who is so great that  other   would salute you  ,
You would hear me , thinking that  my words   should be  heard   by you,
But   without delay    go back  and desire  more friendship with them,
And I am not suitable   for you to speak thinking   that  , it would do good.”

7436.  “Oh Vibheeshana  , you go back   to Rama  . You please  protect us all,
From going to  the hell , which causes   great sorrow  from  ,
This state   of suffering     with the present body    as per   the direction,
Who is the lord of   all beings  and who is the  lord of Scholars of Veda  ,
AS per   what is truly  mentioned   in the ancient  book   of Vedas  ,
And   do all    the post   death rituals  ,”

7437.”Oh Vibheeshana who would live with death forever  ,  Things that ought to happen,
Will definitely happen at    the proper time  , That which ought    to get destroyed  ,
Would shatter  and get destroyed  .Even if stand very near in support  ,
That would surely get destroyed  , IN this world who is   there  except you   ,
Who has faultlessly  understood   that.  Without  sorrow do not pity on me  .Go back.”

7438.After    saying all this   that Kumbhakarna    again   tightly embraced  ,
His  younger  brother  , cried for a long time, looked at him with tear filled eyes,
For a long time  and said , “Has not the relation as brothers  between you and me  ,
Come to an end today.” And then released him from his hug   and  that Vibheeshana  ,
Who was  very strong and victorious   again    fell at his feet.

7439.  That  Vibheeshana  saluted him   and  his eyes, face and mouth got completely dried,
His body and soul became    depressed and understood that no  further  purpose  ,
Would  be served  by talking with his brother  and going back   would be better,
And returned back with   the  entire  army saluting Kumbhakarna  , the  great mountain of culture.

7440.”He has left us who    are  leading false lives  , cut of relations with us ,
He has  gone away   from childhood  .With a completely disturbed mind  
Making the huge river making its clear  water  in the salty  sea  ashamed ,
HE was   shedding torrential   tears     from his  cruel eyes and stood     ,
With blood flowing     from his  eyes.”

7441.  The king of Rakshasas  who reached back to Rama  , saluted him  and said,
“My father  , Only those    who have the  wish to escape    from evil  ,
Will   have a  mind which travels   in the  path of Dharma  ,I talked with him  ,
To the best of my ability but he did not want to change  his mind ,
And he did not show    even a little  a little   interest  in his clan.”

7442-7443.. When Rama after   slightly shaking  the  matted hair  cluster   that needs  to be cut  ,
Which resembled   a pretty cloud  , was saying  sweetly , “Oh sir  . , thinking that in front  of you,
Cutting  the body and making fall   your own brother   would not be liked by you,
I told you these   type of words, Is there  anything more that  needs to be done by us?,
Who  ever can avoid the dictates   of fate “  , the sound making sea  of Rakshasa  army,
Surrounded the   sea of monkey army  , neared them,  and started   the battle  ,
And the dust rose as if all the three   worlds have  been put under siege  ,
And   the sea   could not push away   that dust and make huge sound.

7444.Horses    ran in the battle field  ,  the elephants ran  ,
The huge chariots   with  wheels attached  to them Ran,
The river of blood  moving the mountain   e=ran  due to the fight,
Ghosts   danced with joy  , flags rose up   and    shook ,
Eagle   and other   birds   rose up in sky played high up.

7445,The Rakshasas   had white  lustrous  teeth  , had  pretty gold like shoulders  ,
And being  hit by the trees   and stones , the Rakshasas    along with the   huge swords 
Became in to  a fluid paste   with their brain  , flesh  , bones   and fat  coming out  ,
And the monkeys    which were attacked   by the tridents   drowned in,
The  blood mixed with the paste   of   the bodies  of Asuras.

7446.  The Rakshasas  attacked by arrows   and monkeys   attacked   them,
By throwing stones at them   and the Rakshasas  caught those   stones  ,
By their hand   and threw  them back    at those   monkeys  ,
And the monkeys  without retreating   caught  them and ground them,
Then the Rakshasas    started   shouting at them  and  the monkeys  ,
Started  pulling them   and they also  did   other acts  of war  ,
Seeing  that    all the Devas    were  extremely   taken aback.

7447.If the wind that  drives away rain and prevents it from falling  ,
And the rain  which opposed   the wind  were battling with each other  ,
And seeing war which was fighting with the war  ,Kumbhakarna  ,
Was staring at   his   spear     coated    with blood , making  Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Stop    seeing the place of Devas  ,  Drove   his chariot   to the battle field.

7448,All the monkeys who were   based   on earth   died  caught  in the dust,
Similar   to world being caught   in the   wind at  the  time of deluge,
And also drowned in sea of blood,   and knocked   by huge elephants  ,
Which had tied ornamental masks   and   caught under wheel of chariots.

7449.Kumbhakarna would throw   hills on the monkey army , catch them by tail,
Swing them and dash one against   another monkey  , he would kick them,
He would allow them to go and stamp them with his feet , He would ,
Eat them and spit them out  , He would catch their heads and turn them,
He  would rub them on earth  , He would chew  them and spit out  ,
He would throw them on the sky , he would grind them and apply  on his body.

7450. He would drown them in sea  , take them by hand and rub on earth  ,
He would take them   and dip them in water  , He would wave them  ,
And make them stand on   fire  ,  he would beat  them on chariot  and kill them,
He  would dash  them at the bottom of trees lyingin all directions  ,
He would     rotate and dash them   on  mountains  and kill them.

7451. The Devas  were scared  and ran away  , heaps of corpses started filling up,
The birds   of the four major directions and four corner   directions  disappeared ,
The crowds of mountains lost   their  importance  , the several Vellam of ,
Monkey army got reduced   in to   a smaller number   slowly   and like this  ,
Kumbhakarna   killed the monkeys making   even God of death   scared.

7452”.Let us  make a situation where   we may not have   any hill  or tree ,
To throw on others, by taking all of them today itself   and throw them at him,
So that the trouble caused by him would get over “thought the monkeys  and   Kumbhakarna ,
Received   them all on his two great   shoulders  all that were  thrown or kicked by them.

7453.  All the   stones , trees , roots  and grasses   that were thrown with great speed,
Dashed on his body  and were   turned  in to dust  and since there   was nothing to be ,
Thrown or kicked all around them   and seeing that monkeys bit grass and died.

7454.   Some monkeys joined together   in to a crowd   and like crowd  of sparrows ,
On the mountain   they jumped   on the body of Kumbhakarna  .
Hit him till  their hands pained  , bit   by their very strong teeth  ,
tore his body with their sharp   nails  and understanding  ,
That they cannot do anything more  , got down and ran away  ,

7455.Neela   took  one  matchless  mountain  , half of which ,
was buried on earth  , uprooted it    with a speed of   ,
The wind at deluge , rotated it  on sky and threw  it,
On Kumbhakarna   who using his trident  powdered  it,
And stood   there   with smile like as before.

7456.He  retreated  and thought   that his searching for another  peak,
Of a  mountain  would   scare   his other   soldiers  , using   the   strength  ,
Of only his shoulders   as the only weapon   ran    against   that chariot  ,
Entered inside  it  and  making the ocean and thunder   of  clouds   retreat,
Due to the sound   and making   every one scared  hit him by his  fist ,
And he also   kicked   him several times    with his feet.

