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Kamba Ramayanam-Kishkinda Kandam-Padalam 9-10

4.Kishkinda Kandam(Contd..)

9. Kaarkala  Padalam

The chapter  on rainy  season.

 ( The rainy season is not suitable for travel    and so Rama and Lakshmana stayed    those  months on a mountain top near Kishkinda. The poet Kamban gives a very picturesque description of   the rainy season and early winter in the forest as well as the  suffering  of Rama due to parting with Sita. When he becomes very sad Lakshmana consoles him  . The four months get over but Rama and Lakshmana  do not see the army of monkeys coming there.
   The narration is almost similar to Valmiki Ramayana but  the poetic description of  Kamban is indeed matchless.)

4148. Even  before Rama sent Hanuman and other valorous ones  towards  south  ,
To search for Sita, who had a form like a picture  and a lustrous   beauty,
Sun god like  a  messenger sent to south by Rama   ,
Started from the  great northern  side and went towards   south.

4149. The sky covered by monsoon clouds  appeared  like   the lamp  of earth,which was ,
Carried by Adhi Sesha  who had  hood with several heads , with the water  of ocean as ghee  ,
And the Meru mountain as the pretty wick and  Sun God   as its   flame 

4150. That sky darkened   which was like the colour of  the neck of Lord Shiva,
Who swallowed    the poison which came   from the unapproachable  ocean,
The hot rays   of the sun   became cool   and lost their strength  ,
And the clouds taking in lot of water  , became black and spread everywhere.

4151. The blue sky  was black  like poison  . was  like  the cool wide sea ,
Was like   the black eyes of ladies who had   applied Kajal  ,
Was like  their hair which was let loose  ,was  like the body   of Cheating Asuras  and their bad character.

4152. The clouds which drank   with  willingness  with their   toungue  ,
The water   of the cool sea   as if they were   drinking toddy  and  the ,
Streaks of lightning was like the red  wounds of elephants with flowing rut water,
Caused   by  the   ferocious sword    fight   between valorous   soldiers,

4153. The crowd of pregnant black clouds  was like    the   huge blue elephants ,
Which were  made to stand in a row  on the sky   and were   densely  surrounding,
The earth   and appeared as if   the water of the big black sea  ,
Rising up and spreading   everywhere   on the sky and produced lot of thundering sound.

4154.The   streaks of lightning   seen on the clouds    were  like  ,
The shine of  the ornaments    worn by   Indra   and other  Devas,
Were also like the fires that  appear  in the forests  on  the mountain top  ,
And were also like  the laugh   of the faultless directions  at each other.

4155. The sky was blacker    than everything  and was like  the black smith called directions,
Using   the head of coals called   the black clouds  using the  strength hot air   of their bellows,
Which was the hot air circulating  and   the burning    flame of fires   was like  lightning streaks.

4156.The streaks of lightning were   like  the blood stained   sword  which was taken out,
Of  its case   by the faultless  Vidhyadharas   who wear   gem studded crowns  ,
And  was also like the  ornamental covering   of  face  of elephants  , which were shaken,
When   the  guardians  of directions  move from one place to  another along with them.

4157.On the sky   when the lustrous streaks of  lightning   occurs   on all  directions  ,
The ladies who live separated    from their lords   and the serpents  on the earth  ,
Become greatly upset  with their soul itself shaking   and those   streaks were like ,
 The rays of Sun  cut in to pieces   as also like the toungues   of thunder.

4158.The lightning  spread   its light   on the sky similar to the eight   serpents,
Which are  in the eight directions reaching the earth   and   are  encircling   ,
The directions with their  long  toungues   and   the black clouds  ,
Which are  of similar to the    colour   of the  neck of he who has an eye in forehead,
Left their   long breaths  leading to the   hot     and moist air from north.

4159.That  warm  Air   apart    from moving at the top as well  as at the bottom  moved ,
Among mountains   , trees   and all other places   were like prostitutes   who have shifting minds ,
Moving  to places    where they get things   without  bothering   about,
The higher or lower  status   of    the people    who give them that thing.

4160.That  warm air  also went and struck   the sorrowful ladies  separated  from their lord,
And hit   on their already hot  breasts due to worries ,making them   more  hotter  ,
Thinking it is a   very supple  piece   of flesh   and  made   those parts   itch ,
And   like   the ghosts    which have   come to swallow   those fleshy parts  and swept  strongly.

 4161. The dust   making  great sound   and rising  up  , hid the   entire sky ,
And like  the sharp weapon of sword    the clouds   were   giving out  by  light by their movement,
 The streaks of lightning  and were  also producing great   sound  ,
Which were  like   the sound produced  by the beating  of huge drums   wearing garlands,
And due      to all this   the sky    was looking more like    a battle field.

4162.Like the God of love hitting  , Rama  who was   separated 
From Sita with a sweet smile, the clouds   with densely formed lightning,
Caused  rain    on the  huge golden mountain and poured the   rain drops,

4163.Those    drops of rain which were  falling  with speed incessantly  between the rocks  ,
Were like the arrows that  were sent from bow   of Indra  produced  on the cloud,
And the sparks   of red fire   starting from those  clouds  were like  ,
The  light  of fire   of the Manikhya   gems   which are more  brighter   at night.

4164.The rain   dropping  on those   rocks    was like  valorous heroes  ,
Throwing white spears   on the  famous elephants    of the  enemy    army.
And due to the falling of rain  which cannot   be stopped  , the mountains which,
Were hit  and were leaning    to one side   was  like   the cruel  elephants in rut,
Falling and rolling due to   being hit   by those  white   spears.

4165. With the cloud  becoming  God of love with flag   of fish  ,
The lightning  (bow of Indra)   becoming   his long bow of   sugar cane,
The dropping rain drops   becoming    the arrows of love god,
And  the long mountain slopes   becoming those  who were separated from their consorts  ,
Those   raindrops   were piercing   the entire   body with flesh.

4166,Like the devas shouting   with joy that  all our enemies are  destroyed,
Due to the joining of the pure hearted    Rama  and the monkeys  ,
The clouds   seemed to be shouting with   joy    and were  pouring,
Raindrops    on those monkeys which seemed to  the rain of choice flowers on them.

4167.Like Sita   who was wearing the chosen ornament of golden bangles,
Being taken away   by Ravana who had a pretty hand holding the bow,
As well as  armed with the   weapon of sword  .  speedily   through the path   of the sky ,
Shedding copious    tears  from her eyes  ,it was raining   during the monsoon.

4168. Those streaks of lightning   which were like the arrows   sent  by Lord Shiva,
Of divine luster  in the sky during the war of the three   cities  ,
And like   the sharpened     weapon of spear which hurt  the minds    of men,
Separated from their wives     and they   al greatly sorrowed.

4169. Those clouds   of the rainy season   which rejoined with the  ladies,
Their lords who   had gone for earning    wealth   and making them body without life ,
By bringing   their souls   on the chariots which have  propensity   to roll,
Were  like Garuda   who destroyed  the snakes of the   sorrow of parting.

4170. Those clouds   which   again and again thundered  ,  which were pouring the rain  ,
Were     coming and dashing at  each other   and  were like big elephants  ,
Which trumpeted   and  fought with great anger and shedding copiously   the water   of rut .

4171.   Due to  the  wind with    great speed  lashing    from different directions   sending,
The small drops of rain   which  were looking like   the  rain of arrows   on the opposite side  ,
They were   like the directions    fighting  a war     with the bigger   directions.

4172. Like the women   whose husbands   had gone away from them   ,
For the sake of earning the desirable wealth , were waiting   with bodies,
Without soul   were  breathing   at the break of rains   expecting the arrival of their lords,
The  trees which had dried due to the   absence of rains  , became full of new growth,
And   were  looking   cheerful   which were like    their   faces.

4173. During that rainy season  the  Padiri trees   were   without   any flowers  ,
The sun was cooler  , White Kanthal plants   were proud  at being covered with flowers,
The blue lotus  flowers never opened  , the peacocks   danced   as if they got wealth  ,
And the koels kept silent ,   as if  those who liked   them were suffering with sorrow.

4174. Sugarcane in different colours  , bees  , ornaments studded  with various gems  ,
The  red kanthal flowers   with red petals from which honey drips  and the the big lady earth,
 Were looking at the prettiness  of rainy season   saying “Rainy season has  won over summer”,
And    were  all greatly surprised   and were  al like    waving hands.

4175. The serpents with sword like   sharp  teeth  , seeing the white  Kanthal plants  ,
Which had a long stem   which was similar to their own head  , hugged with passion ,
And  did not separate   from them (thinking they are   snakes) and those plants also  liking that  embrace,
Similar to   the cruel serpents which had lost senses    due to great  passion  twined with them. 

4176.   The Indrakopa beetles, red in colour,  which had risen without
Leaving space  even for a til  to be  dropped were strewn everywhere,
Like  the  several times   spit   betel leaf thamboola by the Lord,
Who had come in that season    and made love   to their lover,
Who had suffered by their separation   and who had hair  ,
Which had honey as well as scented by   smoke  of perfumes.

4177. Like   the big Jambu river   which flows down and   brings down   the red gold 
 From   the sky touching Meru  mountain on which  sweet  fruits  of Jamun  trees grow,
The big streams   brought  down Vengai flowers   and  opened flowers  of Kondrai(Ixora),
And spread every where   with one stream   merging with another   one.

4178.The scene of red beetles  of Indrakopa   which sat on  the long and pretty  kanthal flowers,
As well as  the   well perfumed  kondrai flowers   were  similar   to the lady earth   ,
Observing the  sweet  singing  of beetles , extending   her hands    high  ,
And giving     away    gold  along with     the    coral gems.

