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Kamba Ramayanam –Bala Kandam Padalam 19-21

19.Yethir kol Padalam
Chapter  on receiving guests)

   (This chapter in detail tells us   how king Janaka along with his army went and received Dasaratha along with army as well as relations. It also indicates   the great arrangements made by the king.. This   is just mentioned in one stanza in the  Valmiki Ramayana)

1029.Not following    those    which have    been prohibited    by the Vedas,
And following without fail those   rules of justice as     told by the Vedas,
The King   Dasaratha    who  is the king of kings  who had the white umbrella and  King’s staff,
Along with ocean like army   in to which    the stream   of the water   of rut,
From those   elephants which     had ornamental     cover of the face,
Reached     the shores    of the river Ganga.

1030.Due to that ocean of army armed with arrows and weapons  drinking  the water,
The clear water  of the ganges    was much reduced    and even   the land of  the serpents,
Which have split toungue   became visible    and  even the ocean with salty water,
Became thirsty because    the stoppage    of the    flow of water   of ganges.

1031.By the time Dasaratha   who owned   very large area   of land  crossed  the river,
And went near  the town of Mithila with broad fields   and which had  large water resources,
And we would start   telling about   activities   of Janaka who was merciful   and
 Who had a cavalry who were expert in jumping.
And who had  shoulders    which were as firm as pillars .

1032.As soon as he heard that king Dasaratha    has arrived, with joy ebbing out of his mind,
King Janaka accompanied  by an ocean like army  with  male elephants capable  
Of breaking   great logs of wood , with chariot army and with   horses   with stirrups ,
Came similar to the  moon  who comes   to meet the sun,  to  receive Dasaratha,
Who had     great wealth which was as much as Indra’s wealth.

1033.Like all other oceans with  their conches   going   on  making   great sound,
And joining the ocean of milk, the armies   of Dasaratha  in whose country,
The river Ganges flows came and joined the  army of  the fertile  country,
Ruled by  The king who had a daughter   and like the milky ocean,
Which has the lady  of the lotus living in it  receiving other  oceans, received them.

1034. To the army   of Dasaratha who were armed with  sharp spears like Banyan leaf,
The seven seas    which are long and broad   and house   the sea sharks are comparable,
And to the measureless army with divisions of men, chariots, elephant and horse
Again only the sea   which is spread throughout the world   is  comparable.

1035,White  royal umbrellas   with garlands   which were tied with  clump of peacock feathers  ,
Of that army hid the entire sky  , thereby hiding the  sun and making the earth dark ,
And it was  comparable   to huge  lotus ponds where   red  and white lotus flowers were  found mixed.

1036. Does the Goddess Lakshmi who lives in red lotus flowers   live in the  flags,
Of Dasaratha    who was ruling   his country    without any types of laziness?
Or does she live in his kingdom which  had come  from generation  to the next generation?
Or Does she stay   in the ocean like army of his? Or Does she live   in his chest?
Or does she  stay  in the pretty crown of his?, It was not possible to understand.

1037.The pretty sound of bees   which hover   round   the black hair,
Of the ladies whose breasts   which ebb out of the cloth   tying them,
Is indeed the music with seven types   of note , and the sound  made by the chariots,
Is very much similar   to the   waves of the great white   oceans,
And the  trumpeting sound of his  great elephants  ,
Is similar to the sound of thunder of the   rainy season.

1038.It is easy to tell that the dust raised by the marching   army  ,
Not only  filled up all oceans   but also rised  and spread in the heavens,
And these dust rised    to the heaven through    the hole made  ,
By the feet of Lord Vishnu   who was armed with the wheel   ,
When he    measured   all the three   worlds  by his feet.

1039.In that army when the kings   were marching close to one   another,
Their white umbrellas   hid the complete   sky   and it was  easy to drive away
The darkness thus  created  due to     the   golden gem studded  ,
Ornaments   that   the army wore  , which were  shining  like lightning.
And also   many gems due to their luster   would create  a  rainbow,
Creating the heat    of the sun and some gems create  the cool of the moon.

1040  The very strong Janaka   who was capable  of shooting powerful arrows ,
When he saw that the faultless   king Dasaratha    was coming to his city,
Started to go  and receive him   sprinkling every where  the scented  powders,
As well as golden dust   and the pollen of scented   flowers, which were the only dust there.

1041. The slush that was  created  on the way were , the perfumed honey ,
Musk  ,  the saffron  dust   as well as the   dust of the Akil trees ,
The extra  amount of musk created by the deer  as well as,
Various   other mixtures of scented products  mixed,
In the   water   of rut flowing    from the elephants.

1042.The reflected  light   from the   golden ornaments of   the ladies , who wore scented flower,
  Garlands would go and reach   the white umbrellas    and go round them  ,
Along with this   the huge flags which are signs of victory   would merge ,
Along with other decorations   and would provide   cool shade  everywhere.

1043.When opposite   the army of Dasaratha which had matchless strength,
The army of Janaka   which was having more and more ebbing out stood,
The sound created was   like the    sound of a torrential river ,
Merging with   the matchless   ocean   with   beating tides.

