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Kamba Ramayanam -Bala Kandam Padalam 11-14

Kamba Ramayanam  -Bala Kandam  Padalam 11-14

      This portion starts with the introduction of Rama and Lakshmana    along with their family particulars by sage Viswamithra to king Janaka and ends with departure of Dasaratha    along with his people  to attend the marriage    of Rama.

11. Kula murai  kilathu  Padalam
(The chapter  on narration  about family of Rama.)
        (in this chapter sage Viswamithra   introduces Rama to king Janaka along with particulars of his clan. He also tells him how Rama and Lakshmana  killed Thadaga  , protected his fire sacrifice and later  brought back  Ahalya to life. SAge Viswamithra does not mention about the names of the ancestors of Rama   but only   their well known deeds,  In Valmiki Ramayana , the family of Rama is introduced   to king Janaka by sage Vasishta , when he comes to attend   the marriage of Rama. He lists out the names of his  ancestors. )

637. Who in this world does not  Manu   who is the first in the clan of the  Sun?
Even the great king   who for the sake    of  avoiding the sorrow   of all beings  from hunger,
Who did the great deed   of  using his  well formed      bow milked the earth  , also  belongs to his clan.
  (king  Prathu)

638.Oh king Janaka in     whose crown all  the nine types of gems are well set,
The one who  for the sake of   destroying sickness   and removing evil acts  which cause it,
Did penance   for several years    addressed to Brahma   who was born out of a lotus,
And due to his blessing brought   the statue of the lustrous Lord   Vishnu,
Sleeping    on the  bed of  the  great snake  , so that people like me can see  him ,
Along    with  the stage(rangam) *  also is from his clan  and,
Those who do not know    it do not   know    anything.
                                 *(This lord was shifted to Sri Rangam table later /not mentioned by Vamiki) )

639.When Indra begged him  and told him  about his    great problem  of ,
An asura whom he is not able to defeat and requested to kill all those asuras.
And reconquer  the land of devas   and give it to him , agreeing to that,
And after giving him a boon  ,  and immediately    went there ,
Holding a great bow   and fought with those asuras  is the king ,
Puranjaya   who was  carried  by Indra     taking a form a form of the bull,
Again    belongs     to his    great   clan and he was known as  Kakustha,

640.  I am incapable of telling the greatness   of all kings 
 Belonging to that  great king’s clan,
For one of the kings of the clan   helped in churning the ocean of  milk
 Using Mandra mountain and gave nectar,
So that the devas   do not get old, their body   does not age    and also they do not die.

641. Oh king , who puts his spear   in the spear sheath after    doing war,
The ancestors of these two   sent their shining wheel of   rule  without   any blocks,
Were ruling all   the three worlds  , Who had unimaginable qualities like mercy 
And  were innumerable   in number   and one of them   ruled the world,
In such a way that male tigers and female deer were  drinking   water from same ghat.

642.Oh King whose    feet are saluted by very many victorious kings  ,
Once upon a time   when devas and  Rakshasas     were engaged  in a battle,
One of their ancestors , who was crowned    as per the tenets   of Vedas ,
Along with his gem studded crown    garlands   shinning swords and  hand held  bows  and arrows,
Alone wandered like the God of Dharma    in to the land of devas  and protected Amarapathi.(capital of devas)

643.Oh king who holds a  long  spear    which is like   streak of lightning ,
 Who can afford to praise  The kings of these  clan   who wore the golden anklet of great valour,
Were  the soul  for all the good souls of the world  , ruled this great world,
For   one of the kings of clan gave his flesh , to save the soul  of a soft   soul.

644.Oh king who has a long spear that has pierced the body   of his enemies,
The kings of their clan   sorrowing because the Aswamedha horse was missing  ,
Rolled with their feet   huge mountains like they were  coconuts   and made  this world,
In to , ups and downs   and dug the    sea which was full of salt water  .
Is it necessary to add any more   to bring out the greatness of this clan.

645.”Oh king with a lustrous spear to which the flesh of  enemies are attached,
If Adhisesha  would be unable to describe their greatness , is it easy for me to do it?
The one who brought    the river with holy water   making it flow   through ,
The head of Lord Shiva who wears Ixora flowers to the earth also is from their clan.

646.Oh king who has a royal white umbrella similar to moon without rabbit patch,
One of the kings born in their clan  , made the entire  earth surrounded   by  the sea,
Like a gooseberry of his hand   and conducted  hundred incomparable  Aswamedhas,
According to Vedic rules   and created problem     for the great  king of Devas.

647.The clan of these boys  , had a king who defeated the moon God,
Another   who defeated Rudra  , another   with harsh arrows killed Dundhu,
And another king of the clan called  Ragu   with his very firm bow,
Won over Indra and defeated all the kings  of the eight directions.

648.The King Aja  who belonged to their clan   using his Mandara  like bow,
Churned the ocean of his army   and made  Indumathi  who had  a smile,
Which was like pearls    and who was like Goddess Lakshmi  ,
An ornament   to his chest which   was black like that of God Vishnu  .
As also his  big shoulders   which appeared  as personification of wrestling.

649.”Oh king who has a door of  his palace where several music instruments played ,
There is no body in this world who  do not know Dasaratha   the son of king Aja.
These greatness   of  sons who were born to him cannot be  properly described by  Lord Brahma,
Still I would try to narrate it to you , the    limited knowledge that I have.

650.The  Dasaratha   who is like the wheel of God Vishnu    using which  ,
He made people of all the world   live properly  , like  victory of Sun over snow,
Won  victory over his enemies  , Who  never liked the help of any others,
Who wore Dharma as his armour   and who was the follower   of rules of Justice,
Formulated by the great Manu  , was sad because he did not have sons.

651.He decided to see the help of Rishya Sringa  Who followed  ,
The prostitutes with  forehead like a bent bow , Red mouth like that of,
The  child  which resembled a red fruit  , long black eye, large hips,
Which are sold for money  and  waist which is like a streak of lightning,
Thinking they are  animals with their  breasts as horns   and reached,
The town of Roma pada   and helped him to solve his problem.

652.After saluting he told the sage  “  Possibly    due to lack of my penance  ,
Sons  who wear garland and have a scented hair  ,were,
Not conceived  in  the   gem like belly  of  my queens  ,
Who were tying their breasts by cloth   and so  ,
Please  get me   sons who will  look after
The earth surrounded by the sea  , which was protected by me.”

653. Hearing that , that sage with mind filled with joy told   ,
“I would give you young boys  who   would  not only rule this earth,
But also look after all the three worlds  .So now  make ,
Arrangement  to bring all materials    to conduct  a fire sacrifice,
In which   the offerings we give are eaten by the devas.”

654.Accordingly the king    speedily arranged  to assemble.
All the things that were needed   to conduct   a Yaga  for getting sons.
That  one who does great  penance   completed  that Yaga.
From that sacrificial fire  the king of group of ghosts,
Emerged   carrying nectar like  white sweet  rice,
Kept on a golden plate  which was studded with gems.

655.That sage   who had understood the meaning of Vedas,
Gave  the nectar  like  sweet food kept   in a  vessel of gold 
To Dasaratha   who was equal to him in  good character  ,
Who made in to four parts   and gave it to  his three   queens,
All of whom had   pretty    foreheads ,  according to  their seniority.

656.The queen called Kausalya    gave birth   to this sea of black,
Who had red mouth  , wearing big bangles and prettiness  which cannot be painted,
Who was born to destroy   the evils   that have spread all over the world,
And to protect  the limitless   Dharmas mentioned   in the great Vedas.

657.The daughter of the king of Kekaya    gave birth to   Bharatha,
Who had unsullied character   ,prettiness and nature of   charity,
Who was like a   sea which can be mentioned as a   great pit,
In Which the  waters  of unstoppable    great rivers   enter,
And who was very similar  to this great one sitting here .

