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Kamba Ramayanam-Kishkinda Kandam Padalam 1-6

4.Kishkinda Kandam

(Book on Kishkinda)

(The book starts    with the arrival  in Pampa   by Rama   and Lakshmana.  On their way to  Rishya Mooka mountains from there they meet Hanuman, the minister  of Sugreeva.  Rama  then meets Sugreeva    and  signs a treaty   in which he agrees   to kill Vali  , the brother  of Sugreeva , who in  turn promises  to help in finding out  Sita.  Rama clears the doubt about his ability  in the mind of Sugreeva    by sending an arrow through seven Maramara trees  and Lakshmana throwing   the skeleton of Dhundhubhi  by his thumb.Later Rama kills Vali    by  hiding himself and   sending an arrow   to  kill Vali who was fighting   with Sugreeva. Sugreeva is crowned as king of Kishkinda. As rainy season sets in , Rama and Lakshmana live   in a  hut in the nearby mountain.  Seeing no activity     from  Sugreeva , Rama deputes  Lakshmana  to enquire. Tara pacifies  the very furious Lakshmana . The huge army summoned by Sugreeva   arrives   and reports. Rama  becomes happy.  Emissaries to different directions are    sent to search for Sita.  Rama gives his ring as an  identity   to convince Sita   with  Hanuman. He also tells    him  several private incidents that took place between him and Sita. The group lead by Hanuman and Angadha reaches    the Mahendra mountain in the southern sea shore. Sampathi    the elder brother of Jatayu tells them that Sita  is  in Lanka. Hanuman readies   himself to jump over the sea.)

Kadavul Vaazthu

(Prayer to God)

The  primeval god who had three   type of Characters  and also  had    three   forms,
Along with all  principles   evolved by him , gave the first god   a name   and the form,
And  became   properly   created worlds   and the beings   who live in that   worlds
And    also became   the thought  process  of the  wise men and that which is understood  by them.

1.Pambai Vaavi padalam

The chapter on lake at Pambai.

(This chapter   gives a picturesque  description of  Pamba lake  and sorrow of Rama  on seeing 
several  things in that lake .Lakshmana   consoles him. Rama takes bath in Pamba  lake.
  In Valmiki Ramayana , Sugreeva   sees   him on the shores  of this lake.)

3709. That lake  had lot of   flowers    which had honey  , it had   red eyed elephants,
 With strong hands  dipping   themselves  but had clear waters    which reflected  ,
The sky   with stars and clouds  and looked like they  all   were inside   it.

3710.  It had clear    waters   like   the cut crystal sheets which were polished,
And its walls  were   embedded   with several nine varieties  of lustrous gems,
And since the clear    waters were reflecting it  , it took the colours of concerned gems  ,
And it was similar  to  the   mind of those people who  do not  understand,
The truth  in spite  of  their  great learning.

  3711.All over the lake   the   gems in great heaps were  found   and ,
Due to the royal male  swans   with  coral  coloured  long legs    ,
And   very many  female swans , seen together
That lake   looked like   the destruction less   sky  ,
With very many stars    as well  as   countless   full  moons.

3712.It was like   an ocean of pure water  which was created   by the matchless   son of Khadhi*,
 When he wanted to create   the world surrounded by the cool sea  , along with,
The beings that  live in that world  as well sages   who were great expert in Vedas,
 Which seem to win the cool   salt water ocean, created by   the four headed Lord  Brahma.
3713. Though that lake   was  deep  and seemed  to tell
“ This is   the lustrous  habitat  of great serpents,”,
Like the meaning    of words written    by  ,
The great poets   who were like the wish giving tree ,
It looked very clear   till   the end of the nether   world.”

3714.With the greatly echoing sound   of   swan and other birds ,
Which sit on the petals   of the fully opened  lotus flowers,
It was not possible   to differentiate particular  sounds ,
As belonging to any specific bird   and so, it  was,
Similar   to the shopping avenue  of very big towns.

3715. The swans sitting on the  lotus flowers on all sides,
Seem to say  , “We are not aware  of the place  ,
Where Sita with black hair has been taken ,
And so due to this inability  we would   not see,
The face of Rama   but   would prefer to die”
And   looked like    entering   the burning  fire.

3716.Though the clear water  of the lake   was capable,
 Of clearly showing the gems lying at its bottom,
Like the true wisdom getting confused   due to,
The faulty   ignorance   coming  in between and hiding  ,
It had   several fresh leaves   inside  the waters  which  hid that  clarity.

3717.The  lustrous   fishes of that   lake   hid themselves thinking
That  if Rama with a very sorrowing mind  sees them  ,
He may recall the eyes  of  her who is  the symbol of chastity  ,
And had  parrot like voice and shed tears from eyes which never shed tears.

3718.Due to the gems which form inside   the bamboo  and ,
The gems that are formed   inside the tusk   of the  cloud like,
Elephants in rut  spreading the water of rut  flowing like  the mountain streams ,
 Spreading on them , the lake looked  like ,
The face   of pretty maidens wearing gem studded ear studs.

3719.The Elephants with very warm    water of rut  ,
Dipping and playing   in the clear water, making it turbid,
Were like  the  bangle   clad prostitutes engaging   in,
Continuous love play    and  getting  pain in the body and get tired.

3720.Due to  the honey that  was flowing  from sky touching mountains,
And water of rut surrounded   by bees     flowing   from the elephant  ,
Those who drink the water  of that lake   got   great deal of enjoyment,
And that lake  looked like the reddish mouth of  ladies with pretty hair.

3721.Like  those idiots who do not   have   any knowledge  ,
Of the eighteen languages  including Sanskrit  shouting together,
That    lake was surrounded    by  randomly   shouting birds  ,
Whose   voice   cannot   be differentiated   by others.

3722.The male swan  getting separated   from the female swan,
Which was tightly embracing  like the soul getting separated  ,
From the body  , heard   the  honey like sound   of anklets    ,
  Of the deva maidens  coming to take bath   with great concentration.

3723.That lake was   having the luster  of the pail   of sandal paste  ,
Prepared  by the rich people  of the cities because  ,
The mountain streams  were pulling  along with them,
Akil and sandal logs    which get seasoned  in the water of the lakes.

3724. The fishes  in that tank , like the men   who  drink the honey,
From the  lips of ladies  who look like deer  , drank the  honey  ,
From    lily flowers   in that  tank  and used to swoon  due to  joy,
And the water crows  , for proving the true nature  of birth and death,
Along with the fish held in their beaks used to go in and come out of its waters.

3725,  To Rama who used   to eat hand full food  several times  like   the elephant  ,
The swans of the tank   which were depressed    showed   their gait  , possibly  ,
Telling him   that  they were not capable of bringing   back lady Sita,
Who was like Goddess Lakshmi  and would  try to do their  best ,
And   the lily flowers showed the prettiness   of her   eyes,
And   the red lotus flowers  showed the beauty  of her lips.

3726.Scared seeing    the deva maidens wearing ornaments   that give out light  ,
Who used to take   bath in that lake   daily  by dipping   and playing in it  ,
The swans in that lake went and stood   on the flowering branches  ,
And  looked like the maids of ladies carrying   a swan    toy.

3727When the shadows of the crane   fell   in many places  ,
On the crystal like water  of the lake  , the  playing fishes,
Thinking   that the cranes   have  entered   inside the  lake,
To eat all of them   became scared  , while   those,
Cranes were sitting  on the vanchi trees drying  their large wings.

3728.On one side of the lake , there was  the  light   of the blue gem   
And on the other side   the light was given by   the Padmaraga  gems,
And due to this lotus flowers   remained    pretty in day  and night  ,
And the Chakravaka  birds which were  with them  were like breasts of ladies.

3729. With the Valai fishes   rushing like a sword thrown     with great force  ,  
The    water dogs which rolled  and proceeded   in the waves   which make sound 
Appear to dance   with sound of anklets   on those  Valai fishes like the street magicians,
And the frogs   seem to appreciate    that dance by making   cackling sounds.

3730.After reaching the waters   of that   type  of lake   and seeing,
The youthful swans   and   the lotus flowers   Rama , started wailing,
Thinking about Sita who was as soft   as the new leaves,
Leaving out   the wisdom that   is got by    thinking and research.

3731.”Oh Chakravaka    birds having very pretty legs  , oh youthful swans,
 When I am greatly sorrowing  though I know that  Sita who cannot   tolerate  
Parting with me  is not here, is it proper for you  not to show mercy on me  ?
If you show mercy on me who is wilting   due to that, would it not bring fame to you?
If you talk  and console   me , who has never parted   with her till now  ,
Would   it bring   a very bad   name   to all of you?”

3732”Oh lake  , who shows   the   scented lotus flower  and  the newly opened,
Scented lily flowers  just like they are ointments to apply   to my burning mind,
You show her  eyes and face, but can you not show  me her fully    at least once ?
Those who  do not provide help , when they have ability to do it would not become great.”

