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Kamba Ramayanam- Ayodhya Kandam Padalam 4

 4.Nagar neengu padalam

Chapter  on going away from city.

(Rama goes and informs Kausalya who wants to accompany hi. Rama persuades     her not to come so that she can look after Dasaratha. Kausalya goes to  Kaikeyi’s palace and sees   the pitiable condition of Dasaratha. Vasishta tries to dissuade   Kaikeyi from her determination and is not able to it. He tells Dasaratha  he would persuade  Rama not to go.  Meanwhile Lakshmana gets very angry and wants to wear a war   on his father.  Rama pacifies him. They both go to meet Sumithra. She becomes sad and tells Lakshmana to go with Rama and not return , if Rama does not return. The servants of Kaikeyi bring wooden bark  to Rama to wears. He and Lakshmana wear it .Vasishta meets them there but is not able to change mind of Rama.  Rama and Lakshmana go and meet Sita. She compels them to take her also with them .They reluctantly agree  . Meanwhile Dasaratha tells the story of the curse    that he got from sage parents of a boy whom he killed unknowingly.  The entire Ayodhya  including sixty thousand   wives of Dasaratha  cry  and decide to go  to the forest along with Rama.
    Though   the   events are similar the sequence of events   are different in  Valmiki Ramayana. Kaikeyi tells Rama he has to go on the same day which is  not there Kamba Ramayana.  Vasishta does not try to dissuade Rama there. Sumantra chastises Kaikeyi there,. Instead of 60000 queens , in Valmiki Ramayana there are only 350. The bark dress is sent through servants here but given in front of Dasaratha  by Kaikeyi,. When he gives one to Sita , Dasaratha as well as sage Vasishta shout at her, In fact Dasaratha sents dress for 14 years to Sita.
     The sorrow felt by all  described by Kambar is so heart touching.  Several places   tears welled in my eyes.)

1606.That Rama who was  looking like  a mountain covered by cloud ,
Went in front of her  whose mind was full of joy,
And who was   expecting   him  to come back  wearing a crown,  
But saw him coming back  with out cowries  being rotated   on both his sides and ,
Without   the white royal  umbrella   and
Was being dragged  by his fate   which was marching ahead  of him,
And who was followed    by the God of Dharma  , alone.

1607.”He was not wearing the crown  and he was  not made wet by sacred waters,
What could be the reason?”  doubted    Kausalya   and when  Rama  who was,
Wearing golden heroic anklets     saluted her lotus  like  feet  , with a  melting mind,
She blessed him   and asked him, “What happened to  the decision?
Is there  any   problem    for you to wear that  great crown?”

1608.As soon as  Kausalya asked  that  , Rama saluted her with folded hands,
“Your loving son   and my brother Bharata   , who  is  of faultless  character,
Is   going to wear   that     very pure    crown” he said.

1609.Kausalya who never differentiated   in her love to the four brothers,
And loved them in a  faultless  way  said, “There  is a fault   in that ,
Because the elder son should become king first   but he is,
Three times more full of good characters than you  ,
He is more good   than you.   And he does not have any faults.”

1610.After  saying that she further  told  “oh son  ,
It is only proper that  the orders   of the emperor are implemented,
Without any change because   not doing it is injustice  and ,
That is your dharma  and so give   the earth  ,
To your brother  Bharata  and live  united with him.”

1611.When Rama  who has the nature of becoming happy 
Had pure thoughts  and a faultless   mind  , heard the words of his mother  ,
Looked at her and told , “there   is an order    from the emperor,
To make me walk   in the path   of good , also.”

1612.And when Kausalya asked him, “what is the nature of that order?”
He said, “He wanted   me to go the broad forest   for  a period,
Of fourteen years    and live there   with sages   of great penance  ,
And he    wanted  me to come back only after   that.”

1613.Even before   those  fire like words   reached ,
Her ears decorated by hanging ear globes .
Kausalya  Started   worrying  , became feeble  , was surprised  ,
Became depressed , moaned   and fell   down.

1614.”oh son, are the  words  that “You protect   this earth which you will rule”,
Is act of cheating  and this   is as cruel as poison  , Would  I be able to live now  ,
And my soul would continue    to be scared    always.”

1615,She crushed one palm with the other  , Using her tender hands,
Wearing bangles she    would  grind her belly  , Where  Rama lived,
Would  control her hot breath which gives  out smoke  and underwent great suffering .

1616.She would laugh saying, “the mercy shown by the   emperor  on you is great”,
Seeing Rama  and saying , “when will  you travel in the long forest path”   and then get up,
And she   went on suffering the  pain of death  at  that   very  instant.

1617.”What mistake did you commit    towards   the emperor,
Who had very great love towards   you  ?”  saying this  ,
She became  like the people suffering     due to great poverty,
Due to mistakes   committed in their  last birth  , getting hold of Gold,
 And wailing    greatly after  losing it again.’

1618.She would say, “Why is it  that , Dharma is not helping me?” and then say,
“Oh Gods , what is the reason of this which   would make me  die  after  losing the soul,
What can be further told about her? , she  was struggling due   to great sorrow,
Like   a lactating cow   losing its   feeding calf.

1619.Rama seeing  his mother   who was wailing and greatly suffering,
Lifted her with his hand  and told her “Oh lady of very great virtue,
 Would you make  our emperor who tells  nothing but the truth,
Tell a lie   by    going against   the words   that he has already told .”

1620.For consoling  Kausalya who had great virtue   and is the model,
For the earth  regarding virtue, Rama started telling her,
Very pretty , very truthful    words, which could be told to his mother.

1621.”For making my great younger brother  get the wealth of  kingdom,,
And   making my father   not tell a lie   even  if he loses memory,
I  am blessed   with   a life   in a forest and return back from there,
 And I think   there is nothing better  that I can do , by being born in earth.”

1622”.Even if   the sky , the earth  , the oceans   and ,
All other   five elements    of  the earth are  destroyed,
Can I disobey    the  orders  of Dasaratha. So do not worry.”

1623.Than Kausalya told,  “ofh Rama  , if it is so  ,
I am not telling you   not to go to the forest ,
As it is the order  of the king and if you  are going,
Take me also  , who  is unable to carry this soul  without dying.”

1624.  He  replied “Oh mother  , without consoling   the emperor,
Who  has drowned   in the ocean of sorrow  , is it  proper,
For you to make up your mind   to accompany me   to the forest.
Possibly you did not think properly about Dharma of  a wife.”

1625.”After  my brother who holds the huge bow  ,
Becomes the  king   and after   he firmly establishes himself,
When the  king   decides to leave   this  life of luxury  ,
And   decides  to do penance  , You can   do penance with him.”

1626.”Oh Mother  , why is your  mind tottering and  confused?
Do you not know  that even devas have risen after  doing penance?
After all how many more years are there? Does not those,
Fourteen years look like fourteen days to you?”

1627.”Earlier   we got by the grace  of sage Viswamithra,
   Several Mantras   and later we got  the blessing of marriage  .
Were they wrong?  By going to the   forest   and ,
Doing all jobs as per their order   , has been good , even today.”

1628.”Please see me     doing great service to great sages,
Get  great  knowledge  and unmatched wisdom from them,
Which are all faultless  , get  the affection of Devas ,
And return   to this    city safely.”

1629.He continued  “Do you  not know   that  matchless  fame earned,
BY sons of Sagara   who dug this earth   surrounded  ,
By the ocean infested by sharks , for carrying  out  ,
The order of their father    and  sacrificing  their souls.”

1630.”The Parasurama who held the axe , a weapon of Shiva ,
Who held a baby deer in his hands   did not disobey his father,
But as per his orders   killed his    own mother and is it ,
Proper for me   not to obey the orders of my father?”

1631.That Kausalya who wore  the ornaments of truth,
After hearing the   several such words of consolation of  Rama,
Took them in to her mind   and understood clearly  that,
Rama would definitely    go to the forest.

1632.She thought  , Let   this earth belong to Bharata,
And let   Rama   go from the city   and do penance ,
In the great forest. But  I as per my duty  ,
Would salute   the king   and protect him” and started to go  to his palace.

