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Kamba Ramayanam-Bala Kandam Padalam 15-18

Kamba Ramayanam-Bala Kandam  Padalam  15-18
       The following four chapters further describe    the   journey of king Dasaratha    and his army to Mithila. This is in continuation of    the description contained  in the two earlier chapters. These four chapters  do not refer to Rama  or his  parents or his story in any way . Here  the emperor of poets Kamban , using several astonishing similes and metaphors   is trying to  describe   the people of  Ayodhya   with special reference  to their love life  . Those who want to read    the story of Rama   as written by Kamban can  afford   to miss reading these   four chapters but those who want to know   about the poetic genius of  Kamban cannot miss it at all.
15.Varai kakshi  padalam
The chapter on picturesque  description.

  (This  is a  pretty description of  the people of Dasaratha after   they settled   down on  Chandra Saila mountains.  The chapter starts with sun rise and ends   with the sun set and dusk.)

843.Looking  like all the seas of the world have  surrounded the Meru mountain ,
Decorated   by shining gems  , that army   spread  all around that  mountain.
Kings, their queens , the princes , the flower branch like princesses,
And their relations  saw  the Chandra  saila mountain, which we are going to describe.

844.The he elephants with long tusks   would break the  spreading  branches  of Karpaga tree ,
Which had its own luster   and  was surrounded    by   bees of various types  singing Parani pan,
Using its palm tree  like hands   and gave it to the she elephants  who are like their soul.

845.The  ladies of mountain land   with  ,red mouth which   create   great music
With eyes like blue lily   and face like lotus  and who  know the art of foretelling ,
The black bees which do not like    the honey from the Vengai tree ,
Thinking  that  the stars  are the new honey giving Karapunnai flowers,
The bees start  to jump   towards    the stars which are in the sky.

846.The good elephant called moon which lives with the   stars which are she elephants,
Pierced    using its long   white horns   and honey started   flowing torrentially,
Making great   sound,   but the tribals who cultivate  red  grain of Thinai,
Stopped that flow   and  irrigated   using the    waters  of Akasa Ganga,
 And grow   the mountain rice       using this    water.

847,Since the moon was not able   to cross    that very tall mountain  ,
He  preferred to stay  on its slopes  and he being   like  a  looking glass,
On both his sides  , on  one side tribal girls   looking at him  dressed according to their wish,
And the damsels of the sky preferred to do is    seeing  its other side
              (possibly it  was called “Moon mountain” because of this.)

848. The fire that burns in the black smith’s  yard by air pumped by the bellows,
The    very poisonous water  from the mouth and ghee   fed   spears 
 Are capable of eating away the soul  ,  like the    burning spear like eyes  of tribal women,
And their men brought the crescent of the moon  and compared it  to the  forehead  of their ladies.

849.The  sweet to look at elephant calves   born to very pretty she elephants,
Would play with lion cubs which  are  bred as pets   by those tribal men,
And the young moon which is capable of bending  was found  playing with,
The babes born to tribal ladies    who had   crescent shaped   foreheads.

 850.That mountain made   of blue sapphire   had    the  big  steps   of very angry lion,
Which   killed  the black mountain like   elephant whose   cheek is wetted by  rut water,
 And also    the red painted  wet  steps    of ladies   on the heads  ,
Of the Vidhyadhara kings     who had   pretty hair  on their head.

851.With eyes similar to the red Kayal fishes  which extend up to the ears,
With their not visible  teeth when they smile, With large hair which was not falling down,
With eyebrows not arching  , with  lotus like palms  and after   stabilizing their musical voice,
With   playing the strings  , when they sing, even Kinnaras  would be surprised.

852 When .Ladies   with  pretty ears , sword like eyes  to kill males  , wearing honey dripping garland ,
Take bath in   the clear water standing on crystal stone base , the Kukum  they wear ,
Is left out and visible in those waters  and look like a gem studded cup and toddy.

853, When the wives   of devas with    reddish eye   due to love tiff,
Throw away the flower garlands that they wear on their head 
Making their men  sad   those garlands    of opened flowers ,
Are seen here and there   dripping honey and also not fading.

854. The tribal ladies    of that mountain with  body as soft of new mango leaves,
Would  decorate the leaf sheath of Betelnut  using a garland  and compare  it with themselves,
And the deva maidens wearing pretty ornaments  , after removing   their gem studded bangles,
Which shine like fire  wear it on Kanthal flowers    and compare with their hands.

855. When the deva maidens   whose bow like arched eye brows  were not moving,
After singing accompanied  by playing of Yaazh   and also   dancing prettily  , enter in to a   love tiff,
And throw  out their gem studded garlands  , and when  the he monkeys which live on the trees,
Make their she monkeys wear    those garlands   they  become pleased on seeing them.

856.In those mountain slopes where  tall sandal wood trees grow  , all the she elephants,
Which   take red colour due to shine of red stones ,  the shine of the  red Padmaraga    gems  ,
Which look like they are painted with Kumkum paste  merging along with,
The sun’s rays    of the early morn   would paint the sky red.

857.The white   ganges   which   falls on the head of the consort of Goddess  Uma  .
Which goes on sprinkling  pearls on the earth , looking like ornaments for her  ,
And  which   brings measureless  gold    as well as lots   of white pearls ,
Making it  look like the upper shoulder cloth  of God who measured the  world.

858.Those tribals living on the mountain     wearing Karapunnai    and Ilvanga  flowers,
Drove away the honey bees   and went on drinking fresh   honey with good perfume,
And their love tiff   is  solved   by singing of the  Kinnara  couple ,
Accompanied    by the Makara  Yaazh   and also  the  horse faced devas.

859.The chest   of lads   who were similar    to the big elephants  were hit by  her  twin breasts,
Which were matchless  like the flower buds ,   which had flowered on the  flower stem ,
Which resembled   their   thin waists  and both of them saw  that    male bees were  playing    ,
With the female bees on their black heads  and  it looked like they were  getting married.

860.When the ladies with lotus flower like face  , which resembled the  lustrous full moon,
Walked over clear water   under the impression that it was  a  bed made of crystal,
The  cloth they    had tied on their hip as well as    their upper cloth   got wet,
And  the  lads wearing bangles in their hands   as well as anklets clapped    and laughed at them.

861.They saw  very many beds  made of flowers.
They saw many  golden necklaces   which were  thrown out,
They saw    the spit after chewing betel  which were red like Indra kopa insects,
They also  saw  many burnt out beds due   to Vidhyadhara  maids  ,
Who have left their husbands as well as lost their senses by  sleeping there.

862.They saw  there the swings   used by the Deva maidens ,
With their  blue lotus eyes swings  , with smile appearing on their coral  like mouth  ,
With the costly ornaments worn over their big thick breasts swinging,
With honey bees flying around their hair  and with the ear globes  ,
Which    were made of gems and gold swinging   in the air.