658,The  third queen who was   junior to these    two queens  gave birth to,
To two children   who had great strength , who scared   the  very strong,
Rakshasas who were   bent upon spoiling   Dharma,
And  who when they are   armed with a bow , looked like  ,
The red golden mountain Meru   and silvery tall mountain Kailasa   facing each other.

659.Those four sons    who were  like the   four Vedas, were greater than,
Goddess Saraswathi in   the   great and mature   knowledge,
Who were served  like defeated kings    by the Dhanurveda  , the science of archery     
Grew up  like the sea with tides   at the break of  the  rise,
Of  the greatly lustrous full moon   which was round in shape.

660.Oh king  who has a very long spear  which  is kept in its case,
Dasaratha   who was saluted by kings who brought tributes to these sons,
Whose feet was decorated by the dense    anklets   of a great hero,
And who was having the nature   of great patience  ,
Put the sacred threads  for them    and made them  study Vedas,
By sage Vasishta   who was really the  one who brought them up.

661.With a desire  of    getting killed   the Rakshasas , who speedily,
Created problems    for carrying out my fire sacrifices , by them,
I brought these sons of Dasaratha  who were  wearing  heroic anklets,
Which were as soft   as a  flower   and entered   the forest,
And even before we entered  the forest  A Rakshasi  called Thadaga,
Who cannot  be  opposed by others  made  her appearance  .

662.Oh king  This masculine Rama  who has the  form of black waves of the sea,
Has a  very tall grown shoulders , and so please examine his strength carefully,
One of the arrows   pierced the chest of Thadaga who has eyes like raging fire,
And later pierced a mountain and several trees   and also the earth.

663.The heads of Rakshasas having  fire like hair which has the colour  of the reddish sky
Went on falling endlessly making a huge mountain   and there  ,
One of the sons of the Rakshasi  went to heaven  as soon as he   was hit by Rama’s arrow,
And the place where the other son was   thrown is    not known to me,
And after   completing my fire sacrifice in a complete manner , I came here.

664. Oh king, Please understand   the greatness of Rama which even Brahma  does not know ,
I who  presented him  due to   the great penance     that I did,
Great   weapons which are capable of burning   all the worlds, sea   and mountains 
And am shivering before him and standing here obeying      his orders.

665.He is the one who gave the former    form to the wife of the wife of Gowthama ,
By using the dust   of his feet wearing golden anklet  and which  is like unfading lotus flower,
And I have more love towards   this Rama of back colour  , even more than my soul,
And he concluded, “ This is an account about Rama and the  great strength  of his shoulders.

12.Karmukha padalam
(The chapter    of  the bow.)
(  The bow is brought   by the servants  of the king. Sixty thousand of them lifted the bow  by placing wooden logs in between them. In Valmiki Ramayanam  five hundred  people  drag it by keeping  it  in an iron  cart. Guru Sadananda  told them the story of that bow  as well as that of Sita.Under the orders of sage Viswamithra Rama  breaks that  bow,. King Janaka, all devas, and  all people of  Mithila became happy and  celebrate  the event. One of the friends of Sita goes and informs this to the love sick Sita. After listening , Sita concludes that  it is Rama  himself. As per the  advice of Viswamithra , Janaka  sends  emissaries along with marriage proposal.)

666.”What can I tell   against your words, I am greatly upset  because,
I had kept this illusory bow    as    the condition   of marriage of  my daughter ,
And because of  the condition    my wish has    not so far been fulfilled ,
And suppose this lad   who has   all good characters,
Is able  to  shoot an arrow out   of this great bow,
He would   be helping me to get out of  my sea of sorrow,
And my   daughter also would realize the result of her  penance.”

667.Then seeing his assistants  who were   standing before him, he said,
“Bring that mountain like great bow   here” and those four people saluted him, Said “yes”,
Ran quickly   and went to the place   where  the bow  decorated with gold was kept.

668.Sixty thousand of  his people   who had  a body like  a strong elephant,
Who had mountain like   shoulders   which were covered by hair,
After keeping   pillar like stays  in several places  in between the bow,
Carried   it   on those pillars  which they kept on their shoulders.

669. The earth where the bow   was kept  got her  much needed rest,
And the Meru mountain which has  grown very tall   became  very shy  on seeing it,
And the people   who have  spread  like    an ocean , seeing the bow coming,
Felt that   there    would not  be any more space for them.

670.Some people told,  “Except  Lord Vishnu  holding the conch and the wheel,
Who had red hands     and who was like    a he lion , no one else can lift it,
And suppose he cannot    who is there in this world , who can even dare to touch it  ,
And  if   today    this lad    bends this bow , Sita’s marriage   would live well.”

671. They further said,” Calling it a  bow  is a   word of deceit, for this is like Golden Meru,
“ Even Brahma who is supposed to have made  it has not touched  it with his hand,
 But had made it using his great penance.”  Some people there   told,
“WE do not know who in the early times was   able to pull its string?”

  672.Some where doubting whether  it was made  by   using the tall Meru mountain,
And some others told, “No it was  made using Mandhara mountain after ,
The long pretty ocean was churned.” And    some others said,
“It is indeed   the king of serpents  who had great luster and some said,
Perhaps the  bow Of Indra   might have slipped from sky and has fallen down.”

673.Some said, “Why did this  king  ordered this bow to be brought?”
“Are there any foolish people   like this king who wants to bend that bow”
“Possibly by some good deed done  in earlier life  , he may be able to do it”,
And some said,” Has the maid Sita ever seen this bow?”

674.Some said, “What would be the aim of the arrow kept in this bow?”,
“Janaka has kept this bow only for the good of his daughter   Sita”,
“Would   the God Vishnu    be able to bend this arrow?”
And some said, “This is the  play of fate” and became sad.

675.When the people of Mithila who had assembled  were talking like this,
The servants of the king who brought  it kept in the bow  on earth, making the back of earth bend,
And all those kings who saw it were telling, “who is going to bend this bow?”
And   being scared   even to touch the bow started   shivering.

676.Janaka seeing Rama who was like an elephant calf   and his beauty,
And seeing that bow which was giving him pain   and again thought of  his daughter,
And when he   was getting worried   whether Sita would ever get marired,
Sadananda    the  son of Gautama started    telling.

677.  That Shiva who bent the   mountain Meru    as a bow  ,
Because  “Daksha had   insulted  Uma who was   by his side”,
Due the ebbing anger   which was not having patience  ,
Took this bow and reached the place of Yaga of Dhaksha.

678.Some of those devas who had come there  started running  greatly tired,
 And entered and hid in places where  the devas will never hide,
The    fire    in the  fire sacrifice was put out and Shiva also lost his anger.

679,. Lord Shiva seeing that all the devas    were shivering  ,
And knowing well that   their life span was very long,
Gave   that great bow   to a king  born in the clan of Janaka,
 Who used   to cultivate    his country using his   sword.

680.” I Should  tell about the greatness of this  bow  now?
Except for sages  who are   equal to Lord Shiva  , no body can do it.
Also please hear the story   of  the daughter  of Janaka ,
Who has hips like   the storey of   the chariot.

681.For performing the yagna  , on  the hump of  a bull with     steel like two horns,
 A   beam  which was shining like   crystal was    fixed  and to which was    tied,
A golden  plough    embedded with several gem was    tied  to it ,
And this was dragged  several times on the fertile field   over   several channels.

682. While ploughing on the face of the plough , like a shining sun,
There appeared   a form which appeared to be that of goddess  earth,
A child  whom   even Goddess Lakshmi    who was born with nectar from ocean of milk,
Would  move to one side    and salute    and who appeared to be   the queen of all girls.

