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Kamba Ramayanam-Ayodhya Kandam-Padalam 5-9

5. Thailam aatu  Padalam

The chapter  on  floating in oil.

(The people of the entire city accompanied Rama, Lakshmana and Sita who were driven in a chariot  by Sumantra.  The night came and when all of those people were sleeping Rama, requested Sumantra to go back    so that on waking people would think  that  Rama had   gone back to Ayodhya.   Sumantra went back to city   and along with sage Vasishta   informed Dasaratha about the going away of Rama  to the forest. Dasaratha died immediately Sage Vasishta preserves his body in oil and send emissaries to bring back   Bharata. The sixty thousand wives who wanted to die with Dasaratha    waited. Meanwhile  Rama went inside the forest  along with Sita and Lakshmana. Next day people of  Ayodhya    return back the next day,
   The order of treatment is slightly different in Valmiki Ramayana.    Dasaratha tells Kausalya about the story of his curse  . Dasaratha dies in his sleep   and this  is noticed  by his servants and Kausalya was  not present at that time. In fact Kausalya and Sumithra were sleeping at the time of his death.. There is no mention   of any wives dying in the pyre. The return of Sumatra is  only  after   Rama reaches  Ganga and meets  Guha, leaving the people Sumantra goes towards Ayodhya but returns without  leaving a mark and takes them to river  Ganges )

1840.Who are the   people   who did not   follow,
Behind Rama who was sent by his father   to forest?
None except  the king Dasaratha   who had a great army  ,
His queens  and the pictures  of Ayodhya  ,
Which did not go  because    they do not   have  a soul.

1841. That chariot   of Rama  which was   made of pure Gold ,
Went slowly  due to water spreading round   it due to the tears  shed by people,
As well as the river      of the crowds   of people  surrounding it,
And was similar   to the   the fish incarnation of Lord   Vishnu  ,
Travelling in water   surrounding   the seven worlds during deluge.

1842.The sun god saying , “I do not like   to see Rama entering the forest”,
Hastened up    to go in the stony paths    of the very deep forests,
And with stars coming out  saying , we are always there  ,
With light of sun disappearing  , and cows returning ,
With buffaloes after grazing  , he reached the mountain of setting.

1843.The  crowd of lotus flowers  which   was similar   to ,
The faces of ladies of Ayodhya   who had lustrous forehead,
Created by Lord Brahma by    breaking  the moon,
Growing in the toddy  , had lost their luster and had lost its beauty.

1844.  Because it was evening  , the sun whose light had gone  ,
Was  like the good mind of the     daughter of  king Kekaya,
Whose mind was poisoned  by Kooni    and had got faded,
And  like her mind   was dark    having lost its goodness.

1845.The  faded sky  on which the stars    were spread everywhere ,
Was looking    like the body of Indra  which is always  closely filled  
With   eyes that do not blink, due to the    curse   of the sage  ,
Who did not have    any sorrow    at any time.

1846-1847.Rama after  speedily going two Yojana   distance  from Ayodhya,
Reached a garden   which  had pleasant smell  , got down from the chariot,
And when he was   happily   staying    with the  knowledgeable sages   there,
Who were happy due to his coming  , the army which followed Rama  ,
Surrounded him in a circle    for one Yojana distance   and covered the ,
Garden so tightly that   if one   wants   to throw gingely  , there was no place.

1848.All those who went along with Rama  , never put anything   in their mouth,
They did not sleep  , They went   on crying   endlessly   and they stayed ,
On the banks of the river which looked gem studded , on broad expanse  of sand,
And on    the  grass lands   and in all places fit    for staying.

1849.On the  thin cloth which was like the film formed with hot steam,
Of the   women with eyes like two blue lotus    flowers  , in the 
Scented  Lotus flower which has freshly bloomed in the    pond,
Small girls  with untied hair  scented like musk, were sleeping.

1850.The old women   who have   walked   long distance    at the day time  ,
Who have breasts   which beat  the  flowers of coconut  ,
Young ladies    who had breasts like the buds   of lotus flower  ,
Who had sharp  black eyes ,  who were   talking   words as sweet   as sugarcane  
 On their   laps  being   the mothers   who looked   after   them.

1851.Young ladies with  kajal applied eyes  which are like split tender  mangoes 
Were sleeping   like young female elephants  on the sand mountains which   had flowers,
And  the valorous   marava lads who had    spears which always had flesh,
Were sleeping   like small eyed male elephants   which protect female elephants.

1852,Some ladies   slept in the tent made   of Kurukathi sleepers  , in the,
Outside   room   which was decorated by blue gems and looked  like the sky,
And some others  in the middle of betel nut  tree forest   in the depressions,
And on sand mountains  like a row   of winged   swans.

1853.In the scented forest of Champaka trees, some of them slept ,
Like   the vanchi creepers  which had   broken  down with great tiredness.
Some others with cloth tied over their breasts   , moving  like  ,
The Pavala creepers  which grow on sand  , slept  with great  tiresomeness.

1854,  Young ladies  , who  were not able to   see  the face   and enjoy  ,
The mercy of their husbands    who were  of good character and great penance  ,
Like the very sad dancing peacocks    who were so tired   as if their soul is going,
Slept   with their babies scratching    the tip of their breasts.

1855.Some who  were like  cool snow covering the mountain of kumkum,
Slept   with the dust of sand spreading   on their pure breasts,
Some with greatly faded faces   slept  on their pretty hands,
As if they thought    the place was filled with lotus flowers.

1856,When all of them were sleeping like this     Rama  called ,
Sumantra who has  not slept   and said, “There  is a job,
For you who are complexly faultless    and full of goodness,
That remains to be done   in the future  , Please hear about that.”

1857.”It is impossible for us to ask these  people ,
Who have great love to us     to return back and it is not,
Good to go from here   to the forest without sending them ,.
So  oh my father like Sumanthra  , if you can now  make the chariot,
Look as if it has gone back   they would think   that I have gone back,
And would themselves   go back , This is a request that I make to you.”

1858” .When Rama   of great honesty  told like this,
The charioteer told,”if I leave you here , my soul will depart from me today itself,
And I would go to Ayodhya  without soul    to see    there also dead bodies   and since,
My mind does not like that  , I who am pitiable    but would be better than,
The cruel mother Kaikeyi    and  the cruel   fate.”

1859”.Would I go and tell there   that  I left here the great Rama ,
Followed by goddess like Sita   and  Lakshmana   in the  forest with flowers,
And  Would I be able to tell   that I have returned  bringing Rama with me ?
What should I the steel hearted   man go and tell    there?”

1860.  “Would I who am a very long    standing friend   go and tell that,
Along with Sita who wears cloth over her breasts   and   who would not be ,
Able to walk  on even   that the flower used   for making garlands   along  with ,
The two strong sons  were  left  by me in the forest  to go by walk,
And I returned back without any problem driving the chariot.”

1861. Though I  am  with very strong senses   , a stone like mind   and an ignorant cheat,
Would I be able    to tell Dasaratha   whose broken mind   has  destroyed his body,
The  great words   which has been told by you  , who is extremely wise   or,
Would  it be told by the messenger of God of death.

1862.”Oh  Rama  ,to  the Dasaratha who is being kept alive   by consoling him,
By telling that  all the people in four directions   and the people of the city  ,
Would bring your son  ,would I be able   to tell these cruel words  ,
Of God of death   and would  I be responsible to kill him.”

1863.”Would I be able tell him that, the  lion among men ,
To whom you became the father  with great difficulty ,
By   doing Yagnas on fire   has gone  to the forest  ,
And If I am the last one   who would be able to see  my king  ,
 Possibly    queen   Kaikeyi    is a good lady compared to me.”

1864.After  telling Rama that these are  his views,
He  became   like a serpent   hearing the thunder 
Struggled and  became worn out   , caught  hold ,
Of the feet of Rama   and again and again,
Kept on repeating    several words   and rolled on earth,

1865. Rama  who had   controlled his five senses  , who can be approached  ,
Only with the pure wisdom which is    beyond the mind  ,
Lifted that Sumantra with his big hands  , wiped   away his tears,
Made him sit separately    and    told the following words.

1866.”oh Sumantra who has  a great mind which realizes   that ,
If one is born ,  pleasure and pain    are something which follows   from it,
Thinking that it would lead to sorrow   or  thinking that , the people ,
Of this world    would find fault with you  . how can we forget Dharma.

1867.” The great dharma    would  give fame to the one who follows it,
And would be with you even after   death  ,   would grant you the upper worlds,
And   if sweet  events  happen to us  due to that   adopt Dharma  and if,
Bad  events happen to us, is it proper    for us   to forsake Dharma?”

1868. “ Heroism  is not   the strength   that you have to face  ,
The  great and lustrous   weapons    come and hit your chest ,
But  it is   being told   as those  who do not leave    dharma ,
Even if he dies   are completely loses   all the wealth   he has.”

1869.”Oh Sumantra who   has   the spear that cuts body and drinks the blood,
Suppose I return back now  considering the   sorrows  that I need face in the forest,
My clan   which is ancient and which had kings whose fame   had touched the sky,
Would be told as one which   erred from Dharma    due to me.”

1870,  If people say that”That  Dasaratha   who has great  truth   which  is
beyond person’s capability  has sent his great    son to the forest  “
Then it would be great penance to the king   and   it would be a great  penance to me  ,
If I obey it   word by word and completely. So do not take  pity on me.”

1871.”You please   go there , first meet sage Vasishta,
Inform him  my salutations   and along with him reach my father,
And     tell him    my  mind’s intentions”,   said Rama.

