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Kamba Ramayanam-Ayodhya Kandam , Padalam 1-3

Ayodhya Kandam
(The book on Ayodhya)

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(This is the second book of Ramayana. It starts     with  Dasaratha   wanting to make   Rama the king of Ayodhya  and ends with the sandals of Rama   ruling Ayodhya   from a village called Nandigrama.  Characters like Mandhara the hunchback,  Guha the hunter , Bhardwaja the saint   are introduced  in this book.  The other main  characters are  Dasaratha himself, Vasishta,  Sumantra the charioteer, Kaualya, Sumithra   and Kaikeyi the three   queens of Ayodhya, the other sixty thousand wives  of Dasaratha ,  Rama, Sita, Lakshmana , Bharata   and Shatrugna.   The wives of Bharata, Lakshmana and Shatrugna   do not make their appearance in this   or in   other books that are to follow.)

 Kadavul Vaazhthu

(Praising  to God.)

       (Like all other books of Ramayana written by   the emperor of poets Kamban, this book also starts   with a prayer to God.. A brief summary  of the book   is given in this verse.)   

Oh Rama   who wears   the heroic anklets, due to the  cruel deeds,
Of the hunchback   and the younger queen mother  ,
You  left  the kingship  , crossed the   forest as well    as sea,
And  by killing Ravana,, solved the  problems   of Devas ,
And  the wise men   say   that   you are   spread ,
Like soul  in the body and sensations  in bodies,
In all the beings made  of five elements   without  any limits.

1.Mandhira  Padalam

(Chapter   on Royal council)

   (In this chapter Dasaratha called  for a meeting of the royal council and tells them that he   wants to crown Rama as the king and go  to the forest   to do penance . The royal council approves the proposal . Rama is summoned and told about this proposal  . After  his acceptance  Dasaratha fixes the next day   as the auspicious day for the coronation. The city starts    celebrating   the upcoming event in a grand manner.
 Ayodhya Kanda of  Valmiki Ramayana starts with   the departure of Bharata and Shatrugna to their uncle’s place , The meeting of all citizens, kings  and sages is called. Dasaratha proposes    that Rama   be made as the hunior king(yuva Raja).  He sends for Rama and makes arrangements   for the coronation. Valmiki  Ramayana drops hints that Dasaratha    wanted to avoid Bharata   and Shatrugna ‘s  and their uncle’s presence during the coronation.)

1314.Dasaratha who owned  the angry  royal elephant  which  has been beautified,
With the  series of  big drums   blaring   forth  like the clouds,
With cowries made  of    the hair  of the musk dear   being rotated,
Reached the hall    of the royal council , where  aspects are thought  about.

1315.After  Dasaratha   reached the council hall  ,as per his humble request,
His relations   and friends    left   that hall , and
Protecting    the world with people    who are  equal to him    there,
Like Lord Vishnu  who holds    the wheel of Yoga  becomes    alone.

1316.That Dasaratha   who   ruled the earth and whose white ,
Gem studded Royal   umbrella    touching    the clouds ,
Summoned the elders  of the royal council,
Who were like   the Guru of  Indra , the king of devas.

1317,In the rule of that matchless   king   who wore ,
Pretty   heroic anklets  , The sage   Vasishta who is considered ,
As the fourth  after   the  holy trinity , 
Who is  searched by devas    and sages    and
Who  like the god can order the king came.

1318.  Many with greatness   due to high birth ,who were  trained in all arts,
And who   had great  knowledge  due to experience  and its implications came,
They were  people who spoke  without bias   in spite  of problems caused   to them,
And they also had  no pride  which is the root of anger and  supported Dharma.

1319.They   were people   who could guess the future by knowledge of past,
And were having the ability   to change it   if bad results come due     to fate ,
They were elders who belonged to great families and had the knowledge from rare   great books,
And   when we consider respectability , they were like   musk deer.

1320.They were the great  people   who increase   the political dharma  ,
Who could take decisions after  understanding proper place and time, 
After   gathering   methods   for implementing them,
And after Comparing it with knowledge   in great books    of justice  ,
And  after praying God and they were   those  who gave
 All good results  to their king after  scientific understanding  .

1321.They   were prepared   to accept the harsh results of the   anger of the king,
And  advice  him properly when he is angry , even not bothering for their life ,
They would never deviate   from proper dharma   and were  capable  ,
Of  understanding past , present and future   and tell truth and nothing else.

1322.They like doctors who were only bothered about good of their patient,
And  who were not bothered about the likes    and dislikes  , were capable of advising the king
Were only   bothered     for his good and not bothered    for his preferences,
And they were  those who help the king   when unexpected evil effects  befall him.

1323. They  were all wealthy  and though they were  sixty thousand in number,
They were one,  when the good    of their   very masculine king ,  and those  ministers ,
Who were difficult    to obtain  like the waves of ocean that folds   filled the council hall.

1324. They came  according to their rank   and after   saluting the sage,
Who knew   everything from beginning to end   and after   saluting their king,
Got up in to their  seats as per their rank   and   also received   the grace ,
Of their king who knew    the way to speak    as per the situation.

1325.When those ministers   were   sitting   there,
Receiving the grace of their king  , Dasaratha   also,
Saw   their faces   as per their importance  and told them,
“ I have seriously thought  about  an important decision,
And you know  my feelings   and you  may listen to it carefully.”

1326. Without altering in any way   the rule  of ,
All the great kings of the dynasty of   the king ,
Due to your good  cooperation  , I have been,
Carrying this earth  for  past sixty thousand years  on my shoulders,

1327.Like the maids   protecting their virtue which is proper for them,
I have been ruling the earth   due to the God   of Dharma  ,
And have been doing all possible good   to all beings,
And I   have now decided   to the good   suitable   to my soul.

1328.I who have  reached the desired stage of kingship  since a long time,
And like    the Adhi Sesha with great head  , the  elephants   in different directions,
And like   the eight heritage mountains    who are   lifting the earth,
I am not able to lift even a little    the burden which  I have been lifting till  now.

1329.The great ones who were born in our clan who were   far away from offenses,
After entrusting the    job  of ruling the country  to their sons , used to go to the forest,
And   destroyed    the attractions   due to their five senses   and attained salvation.
I am trying to count the number   of such greats   and see   no end to it.

1330.I  who have won over all my  great enemies    in  this  earth surrounded by water ,
In the worlds in heaven  and    the worlds  below occupied   by serpents,
Do not want to live  with fear   to the enemies within me,  like   passion  and others.

1331. When Kaikeyi  who has soft new  leaf like feet   painted  by juice of red cotton,
Was driving the chariot  , I had won  over   ten chariots driven by    very angry asuras,
Would  I,   who has  a contended mind , not be able to easily defeat,
These   five chariots  of the mind being driven by   devils?

1332.Those   who have opposed  enemies who threaten  in the battle  field and kill them,
And those   who have attained    great wisdom   and have understood life,
Realize that  “Wealth is useful only in this world”   and  forsake it  ,
And attain salvation and except these   who are  all capable of attaining salvation?

1333.Is there a greater evil then repudiating   the fact that,
All those born in the world have to die  , and except for  ,
Giving up attachments   there   is no other   help,
To cross this very huge   ocean   of birth  and death.

1334.The very great action of giving up the world   and ,
Getting the knowledge of truth     that    would lead to it  ,
Are the    two great wings   that   would   help us,
To cross this big prison  of birth,
Is there anything sweeter   than crossing that prison?

1335.By catching hold of the soul called  five senses   which bring sorrow,
Moving away from  those crimes   which come due to great  undefeatable  enmity,
If the mind is engaged   in ruling  over the world of salvation,
 Then  it would be  considered as  sweet   and will it  think about  the   rule  of this   world?

1336, Due to my getting you all as    senior advisors  , I was,
Able to rule   over this world by  giving it proper care,
And do several acts of Dharma   and you all  thus helped me,
In  spreading   my fame   in the entire world,
And you should now help me   to a  comfortable other world.

1337,One   who wants to cross  all those old karmic   deeds,
Can possibly get it only through   very great penance  ,
And is it proper    not to touch   a vessel of  nectar like food,
And instead of that     drink very strong poison?

1338. The life under  the sweet shadow   of  the white  umbrella,
And  the peacock feathers tied   on a pretty elephant in rut  is not stable.
And will   keeping on eating   that   already  tasted    food,  give more pleasure?

1339.I was sorrowing for   a long time  because  of absence of sons,
And Rama was born to me to relieve    of this long standing pain,
And I just  thought of making   that Rama   suffer this kingship,
So that   I can escape from it    and get salvation.

1340.Instead   of being told by  others that  , this father of Rama ,
Did not sacrifice his life in the battle field   and even after ,
Becoming very old , he did not adopt the life   of salvation,
It is better   that  I  hear that  I   was never born in this world.

1341.After  seeing that the  gem of males   Rama was born to me  as my son,
And that  the  great one got married to Sita who is like Goddess Lakshmi,
I want now to see   that rare son   marries   the Goddess earth,
Of very great qualities and greatly enjoy that   experience.

1342. I want   that the honourable   lady   called   earth  ,
Who is fully lady like and  the lady who sits   on the red lotus,
Should marry and live happily with   the husband that they  love,
And I do not want to postpone this   result of my penance.

1343.” So I want to give this   kingship    to Rama  and start,
The  great penance  to remove   this sickness   called birth,
And for this  I have   decided   to reach   the forest.
What is your opinion,” said he  to them.

1344.When  the king who had huge shoulders   told like this ,
Those advisers  with joy greatly ebbing out of their mind,
And at   the same   time thinking of the pitiable state  of parting with the king,
Were like the cow   which was   not able to leave  both its calves.

1345, Then   in spite of that   thinking   that the king   does not,
Have any other   option other  than doing like that and also,
Considering that  there is no better  king  to all the  beings that live,
Due to the   force    of fate  agreed to the decision of the king.

1346.Vasista    the son of Lord Brahma    with four heads  , after analyzing,
The opinions   of the ministers    who have   assembled   there and
The thoughts  of the king  and the good    that is likely,
To happen to all beings   of the world told like this.

1347.”Oh king , Oh suitable person  , several kings  in your clan,
Have rolled this wheel   of kingship     and had    attained great   fame.
Who  can be there   who do not   appreciate  Rama?
To you  who have learned all  great books   and have understood them,
This is the only action that you can take and this is the Dharma,
That   remains to be done. You have  thought  properly.

