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Kamba Ramayanam-Aranya Kandam-Padalam 11-13

Aranya  Kandam (Contd)

11.Ayomukhi  Padalam

Chapter   on Ayomukhi

(Rama and Lakshmana reach a garden like forest when they are proceeding in search of Sita. Rama asked Lakshmana    to bring some water for him to drink. When Lakshmana   is searching for water 
A Rakshasi called Ayomukhi  sees   him and falls in love with him .When he does not agree for her proposals  Ayomukhi makes Lakshmana faint    and carries him to her Cave. When Lakshmana does not come back Rama  becomes greatly upset.  And was about to kill himself. At that time Lakshmana wakes up from his trance and cuts off  the nose and ears  Of Ayomukhi. Rama and Lakshmana   continue their search.
  In Valmiki Ramayana   , they both see Ayomukhi together   and when she tries to catch Lakshmana , he cuts off her    ears, nose and breasts.   They see lot of ill omens after that.)

3541. When   the time became late evening   , the brothers Rama and Lakshmana ,
Started   from that place   and went  and stayed   on a  very large red mountain
Which was like Kumkum, The darkness    which is the place    for great  sorrow,
 Rose    up like   the Rakshasas who could not be controlled by   Indra.

3542. Everything like   the  forests and the mountains  seem to get sad   for the sake of,
Rama and  Lakshmana   and   they dripped honey   and waters  of streams  ,
Which looked like they were   shedding tears  and   during the night  ,
The insult  to Rama, his anger and sorrow     due to death of   Jatayu  ,
Seemed to fight   each other   for supremacy   and hurt the minds  of  those two.

3543. Like   the wisdom not    having   the eye sight    of philosophy ,
Like    the one who was born with lie  staring    at    the bad fate  ,
That   eye of the darkness   went  on growing and could not be destroyed,  for them,
And    their deep breath  became   like  the huge fire on which ghee is poured ,
And that  long   time without activity   seemed to be one which   did not have any boundary.

3544.That Rama who    wore   flower garlands from which honey dripped,
Had   his red eyes   which were like lotus flower  which were    not closing   at that night  ,
And was this    because he lost Janaki     with a very pretty   smile  or was it .
Because   he was not  able to see her moon like face  ?
We are    not able to understand    the reason for  it clearly.

3545.We are not able to understand    what thoughts went   in the mind of   faultless   Rama,
 Due   to  the    great sorrow caused   by parting   with the pretty Sita     
Who was like  a shining lamp among ladies, but   his eyes    did not close,
That  night like    the eyes   of his younger   brother  Lakshmana.

3546.  For creating  love   in the mind of the valorous   Rama   the  cool ,
Sweet  breeze    wafted  and   in the  nearby mountain   where  ,
The snake   which does   not miss its aim   was    slithering,
The white   moon   with its   rays    spread    and made   the sky  ,
Bright with its    cool light  , making Rama     think that he has seen,
The shining  pretty  face   of Sita who wears   flower garland  ,
Frequented   by very many bees    on the sky.

3547.In that dark night    when     the proud god of love   without form was hiding,
That light of the   moon   which had spread all over   the world   and  troubled Rama,
Like   the poison coming out from teeth of   the  poisonous   snake  of pure darkness.

3548.When   the poison like  white  moon light was troubling    that valorous Rama  ,
T he great sorrow    of insult   spoiled   his great wisdom   and  bereft of any other thought,
He started thinking  only    about   the hips of Sita which was like a hooded   serpent ,
Her  words which were as sweet   as the spreading sweetness   of milk   , And her very long eyes.

3549.With teeth biting his lips    due to  sorrow of parting   and anger   with  Ravana,
With the  oft emerging deep breath  , suffering   due to sorrow  ,  enthusing himself ,
With a wish to kill Ravana  who broke   the tusk of elephants,   but having  a  very   weak shoulders ,
Rama    started thinking  about Sita who was like a branch   with cool emerging leaves and buds.

3550. Rama who  was   breathing long   which was like   the  waves   in the ocean,
Which rise   and then stop  was thinking that  Sita would   be seeing  the long path,
In both directions   with  a wish that Rama with a bent bow   will come to save her.

3551. Rama thought  “When that Ravana who had  teeth   which was separated  like  lightning,
 Approached her saying “stop, stop”  , whether   it would be proper say   that  ,
She did not think about him at all ? What all things she must have   thought about me?”

3552.  Rama thought  “Sita    who has lost her luster    like that of moon   losing its light ,
When it was caught  in the cruel mouth   of the snake whose teeth emits  poison,
Must be thinking that Rama  afraid of the cruel strength  of those  ,
Rakshasas    who were having   cruel anger   and that  is why he was not coming.”

3553.  He thought “Due to my  soul   being troubled    by the thought   of insult  that I  had,
 And  my   unshakable love towards    Sita , alternatively    again and again  ,
Is it necessary for me     to   be holding   a bow in my hand?”

3554. That Rama who is considered    as the ultimate   God   by  all those  ,
Who   were  knowing about the end of the Vedas ,  looking at his   bow,
Would laugh  thinking that  it was  of  no use to him  , seeing at his   high shoulders,
He would think  , this also is useless    as it did not help him to protect  Sita,
And would get startled thinking   that  he would get a bad name  due to his not protecting Sita.

3555. Rama     who was breathing with sound “Bom”   like an elephant     calf,
Due   to the parting , which was as   cruel as the hot wind of summer  like  God of death,
Would think   whether she who married him as per Vedic  tenets   has gone away from him.

3556.He thought, “I who had agreed    to stand and protect    all beings ,
Am not even fit   to remove the sorrow   of  the noble lady  ,
Wearing several ornaments    who is my wife. My strength  is indeed great!”

3557.Rama whose  mouth  and mind had completely dried up,
Would lie down on   the bed of wet new leaves   arranged by his    brother,
And at that time    those leaves   would get scalded   due to his body heat,
And as soon as they are scalded he would sit erect,
And with   a pain filled   soul , would become greatly tired.

3558.Rama who   used to feel    the time   of closing    his   lotus like eyes,
Is thousands    of   eons  , was not able to see   the end of night   in that bed,
And we  do not know   whether  it was due to parting or due   to his great love to Sita.

