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Kamba Ramayanam-Aranya Kandam Padalam 1-4

4.Aranya  Kandam

(The book  of forest)

 (Rama and Lakshmana and Sita    as per the advice  of Sage Agasthya  decide to shift to Panchavati.  There    they met an Asura called Viradha, whom the brothers kill.  While they were staying   there   Soorpanakha    the sister of Ravana   is attracted by Rama , who refuses her. When Soorpanakha   tries to carry away Sita  , Lakshmana cuts off her nose , ears   and breasts. Her Cousin Khara comes with a huge army to fight   with Rama. Rama alone kills Khara and his huge army.  Soorpanakha goes   and tells Ravana that  Sita was extremely pretty and when she was trying to bring her to Lanka, Lakshmana  ,
Cuts her nose and ears. Ravana falls in love with Sita.  He makes Mareecha his  uncle  to become a golden deer and tempt   Sita. When Sita wants the golden deer to play  , Rama goes behind it  . The deer dies but calls  Lakshmana for help. Sita compels  Lakshmana  to go to the help of Rama.  Ravana coming in the garb of a sage  kidnaps her. Jatayu , who tries to prevent  it is killed.  Rama and Ravana go in search of Sita. On the way a Rakshasi called  Ayomukhi kidnaps Lakshmana    who disfigures her   and escapes. Later they meet with a Rakshasa    called Kabandha  . On killing him Kabandha  gets rid of his curse and  advises  Rama to  seek help of Sugreeva the monkey who is the  son of Sun God and also meet a  sage called Sabari  .Rama meets Sabari and gives her salvation.)

Kadavul Vaazzthu

Prayer to God

2516.Would I with my  little   wisdom understand   that primeval God,
Who  could not be understood by the  four Vedas , which,
Never  altered from its high view point  , which   did  not,
Differ from the various forms originating from it  and which gives ,
An understanding of the true feeling  when it is read several times,
And by  the Brahmins  learned those Vedas  , by Brahma   and other devas.

1.Viradhan Vadhai padalam

The chapter on killing of Viradha.

    (Rama  and Lakshmana meet sage Athri and his   wife Anasooya and then enter the Dandaka   forest. There they are attacked by an ignorant  Asura called   Viradha. Viradha informs them    that he cannot be killed and takes Sita away. Rama   and Lakshmana attack Viradha, cut his hands off and   bury him deep   in to the earth. Viradha assumes his Gandharwa form amd praises Rama and goes to heavens
  In Valmiki Ramayana Viradha   tells Rama and Lakshmana    to go and meet sage  Sarabhanga)

2517. Those lads who carried those pretty   bent bows along with Sita,
Who had teeth  which resembled  the arrangement of collected pearls  ,
Reached   the hermitage of a great saint Called Athri   which  was,
Having  dense gardens full of    trees   with leaves   as well   fruits.

2518.Those Rama and Lakshmana  who were like  small eyed   elephants,
Who were carrying the burden of earth on all directions  and ,
Were having  big   pretty tusks, after   entering the hermitage  ,
Saluted   that sage of great penance  who had completely ,
Got rid of passion , anger  and illusion   and that saint with joy told them.

2519.That sage who became   as happy as if his relatives have come  ,
Said, with a melting mind “Sons of Dasaratha  , is it easy for  people like  us to see  you,
Who have come and visited us? It  is like   all the worlds   and ,
All the devas    have  paid a visit  . It looks like   we have ,
Done more  penance    than everybody  in the world.”

2520.After   spending that day with that great saint , as per the order  ,
Of his wife Anasuya  who was a  lady of great virtue  , who presented,
Pretty ornaments   and great dresses    to the daughter of Janaka,
They  left that place   and entered   the great  Dandaka forest.

2521- 2532. Carrying  in his  powerful trident  the bodies of sixteen elephants,
Thirty two lions   and  sixteen   Yalis which had cruel round eyes,
Which were living in the forest  which were   densely placed ,
By his one powerful hand , Viradha    who had  red lustrous curly hair,
Looked like a  mountain of poison  walked  speedily  on the floor   inside   that forest,
Driving  the clouds  away  like cotton    by the movement of his  legs ,
With fire sparks coming out of his eye like the  twitching of wounds,
Making   the sky with clouds shiver  , making the mountains shiver  ,
Making the sun who saw him loose    his  luster  ,
Making the earth surrounded by water    tremble  ,
Making the very strong God   of death  depressed in mind,
With  fire sparks    entering    the ears of great lions,
With  the gem studded top of Meru mountain  becoming cold  ,
With the coating of blood  from those fallen warriors who came against him,
Making him look like a reddish sky   ,
Wearing  several type of  garlands   which wave on his   broad shoulders made of,
Well armed men , huge   elephants in rut  , chariots  ,
Tigers whose job seemed to be killing   people  ,
And all other things that    reached near him,
Who after    putting     large number of elephants in rut,
Stacked   them one  over  another  by using his huge hands 
In his cave like mouth   and munching   them,
Who in spite of eating them was   looking hungry and searching food,
Whose  chest was decorated  by garland of pythons with sound  on which,
The gems  from great serpents like Vasuki   were taken out and studded,
And the nine planets    of the sky  and the planes   used by the devas,
Were hung  here  and there ,  Who had red hairs  like  the broad  red sky,
Who had  shoulder rings made  of  the huge decorative shield  hung  ,
On  the   huge tusks   of the huge Airavatha elephant of   king Indra,
 With the dark black colour shining on him, the great cruelty  which rises,
Rising up  , with the   great sin that      does   very great harm,
And looking like the kali age   which is a mixture of fire and poison  ,
And which is drowned in dark  night  , with the hides  of  very powerful,
Cruel and huge tigers    rolling  on his   very huge chest as upper cloth ,
With hides of  many elephants tied around his    hips,
With a  shining  belt   of a huge   python   which has gems  ,
From those  eight guardians  which stand around the world  ,
With huge armlets   made from the red eyed   long   serpents,
As well as  invaluable gems  worn round   his    cruel arms,
With   the  chalanchala conches which were produced  with difficulty by other  conches,
Decorating his conch bangles  with his     legs  pushing  ,
The silver mountain and the golden mountain  like balls  ,
Was walking  and walking  around the mountain path,
And though he was living  on earth  , he was,
Living in the   minds   as well as the eyes of devas.

2533. He had a  new form like a single great element made by all  the five elements together,
He had a voice like thunder   and had   the power   of  exactly twenty five thousand  ,
Elephants  in rut   , created   by Lord   Brahma with great  love.

2534, That  Viradha who had very scary eyes and had the job like very cruel thunder,
Was uprooting many trees and powdering many mountains by his speedy walk,
And came and stood  before Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Who had bows which had very huge size   but had not participated  in any war.

2535.Opening the big cave like mouth   with the long white teeth
Huge protruding teeth    which had eaten flesh he shouted,
“Stop, stop”  and immediately  lifted Sita   who was  like a swan,
Sitting on an open lotus flower ,by his hands  and proceeded on the sky.

2536-2537.Those lads who were like young bulls   got very angry  ,
And holding the cruel bow which they had  hung on their shoulders,
And the lustrous arrows in their right hand   , followed that Virada .
And told him, “Hey silly one , this is  cheating  , turn ,
Where are you going? And then that   Rakshasa said,
“By the boon given by Brahma to me , I cannot die,
Even if I do not have any weapon   and even if  ,
I am opposed  by  people   of all the world .
Silly ones , I have given your  souls as charity  to you,
And so leave this girl with  and proceed.”