863.  Like the men driven away  by the prostitutes  wearing   golden dress
Who were   willing to sell their   hips ,
After stealing all the wealth   and deciding that it is no use any further  ,
They saw many empty honey containers  left there by the  pretty Deva maidens  ,
After drinking the honey and sugar juice which were left there  by honey  bees.

864. In the bed room made by the    crystal rocks    which could make even night  in to day  ,
The Deva maidens   who had foreheads fighting   with the bow  , after being made  love,
By the devas   who had a broad chest   which even would  defeat the wrestlers,
Had thrown away   the garlands  made of Karpaga flowers  ,
Because  they were creating discomfort during love making   and they saw such garlands.

865 There were  Ladies  there who after seeing  the Kanthal flowers which were like the spread out palm,
Fearing that   it is a serpent with a hood   and closing their eyes with their palms,
And others who were seeing the shadow of the real    flower of on the diamond rock bed,
Who saluted   their husbands   and requested them, “Please pluck it for me.”

866.  Pinching the leaf sprouts of Asoka tree  by their nails  and attaching  ,
Those pieces prettily on their breasts , picking   honeyed   flowers,
In the mountain where  many  type of colours  are to be seen, ladies  bathed,
In the   streams where it appears that the  wandering  swans have just entered

867.Similar to the sprout  of mangoes appearing in the middle of mountains ,
The sides   of the mountain   which looked  like sheets of lustrous gold,
And  the   deer, elephants  snakes  and bamboo trees  ,
Karapunna trees which are similar   to the shoulders of ladies were there.

868. The wild boars   which are black like night   due to  the slushy mud,
Formed by the kumkum thrown   out by ladies during love tiff ,
Would rub their bodies against the mango and sandalwood trees,
And  due to the  ladies who are like the  divine maidens in sweet conversation,
Occupying that place  , that mountain   was looking like  heaven.

869.Due  to big snakes moving  away with great desire for food ,
The bamboos are uprooted   and   this made the wild cows  run scared,
And due to this dust spreads   everywhere  and the streams ,
Along   with large number of pearls  making great sounds   run there.

870.When the breasts of  ladies   with lustrous eye of reddish tinge  ,
Joined    with   pretty shoulders of men   who were  like  sword like lions,
The Akil and sandal paste   get  applied on their     shoulders  and they looked pretty,
And in those arms which were  like  mountains   sandal, Kumkuma  and  Kongu  trees were there.

871. In that mountain  , Banana plants grow in a dense manner ,
And they look like the thighs  of the divine ladies who come there ,
And  the ladies there play    the Yaazh   and sing songs,
Similar   to the Kinnara   ladies of the heaven.

872.The   water of rut   of the elephants   went on flowing in that mountain,
And damaged    all the mango trees in that  big  forest, and the Aacha  trees,
And Bamboos  on  the paths of that forest were uprooted   and was shaking.
The animals that  go to drink   water  in the mountain streams were  mountain goats and other animals.

873.  The black tribal woman who live on those mountains, dig the  mountain,
For   getting beautiful tubers  ,  The tigers live there    densely  ,
And  on all sides of the mountain   huge drums blare out making  huge sound .

874.While the very strong elephants   play there in the  lakes,
The banyan trees   which  provide  cold  shade  as well as   the  lotus  flowers,
Are greatly  shaken   and damaged  , the  lions   roared  ,
And the  bees lived happily   on the hair   of Deva maidens,
 Who stay   on those   mountain with   trees  on their side.

875.It is  very proper   to say that this is  the place of Lord Vishnu,
On whose chest the Goddess Lakshmi lives   as  her temple,
For on the top    of that place dense clouds   are there,
And in the bottom    there would lie heaps  and heaps of garlands.

876.Like  the bees  crowding   around flowers   from which honey flows,
In all the places of that mountain  slopes  Ladies and men  lived,
And  with no interest to go from there, played  sweetly with each other.

877.Those men and ladies   who lived on that mountain,
Thinking that getting down would cause them sorrow,
Never thought about it   and became  like the good people,
Who are enjoying the happiness of heaven   ,
And could not forget the wealth of that mountain.

878.That mountain with clouds on its top   was like an elephant,
And the Sun with its hot rays   is like a lion  pouncing on it,
And the red sky was like the blood flow if the lion   hurts the elephant.

879.Due  the red sun light falling on the branches   of very big trees,
Most of the leafs of the tree  looked like just sprouted ones,
And   due to the red light  spreading all   over it , that faultless  mountain,
Looked   like a mountain decorated all over by red gems.

880. Beautified due to the sight which was sweet to the eye  ,
And due to the number of peaks     which were innumerable  ,
That stainless     mountain    looked like   the great  black Vishnu,
Who had applied  coloured  sandal paste    on his chest.

881.Those ladies and gents  who loved each other like the soul and the body,
Like male and female elephants  , Like  stong lions and lionesses,
Like he and she deer  , like the honey bee and other small bees,
Lived on the bottom of the mountain making great sound.

882. When the Sun God who wanders on the sky riding on his one wheel chariot  ,
Like the lion with burning   and cruel eyes  seeking protection from arrows aimed at him,
And   who has   manes on the neck   and anger which can kill,
Entered on the west side   of the mountain  , it  became very dark,
And it spread like   the huge crowd  of black elephants everywhere.

883.The sea like army   of Dasaratha, the king of kings  ,
Who is surrounded by scent of honey dripping    ,
From flower garlands that he wears,
Went on keeping lighted lamps in that sea like place ,
Which booms with sound   without any reduction,
And it looked like    a forest of fully opened red lotus flowers.

884. The moon  Which rose from the  waves of the    sea   ,
Which sprinkles many water drops, and shines in between the stars,
Is like the  white conch      travelling in between the    white sand heaps  ,
Which  has  very many white shining     gems surrounding it.

885.When the   ocean which had the smell of    the fishes ,
Gave birth     to the white coloured moon, not able  to tolerate it,
That ocean of the army  gave  rise to  innumerable  crores,
Of moon like lady faces  which were  like full moons,
And which were also like     the faces of  maids of Deva loka.

886.In all the arenas   where   dancers perform their art,
When  beating drums  produce  sweet sound, ladies who sing  also dance,
And very many musical instruments   also produce pleasing sound,
The stringed instruments properly set    gave rise to good musical tones,
The flute , the holed instrument also accompanied  and all this,
Made the people of Deva loka    very greatly surprised.

887.After removing the  lustrous precious necklaces of gems  ,
And getting a simple   pearl chain from the friend, and later ,
Dried the forest of their hairs by   the smoke   of Akil,
And throwing out the thin faded   jasmine garlands  ,
They wore the garland of Karumugai   which had scented petals.

888.That forest was full of   sounds of the Mahouts  trying to tame,
The caught elephants using tamed elephants   , who were ,
Singing a song which they    had just then composed  like,
The passionate words spoken by drunken men to their sweet hearts,
The sound of bells tied to the hip  belt of the prostitutes when they move about,
And the sound raised   by elephants in rut   due to their great pride.

