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Kamba Ramayanam-Ayodhya Kandam-Padalam 13

13.Thiruvadi  Chootu Padalam

Chapter  on crowning  of holy slippers.

(Bharadwaja gives a great feast to army of Bharata  with help of deva maidens. Next day they reach Chitrakoota. Lakshmana hears the sound of army coming. He climbs up on a hill and  confirms his belief. He gets fully armed and says that he would kill Bharata  .Rama asks him to wait. Bharata  comes  in a garb of sage   coated with dust. Rama asked the reson for his depression. Bharata informs about Dasaratha ’s death,  R ama breaks down.Vasishta consoles him. Rama does the water ritual. Then the inform Sita and she alo breaks down, The wives of sages   make her take a purificatory bath. After   arrival of all, Rama requests  Bharata to rule Ayodhya. He says if Dasaratha can give the country to him, he can also give it to Rama. Rama refuses, Bharata is compelled to  rule the country by sages and devas. BHarayta returns back with sandal of  Rama goes back to Nandigrama    and rules from  there.
      Saint BHardwaja offers a great feast with help of all devas in Valmiki Ramayana.  Rama was in his hut waiting for Bharata in Valmiki Ramayana .When Bharata meets Rama, he enquires about welfare  of many people including his father  in Ayodhya in Valmiki Ramayana. When Bharata tells about (Vasishta was not present)   death of Dasaratha , Rama, Lakshmana and  Sita go to river and do libations to their father in Valmiki Ramayana. He makes a Pinda out of fruits and fruit pulp. On her way Kausalya sees this and comments , that is what he can do in forest. The fact that Dasaratha has promised the kingdom   to the son of Kaikeyi as bride price   to her father is mentioned by Rama. At this time Jabali an atheist tries to  pooh-pooh the principles of Dharma and requests Rama to accept the kingdom. Vasishta tells in detail about Rama’s clan  then. Bharata while returning with sandal   visits Bharadwaja’s hermitage in Valmiki Ramayana. The sages of Chithrakuta leave   fearing an asura  called Khara, Rama later follows them.)  

2375 .That son   saluted that great   sage as if he is his father  ,
And that sage   who was like  Lord Shiva    wearing   a crescent  ,
Was merciful towards him   and   told words  of endless  blessings.

2376.He asked, “Sir  , Without ruling   the country  which has come to you,
Why are you wearing cloths   of bark  and having .
The long    hair  tied as matted hair  ? What happened  ?”

2377. BHaratha   burning with the    fire of great anger  ,
With a boiling mind   looking at   that great sage   replied.
“Oh very wise sage , you did not tell me suitable   words.
And  that   is not proper   for   your great status.”

2378.”Being the    younger brother  of the Lord of the Vedas Rama,
Going against tradition  , I would not accept the kingdom  ,
But if  God like Rama   does not  accept the kingdom,
Till he stays in the forest  , I would also stay with him.”

2379.As soon as    they heard    the words   told by him,
Then  all those sages   who  liked   Rama deep from their heart,
Felt as if   the  mixed sandal paste   has been applied,
All over their  body   and    their mind also became  cool.

2380.That sage who  puts offerings in the fire  ,
With great  love  took him to his  hermitage and thought
“I would offer you feast to the army   that accompanied you,.”

2381. As soon as he   who had the wealth of giving up 
Thought  like that   the entire heaven came   and stayed in the forest,
And the various  people of the army  , feeling as if  ,
They have taken rebirth and reached   another world ,
Forgot   all their earlier  life   and became happy.

2382.Thinking that   the sage was one   who always does Dharma  .
And would attain salvation  , the maids of the heaven,
Came with joy  and welcomed the men and took them inside  ,
The Palace     that had    the full luster   of the moon.

2383.They properly  applied   scented powders  on the bodies of those men,
 And gave   them bath in the   waters   of the Ganges   of the sky  ,
And dressed   them  with flowers  of the Karpaga tree  of heaven.

2384. They bent like   the flowering branch   and those  cultured maids,
Of heaven   made those  men wear  ornaments of pure  Gold  ,
And with love   offered them nectar like food which was normally eaten by Indra.

2385.Those ladies who has pretty eyes coated   with poison,
And tender   feet  wearing anklets and applied with red  cotton juice,
Slept like female   deer by their sides   on bed ,
Filled with five   soft materials and those  men also slept.

2386.Starting from  the   kings to the   broad  shouldered men who carry palanquins  
AS per their ranks   were hospitably treated  by the divine ladies,
Blessed with hair as if   they were  very wealthy   devas.