1872. You also tell my    younger brother   Bharata  ,
 To rule according to law   and do beneficial things  ,
To greatly  pure Brahmins   and  the devas who live in heaven.
And also tell him   to get rid   of the sorrow of loneliness  ,
By coming away from there   and tell this in a soft way.

1873.Tell him  also  not to bother   about the great sorrow created by Kaikeyi  ,
Even to a micro extent  in his mind   and show the same affection and care,
That he has to me   on the king   Dasaratha   also.

1874.  After you   go there  along with   sage Vasishta   of great penance  ,
Reach the palace   and meet Dasaratha     the greatest among males  ,
And console    him with sweet   words  and  inform  him,
That I   wanted a boon   from him   that   “I need this boon from you. Please show the same,
Love that  you show to me   towards   my brother Bharata also.”

1875.   Further tell that “ after  fourteen years   I would return,
And salute his holy feet  , and in this I would not fail”
To the king , who has   the valorous elephant with the face mask,
And    make his mind clear by the words  of the sage   who never gets tired.”

1876 .That Rama    who  is invisible and not reachable    even to the devas .
And who had reached   the forest as per the need of his incarnation  ,
Further said,  Inform my three mothers  of my salutations  ,
And request them  later to  console the king  and   stay near him.

1877.Considering that   the duty of the servant   is to obey the order of master,
And deciding that going back to Ayodhya   is the proper   thing  ,
That Sumantra who could drive the great chariot   properly  ,
And thinking that   “this is a sorrow    which has come due to fate  “
And he looked   at her   who was  the cause of joy in life.

1878. That Sita   said,   “after informing my   salutations   to the king,
As well as my  mother in laws  , request  my sisters,
 Who would be thinking about me  to  look after
 My parrot  as well as my golden flower.”

1879.  That expert   charioteer   after   hearing   those words of Sita,
Becoming very sad thinking about the sorrows that Sita has to  face,
And thought  “If bad things which cannot  be prevented comes,
It would be better  to leave this life  and that it is not easy to do,
And when Rama prevented him     he  sobbed and cried greatly.

1880. That Sumantra who had impartial love towards them,
Slightly consoling himself  and told Rama, “Grant me leave to go”,
And after saluting that heroic Rama   asked   the younger  Lakshmana,
“What   should I tell in the palace “ , he told him as follows.

1881.”After announcing  in the king’s council  That   this wealth  of Kosala,
Country   is to be ruled by my lord Rama   and due to the oath,
He had given to the Kaikeyi with scented   hair  ,
That  Dasaratha   took away the kingship from Rama  .
Does  he deserve to be called    as a king   even now.”

1882.”That truthful king who made  his son go to the forest,
And  made  him  eat  the raw    fruits of tree and who,
Himself  partakes  in great feasts in the palace,
Is taking  care of his body   and does  not have ,
The strength    himself    to the forest,”

1883.Tell the king Bharata   who rules along with lustrous sword,
“I am not  born with him  who is ruling   the earth,
And I am also not an elder brother  to  my brother Sathrugna  ,
And also tell them, that   even now  I continue to remain strong.

1884.Then Rama looked at his younger brother   and said,
“Sir , do not tell the words    that are  not good  “ and
The expert on driving the chariot   with a struggling mind,
Saluted them falling on the earth and started     to return back.

1885.Then he got ready the  chariot   and   attached ,
The horses     to it in the proper   fashion,
And due to his expertise   in chariot , drove it,
In such a way  that   none who were  sleeping were disturbed.

1886.With his great character ,  the virtue of Sita   and his brother,
The lord went   to  do faultless  mercy  , wisdom and truth ,
With   only his    bow to protect him  in the mid of night.

1887.While that darkness   which was pitch black   being friendly  ,
To those Rakshasas  who  help  the  cruel deceptive deeds,
Wanting to help    their bad deeds  due to its friendship   with them,
Was wanting to  obstruct    Rama   and others  , there appeared,
In   the sky  the moon which looked  like    a hand held lamp.

1888.Dharma   who was compelling    those two  with thunder like bow  ,
Who were both supporting and keeping it alive   and who were,
Interested in destroying   the   cruel sin of  killing others  ,
Thinking of the   good things    that they are going to do  ,
Came   to see them with joy   and the  face of that Dharma,
Shined in the sky  like   the matchless   white moon.

1889.Seeing   the poverty of Rama  who was  going through,
The forest path    surrounded   by very tall  bamboo plants,
The lily flowers (changazhneer)  cried   and  folded  themselves,
And the AAmbal flowers which open at night   which were,
In look similar to head   of rat snakes   had fallen down,
And  this being so, how can the other    tender flowers open at that night.

1890. To Rama who was similar to a black mountain  , to  Lakshmana  ,
Who was like a gold    shield that was covering and protecting Rama,
And to the  tender feet of that lady with eye brows like    the bow,
The path    that they have to proceed was like  one spread with white cotton,
Due    the moon spreading its early    rays  , every where.

1891.The small feet  of Sita, with  very narrow waist and very large breasts,
And  very wealthy  luxurious black hair  are as tender   as the water bubble,
And because she was following Rama  , it  is not possible for us to know,
That  there is something greater than   the very strong love  she had  to Rama.

1892.Before   sun rose   on the east behind the rising mountain,
Rama the consort of Goddess Lakshmi   travelled,
To a distance of two Yojanas    towards the south  ,
And we would now tell about   the deeds of Sumantra  ,
Who went with a wounded mind   and stream like   tears 
On a chariot  drawn by   swift horses     speedily.

1893.Within  two hours    he reached  Ayodhya  protected by walls,
And saluted   the holy feet of    the primeval sage(Vasishta)  and 
He heard   about all that happened  , became sad in his mind  ,
And knowing all that was to come  said”Alas the king is dead.”

1894.He   along with Sumanthra went in to the   golden palace   of that king   sobbing,
“Fearing the words of the people  Dasaratha was not willing to stop Rama  ,
And Rama who is firm on Dharma  , did not hear   my advice to him,
Not to go the forest and so who are there   who have won over fate.”

1895, Lead by their innate desire,  the ministers   thought   that,
Rama has   come back in the chariot   and   went round  Dasaratha,
Who was like the moon surrounded by the cloud  ,
But  not able to see Rama with a  cloud  like body ,
And seing the state of Sumantra    with   tears,
That never could change  and   became greatly dejected.

1896.When all of them told  that, “the chariot has arrived “,
Dasaratha thinking that  the blessed one has  come back,
Got up from his swoon   and opened his eyes,
Which were like the faultless  lotus   flower,
And seeing the  sage with great penance ,
Asked him,   “Has   my hero come back?”

1897.Vasishta not in a position to say “no”  , with great sorrow,
Remained silent   and   his face itself    told Dasaratha ,
That , “Rama has not come back  “, he became exhausted,
And  the sage  saying  , “ I do not have   ability,
To see  this great sorrow  “ and went away from there.

1898.Dasaratha then looking at charioteer    asked him,
Whether  Rama is inside the palace    or far away  ,
And that expert charioteer   told him that,
“Rama along with his brother   and the gold of Mithila,
Had gone in side   the forest where tall bamboo plants   and they  are there”
And immediately   Dasaratha  lost  his soul and died.

1899.Indra and other   Gods  like him   came  in a moon like ,
Airplane lifted him in that  and becoming very joyous said,
“Our father  of Rama has come”    and took him   to the world,
Which was above the   world of God who sits on lotus from belly  ,
And made    him reach the world, from which no body comes back.

1900.Kausalya who was   like   a very great peacock   understanding,
That there is no palpitation   or breath , examining  and,
Understanding that Dasaratha is no more  with   great  sorrow,
Like a    worm without bones   which was exposed   to heat of summer   fell down.

1901.That lady    who did great penance   to  give birth to Lord Vishnu,
Who   created   Brahma from  his belly button, after loosing her husband,
Sobbed and suffered  like  devas who lost the nectar , the serpent who lost  the gem,
And started wailing   like a female  Andril bird which lost its mate .

1902.’That  Dasaratha   who cannot be opposed by any one and who has lost,
His only protection   , has left us all   alas”   said she   and  like the fish,
Which got upset   due   to  no rain  and no water in the soil  ,
And     started falling    due  to body becoming unstable.

1903.”Sons would send their   parents to the blessed other world  ,
And not only that   they would protect  them when they are   alive  , is it not?
And so how can evil occur to those    who have given birth  to  children?
But  our son   instead of coming here and saying  “do not be scared”
And protect our lives, has he not killed his father?”  saying this she started  shivering.

1904.” That very  strong Dasaratha , without illness which causes   death,
And not having lustrous    weapons on him   had died    due to his sons whom he loved.
And he    thus resembled   snakes   with dots on   the banana plant  ,
And also the bamboo plant  “ saying this she fell down fainted.

1904.That Kausalya who was struggling on the chest of the king  like  ,
Lightning streaks over the cloud   said,  “Oh Kaikeyi with very  long pretty  well made hair,
By your intelligence   you could get the earth   and got a  boon that   cannot be changed,
And have you not now itself     stopped   the counseling?”

1905. Like a she elephant    tying a   royal elephant   by her  legs ,
The sick Kausalya looking at Dasaratha   told, “Oh king who attained,
Victory over    Sambara who cannot be easily defeated  in early days  ,
You won the war  and devas lived  with joy due to you  and now  you are their guest.”

1906. Kausalya  who gave birth to Rama   whose  wealth of fame  was ,
Enjoyed by the devas    asked, “Have you gone  to enjoy the fruits of Yagna done earlier”
Or have you gone   to experience your advices   which were  matchless  and held tightly  by you,
Or have you gone to enjoy the fruits  never defeated life , led by you as per  manu’s  edict.”

