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Kamba Ramayanam-KIshkinda Kandam -Padalam 7-8

4.Kishkinda Kandam(Contd..)

7.Vali Vadhai  Padalam

Chapter of  killing of Vali

(Rama and others reach  Vali ‘s palace. Rama requests Sugreeva   to challenge Vali for battle and assures him that   he would shoot an arrow  at Vali from hiding.  When Sugreeva shouts   the battle cry,
Tara warns Vali that  , Rama has assured to help Sugreeva.  Vali who knew the fame of Rama  assures Tara, that Rama who is wedded to Dharma   would not do that  . Sugreeva fights with  Vali  but is about to be defeated. He runs back to Rama ,  who tells him that   he did not send the arrow   as   they were similar looking . He ties forest flower garland on Sugreeva   who goes again to fight    with Vali. When Vali lifts Sugreeva with both hands, Rama shoots    the  arrow and Vali falls down. With great difficulty.
He pulls   out the arrow and finds out     that it is shot my Rama. When Rama comes near him, Vali accuses Rama of doing unjust action.  Rama that Vali not only drove out Sugreeva but also possessed   his wife. Vali replies that  they are  not bound by the    rules of men. Rama then tells Vali that   he is not a beast but a very knowledgeable person.  Vali understands and gets resigned to his fate  , He entrusts  Sugreeva  and Angadha   to care  of Rama , Tara comes there and wails  .Angadha does the after-death  rituals of Vali  . Rama  grants  salvation to Vali.
     While Sugrreva and Rama comes to the palace of Valley  , in Valmiki Ramayana  they see the hermitage of seven sages and salute it. This is not mentioned in Kamba Ramayanam . The justification  for killing Vali  for Rama is slightly different in Valmiki Ramayana. Rama says Vali is living   in the kingdom of Bharata and he as representative of Bharata has    every right    to punish him and also since Vali is a beast   , he can be  killed from hiding. When Tara comes to see  the dead Vali , the monkeys of Kishkinda   try to stop her  and say they would continue the fight under Angadha in Valmiki Ramayana In that Ramayana   Tara wants to die along with Vali. Hanuman dissuades her , The cremation of Vali is dealt in great detail  with Brahminical custom in Valmiki  Ramayana unlike here where it is dealt very briefly.)

3935.Sugreeva and others   who were like  male  Yalis with cruel fearsome   eyes ,
The  strong tiger  , the   fast moving elephant   along with two young lions .
Went along   the path   with  densely growing  , stable Aachaa trees  , Moola  trees  , AAthi trees,
THamala trees  , cardamom    and the Surapunnai    trees , which had flowers like  Garlands .

3936.That path had  swings in which deer like   ladies   were  swinging  ,
And wherever there were no swings  , there were sandalwood trees  whose  leaves were waving,
There were  mountain  valleys   and if they are not there  were  the  front of the mountains,
Over which    clouds  were  moving and  in   that places  where there  were ,
Highly scented  CHampaka gardens with   leaves  waving  ,
And in those places   where there was no garden  there  were  golden hills.

3937.When Rama  and Lakshmana    who   were the cause    for starting of Dharma,
Along with   the monkey crowds   were climbing or getting down  ,
From mountain slopes  , due to sound of   their heroic anklets   which by nature  ,
Produce   huge sound  , the clouds which were   sleeping  on mountains  with closed eyes,
Woke up   well and started   travelling     up in the sky.

3938.  With clouds running  by the way   of long  mountains  , with water flowing   from those clouds ,
The serpents dancing with open hood , deers along with elephants   running  ,
the lions also went  along  with them. In those mountain slopes   nearby   ,
Where  Karapunnai trees grow   and in the streams, Valai fishes were running ,
And the water  snakes by nature  get scared  ran away ,
And along with them   black monkeys    and tigers    also   ran.

3939.  Due to the elephant in rut which had  not properly woken  up ,
Hitting with great rage ,   very hard black  Akil trees  and  the sandal trees ,
They broke and fell and when they rolled   and came   down   ,
Making  the honey  that flowed from the   damaged    hives  
Made  wet the   scary  mountain paths   and    greatly   slippery   and they walked ,
With great nervousness    through     those   paths.

3940.Those  mountains which were   climbed by   valorous ones who   were carrying the bow 
Was full of heaps   of lustrous gems  which spread light   like fire spreading light,
And the golden light spread  everywhere as if  it was pouring water   to put out that fire.

3941. In  all those playful ponds   which were  by the side of those mountains  ,
The Ganges   of heaven  would   flow, the bull would rush    in to   the thinai  ,
Fields where the awns   had been harvested  , the mountain streams   would flow, in to it ,
And from those flat lands of the mountain   the elephants would rush in  ,
The sparrow would jump on those Thinai awns   and monkeys  would jump on tree branches.

3942  That mountain     had   the  attractive perfume  of cardamom  which attracts   the  devas ,
And  due to flow of   water  , the mountain  slopes which are  slippery   due to the flow of honey 
Would pull down   the  stars  , otherwise  it would pull the rain bow    appearing on the sky,
Or it would pull the  white  crescent of the moon  or  it would   pull the planets on the sky.

3943.Rama and other valorous ones   who went up the  mountain through  ,
The mountain path   climbed ten yojanas distance     on that mountain,
And reached   the place   which was like   the golden place of Devas  which had come down,
Where Vali lived   and started   talking to each other, “ What they should all do?”

3944.Then that Rama looking at   Sugreeva told   “You challenge   Vali  for a battle  ,
And when that Vali with matchless   cruel poison   is fighting    with  you,
I would stand  in some other place   and  have made up my  mind  ,
To shoot the arrow at him  for only this   would suit this circumstance  “,
And Sugreeva   who wanted to destroy the enemy   and gain victory ,
Thought    about   it and told  “This plan would give good result.”

3945.   After hearing the words of Rama  , the son of,  Sun who without break travels in the sky  , 
Made the water filled   ocean with tides scared , made  the blue clouds   in the sky ashamed,
Made  the people on earth sweat   and run away , Made  the devas  of heaven confused,
Made a  loud war cry  which spread all over  the universe swallowed by Lord Vishnu 

3946.”If you come to war   with me  , I would kill you “ he said  in a commanding voice,
Stamping the earth producing great noise  , folding his  mouth in great anger ,
Patting   his shoulders   which were  shining  , and that   sound of war cry  ,
Was  heard in Kishkinda city   and  entered    the ears  of ,
Sleeping   Vali    whose   left eye twitched  .” they say

3947.That Vali who   was  lying down on a bed which was like the ocean of milk  ,
Like a cruel lion hearing   the trumpeting   of   a huge   elephant   in rut,
Heard   the roaring loud     war cry  of   that  Sugreeva.,

3948. That Vali who had  mountain like shoulders , thinking about  his younger brother,
Who had come to fight war with him   laughed  and  the sound of the laughter,
Crossed   all the fourteen worlds  and made  beings  beyond directions scared  and run away.

3949.He who had pride like   the  ocean with huge tides  rising up at final deluge  ,
He speedily got up   and due to that  speed , the Kishkinda mountain went   down,
And  by   the wind generated  by movement of his shoulders,  nearby huge mountains fell down.

3950.Due   to his anger the sparks   of fire appeared   in the root of every hair  and got scattered,
And his  eyes which rose up due to anger  sprayed out fire which would make  ,
The  eyes  of Badavagni  loose  its sight   if it sees it   and  his hot breath,
Generated    great smoke   which spread in heavens  where  the Devas live.

3951.When Vali   hit one of his palms with the other   in extreme anger  ,
All the eight elephants which support the earth lost their rut    and pride  ,
The collection of thunder   lost their power   and fell down  ,
The land of devas   became bad   and the displaced mountains  broke.

3952.The words, “I have already come, I have already come  “that were said by Vali ,
Was heard from Indra’s east   direction to all the eight    directions,
And due to gem studded   tip of   his crown   hitting the moon,
Many groups of stars   were scattered and fell down.

3953, Due to the wind generated     by his getting up  , mountains   were displaced,
And fell down after reaching   the boundary    of   directions  ,
The hot fire sparks that   appeared in the roots of his white hairs,
Went   and hid the fencing wall of the globe,
 The eyes of god  of death  glittered and devas   had a setback.

3954. The fire sparks that   came out , when he bit his teeth and,
Were   like  the cluster of thunders produced when  clouds dash against each other  ,
And got scattered   all  over   and when he patted    his shoulders   and yelled,
The gems on ornaments   fell down like sparks of lightning.