7457.With his  hands getting  tired  and the kicked   leg   getting great pain,
And   seeing that his aim   was not fulfilled   when Neela   was  burning  like ,
The fire added with ghee  , Kumbhakarna thinking   that he is bare   handed  ,
Did not throw the    sharp spear    at  him  , I would weaken him  and drink his life.

7458,At  that time   Angadha who    was seeing this   ,uprooted   a  very long ,
And  very huge  Mountain  making    the earth   making her back rest ,
Making all the beings of the seven worlds greet “the brother of Ravana is dead”,
Threw it on Kumbhakarna     who    held it easily  by his one  shoulder.

7459.When Kumbhakarna stopped   the mountain   by  one  of his  shoulders ,
That  mountain  was powdered in to dust as well as broke in to pieces ,
And seeing that   one part  of the monkey army   thinking  ,
“where is  our strength  ?”   and dispersed   and ran away  ,
But Angadha  did not retreat   and  with great anger further advanced.

7460. At that time  Kumbhakarna   with  great pride took a seven thorn  mace ,
Which was difficult to stop   and which was very strong  by his left hand,
And ordering it “Kill this Angadha”    and threw that strong weapon,
And Angadha caught   that great   weapon and was praised  by the Devas.

7461.He then rotated   the weapon that he caught   and  shouting   that,
He  would  beat   that Asura   who had   very great strength   and ,
I would drink his life, stared   with fire sparks  coming out of his eyes  ,
Jumped before the chariot like a big thunder   and like  fire on the  mountain,
‘And stood  there   before    that Kumbhakarna.

7462.  Kumbhakarna with fire sparks   comng out of his angry eyes,
Started   at Angadha   who came and stood before him told,
“Are you  the chief of monkey army Sugreeva who has come  here to die by my hands,
Or are you his son  or are you  the one who put fire  in our   city and won over Asuras? Please tell quickly ”

7463.He replied, “I am the son  of the Valorous Vali who tied   your elder brother,
In his tail, jumped   to all four directions  and went and saluted  ,
Lord Shiva who holds   the trident  and I propose   to tie you by my tail,
And  take you to enemy side and force you   to salute   the holy feet of Rama.”

7464.”If you do not end the combined enemies   of Rama   who helped  ,
Your father   to lose his soul    by hitting    him with an arrow ,
Then the  people    of this   world   would   perhaps   abuse   you,
You wanted to do a good act  and would not  valorous people .
Who are faultless   come     before   you and salute you” Kumbhakarna said.

7465.”You did not come to this place  to tie and take  me to Lord Rama,
But   to die  with the  tip trident  which went in to the chest  of the Devas,
To go in to you  , making your hands and legs  lie  inactive  like your tail.”

 7466.When Kumbhakarna told like that  , staring with  fire  sparks coming out,
Making the world scared   , producing a   sound like  thunder  falling on mountain,
Angadha  waved and hit   the pretty big  shoulders  of Kumbhakarna  ,
With seven spiked  huge  rod weapon   which  broke in to hundreds  of pieces.

7467.When the huge rod weapon broke  , he used   his very big hands   and ,
Caught hold  of   that very big Kumbhakarna , thinking that  he would kill him,
Bend his head down but  the very strong Kumbhakarna  , created ,
Several wounds  on body of Angadha using his hand   and  ,
Angadha fell down   making the earth split and within a second Hanuman came there.

7468Again that  Kumbhakarna   started throwing    his very sharp   spear  ,
With proper aim at Angadha ’s chest  , Hanuman came there  ,
Uprooting a mountain   and threw  it so that   it would  hit his broad forehead,
And made   great sound   greeting  Rama    who is pure.

7469.Kumbhakarna caught   that mountain held  it making  one feel that ,
He had two heads   and threw it on the diamond like    chest  of Hanuman  ,
Which was like   the assistant of the black smith hitting hard  ,
The   iron plate   which has been heated in the oven, raising many fire sparks.
And then slapped     both his shoulders    and created a sound that was like furor.

7470.At that  time  the monkey warriors without any fear   took away    the son of Vali,
And Hanuman speedily uprooted another  huge mountain  which was   hiding    the entire sky 
And looked at Kumbhakarna    with  faultless   valour   and told  these words.

7471.”Oh very strong Kumbhakarna  , I am going to throw   this mountain at    you,
And due to that   within a second  your power    would be lost  but if  you,
Are able to push it away  , with your great power  , I would not   fight   with you  ,
And go away from here and you would get   very great fame in this world.”

7472.Hearing the words   of Hanuman  Kumbhakarna  opened   his mouth  ,
Which was like a  mountain cave and which was  like the God of death and laughed loudly,
And said, “At the time when that   huge mountain hits me  , if I became at least little tired
I would consider myself defeated by you and my strength   would be less than yours,”

7473.Hanuman said, “well, well  , if you are   strong stand there   but if you are not willing,
Go away with your soul  “   and   then using    his big hand   he threw   the mountain ,
Which was   the cause  of breaking of cloud at him    and Kumbhakarna  ,
Received   it by his shoulders   and making the world tremble ,
The huge mountain   got shattered  in to hundreds of pieces.

7474.Seeing that Kumbhakarna  did not have  any tiredness  in spite  of,
The hit by the huge mountain  , Hanuman concluded that   the strength of ,
Kumbhakarna was  beyond   human  estimation   and that  even groups of mountains,
Would not have any effect   on his strength   and he cannot be jolted  by any one  ,
And only possibly the arrow  of Rama with pretty shoulders   can hurt him  ,and he went away.

7475. Thinking that  “  except those who have died all the entire seventy Vellam  ,
Of the monkey army would die  , by the victorious    trident that  he carries ,
And   within a second   the  position of  all worlds would change,”  the Devas trembled.

7476.Though the soldiers   of the monkey army attacked Kumbhakarna, only ,
Their   hands got tired   but none could move or make fall that  Kumbhakarna.
There were none who caused any pain to him   and Kumbhakarna  ,
Completely eradicated   all the monkeys and due to his .
Masculine  prowess     he  reestablished    his great fame.

7477.That Kumbhakarna who   scared even the God of death   seeing that ,
All monkeys are being destroyed   thought , “have  not the sage like princes ,
Arrived here  .Is there  any other Lanka, where they   have besieged?
Where have they gone? And then he called   them in a loud voice  ,”
And slapped   both his    shoulders   and making the devas  scared shouted loudly.

7478. That battle field due to the death of many monkeys   and  running away ,
By the rest of them   became an empty place   and   with its blood flow   was like  the sea,
With less  of Makara  fishes   going up on high tide  on full moon days  .

7479. “The number of trees , stones and mountain which helped  the monkeys,
To fight had got reduced  and the size of the huge   victorious  monkey army,
Was reduced to half  “ said the  monkey soldiers   to the matchless  lion like,
Son of Sumithra   and he making the Devas   happy went and attacked  Kumbhakarna.

7480.Lakshmana twanged the   string of his bow   and hearing that sound ,
The wives of dead Rakshasa   soldiers removed their golden Mangalya  and discarded it,
The earth trembled as if a   thunder has fallen  there   and  for a very long distance  ,
The sound filled all  the directions   and the ghosts   lifting   their pillar like hands danced.

7481.The huge crowd of arrows   which were   speedily     sent by  Lakshmana  ,
Which were  making great sound not able to get victims   and which were  having ,
Cruel form of statues along with feathers went  making   the fire of the smith burn,
And   went and pierced   and  drank and took bath in the blood  of elephants of great lineage.