1907.When the chief queen of the great king   of earth was    crying and prattling,
Her step wife Sumithra   who was also her friend   cried   and became enfeebled,
And when that  palace   was tottering  like  the rotating earth at deluge,
All other  largely ignorant   wives   of Dasaratha  came like a crowd of peacocks   and wailed.

1908.In this world  which had salt  pan  fields   surrounded by the oceans,
Those queens whom the deva maidens and other virtuous  ladies ,
Thought as most virtuous   and who had flawless  moon like faces  ,
Stood  in the palace near the stable  mountain    like   a crowd of peacocks  ,

1909.  Those queens  who were holding and not leaving  the body of Dasaratha  
Who had parted from his son and who   had lost his life   due to the abhorrent    words   of Kaikeyi ,
 And who always stood only by the truth  were  looking like  those,
Were waiting to travel in  the ship  which had crossed the ocean of birth,
And had just returned and by which the fish called Avidhya   which makes one mad travels.

1912.When all the sixty thousand queens had firmly   decided  ,to die ,
With Dasaratha  in his funeral pyre   and with the   faultless  ,
Queens Kausalya and Sumithra   becoming worried   and faded,
And when Sumantra    riding on his gem studded   lustrous chariot  ,
Went and informed Vasishta  he   looked at  the  acts of fate  ,
By his mind and eyes    and started    sobbing.

1913.That Vasishta who came here thought   that  the king had died,
Due to  giving the boon and parting with his son   and  further ,
Thinking only about it became greatly depressed   and became  like a sailor,
Of a broken ship in ocean full of waves  who had lost his capain.

1914.Vasishta   further thought that,  “Since there  is no one present,
Who can  perform the death rituals   and also thinking   that  anything,
Which comes is  bound to come   and taking in to consideration,
Normal rules of the world   and deciding that these  could be performed,
Only after Bharata   who is son of the cruel  lady who had lost her mind,
Comes to Ayodhya    took the body away   from the ocean of women,
And arranged   it to be preserved     in an ocean of oil.

1915.After telling the   sixty thousand queens that, “ When the  rituals,
Of death are  being performed by him  , you can also climb the pyre.”
And sending them away  and after making   those faultless   queens  ,
To stay in the palace  , Giving the royal order   sent emissaries .
With a request” bring back with  you Bharata   who wears the cool garland.”

1916.After those emissaries  left   for  the lustrous town of the king of Kekaya,
The very wise Vasishta  asked the Commander  Sumantra  “Perform actions,
That are needed”  and to perform his Dharma,  reached  his hermitage  ,
And we   will now tell  what happened   to people   who went with Rama.

1917.The sun that gives sun light to us  , knowing the son of  his clan,
Had died   and his sons   are   far away from him  , possibly,
Thinking that  till they come I would look after  the kingdom,
With the sea fishes    bellowing like a big drum,
With devas praying him  , with people on earth offering morning ablations,
With his sword with pure luster   shining by his side  ,
Came riding     on his chariot of sun’s rays.

1918.Those citizens   who sorrowed like  no one has done before
Who had forgotten themselves  , thinking that  Rama was still there,
Got up and went to the place Rama was there  and  not able to see ,
The cloud coloured Rama   who had   a lotus like eyes full of grace  ,
Fainted   and closed their eyes  thinking  of  killing themselves ,
And fell on the earth   and started   rolling there.

1919.They would  get up wanting to run in all eight directions,
Get up, fall down  , fall in the ocean of sorrow , ail,
“He has left us and gone away and what he did  is cruel”,
And further say, “After all  the wide  Dandaka  forest is in this world  ,
And so it is not proper for  us to loose our balance   and it is  not a crime.
Let us follow the tracks  let by his chariot    and reach him.”

1920.All of them    searched for    the tracks and found  it to be turning  ,
Towards   their great city   and   getting their soul back   said,
“All of you  please do not be afraid  for Rama has reached  back to Ayodhya,
And they shouted  with joy as if the sea and thunder have joined together.”

1921.All those people of the city who were  there  thinking that  ,
The Rama who defeated   the god of love who belonged  ,
To the matchless  spring , has returned    back to the city,
And this acted  like great medicine for   bite of   very poisonous,
Snake  . releasing the great poison from his   curved   teeth,
And they were like  people whose soul   has left them   ,
Who had taken great nectar  as medicine to cure death,
And found that the soul    had entered  in to them  again.

1932. As the path progresses   not seeing any  other mark  than of the wheels of the  chariot,
And not seeing any other marks  , with more and more  greater ebbing joy,
Like  the sea  , in the period when creation started   after deluge ,  which crossed,
The entire   limits of the   earth and  existed   within its own limits  ,
 They returned back  and reached  great city of Ayodhya    surrounded by  walls.

1933.The people after  they entered the city   heard   that   their king,
Had  attained      the golden land   and were mind broken  and shed their souls  ,
WE would not be in a position to describe their   sorrow   and they also knew,
That Rama had   gone   to the forest   and if there is a  limit of time,
When    the  rest of the soul had to go out  , would it be when they heard  that?

1934. Without being able to help the king   and not also able   to help,
Rama who went to the forest  , they  suffered  like those   closed in,
The inescapable   prison of misery   and when  sage Vasishta  ,
Who  was  with  them told  that he stayed there fearing ,
The coming of unthinkable bad name   and he removed  their ,
Extreme sorrow by  various   words  of consolations.

1935.As per the order  of the sage Vasishta  fearing the Vadavagni
Which existed in  between the   seas   , like   the deep sea  ,
Which never crosses its banks   when those sorrowing  people  ,
Continued   to live  in that city  , we will now  start telling 
About   the Rama with a strong bow   who went to the forest,
Due to penance of devas    as per the order  of the very generous  Dasaratha.

6.Gangai Padalam
Chapter on Ganges

(Rama , Sita  and Lakshmana reach river  Ganges. Saints who were living there   and received them. 
In Valmiki Ramayanam Sumanthra is with them till they reach  the river Ganges and then only returns.)

1926.Rama  whose comparison to Kajal or emerald  or the tumultuous sea  ,
 Or The rain clouds  would not be , alas ,  really adequate 
And   whose   body  which had  the destruction less  prettiness ,
With  the light of the sun  falling on him and reflecting blue colour,
Went along with  her whose  “waist “is  a lie and his brother.

1927.She who had   matchless  hair which was like black sand lying near to each other ,
She who had sweet speech which is comparable only   with nectar  churned out from sea,
She who had pure qualities  like complete   penance  and had a matchless sky like waist,
And Rama   who had the gait of a strong bull   were going on their path,
Like   the  male swan with very great pride   and the female swan with simplicity.

1928.Sita  who had pretty eyes    which defeated   the five arrows  of god of love,
As well as the sharp   arrows  of Lord  Rama  , as something inconsequential
And which were   in a position to win victory over cruel poisons  , saw that  ,
The pretty as well as proud bees  with their nature  of setting down on hair,
Were preferring to settle   down   on the flower like feet of Rama .
Rather than   the  lotus flowers   which had bloomed    all around.

1929-1930.With Sita   who had  hair scented   with perfume powders and pollen grains  ,
And had  crescent of moon    shaped forehead and   Rama who had lips,
Which added  redness to corals  walked  like cloud coming with lightning,
Like   the pretty male  elephant wearing  ornaments  coming  with female elephants .
 Rama saw the   crowd of  blue  lily flowers   being thrown   from the field Which was
Similar   to the eyes  of Sita with a voice similar      to that of a parrot  , which was
Like  the nectar like music raising from the flute with holes   which can be enjoyed by the ears.
Like   the music which comes out from Yaazh which   had tightly tied strings,
Like the pure quality honey  , with well matured   bar  of sugar syrup.

1931.That Sita   with her breasts similar   to   two golden pots  over which,
The newly formed  flower buds   have been kept   and like  the  very proud  ,
 Tusks   of the  Male  Elephant  and hairs like the cloud of rainy season,
Seeing   the presses for extracting juice   out of sugar cane here  and there ,
Went on playing with Rama who had mountain like shoulders.

1932. They both saw   ghats   made by row of pearls created   by several clams  ,
Gardens where   swans were sleeping  , sand heaps with conches  lying about  ,
Gardens   with floors showered   with dropping   flowers  ,
And Rivers which were pushing     good dust of   gold  and became very happy.

1933.  Old buffaloes   after eating awns  of paddy   were standing  with rice milk,
Flowing from the corner of their mouth  and were jumping with their legs    in to the   water ways,
The Chel and Kayal    fishes were jumping  in the river with bees flying from honey dripping  flowers,
And in the river water  that   was   rushing ,  the red legged  she swans  who were similar to ladies
Were   dipping in the river and seeing all this   they crossed the long Kosala kingdom.

1934. Those three    who were wearing ornaments   shining like sun  ,
After crossing  that prosperous   country which had wealth giving fields 
Reached  river Ganges   which was always  surrounded  ,
By sages who were greatly learned in Vedas   and which had  broad waves.

1935.All the sages   who were living on the shores    of the    divine   river Ganges ,
Became overjoyed thinking  that they have already got   the waves  to salvation,
And  with great anxiety   came    to see Rama who had   graceful  sages.

1936.The  sweet taste of the enjoyment by five  senses  of ladies,
Which cannot   be easily  understood  by others  and also  the  God,
Who can be understood   by Vedas   of the musical form,
 Were seen by them    and their mind became very happy.

1937.Those sages    who held the staff made   of Bamboo,
Ate  by their eyes the   lustrous  one with lotus eye  ,
Like the nectar churned      of the sweet ocean of milk,
Welcomed him ,  praised him sang about him and danced.