1633.After saluting her   who was going   and thinking  that,
She was capable of looking after   the body   of Dasaratha  ,
And capable of consoling him    in  the very great sorrow,
Rama reached the cloud like palace of his step mother  Sumithra.

1634. Kauslya who walked to the place of Dasaratha  ,
Reached the palace of the daughter   of the Kekaya king  ,
And fell  on the earth where the king had fallen ,
Like a  body falling when the soul gets broken up.

1635.She said,  “What is the reason for this parting from those who do not part,
“Oh great one, is it proper for you?” “Is our present position   just?’
“What is the reason you are not thinking    about it?”
“Of wealth of the poor”  , “Oh  strength to the lonely me”,
“Has is been thought about    or is  it fate?. “Oh king , oh king.”

1636.”Oh  king of kings You who   ruled  the entire earth , with the  wheel of rule.
Which was   equal to the Sun who removes the darkness  everywhere  ,
And after  matchlessly looking after   the kingdom   without  any problems,
Was it your intention   to destroy it  at the period of final deluge  ,
In   planning to do  this    act of yours through your grace.”

1637”.Oh result of penance done by the earth surrounded by ocean  with waves,
Oh wealth which was greater than all wealth, Oh ocean   of art of learning,
Oh true meaning of   the just Vedas  , Oh temple   of mercy,
Oh king who possessed  all the three worlds  , Is it  proper .
For you to lie like this  , without asking me   who is tired 
Due to sorrowing mind,   “Why are you crying? “

1638.”oh son Rama   your  father  is lying  affected by great sickness,
Which prevents him from thinking   as well as knowing  his   present state  ,
And his body which normally shines like lightning   is  lying motionless  ,
And he is not able  see me whois crying and asking, “Why are you crying?”
I am not able to make   out   the reason for this behavior of his,
So please come to see   the  present state  of the king”,  she told.

1639-1640.When this wailing  and  sound of crying   reached  the hall ,
Where the kings have assembled  ,  the lustrous sages   and,
The kings holding the sword  said among themselves  “this is not proper, not proper”,
And looking at sage Vasishta  asked him to find out the cause of this loud crying,
That sage   arrived at palace of Kaikeyi  and seeing the   state of Dasaratha,
Who had a huge sword  , and wanting   to know   the reason for it and thinking in his mind 
“King Dasaratha  is not dead and  it is not true that   he will never die,
But now he has lost his consciousness  and further   thought that,
“Kaikeyi the daughter   of great king of Kekaya  is  without any sorrow  ,
But this Kausalya is crying non stop and  it is extremely   difficult ,
To understand about the various reactions   of individuals  to same circumstance.”

1641.After  thinking  like   this  Vasishta, thought that   Kausalya   who was  crying,
Due to sorrow   would not be able   to tell   the reason for her sorrow 
Seeing Kaikeyi who came    and saluted him he   asked  her,
“Mother ,Please tell me the cause for the present state of  Dasaratha “
And then she   told him all the things which happened due to her.

1642. As  soon as she told  , Vasishta  lifted  ,
That king with lustrous sword  by his lotus like hand,
From the floor which was full of dust   and said to him,
“Oh learned king  , do not get depressed   for ,
The self same Kaikeyi herself   would give kingship to Rama,
Stop being sad and put an end to it.”
Like this Vasishta    told   Dasaratha   several times.

1643.After this   he added  the cool attar   , sprinkled  it  on,
A  big fan with a  large handle   and fanned  with sufficient speed  ,
So that he regains his consciousness   and  told him sweet words,
And  when the ocean of  poison   of boon to Kaikeyi slightly subsided ,
He saw the soul  of Dasaratha  who went on repeating the  name  of Rama.

1644.When he saw that Dasaratha   was waking up  from his faint ,
He said, “Sir  , now you please remove   the great sorrow from yourself.
The leader  of men Rama   only will rule    this country  and  there are,
No problems for that and Kaikeyi who asked this dishonourable boon ,
Would herself give back the  kingdom    to  Rama   and if  Rama,
Who is like a huge cloud   does not accept the  kingdom, “What for  are we all   living?”

1645.Dasaratha loking   at the sage who tried to  console  him told,
“ Of king of teachers  , Before , I who had a   very cruel fate ,
Which cannot be properly  estimated  , die  , make Rama  ,
Wear    the crown   and make him decide not to go the forest,
And save me   by  not  getting   the bad fame  for not keeping up my word.”

1646. That sage  Vasishta   seeing the face of the Kaikeyi of very cruel deed   said,
“Oh gold like lady  , by  giving kingship to   Rama  , soul  to all other beings,
And life to your husband     who was born in the   clan of  Manu  ,
Wear    the pure fame devoid   of bad name     as  ornament.”

1647.As soon  as  sage Vasishta   who had won over  the very strong fate  ,
And became great   by doing   great   penance  told like this  ,
Kaikeyi sobbed   and wept  and told ,  Suppose the emperor goes back on his   word,
I would  not like    to live   in this great earth   and for the sake  of my word,
Not becoming a lie  , I   would     die    today  itself.”

1648.The sage told  Kaikeyi that   her husband may die ,
That  the world would not accept her idea  ,  that she will get bad name  ,
That she would be  committing a sin but  she  did not change your decision,
That she would not understand him and that there was no use by his telling all these,
And  finally  told her, “ What you    are  contemplating is not  as per tradition.”

1649.”What are you telling   without understanding   that  the king is dying,
And without understanding the suffering he undergoes when the soul tries to go away from the body.
You are   talking as if the fire   and poison is entering  his wound in spite  of being a lady.
Oh cruel lady  , what  relation have you got  with this country and also,
The bad   name that  is going to come to you is very huge.”

1650.”Oh lady , who is the cruel fire   that burns fame   as well as name,
Even before Dasaratha  himself told Rama, “go to the   forest”,
You only  told it and that Rama  would not stop going ,
In to the cruel path of   the  very tall forest.
Are there   people who are as cruel as you  and is there a worse cruel deed.” He said.

1651.When that   faultless   sage told like this  ,the king  who was depressed by sorrow,
Looking at Kaikeyi who had  poison on her  toungue  said,  “Oh great sinner  ,
Did you order Rama who is like my soul     to go to the forest and has he gone?”

1652.”Oh sinner , I now know your intentions  , I with great  love,
Kept on eating   the fruit  of love  from your mouth   and so ,
You have already eaten completely my soul.
I did not marry you   with fire as the witness but ,
Separately chose    a god of death and married her.”

1653.Oh lady  who did the cruel conspiracy  of   sending  my Rama ,
Who is the only one   my open eyes has ever  seen ,  to the cruel forest,
Oh lady who breaks me   who is not ashamed of bad name which is coming,
Oh sinner without redemption  , What is the use  of talking now  ,
The auspicious thread which I tied on your neck  on day of marriage,
Would now become  the auspicious thread  that would be tied on Bharata’s hand.

1654.After telling so many words  like  this Dasaratha   looking at Kaikeyi,
Whose mind did not melt told “Oh sage  , I am telling you today.
From now on she   is not my wife   and I would also  not consider Bharata ,
Who is going to crown himself as king   as my son  and he,
Would not be eligible to do death rites to me   after my death.”

1655.   Looking at  the great Kausalya, he asked” did not that   Rama  ,
Who was   prevented from seeing me   , take leave from you also?”
And she   seeing the great sorrow  of Dasaratha   at the parting ,
Of his eye like Rama from him  , decided  not to  tell ,
Dasaratha   about  preventing  Rama from going  ,
And like  the depressed Dasaratha , she also became  depressed.

1656.Kausalya understanding    that it  is the act   of her  co-wife  ,
And her husband   after giving boons   to Kaikeyi   and ,
Becoming heartbroken due to it  , she became greatly depressed,
And  went on making efforts to revive    her husband   and ,
Within herself  she said,  “my son will roam in the forest “,
And she also became   sad   that  Dasaratha  would  get ,
The bad fame that he   erred  in his attachment to truth.

1657.She said, “oh great one  , if  your greatness is harmed ,
By going against your great   decision   taken ,
 after  accepting  the oath that cannot  be gone against,
And standing firmly   that  you should not waver from it 
Due   to the love for your son which is beyond estimation,
The world would not accept it  “ and like  him, she also became feebled.