2387.Those  ladies of heaven who were faultless and had   red mouth ,
Like red fruit   , obeyed   the orders  of ladies who accompanied Bharata,
And behaved as if they were their servants   or friends  ,
And all the ladies  were happy in the  faultless  service provided   by those  divine maidens.

2388.And at that  evening time   , in those  pretty well grown up  gardens,
The  scented breeze wafted   slowly  like blind men   from the Karpaka  gardens,
Carrying the scent of   the flowers    that   had  opened that day.

2389. With the bees coming and drinking the huge flow  water   of rut ,
From the elephants  , they were offered by the Karpaga plants,
Balls of food with lots of honey   as well as bundles   of  ,
Red awns  of paddy   and   they ate  them and became happy.

2390.The angry   elephants   with tusks  and  with straight  legs  ,
 Drank the waters , which can  give  rewards for blessed deeds,
Even for the   sinners who ought to reach hell  and  the ,
Groups   of horses   ate the grass which was like emerald.

2391.When all  the people    were enjoying like this  ,
The pleasures   available to Lord Indra  , Bharata ,
Ate   fruits and roots   and  spent the  day,
With his gold like body coated    with dust.

2392. As soon as the blue   coloured darkness  lifted,
All the pleasures people were enjoying  vanished like a dream,
The Sun  appeared  like the   ending of good time  for those ,
 Who were   only   enjoying   the   result of their good deeds.

2393.Like   the wealth   enjoyed by  those   who did not do Dharma,
The   wealth that  they were enjoying vanished   and those  who felt,
That   they  have come back from heaven to earth  ,
Did   not bother    and went back to the  thoughts they had earlier.

2394. When it became day time ,  the devas  happily came to know,
That what they were  seeing was not a sea but an army 
And that army making  the gardens  and mountains,
That they crossed   in to dust  ,    reached  the desert.

2395.The dust   rose  up  , the burning sun   was pressed  ,
In that dust   and lost  some heat  that was difficult to put out,
And   the water  of rut     poured by the  elephants,
Made the paths    slushy   and made  the path difficult to walk.,

2396. That desert  with stones which was hot like   sparks   of fire 
Was  cooled down by the   shade created    by the  royal umbrellas  .
Of the kings who carried the swords  and the flags,
Which   were flying  high  provided a tent and allowed it to cool  further.

2397.Seeing   Bharata   with a black  face becoming red  due to  ,
The anger he had   with his mother  who told  , “Take this great wealth”,
Due to the great love towards him   the dead trees there produced  leaves.

2398.That matchless   army of  the emperor   Dasaratha   who left his life,
Feeling that   “Good behavior is greater than soul”  feeling that ,
The  very cruel hurting desert was like a garden land
Due to  it   cooling down  , speedily reached  Chitrakoota.

2399-2400 .Due    the  dust that   was rising high , due  to,
The great sound   made by chariots  , horses  and angry elephants ,
And the great   roaring sound created by foot soldiers,
Making all people   know that  it is a great army coming to kill,
Lakshmana got up   and climbed   on a tall mountain,
Which looked as if it was a burning flame   of the earth,
And saw  that very strong army   which  made ,
Even the ocean with   curved  waves as inadequate.

2401-2402.Thinking   that   the Bharata who possessed great kingdom,
Is coming   with bad intention  and improper desire  ,
With an intention   using this very great army  on the  person,
Who  is   engaged  in penance   and this is hundred percent  truth,
And nothing else,   Lakshmana  jumped from the  mountain,
Making it break on to the earth   and speedily reached  Rama .
And told him, “Bharata   without   bothering about you ,
Is coming for a   war against you    by spreading,
A very huge army   which belongs  Ayodhya protected by all.”

2403 ,He then tied  his sword and heroic anklets  as well as   the quiver,,
With various types of arrows and then locked himself in an armour  ,
And taking a very strong bow  , saluted  Rama , stood up   and told like this.

2404. Please see   the great strength  of the shoulders of Bharata and become happy
Who has lost this and the other world  and  the greatness of his army ,
And the matchless of power  of me who has   accompanied you  alone .

2405.I would make  the well ornamented  elephant  suffer many troubles,
By rolling    the mountain of their  bodies  , pull out   all chariots,
Push   all the intestines   and make the river of blood run,
And  you may please   see them all mixing  in the ocean.