889. That night  passed   with   the men of the army  having   spent   their time,
By   eating the nectar  like food which was not eaten and which was form of art,
By making efforts to remove the love tiff  of the   difficult to get nectar  like ladies,
And by hearing songs set to music   and seeing the dances  based  on its meaning .

16.Poo Koi padalam 
Chapter on plucking of flowers
( The sun rises again and at that   time the pretty ladies requests    their lovers   as well as mates    to pluck  pretty flowers for them. They go to a forest near  river Sona  and get engaged  in this job. The poet also describes  lot  of occasions when love tiff occurs.)

890.Getting angry  at Hiranya  the night  which had stars  as its teeth,
With  the swinging his thousand hands   which were  thousand rays of the sun,
Emerging from the golden pillar   which can be called as Udayagiri,
That lion man  with great luster like the Sun God came out.

891. After   completing all his morning rituals Dasaratha   started  in his chariot,
With all   the kings saluting him  . The army that was accompanying him,
Making the  places in between rivers   as well as mountains as  gardens ,
Making   all the depressions that they saw  as crowd of red lily flowers,
And making all the water bodies that they saw  as   lotus  tanks,
And they all reached the banks of the Sona river.

892.After   deciding to stay on the banks of river Sona,
Lord Sun rose   up in  the sky   and  kings   and their sons  ,
Along   with their wives   reached   the cool scented   gardens,
Surrounded   by pure lakes as well  as ponds ,
To happily play  by playing plucking  the tender flowers  bored by  bees.

893.Seeing them with bow like eyebrows and reddened black eyes ,
The peacocks  thinking that they may   wound them  went away from there,
Hearing   the sweet songs sung by them , the parrots became ashamed,
AS they were not able to sing  like   that  and went away.
And seeing their walk with sound of anklets  , swans   also went away.

894.With  Ear  studs made of pure   gold  which give out  light  ,
And   with ear globes ,   with   shining  with  bees ,
Flying around  making sound   when those  ladies  ,
Were playing with their friends  , seeing that  ,
Men wearing    garlands made of scented   and opening flowers ,
Over their chest   were not able   to recognize  them,
As different   from the  flowering trees  and stood there  confused.

895.All the koels   in that garden  hearing the   talk of conversation,
Which was with sweet    words    and like  pretty songs,
Between  the ladies with  broad hips decorated   by Gold and gems,
And having    cool hair over which honey had spread  ,
Were jealous  and closed their mouth due to shyness ,
Who can dare to speak  before those   capable of sweet talk?

896.With eyes which were like poison  to those  whom they do not like  ,
When they looked at with desire using lovely nectar   like looks,
And touched  with   their red lotus  flower,  the flowering plants  ,
Which had grown tall, showered the tender  flowers on their feet,
And bent their heads in salutation   , for who can remain  ,
Without saluting those damsels with hips  like vanchi climbers?

897.When those  pretty ladies who are similar to the lady of the lotus,
With their flower like soft hands  , even the lions  who have,
Manes decorated by flowers and   who had   sword like  ,
Terrifying looks were getting   terrified  and  ,
The mountain like shoulders   would also bend before  them,
And so if I said that   the tender flower   branches   bowed ,
Before them  , Is  it  improper    to tell like   that.

898.The   creeper plant    like    ladies with  foreheads   which are like moon’s crescent    
In the ponds and rivers are looking like   a Blue lotus  flowerd on a red lotus,
And seeing that  the bees producing sweet sound  thought   that,
“It is a great wonder to see flower on flowers   and started   crowding their faces,”
And  they did not move away  in spite  of   efforts to drive them away,
Because those    who love to see  new things ,  would not leave  them easily.

899.Towards   the males   who had shoulders as strong as very hard rocks,
Who had properly made lustrous body   and wore   garlands made  of flowers,
The peacock like dames   , some of them like    climbers with fully open flowers .
Were   lying down  fully jaded    and some others,
Were standing straight like    the  unattainable flowering plants.

900.The ladies   seeing that the plants  where all their flowers had been plucked ,
Which had lost    all its prettiness  ,  worried     about how  those  plants,
Would look to their husbands  ,  made those plants  wear   their garlands,
Bangles    as well hip belts  and ear globes  and  seeing them bend ,
And later stared    at those cool flowering branches       with great desire.

901.The crowd of bees which normally   step  on wide open flowers 
And wander drinking honey   started   hovering round  ,
The  decoration less   hairs of ladies   without any honey drenched flowers ,
But  who wore scented flower garlands  which  they did  not like ,
Unlike  the flowers which were liked by   them earlier  , because,
Wherever good qualities are there, people get all pleasures there.

902.One who  is  equal in prettiness   and is an ornament  to  Goddess  Lakshmi  ,
Seeing her own image holding a flower on the white crystal    rock,
Thought , that lady would become like soul to my dear husband,
And stood there with eyes shedding tears   and flower in hand.

903.One lady who was like a creeper having face like moon surrounded  by clouds,
Seeing the garland worn on shoulders  of her king    was being worn by ,  
Another   lady who was  like peacock , rained tears   from her sword like eyes,
On  the tip of  her own breasts  which knew the nature of cloth  tying  her  breasts.

904. When a king who was greatly in love with his wife  , seeing her coming like a peacock,
To find  out her state of mind   hid himself in a creeper  enclosure  of that faultless  garden,
She who is always with her husband    and one who has never  lived away from him,
Struggled like the body in search of the soul  and with great anxiety searched for him all around.

905. One lady having love tiff with her husband who always   used to hold a spear  ,
Developed a tinge of redness  due to anger   in her black eyes   decorated   by Kajal,
Saluted a koel   and pointed to it a flower    which was  not reachable,
And requested   that bird, “ Please pluck that  flower and give it to me.”

906.One hero seeing   the tender coconut on a tall coconut tree  said,
“How great,  these coconuts  are similar    to the breasts of the  ladies”,
Hearing that his wife   asked “ To  the breast of which lady   that   you have seen,,
Are  these   coconuts similar   ”and with a sorrowful mind  and  With,
A face  covered with sweat , let out hot  and painful breaths.

907.When a hero whose   shoulders  increase in size  as soon as he  hears ,
The word “war”, who had shoulders which resembled mountains  ,
Who was similar to love God    was plucking flowers to his wife,
And when she who had cloud like hairs   and who  had  a matchless voice like Koel,
Closed his eyes from behind and when he asked , “who has closed my eyes,”,
She  felt as if burnt  by fire   and suspecting his virtue let out a deep breath.

908.To the several wives   who were extending their palm,
Which were like lotus flower not growing  on    slushy mud,
Requesting    the king to pluck and give them flowers,
He placed  those fresh  flowers which drip honey , on his palm,
And was standing  in between them  without   saying no and also not  giving,
And was standing like a wild miser, because  he was helpless.