3559. Rama looked   at Lakshmana    holding the   bow of victory in his hand,
And asked ,”Have you not seen very many  nights along with me,
Which were similar  , but how come   today  night  ,
Appears   to be very long unlike all other nights”.

3560.Looking   at the   moon of  the evening  which appear s long to lovers,
“Whenever I have compared   you to the  face  of Sita  , feeling  shy,
That   you are  never equal to her  ,  you are  becoming thinner and thinner  ,
And now   because    her lustrous face    with several ornaments are not with me,
You seem  grow    more and more daily   and look greatly lustrous.”

3561.”The sun who has a matchless chariot   , moving about in the long sky,
 Due to the very bad name   coming to his clan   which was as bright  ,
As that of the clan of moon  , becoming ashamed  , must have  ,
Gone to a      hiding   place    where no one can see him”, he thought.

3562.Becoming   very dejected thinking that   the night which burns him was very long,
Rama thought that   perhaps, that Rakshasa    carrying a sword  , due to his  power,
Has  put in a big prison the   Sun God   along   with Aruna  holding  the stirrups  of the horse.

3563. He thought, “If that Sita who has   a waist like  a  hand drum   does  not appear ,
Before me  , before   the end of this   cruel dark night   and coming of dawn,
This   huge earth surrounded   by the oceans    would be destroyed by my power”

3564. If  Those   who give great  trouble to sages who do penance by their    strength ,
Destroy and eat all   the beings    of the world  , and roam about   without Dharma  ,
And are going    to get strength and   live happily  , What  is  the use of following Dharma”  he said.

3565. The God of love  who  had a  bow with a long  divine  string  of crowds of bees,
Who sends his flower arrows   in his sugar cane bow  , stared at Rama  ,
For the sake of sending his arrows   on the faultless   Rama ,
But not being able to send his arrows   , he    struggled  ,

3566. Due to  sorrowing    for    some   sorrowing incident     that  happened earlier
Would some one get    strength    for  a character    that one possesses,
And  the God of love who lost his    body  due to the anger   the primeval Lord Shiva   
Who did great Yoga, sorrowed greatly thinking    of the body that he  lost.

3567. Rama who was of blue colour  ,
When the thoughts  of parting   with Sita  ,
Were  trying to destroy him   like  a spear  , 
As if Lord Brahma who was   the primeval,
Cause for everything   and who was born in a lotus    flower  ,
Was  saying  the time of deluge is over, that  night got over.

3568. To Rama    who was drowned    in the ocean of  chastity    
Of Sita   who wore on    hair the flowery garland   making    sounds of bees   as well as honey,
Who had come to earth   detesting   the desired   sleep   on  the  Ocean of milk with sound of waves,
Birds would make sound  , gardens   would make sound  , rivers    and streams  would make sound  ,
But if when he dresses up for the battle  , the arrows of quiver   does  not make sound  ,
Is there     any possibility    of the great Rama   not losing   his life?

3569. Rama    was seeing  peacock   and peahen wandering    together  ,
Male     and female    deer wandering    together near to  each other,
The playing she elephant and male elephant   in rut   ,
Wandering here    and there     before him  and  would not  Rama who has   parted with Sita say,
“The sweetness of her voice  made one say  that  the song of the koel,
The sweetness  of sugarcane juice  , The sweetness   of well matured honey,
The sweetness of   the music from flute  , The sweetness of   well made    sugar syrup  ,
And he sweetness of necatar    eaten by   every one with relish   is not sweetness  at all,”
And become   very   unhappy.

3570.The Sun with    rays   seeing that , the long time of   darkness is over  ,
To  show  the valorous   Rama who has not heard the sweet  voice   of Sita 
Who speaks like a parrot ,and who was in    the  fully open  scented lotus flower   
Just like a swan  ,was not there  in the flower now  , came at   the top,
Of the rising mountain    completely so that   all lotus flowers got opened.

3571. Rama would see the garden there  , he would see   the Chakravaka birds,
Living in that garden  , he would see the beauty of the flowering branches   there,
He would see her likeness in the young peacocks  , he would then think of Sita,
Who had   the likeness of all of them . He would then think of her   black hair,
Her two mountain like breasts  , the   absence  of any work by those breasts,
And his shoulders which have not hugged them   and spent his time like that,

 3572,The your hero Lakshmana then saluted the feet of his   brother,
And son, “Oh elder brother  , does the job of   sitting here   without  ,
Searching for Sita  give us any fame  ? And Rama   said,
“Let us search for the place  where  that Rakshasa lives  ,
Continuously  “ and those two heroes    who carried  lustrous bows,
Started    walking  In the hot forests which had   continuous mountains?”

3573.Those brothers who were similar   to the elephants   which carry   the directions  ,
Went through several    forests   densely filled    with green fresh leaves ,
 Crossed several faultless  mountains   and several forests  ,
And covered   a distance   of eighteen Yojanas(36 miles)

3574. After searching   and not able to find out,  Sita  who had   come to earth,   
  Due o the   penance   done by it  and who was wearing  a honey dripping garland,
With the rage  in their mind coming out as   deep breaths  , Rama and Lakshmana,
 Entered    a huge    cool garden    where   birds  had taken up their residence.

3575.The Sun  who had very hot rays  , knowing the sorrow   of those valorous ones,
After searching  for Sita who was a lady everywhere    and after  ,
Wandering   through    the entire world, went back  behind the Meru mountains.

3576.Like the blackness    of Kajal getting    scared   and  surrounding  ,
From all directions  , darkness spread everywhere   like a not clear ,
As well as ignorant mind   and speedily   all the  ten  directions became dark.

3577.The  nagana birds which have voice  like   the musical tune  “Ili”,
Were   teaching those sweet words to parrots   in that garden,
And they  seeing a crystal rock   which was    shining like the moon,
And which was surrounded  by Murukku trees , decided yo stay there.

3578.Lord Rama  after    going there seeing   the strong  Lakshmana,
Who was like a bull   said, “Oh valorous one  , please search for some water,
And bring it here” and that Lakshmana  who had   a bow  ,
Which made   enemies retreat  , went away    from Rama.

