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Kamba Ramayanam- Kishkinda Kandam -Padalam 15-16

Kishkinda  Kandam  (contd.)

15.Sampathi Padalam

Chapter on Sampathi

   (Since they were   not able to   find out out Sita, the monkeys were   thinking of dying there itself. Hanuman told  them, if they further search and find out Sita  , their delay would be excused    and if they do not  find her, they can die like Jatayu. A hawk king called Sampathi hears this  and enquires from them about Jatayu  ,He  tells  them that Jatayu was his younger  brother and he lost his wings   trying to save Jatayu.  He requests them  to chant name of Rama and gets back his wings. He tells them that  he has seen Ravana carrying Sita to Lanka    and she is still there  . The monkeys  become joyous.
       Sampathi according Valmiki Ramayana does not see   Sita being abducted but his son Suparswa   who was   hunting for food saw him. A sage NIsakara had  foretold Sampathi that  he would get back his wings.)

4648.The monkey warriors saw there the southern ocean , which was   ,
Making sound  like the sky with the cloud   and    extending its arm of white waves  ,
As if it   was  saying ,  “Sita with   the  deer like   wide eyes   is in Lanka”  and   ,
Appeared coming   out and   welcoming   them.

4649. At that time that  Monkey army of great strength   which was  sent ,
By Angadha and others  in the Hema Koota  mountain with  instruction,
“Go and search   in all the eight directions   and join with us in Mahendra mountain.”
Like another  ocean with huge tides , came and  joined  the monkey warriors   as a huge crowd.

4650.All  those monkey warriors  came to that  place  without difficulty,
But without   finding Sita   who had matchless chastity  , who had  curly hair  ,
Who was the  incarnation  of   Goddess Lakshmi  and who was born in a lotus flower ,
And  without knowing what needs to be done  started  speaking with their  toungues  rolling.

4651.Those  monkeys thought   in various ways like, “The time   limit   set by the king,
Is already over   and we have not been able  to see Sita  so far  and once Rama knows this,
Rama’s soul would go away   and  we would be standing  without fulfilling  ,
The order of the king and there   is nothing else   that   we can do  now.”

4652.  “Shall we    do great penance  here itself? Otherwise   shall we drink ,
The poison that   does not have  an antidote and die?, We would do that ,
Which is more suitable among   these two”   This was   said,
By those   monkey   warriors who had decided    to end their  life.

4653.The prince Angadha   who was like a lion   with a sorrowful mind,
Near the  ocean with lashing waves    near     the   Mahendra mountain,
Addressing all those  great deal monkeys  , who were standing  in a row  told,
“ I have something   important    to tell  to all of you “.

4654. Angadha   told the other monkeys,  “We   all    have  assured   the best among males  Rama,
That   we would search the  entire world covered with the sky   and  would bring him,
The news of the recovery  of Sita   , who is  Goddess Lakshmi  living on lotus  ,
Being proud  of  our strength   and now we have got undying bad name.”

4655.”We have not completed   the job that we have   undertaken  and  ,
We are also unable to go back quickly  and tell Rama   , what has happened,
As we do not  have  any  hope of   completing the job   and suppose  ,
We some how keep our life alive ,it is not a proper sign for our friendship.”

4656.  “My father   also would get angry with me   and our Lord   also would become sad,
And I do not have the ability   to see those events and so I would prefer  to take away my life,
Oh Monkeys , who  have very clear understanding of books , Please  tell me after thinking”.said Angadha.

4657.Hearing that  Jambavan  said, “Oh Angadha   who has    great shoulders,
Which would  be enemies   of pillars   and mountains  by their  strength,
You have told very proper words, if you die   do you think  , we will sit here,
And wail for you? Would   we go and tell Rama and Sugreeva about  you,
Soiling greatly the  friendship, which we have   with you?”

4658.He again said, “Oh prince who is the   best among males   , What news remains ,
To be told  by us   after returning and so we have made   up our mind   that,
Our dying would  be better. Because   we have all decided  to die, it is necessary for you to live.”