2406.”Oh hero , you may see me  cutting off  the hands  ,
Chests  and their armours    as also taking away their  life  and ,
You will also see  that my  lustrous arrows are coated with blood  ,
And make   the  elephants  in eight directions scared and roam about.

2407.”Oh lord , you would see   the horses   which jump  ,
After death   ,  sing and dance   on the   golden floor  of the chariots  ,
As ghosts   holding   the broken shields  from  the battle field.

2408.Oh , Rama , When I completely kill all  the pretty elephants they have,
Within  a very short time, the heaven will get   back- pain,
And due to reduction of burden earth  will get rid of its  pain, Please see it.

2409. After swimming In  the high flowing   huge    stream of blood ,
Turning the body red  the devils with  small eyes  along with ghosts ,
And   trunks without heads   would   dance with joy and say,
“This world   now belongs to Rama,  “  and you please   see that.

2410.The cruel elephants    wearing mask in    their face,
Groups of horses   and Valorous soldiers   having thick shoulders   ,
Would all fall dead   and in the cruel red blood that flows ,
Would make all the seven seas in to one and make great sound , please  see that.

2411.With soldiers   being killed  , with the moving chariots  getting destroyed,
With strong bows breaking  , with big elephants with legs and heads    getting cut  ,
And with horses with legs   and shoulders getting cut   would be seen ,
Due to my arrows   in the battle field. You would definitely see  it.

2412.Be pleased   to see   the birds    which fly on the sky .
With big wings   calling  the birds  of their own type  ,
Going through the   hole   made on both my brothers ,
Caused    by arrows   which    have   been decorated by gold.

2413.”Oh Rama  , due to the love  of one lady called Kaikeyi  ,
Dasaratha    dipped the entire    world in to sorrow and,
By his order   Bharata   who got the  kingdom  , instead ,
Of ruling it  , would suffer  cruel hell by my arrows, Please see it.”

2414.You please see , that Kaikeyi who  is an expert in causing sorrow,
And who became happy seeing your mother   cry,  when  you  left
The  rule of that kingdom and came    to the forest. Will  live  to  cry  ,
Falling on the ground    when her   son dies.

2415.”Oh Rama  who holds   the  saw sharpened spear  which is garlanded,
I would destroy this sea of army    with one arrow  which  takes away their strength,
Within a very short time  and attain victory  like Lord Shiva   ,
Who destroyed    the three   cities   and come back quickly.”

2416.Rama  told, “Oh Lakshmana   if you think that,
You will churn all the fourteen worlds  , then nobody,
Can stop you  and there is no need to tell it,
But please  hear   from me   tell you one advice.”

2417.”Oh Lakshmana   who  has well grown big   shoulders,
Which are  like iron pillars  , those who ar born in our clan,
Are faultless  kings   and how  can we measure them?
If we think , who among them could  not,
Move away from their clan   but  who have moved away from Dharma.”

2418. The conduct of  Bharata  who has  an elephant  with hands like a palm tree ,
Are   all the ones told by all the four Vedas   and not like as you told  ,
Which go against Dharma   and   that  has not been thought  about by you  with my mind.

2419.” Except believing that great one,  due   the  love
 That  he has  to me   is coming to the forest,
And that   he is coming    to give back the kingdom to me   ,
But  not believing   that    he is coming   to fight,
A war with me   along with army  , is  perhaps  within reason.”

2420.”Oh Lakshmana   who has  a spear which ,
Can only be compared   to lightning  ,  Bharata ,
Who wears   anklets making  dash  gold against   gold,
Has come here   to give   me that huge   army  ,
And not to fight with me . Can we tell that?”

2421.  “Oh Lakshmana    who wears   ornaments on his shoulders,
Should you  think like   that about the Great  Bharata  
Who  is  the form of great divine   Dharma ,
And  who is   touchstone  for measuring good   character  ,
For he has come here   to  only see  me  ,
And  you would   understand  it when he comes near.”

2422. Rama told like this  and stopped   and Bharata,
After  instructing Sumantra   to bring the army  afterwards,
Along with Shatrugna who has  great love to him  
And  who never parts with him, came   forward.

2423.  Rama who knew about   everything at all times,
Saw  Bharata   with hands held up in salutations  ,
With a tired faded body  , and who had  jaded  eyes,
Due to constant crying  and like a  form which  ,
Is personification of Sorrow , from head to foot.

2424.That Rama who had a body like     the  black cloud  ,
Looking at Lakshmana told  “Oh Lakshmana who has a,
Strong bow that  makes sound  , please  see well,
The war  ready angry form  of Bharata along  with a  huge army.”