1348. Oh great one ,   who has    done fire sacrifices    for the good of all,
You can now do great penance  and  the earth   who wears pretty waist belt,
After  parting from you  , would be  not made   feel bad for  loosing  contact with you,
 As the son Rama born to you , who wears the heroic anklet would not allow her do it.

1349.  Except telling that   Rama is the personification of Dharma  ,
And is the incarnation of Lord   Vishnu    in this world  ,
What other   thing can be told by     us at this time?
That very  strong one   would even    correct   the  trinity ,
Who look  after creation, upkeep and destruction of the world.

1350. Oh strong one , Goddess  Lakshmi who    creates beauty   and the lady earth,
Consider that     Rama is    their  sweet  help for life  , and if they say  ,
“That   he is their help who is like    their soul  “, it would not be wrong,
He   who is good to you   , who have    given birth to him,
Would also be good   to all the beings that live on earth.

1351.”Oh Valorous one   , due to the fact   that   if someone,
Chants the name of Rama   daily   all his problems   would go away,
All the Brahmins who recite Vedas    and others   are considering him,
 As the result of all the good   deeds done by all of them.
When this is so, what can we tell about their love   towards him?”

1352.”As for the very famous Janaki  , she is  better  than earth,
In her patience   and in beauty she resembles Goddess  Lakshmi,
In wisdom she   resembles   Goddess   Saraswathi   and in efficiency  ,
She resemble the Goddess   who rides    on the deer,
And her husband  Rama   is  better  than even our eye.
People who have learned   and not those not learned  consider  him,
Better   that the water   we take  to live   and the soul of the body.”

1353.”Oh king  , among those who protect  humans, devas and all others,
Sweet souls of this world , no one is better than Rama in protecting them.
When the greatness of Rama is like that  , when we see   the great deed,
That you propose to do  , there  is nothing other than  godly penance .” said Vasishta.

1354.  When Dasaratha   heard    the    words of sage Vasishta  , he became more happier ,
Than the day  that  he had his son  , the day when Rama broke the    bow of Lord Shiva,
And the day    when the sage with an axe   was defeated   by   Rama.

1355,After becoming greatly happy like that  , with tears of  joy in his eyes,
He saluted   the  lotus  like feet of that sage  Vasishta   as per ritual  and told him,
“Great sir, you   told me words which are   sweet to my   ears and my mind,
Was  I not able  to      rule this earth alone    , because of grace   on me,
Would not Rama    also be able to rule    it like that  with your aid?”

1356. “Oh sage who is like my father, because  of  your advice to them,
The kings of my clan  established  endless  fame that    can never be destroyed
In this world  , completed   several   yagas and won over   their good and bad fate
 And I also got that great  luck,”   said   he   to that    great sage

1357.That faultless    sage of penance    did not reply anything to this,
And   due to   the  sign made   by face of the great council members ,
Who were capable     of great thought    and  deep thinking,
To suit the great Dasaratha  , Sumantra stood before  , saluted and told.

1358. The words  that you told that “Kingship to Rama is suitable”,
Makes us happy but  your intention to go away makes us very sad,
It is not proper for you to leave   out    that Dharma    which was done  .
Without  forgetting by the leaders   of your clan and what can be the thing,
That can be  more   harsher   than Dharma. What is it?”

1359.With the minds playing due to joy  like drum,    for the  kings who had ,
Huge  army of elephants, for the people of the city  ,  for  the old
Members of the council    and   to the    great    sages like Vasishta  ,
He told, “Perform as  per ritual  the coronation   of your gem like son Rama,
And then   you take action    to get    detached with this   world  as per you wish.”

1360,When these words    were softly told by Sumantra  , the king  told,
“You told  properly.  After   celebrating the   crowning   of Rama,
We will do necessary things later. So you , yourself go   with great speed,
And bring  that husband  of Goddess Lakshmi   here.”

1361,That Sumantra who knew the mind of the king then saluted him,
Travelled fast  in the king’s avenue where  mountain like buildings  were there,
With   as much joy   , as  if he has  himself got the world,
And with a golden chariot entered   the     home    of Rama.

1362.Lord Rama  was sitting there along  with young Lakshmana   who was   holding ,
The cruel   bow  which is always with him  and along  with Sita,
Who was like sweet  nectar  among ladies  ,  was sweetly  sitting near him .
Sumantra    with his eyes  and mind   which were  like bees  saw  ,
That  very sweet combination   with great joy.

1363,He saw them , saluted them   and said   to Rama,
“Oh Lord  , The king who owns this earth which is surrounded by ocean,
Told me, “There  is  a matter  to tell and so bring Rama   quickly.”
Then the lotus eyed Rama    suddenly got up   and  like a black cloud,
Got in to  the huge chariot  of Sumantra , on which a flag   was flying..

1364. With drums in  a row  raising huge sound like a  unified cloud,
With  the  conch bangles from ladies    falling down   with sound,
With devas    shouting, “ all our problems have been solved”,
And with surrounding the flowers on his head , He got  in to the chariot.
1365.When Rama entered the road lot  of musical instruments  were played,
The flower arrows of God of love  increased  , the strings of bow   made sound,
And the great waters   of the thought  of Rama, broke the dam  called,
Control of  mind   of the ladies and they left off shyness  and ,
Filled   up the entire street like   female   deer.

1366. In the gates of   big buildings with   long pillars , its  moon lit courtyards,
Several lotuses   flowered   with ear globes   and untied   hair ,
They flowered in the   windows of those   buildings   and appeared  as if,
Swords  getting mixed with blood stained spears and bees   and fishes. 

1367. On the flower garland lying on the mountain like chest of Rama,
Who  had round moon like face   and black cloud like colour and,
Who was the lord of Devas  , the fish like eyes   of ladies  who had   red  lips  ,
Followed their characters  like shyness and settled along with bees there.

1368.With their dresses   going down along with    their cloud like hair,
The  flowers  fell down,  With their cool eyes  making    groups of pearls,
There were flowers which they threw   and also there  were   dried flowers,
As they had to come through   the ornaments worn over  their youthful breasts,
And  besides   from the star filled sky  the devas    also threw  well opened flowers.

1369.As soon as they saw Rama, they removed the  lustrous sword like eyes,
From the eyelid like scabbards , came carrying their moon like   faces  with great effort,
And they who were  looking like golden horns   had sweat on their  tender coconut,
Like breasts   and on that  they had brown golden patches with gingelly like spots ,
Which were   both indicating    their love sickness  towards Rama.

1370.When such things were happening there, all males who saw Rama,
Became happy like    the cows seeing their calves  , and he along with,
His pure brother   rode   on   the chariot  of Sumantra  and .
Reached the   council hall with the happy  Dasaratha  and entered there.

1371.As per the traditions that were followed, after Rama saluted   the  sage,
He saluted   the lotus like feet of Dasaratha    who was an expert  in sword fight.
When he saluted like that, Dasaratha   with   ebbing love towards him.
With eyes shedding tears  of joy   hugged   tightly to his chest,
 That Rama   who was consort of Sita  who had    fruit like cheeks.

1372.Dasaratha   hugged   his   son who is personification of all good,
So that he wanted to measure his ability   to rule the earth surrounded by water,
By measuring   the mountain like shoulders   of Rama   and  his  garlanded chest  ,
Where  Goddess Lakshmi lives with his  own shoulders  as well as chest.

1373.After making Rama    sit near him  with great joy  and after seeing him with joy  he told,
“Oh  master with  long shoulders  who  destroyed the fame  of he , who has an axe to fight,
 There is something   that  I need   from you as one  who has given birth  to you and brought  you up.”

1374.”Oh Master  , I have become greatly tired, the old age  which is difficult to bear ,
Has crept in to my body and so I need your help   to get out of the great prison,
Of  the  heavy  responsibility of ruling  this very wide  country , which is sorrowful,
And   allow  me   to lead a life leading to salvation   by travelling in the matchless path.”

1375.”The great ones   give birth to a son who has   all  responsibilities  ,
Get away from sorrow   and enjoy life   in this world   and the other,
And  it is not proper   for me  who have begot a son who is
Dharma personified  to get   tired  and so if you wish  ,
To  obey my useful words  and help me do what I should.”

1376.”Oh son  , the great crowned    pretty kings   of our clan  ,
For the sake of their sons   to  become kings and protect   this broad land,
Destroyed   the three enemies(anger , passion  and confusion)   which were  made by five    senses,
Completely   and attained salvation and their number  cannot be estimated.

1377.”Due to the good that we do in previous births   and by the,
Yagnas(fire sacrifices)  that  I did  in this life  , I begot you as my great son,
And suppose  I continue   in this sorrow  of kingly life  ,
When would I able to get fulfillment got by begetting you.”

1378”.I who am suffering due to the  burden of the kingdom  , like,
A bull  drawing a cart   with heavy  burden on one side   and being lame on   the other side,
Want  to get rid  of that sorrow   and attain the limitless   joy of   wealth of salvation,
And oh master , you have to help me  in fulfilling my desire.”

1379. “Once upon a time    the matchless Bhagiratha  , due to his ancestors  ,
Not having  the character of travelling in the right path  , for the sake of their salvation,
Brought the river Ganges  from the feet of Lord Vishnu   , who is  the deity of our clan,
In to this world   and made   his fathers climb in to the world  , where there is no return.”

1380”.In this world those    who have  come out of great sorrow are  not
Those who live as kings or   those who are like  Indra living in heaven ,
And wearing golden heroic anklets   or those   who have   done great penances 
But those   who beget   children who    follow   what they order.”

1381.”Because   of that do not think   that the king gave  me the heavy burden,
Of kingship   which causes lot of sorrow   in a deceitful  manner   but,
Wear the crown which this  king wears   and make  grow the dharma of just rule  ,
And I only request    you to agree   to my humble demand.”

1382.When his father told him like that  ,  the lotus eyed Rama  ,
Did not  think  that he  had got the kingship   nor did he  berate ,
It , saying it is sorrowful but  he thought that being a king    is his duty,
And he would have  to obey whatever    has been   ordered by the king to him  ,
And that    accepting kingship by him is the only just action  ,
And  decided  to accept the kingship that    was offered to him.