3955. Vali then started  making every body scared  and was like  the terrible fire at deluge,
Which destroys the heavens , the seas in the four directions  , devas  ,
And the principles  which are the root of everything  and was also like,
The Halahala poison   that   emerged    from the  ocean of milk.

3956.At that time  Tara   who had bamboo like   shoulders,
Which had the  properties of nectar  , whose hair   got burnt,
Due to the   fire that came  out of Vali’s mouth due to anger  ,
Stood   before him and tried to prevent him.

3957.Vali said, “Oh lady who is like    the mountain peacock, do not stop me,
Leave me now, just like  nectar was taken  by churning   the ocean  ,
I would    destroy the strength of Sugreeva  , drink his pretty life  ,
And return back quickly” and then Tara   told.

3958.”oh king,  That Sugreeva   whose strength was destroyed   by your famous strong shoulders ,
With great sorrow  , has not  gained any extra great   strength   and   his coming   to war with you,
And this shows    that    he has   got  a very great   support.”

3959.Vali replied  , “oh lady  . even if   all the limitless   huge worlds,
Which have been divided   in to three  parts  join together  ,
And comes before me as my enemy  , they all would be defeated,
And get destroyed. There are   several proofs for this, please hear.”

3960.”The big   mountain Mandhara   became   the churner , the serpent  Vasuki,
Became the rope of limitless  length  , Lord Vishnu with wheel   became a tortoise  ,
And  sat as  regulating stone   and the   rope was  pulled  ,
From both the sides   by devas like Indra   and   the  Asuras.”

3961.”Oh Tara   who has the look of peacock  and the sweet voice of koel,
When those   very weak asuras   and devas  pulled the Mandhara mountain,
They  became worn up and tired  and  I   churned the ocean like churning  of the curd ,
And gave    them the nectar   which came up .Can this  be forgotten.”

3962. “Those weak devas   and asuras   were all defeated , can any one tell  their number?
Even the God of death    when my name  is uttered   would start shivering ,
So who is that person who has come as help    to support   Sugreeva  ,
Who has  the power   to face me   in  war, please tell me?”

3963. “Those innocent people who do not  knowmy strength  may possibly come to fight with me  ,
But half   the boons that they have received    and half their strength  would become mine.
And so   how can they become my enemies   and fight with me?
Please   remove your sorrow now  “ Said he   consoling   Tara.

3964.Hearing that she told, “oh king  , some people   who have great love,
Towards us have told  a person called  Rama has   become a  friend like life to Sugreeva,
And has come   along with him, so that He can take away your soul.”

3965.”oh sinner  By telling  inappropriate   things about  Lord Rama  ,
Who shows  the path of Dharma   to all those    who are  sorrowing in the world,
Who are  summoning    the God  , not able to find  methods,
To destroy  the good and bad karmas  , you  have   done a great mistake  ,
And due to the ignorance   of you being a female    you told this.”

3966.” To Rama  who   thinks about the results of action here   and in heaven,
Would it   give fame    to do as you told just now? By doing   this,
What benefit   will he get ?Will  that  just Dharma  which stands  ,
AS some thing  not easily reachable   and which protects  ,
The beings on earth  , try to destroy   itself?”

3967.”When he who  got  the kingship  of the entire    world    from his father as his right,
AS soon as  he Was ordered  by his step mother , he   gave  it to her son with great joy,
And instead  of praising that   great  Rama , you have  told  such words finding fault  with him.”

3968. “ Even if   all the established   worlds   join together   and fight with him,
Victory would  be to his  powerful bow and so where  is  the need ,
For any other assistance to him? Would Rama who is equal to  only himself
 Seek for  friendship  with a  monkey which  does only silly things?”

3969.” That  sea of mercy Rama who thinks that   except for his brothers,
He does not have  a separate soul   in this world  ,
Is one who walks united with them and would he  interfere,
In the war between me and my brother   and  send an arrow at me?”

3970”.You  please stay here  for some time  , within the time of batting an eye ,
I would drink the soul of Sugreeva who has come with anger   to me,
And destroy all  those who have come with him  so that their aim cannot succeed,
And come back again,, You please do not  worry” and when he  consoled ,
Tara like this, she who had scented hair was  scared  to talk  against  his ideas.

3971. That Vali  with great speed  desiring to fight , with his  huge shoulders,
Which  were   taller    than the border   of the land of Devas  ,
Like the sun who appeared    on the top of the  mountain of sun rise   ,
Became visible   on the top  of that wealthy mountain.

3972.That Vali   who due to  the strength of his shoulders   was similar  to,
A huge and great mountain , similar to the great Lord Narasimha   coming out ,
Of the pillar pointed out by the cruel Rakshasa , Making all those   who seem,
Greatly scared   came   in between those  mountains.

3973. Than Vali saw   his younger brother   who raised   the war cry  ,
And he also  created huge shout  which made  the  huge thunders  ,
Fall  from the sky sweating with fear  and that  great  noise  ,
Similar   to the feet of  the black  Vishnu as Trivikrama   ,
Which measured all the world  , Covered   all the   worlds.

3974.At that time  Rama told his loving brother Lakshmana  , “oh brother,
Please see  carefully. Who among the devas , asuras , oceans  , clouds,
Winds, the cruel fire   which are   there  in varying  worlds  ,
Would be equal in strength    to the body of these Vali and Sugreeva.”

3975. The younger brother   of the Lord   while replying   told,
“This Sugreeva for stealing the soul of his elder   brother has brought,
The God of death here and has decided to engage   in war ,
Which is hated  by  very many monkeys and when I think about it,
I am pushed in to sorrow and am not able to properly think.”

3976.Unable to calm down his  mind Lakshmana    further  told,
“Oh great hero, it is not good to believe   in those persons  ,
Who go against Dharma   and without clarity   try to do  bad acts,
How can this Sugreeva   who has come here thinking that  his elder brother,
Is his enemy   with an intention of killing him , become a good  help to us?”

3977.Then Rama said  , “Oh brother  , please hear this , Should you talk  ,
About the  proper behavior of these beasts    who are slightly mad and ignorant  ,
Similar to the   behavior   of human   beings? If  all the brothers  who were born afterwards,
In the womb of any other mother   start behaving similarly  ,
 Would  it happen that  , all people praise Bharata  as very   great.”

3978. “Oh Lakshmana   who has pretty shoulders like   the mountain holding a bow,
People who always  follow correct behavior are  only very few  , for most of the people,
Do not care   to follow good behavior and this is the truth   and it is only proper,
To receive   good things from those who   gain our friendship   because ,
Who in this world   can be declared as  one  who does not have any fault.”

3979,When Rama and Lakshmana   who were  valorous and had expertise in war,
Were talking like this ,  Sugreeva the  son of Sun God who roams  round the sky  ,
And Vali who was the son of Indra , who were both  like   the cool , white and big,
Mountains that roam the world , similar   to the  huge strong  ,
Elephants of the different   directions    dashed against each other.

3980.They both fought  like a mountain   fighting against another.
They fought like male lions   who each had the   power to kill,
And also be  victorious , were  fighting   with each other.
They neared to fight  , for a lot of time  circled each other   from left  ,
As well as right   and because of that    the heavens started  rotating,
Like   potter ‘s wheel which was spun by the potter  with strong shoulders.

3981.Due to their shoulders    rubbing against    each other , the heaven,
Was not   able to bear  it and when they rubbed    their legs against each other,
Created   sparks of fire  which with light   , went on  the sky like  lightning.
And they fought each other  closely  like planets fighting  with each other  and became angry.

3982. That Vali    and Sugreeva  who were   great in the strength of their shoulders,
Who  were born to the same mother  , who had started to fight   for sake of a young lady,
Were like  the old Asuras Sundha and Upasundha  who   became enemies  ,
And fought with each other   due  to their Love to Thilothama  who had lustrous eyes.

3983.There were fighting like  two oceans  fighting    with each other  ,
Like the Meru mountain  splitting in to two , which fight   with each other  ,
Like the character  of anger taking up two male forms and fighting with each other ,
And we who have not seen the fight  cannot say any other  comparison to this fight.

3984. Due to the fire  that came  of the    angry eyes  of the monkey lords,
The clouds started  burning  , Mountains started  burning  ,
The elephants of the direction   became  scared and started  trembling,
The four   types   of lands lost their nature, The devas   who had crowded   the sky,
Vanished    from there and went and hid themselves  in safe places.