683.How can I tell about the   good natures     of this   girl for  all those  good natures,
 Are quarrelling with each other   to become one with    that girl who was like   a flower branch.
What about her beauty?  After   this girl with    big ear   globes      appeared  ,
All other girls lost their beauty  like the rivers  losing    their holiness,
When the river called Ganges   came down from the   sky   to this earth.

684.”Oh lord who knows everything , due to their mastery in  arts  like archery  ,
And their fate lying on different directions  ,  all devas were attracted by  Goddess  Lakshmi ,
This Lakshmi like girl   all the kings of earth loved   and this  happening,
Cannot be found in any other case on  this earth.”

685,All   kings who were having huge army   of elephants with trunk and are in rut,
Along with their ocean like army   , making sound   like a torrential sea,
Came requesting  for  her hand in marriage and    we told them  that  ,
Only a person who can bend the bow ,of lord  Shiva   who wore,
The tiger skin and elephant hide  as dress  ,  by his own strength,
Would  be  suitable    to   marry this pretty maid in a firm manner.

686.”Oh saint who protects the world using the    bow of words,
Those kings   who were not able to bend   this great bow,
Who were not even capable of  bending  the sugarcane bow of God of love  ,
Since they loved  this black haired beauty   who came with,
The huge bow of Shiva    which was like a mountain,
  Called us    and started waging war against us.

687.The big army  of our great king  due  to unremitting war,
Started reducing like the wealth which reduces only  just kings.
And the army of those kings who loved   this girl,
Whose   curled hair was surrounded by   the humming of bees,
 Went on increasing just like the desires of those kings.

688.Those devas who wear     shining crowns   seeing that this king,
With strong and pretty shoulders   was thinning down,
In the battles to protect the bow of the God who has bull as steed,
Took mercy on him    and helped him by giving the four segments of the army,
And the kings went away   like a crow getting scared   of an owl.

689. From that  day till to date    no body has gone near this bow,
And the kings  with chariots  who went to hiding  , also did not come back,
And we were   all thinking that   Sita would never get married,
And so if   This Rama is able to pull the string of this bow it would be good,
Because   the beauty   of Sita who decorates her hair with flowers   would not be wasted.

690. After keenly hearing all that was told by sage Sadananda  ,
The learned sage   after deep thought   shook his pretty matted hair  ,
And saw the face of Rama who was like a bull ready to fight  ,
And  that hero who was like a picture   understanding the sign
Shown by the great sage  , saw that great bow    with interest.

691.He stood up the like the   rising  flash of fire from the sacred fire,
When all the ghee  is together  poured in to it as oblation,
And went towards the bow and the devas shouted, “The bow is broken”,
 And   words of blessings were told  by sages   who had  won  ,
Over their three enemies  Passion  , jealousy   and   anger.

692.The one sent  by the ancient sage   who has undertaken great penances,
Before  he broke that great bow  , the God of love   shot  his arrows.
At the minds of  ladies with pretty ornaments  ,
And they all became   a victim the love bow of his.

693.Some ladies told, The feet of the great bow we are seeing   is strong,
 And some told that   if  the red and pretty hand    of the shy Sita,
Is not caught by   the  long hand with red palm   of this lad,
Sita with a shining forehead   would   not have any   further life.

694.  Some ladies with folded hands in salutation said,
If this lad who is like an elephant calf  is not able to   bend ,
This bow bringing tears    of joy in to our eyes ,
The Sita with musk scented hair   and also ourselves,
 Would jump and drown    in the burning fire.

695.If the charitable king  indeed wanted to  become happy   by  this  marriage,
He would have told this Rama   to get married to Sita   and not ,
Put this bow   of the Shiva who carries Ganges   before him,
And ask him to bend and send an arrow, as it is foolish.

697. When all the ladies were talking like   this within them selves,
With the good blessings of great sages   and creating joy,
Among all in the world of devas  Rama   who was like a big bull,
 Making the golden mountain Meru   and the elephants ashamed,
Walked and reached the   place where    the bow was kept.

698.He lifted     that  huge bow of Shiva  which resembled a golden mountain,
Like a   garland of flowers   meant for wearing it    To Sita ,
Who was like a difficult to search gem   and  ,
Was wearing golden bangles     as well as armlets.

699.All those   who had stopped blinking of their eyes,
So that   they could see all the happenings, saw,
Rama  planting his feet on the lower end of the bow,
And tying the string on the other end  but,
Due to the speed of the action   they could only  see,
That he took it by his hand   but they also     heard it break.

700. The devas and  Lord Brahma who was born in a lotus,
Thinking that great universe has broken  and getting worried,
As  to with whom they will surrender and seek protection,
If this is the case  of the world of devas, what can be told about earth?
And the snake which carries the universe on his head   and ,
Was lying  like a root to the world    got greatly scared.

701.  The devas concluding that   The victory  and the fearful spear of Janaka,
Has been helped   by   the good deeds he did  in last birth  only today,
Showered   flowers, The clouds showered   Gold   and  all the  great oceans,
 Sprinkled various types of gems   and made huge applauding sound,
 And all great sages    chanted words of blessing to   the king.

702. White conches  , horns   and several  other musical instruments  blared in the city,
People were giving  flower garlands  , ornaments  ,  sandal  paste  , scented powders ,
Scented oils  , the pearl from the sea  , gold  , gems and fine cloth  to each other,
And like   the ocean   was making huge sound   like in season  , and sound reverberated.

703.   Ladies with spear like eyes   and rising moon at night    danced like peacocks ,
Dancing when they see dark clouds   With playing of   Veena(yaazh)  like   dripping of honey,
 Decorated with smile , ear studs   and    were   spreading light every where.

704.Like one drunk   with  toddy   that spoils the brain, the black eyed damsels,
With red shot eyes hugged their husbands   so that  the love tiff   is removed,
Like the white clouds drinking    water from the sea   with large waves  ,
The poor people   went on taking  away the wealth   of their   king.

705.Drinking  the sweet music of dancers  , nectar like   songs of ladies,
The song of Panars (minstrel musicians)  singing    religious songs   to accompaniment  of Yaazh,
Which  appeared as  if they were extracting   honey from such songs,
The songs  of various tunes using the flute , using their ears ,
Devas   stood there  with benumbed bodies like statues.

706.The ladies of the world of devas   who had come down to see   the strength of Rama,
During   the breaking of the bow   , came down from the sky  and by acion and form,
Danced  with damsels of earth  and not able to   find out the  difference hugged them,
But seeing  their long black eyes   wearing Kajal   blinking  ,
They understood that   they were not  Deva damsels   and stood perplexed.

707.  Some of them said  ,”son of Dasaratha “  Some said , “Lotus eyed lad”,
Some said his colour is black like cloud, some said it resembled  Black kamyapoo flowers,
Same said, “He is not human being”, Some said , He is Lord Vishnu of the sea   where  fishes live,”
 And some of them  were  saying  :”this world is in stupor.”

708.Some said ,”to see the beauty of Rama   , Sita should have   thousand eyes,”
Some said, “since every time   we see the flower branch  like sita , we see   a new prettiness,
It is Rama who needs the thousand eyes” some said  , “see his brother  , the world is  lucky,”
And some others , “let us all salute Viswamithra who brought   these lads to this city.”

709. When things like these were happening in the court   , we will start telling about  ,
What happened  in the” maiden   house”    to Sita  who spent the night     along with the  moon,
And afterwards with the desire to see that   lad again   , who  was little energized ,
Though  her   soul had undergone torture ,and who had     very thin waist and very huge breasts,
Black eyes   with reddish tinge   and who was   Wearing golden bangles  . 

710. Sita  with a soul which was swinging    between life and death like a swing,
Got up from the flower bed , which was the reason  for melting of her body,
With friends who were wearing   ornaments  made of pure gold surrounding her,
She went  and reached   the banks of lake which was crowded with faultless  lotus flowers,
Where  in a  room built  by crystal , and laid down    in a pretty bed of flowers  ,
Which   was cooled by    moon stones as well as    sprinkling of cold water.