2425.That younger brother  Lakshmana  Thinking about the   words ,
Berating Bharata who had a strong shoulder which  subdued others,
And which were told due  to his great anger, became  greatly  depressed
And along with  his  bow  ,   his tears   also fell on the ground ,
Stood there  with face  without luster and enthusiasm.

2426.To  the Lord  who has done faultless  great   penance ,
And whom he neared   as per his desire   , he saluted ,
As an emissary   of  the   wealth of the kingdom ,
Who has parted with Rama   , who lost all her glory,
And who has    become  lean due to her   sorrow.

2427.Bharata came near him and felt he   is seeing his dead father,
Once again   and said, “You did not think    about Dharma of becoming a king  ,
And without mercy left  away  the tradition  “ ,  lost his consciousness,
 And   fell at the  lotus    feet of   Rama.

2428,That Rama who had eyes of mercy, saw   the Bharata  which made ,
People think whether  he was dead or alive   and with shedding tears ,
From his lotus like eyes   which fell on the matted   hair,
Of Bharata   and  overflowed on  to the floor.

2429.That Rama who is the store   house   of all Dharma  and ,
Who is the God of mercy , hugged Bharata    considering him,
 The God of Dharma  and  left a  long breath and  with ,
Tears   flowing like stream    wetting his chest  and with a melted mind.

2430. Rama  hugged  Bharata   and several times    saw   his form,
Wearing wooden bark and thinking   in various different ways   asked,
“Oh brother , you are   greatly tired due to sorrow  . Is everything all right,
With Dasaratha    who has shoulders   better than wrestlers ?”

2431.When the rare one   asked like that   Bharata  told him,
“Oh sir  , due to the sickness   of your parting from him,
And due to  god of death like boons   requested  by  my cruel mother ,
Establishing   his truth   in this world  , he went to heaven.”

2432.That  Rama   who  owns the world which is above heaven,
Even before  the cruel words that  Dasaratha had gone to heaven,
 Entered in to his ears   like piercing with spear ,
Rolled  with both his   eyes as  well as mind  and fell on the floor.

2433.After   falling on the earth he did not breath even a little 
   And like the  sorrowing serpent hit by thunder, he lost   his consciousness,
And with very great difficulty  , he breathed a long breath,
And   with great sorrow in his mind  , he started   wailing in different ways.

  2434.”Oh Lord   who had the fame like  an ever shining  lamp,
To the people of this world   you were  like   a father ,
And to the matchless  Dharma  , you were   like the mother.
Oh  home of mercy  , oh my father  who is like a lion to  enemy kings,
You are   no more . Who is there  to support   the truth  in this world?”

2435,”Oh Dasaratha  , who had an army that created fear   whose profession,
Was killing to get victory  , after getting the mercy   of Rishya sringa,
Who was a great saint  , you  performed  fire sacrifice to get   a son,
And got me as your son   and is the losing your soul the benefit you got.”

2436.”Oh king  who wears a garland    that scatters gold  , who has  ,
A lustrous spear   who shines  like the lustrous   sun with   a red mouth,
Is this the way that you chose to take rest so that   you wanted  me ,
To rule over all beings   and    carry    the  burden of ruling   them?
Was I  born to be a king so  that I became the God of  death to you?”

2437.”Oh emperor, you who gave stable   kingship   over heaven to Indra,
By killing the asura called Sambara , Making all  the responsibilities ,
Of ruling as mine    you wanted    to do penance , did you die for that?”

2438.  “The silly me  accepted   the  kingship , which is  normally not wanted ,
By even those who want everything   and has  caused  sorrow to this world,
And now the only option for me  is to die  , because  I cannot   look at any one,
If I continue     to rule    this world with this body   , which will not die.”

2439.”Oh king,   who held the   spear making   enemies   with big bodies ,
Coming and surrendering to you of their own accord, you reached   the heaven,
As soon as   you heard  that I left   the honeyed garden   of the kingdom,
And entered   the forest   and I am still alive   with a great desire to live.”

2440.”Oh Dasaratha   who has the matchless   white royal umbrella ,
Which can give coolness   even    to the moon ,  you  have reached  heaven,
Along with your charitable nature  , respectability    ,
The strength   which cannot   be  changed even by devas ,
The truth   which can never undergo change    and  many other great  attributes.