4659. When Jambhavan told like  this , the son of Vali   said, Oh monkey warriors,
Who have shoulders   as strong as mountains ,” if all of you die ,
Would it proper for me   to go   back? Would world   approve   of it?”

4660.”Fearing for  the bad words   which would be  told by learned people ,
That he   allowed    all his soul like   friends die   and he only has come now,
 I would prefer to go to heaven before such words   are told “  and Angadha   continued.

4661.”If some one goes  and tells the news of death   to my mother   as well as,
My father , as soon as they here  it , they are  likely to die   and when they die ,
Seeing that,   the great archer Rama  and his brother  are definite  to die  ,
And if that news reaches   the fertile city of  Ayodhya , would Bharata   and others continue to live?”

4662. “Bharata  , his   brother Shatrugna   and the mothers who gave birth to them,
All the citizens of   Ayodhya   would all definitely die., Oh how  dilapidated I am,
Just because   one lady called Sita    who is praised   by all the world  ,
Who is  like a lamp which has become great   due  to various penances  ,
Such a huge tragedy has   come to pass.”   Saying this   Angadha   became   very sad.

4663. The words   told  with great mental pain by Angadha   who had   strong shoulders 
Like the mountain   and who is like  a very angry lion which wanted to fight ,
Were heard by others    and their mind started burning  like fire that  cannot be put out,
Then the  king of bears  Jambavan   looked at Angadha   with great  love   and  told.

4664”. There   are no sons in your dynasty     except   , you and your father  ,
And considering that only we said you should  not die   but go and join him,
But even other wise   it is not proper    for us to talk about   death   of our kings.”

4665. The   Extremely able  Jambavan further told,  “Oh Angadha who    has   ability,
To win in a war  , You please  go   alive   and reach the place of Sugreeva   and tell them,
How we searched everywhere for  the peacock like   Sita   and  we were  not able to find her  ,
And also tell them the   news of all our death   and stop grieving  .”

4666.  After Jambavan told like that  , Hanuman said  , “Oh monkey warriors,
Who have all the speed of sun God  , so far we have not searched not even in,
A very small part   of the three worlds and when it is like that  , you all have ,
Become dejected as   if we travelled   slowly   and are not capable of thinking,.”

4667. He further said,  “If  we have searched  for Sita  with pretty forehead,
 Down in the earth   on the  sky  , on the golden mountain Meru   and in various other   worlds,
 And suppose we are  able to find her , Would our king    complain about    the   delay in  appointed time.”

4668.” I feel that   we should further search and if in spite of   that   ,
We are not able to find her  , like Jatayu   who tried to save her  from sorrow,
From Ravana   and died  in war  , we would also get fame ,
By giving up our life   but instead  of it  , if we give up our life now,
It would lead  us all to get   a very     bad name.”

4669.  As soon as Hanuman told this  , a  king of hawks , hearing  that,
His younger brother   who   without fail follows the  truth  had died,
With a mind crying  out with sorrow  came near the monkeys  like a moving mountain.

4670. He  whose heart was beating like drum  , and whose   
Body was shivering, hearing   that    his brother    has died 
Was  only able to move himself   like   the mountain  .
Whose   wings were    cut by   the Vajrayudha  of Indra.

4671. Feeling sad thinking  “Who are  there in this    world  ,
Who are armed  with weapons that hurt  in   great anger 
Who have killed my younger    brother ?”  he was ,
Shedding tears   which after falling  from his body  ,
Went and     mingled  like a stream to the  salty ocean.

4672.  And he  was like a well polished   lustrous   gem,  was shining  like lightning,
Due to the ornaments that he was wearing,  was shedding tears    from his faded   eyes,
Was   wailing loudly   due to the   great  sorrow, was   falling on earth and shouting, and was like a cloud.

4673,He moved with great speed  , breaking   creepers   and   various types of trees,
And powdering mountains into fine dust  and he was  similar  to silvery Kailasa mountain,
Which was moving on earth due to being lashed  by huge wind .

