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Kamba Ramayanam-Aranya Kandam Padalam 9-10

Aranya Kandam (contd)

9.Ravanan choozhchi Padalam

Chapter   on Ravana’s trick.

(Ravana appears like a sage before Sita, who hospitably receives him. When he tells that   he had come from Lanka and has a great regard for Ravana,   Sita  says Ravana is a cruel monster, Ravana then takes his original form,  digs the hermitage and keeps it on his chariot and proceeds to Lanka. Sita  cries and prattles.
 In Valmiki Ramayana, Ravana catches hold of   Sita and keeps her in his plane and tries to fly away.  There is no mention of charioteer there.) 

3319. We till now told   what happened   to Rama who was like ,
The matchless    blue sea    with conches when he    went  in chase,
Of  the  golden deer  and now     we will tell  what  happened,
To Sita    who decorated   her hair  with   flowers  which  were  fragrant.

3320. When the  words  shouted   by Mareecha   opening his    cave like mouth,
Which  was sad to hear   reached the ears    of Sita  , she became   as sad as a Koel,
Which slipped from a tree and fell , She beat her belly with hands and  fell down   fainted

3321. Saying  “I who am ignorant   has brought to an end my  happy life  ,
With my husband  by telling him, “You yourself catch this    deer  and give to me,”
And  like a flowering branch catching fire   and like   a long serpent  ,
Losing its strength   on hearing the thunder, she fell down and rolled   on earth.

3322.”My great lord who does not have    any fault  , due to the   cheating,
Done by that  cruel  Rakshasa, has fallen down dead   and even after  hearing it,
You who are his younger brother  is still standing   near me”,    she said.

3323.”In this   world which is simple   , is there any one    who is  more strong,
 And great than Rama?  You have told this due  to feminine   understanding  “
Said Lakshmana    who understood it   , in a  manner  that  Sita would understand.

3324.Would the individual valour  Of Rama    in any cruel war  , would be less than,
The small strength    of  all those people in seven seas  ,
 Fourteen worlds  , Seven mountains   ? This would never happen”   said Lakshmana

3325.” All  the   Earth , water   , wind , sky  and    the   fire   and others   besides these ,
Would get agitated    as   soon as   Rama   gets angry  and  why are   you,
Getting    drowned   in this ocean of sorrow  ? What are   you thinking   about,
That Rama who is black like cloud    and   with eyes   like red lotus   flower?”

3326.”Would Rama    become weakened   and call for help  when sorrowing  
 Before another Rakshasa? If perchance he calls    all   the   huge  ,
Universes   would come down and get    destroyed and
The life of Brahma    and other  devas  also would get destroyed?”

3327. “What  more can I tell about   prowess   of Rama?  Is there  ,
Any other    strength which is comparable to his    strength   by which  ,
He stringed   and broke   the huge   bow   of Lord Shiva   who destroyed,
Three cities    and was   praised    by heaven as   well as earth   for it  ?’

3328.”If    Rama has been destroyed     as you think   then by now,
The heavens, earth    and Patala     would have been destroyed  by this time  ,
All the devas   and  sages who were   existing from beginning   as   well as,
The best among people    would have by now  been destroyed.
Also Dharma   would have been destroyed.”

3329.”What else should I tell  in detail ?  When our Lord Rama    shot the arrow  ,
And when it hit that     deer in  that place  , that   Rakshasa   who  must have,
Lost his strength   would have shouted those    words   loudly ?
Please   do not sorrow   , getting worried    by it  ,Please stay calm.”  Lakshmana   told.

3330.  When Lakshmana told like this , with greatly ebbing anger  ,
She who felt sorrow as if she was killed  ,  one with boiling mind  ,
And one  who is not afraid of anything   said,  “After hearing  ,
The bad things that might have   happened to Rama  , your  ,
Not going  there  is not justice”  Said she with great enmity.

3331.”Even if a person has moved    only for one day with another ,
He would   sacrifice    his life and  other one  due   to the other person’s love,
But   you  , though you have heard that   Rama has   been destroyed  ,
Are standing without getting scared?  What other way do I have?
I would now   itself   speedily   fall in the fire and die.”   She said.

3332.Seeing Sita who was like a swan jumping   over the  forest of lotus flowers,
Who was  preparing herself to jump in the huge    fire    with great smoke  ,
Lakshmana who was requested    to guard her   by  Rama,  stopped her,
Touched the space below the lotus like   feet of Sita  and  told.

3333.”Why should you die? I am scared    after   hearing   your words  ,
Please get   rid of your sorrow   and be here itself   , I would go now  ,
Are we ones   who can win over      the    very angry fate “ he said.

3334.” I am going now itself  , a great danger has   come to us by itself,
You want  me to disobey Rama   and want   me   to go,
You are alone without any support  “ saying this   Lakshmana,
Whose heart  was bursting   with great sorrow  , took leave of her.

3335,He was greatly   worried thinking  “If I am here  ,That  Sita,
Would jump in the fire   and if  I go to   Rama who is like a mountain,
The lady    would be left without any guard and evil may come to her.
What should  I who have interest  in my life     do now?”

3336.”Only by Dharma we can prevent any loss of life and if I do not leave here ,
Going against the wish Of Sita  , she would definitely die?   And so,
The only thing   that I dares to do   is    to go from here”
I am an ignorant one who has  attained by my    bad and old fate.”

3337.”I would go   but if something bad were to happen   , to the extent  possible,
Jatayu , the king of hawks    would protect her  “  saying like this  
That Lakshmana   went by the same route , due to the  penance of devas.
3338.  “As soon as Lakshmana left   , Ravana who had curved   teeth,
And who was expecting   him to go   , to complete the cruel plan of his,
Took the form of a sage holding the  well tied   three bamboo sticks.
Which would destroy   the three ills of  passion, anger  and illusion.”

3339.He had a well dried body appearing as if he has not taken food,
And appeared as if he     has with great difficulty   walked  a long distance,
And   was singing    musical songs   following proper   beats  ,
The Sama Veda   which was like the  music    from Veena.

3340.He was   having a soft walk    like  the petals  of   flowers  have been spread,
And was    taking steps as   if   the entire floor was   full of burning   embers,
And was   having shivering    feet as well as   hand   that cannot be protected ,
And was having    a form of a very old man  , which  would make him hateful to others.

3341.He was wearing a garland of penance    made   of lotus    beads  ,
Appearing as if he was like a tortoise   which has controlled its five senses ,
Had a   bent body , had a great chest   wearing    the sacred   thread  ,
And reached the hermitage  of Sita who had a stainless  mind like  Arundathi.

3342.That Ravana who had   put on a garb of a saint  could even mislead devas ,
And he   reached the doors of    that  faultless   hermitage  , He had  a voice  ,
Which seemed to shiver   and falter    and asked   “Who is living   in this    hermitage  .?”

3343.Sita who was in the  forest , thinking   that he was  one with  faultless mind,
And faultless   penance  , who  had sweet voice   like the honey syrup,
And who was as pretty as the   coral branch  came out,
To receive him and said  “Please   come over here.”

3344. He who had   a body which sweats like  the Kanmadha (viscous rock) of  the mountains,
Who has been   caught up in    the sea of passion due to love   saw her
Who was an ornament to beauty  , who is the seat of fame   and 
Who is the queen  for  virtue    using   his own eyes.

3345.Let us now see    the state   of   the mind of the  thirsting  mind Ravana   who has   seen,
Sita   with  the sweet voice   like that of a koel which is not tired,
And   who had a beauty that   was much greater  that beauty of divine  maidens.
His   arms   which had great valour increased in  size on seeing her   and then became  thin.

3346.What is the use of telling    that   the row of eyes   of Ravana  on seeing Sita,
Who was    having the prettiness   of the  peacocks     that wander in the forest,
Became joyous  like the  crowd  honey bees     which visited   the garden   full of  flowers ,
Filled with honey   and drunk it and were    dancing with joy  ? it is better  ,
To say that   it became   joyous  like   the  mind   of Ravana.

3347.Are   the  twenty eyes    which do not blink sufficient      to see  ,
The  gem like red   body of Sita    who was looking like  goddess Lakshmi,
Who had come there  leaving her seat   of lotus    flowers ? He became ,
Sad that   he did not have    one thousand such non blinking eyes?

3348. Ravana   thought   , Is the life span   of  three and half crore years,
That   I got doing   great  faultless penance   sufficient    to  play  ,
In the shore less    sea   of the beauty of her    who had large  number ,
Of bangles in her  fore arms  and who  was  the best  among ladies.