2538-2540. Rama smiled  like   the silvery moon light   understanding,
That Virada did  not know war fare  and that his  strength  ,
And joy would soon get faded and when he twanged  his bow,
And that Rama who had the blue colour of rich cloud  ,
Who held a very sharp spear  ,twanged  the long string his bow   so that,
The earth surrounded by water of the sea with tides  and mountains,
,The king heavens and the land of the serpents  trembled and echoed
As if hit by a great thunder  and then that Viradha  leaving Sita,
Who was  shouting like a  suffering  caged macaw
Caught   by a cruel cheating huge   cat  and stood depressed,
And after thinking  , came and stood with great anger in front of  Rama .

2541-2553 .When he  threw  the trident   which had a tip  which was,
Dipped  willingly in the blood of his enemies for the sake of quenching,
The thirst of ghosts,  Which was very heavy and which  had   the form,
Of the burning mare   which  had the  fire   which wanted   to drink ,
The water  of the ocean  of the northern side  with  its  face and mouth,
And while it was   coming like a lustrous poison   shaking  ,
The eight directions, the devas   who were  protecting those directions,
The eight elephants  in those eight directions   and the world ,
Rama  from his bow   which was    stronger than   the faultless ,
Seven mountains like Meru,  sent an arrow   at him, thinking,
That   this crown of Rakshasas would be  destroyed today  ,
And cut  in to two that  trident   which had   the luster,
Of   big   stars  with great luster  falling from the empty sky  in day time  ,
And threw it  to the end of the direction   and then that giant  ,
Seeing that his    cruel trident was cut  in to   two pieces ,
Without getting any tiresomeness   in the war  ,
Assuming valorous  behavior  , using his   huge hands,
Which could destroy the heaven  ,  then  he started  picking ,
Up huge mountains one  by one  and throwing them at Rama,
And due to  Rama sending huge lustrous   arrows ,
Breaking those  lustrous   mountains thrown at him by Viradha,
And then they broke    the  mountains  and   went with great speed .
And hit all over  the body of Viradha   and when   all the parts ,
Of the body thus    hit became wounded , and then he uprooted  ,
A huge maramara  and was rushing to beat Rama  . who is the form of “Om”.
Who had the name     which could  be understood by only great learned elders ,
Who had left his bed of Adhi Sesha   and took an incarnation in  this earth,
To establish Dharma  , That Rama whose culture  increased   by days,
Using four arrows  and cut in to  many pieces  those Maramaras ,
Which were coming  against  him   and then he shot twelve ,
Cruel  arrows with   great  speed and when he hit his chest ,
Then  when that giant like a boar  troubled   with very many  arrows,
On  his body which is dejected   and trying   to get them out,
Shook   his body  , Rama sent on him more    fire like arrows,
 And  without hitting anywhere   else   when all those arrows,
Pierced  on his body, that giant  who was greatly cruel but without wisdom,,
Looked like a mountain with several streams   and like this,
When he lost his    strength   and   wisdom,
Those Rama and Lakshmana who had    great shoulders ,
Which helped them    fight   without getting tired ,
And knowing well that   this Viradha who had  got the boon of no destruction,
By  hitting him with arrows  , with great anger  took their swords  ,
And with the  thought that   they would    cut off his arms    with that  ,
And when the climbed on his   broad shoulders, that giant Viradha,
He who had fallen on the earth with    great flow of blood  and lost his senses,
Again got  up , regained his sensations  and lfted Rama and Lakshmana,
With his shoulders which were   like Dhandayudha  hugged them ,
And rose up  and walked with ten more times  more vigour   than earlier,
 And  with that Rama and Lakshmana who were shining   like sun and  moon,
Which go round the   Meru mountain  hit him on the top of the sky with force ,
And when he  was rotating like a top, , he who was having   ,
On his shoulders    Rama and Lakshmana   and was  walking,
Touching the sky  looked like Garuda the personification of  Dharma,
And the great king , flying round carrying Krishna and Balarama. 

2554.Then Sita who was born in a great clan   seeing   that  the  very merciful,
Rama was being  put under his strength    and being carried  by that cheat
Was greatly disturbed and faded and was like a  female swan,
Which saw her mate   being imprisoned and being carried out by others.
Fell   on the dust   with   her hair  like a flowering branch.

2555.Again  Sita not getting help from any where  and no one to console her,
Followed Viradha with her   streak of lightning like waist   getting tired,
Telling him that  “Please leave those  followers of Dharma , who love  ,
Others like mother    , and   take  and eat me  “ and fell before him.

2356.Seeing her   with  a stammering mouth crying   , becoming extremely sad,
And understanding the sorrowful state of her who was like   a picture  ,
Lakshmana   , after saluting Rama   and asked him  , “should you watch  ,
The Goddess,  sorrowing and keep quite playfully .It is not proper?”   and ,
Rama who created   the world after   final deluge replied.

2557-2561.”Oh matchless  one,  I thought it is better   to sweetly cross   this forest  ,
In comfort riding   on this person’s shoulders  though it is  not at all,
Difficult   to kill him “ . Saying this   in jest , Rama  ,
Kicked that   Giant by his leg wearing heroic anklet,
And  Rama and Lakshmana  , who had   huge shoulders , getting very angry,
With a sharp sword   cut   both the shoulders   of that giant  ,
And like  Rahu   the serpent planet   neared  the shining sun and moon   ,
And both of them saw   that in spite of  the large amount of blood  that flowed from his body ,
That there  was no    change in him    and still he was going   along  ,
That Rama  who was great in thought   said ,” Oh brother ,
I think except   burying him swiftly in the earth  ,
There seems to be no alternative” and that pure   Rama  with his reddish feet  ,
Which  has eaten   the sweet smelling   pure ghee  poured  in the pit made   by a plough,
Made of Athi wood  and which   fulfills    the desires    of all the devotees  ,
Kicked and made   that  Asura   fall on earth  and  then,
Buried him   in a pit made by Lakshmana, near the  west flowing river,
And that giant realizing that    he has   been buried deep in the earth,
Remembered the earlier curse  of Khubera   which turned  him,
In to a cruel Asura  , And after  getting  out of the   cruel hateful body,
Like Lord Brahma    , the primeval god coming out of   the egg called HIranya Garbha,
Appeared   before them    in his    former form of  a Gandharwa.

 2562.Having got imprisoned by the net of five senses   , with the soul  ,
Wandering   in the  materialistic view outside    But by his   remembering,
That he was involved earlier   in holy acts   which  were  beyond thought,
And also due to his having great devotion  leading him to unification with God earlier,
He  started   praying Rama   due to the help of the realized   true wisdom.

2563.”If these are your holy feet   that is spread    in all the worlds chanting Vedas  ,
How would your other parts of body other than the  feet look like?
Apart from  living in the sea with water  , if you are   also ,
Living   in all the contradictory beings that pervade  ,
How are   they   able to bear   you within them?”

2564,”When the very angry   crocodile   caught   hold   of  the legs,
Of the elephant   and when that elephant lifting its trunks  upward,
And getting exhausted   shouted  making all directions hear him,
“Oh great God who lives in all beings , oh great god”,
Are you not the one  who asked  him “Why?”   and removed his sorrow.

2565.”Oh lord  with lotus like eyes having    sight of grace  without any bias,
For protecting Dharma  , you are spread inside   and outside  of everything  ,
Though there   is no one to help you   in  your divine   endeavor.
And are you the only  one to rotate  like a fan for doing this duty?”

2566,”Oh Lord who is well involved   with joy  in the sports  that are called birth and death,
  Even if the  wise ones who have  cut off all attachments, by chance are born in this world,
Would they forget their nature   and if it is  not possible   would they take birth,
And  even for those  , the great luck they get    is some thing very   rare.”

2567.When all the people of all other   religion  say that   their God,
Is the only  one  who is a     boat that helps one cross the fearsome  sea of birth,
Because  you are the form of that matchless   form of    real truth,
What would those Gods who  come from now onwards   try to do?