3985.They   fought   and  roamed   over several places   making people wonder,
“Are they on the sky? Are they on the peaks  of  tall mountains  ?
Are  They at the end of  different   directions? Are they inside our eyes?”
And  they bit   and punched each other   so that  they got wounded  and blood oozed out .

3986,The huge sound that both of them produced was five   times the sound of,
The seven oceans joining together    and lashing    at the   ten  different directions,
Their punching   on the very strong big shoulders  and  on their chest  ,
With  very great speed by their hands, resembled the thunders   at deluge.

3987.Due  to the strong Vali and Sugreeva  leaping on each other ,
And biting each other with the sharp teeth   in their mouth ,
The blood from that places   were  sprinkled  on all directions,
And the very  bright stars resembled planet mars   and ,
The clouds on the sky   resembled   the red sky   at dawn and dusk.

3988.Like    the fire sparks   coming  out of the red hot iron rods  ,
When beaten with big hammers  , the shoulders  of Indra’s  son,
 And that of   the son  of  Sun God   , due to being hit  by huge  hands broke .

3989.Both of them  pushed each other   by   their   chests,
They would kick  by their legs  , hit with their hands  with great speed,
They would bite by their mouths , they would stand  before each other and hit each other,
They would hit with trees  and chide  each other, they would  uproot mountains  ,
And throw on the other’s head, they would  shout and stare at each other like fire.

3990. They would hold   and lift  each other , they would hold each  other,
Tightly and throw them up   and then they would show   their chest to the enemy  ,
And  with clenched fist they will punch on the   chest that   is shown to them,
And  turning swiftly to the right  and the left   with a great speed  like a fan,
They would prevent others from coming    forward, they would step back  .
Stand together    and hugging each other   they would fall down.

3991.They would tie the  chest of the other person with    their tail,
They would pull them making their  bones break . they would pull with their leg ,
The  other  person’s   long  legs  , then they would untie themselves  from  that catch,
Like  throwing   the spear  to pierce  the body  , with their very strong nails  ,
They would  pierce the leather   jacket which the other  person wears.

3992.Due   to their uprooting  mountains  and  trees  on earth  and all other  things,
That they saw  all around   by their very strong hands   and  by throwing them ,
Those broken  mountains and other  things  hid the sky  ,
And they also fell  in the oceans where the tides   were   turning .

3993. In the war that happened   then  , each of them were  not able to  defeat  ,
The  other but  fought  the war and seeing the other  person   is suffering ,
With  the red fire of anger burning from each hair  root  , which was burning  .
Like   the burning of   the  grass in the    forest   they continued the  war,
Seeing the fierceness of the war     the devas   got scared  and got  upset,
And what  else can be told about  the fierceness   of the    war?

3994. When the Vali and Sugreeva    who were like that were fighting with each other,
Vali   who had strong   long , big and well formed shoulders  and 
Who had    the strength  needed to win over his enemy  ,
Using his nails that can  kill   and his hands  , like the lion destroying  the elephant,
Made Sugreeva  loose  all  his strength   and  made him fall .

3995.Like   this when Vali fought    with great   ferocity  , The son of Sun God  became  very sad ,
And approached  Lord Rama   with a sorrowful mind   and when he was   standing their  bowing to him,,
Rama  looked at   Sugreeva  and said, “Do not be sad as I was not able  to differentiate ,
Between you two and so you wear   this flower  of the creeper   and go” ,
And Like that   Sugreeva wore that flower  and  went  to fight     with Vali again.

3996.  Like the shining  stars   made in to garland  and worn  , Sugreeva   ,
With  the  flowers of creeper decorating his hand   went    again
Shouting  and making  the strong    tiger   and the thunder  of the clouds    sad ,
Speedily came   and   beat and hit   several times Vali,
Who had the strength   to kill    the enemy    greatly sacred.

3997.Vali with a doubt in mind as to how  Sugreeva    who was defeated  and ran away,
Has come again, looked at Sugreeva  which would have made the God of death   scared,
And laughed with great anger   , with his strong hands   as well as  legs ,
Beat  , kicked  and punched the son of Sun God In places of great danger  and made him faint.

3998. At  that   time the son of God with red rays   breathed with difficulty   and ,
Started vomiting his soul    and from his ears  and eyes   along with fire   blood came out,
And not able to do anything he  looked at the place   where Rama was there,
And the son of Indra   was beating him again and again and making   him suffer.

3999.Vali thinking  that he   would lift Sugreeva and dash him on earth ,
Put his hands below Sugreeva’s neck  and waist  and lifted him up  ,
And  then that Raghava took an arrow , kept  it on the  string of the bow,
And   after making the  bow suit his shoulders  , sent it,.

4000. That arrow  hit the chest of Vali   who had the   strength of four elements,
Water, the fire that made   the water, the strong   air that made    that fire ,
And  The earth which supports    all these three , and pierced  it like  ,
The  well matured Kadali Banana     fruit  which is  of excellent taste ,
Being pierced by a  needle and is there a need  to tell about its speed?

4001. Vali  whose   strength of shoulders were lost , who could  not show mercy on his  brother,
Who was attempting to kill him by dashing him on strong earth  and who was  great in warfare,
Getting  disturbed and fell down like Mount Meru which also falls  by strong wind at deluge.

4002. That Vali who was lying on earth  , like a mountain uprooted  by   thunder ,
And  Who had   great strength to destroy his enemies, loosened  his arm,
Which was holding his brother but was  holding strongly   the arrow on his   chest.

4003.That Vali got up hitting the top of the sky  saying  I will break this  ,
Got angry saying “even before a black gram turns, I would  go round,
All the directions   and destroy everything” and also  think “I would,
Uproot this entire    earth itself” and start wondering “who hit ,
This arrow    which has gone  deeply    in to my chest?”

4004.Also he   would dash his hand   on the earth , would saw all around,
With fire sparks flying from his eyes and try to remove   the   arrow ,
Which troubled  him by holding  it with his hands, leg and tail  ,
And when he was not able to remove it became very sad,
And started rolling on the   earth   with his mountain like body .

4005. He would start suspecting    whether    the arrow    was sent by Devas,
And then think “Would that devas   do   such an act?” And also say,
“Do they have the strength to fight with me ?” then he would laugh ,
With  disbelief, “Had it been done by some body else?  And conclude,
“This is an act   of a person   who is alone but equal to  all the trinity of gods made in to one.”

4006.”Is this    the  divine wheel sent by Lord   Vishnu? Is it   the long   trident  ,
Of the God with black  neck? Or is it  the  spear  of Lord Subrahmanya   ,
Which can pierce mountains?  Or is it the  Vajrayudha of Indra,
Which creates   scare  among enemies?” And concluding that ,
None of them had ability to pierce his chest, he was  mentally confused.

4007.He  would pull it by biting it with his   teeth,  He would  with great noise,
Deepen the wound and pull it from his chest   and when he was  doing that,
He saw that arrow   and understood that  it would be very difficult to send ,
It using a  bow and suspect whether  it was sent by great sages  using power of Manthras.

4008.Then Vali came to know   that   it is an arrow  and thought ,”what is the point ,
In my worrying, What is the use? I would try    to take   out this matchless  arrow,
Which has  gone deep in to my chest using   my two hands  , tail and legs   and ,
Understand the name   of that great person  “, and he made  efforts to take it out.

4009. That male lion like Vali   due to his rare    and great strength   and using his legs,
Took out that great arrow from his chest and seeing that   the devas  , asuras and others,
Felt  great  feeling in their shoulders for who in this world   does not appreciate   valour.

4010. The blood that oozed out of the chest of Vali crossed several forests and mountains,
 And making sound  like  the  ocean  with its    like the clear    and tall  tides,
It   crossed    several worlds  ? Is  it easy to say like this.

4011. Seeing the  big stream like blood flowed from  the mountain like   chest.
Of Vali who was wearing    scented   flower  garlands , Sugreeva ,
Who was  tied   due to the affection of sibling, from his fresh eyes  ,
Shed tears   of love   and getting tired  fell on the   floor.

4012.That Vali who had ability  to break Meru mountain   and   who was famous  ,
Held   with his thick and big hands   that  arrow which was removed from his  chest,
Thought that he will break it   but   telling  that is not simple so that  it breaks,
Looked    at the arrow deeply    to know   about the name written on that   arrow.