1938.Like  the parents  who daily  think of their children,
Who have gone away from home and were searching for them,
Becoming extremely joyous   , when they come back at last,
The sages  received them and  took them to hall of sacrifice .

1939.Those sages bathed   them  with the tears  flowing from their eyes,
Made them wear   the garland   of the sweet words they were speaking ,
And offered    them  the nectar called   love for them eat ,
And took away all the tiredness  they felt by walking  long distance .

1940.They then brought  very   clean vegetables and fruits from forest,
And looking at Rama told  “oh Rama who is   better   than all people,
Please   take bath in the great waters of Ganges,  grow fire,
Complete your rituals  and    then eat   this food.

1941. Rama  held  Sita who was like a lamp  for the ladies by his red hands  ,
Took bath in  Ganges , Which was made by   the washing of   his own feet,
By  Lord Brahma  using the water   in the water pot  ,
When he was   trying to remove the sorrow   of devas.

1942.The Ganges which forever  lives, saluted Rama with her hand  and told,
“all those in this earth wash away their sins   which can never be ever destroyed,
Through me   and today  , I also have washed   away my sins  through you,
Who gave me   and so I am   completely   saved,”  she said.

1943.Rama who had long hands like the trunk of  elephant with cruel eyes.
Who has the matted tuft   through which the    white Ganga  flows,
Took bath   in her   when Sita who was great in her virtue   was seeing him,
And  looked like  Lord Shiva    who wears  on his head  the moon’s crescent.

1944.Due the waves  of Ganges   which  lashes  Rama who was taking bath in her,
Looked like he was taking rest    with Goddess Lakshmi   with thin  waist and sits on lotus,
 On the silver coloured  ocean of milk   on the  Adhi Sesha once upon a time.

1945.Sita who had feet as soft as   the red cotton   with the Vanchi creeper,
Getting defeated   by her very thin waist  , with swan getting defeated by her walk  ,
Played    with Kayal fishes under  water  , hiding her lotus like   soft feet.

1946.That Ganges   though she had   been living  in   the  tough matted   hair,
Of the god of gods for a very long time   did not have the perfume of.
The garland of erukku flowers   and that of Ixora   flowers , from head of lord Shiva
And had the scent of fresh flowers  and  that of musk from  the pretty hair of Sita.

1947. Due to the white foam    rising above the   river  ,
The lady Mandakini appeared to have    white   hair  ,
And considering the lack of female company to Sita,
Acted like mother maid mother   and extended her arm like waves  and waved.

1948. The long black hairs of Sita which looked like crowd of clouds ,
Went down and was    whirling     with the   tide there   and looked like,
The black waters of Yamuna   which mixes    with river Ganges,
And   rises   above    as   the whorls which were moving.

1949.When in  the  Ganges where whirls    are made   and rise  up from there,
And in its  white water  in which fishes   which were like her eyes   were jumping,
Sita was going  down and coming up  and  appeared  like  ,
Goddess Lakshmi   dipping  in the water  of the ocean of milk.

1950.Due to the red divine   feet  of Rama    touching   it  ,
Ganges   which removes   the cruel sins   of all people,
Was able to touch the entire  body    of the holy Rama,
And  will all the world  which dips in  her, would ever go to hell?

1951.In  the ghats of Ganges   after taking bath   in her scented water ,
Rama  reached   the hermitage of those Vedic saints  ,
He  saluted the god principle which can only be realized by  very wise people  ,
And after saluting the fire  of Yagna   became ,
Dear to the wise sages and a suitable  guest for them.

1952.When the devas with lot of difficulty  brought  the nectar ,
He  made  them   to eat it by saying  , “You please eat it “,
Without him  eating  it , but he  ate  the   very soft leafy vegetable,
For the people whose mind is good  , there  is nothing  ,
Good or bad     in the service done  by others.

7.Guha  Padalam

Chapter  on Guha

  (Near Ganges they are met by the hunter king of Sringaberipura.  He became theitr devotee and slave. When Rama and Sita were sleeping on the grass, Guha and Lakshmana stood guard  without shutting their eyes. Guha helps them to cross River Ganges an tells them , that he would come with Rama declines the offer    and starts walking  towards  Chithra koota mountains.
    In Valmiki Ramayana there is a scene in which Guha helps   Rama , Lakshmana and Sita make their  hair matted.Sumanthra and Guha take leave of Rama at this time.)

1953-1961. At that time , the leader  of     one thousand boats ,
Who is an expert in war named  Guha, who has,
Been running   boats   in Ganges   for a very  long time,
Who has mountain like soldiers and who has a bow which kills enemies,
Who has  a drum called “Thudi” , who maintains   hunting dogs  ,
Who has   a  huge feet   covered  by slippers  made by leather,
Who is very black like  the darkness of night ,
Who is   followed by his  large army   and has  a thunder like   spear,
Who has  an army   which has  horn like  musical instruments  ,
The drum called thuthari , conch , the high sounding drums  ,  a drum called Parai.
Who has an  red coloured arrow  which is like an emerging leaf ,
Who is head of boats   , who is  surrounded  by relatives ,
Who are as strong   as elephants   in rut  , who wears on his thigh a dress  called Kazham,
Who is the great  fame of one who knows    the depth of Ganges  ,
Who wears a red hanging dress   tied to his   hips  ,
Who has tied on his hips  a chain  made of the   tail  of tigers ,
Who wears  a chain made of shells(chogi)  like   the teeth ,
Who has a heroic anklet   which appears  like stones arranged   together ,
Who has hair which looks like     darkness   stitched  together,
Who has   eye brows which are   like the well dried  fruit of Aali plant,
Who  has  very long straight  hairs on   his  forearm    which are   as black  ,
Like the   piece  of palm wood , Who had a very wide   chest resembling  stone,
Who  has a black  body similar   to the night   applied    with oil,
 Who has lustrous blood stained   sword  tied to his waist,
Who has   a look of the eye   similar  to poisonous  snake which makes others shiver,
Who  talks   with  out proper   sequence   like   mad people  ,
Who has  a strong hip   that   is like   the Vajrayudha  of Indra,
Who  has  eaten meat and fish  which increases   his strength   and has a face bereft of  smile,
Who  looks  like a piece of fire  even when he   is not angry,
Who has a very loud voice which makes   even Himalayas   scared,
And who  lives in a town called  Srungiberapura which is on the banks of  river Ganges,
Came  to see Rama   carrying  along  honey as well as fish  and reached there,

1961.After making the hunters who came   with him stand aside  ,
After keeping away the bow and arrow which kills enemies,
After   removing the sword  from his hip and with  ,
A very truthful and very pure mind  and  with love towards Rama ,
Guha reached   the entrance   of the saintly hermitage.

1962.Even before Guha announced himself  Lakshmana  reached near him,
And asked ,”who are you?” and Guha   saluted  Lakshmana    with love,
And said  “Oh God , I am your slave like dog who is a hunter ,
Who drives  boats to cross river Ganges   and I came  to salute your holy feet.”
(Guha is under the impression, that  Lakshmana is Rama)

1964. That younger brother told him,  “wait here” and entered   the hermitage,
And after  saluting the  great Rama   said, “Oh king  ,  to see you a man has come,
Who is pure  in mind  , who has more love than the   mother  ,
Who is the lord of boats that travel in Ganges   with lashing waves ,
And his name is Guha and he has came along  with large  crowd of relatives.”

1965.Rama liking Guha said  “Oh Lakshmana  , please   bring him   near me”.
And that cultured one  said to Guha “Please come”   and he  with great love ,
Entered speedily   and became happy  on seeing   the pretty eyed Rama ,
Saluted him with  his black hair touching the earth  and stood there,
Bending his body   and  hiding    his mouth  with his palm.

1966.Rama told him, “please take your seat here”  but he   did not sit,
Due to innate humility  and with great love  told Rama   that,
“I have brought for your food  honey  as well as  cleaned fish,
What may be  you intention?”  and Rama with a soft smile,
Saw all the  sages with great penance    and started telling him.

1967.”They are valuable and are giving me happiness  and ,
Have been brought    with great love   in the mind   and so,
They are   even superior    to the nectar  of the great devas.
And anything that is brought with love  are  definitely pure.
And they are suitable to receive by us who do penance,
And please coinsider   that I have eaten them sweetly.”

1968.That Rama     who is like  a lion further  told him,
“We would stay in the hermitage   for night and would like ,
To cross   river  Ganges  tomorrow and so  you go back to your town,
Along with your relations ,  spend the  night there happily .
And please   do come   tomorrow morning  with your boats.”

1969. When this was told by Rama  who is the colour of cloud,
Guha   who had very great love    for him told .
“Oh Lord who  owns the entire earth and rules there ,
I am only a thief who has not  uprooted my eyes,
After   seeing  you like this  and I am  not able to go away from you,
After   seeing you in this state  and so I will be here and do you service.”

1970.Rama who  had a bow wearing   the garland  of victory   heard ,
The opinion of  his   and after looking at Sita  and also after,
Looking at the   face of his brother  and said , “he has everlasting love  to me”,
And with eyes opening   with mercy   told  , “Oh friend, 
Who is sweeter than all things,  stay here   with me.”

1971.Guha  saluted his feet   with ebbing joy   and  summoned ,
His  army which  was  as wide  as an ocean    and after  ordering  them,
To provide security to the hermitage , held  in his hand his strong bow,
Tied  the  sword  and   also holding   very sharp arrows  ,
Shouted like   the thunderous clouds and stood  protecting them.