3349.Ravana thought  , with devas   along with their     wives  ,
Obeying  all the orders   that I put to them   and becoming   slave to her,
For generations   and with this    girl ruling all the  three   worlds,
I would   obey her orders    and live happily with her.

3350.  “Even when her mind    is paining   and she is sorrowing  ,
If    her face shines like this  , when she    breaks  in to a smile,
Like a streak of lightning  , how will  her beauty   be?
To my sister    who saw this lady with the   untied hair  ,
And gave her to me, I would  give her  even my kingship,”

3351.When that   Ravana  , the one without Dharma   was  thinking like this  ,
And staring her  with  greatly increasing desire  , that virtuous  Sita,
Rubbed off the tears from her eye   and then welcomed him,
Saying   “Please    do come     here.”

3352.Sita after  welcoming him   and after   he reached her hermitage  ,
Gave him a seat of cane   and requested    him to sit on it   and that  ,
Famous  cheat   Ravana  kept his  hand  at rest with three   sticks  by
And     sat in the hermitage which was beautified   by flowers.

3353. The mountains and trees   shivered    on  seeing    that Rakshasa,
Of greatly sinful    and cruel deeds  , the birds stopped cooing  ,
The big wild animals     were   scared and the snakes did not open their hood.

3354. Ravana who took his seat    asked   “which is this home ?,
Which great saint lives here? And who are you?”  and  then,
Sita thinking that   he was new to that place  and is  one,
Without  deceit   and she   with long eyes   started talking to him.

3355.”Oh great one  , the son of Dasaratha   belonging to the Ikshuvaku clan,
Along with his younger brother  , as per the orders  of his mother ,
Who was born in the great Kekaya    clan  , is staying here
You might  possibly  be   knowing his name   “ said she.

3356.”I have heard about what  you told    but   I have   not seen him,
I had once gone   to that prosperous kingdom   through    which,
River Ganges   flows. Oh lady with a long eye    which is  like ,
Lotus flower   as well as sword, Whose    daughter are you,
Why   are you spending time in this harsh    forest” , he asked.

3357.That faultless    lady of great  Virtue   Sita after hearing his words,
Said, “Oh saint who is  following    the faultless   Dharma  , Janaka ,
Is one  who thinks about people   like you and not God   and ,
I  am his   darling   daughter  and my name   is Janaki  ,
And I am the   wife of Rama belonging to Kakustha clan.”

3358. Then after    telling about her  story     that Sita   asked him,
“Oh very old man  , you have suffered because   you have  ,
Come through    the harsh path in the forest  and   doing penance  ,
You have wanted to cross  the sins and blessed   deeds.
From where   have    you come here”, she asked.

3359.Ravana told  “He is   the  Lord of Indra    himself  ,
He posseses   the prettiness   of the picture , He was born in clan of Brahma,
And He is  ruling all the  countries including those  in heaven,
And  he has a toungue   on which the manthras of Vedas    reside.”

3360.”He has   the strength       to even uproot    the very big  Kailasa  mountain,
 On Which    the Lord Shiva lives and  he has  great   shoulders  ,
Using which  he had  powdered    the tusks of  elephants,
Which     carry this    world from eight   different directions.”

3361. “All   the people who are crowding   his  entrance door are  Devas,
And all   the assets   of Devas   like   the Karpaga      tree are   with him,
The place where   he lives   in the famous city of Lanka surrounded   by   the sea,
 And while telling about his greatness    the words  lose their power.”

3362.”His  town  is sweeter     than the  golden city   Of Indra  ,
The ancient city of Bhogavathi    which is frequented by the serpents    
 And in fact all cities of this world   and that  of heaven and everything ,
In the city of  his   are    completely without any fault.

3363”.He is   having the  endless life span      as given by Lord Brahma  ,
Who sits on the lotus flower  . He has   a big hand   holding  the great sword   given  ,
By Lord Shiva who has given,   half of himself     to the Goddess ,
He has a prison    in which    all the planets   are  imprisoned,
And in fact  he is  the top most    in each and every good   quality.”

3364,”He  is  one with good qualities    without cruelty   . He is an expert in wide Vedas,
He is unbiased  , He has    the prettiness     wanted    by the God of love  ,
And  he has  all the greatness   of all  the three  Gods,
Who are   considered   as the greatest ones  by all the world.”

3365.There  are many    best among the   prettiest   ladies of the world,
And who are   all thirsting     for his   love   and though they  are,
Pining away for him  , he  is not interested in giving them joy,
But is searching   for a lady     who is sweet   to his heart.”

3366. “Very much liking the great   city from  which he rules  ,
I wanted     to stay there    for   a few days   and  though  I stayed,
There for a long time, with a mind not willing to part with him  .
I came here”   said he    who wanted to kidnap Sita.  

3367.Sita asked, “Oh saint who thinks     that even body is an extra   burden,
Without  liking   Vedas   and    the mercy of those    who have  learnt Vedas
What is the reason for you to stay    in a town of Rakshasa  who does sinful acts ,
And who eats    men who are   rational    and are   stable>’

3368. “You avoided    staying    with sages of great  penance in the forest,
You did not think about   very pretty and prosperous   countries   with  plenty of water ,
And  you have stayed    with a crowd of Rakshasas    who never think about  Dharma,
Oh saint , what type   of  activity   is this  “ Sita   asked.

3369. Having heard    what has been told   by the lady, he who has   got limitless   boons,
“If faultless   people     tell that the Rakshasas    who swing    the sword   are cruel,
We would not get scared and if we really think about   the truth  ,
Oh  lady  with the shining face like full moon  , Are the   Rakshasas  more cruel,
Than the    devas    and  to people like  is  Rakshasas   are good people.”

3370.When Ravana told like that  , Sita who  wore very  good ornaments   thought 
“Those good people who have    friendship     with cruel people   cannot be  pure,
To explain it   more properly   those   who have connection with old   cruel habits,”
And as she was not aware     that   the Rakshasas    who are   expert   in illusion,
 Can  take    any form   which they like   and so she did not think otherwise.

3371.Ravana    who hearing the words   Of Sita    though    she  has,
Started   suspecting him , wanting to avoid       that completely  ,
Started    talking in a different way  “  in the three worlds  ,
Which does not have    difference  in knowledge  ,
For the Rakshasas   what is the    alternative   except,
 Following    their   own  culture  “.

3372.  As soon as the Cheater    Ravana       who had ability to know   
 The state  of   mind told those    words   , Sita told him that  “ Rama   ,
Who has come to reinstate Dharma   , by the    time he   completes,
The penance    in the forest  , the  Rakshasas   who travel in    cruel   path,
Would be completely   eliminated   along with    their clan   ,
And so there would not be any sorrow    because of them.”

3373. As soon    as the human lady   told like    this  , Ravana told,
“Oh Lady who has shining eyes  like the fishes  ,  If human beings can,
Completely    uproot the population     of Rakshasas       then,
The entire    crowd    of elephants     would be killed   by  small rabbits,
And the crowd of Lions with curved  nails would be killed   by the deer.”

3374.”Viradha who had     red hair which looked like  a bundle of   streaks ,
Of lightning,  , The very angry Khara    who had a  matured   mind  ,
Along    with his innumerable    army   died , which   gave  rise
To sound of great joy    and  possibly     you have   not heard it.”
And the rain      thinking   about   the end   of those shed    tears.”

3375. “Oh faultless  one  , The lion that you told about is Rama   and  the Rakshasas ,
Are comparable to the  crowd of deer   and you are going to see soon  ,
The destruction of all Rakshasas and the joy     of the devas   because of that,
How can Dharma which cannot be forsaken  be   defeated by sin,  Don’t you know , it cannot.”

3376.When the soft words   of Sita  which were like   honey mixed with nectar  ,
Entered    his ears  , Ravana  though he had a    body which expands    with joy,
Due to his self respect being hurt   by the words   that human beings are   strong, became very angry.

3377. That angry Ravana replied  “if you praise Rama   that he gave   an end,
To the silly   persons like  Viradha  , you would know    about its end   tomorrow itself,
When  the  great wind from the twenty shoulders   of Ravana   blows,
And destroys  the small    silk cotton     flower   like   man.