4179.   The song of the bees   which was like the Kaikilai  music   was similar to Yaazh,
The  clouds having  lightning  , rain drops    as well as the sound of thunder  was sounding,
Like the drums tied   by leather   belts  , the peacocks were similar to ladies wearing  bangles  ,
The red Kanthal    flowers were like the group of lamps  lit and kept on dancing stage  ,
And the   tender   flowers   of Karuvilaium   were like the eyes  of those who see   them.

4180. The sound that is produced   when  the male  and female   bees,
When they are    trying   to  dash against each other    and the sound “OL”,
Produced   when they have dashed   were similar    to the clapping  ,
That takes place when the dancing girls   dance on that  mountain  ,
And   the fully open koothala flowers   were like  the beats  kept by  ,
The dancing teacher  , when they are   singing  like   nectar.

4181. The big  rivers that   ran   through   the dense forest of  Karapunnai trees,
Were like the milk flowing out of   the  mountain breasts  of the lady earth,
And the kondrai trees  which were hanging golden new leaves   with,
The  intention   of satisfying those who beg for things , were like thew Karpaga    trees.

4182. The forests with flowers   being filled   with dotted   and singing   bees  ,
 Were luxuriantly growing giving   great joy to those   who see them.
When   the male  deer   due to the maturity of love , just like in the pictures,
Rubbed   themselves    on the trees   and due   the rubbing of the body  ,
Became   shining and developed the musk perfume  , their female deer  ,
Thinking that   they were  musk deer  , avoided   them.

4183  The sharp spear like eyes of the lady, when her  lord goes   far-far away
  loosing   her happiness  due to separation   folded like the   petals  of blue  lotus flower,
And  the smile  of the joyful  lady, seeing her lord who is  like the  god of love  returning
Showed her pearly teeth and that was like  jasmine  plant  producing  new flower buds.

4184. The  mountain streams  poured  lots of gold , like the kings who   make  presents of Gold,
Seeing   the peacocks   dancing in rainy season thinking that they  are Viraliyar  , the dancing girls,
And like   the joyful faces of ladies  who thought  that the  clouds  of the sky  ,
Are   their guests  became more  happy  , the  lotus  flowers in the ponds  opened up.

4185. The honey bees   which burrowed  using their nose  on the  just opened flowers,
And collected honey   from them  , like the lovers who  had knowledge  of books of love  ,
Were   like the poets   who wrote the dramatic works    as per the book of Bharata ,
Adding   all the nine   types   of taste  in it  , making  it useful.

  4186. Thinking  that Mareecha taking our form   created   very cruel sorrow  to Sita  ,
Who by the beauty of her looks   destroyed   our looks  , who had a thin waist  and
Who is like  the punishing God  and so we would   not tell the joy we feel  ,
Those deer  moved about    without making     any sound.

4187.  Having gone away from the rivers    for a long time   and becoming faded,
Due   to the   great love     that   they had in their heart , as soon as  the rainy season  came 
Swooning    due to  great  love , the swans   dug  the  places in all good rivers  ,
And took bath    and started  playing   and were like ladies joining  their husbands.

4188. The flying , pure  white coloured  storks   lined themselves up near   the big clouds,
Which were stealing water      from the sea   , looked  like    the  lustrous necklace  of pearls  ,
Which decorated the    pretty    of Lord  Vishnu who is called  Neela Megha( Blue cloud)

4189. The crowd  of  flying cranes   which were  flying  in a long dense   row  in the sky   near,
The  clouds of the rainy season  were  similar   to   the  upper cloth   of Lord Vishnu,
Who was    the consort   of Goddess  Lakshmi and   who is considered   as divine  by  Vedas.

4190.  Since the  cruel summer   with a harsh job  which used   to make    the fresh grass   dry ,
Had   gone away   and to   the good natured  rainy season   which had matchless greatness ,
Had arrived  as the king , The lady earth   due   to the   great happiness ,
Which arose in her mind  , had all the hairs in her  body standing erect.

4191. All the wise  ones   like  Lord Brahma    who sat on  the  lotus  flower,  
Which are   desired by the bees, had  spread all over the   forest ,
Peacocks which looked like eyes   so that they can search  and ,
Find out   Sita , the daughter of Janaka   who had  eyes of a deer,
So that the sorrow of the leader  of wisdom   is removed.

4192.Like  the feet   of ladies on which the juice of red cotton has   been applied  ,
Which was capable  of turning   in to red colour   , the black   hair of their lord  ,
Who holds dark red spear and    a very strong bow  ,  by the light  of their red feet  ,
The lotus   flowers   were   found    and   the  flowering   climbers   were ,
Like the waist  of those  ladies    which   were  like  vanchi  climber .

4193.   When Rama told the  koels  “Since   you are having the lisping  voice of Sita  ,
Please   search Sita    who has separated   from me and give her to me”,
And then   those Koels   went on  roaming and searching for her  at all   places  ,
By shouting  in loud voice   and   due to that  they lost their voice  in rainy season.

4194.  When due to the heavy rain that fell on that large  earth , grass grew on it  ,
The cows   ate them  more  than they want  that  the grass came out  in their mouth,
 And the mushrooms which had flowered here   and there   were like solid   curds,
And   the  flowers of the Bidavam    plant   were like   the foam    on the milk pot ,
Of the milk maids   who were  having  honeyed words  and  bud  like breasts.

4195.  The   made  up  hairs of Kurathi(gypsy)   ladies of the   mountainous     region 
Were having the scent of Vangai flowers , the hair of fisher women of the  seashore  ,
Which was divided in to five parts    were attracted  by the bees which   came  speedily 
And  had the scent   of Karapunnai flowers,  and the   hair of cultivator ladies   from agricultural land ,
Spread  the scent of Chenkazhuneer   flowers  and the hair of ladies of forest ,
Was   having the   scent  of freshly  opened  jasmine    flowers.

4196. Rama who was not able to see the pretty face of Sita who had a hip like   ,
The chariot board  , looking    at that rainy season   which   helped the god of love ,
By giving   thousands   of    flower arrows  , was  unable to find out   the other bank ,
Of the cruel ocean of sorrow  , lost   his good wisdom   and   seeing whom,
Would  he be able to reduce his sorrow   and continue to live.

4197.”If the  big  rainy season   which has limitless greatness   arrived ,
People    would loose   the strength of mind  “ is applicable even,
To the sages   who  do penance   and so  if we say that Rama   who got  pleasure,
By hugging the bamboo like  shoulders  Sita  , who speaks   sweeter  than,
Honey as well as  nectar , would be sad, would that sorrow be a  slight one.

4198.  That Rama   who was similar   to Kaavi flower  ,blue lotus flower,
Neithal flower   and   Kaayaa   flower   by the colour   of   his body  ,
Became tired due to wailing  and  and became so spent up that  ,
It became a doubt   whether he had any   soul left   in his body  ,
And Started telling it to the swan with tender  wings  due to his great love.

4199.  Oh black cloud , OH Sita who ties her  pretty breasts with cloth ,
Since I do not know   the place of living  of Asuras  who have kidnapped you,
I am roaming carrying my soul. You   have   only mercy with you  and in spite  of that,
Do you not have mercy with me  , Would you trouble    my soul?

4200.”Oh Cloud  , who has hard teeth   which are the   long  lightning  ,
You are seen  black in colour in all sides   of the sky   and so,
You are   also similar to those Asuras with cruel acts  ,
Would you not go away unless   you take away my soul.?”

4201.”Oh peacock  Would you not search and   bring that  Sita   who has eyes,
Which are like spear   and who has  voice   which is sweet like   the nectar,
Which came out of ocean of milk and  the   voice of the koel,
Oh cruel one ,  You know   the depression of my soul   as I am alone and not having sleep,
And in spite of that    would you show  your strength    and trouble me?

4202.”Oh creeper  , you who move  due to the hot  air which blows  in rainy season,
Please  get strength to  enter my soul and when I am depressed  you look exuberant  ,
Are you showing me the   thin waist of Sita who   wears brooch on her forehead,
And  weaken my    soul,  please  tell.”

4203,”oh deer  , I do not desire    even desirable   things , I would never  ,
Deviate    from truth but since the wisdom to understand  is not with me  ,
I am one who has done the mistake. Along with Sita  my soul  also has gone,
Would you not tell me  , where   she is?”

4204.”Oh my soul  Would you also go away from me   along with Sita,
Who has a soft feet wearing an ornament   called Patakam   and who is faultless ?
And if it is so , you would have   gone with her  , did you come  to any  harm?
Do you not   know the strength  of the relationship  between me and Sita?”

4205. “Oh cruel Kondrai tree  , you were defeated  by the hair of Sita  ,
And due to that   have  you become strongly   inimical with her  as well as me ?
Are you not able to bring  her   to me , why are you not answering me.
Did you   have   good relation    with me   at any time?”

4206. The  baby of the cruel snake   which had     sharp and  lustrous teeth,
Similar to the buds of  Kura tree  were like the  tender  buds  of jasmine flower,
That   would kill me   with   terrible  poison  and  help    me to  make grow  ,
The sorrow    that cannot be tolerated and  keeps on fighting without stop,
When one side   there is Ravana ‘s  Kopa(anger)  , why  is  it  that ,
Indra kopa   beetles have   started  causing me further sorrow?

4207. Mareecha   after thinking  about the ways to kidnap Sita  , who has a forehead ,
Wearing   a golden plate   with deceit   and took the form of the   golden deer.
And now Yama  has taken the form of hot dry  air   to cause   trouble to me.
It appears   that all those   who want to trouble me  can take any form they want ?

4208. Oh Cloud   who shouts loudly in the sky   like  the asuras  of cruel deeds,
So that   every one gets scared  , with you produce  streaks of lightning  , showing her  to me,
 But have you ever   taken mercy on me   and  said,“I would give her back to you ?”
But instead  you are  showing the form of a lady   who has forgotten the  lotus ,
Again and again   and you are  hiding  and hiding   her.”