4674.Like this  that hawk   reached the place of those monkeys and those monkeys,
Felt greatly scared and ran away but the  greatly wise Hanuman,
With  eyes spitting fire due to anger said, “ Oh cheating    Asura, who has assumed,
A  false form “would you be able to  escape from me?”  and with great anger stood before that hawk.

4675.But  even before that Hanuman who was waiting for arrival of the hawk,
And who had great knowledge  , spoke one single   word, that hawk asked him,
“Who  was it by his valour killed   Jatayu ,  who was so strong  , that no one could fight with him?”

4677,Hearing that Hanuman  looked at the hawk   and then told
“If you first tell  the truth about   yourself then my answering
Your questions    would  not be improper,” and then that,
King of the hawks started    telling   about   himself.

4678.”Oh monkey who has teeth     which shine like lightning,
Who would not get   worried and depressed about  their siblings?
I  who was born earlier got separated from him who was born after me,”
And then he started    telling about   his story in detail.

4679.That faultless Hanuman who heard  the words of that hawk,
And who got drowned   in the great ocean of sorrow   and came out from there,
Told, ”the death of your brother  happened due to   the throwing ,
Of a sharp sword by Ravana , who was fighting with him.”

4680.Hearing the words of Hanuman  , that king of hawks fell down ,
On earth like a very huge mountain     struck by   thunder and,
Letting out hot breath , with shivering soul , he sobbed,
And told these words again and again   and started  crying.

4681.”Oh my younger brother, it is better   that my soul goes away,
As I had lost my long wings completely   due to burning,
And have been tied  up here unable   to move,
Oh brother who had the same    power like king Dasaratha,
Who had very great strength, Is  what I am hearing an illusion?”

4682.”Lord Brahma who was  born in the lotus   flower  is still alive ,
The earth and sky still exist, the indestructible Dharma is still established,
The present  age  of Brahma Kalpa has still not    got  over,
But you are not there any more. Is this  proper.”

4683.”Oh brother who is   greater than the very strong Garuda,
Once upon a  time two eggs came out and you and me   came out ,
Of them one after   another. Is it proper for   you to die  ,
Leaving me out here like this? Is it a valorous   act?”

4684.”Oh valorous one, Though that Asura    has won victory,
Over   the beings all the three   worlds, how come  ,
He stood before   you to wage a war ?Did he kill you?
What an unbelievable    happening  is this ?”

4685.Saying several things similar to this  , becoming sad and depressed,
Due to great sorrow, when that king of hawks    was nearly dying,
Hanuman with   mountain like shoulders, using proper words  consoled him.

4686. That red eyed king of hawks   who was  consoled by  Hanuman,
Collected himself  and asked , “Why did Jatayu who had    strength,
Like God of death fight  directly  with  that  Asura with a murderous sword?”
And then Hanuman  told him    the following news.

4687.”Sita who is   the consort  of our Lord Rama  ,
Who is the daughter of Janaka , who never  swerves from justice  ,
And who was   full of good culture   and character  was  ,
Separated  from Rama by the devious  trick of the very cruel king Ravana.”

4688.”Your younger brother saw   that murderous   Ravana holding a sword  ,
Abducting Sita  and he who never deviates   from Dharma told Ravana,
“Go away after   leaving Sita   who has   hair swarmed by bees.”
And then that Asura with a great chariot    fought with him.

4689. “That  Jatayu who follows truth  , destroyed   the chariot of that  bad one,
 And  created defeat for him but  that Ravana who was fighting to defeat  Jatayu,
Using the sword given to him   by the  God of Gods Shiva   killed  Jatayu, “ said Hanuman.

4690.Hearing the words spoken by Hanuman  , that king of hawks became teary  eyed,
And told Hanuman,  “Oh Monkey who stands by truth , the act   of Jatayu  ,
Giving up his life  for the sake of  the very holy Rama , who should   be honoured by mind,
Is great, really   very great  “ saying  like   this   he became very joyous.

4691. “Oh valorous one  , Since my younger brother   gave up his life  ,
For the sake of Sita who had reddish feet and form like   Vanchi creeper ,
And who is the wife of Rama   who wears   garlands made of fresh flowers,
WE can only say that “He  got great life with great fame”   and not that he died.”