711.Oh  lotus  plants   which   has    cool   pleasant scent  ,
Understanding that a girl is suffering   due to parting with her lover ,
And exhibiting your greatness , you showed  his colour by your leaves ,
And I was little consoled   and you also  showed    the  colour of his eyes,
Which stole    my colour resembling young leaves  using your flowers,
But why did you retreat  without   giving him to me.

712. I saw  him   with bow like Meru mountain tied with a string like    Adhi sesha,
With his hands caressing that string , with mountain like     shoulders  ,
With  the quiver  tied in between the arrows  , With wave of sacred thread  like lustrous  moon light,
And with  a chest covered by flower  garland  . If I am able   to see  him once more  ,
I would  definitely be able to see   my    soul  once again.

713.With a face like moon who is in the sky  , with a hair braid   ,
Which is   roved about   by bees   wanting to drink honey  from flower garland,
That  cloud which was wearing a very long bow   using its    two eyes,
Drank and drank my   soul  , It is true that   the cloud  is there ,
Within me now  and not only that   will be there   always.

714.When that cruel God of love   with his long victorious   bow  ,
Using   his cruel arrows  has attacked my soul  like ,
The fire attacking    the cotton   and  wounded  my mind,
And when     confusion and sorrow   mixes in my mind,
He  did not come  near me  to tell  ,”do not be scared “
And offer me protection. What type of masculinity is his ?

715.Oh breasts of mine which do  not thin down,
Since you are  growing   out    and out,
What great thing    are you going   to achieve.
Like a moon who is not able to appear in the sky,
Would   the way open  for me to tightly hug   the chest of him,
Who has a shining face , who holds  a bow which is  difficult to bend ,
In his hand  . Please tell me the various penances that I should do for that.”

716.”That God of love after   wandering in my mind  and hit an arrow,
On my breasts where  the sickness  of mind primarily rises, like pouring poison on it,
But The moon which appeared    before me yesterday  is not moon,
Because it did not have stain on it , and where did that moon come from?”

717.”oh my mind, that god of love came near me making my mind boil,
And send a poisoned arrow  and due to the pain it caused  ,
My  soul did not stay there  and without getting destroyed ,
Came out from there and surrendered at   the feet of that lad,
Who was like a big black elephant from whom the warm water  of rut flows out,
And followed him  .I do not understand how my soul came back?’

718. “Similar    to the cloud   that was formed in the sky coming down on earth,
That Lord  with the sacred thread that he wore on his chest came before me,
And though he does  not go away from my mind  , I am not able to recognize him,
Even though he is visible before my eyes, why am I not able  to recognize him?”

719” .Like those   fools from whose hands the pot of gold containing  nectar slipped,
Though it was born in the milky ocean   and became   available   to them by their good deeds,
I  did not hug tightly   the  shoulders of the lord   which appeared  before me  ,
And why am I   lamenting like this  after losing the chance  at that time?”

720.When Sita ,  near   whose breasts the  golden coloured love scar appeared ,
With a very sorry heart   was piteously   weeping and getting drowned in sorrow  ,
We will now tell   the news brought by   one of her friends  , who had a  cool mind,
And who had moon like face with kajal tainted   eyes  , who happened to witness ,
The breaking   of the mountain like    bow   by Rama personally .

721.That Neela Maa who had eyes like    a blue lotus   in a very big lake,
Shining like  with many more   colours   than the  rain bow since she was wearing ,
Due to wearing several necklaces and ear globes   in both her ears,
Came running  with her braided hair with flowers   and dress  slipping down.

722.AS soon as she came she did not salute the feet of Sita but shouted,
With great joy   , danced and sang songs   and seeing her Sita told,
“please tell me   the reason for  the joy of your mind and happenings that caused it”,
And then friend immediately  saluted   Sita and started   telling.

723. A son of Dasaratha who has   ocean like collection of   elephants,
Horses   and Chariots , Who is great in wisdom  and who has long  hands,
Which shower his riches like    clouds    shower   rain  and,
Who   rules  over his kingdom with all   the earth praising him,
Is there  who is more pretty   than God of love ,
Who puts the entire world in to trance by his     arrows.

724. That lad who has   strong shoulders  like Maramara   trees,
And who raises  a doubt in our mind whether   he is Lord Vishnu,
Who sleeps   on a serpent and who is named    as Rama,
Along with his younger brother   and a sage,
Whose  fame   cannot be measured   has reached our town.

725. That one who  has  shoulders wearing   shoulder  rings,
Had came here to see the divine bow    of Lord shiva  ,
And  as per the orders    of the king  he had bent that bow,
And   tied the string easily  making the land of devas  shiver.

726.Within a second by   stepping on one end of the bow,
Possibly with a feeling that   it is but a very old bow,
He bent by the strength of his    shoulders and then,
Devas  praised him  , Flowers were showered from the sky,
And that bow  broke and fell , making the people of king’s council shiver.

727.Hearing    that he    was like a cloud and came with a great sage  ,
And also that he was lotus eyed and as strong as Vishnu  .
Sita decided, “It is him”,  and  her suspicion  was  cleared  ,
And with  her hip enlarging her waist belt     shook.

728. People who used to tell that   she does not have   any waist,
Would be now saying that    she indeed has   a waist,
With her breasts enlarging  she was breathing deeply ,
And decided in her mind   that  he is that  person,
And if he is not  I would certainly embrace death.

729.With emotion of love increasing  she felt little feeble  ,
And Janaka    hearing the sound of breaking of the bow,
Created by Brahma   who lives in a lotus flower with fresh leaves,
Became extremely happy   and started telling sage Viswamithra,

730.Oh great one  , is it your desire  that the ritual of marriage  ,
Of this lad who looks like your son  be celebrated   today itself?
Or do you desire   that we should call   to this city the king Dasaratha,
Who wears heroes armlets   an huge army  along with sound  raised by drums,
 And celebrate   the   marriage ?Please   think  well and tell me.

731.When Janaka who isan expert in wrestling   told these words ,
And when the sage said that it would me more proper for Dasaratha  to reach there,
Janaka with matchless joy    gave a letter  and told his messengers,
To inform about all happenings  there    and sent them away swiftly.

 13.Ezhuchi Padalam
Chapter   on departure.

(Another 5 chapters  describe  how  Dasaratha  departed  from his city  along with his  wifves, teacher  , army and men ans women. This entire aspect is covered  by Valmiki  using very few slokas .Another important  difference  is that none of the ladies  of Ayodhya  including  the queens  attend the  wedding of  Rama. No women from  the family of Janaka  also  allow d the wedding. Similar system is followed even today  in some sections  of North  India. Possibly Kamban wanted to follow the custom of South India.)

732.Those  messengers who travelled fast   went with the speed of wind,
And reached the city of Ayodhya   where drums were playing like thunder,
And   reached the main door of the king where   the small kings  with  knocking crowns,
Were crowding,, since they did not get space   to salute the feet of the  king.

733.After getting the grace   of the king   they entered  inside  ,
And as per rule  reached in his front and after  saluting   the feet of the king,
And also praised the king   and told, “oh king  ,
This is what has happened    after your sons  left with sage  Viswamithra,”

734.After telling  about Rama ‘s valorous   deeds   they  showed.
The king  the  note requesting marriage    and then told,
“Oh king without endless fame  , this is a letter given by king Janaka .
Another  learned  official of the court   who was    supposed    to read notes and letters,
Received the note with joy   and Dasarathha who was wearing  ,
Changing clanging   heroic armlets   told him, “You may read.”