2568.”Oh Rama    who is the matchless   form of Dharma   to  the,
Lord Brahma    who is sitting on that restless     lotus flower,
To the devas who do not have death   and   to all the beings,
Who are not the devas , you are the primeval  ,   father and ,
You are   also their mother   who gave them birth   as per law.

2569.”You are the primeval God   and all the worlds belong to you   ,
And  even   other religions   who are not able to think and understand you  ,
Attain you and no one else  and in spite   of that  ,
Why are you hiding like a cheat , Why are  appealing publicly?,
And is there   any necessity   for  this great sport of illusion of yours?”

2570.”Oh God who can appear before your devotees as one who is weak,
There is no calf that   cannot recognize its mother   and so also  there is no cow,
That cannot recognize  its calf   and since you are  mother  of all,
You know about every being  and those   beings are  not able  ,
To recognize you and I am not able to understand this wheel of illusion?

2571.The people of the world for praying   would consider very many Gods,
And  thinking that   there is a God superior to you  is not the nature of very wise people,
Is it not true that  the  Brahmins   who originate    from Lord Brahma  ,
Who rides  on a   swan  think of you as greatest God and no one else?”
Would this not be thought out by people following  many religions?

2572.”Oh Lord who has a chest lived by Goddess  Lakshmi  ,
Those Gods   specially mentioned   by  the matchless  other religions  ,
Are  like  the ignorant people    who think about bad and good action,
And perform matchless  penance? Where is the need  of penance for you?
Oh Lord who does not sleep and is always awake,
You are   always sleeping as if there  is no other work for you.”

2573. “You bore   the  lady earth    as  the  serpent called Adhisesha ,
You have lifted her using your teeth as   a wild boar  ,
At the time of deluge   you swallowed the same world by your mouth,
You measured and hid her by one step, Would not Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Who stays in your chest wearing  perfumed  garland of Thulasi .
Get very much angry with you , if she  knows about it?”

2574.”Oh Lord , would it not be possible     for the beings that  you created,
To know about this truth   and can they not get   salvation?
If they do   what problems   would you  face by that?
Due to the alms given to  Lord Shiva    who is armed with an axe ,
There are devas  and men whose doubt as  to who is the greatest truth has been removed?”

2575.Oh Rama   who is a boar  unearthed the earth by your horn,
Taking  the shape of a swan , you taught   Vedas  to Lord Brahma,
Who taught you that Vedas before? Were they all dead at that time?
If those which separated from a thing  , join together   to form  ,
That same thing, does it mean they are    the same thing  or,
Does it mean they have not come by division,
I am not able    to understand   this  illusion.”

2576.Oh Lord Who cannot be compared   with any other thing,
Due to your leaving  the place you normally stay on the milk ocean,
And   appeared before me due to the great penance  I did  ,
I have  left the sea of the  inferior form of mine and I will not be born again,
And you have removed all my good and  bad fate  by your ,
Red feet    which is of the    colour   of the coral gem.

2577.When   he stopped after   telling all these  words ,
Rama told him “Please tell me the   story  about,
Your taking the   form of Asura” and he ,
Who had achieved victory   started   telling.

2578.”Long  live , Oh Rama  , who has the divine feet granting eternal wisdom,
So this life filled with stealing   and deceiving   goes away and
Who is very charitable  , Please hear” and then,
He started   telling  Rama   about his story.

2579.Oh valorous one who holds a cruel bow  in his hand  ,
I was  born in this world   and later became an Asura ,
My name was Dumburu   and I was  ,
A subject   of  Khubera  in the   heavens.”

2580.Due to  the criminal  passion  which  came to me,
To hide my wisdom  , he cursed me  to become an Asura   ,
Without any mercy and I was born in an Asura clan.

2581.When I got the curse  , I asked him,
When will I get   freedom from this curse ,
And the   very great thinker  Khubera told,
That, “ it will go when your feet touches me.”

2582.”Oh primeval one   from that   time,
Till today  , as I had no wisdom , I did not ,
Differentiate between good and bad ,
And by eating all beings  I accumulated bad fate.

2583.”It was the good Karma that is within me   that made me,
To stand before you with liking to do it   and when  your ,
Pretty feet that wears  Vedas  touched me  ,
I got rid   of the curse  and became my former self.

2584. He said “Oh Lord who keeps himself alive even  at deluge,
Please pardon this fool   who came  as per my karma
And did lot of harmful acts    to you  “  and
Viradha   assumed  his Gandharwa form and went to heaven.

2585After knowing that  Viradha  ,
Who was loved  by the devas   left his soul,
Rama and Lakshmana went along with the flower decorated  lady  ,
Away from that     horrible place.

2586.They who were   holding spears.,
Which were like God   of death  .
Went to the garden where   sages,
Who were  personification of Vedas lived,
And the   lord  of the day also went to his home.

2.Sarabangan  pirappu neengu padalam
(The chapter  on death of  Sarabanga)

( Rama   then goes to meet Sarabanga. At that time Indra had come to take Sarabanga to the   land of Brahma. The sage refused as he   only wanted to attain salvation by merging with God.  Rama enters there at that time. Indra prays to Rama  .Sarabhanga and his wife enter the fire     and get salvation.
   In Valmiki Ramayana , Sarabanga did not want to go to Brahmaloka  because he wants to meet Rama.  After meeting Rama he directs    him to the hermitage  of Sutheeshna   and attains salvation. There is no mention of Sarabanga ‘s wife in Valmiki Ramayana  )

2587.Along with Sita who was like a flowering branch  of Kurava  flowers ,
And Folded  Kongu buds , they reached   the place   where  ,
Sage Sarabhanga was doing penance  in the  forest  ,
With a smell of honey   from  the well grown maramara  plants
And reached that  place   when the night    was about to fall.

2588.When  those two holding a red spear   walked that way ,
And reached   that place ,  Indra with thousand eyes  ,
Which were looking like a fully open flowers   even  at that night time,
Reached   that hermitage    in that forest.

2589.That Indra   was greatly   lustrous   like   the combination,
Of  the light radiating from the  ornaments   of  Deva maidens,
Who walked  like swan   and  the spread  of the streaks of lightning.

2590.Indra was one  whose eyes   which were  like bees   enjoyed ,
The prettiness    of   the  flower like eyes   of  peacock like  deva maidens,
And whose ears   enjoyed   the  honey like   music,
Which flowed from the   Veena of Narada   called   the Mahathi.

2591.He had the fame of performing  one hundred  Aswamedha,
Sacrifices  as per the rules   given in the scriptures ,
And one who wears the golden heroic anklets  which is  saluted,
By all the devas   except Lord Vishnu, Shiva   and Lord Brahma.

2592.That  Indra   with his wife who was like Goddess  Lakshmi,
Sitting on a red lotus  rode  on the white  tall  elephant Iravatha ,
 Who  creates scare  and has great   rut flow  from three   different spots  ,
And is similar   to Lord Shiva  who sits on the great mountain spread  like silver.

2593.That Indra   had the white Royal  umbrella   which appeared,
To be the huge   lustrous heaven  taking the shape  of an umbrella  ,
And made the moon  whose cool   rays  spread  and shine everywhere, shy and ,
Loose its luster  feeling  that,  there was no need of him any  more?

2594. That Indra who   was near     to  the huge elephants  in eight directions,
Which   had the clear   gum of rut    and who   in very many close battles,
 Defeated   the  Asuras   who have lost their   speed  and determination
  And had  obtained and  great  fame   and had the white  chowries looking up.