4692.”My younger brother  Jatayu, after establishing friendly  ,
Relationship with  Rama  ,  the   God of Dharma   and  sacrificed ,
His life with satisfaction  and has   by that  he has  attained  ,
The matchless   state   and for such ones  ,
What would death take     away from them ,
What can give me more    happiness   than this?”

4693. After  wailing for his brother   in very many ways  ,
That king of hawks  who had matchless   strength  of shoulders,
Went to    the   water reserve and took bath   and told  to,
The monkey warriors who were wearing  densely made   flower garlands.

4694.”Oh warriors   who have left doing sin as  per advice of elders ,
Who have   completely got rid of the darkness   of  ignorance  ,
And who have left the habit   of telling lies , you all have   come,
To my place   and gave me good life and the news ,
Of the death   of my younger brother  did not drown me in ocean of sorrow.”

4695.”Oh monkey warriors  who tell sweet words  and have  the great fame,
Of supporting truth , All of you please  repeat the holy name  of Rama,
And by doing   that  I would lose my tiredness   and get   the grace of Rama.”

4696. When he told like that   the  monkeys told , “we will see that”,
And keeping standing up  repeated the name “Rama” which is the name,
Of the blue coloured  one and which would give   good things,
And the wings  of that  hawk with strong shoulders  grew  extending up to the sky.

4697. That hawk got a limb  like  a sword which spits   fire with smoke   got a sheath,
Became one with lustrous body   and  became strong  with row   of wings,
Which covered   the entire earth   and got back his wings which got burnt earlier.

4698. Seeing that,   the monkeys were greatly astonished ,   to know,
That their repetition  of the name   of Rama who  was recognized  ,
By wise people as ultimate God  , gave  benefit  by giving  wings,
To the hawk king who came   there rolling   and they were also scared,
And praised   and prayed Rama , the chief of devas  and with surprise sobbed.

 4699.Then they saluted the hawk king   and requested  him,
“Be pleased to tell us   all the  history of yours fully.”
And when he  was moved by their request  ,
He started    telling  his story      as    follows.

4700.”Oh friends who shower on  me,   love like   that of a mother,
We whose  names  are Sampathi and Jatayu    were born to Aruna,
Who is the charioteer   of the sun God  who  swallows  the darkness ,
That covers this earth   surrounded by oceans   and we   became  kings ,
Of the  speedily  flying hawks    who had   pretty wings  .”

4701, “Pushed by curiosity  with a desire   to see the land of devas   in the sky ,
When  we  were    flying  high up in the sky , we saw with our eyes,
The chariot of sun God   who had burning rays   and   even  before we saw it,
The Sun God     who was divine  who  had scorching rays   got  angry with us.”

4702.Then I saw that the fire was scorching   the wings of my younger brother ,
Who  was flying higher    than me  , he looked at me    and  requested ,
“Oh father  , please save me.”   And I then went above   him and spread  out,
My very huge wings  and prevented heat    from affecting   him  ,
And because of that  Jatayu escaped   but my wings got   burnt ,
And  I fell on earth   alive   but with   no wings .”

4703. “Then the Sun God in the sky   looked at me who has fallen on earth  ,
And took mercy on me   and told “Because the daughter  of Janaka’s ,
Separation from her husband Rama  , some monkeys    would  come in search of her,
And when they meditate  in their mind and chant the name of Rama,
You would    again get    back your wings    and would fly away.”

4704.”Oh great  monkey warriors   who are doing an activity   which would,
Make even the Devas happy  , My younger brother becoming sad to see   my state ,
Being afraid  to  disobey my order   became the  king of big hawks  that fly on the sky,
This is my story and please    tell me  the story of how   you reached this place.,”
4705.When Sampathi  asked like this  , those monkeys after   praying Rama   said.,
“Oh father like Sampathi , that asura with evil intention  , took   Sita , the consort of Rama,
Towards    the southern direction  and because of that  , we have come here  in search of her ,”
And hearing that Sampathi told  “Do not grieve, I will tell you  what all I know about it.”