735.When he heard     what Janaka    wrote   about the  proficiency  in use of bow,
By his  eldest  son   in that note on palm leaf  , his  diamond like  shoulders ,
Increased  in size  with   great joy   and the armlets    that he was wearing started  crying.

736.That king who had victorious  spear  in his hand ,with great surprise told,
That he heard   in Ayodhya    the great sound   raised   by the breaking of the huge bow ,
Which was used to win over   the  seven worlds after destroying Yagna  by Daksha,
By Lord  Shiva   who had a very long matted hair  and who had axe as a weapon.

737.Dasaratha who was having stout    shoulders resembling  the mountain,
After telling suitable reply   and telling “Let  those  messengers   ,
Who were wearing  heroic armlets   close by  receive it”,
And went  on giving them    golden ornaments and cloths.

738.Dasaratha ordered , “ Let Valluvai(Official announcer)
 Play drums which are  kept on elephants and announce”,
“Let our army   as well as princes   go in front   towards  Mithila,
Where  Rama    who looks likes   the God of love  ,
Who was born to good acts of forefathers belonging to clan of Sun is there.”

739.Like Jambavan announced the news  of  the reddish eyed Lord Vishnu  ,
Who has hair decorated by Thulasi leaves    which used   to shower  honey ,
As per his nature measured   all the world  by two of his steps,
The  Announcer(valluvan)   of the ocean like army  ,
Went round   all places   and announced     the  news.

740.The army  of the king  who walked like a bull,
Making it appear that   there is no space  left   in this world
Rose   like the sea   at  the deluge   with great  wind,
And marched    imprinting its feet everywhere.

741.Making it appear     that the entire earth is but a small place  ,
The densely  marching chariots in which kings     rode,
Looked like Sun,  similar to the  Sun   embossed on them
And    the elephants   with   decorations  of their head 
Made by  pearls which were  rays   of the Sun  ,
And also like     the clouds    having rain bows.

742.The white decorative umbrellas  being held  in between the army,
Looked like innumerable swans flying on the sky spreading their   wings  ,
And the crowd of decorative flags which were   held up
Appeared as if they were   falling from sky whose  skin is removed.

743.The waving flags on the elephants  whose   water of rut,
Was flowing down to the holes in the trunk  belonging to the army ,
Which was  making people say “This indeed is the sea.” ,
And   flags which were like clouds  which appeared,
As if they were   coming down to drink water of the sea.

744. The ornaments   worn by people   reflected the  early sun’s rays,
Which  hits the umbrellas   made of peacock feathers  , which  without leaving   a shadow,
Spreads    in all places   and those  peacock feather umbrellas  ,
Would make the blue   water rich clouds   in the  sky ashamed,
And the drums    would blare out from the army making those  clouds wilt,
Because they do not posses such a very regal sound.

745.The horses   tied with bells on the neck carrying   the ladies ,
Look like the flowing river   with tide   carrying     swans .
Those ladies with dense breasts   and long thin braids   looked like  ,
Streaks of lightning  and the young she elephants  looked like clouds.

746. Due to the huge crowd as   one person was rubbing on another ,
The saffron red paste   worn on the breasts of young ladies  ,
And the sandal paste worn on the mountain like shoulders by men,
Dropped down  and the ocean like  path that  the army followed,
Shined like  the thin bed on which men and women engaged in love play.

747. The breasts  of  Ladies with words   which are sweeter than sugar syrup   and a red mouth,
Which trouble  like god of death  and which are hidden by their   cloth ,
Using   the pearl necklaces lying   over them give  out the luster  of moon,
And due to  the gems that they are wearing in a row  , give out early sun light.

748.The men  with scented hair  , having shoulders which say that  mountains are  not their   equal,
Who wear   very great quality   gold ornaments  , holding the bow as well    as the sword,
Walked  like the male elephants   which   walk embracing    the she elephants,
By the side of their pretty wives who had a waist like a thin climbing plant.

749.Like   the pretty flowers with good perfume   surrounding the clouds ,
Since only the faces   of   ladies with    large   hair   was visible   that too near each other,
The  groups of palanquins in which they were   travelling looked  like,
 Several full moons were travelling together   in  vehicles on the sky.

750.Due to the  ceaseless flow of rut of elephants  wearing face decoration ,
The entire land was slushy   and not able to cross that slushy earth,
Al the elephants   were  confused  and with the booming sound of ocean with tides,
And   it seemed   that they were  searching   for the eight elephants  that bear the earth.

751.The flock of the horses   like    the nature  of God as well as  the mind of  prostitutes,
Who show love outside   but  who really do not love , who wear  cloth over their pretty breasts,
With the  jingling sound by the gems in their neck , were jumping  in different directions,
And were   not firm and stable   in any place   for a long time,

752. Those ladies   who had  love tiff  with their men  , Who were  not seeing them directly,
Who were taking deep breath often , Who were lifting up their eye brows in anger  ,
Who were wearing garland with open flowers, and who were spreading their   hair,
On hearing the news like the soul of men   went    very near   to their men.

753. The  fearless elephants who  had cheeks from which water  of rut flows like a stream,
And which  give out fire   when they hear the word “goad”  , considering that they are  their enemies,
Dash against both shores   and break   the huge trees   in several places  , uprooting some times,
And rubbing on those trees some times    and looked  as if one river was moving.

754.The    tree branch like Dasaratha    who showers  grace  on all persons in trouble,
Still had not departed from Ayodhya and in spite of it  , it looks as if  there is no space  ,
Even to put a black gram on earth   and  one part of his army   which left Ayodhya,
Had already reached   and touched the outer walls    of the great  city of Mithila.

755. The ladies surrounded by bees    travelling in a series   of carts ,
Were causing confusion in the mind of men who see them,
And the crowd of the faces of those ladies  were like lotus flowers in  a lake.

756. When a lady who was    getting up a cart  , with dense  love,
Saw with a corner of her eyes  her lover who was   running behind  her,
The Kajal   of her eyes  appeared  like  sweet nectar   to that man.

757.A man who was   going away   from a lady who had eyes of a young deer,
In those cultivated fields which were filled with water   and slushy mud,
Saw   a swan  and tender lotus flower   and being   reminded ,
Of his lover’s gait   and feet  was tottering   with body and mind ,
And had the appearance of    of one who was swinging in the swing.

758.That army accompanied    by the blaring noise  of conch and drums,
Due to it being completely filled    with white umbrellas    and fans,
Looked like the River Ganges and the royal insignia   were found in pretty heaven.

759.That army also was comparable    to a big battle field because ,
Their ladies   who speak sweetly and are comparable to celestial maidens,
Were sending  their sharp tipped eyes   which was comparable  to
The spear of God of death  To hit on the chest   of their lads.

760. The shoulders neared each other like pillars of stone ,
The sword army neared   each other like lightning of their swords,
The feet neared each other   like the intertwining of lotus flowers,
And the  foot soldiers  neared each other like Yalis.

761. One lad who  never moved away his face    which was staring,
 At the tied up breasts of a young lady , not able to know his path,
Proceeded like a blind man  and hit against an elephant in rut.

762.When a girl who  had the looks of a peacock   slipped  and  fell,
From   A   springing horse  with   good hair whorls   on his body,
A merciful man   using   his long hands   supported ,
But instead of keeping her down, continued to hold her.

763. When  one pretty girl  was   continuously walking   moaning,
Her two lotus like feet pain,   One lad    said,
“To hug  this girl  with huge  breasts resembling  ,
A head of elephant in rut , my chest is not broad enough”.

764.One person   who had curly hair over which bees   fly around,
  And who was walking like   an elephant showering water of rut  ,
Seeing a girl’s eyes which were very sharp , his sharp spear,
Wanted to find out which of them is more sharper.

765.Seeing a pretty lady    with wave like hair  ,
With lotus like feet   and sword like black eyes,
A lad   asked, “Oh lady  who has long arms wearing bangles,
Where have you misplaced your waist while   coming?”

