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English translation of Kamba Ramayanam Aranya Kandam

English translation  of Kamba   Ramayanam Aranya  Kandam


Today  I  have  uploaded    the English translation   of Aranya Kandam  of the Kamba Ramayanam. Here   is the summary of the story   in this   very important  book of Ramayanam:-

Rama and Lakshmana and Sita    as per the advice  of Sage Agasthya  decide to shift to Panchavati.  There    they met an Asura called Viradha, whom the brothers kill.  While they were staying   there   Soorpanakha    the sister of Ravana   is attracted by Rama , who refuses her. When Soorpanakha   tries to carry away Sita  , Lakshmana cuts off her nose , ears   and breasts. Her Cousin Khara comes with a huge army to fight   with Rama. Rama alone kills Khara and his huge army.  Soorpanakha goes   and tells Ravana that  Sita was extremely pretty and when she was trying to bring her to Lanka, Lakshmana  ,

Cuts her nose and ears. Ravana falls in love with Sita.  He makes Mareecha his  uncle  to become a golden deer and tempt   Sita. When Sita wants the golden deer to play  , Rama goes behind it  . The deer dies but calls  Lakshmana for help. Sita compels  Lakshmana  to go to the help of Rama.  Ravana coming in the garb of a sage  kidnaps her. Jatayu , who tries to prevent  it is killed.  Rama and Lakshmana go in search of Sita. On the way a Rakshasi called  Ayomukhi kidnaps Lakshmana    who disfigures her   and escapes. Later they meet with a Rakshasa    called Kabandha  . On killing him Kabandha  gets rid of his curse and  advises  Rama to  seek help of Sugreeva the monkey who is the  son of Sun God and also meet a  sage called Sabari  .Rama meets Sabari and gives her salvation

  This has been loaded  in five parts

            With best wishes , Ramachander

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