2441.All his  brothers with strong hands  and  the kings who had come there  ,
Reached near  the lion like Rama who was   telling all these   again and again,
And who  had  great shoulders  which were like    standing mountains,
And consoled him   and hugged him and great Vasishta also consoled him.

2442.And then  Bhardwaja     and other sages who has done penance ,
 Which cannot   be described by words  , and sages,
 Who had    hair made   in to  plaits , the kings of all seven worlds  ,
All his ministers   came and joined him  and also  all the chiefs,
Of the army  of Dasaratha  came   and joined him.

2443.When all the people   have arrived   and stood  surrounding  Rama,
The great sage Vasishta , the son of Lord Brahma    who sits on the lotus 
Seeing the face   of Rama which was immersed  in great   sorrow told.

2444.”You  who have deep knowledge   of all the Vedas should know ,
That for all beings  , birth as well as death are natural phenomenon,
And  during their life the only    way for  them to live  is either,
Live like a householder   or live like   a Sanyasi*  , did you forget that.”
*one  who gives up the world.

2445. The great books tell ”The births without permanence
  Are  countless  billons  in number  ,and have been made  by pleasure and pain  “
And after   clearly understanding this  , it is not proper ,
For us to think that  cruel God of death  is responsible for  it.”

2446.”You  have seen  babies  dying  even before mother ,
Gives   them birth   and should   you be sorrowing  at the death,
Of the emperor   who due  to his faultless  virtue  ,
Ruled the earth for sixty thousand     years.”

2447.Oh Rama  who observes good character and Dharma  without any  change ,
Even to  that  root  which  is the ultimate   truth Brahmam     which is above   the trinity,
Who hold  the trident  , wheel and Veda   in their hands,
It is impossible      to cross     the   net of  change of time.

2448. When even the five elements    which  is the reason for  eye and other  sense organs,
To see   and  engage in other  actions  and which all    have endless  length  ,
And are   the reason    for the   creation  of all  basic  products of earth,
Attain death  , should you sorrow for the death  of an elementary soul?

2449.”Oh chief  , the lamp lit with care   , using the ghee of good deeds ,
Using   the matchless   time as wick  , by the fire   called fate  ,
Would  stop burning   if the good deeds  and the fire get exhausted,
Is there    any doubt  about this happening   to any being?”

2450.”They lie   in deep sorrow   while in this world,
They  suffer pain in being immersed  in hell in the other world  ,
And afterwards  for    sake of suffering   of the cruel Karma  ,
They go through    several   birth organs , Should   we think about it?”

2451,”Oh Rama who has great characters    which are praised by all,
Your father  has reached   the land of Lord   Vishnu  , which is  difficult .
For even Lord Brahma   sitting on a lotus flower to reach and is shining there,
Is there any thing else    you can do to provide   help to him.”

2452. “Oh Rama  , Do not   sorrow at all  , is there any thing  more
To be done  for Dasaratha than attaining    the  land of Lord Vishnu?
And   so do properly   all that needs   to be   done,
As per  the Vedas and repay your debt to him  by your red hand.”

2453.”It  is foolish    to think about and becoming sad  about ,
The impermanent body which is  like a bubble   created ,
By the rain falling from the sky   and  by shedding tears ,
Also there is no use   and so   with your lotus like hands  ,
Pour   the   sacrificial water   which purifies,” said Vasishta.

2454. After the saint told like this  along with  kings who praise him,
And with Vasishta   who had matted hair  looking like a bundle of gold,
Rama  reached the river water   with dense  waves  and they told him,
“Please do”   and Rama   did the rituals   according   to rules.

2455,Rama   who is with in  all beings and  grants them  the gift,
Of understanding , entered the river  , took bath and came  back,
And Vasishta who knew all the Vedas  guided him   in performing,
The rituals  and  he Took water   with both hands   thrice ,
 And made   offering as   per  rules   thinking about his father.

2456. After  that   ,  he  did all the other necessary rituals  ,
And accompanied   by   great ministers  ,  sages  and others ,
Reached   the hermitage    where   Sita    was there.

2457.As soon   as they reached   the hut ,  that Lord Bharata,
Saw Sita who came to the forest alone   and after  seeing,
The hut she was living in  , patted his   lotus like eyes with his hands,
 And   fell at   her   feet    and     wailed.

2458.That great  ruler   so as to indicate   that   ocean with its tides,
Are there in his red eye and other sense organs , with great sorrow,
Was   shedding  water   which was like a permanent   spring.