1658.She said about her son,  “he would not stop from going”  and after  saying,
About her husband  “”he would not stop from dying”  and tottered and became  depressed,
She would not say to her son  , “protect the soul of your father  “   thinking that,
It would bring bad fame    to the name  of her husband ,
And thus the swan like   Kausalya   greatly sorrowed.

1659.That king    who wears   the garland  with bunches   of flowers,
Understanding from the words  of Kausalya    that  great  and famous Rama,
Would not rule the earth   and would go to the forest  , became further sad,
And said,  “Oh my friend , Oh friend who is  my  bad fate   and then again said,
“Oh my son,   please  come before   me .”

1660.”oh son ,with my eyes becoming watery and with soul trying to go out,
I am in the process of dying and   to me    who has  only bad Karma,
Let the  Brahmins  who are expert in Vedas  should   use the  sacred waters,
Collected    for anointing  you and crowning you before the   fire,
And use it   instead   for my final death ceremonies   and after  that ,
You can go and reach   the   great forest.”

1661 . “Oh valorous one    who defeated    by your ability  in using the bow,
That Parasurama   who using his sharpened    axe , which killed   several times,
Great kings who possessed very great army  and who   is the one,
Who is  one  equal to himself    in strength  ., Alas ,
I told you to wear the great crown but gave  you a huge ball of matted hair.”

1662.”Oh Rama  , who has a black body who has  mind , eyes   and hands  ,
In very proper shape  , who wears  patience as   his ornament  ,
Who broke the   bow of Shiva who burnt the   three cities ,
Without thinking that   I am lonely and alone  , you hated me at this old age  ,
And  Ido not want to live   any   further”, he said.

1663.”Oh Gold who outshines    real gold, oh fame of fame  ,
Oh Lad who has a strong bow  which is like lustrous lightning  ,
Oh truth of truth  , I am not so weak so as to allow you,
To go to the forest before me. I would reach the heavens before that.”

1664.”I am one whose mind is ready to melt   and a body  that is ready to die,
And I do not have a very strong mind and strong   body like that of yours,
With the eyes which saw you enter the city   along with the   daughter  of Janaka,
Who is suitable to you , I would not like to see  you going away from the city.”

1665.Oh Rama though the world  has the strength  to go away from you,
Though the devas   would not be sorrowing  , Oh king    who rides a golden chariot,
Oh my  support less fame  , giving birth to you, I know about   your greatness  ,
What further can I tell, I will not live further, I will not live.”

1666.”Your nature  of  giving charity  , made you give   this Kosala   country,
Surrounded by   slushy mud and  filled  with water   and   the hill of non diminishing wealth  ,
And also all other things    to the thieving  Kaikeyi and  gave you  great fame  ,
And that   same quality   will now  put an end    to my life.”

1667.”Oh gold like lad  , Are there   any one similar to you in this earth  ,
Which is surrounded by the booming sea  or the heavens   which are high above  ,
Or in the world of serpents , for   when  He who had    axe as a weapon    ,
Came asking , “who is there who are strong?”  , you  stood there without   weakening  ,
Are  there   any one in this world to say to you  “Do not do like that.”

1668.”Oh son  , even after  hearing that you   have gone to the forest ,
If I am still alive  , to say  I am cruel ,  I should not reach  ,
The heavens today itself  ,for  it would  not be proper   for you,
To live in the forest   and  my living here in the city seeing this Kaikeyi.

1669.”Oh sir,  Goddess Lakshmi who after   doing   very great penance  ,
Reached your broad chest   with great difficulty  and   the goddess mother earth,
Would not remain alive  , if you go the forest  and I who am a sinner,
And one with bad karma  , if I   live after parting   from you  , I would be   same as Kaikeyi.

1670.”Instead   of seeing you   wearing very great ornaments  , sitting on a golden throne ,
Surrounded by white royal umbrellas  , blessed with a very broad chest     and ,
With goddess Lakshmi  sitting there  , If I see   you wearing the poor looking wooden bark  ,
And skin of the deer   I would prefer     the great   act of going to heaven instead of that.”

1671.Like this   when the king was wailing   telling several things  ,
Which did not have any connection  , reached   a stage  , where it looked like,
His soul would go away   that day itself   and then   that sage  ,
Who covered himself with a thin skin   said  , “oh king  ,
I would try to stop Rama     from going to forest  ,
Along with the help   of all the  people of this world.”

1672. As soon as the sage told,  “I will prevent Rama  from going to forest,”
Dasaratha thought   perhaps   he can stop him going  ,
Slightly consoled     his soul which was crying alone  , making soul to last longer ,
And thought  “If this pure one goes and tells  him, he may  desist from going”,
That king who was similar to human form of Manu, lost consciousness.

1673.Seeing   that “the king has  forgotten both his soul and mind  “,
Kausalya   getting sorrowed thinking that the king is dead,
And wailed,  “my  son left  me even before   and now you have also left,
Oh  my husband  , Oh Lord  , Oh king of kings, Is this dharma.”

1674.”Oh truth of truth  , Oh king of all kings of   the world,
Without protecting you from losing your  soul  , if we  fade ,
The entire world will   rotate   due to sorrow  . Oh king,
Our son may return along with the sage , so do not lose hope”  she said.

1675.After  she   told like this  , she caressed  the body, feet   and  face ,
With her lotus like   hand   and seeing her , Dasaratha   who had fainted,
And was not knowing anything  slowly asked   her ,
“Would Rama holding  the huge great bow  come back, come back.”

1676.”Though the very deceiving Kaikeyi tried to take away my life by her words,
Due to the bad advice of Kooni   she wanted   to get kingship to her great son Bharata,
Apart from that   she wanted my great son Rama  to go to forest” , he said.

1677.”Oh Kausalya  , Rama who wears golden armlet over    his shoulders,
Would not leave the idea of going to the forest and my great   soul,
Will not stay here   without going . Please hear this , I have a had a  curse,
From  one great sage which was given long ago” and  then the king,
Started    telling Kausalya   all that happened     at  that time.

1678.”I who was very much interested in hunting   once went inside  a cruel forest  ,
And when I was searching for a  pretty elephants and lions  , I reached ,
A  shore of a stream where the black elephants   come to drink water ,
Along with my bow and arrow    and stood hiding near its banks.

1679.”At that place there was a great sage  with his wife  ,
With both have them having lost    their eyesight  ,they,
Were living there  with the help of their pretty son  and,
When they were all engaged in penance .And not knowing that  the son,
Had come to   take water for them   from  the stream  , I shot a great arrow,
Which can kill   and  being shot  when the son  fell on mud  he   shouted .”

1680.”Thinking that it was   elephant which had entered   stream  which was drinking water,
And which was fighting  ,  that arrow went   along the way of the sound   and I ,
Who was not able to see it  , hearing that sound knew that  it was  not ,
The voice of an elephant   but that of human being  , with great sorrow reached that ghat.”

1681.Seeing that son of the sage   rolling on earth with the arrow shot  by me  ,
With  the pot  rolling away   and made my body and bow   as useless ,
I fell down on him and cried  “Oh sir , oh sir  ,  Who are   you? And ,
When I became depressed  , That son who did not how to tell a lie  ,said, “Please hear.”

1682.”Oh sir,   who has two shoulders resembling mountains, I came here ,
To collect water  for drinking for   my blind father  and mother,
That job has now been spoiled, You shot  arrow by mistake thinking I am an elephant  ,
This is my Karma    and so leave out   all your worries  and sorrow.”

1683.”You ,  who are matchless   please  take cold water   and give it to my father  ,
Who desires to drink water   and is sorrowing  and then you inform them about my death,
And say, “your son would go to the   heavens   and he saluted you before his death “
And after telling this  He who had praiseworthy good qualities  , received by devas, went to heaven.”

1684.”When I reached the   great sage ,  who   was awaiting the arrival  of   his son,
And gave the cold  water  to him  They said , “Oh son  because    you did not  come back,
For a long time  we were worried   thinking   about what happened   to you. Oh son,
Who has shoulders with a scent of sandal , come near   as we want to hug you.”