909.When the lover who was liked by    her,  mentioned   the name of  another woman,
Before this wife who had  eyes applied with Kajal  ,She stared   at him,
With her spear like eyes  which would hurt him in his heart,
And becoming shy for having stared at him like that before others,
She   moaned  and holding a flower by her    tender hand   she smelt it,
And due to heat of her tortured breath, the flower immediately wilted.

910.That king   who moves round in chariots   use to wander round,
With  the  kajal applied   eyes  of all his   wives  , each born in great families ,
Following him wherever he goes like   the bees  which follow  the   elephant in rut.

911.A man who has a  pretty form beyond reproach  , when he divided  equally the flowers,
Between one of his wives  who had a forehead  similar   to the crescent of moon at dusk,
And the other   who was a very pretty one who was worshipped   by all who see her,
Both of them threw  away all the flowers and not liking to stand before  him went like peacocks.

912.Without bothering to take care    of her with    great fragrance  ,
Without bothering about the dress    getting untied , without  bothering,
To notice that pearls from necklaces   falling down all over the  garden,
Are they searching for their own souls   which is in their  own body,
Or is it some  other important material or is it the   flowers  that drip honey?

913. A lady who was comparable   to  goddess Lakshmi    who speaks with sweetness ,
Of the sound of Yaazh    was not  moved  when  her husband    who is the king,
Who had   incomparable strength saluted her,  but after   he went away  ,
With a melted  mind  she became sad  and  thinking  of a  devious trick  ,
Deep in her mind  , she drove her pet    bird  and followed it to the place where  husband was   there,

914.One who had become greatly thoughtful   when    all the five arrows  of love God,
Pierced on his chest wearing      pretty flower garlands  , without understanding what to do,
Went and weakly stood   before a lady   who had applied   sandal paste on her breasts and had a   long hair ,
And asked  her “Oh Kurukathi  plant   would you flower a Mandhara  flower and give it to  me?”

915.One who wanted to find fault on   her husband  , without any diminished anger  ,
Developing a love tiff   and when it was seen  by her  that her  husband was  becoming happy  ,
Without waiting there  ,   decorated herself with   the  flowers she collected with difficulty  ,
And on seeing her own image  in the  mirror  , felt sad that he was not there to see her.

916. If  my  husband who feeds the God of death using    his  lustrous spear ,
 Does not  come    here to see  my made up form   with decorations,
I Would not  agree   to live  in this world, for how did this make up help me?
Saying this she would give away    all her ornaments to  the  lady who guards the funeral pyre.

917 In case of one lady ,  the waist  was  sorrowing due  to its not able    
To lift  the breasts     which  were coming out of the cloth tied over it  ,
And in case of another   she  was holding a big  golden cup  in her  tender shivering  fingers,
To feed the parrot   which   was hiding  in between     two huge stones.

918.When one lady  was walking like a swan  , she seeing a swan    coming near her ,
Under the impression  that she  was her relation ,  she became    friendly with it   and told the swan,
“You are my friend , if people see you without cloth  they would   find fault with you”
And then she  was agreeable to give    her cloth to that she swan    which  was young.

919. Another lady   with a voice like sugar syrup ,covering her snake hood like hips
With a thin   cloth , got scared  of a peacock which was coming   near to her ,
As it was an enemy of the snake  and hid herself behind a  flowery branch,
Which had bunches of flowers and  closed her eyes    using another flowery branch and got weak.

920.Another lady with matchless  beauty  , with playful  anger told   her   lady friend,
“Oh honey  , Oh daughter of a flower  , I will now hide  myself  ,
And you please find me out, “ and hid herself  behind  the leaves,
Which were ready to harvest  and then hid her  blue lotus like eyes by her hand and then laughed.

921.One very able hero   wearing the   string of his bow on his left hand,
And holding   a tender lotus flower on his     very strong right   hand  ,
And with great pride was wandering  like a sun  in the midst of the big  lotus forest,
Of  the pretty faces   of ladies with hair of   the colour of darkness  of night.

922.When those  pretty men hold a red bow made out   of the sweet fresh sugarcane,
Brought from the field  , even the God  of love became ashamed  hearing  ,
The  lisping voice   of their    pretty  and very innocent  wives,
And thought    that it was   a divine art of   words repeated by them.

923.The cowherd who resembled the God of love  played in their flutes  
Which were decorated  with flower garlands  , a song similar to the sound of bees in the garden,
To signal the time to go back to his herd and like a  big bull  returning   home,
 In between  the herd of cows,Men were returning home  ,
Surrounded by ladies     with eyes  with kajal , looking like blue lotus  in the evening,

924.Though there is a saying that  “ That  those sages  who are  strong,
In penance   are capable     of protecting  themselves  from the bow of love god,”
But    the truth is   that even a simple    glance   from  the  tip of eyebrow,
Of these   ladies who  harvest flowers  is capable   of defeating them.

925. One lady with a  with a scented    hair and a  crescent like  forehead,
Was sitting on the mind   of her husband who had climbed   the Punnai tree to harvest  flowers,
And so  even though one man has wisdom flowing  like a spring from his mind,
 Would they ever be able to win over   those  ladies with huge breasts.

926.One husband   who had climbed on a branch of tree    to pluck flowers,
Was not able to move his mind or his eyes from the god given beauty of his wife  ,
But  was plucking buds of flowers  and leaves and dropping them down.

927.One man who had shoulders   like    a   big   staff weapon  ,
Seeing the face of his wife , whose   hairs are habituated   by bees,
Seeing the vibrations of her mouth of the colour   of the red fruit  ,
Understood  using his mind that she was angry    and trembled.

928.After doing activities like this  for some time  ,
Those men and women   lost interest    in plucking ,
And decorating with flowers  in that   cool garden,
And reached a water front   with a desire,
Of playing   in water with white foam  and flow.

17.Neer Vilayattu  Padalam
Chapter    on water  sports

(After getting bored     by plucking of flowers the men and women   turn their   attention to water sports.)

929.Those faultless men    and goddess like women,
Making even gods  without sorrow  being shamed at seeing them,
With   the bees   with   nature of humming and   rising up   in the sky,
Left those  those gardens   towards the water  fronts,
Like  she elephants coming with he elephants  in the forest.

930.The scene of the males and females    going to play water sports,
Was similar to the scene   of  the  Lord of devas   going along   ,
With his entire wealth and ladies     in to the ocean of milk,
Due  to anger   of sage Durvasa who was similar to  Lord Shiva  ,
With the river ganges    flowing on  his matted hair.

931 . The blue lotus flowers   which desired the blackness of Kajal,
Flowered like the eyes  of those ladies and their eyes which wanted ,
To become big like their palms   looked like fully bloomed  blue lotus flowers.
All the red lotus flowers bloomed like the faces   of those ladies,
And the faces   of those ladies appeared like fully bloomed  lotus flowers.