1972.When Guha asked Lakshmana , “Oh Sir  , please tell me ,
The reason for you to leave Ayodhya.”  And when the  sorrowful,
Lakshmana   explained to him   and  Guha  became   greatly sorrowful,
On hearing it  and with both eyes   shedding tears like   a stream he said,
“Alas  , though the great lady   earth  did penance  to be ruled by Rama,
She  was not lucky to get it  “  and later  he went  out of the hermitage  and stayed there.

1973. King Dasaratha who  chased away his enemies   who were  like darkness,
Who won over all directions  , who stayed at the top    and ruled  all over the world,
And  established  his fame , who stayed in the  minds of all  daily   and showered his grace ,
Who was dead  and who   was a great hero in war  , Lord  Sun   disappeared.

1974. In the evening time of the day, after   completing their   evening rituals,
The heroic Rama   and Sita who was like   the nectar taken from ocean of  milk,
Slept  on the earth , in the bed  made  of grasses   and their brother  ,
Till it became morning   without shutting his eyes   and holding the huge bow,
Went  on  giving  constant  protection    to both   of them.

1975.The chief of the boats  Guha   with a group of hunters   who were like elephants  ,
With  his bow  properly stringed  and arrow ready to be shot  ,
Stood there  with a mind  burning out of very great    sorrow  ,
Without sleeping    for the entire  night   and watched   the brother ,
Who was standing guard   the entire  night   without any sleep  ,
And also seeing  the way Rama    slept  on the bare earth, like a mountain, with a stream of tears.

1976.The Sun who was never born  like telling the numberless  people on earth,
That   death is certain for all of them , had set the   previous day evening,
And next day as if telling them that  , the birth has to take  place  this way rose up.
And reminded them that  pleasure  of heaven are not permanent   and should be forgotten.

1977.Seeing   the white rays  of Sun, who comes     riding on his chariot ,
The red lotus flowers which were born in    red slushy mud  opened up.
And the lotus  like face of Sita   who was red and like the Vanchi climber,
Opened up on seeing  the black sun who was   different from the   red one.

1978.Rama who  carried the extremely fearsome bow   on his shoulders,
After   completing  all the morning rituals    with great satisfaction,
Went followed by Brahmins   and looking at  Guha  who loved him,
Like   a friend who is his slave   told him  “Please speedily,
Bring   the boats  of good quality   so that   we can depart.”

1979.After  hearing the words   of Rama  , Guha with  the constant flow,
Of stream like tears  , with a   trembling soul   and unable to part  ,
From the holy feet of Rama  , fell down and saluted   Rama,
Of the colour of blue lotus, Flower of Poovai  ,  sea  as well as the clouds  ,
Along with Sita   and started   telling   all his thoughts.

1980”.Oh Rama    who wears  the flower garland   trimmed by scissors,
My people do not know deceit  and our home   is only  this forest ,
We do have  any shortages , we also posses   great strength,
And we would do service to you  in the most proper way.
Please  think us  who are your devotees  as your   relations  at this time,
And please   stay here happily   here  for a very long time.”

1981. “We have honey , millet flour , we have meat which even devas   would eat,
And our soul is purely meant to do you service and you have time,
To play with the goddess and spend your time, Ganges is there   for playing water sports,
And as long as I am alive you can stay here    with joy and happiness.”

1982.”We  have leather cloth as  soft as cotton cloth  , we  have  very many varieties of tasty  food,
We have cots  looking like  cradles   which are made of ropes, we have  storage racks  ,
We have huts to live  ,  we posses strong legs to get you anything you need with speed,
We have strong arms which hold bows which can kill    all those who stop us,
And we would bring      anything you need  , even if it is in the sky above.” 

1983.”I have  hunters holding the bow  who are  stronger than Devas  ,
Who obey all my orders  who are   five lakhs   in number,
And Rama if you stay  even one day in our huts  , we would,
Not have  better days in our lives   and all of us   would have won.”

1984.Rama after hearing all that  , with great mercy   smiled  with white luster ,
And said to him, “Oh valorous one  , we  would   take bath in several sacred waters,
And salute and serve   pure sages  and before   the time limit of  our life in the forest,
And would  come    sweetly   back   and be   with you for some  time.”

1985-1986.Guha who understood his mind  , speedily   went away from there,
And brought long boats  and Rama  , the lotus eyed one  looked at,
All the sages  and Brahmins   and said, “give me leave” and after  their reply  ,
Along  with Sita with forehead like crescent   and his brother , got in to the boat,
Told Guha” now row it fast “ and he   who was  like the body and soul of Rama,
Rowed  speedily the boat  , in the Ganges   with   breaking waves  ,
And that boat   went speedily like a swan  , making those sages  on the  banks  sad 
Who melted with emotions   like   a wax melts in a raging fire.

1987. Sita with  milk like   voice  , Rama    who was like   the Sun,
Went in the boat   breaking   that holy water , sprayed   water,
At each other  and played   and that boat   went speedily  ,
Like a crab with big legs  , with the huge   oars  having leather fronts  pushing it forward

1988.That high ganges   with sand hills   which appeared  like huge breasts  ,
Over which sandal paste    has been applied, with   the gems in it throwing luster,
With her long hands   , which are its clear waves   which were  shining  ,
With the luster  of red scented lotus flowers  , carried  the boat safely to the other shore.

1989.The Lord  after  reaching the other shore   looked   at Guha and asked,
“Please  tell me the way to Chithrakoota.” And Guha who due to his devotion,
Even was prepared to give his soul to Rama , fell  at the feet of Rama  ,
And told,  “ oh great one, this dog wants to tell you something.”

1990.”If I who am like a dog   is blessed to be permitted to come with you  ,
I would be able to  make the way very proper   for you. I have the strength ,
To bring you, very   good   vegetables,  fruits   and honey  , very properly.
I would be able to make you  places   to live   wherever we go and,
Without leaving   you even a   second, I would  be    able  to protect you.”

1991.”I would  chase and make the evil things  on the way to four directions ,
And I would be  able    to point out   forests where only pure animals  live.
I would search and bring anything    that is required by you at any time,
And I also have the strength    to do all the jobs that you command me to do.
Apart from that  I have the capacity   to walk in the forest path even at mid night.”

1992.”Oh Rama   who has huge shoulders   which make you capable to do wrestling,
I would  dig the mountain and make it into a path   and I would dig out   good eatable  roots,
I would be able to travel in hard paths   and  bring life giving water  from places where it is there,
I have   an army with bows to assist me   and I would not be scared of anything  ,
And I would live with you always not parting from    your flower  like feet.”

1993.”Oh Rama who has a matchless   chest  , if it is agreeable to  your mind,
I can bring my army also with me  and would be able to live with you always .
If some enemy who wants to harm you approaches, I would fight with them,
Even before you do and give away my life after  killing them all  .
I would not   earn any bad name   and I would  definitely come with you.”

1994.The pure one   after  hearing all the words  told by Guha said in reply,
“”You are  like my soul and Lakshmana is your younger brother ,
And  this Sita   who has  this pretty forehead  is your sister in law,
And   this world which is surrounded  by the sea  is all yours,
And I  am also one who would  obey all your commands.”

1995.”Pleasure  would come only if there is sorrow  and that pleasure 
Would be there  after  this parting,   which   is definitely a sorrow.
Do not think and worry that  in between there  is a  parting  like this.
Earlier   we were only four brothers   and we who  are in endlessly,
Growing  love   , have   from  now on , become   five  brothers.”

1996.”Oh Guha    who has lustrous   greatly sharpened    spear  ,
Your brother Lakshmana    would be there  always   with me  ,
To see that  I do not  get any sorrow   and so you   go back,
To your country   and   rule  it  , like I would rule it  ,
And  when I  am again coming   to the northern direction,
I would come to your place   and I would never fail in my words.”

1997.”Your younger brother Bharata   is looking after  Ayodhya  and other places,
And if you come with me   who is there  to protect your town and people  ?please tell.
When you say your relatives , are they not my relatives   also?
So do not become greatly sad and look after  these   relatives of mine properly.”

1998.Guha who cannot go against the orders  of Rama , with others telling,
“He has become   greatly  sick   due to parting with Rama, “  took leave,
And  Sita who was  as pretty as   peacock wearing ornaments  , Rama ,
And his younger  brother  went for  a long distance  , in that  forest dense with trees.

8.Vanam pugu  Padalam

Chapter  on entry  in to forest.

(Rama shows    the   special scenes in the forest  to Sita and walking playfully they reach   the hermitage of BHardwaja  and who requests  them to stay with him. Politely declining they walk towards Chithrakoota  mountain . They reach river Yamuna cross   it be building a catamaran. Then they reach a desert  which  though harsh   became cool to receive them. They reach  Chitrakoota mountain.
     Rama has some harsh words against Kaikeyi in this stage  , There is no mention of any desert in Valmiki Ramayana )

1999. Similar  to  the mind of the base ones   who make  love  to  the prostitutes,
It is not clear   whether   wetness  exists in the earth  in the early summer   and
The gentle  Rama   reached the forest   and  immediately   the cold  mixed with nectar,
Spread everywhere    showing   the signs of   the coming  of the clouds  with great pride.

2000.The sun  was shining its spreading rays   like   the young  moon light which is cool,
With the dense   trees providing   shade  , with rain from clouds   giving drops  like dews,
With   the young breeze from south   coming along with the fragrance  ,
They    went by the sweet path   where groups of peacocks were   dancing.

2001”.Oh Lady who wears  garland  by her mind  , who is like the deer  as well as  the young peacock,
Now  the Indragopa beetles   waking from their   sleep   would start spreading  everywhere,
And heaps of flowers shed by the ixora plants   would shine  in the evening light  ,
And  both together would resemble   like costly   gems studded   to pure gold necklaces.”