2595. That Indra who was   similar to Goddess  Lakshmi, who lives,
In the  very famous   chest of Lord Vishnu  who holds the  holy wheel,
Who is an expert in war, and who  is having a very lustrous crown ,
Which gives   a place to stay   of  the sun god  travelling,
On a chariot with one   wheel   and has  red coloured rays.

2596.Indra was one who wore  armlets which shine  like  the,
White teeth of  cool smile of   Goddess  Vijayalakshmi  .
And  who had   greatly  lustrous   shirt    which  shines,
Like the red Manikhya  gems   which   shine  by its rays.

2597.Indra  who shines   like a rainbow    which shines  like  ,
Luster   of several thousand    very good quality Manikhya gems  ,
And the luster   emanating    from the collection of old ornaments ,
Which  all join together   and rises  up together.

2598. Indra   was  the one  with a sword   which  were like the,
Eyes of Deva maidens  , which had  fought with fishes   and became  victorious,
And  had  a   flower  garland which had  the  divine  scent of honey  ,
Which did   not have any  match in the entire  world.

2599.Indra has the weapon called  Vajrayudha   which has  a small tip,
Similar to the end of paddy   and which  could not   be destroyed,
By Ravana   who was wearing  gem garlands   which shine,
Like the very    lustrous  sun ,  when it was thrown at   him for gaining  victory.

  2600.Indra went and stood before  Sarabhanga’s hermitage   and there,
He was received by the sage of great penance  and taken inside,
And did all that  was necessary to be done to a guest and asked,
“Why have you come here?” and  that Indra   ,
Who was wearing the non spilt golden anklets    spoke as follows.

2601.”Oh sage of great penance who has a golden colour matted  hair,
Realizing that  the  great penance done   by you is greatly rare  ,
Lord Brahma has summoned you to go to his   world ,
And so please  depart so that you can go to that land.”

2602.”Oh sage   who is like my father   , that Lord Brahma  ,
Who  has created all the living beings of the world  ,
Has given you the   great chance of living in his   land,
And that land has been attained only by the penance which cannot be destroyed,
And if you come   there. Lord Brahma   would receive you.”

2603,”You are greatly old and know    that , the Sathya loka  ,
The land of Brahma is better than all  other worlds ,
Even  without   my telling you and so  please .
Come there with your wife  “ and when Indra told like this,
The great sage  said, “I cannot    agree   for that.”

2604.”oh lord whose fame cannot be   described properly by words ,
Would I attain  the positions  which  are not stable   due to,
The temporary karma ?I do not like to attain   that inferior position,
As you know that  the rare penance  that I did  has passed through many eons.”

2605.”Oh Lord who wears sturdy anklets, What you have   said ,
Is not something   that should be talked about
And is a state  t hough achieved is considered as not achieved, What is the need to talk more?
And I understand  that because you have come  my life has come to  an end.”

2606.”Oh Indra   who owns the heaven, I would attain that salvation,
Which is not for a short period, which  does not shift  me from one place  to another,
That which does not reduce over time, which does not go on increasing,
Whose form does not change  and that   which cannot,
Be destroyed   even if all the five elements perish.”

2607. When the sage     was telling like this , those valorous  ones,
Who hold  a strong and great bow  , knowing the reason  ,
For the tumultuous   sound there , stood there and thought ,
“What are the things   that   are  happening   here”?”

2608-2609.Having   seen  the rocking Iravatha elephant  with,
Four tusks  which shine like big diamonds   and ,
By that ,  understanding   that  the king  of devas,
Has come   to this world and is    with  the sage of great penance,
Rama made   the Sita who is like  a deer and his younger  brother ,
To wait in that garden which is full of flowers  , and ,
Reached inside the hermitage  like a bull  and like a big lion.

2610.That   king of the devas   seeing the fruit of all Vedas  ,
Standing on this earth   who has eyes  which were like lotus  ,
And was  looking like a black sun   and  looked at him,
With great depth    using all his one thousand eyes,

2611.Seeing him he was  pained to see him  in that forest,
And saluted   that leader of men  , leader  of all Brahmins,
By his head  which regularly saluted him  ,
By falling   on the earth  and catching his  feet with his long arms.

2612. Seeing Rama  who by destroying  his enemies in the battles filled with flags  ,
By teaching him  meaning of the  limitless words   of the  sea of Vedas 
By  daily leading  in the very good path   of great Dharma daily,
By giving  wealth, by  granting salvation  , by becoming   an armour,
Without others realizing  it  , by becoming the soul  , by becoming the eyes,
By becoming true penance  , by becoming the  endless  true wisdom,
He forgot himself  , stood near him   and like  one,
Who did not know    his greatness   started   praying to him.

2613.”Oh light which stands   mixed and not mixed   in everything,
Oh Lord who is the friend   of all sages   who have got rid of all attachments,
Oh Lord who is the store house  of all graces   which helps one to cross this life,
Oh Lord   who can be understood   by the proper behavior as per the Vedas,
Oh Our father  who has come here   as per your assurance  to us,
When we came    and prayed your holy feet  for protecting from our enemies,
Is it proper   that your lotus like soft feet  is touching this rough earth of the forest?”

2614. “Oh god   of all devas  who sleeps in the big ocean of milk  ,
You do not have enemies nor friends  , no difference   between ,
Light and darkness nor have you  anything above or below you  ,
You do not have youth nor old age, you do not have beginning  , middle and end,
By  time you do not have anything   before you or after  you.
When your old state is like that  , if you do not carry the big bow  ,
And do not   walk giving pain to your red  feet  and not protect us,
Will bad name   come to you? Is there   anything  that ,
You get out of    doing  these  acts? Nothing,  is it not?”

2614.”Even if   the four faced Brahma born in the lotus  from your belly,
Who measures   all these   faultless   worlds  , measures you ,
For several eons without stopping  , your greatness cannot be measured.
Oh Lord whose great good characters    never  diminish over time,
In the earlier days  making the earth as the pot , the sea water  as the cool curd,
The big Mandhara   mountain as the churner   you churned ,
Making your lotus like hands pain  and gave the nectar  ,
Which came out of it to all the devas  , and were  not,
The asuras who   churned    with us your slaves?”

2615.”Oh Lord   who was one  in the beginning  , split from that to several later,
Became   intelligence  , soul and the body   and  becoming  that,
Which is   to suit the conditions    at the time of the final   deluge,
Later  taking the form of various worlds  you  became  ,
The matchless  new growth   of  the very  great wisdom  ,
Oh Lord who    completely solves the  problems of people like us,
You save   the people who do good acts   and destroy  ,
Those who do sinful deeds  , Is it not true  that ,
Even those ever unstable sins were   also created by you?

2617.”Oh  Lord  , who is our father   , in earlier days   due to the trick played ,
By   the very strong   limitless  illusion  ,  mixing with  those whose wisdom was jaded ,
Losing  the normal wisdom  we said  to you, “That you are not the ultimate God”,
And also , “You are God” , when we were  suffering with sorrow,
And due to the our past good karma  , Those seven primeval sages  ,
Crossed the fire and took an oath  that, “all the worlds   were,
Situated within you”   and you   cleared  our doubt ,
Who were not knowing    who was the ultimate god.”

2618.That Indra who had the long golden crown  after praying ,
Rama in this way and many other ways   , saluted him,
And understanding clearly    what was happening there  ,
He looked at the sage who was equal to him   and told,
“Please be kind enough to give leave for me  to go  “.

2619. Understand the state  of the mind of Indra by  his divine eyes,
The sage  received   the God of all devas Rama  and that Rama  who came like that,
Saluted his feet  , the sage shed tears of love   and  ,
They all entered   the hermitage of that   great   saint.

2620.After   welcoming both Sita   as well as Lakshmana and  ,
Wishing  long life    To Rama   whom   Sarabanga   understood ,
As  That God  who does yogic sleep   on the ocean of milk,
After visiting that sages home , just before the deluge.