3733.Rama seeing   the  opened blue lotus flowers , lily flowers  , scented  lotus flowers,
Leaves of Vallai climber, Kondai fishes  , Varal  fishes, tortoises and other things said,
“oh lake  , I am seeing the  different limbs   of  the nectar  like  Sita in you .
Please  tell me  whether   those limbs thought of me  when the great Rakshasa ,
Was carrying   her  through     the sky  .Please    tell.”

3734 “Oh peacock who runs about in joy and who hid   himself because  ,
She was more prettier than you  , Did your mind   get cooled  down,
Because    Sita is not there here? You might have seem her earlier  ,
And now   without  any  mercy  , you are   dancing   with joy,
And is it possible for me to hide from you who has  one thousand eyes?”

3735.”Oh consorts of  male swans  , even if you are  not willing ,
To come near me  , please tell me something  which you know about Sita?
Would not  you talk to me  anything? Would you do  wrong to one who has not done wrong?
If she who has no  waist   defeats  you  in the prettiness of your walk ,
You should have enmity   with her  only   and how can you hate me,
Who thinks    that   your gait   as pretty  as that of Sita.”

3736.”Oh lotus  flower , who is golden shade and  has  scented petals,
Who has pretty pollen  over which  bees  sing around in tamil( sweetly),
Sita is not with me   and she  does not stay any where   else  ,
And if you who are  liked   by her say  , that she is not with you also  .
How can I maintain relation with you  who hides   what is with you?”

3737.”Oh red netti flower which lies near the  red lily plant  ,
Which is like Sita’s mouth, Which lies    without   talking ,
And without helping me in the lake , please   show me the  red fruit like mouth of Sita,
Which without any fear   used to come before me and talk nectar like words,
 And would you not give me  the honey from   that mouth   and the  cool words.”

3738.”Oh Vallai climber  , You become like    the ears like  the innocent Sita,
Who is like a flowering branch   and since nothing else needs to be done  ,
Do not you agree   to help you and when things    are like   that ,
Iyt appears you have come without the golden ear globes  ,
The ear   hangings   studded with pearls  ,
Would you not wear them   and would you still like enmity .”

3739.”oh pretty   blue lotus flower   which is like   the pretty eyes  of Sita,
Who   has  feet which is like   the coral studded  on the lotus flower.
And which has fingers painted with red cotton juice  ,
Who always lives   in my mind which is  like a fully opened lotus flowers ,
And who has   pretty   hair which is like    a cloud,
Would you trouble me like poison which   has spread  on me?”

3740. Wailing like this   and taking torturous   breath that   Rama
Sitting  on the bank of the lake with  Kondrai trees with fully open flowers,
Asked with sorrow   “ Seeing me breaking up due to parting with Sita,
You seem to be not bothered    to console me  , oh strong tree” 

3741.That   Rama who was the place   where “mercy”, took birth,
Saw   male elephants   which had flow of water   of rut  ,
Which is surrounded by black bees   feeding female elephants,
With cool   leaves   and  feeding water  in their mouth  and stood there.

3742.At that time his younger brother who wore    the ornament of love  ,
Looked at Rama   and said  ,” Oh elder one , the time has gone  ,
And now  please take bath in this lake    and salute the holy feet,
Of Lord Vishnu who has    grown up like    your great fame.”

3743.That Rama    went   from that place  , due to the penance done earlier
Making   even a big  mountain like  elephant in rut   ashamed  ,
Took bath   in the  Pamba lake where waves were  lashing  ,
And which was   full  of large  number of very scented  flowers.

3744.As soon as he dipped    himself in that waters  , the burning fire like,
Passion of his body   made   the waters of the lake  , similar   to the  cool water,
In which   the   extremely hot iron staff of the black smith   was dipped.

3745.That Rama   who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu   ,
Who took the form of swan  and taught   the rare Vedas to Brahma,
Took bath there and as per the rules  of old Veda  ,
Saluted the feet of Lord Vishnu  and stayed    in the,
Side  of a garden which was having crowd of sages and ,
The Sun with   burning rays    set for that day.

3746.At the time   the girl called dusk arrived   there  and at that time,
Rama    was sorrowing thinking of Sita who tied a cloth over    pretty breasts  ,
Who was not   with him  , the moon which had the painful cool    rays  ,
Rose  up in the sky  like    the Sun with  his hot rays.

3747.The flowers closed, The  birds   went and stayed in their nests,
Al animals stopped their  activity  , The  trees and leaves  closed  ,
The parrots  stopped talking  , Peacocks stopped dancing,
Koels did   not sing  and    The  elephants   stopped  trumpeting  .

3748. The earth   started sleeping  , the beings on stable  mountains   slept  ,
The faultless watering  place   slept , The  serpents   started sleeping  ,
Those  beings of the sky which are  praised  slept  , the ghosts slept,
But  Rama   and Lakshmana   who   sleep on ocean did not   sleep.

3749.When  the sun with hot rays   rose   from the sea  making  the faultless  Rama ,
Get up from the sorrow  , just like   when matured wisdom   comes ,
The bad karmas   which are like smoke   and slushy mud  ,
Become sad and go away  , the endless night  came to an end  and lotus flowers  opened.

3750.Rama and Lakshmana   who belonged to Kosala  kingdom   with   sugar cane  factories,
Which make great noise  , like the nectar   which arose in the  ocean of milk with great sound,
Went on searching for Sita   who was similar to the female   deer of the forest
In  long paths   where there were ocean like gardens  having mountains ,
IN the forests    and with great speed    travelled a  long distance  .

2.Anuma Padalam

Chapter  on Hanuman.

( Rama and Lakshmana climb the Rishya Mooka mountains and are seen there by Sugreeva  who gets scared .Hanuman reassures Sugreeva   and Mets Rama  taking the   form of a Brahmin. Once they get introduced  fully with each other all misconceptions are removed. Hanuman goes  to bring Sugreeva.
   In Valmiki Ramayana  Rama is sen on shores of Pamba lake and Hanuman gets introduced to them there. There  Rama and Lakshmana   go along with Hanuman to meet Sugreeva.)

3751.  Crossing several forests   and travelling   in the path indicated by Sabari,
They speedily  and easily  climbed the Rishya mooka mountains   and ,
The  very strong king of monkeys    who was living in that mountain,
Fearing that   they may be his enemies  , without knowing what to do,
Ran speedily in to a cave  thnking “We will escape    for  now.”

3752.The monkeys who were ignorant   of the  purpose   of coming,
Of Rama and Lakshmana  thought  “these people    are coming  ,
As per the  orders  of Vali who has enmity with us   and,
They both have   very strong bows   and are  looking,
Like the   blue mountains  . See them and think about them”
And saying   this   they also   ran and hid in the  mountain caves.

3753-3754.When in that cave Sugreeva and others   were standing greatly depressed,
Assuring them not to be scared  Hanuman who   was like   God Shiva  with a low tuft  ,
Who swallowed the Halahala poison when Devas   were standing depressed and scared ,
Who was   the matchless    son of Anjana   told them, “You all please   stay here”,
And   looking like a student   examined   that Rama who was  like a blue mountain,
And concluded  ,  “These people are engaged in cruel war   who have  taken up,
The form of the saints   who are holding   powerful    bows” and with this doubt,
Examined   them deeply   using the  knowledge   that he has earned.

3755.”If we think that   they are  the primeval and  ultimate   leaders   of all the devas,
They  should be three in number   but these   people are   only  two in number ,
And they are  holding bow unlike    those three . Who are  there in this world  ,
Who are equal to   them?  Is there  anything which is impossible   for them to do,
How can I  judge   or understand     easily   about their state  of affairs?”

3756.”They both look  like people who are sorrowing  and  due to that,
They appear     to have a very depressed mind and they  do not  appear,
As persons who get sorrowed    easily  , They are  not devas  of  the heaven,
They are human beings and they  look like  people  who are ,
Searching  a great thing   , which would make their mind dull.”

3757.  “They are the people   of very good character  who follow Dharma,
And they would  consider Dharma  as their  only wealth   and their acts  ,
Also indicate   that  they are  not searching  any  other thing  ,
And I feel that  a problem has   come,  to  their thing which is like  nectar,
And they   are searching for that  rare   thing on both their   sides.”

3758. “They   are people who do not have the thing called “anger”,
They have ocean like mercy  , they do not any act that is bad,
But   do only acts that are  good  , They are   people who have
A form   which would make even  Lord Indra would be scared
They have  good character   which makes  others scared,
They have a look which  makes others scared ,
And they have    a  power which would make  god of death scared.”

3759. That Hanuman   due to his great characteristics   was only  ,
Comparable      to himself  , after thinking    about several aspects,
In several ways  , after   staring at them  , with   a mind  that was ,
Melting in love    for   them  , stood there like  the loving   one   who has seen,
Another   who  left and went away from him.