7482.Some arrows   went and cut the necks of Asuras who had scored victory over the sea tides,
Some long arrows  , cut their heads and carried them so that  they do not fall there,
And because they were   taking them to the end of direction that.
They went   , they looked like    arrows which were having head.

7483. Some arrows which had the   form of Sun god , went through  the elephants,
Wearing ornamental masks , and killed   many  Asuras   who had not even ,
Stepped in to the battle field   and like   serpents   entered  the caves and lighted the mountains.

7484.Those   speedily going cruel arrows   which were like several lightning  joining together  ,
Which had the   tip which was shining like gold  went   and hit  the faces ,
Of soldiers standing in front of the army   also hit the neck of those  ,
Who were standing behind the last row    at    the same  time.

7485.The   arrows of Lakshmana   went and hit   the eye of drums,
Which were covered with leather , tip of   the sound making   horn,
On the  place where they were being played  of many other  instruments,
Went and pierced  the neck of the elephant , on  the chariots drawn by horses  ,
On the heads of the horses and  the eyes   of those  who were looking at the war and spread.

7486.Due to arrows of Lakshmana    all elephants lost their trunks  , tails  ears ,Eyes which gave out fire  ,
They lost their long trunks  , they lost their front legs  which helped  them to enter the battle,
With great speed   and they rolled like   the mountains which had  lost its peaks.

7487.The horses  whose hoofs   do not step on earth   or the sky  ,
Due to the no stop raining   of arrows    by Lakshmana  .
Which  occupied all the directions  and which went on increasing ,
Fell down fainted, they were pained   due to fall ,
Which made their chest   touch the ground  and not even one survived.

7488. The chariots    to which flags have been  tied  became ones  with dead horses.
By the  red new  leaf like arrows  sent by Lakshmana  ,In many  areas,
They killed   those charioteers who were fighting  as well as  the chariot drivers,
And due to  that    the chariots    could not move   but they were,
Dragged by the rivers  of blood in the battle field  and were  not standing any where.

7489.Due   to the hit by    the arrows  of  the matchless Lakshmana   which were ,
Like fate   which give   results as per  their order . the heads of warriors   ,
Were  cut and fell down   and they were   having big mouth like boxes  ,
And were like the ladles   used   by ghosts   to examine  the field,
And were also like  the boats   floating in the sea   full of blood.

7490.Getting spoiled   and falling  as if it has   been sown ,
And in its faultless centre   of   round  seed  , the vibrations came out ,
Like the    white  tender cowries  and it resembled ,
The pots with tender plants   got prepared  ,
For celebrating     the   victory      day of  Lord Rama.

7491 When the burning  cruel arrows   of Lakshmana   were hitting continuously 
Hitting their foreheads ., The elephants   which were   taught the  moves of the war  ,
By using    the sharp goad  and which were  possessing great speed having lost    their trainers ,
Went  of their own accord   entered   in the middle of the monkey army interested  in war.

7492. Due  to   the cruel arrows   sent by Lakshmana   who was looking like  God  of love  ,
Removing them,   the sea of weapons thrown by  white teethed  respectable  Asuras ,
Fell on    all the powerful directions   with   fire   sparks   and looked as if,
All the shining stars  in the sky   have broken   and fallen down.

7493.  The long  arrows which were well   sharpened   in  grinding stone ,
Going out  from   the    bow in the hand of Lakshmana   went one after  another ,
And pierced     the hoofs  and back of   horses  with cropped manes  going with great speed 
 And   removed the flags of   victory held    by  the warriors riding  on those horses,
And  also   destroyed    the crowd   of pretty and long   crowd of chariots.

7494.Though the  Rakshasas did not have  mercy   and   did not follow  path of Dharma,
The deva maidens liked   their body and used   to embrace   them   and because of it,
Similar  to the  saying that  “knowledge of philosophy   remove the   bad and good Karmas”,
It appeared    that great  valour   would remove   these  evil qualities.

7495.All the Rakshasas   who do cruel and very sinful deeds    who were hit  by ,
Fire  like arrows of Lakshmana   which were  coming like    the rain  which cannot   be stopped,
Died  and if they have all reached   the heaven of heroes , then it is not proper,
For us to say that    there   is a world bigger than that  heaven.

7496.The arrows   of Lakshmana which perhaps   have learned   different types of begging ,
Brought  one Asuras   hands, another cut the heads  , yet another  cut the   two legs,
Which wore the heroic anklets  , some the  two shoulders and several other parts , 
And because   of that   they completely    removed   all the  enemies.

7497. Due to the fact   that arrows  of Lakshmana  took off   the hands of some persons ,
Ears of certain persons   and eyes of certain others   were   like   the  pretty Tamil poems,
Of poets  who used     to sing  according     to the presents that  were given to them.

7498.Due the arrows of Lakshmana   who was like    the sweet soul  of Dharma  .
Hitting them   thinking that they would be killed even if they stay for a second, dispersed  and ,
Ran away similar to the blood flowing on the battle   ground  . to all the  four  directions.

7499.Kumbhakarna of the clan of Pulasthya   seeing    the   number of people killed  ,
And the great expertise in handling the powerful bow   exhibited  by Lakshmana,
Said   several times  that Lord Shiva who burnt   the three  cities and Lakshmana,
Were  the only   great   experts   in the   use  of bow in a battle.

7500.Kumbhakarna   came to the battle   riding   on a very victorious   chariot  ,
Drawn by roaring lions   and which was  like the northern golden mountain ,
Which was driven by charioteer   sitting on the wide   chariot platform ,
And which was driven in all   directions   and which was  faster  than wind and mind.

7501.When the Rakshasa Kumbhakarna with a  bent   white teeth   was riding ,
On a   huge lustrous chariot   and was doing  the act of cruel fighting ,
Hanuman thinking  , that  it is not proper   for Lakshmana   to fight  ,
Standing on the ground  , went near Lakshmana   and said,
“Oh younger lord  , please climb on to my shoulders.”

7502.Lakshamana who was like a young lion climbed on the shoulder of Hanuman,
And the devas  blessed them  and the  monkey groups  made great noise of greeting,
And the shoulder of Hanuman was  broader  than  the six chariots   drawn by row  of horses.

7503.Hanuman  who does not  have any other person as comparison  but only himself .
With   the greatly lustrous  Lakshmana   on his shoulders   looked like  ,
The  silvery Kailasa mountain sitting  on the   golden Meru mountain ,
And  apart     from there seemed to be no more comparison needed.

7504.  At that time to fight the war    with the valorous  Lakshmana  , the cruel Kumbhakarna  ,
Tied prettily  on his   back  quiver with different type   of arrows  Took   a huge strong  bow  ,
Which was suitable  to his hugely  thick shoulders  and which was  like the Meru Mountain,
And bent it making    the rain bow   on the sky   ashamed.

7505.  “You are younger brother of Rama   and  I am younger brother  of  Ravana,
And we both are    standing   to fight a war with each other   and the devas ,
Have already  arrived   to witness   this war  , we would follow  ,
The ethics  of proper warfare   as told  in the Vedas   and  ,
Fight a great war” Said Kumbhakarna    to Lakshmana.