4209.”Oh God of love  , with the heat generated   by parting  burning my soul ,
I am greatly sorrowing and so  now  shooting  your flower arrows   , so that,
My mind further   gets wounded   is an useless   job, so go away from me.
If   my younger brother   who is very knowledgeable sees you,
Possibly    you would not   be able    to   face  him.”

4210.”The cruel bow and arrows   of valorous  people  are not suitable  against   ,
Those   who are scared    in the battle  , possibly   they want  to aim at them ,
Who do not bother  about their strength  , Oh god of love   who does not leave me,
Day and night  , you have moved   away from your   good qualities    as you have  ,
Sent  your arrows  at  poor ones  , thinking  it would be effective  , Is it a commendable act?”

4211,  Looking at Rama who is similar only to himself   who  was repeating,
Such words again and again   and who had  become weak and greatly sorrowing,
His brother  who also has lost his strength slightly  , saluting  Rama  ,
With hands held over   his head   to console   him told  ,
“Oh great one  ,  how have you   estimated   yourself “  and started   telling.

4212. “Oh valorous one who has  learnt  great books and also   earned knowledge  ,
Through experience  , Oh Lord who adopted the  life of penance  ,The rainy season is long,
The rain also has come  , Is it  the cause  of  your worry? Or is your sorrow  ,
Due to thinking about the black bodied Asuras and feeling that it is difficult  to win over them,
Or is it  due to the the thought   the army of Vali has not   come  to search  of Sita,
What is the reason for    your great   depression?”

4213. “Even if   Vedas  fail and if moon changes   its place   and even if the sky  ,
And the earth surrounded by the deep sea   change   in their state .
Would   the change back to  your normal  great state  ever happen?
The greatness  of the strength of the army of the   ignorant   Rakshasas,
Who have crescent like teeth   would not stand    for a minute  , when,
The cruel bow of your eye brows  , which are under  your control   shake  a little  .”

4214. “Oh very wise lord , we know  the wisdom of    the monkey called  Hanuman,
But we have not been able to judge   about the ability  of the  seventy Vellam army,
So far and also the rainy season which is like cruel fate  and gives great sorrow
Has got  over  with great speed and now your sita with bow  like  eye brows,
Would come back very easily  to you and so   completely remove this great sorrow  of yours.”

4215,”Oh  chief  , when the sages   who knew Vedas   came and surrendered  to you,
You promised  to them, “I would gain   victory over the asuras  along with their future  clans,
AS they are troubling    you  and remove all your sorrows”  and due to good fate  ,
That  problem of theirs has got  over and now   we   would destroy  the asuras,
In the place that they  live  and recover the heaven which is   the place of devas,
And without    doing that  is it proper    for you to get   depressed.”

4216.”Oh lord who is like my father , can the victory that you gain by killing of the enemies
Would only become available   to you   and not to others   like   those Asuras,
And so   giving a chance   to sorrow   to the mind  is not a sign of valour ,
And is it not a  property of ignorance? Getting bad    results   to acts  ,
Undertaken is normal and it is   not a great thing to you?
Now itself if you take effort, there is nothing   that is impossible   to you.
So please do not   become   sorry,”  Lakshmana said,.

4217. That elder one   got rid  of the pain to his    soul due to   these words
And due to the words of consolation  ,  his mind became  clear  ,
Got  rid of his sorrow  and like that   after  the  elapse   of a long period  ,
The rainy season  which was like a great   disease   due to bad fate  got over ,
 And the winter   came    immediately    afterwards.

4218. The big tanks got filled with  water  , the waves   started forming  one over the other,
The  black koel stopped  cooing , the big   mountains became    very cool,,
The big directions   were   covered with black   clouds, those  who were  ,
Separated from their partners became more sad and the Magandril ,
As well as Andril birds     stood hugging their  life like   partners.

  4219. The hot air   after  caressing  the  cloth worn on the hips   of  Ladies,
Who were   wearing golden ornaments  as well the swing   tied   by chains ,
Blew on those who were in love with them   and made   them feel,
AS if a raging fire fell on their   wounds  and also   like a   sharp.
Faultless    arrow   , it created    very great    heat.

4220.The oceans were filled with water  , the hot rays of the sun   lost their ,
Property of burning   and except  by the use   of  the time machine,
Which showed  time by the flow  of water  , it became impossible,
To know  when the  morning got  over and when the evening  got over.

4221. Due   to getting failed    by the sweetness  of the baby talk ,
Of the peacock like  ladies  , the pretty parrots    hid themselves  ,
IN the heap of paddy awns  making  paddy  get unloosened.
The pearls that got defeated   by the pearl like   teeth of those  ladies,
Hid themselves in the  broad    tides   of the ocean and in front   of ,
The house s of people near   the beech  Punnai trees   which had,
Flowering    branches   appeared as if   they  have opened a golden cloth bundle.

4222.Like the saints   who do not swerve    from their penance   in the black  and dark night,
As   well   as in the day time   who always think about Dharma  and
Who have removed  all attachments and  were like   the hills   that  did not even move 
When heavy rainfall with hail stones   fell  on them  , tall elephants  .
Without sleep   were standing  without any  movement on sides of mountains.

4223, The  Swans which were   shivering   due to   cold  warmed  themselves ,
By going near   fire  places   of sages   where they burn Akil  at dawn, noon and dusk,
And which had a    roof   made by leaves    of sandal wood tree , the female  monkeys  ,
Slept in caves  and huge male monkeys  were immobile  like,
Those    who practice   Yoga had  controlled   their five sense organs.

4224,  Due to heavy rain falling always  , the faultless mountain springs   and  ,
The clean    mountain streams   did not get the scent   of the hair  ,
Of ladies  who had   decorated themselves    with chosen  ornaments,
And the swings installed   on gem studded   strong pillars,
Due to nobody to swing on them  were not throwing  light  ,
From lustrous     gems   on to the   sky.”

4225.   In the middle  of  black coloured  thazhai     plants   with cool branches ,
The Thaazhai flowers which induce  love , which   attracts   all people   who see them,
Surrounding like  relations  , the  female    cranes  , closing their great wings   
Without  moving   to any where, were like   the lady separated     from her  lord.

4226. With the noise  of the birds    similar    to the  sound from cloud,
And with   the music hummed  by several type  of bees   becoming songs,
The peacocks became  like female dancers   dancing  with  several beats ,
And the crowd  of deer    scared  due   to the thunder  of clouds ,
Took shelter   under  the shades of   trees under which peacocks live.

4227. The young ladies who had waists which defeated   the thin   flowering branches ,
And men  climbed  on cots  where the smoke  from  Akil was   hiding    the lights  ,
The bees which were suffering due to cold  , leaving  the lotus bed   with petals,
Went and lived in the cavity of sandal wood  tree    and  slept there.

4228. While the pretty  swans   leaving   their homes  of lotus flowers   went and  lived,
In gardens   with rows of big trees , along  in the attic  of huts where  scented planks  ,
Of cut trees   are stored , along with hunter girls  with white teeth  ,
Their very dear   husbands   slept  comfortably.

4229.  The sheep herds   along with the sheep calves   that  needed protection  ,
Were  living   below tall trees with small leaves    surrounded  by creepers  on all sides,
The  big ghosts     which were living  in hiding like robbers  becoming affected  by cold,
Were living with great hunger   eating their own teeth which were like thorns.

4230.Due to arrow like rain drops falling    on them   from the  clouds ,
Which were high up in the  sky, the very strong   elephants  ,
Which did not have   strength of mind  becoming  affected  by rain,
Not being able to live  for very many days  as crowd   in  hilly places    with
  Large  bee hives  entered the caves so   that rain water  would not fall on them.

4231. In this   type of rainy season   when darkness came  , the wise Rama  ,
With the feelings towards  Sita who had gem like eye  balls  , who had sweet smile  ,
And the  sight like a deer  , breathed   with effort and left  out hot air,
And  looking   at Lakshmana    started   telling  a few things.

4232. “That Rakshasa  Ravana who is black like a cloud  , and teeth like  lightning,
Played deception   and that  Sita with great breasts   became a victim of that  deception,
Became sad due   to sorrow  , became   jaded    and would lose   her   soul.
And to me also   living with   that sorrow   has  become   very difficult  , What is this  nature?”

4233.”With  blood coated arrows    capable of   going through   the chest of enemies ,
Sleeping   in my quiver  , Should I with    strong arms   and   very strong   shoulders ,
Suffer  this type of great sorrow?  This which has happened to me  ,
Is like  the spear    having gone inside   my chest  but still  I am not dead.”

4234.”The flocks of sparrows in the pretty  light   produced by   the fire flies ,
Are sleeping   with   their sweet  darling   female   sparrows  and due to,
My heart being broken by  the selected  flower  arrows of God of love   
  I am living    with unbearable pain   without Sita in this forest.”

4235.”Like the serpent   with poisonous teeth   becoming sad   when the clouds produce,
Lightning  and when they   produce thunder , I am now sorrowing with this mind.
The people of heaven  would laugh at me   looking at  the  job done by me,
The people   of earth also would laugh , What other  disrespect   should come to me?”

4236”.I who am living in sorrow   cannot forget Sita   and continue to live,
If the rain  of the winter  season is going to trouble   me like this,
It is definite   that I would  attain the heaven  and I would   avenge ,
This bad name   by taking another birth  and fighting war with him,
Or I would   take Sanyasa   and leave the world so that  bad name   does not follow me.”

4237.”Oh valorous one  , if we live here   and want to search   for  the place ,
Where the Rakshasas live    we would spend very large number of days ,
And so I think   this job is not desirable  and instead  , if it is told,
That Rama died due disease  of parting  with Sita, it will give me great respect.”

4238. “I who have  enjoyed   drinking the nectar out of   the  flower like  mouth ,
Which is red in colour  of Sita   who has   arrow like   long eyes  and  ,
Who wears  well chosen pretty ornaments  feel that these rain drops  ,
Which  are  like  the cooper melted  over  fire   poured  on me   and
Are  burning   my entire   body. Is it proper  that my body  is burnt  and destroyed?”