3378. “Oh innocent lady  who babbles some words   Whether  ,
One wants to uproot the     great Meru mountain    or break the sky,
Or    stir the waters of the ocan  , or    destroy the northern fire of Badavagni,
Or   uproot the earth or do    any of those    great   acts  ,
None of them are    difficult      to perform     for Ravana, what do you think of him.”

3379. Then Sita asked  “Just because   one has many  more    big shoulders  ,
Does it mean that   they are powerful? Did not  Parasurama     with his two shoulders  ,
That too in his young age  cut off   the one thousand    stout shoulders    ,
Of Kartha Veeryarjuna   who wore   a heroic anklets   and imprisoned
The king of Lanka   surrounded by   the sea with  the water    crows.”

3380. When she told like that  his eyes  burnt  , his big shoulders  ,
Further   expanded  , his ten crowns     touched     the sky,
The strong twenty hands    clapped against each    other  ,
The row of teeth biting themselves created   the sound of thunder  from clouds,
And due to great anger    the form that he took  due to illusion vanished.

3381. Sita thinking    that this man who has taken this form   is  not a sage  ,
Who has forsaken the   good  and the bad   and getting suspicion,
And when she was standing there   not able to conclude   who he is,
Ravana  looked like the   very poisonous snake   which   had,
Opened its hood    which has   become greatly angry  by itself.

3382.If we think about the sorrow of Sita   who was   already greatly sorrowing  ,
After    she saw Ravana’s real form  , how can there   be more sorrow than that?
There is nothing   in the world     which can be comparable    to it.
She did not do  anything to escape   and    was shivering  like  ,
When the God of death who cannot be stopped    appears   before her.

3383.  Without bothering    to think about my valour   which made  ,
Devas do menial work for me  , you said that   a man who lives  ,
Lke a worm in this world as    strong  , You are alive only because  you are a lady,
Otherwise  I would think of grinding   you with my hand and eating you,
And if I do that  , I would    then take away my   own life”, said Ravana.

3384.“Oh lady who is as tender   as a swan  I would   lift you in each  of my heads,
Which has not bowed before   any one  , separately and in a sweet manner  ,
And make the  deva maidens   wearing  numberless  ornaments   ,
Bow before your feet    and obey you   and then    you can ,
Become   happy   in the wealthy  life of ruling all the fourteen worlds.”Said Ravana.

3385.She then closed   both her  ears  tightly    by   her tender   hands  and said,
“ Without bothering to think  the good conduct   by which I  am protecting the virtue  
For the victorious Rama   who holds the pretty bow, like a    dog wanting ,
To taste the ghee    which is poured by sages   in Yagna   fire ,
What words     did you tell    me , Oh Rakshasa.”

3386.”Would I want    to destroy    the greatness   of being born in a great clan,
Bothering    about losing my life   which is  temporary   like the drop of water  in the tip of grass?
Before   Rama    with arrows which shine   like lightning   and  .
Which hits   like thunder   takes away your life  , for   the sake of protecting your life  ,
Run away    from here     and   hide    yourself”, Sita told.

3387.When Sita told like    this  , The  Rakshasa who was standing before her ,
Devoid of any mercy   told her  , “The    arrow which would be sent by your husband,
Comes to hit my chest which has    destroyed   the tusks  of the elephants,
Which guard   all the eight directions   , it would be  like,
An arrow made of flower    sent to destroy   a   mountain.

3388. That Ravana    who had shoulders   more powerful   than  that  of the mountains,
That   bear this world   said, “Oh divine lady  who is divine for other divine ladies,
I am having a famished   body due  to the disease   of passion that   grew in my   mind  ,
And please save my soul   and give it to me   and accept the  great position   of ,
The divine ladies who wear heavy ear globes  .” Saying this   he    saluted her.

3389.When he fell down to salute    her feet   ,  suffering like   her soul,
Falling on the blood stained   sword  Sita who was personification,
 Of patience    cried   with great sorrow   and wailed, “Oh Lord  ,Oh younger brother  “

3390.  Then at that time that bad soul Ravana   ,  recollecting the   curse  ,
Given to him Brahma   , without touching the body of the divine lady,
Due to the power of his shoulders     which were like     stone pillars  ,
Unearthed the hermitage     from a depth   of two miles   below the earth.

3391.He  kept the hermitage he has unearthed     on his chariot   which  ,
Was seen by Sita who wears pretty bangles   but she could not see   her soul like Rama,
 And like a   streak of lightning    falling on earth from the cloud  ,
She   fainted   and   at that time    Ravana wanted to go speedily  by way of sky.

3392.  When Ravana told the charioteer to drive his chariot     with greater    speed,
She   was rolling   like a creeper   which had fallen on the    burning fire,
And when   she was getting flustered  , greatly depressed  and  greatly tired  ,
She was telling  “Oh Dharma  , please save me speedily from    this predicament.”

3393.”Oh mountains  , Oh trees  , Oh peacocks  , Oh Koels  ,
Oh male deer, oh female deer  , oh male   elephants, oh  female elephants,
Please   understand    the state  of my unstable soul  ,
And go and tell about it   to Rama and Lakshmana   who have stable  valour.”

3394.”Oh clouds  , Oh gardens   , Oh Gods   of the forest  , you know ,
The  sad state    of  the honest  and valorous  Rama   , if he loses me,
Please    , if you  console me saying “do not be scared”  , then,
Possibly I would get saved    and If I am saved   is  it   bad for you  ?”

3395.”Oh  Rama , for the sake of completely    uprooting  the Rakshasas,
Would you not come here   and    send rain of arrows  like blue  clouds?
Oh Protector  , Oh brother  , oh    faultless Bharata   ,
Oh Shatrugna     who is a brother ,  would you not come here   and save me?”

3396. “Oh river Godavari  , Oh River     who is cool   who has nature of melting,
Oh    mother like river   who has got   a very clear   mind  , please run,
And inform my husband  who has    learnt all  books without learning them,
About   my     very sorrowful bad fate  , Would you not do it?”

3397.”Oh mountain springs    which appear   before me  , Oh lions ,
Who live in mountain caves  , you would later   laugh   when you   see,
The twenty arms   that unearthed me   as well as his ten heads  ,
Fall    down  here and there   by the powerful arrows   of Rama?”

3398.Seeing Sita who was prattling many such things   and who was   wailing,
With an opened mouth  , Ravana who was unnecessarily    wasting his life  ,
Said,  “Oh lady who is wearing many ornaments    and ear globes  ,
Who has very dense breasts  , Would those human being s defeat me in war,
And free   you from me  ? If they can let    them do it  “
And then he clapped    his hands together and loudly laughed.

3399.When that Ravana was telling all these   in words , Sita looked at him,
And told, through illusion you  have  created a deer and you made   Rama,
Who is like the God of death  and who would  kill you  in  some other place,
You came here and are  stealing me   and if you know , the way  ,
By which you can save yourself  , do not drive the chariot any further.

3400”:If you are a true   hero , after you  have heard about  the fact    that a few  men,
Have  killed   all your Rakshasas  in a very short time   and have   cut off  ,
The nose and breasts of your sister ,  your coming  like this   using illusion  ,
Is only due to the deep fear   that you have” she told and further   told,

3401. When Sita told   like this   Ravana looked at    her and told.
“Oh lady , please hear this , If I start    waging   a  war against  ,
The humans with a very weak body  , My shoulders  ,
Which uprooted    the  mountain  of God who has eyes on forehead,
Would get a vey  bad name and this act of cheating    would lead to better results” 

3402.That lady who was  like  a doll after  hearing it   told,
Possibly fighting a war with the enemies   of our clan is wrong  ,.
Possibly    to fight with them holding the sword would shame us ,
And to  steal   the ladies  with virtue in deceit   is only right thing,
To the  Rakshasas who do not have   any mercy  ,
Which is a crime     and which would   bring bad name?

10.Jatayu   uyir neetha   padalam

Chapter    on the  giving up of  Jatayu.

(Jatayu  , the king of hawks   fights a raging battle with Ravana. He breaks his chariot , kils his horses, breaks his armour his bow etc. Ravana taking Chandra hasa   cuts off the wings of Jatayu,. He carries the earth on which Sita was sitting to Lanka   and imprisons her in Asoka Vana in the city of Lanka. Lakshmana meets the worried Rama. They both find that  Sita has been taken by some body    along with the hermitage. They follow the tracks of the chariot    and find  Jatayu.  Jatayu tells them what happened and dies. Rama perform obsequies to  Jatayu .
   In Valmiki    Ramayana,   When  Ravana is taking   Sita , she removes her ornaments, makes it in to a bundle and puts  it in the middle of   five monkeys sitting on the mountain top. After cremating Jatayu Rama kills a deer  , makes balls out of its flesh and offers it to the soul of Jatayu.)