766.Seeing a lady   with killing eyes like god of death,
And who  did not reply by her mouth but only by her eyes,
One lad asked,  “Who  would help you to climb ashore ,
By lifting you   from the waters of the river on the way?”

767.One camel which was carrying a big burden ,
Which it cannot download  , without eating ,
All the newly formed fresh leaves was eating     the bitter leaves  of neem,
Like the people drinking toddy  whose heart  and mouth had dried.

768.Those people of Babbara country   who had red eyes,
And  body of dark colour  , who were tied to a staff,
And carried a huge stick on their shoulders so they cannot move speedily,
Went forward  like   an elephant in rut  carrying a huge  stem  ,
Which was tied so that they would not knock on each other ,
Carrying    the stick   of the  frame  of their   burden.

769.When the mad elephant  getting angry  ,touched,
The she elephant   then those ladies sitting on that  she elephant,
Greatly scared wanted to close their eyes  by their hand,
But became sad because Their eyes was beyond their two hands.

770.In that forest    of pretty lotus flowers  ,
The ladies travelling on she elephants   whose tails touched the earth,
Looked like   a toad travelling    on a  tortoise
With their dwarf  guards travelling with them.

771.One flower branch like lady   carried by   a horse ,
Which had bent its forelegs upward    and was being  ,
Followed by an elephant   looked like saying,
“This girl is not fit to live here    but  ,
She   belongs   to the   king  of devas.”

772.When the men told  that  our lord Rama ,
Has    broken the bow  , well pleased the ladies,
Who had   tied hair which was likely to fall  ,
Instead of holding it   and without   trying  ,
To collect the gems when their waist belts broke  ,
Started running thinking of marriage   of Rama.

773,The Brahmins who were scared of the elephant in rut  ,
 As well as pretty damsels   started going  in the front,
Holding their umbrella  , walking  on their toes,
Holding their water pot   and without taking   their hand from their nose.

774.The ladies with  scented flowers decorating their hair,
When they saw a form of a lad came before them  bringing tears in to their eyes,
Told them, “If you have come to receive me  ,
Get in to chariot with me “ and waved their hands.

775.Chariots making sound  , elephants  , horses,
Long row   of drums   generating  sound,
Made all the  people not  understand ,
What the other person was  talking ,
And all of them were  walking dumb.

776.The ladies who wore  cloths thinner than   the small spider web,
Who were having pretty black hair,  which made  bees fly around,
When they were walking  with gem stuffed anklets  making sound,
And they resembled   the swans   in the lake making sound.

777.The ladies who resembled Goddess Lakshmi   who was,
Born in the ocean of milk   with    very clear waves ,
When they were  watching them through   a hole   in the thin screen,
The eyes of lads were filled with joy and made them shout loudly  ,
And also the playful bees seeing the rut   water from elephants  made noise.

778.The anklets worn by ladies    with black eyes  
Which can reach the soul of the lads,
Produced music similar  the sound of deer,
And accompanying it   the horses neighed ,
Resembling the thunder of clouds.

779.The lustrous face of ladies who were walking,
With soft steps   making the Goddess earth happy  ,
And their eyes which resembled the small  bees,
Trapped in the lotus    flower after drinking honey,
Made the  God of love happy  as well as   some lads.

780. Apart from the dust raised by the army  the scented powders,
Dropping from the coconut like  and well built  breasts  of ladies,
Whose waist was smaller than thought , who had   pretty coral like red mouth,
And spoke words which were sweeter    than fruits, filled up everywhere

781.The big chariots decorated by pictures  whose  ,
Number cannot   be guessed very easily  was crowded,
By  innumerable  men as well as ladies and  ,
All of them were rushing forward crowding with each other,
Only bothered about the way that they have to take .

782.With harnessed horses  , chariots and soldiers assembled,
And travelling very fast  , the dust raised spread   and mingled ,
With the water drops of the cloud    and not  only that ,
They spread in all directions    and reached the elephants  in eight directions,
And blocked  the holes through  which rut water   flowed of those elephants.

783.With their hands that held the shield   holding the lustrous sword ,
And wearing    shining armlets due to being studded   with gems in the other hand,
Holding their wives wearing anklets in legs   by their    tender hand wearing choodakam(bangle?)
They slowly lead    them    through the slippery path   made by ,
The flow of rut water   from several elephants wearing   decorative  face shield.

784.Seeing   the fields  , ponds  and  depressions   were  completely filled ,
With  fully open  Neithal flowers  , lilies   and   red lotus   flowers,
Which indicated  their  hands  , face  mouth   as well as eyes ,
The ladies  saluted their husbands to pluck and give it   to them.

785.The  ladies who got down  on the earth  from horses going in a row,
Seeing that  an elephant has come   started   running helter-skelter,
With their   scented tied up hair falling down   due to weight,
With gem studded ornaments falling down   and with   the pretty  thin cloth,
That were wearing getting loosened  and they   ,
Ran like a peacock holding their cloth   with their tender hands.

786.With umbrellas   with peacock feather   hangings  , cluster garlands,
And with forest of flags which  had hidden all areas without  leaving  even a small area,
 Which made   the place dark    but   different   weapons of the army  ,
And  crowns which were worn  by people  went on  ,
Spreading and spreading light everywhere   ,
The path of the army   had day as well as night  time.

787”.Ladies with lips like  drumstick tree flowers  and  with pearl like   teeth,
Are having eyes which are like sharpened knives on their lotus  like  pretty  faces 
Which are capable of cutting us if we  go near , so come away, come away  “
Saying like this   those men  who were having sun like bodies  moved themselves away.

788.In the difficult to travel path   due to crowding people  , being cut off ,
The gems with great shine   and pearls  fell down and were scattered,
And due to that   surrounded  by several gems and having hips   which is like the hood of snake  ,
They were  not able to walk with tender feet   decorated by jingling anklets .
And getting very  perplexed    they stood      there itself.

789Very good musical instruments   sounded like  thunder of   clouds ,
And  as a result   the bullocks   pulling the carts    got   scared,
Making the simple girls resembling swans  scared and move away,
Upsetting   all the load that they were  carrying by throwing them down,
And as   the  connection to the bullocks were cut  ,
They   went away    like    saints   making an end    to all sorrow.

790.Mountain like elephants    got down in water bodies,
And without bothering about   the balls being thrown by  the Mahouts,
Showing out their breasts   which are normally tied and ,
Also showing out their trunk as    well as    tusk,
And stood there without coming out like    the divine elephant  ,
Born   from the ocean of milk  , without coming out.

791.  The women folk singers(viraliyar)   who were comparable   to Kinnara   singers,
 Who had hair like black sand  , sword like eyes , Red mouth    showering nectar,
Accompanied by male folk singer  (Panan)   who were playing using Yaazh  ,
 Got up  horses   and like  pouring    nectar in one’s ears  sang  nectar like songs,
Set in Naivala   Pan  and  went further  without making any mistakes.

792.When the goad of the Mahout  was lifted up  , the  elephant  ,
Rising up  like the  mountain   from which   water of streams flow  ,
And  started   angrily running   without   any control,  and this made ,
All people   move  away  , but  the bees which   have opened up wings,
Moving away from that elephant    which had youth   and small eyes ,
Went and settled on the flowing rut of another  elephant    and
Sat on the black hair   of ladies and moved   to a   she  elephant.

793. With the army  playing drums  like the blue   sea which has seen   the full moon,
 When Elephants  , chariots  , victorious horses , ladies whose eyes are blood stained spears,
And Lads   gathered in a pretty manner    and   were speedily going by the road,
The   dear ladies   of the king Dasaratha   also started to Mithila.