1685. “Oh sir  , I am a king   who is   living in the city of Ayodhya   and I was searching ,
For  an elephant of dark black colour   and in the darkness  , when your son,
Who was very truthful was collecting water  in a pot  , without seeing him,
The arrow that   was with   me went aiming    at him.”

1686.”Hearing the wailing sound after   he was hit by the arrow ,
Realizing it was not the sound of the elephant  , I ran and met your son,
And when I asked him who he was  after telling him all the happenings  ,
With a greatly depressed mind, he informed his,
Salutations to you both  and stopped talking  and ,
He was received    by the devas    and reached the heavens.”

1687.”Oh sir  , do not get angry with me   saying I killed your son with my arrow.
When your very pure   son was collecting water  , except for shooting an arrow.
Aimed at that sound thinking that it is an elephant , I did not see him by my eyes.
Please pardon this mistake of mine  “Saying this I saluted the divine feet  of that  sage.

1688.As soon as they heard that, they fell down   became depressed and rolled,
And said, “Today we have lost our eye” and both of them got drowned  in ocean of sorrow.
Thinking about their son they  cried  “Son , son”   and said “you have broken our heart,
We would not stay in this world after   knowing that   you  are living in the heavens ,
We are coming now itself, now itself”   they wailed   and cried.

1689.  Seeing those sages wailing like   this  in various ways  , I saluted their divine feet,
And when I  said  , “I am your son from now on  and what ever you want , I would do it for you  ,
So do not become weak like this  and  Get rid of the sorrow  “, That sage  told me,
“Oh sir with   a huge   bow  , please  hear what I have to say.”

1690.”Even after losing a son who was like the eyeballs    within our eyes ,
If due to the love of life  , if we live on this earth for the sake of eating  food,
What will not people   of this world tell about us? So we will also die  and go to heaven.
Oh king with a decorated horse  , like us  , your son   ,
Would go away from you   and then only you will reach the heaven.”

1691.”Oh king  who has a white royal umbrella whose luster  never fades  ,
You said  that you have done  a mistake   and requested for our protection,
And due to your seeking protection from us  , we have not given you a more harsher  curse.
Today we have parted with our  good son who understood us  without our ordering,
And like us   you would also attain very great sorrow  and   reach the broad skies”
Saying this    they both departed   from earth and went to heaven.

1692.  “Without  any mental depression  since they said , “I would have a sweet son”,
I  came back to this city with great joy   and due to the     words of that   sage  ,
Without any change , Rama would   go to the forest   and I would lose  my soul.”

1693.Vasishata who was   as tall as a mountain   among great sages with fame,
Went to the durbar hall of the king who had rut elephants with pearl chain,
Where drums were being played and where Kings were sitting with joy   ,
Since the time for coronation of    Rama    was  nearing.

1694.When those kings having sword saw the face of that sage,
They asked ”Oh clear minded one  who is like   our father ,
Has some problem arisen for   the   conduct of the crowning of Rama,
Because we are able to hear    endless sound of crying  with sorrow ,
  Please tell us the reason    for that”.

1695.”Kaikeyi who is daughter of king of Kekaya  , got two boons from Dasaratha,
And Dasaratha  who had ruled   continuously  without stop granted those  boons to her,
Using  one she made him agree to send Rama   who was like a black cloud to forest,
Except for this there  is no major sorrow  . This   is what  , that has happened.”

1696.”Due to the order  of the king  , the true son of Kaikeyi   would  get,
The right   of protecting this earth , which  is   carried on its head by Adhisesha ,
And  Rama with a high and wide shoulders   who is the husband  of the divine lady,
Would go  and live   in the forest   alone.”

1697. Even before  those words from sage Vasishta    who is  the home of truth,
Reached their ears   , all those kings    who had   very great love  for Rama,
As well as Brahmins   and all others who have assembled at that place  ,
And also all the ladies who had tied their breasts with cloth  fell down like Dasaratha.

1698.The bodies of people   suffered  like the fire  touching the wound ,
Which resulted  in   hot breath   and made them sit  on earth with a shivering soul  ,
And roll , and the hot  tears   that flowed from their eyes  turned in to an ocean,
And the sound of loud crying   that rose from all sides, reached   the   sky.

1699.The great   ornaments  and mangala suthra   of ladies fell down,
Their tied hair fell to their sides, the Yama like   eyes   turned   red,
Their feet became red  and due to torrential wind   blowing  ,
They who were like climbing  flower plants, shivered and fell down on earth.

1700.Alas , alas that king whose pain never gets cured  is  one without mercy,
And they said, “now  we will also stop following   Dharma  ,
And they fell down like   a mara mara   felled by great wind ,
On the earth   and   wept as well as cried.

1701. By hearing the words  that    Rama would  go to the   forest,
The parrots  and Naganavai    birds   started crying  ,
The  pet  Cats   inside  those   great mansions also cried,
The small babies who could not recognize  forms also cried,
And what can we tell about how the big people crying?

1702.The young ladies   who talk with  sweet lisp which are not connected to the toungue,
From their red mouth resembling the    red  lily flowers   showing  their   teeth,
Which resemble the white jasmine flower buds,   shed  tears  like rain on their twin breasts,
And the drops resembled the   peals of a cut chain falling  one  by  one   and cried.

1703.  Similar to the king  Dasaratha  , the cows   cried  , their calves cried,
The flowers which have opened  that same day  cried, the water birds cried,
The gardens   that drip honey cried, elephants cried,
And the war horses   which move with speed of wind  also cried.

1704.Are there  more cruel people    in this world than Kaikeyi  ,
Who told her husband, “send him to the forest”    and the very cruel Kooni,
When even the people who attained   eternal wisdom thought ,
That Dasaratha would not live     if   Rama goes away to the forest?
And all others   except these two  lost their body and attained  emptiness.

1705.Would it be possible to count   those   who were  not able to  wake up ,
From the sorrow   and have lost their wisdom  and  all the streets,
Which were filled  with dust due to the running   of chariots,
Were made wet  by the tears of such people   and  ,
The only  thing we could not see  was   that  their mind did not break in to pieces.

1706.Some people said that “It is  due to the sin   committed   by the earth”,
Some other said that  “The sin committed by Goddess  who sits on lotus is much more”,
Some seeing    the wounded  heart said , “this has happened    due to fate”,
And some said, “The sin committed by the eyes  of people of earth is more than the ocean.”

1707.Some said, “Bharata    would  not accept the kingship  ‘
Some said, “Rama now will not    return to the   country”,
Some said  ,”our fate   is very cruel  “ and some of  them said,
“The victorious crown has  come like an evil planet “ and,
“Who  are there in this world  who are more cruel than us   as we are not dying.”

1708.Some said,  “possibly our first king   due to his intense love  ,
On the daughter of Kekaya   has lost his wisdom  completely”,
Some said, “Let us  go to forest along with  husband of Sita  “,
And said, “if it is not possible , let us fall in fire  and then die”.

1709.The  people of that great city wiped   the  floor with their hands  ,
And washed it with their   tears   and saying “Kausalya  will not be  able to live”,
Continuously  left   hot long breath  and further    they said,
“Oh Lakshmana   would you bear with this   and reached  the state ,
Of   those falling in the burning fire  where ghee  is poured.”

1710.After  telling, “Lke the courtesan with red mouth    who keep on   drinking toddy,
This Kaikeyi without   any other reason  , due to the   desire ,
Of making her son as the king  , Was ready to do the sinful deed  ,
Which is berated  by all  “   they    with a sorrowing mind  told,
“This Kaikeyi     does not have    any love towards   the king.”

1711.”Did the emperor   want to do penance   and go away   from this earth  ,
Or did he want  to completely    destroy   all    the people   in this world  ,
Good,  The act of boon   giving by Dasaratha   seems to  be  good.”

1712. “After giving all this earth which    he   got to Kaikeyi,
And let us not go  away from Rama    who was born as an  elder son,
And made     all the world as his   and live   in this   city but  ,
Let us  go and live with him , and if we   all do so,
Even that   forest to which he goes  would become a city.”

1713.”What is this type   of nature   of the king   of kings ?
After promising the earth to  Rama who was not equal to him   earlier.
And going in Kakeyi’s apartment and promising    it to Bharata ,
Is this not the change    of his word   and is it proper.”