3403. When Sita told him like this    a sound was heard  ‘Hey, Hey  , how can you  ,
Escape from me, stop , stop”   which was told    by the  king of Hawks,
Who had sound like thunder  , who had enraged eyes like   burning fire  ,
Who had huge wings which lashed   like lightning   and who appeared,
Like the golden mountain  Meru coming    flying    in the sky.

3404.     He came    with   the huge    wind raised   by   flapping of his  wings,
Making   very huge mountains    getting uprooted   and   dashing,
Against each other    on the sky    and   getting powdered like dust  and scatter ,
And   the sea  hugely  rising up   making the earth and sea      becoming same  ,
And causing   a huge cruel    wind    storming all  over the world.

3405.   Due to that wind     huge trees   along with their branches  ,
Fell on the ground along with their tops touching the earth  ,
With  all clouds   on the    top of the   sky    going   to one side  ,
And    with serpents closing their hoods   and hiding  themselves  thinking  that ,
The   famous cruel  Garuda is coming  on the paths    of the sky.

3406.  Elephants   , Yaalis and other big animals  , all the  trees   in the forest  ,
Bushes, and stones   due to the speed   of the wind raised   by those two wings,
Went crowded  in to   the sky   and due to this  sky and forest became difficult to make out.

3407. That  very cultured  Jatayu came     spreading his wings  in protection,
And asked  “You have   kept the wife    of that   pure and great one on the chariot  ,
Where are you going  ? Now I will    hide the sky     with all directions with my wings.”

3408.  With an intention   of preventing the going of   the  chariot,
On which engines were fixed   belonging to the uncultured    Ravana  ,
Jatayu   who had  kumkum like   red legs     and head   and neck,
Which   were like the  reddish    sky    and who had a form  similar,
To the Kailasa  mountain   and who was the king of hawks   came before  Ravana.

3409,Then that Jatayu told Sita   , “do not  get scared “   and  understanding,
That Ravana   has   not touched    her  , he kept    his greatly ebbing   anger  ,
Under his control    and started   talking    to   Ravana.

3410.”You have got spoiled along with your relations , you have burnt your  life ,
And destroyed it .  Why did you start    this unsuitable   act?  Assuming that  you are dead,
Leave   Rama’s virtuous    wife   and go and then perhaps you would not die.”

3411.”Oh ignorant fellow   , You have  committed a very big   mistake  ,
In your mind you have     thought Sita     who is like  mother of entire   world,
Oh thoughtless one    , Who is left    there    to support   you now?”

3412. “ Oh sir ,  Do you not know    that  people of your clan like Khara  ,
Fought with him in war and  were not able     to escape  , Rama   gave ,
Their souls as feast    and the God of death   took   armful,
Of their souls    and had a very great feast   for himself.”

3413.  “Did you desire   to throw small balls  made of earth  ,
On the  cruel elephant    which is coming    to kill  you and escape?
Or even without realizing   that   it would cause   your   death,
Perhaps you wanted     to keep on swallowing poison and survive?”

3414,”All the  people   in the three   worlds   , Indra the chief of devas  ,
The   great trinity of Gods   on seeing him    would   shiver ,
Like deer    seeing tiger   and not only that   would any of them,
Be capable    of defeating   that   great   archer    Rama.?”

3415.”In this birth    because    there is nothing  more for you to do,
To cause    the death of yourselves   along     with your relatives   and ,
This would also take you to the huge hell in the next world   ,
Which cannot  be tolerated   and for whose  good   did you this?’

3416.  “ Due to the fact    that     these humans    are    the primeval  ,
Root cause of the great trinity , perhaps you did   not understand,
To which God they should be compared     and because of that  ,
You lost your brain     and did this heinous   crime.”

3417. The boons that   you got   due to the grace of Lord   Shiva  ,
 Who    rides  on the bull  which is expert in war   and
Who made      the three   cities  burn as well other  expertise in war,
Are   only powerful    till Rama  who is  the truth    sends  arrows from his bow.

3418-3420.”If that Rama  , the son of king Dasaratha   who has a bow which is bent ,
Comes personally   , it is extremely    difficult    to prevent his arrows    and so  ,
I would take    this Sita with the pretty forehead    to wherever she was ,
And you go away from here   quickly  “ When Jatayu told like    this,
Ravana    who  was the leader of Rakshasas  , with spark of anger ,
Coming   out of his black  greatly lustrous eyes  and with biting lips ,
Told him with anger”,  Do not talk these   unnecessary words  ,
 You show me    those people quickly  . Oh Hawk who comes against me  ,
Before my arrows   pierce    your chest    and creates there   a big wound,
 Go away from here quickly.  Some times the water   inside the  ,
Steel may come out   but  Sita   who talks sweeter   than,
The juice of Sugarcane    would not go away from me  .Please see that.”

3421.As  soon as   Ravana   told like     this,  Sita ‘s  fear doubled  ,
And seeing the swan like    Sita sorrowing   , Jatayu    told her  ,
“Oh mother  , , now itself the body of this   Rakshasa   ,
Would be made   in to  pieces  ,  do not    sorrow,
That our lord , the  son of the king   has   not come ,
Holding      his      great   bow in his hand .”

3422.  “Do not cry  shedding tears   like the scattering  of pearls  ,
Which fall on your breasts   and do loose   all     hope  , and see  me  ,
Giving as    sacrifice   his ten heads   to all the ten directions   ,
Which are   like      pierced    fruits of Palmyra     tree.”

3423. That Jatayu    who came speedily   flying , flapping his   wings  ,
Making a   great sound   of thunder  , pushed down the series of crowns of Ravana,
And   wanted to cut his    head  in to pieces   by speedy flapping of the    wings,
Bur   broke his    flag which had    the shape   of veena   and got praise    from devas.

3424. That   Rakshasa to whom such a great mishap    has never occurred before  ,Laughed ,
With eyes of the  red colour of   molten lac  and With great anger  making seven worlds,
Along with his eye brows he  also bent    his    mountain like   bow.

3425. When    the rain of arrows    from Ravana who had    crescent like teeth,
Approached  him, Jatayu made    some of them fall   by  the flap of his wings,
Some of them    he broke using   the sharp claws      of his   and using his beak,
Which made even the God of death scared   he cut his bow   in to pieces.

3426.   On the ten  strong heads of Ravana  which were like   numerous   serpents,
With  huge cruel eyes  , Jatayu with   his sharp strong beaks   neared  ,
Even before he took another    bow and was    bending it   ,
And  rose up snatching    his gem studded   ear globes.

3427, Then that Rakshasa   shouted loudly    and sent   fourteen   arrows  ,
Aiming at the chest of Jatayu   who snatched    away his ear globes  ,
And these   did not stop there    and went through the   bird king and Again,
He sent several lustrous arrows at Jatayu   and the devas  took a long breath,
Thinking   that Jatayu   who was greatly valorous in war    has fallen down.

3428.Inspite   of   new blood flowing out   of those wounds  , that the king of the birds,
Who looked like a huge    white cloud  shining    in the sky  which was similar   to,
The  White cloud which drank the    streams of blood    which flowed,
From the body of Khara     and other Asuras thinking   that it is a sea  and later left it all.

3429.   That Jatayu who was like a white cloud  , took a deep breath immediately  .
Became very angry   and  rushed and got up the rows of twenty shoulders  ,
By pecking in his beak  and by scratching by his   nails  , by beating with his wings  ,
Cut off   his armour which he was wearing on chest adorned  with pearl necklace.

3430 That Ravana     then sent   one hundred arrows on  the broad chest of Jatayu,
Who    broke his armour   and seeing  that  Devas   were scared   and perplexed,
And  even before that   the king of the birds   ,  snatched   the bow  of  Ravana ,
By his teeth   , making the crowd of devas   shout    with great joy.

3431. That Jatayu   by snatching   the  bow of Ravana  , who using  his strong shoulders ,
Lifted the shining silver mountain     along with Lord Shiva  , shined   like ,
The rain bow   along with the    huge cloud   and there was no one   who can,
Adequately    describe    the great strength   of shoulders of Jatayu, using mere words.