1044.The king Janaka   with an elephant army capable of breaking   huge pillars,
Came  before Dasaratha    who had the culture and love  of father to all,
Pushed by great desire and joy  ,   with  the speed    of mind riding on a huge chariot.

1045.When Janaka came before the chariot of Dasaratha  , he got down from the chariot ,
With his pretty as well as very strong    army   standing   behind him,
And when Dasaratha  signed him to get up   in to his chariot  ,
He got in to it   and he and Dasaratha   hugged each other with faces full of joy.

1046.That  Dasaratha   who was like  a  lion which was being received by a tiger ,
And who was   greater than every one  , after hugging king  Janaka with both hands,
With a faultless mind enquired about the welfare of  each of king Janaka ’s relations,
And requested   him  to go forward along with him   and eventually reached   the city of MIthila.

1047.When both of them with great joy   reached   the town of MIthila,
Rama , who was only comparable to himself  and  who by his strength  ,
Broke the bow of Lord Shiva   who was    of the colour  of fire  ,
Came out of that city    and neared Dasaratha   to receive him.

1048.That Rama    who was being saluted by  the people of earth,
The people of upper and under worlds  , surrounded   by ,
Very strong army of horses and soldiers  , came out of  ,
That town   which was    famous     for its army  ,
And came riding   on a  chariot made by red gold  and green gems.

1049.Who can estimate the   very large  number  of,
Male  elephants, female elephants, chariots   and horses,
Which accompanied    Rama and Lakshmana  as per orders of Janaka,
When they went   to meet   their father Dasaratha.

1050.Rama   who was like Neelothpala, Karum kuvalai   and Kayampoo flowers
Who had a matchless  form  , which was more sweeter  that any portrait  ,
And who was a boy  and who  had   the divine feet  , which was fit to be saluted even by devas,
Came  and reached  Dasaratha    like   the soul that   had   left him earlier.

1051. Rama   went   speedily to salute the holy    feet of his father ,
And when he fell  on the feet of the king wearing  anklets and got up,
The king hugged him   and in the chest    of the king , who was like Manu,
The mountain like shoulders of Rama who broke   the mountain like bow vanished.

1052.Dasaratha  who removed   the sorrows   of the eight directions as well   as the sky,
 Whose fame   has spread everywhere and who was the greatest among kings,
Was saluted by  the younger one, who is of the colour   of gold   and  as soon  as he got up,
Hugged him tightly so that  he would go within flower garlands he was wearing.

1053. After that  Rama   who broke the bow that was   held by Lord Shiva,
Who had long matted hair , saluted the mother   who gave birth to him,
As well as his other mothers  and who can properly  describe the  joy in their  minds?

1054. When Bharata  in whose mind always the great love to Rama flows like a stream
Which  was flowing through   his  lustrous   eyes  constantly    , saluted Rama and got up,
Rama   hugged him similar to how he was hugged by  his father,
On his gold like chest  , like a soul is hugging another  soul.

1055.Lakshmana who accompanied the black coloured Rama,
And the  younger brother of him , who is greatest in devotion to Rama  ,
Who were  both    greatness    which cannot be matched,
Came near and with their perfumed head ,
Saluted the feet of their brothers who wore  golden anklets.

1056. Dasaratha   who ruled with great justice  and  with great deal of mercy,
Was  realized as   the  most ideal wealth ,  due to his qualities  ,
Which gave him fame  and   had these   four sons who had   good qualities,
Like the matchless   four Vedas   and  those four sons were great  like their father.

1057.That emperor  Dasaratha  , whose  rule was an example    to others,
And who had so much mercy that all   all beings considered  him as their good mother
Saw and ordered  Rama   to take along with him his army which was considered   as great wealth.

1058. The amount  love   those  soldiers who had elephants towards the princes  ,
Is something   which cannot    be measured     by any of us.
Was the  great joy   without stain   which  arose   in them , long lived  or short lived?
And as soon as those princes    who had decorated   their   hair with flowers,
Came among them,    the  joy   that all of them felt was equivalent to that of Dasaratha.

1059.With   his loving brothers saluting him     and coming on victorious horses.
With great joy due to the stable    and great  love   towards their  elder brother,
And with    hand held conches    and very big drums making    great sound,
Rama  with a beauty which is rare even in pictures rode on a pretty chariot.

1060.The crowd of beautiful women who were  looking like dolls,
Whose feet has been painted by   the  juice of red cotton,
Stood in very tall buildings , which were asking clouds to  enter  them
And live in them ,   and threw their poison   like eye on Rama 
And were   also  showering flowers from there   and ,
Rama reached    the very wide    streets of Mithila surrounded by walls.

1061.Near   all the stages  of  that town  , with their bangles shaking,
With their hair falling down , with their lotus    flower like feet  ,
Demonstrating the book of   sage Bharata   , ladies  ,
Who have  cone like broad breasts   which compete  with,
The tusk of huge elephants in rut    were  dancing ,
But     the place was home and  not dancing   stages.