2002”Oh lady on whom ornaments are natural,  With young bees becoming  joyous songsters,
The sound  of the   rain fall acting like   drums , the joy filled peacocks    became   shy,
And  they opened their wings which    are normally folded    and when they are dancing  ,
They saw by using the several eyes   on their wings  , they saw your  form within them,
And you are going to see   many such sights    , while   we walk.” Rama told.

2003.”Oh Sita   who has body with perfume and softness  of the pretty  new  leaves of mango,
The   pretty bird   with red mouth    was spreading   red light  , and was   sitting  ,
On the pretty Kandhal flower and were  caressing   that flower   and to me,
It looked like   that you were holding   the pretty bird on your hands.”

2004”.Oh  lady  who had  eyes   which had the power of the spear  anointed  with ghee ,
And which  does not limit   to the hands but   goes up , when the peacock and young deer,
Seeing the softness   that is spread   all over    your   body   and also seeing your  eyes,
Perhaps  thought that  you belong to their species , for  you can see many  of them coming here.”

2005.”In the   surroundings where  big flowers   had fallen   from the kuraa tree  .
Which is in full  of  flowering   and from   the rain of flowers    from the  bidava trees,
A  peacock   which had risen from sleep   with  its feathers  , its peahen,
Thinking  that it made love  to another peahen   and has  entered in to a love tiff. You can see   that.”

2006.”Oh  Sita who is like Arundathi   , Oh lady    who  is sweeter  than nectar  
The Asoka  of the   forest   which bears    the  gold coloured cherunthi flowers   with close  petals ,
Shine because of    the black joyful bees which settle    on them  and  you can see ,
It is similar to the   burning fire   from the coal  , which is blown by the   goldsmith.”

2007.”Oh lady   who has young erect   breasts, who has the prettiness  of a  picture  ,
One  peacock which has fainted  saw  the bud of Kanthal plant   by its    eyes,
Thought  it is a snake  seeing its  nature   of holding  of   the plant  ,
 And thought the  jasmine buds with honey  was its    slow  smile  ,please see it.”

2008.You also see   the strong   tiger    cub that lives   on the mountains,
The young elephant   besides the  she elephant  ,  as night has fallen down and got chained,
The young calf   which are  in the homes   of cowherds ,
And several other beings   which are  playing   with each other  .

2009.”Oh lady,   whose  hair has been perfumed by   smoke of Akil,
Several flower branches   whose   ornaments  are the smiling flowers,
Are like   the young ladies with budding breasts  bathing in the   ghats,
And   you can see them dipping in the river dressed in the silk like   waves.

2010.”Oh lady who has   a pretty forehead which resembles   the bow,
Some bees  drilling in to the fully open  golden coloured  flowers,
Of the Konga tree  , after drinking the honey   are seen to be not singing,
But   sleeping  and they look like   blue gems studded on a   shining  gold plate.”

2011.”The black male bees with wings  , due to its consuming lot of honey,
And due to that   not able to open its eyes and see   and not able ,
To find a way by which  they  can travel with closed    eyes  like a  blind man,
  Are  going behind the female bees   which sing and proceeds, please see them.”

2012.”Oh lady who walks softly like a swan , the golden coloured  Vengai and Konga trees,
As if they have learn the art of decoration   from virgin girls , are   attaching,
New   soft flowers   on your forehead   along with   hair   and this looks like,
They are  loose  untied   fresh flowers  which are soft, please   see them.”

2013.”Oh lady who is sweeter   than deva maidens , like the  crowd of brown  moles ,
On your breasts which are   decorated   by  pearl  ornaments, when   the scented,
Breeze blows from the south  disturbs   the pollen grains  from the attractive scented flowers
They rise up   and are  closely scattered  in between    stones, please see  them.”

2014.”Oh lady with a voice like koel , possibly thinking   that  your soft feet,
Would not be able to walk  in the forest path,  the crowd of trees,
Are   scattering  flowers on all paths and you also please   see ,
That the creepers with flowers  perhaps being shamed ,
By your thin waists   , keep on moving  .”

2015,”Oh lady with eyes similar   to sword ,  please see ,the ornaments that you wear,
On your   flower like feet are  like the pretty bees which live  on the new leaves,
The clouds are  like your    dark and scented hair  which can hide everything   ,
And please  them as the  parts of young bamboo which are  like your shoulders.”

2016.This forest where  crowds of deer  , peacock    and koels travel,
With crowds of branches with flowers and buds   of the  Kulirntha valli creeper  ,
Which are  of several colours   and which are    faultless   and are  similar ,
To the picturesque  curtains   which are  again like  fire.”

2017-2018.That   Rama who had huge shoulders  decorated   with gold ornaments,
After  saying all this  and   playing sweetly  along with the good  Sita  , he proceeded in the forest path,
And at that time the Sun reached the western side  and Rama  then said to Sita ,
“Is this not the Chithrakoota mountain   where sages who have won over their fate  live”,
And   at that time, one great  sage called Bharadwaja   with  a love ,
Coming out of ebbing  joy  which makes   the mind full  said,
“My long time penance has borne fruit    today “ and  came out
To receive   Rama   who is the doctor   for sickness  of birth death cycle.

2019.He held  an Umbrella   a straight staff   as well as a water  pot,
He was having a huge matted hair  , covered himself with   a deer skin,
Had good dress  made of bark , had a   form in which his hair hangs ,
Had good character  so that he protected Dharma and  ,
Had a  toungue over which all the four Vedas  danced.

2020.His only wealth was   raising  the fire  which is red in colour,
And he was Brahmin who protected all souls created by Brahma  like his won,
And if he is told, “create  all  the seven worlds” he  could create them ,
Just by his thought  and did not need to be born  from ,
The  lotus  flower  that  grew from the  belly of Lord Vishnu.

2021.AS soon that sage came , Rama  threw flowers  at him,
And saluted him three  times  and that primeval    sage , hugged him,
And with a mind disturbed  thinking that  he had to hug Rama in this form,
Stood seeing down with tears  flowing from his eyes.

2022,”Oh Rama who holds a bow that  can destroy your enemies,
Who has the capacity to rule this earth for  a very long time  ,
Instead of doing that  why have you  come  to the forest  with caves,
Where the sages live   and wearing    the dress of a   sage  ,
That does not suit   you   along   with Lakshmana?”  he asked

2023.Rama then related   all the incidents   that had happened  so that,
The sage could understand them   and  hearing  that , the very good sage  said,
“Would such a  thing happen at this time?”  and grieved a lot   and further said  ,
“Alas the great lady earth has not done great penance”

2024.”How is it  that my friend seeing you who is his matchless   son , along with Sita  
Who has  coral like red mouth   which speak pure words   and   who is like a peacock,
After saying “You both rule quickly this earth surrounded by the ocean”  and immediately ,
Again said,  “Go to the forest  blessed with tall trees”, and  still manages to keep himself alive?”

2025.”Does not sorrow   and pleasure   come in life alternatively?,
Alas ,   these  are the result  of the good  act and bad acts that we  do,
And because  of that I know that no purpose  is served by my sorrowing about it”
Said the sage  and then hugged Rama, and along with him entered   his hermitage.

2026.After entering the hermitage , he gave them proper   places top stay ,
And gave them palatable fruits   as well as  vegetables  , told them sweet words,
With  very great love   and showered his grace on  the soul like  sons of his friend,
 And those   sons also became   very delighted   by his hospitality.

2027. All of them stayed there and  in the morning  that expert in Vedas,
Thinking that “If we live with him  we would get great salvation”  ,
Did all   that Rama needed sweetly   and looking at Rama  told,
“Oh Rama who has a chest covered with freshly  harvested flowers,
There  is a need for   me to tell   you about something.”

2028-2029.”There  is plenty of water here and also there  is plenty  ,
Of flowers, big fruits   and vegetables. Here bad   acts would go away,
And there is no dearth of good acts  and so you all can stay   with me,
For to those who want to concentrated  penance  , there is no,
Better place to live and also in this place   the river Ganges  joins,
With river Yamuna as well as river Saraswathi and that is why,
I am not going away from here, as   these  waters   are  sacred,
Even to Lord Brahma   and its greatness   is that, such sages,
Like me are prepared to stay here and so you also stay here.”

2030.When the sage who had undertaken  great penance  told like this with love ,
Rama told him, “Oh sage   who has a great mind due to great  penance done by you,
This place   is not far  away   from the Kosala kingdom   with great  water resources,
And if I stay here  , all the people of Kosala would   soon reach here.”

2031.”Oh Lord Rama , what you say is true, The mountain Chitrakuta,
Which even the devas salute  is  about ten Kadhams (12 km)  from this garden.
It is sweeter than even heaven   and you please stay there   with great love.”

2032Saying this the   sage bid them leave   to go with great  love  ,
And they after saluting   the holy feet of the sage   crossed,
The land of cowherds   with  flute  made of kondrai and Bamboo,
And also crossed the peak of the mountain   and by the  time,
The sun with its red rays  attained    the middle of the sky ,
Saw the river Yamuna   where   calves of deer drink water.

2033.Those three  who became coated   with dust due to walking long distance ,
Became glad on seeing river Yamuna    and knowing the rituals to be done,
Bathed   in that river  , ate   roots along with   thin fruits  ,
Drank water   and Rama asked Lakshmana , “How di we cross the river?”

2034.That Lakshmana cut some banboos which can bend   and using ,
The manai creepers  made a great  catamaran   and on that ,
Rama with   shoulders like huge stone boulders    sat with his  sweet lady,
And Lakshmana   crossed   the river   swimming with his   two hands.