3579.Searching for drinking water everywhere and not finding it  ,
That Lakshmana   was wandering  alone like a lion  and then
One  Rakshasi called Ayomukhi (iron faced one)    who had cruel eyes  ,
And who was  living in the forest   , saw him with passion.

3580. She who was  angry like    a serpent   and    who,
Did not respect  the Manthras   told   by very wise people,
Concluded, “He is definitely God of love” and  ,
Slowly lost her her great pride   as well as anger.

3581.That Rakshasi who fell deeply in love with Lakshmana ,
With great passion  which lead   to   very great sorrow,
Came and stood  before Lakshmana   due to disease of passion,
Thought, “I will hug him but never eat him  “ and  greatly sorrowed.

3582.  That Ayomukhi who was more cruel than the fire   , when  she  neared,
With  desire to posses him   thought, “ If he    does not   agree ,
To my proposal,  I will take him to my cave   and  hug him with force  “
and  and speedily went and   stood against  Lakshmana.

3583.She  used    to bring    out fire  in  her  heavy breath,
Had   a  stomach   which she used to fill up by  sweetly ,
 Chewing and eating elephants    using her teeth,
Had huge breasts   tied by the big rope of,
Several powerful serpents   and had a sunken eyes.

3584-3588.. She wore  an anklet made    of  very strong lions,
And Yalis  , tied  with huge snakes   which made sound,
And  she had a face   like  the  Sun  at the final deluge,
She had a    cave like mouth   which was  lige a huge ladle,
Which could    vbe used even to dry     an ocean,   
She had  hairs   flowing   on both sides   and which made,
Her look like    raging burning    fire at deluge  ,
And she was walking with long steps   which  cannot,
Be easily measured like scales   and was covering several things,
And due to that  her liver  that she had swallowed  was thrown out  ,
And she had    hips like   the   big snake    with a great hood ,
She  gnashed her teeth creating    sound like thunder,
She was staring   with an angry eye like that of Lord Shiva,
She   had teeth that shows great cruelty  possibly  ,
Indicating that the   anger    from her   eyes  had cooled down,
She used to talk so harshly   that  mountains  were displaced  ,
And the oceans   hitting each other   made very huge sound,
She was walking   which made the faultless   goddess Lakshmi ashamed,
She was wearing several  bangles    made   of serpents  in her hand,
She was wearing a garland made of several male   tigers,
She had    tied several Yalis and made it her Mangala Suthra  ,
And also she was wearing   several lions as ear ornaments.

3589.She who was looking with coolness    using her  coloured  seed like   eyes,
From which   the  red tears   flowed due to passion   was seen  by 
Lakshmana who was like   a fearful lion in darkness  in the light of her teeth.

3590.Lakshmana    as soon as he saw her realized   that ,
She was a   a lady belonging    to the crowd of Rakshasas,
Who was  like  the strong Soorpanakha who lost her nose 
And became sad and  also one   who was  like Thadaga.

3591.Lakshmana thought    that these   people   who did not have good nature  ,
And who are   sinners   did not have a proper   reason to approach people like him,
And asked,.”Hey  woman  who are you , who have    come inside  the forest,
Frequented by wild animals  in this darkness, Reply me quickly.”

3592.When  Lakshmana asked her like this    that Ayomukhi who had  a swinging mind,
Feeling shy to tell  about  her passion   to him personally   told him,
“Though I did not have any  previous relation with you ,
I have come   with great love towards you   and my name is Ayomukhi.”

3593.  She further   told him,  “Oh  heroic one    who is very pretty  ,
“Please  permit me to hug  with my breasts   which  were not ,
Touched by any one else  Your gold  like very pretty chest  ,
So   that my soul would   not go away   from me.,”

3594.  When she  who was in great love with  Lakshmana  , told like this,
Lakshmana   who  was like an angry lion , getting  his eyes more reddish  due to anger,
Said, “If you tell me such words   by your mouth  , my matchless ,
Very long arrows   would cut your body in to pieces.”

3595.Though Lakshmana    told these  contrary  words  she did not get angry at him,
And folding both hands above her head s told,  “Oh Lord  “If you come with me   and ,
Help me to continue to hold this life  , I would get the  result  of this birth.”

3596. That Ayomukhi   who was not very  angry   further said,  “oh great one  ,
If you are searching for good water here  , if   with you  pretty hands ,
You  give me protection saying , “do not  get scared” , then,
I would even bring the water from ganges   and give it to you .”

3597. Not able to tolerate   her words, the son of Sumithra  told her,
“Before I cut your nose and two ears    go away from here    with speed,
She   stood there without blinking   her eye   and thought   like this.

3598.”I would take him away   , keep him in my cave  and then remove
His rage   and then   he would agree to my proposal   and I would get joy speedily  .
And this one will  only   do good to me  “  thinking like this   she  went near him.

3599. That very cruel Ayomukhi    let loose magical illusion   before ,
She approached   and lifted Lakshmana    who was  like  a  mountain,
Touching    the sky   and similar to  lifting the  moon along with the cloud  ,she proceeded.

3600.That Ayomukhi  who carried Lakshmana looked    like  the Mandhara  mountain,
Along with   the ocean  and looked like  she elephant who was consort od Airavatha ,
And also looked like  the peacock on which Lord Subramanya   ,
Who had   a  very powerful spear with which he killed Soorapadma  , rode.

3601.  In that stage    being    tightly   hugged on her chest   That Lakshmana,
Wearing  pretty heroic anklets   and very long bow  , looked   very pretty,
And he  was  like  Lord  Shiva   who hid behind  his great  rage behind,
The hide   of an elephant   which    had flowing    rut.

3602.Like   that she hugged  and carried him   there  and  in another place,
Rama   Due to the heat of parting with his wife   and  also his brother ,
Who had gone in search of water    in that dense   forest  thought,
“Lakshmana  who  has the strength of a huge mountain  has still ,
Not come “   and then he started  from   there and went in search of him.

3603.”For coming with speed  , he does not lack speed  , he is one ,
Who does not have the nature   of not coming    back  ,,
Does non availability   of water in the forest the cause   for his delay,
Or Has some other accident happened? What is the reason for this  ?”