1714.”The lady earth which was given   to Rama   who holds,
The bow decorated by garland  of victory   in the great  hall,
Would be enjoyed by some one else  and then, even if ,
Sita goes to the forest  and  even if Goddess Lakshmi stays   here,
Would  she accept  the son of   the deceiving  Kaikeyi ?”

1715”Like   the perennial lamp whose wick is not extended  ,
And  which is not helped by adding ghee , and which has ,
A flame which wavers      due to wind  , the lasses  said,
“Are we going to part with   the proper   graceful ,
Sight from the lotus like eye   of Rama , Oh fate”   and shivered.

1716.Lakshmana  hearing that ,  “ His  step mother Kaikeyi  , who has eyes,
Which are like  a spear which has not been sharpened  , got back,
The lustrous earth by a boon   and gave my elder brother the forest”,
Rose   in very great anger   and fury like   the fire at deluge not lit by any one.

1717.With fire emanating   from the tip   and sparks hitting and burning   .
The lock of hair falling on forehead and looking    like the burning sun in the sky,
With the drops of sweat spreading all over his body  , with the big  tortured   breath coming out,
Lakshmana was seething    and resembled his  old   form of Adhi Sesha.

1718.”Did she wish to feed the sweet flesh meant for    cub of lion  ,
To the  pup  of the cruel eyed dog  , That lady   seems to have powerful brain”
Saying this  Lakshmana    clapped his anklet clad hands and laughed loudly.

1719-1720 . With his sword   tied   on the cloth  over his waist so that it could be seen,
Carrying his bow   with the   huge quiver of his     tied on his back,
Wearing   an armour made of Gold   covering his huge shoulders  ,
Which make people say that  Mount Meru is an anthill   and also covering his chest,
Wearing   the golden anklet on his legs whose sound was    shaming   the sea,
With the sound produced  by the string   when  he   was twanging it  ,
Which was   three  times louder  than the   thunder
Which occurs at the end of the world   , after   drinking  all the seven sea, he came

1721.  With all   the   beings  with body and soul in the     world,
Except he himself and his elder brother  getting scared   and moving out,
Thinking   that   the numerous  elements which are   spread   from earth to sky
Are falling down   on the   earth  , he   came.

1722.”For  making the burden    of the earth  lady  , lighter, to kill all those  ,
Who come to fight with me   and cut their bodies   in to pieces   and fill up,
The entire world   and to make my  unquestionable leader  Rama  ,
Wear the   victorious crown  , I am standing here  ,
People   who want to prevent  this , can do so.” He said.

1723. “Even if  all   the people of heaven  and earth, Vidhyadaras  , Nagas,
And people  of   all important  countries    and apart from them  ,
The trinity  of Gods who  look after the earth  , create the earth   and
Destroy the earth   came for help of  the lady  , I would not accept”  , he said.

1724-1726.When the younger   son of the emperor   showing   the very great heat ,
Like the early morning sun  which   has    come to the    centre  of the  sky,
And was rotating   like the Mandhara  mountain with properly  laid peaks  ,
Which   rotated in the sea like the churner  , in the middle of Ayodhya  ,
Rama   who  was with Sumithra   who was  upset and sorrowing  ,
Without  getting  consoled   due to the  very sorrowful act  ,
Of that cruel  Kaikeyi who had   undergone   a cruel change  ,
Hearing the  thunder  like  twang of   the storm like  bow   of his   very  able brother ,
Who was his   help, which made   the  entire world   break  in to pieces 
Rama came   wearing  shining   ornaments made of pretty gold  , 
Wearing  a pearl necklace  over  his chest,
Like   a very black cloud   which  using   the matchless rain drop  of words ,
Which can put out the burning   fire  burning upwards with  smoke   rising from it.

1727 Looking at Lakshmana   who was shining with great anger  like lightning,
Who had  a  golden body  , who had   big hands which can give like the storm,
He  said,  “My lord  , how is it that   you who never   get angry against the devas ,
Have got readied your self for a war     and are   holding   a bow?”

1728. “I wanted to make you  wear the crown before  Kaikeyi  .
Who has   a very black mind   , as she was trying to destroy  the truth,
And has    removed    , your  great   rightful kingship   , and even if  the devas,
Try to prevent it  I would like  to burn   them like the fire that burns the   cotton .”

1729.”When this very powerful bow is  in my hand  , even the devas   dare not  prevent me,
And if they try  to prevent  ,I would make them   the aim of the bows  in my hand  and burn them all,
And I would give you  all the seven worlds   as well as position of king of kings. Please accept.”

1730.When the younger brother told this  Rama  asked him  , “ Is  it not your dharma ,
To go   by the right path   in a way not to destroy  the justice  which is suitable  for the kings.
How come an anger which  goes against  the normal practice  came  in your  mind  ,
Which is barren?   What has   happened     to you  ?”

1731.When the tall Rama told like this , Lakshmana  smiled showing his teeth  ,
And said, When the father told    that  this  broad Kosala country     which spreads long ,
Is yours , you agreed to it  and so if our enemies     tell you  to go to forest,
Is it not proper     for me to get    angry.:

1732.  “After   giving you the country   in front of my eyes, if even Dasaratha,
 Who has a cruel streak   himself says , “it is not for you”   and when those,
Who do not love you   are   sending you away to the long forest ,
Would   I  continue   to  live carrying this body with weakened  five   sense  organs?”

1733.”Oh Lakshmana   who holds the spear  made of  sun light  ,
Which won over lightning as well as fire  , When the victorious  Dasaratha  ,
Earlier told , “become the king”  , without thinking   that ,
The kingship would   make me commit  many sinful deeds 
My  trying to get the  kingship  , is  a mistake on my part.
IN this where is the  mistake of Dasaratha   who destroyed    the power of his enemies.” Rama asked

1734.”Oh son  , It is not the mistake of the river ,  to be without water,
And similarly   asking me to go to forest   is not the mistake of my father.
It is also  the mistake of the mind of Kaikeyi   cherished  and nourished us.
It is not the the mistake of her    son Bharata also  , for it is  the mistake given by fate.
Why are    you getting angry for   this without any reason?”

1735. With a hot breath  like  the air  coming out of   fire of blacksmith,
Lakshmana asked  , “ How can I make    my boiling   mind cool?
Please now see the power   of my bow  which will win   over,
The mind of Kaikeyi   who did harm to you  and  is this fate  ,
Greater  than divine trinity and all the devas.”

1736.When Lakshmana told these  well thought  out words , Rama looking at him told,
“ Oh brother  , with the mouth that recited the Vedas  are you telling  whatever comes to you?
The words that you told just now  are words  that cannot stand  before followers  of Dharma,
How is  it  proper to get angry at   our father    and mother   who brought us up” 

1737,. That Lakshmana who was as angry as  Shiva who wears the crescent told,
“You are my father  and  matchless leader. No one else   except you is my mother ,
Oh Rama who learned to give to others , Today I will   get you the kingship”   and stopped   Rama.

1738. “Only she who got the boon   has the right   to get ,
The kingship of the world and Bharata will get  it from my matchless father .
And the   wealth that I am going to earn now   is penance  ,
And what    else    can be  better   than that”Rama asked.

1739.Rama who is  greatest among those with good character  further told,
“Would your anger subside only with a victory  in war over    your brother Bharata ,
Who is going to be entrusted   with   the rule of the world  . which  would be ,
His dharma  , or defeating our matchless father   who is praised  by wise people,
Or by achieving victory over our mother who has given birth to us  ?”

1740. Hearing   the words  of  that   expert  of words  , Lakshmana told,
“I am hearing the words that were told by your enemies  though ,
I am carrying   two mountain like  lazy shoulders   which are having no work,
And I have taken birth in this world   to uselessly carry    the quiver  ,
As well as the great bow   and am greatly unlucky. What is use  of your anger at me?”

1741.Rama who has seen the end of the southern language    and also ,
One who   have clearly understood    the   end  of Sanskrit  Sastras,
Looking at Lakshmana told  ,  “ Going against our father   who talked  to us sweetly  .
And was looking after    and protecting us    all these days  ,
And  ruling the earth   is  not a proper thing for me    to do,
But If you   go against my words  , what good is  going to come to you?