4013.He then  clearly saw   in that arrow   the name  “Rama”   which is the   root chant  ,
For all the   three   worlds, the world    that  would be given to the  devotees,
Who completely depend  on him,  Which is   the  great matchless   world,
Which is the drug that prevents the seven  types of births  in this birth.

4014.He thought  “This hero  who had  left the dharma  of the life of a family ,
For the sake of us monkeys   has given up the  Dharma   of archery ,
And due to his birth   the clan of Sun God   which used   to recite good Vedas,
Which used to never give up  from time immemorial   the life of Dharma  .
Has now given it up”  and then he laughed   and also became   ashamed.

4015.Vali felt ashamed, would bend slightly his head    wearing a crown ,
Would laugh like burst of crackers and then again think  of all that happened.
Then he would think “Is shooting an arrow like    this is also   a Dharma ?”
And then   like a big  cruel elephant in rut   which was caught   up in a deep pit ,
Where it can drown  and was lying  in the   slushy mud ,
He sorrowed greatly   , lost his strength   and became  tired.

4016.Before Vali who was  berating Rama    saying  “if the one who is the head,
Makes a mistake , what  now would happen   to people  of low ability?
And that too  he  lost  his just behavior before   my strength  “
Rama  who never erred   from the path of Vedas and who wished   to,
Follow and protect   the rules   of just behavior  for  the truthful kings ,
As written by Manu. appeared  before   Vali.

4017.Vali saw Rama  who was looking like   the blue  monsoon cloud,
Which made    several lotus flowers   open  , holding a big powerful bow,
And who was   like Lord Vishnu    coming    from the land of devas ,
And Vali  with  his eyes shedding tears which was  like blood coming out from wounds,
Saw Rama with great  anger   , with fire sparks  coming out of his eyes, asked,
Oh Rama who  has filled my thoughts , What type of action did you do?”
And continued his  talk like   one who wanted to point  out faults of Rama.

4018.”Oh Rama  , who loved others like  a mother , who had the culture of friendliness ,
And who follows Dharma  , Oh son of Dasaratha   who protected   the truth,
And respectability   of his clan and who sacrificed his   soul for that  purpose,
You   were  born as  the elder brother  to Bharata and if you prevent   others from doing bad acts,
And if you yourself   continue    to do that, would they turn out  in to good acts?”

4019.”You were  born in a great   clan, The knowledge    that you learnt was indeed great,
Your valour  is indeed great, the  good characters    that came in search of you were  great,
Is not the  Lordship of all the three worlds yours too   and if    the world tells that,
Your great capacity  to protect the world     is this only,
And I feel that  you who knows everything   has forgotten everything   and ,
Do things    which go against all those  things which have been told by me ?”

4020.”Oh Rama , who has great beauty    which cannot  be drawn in to a picture,
The Dharma   of the king   is  practiced by all people   of your clan,
And when it is like that , after  parting   with swan like  lady born to Janaka,
Who was got   by you  like receiving of a nectar  , you appeared ,
To have been confused /startled    in that  acts   that  you  have attempted  to do?”

4021, “If a person belonging to the    clan of the Rakshasas   has done you harm ,
Does the Dharma  of Manu ask you to kill    the king belonging    to another clan?
Where have you lost the culture of mercy?, What deficiency did you find in me  ?,
Oh Lord if you are   going to carry this  bad name  , who are  the people who can carry fame?”

4022.”Oh lord of mercy  , has the bad Kali age   come  only to   the monkey clan ,
Which jump and wander in this   world surrounded by tumultuous  ocean?
Is it that   good nature   and   the greatness   that can be got out   of it  ,
Should only be with   people , who are  weak  and if strong people ,
Do hateful acts  , would only fame  come to them and not bad name?”

4023.”Oh Rama   who does not  need any help   for  winning  over the enemy,
Oh  victorious one  , You did a matchless act by giving the kingship  ,
Which was  the wealth   given to you   your father  , to your brother Bharata ,
And afterwards  You also did an act  which  is unusual  for you in the forest,
Is there any more better  act that is remaining   for you to do?”

4024.”The act  done by valorous one    who wear  sound producing    heroic anklets ,
And garland  of victory   is the  war which brings    out their masculinity”,
This is what  is  specially said  , Oh Lord of the knowledge  of books on dharma
Written from earliest times , if what   you did    to me is dharma  ,
Oh Lord who does not get angry   would   you consider  that,
The king of Lanka   Ravana   has done   an act  of injustice and get angry at him?”

4025 .”When two people are   fighting   with each other , both of them ,
Should be considered   as your  good relatives and when that  is like that,
Doing   act of grace to one of them   and shooting the other   with a sharp,
Cornered   arrow at   the other , Is this considered   as Dharma?
Or is it against Dharma? That act  can only be considered  as unfit.”

4026.”Your act   is not one that shows   your valour and it  is not ,
According to the truth   and is not law, to the land that belongs,
To you   my body is  definitely    not a burden, I am not your enemy,
When things are  like that  ,  Why did you  who has lost
Your character  of greatness do this act   without any  mercy?”

4027.”Looking at the acts   of a person   without any bias , standing  in the middle  ,
And doing acts   of justice  is the  one which   protects   Dharma, is it not?
Instead   of   protecting   ourselves  from doing     wrong acts  , if we act 
Taking care  of the interests   of only one person, Is it justice?”

4028. “For   the sake of destroying  your  enemy Ravana    who broke    your security  .
You joined with Sugreeva  and that is like  for the necessity   of   killing  ,
A cloud like elephant becoming   friends with a rabbit  ,
Instead   of  taking     the help of ferocious lion which can kill like me .”

4029. “Possibly thinking that   the moon which travels in the sky has  a black patch,
You who  were born in the clan of the Sun God , have created   a   dark patch,
Which would    be with  you     for  very many years   to come.”

4030.”A stranger to you  came   and   challenged  me for   a war of his own accord,
And  you hid yourself some where   and shot  an arrow at me  , who came  to fight with him,
And took away  my life  and after  that    you are   standing like a male  lion ,
Who has got more   strength   than all    those   who   are   standing here.”

4031”Oh valorous one who   attains victory , You  were not bothered   about,
The rules   mentioned  in the books on Dharma , the nature  of  ,
The  great ancestors    of your clan  and good behavior,
You have not destroyed Vali   but destroyed the fence  of the Dharma of the king.”

4032. “When some one steals your   wife , making the valour   of your  heavy bow
Held in your hand to  deteriorate  and  making valour defective  ,
Does  your becoming great   by   fighting with the bow  consist,
Of sending an arrow   at  the  chest   of another   one  while you are  hiding yourself?”

4033.Like this shouting   by which he broke   his teeth  , with fire sparks  ,
Coming out of his eyes   , That  angry Vali   told  the above   words.
Rama  who was standing before  him heard them and  started talking.

4034-4035..”once upon a time   when  you entered   the cave
 When you   did not come out for a long time, Your brother ,
Wanted to help you by entering  the cave , but  as per the advice  ,
Of the    elders   of your clan  , Oh Vali who is having a moving  gold necklace ,
Told him, “Please  hear what we have to say   carefully,
You yourself   become our king”  and as  soon as they told like this,
Sugreeva told   them “I  would kill that  Mayavi who has  killed ,
My brother   and also his relatives   and later  I  would die myself  ,
But I would not stay alive    and rule  this country,.
The   advice   that you  gave  me   is faulty.”

4036.”Hearing that the  very able chefs  of his army  , and  the elders,
Who knew  everything   due  to experience   and other elders told,
“Whatever might have happened   earlier, you take   this kingship.”
And because of that this faultless  Sugreeva  happened to wear  the crown.”

4037-4038. “When you came   back  after  killing Mayavi  , he became   happy  and saluted you,
And told, “oh father  , this kingship was   compulsorily  given to me  ,  by monkeys  of our clan,
But this is your  kingdom and your rule   and not wanting   to rule any further,
Told  him  everything that  happened  , but   you became  very angry,
With that  Sugreeva   though you realized    that he   was not   guilty,
You tried to kill    your younger brother  and did not show any mercy on him,
And when he told  , “please   do not do any harm to me  ,
I am surrendering to you  , please    do not find   fault with me  ,”
You did not accept    all that he   told but got angry with him.”

4039.  “Though    he  is also   full of   strength  , thinking ,
That   fighting    with   you  is not proper , he said,
“I am defeated”  , saluted you with folded   hands 
And you   thought “you would give him as   food to God of death” ,
And so he got scared  and crossed the  boundaries  of four directions.”