3604.”When I told him  , “go by this way   and   bring water”,
If you have not returned back for this long   , it appears  that ,
You have started   a war with those  Rakshasas  who have kidnapped,
Sita   who has   breasts which are tightly tied with cloth.”

3605.” Has That  Ravana who with deceit has kidnapped    Sita  ,
Who talks as pretty as a parrot  kidnapped       you   also ?
Or have you passed away  by   the cheating   of 
Ravana who is much more cruel     than poison?”

3606.”My younger brother    who is my soul  and    who carries,
A huge strong bow has   not come back. Has he given up his life  ,
Thinking that  I had to part with Sita   because  ,
I did not  care  about his very wise words,
And had to suffer     very great   amount  of  sorrow  ?”

3607.”Lakshmana    who has left me in this pitch darkness   is like  my eyes,,
And but for him I do not have   any other   eyes  and in the mind ,
Which was sorrowing due to parting of Sita  , there is more  pain  now,
I am upset beyond words now, how shall I now search.”

3608.”Me who has   got a bad fate that   can never be removed  , have  now lost you,
Who is like my soul  like you   and who is one who does not have  any one to match.
Oh younger brother who is like   my son  , Oh lad  who is elder to me in wisdom  ,
You have done a mistake   and this act of yours is very cruel ,
And   this act     of yours would not be accepted  by the world.”

3609. “Oh Strong one   who can remove sorrows   which cannot be removed,
You have given   sorrow that cannot   be removed  , Oh valorous one,
Who is saluted even by your    enemies, How is it that you hate me so much?
How is it that   without coming here  , you have lived  there without returning?”

3610. “ In spite of parting     with my father , my mothers  ,
And Sita who is like Goddess  Lakshmi and who wears  golden ear globes,
I am alive  , it is because   of   not parting with   your breath in me.”

3611”.Oh Lakshmana who is like a male elephant    who came  in search of me,
You have made me  who has been searching   for Sita    who was wearing   in her ears,
The golden ear globe  and doing penance  , come in search   of you now .”

3612.”I would not remain   alive today   and hearing that  ,
All our relatives who   hear about it also would   die  ,
And you would  become the cause of death   of all  ,
Our very  united relatives, Oh cruel one, is it OK   with you?

3613.  In  the clan of ours from the  time of Mandatha  ,
After I have forsaken my kingship  , when no  other,
True relatives   accompanied me, You  alone   came with me,
Have you also decided    to forsake me  ?

3614. Our matchless  leader  Rama   saying  several  things like this,
Would get up and then fall down. He would  sit and think  about it,
Get his  wisdom  diminished and he would say  “In this   darkness,
When there is no thunder or lightning  , what is happening .”
And like this the miseries    that   Rama suffered were very greatly.

3615. Rama who was like an elephant   which was  proud and is in must,
Went to several places and searched for his younger   brother  .
Would shout “Lakshmana”   and run to different places ,
And would become so depressed   and would  faint.

3616.”Would Lakshmana   who used   to guard over me   and Sita,
Who had very great patience   without batting an eye  ,
Delay so much to return? I do not think   that I would continue,
To live   because  life has become a burden due  to Bad Karma,
 But   I really do not   know    about it?”

3617-3618. “If I   have   good fate  , let that  Lakshmana   be born  as my elder brother,:
Saying this    Rama with his valorous    and very sharp    sword ,
Was trying to get rid of his   soul  and at that time  ,
Lakshmana   got out of the magical illusion of Ayomukhi,
And he caught    hold of her nose    and   was cutting it,
And  due to the great pain , when the Rakshasi shouted ,
 That sound was heard by Rama   and he became  normal.

3619.Rama thought  that   , “this   is not the sound   raised   by,
Rakshasas whose  many heroic anklets   make sound   ,
Who are moving  in this forest   that  is full of pebbles,
Nor  is it   the  war cry   when they are fighting with each other ,
But a sound of  the  wail of a lady  , who is loosing an organ.”

3620.  That black coloured Rama   , thinking like     that   ,
 Took out a fire like  long arrow   by his red hand  ,
And when he was trying   to send it  , the darkness  ,
Left this world and went   to the other   world,
And even that night    was looking  like the day time.

3621. Then Rama   with a speed three times the speed of storm,
Rushed    to attack her  making  mountains  powdery,
Making huge trees   break  and raising ,
Sound “Chata, chata”  on all dirctions.

3622, Seeing   his elder brother   who was looking  like   the  raising,
Black sea at final,    deluge   was coming    at him, Lakshmana,
Who was born  next  , seeing his  great  protector  said,
“Oh brother   who  is angry, Do not sorrow ,  do  not sorrow.”

3623,”I have  come out  , do not be sad due    the   darkness of ignorance,
Lakshmana told in a clear manner   and  he fell at the   feet of Rama
which was  like , the , soft  new leaf, and seeing that  Rama felt ,
As happy as one   who regained  his  lost eye.”

3624.  Rama who was shedding   tears like stream   from his   eyes ,
Like a cow   which was sad due to  having lost its calf  and ,
Not  able to bear it was wailing   and  became like it   when suddenly  ,
That  calf comes and joins it  and milk comes   out  of his udder  and became extremely joyous.

3625. Then he hugged    the  golden body of his brother   several times ,
He bathed him with the copious tears  that he was shedding  and told him,
“Oh Lakshmana who has shoulders like mountain and Kanaya  tree,
I was worried  to see that you were missing    and became extremely sad.”

3626, “What happened there  , please tell,”  when Rama asked like that  ,
That  Lakshmana   told  everything in detail,  and Rama who did not  have ,
Anyone greater than him except  himself   ,
Became happy    as well as   very sad at the  same  time.”

3627.  “Should  one who drives  a ship in the deep   sea  become sad,          
Every time he sees   a new  tide? And  should we  who have been caught up  ,
In the prison of bad fate  , be depressed   when faced with sorrow? Is it proper.”  Rama said.