2621.And there   Rama   as well his lady  , with the eye of the deer,
Listened to the  words of Dharma   as told by Sarabanga,
And they stayed   awake till   that night came to an end.

2622.That Sun   who had blowing luster  and the light which shines,
For the sake of spreading his  light   in to all the four directions,
Spread   countless  rays   which were like the sharp  swords,
Exposed   to sun light  and using that collection of his rays  ,
Started   removing   the blanket of darkness  covering the world.

2623,At that time   that sage Sarabanga took a clear decision   to give up,
His life in front of Rama by entering in to the fire  , and as per Sastras,
Built up a   burning fire   and asked Rama , “Please give me leave.”

2624. That Rama who held the strong bow   seeing   that  able ,
Cultivator of Vedas  asked, “what do you want  to do?,
Please tell me”  that sage said  “Oh consort of Lakshmi ,
I wanted to enter the fire so that I get salvation ,
And so please   give me leave “ , then Rama told.

2625.”Oh sage who is   wearing the matchless hide of a deer on his chest.
Why are leaving   your soul as soon as  I reached  here?” , then
That sage who due to his strength of penance    destroyed,
The power of God of love who has   a fish flag,
Due to the joy in leaving his body  told the following words.

2626,”Oh heroic one  , I am one    who has done  various ,
Types of penances   and I knew that   you would be coming to this place ,
And as per my fate   both types of my karma   has vanished and due to that,
You came here   to give your blessings to me  ,Now I have nothing more left.”

2627. “Oh strong one  ,  Indra came here   and told me ,
“I have given you,  life in Brahma loka till  it is destroyed ,
And so please stay there.” But I did not want to live there ,
And I would try my best  to attain that salvation which never ends.”

2628. That sage   who knew the Vedas which did not talk  of rules ,
And  had the  highest  knowledge   of that   ultimate  God,
Said, Because of that    grant me   that salvation”  and then,
Along with his wife  entered  the burning fire and attained salvation.

2629.Lord Brahma who sits on the scented   lotus flower  ,
Devas, sages    and others  who were   able to know ,
What is  going to happen in future  , were  able  to,
Understand the   good and bad Karma   by their wisdom,
And   were able to attain the salvation they want   at the end.

2630. if we know that   the amount of greatness  one attains,
Just  by thinking about Rama   who was the one   who swallowed,
All  globes   and all the words without any one knowing it   ,
Is beyond the possibility of estimation ,can any one  ,
Say how much greatness   that person attains  ,
Who is able to see   that God himself  before his death?

3.Agathiya   Padalam

The chapter  on Agasthya

(Rama goes to the hermitage  of Agasthya  . Agasthya  presents Rama with many  divine weapons. Rama decides to move south from where the Rakshasas are coming. Sage Agasthya   advices    them to go and stay in the hermitage  at Panchavati.
  The chapters in Valmiki Ramayana   on Sita’s advice to Rama against  indiscriminate attack of Rakshasas  and his reply to her  is not found here)

2631.Those sweet lads   who had big   bent bows ,
After seeing   the end of the sage  Sharabanga,
Became   sad and with a sorrowing mind  ,
Along with Sita who was   like a flowering branch,
Went away from the hermitage  of that   saint  with great sorrow.

2632. They with joy    crossed   several trees  , Several places  ,
With big  pretty  stones , several rivers  which had   waves  ,
Several  mountain with streams   flowing from it  ,
Several gardens   with lots of leaves and several  sweet places.

2633.Those  sages  of the Dandaka forest  like  ,
The Valkilyas   who were  created by Brahma  ,
Saints with  shaved heads and saints who do not talk  ,
And other saints , saw Rama and mentally became  happy.

2634.Those sages   who were   suffering   because   the asuras,
Who had anger which was like fire  ,  troubled  them,
And they did  not have any  method to control them,
Became like trees in a  burning  forest  which got,
Water mixed with nectar  made them all put new leaf.

2635, .Those sages   who were even greatly scared  to tell,
Even the  names  of  those Asuras  who were  growing  ,
More and more powerful   and were very strong,
Were like young calves   in the burning   forest  ,
Who saw   their matchless  mother cow returning.

2636.Those sages   who were suffering   due to enmity,
With the asuras   with very cruel acts  , since ,
They did not have  capacity to fight with them ,
Had become greatly worried   and they ,
Who were   all drowning   in the sea of asuras,
Seeing Rama, felt that   they have got a ship now  and became happy.

2637. Those   saints who  saw Lord Rama  properly  ,
Making the penance done by them with effort  giving  results  difficult to get,
And with their great wisdom helping them   ,felt as if  ,
That they have got freedom from   the  big prison of  sorrow due  to their  cruel birth .

2638.They who were   doing great penance    so that,
They can  give  whatever  is desired to those   who  need it ,
Due to  their strength  of patience  , had  completely  ,
Uprooted   the anger  which  comes up and up,
And due to that  they got in to trouble due  to those asuras.

2639.When those sages departed   and reached that  valorous Rama,
Who resembled   the flakes of black cloud  , with great   ebbing love,
They saluted  Rama individually   and  blessed him  while  saluting him.

2640 .All those sages   took Rama and others   to a hermitage,
Which was  sweet to live   and told them, “You please  live ,
Happily here  and  made all needed arrangements  ,
And went back   to their residences   and   then ,
Came again to tell Rama , the problems   they were  facing by those asuras.

2641.Rama saluted those   sages who had come   to see him,
He praised them with love   and asked them, “What  orders are  ,
You giving me now.” And they said  .”oh son of Dasaratha  ,
Who is an expert in protecting the   worlds, be pleased to hear,
The very cruel things    which happened   to us.”

2642.”There  exist   the asuras   who do not  have something,
Called mercy and   who have  gone far away    from Dharma.
Due to their troubling us , we have been forced to leave ,
Good behavior   and slip to bad behavior   and ,
Due to this    we have moved  far  away from the path of penance.”

2643.”Oh Rama   who is an expert in  archery, like   the deer,
Which  live  in the forest  with very many tigers  ,
We are sorrowing in our mind , day and night 
And we have been forced   to move away from good,
Would we  able   to get freedom this sorrow at any time?”

2644.We are not following  the ritual of penance properly  ,
We are not chanting   the  Vedas  , we are not doing our  duty,
To   those students who want to learn Vedas , we are  not,
Lighting   the very old fire  for Yagnas  and we have ,
Moved away from proper behavior  and so  ,
We have slipped    away  being Brahmins.”

2645.”As for Indra  , he is obeying the orders of those asuras,
Taking  it on his mind and head   and is behaving like their servant  ,
And so  oh lord  , So who are there ,   who can remove .
Our sorrows except you  and you  have come  here,
Due to the    power  of the penance we did earlier.”

2646. “Oh son of  the king who ruled   and protected the entire earth by his power ,
Oh merciful  and valorous  one  ,  due to that  sorrow that cannot be removed ,
We are spending all our days  in darkness and now  you have come  .
Just like  Sun   and all of us   are   under your protection.”

2647  . That Rama who was born in the clan of the sun said,
“If those asuras do not promise not   to trouble    you   and,
Surrender to me  , even if they run away to a world outside earth,
They would die  due to my arrow and so   please  remove,
This  unsuitable sorrow” and further   told.

2648.” It is due  to the good deeds   done by me  , that I came to the  forest,
After  the death of Dasaratha  , after mother Kausalya becoming sad   ,
After my younger brother  Bharata   becoming sad   and,
After all the   citizens   of my city attaining matchless  sorrow”

2649.”If I am not able   to destroy the power of those  base Asuras,
Who are troubling   the sages who do not   move away from Dharma,
Being killed by those Asuras   would be better   for me  ,
And what type of birth do I have ,If I am not useful to this good work.”