4706.  I saw  that cruel Asura   abducting Sita who had a voice  like the sugar syrup,
And he took her   to Lanka   and after entering there , he has kept Sita who  had,
A suffering mind   in a cruel imprisonment  . She is still there  and you can go and see her.”

4707.”That Lanka surrounded  by the tumultuous sea    is one hundred Yojanas  ,
From here and even the God of death  with the fearsome rope   would be  sacred,
To have a glance at that town for the  anger of that asura    with evil deeds,
Is like a huge fire  that can even   burn the fire. Oh faultless   friends ,
I  do not know    how    you can manage    to go there?”

4708.”Even if it is the job of   the  four headed  Brahma  or  Lord Shiva  ,
Who has given away half his body   or Lord Vishnu    who is having the ocean of milk,
Even God of death   would  not be able to enter there   and do this job.
Because of the great security   of that town and oh monkeys  ,
Who have a  long life span , please   attempt  to go,
After clearly thinking  about what may happen to you.”

4709.”It is not at all easy   for all of you to   go and reach that ,
Ancient city Lanka and so  one of you   who is very strong  ,
And who is intelligent should try to go there   alone ,
And there search for Sita   without  any one   seeing you.
And return back after giving courage to Sita  and removing her sorrow,
Otherwise  , keep belief in my words and inform the pretty Rama  .
The place   where  Sita is kept    in prison.”

4710. “Due to there being no one to protect them   all the   hawks  ,
Would become   sad  and leave their homes and wander  here and there.
For removing their sorrow, It is my duty    to go and oh friends  ,
Do what is good  and that  Sampathi spreading his wings  ,
Which was    hiding the    world, speedily flew away from there.

16.Mahendra Padalam

Chapter  on  Mahendra mountain.

 (Most of the  monkeys tell that   we would not be able to jump one hundred Yojanas  .Angadha    says he can go there  but cannot return back. Jambavan tells that due to an old he cannot. He tells that Hanuman can do it. Hanuman agrees   climbs  on Mahendra mountain and ges prepared to jump.
    In Valmiki Ramayana  Jambavan tells    the story of Hanuman and why he    does  not know his own strength . That is not    there in Kamba Ramayanam.)

4711. Definitely of the opinion that   that king of hawks   would not tell a lie,
The monkeys told,  “Oh monkeys   who easily perform all  that needs to be done,
As clear as the gooseberry in hand  , we now  know the place  where Sita  is,
And due to him, we also can firmly continue to live and so  after thinking  ,
About the two alternatives properly, we will  come to a firm decision.”

4712. “If we go   without completing the job   and  salute Sugreeva,
The son of Sun God  who loves victory   and Rama  ,
Who holds a lustrous bow  , and tell them   about the happenings,
Our job would some how be completed  but  clearly finding her out  ,
Would  be a valorous act  . Who among us can    cross the ocean?”
After telling this each of  them    started telling about   their   strength.

4713. They said,  “We decided to die   and also  were willing to return back  ,
With this very bad name which would never get erased and then ,
Due to te king of Hawks we have got a better way . Oh  monkey warriors  ,
Who are capable   of killing the asuras who are  black  poison   and
Who are also capable  of showing their valour   by  crossing the ocean by jumping  ,
Please do that   and protect   our  lives.”

4714.  Neela and other great monkey warriors  who had valour   to win the war ,
Clearly told that   they did not have sufficient   strength to cross the ocean.
The faultless Angadha who was son of Vali   who could exhibit  valour and victory ,
In war   said, “I can cross the ocean but  I do not have strength    to return back.”

4715.Jambavan said, “Oh warriors   with strong shoulders  , at that time,
When Lord Vishnu   who cannot be easily found out, who has a matchless  form,
Took a mega form   and measured the earth with one step  , I  went round ,
All the eight directions  , played the drum and announced   about  it  and when ,
I  appeared before   him , because Meru mountain blocked my way,
I suffered     due   to  very great pain in   the legs  and became  sad.”