1062.Due the  primeval   lord   of  all devas     coming near   them,
Ladies from little girls    to grown up lasses  ,  who had  been sent  ,
By  the God of love   who was well armed  , came  in the streets,
With pretty black long hair  and we will tell   about it later.

20.Ulaviyar  Padalam
 Chapter on the procession in the  streets.

(No reference to these incidents are made in Valmiki Ramayana. The poet   wants us to see    the personality of Rama, through the eyes of lasses  of Mithila. Dasaratha and Rama reach the hall where   they are going to see Sita.)

1063.The ladies whose hair was being made wet by the  honey of flowers,
Like the species of deer came  and like   the peacocks   came,
Like the stars    shining  on the sky and  ,like shining  stars coming to surround came
With bees   making   great sound  to drink honey  from  their hairs,
And with their anklets and other ornaments   making   sound,
And filled up all vacant areas     of the street.

1064.Those  ladies who were like   great ornament    to that   city,
Were not bothered about the hair   which was falling down  all round them,
Were not bothered about their waist best   falling down , were not bothered,
To catch their thin garments  sliding  and falling down from their  shoulders,
And they neared and crowded round Rama though    their this  waists were bending,
And shouting , “give way, give way”   and  they  surrounded   him like   honey bees.

1065.They who were like clear water   flowing  downwards,
Who had   big eyes similar to the big  black flowers flowering in the stream,
With their tiny anklets making sound and   with their waists  giving pain,
Were like those running   to catch their mind  , which was,
Dragging them all   towards  Rama.

1066.   Telling   with each other,” With our eyes    we are   only seeing  love  here .
We have realized   the greatness   of being feminine today,”
They rushed like   deer jumping towards   clear  drinkable water 
Which  has been produced after a long time   by rain, 
The rain having      failed for a long time and made   the  land dry.

1067. For seeing those holy feet   that gave Ahalya    a body which was red in colour and
Those big shoulders   which broke the bow   to get Sita   with scented black hair  ,
Ladies came and crowded    in those royal avenues  and  were like  ,
Those bees that crowd round a pot of nectar   , making sound.

1068.Rama   was like the one who jumped along  with horse drawn chariot  ,
In to    the eyes   of those ladies   who were staring at him   ,
With  fully opened    eyes, and made   a new meaning  ,
To the word “Kannan(eye like darling)  , by this act.

1069.”His chariot will be  going  with great speed and passing our   eyes,”
Like this when those ladies    were   telling with great dejection,
And they  further  Said , “Sita   who  would be seeing  to it that  Rama   who had measured 
The world with one step   and sky  with another, never  goes out of her eye and   Is indeed great.”

1070.One girl  just entering  the age of a  lady  , was prepared   to  leave  ,
Their heritage , the cloth which never left their body  , Conch made bangles,
All good acts  , their stainless   beauty  , mind, intelligence , luster  ,
Diamond studded ornaments ,  her  innocence  , her   shyness  ,
Her control over mind   except  possibly only her soul.

1071.With kendai fish like eyes   which were  above   the  ornament of ears ,
Raining   tears   like the rain  fall    of the cloud  was  shed  by  one lady,
Who had youthful breasts , where even a thread  cannot   go  in between,
Who was with    wounds  caused    by the arrows of the love by the god of love his sugarcane bow  ,
And  stood  tired   with all her   body parts thinning   down like her  streak of lightning like   waist.

1072,Did all the  sword  like eyes   of those   girls who had applied    red plant extract ,
On their fingers  , become   black   because of the body colour of Rama?
Or Did Rama   who had the   black body colour resembling the cloud .
Got  his  colour from    all the black   eyes of ladies never leaving it?  We do not know.

1073.One lady with  lustrous forehead and the colour  of new leaf of mango tree  ,
Seeing the expertise in war of the god of love   who sends arrows of bunches  of flowers at them,
Asked “Who is that matchless  archer   who is not bothered
About the greatness of the rule of Dasaratha,
And not realizing the expertise  in archery of Rama  
And shooting arrows  at ornamented ladies?”

1074.One foremost lady who can be compared to Goddess Lakshmi  ,
Allowed all her   ornaments    to slip away from her   body   due to thinning of body,
And  was standing   incapable of carrying herself   and  was standing,
Holding only her cloths  like  a picture drawn   by those  who knew  about pleasure,
Like the taste  of passion   which cannot adequately  be  described  by words.

1075.One peacock  like lady with eyes  like  sharp spear as well as  the God of death,
With her bow like  eye brows  , sweat filled forehead  ,  with green colour  of parting,
Spreading all over her  body   and with  a greatly dejected mind   was   standing  ,
Not seeing   Rama   and sadly said ,”Does the  merciful Rama   go alone?”

1076. One lady who had black hair like Kajal  , red mouth   and  lustrous forehead,
Was becoming    greatly sad thinking of Rama and said  , “Oh frind  , one  cheat,
Has entered in to my mind   through    my eyes and I have closed,
My eyelids tightly    so that he cannot go out   and so show  me ,
The way to my cot so that  I can enjoy    him fully.”