3760.Even the wild animals   like  Lions and tigers, which had cruel eyes,
Huge mouth   and   teeth which had better luster than   lightning
Were  looking  at them  like they were seeing    their  own children  and   were   following them,
And were staring them with great love   and Hanuman thought,
“Why should   I consider   them as enemies  and   get worried?”

3761.” All birds   like peacock are    getting   sad    because  the Sun,
Was falling on their gem like body  , opened their wings fully  ,
Surrounded   them like boundary walls    and were following them,
And   the crowds of clouds   which were seen densely  ,
Everywhere   were slowly following them sprinkling   water  on them,

3762”.The stones which were giving heat   like the burning fire  ,
Whenever their soft lotus like feet    touches   any   of them  ,
Converted themselves  in to fresh flowers    with honey  ,
Which were extremely   soft   and provided them comfort,
And wherever  they go  the  trees and grass  appeared to salute them,
By bending themselves   and does   this  indicate  ,
That   these   people   were  Gods of Dharma.” He thought

3763.  He further  thought “are these   the gods   who remove the sorrow of birth,  
Who destroy the old Karmas which are   the reasons for such sorrow  , who   grant,
The  salvation  from which there is no  return and not    the   life in the    land of god of death?
My bones are melting, I am getting   more and more  measureless  love towards   them  ,
There seem to be no limit for my love towards them, I  am not able to understand the reason?”

3764. Thinking like this  Hanuman who had a mind of purity  , stood before them  ,
As soon as both of them came   and said, “Let your arrival   wipe away all sorrow”.
And then Rama who was merciful asked him  “Who are you? ,
Where from are    you coming?”  and Hanuman started answering him,

3765.“Oh Lord  who has a pretty  body which is blue like   the cloud , who has   red eyes,
Which shine  like the  lotus flower, which  is open and never fades for  the cool snow  ,
And which is  like poison to   all ladies  , I was born to  Wind God    and Anjana  Devi,
And  I  would tell you  that my name   is Hanuman.”

3766. That Hanuman whose shoulders   are   higher then any  mountain system ,
And which   carries   great fame  told, “I  assist  the son of   the Sun God  ,
With shining hot rays   who is living    in this   mountain   and who  noticing  ,
Your arrival became greatly happy   and    wanted me   to find out  ,
Who you are  and   I have come to fulfill   that   purpose.”

3767.Rama who had a great bow    after   hearing   the reply of Hanuman,
And understanding thay   there is no body who have better qualities  than him,
And  concluding that  ability  , good characters  , the humility  which comes out  of knowledge  ,
And wisdom  were all   completely   merged in him  , started   telling Lakshmana.

3768.”Oh young hero with the bow   on your shoulders   , was it not clear,
From his reply  that  there is no knowledge    which he has not  learnt,
Which lead to increase in his fame  and there is no one   in the world,
Who has not mastered   the ocean of Vedas  like him  ?
Is He who is the master  of words, Lord Brahma   himself  
Or is   he Lord Shiva    who would be able to  answer everything?”

3769-3770.”Oh son,  his form is not the   form of the Brahmachari that we see,
And I have clearly   understood    that  he has very many  specialties  ,
And great ability   which  make him like one who is   the axis of the entire world.
And later   you would understand that  what  I say is true” and after  saying ,
This   to Lakshmana  looking at   Hanuman    he  asked, “Where does ,
Sugreeva , the king of monkeys live? We have come here    with a desire  to meet him,
As well as join with him  in this place   and so please show    us,
That Sugreeva who travels   in the path of Dharma so that we know him.”

3771.Hanuman said,  “who else are there   comparable  to you   who  have shoulders,
Which are like the mountains carrying the earth   in   this entire   earth,
Which is spread limitlessly   within the horizons  and who are divinely pure?
If you have come   to  meet Sugreeva    , with an intention   of supporting him,
Then the penance done controlling the   five senses   is  indeed great.”

3772.”Oh Lord who have   shoulders   bigger   than mountains  , due to ,
The  merciless son  of Indra(Vali) driving out    the son of the Sun God  (Sugreeva),
He became scared   and  has become lonely to bear   the very great sorrow  ,
And is living with me   in this mountain with     great streams  ,
And you have come to facilitate    wealth coming back to him.”

3773.” All the beings  in this world that   does not reduce  , give in charity  ,
Whatever they like  , and  perform  and  complete   the  Yagas  and try to do,
All the rituals done  by wise elders from time immemorial   and is there  ,
A great Dharma   than giving protection   to those   who are greatly scared,
Of the  one who is an enemy   of their clan and who is like God of death.”

3774.”Since  you are the Lord   who has   the power of creation  ,
Of   the devas who do not blink their eyes   to beings ,
Which are fixed as well as moving  And have the capacity   of protecting
The three types of seven worlds  , it is easy to tell   for us  that you would protect,
Only us  as  we who seek protection    from you who are like Lord Subramanya ,
And is there    any  other better benefit    that would   come to us.”

3775.That  Hanuman who was  like a fence guarding truth   looking at them  asked,
“What shall I tell  about who you are  , to my clan leader, Sugreeva. Please tell ?”
And then Lakshmana who was was wearing the long heroic anklets  ,
Without    getting tired  , narrated   every thing about them
 In proper order and with great clarity   so that Hanuman will understand it.

3776-3777.”That king Dasaratha who had the royal umbrella , was born in the clan of Sun,
And had   ruling scepter   which was big and  had great luster   and he was,
The great one who ruled    all over the earth   and that valorous one  who  for the sake of Devas ,
Killed Sambara   and other  Asuras   and   had done several   fire sacrifices,
And was capable   of ruling the earth and heaven and  ,
He had   a view point  which was  personification of mercy,
And he rode  on elephants   with flowing rut  , strong tusks   and dots ,
In their faces   and fought the war along with his great bow  ,
And he further   had great wisdom   and the scepter  ,
And no Kings called  Manu where  equal to him and he was   ruling ,
Over the kingdom of Ayodhya  which had golden palaces and   big boundary walls,:

3778.“This best among the valorous men  is the son of  that great Dasaratha,
And as per the order of his  step mother  , with great sense if responsibility  ,
Gave away   the wealth of kingship   which was   his   to his  younger brother,
And reached    this  big and great  forest and his name   is Rama,
And I am assisting   him who has great ability with the  long bow.”

3779.And then   he told him about the story   from the birth of Rama ,
 Till the base , and cruel cheating done by Ravana   and told  ,
Everything in great detail   without leaving out anything.
Hearing all that   that son of wind god   with great joy   saluted the feet of Rama.

3780.When he saluted him  , Rama asked him, “how is it that you ,
Who are a Brahmin  and who is an expert   has done this act  which is not right,
As it is not  Dharma  “*   and hearing that   that  victorious Hanuman   who had ,
Strong  and very big   shoulders said,  “Oh lord who  has the scepter,
And red eyes like the lotus flower  , I also am born in the clan of monkeys.”
*Brahmins  were not supposed   to salute any other caste.

3781. That  Hanuman who  had come to remove the solitary nature of Dharma(Rama),.
Making Rama and Lakshmana   who were  like a form taken   by lightning  ,
Greatly surprised   took   a   mega form  which was  Making inadequate  ,
The description that   it was a personification   of Vedas and Sastras,
And   Whose shoulders were taller than the golden mountain of Meru  .

3782. That Rama who was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu    who had measured  ,
The three worlds by his two steps  , who had lotus  like eyes,
And who was armed with the divine wheel   could not see   the  golden face ,
Of Hanuman who was wearing ear globes   and that huge   form of Hanuman,
Who was taught   all   great books of eternity    by Lord Sun,
Was  like something which cannot be properly described by others.

3783.Rama who had very big eyes resembling the lotus flower without stalk  ,
Told his younger brother,  “Oh lad , He is looking like   the great principle  of God,
Who   was beyond the three  characters  Rajasa, Thamasa and Sathwa  ,
Who has not lost its luster   of wisdom   and   which was beyond   the,
Knowledge of the perennial Vedas   and the    faultless    philosophy  ,
And which had    decided   to  assume the   form of a  monkey.”

3784.He further said,  “we have now seen a good omen as we have  ,
Now got this great Hanuman with us and because of that ,
Sorrow would not be there with us any more  , pleasure has now reached us,
Oh lad who has a bow , If a hero like this one ,  is  doing  jobs,
As per   the orders  of the   Lord of  the monkeys  Sugreeva  ,
Can we  tell  any thing about the status   of the great Sugreeva?”

3785.Looking at   Rama and Lakshmana     who told like  this  ,,
Who had   a very joyful face   and who had mountain  like  shoulders,
That lion of the monkey  said, “Oh  Victorious  ones  , I would now  ,
Go from here and  bring Sugreeva with me  , please wait “
And   then taking their  leave he went away speedily from there.