2459.Rama   lifted that valorous one    with   very great sorrow ,
By his big hands   , hugged him   and looking   at Sita,
Who had long black hair   told  ,”Dasaratha  unable ,
To bear my coming away    died.”

2460.Hearing that , Sita   who was   greatly jolted  , shivered   and ,
Shed tears from her   two ocean like   eyes   and keeping  her hand,
On earth who was like a mother    who brought her up  ,
Wailed    using words    which were set  to tune  and sorrowed.

2461. Her husband Rama    who had shoulders which berate   stones,
Following her , the forest through which she walked   was like a good city,
 And  the words “the king died”    made  her walk ,
In the ocean of great sorrow   and she  went ahead.

2462.The wives of the sages  who were   far away    from sins,
Approached  like mothers  , the greatly sorrowing Sita  ,
Supported   her with their pretty hands  and made ,
Her bathe   in the sacred waters of Ganges  ,
Consoled her   and  took her  to her husband Rama.

2463. Along with the three  mothers   who gave birth ,
To those four who wore   honey dripping  flower garlands  ,
And along with   learned people , who knew ,
 About this world    as well as the other  world, Sumanthra   came  ,
To the place of Rama , who always  thinks of Dharma and saluted  him,

2464 He who  was earlier to even the first creator   with four heads,
Stood asking, “where has my father  gone?”   to his mothers ,
And stood shedding tears  which fell  on their lotus feet.

2465. All those   mothers  together   hugged   Rama   and ,
Started    crying   with   sorrow    that never decreases,
And  the army  , and ladies    who had come with them  ,
Cried like the wax which fell on the     fire.

2466. Then those   golden queens who  had   given   birth,
To those four heroes   hugged    tightly   Sita  ,
Who was   the daughter of king Janaka  ,
Entered inside sea of sorrow and got drowned there.

2467.Then all  the soldiers  of the army   and the  great citizens,
Of the wealthy city of Ayodhya  and others  as well as other kings,
Came with a  mind   full of sorrow   which was troubling Rama.

2468.That Lord Vishnu   who has left   his  bed of serpent with hood,
And  had  come to Ayodhya   chose to be born in ancient clan of the Sun,
And because   of  it  ,the Sun which  normally    goes  in the big path,
Decided to   go  inside   the sea , so that he  can also do,  after death rituals.

2469-2470.After     that day was over  in the presence of the crowd of kings  ,
Sages   with red matted hair  , relations and  the brothers  who never part from him,
Who surrounded Rama, who   was sitting    there  said with love  “Oh Bharata,
The great  king is no more   and by his  order   , this kingdom is  yours ,
But   you are not wearing the crown   and  are in the garb  of saint,
As per your own desire  . Please   tell me why?”

2471,    As soon as he heard   this  , Bharata    was  flustered   and saluted Rama ,
And looked at him for a long time  and said,  “Except you   who are  there
Who following Dharma?In that path of Dharma  would you like   to go  back?.”

2472.”Using a boon that   is not agreeable    for elderly wise people,
Kaikeyi made   you stand  in a place   which is not suitable  to you,
And  killed  Dasaratha   and since  I am the   son born to  her,
She thinks    that  life  of penance   is not suitable to me.”

2473.I who am a sinner   who has   troubled   the world   and ,
Caused pain to it   dare not die   and am not suitable  ,
To do penance   and then how can I get rid of this bad name?”

2474,The nature  of ladies   who have  moved away from virtue ,
The carrying out of penance   without patience , the acts of Dharma ,
Which is moved away  from the  path of  mercy as well as ,
The rule of the  king that moves away from tradition  , which of them would come first?

2475. “Suppose  you leave the kingship that   you got being  the eldest son,
And if you start  a huge penance   and losing my intelligence  ,
Going against   justice   and  being called    as  one   .
Who killed   Dharma  , would  I rule this   country  which I am not entitled?”

   2476,With the king dying   due  to inestimable  love towards   you,
And  with  you entering   this cruel forest   without smoke  ,
Am  I your enemy  , for planning with  immeasurably great deceit 
To steal your kingdom from you    and am I waiting for   suitable  time?”

2477.”Oh lord  ,   for   the bad  that my father   did to you  and that  was  done by  my mother ,
Who is the cruel form of sin  and  has  caused to   you sorrow  that no one ,
In this world has seen , do not go  away   please come back to the country  ,
And rule it  “ Said Bharata   , making the intentions  of his mind clear.