3628.”Even if the trinity of gods   and the people  of the three worlds  ,
Come to fight with me as matchless enemies,, who can win over me?
My younger brother  , your being with me  is my strength  ,
And    when you are there  , is there  a need for protection for me?”

3629”Oh valorous one who wears   long   heroic anklets  ,
Let all those who  want to go away from me , go,
Let all   great sorrows   come towards me,
They all would go away from me because of you,
And   would never be able to stay with me.”

3630.”Oh valorous one     who is an expert   in war  , you  only told me,
That you won over that Rakshasi     who is a great expert in war  ,
Possibly  as per the words of elders   you did not kill,
Her who is engaged   in this    very bad   work.”

3631.That Lakshmana with his hand saluted  Rama   told,
When I cut her nose  , ears  , curved teeth   and lips  ,
In to pieces  , She wailed    with a very  loud  noice.”

3632. Rama  greatly shaken  with great  joy  hugged him and told  ,
“In the pitch darkness  that Rakshasi   came    to kill you ,
But you did not kill her   but cut her  nose  and ears only,
Oh lad who came in the path of Manu  , you are  great.”

3633.The valorous   Rama   and his younger    brother  ,
Who completely got rid  of the sorrow that cannot be got over,
Chanted  the Varuna Manthra and  drank the water  from the sky,
And stayed on a mountain   which was supporting  the earth,
Waiting    for   the breaking    of the dawn  .

3634. That valorous Rama , in the open land with stones spread on it,
Laid down in the bed prepared using soft sand , forest flowers
And new leaves  with measureless   sorrow  ,
With Lakshmana massaging his    very soft legs.

3635.Rama after parting with Sita   who looked like a peacock,
Suffering from the disease of insult  , did not eat    any thing and
Due to great sorrow    did not sleep either .Is there a need to tell this?
And he in between his deep long breaths felt  as if his soul   was going away.

3636.”  Am I seeing   with eye the great  form of Sita  in the entire forest  ,
Due to my   thinking    about  her    always   without any break?
 Or is it because   of the illusion created   by the Rakshasas?”  Rama sorrowed like this.

3637.I am hugging      with great  love   that,
Sita     with black hair   who has  eyes   with streak   of Red,
Is like the great ornament for ladies    with chastity  ,
But I am    not seeing anything here and has  the form of Sita,
Become   a lie  similar   that   of her waist?”

3638. “Seeing  Sita   who  has a face like  newly opened  lotus flower,
And  her   red fruit like   mouth   which is full of honey  ,
I ate   that nectar    from   her   coral like   mouth  without her being here,
Is it possible to see   dreams   even when one   is not asleep?”

3639. “If    a suffering comes   which is greater than thought  ,
And greater   than the   five elements  earth, sky, fire , water  and air,
Then does it mean that  this cruel night    is longer   than the eyes,
Of The daughter  of Janaka    who had cool , scented  , long black hair.”

3640.  “The   spread out rays   of the pretty moon   seems   to have,
Created eruptions  in my body , which are  like the swimming fishes,
Making one suspect   that  the heat   of the fire at deluge  ,
Creates eruptions   all over the sky    and all over.”

3641.Saying   such words   several times   that king Rama   ,
Who has lost his power  , became    greatly confused,
And the Sun  with rays   seeing this condition  and
Feeling “He has greatly thinned”   came  out to wipe his sorrow.

3642.Searching the chaste  Sita who has   great patience  making other say 
 That  the heavens do not have patience  and  who was looking like peacock,
The birds which wander  were  making noise   as if  they were  crying  ,
And   Rama and Lakshmana    in that early dawn   went speedily in search of her.

12.Kavandhan Padalam

The chapter  on Kabandha.

(Rama and Lakshmana then meet a Rakshasa  called Kabandha . They cut off his huge hands. He gets out of his curse and assumes his original form of Gandharwa  . He prays Rama.He  advises them  to meet Sabari , then strike friendship with Sugreeva , the monkey who was the son of Sun God .
    In Valmiki Ramayana    Just by touch of Rama, Kabandha    does not attain his original form. He requests Rama and Lakshmana burn him and when they do it he gets back his original form.  He says there that he got this form because Indra beat him on his head with Vajrayudha. The Instructions given by Kabandha are in great detail in Valmiki  Ramayana .He does not recite a prayer to Rama.)

3643-3646.Rama and Lakshmana    crossed  fifty Yojanas (100 miles) and were wandering,
In the place   which was surrounded by forests   and   the sun  reached  ,
The centre    of the sky  and then  they  saw   the   forest  of Kabandha,
Who used to extend both his    hands   from the place    where he is  ,
And swallow    all that      is caught    within them    And
Right from  the huge sized elephant to the    tiny   ants  fell down  ,
Developed a   vacant look   , became scared   and  were .
Caught   in a net from which     there    was no   escape ,
And they became   like   the citizens    of the kingdom    ruled  ,
By a weak king  , who was not capable of ruling   and
Who was unable   to make  things stand  properly in   their places.
They all   got greatly scared , scattered and their  bodies,
Became  in to a very big heap   and they stood perplexed   with great  sorrow.
They ran sobbing  and stood perplexed  and Rama  and Lakshmana   saw them.
At that time   huge rocks of mountains rolled    down  , the trees were uprooted ,
And all directions     became    like   empty   spaces   without water  ,
And the water   filled clouds rolled    and  fell down.

3647.  Rama and Lakshmana    entered   in the space   between those hands  ,
Which were nearing   like   the raising four  oceans   at  the time of  the cyclone at deluge,
 Making very great     sounds  and becoming   very tall , rotating  in all directions.

3648.Being caught   in the boundary wall  like hands   of Kabandha   which were ,
Nearing   like   the huge Chakravala mountain  , they thought  ,
For the sake of Sita who talks sweetly   the Rakshasa army,
Sent   by Ravana    has surrounded   them and became happy.

3649. Rama  looked at his younger   brother   and told him,
“Know   that   the home of Ravana who troubles Sita    is  ,
Within these   boundaries   and so our great sorrow is destroyed.”

3650.”If what is standing around is the army   of Rakshasas, then,
We are not hearing   the  sound of the beating of the drums  ,
Nor the sound of booming    of the conches   and so ,
The great sound we are hearing must be some other thing  “
Said   Lakshmana   and then saluted him and stood in front of him.