794.Like a swan   in the middle   of the forest of lotus flowers in the lake,
The daughter of king of Kekaya   surrounded by two hundred maids ,
Making even the deva maidens shy , with   the bees humming a song ,
Departed in a palanquin  made by   selected   gems.

795.Two thousand maids   riding   on the  back of zebra wearing   open gem  garlands,
 Who had  broad eyes with tinge of red   accompanied the  lady with two sons(Sumithra),
Making one suspect   whether her form is indeed a streak of lightning  ,
Travelled   on a palanquin studded with blue gems  , along  with music of Yaazh.

796.She with    white teeth   , red mouth  resembling  flower petals  of silk cotton tree,
Seeing whom all the stars thought she was the full moon   and came near her  ,
Who   was the lady who gave birth to Rama  travelled   in a multigem palanquin  ,
Which appeared as if    all the stars   in the sky have joined together .
Accompanied by expert musicians   singing   honey  like songs and devas saluting her.

797.When we think  about it  ,it looked like  that    the entire earth which was  surrounded by seven seas,
Except here  and   there, there were  no ladies ,  for ladies   holding    in their pretty hand  ,
Peacocks, swans  small birds  , female dolls   and   ornamental white    fans 
Which  were like the conches which have been just taken out  , went near  the palanquins.

798.The security guards  who were  stitched dress  up to the feet   , from whose   eyes  fire,
Came out for no reason at all  , who were holding big staff exhibiting their   valour,
Were  either riding  on horses     with jingling bells   or walking on earth  ,
And   who spoke harsh words    which made   all   others sad,
Went on protecting   the feet of  those  ladies who were  similar to divine damsels 

799.When the white horses   over which  hunchbacks  and groups   of dwarf  and mini dwarfs,
Were   riding,  they    were   moving   on earth    similar to the swans   and  the ladies,  
Wearing flowers  and hence   were followed by honey bees   and bees and grass hoppers
Walked on the   sides  similar     to the walk    of the   she elephants.

800. Sixty thousand ladies   with thin breasts  like    the lotus flower buds,
Who were having the matchless    prettiness   of    the Goddess Lakshmi,
Got in to carts   which were shining    due to corals, pearls  , gold, rubies
As well as the  emeralds   and were looking  as if they were  matchless  ,
And went  profusely praised    by art works.

801.  Vasishta the   husband of the virtuous    Arundathi  surrounded by 
Thousand crore Brahmins  who have  heard   using their ear ,
One hundred   nectar like questions   and who were  habituated,
To offer devas  offerings    which would be    tasted  by them,
Riding on a white palanquin   in the shade   of white umbrella,
Looking    like God Brahma    who moved riding on a swan.

802.The battle elephants  , horses    and pretty chariots,
And lads wearing heroic golden armlets  surrounded  ,
The two brothers Bharatha and Sathugna  ,
Like   the ocean surrounding the  passage less  mountain,
And went in front as    well as behind them   and  those two,
Having a chest  where valorous Lakshmi existed  ,
And who had divine bow   and were heroes    riding on chariot,
Went like the other two  brothers who followed the sage.

803. Dasaratha    who was wearing ornaments made of pearls   and quality diamonds,
After completing his daily rituals  , after keeping the feet of Lord Vishnu    on his head,
After   presenting  limitless  gem, gold  , rows of  flocks of cows  and earth,
With great happiness   to Brahmins who are  experts   in Vedas,
Started on a good day that was greatly auspicious.

804.  After eight thousand Brahmins   holding  gem embedded pots  ,
And chanting   rare Vedic Manthra groups  , sprinkled   water ,
And after they greeted him   and after  crores of  ladies who  had,
Auspicious lisp and red mouth   and who had heavy golden waist belts ,
And who generation after generation   sang  “Long live” to the king   ,
With  proper tune    sang song  of “long live”  Dasaratha   departed from there.

805.”Some said, “the conches blared , some told,  “Possibly king would be starting”,
The small kings all came together  and “Saw me” some said, “did not see me , “ said some others,
Some said”My  ear globes fell down”  and some others saying  that,
“Now    it will not be possible to go near him”   but went near him.

806.With ladies wearing Bangles  , the crowd of horses  which were   wearing  ,
Golden garlands   were   moving like the wave of ocean which  was full of lotus flowers,
With heroic kings holding their red  hands  like a lotus bud and saluting him,
Dasaratha   like another Sun God   travelled  in another  gem studded chariot,

807. The dust raised   by the huge army   went up and touched the sky,
And returned not finding place there and completely masked all  directions,
Making it impossible for one person to see    another person,
And as if showing its enmity towards the ocean, went   and filled up all oceans.

808.  The conches  , flutes  , horns  , cymbals  , the drums indicating auspiciousness ,
Raised so much sound that    the sound of thunder in the sky was   driven out,
The flower garlands   umbrellas  , the pea cock feather  fans  hiding  the sun,
And moon running away after seeing the white  royal umbrella ,
And the devas  being grealy confused   Dasaratha  went from there with greatness.

809.When Dasaratha who had as much riches   as Indra    was going from there  ,
The sound of singing of Vedas, The  sound of  blaring  of right whorled conches,
The   sound of the blessings by Brahmins  ,  the sound of the blaring    drums,
The shouting of elephants to break   away   the  staff  on which they are tied,
And the singing of time keepers to indicate time  reverberated  in all directions.

810.With   people   in all directions      looking only at him  , With kings,

Wearing heroic anklets on their legs  saluting  him with their hands ,

Which were like fully opened   lotus flowers  

With elephants  fighting with each other  and with horses  ,

Chariots and  marching land army raising dusts ,

Which reached the heaven  and made it it in to earth , Dasaratha went.

811”.When  heroes  Elephants,  Chariots  , Horses  and  near by armies ,
Wanted to shift camps  there was no  place in earth which was vacant  ,
Because since there is no other world , the earth dressed   by the sea,
Unable   to bear the burden    bent its back    slightly  ,
Does this   indicate    that Dasaratha   lightened the burden of the earth?”
This is what is said    by wise people of earth.

812.The  king of kings Dasaratha   thus departing  and travelled   for   two Yojanas,
And reached  the bottom of  Chandra saila mountain which was   similar to Meru mountain.
His great army   stayed     there   which had the scent of breasts of ladies   ,
Which  are the flowers of God of love   and  had   the natural  scent of paste  of sandalwood.

14.Chandra Saila Padalam
The chapter  on moon mountain

(The departure of Dasaratha  is given in a vry few   slokas  in Valmiki Ramayanam. There is no mention of Chandra saila(moon mountain)   mountains in Valmiki Ramayana, which is the first resting place of the departing  army.)

813.   Some tall  elephants  making    the well grown branches  
Of  the  banyan   trees   touching the  sky  split  ,
Which wanted to drink   water    from the lake ,
And which were ridden by a man who was  like god of love with  his bow  ,
Were tied   on Devadara trees    and sandal    wood trees.
From  that  tall elephants    which  defeated    the   Meru mountain   by its height  ,
Using their breasts   which is used by the God of love    to steal the soul of their lovers,
The ladies   who speak sweet words  , embraced   the lovers   and   got down.

814.  One elephant  , like  the plan of the   good king  whose mind never gets tired,
And who defeats  the undefeatable   kings   by   tricks  which are   the royal tricks ,
Uprooted  the tree  on which it was tied  and which was  touching the sky by its height,
By its very base   and walked    away from there  like a mountain.

815.  Like the lord Krishna when he was a baby   crawling with  a huge mortar,
In  between    two  Maruda trees   which had very long     and healthy branches
 So that those    trees fell down,   one   elephant rolling  and    dragging the log  on which it was tied,
Went through   two mango trees     and made  both of them fall   down.
816. That Mahout   who tried to pacify    it from its very great anger  ,
By telling  it sweet words   and tame   it  from its anger of rut,
Was like the minister   who tried   to   pacify the king from going on  a wrong path.
Then that elephant  was like   that king   who did not bother  ,
To hear the words of the  minister   which were   good    to him.