932-939.Some of them were  standing there hugging   the chests   of their husbands,
Like  The goddess Lakshmi   who lives on the lotus flowers standing on the stalks,
Some standing like victorious  Goddess Lakshmi hugging    the shoulders of their husbands,
Some who are fanning so that   the water spreads like the spreading leaf sheath,
Some who are embracing their husbands   scared due to the jumping of Valai fishes,
Some who are fanning scented powders   so that the bees like to eat  the pollens,
Some who fan the oil of musk   and other scented oils    facing each other  ,
Some who are fanning with flower garlands  , some who take    the pure water,
In their red mouths   and sprinkle  them on the bodies of   their husbands.
Some who take water in their lotus like palms and sprinkle  on the others,
Some with waists like streak of lighting  , some with shoulders like Bamboos,
Who decorate   the front scroll of hair  like that of a peacock,
Who while getting out after  immersing themselves in water ,
Seeing that their hairs   are  hiding their faces  , move them away  by their hands,
Some who request the swimming swans to play with them.
Some   who become sad   when flowers  in the waves dash against their tender breasts,
Some  ladies who were    sweet like sugarcane to their   husbands   appearing   as if,
The corals and red  fruit are  flowers  on the lotus plant  , who have blue lotus like faces,
Some ladies who are as sweet as a cane  about whom we say that they do not  have   any hips  at all,
Some ladies seeing the swimming kayal fish in  water and asking their husbands ,
“Do all these water    bodies also have  eyes?”
Another lady  who wears a garland of flowers  from which bees drink honey  ,
And who had thick hair and   was looking like   a real goddess,
Seeing the   shadow of her own pretty    body   in the waters   of the lake  ,
Said, “This  lady with the pretty forehead  is  always laughing whatever I do,
And so she is my friend, “   and gave  her matchless invaluable pearl necklace   to their image with joy,
Some other ladies   who were wearing   garland of flowers from which the sound   of bees were heard,
Who were   hugging the pretty    diamond like shoulders   of their men, with great passion,
Some were going like  tender peacock groups    living   on the mountains   which touch the sky,
With their valuable necklace of gems    showering  luster and  were seen  reaching those water  bodies,
And one lady   whose red eyes like Kayal wish   was made more red by   her anger,
Hid herself   in an area with a crowd of lotus flowers  and her husband   was in great confusion 
While   searching for her could not find which was  her face and which was the lotus flower
And Whenever some other ladies  who were wearing bangles of conch and gold in their tender hands,
Were dipping themselves in water   their bangles made sound like   bees,
And from their high placed hips   due to being moved several times  , the belts got loose  ,
And fell on their feet and they thinking it  is a snake started shouting for help loudly.

940.Surrounded by divine ladies   who appeared along with nectar   in  the sea ,
And surrounded the   Mandhara mountain which was used     to churn the ocean,
One king   wearing garlands  ,  stood  with his   very strong and pretty  mountain like shoulders 
Surrounded by    a crown of pretty maidens   who were  dipping in water  and were  playing.

941.The king    who stood   in between the crowd   of ladies   who were  wearing bangles,
On their red hands  who had pure laugh  , who had   very  pretty mouth  ,
And who   had hips which used to bend like the climbing creepers,
Looked like  The male elephant in rut   surrounded by several she   elephants,
In the mountain stream   with scented lotus flowers  as  boundary fences.

942.In between the crowd of pretty women who had hair  similar to that of a black cloud,
Who     caused the loss of the pride of all the peacocks living in the forest  ,
One king was standing   and was   looking like   the moon  with spreading luster  ,
Among   the  stars   which were giving light here and there   in the sky.

943.One lady  who had two long eyes   and who was made up by her   servants  ,
Who  besides having the quality of being desired by all  people  ,
And who was having all the arrows that the God of love with a sugarcane bow had  ,
Was standing   out shining    in the crowd of the bevy of pretty   woman there.

944.One lady who was standing like a peacock among the ladies,  who  resembled  ,
The horrifying spear which wounded   the mind of men  , shining  like a sword,
And Who was having two  lustrous eyes    on her   face    with great luster
Was similar to the   Karpaga    climber which came out from    the sea  ,
Surrounded    by very many climbers   capable for producing  flowers with many petals.

945. A lady  with a hipswhich she  received     from the chariot  , with breasts received from coconut tree,
With a prettiness that cannot be matched by any one   ,  dipped in to the water,
With the cloth tightly   tied over her breasts   shaking    here and there  ,
And her pretty face   in that pure water   looked like   the shadow of the moon.

946.When   their  hips   which were not controllable    by the dress that they were  wearing.
And   their  pot like breasts , racing with each other   dashed against   ,
The shoulders of men    which by their valour   beat even the great mountains,
The water    in the water   bodies  lost their balance and started to over flow.

947.Since   the water body   made their   pretty mouth    very red,
Made their eyes further reddish  , destroyed the sandal paste applied on their body,
Loosened their dress  and  was a place   where   the   huge breasts ,
Of those ladies applied with  fragrant pastes  dipped , it was like their husband.

948.Has it not been told   that    “all those   who are with  holy ones,
 Would   become  themselves    holy in due time”  and like that  ,
Those fishes   in the water bodies started   having the scent of  ,
Honey, musk   , Teak wood and Akil  smoke  scent  ,
Is there any need to tell ore similes?

949.Due to  the sandal paste   that  was  used to decorate   the bodies,
The kings in large numbers   and   due to the KUmkum paste  ,
Worn by the ladies who accompanied   those kings,
That sweet water   was similar to the red sky  ,
Where a very huge black    cloud had spread all over.

950.  Due to the Akil  and sandal paste    applied on their body,
Which were scented  being completely dissolved in that   water  ,
Those ladies   who had mouth like   cool red mouth,
Shined like    the Manikka gems which were    cut.

951.Seeing that  the mark  that she has drawn     with sandal paste  ,
On the pure shoulders   of him who  is as strong as as  a jumping lion,
Has been erased  ,  the eyes of  her ,who has tender emotions  ,
Which are normally black    turned  red due to anger  .

952.When    the body of one   who suffers out of the heat of passion ,
Who carries   the  heavy weight   of her hips   and  who wears pretty ornaments,
Became greatly hot by passion   that  lake  with  waves  cool water ,
With scented powders  , with   flowers that  have just  opened scalded  her.

953. Like the  kings of male   elephants   who bathe   the  goddess ,
Who    resides in the lotus   flower, a man who wears   flower garland,
On his   shoulders  , brought and splashed   water .
On the   hair   of a lady who had applied   ghee on it .

954.One very young swan which climbed on a lotus  flower 
Seeing  them walk so nicely that they defeated  them,
Became angry and thinking    that the tender  flower.
Was their small tender feet    stamped  on those    flowers.