2650.”You who are cultured  Brahmins   who recite   the Vedas ,
Would see the many headless  body of those    asuras*   dance  ,
And my  tiredness  in carrying    this very heavy  bow,
As well as the completely   filled up  quiver would get reduced.”
        *One headless body would dance if 1000 soldiers are killed.

2651. “Those who protect the cows, Those who protect the Brahmans,
Those   who protect poor people and those who protect  any one  ,
And who die  when they are doing that   are  the only ones,
Who are saluted    by those  Devas ,    who live in heaven.”

2652.”Even if Lord Subrahamanya who killed  Soorapadma  ,
Or Lord Vishnu   who killed enemies   with lustrous wheel,
Or  Lord Shiva who destroyed the three cities  are guarding them,
If they   are moving in sinful path  and not following Dharma  ,
I would   uproot them all  and so do not be scared” . he  said.

2653. When they heard   these  words of protection   from Rama,
With ebbing joy , they    who were   having great love,
Lost all their sorrow  and they who  were having a rotating staff,
And   who  were experts  in singing Vedas  danced with joy and told.

2654.”Oh Lord  , If you become angry   , even if  thirty   crore worlds,
Which are like these worlds come and oppose you   all together  ,
They are not equal to you and for that our wisdom is   the witness.”

2655 “.Because it is like that  for   all the time    that you spent  in this forest,
You will see to it that  no sorrow whatsoever approaches   us ,
And please live here happily “  and when they said  this,
That great one who is the son of   the great  king Dasaratha
 saluted the feet of   all those sages  and continued to live there.”

2656. Those sons  stayed     there without any   sorrow  ,
For another ten years   with great satisfaction of the mind,
And when those  sages after great thought   told them,
“Please go and meet the great sage Agasthya  , they,
Departed from there  With Sita having crescent like forehead.
    (Some versions call the above portions   as  Dandakaranya  Padalam 
      And the rest   as Agathiya Padalam)

2657.Walking through pits in mountains   and  high  bamboo forests,
Through  continuously going small paths   slowly and slowly,
They reached   the garden  without sorrow of    the lustrous  Sutheeshna.

2658. Those Rama and Lakshmana    who had no pride in their mind ,
Saluted the  sun like lustrous   soft feet of the sage  Sutheeshna,
And he said to them,  “please stay here.”    And obeying it ,
All the three  of them  stayed in that garden full of flower scent.

2659. When they were saying there, that sage  after  performing ,
All hospitalities    to Lord Rama   told him  “oh great one  ,
What an amount of penance I have done   , for making you,”
Stay here   and Rama with love replied to that great sage.

2660.” Among  the first sages who were born in the clan of Brahma  ,
Who else    is there like  you who have   succeeded  in penance .
And who are   there like me  who  lead a life of a householder,
Who   have  got the blessings and grace  from a sage like you?”

2661.To the words   of Rama who was an expert  in usage of simile,
As reply that sage   who had done penance    from earlier days  told,
“Becoming   my   great guest  who has not been wasted ,
You have become one who can take  the results of all my penance  .”

2662. Rama then told Sutheeshna    who was an expert in all Vedas ,
“Oh leader, how easy   is to get   your mercy by simple penance.
I have only to tell you   that  I have   a shortcoming in my mind.
That   so far   I have not  been able to see   the great sage Agasthya.”

2663.”Oh great one, You have thought  of only something good,
For even earlier  I wanted   to tell  you  about the same thing .
So please go to hermitage  of Agasthya   and meet him ,
And after  meeting him , there  would be no more wants  in your mind.”

2664.”Also   he   would be wanting   you to pay a visit  ,
And would become happy   by your visit  and so,
You please go and reach Agasthya   and oh great one,
Meeting Agasthya  is good for the devas  and good for  all others to.”

2665.”He then told him clearly the    way to go to  the hermitage ,
Of sage Agasthya    and told him his limitless  blessings  ,
Rama saluted the  lotus like feet   of that   sage   crowded  by bees,
And from that hermitage which had streams of honey flowing  from hives,
Rama and others  went speedily   towards  Agasthya ’s hermitage  .

2666.Sage Agasthya   who had measured the world like  Lord Vishnu  ,
Who measured the   three  worlds   using language of tamil ,
Understanding    that  Rama and others   have reached   that place ,
Like the sea ebbing   with joy attaining the  fourteen worlds ,
Received   Rama who can grant any boon and he saluted  him.

2667.”The  devas once upon a time , when the asuras   hid themselves  in the sea,
Thinking that they will never  get destroyed the devas   called
“Oh sage  You did very great penance  , Please shower your  grace on us.  “
And when they begged you like this  and knowing their sorrow  ,
You took   all the waters  of all the seas     and just drank it  ,
And later  when those   devas requested    you,
To release the water again   and you again filled up the sea.”

2668.That sage  took   all the pure    water   of the sea  .
And later  released them all  and due  to  that  became a dwarf,
And was called by others  as dwarf sage  and  he  with joy  ,
Ate all the body  of a cheating Asura called  Vatapi ,
And  destroyed the problem  of all  the people of the world.

2669.”He was the one who saw to it that    the sages  of the world,
Who practice Yoga   are not disturbed   and when asked by the devas ,
As to the path to cross Vindhya  mountains  , stood   on the top of that mountain,
Which was    surrounded   by long series of clouds   and was touching  the sky.
Like an elephant and pressed  it so that  the mountain   went down to Patala.

2670.Once upon a time when the northern side   of the world tilted down,
As per    the direction of Lord Shiva     who wears many a serpents,
Which told, “Oh Agasthya who in spite   of growing old  .
Has not got tired  , you   go and stand   in the southern side”
Went to the south   and reached  the Malaya mountain,
Which was touching the sky  , and remained there,
He being equal   to lord Shiva, the world attained  its balance.

2671. And he  took the Tamil language    from Lord Shiva 
Who holds the axe   and  who had  on his   forehead  ,
An eye that spits   fire  , learned   it painstakingly,
And split it in to that which can   be learned with great difficulty  ,
And that which   is used by highly placed  people  of society  ,
And gave it  to   the world   in the   form of Wisdom,
Poems ,  usual usage   and by  the ritualistic roots

2672.That   sage thinking    that   he would be able to see Rama,
Who has been thought as that  thing   which is in sky  , in land  ,
In several other worlds   and in Vedas  , with his own eyes  ,
That same day   and became one with a very happy mind.

2673,  After grinding  the other books   which are equal   to the Vedas 
which are chanted loud, in the  mortar   of best knowledge  ,
And   searching it   as the  knowledge  of that  ultimate  God,
Whose   greatness  cannot   be even understood by  Lord Brahma,
Would  stand before him and talk     with him   and he became happy.

2674.Thinking that Rama       who is the doctor who is going   to uproot  .
The poison of Asuras who like bad Karma    never  go away,
Has already come   there   ,  which would   make  ,
The devas   survive  ,  the great sages survive   and  ensure,
That   all Brahmins   would stand steadfast  in Dharma  ,
And that   Agasthya    became  bold   to face everything.

2675.Those   Asuras   , whenever they  need     food  ,
Used to boil the trees which are  also beings   and  eat them,
And Agasthya    who was anxious     to see   Rama  ,
Who he knew   would use   his thunder   and great anger 
Put out     the  forest fire  like    Rakshasas,
And has come like rain    which   is coming  from  clouds .

2676.Agasthya   who brought  the river in his water pot,
For    the good of   eight directions  ,  seven worlds   ,
And all living  beings   seeing that Rama was coming towards him,
Shed tears   of joy  from his lustrous    lotus like  eyes.