2035.The younger  brother   of the best man of Ayodhya  which has,
Fields irrigated by   juice of sugarcane   flowing away from factories,
Used his shoulders   which were like Mandhara mountains  ,
To swim and the displaced water  went towards  sea in the east   swiftly,
And the   water   displaced by the catamaran   went towards sea in the west.

2036. They who were wearing   the pretty apparel made  by wooden bark,
Crossed the river Yamuna and reached its other shore   and after ,
Walking a  very long distance   they reached   a huge desert  without  roots or stems,
Where the  land was burnt   and made  even  the mind thinking about it hot.

2037. As soon as  Rama thought   that  Sita  would not be able  to cross it,
The Sun who is very hot  cooled his rays like  that of moon, the king of stars,
And  the dried plants  in that hot desert   again produced  green leaves,
And all the very hot surroundings became  forest of lotus flowers.

2038.The sharp   dried plant like stones which appeared   to have been ,
Planted in the fire   , became cold  like  flowers which have been transplanted,
They also had moisture   and the broken and thrown out plants  ,
Gave out young leaves and the seething  sword serpent  ,
Started  giving out nectar   from its teeth   and became  joyous.

2039.Clouds came in large  number and thundered and gave ,
Cool rain drops to the earth  and the hunters   who were having bows,
Did not cause  harm to the souls    of sages and young kids of the deer,
Started   drinking milk from tigresses  which hugged   and stood near them,

2040.The serpents   which used to live  in mountain caves   with burnt bellies,
Which were angry   did not  suffer any sorrow  and felt as if   they were ,
Lying in  water   with tides and the bamboo which grew up in the great forest,
Which had earlier  got burnt along with its roots   , now became soft  like  ,
The shoulders of hunter  women who had   pearl like teeth.

2041.The grass which spread  on the ground  were  like  a  green carpet ,
Spread on the ground   and peacocks waving their feathers , like dames,
Practiced   dance on  both its sides  , the bees followed these peacocks ,
Like  Pana musicians   and   sang soulful  music.

2042.Fruits though it was not time to them to ripen  , ripened ,
And big root crops   though  the roots for their growth   were absent,
Grew in to a large  size in the earth   and the  flower laden branches ,
Became similar to pretty ladies   and flowered and shined.
Is there a penance giving pleasure besides  good character?

2043.The huts   where hunters used to live became  like  hermitages of saints,
And on  both sides   the Indragopa  bees which were like red gems  appeared.
And in  all near by trees male koels  sang calling  females  who have left them,
And  the Kurundha trees   gave rise  to new growth similar  to base of peacock feathers.

2044.That forest   then  was like  the   burning  mind  of ladies  ,
With scented hair   who had  left their soul like lovers in battle field tents
  And in places   where people  go to earn money with a promise ,
That  they would return quickly     and it became like  ,
The mind of those ladies becoming cool when those lovers,
Wearing   heroic anklets   had come back and joined  them.

2045.They   crossed slowly  that desert which had got over its blemishes,
And they saw   the Cithrakuta mountains  which was   tall like a male elephant,
Looking at  a cloud hiding the moon and thinking  it as its female  elephant,
Who had its baby  in her stomach   and extended its palm tree like  trunk towards the sky.

9. Chitrakoota  Padalam

Chapter on Chithrakuta  mountains.

 (There is a great description of  the Chitrakoota mountains  is given by Rama to Sita .Lakshmana builds a hut for them with a separate   enclosure   for Sita. They start living in it.
   In Valmiki Ramayana the description is very small  and Lakshmana builds a hermitage . No mention for a separate enclosure    for Sita is made in the book. For    satisfying Vastu devathas    Rama sacrifices  a black deer . After entering the hermitage a sacrifice to Vaiswedevas also is done.

2046 That Rama   who is recognized   by the great devas  as well as ourselves,
Who  looks at us both equally , Who is faultless  , who has a merciful eyes.
And who is the pure  one who has  one thousand eyes explained   and showed to,
The daughter of Janaka who is like  a young  peacock, the nature,
Of  That Chithrakuta mountains   where   sandal wood trees   grow densely .

2047.”Oh lady , who has eyes    which are similar to sword and  spear made in to one,
And who is like peacock  , on the mountain side where cardamom   and Thamala  plants grow,
Entwining each other,  there  are  the rich black clouds    as well as elephants   which both are,
Of  long   nature and are found   sleeping  after   they  have drunk lot of water,
And it is difficult   to differentiate  between both of them,  and you may please see  this.”

2048. “Oh lady  ,  with  red lines  in your eye   which are  like  the swords ,
And one who  has koel like  voice, please  see   the jumping mountain goat  ,
Which jumps from the top of  the big mountain   and please  see  that,
Like the very clear Vedas  , due to getting mixed with   shine of emerald  ,
They look more like   the green horses.”

2049.”Oh lady who is like the youthful peacock   and who wears pearl necklaces ,
Over her breasts , the huge pythons which have kept in their huge belly , huge  elephants,
In  rut  , have  taken out their soft skins and hung  there  over   all bamboos,
Which keep on shaking from there  itself  and they like  the  white cloth banners,
Hung I n the mansions  of Ayodhya surrounded  by  gardens  , please see them.”

2050. “Oh nectar given by the ocean of milk and not of salt  ,
In the mountain valleys  of coral gems   and in other places,
The musk deer   waving its   white tail are   speedily running about ,
And they appear   like white   streams falling from coral mountains ,please see them.”

2051. The  elephant with great matchless   flow of rut  , attacked by the angry lion,
Dies and falls down  , the gems which come out of the   blood flow  of that elephant,
Are shining like   the gems  fallen down and coated    with kumkum  ,
From their cut necklaces , when the ladies have love tiff   with their  lovers .Please see them.

2052.When in the very big mountain  , moon came   on the  top peak of that mountain,
With the luster of the very big  gems    which shine like  a lamp with  extended  wick,
The great  white stream which falls from that mountain  and  is like  the Ganges,
Falling  on the pretty matted hair of Lord Shiva    who travels  on a young bull  may be seen by you.

2053.When the elephant touches   the water  of the stream,  they are sprayed  ,
With gems by that stream   and those elephants from whom water  of rut  ,
Flows  like  torrential rain , near  the round vengai   flowers  ,
They look  like they have golden  gem studded  ornament  on their head and this may be seen by you.

2054.Oh lady , just like the saying that   a single thread   is carrying   two compressed  pots  of  gems,
Having  a very thin bent waist   and   huge pretty   young breasts   and a  look like a flower branch,
The luxuriously growing sandalwood garden   due to its   growing up  till the sky,
Is preventing   the moon from entering in to it   and crossing  it. Be pleased   to see that.

2055.One playful  male elephant   which had tusks like the   crescent of the moon .
  Due to its  having great  love to its lady elephant  in the advanced   stage of pregnancy,
Is   taking  the scented honey  collected by  bees   which get their sweet voice from leaves,
From the  mountain caves  and offering  it and asking the she elephant drink it, You may see that also.”

2056.”Even if Lord Vishnu who protects   enters in to illusion  and hides  himself  ,
From the great  Yogis   who have controlled   their senses   and do not feel joy,
 He   would not hide himself   and like that   though the horse  faced Kinnaras,
Hide  themselves  , they would be visible  as a reflection  on marble stones.”

2057.Oh lady who is prettier than dancing peacock  and whose  voice ,
Is sweeter  than that of Koel, look at those  singing kinnara   couple,
Who  make the angry gypsy ladies   who  have love tiff with their husbands,
And who avoid  making love to them , to look    at them with great love .

2058.Oh lamp like lady who has   eyebrows like the bent bow  of heroes,
When the bamboos dash on climbing plants , the honey comes  out of the wax,
And this makes the  holes dug by   the gypsy men who hear  Kolli pan,
Completely   filled up with sweet honey and you may also see it.

2059.Oh lady who is the soul of one’s body like   the feminine quality  which never leaves you,
When  a  female monkey due to great love after   taking bath with the male monkey,
Sprays water  on it  , then that male monkey climbs on a huge  mountain,
And sprays back the  water from a very big cloud on it, You may please see it.

2060.Oh lady who is like a lamp  lit on the wick made   by great cotton   and filled with ,
The ghee of the nectar of the devas , You may see huge rocks   of ruby gems  ,
Which have the hot luster   which breaks the darkness  , which are stable,
In one place  and which are  in the form of a circle   that never changes.

2061.”oh  goddess  like lady who showed   the nature  of virtue   to Arundathi  ,
Due to large number   of blue bees sitting  and getting up on flower filled branches of Vengai tree ,
They dip   down and then rise up  and shower   golden flowers ,
And they look like   those  who bend and salute   and rise  up.”

2062”.Oh soft new  leaf who has  bow like   lustrous  forehead  ,
And shining ornaments The gypsy  maids  who guard the field o THinai,
On the top  of the big mountain  and who have eyes like the murderous spears,
The  red Kuruvindha  gems   which they throw   on  the birds
Coming  to eat thinai, are falling down like stars   in the sky. Please  see  that”

2063.”The  huge budle of smoke    that is going   up in the sky due to ,
The burning  of  thick Akil logs cut   by the axe  by the valorous people
Who hold the very strong bow mixes with the   smoke from sacrificial altar,
Of the   great Brahmins   and are moving in the sky like black mountain peaks.Please se them.”

2064”.Oh lady  who is like peacock   whose waist   seems to break  ,
Due to the heavy burden of her huge hair   , scented by civet cream,
Just opened flowers  , perfumes  , smoke of akil and musk,
See   the sparkling gems   in the dried  forest streams   which  are like stars.”

2065.Due to the Vidhyadhara maidens having love tiff   with her husbands,
The step marks of their   small feet  applied with the faultless red cotton juice  ,
Are  vanishing   in the ruby stones  on the mountain surrounded by clouds,
But  are  very clearly visible on the long green  emerald stones.Please see it.