1383.Dasaratha   with white royal umbrella  understanding mind of Rama,
After  telling him, “give me this boon” hugged  him as if he merges with his soul,
And surrounded    by his council members    who were like veda  ,
Reached    his palace which   did not have  anything comparable to it.

1384.Rama with    high  and pretty shoulders   along with great Brahmins,
 Many kings of great character  , the lads of Ayodhya     who were happy to see him,
 And ladies   surrounding him  on all    his sides   reached    his great palace.

1385-1386,Dasaratha  in his letter head   with the seal of Garuda  , which ,
Brought him greatness   sent gold  letters   to all victorious  kings  and ,
Said to great Vasishta  , “oh great one  , please arrange   all that is needed,
To Crown Rama    with  the  great crown   which is made artistically  ,
As per   need and as   per   tradition.” And then that sage of great penance  ,
Said , “great”    and   with joy got    in to a great chariot   and,
Went along with crore  of Brahmins   and told    the kings there,
“Oh kings  ,   as per royal tradition  , the wealth and country  ,
That is being given to Rama   are   as  great   as his consort Sita.”

1387.Those kings   who had drunk the sweet words  told by Dasaratha  ,
Did  not stand normally   but got drowned  in that water  of joy,
And since the joy in their mind    had crossed   its limits,
And appeared   at the bottom oh hairs all over their body  .
Became  like souls   which leaves the body and reaches heaven ,
And felt as if they have all reached this heaven     along with body.

1388.Those  kings  having    same thought and being happy  ,
Each thinking that the other became king like him   and becoming happy  ,
Came   row by row and saluted  Dasaratha   who had white Royal umbrella,
And  softly  told their opinion  “your thought  is really great.”

1389.They told “Let the world   belong to Rama  , who destroyed the pride,
Of Parasurama   who destroyed our families for the past twenty one generations,
Using   his very sharp axe,” and “This decision is according to Dharma.

1390. All kings who did not have any difference   of opinion   told like this,
And Dasaratha   keeping these deep in his mind    and not showing out ,
His inward   joy   , told this to   know about  the measure   of their opinion.

1391.”Did  you tell this after being confused   by the  love  towards my son,
Or the words told by you    was done after    hearing   my thoughts  ,
And has   been done because  of  real joy of   your mind,
I would like to know from you , which of them?”

1392.When Dasaratha told like this to them  , those kings told  ,
“oh great one  , please hear with joy   the love ,
That people of different parts   of  this country,
And other countries  , have on your son.”

1393.”Oh king born in dynasty of Manu  , like we tell that  ,
The wealth of kingship without any drawback  should come to Rama  ,
He already has   permanently charitable nature   and very good behavior ,
Great   understanding of truth  ,  the nature  of looking after elders.”

1394.”Who are there  in this world   who would like to prevent,,
The public water body to be filled up  or  trees to grow  healthy ,
So that they can be  useful to all   or clouds rain in proper season  ,
Or the   river that irrigates  the fields always has adequate water   

1395. Oh king who has elephants who have    trunks   as big as ,
The palm tree  ,  similar to all beings who had nature  of loving you  
Rama also has    similar and same type of love  to all of them,
And   they also   are   having  love   towards  him.

1396. When Dasaratha heard the council members  tell like that ,
The entire  mind of that king was completely filled with joy,
And all his sorrows vanished from his  mind  , and he ,
Became one who expresses joy   and   ,
Started    having his eyes    filled up with  tears of joy.

1397.Dasaratha  told the kings ,”Oh kings   who are  firm on,
Lack of bias  , good activities  , the dislike   to bad deeds  ,
From now on Rama is the son of you all   and instead  ,
Of telling “my son”  , I will  tell  “your  son”.
And entrust  him to you. Please  look after   him.”

1398. After   the council ended, That  king who ruled ,
Taking with him   an expert who knew astrology  ,
Went   inside   a mountain like   hall ,
For finding  the auspicious day   for the coronation.

2.Mandharai   Choozchi Padalam,
Chapter  on Mandhara’s evil plan.

(This chapter begins by telling how the information about the crowning reaches the queen Kausalya   of Dasaratha. Dasaratha   as per advice of astrologer decides to have the coronation next day.  The entire  city is decorated. Sage Vasishta goes and Rama and advices him how to rule the country. Kooni the hunchback friend of Kaikeyi poisons her mind and she decides to ask two boons from Dasaratha,
    No temple or worship in temple is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayana.  In Valmiki Ramayana Dasaratha  himself informs Kausalya of the coronation . Sage Vasishta only instructs Rama and Sita about rituals to be observed and nothing about how to rule. Honouring of Brahmins as a duty of the king is not dealt in Valmiki Ramayana in this great detail.. No ritual is conducted by Sita in Kamba Ramayana.  Kooni  according to Valmiki Ramayana is one among the dower sent by Kakeyi’s father.  The incident of her being hit by Rama   is not mentioned in  Valmiki Ramayana. There  is a hint in Valmiki Ramayana that  Kekaya   had taken a promise from Dasaratha , that her son would be   crowned as the king. )

1399.When these things were happening in the royal council,
Some four ladies   who knew about it  who were  loving Rama,
Along with open breasts   due to the cloth getting untied,
With   untied long   hair  which had fallen  ,
Who were  trying to catch hold  of their fallen dresses,
And with their waist breaking   ran speedily to tell the news.

1400.Those four girls  were dancing   and were  singing,
Without bothering about the tune  and made all those  ,
Who see  them keep their hands over their head  ,
And without knowing what to tell went in front of Kausalya.

1401Kausalya who had given birth to Rama   who had the colour of the cloud,
Saw those ladies who came to her   with love  and said, “Oh ladies  with ,
Mouth like the red fruit  , from seeing you,  I can guess that  you have come here,
To tell a very happy  news and so please   tell me that joyful news.

1402, They said, “The emperor Dasaratha  is going to keep the crown,
Which has been there for ages  ,  on   the head  of Rama , who is ,
Your worshipful son   so that all kings would salute his feet with heroic anklets,
And  are going to tell him  , “For a long time  protect this    world.”

1403.Hearing that  thinking that  her son would get the wealth of  kingship,
A sea of joy was created in her mind   and making  is subside ,
Was the  fearful thought   that   the king would go to the forest  ,
And made her feel   that Badamukhaagni  was drying away her throat.

1404,In spite of that she presented    to    the ladies    who brought the news,
Invaluable pearl necklaces  and  heaps of wealth   and  ,
Then along with Sumithra who was   very close    to her  ,
She reached  the temple   of the God who had the   shining wheel.

1405.After going there   she saluted   the feet  which was like a flower in the pond of,
Lord Vishnu  who was  sitting with Goddess  Lakshmi  and  the Goddess earth,
And who   was   the soul, the wisdom  and source  of all the devas  .

1406.That Kausalya   who kept   in her belly,  that enchanter God 
 Who had  kept  in his divine   belly     all the worlds ,
Prayed  , “please shower your grace on my son,
 Who by your grace   was  born to me.”

1407.After requesting like this  , she arranged   to worship,
The consort of Goddess  Lakshmi  to be worshipped  as per   four Vedas.
And gave as charity cows with calf    to all  those .
Who were doing  penance   near   the temple.

1408.Meanwhile   the experts in  mathematics   told Dasaratha,
That the  most auspicious day for   crowning  of Rama was the next day,
And as soon as  he heard that Dasaratha    who owned   huge  elephants  in rut,
And also was wearing heroic anklet , requested  Vasishta    who had done great penance ,
And caused  sufferings   to his own body  to come there  and he came.

1409.Dasaratha told him,   “Tomorrow is the auspicious     day ,
And  to that Rama who  has shoulders where  pretty bows rubbed,
Should be made to do the necessary rituals   with great speed,
And he has also to be taught  the dharma   of proper   rule.”

1410, Vasishta travelling with more   speed than his great joy,
Reached the door of  Rama , the Lord of the Manu clan,
And hearing about his arrival , the well garlanded Rama  ,
Came out and sweetly received   him and took him  inside his palace.

1411. That Holy Vasishta   who   was  capable of   doing great penance   without rest,
Looked at Rama   who had learned lot of great books   and  had lot of heard-knowledge,
And said,  “Oh expert in war  , Dasaratha    who has great  love towards  you,
Is going to give away the rule   of this kingdom to you tomorrow.”

1412.After saying this , he again looked at Rama   and said,
“There is some thing very important that    I need to tell you,
Hear it with attention   and follow   it with sincerity,”
And after  this  he started  telling the well garlanded Rama.

1413.”Brahmins   who are expert in Vedas   are greater than,
The black colured Vishnu, Shiva   with an eye on his forehead  ,
The Brahma who sits  on his own lotus flower , growing out   of the belly,
, The five great elements    as well as truth  and so salute them mentally.”

1414.”Oh son  , Is there  any method    to find   out,
The number   of Brahmins getting angry , number ,
Who join with our   mind and shower   their grace  ,
And the number of devas who became sad   and those  ,
Who became   great without   any effort. , due to that,”

1415,”And so Rama , because  Brahmins   are  like that  , You ,
Salute the   holy feet of such Brahmins  who  have  moved ,
Away from cruel deeds , praise and pray them  , tell sweet words ,
To them   and also    do the jobs   as  ordered by them.”

1416. “When they order  , the fate would also help you,
To  become   great and also   to get   destroyed,
And there is nothing greater than   praising ,
Those devas  of the world .”

1417. Even the holy trinity    who get great strength  by possessing the,
The rolling wheel, the  trident and  the Goddess  Saraswathi   who never gets confused,
If they leave out  holy dharma  , purity of the mind   and merciful behavior,
They   would find that  nothing  good   is happening to them.

1418.”Oh son of justice  , You  do not posses   the qualities like ,
Deception  which can  lead  you to   your destruction   but  ,
Please think  about  how  one attains such criminal   habits.

1419.When you  do not have enmity with   any one   ,
You do not  fight  with any one, your fame  would be stable ,
Your army   would not reduce and it would be stable, ,
And if it  is so   would any one  want to fight with you?

1420.”Oh son, Controlling the five    sense organs  which lead ,
To their controlled pleasures , if one   daily   examines ,
The income to the government , we would be strong enough ,
To scare  our enemies   and that   is the ideal rule   and that rule,
Is like a penance ,  one does standing on the tip  of the sword.”