1077.One lady who was looking like a doll  , without bothering   about,
Arrows struck by the God of love    on her divine    body  and without,
Realizing   that the cloth as well as waist belt has come loose  ,
Was seeing   all those   seeing the body of Rama   with love,
With her   very angry and fire    spitting       eyes.

1078.One  lady with a spear like eyes   which was black as well as white,
And with red lines   being seen outside   which appears   like ,
The lie of   her mind was going    to escape outside  ,which normally,
Was playful   , exuberant and was trying to measure length   of her hair,
Came with a  pleased mind to see Rama   and after  seeing  went back home hot.

1079. One lady with  broad eyes   with a great desire to see the beauty of Rama ,
Seeing that  the  heavy black hair  , Thick breasts tied with cloth,
The hips  and other parts   tied by golden belt   of the ladies  in her front  ,
Was hiding his   form,   Went on seeing Rama  through the clearing between their thin  waists.

1080.There was nothing   in any place   in those streets   except ,
The ornaments falling  down due to the heat their body  created   ,
Due  to  the  shooting of arrows on their mind   by  the    well prepared   God of love ,
The melting sandal paste   flowing due to the sweat on their breasts  ,
The  waist belt  , pearl  garlands    and conch bangles , fallen,
Due to their becoming thin  due to love  and ,
The   flower garlands which had fallen down from their black hairs.

1081.All those who saw Rama’s shoulders saw   only his shoulders,
Those saw his lotus like feet wearing   heroic anklets , saw  only his feet,
And those who saw his large   and  long  hands   saw  only that  ,
And thus which of those ladies with sword like eyes    saw his  full form,
And they   like those who see themselves   and not   those Gods  ,
Deciding fate,    saw only a part of him and not the whole.

1082.One lady with a thin waist     and    very long hair,
Without getting sad   , completely filled her mind with  Rama,
And who  can be greater   than the great one  who ,
Has  filled   her mind   with the form of that God,
Who at one time kept the   entire universe in his  belly.

1083. One lady who had waving    heavy hair   who was wearing selected ornaments,
Came to see Rama like a pretty flowery creeper  with her waist belt and  anklets making sound  ,
And seeing her fall down due   excess   of pass ion on seeing Rama,
All  her friends   were   forced   to assist   her back to her home.

1084. At that time one lady with selected ornaments and bud like breasts ,
Told, “Oh Lord who has such a hard heart  who did not take mercy on me,
Oh blessed one,   who broke Shiva’s bow    for the sake of   the  innocent lady Sita,
Since I am also a girl   , break the sugarcane bow of God of love and save me.”

1085.One lady with a  black   eye in which Kajal has   been applied  ,
And had a lustrous forehead   told “This Rama who has   done great penance ,
Should stop from  going in that chariot     as he  is standing  before my eyes,
Is it illusion or is  it only a dream?”

1086.One lady who did not have any other emissary except  her mind,
To send to Rama  , became very famished and tired  because of love    and told,
“What type of penance   did Sita   who had eyes    with red lines ,
Who has ear globes made of gold   and  well ornamented ears   do?”

1087.A lady who did not have   any shortcomings  , became  nervous,
Cried   and breathed hot   and  becoming tired saluted her  dear friend,
And told, “Would it be possible    for the God of love  to draw  a picture  of Rama ?”

1088.One lady who had a very pretty mouth  and a lustrous  forehead,
Said, “If we properly think about it  ,it is not possible  for a man to be this pretty,
And so I am telling you  that   he is not a man but only   Lord Vishnu (Krishna?)  ,
All  of you are going to realize   this later  .”

1089. One lady with a lustrous    forehead   noticing that,
Her golden anklet and bangle got loose and fell   down,
And feeling greatly depressed     in the mind, said,
“This   faultless one   has come here because,
Of the great penance    that  Janaka    has  done earlier.”

1090.One lady with wet eyes   and  wearing  green gem embedded  ,
Ornaments over her  hip  , became so sad    that  the beauty ,
That  was residing in her   for a long time   moved away from her,
Thought, “Would he  come in my  dream alone   instead ,
Of   being crowded    by great sages and kings as of now?”

1091.One lady  who was   like a peacock joyous  in seeing,
Black clouds  and who was also like a golden creeper  ,
Wanted to hide    the love that she    felt in her heart,
And  when God of love came to know   about it  ,
He  brought   out  the love in her  heart on her  face.

1092.One lady who had a face like moon   with two eyes,
Went and reached the bed of flowers  ,
Like a snake which heard   the noise of thunder,
With sweat covering  her pretty   closely placed breasts,
Lost her  ability to think   and went on passing deep breaths.

 1093.Many ladies who had   red  mouth  like led lily flowers ,
Which drip nectar  , became jittery  with the soul  and unstable 
Like Sita who had a hip   that was   crying  and had no reason,
To be joyous  . How are  they going to live?