1742.Due to the  order of Rama   who posseses the knowledge   of the four Vedas,
Which are like the four oceans  , Lakshmana   left off his great anger  ,
And also  stopped talking against his   opinions , standing in front of him  ,
And like    the sea which never crosses  its shore , he attained peace.

1743.Rama   who was like Lord    Vishnu  ,
Who does not have beginning and    end  hugged Lakshmana
Who was  Lord Shiva  who  had the golden deer’s hide , went inside    the home ,
Of Sumithra   who spoke only words of great honour.

1744.Sumithra   after seeing   them who were   her son as well as son,
Who were like her own eyes   and who have both decided   to go to forest,
And with a wounded heart  , not able   find   the other   shore of the sea,
Of her endless sorrow   fell on the ground     and rolled,

1745.Rama supported her hands when he saw her getting feeble  and ,
With an aim of doing proper things   to console    her mind  ,
After taking out the   saw that   can cut off  the sorrow in her mind,
And told her  , I am not in a position to make the   emperor  ,
Who has ability in use  of sword    to be a liar   and I would ,
Return quickly   after seeing the great     forest surrounded by black clouds.”

1746.”Even if I go in to the forest or even to the ocean  or even if  .
I go to the land of   devas    which has greatness    and great sound,
For  me, I would feel that   I am in the city    of Ayodhya,
Who are there anywhere who can trouble me?
And so do not become     weak in body  , mind    or feelings.”

1747.When   they both were consoling   Sumithra   who was suffering from sorrow,
Though they were not able to put out    the fire of separation and were  not  able  .
To quench   the killing pain   of   suffering lonely      mind  ,
Some ladies   who were    having extremely thin waists  ,
Brought  the bark   cloths which    was   sent by Kaikeyi   ,
Who had      the bad name which will be there  forever  with her.

1748.   Those servant maids   whose minds were   shedding tears.
Like that   of the eye   and who were  liable to be greatly sad,
 On seeing Rama who had the black    colour of  the rainy cloud , told him,
“These are the bark cloths sent by Kaikeyi   who even after   seeing ,
The sorrow of others  , does not waver from her adamant  opinion   .”

1749. When the ladies   with  white teeth like the luster  of pearl,
Gave   those dresses  , the younger brother of Rama  told,
“ All the material    sent by Kaikeyi   who made him loose    his kingdom,
Are there   and  here   is my brother    who is willing to wear them,
And here I am   who   carries     the bow   which is efficient in battle  .
Who has been    born  to see them, please show them to me.”

1750.Then   that Lakshmana   with love received the bark cloths    from those  maids ,
And thinking , if only my mother    tells me  “Oh Lakshmana    leave your sorrow   
and you  also go to the forest,” that would be really great   and he     saluted,
The  feet of Sumithra    which shined like  gold   and she  also told   some words.”

1751.”That forest where Rama goes   is not a place   where  you should not go ,
It is like the city of Ayodhya only   and Rama who loves   you lot ,
Is now onwards  king Dasaratha to you   and our Sita  who wears ,
Flowers  in her   hair  ,  is  your mother  who  even after  Rama
Dared   to give  the kingdom to Bharata  and is going to the forest
Are still keeping their souls ,  and thinking like this   go to the  forest,
Along   with Rama   and your staying here further    may  be a crime,.”  She said.

1752,She further  told  , “Oh son  , you go behind him   not for moving with him  ,
Like a brother ,   but be his  slave   who   does all his job as per his wish,
If he   comes back to this   established city of Ayodhya  , come back with him  .
And if he is not able to come back to Ayodhya, give up your life before him.”

1753.Both of them saluted  and mother also wept like a cow,
Leaving  both its calves   and becoming   scared  for them,
 And both those matchless sons   removed   the thin cloth ,
That they were wearing  , wore the bark cloth and went away.

1754.When Lakshmana also wore  bark   cloths like himself  , Rama ,
Seeing the  activity of Lakshmana     who  wore garlands dripping with honey,
Said to him, “oh brother   who has the great fame  of praised  by devas,
Without saying “no”   , please   hear the good word    that I am telling.”

1755.”Oh brother  , all your mothers   as well as the king ,
Are  not like earlier times and they are drowned in great sorrow,
They have parted with me  .Please do a great help   to me ,
So that these people    who love with me  do not suffer  sorrow.”

1756.When the best among all males     Rama told like this,
Lakshmana  with his shoulders which are   like pillars, shivering.
Became scared   and started crying as the soul  which had ,
Come in him is tring to go out and asked Rama,
“What    is the mistake    that was done by me towards you.”

1757. “Oh Rama   who holds  the great bow  with its string,
If water is there then fish and blue lily can be in it,
And if the earth is there , than all these things are   there,
And so please tell who should   be there   so that ,
Me and  Sita    are  there  in this place,”

1758.”  Based on the words of Kaikeyi who wears bangles of pure gold,
“Go to forest  “,  the lady earth  is shivering for her life   and you have told,
These cruel words  possibly thinking that I am the son   of that king,
Who lives  for protecting  the truth , What a cruel word is it?”

1759.”Oh sir, Rama  these words are harsher   and more cruel  ,
Than the words   which were an order to me   to leave out my anger ,
And be peaceful, when I   got angry   at the words, “you shall go to forest”.
What words can be more harsher    than what you have told now?

1760.Oh Lord  who has   the  powerful spear in the   scabbard   which has been wiped by ghee  ,
Which  has    wiped away the kajal applied    in the eyes  of wife of enemies,
Is  going to the forest  leaving the kingdom    which was established    by our ancestors,
And which is yours by  law   and also leaving everything else including us, your duty?”

1761.When Lakshmana told like this  , unable to   tell anything  , Rama looked  at,
The face of Lakshmana   who had   mountain like    shoulders and with ,
Tears   coming non stop from his   lotus like eyes  , which was ,
Falling down once in a while   , stood there   without moving.

1762.That Vasishta who has  no sorrow and has done very great penance  ,
From the hall of the king  , with love towards    Rama , reached ,
The palace of Sumithra and both the brothers   saluted him ,
And   that sage also started getting in the  ocean of   great sorrow.

1763.Vasishta   who could realize everything  ,  saw their faces   and minds  ,
With his eye    and saw the pretty look of the bark cloths over their waist ,
And due to the raising great sorrow   forgot himself, What can we say about it?

1764.He thought, “on the auspicious day when he was to get crowned,
Due   to the coming of bad fate  , he had to wear    the bark of wood,
And if Lord   Brahma   who decides on aspect    of the fate determination ,
Himself thinks about it  , the bad   fate   is something that cannot be removed.”

1765.”This aspect  of his which  makes him go to the forest  , after wearing the bark,
Has not been made by Kaikeyi  of very bad fate  and  it is not a result  of fate,
That   comes to Rama   of very soft character   and possibly later  , it would be known,
“How  this event happened?”  and “due to whose thought  process it happened?”

1766.Vasishta approached near Rama   who carried a bow and had eyes  like red lotus,
And said to him, “Oh sir, if you leave this palace   and go by the way  of huge mountains,
Dasaratha who has   huge very strong army   would  not live and will die.”

1767.Rama who came to Ayodhya after  lying down   on a bed of serpent,
Said, “It is my duty   to   completely   and sincerely obey the order of Dasaratha,
And it is    your duty    to console him and make him rid  of problems. It is also just.”

1768. Then Vasishta told him.”   The king never   told looking at  you,
“ Go and reach   the boundary less  forest .”  but it is a fact   that  ,
Dasaratha    who possesses a spear    which has been greatly sharpened ,
Had told , Kaikeyi who talks   words much harsher   than   the arrows of enemies,
Without    any thought   that, “I would give you a boon.”That is all”.

1769.Rama who was born in this world   to establish great Dharma,
Told, “My father Dasaratha   told me that  he has agreed to give  the  two boons,
And my mother  Kaikeyi   ordered me and I  agreed to obey that order ,
And  are you  who has been a witness  to all these , trying to stop me.”

1770.When Rama told like this  , Vasishta    who was not able to reply  anything,
Made wet the earth by shedding tears from his long eyes, and Rama ,
With mountain like shoulders   saluted the sage  and reached ,
The  golden door   of the  palace  of king Dasaratha.