3432, He broke   the bow  of  Ravana who using his   sword   punished  
And won over   Indra   who had the chest that never retreats   and had   one thousand eyes
By taking it by his moth and breaking    it by legs  and he    was  the friend  ,
Of their father Dasaratha   and   who was the protector of   Rama,
Who broke the bow of Lord shiva   who  was of the red colour of fire.

3433.That Ravana   who brings destruction to the   world   and who ,
Never gets defeated    by the valour of others   seeing the  bow,
Which was suitable to his valour broken  with great anger  ,
Took a   a trident  which was like the arrow that   was sent  by Lord Shiva  ,
Who   has Halahala   poison on his neck   for   destroying the three cities,
 And  making great sound    threw   it at Jatayu.

3434.  That Jatayu who was    the king of hawks   saying  “do not think ,
That  I would not be able to bear this   and   now see   my power”,
Received the trident with three   heads   sent by Ravana on his chest,
And the devas   who were in hiding due to their fear    to Ravana   said
“Who can do such acts  now” and  tapped on their shoulders and shouted with joy.

3435.That trident   , like those starved   of the    five sense  organs,
Visiting the home of prostitutes , like  the guests who have   gone,
To the homes were   cultured  ladies were absent   and like   the ladies,
With soft  and passionate looks    approaching  the matured saints,
Who can see their own souls  , came back  not able to  pierce  Jatayu.

3436. Before that Ravana who lost his trident   , could take    another weapon with speed,
Jatayu   cut of   the charioteer driving   the chariot drawn by tall horses  which hid the sky,
And threw it   on the face  of  Ravana who   had great passion   towards    the Very virtuous Sita,
Making him extremely    sorrowful.

3437.Looking at Jatayu who threw the head  of charioteer   at him    and  understanding  ,
The power of his mind   and becoming angry  , Ravana  took his golden mace  ,
And hit him with it   like the flame   of   fire    rising    up and    ,
Then  the chief of the hawks    fell   like a mountain   on the earth.

3438.As soon as Jatayu fell on the earth, Ravana  very speedily  drove ,
His chariot   which cannot be   even followed by the eye   sight  ,
Rose up on the sky   and when he did that  , the soft natured  Sita,
Struggled like    the hot embers   entered   in to  the existing wound.

3439.Jatayu   seeing   Sita   fading and   struggling   like a new born leaf,
Said to her, “Oh lady who is like a swan  , Do not get drowned   in sorrow  ,
Do not fear  “ and got up leaving   a very deep breath   and shouted,
“Hey , how can you escape    from me  “ and   again   rushed  ,
On the chariot of Ravana    with the devas  making sounds of joy.

3440.That Jatayu  who rushed  on Ravana snatched   his mace    and threw it away,
And   killed   the sixteen   horses   which were    tied to that very speedy chariot  ,
Using   his   powerful beak    which was  like    a very harp sword,
And seeing that  valorous deed , even the God of    death  shivered.

3441.Further Jatayu destroyed his chariot   and due to his not having a bow,
And since    Ravana ’s   arrows were  useless to him like  ,   the  treasure to the miser
Using    his very sharp talons   he plucked    the quiver
Which was  tied  on his   shoulders   which touched    the sky .

3442.And then later   like a Chichily   bird   he   jumped    on the chests ,
As well as shoulders   of Ravana    and beat    him with   his wings  and due to that ,
Ravana   fell down sorrowing   and with a head bent fainted   and Jatayu  said,
With great disdain  “Oh your power    is only   this much .”

3443. As soon as Jatayu told like that  , Ravana   flew in to great rage  ,
And  since    he was not able   to use   his cruel trident    and he did not ,
Have any other weapon with him   Telling “I would kill this Jatayu”,
Took out from its sheath    the sword   called   Chandra hasa,
Which never   failed    to kill   the enemy   and threw   it at him.

3444. Due to the  sword which was   given to him by gods   and  which,
Cannot be stopped   by any one  , which would  without fail cut the heads of all,
And   since his   life span  slowly   decreased    and got completely over  ,
That Jatayu who cannot be defeated  by strength    fell like  a,
A mountain on which    the God    of Devas    threw his powerful Vajrayudha.

3445.  Jatayu fell    on the earth with his    wings  completely   spread  ,
And seeing that the Devas ran away  , the crowd of sages   sorrowed,
Because   Sita had lost her protection    and those living   ,
On the world of Lord Vishnu    rained    golden flowers   on him,
And  the mind and body   of Sita   who saw it started   shivering.

3446.Due to his getting defeated   and then winning  .  that   Rakshasa  felt ashamed ,
And    shouted    with joy   which sound reached   the sky   and  appreciated  his own strength,
And Sita who was depressed like    the deer which was    caught   in the net  ,
Without seeing any way to protect   herself   she went on taking long breath  ,
Get fainted   and like  a   creeper   not having support  because  ,
The branch   on which  it was spreading   had got broken  ,  she fell on the chariot.

3447”.Even Jatayu the king of hawks    who said  , “I am your strong protection”,
Was destroyed  . What   is my fate now?”  thought Sita   and wailed like  ,
The female Andril bird   which was    greatly   sorrowing due to  loss  of its mate.

3448. Sita    was confused    and wailed  “ Is  it proper   for   the good Jatayu,
Who said to me , who had    attained very great sorrow , “Do not get scared” 
To get defeated? Is it proper for this one    from hell to win?
Would sin win?   Would Vedas became a  lie?  Does not Dharma    exist  ? “

3449. She sobbed and wailed  “  Obeying me    who was shameless ,
You had   gone away, Oh gem amongst males,,.At least please come 
To see  Jatayu   ,   who was   a great friend of your father  ,
Who was like a nail of support to all those   who try to stand  ,
In the right   path of Dharma  .”

3450. “Though  it is my duty   that nothing happens to my chastity   , a bad name  ,
Has come to  the pretty   and  very powerful   bow of Rama  , who is an expert  in war  ,
And  a bad name has  also come   to  the clan in which I was born  “telling like this she  sorrowed.

3451.”Oh Lord Dasaratha     who is ruling over   the lustrous heaven  ,
Would you help this Jatayu   who followed  Dharma as per  books  ,
And who has repaid the debt of a close friend   in a perfect manner”  saying this she sobbed.

3452.  The Rakshasa Ravana seeing  the   state of Jatayu who has  lost his wings  ,
And Sita who is wailing   and her  very unprotected   state  , understanding ,
That there is no one to stop him   , Lifted Sita along    with her hermitage,
  From the chariot    on to  his  shoulders   and started  flying on the sky.

3453.  Due to speed with which Ravana   was going  on the sky  ,
Sita whose   eyes and mind   were rotating  , with the  ,
Consciousness   of the mind   getting   destroyed  ,
Without able to understand any thing  ,
Was lying on the floor  of hermitage  in unconscious state.

3454. After   the  Rakshasa  went away   , the king of hawks  with
The sorrow that  made him loose consciousness   getting slightly reduced  ,
With great thought was staring at the direction   in which Ravana went  ,
And seeing that cheating Rakshasa   was going with great speed  ,
Started telling the following   words to himself.

3455.  “My sons Rama and Lakshmana   have  still not   arrived back,
The fate which did not give the fame    that
I   removed  the sorrow of  my daughter in law  ,
Has broken   the   fence of Dharma    and   What is now going to happen?”

3456. “If only   The victorious  Rama and Lakshmana   were  here  , then to  Sita,
With a thin waist like streak of lightning   and   wearing  several gold bangles 
Such a sad state of affairs could  not have happened. I am not to understand ,
Their state  of affairs ,Is it  c cruel trick played by Rama’s    step mother?

3457.”The blue coloured Rama   is none   but Lord Vishnu   ,
Who sleeps on     the bed   of serpents    called AdhiSesha.
And so   would   it be possible    for the very angry Rakshasa,
To win over him? I think he   has played   a trick with his illusion .”

3458.”My son Rama    would completely   uproot all the Rakshasas,
After completely winning over them   and   reek his cruel   vengeance?
Ravana the Rakshasa due to the unmistakable  curse  of Lord Brahma    who was  born,
Out of the lotus flower  , Would be scared   to touch  the Queen of Rama.”

3459. After telling all these words, Jatayu who had very large wings,
Thought  that Sita had reached   the great prison of Ravana,
And thought that   though my wings by which I do war  have been destroyed,
The great wing called Virtue  of Sita    who speaks sweet words  ,
Would never   get destroyed.   Thinking like this  he lost his sorrow.