4040. “When he   got scared   and ran away  , you  did not show any  mercy on him,
And you did not   even consider    that  he is your    younger   brother ,
And because  he reached   the boundaries   of the golden mountain  ,
Where you cannot     enter   due to curse, you did  not go there.”

4041”Making some thing as act of love  or getting recognition ,
Of being born in a great clan   or  becoming     great by,
Following  of rules of life learned by us   , all consist  of,
Honouring and protecting   the chastity  of wife of another  man.”

4042. “To those clear minded  intelligent   people  , 
Thinking   that   they are   all powerful and strong ,
And getting  very angry     at people    who are weak ,
Is against   the  tenets of valour and behaving ,
Against the   tenets of chastity,    with secure  ladies  is against Dharma,.”

4043.”You have not  thought  about what is Dharma  , its suitability   and,
Its results in this and other world, for had you thought   about that,
Would you have taken the wife   of your   rare younger   brother,
As your own  thus destroying    your greatness.”

4044.” Because of that and because  Sugreeva is my dear friend,
I killed you  and even if some one  is not known to us,
If he is  a poor man who is    being troubled  ,
I am of the opinion   that I should try to remove his sorrow.”

4045. When that pretty valorous Rama   Told Vali  ,
“This is how you have erred”, That Vali who has done something undesirable,
Said, “All these rules   are not appropriate   to us   for,
To do according to how we   feel is what is prescribed to us.,”

4046.”Oh Lord  ,  The Lord Brahma   who sits on the lotus  flower with honey,
Has not  prescribed  the rules of making love  like  that of human beings to us,
Wherein  the chaste   faultless ladies  make love after   marriage  ,
But   he has created us in such a way  , that we love  when we feel like it .”

4047.”Oh Lord   who holds the wheel which has   fat of enemies  and   the applied Ghee,
We only  follow the path of our mind and do not follow    the Vedic procedure of marriage,
And also   the good culture that  is told by Vedas.”

4048”.Oh Lord   who has   the matchless  victory of winning over  me,
AS per the culture   of our birth  , I have not committed any fault,
Please understand that” and Rama    started   to give a suitable reply.

4049.”You were    born  like  all devas   who  want   to do good to all,
And  since you are conversant with  the faultless   and stable  path of Dharma
 It is clear to me   that You  are   not  an  ordinary animal ,
And so it is not proper   for you , who have  worn the  garland of victory  ,
To call yourself    as a mere   animal.”

4050.”The  rules of Dharma  are not about the  body with five    senses,
But about  knowledge  which is learnt by analyzing  , its good   and bad,
By those   five senses and you who have great knowledge   about  ,
The rules of Dharma  ,  after    doing a mistake are trying to defend it as  correct.”

4051.”Should the elephant   which when dragged   by a crocodile  on one side  ,
Called the Lord Vishnu   with a conch   and got matchless   greatness  ,
By its wisdom   and attained  salvation, be also called   a beast?”

4052. “Due to his  mind   turning  towards  proper Dharma   Jatayu  who is our father ,
For the sake  of  wiping away sorrw of Sita wearing   golden bangles  and who was like  Lakshmi  ,
Engaged himself in a great war   and attained salvation  ,Is he not the  king of hawks?”

4053. “ Is not the nature  of the beast  the absence   of good  knowledge  ,
Which helps to differentiate     the good from the bad and living  like as one pleases?
 The words    that you spoke   just now clearly    bring out that  ,
That   there is no rule of Dharma   that   you have  not   understood.”

4054.”If people  are those who do not think according    to books  on justice 
And judge that , “This is acceptable  “  and “this is not acceptable  “,
They who are men by birth and    form are  indeed  beasts  only,
And if a beast follows the rules of Manu Dharma  , it is equal to devas.”

4055. “ Due to the  great  devotion   That you had to  Lord Shiva
Who is armed with an axe   and  killed  the God of death by destroying his power
You got from him the power of the   four elements    of Lord Vishnu.”

4056. “Though by their nature   they commit   only crimes  ,
Though  by birth they    belong to the depressed classes,
There are people  among them who have   become  those who follow Dharma.
And among the faultless   sages   who  do penance   and devas ,
Who are great in several respects  , there are people   who do crime.”

4057. “When truth is like that  , the greatness   and bad fame  ,
For people born in  any clan,  comes to them by  their acts  ,
And though you know about it  , you spoiled   the greatness,
Of a lady who was wife of some body else “  said ,
Rama who never   made  mistakes in the rules laid by Manu.”

4058. Vali who heard the words of Rama  carefully and understood  them,
Who was the chief of monkey clan   looked   at Rama and   told ,
“Oh lord who  has  great and good characters, Let whatever  ,
You have said till now   be the truth   but tell me   why ,
You did not stand before me    and send an arrow   at me  ,
And instead  like cruel hunters   hiding and attacking beasts,
Send an arrow at me using your bow? Please tell me the reason.”
And   then Lakshmana    started   replying to that   question.

4059. “When your brother   Sugreeva   came and  surrendered to him,
My brother took an oath that he  would  send  you who has erred  ,
To the lord of the southern direction and he sent   an arrow hiding himself  ,
To  avoid the possibility that   you would also  surrender  to him .” said Lakshmana.

4060That Vali who was the chief    of the clan of monkeys  , keeping in his mind,
The conversations that have taken place  , became calmed   down  and believing that  ,
Rama who is great all   over the world   would not do anything  against Dharma,
And changed his mind  , and saluted    the lord   of the Vedas,
About whom he has   heard   and started   telling   as follows.

4061. That Vali who had left demeaning thoughts    from his mind  , looking at Rama  ,
Told,  “Oh Lord  , who shows his grace like mother to all beings  ,and who stood,
Making other  people say   that    you are   follower of Dharma and are tolerant  ,
  Is it possible for me who is like a dog to  faultlessly understand   what you told  ,
About the correct path as mentioned   in the books   dealing   with Dharma?
Please   pardon    the bad deeds   done by me out of ignorance  ?”

4062.He again begged him  “Oh my father , I am a monkey , who   cannot think,
And differentiate between the good and bad and  understanding this  ,
Do not  bother about the hot hurting   words  by me who is similar to a dog,
Oh Lord who is the medicine    even for the cruel     disease  of birth,
Who can give any boon that    is requested” and he further  told.

4063.”You   hit me   by a sharp arrow   and at the time of   parting  of the soul ,
Of  the dog like me  , graced me by giving me true  knowledge  ,
You are   the divine trinity  , you are  the primeval God beyond those trinity,
You are   everything  in this world , you are everything  ,
You are sin, You are Dharma  , You are enemy and you are  friend.”

4064. “Except   your arrow   which pierced   through the matchless boons,
Given by Lord Shiva     who burnt   the three cities   and which made holes,
All over   my faultless   and strong chest and  has taken my soul , Does Dharma   exist separately?”

4065.”Oh Lord   who is the matchless  first  , you who are all beings , all things,
All the   six seasons   and their uses , The flowers and the   scent from them,
And  Oh lord  who  is mixed   in everything and cannot be separated ,
My good knowledge has told me about who you are   and   what is your nature,
Would it be impossible for me to get   the very difficult   to get salvation?”

4066.”I have seen you who is the personification of Dharma   that is forever,
Is there   anything left   for me to see ? That big fate   which is   coming,
From the very beginning   is only    up to today    for me and the ,
Punishment that   you gave for my   cruel deeds  would lead me to salvation.”

4067. Oh victorious king   who has greatness greater    than the sky  ,
My brother   who brought   you here for the sake of  killing me ,
Due to the consultations that he had with the  clan of  not great monkeys,
Has    attained   the useless  kingship     and  has left   the kingdom,
Of salvation to me, Can he ever do a better  help to me?”

4068. Oh Lord who has a beauty like   a picture, Me who is like a dog,
Has to get something   from you ,.  My brother might lose  him   wisdom  ,
And In the state   of being drunk the honey from all the flowers  ,
Might do  many things    which should not  be  done ,
But please do not send   this god of death like    arrow on him   out of anger.”

4069.” There   is one more thing that I need to beg     and  need to get from you,
If some one finds fault with my brother   as one who lead to the death of his brother ,
You  please stop them from doing it. Oh Lord with    great   characteristics,
You had given word to him that   you  would fulfill   all his  requirements   earlier,
And it is not proper for you not to get done all that  you have promised   him.”