1094.Another  lady with body covered with sweat and  with  a depressed  soul,
Asked, “The pure Rama   has not looked at 
Any lady   who was weeping   and was very sad   
With   his red eyes,. Does this mean  ,
That   he  is one without any trace of love?”

1095.  There was no limit to the  lasses in that town,
And there  is no adequate measure to beauty of Rama,
And what can  the God of love with a golden bow do?
Since all his arrows were exhausted he took out his sword.

1096.We do know  about   the war   between God  of love,
And the young ladies of the city   with long scented hair,
But do not know   about the war between the young god   of love  ,
And  divine ladies in spite of the   arrows of God of love,
Had  they now also pierced the heart   of the ladies of heaven.

1097.”This Rama   without desiring   anything  from all those,
Who  are  in love with him  . Is it proper ?
Looks he does not know what   is mercy,
Tell me whether  he is one of those realized ones.
It looks like he is one  who murders girls, “ one said.

1098.One lady   who had sandal paste applied on her breasts to get it cooled,
Who has a thin waist  like a hand drum  , with both sides   thick,
Due to the love on Rama   could not recognize   her hands or body
Was lying down exhausted    with all people saying  .
“Would she survive?” and   “”she would   survive.”

1099. One lady who talks like a   sugar  syrup  ,
Like one swinging in a swing tied between betelnut trees  ,
Went behind the chariot of   Rama with her feet becoming red,
 And would then come back due to shyness. Why is she doing it?”

1100.One lady who had crossed   the limits of passion and lost her brain,
Seeing another   lady who had come there , asked,
“On your way did   you   happen to see  my mind  which followed  Rama?”
When the desire exceeds the limit   how can there be shyness.

1101.There  was  one lady who was like Goddess  Lakshmi who said   ,
”The clan of this Rama are those  who have given their  soul to those
Who approached them to save and when it is so  , how is it   this Rama is, 
 Not willing    to give us  ,the sweet soul that is very dear to us, “asked she.

1102. One lady who had a good forehead and who was broken down by fear  ,
Said, “When we enquire about why this Rama broke the  bow of Shiva,
Which was kept in our armory  , it appears to me that is   not due to his love,
Towards the peacock like lass   whose   head is   filled with the   scent,
Of Akil Smoke   and who was capable   of speaking a pure  toungue,
But due to the fact that   he wanted to show  us what he has learned.”

1103.One lady with disheveled hair , who had  lost   her  pearl necklace,
Cloths   and other ornaments   and was about   to    fall down   tired,
Asked, “Who are as strong as    the god of love  who is   trying  to kill me,
Without any fear in front   of  Rama who is holding a fearsome bow.”

1104,When ladies of different age groups attained this state   of mind,
Rama   along with group of kings    who were   all well armed,
Reached    the  hall   Where     the faultless    sage Vasishta  ,
And Viswamithra who had seen the  other shore of knowledge of Vedas were sitting.

1105, That Lord of Goddess Lakshmi  came like    the moving streaks of lightning ,
 Came  wearing    swinging  necklaces   of chosen gems  on his chest there,
He   saluted    by  falling on the ground   similar to monsoon clouds  falling down on earth,
The holy and divine feet     of the two great sages  Vasishta and Viswamithra.

1106.When  Rama who was born in Ayodhya   to protect Dharma  from being destroyed,
Saluted those sages  , they blessed him and asked  him to sit    on a  seat,
He sat on a seat decorated   by matchless    floral designs  ,
And shined along with his   brothers  who followed him like shadow,

1107.Like   the white coloured moon    coming lighting  all over the sky  ,
Followed by all the stars   , Dasaratha    the chief of a great army  ,
Reached that   hall studded   with  gems   which were really great.

1108.After having  saluted those sages with great penance  ,
With    the best of flowers containing honey being showered on him,
With Brahmins    reciting    poems of blessing   , he  took his seat,
Making Indra  ashamed     feeling that  he is not lucky like him.

1109-1111. Ganga kings  , Kongu kings  , Kalinga kings , Kulinga kings,
The  kings of Sinhala  , the chera kings  ,  The  pandya kings ,
The king of Anga  , King of KUlindha  , king of Avanthi,
The king of Bengal  , The Chozha king , Maratta king  ,
The kings of Magadha  , King of Matshya desa, the king of mlechas  ,
The heroic Ilada  king , the king of Vidharbha  ,
The king   of china  , The king of Thengana   The king of Chenchakas  , The king of Somaka  ,
The king of Jonakas  , The   king  of turkey  , the king of Guru desa,
The well armed Yadava kingf, The king of Konkanas who have seven groups,
The king of Chedhi country, The king of Thelugus , the kings of Karnataka  ,
And all   all other shining kings  of earth covered  by the  sky came  to that hall.

1112.Those ladies   who tell words  sweeter     than     the sweet sugarcane,
Stood by the side   of the king Dasaratha   and fanned him with cowries,
And those   were  similar to the luster   of   the  pretty new leaves,
Of   The very tall tree   of the rising   fame of that king.