4239.” I who have  told   Janaka   before  the sacrificial fire  ,
In which  ghee  was being  poured saying ‘She is  now under your protection  “,
Which is  a lie , am an one   who does  not  have   good fate  and truth  ,
Would not  stay with me and so it is better   that  I die.”

4240. “Because   you are   there to console   me  ,I can calm down my mind  ,
And tolerate my suffering  , but Sita   who is  wearing chosen bangles  ,
Cannot appear here now  and there is no one to   console  her of her sorrow,
And is there  any    limit for the  sorrow    that she can bear.”

4241. The  arrows that I sent with my bow  would burn Sathyaloka  of Brahma,
Would destroy     devas  and other  ancient people   and ,
Would also destroy   the people of  this world .
Is it that  I have  to destroy   all these things to see Sita again?”

4242.”Oh Lakshmana   who  has a  bow   which raises thunder like sound from string,
I am sorrowing  without destroying them  due to the   fear that I  have for Dharma,
Even  if my enemies come before  me along with Devas , they would not escape.”  Rama said.

4243.Then  the younger  Lakshmana   told as follows, “Oh Lord who has  ,
The  scepter to rule  , There is no more days left  in the time we set  to Sugreeva ,
The winter  also has come to an end   and the time to search   for  the thief,
Who took away Sita  has come   and so   why are  you getting worried?”

4244.”  Though the big milk ocean with great tides  could have given the nectar,
As soon as Lord Vishnu with  red eyes   asked it  to give , but  not desiring to  order,
And easily getting it  , he   got the nectar   by using   instruments  ,
Like  Mandara  mountain    and  churning it with,
His lotus  like hands  . making   sound with  his  anklets  and shoulder  bangles.”

4245.”Though that  Lord Vishnu   as  he thinks   could have created the world ,
And easily eat them all  by putting in to his mouth  , he   won over   cruel people  ,
By holding several rare  weapons   and  using several tricks   of the   war.”

4246. “Oh great lord ,  Lord Shiva who has eyes in his forehead    and is armed   with .
Axe  for the sake  of destroying   the  three  cities, even at the time   ,
When he  became angry  ,  the  consultations   that  held   ,
And various  weapons like chariot that   he collected, Can this be known by anyone.”

4247.After making   all people   who can be useful   as our   helps  ,
After thinking carefully  those  aspects  that need   to be thought  about,
Several times  and  attaining  clarity , after reaching  the place of action,
On the day   chosen , Victory  is something that  will never go out of our hands.

4248.”Those  asuras   who   are not   following   the path of Dharma have ability ,
And firmly think that” The path of sin is  best to us  “   and if   what  they are  thinking is wrong,
And there   is great power  in the path of  dharma  , who will get fame  and victory?”

4249.”The time   removing  sorrow of Sita who wears  golden Thodi  ,
Has come  only slowly  and   so avoid   sorrow   as  of now  ,
Would we who have  come   to help the sages  ,
Become prey  to the  Asuras, Oh Lord  who is great in  archery  please tell” asked Lakshmana,

4250.Rama who realized that  all that Lakshmana were   true   and firm,
And who was capable  of winning even the time at deluge   , thought ,
“Is there  an end    to this rainy season?” and due   to this thought  ,
Again became greatly sad  and at that time   that winter ,
Completed   its time   and slowly   started  losing its   strength.

4251.Then that  summer which did not have   any defects   started  its big job ,
And then the clouds became   white like  men  who gave all  that  they have  ,
To  several  people   with very many wants   and when all their  ,
Wealth were  exhausted   were not able   to able to  ,
Those   who needed it and begged for it and became   sad.

4252. After  understanding that   the wealth   makes  us see  sinful deeds as blessed,
And makes   us do devilish deeds  and due to real wisdom   got by  great thought  ,
Which is attained  and is matchless,  the  effect of faultless  illusion vanishes,
And   similarly   the great darkness   that existed in rainy season vanished.

4253. Like    the drums became    silent as soon    as the war on enemies ceased,
The rumblings of the cloud which had    taken sea water   ceased and like ,
The long  arrows   which are meant to destroy the enemies   not being  used,
The raindrops vanished as if  they were put in the   sword case.

4254.The big mountains   which used   to prevent   water   from flowing  ,
Now got rid of the water   and had only streams   flowing through them,
And were like people with upper cloth    and sacred  threads  ,
But looked like not wearing  the white Dhothi  , with water not  flowing around them.

4255.Due to black clouds    going away     from the top of the mountains  ,
The rivers in the top  of those mountains    did not have water   flow,
And so, they lost their  importance  , having lost   the wealth,
That cannot  be destroyed   and looked like wealth of one who does not follow Dharma.

4256. Due to black clouds   which    were  like   male elephants  with  rut water,
Flowing  over their cheeks and head  ,  having   gone away    from the sky  ,
The moon which was hid   by those   clouds   became   shiningly clear,
Like the face  of the dancing girls  , when the screen  before  them was  removed.

4257. The sandal paste   along with musk  and  saffron which was   applied  on the  ,
Big desirable breasts   of ladies  who were   wearing ornaments  made of gold,
Became dried due to northern hot wind   which came  along with pollen from flowers.

4258. The early winter   which   had capacity to    remove the   sorrow of  the first son,
Of the king had arrived and so  swans started   flying  in all directions,
And it looked like  they had started   their journey in search of Sita.

4259. Due to the going away of big rainy season with clouds,
The peacocks   closed  their wings   and were looking sad ,
And with   the confusion in mind   and thoughts  of earlier  days  ,
Were scared   like the swan  like Sita   born in the  Mithila   country.

4260.The fishes engaged  in playing   in the   clear water , which   was like ,
The mind   of  sages  of great penance , who have  removed deceit  completely  ,
Were   like   the movement of  the eyes with Kajal ,
Of the ladies    who had very soft feet  and was red  like juice of red cotton.

4261.The  well grown lotus flowers   which opened   in every node,
Was like the turned  up   face of the  ladies  with love tiff, and the pretty ,
Chengidai flower buds    with perfume   were  like the   red   cheeks,
Of the ladies    who were enjoying their time with their lord ,

4262. The several types of frogs   like   the very tumultuous   students  ,
Of teachers   who impart knowledge  , which  do not make sound ,
In places   where  it is not recognized   preferred to keep  quite.

4263. The rivers carrying their  dress   of flowers  by their  hands of tide  ,
 Were running  , and the   pearls   yielded    by the clams  lying on beach,
Made them appear   to be running   with laughter   towards ocean, their strong husband.

4264.Like the  ladies   who were   separated   from their  lords  ,
Who had gone to other countries    to learn from great teachers  ,
Who were suffering due to love  , the bunches  of betel nut trees,
Slowly lost     their green colour   and were  getting to the desirable gold colour.

4265. The beasts   like   the crocodiles  which were  in the cold  water ,
For a long time  , left the   water spots that they were  living,
Climbed on to the shore   and were  exposing themselves to sun light  ,
And were  folding    their mouth and sleeping   on various spots.

4266.The Vanchi creepers  , with  lisping  birds sitting on them ,
Which were like ladies   who talk   long baby talks  ,
With  bees  having pretty wings on them similar to hair of ladies ,
With plenty of newly grown leaves   which were like the ear ornaments  of ladies,
And with their middle  shaking prettily  , shined   like  ladies.

4267.All the oysters with bent back  , due to the fact   that  the pearls that they produced ,
Were defeated  by the pearl like   teeth of ladies   were shy    to see  ,
The deer like  ladies when they come out  hid themselves    in the  slushy mud,
Appearing as if   they hid   themselves due to  their great culture.

4268. Due to rainfall  the lotus flowers growing  near agricultural  lands,
Grew luxuriantly   and the  male crabs which   were  living below their leaves,
Along with  the female crops that  they desire, like   misers,
Slowly  entered  their holes and sealed entrance  ,
With mud    and   were  living there and  condensed themselves.

10.KItkindhai Padalam

Chapter  on Kishkinda

(Rama sends  Lakshmana     to Kishkinda  , to warn Sugreeva that   if his words are not kept he will suffer greatly.  Seeing Lakshmana coming with great speed  , the monkeys got scared and blocked the main dorr of the city with mountains. Angadha went to inform Sugreeva but was not able to wake him up.As soon as  Lakshmana kept his lotus like feet on the door  all mountains broke, it opened    and all the monkeys ran away. Angadha approaches   Hanuman and along with him requests  Tara to delay  the coming of Lakshmana. She    along with several pretty monkey ladies stops him at the door and with diplomatic talk pacifies the shy Lakshmana. Then Angadha   wakes up  Sugreeva who is   sorry for mistakes committed by him. Sugreeva and Lakshmana go to met Rama and inform him that   a huge monkey army is being collected    and are on the way. Rama becomes   happy.
     In Valmiki Ramayana Hanuman once reminds  Sugreeva that he is  failing in his duty   and sends emissaries to summon the  monkey army   from all over the world. When Lakshmana arrives   Sugreeva is said to making love to Tara   and scared he send Tara to speak with Lakshmana  and Lakshmana  is pacified    but he shouts at Sugreeva. And Lakshmana and Sugreeva go to meet   Rama. In Kamba Ramayana  Sugreeva walks with Lakshmana  while going to meet Rama but in Valmiki Ramayana he goes in a palanquin. )
4269.When  that   winter  came to an end  , The elder valorous  Rama  ,
Looking at his brother said, “Oh strong one  , Even after  the  period  told  is over,
The  king Sugreeva   is sleeping and has  not arrived here  ,
What is   the job    that   he   has done so far?”