7506,”A creeper like  lady was born along with us  due to penance  of good fate  ,
She had not done any wrong  and in spite of that  you became eligible for victory  ,
By  cutting off her  nose in very great anger and I am going   to make,
Your hand that pulled her holding her hair   fall on the earth ,
Please protect yourself.”  Said  Kumbhakarna

7507.When that Kumbhakarna   who  was black as  if he   was made    of darkness   ,
Told these   words  Lakshmana who had shoulders made  of strong culture  said,
“I would be replying you with my bow   as I do not want to create  shame ,
To my strength  , as I have not learnt   to reply   with words.”

7508. Kumbhakarna   with   fire coming  out of his  making the Devas   scared,
Thinking that  sky has been split in to two  or the mountain has broken  or,
The earth has  been torn in to two  , took eighteen lustrous   arrows  and  sent them.

7509.Those  arrows   sent  by  younger brother  of Ravana   who was boiling     with very great   anger  ,
Had   earlier pierced    the head  of Iravatha  the four tusked elephant   and also ,
Had   earlier   completely  destroyed   the power of the devas  ,
Were   travelling like   thunder   and those  eighteen arrows ,
Were   cut  by  Lakshmana    by the use   of four arrows.

7510.As soon as he cut them  Kumbhakarna  , took an arrow with very lustrous face  ,
Which had   for a long time controlled   and punished    the Devas , which had  thousand forms,
Which was   given to him by Lord Brahma   and made God  live in to that arrow .
And sent it saying ,”If you are    a very strong one  , try to prevent this .”

7511.Lakshmana  , the younger brother   of Rama  noticing that   due to,
The power of that arrow  , all the direction that   could be seen was burning  ,
Took a matchless   divine arrow    and cut it off   and that ,
Arrow    with one thousand forms     was destroyed.

7512. That cruel  one then sent  twelve cruel and speedy   arrows  to pierce Hanuman,
And  two evil arrows that  would  fly and hurt the   young lad  Lakshmana,
And   also sent  within a second hundred  and fifty arrows  ,
So that    all the directions   and  sky is  completely hidden.

7513. Lakshmana destroyed   all those arrows    the  directions and the sky  ,
By an arrow which had    the power do it   and went on destroying the cruel   elephants  ,
Horses  and Yalis which   pulled the chariots   in huge crowds  ,
And also completely damaged    the chariot   of Kumbhakarna.

7514.Just  like   that which was   surrounding and hiding the  sun with its red rays,
The  chariot of  Kumbhakarna was destroyed , the drivers of those  chariots were   destroyed,
And that  huge bow   of Kumbhakarna   which was like   the  rainbow  ,
Appearing amidst     the  clouds   which  still   have   water was also cut.

7515. The devas    were greatly surprised  seeing   war fought  by  Lakshmana  ,
Thinking “Did he  kill  the  horses  with cropped manes tied   to the chariot,
And also  crowd   of the cruel lions  by sending arrows  , or  by magical chants  ,
Or   did he kill them all   by cursing    them.”

7516.  Kumbhakarna who had lost     his chariot     as well   as his bow ,
Became angry like a rising  sea  , thinking that he   would drink the  soul,
Of Lakshmana who opposed  him , took in his   hand the  trident ,
Which had three   branches   possibly meant for winning over  ,
The three worlds     and which was   like the cruel God  of death.

7517. That  Kumbhakarna who had greatly   ebbing anger  jumped  on earth  ,
Making the earth  shatter  in to two   and like  ferocious rising   sea.
Lakshmana considering    that  Kumbhakarna was standing on earth,
And thinking  unnecessary bad name would    come   to him,
Got down  from the shoulder   of Hanuman   and started ,
To fight   with Kumbhakarna     standing on earth.

7518.   When Lakshmana started   fighting   with Kumbhakarna standing on earth,
Ravana sent an army which had double    the strength   of the earlier   army  ,
To  help his younger   brother   and that   army   roaring like a sea,
Went around  Lakshmana  the lion born to   Sumithra    and created  huge sound,

7519.Due to the running  away of Devas   who were scared and confused,
All people tottered and  Lakshmana went quickly   to control   the army that has come ,
By   fighting with them  without mercy  and entered the black   sea of   that huge  pretty army.

7520-7521. Through the mountain  like  barrage   built  with
The black heads  of Rakshasas who had red hair,
And who had  eyes like    the  newly opened  red Palasa  flowers  , the   river of blood,
Started   flowing, which resembled   the molten copper   flowing   in between raging fire,
And with  hands of elephants, legs  of horses  , the   wheels of chariots  working like wind,
The heads of Rakshasas  , the blood    flowing out of their cut limbs  ,
Stagnating and   whirling   in all places  could  not cross ,
The two  big   shores   built    by large   number of corpses.

7522.Due to the powerful arrows   of Lakshmana   chased   and cut   the   weapons like,
The victorious sword  . iron pestle  . mace  , spears  , arrows , axes  ,Vajrayudha   and other weapons,
Large  number  of pieces   of cut weapons  , hit other weapons and they also broke.

7523.The powerful arrows     sent by Lakshmana   cut in to pieces  , ornaments like  ,
Ear globes, crowns  , pearl garlands  , gem garlands  , anklets   , bangles and armlets  ,
And several others  , they all  resembled  the lustrous  solar system   and were shining in the sky.

7524.Large  number of ghosts   swam in the blood    and  collected .
The big silver Umbrellas  , White Cowries  , long flags  ,
The bow which  sends the arrow  , shield  , peacock umbrellas ,
And dense    arrows     that   were  floating  in all the rivers of blood, and brought them to shore.

7525.When such a cruel battle  was in progress there  , Kumbhakarna  ,
A Rakshasa with white teeth   went to another   place  ,
And fought a cruel battle   with Sugreeva the son of Sun God,
The  devas crowded there  thinking  that it is worth seeing.

7526. Sugreeva the   son of Sun God with dense rays  , with  fire sparks coming out of his eyes,
And with mouth from which  smoke was coming out threw  the mountain,
From the sky   saying   “The huge  and different  shoulders   are already broken.”

7527,The cruel elephant   which was   like   a red mountain ,
Which came    from that mountain and reached   the earth  ,
And a cruel big elephant in the Rakshasa  army   started   fighting with each other,
What other mountain is there  which cannot  be taken  by Sugreeva .

7528. And the pythons that came out  of   the big  mountain thrown by Sugrreva,
Bit the   Rakshasa    soldiers  and the elephants so that   they lost  their strength  ,
And Kumbhakarna with his matchless  hands caught that mountain  ,
And the very cruel    Asuras   praised   him for that.

7529.That Kumbhakarna of limitless   strength   caught   that  mountain by one hand,
And said, “Is this the mountain thrown by you  ?’Powdered   it like ash ,
And  said “go” and threw it out   and seeing that great strength, Devas  were scared.

7530.As soon as Sugreeva was thinking that   he would go in search  ,
Of another big mountain , That Kumbhakarna who does never feel tired,
Said “Kill” and   threw that trident   , which never misses  ,
Its aim like   the curse  of those of faultless  penance  .

7531.Those who saw coming of that trident  wailed that “Sugreeva  is dead, is dead”,
And that trident that was coming in the sky   was caught  by Hanuman  ,
Who broke and destroyed it   as if to tell others  , that Hanuman,
The follower of Dharma     would not allow this   act to happen.

7532. The sound which was heard when Hanuman broke   the trident  ,
Was  similar    to the sound  of Rama the incarnation of  of Lord Vishnu  ,
Broke    the bow of Lord Shiva   , who is wise  mad God  ,
Attracted by  the pretty  breasts of Sita, in the town of Mithila.