1421.”Even if one is   Shiva with  his consort  of Uma   or Lord Vishnu riding high on Garuda 
Or  Lord Brahma having eight  eyes   that does    not blink  or to the king with  great shoulders  ,
The ruling  of      the country according  to advice  of    Minister is masculine   thing to do.

1422.T o  those sages    who have  become ones with only bone   and skin,
And  the devas   who do not   have that   also ,   the control of Their great enemy,
Which is their sense organs   do not have   a better wealth   than,
Love , which has nothing before  or after  in all the three  worlds.

1423. In this world  of all  beings , The kings are  like bodies,
To all those souls   and to them  , if they do not cross  the limits of Dharma,
And Truth,  at any time without any doubt   whatsoever  ,
What is    the need of doing    Yagnas and Yagas?

1424.If a king talks sweetly  , has  charitable habits  ,is a thinker,
Who  puts in effort to do work ,  is   pure  , is great, gets victories ,
Who never   moves away from the tenets of justice  even a little  .
Then would    that   king    face destruction at any time?

1425. By  removing all those which do not support   good character,
And  maintaining   his sense of justice  like the hand of balance used to weigh gold,
Any great king who rules    the world  ,  and he  would   not need  an eye,
Except  the time when they are hearing the advice  of good ministers.

1426,If a king   acts as per the advice of sages   who are thinkers   ,
And are  deeply interested  in what they   do  without any change ,
Due to the great love and reverence   they have to them,
Then their love and honour towards  him is a  great weapon to him.

1427. If the passion raised  by  the ladies    who wear  pretty waist belt  ,
Who are termed as   the comets   on this earth, are not there in a king,
He will never face destruction  nor will he go to hell.

1428. Vasishta  who was an expert   on religious philosophy,
After   teaching these   and other  rules of Dharma   and justice,
To Rama who  is an incarnation of Lord Vishnu who swallowed all the three   worlds,
Along   with him   reached the temple   of   the God with thousand crowns.

1429.After worshipping the God   who sleeps on   his   snake bed,
He  made Rama bathe   in the auspicious waters made by chanting of four Vedas there ,
And after   completing all rituals    prescribed     by wise   people  .
He spread white Durba grass on the   floor and made Rama   sit on it.

1430. When Rama was sitting on Durba seat   and happily doing the rituals,
Vasishta who wears   the three stringed   sacred thread on his chest  ,
Quickly went back   and told   about it all to the  emperor , who ordered,
That the proclamation to decorate   the town be made by beating the drum,.

1431. The  One who proclaims   went round the city and   beat the drum and told,
“Rama    would be crowned as the consort   of the mother  earth,
And so let this   city be decorated.” And this also made the devas  happy  . 

1432.Though  the words that   that Rama the lad  , who had the fame ,
Of the poems singing about him   would wear the pretty crown,
Were one which made the ears sweet  , to all those people of the city,
It was like the offering given in sacrifices as  well as  nectar.

1433. They made great sound  , became  happy   and danced   and sang,
Some developed sweat  , some   increased in weight      due to joy,
To many the hairs stood erect  ,  and they praised  king Dasaratha,
And  gave great wealth to all who told this good news.

1434.Those loving citizens   of the city   beautified  it,
Which was already pretty    like improving   the luster,
Of the Sun    who has  packed together   rays ,
And   like  polishing   the Kausthuba  gem,
On the wide   chest of  the God who lies  down.

1435,Several rows   of flags  coloured as white, black   red  as well as other colours.
Appeared   in the city   and it was looking like   that all the birds   have entered the  city,
To witness    the great coronation   Ceremony of Rama   who wears flower garlands  with honey.

1436.There  banana stems resembling the thighs of the ladies were  erected,
And like  the neck of those ladies  , the city became crowded   with betel nut trees,
And like   the white colour of their smile  , here and there  garlands of pearl hung,
And golden pots filled with water resembling their breasts  were arranged.

1437.The early sun entered the city   through   the decorative  hangings,
Of the doors of the city  and a  distinct   ptrettiness  came to light  ,
And those decorative hangings  in the form of  sharks were  made to  touch the moon,
And gave out very great brilliance   and gave a  very fresh look.

1438.Those faultless pillars made of red gems   which were covered with white cloth,
Resembled   the white ash coated  Shiva having the blue coloured Uma  by his side,
And the  pillars  made of white  pearls  were looking like  morning sun hid by snow.

1439.The streets of the city with the luster  like full moon  created by   gem garlands 
And the rows    of gem stones   thickly erected   gave out light like   early sun,
And crowd of blue gems   creating light darkness   ,
And  the day  very well coincided to the day  fixed by experts  on  astrology.

1440. The  Groups of chariots   with decorations like dancing horses ,
Resembled the   planes   which have   descended from heaven to earth,
And the huge elephants   in rut   with shining   face mask  .
Was like the  rising mountain   which can be compared,
To the sun      roaming   in those streets.

1441.   In the city blessed with wealth  , on the huge walls built by crystal stones,
Red gems were climbing   and shining and  due to that,  the   red sky  ,
Which appears   in the evening  because it removes darkness , neither grows  nor   reduces. those   streets with buildings   there  was   rain of flower,
Rain of water  , rain of fresh scented   powders   ,
Silver rain due to falling   of pearls   and the golden rain,
Due the dashing together   of golden gems    ,
And it looked  like     there   was a huge    rain there.

1443,Like the heroes who have tied their heroic anklets   with a   rope,
The Elephants in rut   which can be compared    to clouds,
Were tied  with she elephants    who were like the ladies of the city  ,
Who were wearing hanging waist belts  and  had chariot like  hips,
Walked along     with the garland with bells tied on them.

1444.In the city  the rising wealth , beauty   and joy  ,
Were not reducing   and   without knowing it earlier  ,
When the devas came to see the coronation  ,
They thought  they have not come to  Ayodhya and were confused.

1445.Due to the very   great sound    that was   being made  to decorate the city,
And make it   like the golden town of devas  , like   the   horrors done by Ravana,
Was born again in earth   to destroy  him  , Kooni ,a hunchback lady  ,
Who had   a cruel mind that is not approachable   came out and saw it.

1446.That Kooni who came out like that  , with her mind  shaking  ,
With great anger   and mind that was giving her pain  ,
With eyes   giving out fire sparks   , with voice   which was stuttering  ,
Started creating a matchless   sorrow  to all the three  worlds.

1447.  She recollecting  the  mud ball which hit her  , being  sent  by Rama,
In his very young days   in her mind  , with a mouth  with folded lower lips,
Reached the palace   of Kaikeyi who had   a red mouth   like Kovvai fruit.

1448.She reached Kaikeyi   who was like  coral garland  lying on the waves  of ocean of milk,
And was  like  a  lotus flower generated the best of the gems of  the four seas,
And whose   eyes were    showering grace   who was sleeping  on a very soft bed.

1449. Like   the bad  planets moving from one place to another to cause problems,
She neared Kaikeyi  who was the daughter of Kekaya   and touched her feet ,
Which was  like  a fully open lotus flower due to penance 
And on which she was    wearing   a golden     anklets.

1450.As soon as Kooni rubbed her feet , that lady who had a godly virtue,
Woke up   and though sleepiness  has not left   her long eyes ,
And being egged  by   the horrible fate  which will  bring her bad name,
She started  to talk   to her  in conversation.

1451.Kooni said,  “Like the moon shining with light which produces   coolness,
Every thing   does not change  even when    the cruel snake  Rahu  is nearing it,
Even while a great sorrow    is coming    to give you lots of trouble,
You do not seem to be sorrowing but sleeping happily.”

1452-1453.When that Kooni who was like  great poison   told like this  ,
Kaikeyi who had a spear like eyes  said “ My sons who hold  the bow,
To kill their enemies  are  doing well and  in their jobs,
They never waver from path of Dharma   and so  What bad  ,
Trouble can come to me now? And it   is told   that  ,
Those   who give birth to   sons with good characters ,
Which are praised by others , would leave   out,
Sorrow ,that cannot be removed    and attain salvation.
And when I have given birth to Rama   who is like Vedas ,
To   all the worlds which do not mix together , What problem can come  to me.”

1454.When Kaikeyi   who had very deep love    towards  Rama told like  this,
That Kooni , who was like the sin surrounding  her  started talking and told  ,
“Your welfare has been destroyed,, your wealth has   suffered ,
Your step wife Kausalya   due to her intelligence has got wealth and welfare.”

1455.When Kooni told  those words  , she who wears    selected ornaments,
Said,  “Since  my husband is the king of kings   and since   my son  Bharata,
Is a very  famous one  , What other greater   thing  is going to be achieved  by her?”

1456.”With masculine men making   fun of him  ,  bringing stain to his masculinity ,
Rama bent   his great bow to kill   a lady     who was  known as Thadaga ,
And   his coronation would be carried  out tomorrow  and this is what Kausalya got.”

1457.And when these words     were told to her ,  the mind  of Kaikeyi,
Was exactly like  the mind of Kausalya  and she  could not see the difference,
For ,   the father of Rama  had entered in to her mind  and was living there.

1458,Due to love rising up and  making  sound of happiness  like sea   in her mind,
 That pure one with a   faultless   face   shined like moon   and due,
To it further rising up   and cross    all the boundaries  , she gave  ,
A garland made of Rathnas which  was  like the chief   of all flames.

1459.The cruel Kooni   shouted  in a  loud  voice  , chided  ,
Stared with her   small eyes so that fire came out   of it,
Berated her  , Took deep hot breaths  , disfigured herself  ,
Cried and  using the golden chain to dig a hole on the floor.

1460.That kooni who  gave rise  to pain  saw Kaikeyi with anger ,
And said,  “you are ignorant  , your mind is not all right,
You suffer    sorrow   along with child born to you  ,
I cannot tolerate  you to be   servant  to the servants,
Of   your step wife      for a very long time.”

1461,  “When the  Sita with red mouth   and  the black prince  ,
Are seating in a high seat   with great joy  , if  the time comes,
When Bharata  without any thing  has to sit  on the floor 
You will think  about the reason for  your happiness,
As well  as  the good that you are likely to get for  being happy?”

1462,”Kausalya has not forgotten   the good that has come to her  ,
And Rama has attained the kingship which is wealth among wealth,
Because  Bharata was born to you he has   not died   and for,
What purpose has he to live? Though he is born , he is as good as  not born.”