1771. We would now describe to a smaller extent the   sorrow of the mind  ,
Attained by the people of the city  who have seen Rama wearing,
Cloth made of bark and who was followed      by his younger    brother,
 And  with a  faultless joyful face resembling the lotus flower and have understood  his mind.

1772. Those ladies of Ayodhya who resembled the divine ladies of heaven,
AS soon as they saw Rama wearing cloth made of bark  , like   the bees
With closely formed new leaves  and which were  tipsy with honey,
  Patted    their very long eyes   with their own hands.

1773.Due to the  uncontrollable love  , they did not know themselves  ,
And even before the father  of the great one reached    the heaven,
They went there first and  was it to cut  their karma earned in this birth,
Or was it   to ensure   that  their suffering souls due to parting    never returns.

1774.Some fell down on earth  , some stood by after moaning and weeping,
And  Some were   drowned in the tears    that fell   continuously from their eyes ,
And some  suffered as  if the curl of their hair has  caught    fire and became sad.

1775.Those ladies whose speech was as sweet as sugarcane , did not shed tears,
And feeling as  if they have lost their great wealth  and stood    there,
With other people telling that   they are all cruel people with heart like steel,
And perhaps     this happened    because they had lost consciousness  due to sorrow.

1776. The body broke for some   , and the soul was not stable in side them,
And   their souls re entered the body   heralding that they   would go out any time,
And their   flower like eyes  due to the drying of tears  became wounds and shed blood.

1777.Some  valorous  people who had two elephant like    hands  ,
Due to their not wanting their heads , cut them off   with sword,
And keeping   it in one hand  . rolled it on the ground  .
And with their small sharp swords   destroyed their  flower like   eyes.

1778.The ornaments of ladies   fell down and spread everywhere ,
The gems embedded   in them came out  , the waist belt,
That they were  wearing  got cut off like a flower garland and fell down,
And their face which has become dim were defeated  by the moon.

1779.The sixty thousand wives of Dasaratha    who had faultless virtue  ,
With tears which fell like rain , followed Rama  the boy   and ,
Cried  with open mouths   and wept like   the sea   with tides.

1780.Those queens  who have not given   birth to  other sons except Rama,
Fell down on earth    like   young peacocks  , groups of  koels,
And swans  which have all   lost their wings    and greatly sorrowed.

1781.The nectar like words of those    young queens  , due  to,
Their deep breaths and limitless   crying   were defeated  by
The sound of  flute    made of bamboo by making  holes  ,
And the yaazh which was an instrument made of strings.

1782.When they  cried saying that   “ from now   the forest only,
Is the   home of Rama “ and were  pitying the fate of their son,
The red  nectar  like   mouth    of those ladies  were made further red by crying,
Made that broad palace look like  field of   thousands of open red lily  flowers.

1783. The river like   tears that they shed   mixed with  layers  of Kumkum,
Applied by them over their breasts  became like slushy   mud  ,
And fell down pulling     their pearl garlands  
Which got  down from the peak of their breasts,
 And entered   inside    their ocean like     waist belts.

1784. The  face  of the queens of   Dasaratha who was king of Kosala with many gardens,
Was like fully opened lotus flowers and was for  the  first time    seen by   the sun god,
Proving that even for the king of  gods of heaven  , when sorrow comes, all  bad events happen.

1785.Mothers  , relations  , those    who depend on the royal family,
All those   who work and live    in the palaces  and very pretty women,
Became greatly pained as if they have fallen on burning fire  ,
And came near Rama    completely  covering the door of the palace.

1786.They   all cried   and after crying slowly got up   and in all places,
They followed him like  an ocean,  that Rama who had shoulders like mountains ,
Not knowing how to console  all of them   and without thinking ,
About preventing them from   following him reached    his home  .

1787.He who had gone   in a golden chariot  where bells  have been tied,
For the purpose    of wearing    the great and famous   crown,
Returned   to that   street   that was shining    with wealth  ,
Wearing a dress   of bark  which indicated his going away.

1788.Great sages , kings of land    and all those  who stay  ,
In that faultless   city and also people  of that country,
Without knowing how to express their sorrow  ,
And  even the devas became very sad ,
Not even wanting the good that    would come in future.

1789.Some thought   that our soul is much stronger ,
Than our mind    which did not break  on seeing ,
The pretty Rama of bad colour   suffering ,
Being deceived    and suffering  .

1790. “Is the  waiting   by us   expecting   that he would come back crowned,
Meant     to   see him   going in to the    hot and horrible forest  ?
To be born in the country with  ladies  with cruel deeds  ,
Is a   great misfortune  especially having    an eye to see  that  cruelty.”

1791.Some said, “though being born as the eldest son  , who
Got the entire earth to rule  , the very strong Rama  ,
Has started his   journey telling  I would live in forest along with tigers .
Should we keep quiet seeing him go? Should we cry?. This love seems to be pretty.”

1792.Some seeing the kings who have lost their strength   and who remain ignorant,
Said.  ‘Do not engage in activities which would lead to destruction of Dharma,
And  if you do so , you would be similar to Kaikeyi, who drove away  Rama,
Who won over Parasurama    who destroyed    twenty one generations  of your families.”

1793.” The one who is going to assist Rama    who has tied    the  bark  cloth,
Prettily over his waist and who is going  with great sorrow   is ,
One  child among the two sons of Queen Sumithra  , is he the only one,
Are there  no more people    in this city who will help him,” people asked.

1794.Some said  “let us break in to two pieces  , our very hard heart,
Which is stronger    than the stone with an axe ,” , all those who run were running  ,
And when the eyes shed tears   which was flowing like a river  ,
And it made the land slushy   and  many people  slipped and fell   and became very sad,

1795.Some people removed  ornaments made   of gold   and gems
From their body,  and removed an threw away    the cloths,
Which were shining  like stars     from their body shining like lightning  ,
And     wore   vary small tight dresses   on their body.

1796.Those people who had  many children  , even  when a  son ,
Who does   not have few of the senses working dies , would take away their life  ,
But here   the king has given a boon   allowing   his son  ,
Who is eligible to kingship   to go to the forest to protect truth,
It indicates the mind of the king is made   of steel.

1797.The pretty women with  inward bending thin waists   and
Heavy   breasts which hurt   the waist  , going to one   side,
Like a flowering creeper  , with   great sorrow cried ,
Keeping their   red thin hands    on their head,

1798.  In the very tall buildings   which were like    the tall peaks 
Ladies standing on the   top floor  resembling   the slowly moving  moon,
With their tears dropping on their  tip of their breasts ,
Cooed   like the peacock which lives  on mountain top.

1799.The tears  from  the  kajal applied eyes  of the ladies   who were  seeing Rama,
From the ventilators  of buildings   where    the smoke of Akil  travels like cloud,
And   who were    having sweet voice   but were sorrowing  ,
Flowed like a stream   and  cried telling   the same words,
Like the parrot which was in cage near the window.

1800.The tears   flowing from the wide   eyes of ladies,
Who were seeing   Rama from the top floor of buildings,
Fell on  the floor of the building   and made a depression there,
Which looked  like the pits  made by ladies   getting angry at the prince.

1801.Due to the continuing sorrow   stealing the wisdom,
Mothers forgot about their children   and the  children,
Were not aware of the places    their mothers    went  ,
And due to that  they shouted , cried  and became tired due to broken mind.

1802.Because the great ladies   who had  sweet voice like the well ripened,
Kamara fruit   had all reached   the street  , the white mansions ,
Became like the wilted    lotus flower   as they have been  ,
Forsaken by Goddess Lakshmi   with  honey filled  scented hair.

1803. On one side  like the deer stuck by an arrow   which had,
Attained    near to the state of death  which were struggling,
Some ladies with falling ornaments   and with their  hair,
Resembling the cloud  rolling over earth  , went in groups.

1804.The flags flying on buildings which were like mountains  ,
Stopped flying  , the  sound coming from drums became muted,
The sound which was coming    from many instruments  ,
Lost   their sound  and all over  the earth , the dust  ,
In the outside streets subsided     due   to   the  rain  of tears.