2478.Rama who understood   the   firmness  of the words  told by Rama ,
Thinking  “whether   his mind   is of this nature?”   said to him,
“Oh valorous hero  , I will tell you a few words  , please  hear.”
And after seeing   all round him started saying   the following words.

2479. Rama said ”Good character , truth  , justice which others try to reach,
Are specially mentioned. Greatness  along with Dharma  and,
Along with all those which are   classified as Dharma ,
Are created   by those kings who stick to the path of Veda.Please know this.”

2480.”Oh Bharata with a strong bow  , the  knowledge   of books ,
Which is appreciated  , the faultless   wisdom  , the good  character,
The efficiency  in the job  that we do  and  those devas   who are fit to salute,
Are all   our elders , Please keep this   in your mind.

2481.”Oh dear Bharata  , if you   examine  as to
Who those  good and great  elders are deeply by the mind,
You  would know that  they are none  but our parents.”

2482.”Oh Bharata who is wise  by knowledge  of   great books,
Which should be thought and understood , I have only  ,
Obeyed   the boon of my mother    and  the order of my father,
Which is according   to the Dharma followed  by  our clan,
And is it proper    for you to want  me to go against it.?”

2483.”Oh Bharata , those born in the world , to be called as “son”,
Should bring    good fame   to their  mother   and father,
By their activities and please  think and analyze  whether,
It is done by bringing them unforgettable and cruel bad name?”

2484.”By making  my  father tell a lie   in this life .
Due to desire on kingship  and making him live  in the cruel hell,
Would  I rule over   this great land  and live ,
On the    top of the breasts   which is desired by all.”

2485.”Due to the fact   that by  the boon given  by, 
Your father   as per  tradition  the kingdom is yours,
 And also it is yours  because   you got  it,
AS you are my brother  and so rule it : said Rama.

2486. Bharata  said , “Oh king  , you were born earlier ,
And have matchless  fame in all   three   worlds,
And as per you  if this kingdom is   mine  ,
I am immediately   presenting it to you  ,
Please   come   and accept the crown.”

2487.”When  the earth   is sorrowing  , would you 
Who  has shoulders   like   solid stone pillars,
Do  what is  only proper    for you  ?
Catching hold of his golden holy feet  Bharata   said,
“Please come   and protect the world  so that it is not  sorrowing?”

2488.”If you who love me    due to your  love,
Make this kingdom as  mine  , would it be proper?
 Would the time period accepted   by me as per  the words.
Of  father   who  was scared   of bad name  , end today itself?”

2489.  “Would this world   without  the existence  of truth,
Tell some thing   called  “purity “   separately  ?
Evil is nothing  but the   swerving away   from truth,
And can we  tell truly   anything   except the truth?”

2490.”As   per  the words of my father  till the completion ,
Of  seven and seven years  , while  I  stay in the forest ,
 As per my order  , you rule   the world   given ,
To you by father   without swerving from truth.”

2491.”Oh Bharata  , When the king   was alive  he told me , “Crown yourself  ,
With a  gem studded crown “ and I agreed, do you know   that  it was,
Because of fear  to say “no” to him  and after thinking about it,
Should you not obey my order  , Do not get  depressed due to sorrow  ,
And do    according to what  I told   you, “  Rama   said.

2492.After   the very wise  Rama  told many such   words ,
When Bharata started   replying   him ,  the great sage Vasishta,
 Did not allow Bharata  who was a sea of good  similar   to the water ,
Stored  in a pit   to talk   and after   putting  in  to his thought  ,
All the actions of kings of the   clan of the sun  told Rama , “Please hear.”

2493.  “Lord Vishnu   in the form of a boar  with his  famous  matchless horns ,
Which did not cause   any sorrow to him  , from the rising water  at final deluge ,
Lifted  the lady called earth without its scar  which was like that  in crescent of moon.

2494.  Before that  , in the end of   the eon  , he   destroyed  the visibility ,
Of the five great elements   making all  principles   to merge   with God,
And  then created a wide sea   and with  a unmatched   and not available ,
Lustrous    form   , he started   his sleep of wisdom there.

2495.After   adopting   that sleep  , That Vishnu having the black colour,
Of the sea   which    like a stream gave   nectar   to all the devas
From his belly   pushed  out a  lotus flower    with one hundred petals  ,
And from that created  first  Lord Brahma who is the root of everything.

2496.”That Lord Brahma with four heads   started   creating the world,
And your clan of kings   where  the first to appear  from there,
And  among those  kings  none of them broke   the tradition so far.
I have  something more to tell you, please hear.”