1463, If the entire world   is going to be truly    ruled by Rama ,
And Lakshmana     and they also  are going protect    this country,
For limitless years   it is better  for Bharata  along ,
With his brother    to go away  and do great  penance.

1464.The well decorated  Bharata   who has the elephant in rut,
With prettiness   which attracts the lady of earth  , should rule  the earth,
And   should be kept in the   row of great kings,
But since he was not born to that, it is better he dies.

1465,”That king Dasaratha  who wears   heroic anklets made of gold 
Since Bharata   has not been lucky ,was  sent by him ,
Through the  mountain path with teak trees   to  ,
The Kekaya country   which is very far off.
I came to know the reason for that  only  today.”

1466,Again  Mandhara(kooni) started telling in a classified manner,
“Oh my son, Oh Bharata  , by giving   the country to Rama ,
By going away from  justice  , using the water  of the world,
Dasaratha   has become a cruel man and your mother ,
Also has become cruel  , In between them what can you do?”

1467.”Oh Kaikeyi , you who were born  in a royal family  ,
Who was brought up in a royal family  , got married in to a royal family,
Are falling in the ocean of sorrow , where to find the shore is difficult,
Even if I tell you are not   obeying  , do you  understand it.” said she.

1468.”Bharatha   has  knowledge ,, youth  , inestimable    strength  ,
Greatness  is war with bow   and  limitless very good qualities  ,
And if   he does not become the king  , all these ,
Would go waste like   the nectar   which falls   on grass.”

1469.When the cruel  words  were told by Kooni , making her mouth bitter 
Fell on her  , Kaikeyi felt as if   ghee   has been poured,
On already raging fire   and that  pretty daughter  of king of Kekaya,
 With great anger making her eyes   red stared   at Kooni  and started speaking.

1470.”Oh cruel one   , great people, like the lustrous   great sun,
   Will not swerve from the path of truth even if they loose   things like    their soul
These kings who belongs to the Manu clan     who follow  the  clan ,
Descendent   rules  like the peacock. Why did you tal ill of them  by base  intentions.”

1471.”Oh lady with an ignorant mind  , you are not   one who does good to me,
And you  are also not one    who does   good to  my son Bharata,
And if we examine as  per Dharma, you are  not one who does  good to yourself,
And due to being lead  by Karma , you are  telling what is in your mind.”

1472.”Giving bith to children loosing them and getting    another one 
All lead to fame  but if we lose  our fame  , lose our sense of justice,
Lose the nature of  following good path  , lose the penance that we are doing  ,
Lose  the valour   without  doing mistakes  or change   the rules  of our clan  ,
We lose   our fame    completely.”

1473.”Oh ignorant one  , go away    from my front  , I have pardoned you,
Without punishing you by  your  toungue   which is silly  ,
 If this is known to people    outside   you would   be considered ,
As having done treason    to justice    and  rules of behavior, so keep quiet.”

1474.That Kooni , in spite of hearing   these words  , like any  effort of curing poison,
Is not effective   in curing it   and causes sorrow   said , “Oh lady  who is like a pretty creeper,
Who is  in my protection  , unless I am able to do  good   to you  , I will not move out,”
And    fell   at the feet of Kaikeyi and   further talked.

1475.  “If we see  the practice that   the eldest   son inherits the kingdom,
Is not Rama with a colour of the blue sea , younger  than Dasaratha  who rules the earth?
And if  Dasaratha agrees   to give   the crown to    Rama     who is younger,
How can we stop Bharata     from inheriting    this   kingdom which gives progress?”

1476. Even  in case the sages   who are full of Dharma   and who have  done,
Very great penance  , after receiving difficult   to get wealth  , their   thought changes,
And though  Kausalya   does not  torture   you with intention of killing you,
By their mind    they would   cause you  great sorrow so that you would die by yourself.

1477.For Kausalya  who has   very broad imagination,  if  her son is   going to rule 
 Thinking of  the land  he gets is not sufficient , she would try to own the entire world,
And  you and your son who has great love to you ,  will own only what she gives you.

1478.To  those followed by sorrow and poverty who are forced to come  to beg in your house,
Would you give wealth after begging from her? Or would    you stand there ashamed?
Or would  you commit suicide   thinking   that   this bad    fate   has come to you?
Or would you say no to the beggars ? How are you going to live?

1479.Oh intelligent one  , Are you  worried as  to what is to be done?
In the future after some days , your father  , your brother  ,
The relations  of yours  or those    who are    there  in your clan,
Thinking of destroying their poverty   and loss in status , if  they come here ,
Would they be able to see  your wealth or the wealth of your  step wife  ?

1480.”Oh ignorant one  , fearing   your husband who has great love towards   you,
Janaka the father   of Sita with mouth as red as the red fruit  ,
Has not   waged a war and destroyed  your father   and he is  now uncle of Rama,
Is there any  future left to your father , Who are in this world who have  as much bad name   as you?

1481,Also your father   Kekaya   have other great enemies and  when they attack him,
If the king Of Kosala   does not go and help him  , how will your father  get victory?
Please tell that way, You have  firmly  decided  that  your relations   would fall  in the sea if Sorrow.

1482.You have completely spoiled the chances and   destroyed   your pet son Bharata.
If Dasaratha   who owns  the earth  dressed by the ocean with rising tides ,
Gives  the kingship to Rama   then later   it would  go only to his children,
Or his very close brother Lakshmana . Would it   ever come back to Bharata?

1483.When the cruel Kooni told like this  , due to illusion   created   by devas,
Who wanted   the  boon that   they had received  should come true ,
And also due   to   great penance done    by great Brahmins
 The mind of Kaikeyi changed to the path  that was  indicated by Kooni.

1484.Due to the sins of Rakshasas   and   the great penance  by other people,
Which stood in her mind   like a good deer  , she left off her good mercy.
And due to that   all these worlds  belongs to Rama even today  ,
And his  epic great   fame keeps on spreading everywhere  .

1485.That Kaikeyi whose mind has changed like that   saw with love,
That  Kooni  who was full of Karma  said,”You are having love   towards me.
You are being good to  my son Bharata also  .Please tell me  how,
That Bharata     would posses   that very pretty crown.”

1486. When Kaikeyi who had eyes like   the half cut   tender   mango , told like this,
Kooni said, “My friend is an able lady and   she who is my help   is a great lady”
And  Saluted the feet of Kaikeyi  “if you are   going to obey  my words and make the mind of Dasaratha,
Depressed then I will tell you how to make  all these fourteen worlds  come   to your only son Bharata .”

1487.She who was hunch backed in the mind also   said, “Oh lady with a cool gem like smile,
After great thought   I am telling you some thing.  When the Sambarasura who was wearing  ,
The garland of victory was defeated  , and Dasaratha    won as if that battle was an easy sport,
He gave you two boons   and now you demand that from him    and get it.”

1488.”Using one of those boons make , your son get the kingship,
And using the other   make , Rama wander  in the great  forest,
For fourteen years    after he goes away from Ayodhya ,
If you do this , the entire rich world   would   obey,
Your son Bharata    and this is the trick I suggest.”

1489-1490.When Kooni told  like this   , the very pleased  Kaikeyi  .
Hugged her like her own soul   and after   presenting  her,
With great wealth   and  garlands with costly gems    praised her by telling,
“You have given this   world surrounded by  the tumultuous sea,
To my son Bharata   and  so you have become mother  of a king.
You have told a good trick  . If Bharata   is not crowned by gem studded crown,
And if Rama is not driven out to the    dense   forest  ,
I  would take away   my soul before  king Dasaratha,
And go away from this world . You can go now.”

3.Kaikeyi choozhvinai Padalam

The chapter on conspiracy   of Kaikeyi

   (Kaikeyi acts as if she is upset and sad   and demands  from the king   the two boons he had promised her earlier. He agrees. Then she requests him to crown Bharata and send Rama to the forest for fourteen years. Dasaratha   is shattered .He begs Kaikeyi in various ways but at the end gives her the boon. The sun rises next morning. Sumanthra as per request of sage Vasishta comes to meet Dasaratha but Kaikeyi asks him to bring Rama. When  Rama comes Kaikeyi tells that Bharata should rule and he should go to the forest. He happily agres and goes back.
  Mostly Kamba Ramayana agrees with Valmiki Ramayana in describing incidents of this chapter.)

1491.After Kooni left  ,Kaikeyi got from the bed   of flowers  ,
Pulled   the  flower garland from   her cloud  like long hair,
Like pulling out the moon covered by  the huge cloud of monsoon,
And  threw it making   the  crowd of honey bees  scattered.

1492.Like completely uprooting   her fame which   was growing like a flag post,
She pulled  out   and threw away   her shining   waist belt  ,
She removed the anklets    with bell   from her  legs  also,
Like one who tries   clean the dirt from the moon  , she ,
Also rubbed off the thilaka  from her lustrous forehead  near her falling hair.

1493. Also she removed all her faultless ornaments  and dashed them separately  ,
Spread  her long hair where  musk ghee has been applied on the floor  and,
Shedding tears    and   made the kajal from her blue   flower like  eyes shed,
And   rolled on the bare floor    like a branch   where all flowers have been removed.

1494.The daughter of king Kekaya   was lying  exhausted  like  a deer which had fallen down,
Like a  normally dancing peacock stopping the dance and sleeping  ,
And like   the elder sister  of Goddess Laksmi,    who has arrived   there,
Thinking   that The goddess Lakshmi sitting  in a lotus flower   would go away from Ayodhya

1495,Dasaratha   who had long hands which held the wheel of  rule,
Who was  like a lion  , after the night crossed  mid night  ,
Accompanied by   kings who were saying  “long live”,
Reached the palace of Kaikeyi who had voice which even yaazh was scared.

1496-1497.With the kings accompanying him stopping  at   the gate of private apartments,
Along with maids   who would come running  and obey all his   orders,
The king of kings  reached  Kaikeyi  who had    very soft shoulders, who has got up from her bed,
And who had   broad eyes which were   sharper   than spears,
And when  he saw her carefully   he thought, What great sorrow has come,
And hugged  her  who was like   a female deer  and   with his  long  hands,
Which were like the  trunk of an elephant  started  lifting her.

1498.That Kaikeyi who was like a soul  to the king   who wore scented garlands  ,
Did no show any change   and removed the  long hands   of the king,
Again fell on the ground like   the fall of  a shining    flag,
And without telling any thing   started  breathing    deeply.