817. Not able to see   any of his enemies  when making   sound like thunder of cloud,
When it  was hurt by    an iron thorn like goad  , that elephant,
Followed the path taken by the wild elephants  and  when it was  followed ,
By eagles   , it went from there    with a great  speed of wind,
And it was like  one river flowing through  the path of a dead river.

818.  When one   elephant was tied separately    getting the scent   of rut,
From the Sapthaparni(ezhilai palai)   tree   making the goad in the hands of its mahout straight ,
Following the scent of rut   it reached    the Sapathaparni tree   in flowering,
And made in to small, small pieces   by its forelegs  and rubbed it on the earth.

819. The innumerable male elephants   and the   several she elephants,
 Which  had  a  saffron thilak    on its forehead  and which had joined with them 
As well as the elephant calves   along with them  made   them appear like  a group of wild elephants.
And that  mountain of moon (Chandra shaila)   was like  the chief of that wild elephants.

820.Learned  and wise men  even  when they join with   people of lower rung,
Will change    their  baser instincts   and confused mind which refused to learn,
This is what happens in the   world   like a chariot    with  wheels made  of gold,
Since it goes on rolling and rolling    it would change even a  black stone to gold colour.

821.The peacocks that live in the forest  seeing the  mouth  of ladies  looking like a red fruit,
Suspecting that   Indrakopa*   beetles have   sought protection and are living there ,
 Went on roaming   round the deer eyed ladies  who wear pretty waist belts 
AS if they    want to    examine the  matchless beauty of those girls
*Preferred food  of peacocks which are red in colour  

822.  Those ladies  slowly   walking like swans   , reached   the shade of  crowded young trees,
After getting down from their horses    due to their   wearing  Bangles,  garlands  ,
Waist belts  , they shined   like   branch of a  tree  which was full of flowers.

823.Ladies  having been exhausted by the travel  , the  well  matured   bees of the garland,
Thinking   that  they are the fully open lotus flowers   were  going round and round,
Their feet as well as their faces   and when they were   sleeping on a crystal bed,
 Their friends were confused    that   their shadow on the bed    was themselves.   

824. Some ladies  who were looking like ornamental climbing plants  ,
Who had a waist similar   to a Udukkai drum (hand held drum)  , when they descended  from the back
Of a she elephant    which was sitting   were looking like,     the lightning streaks on the clouds   ,
 And  went in to their quarters similar  to Goddess Lakshmi entering her lotus.

825. The   horses  brought   from Turkey   fed with food in their mouth by lads,
And brought in to the city  made neighing sound   which was scary,
And those   big horses decorated  by ornaments   were properly tied together,
And were looking like    a garland of several gems on the chest of the mother earth.

826.Just like   continuous waves of water  , they  tied   the screens one after another,
Just like  the sea has been properly made    and  they   erected   the shopping streets,
Just like   rows of clouds  ,   they arranged     the elephants  in a sequence in the garden,
And just like   arranging the wind properly    they tied the horses in a row.

827.Like the dancing peacocks   when the deer eyed ladies and   the soldiers ,
With sharpened spears   were   wandering  in trance without  knowing where  they were going,
Recognising by the beating of the drums and blaring of the conches,
And by the flags , the residence of the king  , they reached   the quarters of the king.

828.The young lads seeing that the bodies of their wives   were made dull,
By the covering of the dust   raised   by the walking  of elephants,
Cleaned them using   cloth which was as thin as    the foam of the milk,
And  those ladies looked like    the  pretty painting   polished by their painters.

829. The princes riding on elephants   looking  like a big lion   descending   from a mountain,
Got down from their huge elephants  and being fanned on both sides by broad leaf sheaths  ,
Entered in to the  tents made for them   which was  erected well   with plenty of light.

830.In   all those tents   with victory banners    made of white   cloth  , the ladies,
With natural scent  and pretty smile   , with faces like the moon moving about in the sky,
Looked like   the  lustrous shadow of the  faultless moon  in  the white foamy   waters  
 Of the sea  ,  in all the places    that we happen to see.

831.The elephant in rut    falling on the ground so that it is coated with dust,
Standing up as if wanting to join the sky  , Fanning white  perfumed dust on one   side,
So that its black colour    is hidden  and fanning    the   perfumed  dust on the other side,
Looked like   Lord Shiva   who is allowing Lord Vishnu    to be a part of himself.

832.Like the good   people joining with bad people   and later leaving them  ,
When they really understand them  , the good horses   which run speedily  ,
As soon as some dust settles on their body  , get up,
Shake themselves off the dust  and stand up free of dust,

833.The horses  came after cutting off the three  stringed big rope ,
And understanding what they have to do  by the ability of the driver
 And also understanding    the earth on which they travel  ,
Similar to    the great yogis who cut off   the three  big ties of  land, lady and gold,
Due to the power of their yoga  after understanding  the true state of their soul,
And also understand    the nature  of the divine God   and  travel speedily towards good.

834.When the tides of the sea blow to a very great height  , The fat Kayal fishes,
Separate from the sea and  like that when the thin curtains which    are  ,
Like the snow   falling   from the  sky   are blown away by   the wind,
In all the tents  The black eyes   of ladies   which play tricks  appear.

835. Though the rivers with clear water   do not give rise   to  great flow of water always,
When you did and further dig   they give rise to springs of water   and help us,
And they were like the charitable people give riches  without saying no,
When they have wealth and even when the wealth is lost ,
And continue giving whatever they have   to their friends.

836.Those warriors    wearing gem garlands  which look like they move with raging fire,
 And whose hair waves with wind, entered their tents which had the smell of newness,
And were like   the killer  lions  which enters different caves on the mountain.

837.The big war elephants   with sharp tusks which are close by,
Which   have  put suitable mark   on its   forehead with   red hair,
With bells tolling  one by one  differently  , keep on ,
Turning    the water of the lake with waves   and are like  ,
Madhu kaidaba   who   turn and mix  the big black sea.

838.The big black elephants in rut   which do  not obey the signs of the Mahout,
Which are   prevented from both sides by assistant mahouts   from going anywhere,
Which without bothering for any thing  do not get out of water bodies,
Are similar to those lovers    who do not obey the advice   of wise  people  ,
Who are found fault by   relatives   and friends   who gather  as a crowd,
And who are not bothered  about it and who are  interested ,
Only    on the hips of the prostitutes   wearing waist   belts.

839.With men coming near to the ladies   who cover their waists with cloth,
And bring burning   fire from the kitchen  which makes even sun dull,
And  when this  produces smoke   on the Akil logs,
That smoke goes up in the sky  makes clouds    which do not cause rain,
 Which looks like a big ocean and   was like their city.

840 The Vidhyadharas   who live   on that mountain   with splits ,
Who had come to see   that great army  and seeing the pretty lads and lasses,
Who were assembled there  were  terribly confused  as to ,
Which of them  do not belong to their   group   and thus,
That huge army made one doubt  whether the world of devas ,
Have slipped   down and has    fallen there,

841.All those who ladies who woke up earlier than the morn,
Who were pretty  ,and who were angry due to long love tiff,
Talked sweetly with Koels  , made sound  with anklets  that would be echoed  by mountains,
Wore ornaments making their luster  more than that of the sun,
And roamed here and there like   the flock of peacocks.

842. All the valorous males   with both heroic anklets making sound,
With bees making great sound  around   the garlands they  were wearing,
With swords tied to their hip shining   With   their shoulder  amulets,
Shining due to the red gems inlaid in them,
Inspected all the mountains around which were  like their shoulders,
Very  similar   to the  very cruel  roaming in that forest.



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