3.Natpu Kot Padalam

The chapter  on  friendship.

(Hanuman briefs Sugreeva about Rama , when they were talking about the past of Sugreeva,  Rama promised that he would kill all enemies of  Sugreeva “  . But when Rama  enquires    about    the whereabouts of wife of Sugreeva, Hanuman in details tells him about the story of Sugreeva. He also tells   him  Vali will get half the strength  of any enemy fighting with him. Rama in enraged   further  and promises   that he would kill Vali. Ufortunately Sugreeva is not convinced. Hanuman suggests , Sugreeva to test skill of Rama by asking him to send an arrow    through one of the Maramaras.
    In Valmiki Ramayana   Sugreeva tells Rama about the dropping of her ornaments in that mountain  by a lady who was being abducted. Rama identifies those ornaments of Sita. When Rama   gets sad  Sugreeva consoles him. Again the detailed story of enmity   between Vali and Sugreeva is narrated  by Sugreeva Vali while entering the cave in the version to fight Mayavi that   blood will come out of the cave .)

3786.That Hanumnan who was very famous and  had a pretty  shoulders,
Which were  like  Mandhara  mountain , thinking   all the good qualities  of Rama,
Who was  born in the clan of Manu  and thought that  now they were all saved,
And approached  Sugreeva    who had very great rage  which was suitable for  war.

3787.And then he told   Sugreeva   who was   the son of the sun  God that,
“The God of death who can kill Vali  Who wore a scented    garland,
Who had immeasurable strength   Has already   arrived “ and,
Danced like  Lord Shiva   who had swallowed the Halahala poison .

3788.”They (Rama and Lakshmana)  are  like the nectar  to the life in danger,
Of those who live in earth, live in heaven,  ,Live   in other worlds  ,
Live in eight   directions  ,who are in thought ,  who are doing work  ,
Who are talking ,   who are   inside the eye  , who have enemies ,
And who have great wounds  in the body caused by   those  enemies.”

3789.”They are the sons of Dasaratha   who ruled over the entire earth,
Who wore heroic anklets on his feet which was saluted   by ,
All the kings who had an army   of elephants which had  covered  their faces,
And they have great wisdom , great beauty   and  have come  ,
Due to fate  and would easily  help you to get your kingdom.”

3790.”They are just people  , they   have great mercy   , they are  firm,
And stable in their path of justice  , they have greatness  more than every body,
They have earned great wisdom without    any one teaching them  ,
They have   great fame  and they have   many cruel weapons ,
Which was given to  them by sage Viswamithra  who is the son of Khadhi.”

3791.”That Rama  made the Thadaga who was rushing towards them   ,
With a great spear  roll on the ground   and killed her son,
By bending his bow  and he gave Ahalya  , who had a form of a stone,
 Her very pretty form, just by the    dust   of his   feet.”

3792”. When that Rama   who had a perfect  body was  born  first among the children,
  Entered the city of Mithila  and bent   the bow called   Tryambaka  ,
Which was  owned by  Lord Shiva who broke  teeth   of Sun God and  Rama broke it  .”

3793.”He who accepted the kingdom by  one word  of  king Dasaratha ,
Who had an army of horses    with manes but by the order   of his step mother,
Who has great chastity  he gave  the country surrounded  ,
By the ocean with conches   along with all its wealth  ,
To his younger brother  Bharata     and has  come to this forest.”

3794.  “This Rama    destroyed the strength   of Parasurama   ,
Who had the lustrous axe with which  he uprooted  all his enemies,
And  pardoned him, and he also destroyed   Viradha  ,
Who  was like   darkness   and   took him away from this   world.”

3795.”He also   killed Khara   and his Rakshasas  along with their ocean ,
Like army   and  rolled    their heads down on earth by bending his bow ,
He had   reduced  the burden of sorrow   of the  eight   guardians of directions  ,
Like Indra  by killing   all their    enemies   and he has great strength ,
Which makes   even Lord Shiva  and other  devas greatly  surprised>’

3796.”This Rama   who is in the human form  is no one   but Lotd Vishnu,
Who sleeps on the ocean of  milk and   who is saluted by all the devas  ,
And so make friendship with   this very great one   and he   is the one,
Who  became  God of death  to Mareecha who had   unmatched ,
Strength    who came before   him as   a   magical   deer.”

3797. “Even the   great Asura  called Kabandha who had angry shoulders  ,
And long strong hands   and who  used  to kill all beings in all directions  ,
Were killed by him  and  then leaving his body which was  a liability,
And similar to Sabari   attained the great salvation   and became  ,
Respected  by Devas, and these can only be told by people lke me.”

3798. “Oh son of Sun God , the sages and others from the very beginning  ,
And since  limitless  days expecting    that Rama   and Lakshmana  would come to this forest,
Were doing  penances to the best of ability  ,  got freedom from the tie  ,
Of birth and death and attained salvation  and based on that,
I  would not be able  to tell what type of persons   are Rama and Lakshmana.

3799.”Oh Lord  , the ignorant Ravana   who is the king  of Rakshasas,
Using methods of cheating   has  kidnapped  Rama’s wife from the cruel  forest,
And Rama and Lakshmana    who   were searching for , due to the penance  you did,
And due to your having a  pure  mind  want to become friends with you.”

3800.”Oh Lord who is great in wisdom , they   have kept mercy on us ,
And so Vali the son of Indra    would attain destruction immediately  ,
So start  now  and come with me  “ said Hanuman   who knew  the ,
Ways of justice of kings   and who was a counselor   to Sugreeva.

3801.That Sugreeva who understood   all the words  by his intelligence  ,
Said, “Oh Gold like Hanuman  , since I have   you ,  who is greatly wise ,
As my companion  ,  there is   nothing which is impossible to me  .
Come with me” and along with Hanuman   reached  divine  feet of Rama.

3802.  Sugreeva  the son of  Sun God   saw Rama   who was like  an emerald mountain,
Who had a pretty face   without the pretty  ear globes  , with  eyes which looked  with coolness,
And who was like the full moon   embraced by  clouds   and  looked like fully opened lotus flowers.

3803.Sugreeva stood there  for a long time   looking  at  Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Who were looking  like    all the luck   of the creatures  of   this  world  created by,
The  four faced Lord Brahma who was born on a lotus  flower ,
And divided   in to   two divine forms of valorous heroes having huge soldiers.

3804.It became clear   to him that “Lord Vishnu    who is   the God of the Devas ,
Had  changed his form   and has taken this birth   and has  come as a man ,
And so  it appeared that  Lord  Shiva   who had ganges on his head   and Lord Brahma  ,
And various    crowds  of Devas   were defeated  by the Human race,”

3805. Sugreeva   thinking like   this  got drowned   in the tumultuous  ocean of love,
Created   by more  and more ebbing   love from him   but did not try to come up  ,
And was  looking at Rama   with great joy   and   approached  Rama,
And that very great lord  , extended   his long  lotus like   hands,
And received him hospitably  and sweetly said to him, “please  be seated”.

3806.That faultless Rama    who has completely  uprooted  desires from mind,
Joined    with the king  of the monkey clan  for destroying  ,
The Rakshasas  who have never- decreasing   strength   and who were,
The unsuitable    enemies   of darkness   and for   establishing  ,
Various types of Dharmas   at the very proper   and suitable time,
And they also were  like the Sun and moon joining   together on a new moon day.

3807.  Those valorous ones who joined together   for the purpose,
Of succeeding in doing the intended act   were  joined  ,
IN the great penance  done in their    earlier birth   and ,
The efforts they were   taking to achieve  their results  in this  birth,
And for completing   uprooting   the Rakshasas   who were   the bad fate  ,
Joined together   like  the known knowledge   and  philosophy.

3808. When they   were   assembled    there  , The   son of Sun God  ,
Looking at Rama  said, “Oh Lord who has   all  the types of wealth  ,
I have come and joined with you   who is the chief  of all the worlds,
And who has all sort of good qualities   and so   who is  there  ,
Who have done more penance than me for getting rid of bad Karma,
And if fate   itself is going to tell like this, What is there now which  is impossible?”

3809 .Rama   looked  at Sugreeva and told , “Oh sir. That Sabari  ,
Who has  done faultless   penance   told us  , the state   in which,
You have   reached this Rishya Mooka mountain   and we have come  here,
Hoping to get  relieved   of  the great sorrow   which benumbed us “
And when he  told  like this   the king of monkeys      told    the   following .

3810.  “My elder brother Vali  came chasing me ,   who was born after   him,
Extending his large   hand  till we reached   past  this world,
Which place was surrounded by  darkness  and I am alive   because ,
This mountain protected   me  and  protected   my  rare soul and so
I have come     to seek your protection and it is your Dharma to protect me.”
3811. Rama saw with great mercy the monkey king who told   like this,
And gave an oath “In the pleasures and sorrow   that  belonged   to you  ,
Excepting    those which you have experienced    earlier  ,
I would remove all  your sorrows and all the sorrows ,
That come  to you in future are  equal to  me and you.”