4270. “That Sugreeva   after getting the kingship    which is difficult to get,
Has not bothered   to think about the help   done by us to him and so,
He has  failed in good character, forgot the dharma  but even if  we forgets,
The good done by us   to him , he seems to have  forgotten our valour also,
And   he   has forgotten himself in the sweet life that   he is leadig”

4271.”Like this  if  Sugreeva were to destroy the gratefulness  , destroy  the difficult  ,
To get bond of friendship   and  completely   not follow   the truth 
And also went back on his word , to kill him  is  a thing which is   not a crime,
And so you go there   and find out  in detail about his   thoughts.”

4272. “We have   the bow in our hand   which can kill  the  cruel people  with deceit,
 And send them to the heaven of heroes and completely   uproot them and ,
Also establish Dharma   in a proper  manner  in this world . Tell him  as an order that ,
The Lord of death is there and the arrow that  killed  Vali is also there  with us.”

4273.”If we punish people who are  bad like poison  , it is not a crime,
And so because   it is a  law told in Manu Dharma , tell clearly  ,
And make understand the Sugreeva   who does  not seem to know  ,
What  is proper and improper at  age  of five as well as fifty.”

4274. “If you want to rule   city of Kishkinda  , its citizens   as well your kingship  ,
And relatives, come here on the appointed day and if you  do not come  ,
The word  “Monkey”  would be taken away  from this world  .
Please tell these    truths    to Sugreeva  and others.”

4275. “But if they take a decision that   they  would seek the help   ,
Of others    who are stronger   than this  Rama and Lakshmana  ,
Tell them , that   to win over you in these   three worlds  ,
There is no one   except   yourself.”

4276. Then  that  Rama who has   fame as the ornament   told Lakshmana  ,
“Please explain at first peacefully   and if the advise  of justice  ,
Does not change their mind , without getting angry and destroying them,
Come and tell me what they said”  and Rama bid him farewell.”

4277. Lakshmana   obeying the orders of Rama  , saluted his feet, without wasting a second,
Tied the inexhaustible quiver on his back , help   the bow which is easy   to use  .
And went through    the very long way  , all the while thinking of Rama.

4278.Lakshmana who was going as  per the orders of Rama  ,who pursues  the path of truth,
Went   powdering the trees and mountain which  were   across   his way  ,
Created new paths   and went    to that place  which was far   away.

4279.The feet of Lakshmana who was wearing  the lustrous  heroic anklets  ,
When it pressed  the mountains  which  was like  the   mount Meru  were touching   the sky,
Those  mountains were compressed  and touched  the ground,
Making  the Adhi Sesha who was carrying    the  earth visible to the eye.

4280. At that time   when Lakshmana  , the   brother of Rama    of the  Manu clan,
Who was going to meet   Sugreeva    the younger brother   of Vali,
Due to the speed of his walk in the  very hot forest  , he was similar  ,
To the  arrow  of Rama that pierced    the Maramaras.

4281.Lakshmana was going like  one elephant of one direction   which seeing  ,
The calf of another   elephant   of  direction   missing its path,
Going after   it following    its footsteps  travelling  with great speed.

4282.Like the sun reaching from  the rising mountain to the setting mountain,
That Lakshmana with a gold coloured body   went   from one very big  lustrous  mountain,
To another  mountain called Kishkinda  and reached   there with great speed.

4283Like   the matchless   arrow   of Rama  who was  his help  and elder brother,
He went and after reaching   the very tall  Kishkinda mountain ,
He was similar  in looks  to the golden  male lion jumping from one mountain to other.

4284-4285.The monkeys   who saw  the coming of angry Lakshmana  , were  scared  ,
As if they saw God of death   and ran towards the   residence  of son of Vali,
And told him that   the very angry Lakshmana    with great speed ,
Has already come     with    war like    fury and as soon as  he heard that,
That Angadha  for getting an inkling   of  the thought   of Lakshmana  ,
Without Lakshmana noticing it    stood on his side   and  .
Understanding  his intention from   the   look of his face,
He went to the  palace   of his father’s brother  who wears a golden heroic anklet.

4286.  Sugreeva  was in the great palace   constructed   by Nala  , lying down,
On a pretty bed   filled up with lots   of flowers   with  young lady monkeys  ,
With long hair   and youthful breasts  caressing  his feet  and  was  fast of sleep.

4287.Sugreeva who had   drunk the toddy  of  the wealth of kingship   which was,
Presented to him by   the clear headed   Rama and Lakshmana ,
Was like a silver mountain and    was  sleeping  on the very big golden cot.

4288.He   was  sleeping   with  the breeze   wafting  on him , coming  through .
Karu nochi tree, Teak wood tree  ,Akil tree  ,Sandalwood   tree and through 
The scented bunch  of  flowers   worn by  the ladies with  long hair  looking like peacocks.

4289. Sugreeva was sleeping like an elephant in rut   having lost   his thinking power  ,
Due   to the drinking of honey   which  comes from in between   the sharp teeth   of  ,
The ladies   who have  sweet  and red mouth    and who smile like a white pearl ,
Which induces lunacy  , loss of  conscience  , passion   and other   characters.

4290.Due   to   the luster coming out of the face wearing   crown ,
As well as ear globes   spreading all over his white body  ,
He was looking like a  snow capped   mountain  , over  which,
Sun’s rays had spread   and  was  looking   joyful.

4291.Sugreeva   was sleeping   and   the son who was   born  to Tara.
Who was like a  male lion   went near him   and saluted him by his big hands,
And woke  him up   and  started telling him the words to his liking.

4292.”Oh my father  , please hear what  I say ,
The younger  brother  of Rama  ,
With his face showing extremely great anger  
Has come   with a matchless speed ,  What is your opinion?”

4293.Due   to the great wealth of  kingship   giving him pride  ,
Due to the drop of  scented toddy which is like poison giving him faint,
The Sugreeva   forgot himself  and  in a  mental state  , in which,
He did  not hear words  of Angadha   and  slept as before on his  soft bed.

4294. Due  to that  Angadha who  was like   an elephant calf  and who was also,
Like   a young   big lion , due to  there being nothing that he could  do with Sugreeva  ,
Went to   summon  Hanuman  who had faultless   thoughts in his mind.

4295.That Angadha who was son of Vali    who was   the son of Indra  , along ,
With Hanuman who was expert in royal counsel  , surrounded   by  various strong warriors,
Came out of Sugreeva ‘s private palace   and reached    the palace  of his mother.

4296.  Reaching there when he asked Tara   , what action should be taken by  them,
She  told them,  “You have  done  very faulty acts   very easily   and now  ,
You are searching  for ways    to easily  get rid of the bad results   which came due to  that .
You think that  though  you are   ungrateful  , you  would   escape   and live.”

4297.She again told,  “Though  I  several times  told you   to m
Summon the  army  because  ,If you miss the appointed day   , 
Your days of life   would get over  , you simply were   not bothered,
Now by experience     you will know   about the result of that. Now you are caught.”

4298 “Do you think that  that Rama and Lakshmana   who bent their bow  ,
And made   God of death take away the soul of  Vali   and  gave you all,
The famous   wealth of kingship  , would keep quiet  outside Kishkinda  .
Is  it proper     for people like   you to disregard  those   who helped you?”

4299.”That  Rama who is greater than even devas   , due to  ,
Getting separated   from his wife   is greatly depressed ,
Like one who has  lost his life and without bothering about it  ,
You are enjoying   the love  of your   wives,
Who have eyes similar to just opened  blue lotus   flowers.”

4300. “You have broken the oath  , forgot the  help he did  ,
Became  people with bad character  and due   to your bad fate,
If they start fighting with you  , you will all die,
What is the   use  of doing   anything     at this stage “ said she.

4301. At that time   those very strong monkeys who cannot be stopped ,
Locked   the huge door of the city   with  very huge logs  of wood  ,
And further   brought huge stones and stacked them against the   door.

4302.After securing  the doors of the city   in this way , those  monkeys,
Thought, “If  Lakshmana comes crossing this door, we would  scare him,
Beat  black and blue and took in their hands  uprooted   trees   and stones ,
And stood crowding    all around  the boundary  wall   near that gate.

4303. Having seen the monkeys  closing that door ,  that great king Lakshmana  ,
 Said, “Is it for saving yourselves from me?” laughing sarcastically   with anger  ,
Using his   feet   which was like the lotus flower  where the Goddess  lives,
With very great   ease    he pushed    that   great   door.

4304. That gate  , the material stacked  against the door by the monkeys,
And the big boundary wall    erected to protect  the door,
AS as the god’s feet touched  , like the bad Karmas  ,
Which cannot be got rid off , without  any support  got destroyed.

4305.Due to the old gates of the city  and  the  walls built by stones
Easily  getting  dislodged  and thrown beyond   ten Yojanas   on all sides 
All those   monkeys were scared  and  greatly suffered.

4306. Due  to the thick tall boundary  wall   as well as wide  city doors  falling,
The monkeys   who were  standing surrounding   the wall got hurt on their head,
Lost their determination   and got confused   and ran away for a long distance  
And  because of that  those that  did not  lose  their life    got escaped.

4307.It  is difficult to describe   but those  greatly suffering  monkeys,
Who ran away from their homes   made such a huge wailing sound ,
And because   of that   city of Kishkinda   turned like   the fishes of ocean of milk,
When the huge Mandhara  mountain with many  peaks  like   the spear entered in it.

4308.Due the monkeys getting scared   and running away  from that mountain,
And regrouped in the forest  , That mountain   with clouds  was like,
The  great   sky where   all the stars   have gone away and looked jaded.

4309.At that time  Lakshmana who was  like a lion among men,
Started   entering    the pretty and wealthy streets  of the town,
And Angadha   and other  moneys    standing surrounding Tara ,
Who had chided them  asked, “he has come , what shall we do now.”