1499.That king who was   wearing a garlands   seeing her action and asked,
“What happened? Any one in these  seven worlds   who dared,
To insult you   would  meet their destruction  by being killed by me.
After you tell all that has happened  , you see my  action , tell without delay.”

1500.That Kaikeyi who heard  the words of the  king   who was wearing a garland,
Around which the bees hummed  , With tears from her   long eyes falling on her chest, told,
“If the grace   of your equals that of my eye  ,
Give me back   what  you have given to me long back   with great love .”

1501. Without understanding the mind   of Kaikeyi  from whose hair honey dropped,
Dasaratha    laughed   like   the lightning    which had   very great light   and told,
“I would do whatever your mind wants without leaving any shortcoming,
And I am taking an oath on the very charitable    Rama   who is your son.”

1502. When Dasaratha who   was having great qualities   made   that  promise  ,
She who did not have any doubt   about success   told  , “oh king,
If you want to  remove the great sorrow  that I have  , grant me,
Those two boons that   you offered to me with devas  as witness.”

1503.Dasaratha who did not  think and understand   the words of ,
Kaikeyi , who had a mind   to cheat him   told her  ,
“You need not  have become so sad   and miserable  ,
For getting those  boons from me, I  would give them now  itself ,
 So that heaviness of mind    leaves  you now itself.”

1504. She who  was more cruel than all that is termed  as cruel said,
“Using one boon that you gave me  , my son Bharata should rule this kingdom,
And using the other   the husband of Sita   should go to the  forest,”
And stood there   without   any  sorrow to her  mind.

1505.When that poison  left the   toungue of Kaikeyi   who was as cruel as the snake,
Shivering greatly not able   to hold that poison   , which caused  that great sorrow,
And his body burning and attaining  tiredness  , Dasaratha   fell on the floor,
Like an elephant whose great speed was destroyed   by   a serpent.

1506. Who can describe the sorrow of Dasaratha   who fell on the floor,
And rolled   on it   and attained   very great     sorrow?
With the pain increasing   and mind burning  like the fire,
Raised by the blacksmith using his bellows  , he let out hot breaths.

1507. His toungue  became dry  , the soul started  leaving his body,
The mind faded  , The eyes    let out lots  and lots   of blood,
And due to increased worries   the five sense organs  suffered
And were  wondering what   can be done by them.

1508.Dasaratha     who was suffering great sorrow  with  soul shivering,
Sat for some time  on the floor  , stood up  and again fall down,
And like a picture  his breath stopped   and wanted ,
To catch hold of that sinner   and dash her.

1509.That king who was like an elephant  in whose terrible wound,
A spear which was thrown by a powerful hand entered  ,
Was   ashamed  about the likely bad fame  if he kills a lady,
He  started  wandering    here and there   leaving out deep breaths  ,
With the great pain that   was   inside   his mind,
And then he will stare at  Kaikeyi and become  again  depressed.

1510.When that king who was like   an elephant in rut   which got tied ,
On a big staff  was with pain   in the mind falling down and getting up,
Devas   got scared   and started shivering   for it looked to them,
That the time of final deluge has come   but   the mind of Kaikeyi,
Who had an arrow like    eyes was stable and    was not wavering,.

1511.She was  not scared   by seeing the sorrow of her husband ,
Her mind did not get mercy and neither   was she ashamed,
And we   are  feeling greatly ashamed to describe her state  .
Wise people of yore   always thought  that deception was a lady,
And concluded that women  were ones without  line of attachment.

1512.That Dasaratha who was standing like that   and who was,
Having a spear    on which ghee was applied  ,  after seeing Kaikeyi,
Asked her “Have you ever been surprised? Or has some ,
Deceiver   spoiled your  mind, Tell me the truth with oath on  me.”

1513”Oh king  who has horses  kept under control  , I have,
Never been surprised   , no deceiver   has come and told   anything   to me,
If you grant the boons that you had promised earlier , I will receive them,
But if you do not grant them , I would die   leaving  the crime  on you.”

1514.That king who did not have any soul except his son  ,
Even  before the ignorant   one could complete , her words ,
Of   great anger  , got  confused like one   who was wounded,
By a great spear  on the burn wound  which was already there,
And fell senseless on the floor  with wounded mind   and with  wonder.”

1515.That Dasaratha   who had a sword by which   he had   achieved  victory,
Over  heavens  , earth   and land of  serpents   seeing Kaikeyi told ,
“Oh  cruel lady,  “ and then he would take a big breath    and again say,
“Alas, this Dharma is cruel” and while saying  “let the truth  die ,
He   would totter   and then again fall on the   ground  ,

1516.That Dasaratha who has won over great heroes   with his spear,
Became  greatly angry thinking  “Using my very sharp  sword,
I should kill   all the ladies  on   earth   and after that,
I would also join   the  beings who have reached the lower   worlds.”

1517.  That  king Dasaratha   who was   well known   in all the worlds,
For his dedication   to truth  , beat one palm with another  palm,
Bit  his lips  , would   let out hot breath    saying to himself ,
“Telling truth would harm me  “ and then  like  the fire ,
In which ghee   is poured  , he  became  sad with a broken mind.

1518.The king Dasaratha   who had  crowded  feet which   was being saluted  by great kings,
Who had an elephant army that breaks the staff   that they were tied one after another,
 Like a good king   who wanted to remove   the mistakes   that he has committed  while ruling,
Thinking   that patience is better if it leads to good  , Fell at the   feet of Queen Kaikeyi.

1519.He said, “your son would not accept this kingship   and even if he accepts,
This   world would not like it   and you would not attain your wish  for being praised,
 By all this people of the universe  at any time   and what is the use  ,
Of getting a bad name    and be berated    by all the world.”

1520.”Even devas will not accept  your decision , the people of earth will all die,
But what is the  need to think about the reaction of others? With whom shall,
You rule this world?  Rama has accepted the proposal   because of my words.
Would he not as per    custom give   this kingship to your son also  later?”

1521.”Oh lady  , who is the daughter  of the charitable   king of Kekaya ,
Even if you wanted my eyes  , I am bound    to give  it to you  and even if,
You want my soul which is in my body  , it is already under your control.
If you want that boon, please receive   only the kingdom and forget the other” , he said.

1522.”I have told you by my mouth  that I have given you   the boons,
Now I will not change it .Please do not tell such words  which would make me sad,
And which would make  suffer. Like a mother giving any thing if  some body begs her,
, Even a ghost with fire like eyes also would give   and would it be a mistake  if you grant this?”

1523.Like   this that victorious king   several times  begged her ,
But the mind of her   who was  matchless in cruelty  , did  not melt and she said,
“Oh king , you have given these boons earlier   and if you do not act on them due to anger ,
What will happen?  Who would be there   in this world to protect truth?”

1524.That king who never praised a “lie”   but always praised  the “truth”,
Hearing those words   was greatly hurt  , became further weakened ,
And with more patience than earlier and with shame    thinking  ,
“whether poisonous fire has come in the form of that lady”,
Stood some time breathless   started talking further  begging her.

1525.”Your   son would rule   and  you also would sweetly rule ,
All the earth would be under  your control  . You would  rule. I have granted this.
I would not change my words , Let my  eye like son   not go away from here “, he said.

1526.He further said,  “My truth would uproot   and destroy me   and I am sad,
Thinking  about my fate  . My toungue has dried talking   to you  ,If  today,
My son having lotus like hands   would go away from my presence,
I would not be alive and so my soul is under  your control.”

1528.Kaikeyi   who was not bothered about the sweet begging   words  of Dasaratha ,
Whose anger had not diminished,    Whose mind was like    a dried wood,
Who did not have sense of shame   and who was  not bothered about bad name  ,
Said to Dasaratha,  Oh king who is capable of lifting a huge bow,
“Please tell me that your asking me to leave out a boon that  you have given me,
At an early time  as  you have a   strong mind   and not following  Dharma.”

1529.When that   cruel lady told like this   that   great king   said to her ,
“If Rama is not crowned   and walks   with harsh forest full of stones,
My soul would truly go away from me  “ and fell down,
On the earth like   a huge   tree struck with thunder.

1530.He fell   and  got drowned the  waters   of  the ocean of great sorrow  ,
He further drowned   and drowning he    could  not see  the other shore of the ocean,
He faded   thinking of her   who caused great sorrow surrounding him,
Who was telling harsh   and cruel words   and who was  breaking his heart with them.

1531-1535.”the ladies who wear shining bangles   would merge with body
With    the soul of their great  husbands and would like   to die earlier to him,
. They have so far got only this fame  and no one has killed her husband ,
Oh  lady with a cruel heart , are   you killing  me now.
You are not seeing my sorrow   and you are  not bothered of current  behavior,
You never  think about Dharma  . You have killed “mercy”  from your mind,
You have   also killed   my great soul   by the sharp arrow of your toungue,
And you would be killed by people of earth  not bothered about the sin of killing women,
Good ladies   are those   who do not move away from greatness  and wear ,
The ornaments   called shyness, innocence    and fear   and those ladies,
Who desire  for fame  leave out shyness  and are   not good ladies.
For they are   masculine and never can be called feminine.
I  who have attained victory   over   all   the people, who have  been,
Crowned as kings    and all   those kings    who are  classified   as great,
Due to their strength   and wisdom  as well as devas  in all wars,
Would attain the bad fate  of facing defeat   from a lady of my own home.
That Dasaratha who had shoulders  like one gold mountain meeting another ,
Started thinking  in various ways   and became  sad   by  telling various things,
Would get drowned in ocean of sorrow  , would suffer   by various  types,
Of sorrow which are  different from each other   and   would  faint,
With a doubt whether  he was breathing at all   and his heart would break.

1536.When Dasaratha who was having  a chariot   with wheels made  of gold  ,
Became depressed   and was rolling on the earth with  the dust coating his  pretty shoulders,
Kaikeyi who did not have mercy in her heart   said., “oh king,
Who wears   golden ornaments  , Tell that I got it  properly,
Otherwise   I would take    away  my life.”

1537.Kaikeyi who was like the spreading raging fire   which does not get put out ,
And  destroys lives,   said,  “Oh king with a well tied  bow  , Did not one king,
Of your clan sacrifice     his own life      to protect    truth ? Having given the boon,
If   you are   sorrowing at the present time, what use can be there?”