3651.Lakshmana further said,  “Oh Lord who stays   with stability 
Even at final deluge  , either  Vasuki    which was   tied by the Devas ,
Around the Mandhara mountain  when they were   trying to get nectar,
Or some other   snake    has tied  its head    with its tail, ,
And it looks that it is trying to catch all that  is within it.”

3652. Realizing that  the words of Lakshmana     were very apt  ,
The Lord who walked on the earth   for the welfare  of beings,
After thinking   walked another two Yojanas     and reached ,
Near Kabandha   who was very much   like a sitting mountain.

3653-3654. He   was having   two   boiling  eyes   which looked  like  .
The hot sun    has been    pasted  on the huge  Meru mountain,
And the distance between one teeth and another    teeth of  his,
Was two Kadams and he had a ocean like mouth   which was  ,
Fixed  on his belly and he had two long   hands   which ,
Was lying  on both his sides   and it looked like  the serpent,
Vasuki which was used   to churn   the  moon touching  ,
Mandhara mountain   by the devas   and Asuras.

3655,He had   a huge nose   from which fire  and smoke   emerged ,
Which was  like the bellows of the blacksmith   and had a rotating,
Toungue   which was similar to the tongue  of the raging fire  ,
Which was capable   of  drying away  the huge ocean   which was its enemy.

3656.He had  two long protruding teeth   which   was like the  ,
Full moon , broken trying to enter    a strong cave,
Located on the mountain with streams    when he  got scared  ,
Of the huge   serpent   which was rolling  and coming to eat him.

3657.His shape was not fitting    with the    five elements  ,
Like the cold water   as well as earth and he seemed  ,
To be the five great crimes    mentioned   by ,
The tradition of Vedas     rolled   in to one form.

3658. When the great  cruel serpents   who normally     try to swallow  ,
The very hot sun    and the cool moon  , did not have any work to ddo,
His    ear holes    were   found by them as suitable to take   rest,
And they were   making fun of him that   his belly   was more worse ,
Than    the hell where   the beings who do sin and   cruel deeds live.

3659.He had hands   using which he used   to catch   and lift  ,
All the beings  within the frame   of his hand    and in huge,
Chunks    he used   to stuff     of them in his   mouth   and,
This looked like   the dead   beings    entering  ,
The victorious    entrance   of  the place of God of death.

3660.He   was raising great sound  like the torrential sound of the ocean,
And had a burning black body like    the Halahala   poison,’
And he had a headless   body   like that of Kalanemi  ,
Whose head was cut   by divine wheel of  Lord Vishnu.

3661.That  Kabandha    who had a  body like   the mount Meru,
Which had   lost his tall peak    by the force   of a torrential wind  ,
And  Rama and Lakshmana  who had   very clear hearing  ,
Saw   that Kabandha    sitting there  only with his body.

3662.  Seeing the huge  mouth of  Kabandha    which  was like  the world  ,
Surrounded by the  Chakravala mountain    in   which,
Huge rivers  and even oceans    entered  , Rama and Lakshmana ,
Thought that it was an entrance   to a town with   an old wall  ,
Belonging to the Rakshasas   where  Devas cannot     enter.

3663.Then at that  time  Lakshmana   after   critical examination,
Told, “Oh expert in archery  , this is a very huge   ghost  ,
Which would catch all the beings    within its reach  ,
Bend its hands   and  put them all in to its mouth  ,
What      shall we   do?” And Rama answered.

3664.”Oh younger brother  , I lost my peacock like wife  ,
And Jatayu who    was like our   father   also is no more  ,
And I do not want to wander carrying  this bad name on my head,
And  so  I would become food to this ghost   and you some how escape.”

3665.”I Having brought sorrow to my parents as well as  Bharata,
Having made   wise  elderly people sad   and having also earned a bad name  ,
I do not think that I would be able    to wipe away   the bad name  , except in death.”

3666. Would I care   to go  on  carrying a    mountain like   quiver  ,
And go to the king   of Mithila     and   inform him,
“That Sita   who   was given by you to me  , who had  culture to suit my home,
Who is like a tender    creeper  speaking very sweet words   is  ,
Now in the   home   of great Rakshasa and I have come alone.”

3667. “  Instead of people    telling about me tha
t”  Being one     who was not able  to protect Sita who was like a flower garland,
Rama   is  living with the great   desire    of ruling and looking after heaven,”
It would be better   that people   to say “Rama    has attained heaven”,
And so I think that   it would be  much better    for me  to die.” Said Rama.

3668. When Rama   who is god who   rules   every one   told like this,
The younger   brother of the Lord  said, “My fate would be great ,
If  this sorrow happens after   I decide   to follow   you to forest,
And If I    return alive  back to Ayodhya  , before you do.”

3669.After telling this  , Lakshmana   further  told  , “one is valorous,
Only   if he fights with the   problems that he faces   and wins over it  ,
And   if one were  not to leave   his life  before  , father, mother  ,
As well as elder brother  like the enemy   who does not love 
Would not    his fame   go away from him.”

3670.Before the people   who once praised  , “this Lakshmana   ,
Sacrificed   his sleep   and  guarded   his   deer  like  sister-in-law,
And   his elder brother  , what a   great job”  making others talk,
“This Lakshmana has    come back alone    without both of them,”
Would  be    the greatest  mistake   of all.

3671.My  mother told me “  “Obey everything   that your  elder  brothers orders,
And if sorrow occurs because   of that   , do not retreat because   of that but accept it,
And   if death were to occur   to the famous Rama   , before he dies , you embrace death.”
And   my behavior would be  only truthful  to my mother , if I obey her orders.”

3672.”Oh Rama who has pretty shoulders   ornamented    with Gold  ,
If  me and my mother   were to get a fame that    without  differing ,
From you and your mother , we both were   always with you ,”
We would think that fame would   be greater   and never  think,
That our life  would be   greater   and would  never   leave you.”