955.Would I be able to say    about the number of men,
Whose mind   was agitated  seeing   the breasts of women ,
Which looked like golden pots   tied with    pretty thread 
Showing nail marks as the sandal paste has  been washed away ,
Due to the water sports that they    enjoyed    playing.

956.One king who was capable of ruling   using   his hands,
Which was like the lotus     flower with long petals  asked her,
“When shall we meet again ?”   and that tender   one ,
Who had red mouth  like Veezhi fruit   replied to him,
By sending a message   by her  eye to her friend, who passed   it  on to him.

957.Those red  lotus flowers which go under    water  in the clear water ,
Due   to the water   being pushed away      during the water   sport,
Appeared like   they were   not able to be like the pretty faces  of those ladies,
Who were like deer  and     were   hiding their faces   under   water.

958.After bathing like this    in those  big water  storages   ,
Those men who wear the big armlets   as well as women,
Climbed up from the water leaving it lonely  ,
And started wearing proper dresses   as  well  as ornaments.

959. After they who  played   in them with great desire   went away,
That water   filled water   reserve   was like the sky where ,
The stars  have  crawled away  and felt as   if all the lotus ,
That populated    them earlier   have gone and settled   somewhere else.

960.The  sun who saw   the water sports  played by the deer eyed  ladies,
With men , as if he also had a desire to play    such water  sports,
 Went inside     the western ocean   which was  filled   with wish.

961.Like the king    having faced defeat earlier   and is again,
Coming  with courage  to fight    with another   king  ,
The moon which was defeated   earlier   by the pretty  faces of those ladies,
Again appeared    on the   sky   to again face those  ladies.

18.Undattu Padalam
The chapter  on dancing after  drinking.

( Here is a peculiar chapter   of Ramayana . It describes ladies drinking alchoholic drinks.  As , it is mentioned as “Kallu”,  the fermented flower juice of palm trees , I have translated it as toddy. In few places  the word Madhu (either honey or wine)  also is used. There are few  stanzas  in this chapter which describe love sport , which is called war of love  in some places.The incidents described in this chapter happen at night    after sun set.)

962. The  great moon light which was cool    spread everywhere,
Like the  white liquid of toddy  ebbing out   everywhere ,
Like   the sweet music taking a form and spreading    all over,
And like  The passion in the mind spreading to all sense organs.

963.As per  the request of the God of love  the  full moon opened up  in the sky,
Like the  toddy which increases    the   sweetness   to those engaged in love  play,
Like the poison to those   couples who are forced    to live apart,
And  like an emissary to those with love tiff , to again join together.

964.Due to spread of moon light  , all rivers became like Ganges,
All oceans became like   the ocean of milk ,
Al the hills became like the silvery mountain where  lord Shiva lives,
And what   more can we say    about the spread of moon light?

965,With matchless   directions   ,when all men and all animals,
Became lustrous due    to the pouring moon light   on them,
This world which was surrounded by ocean  appeared  to celebrate  the birthday,
Of the  God of love   who has  a very sharp  sword  and Makara fish on his flag.

966.In the shade  of the pearl tent   created by lustrous  stars ,
In the gardens   where the roof curtain  is  provided by   dark clouds,
In the crystal rooms which were shining  like ponds,
And in   the scented  flower gardens, ladies reached to take rest.

967.Those ladies whose hair had the perfume    of scented flowers,
With an intention of enjoying    the love play  on flower spread  beds,
Started drinking in  pretty  golden goblets  , the newly extracted toddy,
Which was    like   the nectar   which was made only for that purpose.

968.Those ladies of  the heaven   full of stars , The Vidhyadhara ladies  ,
Were not comparable   in prettiness     to these ladies   and they,
Who were  having eyes like deer and honeyed flowers,
Drank toddy like a torrential rain of honey by their mouth.

969.The toddy  that entered   the mouth of one of those ladies,
Went and settled inside her like nectar   and not only her  black eyes became red ,
But  the  white goblet of the    colour of the spilled  milk  ,
Turned red     due to their being touched   by her lustrous red hands.

970. The  pure toddy    drunk by  the  ladies   whose hair has been perfumed
By musk and cool   akil smoke, similar to the ghee poured  in  the Fire pit ,
Which is full of burning  sacred  fire ,  increased   ,
The fire of passion    that was    burning   in their heart.

971. One lady who had a shining    forehead resembling a sword  ,
Seeing her shadow which was as pretty as her  reflected,
In the  toddy with cool smell   in her golden goblet   told,
“Oh friend, please take this along with me and enjoy”,
 Is there  anywhere   the greater  ignorance  to that  of,
Of ladies who have   poison like  very long eyes,
And   who have   voice  like that  of nectar  to our ears.

972.One with a waist   which looks as if it will break   
Having  thick   hair  , black eyes  which appears  to  be coated by poison,
And having a red face with a   smile  , seeing her shadow in the  toddy asked,
“Hey  mad one  , what are you doing, why are  you drinking  my left over toddy,
When  there is a huge  jar full of toddy  ?”  and then she  thinking ,
Her shadow  is another lady  , laughed showing her  jasmine bud like teeth.

973 . Another lady who had eyes like the  horrifying spear which can kill,
Seeing   the crystal gem studded goblet   in which  the white rays of moon fell,
Appearing   that it is full, , kept  that goblet   , thinking it is toddy on her lips,
And when all other people teased her    for    drinking  ,
Out of an empty    goblet  , felt    greatly   ashamed.

974 She ,  the one  who  made one conclude   that  her lisping voice was the  one
 That  gave sweetness to Yaazh and sweet flute and the one who has  a mouth,
Which is as red as   the flowers of Murukka tree  , happened to ,
 See  the shadow of her sword like eyes In  the big jar of  cool toddy 
 In which, the blue lotus with its stalk has been put,
And she thought that they were bees   who have   come to drink  honey from flowers.

975.There  was one lady who wears  the ear globes   made of pure   gold,
Seeing the shadow of the white moon reflected   in the toddy ,
With her  confused and energetic eyes   due to her drinking toddy,
Said, “Oh moon  , scared of the snakes that   come to attack   you,
On the sky , you  seem to be hiding here, do not get scared ,
For I am offering you protection.” In a very sweet voice.

976.A lady with a belly button   which resembled a whirl pool ,
Of  that river that   remains stable at one place , noticing  the great  moon light,
Which pierces the roof made of flowers which dripped  red honey  ,
Either due to her taking toddy , or due to her having  lost her intelligence,
Or  due to the timid nature which ladies have,
Thought  that   it  was toddy that is dripping , tried to catch it in  her  goblet.

977.One lady who had a waist which was  similar  to a streak of lightning  ,
Having a   wavering voice   instead of her sweet voice  like the white nectar,
Took off  her pretty waist belt   and tied a flower  garland there,
And not only that started tying her  golden necklace  on her curved hair.