3812.  “ What else  need I tell you? All those   who gave sorrow   to you,
In heaven and earth are ones who gave sorrow to me  and even if they are  bad people  ,
All your friends are my friends also. Your relations    are my relations also  ,
And from now onwards   you are a friend who is like   my soul.” Said Rama,

3813.Considering the  words of the faultless   Rama   is the truth   and are,
Greater even more than the Vedic sayings, the crowd    of monkeys cheered,
And the son of Anjana had his hairs stand up   which subsided after wards ,
Devas filled the earth    with flowers and clouds    caused   Rain.

3814.At that time the lion like son of Anjana  stood up    and saluted    Rama  ,
By falling at his feet   and said, “Oh son of Dasaratha who has   pillar  like shoulders,
Let you   and your friend live long  and now both of you   should  ,
Reach your palace   and we desire to see you there.
What is your opinion about it?” “and the valorous Rama said  it is good and agreed to it.

3815.The son of Sun God  , Rama , and Lakshmana and    the lion among the monkeys  ,
Surrounded by the harsh army of monkeys  , followed  and greeted  by the   God of Dharma ,
Reached a flower filled garden   which had Pongamia and citrus   trees  and lotus ponds,
And which was better    than the  heavens   which is the land for  enjoying  pleasures.

3816.In that garden   Sandal and Akil   trees were  densely planted  and it had,
Huge crystal rocks which looked like bed of water , and it had  depressions,
Embedded with nine types of gems  , long banks  with divine trees,
And the deva maids   were playing in the water   and swinging on swings tied on trees.

3817.Like  uneducated people standing before   the ocean of  very wise people  ,
Who had tireless knowledge  not  being noticed  , due   to the great shine,
Of the embedded gems in that garden  sun light and moon light   did not seem important.

3818. In this sweet garden    with all these  specialties Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Along with the king of monkeys  were seen sitting on a seat  of pure flowers,
And   with great camaraderie   started   talking    about several aspects.

3819.The monkeys brought    roots and fruits   which were   all pure  ,
That Rama who is the purest of all  , after taking bath  ,
Took his seat with great pleasure  and became a good guest to Sugreeva.

3820. When they were   sitting with    great love  , Rama   after the feast,
Unable to see the wife of the host , thought for a while   and asked,
“Are you also   separated from your wife who shares the  family life with you?”

  3821.  When Rama asked  Sugreeva like this  , Hanuman stood like a mountain,
And  saluting with his folded hands   addressed   Rama   and told,
“Oh Lord who stands by justice , there is something that I need  to tell you,
And so please   hear it from the beginning   to end.”

3822.”There  is an individual   called Vali who has limitless   strength  ,
Who has the blessing of Lord Shiva    who is the  protecting   fence  ,
For the limitless   ocean of Vedas  and who sits on Kailasa  mountain  .”

3823.”Along with the specially mentioned   devas , standing  before the asuras,
Making the rotating Mandhara mountain making its form   thin
Making  the very angry   huge   serpent   spit out   fire,
He  who has very powerful shoulders   churned   the ocean of milk.”

3824.”He is the one who has the entire power of  the four elements  ,
Water, fire  , earth      and wind   which never get destroyed,
And he had the power to jump from   the  mountain  of horizon,
Surrounded   by the oceans at the border   to this mountain.”

3825. “If one wants   to fight   with him and then face   him for war,
He would get half    of their    great strength   and  he   daily,
Goes to the boundary    of the eight   directions  ,
And salutes    the divine feet of Lord Shiva who has eight forms.”

3826.”Wind cannot travel with the   same speed   as Vali ,
The Spear   of Lord  Subrahamanya     would not enter his chest,
And   the rule of Ravana    and his royal   umbrella,
Cannot enter    any place where  his tail has not entered.”

3827”.If   that Vali   gets   up and takes    his steps  , then,
The mountains like Meru would get completely  uprooted  ,
And   by his   huge  shoulders  , the sky, the cloud  ,
Sun as well as the  Moon would be completely  hidden.”

3828.”He is as  strong as the  angry   boar  which carried   the earth,
By its horn  and the  big tortoise    that supported   the Mandhara  mountain,
And it is doubtful  that even if the Lord Narasimha    who split ,
The chest of Hiranya comes personally  ,   whether   he can subdue him.”

3829. “Adhi Sesha    with     is completely   spread one thousand heads  ,
Finds the earth very difficult to carry due to its  very dense weight  ,
Standing erect   and carries   it lying down    all day long , but,
That Vali who lives  in Kishkinda  mountain   can carry it easily  even while walking.”

3830.”Oh Lord who achieved  victory due   to your great    strength  ,
The property of the   tumultuous  sea   water never climbing   to its shore,
The face why  the very strong  Sun and the Moon   travelling  in chariots,
Are   all because they fear  that Vali would become  angry and  not due to any other reason.”

3831.”He  who has strength    even to push   the Meru mountain 
Has an army of seventy vellam* monkeys   of great shoulder strength  ,
Oh Charitable one,    due to the   great strength    of that Vali  ,
All the beings are living   with great unified mind.”
* one elephant , three  horses  and five   foot soldiers

3832.” Due   to the fear that they would be   destroyed  if Vali gets   angry,
Before the residence  of Vali   the clouds do not produce thunder  ,
The strong wild animals  like lion   do  not roar in their caves  ,
And even the torrential wind  feeling that the thin leaves  ,
Would    shake   there  , does  not come near   his place.”

3833.”On the day when he tied    with his tail   the very strong  Ravana,
With his   twenty shoulders   tightly  , there is   no place that he did not go,
And there is no place that  the blood from body of Ravana did not stain”

3834.”oh strong one  , That  matchless  Vali who is the son of Indra  ,
Is as white   as the full moon   which has sweetness   and cold,
He is one who Orders  , which should be obeyed   even to God of death,
And he was  the first born son of the  mother  of Sugreeva,”

3835.”When Vali who had such a greatness   was our king,
And Sugreeva    was our junior king   and ruling over us ,
One Rakshasa called Mayavi who had clan enmity   with them,
Became    angry and waged    a war against Val.”

3836.”That Rakshasa who fought   with Vali  , fearing to fight ,
Against the great strength of Vali  ,started shivering and ran away with fear,
And he knowing that it is   difficult    for him to live on this earth,
Entered    a  cave   which no one   can ever enter.”

3837. “When that Mayavi entered that cave   Vali was greatly   enraged ,
And looking at Sugreeva he   told, “Oh strong one  , I would enter  in this cave ,
And return after   catching him   and you please guard   this entrance ,
So that   he cannot   escape from here  “  and entered the cave speedily.”

3838.” After Vali went inside   for the next fourteen seasons  searched,
For that Asura in that   cruel cave  with the aim of desirable victory ,
Against that cruel Asura   and when he was engaged like this,
The younger brother Sugreeva  became sad   and greatly upset.”

3839. “When he was returning wailing from there  , we   saluted him,
With great love   and told him , “oh victorious   one  ,
It is your duty as the junior king    to rule over us  and so,
Please accept the kingship” and that   Sugreeva   who was sorrowing  ,
Said     that doing   so would    be   a great crime.”

3840.”Then he said  that he   would also go inside the cave  and follow the path of Vali,
And search for his    elder   brother  and if he is already dead  , he would fight  ,
With that Mayavi and kill  him   and  if he is not able  to , he would die   and started  entering   the cave.”

3841. “Then the wise ministers who had mastery over speech   prevented   him,
From entering the cave  , consoled him ,  cured his illness   of sorrow  .
And as per   the just method of earlier elders  and as per the wishes  of other monkeys,
Gave   the kingship to him    but he did not   willingly   accept it.”

3842, “On that day when Sugreeva   accepted that  kingship , we fearing that,
The Rakshasa would come out of that cave  , brought all   the mountains except  Meru,
And stacked    them at   the entrance    of that cave and completely closed it .”

3843.”When we had completely   closed the door of the cave   by securing it ,
With mountains  , we brought Sugreeva the son of Sun god with red hot rays,
And when we  were living on Kishkinda mountains, That Vali  killed that Mayavi.”

3844”.After eating the toddy    of the soul of Mayavi   in that cave  ,
Vali was extremely happy   speedily reached     the entrance  of the cave  ,
And from there he called Sugreeva   and since he did  not get any reply  ,
Said, “The  way  my younger brother is guarding the cave  is great.””

3845.”When   Vali speedily   lifted his tail   and   rose like   huge wind towards the sky,
Waved his legs   and kicked  ,, all the mountains   which had closed the cave  ,
Rose up to the top of the blue sky  and  some of them fell   in the ocean.”

3846.” Vali got out  of the cave    and making every one scared,
Screeching   with great anger   reached   the top of the mountain,
 And  Sugreeva the son of  Sun God who did not have any differences ,
And who walked in the path of truth   came forward   and saluted the feet of his brother.”