7533.That Rakshasa Kumbhakarna   seeing the state   of Hanuman   said,
“To think and tell . the strength   of your hand is great  and you  are alone,
In all  the countries     to perform difficult jobs. Which can be ,
Compared    to your   great strength and prowess?”

7534.”If you continue to do the fight   that   we have stopped ,
In the middle  , I would  do as per    your words  “  and as soon as,
Kumbhakarna   told this  Hanuman told  “ After telling you earlier,
I would not fight with you  , breaking my words is not proper”   and went away.

7535.  When the trident weapon was destroyed  ,  though  Kumbhakarna ,
Did not get any other weapon  , he did not  go away   from there,
And at that time , Sugreeva  , the son of Sun God   jumped before Kumbhakarna  ,
Using   his   very strong    fists  , hit Kumbhakarna.

7536.That Rakshasa    whose eyes were  red  like molten copper   said to him,
“Your masculinity  is great   but   from now    your pride   would be destroyed,”
And caught   Sugreeva with his hands in a manner   that he cannot escape .

7537When Sugreeva   caught hold of Kumbhakarna  , they rotated together  ,
And at that  time even Devas   were not able to identify both of them,
And they started a  very great fight   and by the speed of that fight  ,
Thunders got burnt   and the smoke due to that covered all sides  ,
Blood started flowing put of the mouth of both of them ,
But both of them never   became tired.

7538.  Then both of them pressed each other   and again and again,
Fought systematically   and Kumbhakarna   by his great strength  ,
Using his long and strong hands    crushed   Sugreeva   ,
And due to that  Sugreeva  lost his conscience 

7539. That king of Rakshasas   thought “if I carry him away  ,
Then this war would come to an end   as the great army,
Without a king a leader   would split   and so there  is no ,
Better   thing to do  and started  carrying Sugreeva to his city.

7540. When the falcon rose in the sky carrying   a bird which was cooing  ,
The monkeys   who were like   the  babies of that  bird  started  ,
Beating themselves  by their hands with densely formed fingers  ,
Let out heavy breath   and  started   wailing  and,
Rakshasas  started     shouting    with great  joy.

7541. The Devas started   shivering and  the monkey chieftains , who had small eyes,
Started to have a burning heart   , looked   as if they were all dead  ,
And due to their great love towards   their king  ,
Sweated   all over their body   and became greatly depressed.

7542.That Kumbhakarna who had very great anger   which leads   to worry,
Who carried away  Sugreeva  , became   like  Rahu who never has sorrow  ,
And Sugreeva the son of Sun God  looked  vane  like,
The moon that   was  swallowed    by that Rahu.

7543. That Sugreeva who was the son of Sun God   who gives  light,
To all directions  due to his form being hidden  by  Kumbhakarna,
Who was of the colour of black cloud  some times  ,
Was of dim colour and some times bright , like the moon ,depending  ,
On whether   that cloud   hides   him or not  .

7544.,That Hanuman who had the feet which crossed   the black sea ,
Recollecting his  words “That I would not fight with you  “ ,
Which he told  , did not try to  oppose  Kumbhakarna  ,
Ans went on rubbing his hands   in which  God of death lives ,
And followed    that Rakshasa Kumbhakarna.

7545.The monkeys ran to  Rama and told him  that Kumbhakarna ,
Has  tied Sugreeva the son of Sun God and taken him away ,
And asked him, “who is our leader   now?” and created  great furrore  ,
And fell at     the feet of Rama    who had one thousand names.

7546.That Rama who had a black body like   cloud  , became one  with  eyes,
Which were more burning than fire   and reached  the entrance  of the big Lanka,
Taking with him Bow and arrows that could  burn , within a very short time.

7547.Thinking that it would be dangerous   if my   very great Sugreeva  ,
Is taken as if my soul is taken  in to  the unapproachable   great city of Lanka 
With flags  , Rama  decided to send huge arrows   as if it was raining  ,
And  completely block the entrance   of the city    including the sky.

7548.Due the arrows of Rama   which filled y up the entire sky  , all directions were hidden,’
The   huge number of hot rays   of the   very lustrous  Sun did  not reach the earth,
No being was   able to travel through the sky   and the moving black clouds  were removed from the top.

7549. The angry Kumbhakarna    who was travelling through   the sky with very great speed  ,
Reached the huge wall that was   made   by   several  crowds  of arrows ,
Thought about it and decided that it would not  be possible to remove them and looked back.

7550.He saw   the face , the mouth  , the eye, the hand  and the leg  ,
Which were   like fully open lotus flowers   of a   lotus flower pond  ,
Of  huge  matchless   black cloud   which was  holding a  golden bow,
And which    was Lord Rama    with a very pretty   body.

7551.The folded   mouth of  Kumbhakarna  let out  large amount of smoke,
And the lips    were  twitching   with different frequencies , the eye brow ,
Raised as a mark of anger  , the eyes  let out fire   sparks  ,
The sky broke    due to his loud shouting   and the hills also broke likewise.

7552.”You have come here to attack me thinking   that I am Kabandha,
Whose  mouth was in his belly   and The  strength less Vali   who was a monkey
 Who ate  Flowers  and you have come to protect   the sweet life  of this Sugreeva , let us see.”

7553.”Oh Rama who is holding a bow with an arrow, I did not get angry  at your brother ,
I did not get   angry at  his elephant lke steed  Hanuman   and , I did not get angry,
At Sugreeva the younger brother of Vali who chased me ,
And all this because    winning   over  any of them would not get me fame.”

7554”.I roamed searching for  you and your army   ran away beyond directions,
Your brother   with great pain  walked   slanting  , Hanuman ran away,
Losing all his   strength   and carrying this Sugreeva I reached  here easily.”

7555. “You have come here   to save this Sugreeva  and you have been,
Given to me   by my luck   and I would do all   the valorous war  .
That  I have done earlier   and cure the wound of love  from my brother’s mind.”

7556.’Oh expert in doing war with cruel weapons  ,
If in front of the Devas   you unchain  the mentally upset  Sugreeva  ,
By your powerful bow, then   Sita  can also be released   from prison  “ said Kumbhakarna.

7557,AS soon as Kumbhakarna told this  Rama  smiled , “I would get defeated by you,
If I do not cut off your mountain like   shoulders   which carried away,
My sweet friend   Sugreeva  and  then  I would never hold a  bow”Said Rama on oath.

7558Then When Rama     attempting   to get released   the mountain like Sugreeva  ,
Without any problem  , he took   two lustrous arrows from the quiver , near his head,
  Which were   like the tip of the sword   on the  high and wide  forehead   of Khumbakarna .

7559,  Due to the ebbing and flowing blood    due to Kumbhakarna being hit by arrows,
All places looked  like  the red sky   and Kumbhakarna   stood with  two  long arrows on his forehead,
And he looked like   the red sky just before   the dawn.

7560.That  blood flowing from his forehead  jumped like a stream  from the mountain,
 And made   completely wet    the face of Sugreeva    who was in trance   and like ,
One getting up from sweet sleep  , he  regained consciousness   and at that time,
That Kumbhakarna   who was very strong and never gets defeated  fell in to a faint.

7561.He realized by signs that   the shining arrows   on the forehead of Kumbhakarna,
Were   the arrows of victorious Rama   and seeing all around  he saw  Rama,
Who was   the ultimate destination of all beings    on earth , and saluted and praised him.