3673.”If I tell you the truth  , even all things  at all places are destroyed,
And even  when Devas who tell the  Vedas  which can never be destroyed,
Are destroyed  , you would   not die and when  this is the truth  ,
If you tell me   that you would die  because   the ghost   living in this forest 
Which eats   animals like elephant  kills   you  , is there any meaning in it.”

3674.  “People who happen to hear about your decision will not accept it,
Those who happen to see it directly   would  not  like your act  ,
You instead of getting the fame that  in the   great war that  arises,
You    got Sita who lives   wearing the flower   garland released   ,
Without her getting dejected  , would    you like to accept the bad name  ,
That Rama died   because he was not able to get victory  in war.”

3675.”This ghost which    burns like  poison   merits   to be  cut,
Today by  my sword  and it is not proper to estimate  it otherwise  ,
Leave your sorrow  and see me  cutting away it   hands  ,
Which catches   everything that  it  can  hold  and its cave like mouth,
Where it puts them all   without any mistake  “ Lakshmana told.

3676.  Saying like this  For cutting that Ghost    Lakshmana   went before,
His Lord Rama    who was trying    to   go and do it before Lakshmana  .
And that younger brother   who was comparable   stopped the elder  ,
And people rush one against the other   cannot be seen anywhere ,
And the Devas   who were    witnessing this competition between them cried.

3677. Like this they competed    with each other   and both of them  ,
Who were wearing   big heroic anklets that   produced    sound  ,
Similar to the two eyes   of the face seeing      the same thing,
Neared Kabandha   who asked them, “Oh valorous ones,
Who are you  and why have  you  come here   to   get destroyed” ,
And both of them   who had same   opinion about ,
What is going to happen  stood there   in great rage.

3678. “Even after   seeing me they have    not   upset   and since   they are  ,
Standing  stable     they are insulting me”  thinking like   this  ,
Kabandha got very angry   and   the newly appeared    rage,
Appearing in every pore of his   body  ,  thinking   that  ,
He would swallow them   and  just when he    started ,
The valorous    heroes   cut both his    arms    by swords.”

3679.Due to his hands being cut, Kabandha    was surrounded    by a river of blood,
And without any doubt   he resembled   the Chaiya mountain     from which,
River Cauvery   flows from west to east  in two branches and was looking   pretty.

3680.That Rama    who was ruling all beings   touched    him by his   pretty hands,
And due to that Kabandha got rid of the   curses  which  was due to   sin  committed earlier,
And when his shoulders were cut  , he got    rid of his body   which was evil,
And like a bird   coming out of a cage  , rose   up in the sky  and appeared there.

3681.Kabandha    who rose up in the sky   understood that    Rama  is the great God  ,
Who is the leading  light of Gods like   Lord Brahma   and started  praying  ,
That great one   listing  his innumerable    great qualities , for   ,
When you   are having good   fate   nothing   would be  impossible  to get.

3682”.Oh Lord who came    to the place where  I live   and appeared before me,
And  rubbed off   my curse   which had   a very rare   result,
Are   you not the one    who has created    every thing  ,
Are you  not the witness   to the    endless   effort of  Dharma,
Are you not the one who appeared  here  due to penance  of devas,
Are   you not the primeval god   who    became in to the  trinity?’

3683.”Oh lord without any cause   , but  who is the cause   of everything  ,
The forms that you assume  according to your will  are  ,
Things     that cannot    be understood    by   any one  ,
Please tell me    whether    your real form is    the banyan tree  of deluge  ,
Or the music   of that tree   or are   you the   baby who sleeps  on the banyan leaf  .
Or   Are you the the expanse of water   at deluge .

3684.”To those who see  and all that   which are   seen  , you are   the eye,
You  who are not dependent  on any thing   are   standing   like,
One  whom every  thing     in the world depends   and due  to,
Your divine greatness   you are  hiding all the world in your belly  ,
During the   deluge   and after   deluge you bring out  all  of them,
Are you masculine, feminine  or neutral or  something different from these?”

3685,”  You are   the primeval   God who is the creator  and   you are  ,
The primeval god who is the   root of everything   and if  there is,
Some thing which is before   the primeval root  , you are that ,
You are    the  flame of light  , If  the Vedas which tell about you  ,
Request you  , would not those  Gods   , who are  ,
Outside   of the  ambit    of Vedas   become ashamed.

3686.  With the eight directions   becoming the walls    , with the  ,
Fourteen worlds as the fourteen stories  ,  the huge  temple  ,
Which is a globe which is lighted   by  the  moon, sun and stars,
And which is the lotus   flower that  never opens is   your home.”

3687.  Oh Lord     who is above everything  ,   you take food  ,
The offerings  which come    up   from   the fire of Homa   ,
Which cannot be seen  by any one   and   which has  ,
The eight directions as its limits  and offered by Brahmins,
You are the one who makes    people who offer you food  to eat,
And who would be able    to understand    your culture  ,
In which you are  both  the one who eats and one who make  others eat.

3688.Oh Lord who is  greater  than   all  those   things  that are   great,
Like the water bubbles   which appear   in the stable   ocean of birth  ,
The worlds   which do not have any differences   during time  of  peace  ,
Rise    up   at   the time of creation   and appear inside you,
And  at the time of deluge    they all disappear   in you, Is it easy  to understand.

3689.” Have  the great Vedas  been made   knowing    about   your  activities  ,
Or is  it that   your activities    are   being undertaken as   per the tenets of Vedas,
You have given me   great wealth that does  not go   behind the evil acts  ,
Which are   not    as per Dharma   and     to  get this great blessing  ,
What are    the good acts    done by me   in my previous births?

3690.  Oh Lord   , who removed   my attachment to this birth  ,
Who gave me this faultless   body  , who  made me the cross   the ocean of sorrow,
And who cut off  the connection with ignorance   of me  ,
Who was wandering   like a ghost   due to my slipping away from Dharma  ,
And what great could act have I,  who am like a dog , done , to get your grace.

3691.When in this  manner Kabandha praised   Rama who is the ultimate God  ,
Thinking that   if I tell  more such things in a plain manner ,
It would not suit    to the assurance  Lord Vishnu   had given   to Devas ,
He did not tell anything further  , like a calf which has   seen his  mother   cow,
And stood in the sky in the divine form  , Rama  who shows  himself
To those who travel in the  path of Dharma and  Bhakthi  , saw  Kabandha.