2677.The   Rama who came there   fell at his feet  and saluted  him,
And  that Agasthya     who got great fame  by telling grammar of Tamil,
With   tears of joy  flowing  his eyes   hugged  with love  Rama  ,
And told  him sweet words  like, “Your coming has been good.”

2678.With Brahmins   reciting   various type  of Vedic chants,
With saints   of great penance   with love  surrounding  ,
And sprinkling   water   from their   pretty water pot  ,
And   with   flowers   being showered on them,
Agasthya took Rama and others to his cool garden.

2679.Rama after   entering with the pleased mind   in to the garden,
Participated  in the feast given by the sage    and then Agasthya  ,
Joyfully told  “Oh lord of mercy  , having come to my home  ,
Where great penance has been done  , You have made my penance fruitful.”

2680.Rama saluted the sage  who told like that   and said,
Your grace has not been received   by the devas, by persons ,
Who have  done the penance that   needs to be done by them  ,
And by great   sages, but I have received     your grace  ,
And so I have become one who has   won over   all the world,
And   I do not think that   there is anything   that I have to achieve.

2681.And then sage Agasthya who was similar to Lord    Shiva   ,
Who wears the crescent on his high head  ,   Started telling,
“Oh Rama who has good characters which are liked by all  ,
Having heard that you have   come to Dandakaranya  ,
I  was   happily thinking that one day you will visit here.”

2682.”Oh Lord , please stay here   for if you are here ,
You would be able to complete    the great penance that you wanted to do,
And if   the asuras    with greater cruelty    were to come here  holding a sword,
You would destroy them and make them fall and  
The sorrow of the sages   like me who are living here  would vanish.”

2683.”Oh son of Dasaratha    who ruled all over the earth,
Now Vedas would get revived, the laws   of  Manu would be established,
All  type   of Dharmas would get established, The devas ,
Who were in bad times   due to cruelty of Asuras would become great ,
The Asuras   would go down  , The seven worlds   would leave well,
There is no doubt about these and  so you live here”  Agasthya told.

2684.Rama said  .” Oh Sage   who follows Vedas , I have decided   to destroy,
 All the Asuras    who do cruel acts   and make all others happy  ,
And so I feel that my going   to south wherefrom they come  ,
Would help me destroy them.  What is your desire?”

2685.Then   Agasthya told ,”you have told what is appropriate  ,
The bow that is here   with me was once used by Lord Vishnu  ,
And is being worshipped   by me    and all the three worlds  ,
Take this bow for me  as well as  sharp arrows   and matchless quiver.

2686.He also gave him a  rare sword   , which   is  greater than,
All the three  worlds    in a plate   of balance   and also gave him,
The matchless   bow    which was  used by Lord  Shiva,
Who had the form of fire   and bent  the Meru  in to a bow.

2687.  “Oh son, there   is  a place called   Panchavati   ,
With tall trees going straight  with huge mountains ,
With  tall heaps of sand hills  , With  cool gardens,
With large number of bunches    of flowers  ,
And surrounded by   rivers   with jumping waves  ,
And on a small   hill   , and there is a residence  there.”

2688. In Panchavati   there are Banana trees giving sweet fruits,
There are   red paddy   plants  , with  lustrous   tips,
There  are flowers from which honey flows  ,
There   are divine rivers   there  like river Cauvery,
And there huge stroks to play with this   gold like Sita.

2689.Agasthya said,”Now   you go there   and live there    “
And Rama of the colour of cloud   saluted Agasthya   and,
Took leave     from him  followed by  Sita   who spoke  ,
Like Sugar syrup   and his younger   brother  Lakshmana,
And walked speedily with mind of  Agasthya  following him.

4.Chadayu   kaan Padalam

Chapter  on seeing   of Jatayu.

(On the way to Panchavati they meet  Jatayu, the king of hawks  , the son of Aruna and very  close friend  of Dasaratha. As soon as Jatayu   heard that  Dasaratha is no more , he wanted to give up his life.  And at the request of Rama   decided to live and protect    them   while they are there. They go and start  living in a hermitage  near Godavari river,
    In Valmiki Ramayana , Jatayu tells them how  all the different  type of beings were   created  in this world.  There is also a very detailed description of Dandaka forest in winter in that Ramayana.)

2690.Then they   walked   several  Kadhams.(1.16 km) ,
The way was dense with several rivers   as well as,
Continuous    mountain ranges which appeared like relations,
They crossed several forests   with such mountains  ,
And then they  saw  Jatayu  , the king of vultures.

2691.Jatayu was like   the gold melted   in fire  ,like
The Sun rising from Udaya mountain   which lights  .
All the directions of the entire   world   using  .
Dense   lustrous rays  spreading like wings.

2692.Jatayu   was like   the Mandhara  mountain  , which
 Was once established by the devas   in the  limitless sea of milk,
And   was  the shining moon light   sitting   on huge  ,
Black mountain    , long , long ago.

2693.With  prettiness   of black sky fading away  , emitting red  colour  ,
From   his gem like legs , Jatayu   was sitting   on the   ,
Huge blue mountain    like  a very  long chain    of corals.

2694Jatayu  was  one with a pure heart  , was one   with  ,
A great knowledge  which consisted of great  education ,
As well as great boldness , He was personification of truth  ,
He was extremely  sharp  and intelligent  , was like ,
A minister    who was like a wise  minister in a council,
And had a very small  eyes which could see great distance.

2695. Jatayu   had a sharp nose   which   was like a goad  ,
Held by Indra   sitting on the small eyed  Iravatha  ,
Which had been sharpened by   rubbing it on trees,
With which he used to dismember   the cruel  asuras ,
Holding a sword  which would be eaten   by Yama like a feast,
And he himself would the   left over   after he  eats.

2696.That Jatayu   was like  the sun god    who rules over,
The nine planets  and was   shining like    a holy wheel,
And  he had   a  necklace of nine gems   and had   a crown,
Which shined like Sun atop  the top of  mount Meru.

2697.Jatayu was like   the cluster   of fame   which cannot be described by words.
 Was the son of Aruna   who comes for destruction of night  ,
And one  who has spent several eons  just like a  day time  which passes quickly.

2698. Seeing Jatayu sitting on a huge mountain   and seeing   that mountain,
Has  crashed deep in to the earth unable to bear     his weight  ,
And who appeared   as very strong and valorous  , those brothers ,
Approached and neared    him with mind    full of doubt.

2699.  Those two brothers   who were wearing  heroic anklets  ,
Decided that  he was  an ignorant Asura   who had come,
There  in search of his own death   and if he is not an Asura,
They suspected  he    should be the very powerful Garuda  .

2700.And that Jatayu  , seeing   them  with huge   bows  ,
And wearing heroic anklets   , understood   that they,
Were not sages who have cut of the two types of Karmas ,
And as they were holding   bow and having matted hair  ,
 He thought  that  they were devas  and had a doubt.

2701.He thought , I often see    Indra    and other devas  ,
Lord Vishnu, the boon  giver Brahma   and Lord Shiva with an axe,
Would   not hide themselves from me   as I see them always.

2702.”I have seen  the god of love endowed with prettiness ,
And I   do not think  that   God of love is comparable  ,
These  heroes with red eyes  like   lotus flower  petals,
And endowed with long arms   , with dust ,
Attached   on their  lotus  like soft   feet.”

2703.  And further thinking   that  , these  lads   are both having 
The measure less  proper  signs of masculinity  ,  and appear  ,
To have the ability   to own  the entire world  ,
And have come along  with a lady who is comparable  ,
To  Goddess  Lakshmi  and further  thought  ,
“I am not able to guess    who they are.”