1113.The  sweet sound  of  ladies  who had  honeyed  hair decorated by flowers,
Over which bees  , Minjiru and Karumbu (type of bees )   go round and round,
Wished Dasaratha   “Long live”   with the back ground of music from flute  ,
And their lisping tome sounded   like   the music  played by Yaazh.

1114.The  matchless white royal umbrella of the king  having elephants     with fierce   eyes,
Was like   the presence of full moon     who had    come to that place  with great mercy  ,
To witness   the   great marriage   of Sita    who belonged to his clan and become joyous.

1115.Due to the standing of the army of Dasaratha  which was standing  ,
Without leaving any space   like huge long sea all over   the city  and surroundings,
The country of Janaka   who had an elephant army which  achieved victory only ,
Was   looking more like a city  which was   full of people  .

1116. That Janaka who was the father of Sita who had lustrous forehead ,
Due   the love  that was pouring in him spent   all his wealth  ,
For celebrating      this marriage   , the water of love ,
That flowed from his   heart   was   equal to Rama as well as ,
Those   of the people   who were having a low status.

21.Kolam kaan padalam
The chapter  on seeing  the form

(This is a part of the South Indian form of marriage  . In Valmiki Ramayana Rama does not see Sita     till the day of marriage, as is the case of North Indian marriage    . This chapter is also absent from Valmiki  Ramayana. In this chapter the poet describes how a  bride is dressed up before the wedding.  In the later chapter on wedding  ,  this aspect has been left out. Another aspect is that   her mother does not come to the hall where this ceremony is taking place .)

1117. Surrounded by the queens who     were  looking like picture,
Dasaratha   who was occupying   his seat like  Devendra,
His  Guru Vasishta   seeing Janaka   with faultless  white umbrella ,
And with the royal staff   with great sweetness   and told him,
“Please bring   Sita   with deer like eyes   to this place.”

1118.When he was told like this   That king  with joyful mind  ,
Saluted the sage   and  told some ladies with chosen ornaments  ,
“Go and bring the queen of women here.”   And those ladies,
Who speak sweetly like honey  ,  pushed   by their measureless ,
Love towards   Sita    went quickly from there   and  told the same,
To the   young lasses   who were attendants  of Sita.

1119. Not knowing that eye lids   which hide  are the ornaments    for the eyes,
Those attendants   covered  the pretty form of Sita with  lustrous ornaments,
And like adding sweet taste    to the already   sweet  nectar ,
They  started    beautifying   the already beautiful limbs of Sita,
For   the  people of this earth  surrounded by tumultuous sea  are ignorant.

1120.Like the colour of Lord Vishnu   after filling up the mind  of Sita,
Rose up   and from there    spread  as flags   all over the world,
Was   the hair of Sita   and in the  middle of that pretty hair  ,
They   pinned up a Chigazhigai , which was   a thick round made  of flowers,
And this appeared    like the full moon   in between   the black clouds.

1121,Like as per   practice    the stars   of the sky get attached   to the  full moon,
They hanged  a lustrous chutti which looked like stars   on her forehead  ,
And like  the cow called  clouds   licking the calf called  moon which it created,
They hanged an ornament called lock   in the flow of her   dark hairs,
Which appeared  like   breeze   like locks   on her   forehead.

1122”Is he not that  hero who broke    the great bow of Lord Shiva 
 Who has ganges on his head, and the  lad who  went away   stealing 
Her  great femaleness   and made me almost lose my  soul?”
When the mind of Sita was    wavering like this ,
Those friends of hers   made her wear the lustrous  ear globes   which wave.

1123.They also made Sita wear several faultless   ornaments   which suit her,
On the  neck of Sita which was like the divine conch   of God Vishnu.
“Which would be   the   suitable   ornament    for the neck of the ladies,
When Only   the Mangalya   of a  lady   has a  prefix of “Thiru(holy)?”

1124.  “Should I tell the pearl necklace   of Sita   worn over  ,
Several ornaments hovering over her   breast   as,
The one made   of  taking the stars  in the sky and   stitching it together?”
Or should I say  that it was made of cutting in to pieces  the full moon?
Or should I say   that it is   the light of shyness   in her face   as,
She had   to go and See Rama   surrounded  by so many people?
How would I be able to describe it properly?”

1125.Sita    had given red colour    to petals   of lotus flower,
Which were   not  comparable to her little feet   applied with   red juice,
And also gave the red colour to the pearl necklaces   worn over her breasts,
Due to their reflecting   the red colour  of her nectar   like   body    
Indicating   that those who depend on good  people    would become good.

1126.The  ornamented shoulders of Sita   whose   waists were getting tired,
Due to their lifting her very huge breasts     which were   like saffron  tins
Can be like   the Bamboo plants only if they wear , Padmaragha stones,
AS well as pearls which make you close     one’s eyes     due to their luster.
One may ask  are there such bamboos   and the answer  is only such bamboos  are equal.