978.One lady  seeing  the  drunk image of her face    at the bottom   of the goblet,
Containing  toddy , thinking that moon in the sky has   fallen in side   the goblet,
With a wish to drink toddy   said,  “When I have a lover’s tiff    with,
My husband who gives me happiness to the mind  , you would,
Remove my heat   and so I would give this toddy for you to drink.”

979.A lady who had an ornamented    nose like flower of gingely  ,
Without realizing that  she has spilled  all the toddy  she had ,
Due to the shivering of her hand   in to her hips  ,
Due to the stupor  created by toddy  , concluding    that  ,
Toddy would be there  on the back of the goblet   and
Kept the goblet upside down and attached to her  lips.

980. Seeing the bees     which have    spread   up to the sky,
Similar to the  beggars   who have  come to get the great wealth of misers,
One lady  felt    shy to open her red mouth  which was   dripping honey  ,
Thinking that the bees would go inside  her mouth   and  started,
To sip the toddy from the goblet using the stem of a tender plant.

981.One lady who had  made the kayal fishes  in the lotus   tanks,
Run away  since they felt that  they   could never compete with her eyes,
Who  has the  shining eyes  similar to sharp knife  just taken out of its leather case  ,
And who was   wearing thin garland made of honeyed flowers over her thin hair,
And was resembling a young peacock   did  not drink toddy as she  knew,
That the lover   residing in her heart    does  not like to drink toddy.

982.One lady  made both her death like eyes  look  deeply red,
Made her eye brows   bend and  tried to take it   to the top of forehead,
Gnashed  her   lustrous teeth as if  she  was angry      by   drinking    toddy,
And folded  her pretty arms  ,which are   as pretty as the   newly formed leaf.

983.The sweat of the   a lady  with vibrating  red lips  which are like red fruits,
Biting them with lustrous teeth which look like  cut pieces of the moon,
And staring with their deep red eyes  looking like spears   tainted by blood,
Was looking like   the   toddy they have drunk  coming out of their skins.

984.The  excess of redness of their red fruit like cheeks  went to  her  eyes,
The   lustrous eye brows in her lotus like face  looked  more  like a bow ,
And   the crescent like forehead   became wet   because of sweat
Of that   lady who was well ornamented   and was telling something with  thinking   some other  thing,

985.  With the   Red ilavam flower  like lips    becoming deep red,
With the saliva coming in between teeth becoming sweet,
With the cloth tied over their  breasts   getting loosened up,
With her  hair falling     down   slowly sliding like waves ,
And with the   teasing laughter  , The toddy  and love making  by husband appeared   similar.

986.  One  lady wearing a waist belt    studded with invaluable gems ,
Tried to send her friend    to her  husband   who has parted from her ,
Asking her to tell  her faultless husband    that   due to the  God of love,
Who wears the   heroic armlets , she was greatly disturbed ,
And told her , “Would you also stay like my mind with him   or come back.”

987.One lady who had eyes that were desired   by the deer  was  ,
Sending all her close friends one by one    as emissary to  her   very strong husband,
And  when she noticed    that each of them who had gone did not return,
Made herself as her   emissary      and went to meet  him   alone.

988. One lady who had    honey like lisping talk ,  who was ,
Drowned in the sea of love which cannot be stopped by   shores,
Lying down   on a bed of several layers  of scented flowers,
With great love  and joy hugged the parrot  ,
Which was capable of telling all the names of her husband.

989.Sitting in a location which was scented  , one lady ,
Having a  sword  like  forehead , hugged  her companion parrot  and screeched,
“You have    not  gone and brought my  soul like lord  ,
What other  help except this can be done by you,
And you are like  the one who  makes   sad,
Those who have  parted from their lover”

990.When the husband called her by the name  of  wife junior to her,
One lady whose hand is crowded  with bangles  and who was like a peacock,
Initially   smiled   showing her  jasmine bud like teeth  at the mistake  of her husband,
And then, when she thought he is telling the name of junior due to more love towards her,
Tears dropped torrentially   from her eyes which were   like  Kayal fish.

991.One good  lady who thought about the    mistake done by him earlier,
With passion caught    hold of the golden belt which his wife   wears over her hip,
And even before the pearls studded in hip belt    started falling down,
The pearl like   tears of that lady   who wore golden bangles reached   the floor.

992.One lady   who had a hair decorated by   well opened    flowers,
Was  doing  serious thinking   like , “would I have a love tiff with him?”,  or
“Would I  enjoy   love play with him  so that  this sickness melting  my soul will get cured,”
Or “Would I sing about his good qualities  accompanied by the Veena?”

993.Another lady   instead  of telling her friends  about the tiff with her lover,
Touched   with her   flower like   red hands  , the Makara Veena with knobs,
And started   singing  what was in her mind so that her lover would understand.

994. One   lady who was like    a creeper which has  put up new shoots,
Went on  drawing  love lines on the ground with her    feet,
And when they did not meet with  each other  every time,
Became extremely sad due to the arrows shot by the God of love,
And once in a while left deep breath   to prove that   she was still alive.

995.One lady   who has fingers  which made the ball beautiful  , due to sorrow of parting,
Send her friend as an emissary     to  her extremely pretty husband,
And when he came , she  closed the door , preventing  him from coming in,
And since she was not knowing what her thoughts were, her eyes became  red.

996.One lady who wanted to end the love tiff with her husband , lay down on  her flower bed
And when her husband did not understand her wish   acted    as if she   has just woken up,
And  put her hand and legs   on to his body asked, “How much of a  time is over now?”

997.  One lady  becoming worried   due to love tiff   and with her cotton like soft feet,
Kicked him   and due to his  body which was like a field    with a fence ,
Was made wet because   of the flow  of sweet emotions  ,
The seeds of love germinated in him   and his hairs stood up like plants.

998.One hero who had swords   by which he made   enemy king suffer,
Seeing that her breasts    have gone  down in size due to his parting,
Realizing the great measure of love   that she had towards him,
Became very happy   and stood     with  increased size of his shoulders.

999.One person who was blessed with great beauty   reached the place,
Where  his wife was there   and saw  that  the flowers  of her bed,
Were like the troublesome arrows of God of love   and
Noticed that   all those flowers have been  burnt like new twigs,
And  understanding her intensity of sorrow  , was perplexed and became thoughtful.

1000.The heat of breasts of a lady caused   drying of the sandal paste that was applied,
And seem to tell  one hero who worked with  his sword, “please protect our country”,
And looked like    the pots of holy water   kept there  for  crowning   him.

1001.One lady who was not able   to tolerate   the suffering  due to parting,
With her soul like lover , removed the waist belts, golden bells and  diamond necklaces,
Thinking that they would make sound and make others   know her intention,
And saw   with fire like eyes  the moon  which made her suffer at time of parting.

1002.To a valorous one who was suffering like     the sugarcane  in a mill,
Due to parting, and a lady who had the sweet   tender voice of the garden koel,
And was not able   to take out  the  flower garland    that he was wearing on his very strong shoulders,
And  What shall we say   about the strength    of this garland he was wearing?