2704.He further  thought  , They who are like   blue and gold,
Mountains , have a chest where   the Goddess  of victory  lives  ,
And   those valorous  ones   look like my friend Dasaratha  ,
Who was   blessed with all     rare good qualities.

2705.Then  that Jatayu   who was  thinking  various things  in  his mind,
And who was greatly liking those valorous  ones  with  cruel weapons,
Asked them “ Oh bull like lads   who hold a huge powerful bow, who are you both?
Please   reply me in a fashion that , That  I would understand   it clearly  .”

2706.When he asked them like that  , they   who do not   speak,
Anything but the truth   said    that they were   sons of Dasaratha,
Who was ruler     of all the earth     which   is surrounded  by the sea,
And who was    wearing    the heroic anklets.

2707.As soon as they told   him like that   that Jatayu   who had,
Ocean like joy  , came down from that mountain top   wanting  to hug them,
And asked, “ Do   both great shoulders of Dasaratha   who wears  .
A scented   and big garland  , continue to be healthy?”

2708.When Rama       said that Dasaratha had  attained heaven   protecting the oath,
That cannot be forgotten  , Jatayu  became greatly disappointed    that  ,
Dasaratha was no more   and   just like being sleepy lost his conscience  .

2709.Those     two who were hugged and lifted    by that great one  ,
Washed his face by their tears  and that   king of   vultures,
Who got back his  soul  that seemed to  have   gone out  ,
Became very depressed     and rambled   as   follows.

2710.”Oh king of kings  , Oh enemy      of all lies  , Oh ornament for truth,
Oh Home   of fame ,  your charity that      that  merits praise  ,
Your white royal umbrella  , your patience  to your  Karpaga tree,
With changed character  of  not  denying   charity   to any one   who asks  ,
, The moon the lord of stars  , the world that is surrounded  by the sea  ,
The great charity   that you gave  to all  those who beg you   and me 
Have all   been left alone  . Where have    you gone?”

2711.  “Oh leader  , who has  a white umbrella which gave  ,
Nectar like grace  and   prettiness   to all beings   to earth,
Having  the  security   to the earth surrounded by  sea getting stopped
Did you  leave the world ,see  the friendly heart of me who does not have stability,
And I am still alive  because I have been born as   an animal,
Due to sins committed in early births  and am not following the Dharma of friendship.”

2712.”Oh Dasaratha  who has a pretty mind   without   any guilt  ,
When you like the churner which breaks the curd   killed  Sambarasura  ,
Who was giving sorrow to the beings    of the world  , you said ,
Making the   world  scattered with soft dust  and surrounded by the sea that,
“You are the body and I am the soul”, and your words will not change  ,
But  with soul lying here ,  the ignorant Yama  has   taken the body to the heaven.”

2713.”Instead   of   immediately falling in fire   and dying  , as soon as I heard  his death,
Making my great fame increase , like the innocent women  if  I fall  on earth and cry,
Would that be proper”  saying this  Jatayu got up from his faint  like one who got knowledge,
Looking at  Rama and Lakshmana   told,  “oh   sons    who own ,
All the    seven worlds  , please   hear”  and then he  started talking in sequence.

2714.”oh young lustrous   lads  , I am the son of Aruna   and   have the ability  ,
To go to all the world   that  he goes   and I am great  sweet friend of Dasaratha,
Who using   his kingship   weakened   the darkness   of enmity from everywhere ,
I was born at the time when the devas   and others    were being created,
And I am the younger   brother of Sampathi   who was the king of vultures.

2715. When Jatayu told this story of his    those  Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Who had  famous   and strong shoulders equal to   mountains  ,
With hands folded in salutation   due  to their love and sorrow ,
Had their lotus like    eyes   filled with tears    and felt like  seeing ,
Their  father , Who had gone to heaven, due to  them.

2716.He hugged using his  wings , the sweet   to hug lads   and said,
“Oh sons, please perform the after    rites    for me,
Because I find it difficult to  sweetly carry this body of mine  ,
After  my friend  who along with me was   like the same soul in two bodies   
And if   I do not enter  the fire now itself  and die  ,
I cannot   bear    this sorrow  of mine forever .

2717.”You  who  are capable of protecting   us all from danger,
And one who would be willing to help us  , without  desiring,
To sacrifice    truth , want to die  If our leader   would die  leaving us,
Who would be there  whom we can request for   support.”

2718.”OH sir, Who never   moves away from the  laws of Dharma ,
Leaving our parents with whom we have never parted ,
Leaving the city of Ayodhya with plenty of cool water  and prosperity  ,
When we have come and   got out of the sorrow  due to meeting you,
Would you leave us in this state   and embrace death?”

2719.When they told him like this  , That Jatayu whose  mind was,
Disintegrating   , looking at   those valorous ones standing before him,
Said, “If my entering the fire is not agreeable   for you,
Then, after you reach back Ayodhya  I would reach Dasaratha in heaven.”

2720.Then that Jatayu asked them, “If   the king has gone   to heaven,
Why is it that your valorous  have come here   without  protecting  your kingdom?
What  other  sad  things happened to you? Since my  mind is burning  ,
Without any stability  , Please tell about it clearly  and in sequence.”

2721”Oh heroic ones holding well sharpened   lustrous   spears,
If sorrow has been caused to you by either devas, asuras  ,
Or the people of serpent world  , I would kill them,
Get back  your kingdom  and then give it back to you.”

2722.As soon  as the father like Jatayu   told them like this ,
Rama the husband of Sita,   looked at   his younger brother  ,
And he told Jatayu that  these happened due   to,
Their step mother who was a lady  and told in detail,
Without leaving anything, the sad news,
Which was like  the huge ocean with  limitless sound.

2723.Hearing that  Jatayu looking    at Rama told  ,
“Oh  greatly  charitable one who established  ,
The truthfulness   of your father , obeyed  ,
The orders of your step mother    with respect  ,
And who helped your brother  with wealth of kingdom,
Who in the world   can do all these except you , who are my father?”

2724. Then Jatayu   hugged with love  Rama   with lotus like eyes ,
Smelled his head, and  shedding tears   and told  him,
“Oh son  You gave me and your father limitless   fame  ,
And so you are   one    who is really able.”

2725.Again that great Jatayu  seeing the fawn like divine Sita  wearing bangles,
Asked , “oh son of the emperor   , please tell me ,
Who is this pretty lady with a very lustrous forehead.”

2726.Then Lakshmana who was born after   Rama  told him,
Events staring from  killing the Thataka    who was  like darkness,
To the  breaking of the bow, Rama’s marriage with Sita ,
Reaching of the forest and her sleeping  on the grass  and completed.

2727.That Jatayu with a shining hair  became happy on hearing that  ,
And asked , “Oh princes who wear garland made  of petals of flowers ,
You have come away from a prosperous kingdom  and  all of you,
With good qualities along with Sita live  happily in this forest. I would protect you.”

2728.Rama who lives   in the mind of all beings   looking at Jatayu  told,
“Oh leader , There  is a pretty place near the banks  of river  Godavari,
Which flows with sound  and has been told by Agasthya as suitable residence ,
For us  and so we would reach that  place    and  live there.”
2729.Jatayu said, “What that great one told is very  good. You please ,
Stay near the watering place   and do great   penance  and,
So come with me  , I will show you that place  and made them,
Walk comfortably   in the shade   created by his well spread wings.

2730. After   reaching  that place as guided  by   the pure hearted  Jatayu,
Who is a sinless  one  and after  he left , those  two lads  ,
With very huge   bows  ready for battle became  happy on reaching that   garden.

2731.Jatayu who knew well about   the greatness  of asuras   living there ,
After  deep thought , started   guarding his daughter  in law with a cloth ,
Tied breasts   as well as his sons, like  a bird protecting its little ones in the nest.


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