4716.”And because of that  I  do not have   sufficient strength  ,
To jump and cross this big ocean  , climb and cross the fort walls  with moat  ,
Of that great city , do valorous   deeds which would make those cruel Asuras shiver ,
Search and  find out  Sita   and  immediately to return back to this place”
And thus Jambavan the son of four headed  Brahma   completed his talk.

4717.Then  the victorious   Angadha   who was lion among monkeys ,
Becoming greatly sad   said ,”That it is not  proper for us 
To   think  “Whom else can we now request  to cross the ocean  ?”
As it does not merit praise  and so  Hanuman   is the only one.
Who can establish our fame   and who is faultless.”

4718. “Due to his going in front of Rama and created friendship with Sugreeva  ,
Due to his capability    of completing any  job he undertakes without getting tired,
There is no one like Hanuman amongst us  .”  said Jambhavan , the son of Brahma , 
 And to inform others  the strength of the shoulders   of Hanuman   suitable for wrestling  .
He started telling the   following words   looking at  Hanuman 

4719.  “Even if Lord Brahma who is greatest among all dies, Oh Hanuman,
Who still would have    an endless life  , you have thought  over all the arts ,
With desire and gained knowledge in them , Oh Hanuman  ,
Who is an expert conversationalist  , who has   great fury,
Which would make even God   of death scared  of you  ,
You are capable  of  achieving any  of the duties  undertaken by you  ,
And who like Lord Shiva   who swallowed  Halahala poison are capable of destroying  any one.”

4720. “You would stand without dying   in   hot red fire  , water    as well as   wind,
You cannot be killed by the very famous   divine   weapons  of different sorts  ,
If a comparison is needed for you  , there  is no one except  you , who can be,
Comparable     to you , And  just by one jump   you are capable of crossing this earth.”

4721.  “You have the power of not only analyzing the   good but also the bad  ,
And tell without mistake the truth , you have   the capability of judging.
Whether   a job should be done    and also courageously doing it,
You are capable of achieving victory over Asuras and also capable  ,
Of going to Lanka   and then coming back and if enemies   fight with you there  ,
You are   also capable   of killing them   and because of  that,
The   strength   of your shoulders   would never   get reduced.”

4722.”Oh Hanuman   who is   standing taller     than the  Meru mountain,
Who has   the capacity   to assume the micro form   which can move around ,
Between,  the rain drops  showered by clouds,  , Oh valorous one   who  has,
The capacity  to  completely uproot   the entire earth, you have no bad   name ,
For using great boons  in an evil way   and  you are capable of touching the sun.”

4723. “Oh very intelligent one  , after    thinking about   proper methods  ,
Without going against Dharma   of kings  you made  Vali,
Who was an expert fall   and   roll down in the ground  ,
When   Indra with fire in his eyes   threw the Vajrayudha   on you,
So that  it will drown the body , not even single  part  your body was   damaged.”

4724,”Oh Hanuman   who has very powerful shoulders  , even if all people ,
Of the three worlds  come to oppose you  ,  you would not   bother  much about it,
Due to  the great strength   which others do not realize   and  with  the valour that  never decreases ,
And you have   learnt all the Vedas and other books    walking backwards   in front  of the Chariot,
Of The Sun   who removes the darkness of the earth and other worlds  by his rays.”

4725”,You  follow justice  , you are   the one who tells the truth  ,
You have grown up  never thinking  about  the pleasure  from ladies   
In   your mind, You have learnt  all Vedas   along with their meaning ,
You have a life span which is larger than  the Brahma’s life span ,
And  you are so great that  people say that  you  are the primeval  Lord Brahma.”

4726.”Oh Hanuman who has great affection to   the great Rama  and Lakshmana  ,
Because   of that   you have  well thought out knowledge   of what you have told,
And you have  already decided firmly that the job of searching Sita is yours,
There is no harm in doing any work   and so please    do this job and complete it,
As you have   decided that   the blessed deeds are  the only ones which  are permanent.”

4727.”You have the  strength of patience    to wait  , if a particular   time is not opportune ,
And if war comes  , you would become as strong as  male lion in great    rage .
Apart  from having the capacity   of  finishing the job which you have   ,
Analyzed by your wisdom and taken up , apart from that activity,
You would also take care of all the subsidiary    activities     that arise ,
You would stand with   stability  if  a problem comes which would harm your greatness.