4070.”Oh victorious lord , I am not sufficiently  lucky to do another   good thing to you,
I was not lucky enough   of doing the monkey ‘s job of mine  in bringing Ravana tied  in my tail,
What is the use of  telling  about the  past   events ? and  if I want to do something,
This Hanuman  is the one    who can get   it done for you.” Vali assured.

 4071. “Oh Lord with the  divine wheel, Oh Lord who has shoulders higher than the sky.
Think that Hanuman is equivalent   to the great bow that  you hold on your red hand,
Please think my   brother  Sugreeva  as one among your brothers,
There  is definitely   no helpers  to    you , who are like them and so ,
Take   their    help     and search   for the lady who is your wife.”

 4072.Vali after   telling all this to Rama  , looked at  Sugreeva  ,
Who was standing behind Rama,  and  extended   his long arms ,
And hugged his brother   and  said, “Oh son  who has  shoulders,
Higher than the  mountains, there is something   that I need ,
To tell you which is good..Please accept that  ,
And do not start sorrowing     about my death”   and he told further.

4073.”Oh great thinker,  Please understand   that  , The ultimate truth,
Which is selected by   the Vedas , all saints  , Brahma sitting on the lotus flower,
And all great leaders  of other Sastras  , holding the punishing bow ,
Has come as the  Rama with sounding anklets for   establishing  ,
Dharma in this world , Without any doubt   understand this truth.”

4074.”Oh Sugreeva  who has  golden Meru mountain like   Shoulders  ,
All the souls    who want  to get  salvation , which is the wealth that is never destroyed,
And who follow  the penance of good conduct  are  repeating the name  of this Rama.
They always  meditate  on this Rama ,Please   understand this.
If we generally look  for   his greatness , only the fact of my killing ,
By his  strength is sufficient. There is no need for any other proof.”

4075.“Oh brother  All those who daily do  several cheatings  and  innumerable sins daily ,
For which there is no redemption any where  , if they happen to be killed   ,
By this charitable Rama  by his arrows ,  would attain great salvation  ,
And  what can be told   about all those   who   salute his divine feet  and obey his orders.” 

4076.”When fate   itself has come  to help you , what is there difficult to achieve?,
You have already attained all the pleasures of this world and heaven and  if we examine,
What remains to be done by you now  , is for   you to follow the orders by your head,
Of the Lord Vishnu  with Goddess  Lakshmi on his chest   with a single mind,
Please live    with greatness    in all the three  worlds .”

4077.”Changing   the   habit  of getting proud  of  the monkeys   as well as their delusions,
Without forgetting the help rendered by  the charitable Rama to you , help  him,
When he is in difficulty  , if need be  by even sacrificing   your soul.
.Without any default please   do  all the orders  of Rama   who gives  to  everybody,
The higher state  of salvation   and  get rid of disease  of birth which is  difficult to remove.”

4078.”You leave    without leaving the divine lotus like  feet of Rama    when you   get elated,
By the kingship  , without getting reduced of your wisdom  ,  Always remember   that  ,
The kings are  similar to the  the burning fire   and do all that  Lord Rama thinks,
And do not  be under the impression that  mistakes in slave like service would be ignored.”

4079. After telling all such  good advices     to his brother   who was greatly sorrowing ,
Vali looked at the very pretty Rama who was standing before  him   and  told,
“Oh son of the king of kings Dasaratha, he along with all his relatives  ,
Are now things under your  custodial protection” and then he made Sugreeva,
Move near Rama and saluted Rama raising   both his  hands above his head.

4080. After saluting him  , looking at  the face of Sugreeva  which was  faded due to sorrow,
He said, Arrange to bring your  dear  son Angadha   speedily near me.” And when Sugreeva ,
Called Angadha   the son of Vali who churned  the ocean by his hand  came there as a scared lad.

4081.That Angadha   who had never even thought by his  mind, those who had sorrowing mind,
Came  and reached  there  like  a matchless   full moon and there   he saw   his  dear father ,
Who was lying on the flower bed of the mountain, in the middle  of blood  flowing like ocean.

4082. That Lad Angadha   with moving lustrous ear   globes  , with flower ,
Decorated tall shoulders  saw  his father floating   in the blood  ,
 With his own eyes   showering sparks of anger   and copious    tears 
And  fell like a star on Vali   who was  like the  Moon in the   sky, which  has fallen down on earth.

4083.”Oh father  , You  have not done  any bad thing   to any one on this earth,
Which is surrounded by  the ocean covered    with waves   of tides,
By your mind or action and so how come you attained    this great sorrow ,
And apart from that  , the god of death instead of getting   scared  ,
On seeing your face  has come to take   away   your soul?
And now who are there  who can destroy  without fear , the power  of God of death?”

4084.”  The   cruel Ravana   who had the stability  as if   his feet were  nailed   to the earth
 Lead to the defeat  of the elephants   that carry the earth and have  pestle like  legs ,
Used to become scared  with his heart beating like drums ,
Whenever   he used   to think  the strength of your feet   and tail,
And that fear    has now   gone away  due to your passing away.”

4085,”  Have not the   eight  hereditary mountains   and the peaks  of the   sky touching,
Chakravala giri  , now lost the scar  that  were created   whenever   your pretty feet steps on them?
Now if  some one is asked to  churn   the ocean of  milk  with  the Mandhara mountain as churner
And serpent    as the rope  , who would provide  that help and get  out  the nectar ?”

4086. “Oh Lord Vali  with red hands   and the kingship   who does not  know  to  salute,
Anybody else  except Lord Shiva   who keeps   on one side   Goddess  with tender feet,
Because   of you all the devas   and not dying and  nor reducing  in number,
And you who have given nectar  to  them  have  now passed   away  ,
Are   there  any one left  now in this world   who is more charitable  ?”

4087.Angadha    went on telling several such things  , cried with sorrow  ,
And looking   at his father his mind  melted like wax which fell on fire  ,
And Vali who was having   red eyes   due  to sorrow   told him,
“From now on do not be sad”  and  then hugged  him on his chest  ,
And further told, “  This  act  done by Rama    who is   the lord,
Of all beings   is due   to the very good   fate  of mine.”

4088.”If we analyze   without any mistakes  , the birth and death   of all beings,
Living   in all the three   worlds has already  been fixed   at   the very beginning  ,
And due   to  the great penance     that  I have done earlier  , this very good,
Has now  come to me and The heroic Rama   who is the  undying witness ,
To all births and deaths   of all beings  came  and granted  me  salvation.”

4089.”Please stop  crying like   a  child  , if you   firmly believe   in what  I say,
Please  salute  this God who is  the ultimate   truth  who does not have
Any  other being  greater  than him has taken a human form and  is,
Standing   with his  feet on earth   holding   his  bow , who appears   to our eyes   as Rama,
Who    is   the great medicine who completely cures   the  disease  of taking birth.”

4090.”Oh lad  who wears  lustrous   golden ornaments  , never   considering ,
That this Rama  has destroyed  my life, do everything   that   would  give  ,
Stability  to your life,.If a situation arises when you have to fight  with enemies of  Rama,
Without any bias   support  Dharma   and do all that   is  told  by Rama,
Who does  only good  to all beings  and live   with him.”

4091-4092.After telling  several other advices  which   would  do good to Angadha,
That king of the monkey community   who has   shoulders  higher   than mountain,
Hugged  tightly  his son using his two big  hands   and looking at   King Rama,
Who was wearing  gold ornaments studded with diamond    and other gems ,
Told, “Oh lord with pure knowledge who cannot be realized   by people with untrue mind,
This Angadha is one   having   fire like shoulders    which would set   fire  ,
To the bags of cotton like   black asuras  who have    an army   holding long spear  ,
On which ghee has been applied and he has purity  and honesty  in his work ,
And from now on he has   been mortgaged    to you”  and  showed Angadha   to Rama.

 4093. As soon as Angadha fell on his feet  , That Rama   who has eyes like big lotus,
As a sign of taking him   under  his safe keeping  , showed him   his  golden sword  ,
And told  him , “accept it”,  and as   soon as Rama    told like   this  ,
All the beings   who were living in the seven worlds   praised   Rama ,
And at that time Vali , leaving this mortal body   ,
Reached     the world beyond the heavens   and attained  salvation.

4094.  Vali was still holding the arrow of Rama and as soon as his hold  became loose,
That cruel arrow  , without staying  in the strong chest of Vali, pierced  it, came out , rose up,
Went and washed itself in the pure ocean   and after being worshipped   by Devas with flowers,
Reached the quiver   of Rama, which never  leaves    his   back side.