2066.”Oh  help of my  life   whose belly button is similar to the  whorl made of gold,
The  scented flowers of Karpaga tree   removed from their black sand  like hair
By   the  heavenly maidens who took bath  after   removing their make up ,
Is   going down  along with best gems through  the forest  rivers. Please see.”

2067.”Please see  a monkey which took away    the drum kept for guarding  ,
By the mountain people   who were wearing heroic anklets   and playing it,
Also see a young gypsy girl   who caught hold   of the  moon   and feeling,
That  it is wrong  for this moon to have blemish   and is trying to wipe it away.”

2068.In the enclosure created by the densely growing   Kurukathi climbers,
One lady who had parted    from her husband was sleeping , and her burnt  dark,
Bed made of freshly  produced leaves   was   trying to tell us  , the sorrow,
A lady has in parting   with   her  darling lover   for many days. Please see it.

2069.Oh lady   who wears soft ornaments and whose   very thought   gives me,
Happiness similar to taking nectar , In the swings tied  on the side  of,
Honey dripping Vengai trees   as well as Konga trees  , Where the gypsies swing
Singing   the  rural  song loving, hearing which  the Akana animals   come rushing, please see it.

2070.”Oh sweet one who has red lips similar to Indragopa bees  and the flowers of Murukku tree,
The  drops of water   of the stream which is coming lashing  its waves  ,   due to heavenly ,
Maidens playing in it   gets  mixed with scented products  ,  sandal paste  , Kumkum  ,
And also scented  things given by Karpaga tree , and gives out perfume . Please see it.

2071.   Oh creeper  with pretty breasts, Making one tell that  they are small  tins made of red gold,  
Over which pictures  that  have been drawn  by red paint  and are being supported by a branch,
The shining sun   has reached the top of the pretty golden mountain ,
And please see that  is looks like  the mountain is  having a golden crown.

2072.”Oh best among ladies, on the stone in the mountain  looks as if,
The small red beads   are   spread all over  because   the bamboo   groves,
Are  showering   these lustrous  gems   on them  and  they are lying everywhere,
And you may see that   they look like   stars  spread  on  the reddish sky.”

2073.Oh  parrot like lady   who talks more sweetly than  the flute with small holes  ,
And the cool   sweet    sound raised by Yaazh    over which  strings    are tied ,
The  closely planted murukka tree which is fully covered   with open  red flowers ,
Makes it appear as if   the red fire   is burning    all over  the  forest , please see.

2074.Oh peacock like lady  who has  hands which appear as if bangles  are put in,
Kandhal(gloriosa flower),please see   that   huge elephant calves,
Take water   from the stream   in their long  leather bag with holes ,
And pour in to the  water  pots  of great sages whose  age cannot be measured.

2075.Oh peacock  like  lady   whose eyes  are like cut   tender  mangoes  ,
Please see  the merciful  male monkey, hanging  out its long bent tail  , so that,
The   sages who have shriveled eyes  and heart   which is sorrowing  ,
Can find their way   in the   mountain paths  , so that they can hold it and walk.

2076” .Oh lady  who has broad hips which   are no comparison   to the hood of snake ,
And the seat of the chariot  , The peacocks  having thin feathers on their head,
Suitable to   the pretty chest  with the sacred   thread  of  the Brahmins, fan  and
Bend  their  long  feathers  so that the fire  in the yagna fire place burning properly, please see .

2077.Oh lady having waving long hair ,who is the ornament to other peacock like ladies
Please see  , the monkeys who  by their nature makes  thema  fruits fall  , searching for and sorting,
Cotton  as well as  silk  , making them in to threads  and giving   them to  the Brahmins
 Who do good   to the world so  that   they can wear   it as sacred   thread.

2078. “Oh  lady whose form is an ideal model for    all other  ladies, see that,
The male monkeys with love bring big mangoes, jack fruit   and big  fruits of Banana 
AS well as the roots   dug out by the black boars   and giving it to the  saints.

2079.”oh lady see  that the birds  which are similar   to your  pretty hands  carrying ,
Rice awns, Thinai awns , millet awns  , beans  and  the soft rice  produced  by the,
Bamboos that bend  to the sages who have driven away  lies entering,
Inside every hermitage    with great  mercy   and love.”

2080.The cruel pythons  which are capable of  lifting and then swallowing  .
The elephants which trumpet like   thunder  , like those  who have understood,
The meaning of great books , keeping its    strength under  control  ,
Are seen helping  the   saints with matted hair  climb the mountain,
By lying like stair steps    on  their mountain path. Please see that.

2081.In the mountain where   water springs   flow  ,  to give  salvation  to those,  
Who have done great penance   and are the good people  showering tears out of love,
Like   an over turned    water pot, The golden planes is covering the  skies,
By going here and   there   and you may please   see them.

2082.Rama the son of Dasaratha   who did great penance  of truth  in the palace ,
Showed   the well ornamented   Sita   all these   about   the Chitrakoota mountain,
And when the great sages   of that great mountain   came to receive  him,
Saluted them   and became guest to those sages  of them  who have got over  past and present Karma,

2083.Lord Vishnu who is the mountain of sun rise   wearing  a thulasi garland,
For the  sake of the destruction of the Rakshasas who were dark like night,
Had sent   the powerful  wheel for   destruction to kill Kalanemi,
And the Sun god   similar    to that  reached  the mountain of setting  surrounded by gardens.

2084.As soon as the weapon called wheel went and hit the asura called Kalanemi  ,
The entire   sky became reddish possibly due to  the blood that sprang from his body,
And the moon who came  out was similar   to the teeth  of that Asura which came out.

2085.After the sun set  the lotus flowers  which were  showing their faces,
To the pretty ladies   , got closed and in  the sky like water  storages  ,
The lily flowers    which were  like stars  opened  up.

2086.The male and female monkeys looked at the trees,
The male and female elephants  looked at the way to their homes,
The faultless  birds   looked at the path to their nests,
Rama who was interested in knowledge  did the evening rituals.

2087.When the evening   neared,  many  scented   flowers  closed,
And some faultless  scented   flowers  opened and   for Rama,
Lakshmana   as well as Sita  who was  like  nectar , the hands,
And their lotus like  eyes  like the evening lotus  flowers closed.

2088.Rama who had come  to do penance  after  the parting of the evening,
Like the sea   reaching its on place  , along  the Sita without waist ,
Reached   the hermitage that   was constructed   by ,
His brother  who had   a bow that will spit   arrows.

2089-2092.After arranging  the piece of bamboos  in a long row,
And establishing   straight  logs without bends  on them,
And after  tying properly  the side reams   which does  not bend down,
And  closing over that rows   which did not have    any bend ,
And covering the   roof with leaves   of teak wood tree,
And spreading   the tall   nanal  grass all over those leaves,
And later constructing   walls   on all sides on the bamboos,
And later   applying mud over   it  , and later applying water over it,
And he also  made   a separate   room   for the lady of Mithila ,
And  for that  room   he   made the walls soft and proper by painting kumkum over ut,
And  he also   brought gem like   stones and pearls and inlaid them on that wall,
And he   also   decorated that house  using peacock feathers,
And he  also cut them by a sharp sword   and hung them all over  ,
And he built a compound wall   using young bamboo ,
And he also  strew  prettily with freshly brought   flowers from  near the river.

2093.In that hermitage built by   his younger brother  , that Rama  who stays,
In the   heart of Lord Brahma   , people like us   and in all beings we can think of,
In  a similar manner  and  as the  great God spirit   which never leaves,
Along with  Sita, the golden incarnation of  Goddess Lakshmi entered.

2094.In that hermitage    which can be   compared   to the mind without illusion,
Great Vedas  , the pure  ocean of milk and  Vaikunta , Rama   who has ,
An affection that  is difficult to get  , became very happy   and greatly satisfied.

2095.The flower   like tender feet of the   daughter  of the king of Mithila,
Came walking   through very cruel forest   and  the hands of my faultless   brother,
Constructed   this hermitage     for me  proving  that  ,
To those for whom there  is no assistance  , there  is nothing that they will  not get.

2096.After thinking like this  , looking   at  his younger brother  ,
Rama asked  , “Oh brother who  has two mountain like shoulders,
Where did you learn  how to construct    a hermitage  ?”,
And  from his eyes which resembled lotus flower, he kept on  shedding tears.

2097.Due to the order  of the king who gave me   the wealth  of kingship,
Though I followed  to observe   the spreading  dharma  from birth to birth,
And attained   the true fame   which shines    like the Sun, What is the use?.
For I have caused   you  sorrow for a long time, “Said Rama with sorrow.

2098.AS soon as these  words which touched   his mind came    from Rama,
That younger one   with a sorrowful heart   told, “Oh my father,
Please examine what I am going to say.The root cause ,
For your sorrow came because   you  were born earlier, is it not?”

2099.”Let it be like that for nothing    can be   done   about it,
For   going away from Dharma is impossible      for people like us.”
And  Rama further thinking that  and seeing the great sorrow  in the mind,
Of Lakshmana  who had become joyous  he   decided it  wss difficult to console him.

2100,. So Rama again looked    at Lakshmana  said, “For all types ,
Of wealth there  is a limit  and  what is the destruction ,
Because of  this penance   in the forest and this  penance  ,
Would lead us to limitless   joy in    the other world “ he said.

2101.Rama    who had a very strong bow   consoled  his brother like this,
And kept  on doing penance   which made   even the   devas  salute him,
And now we will start  telling   about   what happened  ,

To the emissaries     who were sent  by  Vasishta of great penance.

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