7562.Sugreeva   saw Lord Rama   and  seeing him  , with no decrease to his  self respect ,
And with great shyness  with his teeth he cut off the nose   and   ears,
Of Kumbhakarna   right from his roots   and  went and joined   his people.

7563.All the monkeys raised joyful   sound  seeing the return of Sugreeva  ,
Vedas   also greeted him   , the Deva maidens   as well his relations,
Burst in to sound of joy  , the fish filled ocean as well as oceans  ,
Also  made joyous sounds   and along with Devas  the God of dharma  also shouted in joy.

7564. That Sugreeva who escaped from the cruel hands   of  the very strong Kumbhakarna,
Who  was short tempered , became extremely happy   and  Rama ,
Who was able to see him a  complete form   got rid  of his sorrow  and became happy,
Thinking   that lady Janaki   has got  out of the very cruel prison of Lanka.

7565.With   huge flow of blood due to   the breaking   of his forehead due to Rama ‘s arrows,
Kumbhakarna had fainted   and seeing that proper opportunity  , Sugreeva,
Bit his nose and ears and along    with that reached his place .
Had it not been like that   could he have     done this great feat?

7566. That  Kumbhakarna   to whom the blood was the blanket  , at the time,
When his nose and ears were  removed , woke up his state of faint  ,
And realized the truth   that Sugreeva the chief of monkeys   has escaped ,
From his clutches   and also the fact that his ears and nose had gone away   from him.

7567.That Kumbhakarna who had body on which   river of blood was flowing  looked,
Like a huge mountain made   of red stone   which was made wet by the  flow  of monsoon rain.,
Which makes it cool  , looked as if streams  were flowing on him  with hot wind.

7569.Due to his elder  brother   who had no quality   of searching thought  ,
Heard the words of   the thoughtless  Soorpanakha  , in the  war that ensued,
The nose  as well as the ears  of Kumbhakarna were   destroyed   and ,
Due to that   even his eyes   which were round  gave rise to flow of blood.

7569.Kumbhakarna    who thought that   whatever   that happened to him was  shameful,
Saw the  Devas  who were    abusing   him , he would see  his own nose  ,
He would think of the earlier    wars when he  became victorious and then this war and see the earth.

7570. He thought  , “even before I see my own face , it is   better that I see face of Rama ,”
He took a very lustrous shield  , which had a   part of his face  ,
And took a matchless    sword  that  could eat  every body in the war.

7571.That Kumbhakarna   who had the form of  Northern Meru mountain,
Which  is   circled by      the Sun god woth thousands of rays  ,
Threw  that shield     after   shaking   and made fall,
 All the   stars    in the    entire  sky.”

7572.The extra  wind that  blew from the  face of the shield  ,
Which was   thrown by Kumbhakarna  made   the very scared  ,
Monkey  crowd   rush towards   all directions   and due  ,
To the huge sound generated by them , even  the ocean became a hill.

7573. Due to Kumbhakarna    operating    the shield with great speed  ,
Due to his stamping with his leg   and due to his   swinging of  his lustrous spear,
Which was  like  the God of death  , like the ocean   which splits   ,
Due to very powerful wind  , unable to act  ,
That huge army    with tails  lost their position and were destroyed.

7574.All  those who opposed  Kumbhakarna  in  that  battle field,
Were scared  by weapons  , were cut by them  that  resulted ,
In the flow   of a very  huge   river of blood   and  resulted  in the earth,
And  head of  Adhi Sesha who supports  it became   slushy.

7575.Jambhavan   went and  told Rama  that “From now  on,
A tense moment like   this would not happen   and if   you do not ,
Stop him now  , you  would cause destruction of monkey army  ,
And would have helped in the power of Rakshasa army  ,
And so please   fight with him “and enthused Rama to fight.

7576.That Rama who had    the qualities  of the leader  , seeing ,
The destruction of monkey army   and the   stable victory  of Kumbhakarna,
With a determined mind decided “I would make   God of death,
To stand before him  “ And walked   towards   Kumbhakarna.

7577.Then he   sent  thirteen   thunder like arrows  which had  matchless  speed,
Aimed at Kumbhakarna   and  Kumbhakarna    who had minutely excellent  ,
Knowledge   of war   using his powerful arrows  .
Made them fall like    the wings that   are  shed by eagles.

7578. Rama the king of all males  then continuously   sent cruel sharp arrows   ,
Which   were innumerable like  the    rays   of the hot sun  , with great strength  ,
And when they were   also broken by the wave   of the shield of Kumbhakarna    

7579.That Rama with a red lotus eye   showing a small matchless   smile ,
Again sent   another sharp arrow   and   that cut off  his   lustrous   sword.
Which was cutting away all his enemies    like an eagle  and all   the Devas   cheered.

7580. That Kumbhakarna who was    breathing heavily like the fire at deluge ,
Making others doubt whether that sword was   destroyed    or not ,
Speedily took hold of another   strong sword  and telling,
“I have killed all, killed all”   , he came and stood   before   Rama.

7581.That  Rama who had masculine    culture    cut off    that big sword  also,
Made  fall his   pretty  shield   and broke   open  the  good long armour he was wearing,
And sent towards him several lightning like arrows  and several cruel scary   arrows.

7582.When such bad things   were happening , the huge army  sent by  ,
The ten headed  one   which had earlier made Indra and  his relatives run away  ,
And also put    the oceans in to great   confusion  , came to  them from far off.

7583.Rama who was comparison less    in the  job of archery   thinking,
That it is the proper time   to destroy that  Kumbhakarna  ,
And when  he stood before him   and  to Kumbhakarna  ,
To whom bad fate  was coming continuously   something good came.

7584.Horses , Chariots  , foot soldiers  , Elephants with flowing rut water ,
And all parts of the army   came very near tio Kumbhakarna, surrounded him
And started   fighting  and that dancer of illusion Rama called then  “come with great speed.”

7585.The fourteen crore  strong   ocean of the army   along   with Masked elephants,
With cruel flow of the rut , horses , chariots with big    wheels,
Huge and powerful foot soldiers  came and joined  and Rama  ,
Who  as Vishnu would survive   the deluge , went opposite them and stopped them, they say.

7586. Kumbhakarna   appeared   there   holding in his hands ,
A trident   which   can destroy   all the three worlds  ,
Which  had    the war like    form having    three  leaves ,
Which were  the    life span ,  God of death and  endless   evil .

7587.The devas   saw   in the battle field   the  headless bodies  ,
Which were   without any movement  acting   like    the pieces  of wood  ,
And which were heaped  like mountains  ,
They saw  the bodies of warriors   without hands  anf their blood  stains,
Heads lying there   as if they were eating the earth  but  ,
They could not see   any one   who were  roaming with soul.

7588. They also were   not  able to see   any weapons   which have  ,
Not broken and   made    the battle field in to a hill ,
Which had not been carried away    by   the flowing stream of blood,
Which had nor broken in several places   and have filled up al places  ,
Which were not in pieces, which had not given out    fire   sparks  ,
Which had not become in to dust   and which were not in hundred  pieces.

7589.Due to those arrows which pierced   the  broad heads of mountain like elephants   with flowing rut,
Hurting them  , without oobeying their trainers they ran   and due to  the blood  ,
That flowed stagnating the entire earth  , their intestines came out  ,
And they were   affected by disease  of death   and they also lost their tusks  ,
And also were   cut in to pieces  and no one was   able to see   any of them walk alive.