1805.There   was no smoke from kitchens  ,The scented akil smoke,
Was not coming out of mansions  , The parrots lost the  milk cup,
And due to the  great sorrow of  the very tired  mothers  ,
Little babies lost the cradles on which bells were tied.

1806.As if the life has gone out  ,  the  face lost its luster,
The rain drops stopped falling , the horses  lost the pure water ways,
And even elephants in rut  ,  like   the bee  drunk  ,
With honey of the flower   stopped  playing.

1807.Umbrellas stopped giving shade  , the   hair of  the ladies ,
With long eyes discontinued     decoration    by flower  ,
The feet of  valorous  men    stopped wearing heroic anklets,
The  flower arrows of  angry  god of love were not able to raise  passion,
And the andril (love) birds   preferred to stay alone without mate .

1808.The sound from golden necklace  stooped ,
The drums  stopped by their sound due to being tied by thick  strings,
The sound   of   the  cloud like   chariots   were  lost,
And the streets were like oceans   which have left sound of water.

1809.There was no sound of marching in royal    avenues , the sound of ,
The  strings of  theYaazh as raised    by the music traditions     was also not heard  ,
There was no sound coming from celebrations   of the devas,
And except for the sound of crying  no  other  sound was heard.

1810.The  ringing sound    from the  pretty houses where the  anklets ,
With pure sound   make continuous sound    was not being heard,
The  tender waist belts also  stopped  making sound  ,
There  was no sound from birds , gardens did not have sound from birds,
There was  no sound of bees on flowers  and the elephants did not trumpet.

1811.The fields forgot water  , the hands
of red mouthed ladies   were forgotten,
The fire of Yagnas       forgot the ghee ,
the great scholars  forgot the sound of Vedas.

1812.Those   who were dancing  in huge groups cried,
Those who were singing    the seven nectar  like  notes    cried.
Those who developed love tiff with their lovers cried,
And those ladies who joined with   their life like lovers    cried.

1813.The elephants  did not extend their  trunk  in water ,
The horses    did not    eat    grass,  birds did not feed their young ones ,
The cows which have delivered   did  not feed    their calves,
And   became greatly depressed   and tired.

1814. The sandal paste applied     on the big shoulders of men,
Did not reach the tender coconut like  breasts  of the ladies,
And flowers which decorated    the hair   of the men,
Did not go and reach the   hairs of ladies which was empty.

1815.Big elephants   refused to wear   the good ornament of face mask,
The rows of houses  hated to wear the gem called Chooda  on their crests,
The pretty compound walls  made of gold  hated to wear   the pretty flags,
And the deer  with a soft walk  hated to be with their mates.

1816.Great  Yogis who saw pleasure and pain in same  manner suffered due to great sorrow,
And those who with a broken heart   saw this is  a result of bad Karma   with sorrow,
What is there   to think and tell in this when some    felt that it is   due to good fate?

1817.In that city of Ayodhya  , Without exception all the good souls   ,
Underwent great suffering   and   were wandering listlessly here  and there,
With their natural beauty getting destroyed, with illness of crying increasing,
With the faultless five senses getting    greatly   disturbed ,
Looked like Dasaratha   who was leaving out his soul.

1818.When that city faded and joined together  , the   servants  ,
With disturbed mind  following  him, Rama   who  was the one soul,
To   the several  beings who were travelling  reached ,
The palace of Sita who had  breasts covered with shining ornaments .

1819 With Brahmins  , great sages   and kings    who were crying and were coated with dust  ,
 Coming near him and sob  , When Rama    was coming dressed in bark cloths  ,
That were not pretty  , Sita who was like a lady     in a picture , stood up greatly disturbed.

1820.Her mother in law  hugged   the lady who stood up  and was bathed in  new   water  of stream,
Of tears coming out of her Kajal painted eyes  and who was    crying  ,
Though   she with a greatly disturbed  mind   did not know the reason for it,
With tears ebbing out of her eyes, she  looking at Rama 
She who had a shivering body  similar    to the lightning asked,
“Oh Lord who wears    golden anklets  , Is there   any  sorrow,
Which  occurred to the famous emperor   and if it is not there ,
What is the reason for this  very great sorrow, Please tell.”

 1822.He said,  “My matchless   younger brother  Bharata would,
Rule the earth   and I having decided to follow the order  of  my parents,
Would start today itself   and reach  the forest    with mountains ,
Surrounded by clouds  and reach back. Do not become sad.”

1823.Hearing that  Sita   understanding that her lord   is going to the forest,
And that he had lost the   kingdom that    was   owned by him,
Did not cry, but the  very cruel words , “I am going  and do not cry”,
Burnt her ears    and due to that   she became greatly depressed.

1824.She who was with him on Adhi Sesha in the ocean of milk ,
Thinking that “dharma would get  destroyed” , even after ,
He came to Ayodhya     did not part  from him   and when he said,
The words that  I am leaving  you , became inconsolable  .

1825,She whose nature was like that   thought that,
The orders    to him from his father and mother was indeed pure,
 And he said to me,  “You be here   in the palace”  .
And thinking about it again and again   struggled with sorrow.

1826.Rama said,”Oh Sita, your feet fed by the cold   juice of red cotton,
Are not hard enough   to walk  in the mountain paths similar   to cruel asuras,
Nor to walk in the forest path  which shows head like  a molten lac
Or to being rubbed    by the rocks    of  the   forest.”

1827.Sita   replied, “ With a least love in your mind   you are,
Leaving me and going away  , Where is it told    that,
The sun at the    time   of final deluge is hot,
Would the  big   forest be more hot than parting with you?”

1828.Rama hearing the words that were told by her,
Clearly understood   the thought   that rose in her  mind,
And not willing   to leave her there   in the ocean of tears,
He started    thinking  about what   he should do.

1829.She then went in to the private rooms in her home,
Taking a decision took the bark suitable     to be worn,
She wore it   and with a  thought of accompanying Rama,
She  went  behind Rama   and held his hand  which were long like a palm.

1830.All those who saw  Sita dressed up in wooden bark,
Fell on the earth   which is a place to die   but they did not die,
For if they have  more life span , how can they die  ,
And they would still   be living  even if deluge   comes.

1831.Her sisters  , her maids    who were with her  ,
And her  several friends     who loved her dearly,
Became like people drowned in sea of fire   and then,
The red eyed Rama looking at the virtuous Sita   told.

1832.Oh Sita   who has pretty teeth  which can win over,
Jasmine buds as well as sea pearls if they compete,
You are not thinking    about the ill effects   that may come,
And have become ready to come with me  and,
Because   of that   you would create  measureless problems.”

1833.When the king Rama    told these   words  ,
Sita who had a voice like an angry koel  seethed with anger,
And told, ‘It looks the only sorrow that   you would   face in the forest,
Is my coming with you and possibly there is some other  pleasure in the forest.”

1834,. Then Rama without    talking    any other word  ,
Not getting path, moved away   with difficulty   in the field  like   streets,
Due  to the slushy mud  created there  ,
Due to the crying   of men and women.

1835.With  Sita dressed   in wooden bark cloth following him   and with,
The strong Lakshmana   holding a great bow    going in front,
Rama who was like the cloud  started  moving, and can we ,
Describe properly   the great sorrow   attained  by the citizens.

1836.From then no body  cried and became   sad and with depressed mind,
They all   thought about it  and decided, “Even before he  reaches the forest,
We will go there, “   and with shouting “war”  ,   they all   departed   from there.

1837.Rama who held a bow which was decorated by a garland,
As soon as   he reached  the door of the palace  of Dasaratha,
Saluted his  mothers who were accompanying him  and ,
Requested  them, “Be here and  console the emperor”  ,
And all those  ladies hearing that fell down in a swoon.

1838.Those mothers who were   crying making scar   on their toungues,
Blessed   their    son as well as their daughter in law  , praised them,
And  prayed to God, “Oh Gods , protect  them and give them back to us.”

1839. After   their  mothers   parted   from them  with lot of difficulty  ,
Rama  saluted the sage who was standing in the front  , along with his,
Soul like younger brother Lakshmana   and  Sita , who was,

The goddess Lakshmi   sitting on the flower   , he went away riding on a chariot.

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