4310. Hanuman looking  at Tara  told,  “Oh lady who wears  bangles,
If you go  and prevent Lakshmana    from entering   the  open door of palace,
That Lakshmana    would start thinking  whether what he  wants to do ,
Is correct or not and Lakshmana would    not see the long path,
But tell us the purpose   for which he has   come. That is the only way.”

4311.  Tara told all others  , You all go elsewhere   and I would  go in front of,
Lakshmana   and by questioning    him find the  intention of his mind “
And all  the monkeys   went  away from there and Tara  ,
Who was an expert  in proper manners   along  with,
Her   friends who   had  hair  with flowers  ,  departed.

4312.After crossing the royal avenue   where the important monkeys lived happily,
That Lakshmana who was like   an elephant with rope tied round   his neck  ,
Was trying to enter   the  palace of Sugreeva  and then Tara,
Who had long and scented   hair   stopped him.

4313.Surrounded by ladies  who had   tenderness   to control others,
Who  had white teeth  , wore  white conch   bangles,
Had shining thin waist   , had erect   young breasts,
Belonged  to  good families   and   looked  like peacocks,
Tara stopped   him in that     great street from going further.

4314.With  the bow and sword  getting reflected  in  the  ornaments they wore.
With   sound   coming from the gem stones  of their anklets  ,
With their waist belt  making sound like war  drums  and with their ,
Eye brows   like  flags  filling everywhere  , all of them surrounded  Lakshmana.

4315.With the sound of many   anklets making    sound like   several drums,
With their chariot like hips   rotating  , with arrow like eyes being their weapon,
And with their brows    which were like bows  that are used in war ,
That Army surrounded  Lakshmana    with very high shoulders ,
And his anger   which cannot be brought  down, came  down,
And turning his face   to one side  , he stood on one side   ,
And he was greatly scared   to see   them with his eyes.

4316.When Lakshmana   bending his lotus like face  , holding the bow in hand  ,
Was standing like son in law     in the crowd of   mother   in laws with shyness,
That Tara   who had   pretty shoulders   and pure scent as    well as  long eyes,
Who was like the deva maiden who had   come the world of monkeys  ,
Entered    in to the crowd of ladies   and started   telling the following.

4317.”Oh valorous one  , your coming is a result of limitless  penance   done by us,
And not only that   even Indra    and other  Devas    are not visited by you  easily ,
By your coming and due to your feet touching our  home   we have  become great,
All our bad Karmas have gone    from us   and we have attained   higher state.
Is  there   any other    good result   that we  are likely    to get?

 4318. Tara who can speak sweeter than the music  said ,”Oh  valorous   one,
Seeing you  coming speedily with great anger, this monkey   army without knowing the reason,
Are getting  greatly scared .Can you   tell me the thoughts of your mind . Oh Lord ,
How come you who never   get separated   from the feet of the king , has come here alone?”

4319.That Lakshmana who  wore a flower garland to decorate   his chest ,
As soon as he heard these words , with  his anger reduced, wanting to know  ,
Who had told these words  and seeing  her who was  like  full moon descending to earth,,
Was reminded   of  his mother  who was also a widow   and felt sad.

4320. Seeing that lady Tara  who was not wearing  Mangala Suthra  , who was   not wearing ,
Any ornament with gems  , having left wearing honeyed flower   garlands ,
Having  a stout hot breasts where sandal and  Kumkum paste  were not applied,
And with a neck like the betel nut tree   which was  covered by her upper   cloth,
That  very charitable  Lakshmana  seeing in her his mother  became sad with tear  drops in his eye.

4321.Due to the thought   that  my mother who gave birth   to me would also be like this  ,
His mind got depressed and he stood there benumbed   without talking anything for some time.
And then feeling the need to answer  , he started  telling her   who had very pretty hair.

4322.The  son of Sun God who told my   brother  who is the king  of Manu clan that,
“Me and my army    would search   for Sita and get her back”  has forgotten his   words,
And Rama told me  to  quickly find out about  the state  of Sugreeva  ,
And due to that I have come here and ”Please tell me  the acts ,
Of Sugreeva  who had   got   the great  kingship.” And Tara replied.

4323.”Oh Lord  , do not be angry.. You being great   should pardon  if mistakes  ,
Are committed  by small people  .Except   you who are   there   for us?
Sugreeva has not neglected his task  and he has sent  separate emissaries   all over the world,
And is    waiting for the arrival of monkey armies    from there.
How can we ever  compensate    for the help that  you  did to us.?”

4324.”Thousand crores of emissaries   as per the  orders  have   gone  to bring ,
Crowds of monkeys from everywhere and the time   for arrival of those armies,
Is close at hand and so you  who are more kind  than the   mother , to those  ,
Who surrender    to you ,  please calm down and that is the proper Dharma,
Suppose    a person  had not committed any fault  who would  punish him.”

4325.”Suppose  some one who had surrendered  to you  has been rewarded ,
With limitless wealth  and due to that   he becomes proud   and makes,
Shortcomings in  duties   to be done to you  , Is it not  your fault also?
If  for the sake of the  lady , we  do not  to die  fighting in the battle field,
Would the  friendship between both of you    continue?”

4326.  “You both who have a  honest mind   provided help to  Sugreeva   ,
By destroying his great enemy  and made him hold   the  kingship in an excellent manner,
And  if he neglects you  , it would  lead to bad name   and slipping away from greatness ,
And he would   then become poor in this life   and also a  no good after  life.”

4327.”Did you  not kill  Vali who is an expert in war , just by using one arrow?
Do   you need any help at all   to destroy your enemy?   Is there any other ,
Great help to you which is better than your bow, You are only seeking  people,
To help you  in finding Sita and Sugreeva and others   who have surrendered to your feet,
Are duty bound to undertake     that   job and complete it properly.”

4328. After    hearing    all these  told by  Tara  with great attention,
Clearly understanding it  , That Lakshmana   who is an expert of knowledge ,
With great mercy  and shyness in the mind  , left   all  his anger  ,
Understanding that  the Hanuman who   was having   very strong shoulders,
Who would be great help to them in    war  , reached near Lakshmana.

4329.  That Lakshmana   who does leave  his friendship  , even when he is angry,
Seeing the face   of Hanuman , who approached    and saluted   him  asked him,
“You who are   extremely wise  , have   forgotten what has   happened earlier.”
Hearing that  , Hanuman the expert in conversation   said,
“Oh Lord, please hear   what I have to say”    and started   telling.

4330. “Even for those   who have killed   mother  , father  , teacher  ,
The Brahmins who are like Gods  , cows  , children   and ladies,
There are paths to get out of the sins but for those   who have ,
Forgotten stable help , there   is   no such   method.”

4331. “Oh Lord , the act leading to  real friendship  to you and  to the king   of monkey clan,
Was due   to my act, If that dharma of friendship   is destroyed  ,
Who in the world has ways to escape from that bad Karma,
And also my wisdom would   also become    faulty    forever?”

4332.”Oh Lord ,  I firmly believe   in the   great penance that  you did ,
And the great charity that you did .Let it stand like that  ,Oh Lord,
Who has the capacity to protect    all the   three  worlds, if you get angry at us,
Is it possible for us to escape , as we totally  depend on your mercy.”

4333.”The king of monkeys have  not forgotten , as  he has sent very many groups,
Of emissaries   to summon monkey army   from various places   and  since he  is waiting,
For their arrival  ,  there is a little   bit of delay. If Sugreeva   who has got  you , who are ,
Those who protect Dharma  , if he   breaks  his   habit  of truthfulness  ,
Then though he is born in this world  , he would  become  one who is not born here,
And not only   that   , later   he would never   able   to escape from hell.”

4334. “Oh valorous hero  , who is like an elephant in rut  , When a person helps us,
When we have not helped him earlier   as a compensation to that   if we do not,
Go   to a war as his help and hit   the enemy on his chest   by weapons   or,
If we ourselves face death due to the weapons    sent by that enemy, how can we pay back?”

4335.”Oh Lord   who is greatest among men and resembles a lion  , it is not proper  for you,
To stand here like our enemy   and it would not lead   to any good   for  us,   if our enemies ,
Come to know about it   , it would lead   to bad results, Please   come inside   and see ,
The wealth that  you have given  us as also your elder   brother   Sugreeva “, Hanuman told.

4336.That Lakshmana who had stable    shoulders   like mountain , after hearing those words,
Left the anger that is transient  concluded that  “Sugreeva has  not moved away  from grace of Rama,
But he is one who when great wealth   came to him , being of lesser   status forgot  what he should do,”

4337. After   thinking like this  , he who wore the heroic anklets and had   very strong shoulders,
Looked at Hanuman of the monkey clan   and said, , “A change has   now occurred  in you..
I have to tell well thought out words    which   you should understand  clearly”    and started telling.

4338.”The anger due to Ravana abducting Sita   and fire  like  loss of respect  ,
Attacked Rama and made him greatly sad   and  I who had seen his sorrow  ,
Decided to  loose the Dharma of the kings   and   join along with cruelty  ,
And harm all those   great sinners  and I am not  bothered  ,
About the bad  fame that is likely to come to me by that.”

4339.” In spite of that , I have pacified    my anger   myself   and am living  ,
So that I can console Rama and many such days have already  passed.
If Rama had  not pacified his anger  , all the three worlds would be burnt down,
All the devas   of the heaven will die   and not only that  , great Dharma would be destroyed,
And who are   capable    of preventing all this  if  that is the fate  that does not go away.”

4340.”Due to Rama meeting you , He saw Sugreeva    as one who would help him  ,
When he gets   in to sorrow  , and saw him  as a brother   like me  and ,
He was living   in this    mountain managing   himself     to keep alive  and was waiting.
Otherwise  who can prevent him from searching   for his  lightning like lady  by his bow?”