4095.That Rama   who  is the Lord Vishnu   who slept on  the leaf of  the banyan tree at deluge,
As soon as Vali died   gave him the limitless   happiness   by granting him sweet salvation,
And holding the hand of Sugreeva , the son of Sun God   and Angadha    went away  from there,
And Tara who had eyes like spears  , hearing about   the death of Vali  ,
Came    to the battle  ground and   cried falling   on the body of Vali.

4096.Like the mountain which is  like the  bud like breasts  being anointed by Kumkum,
The blood from the chest of Vali  spread all over    the breasts   of Tara,
Her luxurious   hair was turned red , and Tara  ,  fell like   streak of lightning  ,
On the chest of Vali who was like the hot sky   at the time of setting of the Sun ,
Who was wearing   a flower garland  and who had shining shoulders   and rolled.

4097. The sound of flute  , sound of Vilari  musical instrument   and the  sound of Veena ,
Felt shy as they were not a match to the sweet voice of Tara    and she    became   sad,
Wailed , sobbed  , melted  , Saluted with both hands   above her   head  and,
Removing the hair that   was falling on her face   and again  and again  wailed  and told.

4098.’Oh rare   soul who has got great fame  , Oh my king  , I who am practiced,
To  depend on your mountain like shoulders  and live  with happiness  ,
Am in the shore less   ocean  of sorrow   and  I am not able to see its boundary 
 And I am also greatly scared   to see the scene  of  your   lying  dead.”

4099.”Oh Lord who does have wavering attitude , would you not take me also,
Who is still not dead   due to the sorrow   of your death  ? Oh God  ,
Who is the form   of  my fate which still   is angry   with me  ,
If the soul goes away from the body , is there some method to keep  only the body alive?”

4100.”The Lord Yama  who has taken away your soul  , due to your feeding him  ,
With well scented nectar  , has  got the ability to retain his soul  in his body forever ,
Do you not know  this? Or if it is not like   that  , is  he   who is not grateful ,
To you,  who have given him nectar , a person of low integrity?”

4101.”How are   you able to   stay here    without   going to each direction  ,
And  offer with devotion   new flowers   at dawn, noon and dusk  ,
And worship that  Lord Shiva with Goddess  Parvathi  ?”

4102.”Oh Lord who is lying on earth  , who is lying there  with your mountain like,
Shoulders  completely coated    with dust  , Is this what  , you ultimately attained?
Seeing me who does not have ability to  sorrow  ,  wailing   before you  ,
How is it that you are  not doing anything?  What fault   have  I done?”

4103.”Oh  great one who  never    utters a lie  , Leaving me standing here,
Sorrowing and crying , you have attained  the land of devas   who do not  live in truth,
Oh Lord  , When you told  “you are  my only soul”  , was it a lie?”

4104.”Oh Lord who has   strong shoulders   suitable    to fight   in war,
If truly I  am within your mind , then the  cruel arrow of the enemy ,
Would have killed  me also? But   suppose  you   are living  ,
In my mind who is lonely   , you would not have died  but be alive,
And so both of us were not there  in each others mind.”

4105.”All those   devas who live in heaven  , if they had not forgotten,
The very great help done by you to them   would have praised   you,
“Oh father  You gave us nectar  without   eating   it,
 And we  became without death by eating it  “ and did they shower  ,
Fresh flowers  on you  and come   to receive    you with great love?”

4106. “Oh Lord , who would give even nectar    if some one requests ,
If that person whose name is Rama   who sent   the   arrow ,
That  would definitely kill  ,   hiding himself   , has requested  you  ,
Would you not   have given the kingship and wealth to Sugreeva?”

4107.”Even before    you went to fight   with Sugreeva  , I told you that,
Rama has come   to help him , but you did not accept   those words  ,
And told  “That unbiased Rama   would not do things like that”,
And came to fight with your brother   and you   who  should  have,
Seen the deluge  is now dead. When would I be able  to see you?”

4108.”If you go near   and attack , even the great  Meru mountain   would have,
Become powdered and how is it that   one arrow    broke open your chest?
I would not believe that  this is the truth , possibly this is the magic of devas,
And possibly the one who   has died and lying here   , is some other  Vali.”

4109. Tara told* , “oh son , due   to his brother   bowed before your father ,
As per his greatness  and later  his becoming    the enemy of your father  ,
Your father is no more , our happy life is shattered , Did  you not see it?”
* Angadha  was absent from there    at that time.

4110.”Due to his rare strength  , that Rama who  holds a bow   that  removes sorrow,
Has done  an act which is not proper   to any hero  ,  after   deep thought ,
To all  those great people    who live following   Dharma  , whatever they  do,
Would seem correct , Is it   some thing    which is not the truth ?”

4011-4012.Thus wailing Tara  , again and again repeated   similar   type of words  ,
Getting unified with great sorrow  , without  having any   sensory feelings ,
And was standing helplessly  . Seeing her   state  ,  Hanuman,
Who was just and  had ability   to do   anything and who was like a mountain,
Send that Tara   accompanied my monkey ladies   to her private apartment,
And got done all the necessary  after-death rituals  by Angadha ,
And  later  he completed   telling Rama    all that has happened.

4013.  At that   time    the sun  who shines   removing all darkness ,
Set on the  mountain in the west and that    face of Lord Sun,
Looked like   the face of Vali   who was the king  of monkeys.

4014.The Sun set in the evening   and that soft natured  Rama,
Thinking  about the state   of Sita   sat in one place  ,
Became   thin   and sorrowed mentally   and 
With great difficulty   passed   through that  ocean of night.

8.Arasiyal padalam

The chapter   on governance

(Rama requests  Sugreeva to assume kingship. He is crowned by Lakshmana , Sugreeva  requests  Rama to live with .Rama declines  but teaches Sugreeva   , the lessons of being a good king. Sugreeva   goes to the city. Later Angadha is sent to city .Hanuman wants  to live with Rama   but Rama tells him that  his help may be needed  by Sugreeva  and he is also sent back. Rama and Lakshmana    climb the mountain and stay there   waiting for the rainy season    to get over.
    In Valmiki Ramayana, the crowning  of Sugreeva  is held by his friends. At the same  Angadha is also crowned as Yuva Raja  . The  teaching  of Rama  to Sugreeva about    how   to rule is not there  in Valmiki Ramayana  , IN fact in that Ramanayana  , Vali on his death bed does that.)

4115, “Thinking that   his son   is going   to wear   the golden crown,
The Sun God   as a prelude   to becoming happy  , for helping,
Goddess  Lakshmi to come out   opened   the doors of lotus flower,
Using his hands    which are    his   red hot rays.

4116.At that time Rama who was     the  lord of mercy   looked at ,
His  very wise  younger brother  and requested, “Oh brother  , go and crown,
The son of Sun god as per  proper rituals    by your hands  .”

4117. That   great one   immediately   looked  at Hanuman  who is capable,
Of Fighting as per rules   of Dharma   said, “Oh heroic one , go and
Arrange to bring    immediately all that is needed   for the crowning ceremony.”

4118. AS soon as   the sacred waters   and auspicious things   to anoint ,
Sugreeva   as well as the golden crown  praised    by all people   were brought,
The brother of Rama  did all the rituals    that  are needed  to crown Sugreeva,

4119. With the   Vedic Pundits showering their blessings, with  devas  ,
Who are in heaven shower the   honey filled freshly   opened flowers,
That brother of Rama who was the chief   of those good qualities,
AS per the   rituals  prescribed by learned people  crowned  Sugreeva,

4120. When Sugreeva  wearing the great golden crown saluted  Rama,
On his great divine feet  and at that time that Lord who stood 
At the end of fulfilled   words  , hugged him on his chest and  told.

4121.”Oh valorous one  , you go from here and reach  the place that   you live ,
After thinking   do all the acts that   are needed to be done properly  ,
And then do   after clear thinking   all that  needs to be done  ,
As mentioned   in the books of law    and along   with  Angadha.
The son of Vali ,    who died in the battle establish yourself  in wealth and live happily.”

4122.”Then along with truthful and  wise ministers   and councilors  and with,
Faultless   heroes   with good character  who do   work as per their strength  ,
Establishing   a pure   contact with them   do   faultless   acts   and
Without going near    or very far   from other people  ,
Rule     so that   other people would    consider   you like  God.’