3460. With   his pretty wings   getting weak    due to excess flow of blood,
And with the thought   that he  was not able to save  the very pretty Sita ,
And with his mind filled    with love for Rama and Lakshmana  ,
He   started   sleeping with his    brain   in tact.

3461.Ravana the Rakshasa  speedily took    the climbing plant  like pretty Sita,
Being scared    to touch her    directly  , , kept her imprisoned  in the ,
Asoka Vana    in the    middle of several very cruel    Rakshasis.

3462. Till now we told about activies of Ravana   and now  we would ,
Tell about the state  of Lakshmana    who  had gone  , as per  orders of  Sita ,
To find out   the welfare  of Rama who had gone chasing  the golden deer.

3463.Lakshmana  whose  mind was paining   due to  heightened sorrow  ,
Thinking about  the  lonely    state   of the matchless   Sita  ,
Was similar   to Bharatha   who had to go away    from his lord and brother,
And   was forced to go back     to the city of  Ayodhya  .

3464.  That Lakshmana    who was going speedily   like ,
A speed  boat in a very clear   sea  , saw   Rama ,
Who was like a huge   black cloud   which has got down on earth,
And who was   like   a huge forest   of Lotus which had  fully  flowered,
And  his eyes   became as   joyous     as his mind.

3465.  That   Rama   of black colour   who  was worried with  thought 
 That  the very scary   voice of the  magical deer,
Would   be heard by Sita who had    the  looks of the peacock,
And due to the  illusion created by the ignorance of feminine  nature,
She would have difference of opinion with Lakshmana   and would become depressed,
Saw his younger    brother coming towards    him.

3466. Seeing  Lakshmana  coming alone   in spite   of his telling “ Please protect   Sita”,
Going against his words    and coming slightly depressed  in search of him,
Possibly thinking   from the voice of the magical deer  ,   that  Rama  ,
Would be facing some problem,  possibly   sent   by Sita who spoke  the very harsh words ,
Who had   an innocent mind    and would have    been deceived   by the lies  ,
Which came out from the  open mouth   and becoming greatly depressed   by it,
Though    he knew about  his     true strength    and nature, Was it done due  to illusion?

3467. When Rama was  thinking like this   and also considering   “Who can go against    fate  “,
That  young valorous hero   who was carrying a pretty   bow   came near Rama   and ,
When he was saluting it  He was hugged    by  Rama who was   wearing   ,
A shining   sacred   thread   and with a melting mind  asked him,
“What   is the  reason for    you to come here   after   waiting  “and Lakshmana replied.

3468.”Due   to the words which are other worldly , which was  not rhyming  ,
With reason   and  which was cruel and cheating , Sita  who was like a creeper,
Became   very sad  , and when I told  her that   they were   only  the words,
Of that Rakshasa  with big  mouth  , she did not  bother about that  ,
And becoming confused   and ordered  me ,” Without stopping here ,
Find out its truth “  and then I told her   about  the great strength,
Of your shoulders   but she did not take it in to her mind,
And became    very  angry    and greatly depressed.

3469-3470. When she told  “If you do   not go in search of Rama   , I   will fall in fire and die,”
And started   running   in the big   forest  , I became   greatly   scared   and thinking ,
That If I who am considered as a cheat does   not go from there , she  would,
Definitely take away her life   and I told her “Please do not die, it is not Dharma”,
And   then I have   come over   here and meeting you,
Then the faultless Rama  thought  “She is not   of the nature    who would not die  ,
 Even If  this Lakshmana had not come in search of me   and what has happened   cannot  be prevented  ,
Because   the true state  of affairs as narrated by Lakshmana    did not impress her mind,
Alas, alas.  , Some thing bad will happen to her   when she is alone  and not protected,
That  bad happening cannot be prevented and those who wanted to kidnap her .
Wanted to separate   both of us from her   and have cheated   us  very badly.”

3471.”Your coming away leaving  Sita   alone   is not any mistake  on your part,
Because  Sita who is innocent   would easily    get mentally   upset, and along ,
With great sorrow in her mind    has told like that  and this is the result of that.
Thinking that it has been told by a very confused  mind   ,
 Please remove  the sorrows that has been caused by her mind  ,
When you   told  after proper thought  that  it was a   Rakshasa  and not a golden  deer 
And prevented me  , I did not   change my decision   and  ,
Decided  to catch the deer  and that decision  of mine has spoiled me   “

3472., Becoming further depressed   he further   told  ,”what is the use 
  Of further delay?  My sorrow    would get over only  if  I am able to see ,
Sita who is like the   friendly Naganavai   bird as   well as the koel,
And there is no other    way except   this.  WE would walk   speedily,
And cover this long distance   like   the arrow leaving  out of the bow,
And would reach   the garden  where  Sita   
Who is  similar   to the best  quality    gold  , is there  .

3473, As per    the decision   when Rama ran and reached the garden  and ,
When he was   not able to find Sita who decorates her hair    with flowers ,
And  felt like a soul leaving the body and later    did not   find it,
Even after a great   search   and stood there    greatly  perplexed.

3474.  That Rama    not able to see   that divine Sita    with the best made up hair,
Became dejected   and like one who does not have   anything to help him,
And  like one who  buried    all the money earned in earth       and later   finding  that,
It was dug out and taken away by some    cheats   , stood there  greatly perplexed.

3475,  The  earth rotated , the huge mountains  rotated  , the thought,
Of greatly wise people rotated  , The   waters with waves of seven   seas  rotated,
The  sky rotated , The stable Vedas  broke down and rotated ,
The eyes of Lord  Brahma rotated and  the sun and moon  were displaced  and rotated.

3476-3477. “Would that  greatly cultured   Rama  ,  shout    at   Dharma .
Would he shout   at the culture of giving?  Would he shout at ability of Devas,
Would he shout at the   sages, would he shout   at  cruelty of bad Asuras?
Would he shout   at the ability of Vedas?” thinking   like that  ,
And shivering   and not  knowing    how his great anger    would end  ,
When  at  that end   the countless materials   were   going up to down,
And down to up   due to the    change    of mood   of that great one,
Who has a body of blue colour  and they thought  that along    with,
The primeval God  , the world also    would come to an end  .                       

 3478.        Then the younger brother    saluting his elder   one told,
“We have seen marks of wheels of the chariot  , we have seen,
That some one was  scared of touching Sita and uprooted   her,
Along with the land she was standing and so there is no point  ,
In thinking that the person was   not having strength  and,
We should follow   him before   he reaches a great distance.”

3479.The faultless Rama  said, “yes , that is what has to be done”,
And then   those two   wearing the long  quiver and other weapons  like garland  ,
Went along    the path followed by Ravana   destroying ,
The  pretty mountains   and     the trees of the forest.

3480.They saw   that   after some distance    the marks of the  wheels,
Of the chariot had vanished and  it appeared that  the   chariot,
Started    flying in the sky   and seeing that   Rama  felt  like,
A spear entering the wound caused by fire   and became greatly upset,
And asked Lakshmana,  “What should   we do now?”

3481. That Lakshmana    replied  “Oh brother   who has  great shoulders  ,
Which   are prepared to enter in to wrestling  , that big   chariot  ,
Has   gone towards    the south   and knowing  that  ,
For an   arrow let off by the bow   , the sky   is not very distant,
I think that our standing confused   and sorrowing here  ,
Is not going to help us in any way  “ and Rama   replied.

3482.”Yes, that is what we should  do”   and both of them   started ,
Travelling towards    the south   and when they travelled   four miles,
And there they saw a mountain like thing  fallen on the ground  ,
Possibly due to a great storm    and also    a cloth   ,
Flag which was    cut in the shape  of Veena.

3483.Seeing tht flag     they  suspected      that due   to the pretty Sita,
Devas    and others   might have  fought a   cruel war    with those  kidnappers,
But Rama understood that    the shining    flag was   cut off,
By the    sword  like beak of Jatayu   and   with tears ,
Flowing from his   lotus flower   like eyes  , started   telling.

3484. “Oh Lakshmana , if we properly think over   it , I feel,
That  this  flag  must have been cut  by the   beak   of your father  like Jatayu,
Who must   have come here  speedily  ,He must have attacked  with great ferocity,
And we are not able to find what happened   in the middle  as,
He is alone   and one who is extremely old  and one  who is weakened a lot.”