7590.Those chariots   tied   with gems    that make sound  , lost their luster,
Had their flags got destroyed  , had many horses   split  by  lustrous sharp arrows,
Had their axle   and machines broken   and in places   had got drowned   ,
In the blood   in all places  and no one  was  able to see a  chariot running properly.

7591. The horses  with shining colour   became very weak  , did not  have a bent neck,
Had left   their loud neighing  , had their legs cut   and were pushed   in to the rivers  ,
Of hot blood with  the corpses   of cruel elephants   which were not scared .
As   their banks   and were being pushed from whirlpool   to whirlpool,
 And   no one could see    any    live   horse   walking in the battle field.

7592, What is the need   for telling  separately     the effect   of arrows   that were sent
By that Rama who was the lord of all the Vedas  ?The devas  were    able to  see,
The Rakshasas   who were close to them  only in  the  very desired heaven  ,
But  they did  not  see  alive   those mountain like   Rakshasas   in the cruel   battle field  ,
And there   they were  able to see   only huge crowd  of Rakshasa  ladies ,
Who were   busy in searching     for the bodies   of their husbands.

7593.Just like the dew not being   seen    when the sun comes   out ,
That huge   Rakshasas army   was completely   destroyed   and the Devas,
Became happy thinking   that  the asuras were annihilated  and thought,
That the Kumbhakarna     who cannot be defeated   by any one would soon die,
And the Rakshasas   got worried   thinking that Kumbhakarna   has become alone,
And that  matchless  leader Rama   due to pity that Kumbhakarna    has become alone  ,
Looked     at his face    and started    telling him the following.

7594.”You have lost  the huge army that   came   assist you greatly   with weapons,
You   are standing    there all alone  and since you are   born with  Vibheeshana ,
Who never swerves   from justice an  Dharma  , I would  leave with your life.
Would you like to return to Lanka  now  or otherwise   would  you ,
Prefer to fight and die  ,.Please   think and   tell me what path suits  you.”

7595. “ The effect of the bad  deeds   that you have done earlier   have not gone  ,
And that is why without coming when I called   you through Vibheeshana,
You are   now standing under control of death   and since   you did not come,
When I called,  you  have lost your  life   as well as   great wealth  and after a  great sleep,
You are standing prepared   to die   and so tell me    what you   think in your mind.”

7596.Having heard  that  Kumbhakarna said  ,”let whatever   you have told  me   remain,
I  do not want   to    remain   with this face which is similar    to   my sister  ,
Who stays away from us   and whose   long ears   and  nose  were lost because,
Of you  , who are great   who protects  his own respectability  , who never ,
Goes away from valour   and victory   and who is  ,
The storehouse   of the   Dharma   and greatness   of your clan.”

7597, “Oh lord    who never   gets destroyed , due to us   the Devas lost   their greatness ,
  And seeing that  , I tried to stop   Ravana from   giving sorrow  to Sita,
Who is the wife of some one else   and    since this    was not accepted  ,
I lost the    the right to talk to   the king in front of suitable people  ,
And I am sad about it and I cannot return back to the city   without ears and nose .”

7598.”I came    here  for the war  ,   to cut   your shoulders and  head   by my sword  and kill you  ,
So that  my elder brother  becomes happy   and present    him with   the beauty  of  Sita,
But  I am  holding my  head by my  bloodied  red hands making the   Devas laugh  ,
And am filling up my eyes     with tears and blood   and like   my sister  ,
I am not  supposed to  wail     and go before my brother  and fall at his feet.”

7599.”Though   you are   the matchless  lord to the matchless    three worlds,
You , the warrior  have the  mental  capacity   to examine the   bad name   of   ,
Others and understand it   and how is it that  you are   not thinking of the duty of valorous warriors?,
If  I  in the battle field with my huge sword  , cut you all in to pieces  ,
Cut off your head, Would it be proper? and So you have not told   something proper.”

7600-7601.. After telling like   this, Kumbhakarna   shifted his long trident   which was in his,
Right  hand to the left hand  and with right hand   he uprooted a huge mountain near by .
And making fire sparks  coming out of it in the sky  , he threw  it aimed at Rama ‘s head  ,
Telling it  ‘Be victorious” and when it almost     touched   Rama , he powdered  it ,
Like sacred ash which is applied   by Lord   Shiva , who is difficult to understand   and ,
Even before that Rama thought   of fighting , with a speed of  thought ,
Transferred the very long trident     from one hand to hand  and by that time,
Rama went on shooting    series of   arrows at Kumbhakarna and cut off that   spear.

7602.   The arrows that were sent with great speed   from the bent bow of Lord Rama,
Were capable of drying the waters   of oceans with tide  , capable of burning even thunder,
Were capable of piercing Meru mountain and reach    the other side of sky  ,
And were capable  of giving desired results   without error   ,
But failed to break the armour given by Lord Shiva     to Kumbhakarnna.

7603.  That Rama with lotus like  eyes  noticed that his arrows    were hitting the armour,
Of Kumbhakarna but were not able to pierce it   and realized that  it was Lord Shiva’s armour,
And after thinking about it  , he   used  a killer arrow of Lord Shiva   and destroyed   that armour  .
And that Shiva’s armour   broke down   and fell  on the earth like Sun going round Meru mountain.

7604.When  that armour   which used to spread   hot light broke and fell down,
Kumbhakarna  with fire sparks   coming out of the eye  , made great   sound  ,
By  patting his shoulders  took hold of  a very strong    long rod   with iron tip ,
Which was  matchless  , making  people believe  he would grind  ,
The entire monkey army in to a paste  , he started  again and again grinding   on the earth.

7605.AS for the arrows of Rama  , those  which were flying   on the sky were thousand,
Those hitting the enemy was thousand  , those   which   broke  the  wide pretty chest were thousand,
Those which fly and wander were thousand , those which entered the enemies body  ,
But did dit come out were thousand , those which emerge    from Rama’s bow  were thousand,
And though they were sharp arrows  , they were  making sound and roaming like a kite.

7606.Thinking that if he  has the iron rod with  him, it would not be possible   ,
For the monkey army to survive   , that Rama who was like a black cloud,
Sent ten cruel arrows together in one shot to destroy that   iron rod ,
And  due to that   the iron rod broke in to pieces and because  of that,
That Rakshasa who was wearing black  armlet   became angry  ,
And took a sword and a shield which shined   like   the matchless   Sun.

7607.AS soon   he took the sword  , the Monkey warriors     got confused   ,
And started   running away by all paths   and devas   put their head down in shame.
And when the helpers told that  , again the robbing of souls has    started  , that king Rama,
Took a   an  unmatchable  arrow and said to it “ cut his mountain like   shoulders  “ and sent it.
And the   Devas   greeted   him.

7608.  The evil karma of Kumbakarna became   sad thinking  that the hand ,
Which was helping it would be cut   and the good karma  shouted with joy,
And that right hand of Kumbhakarna  which was like the rising black sea,
At the end of the eons  , was  cut like the moon affected by Rahu   and,
Was cut along with the sword it was holding  and because  of that ,
The  Rakshasas   became greatly upset  telling” the protection for Ravana ,
As well as the city of Lanka  has came   to an end”

7609.Then Kumbhakarna lifted the cut right hand along with   the well grown,
Pretty shoulders   by   his left hand   , and  making great sound ,
And showing his teeth ran round and started hiting and due to that  ,
The clan of monkeys fell dead making one think  , That “are there ,
Any valorous persons   other than those who begged and received valour  from this great Rakshasa.”