4123.”If there   is a smoke   somewhere  this world   has sufficient wisdom 
To know that   there  is a burning fire somewhere and in spite of that  ,
The  deceptive acts   as  recommended  by the people who wrote great books  ,
Is also needed and you should   behave   with great culture  ,
Even to those   who are your   enemies  after judging their character ,
And get needed benefits   and also   with a smiling face   tell only sweet things.”

4124. “You also should   engaged  in protection of your wealth  , thinking  ,
About its greatness   and taking in to consideration  that  it is even desired by devas  ,
And  is in your custody and also know  that in front of the world ,
Whatever  may the nature   of sages and others, they would  be,
Of three types viz enemies, friends and those   who are  not bothered.”

4125.”Do all that needs to be done to everyone  , not doing  those acts   that leads be bad results,
Even when the bad thing   told about us reaches us  , remove  the bad words   and tell only good words,
Telling only words of truth  , not desiring objects     that belong to others ,
Making those who depend on progress well  and  we ourselves   becoming,
Greater than them  , are   those  which you should do  with great happiness.”

4126.”Oh Sugreeva who has broad shoulders , do not berate  others and trouble them,
 Thinking  that   they are inferior to us   . Because I did not follow   this  and found fault with it,
And due to that   I  did bad to  her  who has a hunched frame and who is called Mandhara ,
She developed   enmity with me   and made  me suffer   of poverty  ,
And easily   pushed  me  to the great    ocean   of cruel    sorrow.”

4127.”Please understand  the truth “  due to ladies   death would  happen to men “,
Without  any doubt  ,  and to know this clearly  , the  act of  Vali is  sufficient  ,
And you also see the sorrow happening and bad name coming to  us due to those ladies,
Is there   any more  need to tell more   examples to make it clear.”

4128.”Please protect   your citizens   in such a way   that    they tell about you,
“He is not our king but the mother  who protects    us well. Though  ,
Protecting like that  is normal habit  of kings  , if   bad events   happen,
Punish those   who cause   it without crossing the    tenets  of Dharma.”

4129. “Oh friend  , if we see properly  , the two events  of  birth and death,
Are caused by   the bad and  good Karma done   by that   individual  ,
And you know about it . Even if  Lord Brahma    who was born out  ,
Of the lotus flower grown out of belly  Vishnu  goes against Dharma  ,
It would lead  him to his death  and so  not slipping away   from Dharma  ,
Would  lead to strengthening  of life span, Is there anything more  that needs  to be told?”

4130.”Getting wealth and its destruction   are due to  sin and good deeds   done  by those  souls,
Even matchless  wise poets  do not tell that  there is any other reason accept  that for them,
  And so  Oh Sugreeva,  who is appropriate  , in the war for  pride between Dharma  and the Sin,
It is better   to do good act   that benefits us   rather  than bad acts   which harms us.”

4131. “Leraned men tell   that   these are  all proper      for all those who are kings  ,and so ,
Rule  properly as per  what   is told in the books   after   proper   research  ,
And after the rainy season is  over  , when you come  and meet me  ,
You come along with your ocean like army   and so go now  ,” said  ,
That pretty Rama   and hearing that   Sugreeva   told.

4132.”Oh charitable lord,  This Kishkinda mountain   which has streams  along with trees  ,
Is a place  where  monkeys live  . Except this drawback, it is equal  and even better,
Than  the land of devas   and so  for  our fulfilling your orders  which you give  ,
Due to mercy towards   us  , please  be kind enough to stay with us.

4133.  “Oh killer   of enemies  , After  surrendering to you   and after  getting mercy from you,
If we go separately    and enjoy   great wealth  , is no different    from great poverty ,
And so  till the time comes for searching   the goddess with black  broad   eyes  ,
Please stay with us here”Saying  like this Sugreeva   fell at the feet   and saluted  Rama.

4134.   That great Rama   after hearing this   smiled   softly  , said, “ For people like us ,
Who do penance, it   is not desirable    to live  in a palace   besides , if we stay with you,
You would spend all the time   in being hospitable     to us   and you would commit ,
Fault   in the   way of ruling  which should be done with thought   and research.”

4135.”Oh Sugreeva   who merits to live well,  I undertook to live   in the harsh and burning ,
Forest for fourteen years   and so I would not stay  in prosperous cities  where  kings live,
Oh valorous  one   who has  pretty  and strong  hands , Is there any pleasure   that I can   get,
Except  with Sita   who speaks like   the music of Yaazh  ?”

4136. “When my wife   is living alone in the  prison of the   Rakshasa, If    people  happen to tell,
That  Rama  liked    the Immeasurable joy  of  living    along with  his soul like  friends  ,
Oh Sir  would these   cruel words come to  end   at  the deluge  when all worlds are  destroyed?”

4137. Me , who has  left the nature  of those who never   leave   the dharma  of  family life  ,
And  also  left  out the dharma   of  holding  the bow and fighting  and living  ,
The sweet life along with friends  are   not very good  habits  suitable to the great  ,
And so  I would   do daily   penance   and  observe  strict observations  with Dharma ,
So that   all    the  bad acts   that  I have done are  completely  removed.”

4138,Rama   who stands  firmly on good behavior , which is easy to tell   and 
Difficult   to practice   looking at Sugreeva told , “Please go and do   all acts  ,
That  are necessary  of kingship  properly   and  as soon as four months are over ,
Come  to the place I am  ,with an army which is like an ocean with great waves.”

4139.  When   the king of the monkey clan heard   those   words , unable ,
To tell anything in reply  and understanding   the implication  of Rama,
Who was wearing the high garb of saints  , with tears  flowing his   eyes,
After properly  saluting him by falling   on earth  and went  ,
To his city carrying  in his mind  inestimable  amount  of sorrow.

4140.Then Rama who is the colour  of the  blue  cloud  looked  at with grace  ,
Angadha  who  fell on earth  and saluted    his divine  feet   and told  him,
“You become one of good behavior   and without considering  this Sugreeva,
As your father’s brother  , consider him as your own father and obey his orders.”

4141,  Rama  after   telling  him  further many such   words   told him,
“Please accompany Sugreeva”   and after  that   that famous Angadha ,
Saluted the feet of Rama   and went to  his  city  and afterwards  ,
Rama  looked  at Hanuman  and said, “oh pretty valorous  hero,
You also please go and with your wisdom   help  Sugreeva ,
In duties  involved   in   running   the  kingdom  “

4142, That Hanuman who had the friendship that  only   showers  love   ,
In his  mind without untruth  said, “I who am like a dog would live here itself  ,
Obey your orders   to the  best of my ability  and do all minor   jobs  “
And he saluted  both the  divine feet of Rama  , That  Rama ,
Whose eyes   were only looking at truth , told the following words .

4143. “If  a kingdom  without boundaries  and which had   very great wealth,
Which  was ruled by a matchless   king  who had all regal qualities,
Is conquered   by another  king by force  , in that  rule,
There would be good as well  as bad aspects and so  , oh sir,
It can be  stabilized only  by a person like you who has  wisdom and patience,”

4144, “After    establishing  that kingship belonging to Sugreeva  ,
Who has all the good habits of culture and taking   the responsibility  ,
Of the job that   is  to be done  for  me  , as there is no one else  ,
And so you   who is Dharma personified , as  per my request  ,
Please  go to the  city of Sugreeva  “ he said.

4145,When that Rama who is   the incarnation of Lord Vishnu   who held the wheel,
Told such   words   to Hanuman , He  told Rama “Long live  and I will do like   that ,
If that  is   your order  “ saluted him   and   went  towards    Kishkinda ,
And Rama   the lord of several earlier   deluges  along with his brother,
Who was like an elephant with the mask  , reached another  tall mountains.

4146.  AS per the orders  of Rama   the son of sun god   went   to Kishkinda  and  went inside  ,
His own private   apartments  and with   honourable  ministers   and  relatives,
Standing  around him  , saluted Tara   who was  like a mother  to him  ,
And considering that the advices   given  by  his elder brother  as his father  ,
Started   ruling    that place  in a   very good manner.

4147. With    all the monkey heroes  like relatives  doing all that is needed  ,
He assumed that kingship which was blessed  with all wealth,,
And  that  kingdom   extended   up to the end of all directions  ,
And he ordered  the   valorous  Angadha  with   inestimable strength ,
To help  in the rule    as the prince     of that kingdom 
And along   with al relatives, with   wealth earned as per Dharma,
That Sugreeva  happily  and sweetly ruled  Kishkinda and then.




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