3485. “This is   good because  That Jatayu   who is so strong   that  he cannot be moved,
Definitely  would   keep  on fighting with the enemy    throughout    the day,
And by that time , we can also join along with him   though it is possible,
That by that time he would have freed Sita   and there is no point   in wasting time,
Thinking    about   many such aspects   “ Said Lakshmana    to the very tall Rama said,

3486.”It is better    that we would walk in this same direction  “ and like  the wind,
Blowing speedily   on the ground they both proceeded    with great haste  ,
Searching here   and there  they saw   a   cruel huge bow  
Which was   broken like   a broken rain bow fallen to the ground  
And like   the huge    tide   which rises   in the ocean  .

3487.”Oh Lakshmana , here lies   the bow  which is as powerful as .
The Mandhara mountain which was used   by Devas  to churn the ocean ,
And by shape it looks like a crescent of moon  and see  how powerful  ,
Jatayu must be   to break such a bow by his beak  “, Said Rama  and stood there.

3488.Thinking like that  they walked and crossed a very long distance ,
And then saw a very cruel   Trident  and two quivers ,
Each having large number of arrows which were  lying ,
There   like a mountain and both of them were wonderstruck by seeing it.

3489. Then they walked    further  and there they saw   the armour ,
Of that   Rakshasas king   picked and broken by    Jatayu,
Which was  lying with the shine   of all the heavenly bodies in the sky  ,
And which was so huge that   it was hiding the forest path.

3490. They  also saw   the horses   with   saddle and gear , which were ,
Capable of running faster than wind  and which were  lying dead  ,
Hiding the entire forest, And they also saw the plae where charioteer was lying,
And late   they saw flesh and blood lying on the earth   and shining  ,
Ornaments   which made  the place look like sky with moon and sun.

3491.Just like    several lustrous solar    orbits   have left   the sky ,
And had fallen on the earth  , they saw  several   gem studded,
Ear globes   and several ornaments   with lots and lots of gems,
And   stood there with   their usually shaking hands    frozen.

3492.Rama said,  “Oh Lakshmana  There are several  shoulder ornaments lying here,
There are also several groups of greatly shining   ear globes 
 And several gem ornamented  hair pieces   are also lying here  ,
Our father   who has lived for long and   who is one without support  ,
Possibly fought with several lion like heroes  .”

3493.When Rama , the consort   of Lakshmi told like this  , the lion  like son of Sumithra,
Said,  if the   tree  like long shoulders    and several     heads were there   ,
To fight against    our father   , the one who has    carried  Sita     to this lng distance  ,
Should only be one   and he must   most probably    be Ravana.

3494. Approving   the words of  Lakshmana who was wearing a garland  made of flower petals 
Rama  who was speedily   moving with fire sparks coming    out of his    powerful eyes ,
Saw   his father Jatayu  who was   like the mandara mountain established  in the ocean of blood.

3495.Rama  who  was great and  who was devoid of any bad thoughts   with his red lotus eyes ,
Shedding copious tears  fell on his  soul like father   who was   strong and cultured  , Like  ,
A huge black mountain falling on  the   silver mountain  of Lord Shiva  ,
Who was red    like a ember    of fire   in colour.

3496. For more than thirty  minutes   he  was not breathing   and fainted  ,
Without   showing off any senses   and   seeing that Lakshmana   ,
Lifted him with his pretty hands   and sprinkle   the water   from,
The stream that was    coming   from the cloud   and then Rama  ,
Opened    his lotus  like eyes  , slightly got better and spoke as follows.

3497. “Before me , who were there   who were   responsible    for the death  of their father,
Earlier  the matchless   Dasaratha    lost his life     due to parting    from me  ,
Oh  my father Jatayu, you are    also dead for my sake  ,Alas,
I who have   a bad fate    has become the   God of death to you  also.”

3498.Oh my father  , for the sake  of  consoling  the feminine  Sita of  her sorrow  ,
Caused due to golden deer  , when  I went behind that  deer  ,
You without thinking about the after effects  , without bothering   to think about your  being alone,
Fought with Ravana and has    repaid your   debt  and   why should I  to whom  ,
There are  no relations become sorrowful    and for what  purpose.

3499.”Due to this I have become one like dead and am not really dying  now  ,
Because  I had taken an oath that  I would remove sorrows   of those who are expert in Vedas,
And have extended my life span.  Except going like    a tall   tree  ,
I am not of any use   to any body   and   being one   with a lowly job,
I do   not have any desire to continue    with this useless  life of mine.”

3500. Instead   of me protecting my wife when she was caught by a stranger,
And the enemy who killed you who were a great one   is standing very much alive,
And you have been killed and I  who carries a huge   and great   bow,
And am carrying on my back the heavy quiver   am standing here ,
And I am standing  like fully grown   very tall   tree.

3501. “In this world are there any more people  who are as famous as me?
Oh Bird with huge wings  Oh bird whose strength of  teeth  is beyond estimation,
I , who am holding a huge bow   and am standing here   without doing any thing,
When the armed enemy killed you , while my wife with a bad fate was seeing it?
Can any one     tell that  I am one with any valour?”

3502.Rama   who did not have any one equal to him except himself ,
Went on repeatedly    telling such things   and crying and  ,
His brother Lakshmana  who was also slowly fainting  and
Was standing in a similar state  , and then  that king of Hawks,
With some sensation coming back to him  , breathed  with sorrow  ,
And saw both of    them  who were   surrounding him with opened eyes.

3503.That Jatayu who was breathing heavily   not knowing the fate   of Sita after  he fell down,
After   seeing   those two  victorious brothers   and   became  more composed  ,
And felt greatly joyous as if    he has got back  his two  cut wings  ,
His own soul as well as the   seven worlds   and said, “I have got my bad name removed.”

3504,”Oh blessed people  , Iam going to leave  my useless body   which has  a bad name today,
And by  my blessed deeds , I have been able to see you again   , come near me”
Saying this   with his beak   using which he broke  the heads of  Ravana wearing a crown,
Again and again   and for several times    smelled    the heads of both of them.

3505.”Seeing the way that  Ravana was carrying Sita   made  me suspect  that,
It would only be by a trick   and  how is it that, you both who have   faultless   strength,
Left Sita  with sweet voice , form like a peacock   and virtue   like Arundathi alone ?”  he said.

3506. When Jatayu    told like this   , Lakshmana    the younger brother  ,
Fully   related to him all the events    that took place   there  ,
Including   the coming of the strong golden deer , in deatail.

3507.When the great expert in conversation   told that words    as per the order   of Rama,
Understanding that   and thinking about that   that   king of Hawks   Jatayu,
Thinking that it would be better  to console them without causing much mental pain,
Started     telling    them the following    very suitable   words.

3508.”Can  just one person  make   a doll?  If we do not accept,
 The tenet that “The sorrows   and joys  that come to the fameless  
Human beings   come due to fate ,” Do we  have wisdom  ,
To  win over  the   strength  of  fate?” Jatayu asked.

3509.” When   sorrow comes due to fate  ,  getting   disturbed   because of that,
And getting ourselves destroyed is ignorance  .For the loosing of one head,
By Lord Brahma   who created    and differentiated  the world ,
What could be     greater    reason than fate   itself?”

3510. “At the time when joy or sorrow comes  , Is it true,
 That we can prevent   them from coming to us?
Lord Shiva who took the bow   to destroy   the three cities,
Had to beg  in the skull  of Lord Brahma . Can this be explained by penance? .”

3511. It is true that   the very angry serpents   would  swallow,
The very sun   which flowers in the sky and which has wealth of heat,
And  the moon which lights    up the entire   sky in a brilliant manner ,
Has   to grow    every month and also disappear  after that?

3512.”Oh Lads   with pretty  shoulders,  the suffering one gets   ,
And later  their going away   are   due to fate   from the earliest of times,
Is it  possible to count  the sufferings   that Indra , the king of devas underwent ,
 Due   to the curses that came out of the mouth  of  his teacher  Bruhaspathi?”

3513.”Oh Rama who is an expert in sending arrows, due   to Sambara   a Rakshasa,
Who had unpreventable    strength  , who used   to do very base   deeds,
Indra who holds the Vajrayudha   got a bad name by losing his kingdom,
And your father Dasaratha   due to power of his great shoulders  solved it.

3514.Oh Lord   who has   a spear with smell of flesh   and who is like   the mother,
To the birds  as  well as irrational    ghosts  , the dharma   which is neglected by the Asuras ,
And  the sorrows   of the devas   are the reason   by which Sita with a  lisping talk,
Was made   to part from you  and so  please completely    destroy  ,
The Rakshasas who do war of illusion   and who are like weeds   and live happily.