7610.The entire world got scared  to see    that in spite of the Generous   Rama   guarding them,
This entire   army of monkeys were being  stolen by the God of death,
Three times more than earlier and thought  that entire  army of monkeys,
Would be destroyed within  this day   and were greatly scared ,
To see    the one hand   holding another hand   which was massacring  monkeys.

7611. With the enemy  sea of monkeys    running away great scared  ,
And seeing the river of blood   that was flowing from his arm   was carrying  away,
The heap  of the corpses of monkeys which touched the sky  , making the   Devas,
Of the sky running away confused and with  Lanka  , its  mountains and birds  ,
Gettind separated  , confused and going away  by the speed of the river of blood ,
With the crows of clouds    running away , that Kumbhakarna,
Started    running towards    Rama , who was like a lion cub.

7612.Then the Devas requested and prayed Rama, “Please   cut off the other hand also,”,
And the very victorious  Rama, using his killer arrows  cut off 
 The other hand and put it in the sea  like another bridge
So that  the life of  Kumbhakarna who has    already lost   his right hand would get spoiled,
And to remove   the doubt and fear  in the mind of God of death , who had not come before the Asuras.

7613.That hand of his    which had fallen in the ocean    with   pretty bangles ,
Looking like a  serpent round that arm  and the shoulders  of Kumbhakarna.,
Decorated   by diamond ornaments   was in no way  inferior to the Mandhara mountain,
Which was attached with moon   and which made   nectar   appear  ,
In the ocean of milk with great tides  during those days when it was churning  .

7614.The arrow of Rama    was like Garuda because  , it took  the hand   to the sea,
Which had the same colour , it had   lustrous    wings    with golden colour   and went with great speed  ,
And  it executed the orders  of Rama  and the tall shoulders  ,
Of Kumbhakarna   was resembling    the Mandhara   mountain.

7615.Kumbhakarna making a very huge sound resembling   the sound produced,
By Lord Trivikrama who bore a hole    in the Meru mountain  , being encircled by the sun,
Kept a huge drum   and holding a huge  stick beating the drum forcefully  ,
And he churned   the ocean of  monkey army   so that their skin, flesh   and bones,
Joined together    in to a paste   form.

7616.That Asura    appeared as if    the earth, wind, fire  , water and sky   took  ,
A single form that cannot be killed  and  he was  like the God of death,
Who was angry and who took away souls  and   who was  like a king,
To a war without   sense of fear  , who was the greatest among those who had pride ,
And  Rama that expert in arrows   cut off his right leg by another   cruel arrow.

7617.With his  white teeth like row of stars , with  his corner teeth  like ,
The crescent  of the moon  and coming like the dusk with its sky,
Resembling   the red colour of the river  of blood  ., with a fully open mouth  ,
And with making a hole in the earth   and the sea water spreading due to that,
He came again to the war limping with one step    on the earth.

7618 With only one leg  , staring at the sky  , he was , taking monkeys   by curving his toungue  ,
And eating  them , making people tell that   he is   a horrible cyclone   and,
He was continuing  his job of killing   and then Rama  who was like a male lion,
With an arrow which had fire at its tips  , making the burden of earth less  ,
With Vedas as well as  god of Dharma dancing  ,  Cut off his other  leg also.

7619.Thus both his hands as well as both his legs  were cut off   and his body,
Which was like a mountain   was pierced  by two hundred thousand arrows   which went up to his back.
The fire in his already red eyes   doubled  and his great anger  ,
Increased like the thunder heard   in the earth   from the sky.

7620.That Kumbhakarna who had lost both his hands and legs  ,with great cruel anger  ,
From the floor   using his huge mouth  , bit  , broke and drew mountain  ,
Which were at two miles distance   and using the air that   was  generated  in him,
Blew them   in all directions   and the monkeys died like beings  hit by thunder.

7621.That Kumbhakarna   who had red eyes due to anger which  appeared ,
To have been made of fire ,  with the long  flames of fire generated  by it,
Burnt all directions   and curling his toungue  a mountain  where bamboos grow,
Threw it in the battle field  with the sound of ghosts  by his cave like mouth  ,
And seeing that grealy generous Rama  became benumbed  due to surprise.

7622.Kumbhakarna  realizing that  ,”For the great efficiency of   the battle  with bow,
Of Rama even one thousand   Ravanas   would  not be equal  .Alas, I have lost,
My hands and legs  and there   does not seem  to have any more  possibility  of help,
Due to illness called desire  Ravana has come to an end and he   who lived,
Without any limit of ife span  , now would not continue to live”
And with those thoughts     he   became extremely saddened in the mind.

7623. The fresh blood that was oozing out   spread  in all  directions ,
Like a river with  tide   and was taking away with it   chariots  with machines ,
Elephants  , horses   and  warriors   and seeing this That Kumbhakarna  ,
Who was like a valorous elephant and the  golden mountain of Meru with head,
Looked  at Rama   with the pretty shoulders   who was standing before him   and told.

7624.”Oh Rama who was  born in clan of Sibi who  for the sake of protecting a  dove,
Which sought his protection  kept himself in the balance and   who rode an elephant in rut,
Armed with the sword, you too have   the duty of love  and so please put an end,
To the bad karma  due to having relations with us and 
Protect the soul of Vibheeshana,  This  is my last wish.”

7625.”Oh primeval lord  who has taken the form of a king  and is  being ,
Praised by the Vedas ,, my brother who only knows   the laws of Dharma ,
Which came according to  the laws of justice and not  that which came to him from our clan,
Has   reached you for protection  and I am again ,
Requesting you   to consider him as a thing to be protected and save him.”

7626.”Oh Lord  who never swerves from path of justice  , That Rakshasa with a spear,
Who wants to win over   you   is trying to completely    destroy this  Vibheeshana ,
And he who has  evil and deceit  in his mind, if a chance  occurs  ,
Would kill this  Vibheeshana   without feeling  the affection of a brother. Please remember this.”

  7627. “Oh greatest among men,  That evil Ravana    would not spare  Vibheeshana,
Thinking that   he is his younger   brother and if he sees him , then he   would kill him,
And show no mercy  because of that request your brother and Hanuman to be always  ,
Him so that they can protect him . This  is my humble request.”

7628.”The devas and sages    when they see my face  , would see it as a face without nose  ,
So using your arrow cut my neck and remove it to the  black  wide ,sea , so that,
They cannot see my face .This is also another   of my requests.” Said Kumbhakarna.

7629 Rama thinking that  Kumbhakarna    has asked this  as  a boon   ,
And not  doing it   is not  proper , took one arrow  , kept it,
On  the long strings of his great bow   and cut the head of Kumbhakarna,
And using a strong arrow of wind  he made it fall in  the  centre  of the black sea.

7630.In the wide   ocean of black colour  , after pushing its  folding tides  ,
And not allowing to go to the west , east  , south and north ,
That  mountain like head which was  emitting smoke      from  both its eyes  ,
Due to water   entering in to it through  the nose   was drowned in water.

7631. The devas danced  , the Deva maidens sang nectar  like songs,
The sages   and Brahmins lost    their fear  , the chiefs  of monkey army,
Met Rama and surrounded him  and the killer   Rakshasas ,

Ran to  Ravana to inform  him  about   this news. 

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