3847.”After  saluting he  told  “Oh brother  , due to your not coming  out ,
Oou of  the cave for a long time   When I wanted to follow you  ,
The ministers   did not   agree with me   and  said,
“To rule over the  monkey kingdom is your duty.”

3848.”Oh brother whose shoulders   have   waving ornaments  ,
Being scared of   disobeying the order   of all the monkeys  ,
I accepted the kingship  and so please  pardon my crime  ,”
When Sugreeva requested like this  Vali with ,
His mind completely changed    told  several very harsh words.”

3849.”Greatly scared  of Vali  who had won over  his enemies  by his strength,
With  stomach churning  , with our entire clan of monkeys were standing  getting  scared,
He who once churned   the milky ocean , with the same hands  
Attacked   the body of Sugreeva   and Sugreeva became greatly sad.”

3850.”When  Vali caught hold of Sugreeva   and without bothering for bad name,
Using  his very strong   hands   and with   greatly   ebbing  anger  ,
When He  lifted Sugreeva   up with an dashing him  ,
Seeing for an opportune moment    when Vali got   tired,
Sugreeva ran   away from that   place   to save  himself.”

3851.”Oh Lord  , if that Vali gnashes his teeth    and gets greatly angry  ,
Even the God of death   does not have   a safe  place to live  ,
But remembering the curse  given to him   by   sage Mathanga  ,
Sugreeva    came here  and started  living here safely  .”

3852.”Oh our God  , that Vali also made his own the  wife of Sugreeva,
Whose name is Ruma  ,  who is like  the very difficult to get nectar  ,
And Sugreeva   sacrificing his kingly wealth   as well  as Ruma  ,
Lived on this mountain   and these  are what , that happened here .” said Hanuman.

3853.When that Hanuman who did not how to lie , told  in the proper way  ,
About Sugreeva , that Lord  Rama  who has one thousand names,
And is the greatest among Devas  , Rama’s  lips of his  mouth which ,
Swallowed the world at the time of deluge  started   trembling,
And his lotus like    red eyes   became red  like the lily flowers.

3854. That Rama   who had thick shoulders    wearing pearl necklaces  ,
And  who gave away  the kingship    that was his   based  on the  ,
Words of  his step mother ,   whose love  had vanished  as  soon as,
He  heard  that ”One who did not have any love   usurped  ,
The wife of his   younger brother  “     , will he have patience?

3855. “Even if  all the beings who live   in the fourteen different worlds  .
Come together to save the soul of Vali   and desire   to stop me,
With an arrow in my bow  , I would recover   the kingship of monkeys ,
And your wife   and  give them to you  . Oh wise one ,
Please    show me the place   where he  lives.”Said Rama to Sugreeva,

3856.As son as Rama told these words  the oceans    with very great joy  ,
Along with huge   waves  roared  and Sugreeva  who was like   the  one  who  had  ,
Found the other shore of the sea of sorrow   in which  he was immersed,
Thinking that  “Now the   strength of Vali would fall  “but said   to Rama,
“There   is some important   thing that we have   to think about.”

3857.That son of Sun God  after telling there like   this  started  consulting  ,
All his ministers  including  that of  Hanuman   who   were experts  ,
In justice   and  generating ideas , in another place  ,
And  at that  time Hanuman    the son of wind god told.

3858. “Oh   strong one   , I could guess what is in your mind  and  I think,
You are doubting  that these two valorous ones do not have the matchless strength ,
That is needed to kill  that Vali  who has   very great   strength  , and now,
Please  hear what  I have  to say    and with  faith   follow    them.”

3859”.  On the   hands and feet of Rama   there  are markss of wheel and conch,
And this great sign    has not been seen   on any body else  in this  world  ,
And  He with his red eyes   and hands holding the bow   is  Lord  Vishnu himself,
And he has taken  incarnation in this world to establish Dharma.”

3860. “ That   big golden   and matchless  bow   of  the great Lord Shiva  , who  had the power
To make any one suffer  , who got so angry that   he burnt   the three  cites,
And who by the kick of his feet   killed  the  very angry God of death,
Was broken by him   and is it easy for any one but Lord Vishnu?”

  3861.”Oh Lord   , The God wind who is my father   seeing me   had told  ,
“You be a slave   to the one who produced Lord Brahma    who  created,
All these worlds  and that   would be sufficient penance for you to do,
And that   would also bring great  position to me   who begot you ,”
And this Rama    is that Lord Vishnu  and there is another reason for that also.”

3862.”Oh Lord  , once  I asked my father  “How do I recognize that Lord Vishnu?’
And he said,  “He would be born at a time    when all people are miserable,
And the proof of him is   that   as soon as you see  him you would fall in love with him.”
And as per that , as soon as  I saw this lord my bones start  melting, Is there a need for more proof?”

3863,”Oh great Sugreeva  and in spite of that  , if you want to know   ,
The great strength of Rama  , there   is a method   for that and that  is,
Testing whether   that tall Rama   can send  an arrow with fire sparks ,
Through   one of the seven Maramara trees    that   we encounter on our way “   he  said.

3864.When he heard that  Sugreeva  with joy   told    “well, well”,and then he hugged  ,
Hanuman who was   his matchless   help  and embraced both his,
Shoulders , which would even make   the big mountains ashamed ,
And then went   and met Rama and told  him “I have  some thing,
Top tell you” and  Rama   told him , please tell that.

4.Maramara  Padalam

The chapter on Maramara   trees.

When requested  by Sugreeva   to show his prowess  by putting an arrow    through    one of the Mara mara  trees, Rama by his arrow  pierces    all the seven trees. The doubts in the mind of Sugreeva disappears
     In  Valmiki Ramayana  as pre request  of Sugreeva Rama throws    the skeleton of Dhundhubhi   to a distance of ten Yojanas, Sugreeva then wants hi m to pierce    one of  the seven Sala and trees   then.)

3865.Sugreeva    sweetly lead them saying “This  is   the path we have to go,
And showing them the seven Maramara trees   which by their  height,
Would make the sky shorter   and told him , “If your arrow    goes ,
And pierces   one of these trees , the apprehension in my mind would go”.

3866.When Sugreeva who did not have   any fault  in his mind told like this,
Rama   the lord of all devas  , understanding  the  thought  of Sugreeva,
Smiled   and took  with his  very powerful hands  the bow , stringed it,
And went  near those trees   which cannot be   understood  by wisdom.

3867.Those Maramara trees , even if eons change, do not change themselves ,
And even at the time  when the entire world  is destroyed, they    would not fall down,
And were looking like   the seven mountains   which lift the  earth surrounded by seas,
Have come there   together   and were  standing   in a group.

3868.Those  great  seven Maramaras  made the full moon  and the  Sun,
To  start   doing  great penance    to cross its top  ,
And the Lord Brahma   seeing these  trees would say  I have seen mountains,
As  due to their head  , He was not able   to see  its leaves

3869. Due   to going under the shade   of  those   great trees, which have spread,
On the sky   and all the directions  , the horses of  Sun God never felt tired,
And were not sad that they were   running   in the same way throughout the day  ,
And   in spite of thinking   we were  not  able to find a better reason.

3870.Those seven trees  and the stars  which have existed for a long time,
AS well as planets   which were high up in the sky   appeared on its  sides  ,
And looked shining  more  like the flowers  of these  trees   and the  white moon,
Which had great  luster   had the black area  inside it  possibly because of rubbing  with these  trees.

3871.Due   to the branches of those trees   which never die  growing luxuriantly,
They were suitable to be called as Vedas   and since they were  high  up in the sky  ,
And the swan on which   Lord Brahma who created   the universes   ride,
Which were in his land  along with the  matchless  female   swan,
Preferred to live  on one   side   of   those   trees due to their height.

3872. Due to the fact that  even if the   wind blows  , its    scented   flowers,
Its leaves   and its  fruits   and many others produced by those trees,
Did not fall any where    on the earth   but fell in the river  Akasa Ganga  ,
Of the tumultuous  big heavens  and reach the ocean with big tides .

3873.The trees having grown   above the top of the   head of Lord Vishnu,
In his form when he  measured   the entire world in two steps  Could be ,
Called as   the tall  Lord Vishnu   and they   were  more in girth   than,
The huge  Meru mountain  which is standing    in the middle  of the earth.

3874.Like  the mind of full of enmity   between   the son of  Charitable Indra,
And his younger  brother ,  each of  those   trees were  more hard than,
Any other tree  within themselves  and  their deep roots   went inside ,
The   white   hood of    Adhi  Sesha   who was lifting the earth in the  middle of clear    ocean  .

3875.Those  trees   had grown up   and measured all directions  ,
And they were   standing with damage   over the  passage  of time  ,
They were   being praised by devas  ,  and taller  and stouter  than 
The Meru mountain which is   gone round   by  the sun and moon ,
And each   of them was    equal to the  other   and  ,
There   was several Yojana  (8 miles)  distance  between them.