1127. The lotus flower like red hands of Sita   who wears flower garlands on her unfurled hair,
Which were   as soft as the new leaves  have done penance  for being   touched by,
The tender red hands   of Rama   and were lovely   and thinking  that ,
Those lotus flower would close down and become   like buds at night,
They made her wear  bangles of Padmaragha stones  ,
Which had luster   like sun  so that , they are always open.

1128.On  the golden boxes    of the breasts of Sita whose hair   is decorated in many ways,
They drew   flower plants  , sugarcane the bow of God   of love  using paste  of sandal and musk,
And   created more pain to the waist of Sita  , which made one doubt  ,
As to whether they are there   or not there   similar   to the concept of God,
AS the divine  imagination   as in    several  religious   books    and tenets .

1129. To the hip   which never moves away      from the thin silk cloth   worn by her  ,
They   made her wear  a waist belt which shows its prettiness outside  ,
And hanged on it   a round ornament    called  “THaraka Chummai”,
And to the great luster   from   gems starting  on   those    ornaments,
Along with the lustrous red colour  of Sita   also became red ,
And those friends who were  moving round her  stood fixed ,
There    due to the luster  of those gems   closing their eyes.

1130. Sita who had hips similar to the hood   of the snake   had  her feet ,
AS red even without any painting  and were as delicate   as the Anicha flower.
To make those tender feet  which were like   red lotus flowers,
They made her wear  anklets   which kept on making    sounds,
Possibly telling   all   those friends,  “I am tender, tender.”

1131.The eyes of Sita were like poison kept inside   which was surrounded by nectar ,
And were straight  ,  had  large number   of red lines and were   as cool as rain,
Without any deceit   or wickedness   and we are  not sure what those  friends applied on it,
“It could be black kajal    or it could be the colour of  Lord Rama.”

1132, Two black lily flowers with bees hovering round it have flowered,  
In side   a lotus flower  and like the third crescent   of the growing moon,
Having a star   in between    the crescent  , they put   a thilaka    on her forehead  ,
To that lady    who was the thilaka    to the maidens of earth, heaven a and serpent land.

1133.With pretty bees  , Karumbuus  , Minjiru    going round  ,
They kept   in proper places  loose flowers  , Flowers  to be attached to hair  ,
Flowers to be kept on top of the head    as well as  faultless ears 
And on the top of them , similar to the shining of young leaves  of Karpaga tree  ,
They applied   powder of gold   which was like the pollen of punnai flowers.

  1134.After  making her pretty like this   thinking that evil  eye would fall on her,
They   waved a ghee lamp round her   and along with water    sprinkled    flowers,
Worshipped the Gods  , gave presents of gold  to  those who are an expert in Vedas,
Applied white mustard on her forehead  and waved round   the red coloured water  ,
And also protected against evil   the lady   who was   brought   up like a peacock.

1135.Like the bees which steal the honey   which gives joy from lotus flowers  ,
Those ladies  drinking  the beauty of the lady who taught  speaking to a parrot,
Faltered in their speech   and stood  giving up their normal   feminine qualities,
Is not the mind same     for those  ladies     and to the men?

1136,Those friends of Sita having hair   like that of a black cloud,
Seeing Sita  with ornamented breasts   like    that of a full moon,
Stood there  with joy   and enchantment. Each of the  body parts   of ,
The deer like ladies would be    desired  by  several people differently,
But if some one sees all beauty in one place  , who can stand,
Without losing   all    their  mind  at that place.

1137.Due to having    the divine conch   , due to living on the lotus  ,
And spreading every where   and appearing   in the minds of people,
As per their want , Virtuous ladies   like that of Arundathi  ,
Became equal to lord Vishnu   , How  can we tell a comparison to her?

1138. With broad waist belt  , with anklets    with bells,
With snake  Noopuras  , bangles     and  Tie bells of  leg making  great sound,
Large number    friends of Sita who had   sweet voice    surrounded her  while going,
Like  the dancing ladies   of Indra   coming    surrounding her.

1139.Chinthas,* dwarfs ,, hunchbacks     as well as the crowd of her friends,
Came near and saluted her feet   and then surrounded    her  ,
And the lass      started   walking   under the shade  created by gold and gems,
Like the young moon proceeding in    the sky surrounded   by stars.
      *handicapped  people

1140.The  earth   who gave birth to   her who was like a  flowery creeper,
Fearing that her tender   feet would get hurt if she walks on bare   earth,
Spread new tender leaves     as well  as large   number of flowers  ,
Which she   was wearing in  all   places where  that lass Sita went.

1141,lIke the playful swan   being   defeated   by her soft walk which   could be saluted by others,
Fell down and again got up   and like that , with Cowries rotating   on both her sides  ,
That lady   came like a peacock  with  matchless luster  towards   the  hall.

1142.  All the ladies    of all the worlds   came to see   the beauty of the lady,
Who was  a maid   and was brought   up like the black eyeballs of the eye  ,
And like  the sungod who was the light of Rama’s clan   coming down on earth,
With great desire  Sita came  under the shade   of one decorated   shelter.