4341.”Is it a big job for Rama   to search and bring Sita  , whether  , she in the sky,
Or in the fourteen different worlds, the victorious     seven oceans  or seven mountains ,
Which are  all in this globe called the world but in spite    of that , your delaying,
The date   by which you would   certainly help him  and breaking your word  is not proper.”

4342.”You have not only delayed   but made those   asuras who were  proud  ,
For some time. You have  caused trouble to Devas  and you increased  the sorrow  ,
To the sages who have proper knowledge of the Vedas  and who have done Yagnas,
You have helped sin to further grow and made angry  Rama who never  gets   angry.”

4343.As soon as the sweet Lakshmana    told these words , Hanuman saluted him,
And said, “Oh lord who knows ancient books  , please do not keep in your mind,
Things that are  past and if we do not do   the job which we have agreed  to do,
WE will sacrifice our life and for such happenings only Dharma is the   witness.
Please come inside  and meet  Sugreeva who is  like your brother,.”

4344.That Lakshmana who holds  a  bow made of   Gold  ,looked   at Hanuman,
And said “What act we undertook earlier was as per  your words   and in future  ,
When we take up   further acts, we agree to abide   by your plans,”  and ,
With an intention of understanding Sugreeva   who seemed   not to act,  went with Hanuman.

4345, Tara   then went back along with the ladies   who had spear like eyes ,
Mouth like red lotus  , eyebrow like bows  ,  had walk like   that  of swan,
Looks like that of peacock , hips like the board  of chariot with flags  ,
Pearl like teeth  , Thin shoulders like bamboo, voice  like  koels,
Breasts like  golden pot , waist   like lightning  ,nose like Kumizh flower  .
And hair   similar   to that  of   the black  cloud.

4346. Angadha   the son of Vali   along with ministers who knew just ways,
Saluted  the  pretty lotus  flower  like feet of Lakshmana    by falling  at his feet,
And Lost the fear about  Lakshmana  and the great  expert  in bow Lakshmana ,
Looking at Angadha told, “Oh valorous one  , go and  tell your father’s  brother,
About my visit “ And Angadha assented   and saluted Lakshmana  and   went.

4347.  After Leaving  Lakshmana , Angadha   entered the palace  of   his father  ,
And after catching hold tightly   the feet of Sugreeva  , massaged it  , woke him up  ,
And told him, “Oh  valorous one with long hands  , Lakshmana the younger brother of Rama  ,
Has come and is standing outside  your palace   and the anger  that he has now  ,
Is much bigger  than an ocean which is full of  fishes and this is what happened.”

4348.Sugreeva noticing that   the crowd of ladies  noticing Angadha ’s   arrival ,
Were  confused and shouting greatly  , woke   up from his stupor   and not  ,
Realizing the earlier happenings  looked  at  Angadha   and   told him,
“Oh valorous one who wears garlands  of gold as well as flowers  ,
When we have  not done any mistake  , what was the reason for anger of Lakshmana.”

4349. “Oh my father  , at the time when you agreed   you did not   go and meet them,
With an army  , you have   become greatly proud   due to your immense   wealth,
And also forgotten completely    the great help done by them. You have become completely untruthful,
And due to all this   Lakshmana has   become angry  .This  is what has happened.
And due to the request of diplomatic Hanuman, we continue to be alive.” Said Angadha. 

4350.”The valorous monkey heroes  seeing the speed at which he was coming,
Closed the golden door of the city    which touched   the sky  and ,
Without leaving any  hill stacked  all stony mountains, one over the other  ,
And  stood proudly with great  burning  anger   to fight with Lakshmana.”

4351.”That Lakshmana who was the best among the males  seeing that ,
With his  feet which was like a pretty  lotus flower  kicked the door,
But even before his feet touched it  , the long  boundary walls   which are  spread,
From south to North   and victorious doors   and   the stacked mountains  ,
Broke and got  scattered and  mixed    with the dust   there.”

4352. “I do not know how   to properly describe   the state  of the monkey army
with  huge  shoulders who saw that state of affairs. My mother   who saw all these,
Along with well ornamented  ladies  stopped Lakshmana  who was carrying a lightning like  bow.”

4353. That Lakshmana without  seeing any of those ladies , not able to tell,
Anything due to the anger in his mind  stood there  with stifled emotion.
The lady who is my mother   told him sweet words  like  “Oh lord ,
Why did you leave Rama alone there   and  came here?” and
The younger brother   Lakshmana   told    the reason  for that.”

4354.”My mother   who   understood    the reason properly  ,
Pacified his anger   and told, “He   has not  forgotten the order of Rama,
Sugreeva  has sent several emissaries   through   the mountain path  ,
Strewn with stones  to bring  most of the monkey army  with great speed,
And is waiting for that army” This is what happened here” said Angadha.

4355,When Angadha told like that  , the son off Sun God   started telling,
“If that Rama and Lakshmana  come opposing us    with anger,
Who can  stand opposing     them in this earth or heaven? What is the reason,
That  when that Lakshmana who is great  archer   came  with great anger ,
You did not  request   me to come quickly   to meet him . “ 

4356.”Oh my father   who wears pretty garland  made of bunches  of flowers,
And who has very strong   shoulders  ,  I had told you about it earlier  itself.
But at that   time   you  were not fully conscious   and did not understand  what  I told,
And understanding that  I cannot   do anything further  , I went to tell Hanuman,
And it is proper    that you go  within a second and see  Lakshmana ,” he told.

4357.Sugreeva   who  was friendly wuth Rama   told Angadha  , “oh son,
Would any body else can get help like    the    great help that  I received?
Is there any destruction possible    to   the great  wealth  received by me  ?
Due to drinking alcoholic drink  , I forgot   al the sorrows  of Rama,
Which I had agreed to remove and I am ashamed   to see Lakshmana.”

4358.  “Except the habit  of drinking alcoholic drink , what  other  thing  ,
Can be done  without realization?  If I cannot differentiate   between  mother and wife  ,
What is the use   following all other Dharmas? Drinking these drinks  ,
And losing  all the   senses  is one of the five great   sins   also  ,
We lose our senses  in  illusion which   is not  free of deceit,
And  we   feed one  loss of senses   with another loss  of senses.”

4359.”Those  who  with clear  thought  and leave  out  bad actions   are those,
Who have got away from the sorrow of birth.” Say all great philosophers,
As well as   thosewho know all the four Vedas  and
 I  like  the people   who try to put out fire in the house   by pouring ghee in it  ,
Am getting enjoyment in life by drinking   alcoholic   drinks,
After removing   all the worms  in it and get fulfillment.”

4360.””As soon as one realizes himself   the  ill of the infamous  birth cycle  is removed.”
 Say all the Vedas , Vedangas  ,But  over the disease of dirt  of not knowing  ,
My own real form , I drank  more alcoholic drinks  and made  my mind mad. Is this proper?”

4361. “Except those   who protect others  , who have controlled   their five senses,
Who are  always   drowned in divine wisdom   and ,  who  do not have   any attachment  to,
Pain  or pleasure  , Has any body  else have attained    the good  life  in the divine  world”
Have  any one seen those    who drink  alcoholic in hiding   and enjoyed  life   attain it?”

4362.Because   those who drink alcohol   do not   feel   the bad  ,
Done  to them by their enemies, the good that  is done   by friends  ,
What they have seen personally  , what has  been told by  experts in Sastras,
The way greatness  reached us and  the sorrows   that have spread in our mind ,
And   are   there  any other  thing which gives   good to us  better than feeling tham.”

4363.”Those who drink  Alcoholic drinks   would be troubled   jointly by  ,
Deceit  , thieving , telling lies, ignorance, principle against tradition,
The bad habit  of not protecting  people   who surrender   to  them ,
And pride and Goddess  Lakshmi who   sits on lotus flower would go away .
Even poison   if drunk    would cause  their death
and unlike  these  alcoholic drinks does not take people  to hell.

4364.” I have heard elders   say,  Bad  things   would happen if we drink Alcoholic drinks  ,
But today   that   has shown its great strength   directly  to me., What is the  need   ,
Of saying any  other things.  Due   to the wisdom of hanuman got from books ,
I have now escaped   from impending doom, other wise  without any doubt ,
Due to the anger   of  that  valorous  one   who came speedily  ,
Was there   any doubt   of  me meeting     with my death.”

4365.”Oh Angadha  , I was scared  about   the great danger  caused  by  ,
The Alcoholic  drinks, It should   not be touched by the hand  ,
And not only that, it should  not be even thought   by the mind,
If I still    continue to like this cruel   alcoholic  drink  , let  ,
The lotus flower   like feet   of Rama completely destroy me.”

4366.After   Sugreeva with good character   took an oath   that   he would,
Not   touch alcoholic   drinks  , taking  with  him  all that  was necessary  to properly,
Receive Lakshmana  , he ordered Angadha , “Now    you go and meet him”,
Surrounded   by  his wives   and  his relatives, he went ,
And kept waiting   in the main door of the palace   to met Lakshmana.

4367.    The  golden pots   containing ground  red sandal paste   , flowers , perfumed dusts ,
And  the smoke of Akil, rows of lamps ,matchless garlands  made of good pearls  ,
And various other decorations  , peacock feathers  , flags   , conches  ,
The high sounding   drums   and all such things filled up city of  Kishkinda.

4368.In that city the   walls constructed   by pure crystal stones   surrounded  by,
Very tall pillars  were studded   with high quality  precious gems 
Which all reflected   the   form of Lakshmana   and  people   were  misled,
And thought  thousands  of warriors holding   bows  had come to the city.

4369.Angadha   again went back and saluted the   feet of Lakshmana  and  then Lakshmana,
Looked at him and asked “Oh  Sir  , Where   is your lord now  ?” and then Angadha   replied,
“Oh hero who is like a male lion , Sugreeva who  has the   wealth of penance already   done,
Is  standing near the victorious main door   of  the cloud like palace to receive you.”