1003.One lady   who had very long hair , for the sake of telling her sorrow,
First saw the picture   of the God of love  and then she  looked at her friend,
And she understanding her plight   of trouble from God of love,
Started walking towards   the home f her husband who wore honeyed garlands.

1004.One peacock like lady   wearing a golden Kuzhai   went speedily towards .
A very angry hero   who was holding a sword in his hand,
And   was this done   because   the   toddy that makes her heart  melt,
Or  was it   the evening time   or was it    the god of love himself?

1005.When one lady who was   defeated   by the full strength of love  ,
Who was angry and had   a crescent  like forehead,
Shed tears    from her eyes which looked    like rain,
And when her husband smilingly asked “What happened to you?”
She  lost her shyness       and  became laughing and joyous.

1006.One lady    to whom “this is her waist” was a lie,
Though she had  not lost the desire to sports of love,
Took away her hand ,  due to being drunk    from him  , and this  peculiar act,
Made her husband feel    that one sword has entered his chest.

1007.One lady who was tender   hugged   a lady   friend of hers,
And wanted to send her as an emissary to her husband,
And  due to her shyness   preventing her from telling it,
Went on wailing   for   a  measureless   time.

1008. One lady  , from whom  great love   was ebbing out again and again,
Wanting to tell the wrongs done by her lover  for whom she is the only soul,
To another lady     who was   wearing   flower garlands with great scent,
Became shy and went on telling unconcerned things.

1009.One couple  thinking   that their thought process  was alike  .
Their soul was same  and the love that each had to the other   was same,
But not knowing why   their    bodies  only   were   different ,
Hugged tightly with each other   so that their bodies could become one.

1010 One lady who had shoulders like bamboo  , when her husband,
Who had a tiff with her stood before her  , when without her control,
Her mind went towards   him stood up and saluted   him,
And seeing this as a new act of hers, He was scared thinking  that she was angry.

1011.One lady with a curved forehead  who had a love  tiff  ,
Thinking about   the pleasure that it could bring  and later repented,
Seeing her friend  who went as emissary but returned alone  ,
Told her  that  like the breeze and the night   that are yet to come,
Her friend would    trouble her  like her mother..

1012.One lady who was made to love , send her mental feelings  also,
Along with her emissary    whom she sent to bring her husband,
And she was standing   making all those   who saw her tell that,
She was  looking like  one hit by the God in the evening,
But she  became action less  and went on staring at the   direction  of arrival of her husband.

1013.One lady   who was not able to forget her husband  ,
Would always     be waiting     for his arrival and   to her,
Joy and sorrow   used to come alternatively like birth and death,
And  like the streak of lightning appearing between clouds which cannot be moved,
She would come out thinking he has come   and  
Disappear thinking      that   he has not   come.

1014.One lady   who had breasts that can never be drawn in a picture  ,
Had  horrific wounds caused by the arrows of  God of love on them,
And she caressed   them with her   hands wearing bangles ,
She cried and laughed   and saluted   one of her friends,
And requested   her   to tell   about all her sufferings to her lover.

1015.One lady was covered  with sweat , thinking  how she would tell in words ,
The illness  caused by  love  and the problems that    were caused by it,
Which are   to made known by    signs  to  the   wise  people  , as it is useless,
And then she told her friend   her sorrows  with a pained mind  and lied down on a bed,
And then with an eye full of anxiety  looked at her friend,
Thinking  “would   she  keep quiet and not do everything to make him come.”

1016. The God of love   who is inside   all the young men and women,
Would have been thrice more   happy    than young ladies with breasts  ,
For without the knowledge of any one  ,  He would have definitely,
Drunk the clear and pure  toddy drunk by them inside   their bodies. .

1017  . Those men who had  tied up hair   which is scented   due to wearing flower garlands,
After throwing away the cloths worn   by ladies who have not  understood the  love play,
And also after throwing out   the waist belt which  was used to tie their    broad hips,
Because   those  who  can shout and announce should  not be there during  secret  works.

1018.Is it new that   a lady threw away her cloths  as  well as ornaments  and,
A lady with pretty forehead   also forsook the shyness   which is in built in her ,
Like a saint   who with great determination    has forsaken all   attachments,
For only in passion  resides   the capacity   of  forsaking  oneself.

1019.One man  who was like the  matchless god of love  ,
And a lady who was   similar to Goddess Lakshmi living on a lotus flower,
Went on    doing the war of love with both of them not being defeated,
Because if  the  souls of both of them are same   who can  win or who can loose?

1020.One lady   who  was sword like in the war of stealing   the minds  ,
Seeing   her pretty lover who liked like God Muruga   and was  wearing a garland,
Hiding his chest   to prevent her kick by the leg    due to love tiff,
By his flower like hands  ,  became  more angry with him thinking that,
He was trying to protect  another lady  in his  mind  out of deceit.

1021.One lady with a mouth which is red and had a taste  of milk,
Who was wearing several types  of bangles  , who had huge shoulders,
Who had eyes like spear   and who was   looking very tender,
To one  who had a mind full of ocean like love   and  Who had,
Long hands  like that   of a  cloud, gave same  type  of pleasure,
That   made   her   like   the divine lady of heaven.

1022.One lady who  was like a peacock  living in gardens  of mountainous  terrain,
Who got  very angry thinking about the  lies   told    by her husband ,
And in the war of love   with anger   engaged by them,
The love that   rose  in the minds of them only won.

1023. With a cruel eyes  a lady resembling  personification of  murder,
Who had wide   hips   which appears to start from within her dress,
Hugged her husband tightly   and thinking that her breasts  ,
Would have  pierced   the  mountain like chest  of   him, stretched and saw his back.

1024. When the men    were   enjoying the new sweetness  of  ladies,
Kumkum fell down , her hair    became   untied.
The conch bangles made   great sound  , Cloths slipped   down,
And the anklets that they wore  in their legs  produced   great tingling sound.

1025.When love  removed  the  sorrow causing love tiff , like the Sun removing the snow,
One lady  who was like a peacock ,  was pretending   to be asleep in spite of it  ,
With a very anxious mind  , due to the help of a  pretended bad dream,  hug her husband tightly.

1026. One lady   with a round face   , who looked   like   a peacock   and her husband,
When they   happened to come near    hugged   very tightly  ,
And  due to  being not willing to separate   their pasted  bodies,
Never left the hands that embrace   and did not realize even when night got over .

1027.  To the hero who was like an elephant  in a rare  rut,
And to a lady     who had   very black thick hair  ,
Due to the war of love  , that night   went on reducing,
Like their hip   which were unable to carry    her heavy breasts.

1028.Like   those who were not able    to do blessed deeds till the end,
Whose   wealth   slowly  vanishes, the moon vanished from the sky .
And the sun appeared   in the middle of the black sea with spreading waves ,
Like the shining Kausthubha gem    in the black body   of Lord Vishnu.

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