4728. “ Indra and others    who have won great victories  choose   to  follow,
Your  patience and good character , by which you  have become greatly  learned,
You have the ability to organize  in a sweet manner  and you are also,
 Great strength in penance by which   you attain easily  any thing you want.”

4729.”You have the power and strength to cross   this sea and return back,
So go with speed , and  by going there  , present  us our souls   and become  famous ,
And you also help your lord Rama   by bringing news about Sita  and make him climb out ,
Of that ocean of misery in which he is drowned”  saying like this  ,
Jambavan the son of Brahma  encouraged   Hanuman to cross the sea.

4730.  When Jambavan told like this  , Hanuman who  is best among the wise  ,
Who  was like the lotus with bent head  , who was smiling like an open  red lily flower,
And  who  was holding his hands like    a closed lotus    flower,
For making all the assembled monkeys happy  , told his opinion like   this.

4731Hanuman told ,  “even if you want me to uproot the city of Lanka ,
And bring it here   or if you ask me   to destroy   all those   who fight with me ,
Completely   and bring Sita who looks like a peacock and wears golden ear globes,
I would  do  what ever   you  wish me to do, You would see  it soon   and so do not  get worried.”

4732.”Like  Lord Vishnu measuring the world with one step  , I would cover ,
The hundred yojanas   within  my one step  of my inner feet,
And easily cross    the very big sea  and even if Indra and others  ,
Come   to help those  Asuras   and fight   with me   , I would kill,
All those   bad  Asuras who live in Lanka  and complete  the job , I have undertaken.”

4733.  “Even before you start   thinking   you have the strength  to cross the seven oceans,
With   waves and win victory over all the worlds  and would  bring back Sita  ,
And  you yourselves   are asking me    do it  , to see  my ignorant  action,
And due to that   there is no one who has  benefitted  more than me.”

4734,”Even if  the ocean  comes to swallow the earth that  is surrounded  by the sea,
And  even if the entire universe is  broken   and rises   up  high in the sky,
Due to your  great blessings    and   order of my   Lord Rama  becoming,
Group of long wings on both sides  , I would cross the sea like Garuda. You would see it.”

4735.”Till   I reach Lanka surrounded  by the ocean and return back from there ,
You please  stay here and give leave to  me now” saying this  Hanuman,
With all the monkeys greeting him and wishing good luck,
With Devas   showering   flowers  from the sky , climbed ,
And reached   the  top of the very divine Mahendra  mountain.

4736.Hanuman who  had firmly  to perform the  matchless   deed of crossing the ocean,
Just  like Lord Vishnu assuming a very huge  form to measure   the world,
Touching   the  top of the sky   , changed his form in to a huge  one , known to every one  ,
And grew up touching the sky  and in comparison   stood  tall,
To suit his name   as “divine  feet  “  and stood there   seen by all.

4737.  That Hanuman   who had his shoulders filled     with   garlands  ,
Was  standing prepared   to   reach  the town of Lanka    and return by the time  ,
The  great Sun God  with very hot rays who spreads   his light   all over the world 
Similar   to the  spread  of the fame of great ones   who show  their strength in war  ,
Reaches  the western ocean    and    sets  in the evening  .

4738. That Hanuman   stood there  making the very wide  Mahendra mountain  .
Where   the male lions   with open mouth  were living   and pressed   ,
That mountain down  which  made  the several  peaks  of the mountain  ,
Which were in a row getting crushed    and  powdery   and tying   his own body,
With his tail   which was looking like a serpent   spitting  poison,
And with all this he looked like  the Mandhara  mountain standing on the tortoise  .

4739.Hanuman stood erect   and the clouds with lightning   tied  his legs,
Making sound like heroic anklets  ,  his  extremely tall form,
Went   higher  than the limit of the sight   of   the devas   and  ,
That Mahendra mountain with  large number of peaks   looked  like,
The stone base   of the golden pillar    that   supporting the earth.

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