1539.That very strong king   thinking that  if we do not agree  this cruel lady  ,
Would die   said,” I have given, given those boons and let my son rule   the forest,
I would die and then rule the heaven  andyou   along with your son,
Would keep on swimming in the ocean   of bad name not able to get out of it.”

  1540.As soon as he completed saying it  , with great sorrow entering his mind  ,
Which was similar   to the cutting in to pieces   by a sword meant for killing,
Fainted  ,  lost consciousness   and   forgot    everything , While Kaikeyi,
Who had achieved   what   she wanted happily started   sleeping.

1541.Having   for several days   lived like one soul   and did lot of things together,
And after seeing her husband with strong shoulders   drown in sorrow,
And not bothering about it   or becoming merciful   , that lady with  lustrous teeth,
Was seen by the   cool lady of the night    and becoming shy   ,
To stand before men  , she  vanished   and the  night came to an end.

1542.Those cocks which coo at the  last   yama   of that night   , seeing that Dasaratha,
Who wears   bee hovering flower garlands   had fainted  due to that cruel Kaikeyi,
And also seen him  losing his wisdom  and  also  hearing    the lamentations that he made,
 Appeared to beat  on their own belly by their pretty legs   and crying.

1543.Elephants  who were in safe places  after completing their sweet sleep ,
With great love to Rama  , with a shivering mind thinking   that Sita   with her pretty waist belt,
And Rama with  a name which   cannot be ever   forgotten, would   go to the forest,
Started from there as if announcing to the world that   they would also go to forest.

1544.Before the auspicious   thread was tied  on hands
Which resembled   the trunk  of an elephant   , of Rama  ,
Who was Lord Vishnu with red    eyes similar to lotus flower  ,
The  enclosure (pandal)  which was built to give shade  to the entire world,
And which had pearl hangings   which used  to spread cold ,
Was removed   and like that the sky with stars vanished.

1545.To make us all know  that the night during   which time.
All   of us are   defeated and suffer   due to the sugarcane bow of god of love  ,
And to make us all  know that  the time to    salute Rama   who held the Kodanda bow in his hand 
Has arrived   huge drums   made  lot of sound  and due to that sound  ,
Which resemble thunder  coming out of clouds  big peacocks
Started dancing   and ladies with joy woke up before their husbands.

1546.Due to the slow  scented breeze   which made  lots of flowers  open up ,
Were sad with their waist belt and cloths of hips  loosen up   and some maids,
Each of whom saw  , a  deceiving dream  that they were  making love   To Rama  ,
Were awakened    by the breeze which also put a stop  to their dreams.

1547. Like the flowers  of red lily  getting closed at morn   , the mouths of  good ladies   were shut ,
Seeing the  undesirable act of Kaikeyi    who had a cruel mind  , which shatters  the difficult to get  fame,
Which brings very bad name   which would remain for a long time to come  , which brings destruction,
To  the fame   of    the very great clan and  also destroy their own greatness.

1548.The sharp arrows of god of love   which fills mind with passion  and,
Makes the desire in the mind to  burn  furiously like    wild fire  and,
The  wind   which is in the   sky   due to their cutting their body  ,
And making their souls tired   as well  as the mature songs ,
Entered the ears of ladies   and made them suffer  as if snakes  have entered the ears.

1549.To the men who had hands like   the clouds , that  sinner night  ,
Which came in between   the day when Rama with a wheel is to be crowned,
Appeared to be very lengthy   and they deciding  that   their eyes  and hearts,
Are about to see   the crowning ceremony   ,to see   which  ,
All the beings   in  the seven worlds   were doing great penance ,
Are  going to  lead a grand life that   day woke  up from their bed.

1550.Those ladies who were feigning sleep   by closing their long eyes,
Which were like   sharp ghee coated spears  , thinking  about Rama,
With a wish for seeing   the prettiness  of body of Rama  which gives great luster ,
Got up from the beds   made  of best harvested great flowers ,
Which were  surrounded   by bees  which  were humming songs.

1551.Those ladies   who were   wearing   great garlands   of flower  ,
With great strength of mind  , who had love tiff with their  husbands ,
With a fear that   the gold chain   will  hurt their lovers  when they hug  them,
Wore   flower garlands   and at the time since the siren ending the night sounded,
The men who were sad because   of the love tiff   did not get a chance to get happiness.

1552.In all places  the peacock hangings made pleasant sound  , the bees   hummed,
The movement of flower garlands made sound  , the drums blared  ,
The moving chariots produced sound  , the ornaments  of ladies ,
Whose pearl studded ropes rub with    their waist produced sound  ,
The birds cooed  , Sting instruments made sound  and the horses,
Which run  faster than mind   neighed like   thunder.

1553.That Dasaratha   who merged all the fourteen worlds with his soul,
 Being  one  wedded to truth  , due to the great affection towards  his  eldest  son,
Became one with all the five senses   have become subdued and  the
Luster of the lights in the streets was dimming   like   his lustrous soul,
From his greatly shivering body   which had    divinity.

1554.Various types of pipes  spread   honey like musical sounds,
The  sweet music   where   words were important   filled the sky,
Great sound was produced   by musical instruments called Pambai,
And with various anklets   worn by ladies   creating sound  ,,
Their   conch bangles raised suitable sounds  ,
The   horns made sound everywhere and the chanting  of Sama veda was   also being heard.

1555.With the  smoke like darkness   which filled everywhere   jumping and running away,
And like the lamps   which were  inside the houses   slowly fading away  , due to the,
Enmical act of Kaikeyi    the  great soul of Dasaratha    was also fading away  ,
The  sun rose with blood red colour in the east   looking like he was  very angry.

1556. The lotus   flowers , which looked like  the faces   of ladies bloomed in groups,
AS if  they  wanted to see  with desire , the great beauty   of Rama  , who was the  basis,
Of Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma  , who has become everything in the world,
Who broke   the bow held by Shiva the God of Gods   and  was   wearing   the huge crown.

1557.When things were like this   those living in the city   rose ,
Like the rising of all the seven oceans at the same time and,
Thinking that  it was the day of coronation   of Rama,
With great desire   did lot of activities  and even though,
People like me   they are all  very much beyond thought ,
I  would  try to tell about them to the best of my ability.

1558.The young  ladies , who steal   the minds of  men,
Who were proud like  the elephants  , would apply the  red cotton juice,
Would search the best of conch bangles     which are   white  like milk,
Would say kajal    and apply it on their sword   and spear like eyes,
Which would  look like poison   and they would decorate their hair with fresh  flowers.

1559. When   the tide  of  the joy was flowing out  ,  among those ladies   who  had,
Spot less faces   like a fully opened   lotus flower  who had drunk toddy,
And had  joyful eyes which   were like the kendai   fishes
The saffron paste   that they had  applied   in their chest  was not getting rubbed off,
And because of this all those men  who had  hefty  shoulders.
Became   like   the brothers   of  Lord   Rama.

1560. Those old ladies of great virtue   who were living in that city   became possessed ,
With mother like minds of Kausalya  and the young ladies  in joy matched   Sita,
That Sita became  like Goddess  Lakshmi , all the Brahmins became like sage Vasishta,
And all the old men became like that of  king Dasaratha.

1561.For seeing the coronation of the husband   of Sita who had  cone like breasts,
Huge crowd of kings  , impelled by their great desire   to come  , came ,
Like  the crowd of devas who had come to eat   nectar  , making empty,
This great world which is surrounded   by oceans on all  sides.

1562.In the pretty streets of that great city  , all places were occupied by
Crowds of ladies   who had  mouth which is red like coral and sweet like honey,
Who had thick breasts   and  who had wide   hips   and also  crowd of men,
Who were shouting “go ahead, go ahead”  but not moving themselves ,
And did not proceed   ahead nor   were able to go back.

1563.Some  of them were saying , “number of kings is more”,
Some were saying  , “number  of Brahmins is more”,
Some saying “men were more”  , some saying  “ladies are more”,
Some saying “those who have come are more  “,
Some saying “the number of   people  who are  yet to come  are more”,
But it was clear that they only knew what they thought   and there were none who knew everything.

1564. With  the prettiness of blue lotus  , the cruelty of the spear  , mixed together  ,
Applying the poison called   the shining  Kajal   along  with a look of   the white  shining  sun,
The ladies   had big eyes   and hip that was  bending  when   they came,
And crowded there  like a crowd   of dancing peacocks.

1565.The asuras of Lanka   were the only ones,    who had  not to  come  to see that Rama who  wore
The scented garland of Thulasi marrying  the great bride   of the lady called  earth,
And apart from that those who had not come  were the mountains ,
Of the seven worlds   and those   elephants  with rut  ,
Standing   on the eight   different directions and carrying the earth.

1566.Al l those great kings  who were ruling over   the earth,
Who can be compared  to Devendra came like crores of moons,
With royal umbrellas   made of pearl held high  , fanned by
White cowries   which looked like  the crowded   swan of the  skies,
Came and as per their order and entered   the hall of coronation.

1567.All those  great ones who had mastered   the four Vedas  ,
Who due to their great penance   were  blessing the world with good,
Came like they have come to  celebrate   the entry  of their  eldest sons,
To married life   and entered   the hall of coronation,
To see   the great marriage  of Rama  with  the goddess  earth.

1568. The devas    who had come   to see  the celebration filled up the sky,
Those   who lived in the wide earth dressed  with oceans   filled  the eight directions,
The auspicious  booming sound of conch  , the beat of the drums with wide eyes,
Filled the ears of those  who came  to witness   the function,
And   the mountain of gold that was given in charity filled up the seven oceans.

1569.The rays  of light starting   from the bodies of the kings  ,
Hid the   the luster of lamps   and the light    coming   from,
The movement of crowns   hid the  light of  Sun in the sky,
The light from the ornaments of ladies   who were smiling,
With their white teeth  resembling   the pearls  born in a sea,
Possibly thinking they  can hide the    world of devas also,
Hid both the   eyes   of all the devas    who were there.

1570.In these circumstances   Vasishta  of great penance  ,
Collecting all the auspicious things necessary    to the  coronation,
Of Rama  accompanied  with experts in Vedas chanting all the four Vedas,
Came to the hall of coronation  , making his way through   the old entrances.