4370. When those monkey ladies who wear ornaments  like Choodaka    and   Thodi  ,
 Who were sprinkling  scented powders  and fanning with   very broad white chowries
And holding  white royal umbrellas  which looked like the   white moon  on the sky,
The monkey chief Sugreeva   came before  Lakshmana holding pretty valorous  bow.

4371. When the  ladies who were like Murukku flower  holding water for washing as well as,
For drinking  and holding in their  hands all other  things needed   to worship  Lakshmana came,
The sound of big and small drums  reverberated , the sages came chanting Vedas  ,
Making the sound spread in all directions  with the devas  getting   surprised  ,
At seeing the new  pride  of wealth  and  Sugreeva   went  before  Lakshmana .

4372,That Sugreeva with great wealth    who came to welcome  Lakshmana , surrounded ,
By crowd of monkey ladies   with desirable breasts   surrounding him like   stars,
Appeared  like  the moon with his own luster  on the top of the mountain   ,
And appeared similar to his father  who has   risen up    on the rising mountain.

4373.That  great Lakshmana  was waiting to receive   the king of monkeys  , and then,
Great anger arose in him  but since he was bothered  about the state  of Dharma .
He became  calmed down  using   the clarity   of his  clear  mind.

4374. Then both of them hugged each other   with their shoulders   which  was ,
Stouter then iron pillar   and mountain  and along   with  the crowd of monkey ladies,
And that of warriors   reached the palace  which had inexhaustible  gold.

4375.Then that  king of monkey clan showed Lakshmana, a well made throne  ,
And said, “Oh lord  , please sit here “ but  Lakshmana  thought   that  ,
It would not be proper for him   to sit on the throne,
Wile Rama, the lord of Lakshmi was sitting  on a   grassy  land.

4376.”When my Lord Rama    who due   to the boon of  Kaikeyi   who had a mind of stone,
Has   sacrificed  the gem studded   crown and  is sleeping on the  bed of grass,
My sitting   on a golden seat   where   flowers have been spread  is  not desirable”, said Lakshmana.

4377.As soon as Lakshmana told like that  , Sugreeva    stood  surprised  ,
And shedding tears from his lotus like eyes   struggled and  then,
He who belonged to the clan of Manu   sat on a seat  of rock,
In that  palace   which was  as  tall as    the mountain.

4378. Then   the young  , the old  , the huge crowd of ladies  ,looked depressed,
And with a   tear filled eyes   , not able   to tell   anything ,
Became tired and  were looking like   sages who have  controlled  their senses.

4379. Then that king Sugreeva  looked at Lakshmana and told, “ as per  tradition 
If you take   your bath now and partake    the very tasty   sweet  meal ,
We would consider ourselves blessed.” And as soon as he told this  ,
The younger brother of black coloured Rama  started   telling.

4380.”When  in spite of  the fact   that our stomach is filled   only with sorrow   and bad name  ,
If we are keeping alive   , what   would   provide  sweetness   to  us?
Though I  have desire to eat, I know   that   at this time  of sorrow,
When our mind is filled   with worries  , even nectar would be bitter for us?”

4381.  “If you show us    the place where   the consort   of Rama  is living,
We would  put out the fire of bad name    that   is surrounding us  ,
If you make us take  bath in Ganges  and  make  us eat,
The nectar that  came out of ocean of milk , then we will not have any sorrow.”

4382. “ Rama eats only leafy vegetables  , roots   and fruits   and  I eat only,
What is remaining   after   he completes  his  eating of food and I do not desire,
For any other thing  and if I desire , that is without doubt food left  by Dog after  eating.”

4383.”Oh Sir  , apart from this one more thing is there. Only   after  I return ,
Bring leafy vegetables  and cook them   then  only  the prince Rama, who is your friend,
 Can take   his meal and so  If I  wait here any more  , it would not be sweet.”  Said Lakshmana.

4384. When Lakshmana told like this  , that Sugreeva  looked at him  and said,
“When the best among the Manu clan   Rama  is suffering this sorrow  ,
Spending time pleasantly   is suitable only to us   monkeys, “ and later  ,
He became completely   depressed   and sobbed  with his soul.

4385.Then Sugreeva , the son of Sun God got up suddenly  and thinking  of .
Immediately going to Rama   who was  shedding tears  , who was hating  life of wealth,
And had a sad depressed mind  , told  like   this   to Hanuman.

4386.”Oh expert in rules  of justice  , as I have   ordered  earlier  ,bring along with you,
The monkey army that   would be coming here along with our emissaries  ,
Till  they come , please wait here” Ordering  like this to Hanuman  ,
He  started speedily   travelling   towards   the place where Rama lives.

4387. That Sugreeva who was the son of Sun God with red rays   hugged Lakshmana ,
Who had  a  pure mind without any doubts  and then accompanied  by Angadha,
With monkeys  marching in front of him  , with monkey ladies  ,
Travelling behind him  , he went ahead speedily to Rama  who was his brother.

4388-4389. When Sugreeva   wearing lightning  like ornaments  .
Walked  with  nine thousand   crores of monkeys, in his front,
In his  back and on its sides  accompanied by   the best of his   great relatives  ,
Walking near him  towards    the place   of Rama,
The entire forest was crowded  with flags , drums gave out  sound of thunder ,
Conches boomed, the luster from the marching army  filled up  like streaks of lightning,
Dust   rose greatly from the earth   and all these  covered   all the skies.

4390.  Palanquins    made with gold ,. Gems ,  pretty   thin cloth ,
 Lustrous gems  , stones of crystal   and  with silver   broader  than the sky,
AS per the wishes  of everybody   travelled closely  ,
And the   white   royal umbrellas   were   surrounding it.

4391.Just because  Rama’s younger brother   with  his lustrous red feet  ,
Was walking  on the bare earth  , the son of Sun God ,
With the belled heroic anklets tied in his   feet making   sound  ,
Also  walked   on the earth ordering his palanquin to come behind him.

4392.That lad  Lakshmana with   huge heroic anklets  , Sugreeva  ,
Making the army stay   behind    with Angadha   walking by his side  ,
With desire to see  Rama walking in front   reached  ,
Speedily    the mountain   on which  Rama   was stayig.

4393.Leaving the love  for wealth   which no one  can imagine  ,
With devotion   to salute    the divine    feet   of Rama  ,
That Sugreeva who was   the  chief of monkey clan,
Was similar   to Bharata   who saluted   daily  ,
Those   divine feet of Rama  .

4394.Sugreeva  , seeing Rama   who due   to the going  of Lakshmana,
Who would always    with him  like Lord Vishnu  ,
Would   stand  alone at the time   of final deluge  ,
Saluted him    with gem studded garlands   touching   the ground  ,
And  touched Rama’s lotus like red   feet with his   head,

4395.As soon as  Sugreeva   saluted him  , making the goddess Lakshmi  ,
Who always   was  on his chest feel the pain , with his long   arms  ,
Rama hugged him tightly, with the anger   which had risen in him   ,
Getting pacified   and like earlier with love  offered a  seat to him.

4396. Rama   made Sugreeva sit sweetly   near him  , looked at him and asked,
“Does your kingship and  your rule  go in tandem as per the  rules in book?
You  with your long arms  are doing good   without asking like a cloud  
 And does  all the beings   under your protection  live joyfully ,
Does   your  umbrella of victory   provide   you  cool.”

4397. As soon as he heard   those   words   which have great meaning  , the son of Sun God,
Who travels  on a wheeled   chariots in the sky said, “Oh lord who remains    stable even at deluge,
When I have the blessings of you  who is like a Sun  to dark world  , Are they difficult  to me.”

4398.Sugreeva again looked at Rama and told  , “Oh Rama with great characters ,
Oh king  , I got the difficult   to attain great wealth due to your grace,
And in spite of that, I showed   my  very poor monkey   qualities 
By going against    your express   orders.”

4399.Again Sugreeva told Rama,”  Though  I have   the ability  to search  ,
In all directions   and get you back Sita  , without doing that  and ,
Without thinking that you who is very clear minded  would be   sad ,
For the sake  of Sita   who wears  well made ornaments , I spent time  in pleasurable  life.

4400.”Oh  Lord who wears   the heroic anklet   and  holds a powerful bow,
If my nature  , mental strength   and thoughts   are  like these  ,
Is there  a need for me to tell about  what I will do  in future  ,
As well my valour”   said  Sugreeva with great sorrow.

4401. That Lord Rama who keeps  Goddess  Lakshmi on his chest  said,
“the difficult to  pass rainy season  has come to an end   and since,
The words   that you tell realizing your duty  which assures   me that,
You would  do the searching of Sita  , Is not  a lowly act  and ,
You are like Bharata   and  should not tell such words   to me.”

4402.  Rama again started   telling   looking at Sugreeva .
“Where    is Hanuman of great knowledge ?” and then,
Sugreeva the son of Sun God  said , “That  Hanuman ,
Would arrive with  a huge army  which is like water filled  ocean?”

4403.”My  faultless emissaries have gone  with speed  to collect
 One thousand crores of monkey army   and the time   ,
For their arrival has   already come and still all of them   ,
Have not come  and are expected   in  a day or two  ,
And Hanuman would come here  along with that powerful army.”

4404”Along with  me  nine thousand crore   big  monkey army,
Has come   and to that big army should arrive by tomorrow,
Once that army comes   we can think about  ,what needs  to be done.”

4405.That Rama who liked  Sugreeva told  “Oh valorous one .
Is this  a very difficult   job for you? Your peaceful nature appears to be  good.
Now the long day time has come to an end  and so you please go now  ,
And come  along with your army   when it has   assembled”
When Rama gave leave to go , Sugreeva saluted him  and went back.

4406. That Rama who had eyes like red lotus flower  told sweet  words,
To Angadha   and told him,” Go and stay with   your father.”
And gave him leave to go  and  stayed that night ,
There along with Lakshmana  and  Sita   in his  mind.

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