3876. That faultless Rama  after looking at all those Maramara   trees  ,
Got  a desire to  send his pure  long  arrow  twanged   the string of  his bow,
Making  all the beings   in the far off sky  and directions   deaf  ,
And creating a fear that they have never   felt   among the Devas.

3877 When we know that  the sound of that twang from that   string   spread   exactly  ,
in a similar way  , how can we describe   the  problems  faced by  those   who are near?
All the elephants  of the eight directions swooned  , all directions were  confused ,
And that   sound of placing the arrow  on the thing even startled the land of Brahma.

3878.Due   the extreme sound raised   by  the string of   the bow   of That Rama ,
Who destroys   sin  ,  the devas doubting  that   the end of the  world  has come,
Moved away from the places  of  their normal stay and only  the brother  ,
Who loved  him  stood near Rama   and if  we start   telling,
About   the state  of others  like Sugreeva and Hanuman , they would get bad name.

3879. When Hanuman who is truthful and others   thinking that  they want ,
To see the sending of the arrow    went near and joined Rama   and when they were,
All praising his mastery   in archery , Rama  the  great archer   who  made all beings as his slave,
Pulled the strong string of   his bow  properly, and sent    the arrow    from his bow.

3880. That arrow  pierced  all the seven Maramara   trees   and went further  into ,
The seven underworlds  and since there was no “seven”    afterwards returned,
And even then it would pierce any thing which are  having numer “seven”.

3881. The seven seas, the seven upper worlds  ,  the seven mountains  , seven sages,
The seven horses that draw Sun God , the seven maids   thinking that  this arrow,
Would aim   everything that is seven   shivered with great scare.

3882.Though they were  all scared   , since they knew   that  Rama is a soul like friend  ,
Of Dharma  they all got rid of  their fear    and at that time Sugreeva   took
 The divine feet of Rama wearing heroic anklets and resembling  
The just opened  lotus flower  on his head   and started    telling the   following.

3883.”You are the earth, you are the sky  , You are the other   five great elements  ,
You are  the Lord Brahma on lotus flower  , you are Lord Vishnu holding the   wheel,
You are  Lord Shiva resembling the red fire , you had created   this world earlier,
And you have  come in search of me  who is like a dog to provide help to me.

3884. “Oh king of kings  , the good karma that I did  in my last birth  has  helped me.
By bringing you here and now on everything is easy for me   and nothing  is  difficult,
 I would be the slave to   your devotees   who are like mothers “ said  the faultless  Sugreeva.

3885.  All other monkeys who were suffering for  a long   time due to Vali said,
“We were searching for the God of death to Vali   and now we have got him “
And they all drank sweet toddy , forgot themselves and with joyful shoulders,
Danced    and sang   and   ran here    and there    with great joy.

5.Dundhubhi padalam

Chapter  on Dhundhubhi.

(Dhundhbhi  wanted to  fight Wa with Lord Vishnu  who sends him to Lord Shiva  , Who in turn sends him to Indra  , who sends him to Vali.  Vali kills him and throws the body from him heaven,.  When it makes the hermitage  of sage Mathanga dirty he curses Vali not to enter Rishy Muka mountain again. Lakshmand throws that skeleton to a ten Yojana distance  .
In Valmiki Ramayana Dhundhubhi wants to fight war, with oceans  , Himalayas , who sends him to fight with Vali  .It is Lakshmana    who demonstrates   his strength  by throwing the skull and not  Rama,)

3886. Rama   saw  then the  ocean like   skeleton   of Dhundhubhi  , whose   blood has dried  ,
And was like the universes and  the worlds which have got burnt in ancient   times,
And    which was almost touching the sky , on the Rishya Mooka   mountain, like another mountain.

3887.He wondered , “Is it the skeleton of the buffallo   of Yama   the  lord of the southern direction?
Or is it  the skeleton   of one   of those   strong stone  like  elephants  carrying the  earth?
Or is it the Makara   fish which  has dried?”and asked  “You whose love has not diminished , please tell.”

3888Sugreeva told  .”He who had grown tall  as if to touch the moon  , who has horns   growing up,
Who has the  form like the  Mandara  mountain  , whose name  is Dundhubhi,
And who was Rakshasa   with great anger , breaking the ocean , went in search of Lord Vishnu.”

3889. “At that place when Lord Vishnu came before  him and asked   him,
“What is the   reason for your coming?’  Dhundhubhi told him  “please fight  with me,
In the great war caused by anger”   and he told, “Only the consort  Of Ganga  ,
The Lord Shiva who has a black neck due to swallowing of poison,
Would be able to fight   with you   who have great   strength and anger ,.”

3890.That Asura reached    the Kailasa   of Lord  Shiva    with great speed ,
And  when he was trying   uproot the mountain by his horns  , Lord Shiva  ,
Came before him  and asked “What do you want?”  and he said  ,
“Try to give me   an  endless  , cruel     and  horrible  war.”

3891.”Is it possible    for me to fight   with you  , who has been involved ,
War from the very beginning? And so you please go and fight with devas”
Said lord Shiva and sent him away and when   he went and challenged  ,
The Devas for war  , Indra told him, “If   you want to fight   for  a long time,
You do not come here   but approach Vali  who is an expert  in warfare.”

3892-3893.”Sent by Devendra , that Dundhibi came with joy to Kishkinda and called,
“Oh king of monkeys  , come and fight    with me” and started   destroying,
That mountain in various ways, my elder brother  came  before him  ,
And when  they   were  fighting that war , both of them turned left to right ,
And right to left  and no body was    able to make   who was who among them,
And those   fearless ones  who scared   the entire world fell down  ,
Get up again  and became  unapproachable to devas   as well as asuras.”

3894.” When they changed their steps   fire    rose up  and touched   the sky  ,
The  great    sound of war cry that they made   was head  in all directions  for a long distance,
The smoke of that fire  also spread everywhere  and the   water  in the good sea,
As well   as  the mountain series  lost their   great prettiness.”

3895.”When such a great war   was going on , the  victorious   Vali ,
With the great strength of his shoulders  uprooted  the two horns.
Of that  asura which very stout   and were  spreading to end of directions,
And hit that Asura   with them  and  That Asura  stood there ,
Making very huge    sound which resembled  the thunder,.”

3896.”At that time  Vali punched that Asura  so that   the hit fell on his head,
And he fell down breaking  al his four legs   with blood flowing  like river,
From his open mouth   and that  punch was like thunder  falling on the mountain,
And both  the earth and heaven shivered and  all directions  trembled.”

3897.”At that time   Vali lifted that  Asura   and when he was rotating him like a  fan,
And walking here are there  , whenever   the blood oozed out   of Dhundhbhi  .
It went fell on those elephants   of directions   with closely held tusks  ,
And those big elephants    due to that    blood   became red in colour.”

3898”.That  Vali crossed  the  area of clouds  , crossed the place of Sun God,
Crossed     the lands     where   other   devas   were living   and  with his  ,
Strong hands    threw that Dundhubhi   to places   above that  place  ,
And then the soul of Dhundhubhi went to upper places   and his body fell here.”

3899.”This evil smelling dead body   went and hit the top  of the sky  ,
And when it fell on this place  , the very merciful sage  Mathanga  ,
Cursed him  which curse is now useful to me   and then  ,
He related    in detail    everything     that  happened there.”

3900. That pure one , after   hearing   the complete    story, looked at Lakshmana,
Who was  an expert   in warfare with sword  and said, “Son  , remove this”,
And that  Lakshmana  nudged that skeleton with   the fingers   of  his feet,
And that skeleton went up      to the land of Brahma    and returned back.

6.Kalan Kaan Padalam

Chapter  of seeing Sita’s ornaments.

(Sugreeva shows    the ornaments  thrown out by   Sita and Rama  recognizes them and becomes sad. Sugreeva consoles him by telling   that  they would fight with Vali    after   they find Sita. Rama gets consoled. Hanuman tells    that  unless  Vali is killed   and Sugreeva becomes the king they cannot collect necessary   army to search for Sita  , Rama agrees with   this and proceed to the place of  Vali.
    This portion is mentioned as happening earlier than    the throwing of skeleton of Dhundhbhi in Valmiki Ramayana.)

3901. At that time   the crowd of monkeys   shouted opening   their mouth,
Making even the thunder greatly scared   and at that time ,
When Rama was  staying in that  pretty   garden  , Sugreeva told  Rama,
“Oh Lord  , I have to inform you   about one thing.”

3902. “Some days ago  , when we had   assembled    at this place  ,
That cruel Ravana  brought   some one this way  , and may  be she was  your lady?
He was going far above in the sky   and  she  seeing this forest path  cried out of sorrow.”