2497.”Oh Lord   who has   a  proud  male elephant  , The   teacher  ,
With love taught   the faultless  knowledge   that  would help you  ,
In this world and in the other world   and  It is said  ,
That  only he   who does   good to others  is the greatest elder.”

2498.”Because  of that , Oh Rama  , it is   true   that   it was me,
Who brought you up   and taught   you very many knowledge,
And so without disobeying   my order, reach your country  and rule it.”

2499.The Rama with red eyes   after  looking at   that sage  ,
Saluted him with his pretty hands closed  like a lotus  bud,
And told , “oh wise sage   who keeps   his mind under  control,
I need   to tell you something “  and  started    telling it.

2500 “Oh son of Brahma   who sits on lotus  flower  giving honey ,
Whether  it is elders  or whether it is the teacher   or whether,
It is one’s mother  or whether   it is sons who do not swerve ,
From truth  , once   some tells “I will do it”, is it proper  for him to say “No”.

2501.”Instead of being born as   that   cruel   and worst    son,
Who  does not salute    and totally accepts   the orders,
Of  mothers along with joy  and those   words  told by father,
It would be better to be born as   a dog , which ,
Cannot   differentiate    between   the good and bad.

2502.” Oh great teacher  ,  After   agreeing with all my heart,
To them who have ordered  , by keeping it on head ,
And saying to them ,  “I will do it”  , you have now ordered me ,
Please  be kind enough to tell me   what I should do?”

2503.After hearing that   when Vasishta   told  , “I do not know,
What else to tell”  and preferred   to keep silent  , then Bharata ,
Said, “If Rama is  not going to rule the   country  , let  whoever  ,
Want to rule it, rule it and I would   take as my oath ,
That  I would go with Rama  in this fog filled   forest.”

2504.At that time   the devas   understanding it  joined together,
And  started talking,  with sorrow    on the sky” If now  this  Bharata 
Takes   Rama with him our work   would not be completed properly “.

2505.”The famous Rama  of good behavior   is one  who,
Wants  to protect   the words   of his father  and,
He would   go through this forest and till ,
The fourteen years   are completed  , it is ,
Your responsibility     to protect   the country.”

2506.When the devas told this way  Rama said,
“These words  cannot  be refused   and I have ,
Also requested you   and so as per my order ,
You protect this world as well as you can “
And Rama then caught hold  of lotus like hands of Bharata.

2507.”If that is so lord   after   the fourteen years   are over,
If you do not come and  rule that city  surrounded by long moat,
I would   fall in burning fire and die .This is the truth,
And I am taking  an oath  on you regarding that.”

2508.Bharata   who told these   words   became  one,
Without any sorrow   and Rama   whose   fame   ,
Was  greater than himself  after  seeing his determination  ,
Melted   due to love towards him  and said,”so be it.”

2509.  Bharata   since   there was no other way and ,
Understanding   that  it is not  possible   not to be ,
With Rama sobbed and becoming thin due to crying,
Said, “Give me your sandals as   an assurance  “ and Rama,
Gave him his sandals   which gave  all the pleasures of the world..

2510.Bharata whose gold like   body was coated   with dust  ,
With crying eye  thinking that  Rama’s sandals   are his head,
Fell on the earth saluted Rama   and  went back.

2511.The mothers and the numberless relatives ,  groups of elders ,
Saints  , the famous army   and all others surrounded Bharata,
And went   and  the sage Vasishta    who wears  the sacred thread,
On his shoulders   also went along   with all of them.

2512.The sage Bharadwaja   who had learned all the old books,
Went along with them. The citizens of Ayodhya   wilth,
Long moat   also departed and went   and the  ,
Devas   who had assembled   also went to their places,
As per the  order  of Lord  Rama , Guha also went back,

2513-2514,Carrying the sandals of Rama  on his head  ,
Crossing river ganges where   cool waters were dashing ,
Proceeding further , Bharata   did not enter   the city  ,
Of Ayodhya   blessed with gardens with scented flowers,
And  without sleeping   that night  and with   tear stained eyes,
During day and night  , established   the sandals  of Rama,
In Nandigrama    and he decided   with his mind,
To live there   controlling his five senses  and rule the country.

2515,Thinking that the people of the country  who knew ,
That he was in Chitrakoota   , due to their love  ,
Would come again and again   Rama accompanied,
By his  protective brother   and with Sita ,
Started   walking  towards  the southern direction.

 THus ends Ayodhya Kandam

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