3692.  Rama then told his brother  “, See  him who is standing above  ,
As he has taken a different form   blessed with great luster ,
And is standing   on the sky   , just before   us  ,
Please find out who he is ?”   and then   asked,
Kabandha  , “Who are   you, please   tell  us.”

3693,  He said, “Oh valorous one   who wears   good ornaments  and garland  ,
My name is Dhanu  and   I am a Gandharwa   and due to the   curse of a sage,
I was born in this lowly    form of  Kabandha   , Due to the touch of flower  like hands ,
Of Yours    who have come here  , I   got back  my original form   .
You are  like the  father of my father  .Please hear   what  I have to say.”

3694.Though there is no body   who are capable of protecting you   ,
Or those    who should protect you , you   who are carrying bow   and several arrows ,
It is proper     that you take     the   help of others    to search   the matchless  Sita,
It is difficult    for people without    raft     to cross     the ocean,
And like that   it is difficult   to destroy enemies   without help of others.”

3695. “Is it necessary    to describe  in detail   about   your masculine  power  ,
Which is faultless ,  To  destroy    all the creations   by the  very great Brahma     
Who sits   on the seat of  lotus flower, the matchless    destroyer  ,
Lord Shiva     has to take the help of   The Bhoothas   who have  ,
Great ability    for destruction  , and I am sure   you know about this truth.

3696-3697.  “As per tenets of Dharma , do not join with evil   people  ,
But take   help from people   who are  of good character  ,
As I told you earlier and so  please   meet Sabari,
Who helps   beings more than a mother   and follow,
The path indicated by her  and  meet personally  ,
The son of Sun God    Sugreeva    who is golden in colour  ,
Hug him   and  after fixing a firm friendship with him,
Speedily start searching    for Sita    who  has  ,
Shoulders like Bamboo.  This would be good   for you.”
Said Kabandha  and those heroes   who wore  ,
Heroic anklets   that make sound agreed  to that proposition.

3698.Afterwards Kabandha saluted them , praised them and went away by the path of the sky,
And Those lads born in the clan of Manu   started going  towards   direction  indicated  by Kabandha,
Crossed many forests  and mountains   and  by night fall   reached ,
The hermitage  of sage Mathanga   which had    very many elephants.

13.Savari pirappu neengu padalam

Chapter on    salvation of   Sabari.

(Rama and Lakshmana reached    the hermitage   of Mathanga. There  they are received by  Sabari who   was doing penance  on Rama    and who was waiting for Rama. After    showing them hospitality   and  telling them how to proceed to Rishya mooka mountains where Sugreeva lives  Sabari attains salvation. Rama and Lakshmana reach      the lake Pampa  .
   In Valmiki Ramayana   Sabari says that she was assisting sage Mathanga and other sages for a long time. When they went to heaven they told her    to wait for Rama,
  The folk story of  Sabari giving the fruit tasted by her to Rama is not found in both versions.

3699. The  prosperous , and sweet smelling  garden of Mathanga 
Was like   the wish fulfilling  Karpaga tree, which gave them  ,
Plenty of honey like fruits and roots  where  only  pleasure,
Liked by the world   was there and no sorrow    was   there ,
And it  was like heaven   where only people with good Dharma  live.

3700.Rama who  did not  have   any other   thing that existed before him,
Reached     such a   hermitage  of Mathanga   , stayed there for some time ,
Met Sabari who was    doing  penance for him for a  limitless time,
And told her sweet words  and asked    her,
“Did you have   a life free   of sorrow   till now.”

3701.At that time  , Sabari praised    Rama    with extremely great love  ,
Wept due to her great devotion   and having   eyes  like streams,
And said  ,  “The  illusory   attachment to the world   for   me,
Has come to an end   and    the result   of the   great penance ,
That I  undertook   has reached me   and my future  births have gone away”,
And brought   and offered to him   large amount of fruits  and at that time  ,
When the feast was underway  she said   “Oh  Rama  you are  like my father.” 

3702,”Oh  my father  ,Lord Shiva  , Lord   Brahma sitting on lotus  flower,
And all Devas   and Indra , the king of those devas  had come here  ,
And have told me “the time  for enjoying     the end result  ,
Of your faultless  penance  has come, Please do worship  ,
Of Rama who is going to come here   and then come to us.”  And have gone back.

3703.”Oh my father  , since   I knew that you would   be coming here  ,
I stayed here  expecting for your arrival  and by your coming   today ,
My penance   has earned me blessings  “ said Sabari   and hearing that  ,
Rama  and Lakshmana   looked   at her    with great  affection and told,
“Oh mother  , you have  removed our sorrow due to long travel , live long.”

3704.   That faultless Rama   and his younger   brother    stayed  in that,
Hermitage  of sage Mathanga   that   day and  Sabari   who had ,
Done great penance  and got  greatness  here  as well as in  the other world,
Looked at them with true love   and told them the path   to go to,
 The Rishya Mooka mountains   where   Sugreeva , the son of   Sun God  ,
Who rides   on the hot  horse   drawn chariot of his  , lives  ,
Which  can be  only   known   with   great and rare  thought.

3705.Great elders say   , that  Rama  who has the sweetness  ,
Which can be only realized   by Great ones  , all whose ears  ,
Are   perforated by Vedas  and which can  only   be tasted by great knowledge  ,
Heard  all that  was told by Sabari  which taught  them
The    real path which is suitable to attain salvation  ,
Like    the real teachers   of that ultimate   wisdom.

3706.Later   , that Sabari   due to the   greatness  of  path of Yoga  ,
Left her   body   and sweetly attained   the great   state  ,
And those valorous   Rama and Lakshmana  attained  ,
Great wonderment   and   with their heroic anklets  making sound  ,
Travelled through   the path   as told by Sabari    to them.

3707. They  then after crossing  several forests   and hills  ,
Which were cool and scented  and   reached   the lake Pampa,
Which melts the  intentionally committed    sins ,
In this world daily   just like    fire   but appeared  like
The completely   melted results of   good deeds only  .

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