3903.Possibly    she  wanted us  to convey    something  like an emissary,
But we did not understand   her who had long eyes which were,  
fighting with her    ear ornaments and in spite of that   she  made her ornaments ,
In to a packet   and with   eyes raining   tears  ,  she put that packet down and we  received  it.

3904. That Sugreeva    who had sweet friendship  which was  like  the mixture,
Of honey and milk   said, “Oh charitable one  , we have   kept that packet    safely  ,
And you would know the truth when we give it to you “ and then he handed over that packet.

3905. Rama carefully looked at   those  Ornaments  which were  worn earlier by Sita,
And we are not able to say that” his body  became like   the wax put inside   the fire  ,”
Neither    we can see  “that he drank them Considering those ornaments as the   nectar  to his soul  “
And how can we adequately   describe the   state   which   Rama attained at that time ?

3906,”Those  necklaces   that   she wore around her breasts  ,
Appeared   to Rama as her breasts   and the belt  ,
Which she used to tie    on her hip   became her hips  ,
And similar was the case of ornaments   worn on different body parts.”

3907.Shall I tell that   those ornaments summoned back the wisdom which had gone out  of Rama,
Shall I tell that   it killed his soul  Shall I tell that  it was cool like the poured sandal paste?
Shall I tell that   increased   the sorry   of parting and burnt him? What  should I tell.

3908. Those ornaments   worn by Sita who spoke sweetly like  the Naganavai birds ,
When smelled    resembled    the   scent   of fresh flowers and ,
When they were placed  on the shoulders  , they were  like the upper cloth .,
Due to their luster falling  on Rama  they were  like   the sandal paste  ,
And since     they covered   his body by luster , they were like a pretty shawl.

3909. The flow of water   due to the tears   shed   from both the red eyes  of Rama  ,
Pulled everything and took them away  ., the hair stood erect all over the body,
His  shoulders   increased in size   and should I say that  they gave out sweat,
Should I say that  he faded   due to heat of parting “What shall I say of  that  pure Rama.

3910.When that Rama   who had big eyes  , due   the heat which spread ,
Like poison on his   entire body   , for a long time    was not able  to breath properly,
And  with breath and wisdom  going away from him  fell down   and 
Sugreeva held him by his hands making his  pin like hairs   hurting him.

3911.Sugreeva supported  Rama   and not able  to tolerate  ,
The great sorrow of Rama  , with a greatly  sorrowing mind looking at Rama  told,
“Oh Rama   with stout  shoulders  , “I who had   bad fate   , by giving   these ,
Ornaments    to you have taken away your soul  “ and then he sobbed  and cried.

3912. “Oh expert in Vedas , by searching  carefully for her   even in   universes,
Beyond Brahmanda  , I would show   you my strength   and rejoin with you  ,
Your consort     who has very great fame  and so do not lose heart and get tired.”

3913.”Why bother about   the twenty shoulders   and ten heads  of the cruel Ravana  ,
Who   has done bad  and created scare in the Sita who is like Goddess  Lakshmi ,
Who posses  divine chastity . Will the    seven worlds  together  ,
Be able to bear the   power  of   just one of your  arrows?”

3914.”You please  be here  , I would  go and search   by my strength  ,
All the fourteen worlds    for   the lady Sita  ,cut the heads of that  Rakshasa,
And bring    the lady Sita   here,. Please  see   the efficiency  of my work.”

3915.”Oh best among men ,  we are all your friends   , who  would  obey you ,
And do all your work  and  this Lakshmana   is very strong   and  has,
Great strength  using which he  can destroy and you are  such that ,
All the  three    worlds   dare   not disobey   your orders.”

3916. ‘Though    they are   deservingly great   , they would  not    talk  about their   greatness ,
And they would show  it by their work    and   what else   needs to be   done?
Is there  a Dharma which  is separate    from you  ?Is there anything  impossible for you?
Without thinking all this    would   you get  only immersed   in sorrow?”

3917,”Oh Lord   who talks only words  beyond any doubt , Lord Brahma ,
Lord Shiva  who has on one side  Parvathi who has a soft nature   and ,
Gave us Lord Subramanya   and Lord Vishnu   who has   the wheel  on his big hands ,
Together  may be equal to you  but individually   they cannot be equal to you.”

3918.”Oh lord who holds a pretty bow  , You need not fulfill  my small requirement now
And  you can do it later  and   we   would now go speedily    and   ,
Get   freed Sita with waist like lightning   who is being tortured by  Ravana , immediately.,”

3919.When the son of the Sun god who has hot rays     told like this,
Rama who had the chest on    which Goddess  Lakshmi   lives, became clear,
Got  back his  perception  and opening  his eyes  leaving out tears  like a stream,
Saw   Sugreeva    with great love   and told  him as follows.

3920.”Oh Sugreeva who has mountain like shoulders, That sita removed  her ornaments,
When  I  of very bad fate   still had this   very   strong   bow on my hands,
Among the chaste ladies   who wear   golden ornaments  , there are none who have  done like this.”
    (Married ladies   do not remove all ornaments when husband is alive.)

3921.”When that Sita   with knife like  long eyes is expecting  me  ,
To save her soon , I am spending  my time amidst  high mountains,
Which have valleys  , ponds   and    with the ornaments that  she has removed,
And spending   my time only by wailing   and crying  and
Carrying   the huge bow with its string  and I am indeed a shameless one.”

3922.”When  a person takes along with   him any  lady with a sweet talk  ,
If Some one else    comes and troubles her  , he should  stop it,
And in the  ferocious battle that ensues  , to prevent dangers   for her,
He should    even give away his soul   and when  that is the rule of the world,
I am not having  the power to remove the sorrow  of Sita, who depends only on me.”

3923.” The kings of my clan having several qualities   of greatness  ,
Dug huge oceans , brought ganges from heaven to earth,
Made the warring tigers  drink water along with the deer in the same ghat,
But I who have followed such great kings , am not having   the ability,
To remove the sorrow of a lady who has removed  her  ornaments.”

3924.”My father   removed    the sorrow of Indra   and destroyed  an Asura,
Called Sambara   to oppose whom  even God of death would find it  difficult,
But I  who am born out of him  , am only   carrying a bad name  ,
That gives very great sorrow    and   a bow.”

3925”.If the truth of my father    who has beauty that ever one desires , fails,
Knowing that I would get a bad name out of it  , I did not crown myself  ,
And  now I have got the bad name of  Ravana taking  away Sita  who has a  voice,
 Which  is sweeter  than sugarcane  and how can I get  out   of it?”

3926.  Seeing Rama  who was sorrowing  and was   worrying   telling such words  ,
Due   to the rare sadness  , Sugreeva,   the son of Sun God  who had rays  ,
Which are beyond thought  , Took Rama to the shore from such  an ocean of sorrow.

3927, “oh friend  Only because you consoled me , I have somehow reduced my sorrow,
If not would I still be alive?Is there   anything better   for me than death?
To get rid of this   bad  name   in  this world   I would  definitely die,
But  I would not do it unless I  solve  your problem .

3928,  When Rama told like   this , the very strong Hanuman  saluted Rama,
And said , “Oh Lord having shoulders like big mountain , I have  ,
Something to tell you, Please    hear that carefully.”

3929.”Oh Lord who rules  , Unless you kill Vali with  vary cruel habits,
Make Sugreeva   the  son of Sun God with hot rays  as  the king,
And manage    to collect   a  very huge army  , it would not be,
Possble  to find out   the place of residence  of Ravana,
Who has   an army   which is capable   of destruction.”

3930.”Oh lord who  wears   a flower garland   frequented by bees,
Since we   are human  beings   with flesh  , it would not be possible for us ,
To know  Whether Ravana  is in heaven ? whether   he is in earth?
Or Whether  he  is in between mountains or in the place of serpents ?”

3931.”These Rakshasas can reach all the worlds  by the time  we blink the eye,
And  in all places where  they reach , they would steal everything that they want,
They would come like bad fate and  like  that fate  troubling us and vanishing,
They would also go back. How can we find out where these Asuras reside?”

3932.”This world is  spread limitlessly and searching Rakshasas ,
In one  place after another   there are problems   as to do such a search.
Several years are needed and so at   one particular point of time  .
WE should spread all   over   and search for the place where  Sita is.

3933.” Our   monkey army of seventy vellums  , like the sea at deluge  ,
Is capable   of spreading throughout   the world  and if there is a need,
To drink  the entire water   of the sea   or if there is a need,
To separate  out the Brahmanda by putting hands below it ,
It would obey the order  and successfully    do it.”

3934. “And so  , Oh Lord   who observes  justice , you have   to first kill Vali ,
And then using the mokey army   search for Sita and that    is the proper method,”
Hanuman said,” this is what I think.” And the   expert in archery Rama ,
Said “Your idea is one which can be accepted, and so  let us go  ,
To the place of Vali  “ after this all people   went to Vali’s place.


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