1143.Wearing  sixteen ornaments made   of purified gold   of great luster  ,
With   ornamental belt made of gems     tied  tightly  around   her hips,
With  bows   held down, swords held up   and with  shining soldiers,
She   took steps with her small feet  , with great pain on her waist.

1144.She  with the luster of her   body  comparable  to the luster  of gold,
The scent of flowers   , the cool of sandal paste and prettiness  of lightning,
Came walking making   swans  , the deva ladies   and the  rare nectar  ashamed,
And reached   the jeweled hall   which was in the  king’s  council.

1145. Since it was not known who  made  her , she was comparable to the  form of Vedas,
And seeing her pure body     with heavy breasts  , men and women  ,
Who had shoulders like Bamboo  neither  breathed   nor  lashed their   eye like picture.

1146.Rama who was of the colour of the sea   seeing that maid who was like nectar ,
 Had   a doubt whether “she   was  not  the lass whom he saw earlier “    and again,
“She was the lass whom he saw earlier” and later understanding that it was   she only,
Struggling   with great desire   to keep   his soul within his    body  .
Became like Indra   who saw   the nectar    rising   from the ocean that was churned.

1147.Rama told within his mind  that this was the  koel  with red feathers ,
Which  had    come from the top of the   hall of virgins   and who was  ,
Sprayed   with  nectar   like fully matured     sweetness   of honey,
And was like  the result of  well  done  matured acts   and wondered ,
How   the koel which     was in her mind    was wandering outside also.

1148.Vasishta  thinking  , “due to the penance did by me and other sages Rama ,
Who is the Lord Vishnu   with big eyes who holds   the conch and the    wheel,  came ,
And this girl is definitely the lady who lives   on the lotus”   and became happy.

1149.That Dasaratha who roams around the world with   the only aim to establish Dharma,
Who rules the world  , seeing the beauty of Sita with heavy dark hair  ,
Thought “though   I have been always been able to rule all the   seven worlds,
Only today the goddess Lakshmi has reached me  , . How great a victory this is?”

1150.When that great lady   who speaks in a sweet tone  of Nattapadai pan,
Came near   the hands  of  others except Dasaratha who had enjoyed the world   and    great sages 
Naturally  went up their hand in sign of salutation , because   , their mind as well as brain,
Considered   her as God   and is not the body controlled by the mind?

1151.Sita saluted first the  great sages  and then saluted holy feet of that great king,
And took her seat in the seat   reserved for her by her father  who was letting down tears of joy,
And it was like Goddess Lakshmi not liking her lotus seat  , wanted  to enter the palace of kings.

1152.Sage Viswamithra   who thought  that   Sita is the model of all women,
Thought  , if Rama had known that  by breaking the bow he would get  ,
This lady with the poisonous  sharp  eyes , He  who is like a green mountain,
Would not only break  the mountain like bow   but also seven mountains  if there was a need.

1153.Though she had heard   about   the bending of the bow   and breaking it  ,
From many people  . since she was not knowing the full truth  ,
Now   the doubt in her mind  was cleared to certain extent ,
And she who  enjoyed seeing him   in the form within her mind ,
Saw him in person  , due to the shyness    preventing her,
Saw him by the corner of her eyes, in the guise  of repairing her bangles, and he enjoyed it.

1154.The river   of her light which flowed from the corner   of her  black eyes towards Rama,
Went and joined the ocean   of the body of Rama  , And all her doubts    were removed,
And with the removal of sorrow to her soul   she  let of several sweet breaths,
 And that  Lady who was wearing rare   ornaments  , feeling as if,
She has consumed the entire pot of nectar   became little stout.

1155.That Sita   who   had black thick hair  , understanding that the stealer ,
Of her mind was the  one who broke the bow ,  forgot all earlier sorrow  ,
AS soon as   the negative feeling that leads to sorrow   vanishes  ,
Due   to the  real wisdom   arising  out  of knowledge   of philosophy  ,
She felt that she has reached  the endless joy  due to salvation.

1156. The emperor who had an elephant army that punishes,
Seeing Sage Viswamithra who has reached the other shore of knowledge, said,
“Oh  great one  , please   be kind enough to tell , the great holy day  ,
On which the creeper like   Sita with a very thin waist    is to get married.”

1157 “Oh king of the country where valai fishes  keep springing and jumping,
Where  kayal fishes in the pond bite   the head and   back of buffaloes lying   in the  pond,
 And the very strong viral fishes  jump on the   betelnut tree   and open its leaf sheath
The proper day for    the marriage is tomorrow,” said the great sage Viswamithra.

1158.As  soon as this was told  Dasaratha , was saluted  by all other kings,
with his  victorious conch  with Diamond decoration     booming  ,
With his golden crown reflecting      the early    sun light  ,
Took leave  of those  great sages went back to his great palace.

1159.The swan like Sita parting   from Rama   without a mind do it  ,
And  similarly Rama   with no mind to part from Sita,
Went and reached   the great  gold like  house which was  meant for him.
The kings who were wearing gems     also left that  place   and reached their places,
Great saints also went away   and Sun   with shining rays  and set in Mount Meru.


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