3515.” When Sita who has long hair and eyes like the split    tender mango   was being taken,
By Ravana along with the earth that she was sitting   I tried to prevent   him ,
By my strength  to the best of my ability  but at the end   he cut me off   by using  ,
Chandra Hasa,  a sword given to him by  Lord shiva    after  his penance and I fell here,
This is all that   has happened  in this place  “ said Jatayu to Lord  Rama.

3516.Even before  all the  words  of Jatayu reached the ears  of Rama  ,
His eyes   were completely filled    with blood , fire like strong breath came out of him,
His eye brows bent and bent further  and climbed up  , The shining planets,
Started running away   , the Globe of earth burst  and all  mountains were broken.

3517. With the earth starting rotating  , huge stable mountains   also rotated ,
The  waters of the sea  , the wind  , The sun and the moon   also rotated,
The heavens guarded  by devas rotated  , Brahma who was in his own world   rotated,
And it became   clear that , the valorous Rama   is the form of everything in the world.

3518.The entire world was perplexed    not knowing   “On whom the  great rage,
That was in the mind of Rama would fall?” and at that time  with his   weapons,
Shining like red   fire  , Rama   with a laugh   that came out of rage   started talking.

3519.”You would see me destroying completely all the   worlds   with ,
The eight directions as boundary   and Devas   who  kept quiet  ,
Even after    seeing a  helpless  lady who was alone  being kidnapped,
By a Rakshasa holding a sword  and seeing you   attain this state.”

3520-3521. Please see  that    with my prowess     in archery  , stars   falling down,
The matchless sun    becoming   powder and disintegrating   ,
The entire   sky     burning like   fire , the fire  , the sky  ,
And all the moving beings disintegrating  ,
And     all the fourteen   worlds     which seem to be big,
Nearing final destruction  and would get   completely burnt out  ,
Along with all   the    Planet globes   by their side  ,
Just like   the bubble in the water,

3522,  The sun with its hot rays started    setting behind Meru mountain,
And  all   eight elephants    which stand in directions    which cannot be destroyed,
Getting scared   ran away   , all the beings in the    world   became very sad,
And even the   very brave   Lakshmana was greatly scared , Is there  a limit,
For fear of all   others who exist    in this world.

3523, When such things    were happening   , Jatayu  , the king of the hawks   said,
“Oh good natured one  , Long live  . Do not get even a little bit angry,
Oh valorous one who cannot be defeated   , the devas and sages ,
Are happily living thinking   that   through   you the   asuras  can be defeated
,Using which of their strengths     would they be able  to win over
Ravana     who has done   this very cruel deed.”

3524, You saw the valorous jobs   done  in defeating   me  by   the faultless  shoulders 
 of great Valour of Ravana   by the  power given to him as   boons,
By Lord Brahma      who sits   on the lotus flower  , Is there a need to tell more?
Lord Brahma who was  created from the lotus   flower   with stalk  ,
As well as other devas   are working as   slaves to the   ten headed   Ravana,
And there is no  body else   who are   doing   the Dharma prescribed to them.

3525,In this earth which is surrounded   by great oceans   with very clear water,
Like  the   ladies the devas  are   doing  menial  jobs   to their    enemies  , is  it not ?
Had they not eaten the   nectar which appeared   in the ocean of milk ,
Given to them by Lord Vishnu   who   once measured   all three   worlds,
Just by his two steps  , Would they be able to be alive   till now?”

  3526,”Oh lads    who were holding the very strong bows in your red hands ,
Because that Sita   who has  breasts   tied by cloth  was alone in the forest  ,
You had lost her   by going behind the golden deer with horns   ,
And have earned   a   very bad name    for your clan, When we think properly  ,
The mistake  is on your part   and what fault    has the world done  in this case.”

3527.”And so    do not get angry but   remove the sorrow   of your loving wife ,
Who is equal to Arundathi in virtue  , fulfill the    wishes    of devas  ,
Establish   the Dharma    as   told   in the Vedas   and   also,
Remove  all other  ills.”  Said   Jatayu  who was  fit   to join  the sacred lotus like feet.

3528.Rama   who is the colour   of   black cloud    taking   the words  ,
Told by the divine Jatayu    as the   order given to him by  Dasaratha  ,
In his mind     understood,  “What is use of   anger on others  now?”
 And  that the only job to be done by him   is to  completely   exterminate  the Asuras ,
And completely   left       the   anger   from within his mind.

3529.After  Rama’s anger   left him  , that faultless  Rama told,
“Oh father , be peaceful. Is there anything else   other than .
What you told by your   mouth   , for me to do?” and asked him
“Please tell me where    that Rakshasa went .”   and the  king of the birds  ,
Becoming tired  , and   with his  consciousness   reducing  ,
Did   not reply him anything and then died.”

3530.Looking  with eyes  at the holy feet of  that valorous Rama  who is  difficult ,              
To be seen   by Lord Brahma who sits   on the cool lotus flower  and other devas,
Who stands    outside the Vedas    and cannot be    seen   by the Vedas   ,
Jatayu attained  to that land which exists even when,
The great five   el;ements of the world ceases    to exist.     

3531.When that Jatayu was getting salvation  ,  that Rama who was the king of men,
Along with his brother    cried  and became tired and all the trees  in the forest  ,
AS well as the animals    became     completely    depressed    and 
Brahma and other    devas of heaven  , the serpents of the earth  ,
The people    of the world  Saluted Jatayu by raising   their hands above their heads,.

3532.Rama asked , “  oh younger   brother  , I have  lost my masculinity  ,
Due to the Rakshasas  who do not follow   Dharma   and would  I do ,
Penance   after giving up everything or would I give up my life?
Please tell one of them . Due to me being born as son  , the father,
Who gave birth to us died and  here Jatayu   our father has   died,
And I stand still alive, What is to be done   by me?”

3533.”When Rama told like this , his younger brother Lakshmana  ,
After   saluting Rama   said, “Oh victorious one , Always,
Due to the nature of fate   man  gets  into sad states,
Except for bad name? Now what is the reason for this thought ?
Should we not drown in great sorrow only after  completely    destroying the Rakshasas?”

3534.”My father  , you being simple  , may console yourself    by   the parting away ,
Of the simple   Sita   who has long hair but  is there   any other  job ,
For you to do except killing  him who took away   the soul of our father  Jatayu,
And    what you told    seems to be    not proper  now”, said Lakshmana.

3535.When the younger brother told like this   Rama  understanding that ,
Holding such thoughts are   the sign of ignorance  , consoled himself,
Wiped away the tears   he was shedding due to great sorrow   and told Lakshmana,
“Let us do all the after   death rites   to our father in a proper manner.”

3536.Then they collected   black Akil logs and   sandal wood logs   and made a pyre,
Making others who see it wonder , collected   the Durba grass  properly as per need,
And threw flowers  on the body of Jatayu , This was followed by  making  of a sand platform,
And carrying with him clear water   by his big he  hands , he arrived  near that platform.

3537.Rama   who is an expert   in the  manthra rituals as per the Vedas ,
Sprinkled sandal paste  , water   and flowers   on that pyre and carried the  body,
By his own  two hands and placed it on the pyre built   over the sand platform ,
Kept the fire on the  side of head of the body   and thus,
Carried out all the rituals that need  to be done in a proper   manner.

3538.That Rama who removed his sorrow due to his rage   to destroy the Rakshasas,
Shedding stream of tears   which was  like the honey drops   falling  from,
The red lotus flowers falling   on his body which was as soft   as the new leaf,
Bathed in the river which was like   the cloud  getting immersed  in water,
And after   that offered    water   ablations   with his hand to the   great soul.

3539.All the beings which are higher or lower   in status, starting   right from Lord Brahma  Drank,
The  ablation water   that was offered   by Rama   and  became happy  ,
And  felt  that the offer of   water   by the inter linked palms    of Rama,
To the king of  Hawks, with a request , “Please   accept it “  ,
Was like Lord Vishnu   the chief of all beings drinking    the water   himself.

3540.That lad Rama who knew how to achieve  victory  completely   did   all the  rituals,
Which should be offered    to the dead one including   offers  like  that of offering rice balls,
And by that time   the sun with his hot rays  similar to  Rama who was   ,
Born in his ancient clan  taking  bath for the sorrow  of death of Jatayu,
Himself     went   in to the sea    to take bath  .,


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