1571.He  then filled up the auspicious waters   from River ganges  to the river Kumari,
As well as the   waters   of the four seas  in sacred pots  , made arrangements  ,
Of all the materials that were needed for fire sacrifice , erected the valorous  throne,
In proper place   and also did all  that is needed   for the coronation.

1572.When the experts in astrology told him that the   auspicious time has come,
That Vasishta who did penance so that disease of birth cycle  is removed,
And who stood by it  said, “Go and bring  the emperor  who wears,
The jeweled    crown with haste”, the  loving Sumantra  with bent head,
Went with great speed and love to  carry out that errand.

1573.When he was not able to see Dasaratha  in the palace  which was touching the sky,
He  made enquiries    and reached the palace of Kaikeyi  and informed the ,
Servant ladies with the red mouth   and when they went and told it  to Kaikeyi,
That one who was like god of death among ladies said, “Go and bring  Rama.”

1574.Sumantra who heard that  , with  his  joy increasing further ,
Crossed the streets with palaces    of Gold with great speed  ,
Entered the palace of Rama   saluted him who with mountain like   shoulders,
Was only thinking of him  , hid his mouth with hand  and started telling.

1575.”Kings  , sages  and all those   who are on this earth are showering,
Love on you like your father Dasaratha  and your step mother  Kaikeyi,
Asked me to bring you to her palace   and so come quickly  ,
To wear   that great crown which is made    of gold.”

1576. As soon  as Rama heard that after   saluting   Lord  Vishnu ,
With  one thousand heads   , accompanied like an ocean,
By the   crowd of kings   singing prayers   of God,
With devas   in the sky blessing him with great joy  ,
And with  ladies making great sound   and staring at him,
With great desire  , Travelled  in a chariot decorated by garlands.

1577.Those ladies knowing Rama is going to wear the auspicious crown,
Egged by love  as well as great joy  , joined together  ,
And approached   near him  on both his    sides ,
And they felt that all their sweet souls   has joined together  ,
And  saw that  their soul travelling    in a matchless  chariot.

1578.Due to  words that make one shiver   told by Kaikeyi,
Rama would be avoiding   the lustrous   ceremony of crowning,
And would separate himself  from the pure divine lady of earth,
Rama    accompanied    by the songs   sung by those ladies,
And entered the thick  forest    of the bamboos of thick shoulders ,
And which   has the  fatal   spear   of their eyes.

1579-1580.Those ladies who were  throwing at Rama   the scented powders ,
Flowers  , sandal   and gold  , who were letting fall   their   very pretty,
Waist belt , their shyness   as well as their bangles  ,
Who were washing   with hot water from their eyes  their soft breasts ,
Which were wounded   by the flower darts of god of love  ,
Who were telling each other “This Rama is not  suited to rule  the earth”,
“How is it  that he does not seem to have love towards us?”  ,
And   due to shivering of the mind  , they were sorrowing  ,
And seeing Rama with red eyes and pretty black body,
Riding on a chariot    wherever    their  eyes look at  ,
They asked ,”How many people  are there who look like Rama?”

1581.All ladies  were making great sound like this and crowded round Rama,
And   all the sages and elder citizens of Ayodhya   and young people  .
After seeing the very pretty body  of Rama  , not able to find  ,
Any limit to the love that   they had    for him  thought ,
In their mind and told about it. WE will now start telling about that.

1582.Some said “this world   has now greatly succeeded, Some said,
“You would live up to the    final deluge  , Some said, “Oh son  ,
Please take   all our  allotted  life span”,   Some others said,
“Let   the fruit of penance    we did controlling  five senses be yours”,
And some  others said, “ Let You who  wear the garland ,
Of Thulasi    get  the fruits   of all good deed   done in the world.”

1583.Some said “what was   the blessed deed was done by lotus flower ,
Which resembles his eyes and what was the blessed deed done   by,
The rain  shedding cloud    to get his colour.”How can we compensate ,
The king   who did impossible penances  and gave this great one to us?”

1584.“The mercy  of Rama  is similar to the  mercy  Narayana with a divine wheel,
Who rushed    to save  the  elephant which called him,  when attacked by the crocodile,”
Some said   and some others said, “When we approach the lord , whom even Vedas,
Are not able to know properly   and see him  , tears  rush   to the eye,
Without any  other  reason   except love   for him.”

1585.”on one side  there was fullness   and great wisdom  to the black cloud like Rama,
On the other side   who has   his great character?” some said  , Some others said,
 “Would this very great Lord Rama belong to clan of devas?”   and without knowing  ,
I asked  “is he   the endless God   who is the root  cause beyond   the calculation of time .”

1586.Some said  “Those who dug the ocean  , those   who brought Ganga to earth,
And those   who went and helped the Devas   and fought  and  won over the asuras,
Were his great ancestors  who were   blessed   with  permanent    greatness, And we would live Depending  on the fame  brought by   his   great   shoulders ,
Which were   decorated   by the garland of victory,”

1587.”Oh son,  These  are sandal paste , these are  faultless  gem garlands,
Those  here are  The thilaka  as well as ornaments for you to wear ,
Please give charity with your hands   these  row of elephants with rut,
The row of victorious horses and wealth   made of pure gold.” Said some.

1588.When the valorous Rama was coming   in a chariot with speed of lightning,
There were  none in that crowd  whose  mind did not melt with extreme love ,
Whose  body  did not  become soft  and whose  mind did not melt  ,
For they saw in him the matchless child of God coming alone with a spring.

1589.They said, “all those good natured kings   who stand in the shade of  white  royal umbrella,
Who had a huge army    and who  were ruling   the   earth with great grace,
After the birth of Rama   would start thinking , that having a son is bad  ,
And would   stand  like a picture.perplexed and with a melting mind .”

1590.”That Rama   who was wearing the sacred thread   on his chest  was like,
A wandering streak of lightning   and would he   pass   the gates of our home,
With great speed ? To prevent  him from doing that   along   with,
Huge mountain like gold   fill the  big street with limitless  gems.”
Some who were   saying like this started   pouring gold and gems on the street.

1591.Some of them said  “He was not brought up by    his mother  and ,
By the great  penance that she did   the daughter of Kekaya  king brought him up.
If this is the nature of the   happiness    of Kaikeyi who is charitable  ,
We cannot say   anything about  the great joy that  she must be feeling.”

1592. Some said, “If  he rules   the  great sorrow    as well as sins  ,
Would be completely uprooted   and  now this earth   not only,
Belongs to Rama but  to all of us  . This Rama   would destroy,
The Asuras     who are the enemies of Devas   and ,
What a great penance have  the kings done to serve  under him?”

1593.When the citizens of the town were talking like this  ,
The victorious hero Rama  travelling   in a chariot,
On which matchless gems had  been tied    and ,
Which is pulled   by the horses travelled  through,
The row  of  tall houses   with flags   and  reached ,
The palace of Dasaratha  who wore fame as ornament.

1594.When Rama reached there   did  not see  cowries were  being swung all around     and
The ladies  who had decorated their hair   with flowers  were dancing with new joy and great love ,
And also did not see  Dasaratha wearing   a great crown , sitting on the throne with joy.

1595.Rama   who appears  in the mind of wise people  who have learnt ,
 All Vedas   and all great books of the world  did not enter with sweetness ,
In that  king’s golden  hall   where  the kings together    with the sages  ,
With great joy were singing    the real praise  ,
But entered   in to the palace   of his   step mother  Kaikeyi.

1596.The kings and sages   and all others  seeing  Rama  who entered ,
The palace  of  Kaikeyi    thought that  “Rama has only   done proper thing.
It is great  for him   to salute the lotus like  feet of his    father  first,
And   wear the crown which was earlier   worn by all kings  ,
Starting from   Sun God  with red rays , which appears   above everything.”

1597. When things   were going on like this  ,  Kaikeyi seeing  Rama   searching and coming  ,
Towards   the pure Dasaratha , after   getting depressed   and then  became all right,
Thinking ,”My lord will not tell this with his mouth   and so I will  tell it myself,”,
And stood like a god of death , before  Rama who was thinking that  she is his mother.

1598.Rama who was like a calf which has seen its  mother cow  which returned  in the evening,
Saluted by falling   on the ground with his forehead  touching the earth  Kaikeyi who came   there,
And then slightly closing   his  coral red mouth    which was scented like  saffron  with his red palm,
Using his right hand   and folding his cloth using his pretty  left hand   stood in salutation.

1599.Kaikeyi   who had a mind of steel   and   who was   as cruel as God of death who destroys,
Said, “Son,  There is something    that your    father wants to tell you, and if you think,
It is proper  for me to tell  you   that  , I would  tell you  that  .”

1600.”If my   father orders me some thing   and if you are   agreeable to tell that,
I have become blessed and there would be    no one born in this    world,
Who are  greater than me.  I think     the fruit of my penance  has already  come.
Is there any greater  fortune than that?  You are  my father as well as mother,
Please order me  and I would obey it  with all   my  mind.”

1601.”With the entire earth  surrounded   by  the sea ruled by Bharata,
Carrying  on two sides  by matted hair  , do  the greatest penance possible  ,
Reach   the  cruel forest   which is dusty , take bath in all sacred waters  ,
And come   back here   after   fourteen long    years.”

1602.”After seeing   the  beauty  of the , face of  Rama  , who  has  good characters,
Which are beyond  description , It is not possible    for people  like me  to describe it.
That face   was like lotus before and after   hearing  the   words  of Kaikeyi,
And even after understanding the import of those words , It won over lotus flower.

1603.Rama who was at that time  scared of disobeying    the orders  ,
Of  his clear minded father  had agreed   to   the great sorrow,
The painful job   of ruling the earth and like the black bull ,
Which was  tied to the cart   and was being driven by its owner,
Was set free   by one merciful person  , he felt free of those ties.

1604.” Would I disobey  your commands  feeling it is not the king’s command,
Is not  the great  fortune of my brother Bharata , my own fortune?
Is there a better  luck than that ?. I have taken this command on my head,
And I would immediately go to the forest   which shines ,
With sun light   like lightning  and I am taking leave from you.”

1605.That Rama who had shoulders which were even better than  the mountains,
After telling this took leave  , and after saluting the  direction   of  the feet of Kaikeyi,
Making Goddess Lakshmi sitting on lotus flower   and mother earth cry  ,
Left that   place    and reached   the palace   of mother Kausalya.

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